Recovery From Type A Aortic Dissection
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Recovery from type a aortic dissection

Recovery from type a aortic dissection function of financial reporting write research proposal on weight plz ´╗┐hi welcome to Mission Control Houston I'm Kelly Humphries and with me today is sandy Fletcher she's the lead spacewalk Systems Expert for expedition 34 and that's the International Space Station crew that's on orbit right now and we're really happy to be joining the students at northtown Elementary in Columbus Ohio hi guys what is it like to live in space well I'm actually a flight controller and trainer so I get to talk to the astronauts and what they tell me is it's a lot of fun because they get to float around the space station and pretend to fly like Superman and they also get to play with their food which is not encouraged when you're on the ground but it's okay when you're an astronaut on board the International Space Station but they do a lot of experiments and they also have to do exercise two hours a day to make sure that their bones and their muscle mass is is still strong when they come back to the earth what the what is our astronauts what is to live in space um our astronauts still going into space is her question oh yes they certainly are some people believe that because the Space Shuttle the system was a retired last year that we aren't flying astronauts anymore but we actually have to dance the astronauts on board right now that's Kevin Ford and Tom Marshburn and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield who will be the commander of the International Space Station in the and I think two months or so and there are three Russian crew members on board and we've had people on board space station for about 11 years now continuously on orbit which is quite an achievement how can I join the space program how can I join the space program it's on you so well there's quite a number of different ways actually the civil servant jobs and astronaut jobs are actually posted online through the various websites I work for a small company actually I don't work for NASA directly and they post their jobs online as well so there are a lot of different avenues into space what does it take to be a mission control specialist well I'm fairly unique in that I actually have a physics background most of the colleagues that our flight controllers and trainers along with me have various engineering backgrounds whether that's aeronautical engineering or mechanical engineering but NASA also employs people who are of different backgrounds as well there's actually a legal department so we have lawyers we have flight surgeons who make sure the astronauts stay healthy and so those are medical doctors we have people who are professional scuba divers they work out at our neutral buoyancy lab for when our crewmembers practice their spacewalks we have scuba divers in the pool with them to make sure they're safe and you also have people who like Kelly Humphreys here who's actually a journalist so you might not think that you know journalists would necessarily be employed by the space program but there are very many different opportunities here westin I focus on is good in order to work at NASA that's a really good question and I think whatever you focus on the best thing to do is to make sure that you really really love it if you love it then you're going to work hard at it and you'll do well so while I happen to choose physics and I'll be honest my interest in physics was piqued when I noticed that the astronauts that NASA was hiring there were a bunch of physicists in there they also hire military pilots so i would say find something that you love doing and then focus on doing that very well but also you know take good care of yourself physically and be interested in other people one of the surprising aspects of this job is working with other people and if you can't work with other people very well you're going to have a hard time in life so I've been very fortunate that I've had very good co-workers and we actually have a lot of fun well you don't and even not just studies but but teamwork is something you can learn doing a lot of extracurricular activities and doing sports and things like that and this whole center here works on teamwork as does the international partnership that makes the space station work so it really helps to get that kind of a background and but the majority of folks here are in the science technology engineering and math fields from what they study but as sandy says do something that you really love doing and that means that you're going to ensure you do it well and that's going to put you in the best position to get a job at NASA or for that matter anywhere else you might decide to go in your life why did you choose to work at NASA well I grew up in rural New England which we didn't have a lot of exposure to the space program at that point this was actually a Skylab was really the first thing I really remember on and but what really got me interested in space was actually a movie called Star Wars I was about nine years old and I went to see Star Wars and i'll be honest i went to see it because my older sister wanted to go see it but I just fell in love with the whole concept of living and working in space and you know I'm one of the very lucky kids who wanted to be involved with the space program and ended up actually being involved with the space program so it can happen and I ended up getting to stay home from kindergarten to watch Alan Shepard launch my mom was a big space fan way back I'm a little older than sandy when we first started flying humans in space and Alan Shepard was the first American to get launched into space and I get to say help in the garden to watch that and I've been a space fan ever since then what fun and interesting parts are there to being an ass o specialist I'll be honest it is really cool to be involved with the space program people know what you're what you talk about when you say you work at NASA or you work on the space program most people have a general idea what that means and they're very enthusiastic about it Kelly had mentioned earlier that it's a lot of teamwork and I really enjoy working not only with the astronauts and training them but I also worked really well with the colleagues we all have the same goal you know we're from all over the United States and actually from different countries but we all share the same goal that's the space program is really important exploring other worlds is something that's exciting to us and it's an amazing experience be part of a large team that all believes the same thing well and we got to admit it's pretty cool working in Mission Control where everything comes together and it's also really neat to be able to go out and see launches and things like that and to get out with our colleagues at the laboratories that help develop these systems and technology that we do you know we were talking earlier about how astronauts get to the space station and right now we're all the Americans and everybody for that matter is flying up on Russian Soyuz spacecraft and it's kind of interesting because we used to be in a cold war with what was then the Soviet Union and now it's the Russian Federal Space Agency we work with and so that's how we get folks up and down to space right now but NASA also is working on new spacecraft we're working on the Orion spacecraft which is designed to take us farther than we've ever gone in space way past the moon out to asteroids and Mars and elsewhere and people in Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Alabama are developing a new Space Launch System rocket that'll carry tons and tons of cargo into space at and working together here with Johnson Space Center with the folks develop on the Orion capsule so there's all kinds of things coming up in addition to what we're doing now on the International Space Station but the space station is kind of like the the learning place where we are learning what it takes to live for a long time in the microgravity environment it has all kinds of effects on our bodies and on how physics work on how different mechanisms work and so it's really important for us to learn what we're doing now but the real goal is to go even farther out there so that we can help spread humanity throughout the solar system and that's actually where you guys come in because you know we're working on the space program right now we were handed off this space program by people who worked for mercury through Gemini Apollo and all these other programs that build the foundations of what we do not only in Mission Control but all of space exploration and so I feel like our generation right now is caretaking it for your generation and it's very important for you guys to be excited about space exploration too because someday you're going to be sitting up here and trying to encourage the next generation this is a very long term project it's not going to be done by the time I retire you're still going to have plenty of opportunities we know that Ohio has a really rich space history with people like John Glenn who made historic contributions to our space exploration effort and we're looking for you guys to be the next John Glenn or the next gene Kranz sitting here in Mission Control guidance the mission thank you that was our questions well thank you guys for being with us today we hope you learn a lot about space exploration in your studies and that you go on to do great things whatever you choose to do take care guys and thanks for your great questions alena dissertation proposal College of Dental Medicine.

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