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Peter pilz dissertation abstracts

Peter pilz dissertation abstracts sample internal audit report form victory indian movie review ´╗┐thanks now I mentioned at the top of the show how stars attach themselves to good causes just think Bob so born or served Bob and Sid when I forget which no I know you don't want to but there's no doubt that having a famous person in your corner get you in noticed ability in a way that however important your cause you just wouldn't get otherwise there's nothing wrong with that as de dan brockington thinks there is and he's written a book about celebrity and conservation and how the one distorts the aims of the other but Dan surely if these stars hadn't heard those trees the trees would have been cut down by them possibly yes there are benefits to be had from a good publicity wing we know that but behind this public fessor behind the apparent good impressions there are a great many other things going on and the purpose of the book is to explore them I've tried to look at the work of celebrity and conservation in three arenas I've looked at the popular endorsements by celebrities of environmental causes which add glamour and glitz and rasmus ads to conservation and then this work of wildlife film presenters and while I filmed if it anything is true the public believes it and this has scientific Authority and then there's the heroes of celebrity conservationists people who are out there in the field saving environments forming special relationships with people with wildlife and together these form a powerful public edifice which is popular and believable and it makes it very difficult to win notoriety as a conservationist there are one or two but I bet you can't think of any no no no I adore this one no they were universally a lot more or less it's a very safe public field to be in but it conceals the oppressions of the problems that conservation causes and it actually undermines our very relationship with nature the problems it causes are very clear conflict is a good thing I should say it has all sorts of other put effects but in distributes both fortune and misfortune and the obvious case is setting up a national park or a game reserve in many parts of the world which can require the eviction or economic displacement of thousands of people tens of thousands of people worldwide we don't know about that we just think think of these places as not a good thing yeah that's a good thing know that I want to surprises in this book give us a give us a taste well I never got like a couple there was the UM the racial politics at work if you think of the selecting conservationist produced working in Africa and the great photo filmmakers that white big white chief yes they don't Richard leaking Georgian joy Adamson Diana bossy Jane Goodall I could go on but these are these are all white faces which aren't particularly representative of the African continent go to India bowel mix up our rabbit Chellam they're all not all but mainly Indian now there's something at work there which produces white conservationists in Africa and Indian constellations in India it's not the African continent it's actually actually in fact the Western market and it is the demand for heroic white figures which in part creates these people which I found which which I cannot and which allowed me to see this in fact celebrity which is all about marketable icons he's in fact shaping conservation politics and race which I remember wasn't expecting at the time the Europe if you don't mind me saying so a rather unworldly figure I noticed that when you came to the proofreading you thought that Brangelina was a single person rather than the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you see you don't watch television you really go to the to the cinema although you're wrongly said you were not a fashionable man you are in fact my mum you look a bit of a celebrity and are you not really rather a utopian on this isn't this an inescapable ineluctable product of the modern age that if you in a crowded marketplace of ideas you have to stand out and to stand out you need to get some star dust on your shoulder you are quite right and I'm not advocating disengagement from and work with celebrity but you need to know what you are dealing with and this is the danger the fundamental danger to conservation movement as a whole which people don't seem to realize celebrity works through the Carius participation we can't feel what separatism 'god spent that money and we can't drive their cars we don't have such beautiful friends as they are but we can watch them enjoy those lifestyles with celebrity environmentalism conservationism it works in the same way we can't form these cloches close relationships with nature we can't establish these friendships with wild animals we can't go look at these amazing places but today but afterwards too but we can watch him doing it and celebrity conservation it cap encourages a passive participation in conservation affairs and this was the other surprise to me I used to think that maybe this is an imminent danger facing conservation but and if you look at the history of it it's been going on for decades the environmental movement as we know it has been a forge in the past 50 years through the carrier's participation in environmental causes and it didn't start that way it started as a much more vital more vigorous affair with real lived practice interactions with the work with nature in the wild aren't you being just a little snobbish about it that somehow the the great mass the unwashed now know things about nature that they would never have done before isn't this a bit of scientific snobbery on your part and that they just never shouldn't be able now to know these things well I just wonder if you prefer that it was that this knowledge was kept to those who could have an interactive relationship with conservation and then by definition the vast majority cannot indeed and in urban society that is not the end of the world our country at least least in urban areas but is it needn't needn't be that way and this was brought to me by the success of spring watch spring watch is a program which depends on the ordinary everyday interactions in the nature of our gardens and it generates the most phenomenal participation people actually want to be to get out there into their gardens to participate in in this healing the conservation work sure but the most exotic thing you'll see is you know a spotted thrush what's wrong with that well there's nothing wrong but I just want to make this point because you raised his name Attenborough is a big white chief he's a white elderly English male he's a celebrity but he's done more to educate more people about the world nature animals plant under water everything I know because I've watched all of his movies got all of these DVDs if there was an election for president of Britta so David Attenborough would almost certainly win it he was a celebrity see these are good things but again the point remains conservation biomedicine is not just simply good it distributes fortune and misfortune and this good work and it is good comes with a surprising and hidden cost it need not necessarily avea that way spring watch shows that you can do television in different ways but we can't just assume that great so David after prison work and those of many others like him which was simply a good thing we have to be critical analysts a phenomenon like these mm-hmm no celebrity and the environment film wealth and power in conservation published by Zed books a terrific tribute to have paid by George Monbiot bit of a celebrity environmentalist himself you're now officially a celebrity because you've been on the on the on the real deal where do people get the book and what do you hope the book will achieve get a book from Amazon or or any and Jojo calm any good book shop and said books celebrity in the environment what do you hope it will achieve I hope it will encourage the environmental movement to rethink its engagement with celebrity I hope it will encourage celebrities and I'm not one but the others to rethink their engagement with the environment they will not win any notoriety from their work with environmentalism that they can look behind the images at what the policies are what is going on politics is in intricately woven in with this subject one of your points is that evasion itself has become part of the corporate capitalist world very much so and this is actually just one aspect of this slow intertwining between conservation in capitalism which has been going on actually for for many decades this is just one aspect of it it's WWF when it first started out received a 10,000 pound donation from shell and another 10,000 pattern of property to Vella Romania and the this has been going on for a long time but what we see now is protected areas national parks being set up in mitigation for development projects that bans for mine we see a large businesses mining companies setting up links with prominent NGOs well I'm going to have to leave it there but it's been fascinating and Brockington author of celebrity and the environment has anyone ever told you you have a striking resemblance when you're talking to the right vulnerable and today Litton Blair former Prime Minister of Britain frequently my students disbelieve everything I say in my lectures for life but definitely a celebrity in fact we could use you let's do some spoof telephone calls later stay with me fighting talk next I promise you social work dissertation proposal example Orange County Community College.

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