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Queens university belfast dissertations

Queens university belfast dissertations proofread dissertation hypothesis on cold war please giant paper globe lamp shade ´╗┐so maybe you just got a switch or you're getting a switch for the holidays or you want to get a gift for somebody who has a switch or maybe you just wanna get yourself something cuz don't we all well this is a guide of the essentials the best accessories that you need to get yourself started and some stuff you might not have already like any new console you don't have everything that you need right out of the box you have the dock you have the joy cotton grip these little straps that I'm never gonna use and some cables and junk if you plan on ever taking this thing with you anywhere you're going to need a case I had a friend used to carry a switch around in a big old sock hey man whatever works a lot of companies to send us their switch cases of various sizes most of them are big bulky things like this one from satisfy intended to reduce damage if dropped they claimed that it could resist a drop from 400 feet in case you ever play your switch that high but just maybe don't slam your switch into anything first of all the switch is durable as hell the screen is a thick plastic that's why I don't have or even recommend a screen protector and in the event of a fall no matter which side it lands on it's protected by the joy cons if your joy Kahn's break get new joy cons second I don't want my switch taking up too much room in my bag for this reason my favorite case is the one made by PDP it's nice and thin I don't need much room for games coz all my games are digital but there are slots for them there's even room for cables or one of them tiny dock adapters more on those later the generic one that I have is the cheapest option at around 10 dollars but they do have ones that have cool graphics on them for around fifteen to twenty dollars and packs for thirty dollars I got my own on Amazon but you can find them pretty much at any big-box retailer I mentioned how durable the switch is but it's not invincible in fact it's been known to hurt itself the dock is cheap plastic in some cases the plastic on the inside has been poorly Goldin and could scratch the screen in my experience you can alleviate this by just simply tilting your switch back when you place it in the dock but sometimes you don't want to have to worry about being safe or you just want a cool new fashion accessory there are a ton of dock covers out right now you can even use a sock I use this active patch one because they sent this a bunch of while ago and they were kind enough to print more work on one it's the thumbnail for one of the wolf dead live episodes we're selling these on their Etsy store for the month of December so if you want your own wolf dead dot cover you can check it out the link in the description below a little bit down below you'll also find links to all the other things in this list and those links also up support this channel the joy Cohn are awesome for playing on the go or multiplayer in a bind but at home on your TV the joy con grip is trash you need a pro controller it's the best control you can get but it's a whopping 70 dollars and will probably never get any cheaper luckily power a makes a very similar wired controller for much cheaper you can find it for just $25 but I found it at Target on sale for just $20 I'm kind of surprised at how these feel especially for the price and it comes with different size thumb sticks in case you want more control over the travel of the sticks the longer the stick the farther it has to travel so the more precise it is there's a Mario one and a Zelda one and while I like Mary a lot more the Zelda one is a lot cooler the wire is very long so you don't have to worry that it's not a wired controller I usually leave my pro controller plugged in anyway because they don't have to worry about charging it and I'm always right up against my monitor anyway plus in some cases wired controllers have less input lag I don't know the science here for the switch but in other consoles that's a big deal so maybe it is here I don't know if you want to save some money you can't go wrong here and again I think that this or a pro controller is a must-have especially if you're a full-sized adults with full-sized hands and if your end goal is to get a gift for a switch lover you can never have too many controllers well unless you have more than eight and you can literally have too many controllers so I guess you can have to make it but who who has more the most essential thing that you need for your switch what do you think it is it's a game you can play a switch without game stupid idiot you got the Marriot z bundle then you're in the clear eventually you will need a micro SD card but for now we just want to get you started you're going to need either Mario Odyssey or breath of the wild I'd say merry well I see but a lot of other people say another ones those are the two best games on the switch right now ideally you should play both but I can't play it more than one game at a time so let's pick one for now if you're thinking of getting any of these as a gift for someone might I recommend an esop card there are plenty of great games on the Nintendo switch each out for less than $60 and the person you're getting this for can pick their own I have video right here of some of the best cheap ones that are out right now so maybe throw that their way when you get them their code huh but you might want to make sure that they have a micro SD card the switch does not come with one it only comes with 32 gigabytes of internal storage even if you are planning on buying physical copies of games eventually you're going to need more storage Hori makes official Nintendo ones don't buy those one hundred and sixty dollars for 128 gigabytes of storage is insane I currently have a 200 gigabytes and discard that was less than half back and if you want a 128 gigabyte equivalent you can get one that's probably better for as little as $40 they even make a 400 gigabyte card now eventually you're going to need some more storage in there and if you want to go all digital from the start then you're definitely gonna need a micro SD card an extra power adapter is something that a lot of users really want I think it's a great idea so that you don't have to unplug the one from your dock every single time you leave your house with your switch $25 for an official Nintendo one isn't bad at all but for 45 dollars you can get a whole nother dock from Nyko that comes with a power adapter this is the cheapest portable dock on the market right now I feature this dock in a pre his video and you guys quickly made me aware of the poor Amazon rating apparently people were having problems where this charger would stop working or in extreme cases it would damage their switch I reached out tonight go about this and here's what they said we are aware that this is an issue a small amount of people are experiencing only a handful have reported this issue to us and we are taking major steps in remedying this situation for our customers I never told them what issue I simply asked if there were any issues that I should be aware of anyway we stand by our products and have policies in place to replace any malfunctioning products and/or consoles affected by our accessories that's good so they'll replace your switch if there's any serious issues it's still the cheapest option on the market right now and I personally haven't had any problems but I also haven't tested it extensively yet so I don't know be careful I guess all the other docks suck also so I mean lose loose at least it comes with a power adapter this is probably the least essential but some amiibo can help you with your time in Mario or Zelda in Zelda I got a pono right out of the gate because of an amiibo and it wasn't even one of the official breath of the wild ones it was the link Smash Brothers won I almost called him Zelda not only do they help in the game but they're nice eye candy to have in your setup they're a good stocking stuffer you see how the mario ones work you can check out this video right here I have another video that's a little older that details a lot more accessories for the switch one of them is a portable battery that I think is a pretty damn good idea but don't get a LAN adapter just yet the USB 3.0 port on the dock still does not work as a 3.0 port Nintendo hasn't updated it yet so it's still a 2.0 port for now so for now your Wi-Fi is most likely faster than any land adapter that you're gonna plug into that thing so I wouldn't call that essential that's a down the line thing but hey what do you guys think about all these essential accessories for the switch I leave anything out even in the comments below add me on Twitter all this other social media garbage where he on YouTube almost every single day here's our schedule and don't forget that all these videos premiere first on twitch.tv slash Wolf Den where we watch these videos together before they go live on YouTube and afterwards usually for about two hours or so I continued my 100% run of super mario odyssey don't forget to check out those active patch top covers and those videos as I talked about before which are right here on screen the most important things you could do is subscribe and share this video with a friend a friend who you want to buy you some presents hey guys very much you have yourselves a very good week yeah everything shocks me everything always shocks [Music] acca oxford brookes degree results Hamilton College, Clinton.

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