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Make up results dissertation

Make up results dissertation style analysis essay questions ask you to forgive me essay on african american culture ´╗┐hey guys what's going on this is John with Game 31 comm I'm here with my good friend Greg what's going on man how you doing Greg dude how's it going awesome to have you here yeah thank you and this is your humble abode and behind us is your arcade yeah you're in my basement this is awesome like man what do you think of this it's pretty amazing I must be honest I have this all come about and you have an awesome show it's called arcade impossible you guys haven't checked this show out I'll put a link below please check the shot subscribe do them it's amazing can you explain kind of what your show is about for those who may not have seen it yeah so back in you know a couple years ago we decided to build an ultimate home arcade so that the show is comprised of every month going to get a different arcade machine it slowed down a little bit because we have so many episodes to edit but that's what it is we go out and get new arcade machines pick them up bring them back fix them if need be and then bring them down the stairs and destroy those you're with your good friend Mike yeah yeah so how many arcades you got total right now 25 and I think there's 19 down here so we have some projects in the garage there's some projects here so what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of do a tour of your your room here I would like you to talk to maybe look briefly about each one okay and each of these has a story behind it right yeah yeah each one does so we can do that and there are some spoil alert so I guess there were some yeah if you guys don't want any spoilers for future episodes you might want to skip this but otherwise it doesn't matter it's all about the story anyway it's not about oh what game did you get it's the story behind the story behind so what isn't your favorite of all these Eva Robotron by far okay I love row boat right on and it what's the one game like what do you want to get now that you don't have ah there's a lot of them now but like tempest is a good one Tehran's a good one a lot more classics sure and I'll get into more obscure ones in the future but right now classics is what I'm going for and before we start the tour what kind of advice you have for those people who may want to get into arcade collecting what cause you fight some amazing deals with some of these be patient be patient don't don't just get off eBay be patient get on Craigslist network with people get on the club forums kalo be calm and check them out and network cuz that's how you get the deals yeah Oh Greg let's check this out of excited to see you to her yes we're gonna let's do it alright so we're gonna do a little walk around and talk about some games so here we have a play choice ten this came in three different revisions you remember one episode had the bar top version and that one you know is the more rare of them then you have the dual monitor one which is kind of a waste in my opinion because you have all that extra energy but this is a single monitor one from our episode 5 the Halloween episode she had a great lineup contro Mega Man 3 you can't go wrong with that kind of stuff next one down the line is Donkey Kong this was the first dedicated cabinet I've ever kicked up and this was before arcade impossible by about five months I've installed the d2k kit in there so you can hold player 1 and player 2 and switch to jump man returns which that game is awesome and very very difficult but yeah I did a my first restore on this 7 coats of paint new team holding a lot of changes on that one next on the line this is the most expensive game in my collection Donkey Kong jr. this is from episode 3 which I recommend you check out but basically I mean this one had been gone through a good cat but I did pay way too much for it I paid six hundred forty bucks if you're curious about for this and they're like $400 $500 Nintendo Cabot's keep going up but I overpaid a little bit but I love it anyway so it's not like it's a big deal so that's Donkey Kong jr. now this one I might spend a little time on this is my favorite this is Robotron Williams game from 1981 this thing it's really tough to find Robotron games because no one wants to get rid of them and this is a full restore I did it was gouged out everywhere the tea molding was bad this had cigarette burns all in the control panel new control panel rebuilt the yko 4 inch joysticks put a new electro home monitor in there and did seven coats of paint plus the stencils on the side so my first time doing stencil work too so that's my favorite game Robotron next to that is the sequel to Robotron and this is Smash TV got this in episode 6 yeah I want to say episode 6 definitely check 1990 game by Williams same control style as Robotron but it's a two-player game now you have Sega outrun great game pretty much comparable to pole position but Sega's answer to it really fun but tough to get to the end I still haven't done it yet this is coming in a future episode off-road was a combined pick up with x-men in Episode four we didn't really touch on it too much but this is the less common two-player version most the time you see the big three player version of this cabinet and the boards are tough to maintain - in these so it's great that it's working and I overhear speaking of not working we have gorf which in the last episode we did get working but I had some rom issues after that and RAM issues so we're still going through identifying those it does boot up but it's playable but doesn't look great but that's in the last episode episode 12 alright so here we have Metal Slug 6 this isn't in the original cabinet that the atomiswave system came in but this is in atomiswave and I don't know if you can peek in here we have this cartridge based system and they swap out so we have Metal Slug 6 and then we have King of Fighters that's in there right now but that's a Thomas wave system it's amuse you yeah like a Neo Geo too late you know Sammy release something but now we have a newly acquired one this one I love it has both Killer Instinct 1 and 2 in there it picked up killer instinct 1 it's just great and that's going to be a future episode so I don't want to tell any more about that one so that duck T all right there we go infinity centipede this is one I got really cheap I mean you'll find this as you collect like you'll find come across great deals and I was patient on this the guy originally wanted for 50 I waited a little while and I got like a hundred or 120 bucks I think so we we put in an optical trackball super smooth I think that's episode 7 for that one really short but definitely check that one out what can you say about pole position it's a classic so much fun really competitive saves your high scores that's going to be a future episode another future episode pick up asteroids Deluxe sequel to asteroids obviously you have a shield instead of hyperspace jumping around and it has a black light and this angled glass give you a 3d look and it just looks so cool like there's no way a camera will do it justice but definitely check those out if you see when I on location anywhere now this next game I'm hooked on and look how beautiful the side art is on this this is another Atari great a lot of people don't like this I don't know why but 1981 space dual and you have co-op asteroids I mean look at this co-op two people can play at the same time such a good game love it now for parties these get a lot of use these are the san francisco rush the rocks we did an episode eight i recapped both the monitors so they're a lot brighter but these Neotech monitors are notorious to work on I hate working on those monitors but finally they're bright nice and these I rush the rocks we hope to get a bunch more of these at least have four of them for multiplayer this hard drivin is featured in the intro but it's also in episode 10 I believe hard driving great classic game I'm the most nostalgic for this game as a little kid because I would jump in this as a little kid pretend like I'm driving and it was it was rough but the key and the shifter and actually had a working clutch I got this thing for 80 bucks and it's featured in the intro of our episodes but if you see when you got to play it and then over here this one was moved because it's a the only four player game we have down here classic Konami beat them up x-men other good ones are you know the Turtles game or sunset riders or The Simpsons all playable in this cabinet so I hope to do a switch here but x-men gets a lot of play down here that's pretty much it besides the cocktail so let's get through the cocktails quick asteroids I got in Episode two basically got this at an auction ahead a half collapse and my buddy wind picked it up for 25 bucks and we fixed it after we picked it up so really great game from 1979 and this is the only game down here this miss pac-man cocktail that we built from scratch so this wasn't originally a miss pac-man this was completely built out of wood by me and Mikey so we built a thing from scratch and we put a 16-1 switcher in there multiple game in there so we're told a cocktail oh yeah because everybody sits down here in the parties and you set your drinks here and you play and it's the best with the cocktails so besides that we have some games out in the garage I think there's five or six out there but they're all going to be out in future episodes of arcade impossible thanks great appreciate man's lost out of here thanks sara wakefield dissertation Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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