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Leadership management education dissertations

Leadership management education dissertations iwes wind report the dalles need someone to type my case study on capital punishment asap ´╗┐thank you when you hear all these good things being said about yourself at least I get a kind of an out-of-body experience Thank You president Furman trustees faculty and so on I would have actually loved to hear and give my time away to Jamie who's going to follow me because I think it's time that we listened to younger people much more than old people are you going to come no seriously first let me start by congratulating on a few you've done some hard work learning is hard work I think I should congratulate the faculty because teaching is always hard work it doesn't matter whether you teach preschoolers or you teach graduate students but I also want to congratulate parents as president fermented parents friends relations and I'm glad I came walking through the procession there because I could see the faces the happy faces faces expecting something great to happen with you all guys aspirational and so on and I like that because without their support and their participation I don't think you people would have learned what you did you may not actually realize it today but you will even eventually because the old proverb that says it takes a village to educate a child no matter how little or older the child is and I know there are some people in this crowd were 40 50 60 year old and you're still children when you're in school so it does take a village to educate a child and it is that village that's sitting in the back rows over there without which you wouldn't have learned when I finished my PhD at Ohio State and did a postdoctoral at the University of Houston and went back to India in 86 my father was a part of my village asked me a question which I'm going to kind of force with to you the question was we said what do you think is going to happen over the next 25 or 30 years and it says huh I've just about got a job you know 25 30 years I don't think that far they said no no try to think because life is going to change and this was in 86 I'm sure some of you are not born at that time but if you look I started working as Alex told you I started working in the field of literacy in 80 and 89 and from then onwards you can see so many things have changed I'm sure not all because of me one of the big things that happened I mean you do know how information technology took a took over all sorts of things aren't happening relevant to what I do India's population went from eight hundred and thirty-odd million to now 1.3 four billion we added 500 million people to the population I wasn't responsible for that partly yes but not fully the world population went from about four and a half billion to now 7.27 Fido knodel latest figure something like that billion people but the interesting thing is in India although we added five hundred million more people to the population we actually ended up in the same period providing schools for 96% children so today when we do the survey and we do a massive survey across the country we find that 96% children say yes we go to school not daily maybe not regularly maybe but we go to school and the good news is that this population has now the admission of children has stopped growing that is who say that population will grow India's population will grow there was a remarkable man called Hans Rosling who died this year last year he explained that world population is growing to grow not because more children are going to be born but because fewer people are going to die which is a very interesting thing and so I think now with at least as far as India is concerned maybe the world we have enough infrastructure at least to say that there are schools so their teachers and so on I'm sure there is there there are lots of problems but it is done so you have taken care of a big problem but there's another problem and our survey shows that nearly 50% children who go to grade five can't read or do a simple numeracy problem now I know that many of you most of you are not going to become teachers and I was warned that many of you are going to be leaders educational leaders organization leaders and I shouldn't talk to you only as teachers but that's not the point you are going to become a part of that village which is going to educate children we like it or not because the world has changed in many other ways the one big thing that has happened as you all know is information technology and everybody says that education is going to change because of this information technology but is that all that is changing and here's a thought I want to leave you with you see before the Industrial Revolution before these schools came into existence the whole world was a nonlinear space and with Industrial Revolution we started putting things in some linear fashion so your production was what are those called assembly lines railways were linear with aeroplanes it started becoming nonlinear but by and large life was linear the main feature of the new technology that has come is that it is nonlinear it shapes your life in a nonlinear manner our education the way we learn through the life has always in the last couple of hundred years been a linear process and this linear process is not adequate to educate our children it's not about children not learning to read people say that with these schools and everywhere I'm sure you heard this the schools are failing and teachers are being blamed but I'm sure it's not the teachers it's not the schools that are failing it's the whole system that is a problem because the life is moving in a nonlinear fashion whereas we are trying to push the learning process the process of education in a linear fashion now think about it I don't add this is not a I know this is not a lecture hall I'd love to come to Teachers College some other day and talk about this a little more but it is because of this non-linearity that is coming into our life that a contradiction is created between how children are thinking how children want to grow up what children want to do or young people want to do and what the systems are providing and this is where young people will be that's that's at my request they're not being rude so this non-linearity is something that we need to understand the inadequacy of the school system of the education system is this linearity and how we are going to find solutions to this linearity is something that we need to think about and as you become this village you will be teaching some children in classrooms for sure but that classroom is going to undergo change and will it that's the question I'm going to ask you as parents you're going to look at children and say how is my child going to grow up the whole point as we go in the next thirty years or so to a population of close to 11 billion around the world is bringing up children it's not just educating children it's about bringing up children how do we bring up children the school has become more or less like a daycare center it is a daycare center it's a learning place as well but now there are many places where children can learn and there's one place where children have to be taken care of so how will this whole community look after the children how will they help them grow how will the help them learn values that are important that is going to be the challenge before this world community and I think for the next generations to come we will need a global village to educate our children and it's not going to be limited to reading writing and arithmetic I want to end by talking about a remarkable man who probably sat in one of these convocations 102 years ago I don't know whether that actually happened then or not but there was a gentleman called BR Ambedkar the records that say that he got his first master's degree from Columbia not at the Teachers College but in the law school and later on he went on to get a PhD in the law school this gentleman was born in a family that was branded untouchable in the Indian society but he and in his early years he had to sit outside the classroom because he was an outcast person but from there he rose with help from the village surrounding him and many supporters there he rose to come here I don't know I don't know how he did it I don't know how he got into Columbia maybe somebody can do a little historical research and find out how he got here it's important it's not just because that one person came here but what he did afterwards with his life he did his PhD but he also at the same time started social justice movements against untouchability in India and he grew up to become an icon of India's social justice movements this dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar growing up in an untouchable family getting a PhD from Columbia that was not enough not becoming becoming a social justice icon was not enough when India became independent he was appointed the chairman of the drafting committee of India's Constitution so he became the architect of India's Constitution and by Constitution India abolished untouchability but his hat his fight had to continue and I'm thankful that a university where dr. America went to school got his master's what his PhD and in his in his memoirs he has declared his debt to Professor John Dewey who was closely associated with the Teachers College as well and and so on so I am delighted that I was invited I am very happy that our work was recognized by the Teachers College and I wish you all the best as a global community to bring up the next generations thank you [Applause] dissertation on popular culture Crane School of Music.

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