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Schavan dissertation pdf download

Schavan dissertation pdf download free english courses manchester uk cmd building reports ´╗┐oh yeah I watched as much hockey as I could tonight and I got see great deal of the Boston game I got to see a great deal of the Anaheim game some of the Montreal game which is when I intended to watch but it just didn't turn out that way and the Colorado game now for people who want timestamps and here's the thing so I resisted the whole timestamp thing because I felt that it's sort of disingenuous to what this channel started out as which was just a non-linear discussion of hockey so let's just take a look at the winners whose win was the most impressive of the four I'm gonna go with Boston's is the most impressive Montreal's was the most necessary Colorado's was the most fun to watch and Anaheim's was the most surprising it's two to one with a Montreal Colorado was three to two and overtime Boston was three to two and the regulation and Anaheim holds on three to two as well interesting note with this five five five and three so all those scoring games they featured some trapping hockey in them especially Anaheim Anaheim doesn't have much choice right now they don't have it up front the the issue for Anaheim is really a matter of they allowed I think it was 38 shots by the end of May it may have been 39 I saw the shot counter at 38 you can't keep allowing this many shots so yes they get the win and it's an important win and you'll notice that all of these teams were the underdogs coming into tonight - maybe montreal montreal could have an argued as a favorite and for colorado again and this is what i was talking about this morning you you're you're keeping a really solid and and competitive division tight and close there's nobody getting overwhelmed in this division you could argue Minnesota is sort of be overwhelmed but the abs with a really gutsy win uh and it's interesting because Boston gets the lead and hangs on Anaheim gets the lead and hangs on Montreal gets a lead and cruises to to that to that win and Kerry price has now allowed two goals in three games since he got back it's a good night for hockey if you like cheering for underdogs none of these teams came into tonight in a playoff position and again this is why you you look at these teams and the teams that they beat Ottawa as recently as a month ago there was talk about them possibly being a contender Tampa who was the best team in the league up until for a week and a half ago and things have really gone off for them since st. Louis Winnipeg Winnipeg with a point pulls within two points a Tampa I think they're within one a st. Louis now like these three teams are at or near the top of the entire NHL and they all lost tonight so when people say well there's not really parity and I've heard that if you say well not really look at it look at Arizona this is more what I mean when I talk about parity you've got an Anaheim team that's very undermanned with a gutsy win and again I noticed Wagner was really good for Anaheim he's really noticeable in these games went when he plays well the whole team plays well for Colorado I noticed Soderbergh Soderbergh was one that I noticed a lot in the game when they were when they were a little bit behind the tying goal by Zadora I honestly thought Kalibak probably should have got that one but I don't think he expected soda off to shoot I think he was expecting as a door off to dump it in the corner and peel off I don't think he expected a shot and and zidor off now has also maybe he's becoming a shooting defenseman as he gets older that that might be a thing Boston I have to talk about Charlie McAvoy again Golan an assist this kid is really excellent while we're all talking about barzell and we're talking about Besser and and other guys and even Kerfoot in in colorado and rightfully so McAvoy has been fantastic he really has marsh and with two assists as he returns to the lineup he looked good and clearly Boston has missed him on the ice it's it's a different team with him on the ice and for Montreal again and you know Drouin gets a goal which is important because of course the Drouin and circuits have discussion is mentioned in every game i watch whether it's a montreal game or tampa game whenever I watched them I hear Tampa announcers talking about how great circuit Jeff is well you know that drew injury and when it when drew ants on the puck you'll hear drew and brought in from Tampa is he the number one center and there's a lot of pressure on Jonathan drew in right now and I sometimes wonder if when he went to Montreal he was all happy but at the start did he no one was gonna be like this did he know it was gonna be this much pressure so in in terms of which of these teams is most buoyed by the win it's a really tough call Boston beats the best team in the East okay and they proved something I know in the comments section I didn't really correct people because it's gonna look like I'm just playing favorites but when people say all the Atlantic's got all those crappy teams in it and I go yeah they mean Boston and I mean Boston uh tonight was an important game for Tuukka Rask he gets the first win he's had in a while as a starter and they're a good team they're not a bad team I again I see them as a tweener team as they could make the playoffs maybe they fall out of the playoffs but I do view them as being a better team than say Detroit I think they're a better team than Montreal I think they're good enough to get third in that division and tonight was a good example of why they controlled the the first two periods Tampa couldn't get anything going it was a clinic put on by Boston and it it felt like the old Bruins when I'm watching them and putting on this clinic and they're controlling Tampa and through the first two periods kucherov had a shot and and Stamkos had a shot and that was it like that line had been shut down now in the third that kind of broke through you know Stamkos with the power play goal but then it felt like the old Bruins again it felt like 2011 again it felt like 2013 and it is it is fun to watch and you hear shipping up to boston and you see that energy in the crowd and I really don't think they're that bad I don't see them as a contender I'm not gonna get out of you know out of control with this I just don't think they're as bad as a lot of people think they are [Applause] Colorado is another one of those teams that I think is better than people give them credit for and and again I noticed Soderbergh tonight that the one the one weakness I find in Colorado the one guy that stands out to me and I say you know what they probably need to fix this is on the blue line Burberry Oh every Colorado game I watch it seems barbero takes a bad penalty and when he takes a bad penalty very often the team could either they pay for it in a goal or they pay for it in momentum and you know the tripping penalty took in the third was just stupid and you hear him swear right after he doesn't he knows he's going off and yet you know it continues this is not something that's just started I've noticed it on a few games that have watched of Colorado's if they could make bar barrier the number seven guy and have somebody who's a little more who's still defensively responsible but doesn't take those stupid penalties and stupid penalties meaning badly timed or just penalties you can avoid and and you know it's it's gonna be interesting to see what they do from here for Anaheim they continue on this road trip now they get to go to Columbus so you've got this win to maybe Bowie you going into Columbus Columbus moves up the chart on my power rankings because everybody above them is losing right now so it's funny because when I do these rankings and I look at I go man that's that's a dramatic shift they're all losing so there you go there's the four games from tonight how they turned out all low scoring Affairs all tight checking and yet a lot of shots in a couple of these games Boston had a lot of shots in Vestal of ski Vasilevsky definitely makes it look closer than what it was without vasilevsky 'he's fantastic play in the first two periods this is five nothing Boston going into the third and and it's just it's over so it was definitely a better game for Vasilevsky than it was for the Lightning and he gave them a chance to come back and I was nervous that last couple of minutes I was very nervous the last couple of minutes in Tampa would tie it and win it in overtime I was very concerned especially with Tuukka Rask came out of the net to play the puck with about a minute left I was legitimately angry at Tuukka Rask like get back in the net there's too many white jerseys around get back in the net where you belong don't get out and start playing the puck we've been through this before so let me know which result surprised you the most and yes I went off or four of my predictions which is why I don't do predictions I did them today knowing you know what whoever I predict is gonna lose and it just it doesn't add anything I used to do predictions every day and eventually I just stopped because predictions I was wrong every single time it was stunning how wrong I was and tonight all four teams that I said would win lost all four teams I said would lose one so there you go let me know what you guys think in the comment section below don't forget to hit like and subscribe if you're browsing your way through and thank you so much for watching I'll talk to you again soon dissertation swansea university CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

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