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Linda riebling dissertation sample

Linda riebling dissertation sample get movie review on chemistry due soon public health reports peer reviewed journal articles ´╗┐defence minister Manohar Parker has arrived in pull down the ammunition depot where a fire took 20 lights and this is the breaking news that we have just received the defense minister has already arrived at the essential ammunition devil we have senior editor God of servants to tell us a little bit more gaurav just gonna fill us up with the details at this point of time the Army has revised the death toll have said 16 people including two officers were killed trying to contain this blaze they succeeded in containing this blaze only 21 shed of this shed contained extremely sensitive ammunition they of course at this point of time they're not giving out details of what this ammunition was but the fire did not spread to other sheds now the fire the army has now officially said left and children piercing the director general of military operations he held a briefing just a short while back and he said the fire was reported around one at night the quick reaction team immediately responded they tried to contain the blaze but apparently you know the fire spread officers rushed in that's the time we've lost two officers one left in coeur d'alene one major trying to contain the blaze along with 14 other ranks and civilians they succeeded in containing the blaze 16 people were injured in containing the blaze now the fire is completely under control but these 16 people are hospitalized defence minister Manohar Parrikar chief of the Army Staff jail they'll be saying both of them avantika are at pulga at this point of time they are assessing the situation on ground and specially the major corrective measures that need to be taken they we do expect a major announcement to be made later on those corrective measures and just tell us you know as you said that the defense minister and the army chief are already at the massive military ammunition depot in you know in of course bull cow in Maharashtra and they are assessing the situation what happens next gaurav now pulga as you know is one of the biggest biggest ammunition depots in the world it's the largest in india the second largest in asia it spread over 7,000 acres of land which has several hundred you know ammunition say sheds which stores all kinds of ammunition from an ak-47 and in size 5.56 rifle ammunition to anti-tank guided missiles to other missiles and rockets artillery shells motors all sorts of ammunition astoria in separate shells you know a conversation I was having with her with an ordnance corps officer a short while back seemed to indicate that you know there is so much ammunition of some kind effective storage of ammunition is what is required because a large number of ammunition is out in the open it may be in some kind of sheds in some cases it's under a tarpaulin did that caused this accident perhaps no but ammunition storage maintenance of fire lanes maintenance of standard operating procedures there are several things that have found to be lacking not just in this incident but a series of other accidents that have taken place in the past and now after this accident we are told that a lot of corrective measures are likely to be taken and this will be high priority for the army now all right just stay with me let's just tell our viewers what exactly happened this is in fact this was a fatal fire that broke out at the pulga central armament depot in maharashtra AG vans and two army officers have been killed in that fire 19 people have sustained injuries all of them in fact had been rushed to the hospital the commanding officer off the depot was also injured in that place the deputy commander was also rushed and is now in the intensive care unit with serious burn injuries this fire as we just heard left her in general Ranbir Singh while he was addressing a press conference saying began at one in the morning it began in one shed and it did try to spread quite rapidly but the personnel on the ground managed to restrict that fire to one shed itself now the fire is reportedly under control people of you know in the nearby villages have already been evacuated to safer areas we are getting to hear that water is being transported from the tankers of nearby villages defence minister Manohar particle as god of was just meant King has already arrived he's assessing the situation on the ground he's already sought a detailed report on the fire incident and the army is also looking into all possible causes including sabotage I was the information is my me like a excellent way to copy look than the term i am going there and i'll SS it when I good fire broke out at approximately one o'clock early this morning in one of the shakes and immediate action was taken by the fire fighting parties and the quick reaction teams however in our efforts to douse the fire two officers and 14 personnel to include one army jawan and thirteen civilian food firefighting stuff lost their life part of Cervantes with a score of you know we have suffered a huge loss of lives this is indeed such a tragic incident that has taken place the defense minister is already you know taking stock of the situation he has arrived but do we know anything about the ammunition that was stored inside that particular shed that caught fire you know we have a fair idea the army of course knows what was the ammunition that was stored in that but army sources here saying it isn't you know necessary according to them to give that out because this would help the adversity more than people within the country this was a you know in one of the sheds there was anti-tank ammunition that was stored in another one the main shed that caught fire had some sensitive ammunition that that was completely destroyed in this fire but more important or equally important is the loss of lives two officers fourteen other ranks and civilians killed two officers grievously injured were standard operating procedures not followed in containing the fire that is one of the biggest lessons that the army hopes to learn here the number of people who rushed in you know in their enthusiasm to contain the fire what SOP is not followed or something happened that was just completely out of their control in terms of a massive explosion that was completely unexpected so all of these are questions that we expect answers to now in the past there have been some major blasts and accidents and fired opposed whether it was short circuit whether it was controlled fire that went out of control or sabotage these are some of the aspects that the army would be looking at in this particular case was it poor management that is something that we're talking about though this is one of the Army's best maintained at least that is what the army claimed till this accident best maintained you know central ordnance depose an ammunition Depot's of the army so it still remains to be seen what led to this accident a court of inquiry has been ordered the defense ministers on Ground Zero and we expect some answers soon absolutely gaurav indeed a very tragic incident that has come to light with the Prime Minister also expressing his condolences on Twitter where he said that he's been by the loss of lives that has been caused by this fire god of sovereign there thank you so much for joining us pulga central armament depot is the second storage base in asia as god of was also just mentioning not only were the lives of 20 brave officers lost but the weapons that were stored for the indian army that have also been destroyed despite being of high strategic importance to india pull gown lacked the required safety standards he has a detailed report the country's largest armament camp up in flames the pulga ammo dump Asia second largest storage base is a sprawling ten thousand acre camp slowly becoming India's largest military civil camp with almost all kinds of facilities it's the second largest ammunition depot in Asia it spread over 10,000 acres of land now this is the main distribution point for all ammunition for northern India and for western India especially for all the tank battles to be fought in the Gujarat Rajasthan sector all the ammunition goes from here housing ammunition for the entire army the storehouses or the sheds are built strategically to ensure that during incidents like this a fire does not spread to every shed and thereby destroy arms worth millions this is the country's biggest ammunition biggest oh okay in full gown now what you see here are silos the distance between two ammunition depots is you know sheds is made in such a way that is what is scientific this is very very scientific to ensure that fire in one shed does not spread to the other other most of these are concrete bunkers some of them are underground critical ammunition is always stored in underground bunkers and there is a thick layer of concrete the fire has caused massive damage primarily because arms at the depot were not stored underground lot of our ammunition Depot's not only pull down do not yet have these security distance underground bunkers for storage of ammunition and the reason for that is quite simple money shortage of money it's the second time this is happening in the pool girl armament base the second time a shed storing key arms and ammunition went up in smoke maybe it's time now to ensure that the depot is developed not just to contain fires but to eliminate them altogether Bureau report India today laboratory based dissertation titles State University of New York College at Oneonta.

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