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Order dissertation editing uk online conducting quality surveys data analysis and reports riots reported after zimmerman verdict violence [Laughter] [Music] [Music] you it is very good to be back and before I start I need to acknowledge or friends that are on the other side watching us through their electronic devices I took a vestige of devil over the way so I thought some of the other preachers here in connector night was wonderful so welcome and Beth you're watching as well Bridget we the earth God our Father and from His Son Jesus Christ our Lord oughta take a fact those 50 years after Jesus death and see if we can imagine what happened during those tough times that went through and through the efforts of the Apostles over five hundred thousand five hundred thousand men and women and children came into the ranks of the church but they suffered a lot to accomplish the task those disciples we know through history and I think I might have said this before sir a while back but I want to go through their lives how they ended up John died of extreme old age exiled into the islands of paths we know that Judas Iscariot after betraying his Lord he hanged himself Peter was crucified had head Albert during the persecution of Nero Andrew died on the cross Patrick in a grecian grecian College James the younger son of Alphaeus a strong from pinnacle of the temple and then beaten to death with a club bar O'Neill was flayed alive in Alban act Armenian James the elder son of Zebedee with behead at Jerusalem Tabitha known doubter was run through the body with a land at coromandel in the East Indies Philip was hanging again the fiddler in jarabulus the beers were shot to death with arrows Simon died on a cross and Persia was now called Iran and Matthew was first owned and then beheaded they had a tough ending and it was exactly that they went through why why did did go through all that and end up that way later on we hear from the Apostle Paul saying that well they were captive to the words of Jesus they were like slaves to the power of the words Jesus Christ I doubt that will ever be tested to that extent ourselves on a video let's all in life some people that go first try to make it better for those that come behind repair it though that we try to look a better life for our children our parents try to do the best and so on and so on just keeps on going after red glare United Methodist pastor and writer theologian he also said that sacrifices time of a mature faith sacrifice is a sign of mature babe she's Christ in this God said something that maybe some churches the people in the church have taken to be an excuse for violence do not suppose that I have come to bring peace on earth I did not come to bring peace but a sword obviously if you take it literally what do you see in this thing because we know church is for peace not for a while and seems that there are some confrontational matters nature's of Christianity what is that kind of sword that Jesus was talking about Jesus not sugarcoating the whole thing about the movement of the kingdom he knew that he was going to become he knew that he was going to bring pain as well and suffering and he has gone on how do we know yes a son at the beginning sano who called Jesus Christ will be at odds with the father who rejects the resurrection in the mother who becomes a disciple would be at odds with the daughter Oh believe me she can live as she desires I love who we are with the inlaws because he is that their daughter away from traditional Judaism and so on and so on and obviously know that we know that most of the wars in our history and done in the name of religion so Jesus was not sugarcoating it you thing is that he was and that's not just thing although that was just the Roman Catholic Church you know what happens in the Reformation and we were reminded this past week as I was having a course the peasant revolts after Martin Luther's Reformation brought thousands and thousands of people that some story and say more than 100,000 people so Jesus was not sugarcoating it he was a if it was however we can say it in different ways like Paul he had the sword against patricians but that means is rope Damascus or with him again himself again was free he found the peace question probably would be is how much your is our faith and the answer is not how long have we been here how long has the church been around or even how is this how long has this congregation be or premature congregations no it means how has our sacrifice made us more mature dick Jesus mean in this Gospel reading there you can get like above 100 of service there are so many topics there but then he switches to talk about this cup of water given to be and hospitality hospitality is a sign of discipleship how about those two people that are coming to our business that are joining little by little when they come we sometimes find ourselves a crossroads where we have to make decisions in our lives and one of them is like okay which church should I go to my spiritual life is important how do I find a place where I can find better ensure that I need people come visit different churches such as ours and how often pull are we with them people are in quest people are a journey commissar we always are confronted with decisions that we have to make in life and it would be good to have a person next to us to give us a hand there was an anthropologist name was Margaret Mead she was asked what was the sign of the earliest civilization and maybe the person that was asking the question was waking maybe fishing hook or some possum clay or who knows what but she says a healed fever you know fever of the bone that is you know but let me just she was surprised he asked why because in those early times if somebody broke a femur and could two women ill the conviction can catch the good hunt they could work the land of the dying that means somebody had to take care of that person somebody had to be the caregiver for their person and that is the first signs of civilization when somebody is caring for another person Hospitality has fallen of the archive the days but it shouldn't be that way in the church we should be a welcome a true welcome we can welcome everyone no matter how they are in their conditions if anyone again in the gospel if anyone has a cup of cold water to one of these little ones I tell you to think included he will certainly not lose his reward the act of giving cold water winter home here when it gets really hot we know how welcome is to have a good cold glass of water he receives you receives meets and Jesus in a small kind of access is a large act of receiving the gospel of Jesus Christ he tell you one more story about a monastery that was had fallen in hard times and he was in the hood and they have lost a lot of people and they didn't have a lot of means but on the edge of the monastery would an old rabbi have built them tiny hug once in a while they would see the old rabbi wandering and when they would see them the month would say that the rabbi what's in the wood the rabbi what's in the world so one day the abbot of the monastery decided to pay this rabbi a visit he went over to the bus seat this rabbi interestingly enough when he got close he saw that the rabbi wasn't sort with his hands extended in arms and kind of like if he was waiting for him for a long time and he went up and they embraced and it was wonderful so he might it is to have coffee or tea whatever they had to give they taught and then the rabbi say I am so happy you came I want to share with you one who teaches in the one teaching that must not repeat it nothing but not me repeat it after you tell you your monks what would that be that I said the abbe the Messiah is among the Messiah is a month how they departed the peas and when he got there and called all the months together and saying brothers I have something to tell you some message it must not be repeated after I said it it comes from the rabbit he told me that what is the Messiah they started wondering who might that be with brother man I am cool with rough night so with after that day obviously they could not repeat it afterwards but their attitude towards each other started to change they started to be nicer to each other they started to serve each other and the whole atmosphere start changing the people what they would come and visit they liked it and they the monasteries are you know flourishing again and even young people wanted to come into the monastery and they got new months and all that kind of stuff because it started changing the Messiah is among you remind and reminded them the Christ is among us that we see in each other the face price and as we serve each other as we are hospitable to each other we serve Jesus Christ and while it's true that at nighttime the price we live a lot of peace we must be ever vigilant that that peace can also be a dagger we're not sugarcoating it we are the ones to mess it up like the bumper sticker they used to go around while back Jesus say people to follow birth because we constantly mess it up right Jesus drinks peace but it's between God and humans there's no guarantee that that peace will exist always between us but never underestimate the power of cold cup water hospitality towards one another which is a sign of Christ is welcome and we're crying as welcome all things are possible even the source of the violence can be cheated by hospitality work towards peace be prepared for conflict and keep a whole cup of water waiting by the door you [Laughter] [Applause] you write for me best dissertation writers uk online SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

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