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Politique de reliance en france dissertation meaning

Politique de reliance en france dissertation meaning examples of roadmap presentations online hunte report oldenburg redaktion hug ´╗┐well it's time now to have a look at the action on Saturday first of all hard or sorry Sheffield took on at Nottingham and then Carter took on Belfast and here's Chris Ellis with the highlights the two biggest rivals in British ice hockey went head-to-head in the first semi-final it was a great one but Sheffield out the trucks the quickest Bensimon first to that rebound one-nil steelers very early doors one soon became to Nottingham just couldn't get hold of the pub wallah move there by Derek Campbell and GB international Robert down with the second goal and we've been playing just over five minutes he beats to Nottingham players and then the shot from down low past Kowalski and Nottingham was shell-shocked they needed a response and they needed it quickly and they get it there mark leaders first to a loose pop it wobbles over must no cops but it didn't matter not Ian were back in it crucial move of the stick by harima just in front of the net but it was 2-1 and Nottingham were looking lively look at this were goal a playoff probe over the wars won a third goal of the playoffs of the former Manchester man David Alexandre fer regard neat pass from harima Beauregard gets it on the blue line and he finds a way pass muster coughs and it is to two now big point in the game Lapine pulls back Ben Simon he's all over him and referee Michael Hicks had no alternative but to give a penalty shot but Kowalski denies him closes the door still 2-2 game lovely movement there from tkachuk and Beauregard for harima arena's one-time shot but look how word how hard that tkachuk works on those boards phrase it out in front and that one-time shot for marina I don't think mr. Goff knew where it was three to Nottingham they led for the first time in the game Nielson went to the box for a penalty and 11 goal came sorry tee shot tipped in by Ben Stein his second goal of the game what a game he had then two goals and a Miss penalty shot he's led his team so well this season and scored big goals just when they needed it but this was going to be a crucial moment in the game a two on one break Ashley Tate beats his man but what great work from Steve Ely that was a fantastic play to break up what could have been a goal in the dying stages into overtime four on four for ten minutes how long was it gonna last muster cause can't get the pump and Nottingham born Robert lack of it gets the game-winning gone and absolute big celebrations from the Panthers lack of each born in Nottingham and he scores the game-winning goal in the semi-final against the Steelers Natyam obviously as static and the Steelers players season ends and they go to muster crops Nottingham Forest industry the Nottingham Sheffield semi-final got the weekend off to a cracker could the second one be just as good well and the steak early on set the tone for a card down welch gave the away right on to the stick of Tyler Michelle look at that it's a gift it's the present Michelle beats Murphy one-nil early doors then crucially Belfast have power play time but Steve Eli was an engine look at that save right on the doorstep from Josh Pruden he was huge bought the car dick devil more power play time this is five on three they had a minute of five on three but time after time Lyle closed the door both coaches said Lyle had a great game he was given man-of-the-match second goal into the offensive zone Finity then max purebred neat move just the point the defenseman it was to nil it was certainly very much going Cardiff suede that in fact was short-handed they've just got back to five on four that just showed that the possession that card is were having Finity gets another goal great move from him comes inside Finity of course has won the playoff with the Shepherd's Venus he knows how to win he's a big-game player that was three nil and surely it was game over well they'll pass thought they got a fight Mike Jacobs them making the goal back for 3-1 and look at this though more chances for Belfast bearing down but once again Lyle closes the door time after time after time man of the match and he certainly put he deserved it could Belfast get back into the game with the clock ticking down no they were tired they gave the puck away and here they come again the Devils stir up the crow with the finish he makes it 4-1 the assists go into Tyler Michelle who have one plus two in the final so it's card up against Nottingham Cardiff for now last wall all right coach as Evans thought about pressure on you being a head coach in this league both of these coaches are player coaches and earlier on Dave Sims caught up with them for breakfast Sakura Sakura playoff Sunday the emotion of Saturday eyes on the wife your thoughts this morning well I'm thankful to get up and on my bed this morning it was a physical physical hockey game last night chef they'll be really hard I thought both teams went after it the atmosphere it was amazing and luckily we came out on top he's like a double emotion wasn't it the emotion of the playoffs but also the emotional of nothing German Shepherd it was everything that they came combined and everything by the end of the second but middle of third periods I was starting to cramp and retired I think the fans sucked all the oxygen out of the building it was hot and just the intensity both teams played at there was contact everywhere a lot of pop battles all one-on-ones everyone's fight furnish and chef it was a great team and luckily we found a way playing the second semi-final Jay did you get a chance to look at mounting him in that first one against him no not at all our our veg coach Neil Francis was down but that's what we heard about that game it was quite physical so we didn't get a good look at that okay talk us know your game against Belfast she got off to the best possible start in doing that and that really set the tone for what was to follow yeah it is in all these games you need to score goals and you have to be aggressive and we caught a fortunate break early and we didn't look back but it was a good hockey game there's about a four or five minutes spell the second period were Steamies I'll really held us in and that was the turning point for us and we played a solitary trade and got the win let's turn our attentions to today you and I certainly at last year what makes you think it's going to be different for the Cardiff devils because you're perennial playoff final makers we get the fries what makes you think you can be defensive that I think just the skill level I think we've upped our skill from last year it's just the ability to put the puck in the net Stevie's playing you know as well or better than he did last year and see the addition of Craig Weller and their defense has really really solidified things for us in the backend so I think we are one step ahead of where where we were last year and what makes you think already you're the guy that's gonna go home with the championship what were nothing gonna do well today against Cardiff it that makes you think that you're your captain all with that trophy I just think we've turned our season around we've got a lot of momentum right now our goaltenders playing fantastic hockey he's he's really changed our season and we continue to score goals and we're defending a lot better so I think it's just that the whole overall team aspects that a weak weak yell through this last month enough in both of your answers you both mentioned goaltending do you see that as the crucial battle today kawalsky Lyle is a key it always is it always is it's a I mean that and refereeing decisions you know probably a tested I mean in each game unfortunately sometimes gets decided by some key calls we're thankful to have Murray least I am thankful that I mean I think he's pretty pretty consistent too so hopefully you know what the team's go up there and battle and decide it the key battles are up front as well and you've got some great goal scorers Pele hasn't yet scored you know in this playoff finals you'll be hoping he does that but you can go Pele and Matt's go you can go you know the Remo scored a great goal last night's it's a big battle up front as well it is like you know what Cory matches defending and goaltending that is that's the key thing to these games because we do have so much firepower up front between the teams but it is going to take not only the goaltending maybe a call from the referee but it's going to take a little bit of something special from a player the individual effort that gets that puck into the back of this multiply coach is the emotion of a big night how'd you kind of Jubilees strikes to take over come game times you allow me or Francis to take over just to kind of concentrate more on the plane coming this afternoon I just trying to keep this consistent as it's been all season long I've you know what I set the structure I set the tone my having I think of my team and Strax is supplementary he works hard he does he does what what the team needs he does a great job exactly for you yeah pretty similar it's just all about our teams just keeping the guys loose and we're playing our best hockey when we're having a you know a lot of fun and it's at this time of the year it's there's no not that much coaching involved it's just getting the guys out there and keeping them focused okay - great semi phones Greg phono joining us for breakfast looks like I win again he did have two servings as well and now leadership dissertation questions State University of New York at Morrisville.

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