Perineal Trauma Dissertation Proposal
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Perineal trauma dissertation proposal

Perineal trauma dissertation proposal best iphone app for adding text to photos how to carry out a project review report ´╗┐Joel Freeman is not a stranger if you have been watching 100 Street over the years in fact I have interviewed him in the past a long time ago actually as I recall but nevertheless when I saw that Joel is coming our way I thought I know this guy and as soon as I saw him I said yes I do welcome back Joe it's good to be here Jim you've you've well you know your buck here let's just talk about your booking right at the top if nobody loves you create the demand you've created a demand a powerful jolt of entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial energy and wisdom and in the book you talk very very practically and I enjoyed it too about how to make not only make your way in the world but also also succeed in business or whatever it is you're doing why the book well I first wrote it for time management I love to help people love to talk with people sometimes people would call me up and we'd spend an hour hour and a half two hours and finally I had this aha experience why not put put it all together because i was giving some of the same principles to people and just tell them read this manuscript read the book first and then i'll talk with you yeah now it's interesting how many people want what you have to offer in this book and also in your in your seminars you you're on the back of the book of talks of you as a success and business coach to executives motivational consultant mentor to pro athletes you work with corporations you work with entertainers you work with everybody I would think and as I'm reading the book i'm thinking boy you know this is just really really common sense i mean as i was reading a book I'm thinking there's nothing here that's a revelation but it's stuff that kind of falls between the cracks in in our lives and like for instance one of the things that I've always believed and use in enhancing your influence you talk about contacting the key decision-maker I mean that's a restatement of the obvious and yet it's not obvious to people they call a corporation or a company they want an interview for a job or they want to sell a product and they talk to the receptionist and give their pitch to the receptionist and the receptionist isn't the decision maker what happens is common sense is not always common practice yeah and and one of the things that I wanted to share in there for instance the brand of my company is seven words dealing with people who drive you crazy right and so sometimes I'll get a gatekeeper and who is doing what he or she does well to protect the key decision-maker time and schedule and then I'll say you know I do seminars and by the way the most popular one is called dealing with people who drive you crazy and here's this very stage very protective person suddenly letting out a laugh and saying oh we need that around here let's say i'll get dr. Jones on the phone for you and and little do I know that perhaps dr. Jones is driving this person crazy and so it just it's something that I think the whole idea of branding and to reach out to the right individuals is to have something that is like a zebra running with horses the zebra looks like a horse if you kind of squint your eyes and acts like a horse but then when you look at it very it just stands out and so I believe in having a little bit of stick a little bit of humor and something that works with the personality to help with the individual's personality to help to bring what you have to offer whether it's a good some goods or a service to let it stand out in the midst of horses if you will hmm no and there's so much wisdom in the book I just just just so you know friends and it's a book that well well worth reading and not only is it really significantly endorsed but Joel talks about the death of a vision designing your future branding yourself marketing yourself enhancing your influence reinventing yourself work hard work smart bartering your services this all has great relevance in times of economic stress because more and more people are thinking about starting their own businesses right very true and in fact when I work with young kids I've done a lot of work with the especially in place is called Job Corps and other places like that and I just say either you're going to be an employer or you're going to be an employee and nothing's wrong with either one or nothing's right with either one but it just it's a mindset and so sometimes if an individual can have an idea i'm going to be an employer i'm going to create something here that I can hire ten people a hundred people thousand people and I can help you two with the families of these individuals and I can provide something that can really encourage people and doing good while doing well yeah Oh Rick Warren has written a famous book called the purpose driven life chapter 12 in your book is the curiosity driven life why is curiosity so important because I believe that when we go through tough times for instance there's one chapter called death of a vision and so many times when people have a business idea and invention maybe you have an amuse ition maybe a filmmaker someone just went idea that's gurgling around ricocheting around their brains what happens is that there is going to come the death of that vision and sometimes it dies two or three times and I think that's what really tests the scenes of the soul an individual needs to have something that motivates them that pulls them through that so the the in the death of a vision it's very important to be driven and motivated by something and and I believe it's the Lord that motivates us but it's also the whole idea of curiosity how is this going to turn out I've got a I've invest a lot of emotional capital a lot of financial capital chronological capital my time and I'm going to hang in there to see how this works out and it's not always a bad thing to pass a vision on to someone else and dream a new dream right that's right in fact sometimes the visionary the founder can become a bottleneck that's right and there comes a point where he's really got to have developed successors it's important to understand this because I know being a bit of a visionary myself I keep saying you know to my staff and to Cathy my wife I will not be a bottleneck I will develop other people and when the day comes I will move on seamlessly I've done it before and I hope to do it again what about you you know you've got quite an enterprise going on here are you thinking in terms of what happens when the dream was over for you absolutely success without succession is not success at all and so I'm grooming some individuals I have black history galleries and I'm developing have the rosetta stone project and the magazine project and some other things of course my company the Freeman Institute so when each enterprise I have my eyes on individuals that I'm grooming to to take over in the inevitable time when I kind of peel away and move on to other things or just decide I don't want to do that anymore yeah or you know the question is often asked to me so Jim what happens to to your ministry if you get hit by a bus I'd say I don't want to think about that what's with the rosetta stone project tell you what that well it's a whole I whole idea behind it came when I was in Egypt with my one of my kids and I went to the place where the Rosetta Stone was discussing with a picture of it right yeah there it is I was at the real deal or that's a that's the replica we went to a place called Fenwick Island yeah and I want to recreate the whole concept of when the Rosetta Stone was found in 1799 by the French soldiers and they saw the hieroglyphics the the demotic script kind of a coptic language and then the Greek and they knew what the Greek said it says the same thing is in it going to be in all three languages a trilingual inscription and so what what captured me about this is that i believe this is one of the finest most incredible archaeological discoveries in last few centuries because it not only unlocked the secrets of ancient Egypt once the code to hieroglyphics was cracked which took about twenty three years to do so but then also it helped to slow down the whole process of archaeology because you had these young adventurer adventurous men from Europe going into the Palestine and Egypt and they bring some Dynamite's and pickaxes and shovels and blow ups a bunch of stuff bring back twenty percent say look what we found and what happened is that once the Rosetta Stone was found in the mid-1800s you could see the whole process of controlled demolition here's a tell a hill let's let's attack it with a toothbrush and let's make sure every layer is codified and written down so what would I what I want to share about this is that the book the principles in the book that I have something called the idea factory it's the opportunity finder because opportunities ideas come from all kinds of places you can be in line at the bank and hear two people grumbling about something boom an idea comes just like a woman in Philadelphia area she was an investment banker and gentlemen he he was a famous pitcher for philadelphia phillies and he was kind of talking about his dogs and he says you know i hate picking up the poo in the backyard and within three years she had a business I heard nine people made over a million dollars a year picking up dog poo in people's backyards but it came from someone complaining about what loved his dogs but hated the job after research methodology thesis case study Lutheran.

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