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Phd dissertation topics in applied linguistics

Phd dissertation topics in applied linguistics true grit hollywood reporter box world of tanks vk 3002 review literature ´╗┐hi and welcome back to studio 22 Cole just got done giving a monologue and now he's going to show us some other theatrical skills that he has learned while here at ocu which is a stage combat so I'll kind of let you take it away and already teach me okeydoke the first the first necessity whenever doing stage combat obviously as a safety um which was harped upon very much so in this fight because it was a decent-sized fight with some interesting stunts and stuff in it Ian merrifield was the one who actually came in to do the fight choreography for us okay um he actually got certified in Canada I believe this past summer so he is it so he is a certified fight choreographer cool um and and we were using staffs which were virtually like this but wouldn't and they're like a inch and a half thick and this was for Pericles this was for parents yeah um so the first I guess uh I guess we can just go ahead and go right into my portion of the fight so I can show you how this works on guard is where you stand with kind of your knees bent a little more than shoulder length apart and there's multiple ways to hold a staff like this like this like this but I pretty primarily fought the whole time like this and what you're doing is making contact most of the time within the center of the the staff between your hands there's rare instances where you use the outside but basically how the fight started was we jumped out of the bombs which is the entrance between the the seats of the audience okay we I jumped back out of the bombs and he what he did is this is it it's called a a swipe and he swiped in my shoulder okay so how you would do that as you would hold it here so this hand is a hand that won't move that hands the one that will slide and you slide it down and out and you don't ever want to go straight in you want to go hey you want to go out so that they so that you can make contact with the side of that it's really hard to block something coming straight at you so what heat what the my opposite did was yeah he would do that and you take a step into it boom and now and so that was yeah so that's the first move and the the key to communication with your fight partner is to have clear clear spots where you're actually attacking okay so he would look at me and then stare at my shoulder and so I knew right where that was going obviously we ran it enough for me to remember where everything was going but so that we were on the same page I contact is key so did you guys like really playing out step by step what moves you yeah okay um everything everything down to like extra steps later in the fight where I have to trip I got I literally practice every single step that was involved with the while otherwise you'll hurt yourself and Ian told some gruesome stories about people who did things wrong because they thought they knew it and it didn't really work out so well yeah so Safety's like the number one thing they really yeah okay if nothing else they would take a fight that was Sloan that was slower than normal so that you had your moves correct so you weren't going too fast for your comfort and then hurting yourself or other people so basically the first the first contact point was right here and then he literally switched his hand and came at this shoulder boom like that and we're backing up the whole time this is happening so boom right here okay then he took his staff he's here right like this he took his staff and he swipes at my head okay and the the the key to this again is eye contact so I know when it's coming but he would he he took a swipe at my head and I ducked down below really you really will be swinging where my head is but you would swing and I would duck okay and then what he did is he was he swung at he swung around and then came back a second time with both hands at my head again well roughly my head shoulder area okay so he's so he swung okay and I ducked and he came back around and then I put it right and I blocked his attack right here this next part was something that took me literally forever to ask in this rehearsing of this but I steal his staff from him and so how how this works in slow motion okay is right here and I hit this the staff right there and I pull it out of his hands and then I lunge out him shooting him back into the phone that's the whole first section of the fight um but that piece right there like before the opening night I was dropping it backstage practicing it so that's something I mean practice you you can't replace practice and especially in a fight but yeah so that's the first section of the fight that we did how did he get thrown back okay so uh you sell it by charging up you'll charge your attack up so you like even when I do if it was a punch I would come way back before I lunged at you and that's the same thing with this once I stole the staff from him I came way back here so he he can really follow the timing of where it's coming and I never made contact with him I just you just pop it right there like that and then he reacts and jumps backwards into the bomb so the stage combat is is so dependent on communication with your partner and there were times right where I got hurt and he knew to stop well I usually you say hold but I just didn't want to stop but he knew that my hand I got actually my hand got crushed underneath him on his role and but we just he just knew to stop cuz he was paying attention and if you're not paying attention that's when people get hurt oh so but yeah if you we can just kind of try to run this if you want real quick it's just one two three four four attacks from your part oh my god this a boom then I goes that way and then I swing and then and I swing again boom and then and then I die yeah okay there it is yeah that was the first section of our fight that's and then you like did all kinds of roles then he had yeah then we had him jumping on my back and me throwing him over my shoulder and a boy lot about this stuff but ian was fantastic so you didn't go against Ian no was it who was it no Trenton Trenton oh yeah um I played his opposite in that fight which was which is a lot of fun awesome yeah well um we are actually going to take a break and then we will be right back and he's gonna actually show some tricks that don't have anything to do with acting hi and welcome back to studio 22 to finish up our show today Cole is going to be showing us some card tricks so take it away alrighty here we go as you know cards and gambling have been one in the same for many many years okay the trick was finding a way to give myself the upper hand in any situation at a card table it's why I don't get to go play places now look house games and stuff but we're gonna go and start like this did you show everyone up I want you to just put your hand out like that okay so what we're going to do is your card is gonna be the ace of spades okay now you can look at that and make sure that it's actually the ace of spades I didn't do anything funny my card is gonna be the ace of clubs okay here's what we're gonna do this is the secret move you ready boom oh okay hold on here we go you go boom okay boom look at I switched in and switched it back you didn't know it's okay no really I really did though I did look this is what happened really slowly what I want you to do is follow the rest of this trick with your mind and not your eyes so I'm not supposed to look at it don't look at the car okay okay let hold on to a little more though yeah there you go see now I have the ace of spades your card right now what I want you to do is when I do that right there you tell me what car do you think you have without looking maybe the club okay so would it surprise you if I had the club on top speed on the bottom a little or wear that would that just be like oh it's a magic trick no no okay go ahead look at him what was that that's yeah and okay the new version of five-card draw with two cards yeah what you do with your other hand nothing okay promise okay okay we'll try something that's probably a little easier to follow oh here we go she makes up the cards a little bit what I want you to do is take out a card classic pick any card ok go and look at it it's fine i've seen this trick before okay I'm just kidding I don't want you to see it I mean I don't want to see it okay tell me when to stop anywhere in the deck there right there you sure you want to change your mind is that good good okay go ahead and place that card right here okay now is it fair to say that I not seen your card and I I should not know where this card is in the day you shouldn't it right ok this is this is the one where people lose like cars and six shooters and all that good stuff ok you ready I'm just going to go through this stack and I'm gonna try to locate your card I don't want you to say anything or do anything don't indicate to me if I happen or if I've already thrown your card out well there's two don't indicate anything try to just compose yourself as they say in theater bailing it ok you know what I have a good feeling I have a good feeling I'm onto something here the audience get to see your card No ok well then they're gonna have to take your word for this ok cuz i think the next card turnovers your card ok do it this is when bets happen do it I won't what if he got my card oh thank you so much for coming on the show cool thank you so much and see you guys next time do my non dissertation phd Institute of Fine Arts.

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