Outline For Qualitative Dissertation Proposal
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Outline for qualitative dissertation proposal

Outline for qualitative dissertation proposal pavimenti laminati prezi presentation looking for someone to make personal statement on parents for me ´╗┐hey guys I'm coming to you today from Kettner's Ville Pennsylvania and we're checking out this abandoned warehouse I found this place because we just got done filming another location behind this building which will be out in a different video but I'll have a link to this once it's out but I don't have any information on this place so if you guys know what it is or what it used to be feel free to tell me in the comment section it's a pretty big building it's heavily tagged up but they are able to get inside so we're gonna take a walk down along the side here and we'll make our way in excuse me I put you on hold here I'll pick you up when we get inside I just want to show you this is along a creek here it's at the intersection of route 611 and route 212 that's kind of hidden from the roadway so you have to drive in a little bit or walk in to find it but here's our entry point as you can see it's a big open warehouse not really much in here but it's still pretty neat to check out it's like a little pump room or something water valves some sort of little compressor down there or pump [Music] there's a couple of these throughout the building but that's mainly all it's in here so I was gonna take a quick walkthrough I'll show you some of the rafidhi some of it's pretty cool like I said you guys have any information on this place let me know just based on the looks of it it doesn't look like it's very old maybe in the 90s it wasn't put in the cinderblock walls are in good shape it has in certain parts that I'll show you newer fluorescent bulb fixtures new ballast so hey there's a sign over here maybe this will help it's like this was a real estate sign but doesn't say what it was 75,000 square feet industrial warehouse indoor outdoor loading docks there's our first pretty cool piece you guys know what that's from scream there's a relatively modern electrical box spray-painted over the right frozen so here we got some more pretty cool graffiti here the shame that they're doing this on the inside because it's just gonna devalue the location but I mean they can always paint over it but I just don't know why why they chose to do it on a place that's still relatively good shape and that could be reused as you can see it goes quite a ways so I'm just gonna show you some of the more interesting parts of it so I'll get back to you in a minute all right here's a little like little outcrop of the building here and here's a big sliding door like a bay door now we're gonna go to the second section let's say there's three parts of this building there's another cool piece of graffiti this big whale whoever's doing these have has some talent cuz that's pretty well done let's see ya losing in the light here let me get closer I'll pick it up there we go that looks pretty neat sorry about the glare from the Sun that's coming through these windows here and as you can see there's a hole in the roof this is another little pump room here there's nothing really exciting in there is a pretty large space this is one thing I want to show you I've mentioned before these are pretty modern forest and light fixtures with new ballasts installed so looks like they've been in here adding these for a potential buyer now this building is not marked there was no signs under for trespassing a private property so show me any problem come and check this out if you wish to just leave it the way you found it that's the way I always do with that way if anyone does come you're not being caught red-handed with something you can relay down the urge of some personal belongings on the ground here some trash when no blinds garbage can close baby shoes so I was like maybe somebody was moving and didn't want this crap anymore and they came here and come to and I was mentioned right behind this building there is a location that I filmed which will be a more prominent featured film that I'm doing on my channel this is just something short I just wanted to show in the meantime but just to give you as to relation as to where I am both locations are on the same section of property here I'm also the same Road so you may or may not know where I'm at again this is the corner of route 611 and 212 is a canal area there or the rails and trails walking area I just parked there and walked over here it's maybe a hundred yards from the road you can see there is an indoor loading dock truck would come in through this garage door bay door here and back up and there's the obits unload it inside let's just check out the last section here and then there's something pretty neater on the back of the building I want to show you at the end piece of graffiti that's one of the best pieces I've seen as you can see this is completely wide open here hole in the roof broken bay doors so somebody who purchases this building will have to put some money into it obviously a lot of graffiti in here and some of its pretty neat this looks like it was maybe a maintenance area hey you really kept vehicles it's like what three bay doors there that's what reminds me of looks like somebody's like some fireworks off in here it's part of a firework cake or something this piece in front of us here is pretty neat they definitely spent some time doing that multiple colors and the shading and the edges and the outlines it's pretty neat as you see - they got some high-powered lighting in here which again leads me to believe is maybe a maintenance shop to repair vehicles or equipment sadly there's no office in here with any paperwork or any documentation stating as to what this was or when it closed so someone local to the area can maybe provide us with some of that information this looks like is and possibly an older section of the building there's an old fluorescent light up there it's all rusted but the elements are getting in here so could have just done that over time there's another light all right so I'm gonna take your on the back of the building now I want to show you something here all right before we get to what I want to show you I just found this on the ground says pick up in deliveries but does he seem to be any other a more information on it same thing on the back all right we're on the back of the building now and this is what I want to show you I think that's really awesome whoever did that fantastic job if you're not familiar with what it is it's Pennywise the clown from the movie it the new one came out earlier this year and this is pretty spectacular I mean they did a haunted house right behind it they did the balloon with like the glare on it you could see up there this is really well done the mouth and the teeth I just want to share this with you guys he even got the knife even over here somebody painted over this part but they even just another house over here you got some bats up there in front of owner I know this law made it worth to film this location like I said the inside is pretty dull and boring but I'm glad I saw this this is pretty neat whoever did this definitely has a career in and an art or some sort of spray-paint work so just want to share that with you guys it's it's a really really nice job there's some trees over here it's unfortunate somebody cover up the other two sides of it I can't picture what else was here I may have been like maybe a cemetery or something I wanted to want to assume at least unfortunately it's covered up but I'm glad that was saved again that's really well done if you're a fan of horror movies or the movie it or clowns in general then I'm sure you'll take appreciation in this otherwise you don't like clowns then you probably don't like this but either way I have to get respect to the artists who did that and behind here is just in garbage there's always been dumping back here his area is patrolled by cops we did encounter a policeman when we came here but he lets go freely to check it out just because he saw the camera equipment and you knows run up to anything suspicious so if you do come come across anyone here you know just be honest with them tell them what you're here for as long as you're not here to steal our vandalize or tag the place there's no reason you can't check it out again there's no signs stating to keep out no signs stating that's private property it is as far as my understanding listed and a realty company so anyone's able to come on the property to check it out okay my apologies there is one sign there it's a really old sign it says no trespassing that's really faded that is probably put there in the building first closed but again the policeman didn't mind us being here and the realty signs are there so that's the only sign I encountered but I don't wanna get rambling here like I sometimes do so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video like always subscribe hit the like button comment below with any information you guys have or what you think of the graffiti or anything else and the other location that I filmed next to this location next to this building will be linked up I'll have it pop up on the screen now when that video is ready this one will be out first I'll be out second so probably about a week after this one that video should be out and you'll be able to see the second location which is much much more impressive and interesting and a little creepy at the same time I was leave it at that alright guys I'll see you in the next one have a good one you bc dissertations search State University of New York at Farmingdale.

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