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Order dissertations help cheap the landlady summary essays atlanta pro basketball camp ´╗┐hey guys I'm Jenny welcome to the channel I hope you're having a good Monday so to start this video I'm in my kitchen and I want to talk about different nutrition bars now sometimes these are called energy bars protein bars and I'm gonna put my seven weeks of law school to use and I'm first gonna argue on behalf of the bar so I'm gonna defend them these bars are great if you're looking for a convenient snack if you're commuting a lot on the run like I am I have these bars keeping a rail like at least once maybe twice a day I'll have one of these bars they're great just in terms of convenience second thing that's great about them is that they fill you up but you never feel like so full so if you're an athlete this is great to have in between sessions in between training sessions you can eat one of these bars in the 10-minute samboni break and still go out and skate and feel good and like light like you can do your job so you don't feel too heavy some of them do keep you full longer than others so we'll talk about that in a little bit they're clean like they're not messy so it's not like you're carting around you know crackers and peanut butter then the peanut butter can get everywhere or it takes any time to like cook something up I mean these are completely mess rate which is awesome now let's argue against these bars so often these are marketed as protein bars and I have to tell you the truth a lot of them actually don't have that much protein in them so if you're gonna take for instance a cup of egg whites you're gonna get 26 grams of protein 125 calories compare that to some of these bars if you want to get more bang for your buck cook the egg whites it takes 10 minutes if you're gonna be at home let's go for the egg whites umm no sugar and this either so that's something I'll talk about as well these bars often have a ton of sugar so if you're gonna go to the grocery store we're gonna go to gas station and you're gonna look at it Snickers Snickers has 22 grams of sugar which sounds like a lot and it is a lot compare that to some of the bars I'm gonna talk about today some of them have 20 21 grams of sugar so they're really candy I've heard that a lot of ways it makes them taste really good but don't fool yourself that you're eating something that's completely nutritious and if you're really craving a snack go for the Snickers also it's not a lot of fiber in these so if you're looking for fiber something to fill you up some of these bars maybe only have like one or two grams of fiber not that much so let's start I've got a kind of like backtrack I'm gonna go from maybe my least favorite pic but again these are bars that I eat all the time so nothing bad about any of that so I'm gonna start with this flip bar it's just white macadamia LA white chocolate macadamia nut so let's start with approach of this bar this bar is delicious I have these all the time if I prating something sweet it does have more protein finis Nucor stuff I mean if I want to feel like I am actually eating a little bit of protein so this has 9 grams of protein again the Snickers may be sick so you're getting just a little bit more protein but don't fool yourself this is not a protein bar does it have that much protein really added the downside of this is it's 21 grams of sugar that's a ton of sugar so that's just one gram less than the Snickers um but it tastes really good and these actually keep me full pretty long so if I have one of these they don't keep me cold for three hours sometimes in a pinch I need like a meal replacement or again something before a bed that's gonna keep me full all night long go with this tastes really good second bar is also by Cliff this is marketed as a protein bar soap it's the builders protein 20 grams again compare that to the egg whites which was 26 you're gonna get more for like a natural protein from the egg whites this again tastes really good so in terms of prep tastes good these keep you full a long time does he keep me fall for like three three and a half hours so if you're gonna go somewhere for a long time you don't have food I would choose this one also look team does he have anything else good about here actually no that's all this group up environment now let's talk about some of the negatives and keeping it really even though there are negatives I ate this this morning for breakfast after my workout so take my negatives are the grain of salt only two grams of fiber so even though it keeps you full for a long time not a lot of fiber in this and 22 grams of sugar which is probably why it tastes so good so high sugar low fiber high protein though so if you do want something with more protein go with the cliff builders protein also tastes pretty good now both of those bars both of the cliff bars they had a ton of ingredients if you're looking for something that you don't want a lot of ingredients you want to stay pretty natural these are X bars or great again what is this like for ingredients and I love it better for you in terms of sugar and protein we have 12 grams of protein in here so even though it's not marketed at the protein bar that's an okay amount of protein my grams of fiber pretty good and only 13 grams of sugar so let's sugar than the Clif bars however this is a small little bar this can only keep me full for about two hours so this is great if you're in between sessions and you don't want to feel to fall have one of these and because there's totally so new ingredients it tastes like it it's not gonna be as delicious maybe the builders bar and the other cliff box but less ingredients just tastes very like chewy and natural so that's probably a negative step pretty good and assess taste at the chocolate flavor flavor which is not bad my favorite though if I'm gonna go for like a snack bar are these Larabars now this is the peanut butter 3 ingredients you can't beat that at all really good really natural however this still has its jump off very small this may be to keep people for 2 hours so it's not gonna like if you need a meal replacement and go with something more substantial more protein like the Clif Bar 17 grams of sugar pretty high in sugar but its natural sugars it's not added sugars and when it comes to the protein though only 6 grams of proteins here getting a little bit more fiber 4 grams of fiber but only 6 grams of protein so this is not a protein bar at all let's see if there's anything else good about this really no but there's only three ingredients you can't beat that and it tastes really good and really natural thing though if you want something on the run want something that's easy want something that's natural and has all of the components that you're kind of looking for they have these little snack packs of almonds 200 calories so keeps you full for a couple hours and let's talk about some nutrition one in bishop just almonds you can't beat that also 4 grams of fiber so the same amount of fiber as the Larabar here 7 grams of protein so compare that to some of these bars or tablet it's a pretty good option if you want to go with this again natural easy no mass all these are good though try them out you guys have favorites leave a comment below and in this portion of the video I'm going to show you a quick workout that I'm doing with these resistance bands I love these these are my new favorite things and for a long time I thought like I would see people with the resistance bands in the gym and I think yeah that's not a hard workout it's very hard so try out this workout that I'm going to show you so to start this workout I'm using this resistance band again I love these this was like $12 at Walmart it came in a set of three and the blue is actually the hardest but I had to wrap it around twice because it's a little bit long so I'm starting with these squats with a ten pound medicine ball you don't have to use a weight if you don't want to trying to get as low as possible get my feet a little bit more than shoulder-width apart slightly turn my toes out and I'm going to do 12 of these four times so what I'm doing here this is one circuit you'll see all the way through one set and then I'm going to do that for a different time so after the squats I go to these kind of side shuffles I'm going to do 6 one way and then for oblique twists to each side and then I'm gonna do 6 shuffles back for a week twist and do that twice is one set and I'll do that four times throughout the workout and as I shuffle I try not to keep my feet coming all the way together so there's still that resistance and I try to twist as much as possible getting down low in those squats drop it like it's hot girl then going to these side kicks and back exciton do 12 to the side with that medicine ball above my head and then 12 kicks to the back trying to kick my leg as high as possible you'll feel this in your hamstring before moving on to the next foot do that four times during the whole workout twelve on each side and guys I'm not taking any breaks here I'm going to go right into a one-minute plank 15 seconds in each position so 15 seconds two feet 15 seconds one foot 15 seconds two feet and then 15 seconds one foot repeat all of these exercises four more times and remember guys you're awesome you're beautiful you can do anything you set your mind to try out this workout nail it this week and I'll see you guys next Monday bye guys nursing dissertation structure Mailman School of Public Health.

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