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Outline of dissertation sample

Outline of dissertation sample zirconium isopropoxide synthesis essay looking for someone to do thesis proposal on sport now ´╗┐hey guys and welcome sips accrete i'm so sorry i haven't been vlogging often i haven't been posting blogs but I've been vlog and I just haven't been posting them I'm so sorry guys welcome such a great I think I'm gonna keep that intro right there and I'm about oh my god this lighting is so bad so today is ohm today's Friday I have to go get something from a college from roll call cuz i also took a class there and i have to go to the city and this is this is something that's gonna affect my life if it goes well if it goes bad so we're gonna see how it goes and stuff and I'm gonna make a specific video for the vlog channel I mean for this kid channel just in this topic and today I'm also going to work on a video on the skit that comes out on Sunday which is how to be a rapper what I can't give you guys any details of course because it ruins everything and what else I have to also get my eyes checked because as you guys know if you've been watching for a while then I'm there any glasses you know what i mean and i'm just gonna eat some breakfast that I already made and I'm watching over the blog that comes out today and yeah let's just see how it goes i'm gonna take you guys along the ride and everything and yup i'm finally on my way to the thing and just to give you guys an update if you guys wonder when i'm not blogging outside today it's because it's raining as you guys can see i was scheduling the vlog and everything else so it should be coming out today at 12 I really don't want this blog camera to mess up so I'm just gonna put this in my pocket and I'm gonna be vlogging indoors finally indoors in the building and I went to the wrong building because this school is all spread out this is Monroe college by the way ago I said when I advice i'll give you when you're going to in place when you choose in the college you going to pick right because you're gonna have to come to get your answer and stuff like that and it's annoying just filled out for the transcript but actually goes to another building to pay for it so I can come back here and get it haug TV this is that do they do it on purpose I do not know but I'm just trying to get this over with I got it everything is set i have the letter not going to the city hey guys or advise me do these things it might seem tedious but just keep a cool head station everything is cleared out and the reason why i say you have to be yet to become like remain calm guys because of you hat like a douche bag is just gonna get even harder to get the stuff so and today I were like three decks three layers of clothes and because of that I'm hot as hell I thought it was gonna be cold today but it's not and let's just see how it goes in the city and see how everything goes he's like the first of my blogging like in public you know what I mean you got a lot of eyes on you man but this is what I do that's the part i literally just came from guys this is me while I was in there being the happiest guy ever starting just get my thing get out in the city and I'm finally on my way to the thing and as always google maps my best friend when i'm in the city by myself because I literally know where anything else I don't know where anything else that's why I always tries my phone so much and yeah guys I see how everything goes and I let you know but are like two minutes away from home and let me explain something right it does not say in the website that I closed on friday and when I call she said it's okay that's the entire reason I was like so frustrated because if I was if I was warned there from the beginning I wouldn't mind you know I mean I made a mistake but I did it it's just the arguing over there I don't even know why from number 2a minus who cares home and yeah guys I just frustrates me so much because what's what type of thing closes on a Friday that but doesn't tell people when they call in you know what I mean so now I'm gonna have to skip skip the day from school and go over there and just fix all of that and just takes my work to do it I have to see how it goes when I go next week I'll take you guys with me again when i got the week i go i'll see you guys with me unless you see how everything goes and I'm not gonna go on we got my eyes checked right now because I'm in a bad mood or an hour pissed although you guys will see them I'm really mad right now so I'm just gonna chill at home finish the script for the home for the video and we'll work on today at two o'clock and just get some money and just relax from for a couple minutes boom guys I change and everything else you guys can see I might even change I'm just on my boxer in my boxers or whatever and this is how it looks we're not Buster I just got home my room I bet everything because I just I just feel like not putting away anything or whatever and and yeah guys um don't worry about it i'm still gonna make this disc it this today I'm gonna I'm gonna record the process and everything else we're gonna go outside did they actually got like like um like standing outside today so I'm gonna Tommy's gonna go outside an asshole film and stuff and I'm just gonna win school until two o'clock from for Andrew to come by help me out with the video and if he doesn't come today if you can't come today um i'm just gonna film the parts that I need first you know what I mean and if he still can't come tomorrow I just go outside and filming myself you know what I mean and yeah that's basically it for today I'm not for today cuz I'm gonna keep talking while I what I'm in my house and stuff just showing you guys things cuz I want a blog every day I told you guys you know to me this is what I do now this is what I do and the thing with the college guys um I explain one more more about that as soon as everything is completed you know because I don't want to I don't want to jinx anything you know it's eight guys and I'm still having a little snack then whatever I love these things by the way and now i'm gonna watch a movie and I'm gonna way better move right now and you know what I like by myself then I go back like trying to do something I hit something off and then I realized that I already finished it you know cuz it's gonna swell as I start something I all try to finish it really quick so I was not I was not trying to sniff this in my nose by the way cuz people get the wrong idea all the time the new blog is up whatever by the watch is moving I'm gonna wait for andrew and if he doesn't come like i said before because you know how I told you I guess sunny outside like like I just ate and now i'm sitting here and now it's raining like poor house guys and Andrews not gonna be able to come today which is fine I'm gonna I'm gonna start recording the videos from the inside shots while he's not here because I really need to get this done so when he comes we can just go outside and just film what's needed and I'm gonna start making the pictures for Instagram and stuff like that and yeah guys I do this all the time and I'm bored I just do this I'm actually keep it this time I don't know yet and I'm gonna start filming I'm not gonna film right now I'm gonna film later at night and the reason is because my mom with my mom's here my mom just went out to pay the bill mice to pick up my sister my mcalary's show off these days ever since I stopped blogging for a while is for naught because I when I blog I practice my vocabulary you know to expanding the stuff so moms out picking up Angelina and I'm in the house right now I'm gonna wait until maybe like ten o'clock to start filming that way she's already sleeping stuff like that or she might not and I can just start filming I'm all quiet and everything else is I have lights it doesn't really matter what time of day is because it's inside shots and after that so what right now the time I'm gonna do was I wrong I think let me check my wash my watch so around 5pm I think right so I'm gonna use this time to edit some pictures um come up with some ideas and also start elaborating on on the video content for next he's outside right now screening it's it's 12 12 25 12 noise 1259 right now and I was gonna do the prank thing not a prank on the video later on at ten or whatever but I couldn't do it because the angle of my room can't can't like the camera can't capture what I want to capture from him from this space I'm gonna have to do this outside tomorrow and since I had all this free time to do all type of things i just showed up another script firm for another video so i might actually work on another video but on that video i don't really need anybody's help I just need like working it indefinitely so that video might come out next next week which is no welcome our next because there's another idea for that so why not so I did the picture so so I know today was a very very own messed up day since I went to the city and just wasted like two hours of my life trying to fix something but I couldn't because apparently people don't open on fridays but i got a lot of things done today I can say today was just uh how do you say that word um he's not successful step 3 practice practice fresh remember the word the word I was looking forward today was a very productive day yeah peace exists if you want to be the best you have to practice like the best tasting like back behind the scenes thing because I don't really have another person 12-core let me like record with that too so yeah ucla dissertation year fellowship reimbursement Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva.

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