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- Welcome everybody to tonight's Council Meeting of Tuesday, June the 13th. We start our council meetings off with a singing of O Canada. I'd like to invite up Kylie Mason to the microphone, Kylie. Just going to read a little bit about Kylie before she starts to sing. Welcome Kylie. And you could pick whatever microphone you prefer. Our clerk's going to make sure that you're all set and that all the lights are on. Kylie is 12 years old and is finishing grade 8 at St. Vincent de Paul School. She's grown up with music in her family, as her mother, Sandra Mason, is a voice teacher and her brother Jordan plays piano, drums, and trumpet. Kylie's been singing for several years and is preparing to take her grade five Royal Conservatory of Music voice examination. She's participated in several music festivals, frequently being an award winner and she's an active soloist at church, at the church that I go to as well. She's participated in school performances, also in the production of Peter Pan. Kylie plays the piano as well. Kylie's chief love, though, is ballet. She has been dancing at the Lisan Dingman-Nagy School of Ballet Arts for several years. Kylie hopes to continue her ballet studies throughout her high school and university with her hope of opening her own ballet school one day. Kylie's an avid reader who always seems to have a book in her hand. She loves traveling, swimming, and cottaging as well. Socializing with friends is way up on her list. Kylie's very grateful and pleased to have been asked to sing our national anthem for City Council and all the residents of Niagara Falls. So Kylie, whenever you're ready. ♫ O Canada ♫ Our home and native land ♫ True patriot love in all thy sons command (singing in foreign language) ♫ God keep our land glorious and free ♫ O Canada we stand on guard for thee ♫ O Canada we stand on guard for thee (clapping) - Alright, good job. - Thank you. - Kylie, on behalf of all of us here today, you did just a fantastic job and I'll see you at church. - Thank you. - Thank you very much. Great job. Get seated everybody. So we're just going to readjust our agenda tonight. We're going to first do a couple of our awards groups. So the first we're going to do is we're going to start with the Niagara Selects Youth '17 Girls Basketball Team. What's that? Oh and just before we do that, thank you very much Mr. Clerk, we'll start by an adoption of the minutes from our May 19th meeting. Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Kerrio. All those in favor. Thank you for that. Are there any disclosures of a pecuniary interest? Councilor Pietrangelo. - [Pietrangelo] Thanks your worship. I work for Niagara Catholic District School Board, there's two checks and they are 000790006 and 000810007. - 00, did you get that one Mr. Clerk? - Thanks. - Okay, any other, Councilor Ioannoni. - Check number 404153, made out to a member of my family. - [Mayor] Thank you, Council Craitor. - Thank you, your worship. Under municipal accounts, check number 404508 payable to myself for services. And check payable to the Niagara District Catholic School Board, a member of my family works there. And the check numbers are 00790006 00810007. Do you need to get that? Thank you. - Alright, we got it. Thank you for that. Councilor Morocco. - Yes, your worship. I have three checks to declare. Check number 404182, check number 404561, to my spouse, and check 404743 to myself for OSUM Conference. - Thank you for that, any other disclosures? And I have one check number 403936 check made out to myself too, Mr. Clerk. Okay so, actually suggestion here, rather than starting with the girls we're going to start with the boys because you're already in here. So the Niagara Falls Red Raiders Novice Boys' Basketball team are going to be the first group that we're going to recognize. So give me one second fellas, let me get down and get the proper list. Here we go. Okay, so if I could start by calling up your coaches, Brian McMahan and Josh Lennox You gentleman want to come up to the front here. (clapping) Josh, how are you? - Good to see you. - Good, good. So what I'll do, if it's okay with you all, I'll just read a little bit of background on what happened with the boys. Then I ask the coaches to call you all up and moms and dads will get a chance to take a picture. You come right up here if you like to take a picture with your little one receiving their award. And then when it's done we'll get the whole group up here, do a group shot, and the coaches might give a little synopsis on how the season went. That sound good? So everyone have a chance to get their picture up here. So this year, the Niagara Falls Red Raiders Novice Boys' Basketball team represented our city in the Ontario Basketball Championships that were held in London, Ontario. This first year team, that's comprised of mostly eight year old boys, competing in a nine year old division. The boys represented our city with class and with sportsmanship. During the championships the Red Raiders went undefeated. And they did that in round robin play and received an automatic bid to the semifinals. It was in the semifinals that the boys showed their never give up attitude by erasing a late eight point deficit to win their game in overtime. In the last two minutes of Ontario championship game, the boys found themselves trailed and persevered to capture the Ontario championships. The Niagara Falls Red Raiders are so excited about the future development of these boys, both as basketball players and as citizens of Niagara Falls. Congratulations boys. (clapping) - Remy Dino, please come up. (clapping) Jaylen French. (clapping) Jaylen Kidney. - You don't have to bend down, it's okay. (laughing) (clapping) - Eric Koffman. (clapping) Johnny Lostraco. (clapping) - They all crouch down, they all crouch. (laughing) (clapping) (clapping) Jordan Lennox. Micha Zappa. Dean Williams. Matt Ricozactta. (laughing) (clapping) - [Mayor] And as well for the coaches, and we've got one missing? - One boy out, yeah. - One missing and for our coaches. Coaches. So Josh is going to address us, then we'll do a group shot. - So, as many of our parents know but our team was a first year team. None of these kids had played travel basketball before and they never even played a basketball game. Red Raiders Organization just trains at the beginning so it was a good learning experience for all our boys this year. And not only the boys, but the parents, we have to say thank you to them. Because the dedication throughout the long winter and coming to practices then showing up. And I don't think we played a game for the first three or four months. So we concentrate really on development. So it's been a great year for us and we're looking forward to a great future. So thank you to the kids and to the parents as well. (clapping) - We all come together. So we're going to do this, everyone's taking a group shot. - Everybody come down here. - [Mayor] Everyone's got to smile. - Cheese. - This is what happens when you get to the NBA. - One more, yeah come right in the middle. - Yeah, don't be shy. - All I'd like to say is thank you very much to our coaches because they're volunteers. And it's not easy being a coach, I know I've done it. And everyone's got to comment on whatever you're doing. But they still do it anyway and they're helping to develop these young boys, not just necessarily for sports but for life. And I know they say busy kids stay out of trouble and that's a great way to help these kids stay active. And if appearance has anything to do with these guys and their attitude and performance, they look like they're going somewhere. They look like they're ready to play and beat somebody somewhere. So anyway, I have to say thank you to all the parents, it's a big commitment to you to drive them around everywhere especially travel, and your coaches, 'cause it's a big commitment to all of 'em. So thank you all the hard work. (clapping) - Thanks again. - [Mayor] And congratulations, well done. - [Parent] Thank you, Mr. Mayor. - Alright, are we ready? Everybody's inside? So maybe if I could call the head coaches, we've got Enzo D Domenico and Assistant Coach Nicole T Domenico. Can I get you to come join me up here please? How 'about a big hand for our coaches? (clapping) Okay so here's what I'll do, I'm going to go over quickly what you did, ladies, your accomplishment, and you all look very nice by the way. You looked a little bit differently dressed than the boys that we just had up here. They were ready to play basketball, I don't know if you're ready for basketball right now. And then what we'll do is I pay the guy to laugh when I tell a joke. It's the best of best worlds. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to quickly give a synopsis then we're going to ask your coaches to introduce you one at a time, you'll come up right here. We'll do a group shot with you receiving, or, individual shots of you getting your award. Then stay up here and we'll do a group shot and then your coaches will maybe give a little bit of a background on how the season went. That sound good? Okay, good. During the weekend, many fifth through seventh 2017 The Niagara Select girls Youth '17 Basketball team competed in the Ontario Provincial Championships. The Youth '17 girls achieved the Division One gold medal. This placed them number one in Ontario. This iron was a true testament to their undefeated season the Selects went on a perfect 25 and O, playing tournaments in both Canada and the United States. Congratulations ladies, well done. (clapping) - Okay, Kristin Leer Carter. (clapping) - [Mayor] That's yours. - And we have Torrie Domonico, which is no relation, yeah. (clapping and laughing) - Got it, okay, thank you. - Maria Layz. - Congratulations. - Julie Manlow. (clapping) Brynn Maloby. (clapping) Chelsea Russell. (clapping) Naomi Shad. (clapping) Last but not least, Rosie Tate. (clapping) (laughing) - She didn't crouch down. (laughing) And I'm sorry, I know we've got somebody away. - Yeah, unfortunately Sophia, she's stuck in traffic in Saint Catharines, the old school, so she couldn't get here. - And we've also for our two coaches we have a couple certificates and one for the player who's stuck in the traffic down in Saint Catharines. And maybe Angelo if you want to share everybody how you sum up the girls and the season - Well, the one thing that everybody should know about the accomplishment, is the girls only played in Youth '17 but they're all in grade 10, expect for Naomi, who's in grade nine actually. So we played a year up and still won Division One. So that's pretty incredible doing that for younger team. We played some couple really good tournaments in the Rochester area, we played some big pretty good teams there and actually these girls always found a way to win. And the most amazing thing is that the at the Bariffa's Championship, in the gold medal game, we actually beat the team by something like 37 points. So it wasn't just a win, it was like a crusher, yeah. (laughing) And it was a pretty good team and they were a lot bigger than us and so they just play hard and they knew how to win. That was the key thing about this team. So great job. (clapping) - We'll just kind of line up, however you want to do it. Yeah one row, one row's good. Will it fit or do we need two? Are we okay? - [Morocco] We're okay. - [Parent] One, two, three. Now you're like a blur, you jumped. - Do it again, do it again. - [Parent] Got it. - So ladies and gentlemen the thing we like to always acknowledge is, two things I'd like to acknowledge. Number one is your coach, your coaches, 'cause your coaches volunteer, and often times that's a thankless job because all the parents are all coaches too, in their own minds. Right, everyone's got an idea how they would have ran the play. And the coach, at the end of the day, is the one out there making the call, and it's not an easy job, it's thankless, they volunteer, they do it for the love of it. So how about a big hand for our coaches. (clapping) And lastly, it takes special parents 'cause you're always shuffling everyone around, you're trying to rush meals, you're trying to make sure everything works out so everybody gets everything and everyone's happy, and in the end, you got a huge success. You got the jolly of these great young ladies who are going to be contributing members of our community and they've tasted success at the highest level, and now they're going to take this, it's one more life experience. They're going to take throughout their life because of your commitment, and because of your coaches' commitment, and because of the girls' commitments. So on behalf of the city of Niagara Falls, we want to say congratulations to all of you and to all the people up here as well. Thank you very much. (clapping) Bye ladies, thank you very much. See you guys, good job. We'll see you back next year hopefully, right. No pressure, no pressure. Okay, so we might as well do that, okay. So I'll go back down over that. Oh no, no, no. Do I have to? So I need to call Clark Bernet. Is he here? Oh I left my glasses. Clark Bernet. Is Gwen Vancleef here? - [Gwen] Yes. - Oh there you are. Do you want to join me up here? - [Gwen] Sure. - And is all of our MYAC people here? - [Gwen] We have five winners here. - Are they all here? - [Gwen] Five of the eight winners. - Okay, five, are we expecting anymore? - They have other commitments, so these are the winners. - Okay, good, good, okay. So if we're. Let me grab these certificates. Get these ready up here Gwen. - Sure. - Okay tonight, if I can have everyone's attention, tonight we're going to recognize youth contest winners from the essay and poster contest of Why I Want a Drug Free Community. I've now got Gwen Vancleef right here from the Foundation for a Drug Free World to help present the awards. I'm also going to call Councilor Craitor, who sat on the committee to help judge these essays and posters. Ask Councilor Craitor to join me up here, myself and Gwen. I can give a little bit of background on the foundation. The foundation that we're recognizing tonight here, they provide education, advice, and coordination for its international drug prevention network. They work with youth, with parents, with educators, volunteers, and with government agencies. They help people to lead lives free from drug abuse. Our Niagara Region Chapter is proud to continue to provide these resources to youth in the Niagara Region. And I can tell you, as a dad of three kids, that's the thing that you worry about all the time, that you get with the wrong kids and you try the wrong thing and it changes your life in a way that it's hard to recover from. So we're so grateful for these people and acknowledging the good work that they do to recognize these young people. So now, I now ask Gwen, she's going to call up each of the winners, and we have a little certificate that we're going to present you with. We'll have an opportunity if you want to take a picture of them receiving the certificate, then we'll do a group shot of all the recipients if that's okay. Everyone good with that? - [Man] Sounds good. - And if you need come forward to take a better picture, by all means, if you got a good spot where you are, that's fine. Whatever works for you, we'll wait, okay. So Gwen, it's all yours. - Okay so, we have first prize in the essay contest, grade five, six, Kelly De La Rosa from Saint Mary Catholic Elementary School. Is Kelly here? (clapping) - Congratulations buddy. We good? - [Camera Woman] Awesome? - Okay, I know you're video taping right, so you're not putting it down. Why don't you stay up here for a second. - Okay and, second prize in the grade five, six essay contest Alexis McKenneth from Saint Catharine. (clapping) - Congratulations. Pose here for a picture. When you're done put your camera down, I don't know. (laughing) - Okay. First prize in the essay contest grade seven, eight, Josh Krishobell. (clapping) - Congratulations. - Well done. Here we go. - Let's do the picture. - Yes. - [Mayor] Good job. - Second prize in the grade seven, eight essay contest, Jomana Altanowy. (clapping) Okay and, the last one we have here is the poster contest, grade five, six, Tabby Mastryvillacola. (clapping) - Congratulations. - Well done. You know there's so much stuff to bring, yes. So that's all we have here today other than the three other winners which were Nicole Espiritu, Alexandra Smatana, and Kim Isaac, but they had other commitments. - So we have certificates for the other three individuals as well. I know Councilor Strange, you wanted to add to this. - Yeah, Mr. Mayor I got an email from one of our residents, Rich Judge, about one of the second place winners, but truly amazing story about this young lady. I'll just read the email out. I trust all well with you and your families, I thought you might be interested in the background of one of the essay contest winners to be recognized at Council this evening. Her name is Jomana Altanowy, hopefully I'm pronouncing it right. She is the 14 year old daughter or Rat Rakin and Azizan Altonowy. Jomana, along with her parents and her brother Hadee and sister Rym, arrived in Canada on December 29th, 2016 from Lebanon. They were forced to flee their home in Syria almost four years ago to escape the Civil War. They walked from Syria to Lebanon and lived there in a shed for more than three years. A sponsorship group from Saint John's Anglican Church, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, and First Baptist Church joined forces to sponsor the Altanowy's trip to Canada. They have been living in Niagara Falls since mid-January, the children are doing very well in school at Saint Mary's, the family Rakin is working part time at a local restaurant, the family loves Niagara Falls and very proud of Canada. So it's quite an accomplishment for a 14 year old to win an essay, or second sorry, in a writing competition, but Jomana's accomplishments are even more worthy of praise when one considers the challenges she and her family have faced. Bravo Jomana. - [Gwen] Well done. (clapping) - That's the caliber and the quality of the people up here. Just before we do our group shot I know Councilor Craitor would like to say a few words as well. - Thanks very much, Mr. Mayor. I was very fortunate three years ago when Gwen asked me if I would be the judge for essays submitted by children from different schools and asked why they wanted a drug free world. And I share that with you. I met Gwen a number of years before that. Gwen is involved in the business community and had a number of situations where there were thefts and some unusual things going on. And when she spoke with the police what the police explained to her one of the problems that was causing this is that drugs. And so Gwen grabbed me and urged to sit back she approached me and wondered what she could do. And on her own, and this is why it's so significant, on her own she took the initiative to contract the organization, you already mentioned, the Foundation for a Drug Free World. She contacted them to find out how she could help back here in her own community. So with education and making children aware of the dangers of drugs. And one of the things she did, she sent out 10,000 copies of The Truth About Drugs Book on her own to get the message out to the community. She also worked with a number of other organizations, including the Ontario Physical and Health Educations Associations. And she was contacted to go forward with the idea of maybe speaking to the schools, speaking directly to the children. And she also worked in conjunction with the trauma has a chapter for the Drug Free World and pageants here a well, taking pictures. And got involved with certain. And so I was asked if I would be a judge and I've been fortunate to be a judge for the past three years so. I'll tell you a very, in a very personal level, when we read the essays and you understand when the research the children have done about the dangers of the drugs. But some of the essays, when you read them you realize how personal they were. Things that some of these kids have seen and were aware of what drugs could do to their own family. I was deeply touched by it. The other thing was, and this year it was a poster, and I know Joyce chose the poster winners as well. I thought it was important that people realize that we have some very special people in our community, such as Gwen, who truly cares about the kids. And one kind of unique start, we did the awards this year Mr. Mayor at Oaks Park. All the schools were there for track and field day, so schools were all in one location it was a great time to meet, I met all the students then. I remember Pat and I were standing there and it was a lot of older students just sitting on a bench, and of the students shouted out and said, "I know you", and in your mind you're thinking, probably like you, you're thinking well yeah I'm with City Council, you know me. But I didn't say anything. He wasn't talking to me, she said I know you, you're the drug lady. And we kind of laughed. And after I went back over to talk to the students and I said how come you said that, and I know why he said it, he said I couldn't remember the name but I remember the impact of the presentation that was made to us in school about drugs. So I just wanted to recognize Gwen through you and thank her for what she's done to educate the kids about the dangers of drugs, especially when you see what's going on right now across the whole county, you see very serious drugs that are out there. So Gwen I just want to say congratulations, the Mayor will be telling you that we redeem you of ever paying property tax again. (laughing) I had to say it. But all kidding aside, congratulations for all you do and all the kids that you've educated, that's just fantastic. - Thank you. (clapping) - Great jobs guys. Get in front, you guys get in front. Big smiles. (laughing) Got to be sure you were smiling. So ladies and gentlemen, here we have it, this is the future of Niagara Falls through this kind of proactive stuff, congratulations. (clapping) Yes please, yes please. Thank you very much. (faint chattering) No they have a presentation. Yeah. Do you know, is the MYAC members here? Do we know? Do we have everybody Luca, is the whole group here? - [Luca] No, but we can go now if you want us to. - Well we can do one ahead of yeah. - [Luca] Oh yeah. - Okay, why don't we, and we'll give you a few more minutes, because I do see. Okay, we only got two left. Okay, I see that we've got Mr. Noel Buckley, the head of our Convention Centre here and he going to give us an update on how we're making out with our assets. So, Mr. Buckley, welcome. - Thank you very much your worship, and thank you for allowing me to have time to be here today. And certainly thanks to all members of Council, and that's really the reason why I'm here. Although there will be a little bit of an update. And who's ever doing that can leave it on that slide for a moment. I would like to really begin by thanking many members of this Council but certainly everybody that was on this Council in 2006 when they made the decision to unanimously support a convention centre build for the city of Niagara Falls. Somebody has to be a leader, somebody has to be first, and when somebody steps up first, as the city of Niagara Falls did, others follow. The province, the feds, the BIAs, the parks commissions, the bridge commissions, the casino, the private sector. A very, very significant asset was built and I'm really just here to give you a little bit of an update on that asset. Sorry. I thought I was filling the room but maybe not Cogeco Television. Thank you, and I'm not going to repeat all that for the viewers at home and spare people, in particularly those that are waiting for their recognition at Council. So in 2006, Council made some decisions that really eased the direction and eased a way for this facility to be built. And I think it's incredibly important to recognize that up until 2006 we were really a spectacular leisure destination. And I mean that. We are the dominant leisure destination in Canada, generating more international demand than any other leisure destination in the country. But part of rounding out a destination is becoming a destination that attracts more than one type of visitor. And the decisions that were made by this Council, subsequent to 2006 and during 2006, have led to us not only being a really strong leisure destination, but also a really strong meeting destination. And it's important to understand that those go hand in hand. The best leisure destinations in North America are also the best meeting destinations. You only have to look at Orlando and their convention center, and Anaheim and their convention center, and San Francisco and Las Vegas. And everybody's been there for a meeting and they've all been there for leisure. The best leisure destinations in North America have the best chance of being the best meeting destinations. We have become that. And to think it's very, very important that people understand the synergies between the two. For those that follow sports and understand how big and important the Super Bowl is, it'd be interesting to note that the Super Bowl has been held more times in New Orleans than anywhere else in the US. Not in the big cities of Los Angeles, and New York, and Chicago, and San Francisco. It's held in a fun leisure destination, that's where people want to go. So really a thank you to this Council for the decisions you made in 2006 that led us to where we are today, and I'll give you a little bit of a update on that if we want to move through the slide to the next one. If you take a look at where we were in 2011 when we first opened in 2012, our first year, we had about 153 total event days a year. We are now at 282, that 230 needs to be corrected, it's 282, and it is later in the presentation. So you can see the type of growth. Now we didn't get a full year out of 2011, opening in April, but from 2011 140 total event days up to 282 total event days in 2016. You get a sense of the trend line on where we've gone and where we've been, producing roughly an annual economic impact of 93 million dollars. And the next slide please. The net revenue also has followed that, if you take a look at where we were in 2011 and 2012 when we first opened, you can see that our net revenue was a net negative cash flow position. But if you look at what happened in 214, 215, and the most recent year of 216, we're generating net revenues in the neighborhood of a million dollars, or 800,000 to a million dollars. We have a fully funded life cycle reserve of about 1.45 million dollars. We will be able to look after the life cycle cost of our own building, and we meet with your director of finance regularly and in fact I think we're scheduled tomorrow to meet, Mr. Harrison, to ensure that the city's asset is well protected and well maintained and has a funding reserve as we move forward, because there will be life cycle costs as we move forward. We're in a well funded position right now. Over and above the 1.45 million we have in restricted life cycle assets, we are also sitting on a surplus right now of about 2.0 million dollars. So between the two we are at over three and a half million dollars right now and we are in a comfortable position from a financial perspective. I thought the city should know that, as you own the asset. So I think the board of directors on your behalf and on behalf of our Chair Wayne Thomson, who is here tonight, and does yeoman's work on the bed, Vince Kerrio, who's a board member, and all of our board members. I think I can say on their behalf that they are looking after the asset and ensuring that it's properly funded and doing well as we move forward to 2017 and the years beyond. If we take a look at the next slide. In 2016 we took a little bit a look at what we were doing. And we took a look at particularly how we were marketing our facility. And there's one thing that you will always hear me and I began my little talk today with it. This is the dominant leisure destination in the world. We're not going to necessarily talk about the facility, or talk about the square footage, or talk about the asset without talking about the destination. That is first and foremost why people will choose this meeting destination. We're in the dominant leisure destination in the country. We're not asking you to go to the Nederlands, we're not asking you to go to some far away place in the country, we're asking you to come to a place where a significant number of people want to be. And in fact today in our building we have the Canadian Payroll Association, who in a conversation with us today, let us know that this is their largest gathering of their membership ever and it is attracting Payroll Association members from all over the United States and all over Europe particularly because it's in Niagara Falls. So the destination is paramount in us being a successful facility. We have within 50 kilometers of our front door approximately 125 wineries. We will be the best at wine and culinary, for a facility of our size, we're a large banquet facility, anywhere in the country. We can put together an accommodation block that almost no other destination in the country can, other than Toronto. Within walking destination of our facility and four star branded hotel rooms, there are at least 5,000. There isn't 5,000 four star branded hotel rooms within the Montreal Convention Centre within walking distance, within walking distance in Quebec, or Calgary, or Edmonton, and not even Vancouver. But there is at ours. So we tell meeting planners about that and the ease of doing business in our facility. Those are the four pillars upon which we market our facility. And we've really begun hammering those home in the past year. If you take a look at the type of business that comes to our facility, there's really three types of business. There's corporate business, represented by the likes of Arbonne, who were here last September with six or 7,000 delegates. Best Buy, McDonald's, Metro, Deloitte, Staples, Sobeys, Scotiabank. This is just a sample of the types of business that comes on the corporate side. The next type of business that comes, would be the next slide, and you're looking at associations. I referenced the Canadian Payroll Association, they're in the building this week. The Ontario Ground Water Association was in the building last month the Canadian Chiropractic Association. You're all very familiar with FCM and AMO. The Assembly of First Nations was at the facility last year. So the effort and the work done by everybody in this room, particularly when you hep with FCM, and AMO, and others, is really pays off for the destination and really begins to position us, as I said, as a really strong meeting and leisure destination. The third major type of business that comes is kind of on the, here it is, kind of on the trade show and or large event. Cheer Evolution, which I'm happy to inform council has signed with us until 2022, generating 10s of thousands of room nights for the destination. The Niagara Falls Comic Con just completed last weekend. It's a very important annual event in the building. And this year in June, on June the 30th, Global Legacy Boxing and Lennox Lewis will be bringing prize fighting back to Niagara Falls. And we're very, very thrilled to have them coming back. And hopefully developing a longer term relationship with Global Legacy Boxing, Les Woods and Lennox Lewis, as we look for another avenue of business as we move forward beyond 2017. I guess the last thing I would like to say is this type of growth, and I'll highlight it again, moving from 83 to 135 events in 2016, representing 282 event days, has really allowed our board to make certain types of decisions. And if we move to the next slide, you'll see that in 2016 our board approved completing some space that was roughed in but never finished. Approximately 10,200 square feet on the 200 level just outside the offices, the administrative offices. We're going to finish another 10,000 square feet of space, create five more break out rooms or a larger break out room, if you want, allowing us to accommodate five more break out rooms, as I said, 125 in the small break out rooms or combining the entire break out room, 735. As we begin to attract more conventions and more meetings we're pressured to have the right amount of break out space for the amount of exhibit space we have. Which is, as I'm sure you're all aware, a very large floor. So, the Board has approved this expansion, we are moving down this road, we have applied for all the necessary building permits, and have completed the engineering drawings, they are out to bid right now. And we're expecting the bids back late next week. That in a nutshell is where we are and what's been going on. I know you have a very full agenda I would be more than happy to answer any questions. But really a major thank you on behalf of our chair, Wayne Thomson, on behalf of board members like Vince Kerrio, on behalf of the tourism industry for your leadership in ensuring that this infrastructure got built. And no ask other than you continue to speak highly of Niagara Falls as not only a leisure destination but also a meeting destination. And thank you very, very much for your time. - Noel, thank you very much, well done. (clapping) I have to say I know Councilor Thomson, when he was the mayor, I know he was pushing hard knowing this was one of the missing pieces of the puzzle of Niagara Falls. And developing our shoulder season. That's exactly what's happened. And the last piece of the piece was bringing you back. I know I was speaking with the mayor of Ottawa and Mr. Watson, two jabs he gave me. One, we took you back from Ottawa and brought you back to Niagara, and the second one was that we won the 2021 Canada Summer Games. So he told me third strike I'm in trouble, so I don't want to ask for too much. But yet you're doing a terrific job. I'm down there regularly bringing greetings for conferences I hear first hand right from the organizers they're thrilled with what's going on, how they're being treated. Just the fact that the cheer event has been extended to 2022 is huge because I know they want 'em all over the place, they would love to have him there. I think Doug Martin was his name. And every group that I talk to is really happy with the way they're dealt with. And anytime I've got a challenge I give a quick call to Noel, he's on it right away and everything's taken care of. So nice thing is the buck stops with the buck. Right, Mr. Buckley. - [Noel] Thank you, your worship. - So on behalf of the city we're pleased. I don't know if there's any other questions or comments of council. I guess, yup, go ahead Mr. Strange. - I just have been kind of in touch with Noel the last few months 'cause we're doing KO Childhood Cancer event. - What is the event, did you want to answer that? - The KO Childhood Cancer Event, that's this Friday. It's sold out, basically. - Oh, great. - But you can buy tickets at the door. (laughing) Anyway, I want to thank Noel for being so professional, unbelievable, that venue is awesome. And I think everyone's going down there. The convention, we're in a top notch destination but now they have a beautiful venue when they have their conventions. They're bringing whole families down here now. While people are going in their conventions, the families are enjoy the attractions, filling in, hotels, filling the restauarnts. And it's first top notch conventions, Comic Con, concerts, and even boxing now. So we want to thank you and the customer service is first class as well. - [Noel] Thank you very much Councilor. - [Mayor] Noel, thank you very much, appreciate you coming out tonight. - Thank you. - Oh wait wait, Councilor Thomson. - Yeah I just want to say this was a long term situation. We worked on this for probably over 20 years. And Noel was with us at Niagara Falls Tourism for 10 years? - 10, 10. - 10 years during that, we're at meeting constantly, trying to accomplish that and when it got open we were doing okay. But our objective was always we got to get Noel Buckley back here. And we had to give him a lot of money, which is unfortunate. But anyway we got him back and things changed. You seen the scale. And I just want to mention Noel Buckley is a key element to the success that we're having at that facility and what we're doing in the community generally with tourism and creating jobs. - Thank you. - Noel, thank you. - Thank you very much. Your worship, it's incredibly important, and I appreciate those being singled out, but there is a very, very, very strong board and a very, very, very strong team and very strong leadership in the community that got this facility built. And honestly every single person in this room should, if they could, pat themselves on the back because these things are built by armies, not by individuals. So really it was the foresight of this Council to get it done. - [Mayor] And also the Falls UBIA was instrumental too. - Absolutely. - In making sure financially that it was viable. So definitely got to mention those folks as well. Councilor Craitor. - Thank you Noel, it's nice to see you. I'm really pleased that you could come out back, a fortune to be back on council the last couple of years. I know the Convention Centre's doing well but we never really heard anything in the figures you're throwing out. It's really positive, and we realize how successful financially you are and how your life cycle, I think that's the term you use, you're in a position where you can maintain and renovate the building, do anything that needs to done, it doesn't have to come back to City Council, we don't have to get involved in. The way you've explained it is correct. - [Noel] That is correct Councilor. - And the other thing I do want to recognize, I want to recognize a couple of people that I think should be properly recognized. I can remember Mike Tumeriv Offices and MPP, that was one of the things that worked diligently with and our Minister of Finance, they convinced him to put in the 30 million dollars. But two of the people that really, for the city, that really helped drive this in particular is, I don't know if Peggy's here, but Serge Felicetti, who was, and Ed Lustig. And they brought very quality reports to show why it was a benefit, not just to the city but also to the province that was well worth the money to invest in a convention centre, as you said, in a destination that everyone knows. So I wanted to mention those two names in particular, 'cause they certainly deserve to be recognized. And yes, probably one of the highlights of my term in office was to convince the government to take the jump and put forward the 30 million dollars. I know it was beneficial. Thank you. - Absolutely. Well council, you have it. Thank you very much Mr. Buckley. Appreciate the update. - Thank you, thank you. - All very much. - Thank you. (clapping) - Next up, we have the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee. So folks, if I can get you to come on up here. And we're going to get a presentation to council providing their annual update. And ladies and gentlemen, for those of you at home watching that are not familiar, MYAC stands for Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee. And this is a group of youths that, folks you can come up and stand up with your team here. Come closer, come on. You can stand up behind 'em. And they represent the city in so many ways, representing the youth and keeping us connected to those that are going to be running the city in the future. These are some of the brightest kids, and when you see, when I see young adults, these ones are going on, doing amazing thing in education, in business around the globe. These are the future leaders, not just of Niagara Falls, they're future leaders, they're current leaders, period. So maybe if I could have two of our leaders here, maybe it's you Luca, you can introduce yourselves here. And, it's all yours. - Okay so my name's Luca Rucceck. I'm a grade 12 student at Myer, and I'm here to speak on behalf of Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee. I'm co-chair this year along with - I'm also co-chair, my name is Emily Hunter. I go to Saint Mike's, I'm a grade 12 student. So basically we're just going to take you through our slide show showing the projects we've worked on this year and the future projects we will be planning for the upcoming school year. - [Mayor] You have a control there. - Oh, gotcha, okay. Alright. So we'll start off with our mandate. So our main two goals are to provide a voice for the youth of Niagara Falls while advising council of important issues concerning the city's younger population. So this can include advising council, gathering input from our peers about what can make Niagara Falls a more youth friendly city or how we can improve certain aspects of the city to benefit the youth specifically. And then secondly we have to encourage facilities and programs that will enhance the quality of life, health, and well being of the youth in our community. So that echos what I previously mentioned. - [Luca] So we're just going to go over our structure. So the way the committee works is there's a main committee, which is the whole committee, which is composed of five students from each five of the high schools, which is then directed and run by me and Emily. And then under that committee we have three subcommittees. So there's one committee which is Just For Fun, there's another one which is Giving Back, and then there's a third which is Youth Voice. And each of those committees have their own chairman which will speak today. So on the main committee. - So we begin the year with our Leadership Day. So we come here, actually, to City Hall. We do a tour, we get to know each other, just the break the ice, kind of, so that we can form the relationships required to do the instrumental work that takes place later in the year. - Next is the City of Niagara Falls Youth Volunteer of the Year Award. Me and Emily got a chance to speak, which was amazing, and I was really happy that one of our members on MYAC received the award. So as you can see, a picture of Hurup, Where are you? - Beside you. - This is Hurup. - So next we have the Santa Claus Parade. So this isn't a MYAC specific event, but MYAC does take part in the event, just to show that we're an active participant in our community and to support the city's initiatives. - Next is the Mental Wellness Summit. This is huge for our committee. It's really important to our committee especially. We got approved for a $77,000 grant from the Ontario 150 program, which we're very happy about. So we're planning a Mental Wellness Summit in the fall. There's a lot of work going into it. We've met with the Scotiabank Centre, and a lot of other people. I don't know if any of you are familiar with Jack.org, they're also going to be helping us. There's a lot of work going into it. We're still in the planning stages. We've been meeting with both the DSP and the Catholic Boards. So that's all I can say for now. There's not too much happening, but we're working on it. - So something that MYAC does annually is we help out with the Niagara Falls Community Outreach Kitchen. This is just one of our volunteering initiatives that is not solely given just to the Giving Back subcommittee, but every member is expected to take part in this and just to volunteer their time. - The Community Clean Sweep. So every year we go do the clean sweep of the street. Unfortunately, we tried to do it twice a year but this year we could only do it once. No MYAC members, or not enough of us were able to make the second one, which was on Saturday. But as you can see this is a photo from our first one which was very successful. The Rotary in Citizenship. This year the member that went was not able to attend, but I went last year. It's an amazing event. You spend four days in Ottawa traveling, doing very touristy stuff. You get to also go through a citizenship ceremony. We got to meet a few political leaders including Elizabeth May and Stephen Harper, and a few members from the Liberal party. So it was really great. We got to speak with the Speaker for the House of Commons, it was a really good event. And then next we're going to Youth Voice. - I'll go. So I am coacher of Youth Voice, along with - And I'm Erica Gyodmeyer as well, and I'm grade 11 and I co-chair the Youth Voice subcommittee. - Okay, so one of our annual events with Youth Voice is the Niagara Students' Summit. This is personally my favorite event because what it is is a day at Brock. It's an education summit for high school students to have the opportunity to learn things that aren't traditionally taught in high schools. So, for example, we teach financial literacy, we teach surviving first year of university 101, we talk about international admissions, we talk about volunteering opportunities, scholarship opportunities. So a whole variety of things. Students can also participate in recreational activities. So they get to see Brock's Campus, they get to do campus and dorm tours. They get to learn a bit about Niagara College Bridge programs. They get to speak with some admissions officers, some university students, and they get to explore the rowing and archery facilities on Brock's campus. So students choose which programs they'd like to sit in on. So each student's day does look a little bit different, but it's just a nice opportunity for students to learn things that they otherwise won't have access to easily. - And so what we're doing this year with this event is we've actually changed the structure a little bit. So we're going to have more of a focus on the science part, so we'll also be able to teach science. And this is an event that we've been planning all year and it comes every fall annually. So even though Emily will be leaving us next year we'll still continue on with the event, although she's been helping us plan for the entirety of the year so far. - So if we could call the Giving Back chairs. - Perfect, thank you. So my name's Hurup, I'm a grade 12 student at Westlane. And I co-chair here at the Giving Back subcommittee with - Methane Hubhard. - And together, again we're from Westlane Secondary. So if you'd like to start. - Okay, so the first event that we planned throughout the year was the Children's Christmas Party. And what we did here is that we made arts and craft with the children at Red Roof in Saint Catharines, as well as we went out and bowled with them. This was a win win situation because we had fun and the kids also had fun there, which was a great time. - Next was the Wheelchair Basketball. This was a great way to sort of experience the other side, get to lay low, just 'cause MYAC does a lot of planning and all the hard work, but it's also good to have a balance between fun and work. And this was sort of a chance to give back and also have fun with the people who worked so hard at wheelchair basketball. Of course we got destroyed. They shot five points and we got one. But that's beside the point, we had a lot of fun. - Okay so the next event that we planned was the MYAC Skate Night. And this was open to all youth of Niagara Falls. They can come out with their friends and have a good time. And at the MYAC Skate Night we also collected donations for Project Share, which we donated during Christmas time, which helped families out as well. - And next, one of the biggest things that we sort of took on was the Mental Wellness project this year. We partnered up with the Catholic Board and REACT, which is a peer leader position offered at the Niagara Region of Public Health. And what we did was, sort of, the title was How to Deal With Real Life. It was teaching elementary students and high school students coping strategies with how to deal with stress, the difference between good stress, bad stress, what they could do when they're under pressure, and different strategies that they can take on to be a better version of themselves. And what this whole thing entailed was that from each section, so grade one to three would submit a poster regarding what they did to deal with real life, any problems that they had, and they got a chances to win a pizza party for their class and high schools students, one particular member got a chance to win a $250 gift card, which is a great experience for everyone. - And with this poster contest we partnered with MYAC and REACT, as well as the Niagara Catholic District School Board. - So Just For Fun, our other chairman, Sarah Malinkovich, but she isn't here, so I'll step in with Olivia. - Okay. So I'm Olivia Gallagher, I'm a grade 12 student at Saint Paul, and I am the coach here along with Sarah Malinkovich of the Just For Fun committee. - We'll start with School-A-Palooza. Our numbers this year were rather amazing, last years numbers were estimated between two and a half thousand to 3,000. This year we were more than 4,000 students. - The main focus of School-A-Palooza is to get students to dress up in their school spirit and come and compete to become the School-A-Palooza champion. A lot of students come and have fun along with their fellow classmates and fellow schools in Niagara Region. - Just to recognize the winner this year, it was Westlane, I wasn't happy, but I mean, what can I say. (laughing) - And then this was a new event for the Just For Fun committee. We partnered up with the people over at Ruth's Chris, and we had an acoustic and dance night for this Youth of Niagara Falls, where students were able to buy tickets and get appetizers, as well as see performances from their fellow students at their schools perform live. And then we had a dance at the end, which students really enjoyed. - Yeah it was definitely a different kind of atmosphere for MYAC to set up, but it's something we're trying to explore more. We sold out at the door we had to start turning people away because we reached our cap of 400, so we were very happy about that. And we hope to continue doing more events like this. So we'd like to thank, actually Emily, if you could come up. We can't list all of our sponsors, because there's a lot of them, but we'd like to thank all of them and we'd like to thank all of you councils, and your worship, for continuing to support us and sponsor us, and we appreciate it greatly. Thank you. - Thanks. (clapping) - [Mayor] Councilor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks your worship. I think I would be remiss if I didn't send off my congratulations to one of the co-chairs of MYAC this year, Emily Hunter. Emily, while she is a student as Saint Michael, was also accepted to Harvard University this year after writing her SATs, she scored very similar to yours your worship, she was in the 99th percentile. - Almost there, you almost caught me. - She was one of only about 2000 students that were accepted out of almost 40,000 applicants. So I know you talk about how MYAC is the group of individuals that are bright and going to lead the communities in the future and they certainly don't disappoint. So congratulations Emily. - Wow. - Thank you. (clapping) - [Mayor] And also, yup, go ahead Councilor Strange. - [Strange] No, go ahead, go ahead. - I was going to say also Luca was our intern. He worked in the office for this past term and he got invaluable experience in what not to do in politics. So that's good, you got to learn both sides. - [Luca] As you call it Jim, a mini PhD. - A mini PhD, yeah. So he did, he's been an invaluable help in our office. I know the ladies were sad to see his term as it comes to an end. But he's been a big help and he's done a lot of things to help us get organized right from the state of the city, to all sorts of events, everything in between. So he's been a very valuable resource to the city as well. Councilor Strange. - Yes Mr. Mayor, I just want to congratulate all of you for doing a great job this year. All of the different events. I know you got to try to think of different innovate events every year, right. So you guys have great lines obviously. And in particular, not a lot of us, I don't think, know about the grant they got. For the Teen Mental Health we got a grant from the government with FA Tap. And just to name one of the very few municipalities that got that grant for Teen Mental Health, $77,000. And they put that money to good use this year helping schools in how they can cope with the stress, every day stress. Sometimes we don't get it, maybe we didn't have that 30, 40 years ago with the social media and stuff right now, and bullying and stuff like that. And I like that you guys went to the secondary schools, grade ones and up, and elementary schools, grade one and up, and teaching those kids how to, We don't know what goes on in some of these kids' heads, so really thank you for doing that, just amazing and getting the word out. And I know Mr. Campbell here is a big proponent of that, so thank you on behalf of him as well. - Thank you. (clapping) - And lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Beth Angle and Kerry Campbell. These two ladies worked very closely, they love, it's a labor of love, they love this part of their job where they get to work with the Mayor's Youth Advisory, because you're bright lights. You're exciting individuals, your futures are so exciting. You've got to be thrilled. And you get to work with other people who have the same kind of mindset and attitude. You're positive, you're constructive, and you're looking forward in what you can build. And I think that's terrific and I'm proud that I get to associate with all of you as well. 'Cause one day I'll be working for you probably, so that's good. So on behalf of the city of Niagara Falls we want to say thank you to our MYAC group, you're terrific, we're going to miss some of you, and the rest, we're going to welcome you back. Please stay in touch with us and come back home, get all your life experience, then come back home and run this city. Thank you very much. - [Luca And Emily] Thank you. (clapping) - I did. Now to our patient presenters. I know you had some challenges on the highway I understand. - [Kent] We did indeed. - [Mayor] So I'd like to, I'll introduce Kent, who works for the city. He's our Infrastructure and Asset Manager for the city, along with Dave Watt, project manager, who's going to make a presentation at council on the study. So rather than mess up your name Kent, I'm just going with Kent, okay. So Kent and Dave, step up, if you can introduce your team and introduce the presentation. We'd appreciate that. - [Kent] Great, thank you Mr. Mayor. - [Mayor] Tell Vick, how Councilor Pietrangelo, how you would say your last name. - [Pietrangelo] I asked him before the meeting. - [Mayor] And how would you say it? - Schachowskoj. - [Mayor] Do you got that? - [Pietrangelo] I do. - Okay. - Technically I wrote it down. - [Mayor] Okay, thank you. - Okay thank you, so the members of the team from GM BluePlan that completed the Pollution Prevention Control Plan study are Dave Watt, Julien Bell, Danielle Anders, and Chris Hamel. So similar to the Master Drainage Plan update study that we presented back in April, this is the Pollution Prevention Control Plan update study. And so this focuses instead on the waste water collection system for the city. So just to briefly outline the agenda for the presentation. I'm going to talk about the scope and the purpose of the study. And briefly outline the various study tasks. And them I'm going to have the team from GM BluePlan take over and they'll go over the findings and recommendations, focusing on the recommended capital works, operations and maintenance review and recommendations regarding programs and policies. And then we'll finish with next steps. Okay, why are we updating the Pollution Prevention Control Plan study? The current study was completed in 2008 and ideally they should be reviewed and updated every five to 10 years. We're also dealing with a period of ongoing rapid growth and the associated surfacing challenges that come with that. We're still experiencing ongoing basement flooding issues, primarily during our wet weather events. We also need to ensure that we have continued alignment and compliance with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change regulatory procedures. And finally, there's a need for a comprehensive plan, like guidance on capital investments, service level policies, maintenance of a state of good repair of the city's wastewater infrastructure. Some of the tasks that were included in the study, there was in 2014 we completed a city-wide sewer flow monitoring program. And one of the first tasks was a detailed review and assessment of all those findings, as well as a background data review, which included looking at all of the previous PPCP studies and also existing planning information, policies, regulations, and guidelines as it pertains to Pollution Prevention Control. There was a public consultation that's required in accordance with Phase One and Two of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process. As well there's a development of a hydraulic sewer model to look at the existing and future sewer system capacity and performance. An assessment of extraneous flow, which consists mainly of infiltration and inflow in to the system. And then assessing the impacts of potential future growth. There's also a review of the operations and maintenance side and then a Level of Service analysis, and then finally identifying the areas of concern developing and evaluating alternatives and providing recommendations with costing. I'm going to pass it off to Mr. Watt to pick up the study. - Good evening your worship, members of council, senior staff. My profound apologies for being late tonight. However the QEW seems to be closed for 10 kilometers in each direction. Normally takes us about 25 minutes to get to City Hall, it took about two hours tonight. - [Mayor] You used to work here as well. - Indeed, I'm coming back some 15 years, and so. Bit of an introduction to the team that's here. I'm David Watt, I'm Vice President of GM BluePlan, we're a Canadian and wholly employee owned company. We have about 27 staff in our Stoney Creek office, 160 in total. Here tonight with Danielle Anders, who was the project engineer and he did a lot of the work in the back end that you're about to see. Mr. Julien Bell, who's primarily responsible for hydraulic model and capacity evaluation, and Mr. Chris Hamel, our president is here tonight. One of the reasons, we don't normally invite the president out, but Mr. Hamel is the project manager for the Niagara Region water and wastewater of Master Servicing Plan, which has some profound impacts on what you do within your wastewater system. Kent is the project manager. Internally there were three other individuals that provided technical assistance. We also had representation from the region of Niagara, and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. We enter every project with some guiding principles. In this case, we noticed with interest your 2015 to 2018 City Council and Staff Strategic Priorities. We'd like to think the outcome from this project support seven of those. With the only exception being the priority around transportation. This is the first Pollution Prevention Control Plan that's aligned fully with the Niagara Region Master Servicing Plan. Just so happens that they were being delivered synchronously. We were actually delayed a little in waiting for some of the outcomes from the Master Servicing Plan. That's a 25 year plan, or 25 year planning horizon, to look at regional infrastructure, from water and wastewater perspectives. What we've introduced that's somewhat new to the plan is customer level of service metrics. So I apologize for the error in this slide, but there's an act coming in called the Infrastructure for jobs and Prosperity Act, that's going to regulate asset management within the province of Ontario. So it's actually going to link the tactical things you do and investments you make in your wastewater system to finite customer level of service objectives. To sort of set you up on that path we've aligned the recommendations to level of service framework. Some differentiators. Past plans, just looked at achieving regulatory compliance with respect to release of untreated sewage to the environment. We're looking at customer and technical levels of service and some key performance indicators for council and staff to look at on an annual basis. Juxtaposing what you spend on the system and showing whether the system's getting worse, staying the same, getting better. Past plans only looked at capital requirements. That's the addition of new infrastructure, up-sizing of new infrastructure. This plan looks at rehabilitation and it also looks at maintenance as an effective way to defer capital expenditures. All your previous plans looked at trunk infrastructure only, the majority of your issues don't exist in trunk infrastructure, they exist in local system. Mainly basement floodings and overflows. So your new system model is an all pipe model, and we're also looking at the condition of the system, 'cause that can have a profound impact on where you're having constraints, bottlenecks, and basement flooding essentially occurring. We've come up with a tactical action plan, that's in your council package, in the executive summary. It's a five year forecast of recommended actions. Previous plans gave you sort of summary level recommendations. We're promoting a continuous improvement approach between plans. So Kent mentioned you go five to eight years between plans. We're putting a business process in place where staff will come to you and report on the efficacy of their investments on an annual basis. And this plan is fully integrated with the regional master plan. So for those of you that aren't familiar with the city of Niagara Falls wastewater system, the Stanley Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plan owned and operated by the region of Niagara is up here. Tourist core here. I'm quite familiar with this system as you can tell, is pumped via central pump station to Stanley Avenue. Anything south of Lundy's Lane is conveyed to the high left pump station, up to Stamford Interceptor, Which is, I think I've lost my mouse, but basically borders the west side of the Hydro Canal. You actually also service part of St. Davids, I don't know if you are aware of that, but the north end of Niagara Falls basically gets conveyed directly via a system of pump stations to the Stanley Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plan. Two tier service delivery, you own 90% of the collection system. Region owns about 10. They own and operate the Wastewater Treatment Plan pump stations. So to put some system statistics there. I guess one takeaway is you have about 25 overflows in the system. So some existing system challenges and constraints. In the interest of resident confidentiality we've drawn pink boxes around some areas that are of concern. These probably aren't new to you but you get repeated basement flooding in some of these areas, by virtue of heavy rains. There are a number of operational and maintenance issues in these areas as well that frankly need to be moved to capital. You've had a recent sewer failure, of which you're probably aware, that you couldn't reasonably foresee 'cause you didn't have condition information on that particular pipe. We have combined sewer overflows to the environment. Some of the other challenges, you got increase development, particularly in the tourist core, and in southern Niagara Falls. This system is aging, your earliest pipe is around 1885 to the present day, so the system is aging, and you're also up against climate change. We're dealing with climate change in other municipalities. We just finished a project for the Region of Halton, they had a one in 200 year event. So what used to be a one in five, or 10 or 100 year event is becoming more frequent. The key is to optimize your system so it's more resilient to these rainfalls. I'm going to turn it over to Julien who's going to do a couple slides, then Chris'll do a couple slides, then I'll come back. - Hi, so one of the key components of the study and is really what's going to be a benefit to the city moving forward was that there was a development of an all pipes model. So David Watt alluded to that, that the system is quite a complex system, there's a lot of pipes, there's a lot of interactions, you've got combined sewers. So a model was developed in a way so that we could assess how that system is performing, what are really necessarily the root causes of some of these issues that we're seeing within the system, is that the pipes are just too small and we're not having enough capacity and when it rains, it just overflows. Or, when we look at from a capacity perspective, we're indicating that there should be no issue here, so this is leading us towards perhaps a maintenance or a condition issue and that's really where we should be exploring those results. And so this model is constructed also in coordination with the region of Niagara and in coordination with the master plan. And the rationale for that was that now you have a common tool moving forward, so you have a common understanding of your shared system and your shared interactions. So you don't have a process of one tool resulting in one set of results and another tool resulting in another set. So there's commonality moving forward. And so this was an extensive process, and then once that was developed it was used to one, assess how is the system performing today, what are the key causes or potential causes of our known issues, and then secondly, once we layer on quite significant growth that we're expecting to see within Niagara Falls, how is that expected to impact the performance. And then the final component is if we apply the set of upgrades or these different solutions how is that going to work to resolve these issues, and is one more cost effective than the other. And so the first step that we went through was assessing the system in dry weather flow. So just to provide a little bit of context, you've got your sewer pipes and their main objective during most times is conveying the wastewater flows from your houses and industries. So your flushing the toilets, running the tap, industrial processes run off. And so during most of the time the system is performing more than adequately. There's more than adequate capacity within the system. Some of the issues are when it rains you have a component called wet weather flow. So it rains and that rainfall impart gets into the sewer system, in parts of your area where you have these combined sewer systems, there's a single pipe conveying the wastewater flow and the storm water flow, and so all the rain gets into the pipe and gets conveyed out, and then that creates quite large flows. And the other parts of the system, there's cracks in the pipes, there's connections from the house, parking lots, various other components that allow the rainwater to get in. And when we talk about basement flooding issues and capacity issues, it's really this wet weather flow component that's coming in and overwhelming the pipes and that's what's leading to a lot of the capacity issues and the constraints that Mr. Watt has identified earlier. The first step that we did was to look back and see how successful has some of the previous work been in addressing some of the previously identified issues in past PPCPs. So one component of that was to assess how successful has this current sewer separation program been, and has it really achieved the objectives that it was trying to achieve. And going through that process we've identified that currently your sewer separation program has been quite successful, it has led to a reduction in the wet weather flow coming in to your system. In terms of your F-5-5 Criteria, which is one of the major criteria which is governed by the MOCC, which determines how much overflows you're allowed to have from your sewer system, you're seeing that you're more than meeting that objective, and that through sewer separation you've actually improved on your previous targets. It's also helped to reduce your peak wet weather flow rates to some of your key constraints points in the system and reducing peak flows to your various pump stations. So it's been quite successful, but there's still ongoing issues. Okay. The next component that was also done was layering on growth. And it's here on this map you can see that all these various areas here identify where all the growth is expected to occur over the next 25 years. And so you can see it's a lot of intensification within the downtown core area, and then a lot of growth towards the south of the system. And going through this process and assessing the system, really we've identified that going through on status quo, there's four potential issues moving forward through the system. So, some of the key issues is there's a large growth component happening in the south end. And so that really adds a lot of stress to the existing infrastructure that's here. So everything that's south of Niagara Falls has to be pumped, sometimes several times before it goes into what's called the Stamford Interceptor Sewer, which is a large pipe that runs all the way down to the treatment plant. And once we layer on growth we can see really the backbones of that system are nearing capacity or start exceeding capacity once we layer on this growth. The other one that's identified is that there's the Bender Hill Pump Station, this is the pump station that services the downtown core. It's in a quite constrained and complex area and although it's not been flagged specifically for upgrades at this time, it's been flagged as being a potential candidate to watch, because again, we're still planning on using the city's planning information. That's within an area where there's a lot of hotels and commercial areas. And that the potential for growth can far exceed what your current planning estimates could be. So Mr. Hamel is going to talk about the recommendations of the master plan and how they influence the city. - Thank you Julien. Good afternoon, evening everyone. So as David and Julien were alluding, it's important that these two studies are aligned and that we're using some of the same base information. So you can see right off the bat the Niagara Region Master Servicing Plan has used the same growth projections that this team has inputted into your PPCP. So what we're looking for in the city of Niagara Falls is you got almost 52,000 people in jobs that are going to come to your city up to the year 2041. And what's interesting about that growth about 64% of that is south of Lundy's Lane, And almost 22, 23% of that is south of the river. So you got a very significant portion of your growth happening at the south end. And as David was explaining, right now all of that growth gets pumped north to your existing wastewater treatment plant. So when we looked at servicing options underneath, as part of the Master Servicing Plan we are looking at the capacity constraints of those pumping stations to Stamford Interceptor and the plant itself and for those that may or may not be aware, we went through a series of different alternatives that ultimately resulted in the recommendation for a new south Niagara Falls wastewater treatment plant. So that was a very significant recommendation that came under the Niagara Region Master Plan. But what's important as we move forward even to that solution is that the solutions that come out of your PPCP need to happen at a local level for even the region's master plan solutions to work. So what we ended up coming up with, as you can see is in the south end we still have the Grassy Brook pumping station forced to an upgrade. We still have the need to convey the flows from the high lift pumping station down to your new site. So that's a significant conveyance project. It does eliminate the need for new capital related to the Stamford Interceptor as well as the wastewater treatment plant. But you can see that there's a significant investment required with this new wastewater treatment plant. So it was a really good exercise that involved region staff. The Master Servicing Plan involved a lot of integration with Kent, and Geoff, and others. So the integration between local municipal, engineering staff, and regional staff planning as well as engineering worked out really well. And to come up with this solution, I think, is quite substantial. So this recommendation that's in the MSP has gone through the Public Works Committee at the Region level but has also went through regional council on June 8th. And the Master Servicing Plan itself, this is just the executive summary, goes on file for public review, starting this Thursday, June 15. The other part that I think is important to highlight in there is one of the very strategic elements that we worked on under the MSP was wet weather management. So as David was alluding to, and Julien, as well, when this wet weather flow gets into your system it can be very taxing and it can be very expensive to be adding new infrastructure to deal with those flows. So we felt that there's a cost effective way with both the region and local municipality work together to try do address reduction of that wet weather management. So on top of hat 180 million that's directed to Niagara Falls, there's another 30 million dollars in wet weather management costs that are built in there as well. So that's something that I think is going to be very substantial and very effective for both the region and Niagara Falls to work on in dealing with wet weather issues. So again, this was a successful Master Plan that's coming to it's completion as well and knowing that these pieces are integrated with your PPCP will make for a comprehensive solution across Niagara Falls. - [Julien] Sorry. So the building off the recommendations of the Regional Master Plan that's really serving as the backbone for what the trunk upgrade are going to be within the city of Niagara Falls. But, there still remains a number of local issues within the existing system that need to be addressed. And so, from earlier I've mentioned that the dry weather component, which is the 90% of the time, the system is performing quite well. But once we layer on the wet weather flow we can see that there's starting to be a number of constraints within the system. So right here we've got a bit of a map with the system. And the green pipes generally represent the performance of the system. And so right now we can see this is essentially a map showing how the system is performing under typical dry weather flow. You can see all the pipes are green, everything is fine. But then when it rains, things start to happen. So the first condition here is these are a number of designed storm events that we're running through the system. They're effectively large storm events that could occur and then this is a representation of the performance under those storm events. So this one here is the two year storm event, and that really represents, it's a storm that you would expect to happen once every two years. And so you can see when we have these larger storm events, we can see all these red pipes showing up. And these really represent areas that are at risk of potential basement flooding or at the pump stations, potential overflows to the environment. So you can see when we layer just a two year event you can see the performance that is occurring. And then if we go to a five year event you can see the performance starts to get a little bit worse, and then we go to a 10 year storm event, so this is something you would expect to see once every 10 years. Again, you see the performance. And then, when we go to the 25 year storm, what's to happen every 25 years. We can see the performance of the system. And so, really, with the trunk solutions identified to the Master Plan, the PPCP is really to focus in on addressing these red areas. And where the modeling and the various solution analysis comes in is what's the best solution to addressing these various issues. Is it are pipes too small or is it that there's too much wet weather coming in to the system and we need to find solutions for getting it out. And so this is really where Dave can take over and talk about the various options that we've reviewed. - So one thing I'd like to stress is a lot of people look at the South End Wastewater Treatment Plant as a bit of a panacea. If we have any plant or capacity issues they'll be solved. It's not in fact, there are a number of system constraints. I can point to some of them on the map, here. Where we simply, because the system's so leaky we simply can not get that wet weather flow out of that area fast enough to get it to a new plant or an old plant. That's when it starts to create basement flooding. So a lot of our recommendations are around optimizing your existing system, getting the water out. And a lot of these areas have nothing to do with sewer separation. Some other system challenges, staff currently don't have an in-depth knowledge of 95% of the system's structural and operating conditions. Meaning what sort of condition is it in, does it have debris, is it near or is it eminent failure. A lot of people point to age as being an indicator of condition. Clearly it's not, your recent sewer failure was in a sewer pipe that was only 60 years old. You have pipes that are over 100 years old that are still functional today. So, we've recommended an aggressive inspection program over the next three years. There's about 15 to 20 areas of Niagara Falls with chronic maintenance issues. We sat with your maintenance department over a series of three sessions and we identified these. Clearly these need to move to capital solutions. These are things they maintain on a monthly or bimonthly basis. They need to be move in to engineering, be designed out of the system, reconstructed. In terms of looking at overall options and recommendations for the plan, we used a multiple bottom line evaluation. So along the left hand column you'll see all the outcomes, the guiding principles that we used to select alternatives. So potential to reduce basement flooding, system sustainability, life cycle costs. Do nothing is always presented as an option under our class environmental assessment, obviously we're not going to do that. You've been very busy increasing storage capacity in a number of areas and storage tags. While this is a viable solution, we would suggest that you're taking on another asset which you then have to take on the life cycle cost to operate and eventually have to replace. Their impact on basement flooding is somewhat suspect in that they are designed to a finite return design storm return period, which under climate change now, is changing everyday. Municipal sewer separation has been quite effective, as Julien's alluded to. So that stayed in the next. What we're introducing is a state of good repair program. A lot of your issues are in areas that do not have combined sewers, that are typically separated sewers that span from 1960 to about 1990. So what we're recommending is a hybrid. So a state of good repair program with a focus away from sewer separation, we'll explain that in a minute. Continued sewer separation but getting some understanding of the condition and performance of the rest of the system, the 95%. So in terms, you have a five year forecast in front of you which is quite detailed. You need to start doing five year projections. The region is planning, it doesn't mean a five year budget commitment, it means a forecast so that staff can bring predictability to multi-year programs. When they're applying for providential, federal, or regional funding a lot of these funding programs span several years. They need to show that they have some foresight in what they're going to spend. Good news, I guess, is the council's minimal budget impact on what we've recommended, it's a bit of a hold year if you like. So we're seeing reduced emphasis on sewer separation. You have some staff execution constraints. At the end of the day you've got quite a large back log of sewer separation projects that have already been designed. You don't have enough people in your engineering department to execute them, to build those projects. Conceivably you could give all that work to consultants, like myself, but we believe you've got to retain some intellectual property and ownership over the programs you execute on. So at the core of the program there's a four year condition assessment and remediation program. That'll be targeted initially in high priority areas to fix the leaks within the system, to look at deteriorated sewers, high risk sewers. Look at system bottlenecks. Julien's talked a lot about wet weather getting in the system. Our modeling's starting to show that you likely have conveyance system restrictions in certain areas of the city. You will not know what those are until you inspect the sewers. And this program will provide the information necessary to create a maintenance plan. You should ideally be doing continuous flow monitoring. You're spending 4.5, 4.6 million dollars a year, it would behoove you to look at what beneficial impact you're getting for spending that kind of money. Additional analysis may be some less than popular recommendations. You're losing your Corporate Memory through retirements and your wastewater maintenance division. A lot of the information that's collected is collected up here, it's not written down. These people walk out the door, I guess I'm somewhat proof of that. There's low levels of system understanding due to inaccessibility of information. I walked in the maintenance division and saw a MAP book from 1988. Gladly we've created new MAP books for you with updated systems, with updated system information. You've got a very reactive maintenance state. Where I spent some time down at the service centre the phone rings, someone's dispatched immediately, irrespective of the type of call it is, which is of concern because it's an ineffective way to deliver maintenance. Staff on the ground, you've got a lot of new, young faces there very eager, but they don't have access to the past work history. So they show up on a site and they don't know what's happened prior. Supervisors are spending upwards of two hours a day populating your time sheet system, which is not a good use of their time. That should be answered at source, on the job site, and checked by them in the office. You need some standard operating procedures. Different people are doing jobs differently. And some training. So in terms of the programs, we talked about a lot in terms of the capital. One exception being the Mewburn Pump Road Station servicing relocation. This is a pumping station that's located on private property right now and needs to be moved. In terms of maintenance and operations, the only standout here is addition of one FTE. We think you need a maintenance planner to take that reactive state more into a planned state. Most people could, whoever that person is, could do duel roles between water and wastewater. Develop a longterm maintenance and operations plan. The city's work management system is basically a time keeping system right now. It either needs to be reconfigured or replaced to give staff that are working out in the field the information they require to make more informed decisions. We strongly suggest some mobile technology for OPS staff when they're in the field, so they're situationally aware, they know what they're looking at. And start looking at documentation and formalization of customer response times. It seems like every customer call is very, very high in priority. From a strategic and policy perspective document and implement levels of service and key performance indicators. So we've come up with a draft set, we offer to come back and have a session with council if necessary to talk about those. The city's wastewater design standards need to be updated to reflect technology today. Pretty much every municipality in Ontario right now is developing an extraneous flow public education program. At some point you may have to go on private property, you probably will. That shouldn't come as a surprise to the public. You should start informing them now. You should do some wastewater quality management system reporting. Do some performance standards for new infrastructure. Some of the people we're working with right now in the Toronto area and region of Halton are finding out they're building new infrastructure or inheriting new subdivisions that have significant wet weather problems. So you don't want to spend all your money trying to solve the problems you've got while inheriting new ones. Extraneous flow prevention training for building department and engineering inspection staff is pretty much uniform across Ontario now. Making sure that your building, that your constructing things. And developers, or builders, and constructing things that don't leak. And you need to review and update your extraneous flow bylaw. So I left this to the end. I did some of this work when I was actually in your employ. Once you've got your house in order, in terms of your state of good repair programs, so that four year program instill your leaks in the right of way, you will likely have, and if that doesn't have the intent and impact in reducing extraneous flow in areas with chronic basement flooding you will likely have to consider going on private property. I thought I'd bring this for context. This is the job we did, project we did, in the region of Halton This is a, I got rid of the address, but this is a house in south Burlington. So this is a foundation drain that was disconnected, connected to some pump we put a meter in it. So the 1,400 square foot residence site split. Typical summer storm, but 32.5 milometers for the imperial people, that's about an inch and a quarter. The flow from foundation drain for this event is one day, I think it was July or June 31st to the 1st was about 10,000 liters, which is 10 cubic meters. So what does that mean? About 100 standard bathtubs or a 12 foot by four feet deep above ground pool. So you got to realize that you have an area of two and a half thousand homes and they're all discharging at the same time, doesn't take long for you to overwhelm the system. In terms of budget and funding, there's no appreciable increase other than a moderate increase to operating to fund some maintenance initiatives. The maintenance planner, we talked about. I've crossed out, in terms of available funding, the existing CSO funding of the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Chris has talked about this. It's being replaced with a 10 year fund. It's about 154 million dollars over the next 10 years. Niagara Falls is eligible for 30 million dollars of that. So all the program that we've put together, the recommendations we put together, the vast majority of them are eligible under those funding. So there's a general move in the industry to optimization. I have some good friends at the city of Toronto, they're spending 1.5 billion over 10 years to reduce the extraneous flow. Region of Peel, Chris was actually responsible for this recommendation, 100 million over 10 years. Region of Halton, I actually wrote that program, 10 years. 65 million dollars. And even your neighbors are spending significant moneys on system rehabilitation and optimization. So that's all I had. Thank you for listening and again I apologize for being late. - [Mayor] Thank you very much David. Any questions of council? Councilor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks your worship. I will get to some questions. I just first of all wanted to thank Mr. Watt and his team. I know Mr. Watt mentioned that he was a past employee here at the city of Niagara Falls, and I'd like to believe that all the expertise that he has, he came from here, and that was the reason for his recommendations. I also wanted to thank Mr. Holman and Mr. Schachowskoj for their dedication to this project your worship. The recommendation in my opinion are the best case scenario for Niagara Falls. I know it's no secret that Niagara Falls has experienced a lot of growth and that we're slated for a lot more growth, and any time that you have a municipality that is experiencing a large amount of growth, if the infrastructure doesn't precede the actual growth development, then what you have a lot of times is you have the exiting landowners who end up facing some challenges because the infrastructure wasn't in place before the development came forward. And I think a second pollution control plant in Niagara Falls would not only help our current situation as I think you've heard Mr. Watt alude to, but it would pave the way for development in the future. I wanted to ask a question that was in relationship to, I had a chance to meet with Mr. Watt, I think it was last year, and at the time we talked about making this facility a true regional facility in the sense that there was other municipalities that were facing some challenges already and that they needed some help. One of them was Thorold, I know that in Thorold all of their flows go down to the Port Weller Pollution Control Plant and right now a lot of their land has an eight symbol on it, Because the Port Weller Plant can't take anymore flows. So by allowing some of those flows to come, I guess it would be East to the Niagara Falls second pollution control plant, we'd be able to help Thorold open up some land. And there was also some pools that were in the Fort Erie boundary. Some open pools that we were hoping to actually get those flows a little bit north so that they could be treated as well at the new facility. And that would make it a true regional facility your worship, which would help out more municipalities than just Niagara Falls. So thank you Mr. Watt. - And for your comment. Any other questions or comments? Councilor Craitor. - Thank you your worship. Thank you very much. So I, just to share with you, a couple weeks ago we really had a rainy spell, so I can tell you during that week I think I'm no different than any other councilor, I probably went out and visited about 15 homes that had flooding problems. They call you up, you got to come over and take a look. So I made a point, and this is where I'm going, I made a point of calling a number of those people back, 'cause I had their phone numbers and I said you need to watch city council tonight, 'cause there's going to be a presentation that will explain how we're going to deal with this. 'Cause I thought, and I did share this with a number of people, we were really going in that direction of separating sewers and separating the sewers and that would alleviate the problems. But then I'm making notes as you're going, as you're speaking, and I'm not getting that feeling. So, for those people that are watching that don't really grasp everything that you're saying that had their basements flooded, what is it that we're going to do so that next three weeks from next year they're not going to get those flooding of basements, whether it's over on Homoud, I can give you a name. In fact, I was looking at your map with all the reds, I can remember some of the streets that I had visited. In fact your worship, I remember a group of neighbors that called me 'cause they were panicking thinking that our swimming pool on Valley Way was going to get flooded, there was so much water, 'cause we put restrictions in, 'cause we didn't want the water going down the drain, so I drove out there and took a look. The water is building up. They panicked thinking we're going to have all the water going in to the swimming pool, and we may not be able to get it open. So, the question is pretty simple, if they're watching tonight, I know they are, can you kind of just say layman's language, what is it that we're going to do so that we're not going to have this problem. - So through you, your worship, the program we've recommended, I guess I'll take a step back here. Basement flooding is due to a lot of water, there's no smoking gun here. Basement flooding in combined areas, sub-semi-separated areas, and separated areas. Basement flooding, generally in our experience, in our 25 years experience, is generally the result of a peak wet weather flow, a lot of flow going in, but it's also a conveyance system issue. So that the program we've recommended, we haven't recommended stopping sewer separation. What we're recommending is the condition assessment of every pipe in the system over the next three years. So I don't know the specific 15 homes or the areas, willing to talk about that offline, that you were referring to, but they'll also benefit from a state of good repair program. So we're assuring a conveyance system, that the hydraulic model, which maybe wasn't talked about assumes that, a lot of the red you saw, assumes that the pipes in the system are open, that there's no roots debris, vertical deflections, breaks, collapses. We have to make that assumption right now in Niagara Falls 'cause we don't know any differently. The program we've recommended is to check everything. So that way people in combined areas, as well as separated areas, we're just decreasing the sewer separation to a rate where we can fund the state of good repair program. So we'll help all citizens of Niagara Falls. I happen to be one, so it'll help me as well, as is Mrs. Anders. - [Mayor] Okay, thank you. Councilor Pietrangelo you got to get your answers yet too, and then I've got Councilor Thomson. - Yeah and I guess through you to Mr. Watt, I was just wondering if the facility that you're proposing is still going to encompass other municipalities as we had talked about before. So, I'll leave that up to you. - I'd be happy to answer that Mr. Mayor. So, you're absolutely right that when we did the evaluation of the south Niagara Falls wastewater treatment plant, it wasn't solely just to service south Niagara Falls, we were looking to see if there was going to be a broader benefit. So this sort of graphically and schematically shows that the idea will be to split Niagara Falls at Lundy's Lane. So everything south of Lundy's Lane would go to the new plant. But that will allow, for your right, the Thorold South area, which now it pumps north into Port Weller. The plan would be for that whole Thorold South to then come east to south Niagara Falls. Without that flow going in to the north side of Niagara Falls that now provides you a lot of greater flexibility of what's happening in your core, so that'll support your intensification that's happening in those areas, if you have any future growth areas to the north. What it also allows us to do, is integrate some of the south end of Niagara on the lake to come then into the north Niagara Falls area. So the Queenston Plant, we now have the flexibility of decommissioning that Queenston Plant and pumping it in. We did look at some of the lagoons, down in that Stevensville Douglastown. At this time the distance to the plant might be to great to overcome the cost benefit, but the flexibility is there. But what it's really doing is putting a facility in a location that's so supportive of what could happen, not only to 2041, but easily expand to support any flexibility if there's continued growth in that whole gateway area. So the idea is it benefits St. Catharines, 'cause now you don't have Thorold South coming in to St. Catharines in the Port Weller system. So capacity's improved in St. Catharines, Thorold South is improved, Niagara and the Lake is supported, and ultimately potentially there's flexibility for Fort Erie and greater Niagara Falls. If I could address while I'm still talking, the whole issue around state of good repair, I think it's important to talk about what David's explaining by looking at your condition of your existing infrastructure, the solutions are going to become much more apparent on whether it's relining, fixing cracks. And what's happening, if you just simply seperate and build new pipes, you still have those old problems in the pipes that were there before. So with a more focused effort to get that information, to get that data, to actually better and most cost effectively spend money on fixing the issues of your existing pipes, you're going to gain capacity, which is going to help prevent a lot of that backups that you were seeing in the system. - [Mayor] Okay, Councilor. - Yeah, thanks your worship. And I appreciate Mr. Hamel's comments and the fact that we are going to be helping out other municipalities as well, which will make it more of a regional facility. Perhaps if we need to send a resolution to their region then we could also send this on to the municipalities of Niagara Lake and also Thorold, since they'll become a beneficiary of this plant. I also wanted to mention your worship that I don't know if Mr. Holman wants to highlight the fact that I think council had approved almost one and a half million dollars this year in our capital budget to inspect our system, to make sure that what we had didn't have new blockages in it, and that we were replacing pipes as we should. And I think that's what Mr. Watt is alluding to. - [Mayor] Yup, Mr. Holman. - Yes Mr. Mayor, thanks. Councilor, we have approved 1.4 million dollars for upgrading and monitoring our systems. To make sure that we understand how it works, we just need to put some staff in the right positions now to be able to interpret what's happening in the field and to develop those program that Mr. Watt pointed out that are going to help us make sure the system we already have are working to the full capacity. - [Pietrangelo] Or if that's something that will be done next year. It's going to be done next year, that's all I wanted to point out. - I can't-- - I'm sorry for. - Yeah, so I'm sorry. You're asking if that's going to be done this year. - No, the only thing I was going to say your worship is it's not something that we're looking at doing, it's something that we are currently doing. The money was already approved - Right. - to be spent this year. So it's not something that we're going to be looking at doing, it's something that we're actually doing right now. That's all I wanted to point out. - Yup, correct. Thank you for that. I've got Councilor Thomson and then Campbell. - Yeah, I just want to say I was here when Mr. Watt was here and he was an excellent employee at that particular time. But I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the presentation. Very different, very unique, and really lays out a long term plan for us, which is really essential at this particular time. But I particularly enjoyed your comments about mentioning specific deficiencies, which is unique I haven't seen that done before. So, nice to see you again. - Thank you. - And congratulations on presentation. - [Mayor] Thank you for that. Councilor Campbell. - Thank you your worship, I just have one very simple question. How effective are reverse flow valves in terms of preventing or reducing flood? - [Dave] That's something through you, Mr. Mayor, got a long history of backwater valves on residential properties if they're installed appropriately in conjunction with a sump pump by qualified staff, they're highly effective. - So is that something, that we as citizens could consider if we live in a zone that has high flooding, we should contact somebody professionally to have these installed? - [Dave] My understanding Mr. Mayor is you've got an existing program called the WRAP Program that provides subsidies with respect to backwater valve instillation and foundation drain disconnection. The key takeaway here is you can install a backwater valve without disconnecting your foundation drain or you'll flood yourself. - Thank you. - Thank you for that. Any other questions or comments of council? Okay, seeing none we have two recommendations here. Looking for someone to move the, okay, moved by Councilor Craitor seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. Does anyone see the recommendations? Bottom line is this report's received, staff are directed to finalize city of Niagara Falls Pollution and Prevention Control Plan. Update the study report and supporting documents and post them for the mandated 30 day review period in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process. And secondly the staff be directed to integrate the recommendations contained, update the study into the Municipal Works Department in priorities including future capital and operating budgets. That's the recommendations. It's been moved and seconded. We'll call a vote. All those in favor. And that's unanimous. So thank you very much, appreciate your patience in traffic today too folks. We'll see you back at the region. Yeah? Who's the chair? Dino's the chair. Okay, next up is the Arts Culture and History Committee. And if you guys are still awake back there. - [Laura] I'm here. - Okay, got Laura Moffat and Dino Fazio, if you want to take it from here and introduce your clan. You've got some people here with you as well. - [Laura] We do, person. Well good evening, my name's Laura Moffat and I am come on-chair of the Arts, Culture & Museum Committee. - And I'm Dino Fazio, the other co-chair of the committee. And here tonight with us, to fund the committee, is Dianne Munro. For us as we are here to present. What we're here to do is we're very pleased to be here tonight to present the 2017 Allister Young Arts & Culture Endowment Fund recipient with her check. In 1997 MR Allister Young donated a 1932 Ford Roadster to the then Arts & Culture Commission. The car was raffled off and the money raised from the sale of tickets was used to establish an Arts & Culture Endowment Fund. Since then the Endowment Fund has undergone several changes, all with the approval of Mr. Young. - Applicants must be residents of Niagara Falls and be active artists in any of the creative arts fields. Recipients must be in grade 12 and or above to receive the award. Applicants don't need to be a student and any artist between the ages of 16 and well 100, they say, but we wouldn't turn down anybody over that age, are encouraged to apply. The one award of $1,000 is awarded each year. And every year the Arts, Culture & Museum Committee. Get excited by the talent that exists in this community and we're very happy to be able to provide this award to assist with their pursuits. And we're very happy to announce that the 2017 winner of the Allister Young Endowment is Sara Lou Stuart. (clapping) - Sara Lou is a talented visual artist who has received her bachelor of Arts in English and visual arts, and a master of arts in English from Brock University. She has volunteered and worked at several events in Niagara Falls, providing her experience in visual arts and her passion to create interesting spaces within our community. She is a co-founder and executive director of the Harmonic Shadow Circus, which specializes in curating pop up performances and art spaces that encourage peace, joy, and audience participation under the philosophy that art is healing. Her intention with this award is to complete her series Stewards of Mist and Thunder. A large scale series of paintings examining the stewards who keep care for things. And we as citizens of Niagara Falls fall in to the role of keepers of a small little cataract known as the Falls. So Mr. Mayor if I could, you and Sara and we'll have Laura and I, we'll go have a photo op and check presentation. Okay. - Do you want to come around? - Oh, we have to come around. Oh, photographers. - Yes. - [Laura] How are ya? Good, good. - Congratulations miss. - Thank you. - [Mayor] I really enjoyed your art. - Oh, good. - A couple words? - Do you have a few words? - Thank you for the support. (laughing) - That's very good. (clapping) Yes, Councilor Campbell. - I'd like to bring forward R&C 2017-09 from the consent agenda while the Arts & Culture Committee people are still here. This is dealing with the street performance pilot project with buskers. - [Mayor] Yes, certainly. What's that? Okay. Ms. Moldenhawer, would you like to speak to this? - Thank you. The report that is in front of you, this is a follow-up report from a request that came to council a few years ago. That instructed staff and our Arts & Culture Committee at the time to look at the possibility of having buskers. So our newly formed Arts, Culture & Museum Committee they have formed a subcommittee over the last year to look at this. And actually we do have the chair here tonight of that subcommittee, Dianne Munro. So if council does have any questions she's here to speak to them. The report in front of you tonight, this is simply a pilot project. And Dianne and her subcommittee members, they did meet with all of the BIAs to see if they would be interested in participating. At this point of time there is only one BIA that will be participating and that is the Downtown Queens St. The committee will work with the BIA to select the locations and to also help them with the selection of the musicians for this pilot project. As it is a pilot project, we're proposing a $10 license fee for this year. Next year, they'll be a full year, if we do go ahead with the pilot project and the proposed fee is $25. The opportunity to busker, I'm sure a lot of you have been in Toronto, New York City, Montreal, almost anywhere and you have seen the buskers on the street. It's an opportunity for musicians to put out their hat, their guitar case, and people on appreciation of their performance will provide them with tips. We're not looking at actually paying the musicians. This is buskering, where they have the opportunity to go out on the street and perform and then again is appreciation, people with provide tips to them. So, as I mentioned, Dianne is here to speak to the report if you do have any questions, I can answer questions, Clark can answer any questions, we're all here tonight because we're really hopeful that we can go ahead with this project, 'cause we believe that it would be great for our community, because they have asked for this in the last couple years. - Thank you for that Ms. Moldenhawer. Do we have, come up Dianne. Thank you very much, appreciate your work on this and your committee. - Your worship. - Are there any questions of council? Does everyone have their report? You might want to find it. It's consent agenda, right? - [Moldenhawer] Yes. - Yeah, R&C 2017 09. Let's make sure everybody's got it. Just give 'em half a second to. - [Dianne] Sure. - Does everybody have it? - [Thomson] Everybody has received the report? - Yes, they did. But Ges said he didn't remember, it was a big package. So do we have any questions first of all, for Dianne or for Ms. Moldenhawer? Okay, so we're looking for, we've got a recommendation. Okay, it's going to be moved by Councilor Campbell, seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. Any discussion or questions? Seeing none, we'll call the vote. All those in favor. Okay, and that's unanimously approved. So thank you for coming out. - Thank you very much. - Good luck. Look forward to hearing the results. - [Dianne] Thank you. - Thank you very much. Planning now, right? Yeah. What do we got district airport, or what's the first one? Oh, there it is, medical marijuana. Medical marijuana. Yeah, here we go, okay. Okay Mr. Clerk, would you please introduce the next item on the agenda as we move into our planning portion of the meeting tonight. - Public meeting has now been convened to consider proposal amendment to the city's zoning bylaw to permit a medical marijuana facility at 6471 Kister Road. Notice was given by first class mail in accordance with the Planning Act, on May 12, 2017, and by posting a sign on the property in question. Anyone who wants notice of the passage of the zoning bylaw amendment to participate in any site plan process, if applicable, or preserve their opportunity to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board shall leave their name on the sign in sheets outside the council chamber. - Thank you very much Mr. Clerk. I now ask our director of planning, Mr. Herlovich to explain the purpose and reason for the proposed bylaw amendment. - Thank you, your worship. This is an existing property and building in our Stanley Industrial Park at the south end of town. The property is on the west side of Kister Road between Progress and Don Murray Street. The site is just under a half hectare in size. The property is zoned and designated for industrial purposes. The immediate uses to the north, south, east, and west are industrial uses. About 300 meters to the north, that's around 1000 feet there are some existing residential uses. They are in an industrial zone, so they are not conforming, but they are residential use and they're considered a sensitive land use by our definition in the city zoning bylaw. And I also point out that further to the west is a creek which separates the industrial lands from the Thundering Waters Paradise Planning Area that we have heard some discussion on in the past. The building itself is 629 square meters. So the proposal is to use the existing building. There's a paved parking area at the front and then there's a grovel loading area at the back of the property. The applicant has requesting that the current general industrial zone be amended to add a medical marijuana facility to the site, to be a site specific use. Medical marijuana facility was defined by the council a few years ago. And rather than allowing these kinds of facilities as of right, council determined that we would deal with them on a site by site basis, and that's the reason for this application tonight. We did have a neighborhood meeting in May of this year. There were eight nearby land owners who came out. They were largely concerned about security. They did ask about emissions, traffic, and employment. The applicant did say that they would have to adhere to the requirements of the province in respect to the facility. There's no cultivation plan, so they would actually be bringing in the dry plants, and from that they would be processing those into oils and tablets. And in terms or area emissions, so they're controlled through HEPA filters. There would be no storefront sales, this is purely a wholesale facility so that there would be only commercial couriers, and it would have about 10 to 20 employees. I mentioned already, the lands are designated for industrial purposes. In our official plan, which provides for manufacturing and processing. So basically this plant would be taking the marijuana plants, the cannabis plants, they would be processing those putting them into capsules and bottles. And they would be sold through warehousing as a warehousing facility. The zoning, and I already mentioned this, council added this as a use in 2015, but with the provisal that anybody would have to come back on a site specific basis. Council also required that they be separated from sensitive land uses. We defined what sensitive land uses are. The residential uses, campgrounds, daycare, schools, and institutional uses, also parks and playgrounds. So, as I pointed out, the closest residential use is 300 meters away from this facility. As well, the current range of manufacturing would provide for laboratory uses. It just would not provide for the production of cannabis into the pharmaceutical product. The proposed land use does conform with our medical marijuana facility definition. The lands are, as I said, well removed from sensitive uses. He facility has yet to obtain and would be required to obtain a federal license in order to produce on the site. And so this rezoning is the first step in that requirement. There are provisions that they would have to be secure site, there's perimeter fencing, surveillance systems, and the product would be kept in a vault. So these requirements are seen as elements to reduce potential criminal activity. The proposal therefore is being recommended by staff because it is in an industrial area. It's in an area where we expect production manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and other types of merchandise, as well as site is located in excess of 300 meters from sensitive land uses, and there will be security requirements to meet the federal license, should they be granted such a license. Therefore, the recommendation is that council approve the zoning bylaw before you tonight for the medical marijuana facility at 6471 Kister Road. Those are the highlights of this application. - Thank you Mr. Herlovich. Any questions of council for Mr. Herlovich. Okay, seeing none. Members of the public are advised failure to make an oral or written submission of this public meeting will result in the Ontario Municipal Board dismissing any referral it receives. Failure to sign the sign in sheet will result in staff rejecting an appeal as per section 3419 of the Planning Act. Council will now hear from anyone other than the applicant who wishes to speak to this proposed bylaw amendment. Is there anyone here other than the applicant? Yes, you can step forward. If you can state your name and your address. - Hello, my name is Clark Bitter, I live in Niagara Falls. I've spoken to council before on medical marijuana facilities and the future of cannabis. Some of you may recall a couple years ago there was a potential for two other facilities to come in town, both of which wanted to actually cultivate, and due to planning reasons it was rejected. Since then, the federal government has introduced legislation to allow recreational marijuana in addition to medical marijuana. And some numbers have come out to reflect what they see in the future. The current black market on marijuana for recreational use is about eight billion dollars a year in an economy. To put that in perspective, wine is about 6.5 billion dollars a year. The introduction of recreational marijuana will bring about 9.5 to 10 billion dollars to the economy of Canada, which is a full one third more than wine. Tourism will be huge. This, I know, is a medical facility, the licensing laws are all changing now. Recent new applications have come out from the federal government to allow for the production of recreational marijuana. And I think this is a great opportunity for this Council to start addressing that and thinking about it. Because when the federal laws do get passed, they put the onus on to municipalities in the province to say what we are going to do, what we'd like to see as people of Niagara Falls, and what you'd like to see as a council of Niagara Falls. I myself am a medical patient, I've recently been that I might have Multiple sclerosis and we've taken a chance to use cannabis as a prophylactic type treatment to hopefully stave it off, so that I never do have to take some of the heavier medications required for this. My wife has a brain tumor that has unfortunately started to progress and we are going to go through a process using exactly what these people are planning on making here in our backyard, that may save her life. I think this is something that's very important, it helps a lot of people, we earlier saw some people here speaking about drug addictions and problems with that. Cannabis is being used in the treatment of pain, as an alternative to opiates. We have a huge problem with opiates in this country and throughout the world. The use of cannabis at the end of the pain cycle, for say operations or a knee, can prevent that post operative addiction that is a huge problem for a lot of people. I really hope that council takes the recommendation of staff, that approves this facility. That's all in addition of course to jobs, which is something that I think every single one of you ran on. (laughing) And we here in Niagara would like to see, these are good paying jobs. I believe every one of the jobs that they posted in the report was over $50,000 a year, which is a good number here in Niagara. Other than that, I want you to use this opportunity to possibly think about what the future, one year from now when recreational marijuana is available, and people will be growing it legally in their backyards, up to four plants, one meter tall. It's an opportunity for us to start that discussion now on what we'd like to see, both maybe in the tourism sector or just in recreational as it is, because it's your voice that the province is going to listen to moving in to the election, and I think we have a great opportunity to capitalize economically, again it's one third more than wine, and we in the Niagara Region put a lot of emphasis on wine. And if we really look at what cannabis is going to bring to the table in the future, there's a lot of opportunity there. - Thank you very much. - Thank you. - Thank you. Anybody else here, other than applicant? Bless you. Okay, seeing none. Council will now hear from the applicant, or his or her representative. - Evening your worship, members of council, my name is Rocco Vacca, I'm from the law firm Sullivan Mahoney. Appearing this evening with me is the applicant, Alexei Chinkarenko. Alex. Alex was stuck on the QEW, but was able to get here. His partner, Sergey Moken, is still in the QEW, and his security consultant David Hyde, is still in the QEW, so we're going to do the best we can. I am pleased to say we have received and reviewed the planning recommendation report prepared by your planning department, and we are in full agreement with their conclusions and recommendation of approval. Also, I want to thank Clark for his comments. I met Clark for the first time this evening, he is very knowledgeable in this area, very eloquent, and I think his comments should be given some weight. Also, I want to point out that this is my client's first experience of doing business in the city of Niagara Falls. And he wanted me to relay to you what a pleasure it has been dealing with your business development staff and your planning department. We have a brief PowerPoint presentation, but before we proceed with that, I want to outline some key points. First, marijuana for medical purposes is a proven medical treatment relied upon by many to get through their daily lives. This facility is both needed and important to have in our city. Secondly, this facility will not be cultivating marijuana plants, very important to keep in mind, but instead will simply be a processing facility for the extraction, capsuling, and bottling of cannabis product. Also, this will not be a retail facility. Thirdly, it's location in the city's industrial park is ideal for the following reasons, the nearest residences are legal nonconforming industrially zoned lands more than 300 meters away. So, their 300 meters away and according to your planning documents there's an expectation they're not going to be there forever. Secondly, it's surrounded by many more much more intrusive industrial uses, in terms of noise, emissions, and traffic. Lastly, Health Canada licensing mandates that the facility has security fencing, 247 surveillance, high level security clearances by its operators and employees, and odor controlling filters, et cetera, amongst many other Health Canada mandatory requirements. At this point in time I would like to call up Alex, and we're going to go through the PowerPoint presentation, which someone may need to assist me to get going. Okay, there we go. The floor is yours. - Just don't know how to start this. - [Pietrangelo] Perhaps the slideshow at the top. - Right, let me get there. Well thank you everyone for having me here. I'm here on behalf of the applicant, my name is Alexei Chinkarenko and thank you for the introductory remarks. Unfortunately my partner couldn't be here because he's still stuck in traffic. My background is engineering, and I also practice law, but not municipal law, so I can't make the same type of submissions as Rocco, with the same degree of intelligence. So, here's my portion. We are here on behalf of a company, Sergey and I are both directors of a numbered company currently. And we're dealing with medical marijuana extracts only, so no cultivation. Bit of a background for you, we have approximately 480 extractable compounds called cannabinoids which are derived from the plant. The most common of these are THC and CBD. And you can see based on the pie chart that most of these, at least in the medicinal realm, are used to treat chronic pain, so that's what we're going to be targeting as part of our business plan. Now, in terms of the difference between smokeables and extracts, there are a lot of advantages as you can see on the right, based on the consumptions of extracts. One is, precise dosing. That's very important for us because we're going to be dealing with people with serious conditions such as cancer, nerve chronic pain, for example, et cetera. You have the benefits of long lasting health, you have also the fact that you're avoiding the carcinogenic effects of smoking in general. So what are we going to be doing exactly? We're going to be taking the plant wholesale from existing licensed producers in Canada, that's the only way to do it under the current regulations in the ACMPR, I'll talk about that in a few slides. We're going to be converting it, processing it, through a sophisticated CO2 extraction process into oils, and then we're going to be dispensing it into the forms of capsules and bottled oil, and those are the only two valid legal forms permitted under the ACMPR today. We expect that to change, but currently that is the state. So, where are we at in terms of legislation? Medical marijuana has been around in some shape or form since 2001. The origination legislation was a MMAR, and essentially what happened under MMAR was people were allowed to either grow for themselves with a valid prescription through a doctor, or they were allowed to grow through others through a designated grow status. The problem with the MMAR, and as a country we'd find out over the next five years, is that people abuse their designated grow status by growing more than their permitted quota. And the excess began being diverted into the illicit market. That's actually the reason why you have a lot of these illegal dispensaries today. The supplying is being fed from these excess designated growers. In 2013, the government came out with the MMPR, due to these reasons and other reasons. And that is a system that we largely see today. We have more than 45 licensed producers and these are large scale sophisticated commercial operations that undergo sophisticated and long licensing process. So that's what we aspire to be. The ACMPR is the current state of the law, and that essentially combines some elements from both legislations that we saw previously. So what does the licensing process look like? Just briefly, it's a very intense and rigorous process, taking over two years. And in the case of large grow ops it can take between five and 10 years. Several stages involved. Right now we're in enhanced screening. Security clearance is the next stage we'll be going through and that is where the Health Canada deals with the RCMP directly to make sure that an operation like this doesn't get run by the improper individuals. We've hired several consultants throughout, since the beginning of the project actually, and one of the consultants that we hired is Mr. David Hyde, who's also stuck in traffic. So I'll do my best to describe why this location is suitable according to what's called a threat risk assessment, which is essentially a pretty elaborate report that Mr. David Hyde provided for us. Proximity to emergency services, such as fire and police, was noted. The fact that it's segregated from sensitive use areas, now Health Canada uses the same designations as Niagara Falls does, and designated what is a sensitive use. So residential, schools, et cetera. We've got 300 meters to the north, as was mentioned earlier, in this presentation. And finally we've selected the building based on it's actually layout and how robust it is. It's concrete, it's reinforced concrete, steel, and it's already lined with a perimeter fence that's about eight meters high with barbed wire. So that certainly helps in complying with the sophisticated security requirements which fall under the ACMPR, it's called a security directive, it's about 100 pages long. Rocco, would you like to discuss this slide? - Sure. So, your worship, members of council, you will recall that two years ago you considered a city wide zoning bylaw amendment relating to medical marijuana facilities as a permitted use. On the table at that time was allowing this, as of right in certain zones, such as industrial zones, provided that there was a specific setback from sensitive land use, sch as residences, churches, et cetera. At that time, the city's consultant was recommending a 20 meter set back. Other set backs examined in the staff report in 2015 were 70 meters and 300 meters. The left side of the slide is an actual attachment to the 2015 report that looked at a setback of 300 meters. The areas in black are those areas which would allow a facility, if there was a 300 meter set back, you will see that we've located our property in the black area. So it does comply with what was considered in 2015. Also the slide at the right side compares a cultivation facility with the proposed extraction facility. In that, firstly this operation requires a much reduced physical footprint. Secondly, it eliminates or drastically reduces any odor emissions, and thirdly it produces only organic and recyclable waste. - [Alex] And finally, the last slide that I'd like to address tonight is the contributions to the Niagara Region. As referred to earlier, it isn't cheap to run one of these facilities, but the potential payout is significant. Just in the first three years, we'll be expecting to hire those individuals listed on the slide. Very few of those positions will be minimum wage positions, but we will require those as well, such as receptionist and call center people. Beyond that, we'll be looking for people from the Niagara Region with degrees. Community college, university, to take the roles of, for example, process engineer or quality assurance individual. In terms of retrofits, it's another contribution we'll be making to Niagara Falls because we will be seeking through a tendering process contractors and subcontractors to deal with the various aspects of the retrofits. Which we expect, that's actually a low ball estimate, we expect the retrofits will cost approximately 1.4 million dollars. And then in years four to six of operations we hope to double, if not triple, all of those numbers. So thank you for. - [Mayor] Thank you very much Alex and Rocky. Any, I've got Councilor Morocco then Ioannoni. Anyone else? - Thank you, your worship. Thank you very much Mr. Vacca. Thank you very much and thank you, greatly appreciated. I have to say that there's always the right place and the right time. And I think that this project is in the right location. I looked, and I only saw one person's comment, and they basically that was in concern to safety and making sure that, but that's part of the provincial regulations that are outlined provincially. So I have to say that when the time has come I'd like to make the motion to support the recommendation. - [Mayor] Okay, thank you for that. Councilor Ioannoni. - Thank you Mr. Mayor, through you to the speaker. I want to say I'm really thrilled to see you had a security consultant. Sorry to see he's not here, but I'm glad to see you had them. That was my concern with the last two applications that came before was, such a high need for security means that the residents in the area, behind the residential area, would have had no privacy either. And I really like where the location is. I like the fact that the industry beside you will also have security. It will be pretty hard to get from point A to point B without being picked up somewhere. So I like the fact that you have it out there. And you've managed to massage it into a zone that it actually works. So if Councilor Morocco's proposing to make the motion, I'd be happy to second it when you close the meeting. - [Mayor] Okay, thank you. I've got now Councilor Pietrangelo, Thomson, and Craitor. - Yeah, thanks your worship. I also want to say that I really find this application to be easily supported. I think that two years ago, when we were dealing with the two applications that we had, council made the right decision in going against the Committee of Adjustments' recommendations to allow those facilities. And obviously the government of Canada agrees with us as well, because I know that the speaker alluded to the fact that there are sensitive uses and that these facilities should not be located around residences, around schools, and around churches, and other such uses. I think the industrial area that's being proposed is a perfect location, and I'd be happy to move the motion as well when it comes forward. - [Mayor] Thank you very much. Councilor Thomson. - Yes. I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak on this issue. I came in to my office this morning and there was a message left. And actually a gentleman that I know, elderly, older than me. - [Strange] Wow. (laughing) - But he was on the phone for the entire time talking about drug abuse, he must have heard that this application was on the agenda tonight. And he went on and on about drugs and people and relating to this. And I didn't have the chance to call him back, and I was delighted to hear Clark Bitters' comments, and I wish, had I had the knowledge that he have, with respect to this topic. But this is, without exception, great timing. And anybody who ever had any doubt about medical marijuana, all I had to do is to see one or two of the programs that have been on TV regarding young children having seizures, like 30 and 40 a day, and just by the opportunity, and some of them moved out of places where they were in the states to other states where medical marijuana was legal. And they immediately were able to resolve the seizure problem. And that just tells you how important it is to move on with this. And particularly the location, the processing, all fits in with what should happen. And has absolutely nothing to do with the abuse of other drugs. This is for medical purposes, but also, as we know, it's going to be approved by the federal government for recreation in the future. But great application and I support it wholeheartedly. - [Mayor] Thank you. Councilor Craitor? No, you're good. Okay, Councilor Campbell. - Thank you, your worship. I just wanted to follow up on Councilor Ioannoni's comments. I have a very good friend in Waterloo area that is in the same business. He's been at it for about two and a half, three years now, and it just got the final authority to move forward. When they were buying their property they were a little paranoid about the fact that they were going in to an industrial area and they were welcomed with open arms. The security around these facilities is phenomenal. It's to the point where the problems in this industrial area have almost been reduced to zero because of the increased security from this factory. So I support this wholeheartedly. - That's great. Well, if there's no further comments. The public meeting, with respect to the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is now concluded. Councilor Morocco, you wanted to move - Yes. - the recommendation, seconded by Councilor Ioannoni. We'll call the vote. All those in favor. Okay, and that's unanimous. Thanks very much gentlemen. - [Rocco] Thank you. - Tell your friends to turn around and go back, right. They're okay. (laughing) Okay, moving on to PBD 2017 20. Mr. Clerk, would you please introduce this next item on the agenda. - Public meeting is now being convened to concerned proposed amendment to the city's zoning bylaw. Sorry, that's the one I was just reading. Consider a proposed amendment to the city's zoning bylaw and plant a vacant land condominium at 7736 and 7746 Beaverdams Road. Notice was given by first class mail, in accordance with the Planning Act on May 12, 2017. And by posting a sign on the property in question. Anyone who wants notice of the passage of the zoning bylaw amendment and approval of the vacant land condominium to participate in any site plan process, if applicable, or preserve their opportunity to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board shall leave their name on the sign in sheets outside the council chamber. - Thank you very much Mr. Clerk. Now I ask our director of planning, Mr. Herlovich, to explain the purpose of this application and the reason for the proposed bylaw amendment. - Okay, thank you your worship. Yes, this application is on the west side of Beaverdams Road. And immediately north of Lundy's Lane. It's behind a number of commercial properties which contain motels. So it's actually parcel of land which is between dwellings on Beaverdams and the commercial on Lundy's Lane. The parcel itself is about three quarters of an acre, it's actually two parcels of land which basically keys in behind the residential properties on Beaverdams Road. The proposed townhouse development is a combination of a single and two story townhouse units. They would face internal to the site. The proposed layout then, is there would be a single driveway coming west from Beaverdams Road and providing access to the townhouse units themselves. There are 10 units proposed. The city clerk mentioned that this is rezoning and a vacant land condominium. So vacant land means that we're actually creating 10 parcels of land, and then the units are built on those parcels, and the parcels then are sold within a condominium process. In addition to the parking in the garage, there's a parking space in front of each of the units. And then there are four visitor parking spaces on the property as well. The applicant is looking for some changes from our standard zoning that would be applicable to townhouses. So looking for a reduction of front yard depth to 4.5 meters, we have reduced frontages for the dwelling unit. We almost always require six meters between property line and the front of the building for parking. So in this case there's no parking proposed on Beaverdams. The rear yard goes along the south lot line, backing on to the motels. And on the west line, to the left on the slide, would have a rear yard privacy area of 6.0 meters. And then there side yards proposed on the north and south side of 1.3 meters. The property itself, as I mentioned, is requiring that we change the use of the land from R1C to an R4 zone with the intention of adjusting the front, rear privacy yards, front yard, side yard depth, and the rear yard depth. We held a neighborhood open house in May of this year. No one came out to the open house regarding this proposal. The lands are designated residential. In the official plan, the official plan provides for a maximum of 40 units per hectare. This particular project has a density of 33 units per hectare. It's quite similar in terms of density to the surrounding housing that's found in the area. And the development is expected to contribute to the city's short term supply of housing. The zoning for the site, I mentioned, they're looking to change it from an R1C to an R4 zone. I outlined the areas in which they're looking for some minor deviations, with respect to front yard, side yard, privacy yard, and the rear yard depth. As well, the height of the proposed townhouses, I mentioned, vary from one to two stories. The property does have a common driveway from Beaverdams. The reductions that I outlined are acceptable because of south property line of the units that are not located to other residences. So therefore, does not mean lots of privacy. And potential privacy issues along the westerly lot. The applicant proposes to install a 1.8 meter high close board fence to screen those properties. The plan of condominium would be used to accommodate sales of these units. I already mentioned there are four additional visitor parking spaces, in addition to the parking at each of the areas. The developer will be required to enter in to a condominium agreement rather with the city which will prescribe the necessary works. The site plan is not required because of the condominiums will address any of the site servicing, grading, lighting, fencing, waste disposal, through the condominium agreement. Appendix A of the staff report includes all of the recommendations, including those of Canada Post, Bell Canada, and Embridge. Therefore we are recommending the application as it complies with the official plan that provides for an additional range of housing that it is a comprehensive residential development will help the city meet it's 40% intensification target and zoning will provide the appropriate regulations for development. So, the region is satisfied that these conditions will be included. And therefore staff is recommending that the vacant land for condominium be approved. The Mayor, or his designate be authorized to sign that the draft approval will run for three years, after which it will lapse. The application to amend the zoning bylaw would also be approved and the Mayor and city clerk would be authorized to execute the condominium agreement once the conditions have been satisfied. Those are the highlights of this application. - Thank you very much recommendation, Mr. Herlovich. Are there any questions of council for Mr. Herlovich? Seeing none, members of the public are advised that failure to make an oral or written submission at this public meeting will result in the Ontario Municipal Board dismissing any referral it receives. Failure to sign the sign in sheet will result in staff rejecting an appeal as per section 3419 or 5139 of the Planning Act. Council will now hear from anyone other than the applicant who wishes to speak to this proposed application. Is there anyone here other than the applicant? Okay seeing now none, council will now hear from the applicant or his or her representative. - Thank you Mr. Mayor, members of council. My name is Greg Hind. I'm a professional planner with the Core Tech Group, and I have participated in planning projects for a very, very long time in the Niagara Region and the province of Ontario. Tonight I represent Mark and Debbie Scappaticci. Mark is out of town and I think Debbie poked her head in here, and is nervous out in the lobby. So we will represent them adequately I think. We do support the recommendations of staff before you. As Mr. Herlovich indicated, this is a very sensitive infill, a great transition, land use between commercial and family residential. We've worked with the city of Niagara Falls staff to make sure that not only does the provincial policy statement in the growth plan and regional policy plan and the city plan, not only are they implemented, but they're implemented in a way that's sensitive to this neighborhood. We thing we have a great neighborhood fit. We're recommending that we use sensitive building materials, we're recommending that we use sensitive sympathetic groove shapes. 3D units are sold. The range for the prices are 550,000 and up. The range of units are 1,750 to 1,850, and so far two of the units have been individually designed by an architect. That means it's not going to be a cookie cutter type of project. Some of these units are 36 feet wide as opposed to the standard townhouse development, which is between 20 and 35 foot models. So we've taken an approach with the city of Niagara Falls to make sure that the end unit facing Beaverdams Road is specifically designed to respect the street scape, it has an articulation to it, it's just not a blank wall. Its windows, and doors, and all those things that represents front yards of the surrounding neighborhood. Those are my initial comments unless you have some other - [Mayor] That's great, thank you so much. - questions. - Any questions of council? Councilor Morocco you had a question. - No, the only comment I have is that it does address infill, and it looks like there's no objections. And I'd like to move the recommendation when the times come. - Okay, okay, so we'll move along. And if there's no other questions for Mr. Hide we will close the public meeting with respect to proposed zoning bylaw amendment and vacant land condominium application. So, moved by Councilor Morocco, and seconded by Councilor Strange. So any discussion to that motion? Seeing none, we'll call the vote. All those in favor. Okay, and that's approved unanimously. So thank you for that. Thank you. Okay, moving on to PBD 2017 22. I'd ask Mr. Clerk to please introduce this next item on the agenda. - A public meeting is now being convened to consider a city initiated amendment to the city's zoning bylaw to address derelict dwellings in the tourist core. Notice was given by first class mail in accordance with the Planning Act on May 12, 2017. Anyone who wants notice of the passage of the zoning bylaw amendment or preserve their opportunity to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board shall leave their names on the sign in sheets outside the council chamber. - Thank you for that Mr. Clerk. Mr. Herlovich, our director of planning will now explain the purpose and the reason for the proposed bylaw amendment. - Thank you, your worship. This is, as the clerk said, a city initiated application. It effects a significant portion of the tourist core, located north of Ferry Street in between the Hydro corridor and Victoria Avenue. There are some, because this was originally a residential area, there are a number of dwellings that remain. Many of them are in good repair, but there are many properties which have been allowed to deteriorate over time. And therefore the concept to actually try and remove the residential properties which are not contributing to the betterment or the better appearance of the community. There are a number located, clustered around, Robinson, Peer, Allendale, Fallsview. These are depicted on this next slide. So they're about 39 residential properties in varying degrees of repair in that highlighted area that was on the initial slide. In 1967, the city adopted an official plan to expand the tourist area of the city. As I said, there were a number of residential properties in this area and expansion into this area has occurred, especially on the periphery a little slower than was anticipated back in 1967. Some of these properties are vacant. And if the dwellings were to be removed, they would be assessed as vacant commercial property because they're actually zoned as commercial properties. As a result, people rather than demolishing the buildings have basically abandoned or boarded up the buildings because they would then continue to pay the residential tax rate, rather than a vacant land commercial rate. So in essence, we're allowing to leave up buildings for tax purposes. So back in 2015, we did a pilot project where we rezoned four properties on Fallsview Boulevard, which were in poor state of repair. We rezoned them from tourist commercial to deferred tourist commercial. The zoning was agreed to and approved by the owner of those properties. As a result, we were able to get the owner to remove those properties. The properties have been turned into grass and the assessment office went out and reassessed the properties because the zone is deferred tourist commercial, they retain their vacant residential tax rate, and so therefore have improved the area, and therefore building on this pilot project we want to expand it to the balance of the tourist core. The lands in the tourist core are developing for a number of tourist serving uses. The legal nonconforming rights are retained, and would allow for the residential uses to continue. However, as I said, the derelict buildings are not contributing to the overall wellbeing. So therefore the rezoning would assist in removing these buildings and provide for some land assembly in the future. The proposal therefore is to rezone the subject property. There's a schedule in the zoning bylaw that would identify the properties north of Ferry Street as well as those south of Ferry Street that are in poor shape. The proposed bylaw would be in place for a period of two years. And the purpose is, is that a dwelling then during that two year period could be removed so it doesn't happen automatically. Some of these building, although in poor shape, are occupied by residential occupants, and therefore we need to give sufficient time to allow for those people to transition out of those properties. So once the building is down the property would automatically be rezoned deferred tourist commercial. And then this permits a lawful single dwelling that could be built in the future and it allows them the assessment office impact to assess the properties as residential. So, as I said, some of these properties are maintained, so I mentioned those. If the property is rezoned deferred tourist commercial and the owner wants to establish a commercial property, or commercial use, he would be coming back to this council to rezone the property back to a tourist commercial. This approach has worked, as I said, with a pilot project in the area. There are some people in the tourist area who have indicated they do not wish to take advantage of this zoning. But, by leaving a two year window should those properties be sold the new owners could come in and take advantage of this property. As well if the owner chooses not to take any of these derelict buildings down we would be seeking compliance with property standards bylaw, again, in order to enhance the tourist area. Therefore, we've fond that the proposal does comply with the official plan policies. The appearance of the tourist core will be improved as a result of these land use changes and will provide a favorable impression overall. Therefore staff is recommended that council approve this amendment to apply site specifically to those lands as shown in the tourist commercial schedule one. And that they be zoned for tourist commercial conditional on any dwelling being demolished within the two year period. There is a bylaw in tonight's agenda of council and it's recommended that council pass that and the bylaw section is being dealt with. Oh, didn't mean to that. Okay, thank you. - Thank you. - [Herlovich] I have Councilor Thomson and Morocco that have questions. - Well I just want to say it's been a long time coming but I know that Mr. Herlovich and Mr. Beaman have worked to come up with a solution for this for quite some time. I was not sure the date, but 1967, we had a secondary plan. People didn't come out and ask for their rezoning for tourist commercial, it was designated there and they were trapped with that. And it caused a lot of people financial difficulties and problems and made it a real blight on the community, right in the heart of the tourist area. So, I'm delighted that they have come up with this solution. I know it wasn't easy, but this should give the opportunity for the owners to clean up their properties and still remain deferred tourist commercial until such time as something really happens. So, congratulations to the staff, took a long time but was certainly worth while. Thank you. - Thank you for that. I've got Councilor Morocco. And Councilor Campbell. - Were you moving the recommendation? - 'Cause I'd second it. - I'm waiting for him to close the meeting. - Oh okay, sorry. Just a question. I actually seconded, if that's the case, if Councilor Thomson was going to make the motion. One question, you said that it's a two year window and if the owner does not want to change the zoning and leave a derelict building and then wants to sell it to someone else, then there's another two year. How long do we kind of wait to have this derelict building hanging around there? And one other thing too that you might just answer, and someone has asked me about, is you know you've got this beautiful tourism area, it's all well manicured and landscaped, and then in the heart there you've got a burnt building that's still there, I think you know where I'm talking about. It's been wrapped and that didn't work out. And can I have a little bit of an update for some of the people that go by there, and it's just a little bit of an eyesore. - So Mr. Beaman, first question is what they do? Can they keep doing two and two and then,-- - No, this is a specific window that's created for people to take advantage of, that's why we put the time period in there. If you continue to have a derelict building after that, then we're going to do the traditionally property standards route. This is a special, kind of special offer, amnesty if you will to get things done now. - [Morocco] Okay, thank you, thank you for clarifying. - As far as the identified building, we are expecting developments on that before the end of the week. - [Morocco] That would be great. I'm sure the rest of the tourism industry would appreciate it too. - They've asked me not to say too much to people involved, but we're expecting real progress very shortly. - [Morocco] That's great, look forward to it. - [Mayor] That's terrific, thank you. Councilor Campbell. - Also Councilor I'll send a text message when I'm able to on that. I've just been asked not to say too much just yet by the lawyers involved, but I can be able to inform you as to whether it actually happened or not and what steps we're taking if it doesn't. Thank you. - Councilor Campbell. - Thank you, your worship. I have somewhat of a concern with respect to the difference between a derelict building and a building that's still being used. And unfortunately, I have a sense that the ones, the buildings, that are being used, are by people using it as affordable housing. And we've got a report right here that we've just received on the affordable housing for the region. And there's no affordable housing out there. And I fear that there could be a real large number, significant number of people, being evicted by landowners to take advantage of this. My question I guess is has that been taken into consideration? Is there a difference between a house that is being used right now by renters as opposed to a derelict building? - The option is for the landowner. We will be going after any property that doesn't comply with our property standards bylaw, which includes holes in roofs and missing eves and broke windows, et cetera. Those are all things that we generally seek compliance on. - Well that sounds to me like that would be a derelict building as opposed to a building that's run down. I mean, we all have homes like that in our neighborhoods where people that can't afford regular housing are taking advantage of the landlord, or taking advantage of the house being available because of the cheaper rent. - [Herlovich] So your worship, I'm not sure what the question is. - Well I'm just afraid a lot of people are going to be out on the street 'cause there is no affordable housing for them to go. - [Beaman] It's still residential taxes. They're not tourist commercial, unless they tear it down. - I'm not talking about the taxes, I'm talking about the people that are being housed in some of these houses right now. - [Mayor] Councilor Campbell is concerned about people that'll be displaced. There are some people, that's his concern. - Can I? We're aware of the risk in prepare of the court. I think, Councilor, the risk is relatively minimal because the houses that might be affected that are occupied by and large are very well maintained. I think there's only two or three which are occupied which are a problem. But if we didn't, if the owner doesn't take advantage of this then we're going to be going after them for significant improvements on the property standards then. 'Cause we also have an obligation to make sure people are living there, that they meet the minimum and that there's some minimum degree of repair. And I think we're looking about, I think at maximum five houses that would be in that category in the area. Generally speaking, the ones that are really falling down don't have anybody in that. - Oh, I can appreciate that. And I guess I'm really concerned about the housing for those five homes. - But this incentive doesn't really affect, when you've got an occupied house this incentive doesn't help you. Because you're paying residential taxes anyway, and you pay residential taxes once you get this done. The ones that are affected, that would really matter to, is they've got a vacant property with nothing it, they get residential. If they knock that down, unless they get the rezoning, it goes up to vacant commercial. - [Campbell] And I can support that, but I can't support someone taking advantage of this bylaw that's being introduced to get people out of their house. - And there will, there may be some cases like that, but I don't really think there's a significant number. The people that have tenants, generally speaking want them, they're not in the business of letting the house fall down unless there's nobody in it. That seems to be the pattern we see. - Okay. Thank you for those questions and those answers. I'm not sure where Councilor you left off here. Have we had everybody speak now? Yes on both sides. Okay, so if there's no further and final questions of council then the public meeting, with respect to the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is now concluded. Moved by Councilor Thomson, seconded by Councilor Morocco that the recommendations in the report be passed. We'll call the vote, all those in favor. And opposed? With one opposed. So that's approved with one opposed. Thank you for that. We've got one more. Oh same one, okay. I'm finding it. Okay last planning matter, PBD 2017 17. Mr. Clerk, would you please introduce this next item on the agenda. - A public meeting is now being convened to consider a city initiated amendment to the city's official plan end zoning bylaw to implement source water protection policies. Notice was given by first class mail in accordance with the Planning Act on May 12, 2017. Anyone who wants notice of the passage of the official plan, end zoning bylaw amendment, to participate in any site plan process, if applicable, or preserve their opportunity to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board shall leave their name on the sign in sheets outside the council chamber. - Thank you for that Mr. Clerk. And now I ask Mr. Herlovich, our director of planning, to explain the purpose and the reason for the proposed bylaw amendment. - [Mr. Herlovich] Yes thank you, your worship. The purpose of this amendment is to implement provincial changes under the Clean Water Act of the province. And basically that's all of the Niagara Peninsula. But we're basically concerned about the Niagara Falls portion. The Source Water Protection Act, as I said, was completed under the Clean Water Act of the province. This was the Source Water Protection plan did analyze the water intake for the city's drinking supply. This is down in Chippewa at Macklin Street. The Source Water Protection Plan outlines specific policies that need to be implemented to the regional and local official plans in order to protect the quality of source water drinking. So basically that Source Water Protection Plan examined currents of water within the Niagara River, which is basically where the city's water supply is drawn from. And so they've identified it, as shown in red on this plan, as to the location that would be sensitive should various types of materials be dropped into that area it would affect the city's drinking water. So basically the province requires, that we as a municipality, which regulate the land uses take responsibility for putting the appropriate policies and regulations into place. Our policies fall under IPZ1-1 zone. There are also IPZ2 and IPZ3, but not within Niagara Falls. So the IPZ1 would prohibit lands, within that area in pink, being used for new waste disposal site or the application of untreated sewage. There would be no new storm water management facilities within the 100 hectare drainage area. There would be no new commercial or industrial uses allowed within those areas. And that the Source Water Protection Plan shows three drainage outlets that are vulnerable, within that vulnerable area. There would be no discharge of wastewater from treatment plants, combined sewer overflows would not be allowed within this area. And the discharge from industrial facilities, or industrial effluent, would not be allowed. The storage, handling, and application of agricultural source material basically manure and nutrient supplements would not be allowed as well. The official plan, policies have been drafted those are included in tonight's agenda. Basically outlining that we would be responsible for protecting our drinking water supply. The region has delegated approval of that official plan amendment to the city. And the province does not allow any appeals against this official plan amendment. So once council passes it, it is final. The zoning bylaw itself would be an overlay zone on top of the zoning. There are four different zone categories within this area, largely residential. The overlay would be a new general provision in the city's zoning bylaw, which would basically outline that area and would prohibit waste disposal sites, new storm water management facilities, no new industrial or commercial uses, wastewater treatment plants not allowed, industrial effluent would not be allowed, and agricultural use. In essence, the majority of items that they've listed would not be even allowed under those properties. Now most of those properties, if I go back a few slides. Can you go back Phil to that red slide? There. So you can see largely residential along Sarah Street, along Main street, over to Bridgewater Street and then the front Kingsbridge Park. And then there's a property where the regional water intake is, and it touches just a bare portion of the property. There's an old motel that's not currently operating, but it just touches a bit of the frontage of that. So in essence, they're not lands that we expect to see agricultural manure spread, there's no sewage treatment plant, there's not going to be a waste disposal site, which is a landfill. But in any event, we're going to ensure that those uses do not establish in this area. So therefore we are recommending that council approve the amendments to the city's policy on source water drinking for potential contamination. There is an official plan amendment and the zoning bylaw that's in your handout in tonight's agenda. And as I said, once passed, those would become final. Those are the highlights. - Thank you Mr. Herlovich. Any questions of council for Mr. Herlovich? Okay, members of the public are advised that a failure to make an oral or written submission at this public meeting will result in the Ontario Municipal Board dismissing any referral it receives. Failure to sign the sign in sheets will result in staff rejecting an appeal as per Section 3419 of the Planning Act. Is there anyone here who wishes to speak to the proposed bylaw amendment? Okay, seeing none, if there are no further or final questions of council, the public meeting, with respect to proposed zoning bylaw amendment is now concluded. Councilor Pietrangelo. - Your worship, I'd be happy to move the recommendation. This is just common sense. Since it's our water intake and it ends up being the water that we drink and that we use in the city, we want it to be free from as many contaminants as possible. So I'd be happy to move the motion. - Okay that's great, moved and seconded by Councilor Morocco. All those in favor? Opposed? Okay, and that's approved. Thank you. Phil. Okay moving on to presentations. We've got an update from our integrity commissioner. Mr. Brian Duxbury, the integrity commissioner appointed by council will address council. Welcome Mr. Duxbury. - Yes good evening your worship, members of council. I am Brian Duxbury and I'm your Integrity Commissioner for the matter that's before you this evening. Your worship, members of council, I think you have my report on this matter. I don't propose to read my report to you this evening. I would commend to you paragraphs 36 and 37 of my report where I set out my primary findings and conclusions. And I also set my conclusions out to paragraphs 42 and 43 of my report to you. And I've also left you with information in respect to the available remedies that you may wish to consider. Your worship, members of council, that is my presentation. - Okay, thank you for that. Now council, I believe everybody has the report. We all received it on yesterday, I guess it was. Was it yesterday? Yeah, so everybody has read the report. And I understand that Mr. Duxbury's not here necessarily to answer questions but to deliver the report. Is that right? - That's right your worship. I've made findings, you have them. Yes, I'm not here to engage in a debate or a dialogue. I've made findings and given you my conclusions. - Okay, thank you for that. Do we have any further input from council or questions, or direction? Yes, Councilor Strange. - [Strange] Are we able to find out? - Want to stand up? - Sorry. Are we able to find out who W2 and W1 are, or is that highly, - Well if I direct this to Mr. Beaman. Do you want to wait in here, I'm not sure how this works. - I'll find out from Mr. Duxbury. - Okay. - Mr. Duxbury can not disclose that. - Okay. - I know, I'm not sure if some people thought we were going to ask questions or not of the integrity commissioner, and that's not I guess the format, is that right. So you've done your work, you've done your research, you've done your findings, you've published everything. We've all read it, we all understand it. I think it's pretty clear, it's pretty black and white. And now if we have questions or comments council this is your time to ask then. Councilor Morocco. - So my question is then, I'm not sure, what are we left, as council, to deal with the recommendations that you have outlined in your report. Is that correct, that's? - Through you, your worship, I've made no recommendations but I have advised you of the penalties that are available based on my findings under the Municipal Act. And if I might your worship, I'd leave it that as a matter you may wish to canvas it tonight. - Okay, thank you for that, appreciate that. - [Morocco] Thank you. - That answers your question, Councilor. Okay. Councilor Kerrio. - Thank you, your worship. I'm obviously prepared to speak about this report. It was a great report, thank you very much. Looks like our integrity commissioner certainly put a lot of time and effort into the report. I don't know how many people have read the report from cover to cover, obviously I've read it from cover to cover. I guess I'll start out by saying I guess I was most disturbed by the, not so much the findings or the results, but the Councilor's behavior after the breach, and in particular to the integrity commissioner's, not cooperating with the integrity commissioner. After the breach of the in camera session on January 24th, to me what's happened after that is much worse than the breach that was done to the voters and taxpayers trust. The Councilor did not cooperate with the integrity commissioner, as stated on page 11 of the report. The Councilor actually insulted the integrity commissioner by suggesting that she didn't want to meet with him in person because she was afraid that he would misconstrue what she may supply to him in an interview. That's also stated on page 11. On page nine and page 13 it suggested that she actually interfered in the investigation. On page 13 it also suggest that she was a hindrance in the investigation. It also, if you read it it says, that she tried to mislead the investigator by implying that another Councilor leaked the information to whoever W2 was. On page 12 and page 11 also the Councilor tried to discredit whoever W1 was, in my mind who was the only person other than the integrity commissioner that has any integrity in this report whatsoever. Also we owe it to whoever W1 is a great deal of thanks because they had the integrity come forward and not to be afraid to tell the truth, and that's on page four. So after I read the report the conclusion I come to is that Councilor Ioannoni betrayed the trust of the people who put her here. She betrayed the trust of her peers on council, she betrayed the staff, who was just trying to do their jobs, that's outlined right on cover page. This report confirms what many of her peers and staff have suspected for a very long time, that there was a leak and a breach of confidential information, that was stated came from the meeting on the 24th. So the problem I have with this your worship is, going forward it's very limited on what we can do or we can suggest as penalties or punishment, or whatever. But as a council, how does a council function effectively in the future on issues of a confidential nature when staff is obviously reluctant, justifiably so after reading the report, to share details with us when they suspect or they know it will hurt the city if they're leaked? So, even though we are elected individually, what some councilors don't seem to understand is that it's collectively, that we're the body that runs the city. And we're responsible collectively for keeping confidential, privileged information. This information that is entrusted to us, in my opinion, belongs to the residents and the taxpayers. And it's our duty as a council to maintain the integrity of the in camera proceedings. Things that are done in camera are done there to protect the interest of our city, our taxpayers, and our residents. I take that very seriously your worship. And I'm sure that most of the other councilors around the table do as well. The things are done in camera are not done, are supposed to be done in a way to benefit our family and friends. So I believe that as our duty when we're told or become aware of a breach of trust given to us by the residents, it's our obligation to investigate the accusation, if it's proven, punish the perpetrator, and then do everything in our power to make sure it doesn't happen again. After reading this report your worship, I'm prepared to make a motion after I hear what some of the other councilors have to say. - [Mayor] Councilor Thomson. - Yeah, this seems to be a mystery here. I think if anybody is viewing this they're wondering what's going on here. I think the recommendations, or the conclusions, should be read out by the acting clerk so that at least the public knows what we're talking about. - [Pietrangelo] Does the public know what we're talking about? - [Mayor] Maybe not. Okay, well then let me give a little bit of a background. Well actually, you know what, would you mind starting off, Mr. CAO, and then I'll fill in, I'll jump in, how this got started. - Mr. Mayor there was a motion of this Council several meetings ago requesting staff to investigate-- - Excuse me. I was going to start with that, because I'm constantly called by people about Facebook comments and insinuations about how we arrived at this particular point. And that I knew something about this issue. Which I had absolutely zero information, and there's also on Facebook, where seven councilors got together and made a decision with respect to this issue, which is totally wrong. I came in to the council meeting, prior to making that motion, and I was approached, not going to say who I was approached by, and they said look we feel there's been a breach of the in camera session and we think it should be investigated. Would you bring up a motion at the end of the meeting and have this referred to an integrity commissioner. And I said yeah, if that's what you want. That's all I knew about it, and I made the motion because of the information that was given to me at that particular time. That's the only involvement and after that I hear on the radio constantly how us bad people at council are handling this issue. I have a lot more to say but I'd like to, I just wanted to make that initial point. Thank you. - [Mayor] Okay. - So Mr. Mayor, at the February 14th meeting, the motion that Councilor Thomson referred to was made where there was a alleged breach of in camera matter with referred staff. At that point, I took it upon myself to contact the Ombudsman's Office and ask the Ombudsman's Office if they would investigate this complaint. They indicated to me that they would not, that we were required, or should engage an integrity commissioner. I told them that we did not have an integrity commissioner appointed at this time, and they indicated to me that we could do, lack of better words, a one off appointment of an individual to perform those duties. So we were back here at the February 28th meeting for council where that information was relayed to council. And at that meeting council authorized that we go out and formally engage an integrity commissioner. At that point Mr. Beaman engaged Mr. Duxbury to perform the role of the integrity commissioner in the breach, or alleged breach, of an in camera session. From there, Mr. Duxbury conducted his investiagtion, Mr. Mayor. And those are the conclusions that are found in this report tonight. Along with his conclusion and along with what remedies or what council can do with that by way of motion carrying forward. So, that's the report. I don't know if, I don't know how much further you want me to say on it, or whether you want to refer the report. - No, I think that's good, that's good. And Mr. Clerk, if you could just read the conclusion. - Yes, so just to give a little further context here. The report is a report of, as stated here, Mr. Brian Duxbury, of Duxbury Law Professional Corporation, as the integrity commissioner. It was addressed to Mayor and members of council and the corporation of the city of Niagara Falls. And just reading his brief introduction, this is the report of Brian Duxbury, of Duxbury Law Professional Corporation, integrity commissioner as I stated to the mayor and members of city council, the city of Niagara Falls. This report concerns an alleged breach of in camera matters. The report by way of letter was sent June 12th via email and by overnight courier, which arrived today. And all of council's been provided with a copy of that report. Just jumping to conclusion on page 16, paragraph 42. Mr. Duxbury writes, I conclude that Councilor Carolynn Ioannoni improperly shared the content of an in camera meeting on January 24th, 2017 with a person who is not entitled to receive such information. While the councilor may have had, in her mind, good intentions to ensure that someone who was affected by the in camera discussion was given a quote heads up, it remains an improper disclosure of the content of an in camera meeting. The rule is in violate and councilors have no ability to do, and are not entitlement to, disclose, hint, or imply, some or all of the content of an in camera meeting to individuals who are not entitled to it. Paragraph 43 of his conclusion goes on to state the city's Code of Ethics/Conduct requires employees, including elected officials, to protect confidential and privileged information. Sensitive and confidential personnel issues discussed in camera require the highest regard for confidentiality. Further, the city's Code of Ethics/Conduct policy document requires all elected officials to work together to promote a workplace built on core values of accountability, leadership, team work, and respect, and to set and be a prime example for others. In all of their business dealings honesty integrity is required. I conclude that Councilor Carolynn Ioannoni breached the city's Code of Ethics/Conduct. Paragraph 44 of the conclusion states that in respect to the available penalties of the city, Subsection 223.4 Subsection Five provides as follows, penalties. Subsection Five, the Municipality may impose either of the following penalties on a member of council or the local board if the commissioner reports to the Municipality that in his or her opinion the member has contravened the Code of Conduct. Number one, a reprimand. Number two, suspension of the remuneration period to the member in respect to his or her services as a member of council or of the local board as the case may be for a period of up to 90 days. This is from 2006, chapter 32, schedule A, section 98. Lastly, paragraph 45, this report is provided to Mayor and members of council as a report that is intended to be made public. - Councilor Kerrio. - Just a quick question. Obviously my comments were based on thinking people had read the report. Is the report available to the public? Is it on our website? Is it been handed to the press? Is it a public document, I'm assuming that it is. - [Mayor] Mr. Clerk. - As stated in the last paragraph, there it is, a public document to be made public, once we received it yesterday. It was put through the same process that we would receive any late correspondence for a council meeting, and included in additions. Those additions were handed out, the press has been given a copy of those. And they will be, all of the late additions, will be scanned like they normally are, and in any process to our later date agenda. Which is made public, and I believe that process will take place tomorrow, as it normally does, at any council meeting when we receive correspondence this late. - Okay. Questions of council or comments of council on the report. Councilor Thomson. - Anyway, I find this extremely sad that we have to go through this process. I wouldn't have been that upset about it, but looking what's happened over the last six weeks with the constant comments, negative comments, about the staff. They talk about politics being a bloodsport. We're all elected here to serve the community. And I would say most of the people sitting around here, that's what they have in their mind to try to do the job properly. I read a lot of comments that were totally out of line in my opinion. In fact, I even, during the discussion with Mr. Duxbury, indicated we should have a policy with respect to council members and their comments, with respect to other council members and the council in general on Facebook and other social media. You know, if you got something to say have the guts to stand up in council and say it where it's going to be debated and people have the opportunity to respond, rather then seeing it hidden someplace else. It really came to me when I opened this and started reading it, Responsibilities and Expectations. All elected officials are expected to work together to promote a workplace built on our core values of accountability, leadership, teamwork, and respect. Elected officials are expected to set a prime example in all of their business dealings honesty and integrity shall be required. That's why we're here, that's what it's all about. And yet we have to get into this nonsense. And in fact, I don't think this is the only time that this has happened. I know the meeting previously, the in camera, within a day I was getting calls from municipal staff with respect to sensitive comments that were made in the in camera session, which I could not believe. So anyway, I've been through this for a long time. I sat there for I don't know how many years and listened to three people attack me every Monday night. Fortunately we had a majority, so we got through the business of doing the city. And that situation seems to continue on and it's unfortunate that that happened. But I came back here and I wiped all that out of the way and I became somebody who was interested in working with this Council and trying to be friendly and do the right thing. And unfortunately that didn't happen. The last time, in fact I don't know how many times I heard it, that I never met a mayor that I didn't hate. A comment I heard regularly. And the last time I spoke with Councilor Ioannoni, she said to me, which I think lays it all out, she said to me I'm not running again and I'm going to make the next two years hell for Jim Diodati. - Oh. - Now, with that kind of attitude, where are we going with this? And I tell you, I've been thinking about this for a long time. And every word I've said has been totally accurate and I would expose myself to a polygraph tomorrow to stand up every word I've said here tonight. And I'm so upset that we have to be fooling around with this nonsense, when we could be working on behalf of the community and doing the right thing. This type of backstabbing that goes on with Facebook and the rest of it isn't going to work. Anyway, I'm very disappointed everything. - [Mayor] Thank you Councilor. Councilor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks your worship. I just want to say that our heart goes out to W1, whoever W1 is. I think W1 obviously has a lot of honesty and integrity. - [Mayor] For clarity, Councilor, I don't think people at home know what W1 means. - Well in the report your worship there was I guess two witnesses. One was declared as W1 and the other was declared as W2. W1 would have been the one that came forward with the information, which would have been texts that were received on their phone. I guess I wanted to say that our heart goes out to W1 because had that person have never come forward then there would be no evidence and it would only be hearsay. And I think as Councilor Thomson was alluding to, I mean we've known for a lot of years that in camera has consistently been breached. I mean, I don't know how many times I would pick up the paper and I'd start to read the newspaper has learned, never tells you how they learned, and then you sit there and you scratch your head wondering how did they get that information. Or you would turn on the radio and it would say the radio has learned that, you know. And again, you would sit there and kind of scratch your head wondering how they found out. And it's damaging your worship in a lot of respects. It's damaging in a sense that it's hard to be one cohesive unit when you know that you have someone who is I guess doing what they can to destroy the confidentiality. And in another way that it's damaging is in the sense that Mr. Duxbury put in his report that staff are really unwilling to open up to council and to be very frank with us and tell us everything for fear that confidentiality will be breached. And that the Municipality will actually lose out on opportunities. And I truthfully believe that we've already lost on opportunities. I really believe that, I mean, had council had a very strict confidential behavior we'd already have a post secondary institution downtown. I mean we were given some highly confidentiality information from one of the senior ministers that had we of followed this process and done taken certain steps that we were going to be able to jump ahead of all of the other municipalities that were in line. This information came out in the public. The other municipalities saw this. Every single one of them followed suit with our plan. And we ended up in the same spot that we were. Post secondary institution landed in Brampton. In my opinion, should have been here in Niagara Falls your worship. It's just one instance. I don't know if your CAO or yourself want to comment on that, but it hurts us, your worship. - [Mayor] Councilor Strange. - I, through you Mr. Mayor, I'd just like to ask Mr. Pietrangelo if you are alluding that W2 could be part of the media. It just seems like information is getting leaked out in the past and it's beginning to kind of make sense now because for a long time we've wondered how confidential information has been leaked to the media. If this is the case, are we looking at a situation where confidential information is being traded for air time. There's a possibility of that. - [Mayor] Any other questions or comments of council. Before I know Councilor Kerrio said he's got a motion and if we don't have anything else then we might as well deal with that motion. Is there any other council-- - [Ioannoni] I'd be happy to comment. - Pardon me. - [Ioannoni] I'd be happy to speak now. - Okay, it's all yours Councilor. - Thank you. I'll get off my cross and I'll stand here and I'll tell you this. I listened to everybody's comments around here, and I have to say there's parts of the report I do agree with, but I don't agree with his conclusions whatsoever. And I'd like to speak to the reasons why. I'd like to thank you for adding the appendix to your report. And it's helpful because it points out exactly what the integrity commissioner is bound by our Code of Conduct of this Council to investigate. And our Code of Ethics states employees may not disclose confidential or privileged information about the property, or affairs, or the organization, or use confidentiality information to advance personal or other interests. Employees can not divulge confidential or privileged information about the city's employees without those employees' written authorization. In our Code of Conduct, which is the only thing he can use to investigate is councilors are referred as officials in that Code of Ethics, and the section does not mention officials. And I don't believe it applied to us. That said, there's anther reference in the code that states it's contrary to the code to use confidential information for private gain or advancement or the expectation of private gain or advancement. That's our code that we have today. I deny that I ever broke that code, at all. And I certainly didn't receive any private gain and there's no evidence that this alleged breach caused any harm to this municipality in any way. To your point, this breach never hit the media. This alleged breach never hit the media, but that was an interesting comment. And I'll go on to state that tomorrow morning I'll be filing a complaint with the Ombudsman's Office to investigate how this investigation was conducted. I believe that key evidence that I provided to the integrity commissioner that he claims I sent to deflect the issue or imply another theory of events, I'm using Mr. Duxbury's words states very clearly that the topic, and I provided information to Mr. Duxbury that proved that the in camera on January 24th was breached, but it wasn't by me. Not only by another member of this Council, but by another staff member in City Hall. Now I have another question, through you Mr. Mayor to Mr. Todd. On April 27th, Mr. Todd I sent you a number of highly confidential emails with texts and I wanted to know, you didn't respond to me, did you share any of those emails with anyone? - [Mayor] Mr. Todd. - Mr. Mayor I had those emails and I forwarded them to Mr. Duxbury. - [Ioannoni] But I had forwarded them to Mr. Duxbury already. - I forward them as well because I felt it may be integral to his investigation and I was not going to interfere with that investiagtion. That's why I did not respond to you, I responded only to him and provided him with those same emails. - Okay, so I just want council to understand what's not in Mr. Duxbury's report is that in those couple of texts from this saint, W1, it states that another councilor, sitting around this table, who I will let the Ombudsman declare breached that in camera meeting, not me. And I'm also going to state this, and this is the last thing I'm going to say. Mr. Duxbury in number 40, on page 14 says that under the Municipal Act Councilors are allowed to go in camera and have a meeting of the content which is not public, is not made available to the public, and is not made available to the public under a request of the Municipal Freedom and Information Act. Our deliberations in camera are confidential. There is no where in your report does it say that I breached or spoke about the deliberations in camera. And I did not. The city of Niagara Falls, to his own admission, does not appear to have any clear protocol or policy in respect to the importance of protecting the content of in camera meetings from any disclosure okay third parties or the public. But we all know that when we go in there we're not supposed to talk outside of there. I know that I didn't. I know I provided Mr. Todd text messages from W1 that absolutely points out who breached in camera. And I'm going to say this, and this will be the last thing I say. A text from W1 to W2, 'cause nobody knows who they are except those of us involved. W1 says to W2, the morning after they supposedly give the mayor information about very alarming text messages, says to W2, "I said it already "and I will guarantee you they are guessing "They always blame Carolynn for shit." These are things that I think this Council needs to go in camera and discuss. That's the reason why I asked Mr. Todd in that email if he would meet with me. I understand there's a lot of acrimony between the two of us, I even asked him to bring a witness, I got no response. And in midst to Councilor Kerrio's comment that I tried to impede the investigation because Mr. Duxbury says that he considers my email to Mr. Beaman and Mr. Todd to be an inferent interference to his investigation. What he doesn't put in here is my response back to him. I called the Ombudsman, I was on the phone with them for 90 minutes because I had sent emails into this municipality before I knew that I was the person you were looking at, asking for clarification on how this is going to work. Might I say the only thing I got was a threat and I had no response from anybody else. I explained to Mr. Duxbury in no uncertain terms, I did not mean to impede your investigation, I am contacting you on advice of the Ombudsman, who can not get involved in this investigation until it is finished, but advised me to ask these questions to our senior staff. I have that in writing from the Ombudsman, made sure she declared it to me. That's not in your report. I have no problem being crucified or being put on a cross when I've done something wrong. When I file a complaint to the Ombudsman, I tell you I did it. I am in your face and I don't care what you think of me. So to think I'd hide behind some sort of text message exchange, is ludacris. You all know me, nobody met me yesterday. So my complaint is going to go to the Ombudsman tomorrow. I asked what happens if pertinent evidence that I supplied is not in this report, then I can have them investigate. Tomorrow morning I will have them investigate. And I think that every email that I sent to Mr. Todd that highlights the conversation between W1 and W2 should be provided to this Council. Because it would show you that nothing in this report happened. I breached nothing. - Yup, Mr. Todd. - Mr. Mayor, I just want to clarify again, for the record here tonight, that those text messages were forwarded to me by Councilor Ioannoni and I immediately contacted Mr. Duxbury because I felt they were pertinent to his investigation. I forwarded them to him. I advised him that I would not be meeting with Councilor Ioannoni. And that I would not be dealing with this matter at all. Leaving it to him until his investigation was done. And that's what we agreed to do and that's what Mr. Duxbury did. And that's what I did, Mr. Mayor. So those matters were part of his investigation. - Yes, Mr. Beaman. - This is exactly what we municipal lawyers predicted would happen when the Ombudsman came up with this scheme in amending the Act, the Municipal Act. The Ombudsman declined to undertake this investigation, refused to do it. However, was quite prepared to parachute into it and make suggestions as to how it should be conducted. Then, they'll come in later and decide on Monday morning how things should have been played on Sunday. They never would have ran the ball, for be careful, never would have called the play before either, that's the habit of the Ombudsman. It's a very frustrating scenario because it makes it difficult for anybody to get anything done. But in any event, I don't think anything that you've heard actually undermines any of the conclusions that Mr. Duxbury came to. He has stated his reasons for coming to the conclusions he has, he has presented his report. Council must deal with this now, today, and if the matter is going to be reviewed by the Ombudsman, that will happen every time there is an integrity commissioner report. That is what the Ombudsman does. So my suggestion to council would be to address the matter as you see fit to do and address it today. And then we will wait and see what the outcome of anything the Ombudsman does, if anything. Thank you. - Councilor Kerrio. - Thank you, your worship. Not to belittle the point, but this is not Mr. Duxbury's first rodeo. His report is very comprehensive. I just urge everyone to take the report, read it from cover to cover, and come to the conclusion that I've come to. And I've come to the same conclusion that he's come to in his summary conclusion. Councilor Carolynn Ioannoni improperly disclosed sensitive and confidential information, which was discussed in camera by council on January 24th, 2017 to a third party who was not entitled to such information. This is not our first rodeo. When you read this report it's black and white, not gray. And I expect that he has done his homework, I think he's reviewed all of the texts. And Councilor Ioannoni had ample opportunities to meet with Mr. Duxbury that's explained in this report that he asked on a half a dozen occasions to meet with her and she refused. She would not meet with him, she has her opportunity to meet with him and clarify all the things she's trying to twist and turn tonight. She had the opportunity to meet with him and clarify anything she wanted to clarify, and she refused to do it. Why would you not have met with him and explained what you're trying to explain now when you had the opportunity to meet with him? - [Mayor] You've got the floor, Councilor. - I didn't have to meet with him. I didn't have to meet with him. He offered me the opportunity. I said communicate with me in writing so that nothing can be misconstrued. Do you know why I have it all in writing, Mr. Councilor Kerrio? Because the Ombudsman's going to get all that tomorrow. I was honest, I was forthright, I'm never getting in to the position I got in to as I was with Lisa Bolton, which was a colossal waste of money here. And everything went back and forth so that I could lay it all out. I followed every email he gave me, I responded to. I said please provide me the information you have, please provide the complaint against me, and I would be happy to move this along with you, for you. He has all of those responses. - [Kerrio] Well, why didn't you meet with him? - I didn't have to meet with him. I can choose how to deal with him. - [Kerrio] And he can choose how he writes his report. - And he can, and if I can prove to the Ombudsman that the information provided to him is not in his report and it's not, then they're going to rule on that. And you know why I don't do anything just verbally, because I'm going to be able to prove to you that I did everything I just said I did. And the text messages I have will prove that I didn't breach in camera and somebody else around this table did. - Councilor, - Yes, Mr. Beaman. - What happens is, when a person doesn't like the way an investigation's going in these situations, the immediate plan is to prepare a case for the Ombudsman. - For clarity Mr. Beaman, does the Ombudsman have any authority over council? What is their jurisdiction? - They would be able to provide a different report than Mr. Duxbury did. And then they'd make their recommendations. - [Mayor] So they'd make a recommendation? - I think it would be. No, I think they can actually order you to do something. But in any event, generally speaking, it's not a good thing to get into a large argument with the Ombudsman. However, having said that, one of the things that the Ombudsman has to avoid is being exploited in this way. That they become a threat to any effort of a Municipality to try to enforce it's rules. So once again, council, you have to deal with what's before you and not be thinking about the consequences down the road, if there are any. And we don't know in any way whether the Ombudsman is going to be convinced of anything. - Okay. Thank you. Councilor Craitor. - Thank you very much your worship. Just a couple short comments. I did read through the report. It's well put together, so thank you sir. There's only a couple of things that sort of caught my attention. There's a couple of things that caught my attention and you don't have comment, but I'm just going to say them in open council. It was on page 13, when I was sitting going through this, and so I'm going to quote exactly what you said on page 13. He said, "I therefore find on the balance of probability, "I therefore find on the balance of probabilities, "that Councilor Carolynn Ioannoni "shared highly sensitive and confidential personal "information discussed in camera "on January the 21st, between W2, third party W2, "who is not entitled." It was that one sentence that really caught my attention. "I therefore find on the balance of probabilities" And I'm thinking of the times when I spent 12 years as an investigator for the government of Canada and spent a lot of time in the courts. I can imagine me standing up before a judge and saying on the balance of probabilities, your honor, I think this person is guilty. I mean the judge would throw me out of the court and laugh at me. So that really caught my attention. And then I know you did go on further and said something much stronger, but to say that in your report, "on the balance of probability" it just didn't quite make sense to me. I just have the point. - [Mayor] Councilor. Let me just get an answer, legally. - No, no, I don't need an answer. - [Mayor] I do want an answer. - I have a right. - [Mayor] I am chairing the meeting and I'm going to get clarity from Mr. Beaman. Mr. Beaman, please. - The balance of probabilities is a standard test in civil law today. The difference between, if I may express, the difference between the balance of probabilities test. There are two tests which are commonly used in common law courts for the burden of proof, what you have to prove in order to establish a fact. The balance of probabilities is used in every court other than criminal court. And the classic case that's popularly known in the public realm is the case of OJ Simpson. OJ Simpson was not convicted of criminally murdering his wife. However, he ended up paying 33 million dollars in damages in the civil courts based on the balance of probabilities test. So there's nothing unusual about that test being used in this context. Yes, in a criminal court or in bylaw courts they use beyond a reasonable doubt. That isn't the test that's applicable in this area of law. - [Mayor] Thank you. Now sir. - And that is a legal matter. - [Mayor] Yes. - And if you had been listening, I said as an investigator for the government of Canada, when I was in criminal court, if I had said that to the judge, he would have thrown me out and laughed at me. That exactly just reinforced what I said. And I am a little offended that you, I am. I normally don't get upset. So. If the council feels, and you have every right to, 'cause we have the report here, and you're going to make some kind of a decision whether you're going to defer it and see what the Ombudsman does, 'cause if it comes out contrary to what we have then we've really got a problem, or if we're going to take action today, if we are, and that's the will of the council, I understand that. So what we have is the first situation, the first time something like this happened. So normally in the progression process, if something like this happens, for the first time and there's some options that Mr. Duxbury has provided to us. One is a reprimand, and I saw that used not too long ago in this chamber that we give someone a reprimand. If we're going to go down that road, not saying we should, but I'm saying if you're going to go down that road, then I would suggest that if we go down that road then let a reprimand indicating, whatever the wording we want to use, not appropriate, it's not the right thing to do, not to make sure we stick to the rules, which I happen to agree with. In camera is in camera and that's where it belongs. So I'm going to make that as a suggestion if we're going to go down the road today to make a decision. But I'm also saying in fairness, that, and I do know from my experience of dealing with the Ombudsman. I will tell you, even when I was dealing with the provincial government, I can remember four or five times they turned down some of the things that I was working on to help residents, or to help the healthcare system in particular. I was so upset with they way they were treating the public. And I went to the Ombudsman, and he stepped in and intervened and allowed some things to happen to the benefit of some of the people. So I'm going to make that a suggestion. And if we're going to go down the road of a letter of reprimand would be appropriate for something that would be a first time, if the council feels that way. Thank you. - [Mayor] Thank you for that. Councilor Morocco. - Yes, your worship. I have to say that we actually are here to represent our constituents and make sure that we do due diligence. This report was paid for by the tax payers, as it was a motion that we actually hire an integrity commissioner. I had no idea what the whole purpose was, is that there was only something that was done in breach. I was not here at the January 24th meeting. This document states in black and white that a breach has taken place. A breach of confidentiality. No matter what it might have been, who it was, there was a breach of in camera that should have not have been let out. No matter to who or to what about. It's a breach, and that's where we as councilors, elected to represent the people of this city, that we entrust in them that we are going to make sure that we do have honesty and integrity. And making sure that we put forward the best decisions based on our constituents. Right now, I'm holding a document that we actually asked the integrity commissioner to do an investigation. And I'm very sad to say that it's been a struggle for a number of years that in camera that the city staff can not give us some of the information, that we should as elected officials, because we're always fearful that that breach or that information will be out there in the newspaper the next day. And that's a challenge, because you know what it is, we're fighting against other cities and municipalities for a piece of the pie, like it's a university, or whatever it might be, a new business coming here. And if it gets leaked out, then there's another opportunity for that city or another destination to come and take that opportunity to grow this destination. It is challenging and even more challenging now that it is in black and white that a councilor has breached confidentiality. And there's no getting around it. And you can say that maybe somebody else did it, or whatever, but the information provided to me, basically outlines that it's one individual that has breached that confidentiality. And unfortunately right now, we have to make a decision and we have to deal with it. Because this then would be a bloody waste of the taxpayer's money unfortunately. But we as council, I can not continue to go on and be a councilor and represent my constituents when I know in camera that I'm not going to get the full information that I deserve as an elected official to base those opinions on because somebody might be leaking the information. So I have to say that I truly support the fact that we have to move forward and we have to make one of these recommendations or reprimands that are outlined here. Not only does Councilor Ioannoni sit on other boards as well, as the Hydro and things too, that there's confidential information. And all of us, I would hope, would never leak that. It's called insider trading. And we all know what happens when you do insider trading. It's illegal. So I have to say that we have to deal with the report. And if we don't deal with the report I feel that we're letting down our constituents, and we're actually wasting money that has been spent on this report. How much did this cost? I guess maybe that's a question. How much did this report cost? - [Mayor] Mr. Beaman. - Council set a ceiling of $7500 at the time of the investigation, and that's what it's going to cost us. Plus usage. - Well, we have to make a recommendation. So. - [Mayor] Councilor Ioannoni and then Councilor Kerrio. - Thank you. I'm so confident that the Ombudsman will rule differently based on the text messages from this saint, W1. That I just want to ensure that if this Council's going to reprimand me for what you believe is something I did that the person who actually leaked the information gets the same reprimand that I get in this Council chamber tonight. That's fair is fair. Not only that, when I prove it wasn't me, and I will prove it, I'll get an apology in this Council chamber. And that person will be reprimanded with the same reprimand you believe that I deserve for something I didn't do. That's all I want to say. Fair is fair across the board. You set the standard now, the standard is for when the Ombudsman's report comes back. - [Mayor] Councilor Kerrio. - Your worship. Failing to see an Ombudsman's report, I'm prepared to make a motion based on the report we had. I've read this report, I believe this report, it's the only report I have. And I'm prepared to make a motion based on what I've read and what has been presented to us tonight. I'll start with the resolution. I have a resolution that I suggest that we send to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, that we provide, you know a little higher than the Ombudsman, I suggest that we provide the minister of municipal affairs, Bill Mauro, with a summary of what is taking place here, including a copy of the report and ask that consideration be given to making changes in the Municipal Act that would impose more severe penalties, including a removal from office, similar to penalties that already exist in the Conflict of Interest Act. That's my first resolution. I would move that resolution. - [Mayor] Okay, motion by Councilor Kerrio. Looking for second, seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. Do we have any discussion to the resolution? Okay, seeing none, we'll call the vote. All those in favor. Okay. Opposed? - I have a conflict, clearly I'm voting on that. - Okay, so that's unanimous then. Thank you. Councilor Kerrio, you have the floor. - Thank you, your worship. Then based on what I've read, and by the report that's in front of me, the motion that I'm going to make is that we ask Councilor Ioannoni to apologize to her peers on council, to staff, and to the public. Number two, that because of Councilor Ioannoni's failure to cooperate with the integrity commissioner's investigation, who was appointed by this Council, that city staff be directed to decline to answer any further questions that the Councilor has or may have with respect to the investiagtion. Number three, to remove Councilor Ioannoni from all boards and committees of council, including Niagara Falls Hydro Holding Corporation effective immediately. Number four, to impose a 90 day pay penalty to offset the funds that the taxpayer's have had to pay to conduct this investigation. Number five, to ask for the resignation of Councilor Ioannoni. Number 6, further that the actions of W2 as described in the report of the integrity commissioner be referred to the appropriate authorities for investiagtion and response, including a review of any possible benefits or financial gain that W2 may have received from having learned the leaked information. That's my motion. - [Mayor] Thank you. We have a motion. Councilor Morocco. - [Morocco] I second the motion. - Second. Do we have any discussion to the motion? Councilor Craitor. - The only comment I'll make, and I'm saying it respectfully, you've deemed that the person has done something inappropriate first time, and normally you don't normally do what I'm watching in front of me. I've been through this and I know how it works so. I understand what you're doing, but I just think at least, at the very first time. And there was another option we had, and we could at least looked at the one. That's the only thing. And I guess the only thing left is if the Ombudsman does come back then we've opened the door that whoever the other person is all of these things we're going to vote on for Carolynn will apply to him as well, or to her, whoever it is. I just want to be sure, that's the, okay, that's what I heard and so this motion if it's deemed that it's someone else, that person will have exactly the same consequences. And that's fair, then I understand that. Thank you. - Okay. If there's no further discussion, - [Clerk] Recorded vote. - Record a vote. - [Ioannoni] I clearly have a conflict your worship. - With one conflict Mr. Clerk. - Due to the length of the motion made by Councilor Kerrio, seconded by Joyce Morocco, I'm not going to reread it all. I wasn't able to transpose all that obviously. If it needs to be reread we could ask that to be done now. Otherwise, I will just ask for the recorded vote. - I think we've all heard it. - Okay. Councilor Campbell. - [Campbell] In favor. - [Clerk] Councilor Craitor. - [Craitor] Support. - [Clerk] Councilor Kerrio. - [Kerrio] In favor. - Councilor Morocco. - [Morocco] In favor. - Councilor Pietrangelo. - [Pietrangelo] Yes. - Councilor Strange. - [Strange] In favor. - Councilor Thomson. - [Thomson] Yes. - And Mayor Diodati. - For. - [Clerk] Passes. - Okay, thank you very much. Thank you Mr. Duxbury, appreciate your time. - [Mr. Duxbury] Thank you, your worship. - Pardon me. - [Pietrangelo] It was unanimous? - It was unanimous. - [Mr. Duxbury] Your worship, may I be excused? - Yes, thank you very much Mr. Duxbury. - Thank you and good evening. - Appreciate your time. Thank you. Consent agenda, it's the will of council. - [Pietrangelo] That was one of the concerns, your worship. - Does anyone want anything lifted? Yes, Councilor Craitor. - I did, I have the one I want to talk to you about. That was a one to do with the parking and traffic regarding request for a disability sign. - [Mayor] Yes, that was, which one was that? - I had it in my notes. - [Mayor] There's a lot of them. - [Clerk] TS 2017 15. - [Mayor] Oh yeah, there it is. TS 2017 15. - Yes, 15. - [Mayor] Yeah, it's fifth from the bottom. - And I just had one question, maybe doesn't have to do be withdrawn, that was on the user fees. The only question I have, I'll ask that right now is, are there changes to the amounts that we're charging people on the user fees. You couldn't tell if we increased them, and that's what I wondered, have we increased them? Or are we just renewing them. - [Mayor] Mr. Harrison. - No, it's throughout the board there are some changes, most of them are inflationary in whole user fees. - [Craitor] Alright, thanks. - That's good, thank you. - May I add a point, your worship. - Yes, Councilor. - Just on that point your worship. I think it was last year I brought up the notion of user fees being charged as a proportion of the service. So, let's say you take soccer, baseball, hockey, take those three. If the ice users are paying 80% of the cost of the service, it's unfair to only be charging other user groups 10%. So I was wondering whether or not we could come back more with a ratio instead of a dollar amount. That, to me, would be more fair. If we had a ratio in effect, and then that ratio could just increase on inflation. - Well we can't, I'm sorry Mr. Mayor. I guess we could certainly provide a report as part of next year's budget that would provide in particular circumstances what the ratio is. I assume you're talking mostly raised recreational type of rates. We have some agreement with some of the users working on multi-year phase and rate structure. So certainly we can provide that as part of the budget process so that for next year for the 2018 user fee schedule we certainly could incorporate some of those ideas. - [Pietrangelo] Yeah, be interested in seeing the information. - [Mayor] Definitely. Yes, Councilor. - Yeah, and I also, I mean I don't know that it needs to be pulled your worship, but we're just looking at doing a public open house in regards to vacation rental units and bed and breakfast. I don't know, like I know Councilor Thomson wanted to talk about it, and I know Councilor Morocco wanted to talk about it. And problem Councilor Craitor. I don't know if it needs to be pulled, but as well I wanted to mention that the city of Toronto is actually looking at this specific topic right now, and they're looking at making vacation rentals in their city legal, but only in the home that you live in. So in other words, you can't own another property and rent that out, but if you wanted to use your place of residence as a vacation rental then there was going to be a mechanism that you could go through where you could obtain a license. But, I mean I think we have to do something on this issue, because it's starting to increase in terms of number of units that are out there. I know, just in Toronto, listening to the radio the other day they said that there's more vacation rentals then there are hotel rooms. I believe there was up to 13,000. They said in Paris there's 60,000. So anywhere where you're a popular tourist destination there's obviously going to be a lot more. And I think we really need to put a policy in place or we're going to miss the boat. Because if we don't do something soon it will be too hard to play catch up in the future. - [Mayor] Yes, Mr. Beaman. - I just want to address the concerns of Councilor Pietrangelo. We hear you loud and clear. And the purpose of this strategy is there are so many people want to speak about it, council, that I think we'd be kind of like a two day meeting. What we're trying to do is give all those people a chance to come in and have their say so that in the public forum and have their go at the planners and we'll put the various scenarios before them. Ad Councilor Pietrangelo has pointed out we've got that great honking report from Toronto now and there are other examples, Niagara Lake is another one that comes to mind. So the whole purpose of this strategy is to allow this vast number of people to have a forum in which to communication directly with us and to try to summarize their information for council. So hopefully by the time we get the issue to council there won't be six hours of presentations for council to go through and we'll have it concentrated, the basic issues and positions of the various parties involved. That's why we're doing it this way and we're hoping that it will be the best way for all involved. - Okay. - Okay, on that point I've got Councilor Thomson and Morocco. - Well, this has been going on for so long now. I'm hoping that your suggestions are appropriate. I don't know whether there was anybody here that was Airbnb. The gentleman has been sitting here all night. Yeah? Do you want to come up. I make a motioning to give him a minute because he's been sitting here all night. - [Mayor] Yeah no, no. Come on up Mr. Viteturna. This is not a public meeting for in this part, but. - Just to express yourself. - Good evening everyone. This is the first time I've been in this room and I've lived in this city for 50 years, since the day I was born. So I didn't even know where I was actually. - [Mayor] Lucky you. - [Beaman] Excuse me for interrupting Mr. Viteturna. would you just mind giving your name and address - Yes, my name is David Viteturna. - [Beaman] so we can contact you for a meeting. Thank you very much. - Sure. My name is David Viteturna. My wife and I live on Roger Crescent. Currently there's one vacation home there and there's a second one that the same owners of the first one, they're getting it ready to start renting it out as well. And I understand that they are from Toronto, I'm not sure about that, but I know they don't live in the houses that they're renting out. The one address is 7195 Roger Crescent. And the other one, what it is, is it's four doors down on me the one way, and then the other one doesn't have the address on the house, it's two doors down the other way. So pretty soon it looks like I'm going to be surrounded by vacationers on my street, which is normally a quiet residential street. So, and there's also rumored to be a third one down at the end of the street. I'm not sure of the address of that either, I just heard some talk about it. But at the moment there's one. So we're living in a street that's being occupied by weekend visitors, by which we have no idea who they are. This is not something we should have to be concerned about, living in a residential street with no provision for tourist commercial establishments. I've dealt with Dean Artefita in the past. He told me the city was in a position to find the owner of the home the following week and this was about three months ago, and it never happened. After speaking with Ron Waters, who was dealing with it, he told me that the file for that home has gone inactive since they don't have enough evidence to pursue legal action. Yet, for over more than a year I provided proof with online ads on HomeAway and pictures of vehicles from all over the US and Ontario plates as well. That filled the driveway on several weekends. There is no city staff available to deal with this on the weekends, which is extremely frustrating as this is when the homes are being rented and they're not being rented out during the week between 8:30 and 4:30. As a homeowner on a residential street I find it unacceptable that a home unoccupied by the owner is allowed to be rented in this manner without any repercussions and efforts clearly against the zoning bylaw, set out by the city itself. We're looking for an explanation on this. We just want something done because it looks like it's out of control. And pretty soon I don't know how many houses could be on our street. It's a quiet cul de sac, there's no traffic there, we like it that way. We just don't want to see it turned into something that it's not supposed to be. The owners don't live there so there's no control over who actually rents out the house. That's pretty much all I had to say. Thanks. - [Mayor] So Mr. Beaman, the public meeting is going to be. - If you'll just wait sir, I'm going to give you my card. Just going to go to my office. - Alright, well he's going to meet with you. So thank you for, and we're going to back to you about all this detail. - [David] I'm kind of disappointed there's no one else here to talk about this. - Well because this isn't the public meeting, the public meeting's coming up. So we're just setting the date and then you get your full piece. - [David] Okay, good. - Yeah. - [David] Okay. - So thank you very much for your time Mr. Viteturna. Did your cell number change, Mr. Viteturna? - [David] Yes, it did. - It did, okay. I'll have to get it from you. - [David] Okay, for sure. - Okay. - [David] Thank you very much. - Thank you. Did the other one, is there anything else on consent that you want pulled? Yes, Councilor Morocco. - [Morocco] Speaking to this? - What's that? - [Morocco] Are we still on? - Oh yeah I'm sorry, yes, yes, yes. You wanted to speak on that one. - Yes, actually at the last meeting I know that you had to leave early and I did bring it up under new business in regards to short term accommodations and what Blue Mountain was doing from my meeting at OSUM and what they were bringing forward and some other recommendations. The only thing is, I didn't bring forward a motion, but staff is actually looking in to that. And as Councilor Thomson said, it's long overdue. So we're hoping to just gather information. And one of the reports that came back at OSUM was that they were dealing with RideCo and Uber. And basically you know what you can keep chasing around what's regulated. And so I'm just repeating what I had said at the last meeting. So they're working on ways to regulate that. And as well as they've got, for the last two years, they've got this STA, which is the Short Term Accommodation Licensing. And I was very impressed on how they had got it set up is that you know that you have to apply for it and there's a fee so that the taxes, so that there's money coming back into the congress. Because, let's face it, hoteliers and everyone are paying high taxes to offset the cost of garbage, and policing, and whatever. So there's a fee that they implement I think about anywhere from 1,500 to $2,000. It's every two years they have to reapply. And I think something like if you get two strikes you don't get your license, you're done. And you only hold that, you can't transfer it to the next. Anyway, there's this hold online. I did forward, it did come to me today, and I did ask the clerk to take a look at that at the last meeting. But anyway, we just got a small clip. But they did send it to me today, I did contact Blue Mountain and they sent it off. So I did share it with staff to maybe take a look at that. And I know Councilor Thomson has also said that the Tourism Organization is gathering some information as well to bring forward. So I would like to see some of these things. And I know another resident actually also said that the report, hopefully that there is going to be a public meeting where it opens the doors for people to come. But she said our report also failed to mention that one, three, and four, of what Toronto's Municipal Licensing and Standard Division released yesterday is a series of new well thought through recommendations, following months of consultation. And she points out a couple of different points, and I think you can get that from the Toronto Tourism's bylaw. So if we could actually include what I've submitted in Blue Mountain and how they're doing it, for a couple years, I don't think that we have to recreate, we'll just take the information that's out there and make it work for Niagara. - Absolutely. - So if I can make that motion to, if that's a motion at least. - [Mayor] Just give direction, you mean to share your information with the wholesome. - Yes please, yes. If we can just maybe email it out. And if we can just share it. So if I can make that motion, and if you'd like to. - [Mayor] Okay, so the motion is. - Well, I'd like to include the information that we got from Blue Mountain. And also Councilor Pietrangelo talked about Toronto and they just did a new update to theirs too. So gathering some of that information, and put it together. And also then providing what works best for Niagara and have a public open meeting as residents are asking for, that we mentioned to do. - [Mayor] Can I hold that motion for one second. I've got Mr. Beaman waving. - I just wanted to assure the Councilor that the Blue Mountain material is in my office. - [Mayor] He's got it, okay, so he's already got it. - We have gathered material from numerous municipalities. The Toronto one, Mr. Brice just picked it up this morning off the people in Toronto. So in Toronto we've got, well we've got several municipalities, but we've definitely got Blue Mountain 'cause they're the one case that went to the divisional court so it's got a good moral tease. - [Mayor] Good excellent, Councilor Thomson. - The only thing I would ask to get in touch with John Jackson, Niagara Falls Tourism. He has seven different destinations that have dealt with this. So it might be helpful. Yup. - [Mayor] Mr. Todd. - Mr. Mayor, just to recap what's going on here with council for this. So the report tonight was just to give you a little bit of background information until you were going to be setting up. It probably sounds like more than one public meeting. We're going to gather all of this information from different jurisdictions. We're going to have a bit of an outline, even at those public meetings as to what other municipalities doing. And then were going to have feedback from all of the operators, the hoteliers, from members of the public, from people like Mr. Viteturna at those meetings. After that we're going to summarize all of that and bring that back for a report here at council. I'm guessing it will probably be some time in the fall by the time we all go through this. But just so council's patient. But that's the process we set up. And that was really the only purpose of that report tonight, is to put on the radar and tell you were having those public meetings and going to have a comprehensive report back at a later date. - [Morocco] Okay, thank you very much. I just wanted to make sure that if we needed a motion that I would put that forward. I actually only mentioned it the last meeting and we didn't have a motion but staff was working on it. So I appreciate that, thank you. - One other, do you have consent agenda item? - Just a question. Niagara District Airport. Is it, all we're saying is we're going to do our part of the environmental - Right. - to move it forward to be considered? - [Mayor] Yup. - Thank you. - And one thing, if I can draw your attention to the bottom of page five. TS 2017-23, it's the McLeod Road Wilson Crescent Intersection Control. And I know Councilor Craitor, you brought this forward. And the regional staff had said no to it. So, what I'm suggesting is we can have a motion to send it back to regional council through public works to have another go around of cost sharing. Because we need a motion that goes to. - [Craitor] I'll make that. I want to thank you. I had completely forgotten about that. So thank you for bringing that forward. I was quite upset when I saw that, so I'll make that motion. - Okay. - Thank you, thank you. - Okay, moved by Councilor Craitor, seconded by Councilor Morocco that we bring this back to regional council for cost sharing to regional council. We'll call a vote, all those in favor. Okay, that's approved, thank you. Councilor Pietrangelo, you've got a unit. The Trail? Well we're just going to approve the rest right? Isn't it in, is it need specific? Did you have an issue on the one trail Councilor, that's right. With the gravel around the-- - Well I read the report your worship, and the report said that they could replace it with the stone dust, right? - Yes, so do we need - I thought that's what the report said. - a specific motion on that? - Unless you're asking me to say thank you to staff. Thank you staff. (laughing) - [Mayor] So we'll go with the stone dust option. - Stone dust, great yeah. Absolutely your worship. And I know that there was something in there about taking some funds out of the 2018 OLG funds in order to pay because there was a bit of an increase in cost going with the stone dust, as opposed to the wood chip. That's the way that I read the report and I thought that we were just going to adopt that report, your worship. - Okay. - Be so happy. Thank you, thank you. - So looking for a motion-- - [Pietrangelo] I won't be able to run for a while, but that's okay. - Motion for the rest of the consent agenda. Moved by Councilor Craitor, oh yeah hold on, wait, wait, I've got some. Oh Councilor Craitor. - I had that one item I asked to. - Yes, disability. You did, you did. - So very simply for the information of council, about five or six weeks ago, a lady, Vanessa Coumbs, that's her name, approached our MPP, Wayne Gate's office to find out if the province could look at putting up a sign for an autistic child. Worked a bit with Wayne's office, and I talked to the MPO, and it was explained to us that municipalities can decide if they want to or not. So I suggested to her that she should come to council and explain why she felt strongly about having a sign up, she has an autistic child. And I met many autistic children when I was a member of Parliament, many of the families, so I understood what her concerns were. So I told her to come to council, staff would put a report together, and the she'd have a chance to make a presentation. She got a phone call from the clerk who explained to her that the staff had done a review of her agenda, that it's pretty big and she doesn't need to come, in fact, she can't come. That this Council will just look at the report that we have in front of you, from the traffic department, which says don't put it up. So I suggested to her that I would bring it up here and see if maybe the council would agree to defer it, or to put it over to our next meeting, and she was in agreement with that. And I appreciate, I know Bill contacted her, so I wasn't being critical of you at all Bill, don't want you think I meant that way at all. So I'm simply asking in a nutshell is that we not deal with this today, that it come back to our next council meeting, but she has the opportunity to come out. I will tell you she'll probably bring some other autistic parents with her. There are communities that have these signs up and there's a multitude of different types of signs, but you need to hear from her why she felt it was important for that type of a sign to go up to let people know there's an autistic child in that area. So that's what I'm looking for. The other option is I could just make the motion that we approve the sign, but I think, and I appreciate you saying yes your worship, but I think it would be interesting for the public to hear from autistic parents why that sign is so important. And what difference it can make in a child's life. - [Mayor] So do you want to defer to the next meeting? - So yeah, I'm going to defer it to the next meeting on the condition that she be allowed, she is guaranteed she'll be able to come out and speak no matter how big the agenda is. So thank you. - Okay, so motion for deferral to the next meeting. And that's moved by Councilor Craitor and seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. Alls in favor? Okay, that's approved, okay. Is there any other consent agenda items? No. Okay, looking for a motion to move the rest of the consent. Moved by Councilor Morocco, seconded by Councilor Strange. All those in favor. Okay. And that's approved. - [Mr. Todd] Are we at the Mayor's Remarks? - No, no, yeah we are, we are. Mayor's remarks, okay, lucky you. Reminder again, just a reminder everyone that does attend council meetings to please turn their cell phones off now that we have live streaming. It is a distraction, it does get picked up. So we did have some comments that there was ambient noise including cell phones during the recording. So appreciate if everyone would do that. Obituaries. Mr. Charlie Zambido, the father of Deputy Chief Joe Zambido passed away. Claire Davidson, grandmother of Angela Davidson of our Business Development office. And Rosamaria Sharp, retired city council secretary passed away as well. So our condolences to their families. I'd like to thank the following councilors for representing the city. Councilor Kerrio, for the 610 CKTB Live with Tom McConnell Show. Councilor Strange for representing the city at the International Right of Way Association Conference Solar Park opening and June recreation month kick off. Councilor Campbell for the Sir Adam Beck Pump Station 60 year celebration, the Pride Niagara flag raising, and the Italian Heritage month flag raising. Councilor Craitor for the Annual Qingming Festival and the Philippine Independence Day flag raising. Also kudos to our staff for the Live with Kelly and Ryan. I'd like to start, MPP Gates had sent a letter, he asked that we read, so I'll give it a quick read. He said he wanted to write a letter to thank all city staff and volunteers for the organization of the Live event with Kelly and Ryan. I was fortunate enough to be present for this event, quite frankly I was impressed. This was incredible showcase of Niagara Falls and it truly highlighted the best this city has to offer. Two day event spread our image to the whole world, I can imagine this will have a positive impact on our local businesses. As we know, Niagara Falls is a top tiered tourist destination of the world and I believe that the Kelly and Ryan show was a terrific way to further share the message to the world. My hope that similar events are planned for the future. Once again, thank you for making this wonderful event a reality. So that came from our MPP Gates. So congratulations to the team, the entire team, all the volunteers, and specifically Serge Felicetti, who was right at the center of this big event. And it was a lot of work, a lot of hours, time he'll never get back, but he did a terrific job. It was such a success that we've asked our staff to look at other shows, and we said wouldn't it be nice if we had one show a year in Oakes Garden. So we're going to send out tweets and letters to everyone from Ellen, the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Late Show with James Cordon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Conan O'Brien, The Social Marilyn Denis Show, Cityline, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, and we're going to see if we can't get a little bit of momentum going on for this Oakes Garden. And kick off every year with a great show down in Oakes Garden. So I would ask a motion of city council to support city staff inviting these groups of other international Canadian talk shows, to bring one to Niagara Falls each year. Moved by Councilor Strange and seconded by Councilor Campbell. We'll call the vote, all those in favor. And thank you for your support on that. And last two things to mention. Our CAO and myself were in Ottawa last week meeting with CN officials, and I know that Councilor Thomson's been working very hard at getting us to try to redirect these trains around the city. And we took that message directly to the top executives, and we spent a great deal of time. So we are arranging upcoming meetings with their senior staff and we do have them engaged. Matter of fact, the COO said we don't like going through cities any more than you like us going through cities. So let's talk about options. So it was a good news meeting with the COO. Matter of fact we were on a train and the executives couldn't get away, 'cause between the CAO and myself every time they'd walk there was nowhere to go, we kept kind of oh look at that, oh it's you guys again. And as well, I wanted to reiterate yesterday's big go announcement travel package deal. In celebration of Canada's 150th, Metrolinks has partnered with the Niagara Parks Commission, where for $25 you'll be able to come to Niagara Falls, do all the parks attractions and return. I'm sorry, come down, a two-day WEGO pass, and return and you build a buy your attractions to the parks and everything else. So 25 bucks, return trip and two days WEGO. Phenomenal deal down here with the Parks and with the Ministry of Tourism. Working together with our Metrolink. So we're really excited to hear that announcement. So next meeting will be Tuesday, July the 11th. And reminder, turn your phones off for that meeting. So moving on to communication-- Yes, Councilor Campbell. - [Campbell] To be fair, Councilor Thomson was in attendance at the Pride flag raising and he was also at the Italian flag raising. - Oh good. That's what he was saying, he was there but you were as well. So thank you for that. It's hard because a lot of the times it's a lot of overlap, there will be three or four events at one time and just can't do it. And thank you to council for helping cover off. Because a lot of groups are disappointed if they don't have representation, it means a lot to them to have you there. So under Communications and Comments to the city clerk, we have eight items. First one, Niagara Region 2017 Tax Capping Policy. That's just for information of council. Do we need to receive that Mr. Clerk, or do? - [Clerk] You can make a motion to receive. - Okay, motion receive item one, Regional Tax Capping. Moved by Councilor Strange, seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. All those in favor. Item two, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, inspectors will be initiating a summer residential survey of the Plum pox virus, PPV. I need a motion received. Moved by Councilor Campbell, seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? As received, thank you. Item three, Canadian Deaf Blind Association Ontario Chapter is requesting that the month of June be proclaimed as Deaf Blind Awareness month. Moved by Councilor Morocco, seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? That's approved unanimously. Mental Health & Addictions Hepatitis C Care Clinic requests that July 28th be proclaimed 2017 World Hepatitis Awareness Day. Moved by Councilor Morocco, seconded by Councilor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? That's approved, thank you. Niagara Region, Bill 73 Requirement The Planning Advisory Committee. That's again for information, looking for a motion. Councilor Thomson. - [Thomson] Could we have explanation of what that's all about at the region? Does our planner know? - [Herlovich] Something I do not know. - [Thomson] Pardon me? - [Herlovich] I would not. - Bill 73 required a Planning Advisory Committee. - Planning of a committee - Yes. - of the region for planning. Do you know anything about that? - No, I know what you know. I figured the planners would know about that one. I'm not on the Planning Committee. - I thought the last thing we needed was another committee at the regional level. - Do you want to pull that one until we get some, oh, wait, we've got our regional councilor, Patty, did you want to comment on this one? - Yes I can. And being chair of planning, - Oh perfect. - It's mandated by the provincial government. Yes in the new act. So we must have this advisory planning committee. Well it's going to be made up of experts because we're working on a new Official Plan, so that's the. - [Mayor] Okay good, thank you for that Councilor, appreciate it. - You're very welcome. - Okay, so we're looking for a motion. Moved by Councilor Morocco, seconded by Councilor Campbell that we receive the Bill 73 requirement information from the region. All those in favor? And that's approved, thank you. Committee of Adjustment Vacancy, there's a memo attached from our Acting City Clerk. Okay, yes. So it's Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Thomson that Mr. Collosum will be appointed to the Committee of Adjustment. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved unanimously. Niagara Region, Correspondence from the Ministry of Finance in response to correspondence regarding the Contraband Tobacco Trade. Looking for motion to receive that information. Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Morocco. All those in favor? That's approved, thank you. And the last one, the Regional Development Charges By-law Referred to Correspondence from City of Welland. The recommendation from our staff is that Council endorse the City of Welland's recommendation with the exception of the recommendation related to area specific charges which can not be supported. Yes, Councilor Thomson. - [Thomson] Can somebody tell us what this is all about? We're endorsing the city of Welland's comments with respect to development charges. I read through it and it seemed to be really concentrating on their downtown area. I wonder why we would be endorsing that as we probably have our own comments with respect to development charges. - Mr. CAO. - Through you, Mr. Mayor, the idea being that a lot of their comments related to their downtown are IP areas, they're all ground field areas, would be similar issues that relate to us. The exemption of industrial development charges would be the same for us. So, we're just seeing that a lot of the same common elements are common to us, with the exception of the area specific charges. 'Cause you heard a report tonight where there's something like 180 some odd million dollars in regional work. If there was an area specific charge that would fall to Niagara Falls. Over the last 50 years that the region's been in existence those charges have been spread proportionately across the region. And our feeling that that practice should continue. So any of those things you saw tonight for new sewage treatment plant, should not fall solely on development charges for Niagara Falls, they should be spread across the region. So we're saying, we're consistent with a lot of thinking of Welland, except we don't be that there should be an area specific charge. - Do we have a motion on that one? Yeah, we're just going to receive what I just read. So, endorsed with the exception of the recommendation related to area specific charges. Okay, so that's a motion we're looking for. - [Pietrangelo] Are we including the hospital as well, is that why? - I don't know, are they including the hospital? - [Morocco] Well that doesn't pay development charges. - That's right, it doesn't pay DC. Okay, so we're looking for a motion on this one. Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Strange. All those in favor? Okay, thank you. Mr. Clerk, are there any additional items for council's consideration? - Yes, one additional item. It is in the Additions. And it's relief of the noise bylaw for an 80th birthday party taking place at 5926 Valley Way. - An 80th birthday party? - An 80th birthday party. They do plan on bringing in a band for entertainment. - Good. Okay, so we're looking for a motion. Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Kerrio that we give relief to the noise bylaw for the 80th birthday party. All those in favor? That's approved unanimously. Thank you for that. The bylaws. - [Pietrangelo] Motion to read the bylaws. - Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Campbell that the bylaws be given a first reading. All those in favor? - Just before we do that. - Oh, just before we do that. - I just want to point out again, through the Additions there bylaw 2017 65 it is listed on your agenda and it was included as a handout. Bylaw 2017 67, there has just been a small change to that where we've added an additional enforcement officer under Schedule C. And then lastly, bylaw 2017 78 is a completely new addition that wasn't in your package. And this is really a housekeeping matter, whereby executing a bylaw of a previous transfer payment agreement. So this would then renumber our bylaws starting at 2017 55 through 2017 79. - [Pietrangelo] That's fine. - Okay thank you, and I should have asked you that Mr. Clerk. Thank you. So we do have the bylaws moved for a first reading by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Campbell. And the vote, we'll call. All those in favor? Okay, thank you for that. - So just to reiterate then. 2017-55 through through 2017-79 read a first time. - [Pietrangelo] I call a motion. - Moved by Councilor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councilor Campbell again that the bylaws be given a second and third reading. All those in favor? Thank you. - Read bylaws 2017 55 through the 2017 79 read a second and third time and passed. - Thank you very much. New business. Yes, Councilor Craitor, Morocco, Campbell, Thomson. Yeah. - Thank you your worship, just have a couple things. On the corner of, and I asked all the councilors to take a look at this tomorrow. But on the corner of St. James and Thorold Stone Road, look at the house on the right hand side as you're heading away from Niagara Falls. It's a vacant house and the grass is unbelievable. And you've probably seen it. In fact, I was out there looking at it, and you're afraid to walk through it because of ticks. The reason I tell you this though is, and I bring it forward to our Property Standards Department, but what's happening, and I think we need to take a look at this your worship. The number of complaints over property standards is phenomenal, the things that are happening out there that are inappropriate. For example the grass. What I'm learning is that people will not cut their grass, and they think it's cheaper to wait the five or six weeks before the city can get to it, because we've got so many, and we'll go out and cut it and put it on their bill and then the cycle continue on. And maybe twice they'll get cut through the city, they won't do it. And I did some checking with some other municipalities and when I found out was if you contravene a property standards bylaw, particularly if it's your second time, there's no warning letter where we say you have 14 days, or you have 20, to comply. They're given a letter and it's saying within one week or less, whatever five days, you have to comply to the city bylaw. And the only reason I mention that part to you is I think that some people out there who are not complying with bylaws, they start thinking what's the difference, if I don't comply, nobody's going to do anything, or if they do it's going to be five or six weeks down the road. So maybe we need to look at, maybe the staff can take a look at, maybe a different approach when it's someone that's doing it a second or a third time, there's no leniency that will be kind for you to do that. So I'll turn in the concern about St. James and Thorold Stone, But we should have a look, and that's a beautiful corner, that area. Secondly, I've had more phone calls about Dorchester, about McLeod Road, about Drummond, people asking for more police presence. They're saying where are the police, how come they're not out here, and that's because of the speed of the traffic and things that are going on that they feel there should be more police presence. So I said I will gladly bring that forward. On Drummond Road, and Dorchester, we have the major development, all those homes going in back there, and I know Mr. Holman and his staff have been wonderful, but so many complaints about the big trucks that are going up and down there. Sometimes they don't even have them covered up and the dirt and everything is flying off the trucks. The speed, and I understand the drivers are trying to get down, drop their load off, or take their load, but they're speeding up and down. But in the meantime we've got residents who've just been living there all those years. And suddenly they're being impact by all these vehicles. They want police up there to try to slow down. McLeod Road has become a highway. You can't drive the speed limit on McLeod Road Because you're pushed by the traffic, telling you you're driving too slow, and the people want more police out there all the time. So I said I would bring it forward and we can talk to the police to see if we can get more police presence in these areas. - [Mayor] Now Dorchester, just so I've got this straight, now Dorchester shouldn't be too bad 'cause it's so congested 'cause the 406, or the 420 rather. But yeah, I hear you McLeod, that's nutty. And what was the other one, it was Drummond? - Durmmond. You know where we have putting the new homes back in Oldfield. Well all the trucks are, or else they'll come out the other way on Dorchester, and head towards McLeod, and sometimes it's backed all the way up. I live up that way, so I happen to see it. It's backed all the way up. But most people are just saying can we get more police out here, and I said I'd bring it forward. The other thing was the property standards. Yeah I did I mentioned about property standards, if we could look at a different approach to really enforce, because the last thing I'll tell you is if you call Property Standards the message you're going to get, and again I'm not being critical of the staff in any way. They'll say leave a message and it'll be four or five weeks before we can get to your issue. - [Mayor] Four to five weeks? - Yeah, that's how. And Joyce has heard too. - I've had to deal with that too. - Yeah, so that's. - No staff. - And the number of complaints coming in, it's unbelievable what's happening out there. Whatever, not sticking to the files. So if we could take a look at that. - [Mayor] Yeah, for sure. - Thanks. - [Mayor] And we'll mention it. But I will mention too, that because it was such a wet spring, like a record wet spring, that the grass, the ground was so soft that we did have problems. We couldn't even get cutting equipment. And I know Hydro had the same problems, where the muck. So the grass, the long grass, part of it's related to the wet, wet spring that we had. But I agree, we've got to make sure we stay on top of that. And on to that point, Councilor, you want to address, yes. - [Pietrangelo] Yeah your worship, two things on that point. First of all is the actual policy. I brought this up years ago and I know that the city of Niagara Falls changed their policy. I don't ever remember us going back. We used to notify every single time that someone was in contravention of the bylaw, especially in regards to grass cutting, there would be a lengthy delay in between notifications. And you're right, maybe they would get charged twice in a season. But we changed that policy your worship, and unless staff can tell me anything different, I'm pretty sure that if it's the same landowner year after year we don't even notify on an annual basis. So let's say in 2015 we notified them one time that their grass was too long. There was no compliance, we sent cutters out there, they cut the grass. 2016, if a complaint comes in again, we don't notify again, they've already contravened our bylaw, they understand our bylaw because we've given them a written copy the year prior. So if it's the same landowner, my understanding is that we don't even notify a second time. - You're right, Councilor. - In regards to grass complaints, your worship, the number I heard was 1,100. I'm not sure how many the department is actually dealing with, that's the number I heard unless staff can tell me anything better. I think with the amount of properties that we have in the city, the fact that we continue to go up in terms of residential buildings, we should be looking at adding staff to enforcement, rather than taking staff away, which is what I think we're doing right now. - Yeah, exactly. Yes, Councilor Thomson. - I had that on my agenda tonight too. We're just in the throws of, in fact I think you hired somebody as bylaw enforcement and property standards, did you? - Not yet, they haven't started. - Well they haven't started, but I think the decision has been made. I think there's a huge problem with that particular complaint system. If you want to get something resolved call Jeff Holman's office. (laughing) - [Morocco] We do. - No, seriously. The people that he's had in his department from Maryanne Tickee, what's the other one? Anna Cox, and the other one, Selaney Tidniy. Yeah, excellent, they get back to you, they follow up. I think with the changes that are taking place with the new manager, I think we should examine what they're doing in other areas. Because I tell you, the complaint system the way it is now, and the number of people we have, it just doesn't work. We have a serious concern and problem, and you have to keep making excuses to people about, well you know well try 'em again, well call 'em again. I think we really have to do an examination of how we're handling bylaw enforcement, property standards, because it just doesn't seem to be working. You're having the same concern, you are. I'd really like to see if we can find out what other municipalities do. I'm always impressed with the people that Jeff Holman has had in there. The way they handle themselves. And I just want to put my two cents in. We should have a real examination and a report back. Whatever you need. You know, put some more employees in there, and let's make it work. - Yup, Councilor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, Mr. Mayor. I just want to say too, I know Councilor Craitor mentioned the fact that I think it's actually on the voicemail that it would be four to five weeks. I think if I was living next to a property where they didn't cut their grass, four to five weeks to me would be very unacceptable. Unacceptable from the standpoint that four to five weeks is simply when they actually schedule a visit to come out. Once they schedule a visit to come out and notice that they resident or the land owner hasn't complied, then there's still the whole notification aspect of it. They have to come back to City Hall, they have to write a notification of noncompliance to the property owner. That has to be mailed out, and then there's a specified time frame that the landowner has in order to comply. Once that time frame expires, then the staff member is able to go back out there just to see whether or not they've cut the grass or not. If they still haven't cut the grass at that point that's when the cutter is called, and then that's when the cutter comes in. You could be looking at close to two months your worship. So, I'm not quite sure that I would want to live next to a property like that right now. So I mean, whether we can pull resources from other areas, or whether we can actually increase or compliment in that respect, it would be great if we could draw some attention to it, because I know I've gotten calls as well, and people are quite upset. - [Mr. Todd] May I? - Yup, Mr. CAO. - With all due respect Mr. Mayor, a lot of these are processes. So in some cases, no matter how much staff you have if you still have a process that says you've got to give two weeks notification and then you got to back and reinspect, that's what the staff have to follow. So you know, probably the best thing we should do is look at what those processes are as much as the staffing. And that means coming back and looking at how our bylaws function. These have been bylaws that have been placed for probably 30 years. And we're bringing a new person in, we are combining both property and standards and bylaw into one because in our view that was an inefficient way to operate. So we are looking at new methods, we haven't got it up full and running yet because the new manager hasn't even arrived yet. But that's what we're trying to do. So instead of having a bylaw person that goes out to the site and comes back and says oh sorry that was a property standards issue, and three days later we send the property standards person out. Now the person that goes out on site will be able to handle every single complaint that's on that property, whether it's a grass complaint, whether it's a missing eve trough, or broken window, derelict vehicles, they can handle all of them on time. So that's a system we're trying to put in place to be more efficient. We haven't gotten there, just because we have to get that new manager in place and get him implementing the new system. So it's going to take a little bit of time, but part of that process is that we will have review of those bylaws and some of those processes to see if we can streamline them. Right now we're handcuffed a little bit by the process and the notification periods. But Councilor, you're absolutely right. If you've got a notification on your grass from last year, the practice is if we get a complaint at that same address we just go out and cut it. So that is in place and I don't know why that's happening, but that's certainly something that we can check on. - Mr. Draymon, did you have your hand up earlier, were you trying? - I was just going to make comment on the speeding problem. So, with regards to Dorchester, McLeod, and Drummond I think it would take a request from council and a resolution to the chief, or a letter to the chief. Because it's generic. If it's specific then we usually deal with the police, but they won't take generic ones from us. So I would say it's a letter to the chief of policeman council requesting enforcement versus coming to staff and staff sending that letter because what happens is we do a follow up process, so if we get a complaint about speeding we either do a radar study or we put road tools out for measure of speeds. But we have to have specific areas, and then we follow up with police saying here's what we found, can you go up and enforce it. In this case it's a generic, there's speeding out there and I think it has to be a letter asking for generalized enforcement. - Do you want to make that motion then council? So moved by Councilor Craitor, seconded by Councilor Morocco that we send a letter to the chief of police. Or, do we send it to the chief or to our district commander, the inspector, Inspector McCaffery? - [Draymon] I would sat district commander. - Yeah I would say, yeah 'cause he's going to hand it to him anyway. So to Inspector McCaffery that we have a concern with speeding on McLeod Road, Dorchestor Road, and Drummond Road. Do you want to be specific what area, 'cause they're big roads. Like you want to say Dorchester near Oldfield? - Just include my cell number and he can call me. No specific, I shouldn't joke 'cause it's serious for the people. It's McLeod, all of McLeod Road. That's why we're going back with that Wilson and Crescent because of that. And Dorchester particularly down between McLeod and Dorchester to Oldfield and Drummond, same thing down. So south, south, south. - Okay, that's great, so we have the motion. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved, thank you. Councilor Morocco. - Okay thank you. I have a couple things I just wanted to talk about. First of all, I did attend FCM two weeks ago in Ottawa, and I ran into a gentleman from Niagara Falls, Michael Lamber, he's with Unit Four. And he actually asked, since this is his municipality if we could actually pass this resolution. It's the Municipal Softwood Lumber Resolution. I believe everybody got a copy in their package. Should I read it out? - Yeah, is it long? Yeah, so we all have a copy of it right? - So if I can actually just ask for the support. They're basically asking for force support industry is by the force calming hundreds of thousands of workers and more than 650 communities depend on good forestry jobs including in softwood lumber. And there it's just asking therefore that the Niagara Falls Council support some of the items that they've asked for support, especially with the US Tariffs and that the changes with President Trump and softwood and trading that we support, the Canadian Government, in helping support our softwood lumber. - Okay. - Make the motion. - Can I make the motion? - That's moved by Councilor Morocco, seconded by Councilor Campbell that we support the softwood lumber motion. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved unanimously. - Thank you. And I know at the last council that we actually did discuss some situations with garbage that's uncovered and it's blowing all over. I had another situation where some restaurant had their garbage out and it wasn't covered, and the seagulls came and had their way. Are we actually kind of getting any closer to having some kind of report on closed containers for garbage? - Are you talking about for curbside garbage? - Yeah for curbside. But it was a restaurant that actually had their garbage put out without a lid, and seagulls flocked in, I mean staff is taking care of it but I think that we were actually going to look at some different forms of trying to cover this garbage from blowing around, anyway. - So I'm told the report's not ready yet. - Okay, great, thank you, just wanted to know. And also, unfortunately, a situation was brought to my attention a neighbor of mine was seriously burned in an accident with some fire. And was sent to the Niagara General Hospital, and unfortunately he was treated there and told he had second degree burns to his legs. His situation became much worse after a couple of days. It wasn't second degree burns, he ended up in Sunnybrook Hospital. The burns were fourth degree burns, he is a diabetic and he could have lost his legs. I think that we would like to have this investigated. And I know that the family is going to send some letters to address the situation that happened out of merge. I think that we don't specialize in burn trauma, and I think that even if that happens I think that we need to look at preventative medicine and send patients like that to a burn trauma unit to be assessed, and not just take it. He's been burnt pretty much to the muscle and now is going through grafting, and he was lucky that he didn't lose his life. So it was very unfortunate, they are my neighbors. And anyway, they've asked me to just bring it to the attention because they want to make sure that nothing like this ever happens to other people in going through this situation of being at our hospital and pretty much being misdiagnoses, especially in a burn victim. So I'm sure I'm going to hear something from the NHS, but I just want to let that know that-- - Have you brought this to the NHS' attention? - Yeah, right after it happened. So anyway, that's all I have to report. - Okay, thank you very much councilor. Councilor Campbell. - Thank you, your worship. Sometime ago at a project chair meeting it was brought up that a lot of the people that are homeless or have low income housing are many of their clients. And tonight it was brought up about closing some of those homes in the tourist area. We received this report from the Niagara Regional Housing about the terrible shape that low income housing is in our community. And I just picked up on this morning at its most recent meeting, Saint Catharines council has moved forward with an affordable housing action plan for the city. And apparently there were more than 40 ideas detailed by staff at the council meeting aimed at trying to address the rising need for affordable housing in the city. I would ask that we could have staff perhaps approach city of Saint Catharines and find out if we can use the information they have and we need to stand up to the plate and start having a serious look at affordable housing in our community. - That's great Councilor. So we got a motion by Councilor Campbell, seconded by Councilor Strange that are staff reach out to the city of Saint Catharines Staff for their research on their homeless initiatives and report back, okay. All those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous. And I should point out, I did have a meeting today at the region with our director of economic development, Serge Felicetti On that exact topic with the city of Saint Catharines and with the region, and we're part of an initiative, we do have a developer that does want to build, here in the region, in Niagara Falls, Welland, and Saint Catharines and with federal funding. And we're in there advocating for these people so that we can build these kind of places. So we understand we have to create incentives through development charge incentives and other things, because these guys aren't just going to build it for the community, they got to have some benefit and some incentive, these developers. So we were discussing exactly those incentives, our goal is to have a shovel in the ground by September. - [Campbell] And if I could just take that to a further step, your worship. You know the Board of Education, whether it's separate or public, our tax dollars pay for it. There's a whole slew of schools being closed across the peninsula. There should be some way that we can work in conjunction with the Board of Education. Perhaps they could continue to own the property, but we could use it in some form of development for low housing. I look at Drummond Road, the old Drummond Road school, I do believe, if I'm correct, the city was involved in that process at that time. So there are so many different ways that I think that we can look at this problem. And if we could work in conjunction with these large buildings. They took down that one in Chippiwa. DSPN would have been a perfect housing. - Redland, yeah Redland - Yeah Redland. So I think that there are unique ways that we could, and I'm glad to hear that that was happening at the region level. - Yeah, that's a great idea, schools, great idea. Councilor Thomson. - Yes, I'm just going to hand this over to you. I got a call during the week, a woman was very upset about our policy with respect to fireworks, when they're used, where they're sold, how they're sold. And she dropped this letter off. I said can you put it in writing, she did. I think you may know who this person, as they've complained numerous times about fireworks, but it was signed a concerned citizen. - No name? - No. - There's no name in there? - It's a lot of detail in there about the issue. So I'm passing it on, maybe you can look and see if there's anything we can do. They indicated that the bylaw hasn't been changed for many, many years. - That's for the sale of fireworks? - And letting them off. - Yeah, and then we can report back on it Councilor, no problem. - Thank you. - Yup. Councilor Pietrangelo. - Your worship, I just wanted to say I kind of went back in our emails over the past couple months and noticed that we get a lot of emails that are emailed to all of city council, but yet we really don't have one point person to quarterback these. So Councilor Thomson might respond, Councilor Ioannoni responds, Councilor Craitor responds, Councilor Morocco responds. None of us really know what is happening with it until it's an actual staff member that we get an email back from. And I just jotted down some of the ones that we've heard about. Corey crescent and the radio, Riverview park and how the development is going to come close to the backyard so the fence that has the plywood on it, although that one's solved, Sodom Road, the Downtown, Drummond Road, and I know we did hear back from larzena, which is great, but we really don't hear back from a point person and it would be nice if it's an email that's sent to all council, that we actually have a point person so that we understand how the situation is being dealt with, instead of each one of us individually emailing back, which I find almost to be overkill a lot of times. - Yup, Mr. CAO. - Just to that point, there's a lot of times that the council emails that are grouped for council. There's a lot of the times that none of the staff are even copied in on it. So one way we could solve that is we could just ensure that any of those emails that are going to the group as council, we could have a specific point person, perhaps in the mayor's office or whatever, or our office, that just had those so that they can kind of make sure that the appropriate staff person gets looped in on it because a lot of times we're left out of the loop until later down the line because we're not copied in on those council group emails. - Yeah, and that's what I was going to suggest actually. I mean I think that they should go through the mayor's office. I mean I understand that you get a copy of them as being a member of council. But it's still important to have that point person. Each individual councilor can still email everyone back what they think their thoughts on the matter are. But we still need to have one point person. So if that can be the mayor's office, that would be great. - Yeah, absolutely. - Mr. Mayor, so what we could do is if it was a matter of a group email that was identified through the mayor's office and they knew it was Mr. Holman's department, an email would go out and say Mr. Holman's department is the lead on the issue. So then you would know right off the bat who the lead person is. - Councilor Strange. - Hi Mr. Mayor, I just want a quick reminder of our big event Friday, KO Childhood Boxing, the boxing charity event that's happening this Friday, we've been training with all the boxers the last three four months, myself, Billy Warren, and Matt Irwin, brother Mike Irwin, so everyone's been kind of stepping up, training hard for it. No one's really ever boxed before and we got a great committee, Wayne Thomson, Kim Lossi, we're all working hard trying to sell tables, sponsorships, whatever, and it's for two great causes and that is the Childhood cancer research and Ronald McDonald Charity, which is just not come cause. So we're all sold out in tables and we're having stand up tickets that are actually, so there are no seats but you get to stand up near the bar of course. And they're going to be on sale that night, which is a Friday at the Scotiabank Centre. Boxing matches start at 7:30. So I just want to thank Wayne and everyone on the committee, they've just been doing an incredible job to have us sell out at the venue at the convention centre. All these boxers are really, really nervous so they're going to have a great production, great entourages as they come in to the boxing room. I know Pat Kelly Sr.'s going to come out and kind of return, be one of the coaches in the corner. We have a couple firefighters boxing each other, we have Councilor Pietrangelo's wife stepping up. We have a couple girls from Scotiabank Centre, in particular Carissa Anne Samise who's lost 36 pounds in the last three months just by doing this. So it's really truly amazing, they're really taking the stuff serious. So we'd love for everyone to come out and support the cause. So, thank you. - Any other new business? - [Morocco] Just a question. I just want to say thank you very much for including this on time in our-- - That was from Sylvia Summerville She was here at council last time. - Motion for adjournment. Councilor Strange, seconded by Councilor Morocco. All those in favor, thank you. We're adjourned.

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