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Makss damage dissertation

Makss damage dissertation compare and contrast essay examples for 7th grade make dissertation conclusion on minors online ´╗┐hey guys in this video I'm going to be reviewing this brand new a slur Raptor SD 60 inch long tractor weighing in at six hundred and eighty-five pounds if it has a twenty six horsepower Kohler engine with the smart choke technology and a blade speed 18,400 fpm so like everybody else in the neighborhood I have two acres of land and it's mostly flat and I wanted a machine that will get the job done fast I also needed a zero turn mower to help me get around my 300 trees and then one on the machine to last me about 15 to 20 years so the other mowers I considered were the big dog like the LED headlights on that but for the extra few hundred dollars and you get the right color I didn't think it was worth it so I decided to go with the system machine The Hustler I also looked at the Husqvarna MZ 61 this was a bit higher machine and center gravity is below or on this one right here the online reviews were good but for the extra $700 I'd rather this machine here so let's have a look at the features of Eugene I mentioned earlier that has the smart choke technology so as we start the engine just simply put it in full throttle and she starts you can just leave it at full or you can you can pull it back but there's no separate choke the frame is obviously pretty heavy-duty hair it's not fabricated the deck is a fabricated world a deck you can see the weldings and it here very very heavy and borderline commercial I wouldn't hesitate using this for some commercial applications the Castor's in the front air are extremely wide and very heavy-duty thick metal transmission is a drive to a hydrostatic hydro gear 2,800 and the travel speed of the machine is about 12 kilometers per hour which is seven and a half miles per hour and from what I understand you can cut at that speed and the stamp decks that I had in the past they were much lower to the ground and easier to move around my trees I can get underneath the skirts of the trees with a stamp deck so this one here where it's a bit higher from the ground might be a bit more challenging to get underneath but I don't think it'd be too much problems could I be cutting away some of the skirts have my trees anyways to help with air flow on the top of the deck here I like the slick pulla area it's covered in plastic it looks good I'll help reduce noise and there's a less room to get debris caught up inside and to be resting on top and did the hand around all those pulleys also it's less opportunity for me to get my foot or clothing caught into the police it's covered up quite nicely here I was so like the extremely wide tires on the back here just massive on the front there are obviously quite wide as well shouldn't have too much trouble even in wet conditions my last mower it would spin quite a bit when I was trying to maneuver but I don't think to be any any issues here with this one because elo the seat is to the ground has a nice low center of gravity unlike the Husqvarna MT 61 which is a few inches higher I do have a small slope in the front and I don't think I'll have any issues when mowing that so let's have a quick look at some of the differences between the 54 inch and the 60 inch the price so the price is about $600 more for the 60 inch obviously the 16 has a bigger deck and the 60 inch has number 60 on it also on the 60 inch you get and upgrade it to PC so you see there's actually pieces here it's extremely comfortable or you can definitely spend two to three hours on there without getting uncomfortable it also comes with this engine shroud or guard obviously it's not installed right now because I got the catcher put on the catcher has these pieces on the bracket so that you cannot have the guard on while you are using the catcher also the 60-inch has the 26 horsepower engine while the the smaller models have the 25 horsepower it's only 1 horsepower but I'll take it so next we have a quick look at the bagger I was a bit hesitant on getting the bagger because there was no blower on here however the reviews say that there's enough airflow from the high lift blade that's installed so the blade that came with three blades they removed this one and put the high lift blade on c-can I have a look so the high leaf blade is more fan-shaped to give extra airflow to push the grass up through the chute and then into the hopper in the back and the hopper is open simply by popping that off and then the chute comes out there there's a divider here and the grass will fall evenly between the two rubber around the entry point right here so that the top can be opened and then there's a separator right here for when you're taking this off to be stored and then again there's bungees here keeping that even this on there's also a pieces of a frame put on here to add support for the bagger and that normally doesn't need to be taken off but if you want to put your engine chart back on you will have to take that off so when I bought the machine that obviously came with the user manual for the bagger and for a Timur and I also pitched it purchased this up too for oil and the reason for that is it was a bit expensive however it doubles your warranty from three years to six years so one of the first things that you're going to notice with this more is of the warning symbols so take the time and look in the manual they're all explained what they all mean and yes because make sure that there's a clear understanding of how all that works some of them some good pointers about this one here for example don't engage the blades and the more unless you're at that throttle level and disengage when you're at the very lowest I also like this timer feature right here that shows you how many hours the machine has been running I also really like the feature where you can raise and lower the deck you can put it into a transport mode which is very high and this foot control so you're pushing it all the way back on the lever and then allow it to drop down to whatever you're setting is and then to change your setting push it on the lever and then you pull the pin out and it has a notch in it so that it can just go in a certain way and release some drop it drop it back down again alright so let's talk about some of the things I don't like I've never used it yet but all right off the bat the bagging system is quite small the Husqvarna has a much better bagging system with three bags and the bags can hold more grass there was also no gauge on this machine to give you an indication of how full or empty that bags are so you have to be checking to see if you're not picking up grass or stopping and getting out and opening up the bins to see if the bags are for or not they also don't like the hitch option back here there's just the large hole and it's very close to the edge of the frame I have a lot of tow behind equipment and I can see that wearing out after a couple of years and possibly snapping through so that's gonna have to be reinforced somehow I also don't like the fact that I can't use the engine guard wow I have the bagging system on I've read like the Indian guard I thought was a nice feature but and I'm not going to be using the bagger all the time so in order for me to put my guard on I've got to take everything off including the mounting system for the bagger also don't like the cupholder there's no rubber around it if you have a standard drinking bottle it's going to be moving around and falling over it's always nice to have that bit of rubber there so that it doesn't slip when the more was delivered is pretty much on empty would have been a nice bonus for them to supply some fuel you can see the fuel level is pretty much down to the bottom enough for them to get it from the showroom to the house I also don't like how easy the oil the age comes out it just seems to be laid just in place there there's the rebel a rubber seal but it comes off well you're too easy I'm afraid it's going to pop off and that I could end up getting dirt into the system I also don't like how the control arms hit the armrest so if you're trying to reverse you gonna end up hitting the armrest so you're going to have to raise the armrest to reverse at at full speed alright so let's get it start it and take it for a spin so after that quick test and maneuverability is pretty fantastic it has a lot of power and very stable and easy to ride so let's have a look and see how well it cuts so it cuts pretty good I was kind of worried that the front tires will flatten the grass and prevent the blades from cutting it but it seems that that wasn't too big of an issue so let's have a quick look in the back here and see if it picked everything up obviously it has its boat halfway full hand I've done about 0.5 percent of my yard so I that rate I'll be changing the bins quality about 700 times so you probably wondering how well this machine performs on gas so I've already filled up the tank twice and I just went on empty and 8.2 when I got the machine it had eight SAR when I got the machine it had point two hours so you can run four hours on one tank of gas so that concludes this initial look at the Husker Raptor SD 60-inch lawn tractor since filming this video has since returned the bagger as a turn out to be a pretty horrible device so be sure to check out that video but don't get me wrong I am quite happy with the machine but it does to have some frustrations and I will be sharing soon on this channel how to cite a booklet in mla Cornell University, Ithaca.

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