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Pgce primary dissertation ideas

Pgce primary dissertation ideas textainer earnings report 2018 13 spain adidas presentation tracksuit for men ´╗┐WARNING - COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES haha very good day well listen I'm digging into the foundation now but this is the kind of 2018 spec there's not much difference between this and the 2019 exams if anyone you're taking this but check back because at the end of this video I may well put a little strap up here somewhere if I've done an update to this all do be that size what side does the card come out I think it's over here anyway so propagation all right where do we start normally at the beginning mr. mckormick thank you very much all right they just want blights to tell you and then I'm gonna show you the fun okay so not more than 10 minutes it here we go um well first of all it says in the book here that radio waves spread out like a torch you put a torch up unless it's a laser beam which is a very fine you know straight line at all she goes out and it spreads out it gets weaker and weaker doesn't it so you know you want to shine a torch in your backyard and you you in your back garden you can see the tree really easy unless is a very powerful torch you can't see the woods a mile away can you because it's spreading out and getting weak and weaker you see so and then particles in the air you know bla bla bla you know all that it's just the same so radio waves spread out that's what that's what that's saying oh yes see here I didn't read this bit it says and just as the torch has moved further away the light is more spread out and appears weaker if moves sufficiently far away it is not visible at all I should do that in a sort of a 1950s grain shouldn't I be good and also says that radio waves can penetrate buildings but at the very height and concrete things like that but that the higher in frequency you go so that walkie-talkie frequencies will have much tougher job getting through solid concrete than the low frequencies on what we call the shortwave all the HF bands okay chef bans a little bit more immune you know it's much more sort of low fear long-wavelength you'll go through concrete UHF we'll have a hell of a time so I'm obliged to tell you that as well it says here honestly I don't know rice this stuff whatever really but you know there is one small advantage for the higher frequencies if the wavelength is smaller than a window the window appears is big enough a big enough hole for it to get through well luckily my windows are 80 meters wide anyway let's just talk about the Sutton Coldfield radio transmitter about 20 miles from here so that's on a bit of high ground and I live over here Sutton Coldfield radio transmitter has at 800 foot tower transmitting 1 million watts of all TV digital channels these days and I'm down here and I could receive that very easily because it's effectively line-of-sight okay however if I am a droid snow Deneau as an artist is you as snow covered to thing and I'm down here with my I'll draw a little walkie talkie with a on it that and there's my friend with a little walkie-talkie in his aerial I'm gonna have a hell of a proper talking to him because the radio signal will be absorbed if you like mountains getting away no way out of it however there's two ways we could get signal to him there's something called the ionosphere so if that's the curvature of the earth the ionosphere is between 70 and 470 and 400 kilometers where metric here guys multiply by 6 and you get the miles by the way 67 - 42 17 42 miles 6 12 24 and 240 miles we've got the ionosphere and what happens in the ionosphere is that the Sun and the radiation of the Sun heats up all little my molecules and I are knives is them I don't even know what that means but apparently it does makes the ionosphere and these jiggle about and we end up with this sort of conductive gas if you like so when we transmit on our little at a vertical antenna DD and we transmit those off the head torch there's every word on it some of it happens to go there some of the go there where else as well it will refract and it will come back down the maximum hop you can get for that apparently is four thousand kilometers six four twenty four twenty four two thousand four hundred miles he's that biggest hop if a mountain is here then we'll go right over mountain back down outside so that's one way out the problem incidentally we have something called a maximum usable frequency maximum usable frequency is a frequency they measure with these weird widget ePro be things I honest blobs I come up with the name and what they do is a test this is they being scientists universities NASA you know they test by sending radio signals straight up some of it depending on the frequency will come straight back down again not at all somebody comes right down the frequency that stops at which it could be anywhere between sort of one and probably ten eleven twelve megahertz depends um is know where it just won't get any further is known as a maximum usable frequency but that's when you're using an antenna called n vis near-vertical be a vertical instance skywave propagation so you send your signal straight up and you just get down the other side of the mountain and I'll be using envis you see and so the point is our maximum usable frequency is is for this however we can still use the frequencies above it above the maximum use of frequency because coming at an oblique angle like this just check on recording in night never wasn't thank God at oblique angle we can use higher and higher frequencies you see because it's kind of doing less work it reflects a little bit easier so now work right up to 30 Meg small H capital small Z or Zed for our spritz and beyond actually there's other ways the propagation can work as well incidentally you can get cold and hot air and in the summer and you can get ducting and tropospheric where our VHF signal goes up trundles along and then comes down somewhere else and actually I was on a hundred foot tower many moons ago for whittles field day first field day I went to actually and I said I was what you call CQ contest and I went on there and this guy from Romania came back on two meters and our little mini pileup must have found his friends and this mini pilot was a Romanian every thought was amazing but I actually thought what I did I'm 40 meters all the time what's the big deal girls that realize it was on two beaters it was on a high very high frequency VHF so who knows hey wait a minute me just check range 4000 we've done that frequency affects the range yeah the only thing I haven't done is the time of day so when there's a lot of ionospheric ghibli Pokkiri going on in other words the sun's up the ionosphere is doing its thing the molecules are jiggery-pokery around then our our propagation be very good for the higher frequencies and then at night when when this it stops jiggling about so much their lower frequencies coming so it actually depends on the time of day and propagations you subject and it will take you years to really get a grip of it and really understand it some people just go you know I'm just gonna work on 30 meters or 20 meter band for a couple years to really understand it I was a 40 meter freak as it happens that's yeah really gonna words for 40 weirdly enough and I got really to understand it fascinating man but all the bands are you see it just depends how well you know them I I could get a VK you know what one day at seven in other words Australia from the UK you know quite often because I don't know what I'm doing and I know exactly what time of day it's gonna happen you know now I've done that I've got a bit of a Easter Egg for you little bit of fun here that this so this is and if you like I'll try and I'm going to put this link to the bottom of the restrictions so this is just the horizon so I thought this would be quite handy to understand for VHF and uhf but I was amazed by the way if you believe in the Flat Earth dial away now this is not so it's not gonna help you so this has bottom left here H zero which is our height so let's say we stand on a tower and it's 75 feet high we could do this in meters as well and then our target distance we got a friend of ours on another tower and he's 20 miles away all right I can calculate this and it'll tell me the distance to the horizon is 10 miles and the target will be hidden by 58 feet 'we don't have to be a lot taller actually to clear not only the horizon but this Ben as well but now I've had VHF contacts you see it like say 120 and I've had like 120 miles on VHF you know just general chitchat hundred watts can you hear me yes I can but calculate that my hidden target would have been 8,000 feet beyond ya service I'm thinking it was line-of-sight it couldn't have been my signal must be ducting must be following and that's why I some nights I could hear these slightly longer stations very easily and other nights I could hardly hear them at all something to do with propagation I just coughed in and cut that out so you didn't have to observe it have lovely day enjoy your weekend great videos coming up if you've enjoyed this by the way hit the subscribe button give me a like why not if you haven't liked the film give me a like anyway just for the hell of it have a lovely weekend over its back holiday weekend here in the UK you know that means we get three days off so you get a couple more films happy by the end of the weekend all of us thanks for tuning in my name is Callum good luck latex vorlage dissertation tum CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies.

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