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M ed dissertation in pdf

M ed dissertation in pdf high school organic chemistry multiple choice questions apa capitalization title rules for essays ´╗┐so kind of simply put a lipid so lipid a lipid is a molecule that will dissolve into an organic solvent so we've got an organic solvent let me draw in this organic solvent and a lipid is a molecule that will dissolve into this organic solvent and this is a kind of unique definition in that in a organic chemistry world because most classes and molecules contain either similar similar functional group or or have a similar structure like carbohydrates have a have a specific ratio of carbon oxygen and hydrogen and proteins have an amino group and a carboxylic acid group with a carbon sidechain and and so on the lipids are class defined more by the shared physical property so when I say that lipids dissolve in organic solvents again nonpolar as opposed to water so nonpolar what I'm really pointing out is they're nonpolar nature and this is mostly attributed to a lot of carbon carbon and carbon hydrogen bonds so carbon carbon bonds and I'll do these and orange lots of carbon-carbon bonds and then carbon hydrogen bonds as well and I'll do these in white lots of carbon hydrogen bonds here and and because these carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms aren't particularly polar there isn't a particular place where electron density is pulled to so it's really spread out across this whole chain and and that makes this chain of carbon and hydrogen Sigma bonds let me write that in Sigma bonds particularly kind of nonpolar and and sets up this class now even though this class of lipids let me write that again lipids are a little more loosely defined than others lipids are a large enough group that they can be broken down into smaller categories and probably the best place to start breaking them down is by whether or not there hydrolyzable so big $2 word there hydrolyzable Hydra and then liza bull hydrolyzable or or not not hydrolyzable and and what hydrolyzable means is is that things can be broken down so broken down lice broken down by the addition of water or Hydra so by adding water we can break these into smaller units and that's kind of a good break point in the bigger class of lipids and and probably the most talked about of the hydrolyzable lipids are try glycerols try glycerols and i suppose i suppose they get the most attention because they're the most abundant of lipids but with try glycerol is kind of fundamentally what you have is a glycerol so a glycerol is a three carbon chain so three carbons bound to three hydroxyl groups each one has a hydroxyl group so each of these has a hydroxyl group that's glycerol glycerol and attached to glycerol we have three fatty acid chains one at each of these kind of separate carbon hydroxyl groups and remember that a fatty acid is a carbon hydrogen chain so an R group an R group here that is capped at the end of the chain with a fatty or without excuse me a carboxylic acid functional group that's what a fatty acid is so we've got oh I want to do it like this we've got a a carboxylic acid functional group at the end here and so we've got three of these let me draw that in real quick sorry I I know this is a bit tedious but let me let me get these drawn and real quick here and these are going to be attached that kind of each of these carbon and carbon and hydroxyl groups of this glycerol so let me put a plus on and then I'll kind of show you what this ends up looking like all put together so we've got our three carbon backbone and then each is attached via an ester so this is kind of an ester group right here we've got oxygen bound or I mean a carbon bound to an O R group and then double bonded to this oxygen right here and then that's the R of our chain here so each of these is attached to a fatty acid and so you can see that the product is a try ester made of three fatty acids so try estimative three fatty acids bound to a glycerol backbone so a tri and glycerol and if all of the fatty acids are the same so if they all have the same kind of our group at the end we have a simple triglyceride I'm excuse me a tri glycerol and if they're different we have a mixed try glycerol now try glycerols as a group of hydrolyzable lipids gets further broken down into saturated and unsaturated so let me clear some space here and show you what I mean we've got saturated saturated and unsaturated and to show you what I mean here let me draw a carbon chain really quickly for this for this saturation concept so I've got a carbon chain and I'll kind of show it going on in both directions there with that with a little arrow but I've got this carbon chain and and in this carbon chain my carbons are linked to a carbon in front of them and a carbon behind them and what that does is it leads each carbon with two bonding electrons and so if those bonding electrons are taken up by hydrogen so with hydrogen here you're on an my hydrogen's if if all of those carbons are bound to as many hydrogen's as possible then then this carbon chain is saturated with hydrogen saturated with hydrogen atoms and you can also see that that this chain is full of single bonds or sigma sigma bonds now if it's a trated let me draw another carbon chain here if it's unsaturated there's there's a carbon that's the or or multiple carbons really that are bound to less hydrogen's than their maximum so they're bound a less than two or so hydrogen so let me show you why that might be so I've got a carbon bound here and then if I have a double bond to this carbon and keep going then what I've created are a couple carbons here this one in this one that can only bind one hydrogen because carbon can only bond to four different atoms it only has four bonding electrons so this carbon has as many hydrogen's as possible and these two carbons have as many hydrogen's as possible this this last one on the end would have three three hydrogen's but this carbon right here is bound to one less hydrogen because it's double bonded to this carbon so this carbon chain is unsaturated and you can kind of associate that in the context of a fatty acid with having PI bonds this is a PI bond right here a double bond because these double bonds and naturally occurring fats are always in the SIS or z position they cause little kinks in the chain so we've got kind of a kink going on in this chain and what happens is that makes it harder for these for these unsaturated triglycerol to pack together and it results in a lower melting point or in other words these melt with less heat so typically unsaturated triglycerides are liquid at room temperature and we call them oils so unsaturated triglycerides are oils and and that's different then you can see these saturated triglycerol which can pack together a little more tightly with their straight chains and they take a little more heat then to melt so typically these are solid these saturated are solid at room temperature and we call these fat so an example of an oil might be olive oil I'll live oil and a good example of that is really of this saturated fat might be something like butter butter butter is a solid at room temperature that just kind of adds a little fun fact if you were trying to make an unsaturated fat into a saturated fat say you you want to make a liquid fat into a solid fat you'd want to saturate it you can do that by hydrogenating this bond or by adding hydrogen and heat which is going to break this double bond and allow you to add on an additional hydrogen and that's that's a process that the food industry actually uses pretty frequently for various reasons well when you do that you make some artificial double bonds in the process which result in trans bonds all naturally occurring unsaturated fats are in this sis orientation and when you when you artificially hydrogenate them you actually end up with a couple of trans trans double bonds and and that's actually the process of the result in trans fat production and trans fats are the fats on food labels that you typically try to avoid because of their harmful effects in the human body but that's just kind of a little fun fact aside that's where trans fats come from now in a Cell the main function of tri glycerols are energy storage so let me draw a cell got a cell with a membrane and a nucleus and some little cell parts here the main function of tri glycerols are energy in energy storage and what allows triglycerol is to function as energy storage is is the fact that they're chock full of carbon and hydrogen bonds which are perfect for combustion reaction so what you have essentially is an alkane just like say for example iso-octane which is in gas and and alkanes are great for combustion reaction just like combustion reactions that that power your car so for example if you have an alkane like the simplest one would be ch4 methane plus oxygen two oxygens is going to give you some carbon dioxide gas and some water but most importantly is going to give you heat energy so that's where the energy comes from in the form of that's just like the combustion reaction in your car that's creating power in fact that's why you hear about some cars being converted to run on vegetable oil because vegetable oils have lots of alkanes that are perfect for this combustion reaction so in our bodies try glycerol store about nine Kilic Ali so 9 kilocalories entirely hydrates or protein store they each store about 4 Kilic Ali in our body try glycerol so let me kind of go back up here of try glycerols which are type of hydrolyzable lipids is energy storage dis dissertation help The New School for Social Research.

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