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Masters dissertation chapters guide

Masters dissertation chapters guide should report under the table income 2dix ppt presentation ´╗┐have you always wanted to be a business professional are you energetic customer-oriented organized friendly and software savvy do you enjoy a variety of work along with many challenges that will enhance your career then the administrative professional or office professional program at nWTC maybe for you nWTC offers a two-year associate degree program in the administrative professional career in a one-year office professional technical diploma program these programs teach you various aspects of software programs business practices and soft skills needed to excel in the business world nwt sees qualified instructors share the success of their administrative professional experiences through presentations hands-on activities and interactive labs there's so many different things that they teach you know at the school that I didn't know I mean even from the softer skills about you know the different things that you need to wear the different things that you might be asked to do if I would have came into school you know into the workforce with Alta background I can't imagine i think i would have been very naive to even have a clue of what was going to be expected of me so I really think nWTC really does a great job of telling you you know the different things that you will be exposed to the program prepared me very well for this job from computer knowledge to organization to proofreading to everything I do a lot of paperwork and a lot of organizing items that it everything just fit fits very well into what i do i I just feel that nWTC was worth it I've been to other colleges and it didn't work out for me I needed that personal attention and I got it and the instructors were wonderful I can't say enough good things about the personal attention our students then apply their skills and knowledge with on the job training and experiences so you'll be ready for the workforce with the real world experience that employers are looking for one of the great things about being an administrator or office professional is the vast variety of skills you will you is in the business world with such a wide range of tasks there is always something new to do and to learn that's an awesome feel to work with and if anything it just gives an opportunity of just so many different venues that you can work with you know I think of you know where people's dream jobs would be and realizing that to have this base in this foundation you know as from an administrative assistant standpoint you can really just take it to wherever like that there's a variety of things that I do things that I'm responsible for it's a wide range and I especially like that I'm learning things all the time so I'm building on my skills just by working I wanted to run to a program that would allow me to work and just about any field and not specifically limit myself per se with anything that might come along or as time changes and that changes fields that are necessary so that was my main reason for Ian to the administrative assistant program the administrative professional and office professional programs have a wonderful variety of places where you can take your career from private enterprise to educational or medical facilities to Hospitality's the possibilities are endless I have had the benefit of working directly with assistance that have graduated from our program in WTC in in multiple roles through the campus and and i think that the graduates that we put out are extremely in tune with the high level of technical skill that we need our assistance to operate with and they are also extremely in tune to the high customer service that is demanded of those positions and i think that the success that I've experienced at this College has been because I've had the good fortune of working with some extremely talented assistance that have graduated from the college we actually interviewed a variety of people and the educational things that she brought to the table was just made her hands down different because she understood organizational skills she understood she understood tools I mean part of a very simple part of it was just the tools there was no training involved but then the educational skills that prior the organizational skills the prioritization the ability to to cut through things and find what's important and set aside what's not important there's no way to get done everything that's out there and so we've seen people who struggle with if they can't get it all done that's very stressful for them and they can't sort out what's important all that education helped her do that I think she naturally does that and then the education reinforced those natural skills of prioritization and allowing some things to hit the floor and doing those things that are important I think an administrative assistant is very important within a company I mean they're they support almost you know the whole floor they do from they do as little as distributing the mail to something as big as publishing something that's very important you know I mean so I think I administrators the sentence they're not a secretary there an individual who is very very needed within a company and they're an asset to accompany the only thing I can think of is that we just couldn't do it without her and and we've had an in this spot in this particular job I've had three different assistance and and i can tell you definitely there's a difference in having someone that's that's truly assisting you and truly there to help you and someone who just can't handle the job it is night and day difference and we wouldn't trade it for the world for me the executive assistant has evolved over the years we're in the beginning it might have been you know helping set up meetings and in doing male and some of those details it's really evolved at sharper foods to a much more involved I mean our my yay is on at every staff meeting every off-site I expect her to participate in those in the meetings she helps me to see things that I don't see she's she's exceptional at giving me feedback if she sees something that I didn't handle very well or or knows you know someone's got a personal issue or something you know she'll tell me about that and then I then I can go and talk to that person and say you know and try and help that situation to get better and it's just it's just been amazing over the last few years to watch that evolution because it has changed significantly at tribal foods according to federal experts the administrative and office professional careers are one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States the US Department of Labor expects employers to add more than two hundred and four thousand new positions by 2018 providing more job openings than in nearly any other career so these career positions are definitely in demand right now there is also a vast opportunity to grow in this field it can't open up a lot of different doors for you it's not specific to one thing so if you want to take your degree and apply it to a different field you can or as if you went for something like dental assisting or something specific you kind of have to stay in that program so i think that's that was the biggest selling point for me is that i could i would be able to use it even in my day-to-day life or whatever field i chose but i also like when someone comes and asks me for my opinion and I give the opinion and then they say wow that's a great idea I really think that's how we bring value also it's not just what can we physically do but it's what can we use our minds to bring to the job so what are you waiting for we offer both of these programs in a variety of delivery methods including in person online and self-paced classes as well as courses taught at our regional campuses to provide great flexibility for your learning you can also customize your learning by completing a certificate or two of the program general courses are offered self pace or online and so that allowed for me to be able to raise my family and work while is getting my education and it's just I think a lot of people are kind of afraid sometimes to do self-paced classes but I found it that all the instructors were very helpful if you ever need it extra help there's always instructors in the lab and like I said those are normally the first type of classes that you that you get into so if you can get past those and you can figure schedule for the core classes the way that they understand that this is a non traditional format and they work with you as far as you can take classes during the day traditional sitting in the classroom you can take them online you can take them in the self-paced lab there are night classes there are accelerated classes they understand that you're there because you want to get through quickly or very driven or traditional modes didn't didn't work for you they understand having a family they understand being single parents they understand everything when I'm looking for someone and I see that they've got a degree that was their resume to the top for me they still have to demonstrate the you know they can take it that one step further but somebody who's gone to school who's learned the tools of the trade who's practiced you know they're just one step ahead of the game find out how nWTC can help prepare you for your dream career contact us at one eight hundred 422 nWTC or visit our website at nWTC edu haj ross dissertation help Yeshiva College, Washington Heights, Manhattan.

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