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Order consumer behaviour dissertation for money

Order consumer behaviour dissertation for money example research paper powerpoint writing essay english tips [Music] we are Oakland County in from Michigan and for those of you that have ever talked to somebody from Michigan and ask them where they live they always pull out their own personal map so I'm going to do that for you today we live right here I hope that helps Oakland County has always been a great place to live work and play and we've been a provider of shared services to our local municipalities for over 50 years and we practice a mantra build it once pay for it once and everyone benefits the recent recession will forced us to reimagine our economy in the role of government and deepen our commitment to shared services through web GIS we've grown our distributed GIS model by combining the value of our many collaborative systems of record to a powerful system of systems which allows us to to branch out all our municipalities businesses and citizens let's take a look at our access Oakland open data portal so we can show you some examples of how we've reimagined our economy here are a few maps that market our economic programs as well as attract new businesses to our County through emerging sectors our boss L Brooks Patterson sent us around the globe to recruit the new types of businesses that cultivate the new economic sectors that grow alongside the automotive industry to date we have more than 400 new businesses located in Oakland County with an economic investment of 3.9 billion dollars we discovered we have a thriving healthcare cluster so we created the created the medical Main Street program to market our County as a destination for just about any kind of medical service you would need in a modern community as the recession waned I could clearly see the tremendous value we were gaining from these powerful tools but the impact was limited to the knowledgeable few I began to wonder what impact could we make if we reimagined our power users as the trunk of a large growing tree and all of our new users growing branch branch so I challenged my team to reimagine our GIS program deepening its roots and sharing its impact across every municipality business and citizen in our County Mike and Tammy are here with me today to share a small portion of what we've accomplished thanks Phil when Phil handed us this challenge we knew we had to grow a new generation of GIS users what was our approach grow our tree by finding and inspiring just one user who would then add hundreds more today we're going to introduce you to just some of the people who make up the branches of our tree from social media tax assessing local municipal government Public Works and public health let's meet Caitlyn from our social media team she promotes activities through various social media channels such as where to find cider mills in the county for those of you who don't know each fall families flock to cider mills for fresh apple cider and warm donuts we wanted to show Kaitlyn that maps are another powerful channel to engage the public and we wanted to WoW her right from the start so before our first meeting we grabbed her cider mills blog post picked a configurable template and mapped it and just like that our map of the month program was born - Pro many unique activities in the county such as our sky gazing map to show where to find the darkest skies in the county through Kaitlyn we learned how to engage the public through the combined power of social media and beautiful Maps next let's meet Laura chief of tax administration when citizens don't pay their taxes a notice is staked on their property we helped Laura insure we created a suite of apps kept actually to help Laura ensure that contractors state properties appropriately and its cost effectively as possible office staff used dashboard to monitor daily progress and communicate changes in status to their contractor so that if a resident pays their taxes the contractor will no be a collector not to stake the property saving the property owner unnecessary distress what used to take months and multiple people now takes one person one week we found that some branches grow through our cultivation whereas others sprout almost entirely on their own meet Brenda from our equalization division they provide property assessing services for more than half of the municipalities in the county Brenda's team was frequently distracted from the regular work with questions from colleagues about property details so Brenda created this useful app with the data they needed like parcel acreage wetlands and historical imagery dating all the way back in 1940 Brenda reimagined how information is distributed to her colleagues creating over 60 new users when I saw what Brenda had done in her own department I recognized the opportunity that we need to expand our shared services program by distributing maps like hers to not only our county departments but to every municipality remember build it once pay for once so everyone can benefit so here's what we did we added Brenda's application to our suite of standard product offerings a collection of apps were sharing across the county that includes helpful tools like these the challenge now is how to quickly and efficiently distribute these apps drumming it's a palette ease let's meet Joe assistant city manager for the city of Ferndale we knew Joe's team could use Brenda's application and our other standard apps but we wanted the Assessor app to look more like a custom Ferndale application so to help Joe we created this script using the ArcGIS API for Python inside a Jupiter notebook to quickly distribute a collection of apps to a new Ferndale ArcGIS online group the script is populating Ferndale's group by looping through our standard apps localizing and in the case of the assessor app adding Ferndale's unique branding Ferndale's group is populated with a collection of apps users can begin using immediately and Brenda's app has become Joe's app zoomed into Ferndale and with their own logo so hold on and I think that's worth repeating we took a collection of County apps we automated the distribution to any municipality and then they made it their own that's awesome work next let's meet Tim from our Water Resources commissioner's office to manage their assets they use city works which we provide as a service to several municipalities and County departments all this data is stored in a single database that is then shared across all the users this distributed asset management system creates a wealth of information for example over the last five years we've created over a half million work orders detailing maintenance on over 1 million infrastructure assets visualizing and getting a clear understanding of where and exactly how much we're spending across the county can be quite difficult using geo analytics we can aggregate this large data set and make better sense of all this work order data the results are these text bins which are symbolized using total work order cost this helps us get a comprehensive view of where we're spending our infrastructure dollars we can also overlay infrastructure age which is represented here by the white circles because Tim is often charged with convincing municipalities to invest in infrastructure this analysis helps prioritize and allocate scarce resources as a county it's part of our culture to be prepared and proactive let's meet Trisha from public health who introduced us to a new problem and a countywide partnership working to curb the opioid epidemic where thousands of people are impacted by prescription drug and heroin addiction I'd like to take you on a tour of our open data page built using the new configurable opioid solution maps like this build public awareness by demonstrating the staggering number of prescriptions billed in each community and prevention resources such as our sheriff's operation medicine cabinet show where to dispose of unused medications and finally we've also provided treatment and recovery resources to connect citizens to help they need between these public apps and our internal dashboard we can effectively inform monitor and respond to this growing epidemic feed solutions are changing the face of public health in Oakland County today we've shown you six exciting new branches of GIS growth in Oakland County and each of them came from our approach of finding and inspiring just one user who will then inspire many more we are engaged in the most important work of our careers two years after challenging my team we have hundreds of more users in a distributed GIS model across our county departments and municipalities we are part of a team whose mission is to create a better community and save the lives of our citizens I encourage you all to find and inspire those people who will grow your tree and look for the opportunities to distribute your GIS so you can build it once pay for it once and allow everyone to benefit thank you very much okay well Oakland is a perfect example isn't it of applying the complete platform but it also is interesting to me because it represents where we're going with this distributed notion not just one central database but feathering it out distributed computing distributed collaboration and also this mission that you've stated so well Fellows of serving being in service service means not just web services it's this unique combination of being in service that I mean you inspire me Thank You Phil thank thank thank you also Tammy and might appreciate it [Applause] you sujet dissertation bac ses 2018 Orange County Community College (SUNY Orange).

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