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Masters thesis binding

Masters thesis binding dog shaped writing template narrative writing planning guide ´╗┐well you know it's just as I said the guys I said you know it's it's kind of the same messages richmond belmont manhattan three very fairy to basketball teams very very good teams I'm not saving top 25 teams but they're they're very very good basketball teams and a lot of people would have looked at our sched on the summer and said you know while they ain't get no siree you know they might get this we might get down to being get no story and you know in a twisted way you know I'm proud to say that you know we're sick to our stocks that we didn't get this done today really proud of these guys I mean nothing about this this guy right here played like emerging is like the third catcher your third string catching the emergency point guard I mean you know when this guy you like have mercy point give us a couple minutes here it's gonna so now we're playing a team that's going to press every second of every minute every possession anyplace yes well foul trouble so many plays 33 minutes or it would play 40 any in one turn up I mean it's just it's just you know it's it's something that really be proud of you know see if I get all over about us about his defense you can ask I'm getting a little bit but you know what dog on and he's he's got do every bringing the ball up he's got a score he's got a rebound gotten defend and you know but like i just got finished saying toe right you spent three years not having somebody expect a lot of you so okay all right so we're going to keep on doing that so i'm really proud of the team at the same time you know I said look I can't stand up here and say we deserve to win that game because we had a chance two minutes to go when they had to make a play they did we add the milk and play we did and 31 may I said the magic game I said I'll tell you what a team that it needed winning place you may have made it tough maybe a little bit of a 15-foot jump shot there made his foul shots use the ball screen at the end score a couple times you know and I guess so so credited I'm gonna have to make the place as late as soon as they did when we had to you know we make a foul shots a tie game and started with that so but you know going to get better fitness and you lick our wounds tomorrow they're going to get on monday morn Washington Georgia how comfortable for you today was it a situation where you got my uncle's the game went on in terms of breaking the press and then also running the offense when she got into that court well first over you know what start from the top we got our problems and you know coach has his theories on you know problems and stuff and how we build on but in all those thoughts from the top you know the coaches believed in me you know Coach Claxton speaks to me he's a big part of you know my confidence on that and the second part of it is my teammate you know I can't break the pets by myself 15 you see people try to do it's not gonna work you know my teammates did a good job of getting open you know that's pretty much that Joe going to game Norwich said employers don't point guard or should think about how you want to change it just what you do in this game which might normally do yeah well we had that you know we had a really hope that we just short the game a little bit and do it both into the floor you know we knew that there were certain thing we could do couldn't do you know what I can't tell you everything I'm think we're going to play somebody on ones at the same situation Sam but it does certainly change I mean you it's a great questions just does certainly change what you're going to do coach we talked about from and alvarado especially but there the underpeople drive to really get into the teeth of your defense why do you think they were so effective well we just set it in there I me buddy I thought we did a great job of defending their actions at the end of the day it's not it's not news it's not news news clear stuff we talked about all the time at the end of the day we take aways actually they're going to put the head back and that's when you gotta guard go on you know one of my one coach probably just said it in there you just said who by the way is just as an exceptional job to help us get ready for the teams but he said it an interested not in hallway we regard the basketball better they might have 40 points in see what were you missing me do you think I'm on many out there um he attacks the rim and he causes he causes are no that's a positive like that he's aggressive attacking the basket so just that others scored as always as always helped for me but you know tonight we apparently I don't agree you don't need that as much tonight um I just think I don't think we just didn't make the plays necessary pointed towards me Jordan unless I mean I you played in the garden even with less money clip the last time I played point going it's probably third third grade fourth grade looking ahead I don't before the girls buddy so we getting any memories from third grade out there tonight yeah real feeble I was really clumsy when i played in third grade now I kind of got my wish my my legs and I get some experience so it's a little better than when I was in third grade do you feel comfortable out there a little bit sobs I found a fighting position but you have to gotta do yeah I mean we've been you know I've been getting some reps and practice but you know the biggest not a bigger supported iodine is coming from my coach you know just to practice I'm talking to me welcome you through the plays and tell me that you know he's going to help me out and he's doing a terrific job but that kind of helped me a whole lot you know just moment I've got to know his trust in the staff and my teammates helps me out a lot see which think of position that he hasn't played you know very long time probably those those compose little guards they like to get it to your any physical so you get the bridge over try to help as much as we can show you had so many close games when it happened at every game but one do you think finishing one of those games of to those games and kind of Gibeah you know snowball effect and once you've done it once your place you know how to do it without that we're just we just need to tell you right on the money we just need it still once it's going to be a it'll feel like that springboard when you're looking for and kind of stuff gets contagious when we do that then we know are right there you know we're right there no we got a deal we're going to do it you know we're juicing the purpose yeah I already said that we just got an assignment on me close closest just not quite them do force question in the comment following up the earlier comment doing them you consider yourself a one two three or four travel the above and which people prefer well you know i can send myself a basketball players not yes very good 125 if you can think the games you can pretty much play any any position you know barb physical stature what have you but you know like I said coach we've done a terrific job get me ready for games and give me some reps in practice so why not feel like I played a complete I can complain any position so I'm ready for will be there next comment for the coach would see I didn't short shots but it seems to me they were Manhattan was thinking layups and how there was any three-pointers and it seemed that ultimately quarter the other thing is we're talking about earlier they think they were able to drive it I think that's a strength 13 Alvarado can get to the basket beam again to the basket and even get to the basket too so that you know they were they when we didn't defend dry so they defended our driving to the drive away lets us with perimeter shots that's your job you seem a lot of half a bottle and what's probably wanted things what's the thing you try to do against so what's the thing you want to take away from him and what did you try to do today to stop well as I said before the game it feels like he's been there for seven or eight years one of those guy he's a good player yeah not trying to be coy but there's no straight agent you gotta play lost I mean you can do everything if you take away a jump shot gonna take a jump shot you take away drive is good I reaches so he needs got that most well-rounded all around basketball coach the when you take manhattan basketball thing that pops up in storage key member you guys are able something down today how we would be so effective is we ever did a good job 10 than hers to what you yeah i mean you know i mean it's that's that's what makes a good team when you can even do a good job on game it at zero and then they 31 gets gets buckets in 13 gets better big afternoon so it wasn't anything special we just you know she aided him a little bit kind of knew where he was old girl which other one of the process watching tape last year during practice Jewish journey could be that all addicting guy who play wherever you need them you know you wouldn't miss a beat was it watching TV last year was it a clover September was it was a daily thing and that's the charm Jordan it really is he's he answered a question great just apply it was just a player I don't know what he is he's a player you got to get everybody he's gonna get it he was gonna bring the ball before I good at ten he just the players basketball I love the way answer the question you markus kichler dissertation proposal Bethel Seminary of the East.

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