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Printing my dissertation

Printing my dissertation ping and tracert report card no gun for asmir essay definition ´╗┐so happy 4/20 week and happy 4/20 yes so exciting for us in Colorado it is like every single holiday you can possibly imagine wrapped into one day and we go all out and just have the biggest celebration of our lives so there's so much happening I have like a whole list here from cannabis calendar it's a organization where you can get emails sent to you and it has each week all the 420 events that are going on in all the industry events and it's like all in one email so it's really nice that cannabis calendar does that so that's what I'm looking at here the very first event that I'm going to be going to to kick off 4/20 is sensing night and we're doing like a pre 4/20 party so it's happening this Friday and we've rented out City Hall which is a massive massive venue and it has multiple layers to it and we usually go all the way to capacity we've really fill up the whole thing and so that's gonna be the first thing to kick off the celebration but then on Saturday I'm really excited because I'm going to a they're calling it let me pull it up here so I make sure I say it alright they're calling it the grotto safety symposium and it's hosted by Denver normal so they have a whole list of speakers that day of people from every background like people that are really first in Rick Simpson oil and making your own extracts and people that are really well versed in nutrients and grow equipment and lighting and just everything that has to do with cultivating your own cannabis so they're actually offering that as a free event on Saturday which I cannot believe it's free I'm gonna attend it and I'm so so excited to soak up all of this knowledge and um you know learn learn from all these professionals so next there is also let's see I'm doing a starting on Monday for the Colorado cannabis tours which actually they just changed the name to cannabis tours so that tells me that they're prepping to go national which is very exciting yeah so we have a lot of bookings going on next week so what we're gonna do is weird gonna do like a lot of tours starting on Monday all the way through Saturday and I'm gonna be working pretty much every single day giving a tour but I do have Friday off which will be nice right after 420 and so on Monday I'm gonna do like a little bit of a half tour and then do my full tours the rest of the week and then on actual 420 will be 420 on the block which is probably the very largest party that's happening in Colorado it's very massive I'm gonna read to you what all it includes so just by getting a wristband to 420 on the block you get into six venues you get access to 40 artists 35 vendors five food trucks 12 stages there's live art there's comedians and there are ten consumption buses that are gonna line the block so there's gonna be ten party buses where you can go in and smoke and dab until your heart is content with all these other people having a great time and it's gonna go all the way until like I think 2:00 a.m. so it starts on 4:20 like time 4:20 p.m. on 4/20 and goes until 2:00 a.m. just by the way bracelet do you get is it kind of just access or do you actually get some product - you get access and basically if you hop onto the consumption bus they always have so much ganja they have so much concentrates people are passing around joints so I mean the idea is you want to come prepared to something like this like you should probably put some items in your bag just to make sure you are covered but for the most part everyone's carrying something on them and it's the stoner culture everyone's very friendly and very open and they want to smoke with you so you can usually hop on a bus and you'll have at least five people try to hand you something right when you pop on the bus so you can bring your own but you'd also probably find just showing up but you always want to bring a little bit to the party just to contribute to every single year they do the 4/20 rally which is where everyone goes to civic park I believe it is let me double check here yeah it's Civic Center Park which is like in heart of denver and it's been happening for a lot of years I know it's been happening ever since I've been here it's been happening way before I was even here and it's just kind of a community event that's totally free and it's not even like necessarily organized or anything you pretty much just show up to the park and everyone celebrates the plant all day long you enjoy the beautiful Denver scenery you talk with like-minded people and you're basically the idea of it is to just like everyone be out in public just kind of normalizing the cannabis culture and showing the mini faces of the people that like to enjoy cannabis so it's a really interesting event because you know technically like public consumption like that is not legal but it's one of those things that for 4/20 we're kind of like the the police officers and enforcement they're kind of like our friends during that time and they they basically respect that if you're keeping to yourself and you're not causing a scene and you know you're just being respectful in mind you're in business at the park they're pretty much not gonna mess with you if they see you like overtly like doing some sort of exchange like maybe you're trying to sell cannabis or something they'll they'll interfere but for the most part they kind of just they all line up around the park just to make sure everything stays safe and they really leave us to it so it's kind of cool because everyone will straight-up like light up at the exact same time at 4:20 on Saturday at the park and it's you just see a whole cloud of smoke like fill the park of like thousands of people so it's a pretty cool community feeling and it's very like liberating to be doing it in a park like that when like police officers are right there yeah it is one of my good friends arond he has a YouTube channel and last year he like drugged me out to the park he's like we have got to get to this park and I was like all right and I like finish up whatever I was doing I hurried up and grabbed a fanny pack and like packed it all up headed to the park and he did like a little YouTube video of it so I should share that with you because I think you would like it it kind of depicts what it really looks like when you're at the park on 4/20 oh really cool thing that I think Jordan from dim normal organize is after all of these events and after we all go have our fun she organized a clean-up day so on April 22nd the community is all going to go out they're all gonna clean up all the parks they're gonna clean up all the areas where we've had gatherings and just do our part to be respectful to the great earth that we work walk on I know they're starting that I think at like 10:00 a.m. on Saturday April 22nd and I will already be giving a tour at that time so I will not be able to be there but I will also you know be respectful of my earth and pick up after myself if I do go to the park nice which one are you going to all of these events or which events are you actually going to the main ones that I'm doing are 4:20 on the block for sure I'm doing the grow um that grow I always say this wrong symposium the gross symposium I'm going to that and then oh I also forgot to mention I am gonna do the 4/20 Bend and blaze session which I'm super excited about so we're all gonna get together we're doing it on April 19th right before 4/20 and we're all gonna do it's at a cultivated synergy which is a really awesome organization that allows or other kind of like businesses to operate there as an office and it's also consumption friendly so you can have like meetings there you can operate business there and it's open for consumption there so we're gonna go there on April 19th and we're gonna have like a binden play session which is exactly what it sounds like we're gonna Bend and we're gonna blaze and it's gonna be great and I'm sure we'll have a really big turnout that day of Yogi's so I'm looking forward to that something else that's happening really wild on 4/20 is the very first ever cannabis Church is opening on 4/20 here in Denver so yeah it's pretty it's pretty wild but they're in like a hundred and thirteen year old building that's been a church before and then it you know hasn't been being used for awhile and this group came and they're starting their own cannabis Church and they're calling it the International Church of cannabis is what they're calling it and they call themselves it says that this church building in Denver has found a higher calling which is really funny and it's gonna open its doors on 4/20 it's on Logan Street and it's the headquarters of elevation ministry it's a non-profit religious organization and it claims cannabis as its primary sacrament and basically what they're saying is they call themselves evolute wait they call themselves elevation as' and they're trying to basically create the best versions of themselves and they feel like cannabis goes very hand-in-hand in that and that's kind of what they practice there and what they talk about there and have like a whole sense of community with that as its core values like reaching your best self and your highest consciousness do you have a product or business you want to share we want to know what you have to say leave us a comment on our website at the THC food EECOM or on twitter at safe THC foods [Music] [Applause] [Music] you is a doctoral dissertation a primary or secondary source Aaron Copland School of Music.

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