Les Regimes Totalitaires Dans Lentre Deux Guerres Composition
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Les regimes totalitaires dans lentre deux guerres composition

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go in this championship football game got that big chunk of yardage back they lost on the sack and now a chance for a very manageable third down play and they do kind of have to think about getting a first down as well as working their way into two touchdown territory let's see what they do here on third neither team has a timeout so Junction City gonna have to get it out of bounds to stop the clock Carter dropping back to pass caught at the 8 yard line and hit immediately and they're gonna keep it in bounds the clocks gonna continue to roll he stopped him at the 10 yard line it's gonna be they're running out the field goal team Randy 15 seconds left they've got no time and two clock continues to roll 10 seconds to go they're trying to get sent 5 seconds to go 3 seconds to go one second to go they get the kick down and it is good Junction City wins the ballgame by two on a last minute field goal 13 to 8 is the score and the Junction City dragons come alive [Applause] that's the great distinct thing about television pending I've got to take a minute they're just unbelievable and the ultimate feeling of success and the heartbreak all at the same time split-second 1.5 seconds on the clock when they snapped the ball oh I thought des arc was going to get back there and block that kick just because Junction City barely had time to get set what great poise to be able to get that kick off unbelievable and you got to give all the credit in the world there to number four for Junction City Darius Dixon who puts it through the uprights after missing one earlier the game of the game of the year maybe hassel has to be a game of the year by far in this 2008 football season a class 2a he and the junction skinny folks are coming to clinching their chest that's a happy team to win it at the last second an amazing wind by the Junction City dragons they increase their lead over all thirteen and Oh coach Tim Harper falls thirteen and one both teams coming in undefeated only been at the state title one time of peace Junction City came in last time and o3 and won this game excuse me they've been here three times Oh 306 and this year and they pulled it out for the second time in school history what a ight I'd go back to to just watching this these two teams and throughout this game you felt like both teams held onto the momentum for a while both ways but for Junction City they proved that football anything can happen at any time one play besides this game and we'll go down to the field for the random girls worth foundation award example dissertation education Weill Cornell Medicine, Upper East Side.

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