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Luzelma canales dissertation

Luzelma canales dissertation ronaldo coentrao reporter subtitles on netflix yahoo movie the hunger games catching fire trailer ´╗┐good morning guys I woke up it is bright and early it's probably about let's see like something of teens so I'm up and about a roaster child has already headed off to school and school bus and I'm trying to clean up so Ivy woke up earlier this morning usually she gets up around 8:00 and I'm able to do things for 7:00 to 8:00 so my time is super precious these days and oh let me show you how I'm getting stuff done Ivy is so and everything that I ended up having to pin her in with a makeshift gate I mean nice so right now this is kind of doing the trick when we back up so you guys can kind of see what I've done but I had to use her old bed and her playpen and the sofa and basically made sure that everything inside of this area is safe we got major toy problem probably need to donate them you're licking it mommy you see what mommy's doing can you say hi can you say hi hey hey hey I'm not a fan of this game this is the only way that I get anything done during the day if I need to like make food or I need to like run and just do something as simple as go to the bathroom or like brush my hair I put her inside here and it seems to be working for now I'm sure eventually she's gonna figure out how to escape through this hole over here I won't tell her about that until she figures that out this is actually the best part of my day I love to drink my coffee watching the baby play course I'm drinking my coffee from my trusty dark Vador cup now if you're wondering why my hair is all this stuff it's because the baby was crying this morning so quarter says any current would do I just went to her and ignored everything else I had to do today and just focused on chasing her around and drinking my coffee which I actually don't mind all that much see you like getting your hand / thank you Oh No look at this you got so she put her foot in baby what do you do 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get back with one of the baby wakes down so just a quick little haul of what I got at Walmart I got a foster child with three pair of shorts so khaki blue and navy these were like eight bucks guys they're actually a really good deal and they fit him perfectly um he's actually pretty tall but also like super in shape super skinny so these seem to fit well and then I got just a little black and gray striped shirt and then for Ivy they had this cute little dress which I kind of debated about but I loved it so I got it as far as groceries go I got a ton of rooms that are baby food yes ideas apparently reverting back to level one baby food and probiotic oatmeal peach and apple and then one of these little packets with broccoli carrot banana pineapple as you can imagine there's a theme here Ivy's been having some trouble with our digestive tract and so we're trying to help her get a little more regular not struggle quite as much but yeah it looks like I'm buying out like all the parens in 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how to baby-proof our house a square today it was crazy I captured a lot of it but Ivy is just into everything and I'm actually looking at the video right now and editing some of the footage from earlier today and it's just making me realize how much I need to baby-proof this house it is a huge undertaking though because I'm not sure if I should maybe approved the entire house or just a piece of the house like the main pieces and then her room so I'm trying to figure out how to do it even in the kitchen alone it is a challenge and I think it's more of a challenge being it chair because a lot of the baby proofing is going to be difficult for me to use as well so like they have these things that you put into the drawer that keep the door locked and then I think you somehow and hook it I'm imagining that might be kind of difficult for me to do so it's a little bit of a challenge something we're gonna have to figure out here Eric was reminding me that I need to get a gate for the steps as soon as possible because the baby is loving to climb the steps now but you know if she kind of steps when no one's here I would just see at the bottom of steps watching her and I can only imagine she just like falls or something awful happens so I'm trying to figure out what kind of gate to get our steps are really weird and so I'm having a little trouble finding something that's gonna fit I may end up having to do some kind of like mesh gate that wraps around or something like that so we'll see but if you guys have suggestions or things that you think might work for us as far as baby proofing the house I definitely put it down in the comments below I'd love to hear what things have worked for you guys let's see you know hopefully they would work for us too we're out we good maybe rig some stuff up if we needed to but this is my current project so I'm unable on the next god knows how long probably hour to trying to figure this out so wish me luck alright guys I have to be super quiet Erica's in the other room sleeping it's not midnight and it looks like he just kind of fell asleep doing some work so I showed his computer and I snuck in here because I wanted to just chat with you guys right before I went to bed today has been a pretty eventful day and I feel like I am gonna chance to just chat but I have a lot of things going on right now and my priority is kind of getting everything set up for this new phase and the baby's life where she's exploring and learning so many things but it also feels like it's just not that safe for her and so I'm gonna make sure it is especially in my case where I can't run as quickly as other people to get to her and you know even though I can pull her away from things it is still quite difficult need to do that quickly so I have to be extra careful so it's not like the last hour it's just kind of shopping and hoping that I can figure out how to break up some stuff so that it's safe for her but also still usable for me so we'll see how that goes I'm getting ready to watch her Nathan this is random but I found this in the shore it's one of those Clarisonic Mia things that were popular years ago and I haven't used to sing like a year and a half and he found it and he found a brush that he had never used so I thought I'll charge it and see if I like it stana Laurent it just needs to be given away or done away once because it's just hanging up where in my drawer so I think I'm gonna give it a shot and then I'm gonna head to bed guys thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys next time all right bye writing thesis graduate school Hilbert College, Hamburg.

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