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(people chatting) - Welcome, everybody, to tonight's council meeting, of Tuesday, November the 28th. We just came from our in camera meeting and now we're going to start off our meeting. So let me just, so the first order of business, we generally our meeting off with someone singing O Canada, our national anthem, and we had a last-minute request. And we were able to get her at the last minute, Samantha Antonio. So Samantha, can you step up to the mic? And then I'm going to introduce you, Samantha. Is the little red light on the button? - They are. - They are? Okay, they are. - Sure. So Samantha, thank you for making yourself available at the last minute. We had a last minute cancellation, and she stepped up with little to no notice. She's a vocal music teacher at Niagara Institute of Music, right here on Queen Street, working with Rick Rose. And she started out as a student at the Niagara Institute of Music & Art when she was five years old. And now, she is a teacher and she teaches all the other students. Samantha studies drama at Brock University and she's been singing her entire life. So Samantha, whenever you're ready. - Okay. - And as a little bit of backup, Wayne Campbell will do back up, okay? So yeah. - Perfect. (laughs) ♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ Our home and native land ♪ ♪ True patriot love ♪ ♪ In all thy sons command ♪ ♪ With glowing hearts we see thee rise ♪ ♪ The True North strong and free ♪ ♪ From far and wide ♪ ♪ O Canada, we stand ♪ ♪ On guard for thee ♪ ♪ God keep our land ♪ ♪ Glorious and free ♪ ♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ We stand on guard for thee ♪ ♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ We stand on guard for thee ♪ (crowd clapping) (person cheering) - Samantha, that was terrific. Well done. - Thank you. (laughs) - Especially, thank you for coming on such short notice. - No problem. - All right, well done. Thank you, thank you. - Thank you. - Well done. - I didn't find anything wrong with it. (Jim laughing) (people chatting) - Okay, one second here. One second here, guys. Okay, first order of business is the adoption of the minutes from our meeting on October the 24th. - So motioned. - Okay, a move by Councillor Morocco, oh (laughs), how about I slide over, how's that? - Thank you very much. - Moved by Councillor Morocco, seconded, did I get a second by Councillor Kerrio? - I had my hand up. - Oh you did, Councillor Kerrio, I'm sorry, Craitor-- - Craitor. - Okay, sorry. It's kind of hard, when I sit here, Kerrio's blocked out, when I sit here, it's the other way around. - Put the tree in front of Kerrio. - (laughs) So if there's no questions or comments from the agenda, I'm sorry, from the minutes, of October 24th, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay, and that's, is that unanimous, clerk? I can't see that. - Some people would say you can't see the forest for the trees, Jim. (Jim laughing) - Oh, can't see the forest for the trees, that was good. That's our comedian, we got a singer and our comedian up here tonight, that's great. Disclosures of a pecuniary interest from council. Do we have any disclosures? Councillor Thomson and then Kerrio. - Yes, I have a conflict with CAO-2017-07, transient accommodation tax. - Thank you for that, Councillor, Councillor Kerrio? - I have the same one as Councillor Thomson, and additionally, L2017-29, the permit holds a clear surplus north of Weaver Road, my daughter lives adjacent to that property. - [Jim] Okay, thank you for that. Councillor Pietrangelo. - Thank you, Your Worship. An in camera report L-2017-26, dealing with the Niagara Catholic District School Board, my employer. And also, along the same lines, TS-2017-36. The Booth Street parking. Generally, I wouldn't for a kiss and ride, but this one talks about city transportation staff redesigning the school's parking facilities. And obviously, money will have to be spent. So I'll declare a conflict on both. - Okay, thank you. Councillor Craitor. - Thank you, Your Worship, conflict with the in camera matter, report number L-2017-26, a member of my family is employed by the Niagara Catholic District School Board. And that dealt with the board. Under municipal accounts, I have two checks that I want to declare a conflict with, 409118 and 41000, both payable to myself. And finally, under report, TS-2017-36, same conflict as explained by Councillor Pietrangelo as well, thank you. - Okay, thank you for that, Councillor. Any other conflicts of Council? Okay, and I will declare my own. Check number 409730, that's a check made out to myself. Okay, so we've got them all covered? All right, so next order of business, I'd like to call to the inner horseshoe, Frank LaPenna. Frank LaPenna, is he here? Oh, there he is, come join me, Frank. - [Man] As opposed to the outer horseshoe? - Yeah. (laughs) Can you tell? (crowd laughing) - [Man] He has no idea. (man drowned out by laughter) - That's what we got here. Well, actually, if we're delayed, we just sit there and look at it. (people laughing) So here's what we're doing for Frank. We've got this beautiful framed print, from all of council, on behalf your BIAs and all of your involvement. I'm going to present this to you and I'm going to read a little bit of a bio on why we're doing all this. Why do you think you were here, anyway? - I'm there to support him, he said. (crowd laughing) - All right, so Frank LaPenna, for most of you folks and all the folks at home, and through our wifi, through our live streaming, we'll have multiple countries, people watching you right now in Mexico, India, Italy. People all over the world are watching you right now. They want to know why is Frank LaPenna in the inner horseshoe? - (laughs) Tell me. - All right, I'm going to tell you. Well, since you ask, Frank is one of the key founding members of the Victoria Centre BIA. Along with some councillors here, I know Councillor Kerrio, Councillor Thomson, are also longtime members. Frank has been there since 1996. Yeah, I wasn't even born at that time, actually, when he started. He helped Vince Farrell and Sue Mingle to make it an official BIA in 1998. For those of you who don't know, BIA stands for Business Improvement Area. We have them through the community. And it's the BIAs that kind of are the stewards of the area. And they take a portion of their taxes, and they make sure that it's done up in a nice way, with nice, maybe, it could be benches, flowers, it could be all sort of marketing of the area. All sorts of things, there are watchdogs to make sure that things are done right. Frank was a major supporter of what the BIA stood for, helping to market and promote its commercial success, ensuring beautification of the area, so that it was appealing to the visitors in the area. Since his first success in his teens, with Napoli Pizzeria, Frank continued with projects like the Plantation nightclub. Anybody remember when the Plantation? The Plant, we used to call it the plant, yeah. The original glow in the dark mini putt, and many various construction projects. But perhaps he's most recognized for Nightmares Fear Factory. And we know there's been, how many have chickened out? - I think we're at like 150,000. - 150,000 people chickened out. It boasts being the oldest haunted house in North America in continuous operation. And yes, it's so scary that it even has its own Wikipedia page. Frank is committed, he's a hard-working community partner and he was instrumental in seeing Casino Niagara designated as a permanent site. He worked very closely with those politically, and those in economic development. And his fellow members of the BIAs and business community, to work with MPP to make sure that, the original plan was to shut down Casino Niagara. Through their diligence, they kept it up, they kept it running, and to this day, it's very successful. He was very involved in the redevelopment of Clifton Hill and the Center Street intersection and promenade. You guys remember there used to be train tracks going across there? It used be a a great big hump, blind spots, and now people don't realize how much better, how much safer, how much nicer it is. And he's one of the three founding board members of the Scotiabank Convention Centre. Which today, helps us so successfully fill in one of the missing pieces of the puzzle in the shoulder season. Which helps Niagara Falls become more of a year-round destination. He spent a number of years as chair of the Victoria Centre BIA, and he recently resigned his chair, and a member of the board. So we're sad to see you go, but today, we're not celebrating that, Frank, we're celebrating all of your accomplishments and your leadership in the city. And on behalf of the city council and the BIA, we're acknowledging your many years of dedicate service and we wish him well in all of his future endeavors. How about together, give me a hand. (crowd clapping) (speakers drowned out by applause) No, Frank's going to, we're going to do a picture here. Okay, smile, smile. He's speechless. (people laughing) So Frank, why do you don't just share with, yeah, you guys get comfortable, sit down. He didn't lie, he doesn't really care about this, and this is the kind of guy he is, he doesn't do it for this. And that's why all of your good friends dragged you out here today. But Frank, maybe you can just say a few words. - I'd much rather be behind the scenes. (people laughing) When I see my wife walked in behind me. (Frank drowned out by laughter) I'd just stroll on out of here, I thought. Anyways, thank you so much. And thank you, everybody, that's helped along the way. And I don't know. (laughs) (crowd laughing) - Great speech. - I was just blown away. I'm just shocked. - Well, that's awesome. Well, a big hand, thank you so much. (speakers drowned out by applause) Councillor Kerrio. - Just a quick comment, Your Worship, having sat with Frank on the BI for many, many years. Frank's a tireless worker and anytime a tough job came along, we always call on Frank. And he never said no. I don't know if anybody knows how you get to become a chairman of the BIA, but when the BIA first got formed, Frank left the room and the rest of us voted, (crowd laughing) for Frank to become the chairman of the BIA. Nobody wanted to do it, because it's a difficult job. And every time we needed a chairman, it would be a difficult position to fill, because it was so much work. And it's really a thankless position. Thank you, Frank, on behalf of the council, and all the business people, all your friends. You did a great job for us, we're going to miss you. (crowd clapping) - Councillor Thomson. - Yeah, I also want to echo our thanks and appreciation to Frank. We've worked together for how many years now, and you've always been there, with rational decisions and the chairmanship of the BIA was second to none. I think you did a great job. You've been an asset from economic development through the businesses that you've brought on board over the years, particularly the ones that you operate now. But I think the one we're really most appreciative is the purchase of the property on Brookfield. (crowd laughing) To really get rid of the aggravation that we'll be having. - [Frank] Happy to help. - Anyway, congratulations and good luck. I'm sure you're going to be back anyway. (crowd laughing) (crowd clapping) (people chatting) - That was a little bit of a surprise. He didn't see that coming. - He was really shocked. - Yeah. (laughs) Well, when I called his name, he didn't get up. He just kept wondering what he waiting for. (man speaking off microphone) (people chuckling) Okay, next up. - Shows you how well Tim Parker can lie. - (laughs) Yeah. Item 5.2, trees on private property. Andrea Giacometti, Andrea's here. Okay, hi, Andrea, if you want to step up to microphone. We've got approximately five minutes, because we've got a full night tonight. So, council, Andrea's here to address and share with you her concerns about trees and leaves. - All right, thank you. Good evening, Mr. Mayor Jim Diodati, Members of Council and all the members of our community who are here with us today. My name is Andrea Giacometti and I was born and raised in Niagara Falls, and I have never left. I'm here today to have a conversation with you regarding private trees in our municipality. Now the reason I would bring this topic before you is that it really took me by surprise that homeowners are frequently faced with additional burdens and responsibilities stemming from factors that are wholly outside of their control. I was very surprised to learn that trees you don't own which encroach onto your property, you may be obligated to upkeep, and in some cases, required to do annual maintenance on. This really shocked me, since expectations based on moral and social responsibilities dictate that when you are the owner of something, you are required to take full responsibility for that object. Coming back to the concern of private trees. I want to paint you a picture to highlight some issues faced by homeowners in the municipality. Bill just bought a property that has a maple tree quite close to the property line of his neighbor. Quite a few years later, Bill's tree is increasingly encroaching on the neighboring property, where Ken lives. Branches are overhanging, and even pushing into the fence. Ken now has some obligations, if he doesn't want Bill's tree infringing on his property. Ken is an elderly gentleman with some moderate health issues. Ken doesn't have any trees planted on his property, so Ken doesn't have the tools or the experience for properly and safely trimming Bill's trees from his property. Furthermore, Ken will also have to purchase, at his own expense, compost bags, if he plans to trim Bill's tree, because he is responsible for cleaning the mess resulting from trimming Bill's tree. On top of these issues, Ken doesn't have the knowledge to properly Bill's tree, and is fearful that he might cause potential damage to the tree, for which he could be held financially responsible for. For these reasons, he is obligated to call an arborist at his own expense, to get the job done right, without any further issues. You may think that Bill and Ken's situation is an isolated situation, but it's actually much more commonplace than you think. These types of situations have definitely taken me by surprise. I came here today to ask my City Councillors if we could resolve these situations more easily, through the creation of a new by-law that would more clearly define the responsibilities of tree owners. Rather than resorting to legal or civil outcome and further burdening the legal system, clearly defining the responsibilities of a tree owner would be a direct way to ensure that these situations could easily be resolved for thousands of people who live in the municipality. I do understand that this is a sensitive subject that would take time and energy to properly address. I'm here to ask my City Councillors to develop better clarity in how homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of trees on their property. If changes are implemented properly and efficiently, it would certainly create a more positive atmosphere for the municipality. Thank you very much for your time, and I would be happy to discuss this topic further. - Thank you very much, appreciate you doing that. I've got a question right now from Councillor Thomson. - Well, no I don't have a question. If you've been on council for a little while, the words we've just heard, you know exactly what Andrea's talking about. I think in the last three to four months, I've been called out to houses, mostly seniors that do not have the financial ability, and don't have the strength to be able to go and cut trees that are infringing on their property for a substantial period of time. So this is not something that's insignificant. It's very difficult to deal with and if you talk to the staff, they say, well, it's a legal matter, it's private, it's civil, nothing we can do about it. I'm just wondering if we can refer this to staff to see if there is any municipality that has any unique and ideas with respect to trying to help people in this particular situation. I was at one a month ago, where at the back of the yard, the trees were so big and so huge, that they couldn't have a garden in their backyard, because it was totally covered in shade all the time. So there are some problems with respect to this. And you don't really know what it is, if you're a senior, or if you don't know the ability to trim trees and it's not your fault that they're there. So I think all we can do at this point is refer, have the staff seriously examine the situation. Look at complaints that we've had and see if we can come back, if another municipality has some unique ideas, innovative thinking with respect to this problem. Because it's not insignificant, and to some people, it's a serious problem that they have to deal with on a daily basis. So I would make a motion that we refer, I think that's what we want to do anyway, refer it to staff and see if we can come back with some appropriate answers. - Okay, so I've got a motion by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Campbell. But before we call that vote, we've got a speakers list here. So I've got next up Councillor Craitor and Pietrangelo. - Thank you, Your Worship, I'm going to follow a bit on what Councillor Thomson has said, which he's totally correct. And I would have been happy to second the motion. And I too, the number of calls been going up, about these trees. Now we do have, because our staff has issued these orders, they are allowed to issue orders under property standards, if it's deemed that the tree is unsafe. And I have seen where they've issued the order, because they've gone out and the tree behind the neighbor, that has the concern, is unsafe and it looks like it could fall into their backyard. And the way it works is they're given a notice. They're given a reasonable, the individual who has the remove the tree is given a reasonable period of time, by letter, and that if they don't remove it, then the city will come in, the city will remove it, and the city will charge any costs that we incur to moving it, to putting onto your property taxes. And there have been a couple situations where I've seen that's happened, and just to share with you, I've seen other situations where the individual has removed the tree, but it has to be deemed to be unsafe. And I know which ones you're referring to, as the trees and the amount of leaves, and the branches that hang over, and I've been up to see them as well. And right now, the only explanation we get from our staff, and Councillor Thomson said it correctly, that they're always telling us it's a legal matter between two homeowners and the city has no jurisdiction to go in and issue any kind of an order, except the way I've explained it to you. So referring to staff, I totally agree with. I'm not sure, but if there is a solution, and if it's in other communities, as Councillor Thomson has suggested that it may be. Because it is becoming, he's quite right, it's becoming enormous problems. People with swimming pools, I've been to their homes, where they can't have their pool because it's full of leaves. People where there's leaves all over their backyards and their lawns are ruined because the leaves cover everything and the grass won't grow over the winter or it dies because it's covered in leaves. And then the number of people who have no trees, but are putting out bags and bags of leaves, because they're picking them up, because they all end up in the their yard. So it is become, although it's a great thing to have the trees, there is, I think you're right, there's a sense of responsibility. If you have them, then you should be accountable for them. I have some and we look after them. - And there are by-laws that state about pools and things like that, like there's by-laws saying if you don't have a pool that's being used properly, that you could be ask to either fill it or use it properly. So I do feel maybe there are ways that we could implement new by-laws on trees in general or private trees. I just think it's very, there's not very much on it right now, I think there could be a lot more to implement into the by-laws. - So congratulations for being here and echoing your concerns. - No, I appreciate everybody having me here tonight. - Thank you very much. Councillor Pietrangelo, and then Councillor Kerrio. - Yeah, thank you, Your Worship. I just want to thank Miss Giacometti for coming here tonight. It's not every time that we see a resident that's so passionate about an item, that they come and ask us to change it. And I agree with her. I think that there's a number of by-laws that the city has, and from time to time, they should all be updated. Especially in terms of providing clear language. For anyone who hasn't dealt with a by-law, and I'm sure everyone's been here long enough that we have. The by-law is double fisted in the sense that it says that you're allowed to cut the tree if it comes on your portion of the property, however, you're not allowed to harm the tree in anyway. So you're not allowed to get it to a point where the tree actually dies. But I agree with you in the sense that it's not actually the tree owner who is responsible for the maintenance, once the tree actually leaves their property. So, Your Worship, I was going to make the exact same motion as Councillor Thomson did, in terms of just simply asking other municipalities out there what their by-laws are. And maybe getting one back that kind of is the sum of all the best practices. So thanks again for coming down here. - Thank you very much. - Councillor Kerrio. - Thank you, Your Worship. The other thing that should be mentioned, the timing is appropriate because we're right in the middle of the emerald ash borer disease in our area. And our area is predominantly, there's a predominant number of emerald ash trees. So it could get worse, a lot worse, and the ash trees are dying over the next little while. We'll have no ash trees left in our area. And backyards are full of them, so it looks like a good time to see what we're going to do, how we're going to deal with it, as they're dying, as they're breaking, as they're falling in people yards. I think it's good timing. - And I find more and more people are planting ornamental type trees. - Yes. Because back in the day, right, we put these big trees on boulevards, and they're maybe a little too big for the boulevard, lifting the sidewalks and the sewers and, yeah. Vancouver used to call it a forest tree, you've got a forest tree, it should be a city tree. So if there's no further comments or questions from Council, I've got a motion by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Campbell, that we refer this issue that was brought forth by Andrea to our staff to come back with a report on best practices that are being observed in other municipalities and bring that back to Council and we could look at it. Okay, so we'll call that vote. All those in favor. Okay, and that's unanimous. So thank you very much for coming out. We'll notify you when that report comes back. - [Andrea] Okay, thank you so much. - Okay, thank you very much, thank you. Okay, next up, we've got Metrolinx report. Erin and Leon are going to be presenting the GO report. - Yes. - So welcome, I noticed you've got Matt here with you, too. Matt Robinson, GQ from the Region. - GQ. (laughs) - Aw, that's just his nickname, I shouldn't have said that, sorry. - (laughs) Well, good evening, Mayor Diodati, Members of Council, city staff, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for having Mertrolinx here tonight. Really appreciate that, sincerely. My name is Leon Stambolich, I'm the director of capital projects for the Lakeshore West corridor. So my responsibility is capitol project delivery across the Lakeshore West corridor for Metrolinx. I'm joined here tonight by Erin Moroz, she's the director of communications and community relations for Metrolinx. So we have a presentation for you today, to give you an update on the GO rail expansion, and we'll get to that in a minute. But first, I'd like Erin to give you a bit of context. - And I've been told to keep the context short, so I will move through this pretty quickly. But if you have questions, please let me know, happy to take them. I think the long and short of it is, and you've probably heard this number before, but we currently in the region lose about $11 billion a year in lost productivity, in terms of gridlock. And what sits on our highways and how difficult it is to move around the region. Leon and I left this afternoon from Union at 2:30, to be here for this evening, I think it's never lost on us when we're traveling around the region for this type of thing, how difficult it is to get out to different communities throughout the region. I think more important than that, we can all agree that there is a quality of life element to that gridlock that's lost when you're sitting in traffic and it's difficult to get around to either to work or to appointments or different activities that you need to get to during the day. We're currently in the middle of, you're probably quite familiar with the broader transit planning for the region. So that is a combined program of both GO expansion, GO rail expansion, as well as LRT program. So the closest LRT being in Hamilton, but we are looking at ensuring that throughout the region, that we're looking at quadrupling of ridership from what we see today by the end of the program, which is '24, '25, in terms of the full build out of infrastructure. We go over just a bit, but also to explain Leon and I being here tonight is, you're probably familiar that at Metrolinx, we have different parts of our team. There's planning and policy, which is working on the regional transportation plan, and you may be involved in some of that thinking. There's the build component, which Leon and myself, and there's the operations. So GO, PRESTO, UP is also part of Metrolinx's mandate. I think the good news is Leon and I are here tonight because we're the build component. So that means that we're past the planning, funding stage. It's been decided that this will be built. And Leon and I are here to talk to you tonight about what some of the build out of the extension of GO rail service into Niagara Region is going to look like and what's it going to take. We first went to Niagara Region Council, and I think we want to recognize the efforts of both the staff that we work with, Mr. Todd and with Matt, I will now call him GQ as well. And that there is a lot of activity happening in the Region, but it's based on a long history. So we were in Lincoln last week, and the introduction of service there was described as really life-changing for some of the residents in that community that haven't previously been able to access transit. So we do appreciate the partnership of both the Region and the municipalities, and Niagara Falls, in terms of moving this great, I would say, transformational program forward. Currently, I use this slide to speak to, we are on a tour of all municipal councils that are under the program. We intend to make this annual, so we would like to come back to you each year and provide an update on where we're at in the program and ensure that you are able to ask us questions directly, in terms of progress and projects, schedules and timelines. I'm currently in front of all 42 municipal councils that we cover and I would like to say that this is my last one, so thank you for that. - Best for last. - Yeah, best for last. We've spoken a bit, but we do like to start by talking about some of the service enhancements that have already been put in place, in terms of the partnership that we've worked with. You'll recognize this bus, it is a wonderful route. And we appreciate the support of the region, in terms of ensuring that the ridership on this, region and municipality in terms of the ridership on this route being the success that it is. I think we run 35, currently, buses today, and the recent stop in Niagara, at Niagara College is really important to the post-secondary students that we serve. So right now, one of our biggest growth markets in the post-secondary market. Being able to go between campuses throughout the greater Toronto-Hamilton-Niagara region, really is something that is much needed and supports the overall transit integration that we're looking for. You'll also see that thanks to a partnership in this past year, I think our COO of Operations, Greg Percy, has been out here and he has said one of the best things that we could to do together to increase the amount of service out here is to focus on, currently, the seasonal GO service and getting those numbers up. A partnership this year resulted in a 21% increase in ridership over the summer season. And that's a very positive sign, and we appreciate the support in making that happen. We've also been working with the region and municipal staff on the secondary planning. I think it's important just to note this, that we are working in partnership, but see these two processes as complementary. Secondary planning and the planning work, just as our planning team in the regional transportation plan needs to continue to move the vision forward. And understand how communities in around our facilities will continue to encourage transit and transit-oriented development. That's related to, but also somewhat separate from the funded capital program that we're working towards, which Leon is going to get into a bit more. Because we are working to deliver right now on a set parameter of project, and a funded pot of money, that we've been told move this forward. So those two things are complementary, but I do want to make the point and happy to take questions that they aren't always on the exact same timeline. And lastly, a hot topic and a wonderful initiative. I did want to just make the point to Council that we're committed to working with Region and municipalities on the Canada Games, and that we have said that when a little bit more is known about venues, in terms of where different things are going to be, that similar to the process that we worked through with Pan Am, we would work with the Region in terms of ensuring that we're doing what we can to support the games. And with that, I will turn it over to Leon to get into the amount of infrastructure and what exactly is required to come out to the region. - Thanks, Erin, so one of the ways to track progress is look at milestones, so this is a listing of some of the milestones that have been achieved to date. To help give you a sense of what's being accomplished along the way. So in May 2015, as you know, was the announcement for expansion to Stoney Creek area, with the new Confederation station. We're targeting service by the end of 2019 there. 2016 in June, was the announcement of the future Confederation station and Niagara Region service starting in 2021, and then to Niagara Falls in 2023. We expect service to arrive in Grimsby by 2021. September 2016, a new Ontario Street stop in Lincoln, for the #12 GO bus route. We understand that was a big news story. April 2017, the additional stop for Niagara College. June, we really started planning and preliminary design before, but that was the initial deep dive. Not only for the rail improvements, but the stations and the labor facilities as well. Spring 2018 is when we expect to have Hamilton Phase 1 complete, which is the Hamilton Junction to the West Harbor Station, those familiar with West Harbor. And in late 2017, this year, we will begin construction on the Confederation station, that's days away at this point. So just to give you an idea. Some other things we've accomplished are the Valley Inn Road embankment widening. There's a pedestrian tunnel that's in the Hamilton Area. Again, the Desjardins Canal Bridge widening, that was a big moment that was complete in 2016. Centennial Parkway bridge, which is right near the future Confederation station, was widened. The Lewis Road layover facility, which will assist with daytime train storage, was complete and operational as of April this year. West Harbor GO Station was in service much sooner than this, but the final platform and additional track to serve that platform will be complete this year. Confederation station, as I mentioned, will start later this year. We have track work and retaining walls that are currently underway and will continue until the end of the year as well. And then the John Street Bridge in the Hamilton area, just beyond West Harbor station is in design. Anticipated construction start will be sometime in the spring of next year. So there's a lot of work underway. In terms of the future, we have station work as well. So two brand new stations, at Confederation and Hamilton-Stoney Creek, that's Centennial Parkway. And the Grimsby station in Casablanca. At Casablanca Boulevard. And then obviously, the two existing VIA stations that would be upgraded for service, for the new service, for Niagara expansion. This is a significant amount of work. It's very difficult to explain that fully, but we're talking about a 60-kilometer railway corridor, CN-owned corridor, so to accomplish this expansion requires approximately 25 kilometers of new track. Not just new track, signals, it's a full signaling upgrade across the corridor. There are level crossings that all have to be upgraded to new standards to accommodate the new tracks and the new service. There are drainage upgrades, things like culvert extensions that connect underground waterways and sewers. Bridge widenings, there's structural work required on a number of bridges to either widen them or expand them or upgrade them for the new service. A new train layover facility in Niagara Falls, brand new, for daytime storage once the service arrives here. And we have to actually expand the existing Lewis Road layover facility that was recently completed. So given the scope and the magnitude and the complexity of this whole program, we are taking a phased approach. So the initial phases that you're seeing and that the accomplishments you're seeing are more in the Hamilton area, Hamilton-Stoney Creek area. And then followed by Grimsby station service and the subsequent phases are really the St. Catharines to Niagara Falls. So I can't underemphasize this enough, or overemphasize it enough, there's a serious amount of work here. I think one of the challenges is that a good proportion of the work that you're seeing unfold now is in this sort of Hamilton area. And to that, I just want to say, it's a linear program. And so in order to get from West Harbor to Niagara Falls, all the work has to be done in between. So work is well underway in that area. And will be continued to be in that area for a period of time. Some examples of what GO stations look like, the new stations. So what you're seeing there is some renderings early for the Confederation GO station. The one on the top right is one where we've integrated the new station into an older site that has more heritage components. The bottom left is sort of a passenger area of the ticket booth, what the modern version looks like. And the bottom right is a canopy over the platform, under our newer standards. Just to give you an idea of what some of these will look like. I want to speak about community engagement, a little bit as well, it's kind of a cornerstone of our project delivery lifecycle. So the community engagement happens at all stages of the program development. So this slide is really meant to show you that it starts at the planning and feasibility stage. It continues on through any environmental assessment program. In our case, the environmental assessment is complete. However, any changes to the program or updates would involve some public consultation and community engagement. During design and procurement, we work with the community to collect input and feedback on what things they'd like to see. And then again, during construction, the focus is on minimizing impacts to the community and the residents. An important point. So this slide's called beginning the conversation. We know that there have been some discussions, secondary plan and Niagara Region meetings that talk about GO expansion. This is really Metrolinx's first opportunity to talk about things like the new stations. So there are four public meeting dates here. Some have already occurred, as you can see by the dates. And the one in Niagara Falls is scheduled for December 6th. In addition, there will be some signs installed in the relevant locations indicating the new infrastructure on the way, so Future Home Of signs for the stations. We really value our partnership with Niagara Region, it's going very well, and city staff as well. And so I wanted to emphasize that we do appreciate that partnership, it's a big part of how we've gotten to where we've gotten. So we have a working group that meets regularly, between Metrolinx and Niagara Region, to discuss progress issues and to coordinate. That's going really well. We're working on finalizing an Agreement-in-Principle between Niagara Region municipalities and Metrolinx to sort out some of the responsibilities and expectations on both sides. Obviously, we support in confirming the funding agreement and commitments between Niagara Region and MTO. The station planning efforts, we'll collaborate with Niagara Region on the important aspects of the stations in the community engagement process. Supporting the new Niagara inter-municipal transit authority. And we work on trying to identify areas where there's an interface between our program and the rail expansion and potentially some work that the municipality or the Region is undertaking that interfaces or is, connects to the rail corridor. Next steps, there are lots, these are just some of them. So Metrolinx is intending on initiating any environmental assessment addenda items in early 2018. So clarifying what was in the old EA, or the EA that's approved, versus what we are undertaking shortly. Start of Confederation station construction, as I mentioned, that's days away. Planning, procurement, design, so we have, as we mentioned, all those things, the Grimsby station, St. Catharines and Niagara Falls VIA stations that need to be upgraded. The layover facilities, the two that I mentioned. And a significant amount of CN corridor work that involves design and construction activities. Those are all underway and will continue for a long period of time. And our targets for initial service are again, the Confederation station, 2019, Grimsby, 2021 and Niagara Falls and St. Catherines would be 2023. There's our contact information, if you want to talk to either myself or Erin, also Manuel as well there. Just open the floor now to any questions. - [Jim] Thank you very much, Leon. Do members of Council? Yes, Councillor Morocco? - Yeah, so I'd just like to say thank you to Erin and Leon. As a representative for our city council, I sit on the regional transportation steering committee. And also the inter-municipal and I'm so excited because this is a great opportunity for us to start looking at how we can move our, not just within our city, but all the cities to get everybody moving. And keep the businesses going. As you pointed out, that lost time is lost production. And we see that so much on the highway, so we're really looking forward to that. We're very excited about the GO train. And as everybody says, why does it take so long? And why is it going to take so long before we get, I think, 2023 was the date. But as you see, all of the things that has to happen to get it here is very time consuming. So I appreciate the fact, I know a lot of residents do ask us those questions. So with you coming here to give us updates, it's greatly appreciated to inform us and to keep us informed as well. So we look forward to working with you, and I know the mayor also is on the inter-municipal and is a regional representative as well. So we're very exciting about working and trying to make sure that we move everyone throughout the city. And I'm very excited about the Niagara College. We were actually just having a conversation earlier about how our buses are so extremely busy within our city, to get the students moving back and forth to both Brock University and Niagara College. But I'm glad to see that there's more GO buses moving our students here. And bringing them here. So hopefully, they'll graduate and open up businesses and keep our city growing. - So thank you very much. Thank you very much, Councillors? So maybe Councillor, do you want to make a motion to receive the presentation tonight, then? - Yes, I would. - Seconded. - So moved by Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Craitor. If there's no further questions or com, oh, yep, Councillor Craitor. - I did have one question. If there was a political decision by whoever is in government then, to move this up, you said a 2023, to move it up to, say, 2020, is that feasible? Now since I really appreciate this, as Councillor Morocco was saying, and get a better understanding of all the things that are involved. Is something like that feasible, if a government just says we decided we want to move it up? All those timelines and all those EAs and all those studies that you have to do? Could they prevent that from happening? - I'll take this question, just because you started with political, but I would respond to that by saying this is an ambitious program, there's no doubt. I think the answer to that is we would have to honestly look at and see if anything in here could be condensed in some ways, if we were asked to do so. But this already, in terms of a timeline, for this amount of infrastructure, is very ambitious. We're an agency, we're required to look if asked. But I think at this point in time, we're pretty comfortable to say, this is already going maximum speed, in terms of real infrastructure. - Thank you, I think what it shows, Your Worship, is that the accomplishment, that you're able, with the Region to get this to go, and I was there and for all the years I tried, I just always sort of hit the brick wall. I'm not being critical of Metrolinx, but the accomplishments of what you're able to achieve to get it to 2023. Because it is true, out in the community, the feeling is, well, how come it's so far down the road? Why can't it just, why does Grimsby get it first? What happened to Niagara Falls? Now you start to understand all the things that are involved in getting it, to get approved to down here. So it's really beneficial to take the time, I hope the public does, watching you, gets a better understanding of why we can't have it, literally, tomorrow, and that's what people wanted, tomorrow. So congratulations. - And later on, and thank you for that Councillor. Later on the in the agenda, you're going to see Council, there's going to be a part on expanding our inter-municipal transit and taking it to the next level. So it's going to time in perfectly to tee up with the GO train that's coming into the region. Because it's really going to transform the region, where you'll be able to get to work anywhere in the Golden Horseshoe, without having a car. And without being at the mercy of the weather, or congestion, or construction, or whatever the challenges are. Because at one time, I remember my dad commuted every day for 30 years, it was an hour and 15 minutes, right downtown Toronto. And today, good luck doing it in an hour and 15. Because you think you can go at night time to avoid everything, well, that's when they do the construction. So it's hard to really plan, so you have to leave yourself hours extra just in case. So this is going to be terrific, and you're right, Councillors, there's a lot of moving parts. It's not just as simple as just put another train on the track and let's get going, there's a lot of moving parts. So thank you very much. I will call that vote now, a move by Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Craitor, that we receive the report tonight, the presentation. All those in favor? Okay, so that's received and thank you very much for your time. - Thank you for your time. - Hope your ride back's quicker. - Yes, thanks. - Take care. - Thank you. And our last presentation is Honk Mobile. And tonight, I understand we've got either Kacey Siskind or Michael Back that'll be presenting here to Council. - Hi, I'm Kacey. - Hello, welcome. You're Kacey, okay. - Although, I feel like I was here to celebrate Frank. Like I was so happy for Frank. (laughs) - (laughs) Isn't that a great story? - So I know I don't have a ton of time. I can get online and show you online what Honk is, or I can just explain it, and it might be faster. - Yeah, why don't we ask Karl, our director of transportation what that means? - So Council, through the mayor, in September, Council approved an RFP and Honk was the successful bidder on cellular payments at pay and display machines and parking meters. So what they're going to do is demonstrate how that's done and then moving forward, we'll begin to start introducing that in December. Just to let you know, I think, there's many communities that have Honk. It's used throughout North America. It's in St. Catharines, Toronto, London, and various others. So there's about 150 locations. And it'll make it easier for, whether you're a resident, tourist or whatever, to get on and, you're at a restaurant and the meter's running down and it gives you that information as well. And you can add more time without having to worry about getting a ticket. That's what Honk is about. - Great. - Yeah, so I'm going to show you the web version, but generally speaking, most people will use it on their phones, because it's a mobile application. But you can definitely also buy parking from any other source, so if you have an iPad or a different phones. So basically what you do is you would already be logged in. I won't go through the signup process, just because it'll take more time. But we ask you for your email address, your license plate, and then your payment information. So it's pretty straightforward, it does not take very long to set up. - Now when you say payment information, like your credit card or your PayPal? - Yep, PayPal, credit card and Masterpass, so that's similar to PayPal, and Apple Pay. All those work through Honk. (keyboard tapping) All right, okay. So as you can see, we have these locations. So we do this through geolocation. So wherever you are in the city, there'll be zones. This is all just information that we've inputted for the purpose of today. But these will all be, so you would pull up to your zone, the app would geolocate you. But you can also just manually enter the zone ID. So you can see here Zone 4507, that's the closest zone to where we are now. And you can do Book Now. You can also, so on your phone, it'll mostly come up with these little guys over here. You can see it's sort of clustered together. But you click on Book Now and you can choose how you want this to be. So you can here, it's first come, first serve. Book Your Spot or Choose Your Rate. So we automatically do a two-hour time slot, but you can change that at any time. And you can also choose your rate. So we exit before, or we can go down here and choose our rates, one hour, half an hour. We kind of give you all the, and you guys, you'll be able to set the parameters on this. So we take the information that you give us, we put it into the system and it's really convenient. You no longer have to go to the machine, you can just easily pull out your phone. You can pay for parking from within your car. It's really good for safety at night time, for during the day, during snow storms, rain storms, it's just an easy thing to do. If you're out for lunch and you're time is running over, you can re-up from wherever you are. Let's book an hour. So I have all my information here, my plate information. I can add as many license plates as I'd like, so I have my husband's car, or a friend's, or a rental, my car, whatever it may be. Payment methods, as I said, there's numerous payment methods that you can add in. This is going to give you your start time and your end time, because I chose an hour. The parking, there's a small service fee that's added. So again, you do have machines here so you can choose whether you want to use Honk or not. Convenience, we find, most people don't seem to mind paying a small convenience fee for the service. We do promo codes sometimes. So a lot of times, if they're starting out, we want people to use Honk, we want to get you on the system. We'll say like, oh, here's a dollar off parking today. Or sometimes, some municipalities at Christmas, they like to offer special half an hour free based things for participating for, we work with the BIAs, speaking of Frank. (laughs) So we get the BIAs involved and we get them wanting to participate in the systems to get people coming into downtown and to different areas to make purchases. So we can do promo codes for them, they can buy promo codes from us. It's as simple and pay and park. We're going to ask again for your license plate, because obviously, this is all run through license plate recognition system. So we have to have the correct license plate in order for it to work. It tells me when it's going to go through. And there you go, I've paid for parking, it's as simple as that. So it's fairly basic, we'll have it up and running really quickly. I'm sure it'll be a great system for you guys, the city will love it and for tourism, for everything. - [Jim] So a couple questions for you. I guess there's no piece of paper necessary now, right? - Nothing, nothing. - To put on your dash. It saw your license plate. The other question, and so obviously if you're in the restaurant, you don't have to, and say you're running out, will it give you a notification that your time is running out? - It does, it sends a text message. Or in-app notifications as well. I think we started to do some in-app stuff, but mostly we send a text message to you. - And can you also put messages on there, if we ever had a special, let's say it's New Year's Eve, and we're telling people, best to exit, go left on Stanley, or whatever the case is, could you do things like that? - Absolutely, the other thing I didn't show you is, here's directions. So we also provide directions to the location. So this is sort of after the fact, but if I click on there, it'll take me right to Google Maps and it'll give me directions. Because sometimes parking lots, for example, have an address that's like King Street, but actually you pull into the parking lot on Wellington, type of thing. So we can provide directions, we do notifications from within, so we can provide an in-app, like, hey, this particular parking lot is closed today, somebody's rented it out for a movie. Or exactly what you're saying, it's New Year's Eve, this is going to be super busy, park around this area instead. Down the line, we've talked a lot about maybe doing some dynamic pricing and there's some exciting things you can do this, in terms of revenue generation and just allowing us to help you from a technology standpoint to make your parking a little easier for everybody. - Dynamic pricing responding to supply and demand kind of thing, yeah. - Yes, yes, that's right. - Excellent idea, so do we have any questions of Council for Kacey? Okay, I guess we have none, I guess that was bang on. So thank you very much. Motion to proceed, Councillor Campbell? - Make that motion. - Motion to receive the report, second by Councillor Thomson. All those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous, thank you very much. - Okay, thanks so much. - Okay, buh-bye. Okay, next item on the agenda is reports. F-21017-24, this is our financial reports. And I'll ask Mr. Harrison, without a name tag, if he will lead us in this part of the presentation. - Yes, Mr. Mayor, thank you very much. Our annual financial statements are here for Council's approval. They're in draft form until such time that the Council approves the audit for the financial statements, that we have a clean audit opinion. The statements are there, and our auditor, Mark Pulambi of Crawford, Smith & Swallow is here for any questions. - Okay, Council, you had the financial statements in your possession, do we have any questions for Mr. Palumbi? Okay, I guess we don't have any questions. So are we looking for a motion to receive? - Yeah, we have a motion to approve the financial statements as drafted and then it'll be finalized. - Okay, we've got a motion by Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Thomson. Did you want to speak to it, Councillor? - This looks identical to last year, this first page, is that the same letter they send out every year? Or is that? (chuckles) if there's no further probing questions, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved unanimously. Thank you very much, Mr. Todd, thank you, Mr. Palumbi. We're good to go, thanks for being here. Okay, next item is TS-2017-36, Booth Street parking review post implementation. And everybody get your chance to call up the report. It's for the information of Council. I understand we've got a request. Yes, Mr. Dren. - Thank you, Mr. Mayor. If I could give a bit of a lead in, I know there's some people that want to speak. And just to bring Council up to date on a summary of the report. So the information report that's here tonight is a followup to the school time parking restrictions that we implemented along Booth in August. The restrictions were put in place as a result of unsafe interactions between schoolchildren and vehicles, and are similar to the restrictions that we have in other schools like Loretto, Kate Durdan, and Orchard Park, where we've had to do the same thing. The school has a kiss and ride program on the property and they're responsible to maintain that and make sure it's working properly. And as a result of the fact that the school has acknowledged that they need improvement on the property with the kiss and ride and parking and so forth, some parents have migrated to the surrounding streets instead of utilizing the kiss and ride, due to the length of time it takes to drop off kids and the lack, the fact that there's some parking issues. And so the school has acknowledged that they are committed to improve the kiss and ride area and the parking areas on the school property. And in the report, I think you'll see on page two of the report, they've also instituted some short-term improvements right now, because it's limited, unless you reconstruct. And that they're programming in long-term improvements for summer 2018 and again, subject to school budget approvals to improve the kiss and ride and the construction of the additional parking spaces. Thank you. - All right, thank you for that, so I understand that we've got a few people here, so Robert Hird, Robert Hird, has asked to speak and address Council. And as well, I know I see here Giuliana Procopio and Luisa Carbonara have also, are they here as well? (man speaking off mic) Okay. - Do you want to go first, okay. - Good evening, Mayor Diodati and City Council. I'm going to start just by going over what's happened over the past little while. - [Jim] Are you Luisa? - I'm Luisa. - Okay. Guiliana couldn't be here this evening. I'm going to start by going over what happened in June. We received an email from the school, letting us know that we had a week's time to get some emails over to City Council to address our concern that Booth Street would no longer be a place where we could pick up our kids. Cardinal Newman School had a kiss and ride in effect. We have 550 students at Cardinal Newman School. And I use Booth Street to pick up my three children. And I use Booth Street and we had a week's, to send our email and I wrote a letter to Council. And our letters never reach, they reached Council, and our letters never reached in time to the August 22nd, when City Council passed the no parking on Booth Street. Our school parking lot has 44 parking spots, but we have 42 teachers. Our pickup and drop off, when we pick up our children, on the Booth Street side, the Cardinal Newman property has a safety concern. That's why we have utilized the Booth Street entrance. Orchard Grove now has become the new pickup spot, there's signs that if we pick up our students on Booth Street, we will be given a $50 ticket, between the hours of 8:30 in the morning to, I believe it's nine, nine o'clock or 2:30 to four o'clock. Now, Orchard Grove is now become the new safety, in my opinion, safety concern. Because children are, the safety issues that were happening on Booth Street are now happening on Orchard Grove. - Can I ask you, on Orchard Grove, is it anywhere in particular on Orchard Grove? - It's the whole street. - Okay. - Mr. Dren, did you want to, I'm sorry, excuse me. - Oh no, I was just pointing to the clerk to see if he could take that. - Oh that? - That board with the map up. (speakers voices interposing) - We've had some meetings with Mr. Dren. At the station there, and we've been working together with him and with the reports. And he's been very kind with us and we've been looking over the safety concerns. But the safety concerns that we've had on Booth Street, now they've just kind of moved over to Booth Street. - Orchard Grove. - Sorry, Orchard Grove. I apologize for that. In my opinion, Cardinal Newman doesn't have a kiss and ride program. They've staggered now the buses. They start at three o'clock instead of 3:09. Because there's an issue with the education program. We have to have a certain number of hours in a day. So they, the buses now come a little earlier, at three o'clock, so it's a little bit staggered. But still, there are issues with the kiss and ride. They've added a bus loading zone. So they've added some yellow places for the buses to come, but it's still very busy in the front, which is why we use the back street, Booth Street. As the winter weather approaches, it hasn't happened yet, but in the last few years, you will notice that it's slippery, there's been cars that were hit by buses, a lot of other issues in the front, which is another reason why we use the Booth Street entrance. Some resolutions that the city has promised us, when talking to Mr. Dren, that the sidewalks will be plowed for us. Another, Mr. Thomson and us have discussed a possible crossing guard, might help us with the resolution while we're waiting for the school board to, eventually in the September 2018, for more parking spots in the front, to have a kiss and ride program. The reason I personally use the Booth Street entrance, I have been ill, Booth Street provides me with convenient, and I'm using the word convenient, but for me, I don't have to get out of my car, I'm not using a kiss and ride program that does not work. There's 550 students at Cardinal Newman School, a school that wasn't built for 550 students. It's not feasible, the kids get out at 3:09, you're not picking up your kid for, 'til 3:25. Most of us have children in extra curricular, I know we live a busy lifestyle. Maybe that's not a good enough reason, but we have to go, I can't get out my car some days. My older children pick up my six year old son, who comes out, sometimes on Orchard Grove now. My son who's six, tends to run across the street. That's why Mr. Thomson offered maybe a crossing guard might be another solution for now, to help with the safety concerns that are there. Thank you for your time. - Thank you, and do we have any questions? - Oh, sorry. - For our first speaker? Okay, okay, we're good, okay, thank you very much. - Hello, I wanted to thank Mayor Diodati and the members of City Council for letting us speak today. My name is Robert Hird, and I'm a parent of three children, two that currently attend Cardinal Newman school. I'm here to speak about the no-stopping zone on Booth Street. My daughter, Colleen is in grade four, and I have been taking her back and forth for the last six years. Each year, the student population is growing, and the one vehicle entrance off Beaverdams Road is being becoming more and more congested and dangerous. There are many buses and cars competing for very little space. There is no distinct kiss and ride like most schools have, and a little area to drop off and pick up your children. With over 550 students, the time between nine o'clock, times around nine o'clock and three o'clock are very chaotic and a serious accident waiting to happen. Until this past September, there were fewer parents, about two to three dozen, who used the back entrance to the school. There's a walkway leading to Booth Street we used as entrance because it is safer than the Beaverdams entrance. In June, the principal of the Cardinal Newman School was informed that Booth Street would become a no-stopping zone. And this prohibition would not allow a driver to stop, even momentarily, to pick up or discharge members. And this restriction would be strictly enforced. Offenders would not have to be ticketed onsite, they could be sent a $50 ticket in the mail. $50, that's $100 a day, that's $500 a week, that's $20,000 for a school year. That's very extreme. For safely stopping out for a one-minute walk, to take my child into school and get her back in my car. Some of the older children, like Luisa's, would get out of the car, 10 seconds, and the parents would be on their way. Much safer than the chaos of the main entrance. Even somebody stopping to get their mail, that would be a $50 fine, if a senior stopped on Booth Street to get their mail between these times. This is a residential street, not an airport. Not a hospital, where stopping restrictions usually occur. $50 fine seems a little bit much. The problem I have with the new restrictions are the reasons given for it. The memo dated June 14th, 2017, stated the reason for the new changes were then, I quote, to prevent continued damage to the shoulder and grass boulevard. Really, somebody's grass is that important? Is somebody's grass more important than my kid's safety? The problem is, and I think the real reason that we are here, is that there are a few people on Booth Street don't like their grass being ruined and don't like people stopping on their street. This seems like a very difficult, this seems like a very self-centered attitude and very difficult argument to defend. For years now, we've seen city parking attendants out on Booth Street, bothering parents, grandparents, children and basically for anyone stopping on Booth Street. The city would not waste this manpower if someone wasn't complaining again and again. The next given to us parents was the safety before convenience argument. That's a tough one to argue. Safety is more important than convenience, I'll agree with that. But the problem I have with that is the fact that Booth Street is worse than the front entrance, and that seems to be irrelevant. Also the fact that many parents who use Booth Street, now like Luisa, now use the Orchard Grove street. Orchard Grove is the same issues. There's nothing different, they've just been moved over a block. We have the same problems of kids crossing streets, people stopping, basically if it's as safe on Booth Street, it as safe as on Orchard Grave. If safety is the real concern, there are many more streets busier than Booth Street that should be no-stopping zones. Beaverdams is a very, very hectic street. There should be a no-stopping zone there. The school area, you get much more traffic than on Booth. A couple of weeks ago, my family spent time with the Wonder Pass, the WonderFalls Pass, and we spent a lot of time around the Falls. The number of cars that stopped at the Falls, to drop off people, pick up people, stopped at the Falls, got out, took a picture and got back in their car was immense. If ever there was an issue of safety for vehicle stopping, Niagara Parkway would be a better street. But there are no restrictions there, which is unusual. Safety over convenience could be used to argue almost anything. If we could only ban cars and all use Metrolinx, our life would be a lot safer. We parents were given one week to get input into the city and many did. The no-stopping zone was passed by City Council in August without any of us parents being notified this issue was being discussed. Here today, we are allowed to talk, but we were told that there are no changes being considered. In September, the reaction I received from parents ranged from you can't fight City Hall to a feeling of helplessness. We tried, but we couldn't do anything. Now some of us use Orchard Grove. The children still manage safely to cross the road, same as on Booth Street. The only small problem with Orchard Grove is the parking spots are small. Most cars cannot park without being within four feet of somebody's driveway. This is only a $40 fine, so that's an improvement. So basically, instead of a $50 fine, you're only risking a $40 fine. The main problem we have with Orchard Grove is that winter is coming. And people do not shovel the sidewalks, especially before 9:00 a.m. Which means more grandparents and mothers with strollers will have a more difficult time getting their children to school. Other parents are now using the main entrance, so it means that even more cars are put into the chaos. Even if you honestly believe that there is a safety issue, you have not fixed it. You have moved the problem over to the next street. From Booth Street to Orchard Grove. And you have made the Beaverdams entrance more congested. Last Tuesday, a fire alarm went off at 3:00 p.m. in Cardinal Newman. The fire chief parked on Beaverdams Road, because he could not get into the school. Basically the firetruck had difficulties getting into anywhere near the school, because it was so congested with buses and cars. Luckily, two buses were smart enough to stop outside the school, or nobody would have got in, and nobody would have gotten out. This was a very dangerous situation, and this wasn't a fire. What if there was a fire? Where was the safety here? Seriously, the safety of the many must outweigh the grass of a few, especially when it comes to our children. I hope that we can think about removing the no-stopping zone on Booth Street and help alleviate some of the real safety issues that happen at Cardinal Newman, thank you. - Thank you very much, Robert. Are there any questions or comments for Robert? Okay, Councillor Morocco? Did you have a comment? - Not to the gentleman, just in regards to this. - Right, the general, the topic in general. - Yes, first of all, I'm somewhat upset to know that there was no letters that didn't, those letters didn't reach us. We actually went and made a motion to put a no-stopping. First of all, and I apologize. It seems to be, a little bit horrifying to think that there's over 500 children there and everyone's trying to get in and now people are complaining because they can't park. For God's sakes, I think it's the safety of these children that we have to be concerned about. So again, I do understand we put a no-parking, for heaven sake's, that they can't get in. Is there any way that we can possibly work with the school to find another way to try and help these parents get their children? I sure as heck wouldn't want to see some little child in any grade there trying to run across a street to try to get into their family's car, when everybody's trying to lobby or jockey for some parking, for their children. I mean, it must be just chaos. - [Robert] I refuse to use the front entrance. - Just chaos. - I've got too many scratches on my car already. - I think that, I'm sure the rest of my fellow Councillors feel the same way, that we definitely want to make sure that the children are safe and that their parents have accessibility to get them. And also, the buses are getting in and out on time. So what can we do to help these people at the school? - We'll direct that to Mr. Dren. - Thank you, Mr. Mayor. With regards to the notifications, Council did receive all the letters, and I indicated that in the report back in August. They'd received them through emails and there was a mass email out to Council, so they were aware of it. The other thing, too, is that I put in my report, that said, that there are parents that are objecting to this and this is what we have today. In essence, what we've done with Booth Street, we've taken the area where the kids come out of the school, so it's no different than the front of the school, they're coming along the walkway, and now they're dispersing, in between vehicles. And so what we've done, similar to Heikoop, which is Loretto, and latest, Forest View, where we push the cars back. That's all we're doing. We're not taking away their parking, they are pushed back. So observations by myself and my staff, have identified it is safer than it was, because now you don't have the kids running in between the cars, that they've just been released out of school, they have a lot of energy and typically they do that. So we push the cars away. They can park, there's ample parking there, I know people park on Beaver Valley, I know they do that as well, and walk up the street, but until the school can correct it, and it is a school problem. They have to reconstruct the kiss and ride. And the kiss and ride does work. So contrary, it does work, it's just overcrowded. So what we're looking at, is in the meantime, the cars are pushed back, people have to walk. And it means they walk with their children, which to me, is making it safe for them. The other side of it, too, what was mentioned at our meeting was, I didn't, at the meeting, I didn't commit to either snowplowing or a crossing guard, I suggested that it be brought to Council, to say whether they want to do that, as an interim step until the school corrects their problem. And so we're working with the school. The school has indicated they made a bunch of changes right away. And they've indicated that, in fact, we just received request for redesign and all that in our office, to redesign the kiss and ride and parking. And they are working through it. So to say that we've made it less safe, we've made it more safe. And there's example after example after example, where we've pushed the cars and the people, pushed them away from each other, so it's very clear that a child walking down the road, now there's a clear view of that person. And the parents do get out and walk and meet their children. And it just means they have to walk another 50 feet to get to the back of the school. - So, through you, Your Worship, to Karl, it didn't seem to come across that they're feeling safe right now, from the presentation. So let's just cut to the chase, I guess. Where are we then, with the school, and getting this fixed? And also, I'm not sure that I feel comfortable that we're actually giving them a fine, the $50, when there's actually something in place where they're to trying to fix. - To deal with the, like in front of all schools, when we start, we go through a program. And it was identified in the August report. As we go through an education process with the process. So the first couple weeks, our officers are out there, explaining what's happened, what's going on. And that you could get a fine if you do it. Even two weeks after that, we had instances of somebody went cut one of the signs down. A parent was hitting an officer on the hand, there was things that were going on, until they got sort of educated to say, no, you just stay way from that area, that's supposed to be clear. We're making it safe for the children and if you have to walk a little bit extra, you walk a little bit extra. But we're dispersing the kids and not having them run in between cars is what we observed. - That's important, their safety. So sorry, but when are we going to have that improved, is there any timeline for this, sorry, for this school saying that this kiss and ride program is going to be improved to satisfy the 550 children exiting? - So with regards to the kiss and ride, what the school has indicated is that they've programmed it in to their 2018 construction year, which means they're in the process of designing right now. They want to get it constructed in summer, this summer coming up, so that for September, they'll have the new kiss and ride with the changes. - So we have seven months of school where they're still going to have to deal with? - With kiss and rides, even if you look at Loretto. Loretto, which is a huge school, that has this huge, wonderful kiss and ride, a lot of time it's choice by the parents. So the parents are going to Niagara or United Soccer Field, and they're parking there, they're not using the kiss and ride. Then they're going over to Heikoop, and that's what created there, there was a walkway that was similar to this, where the parents were right at the walkway, gathering, and it was creating a bad situation for the kids. And so all we did is just push the traffic away, that's all. That's all we've done. So in this case here, it becomes a choice, right? And so the parent is choosing, I'm not going to sit in line, I'm not going to sit waiting for them, I'm going to go over here and tell my child to meet me out here. And that's what they're doing. - So then what about Booth Street? - Booth Street is, I can't recommend that we put anything back out there, because of what we experienced through this. With the kids cutting through cars, it really was an unsafe situation that you don't want to recreate again. - Okay, so as long as it was focused on the thought that we did what we did for safety, then I'm okay that. - Councillor Thomson. - Well, I'm going to start off by thanking the staff, for their concern with respect to this situation. And how they have been trying to deal with a very serious problem, which is created by 550 kids going to an elementary school. It's unbelievable that the congestion, and the number of children trying to get in and trying to get out. And I've been at the transit building, when we had a meeting with the parents. I listened to all the concerns. I listened to what the staff were saying. I also went to a meeting with Councillor Craitor, at the corner of Orchard Grove and Booth Street, where we stood there and watched at 3:00 or 3:15, the situation, and I honestly believe that there was, in fact, if you read the report today, on the Council Agenda, it tells you exactly what's going on. Our staff have been dealing with the school and putting a great deal of pressure on them and getting a lot of support from the principal to come up with changes. They bought additional land, they're moving ahead with all kinds of changes, with respect to the school property, to accommodate the concerns and the problems. And I think we just have to be a little bit patient, but be certainly conscious of the safety aspect of it. Because that's why the staff have reacted they have. Because the last thing they want out there is some child being hit, running out between cars. So it's going to take a little time. The school board has indicated they're on board. They're going to buy property, they're going to change the whole situation out there to try to improve it. So I think we have to be a little patient and recognize that, really, it's not the city's problem. We have to react to it, but they've created, can you imagine, 550 young kids running into an elementary school, it's unbelievable, it's unheard of. They should take some responsibility for that, but I really think the staff have done an excellent job in responding and meeting and going after the school board. And the other situation is, I think the people here have to be at the school board, to make sure when they're talking about the budget, that the, or realize how serious this is, and that you demand that they get on with what the dialogue have had, with the staff at the city. The other thing is, and I suggested, when I was out there, because of your comments about the snow banks at the corner of Booth and Orchard Grove, that we should have a crossing guard there, during the winter months, because of the snow banks to make sure that nobody has a concern or problem. But I think we all have to realize this is a situation, it isn't going to be snapping the fingers and everything's going to be cleared up. It's going to take some time and I think we all have to work together, pressure on the school board, to do what they're responsible for. And come up with any suggestions or ideas that improve the situation, as far as dropping off and picking up. But the key element, that they've said consistently, from the staff, is the safety. So I think we have to be a little patient. They've tried to react to it as much as they can. But it's not totally our problem. - Yeah, Councillor Morocco? - [Joyce] Would Councillor Thomson like to make the motion to appoint another crossing guard there? - I intend to do that, yes. - Okay. - I was going to ask that, if Mr. Dren-- - I would, as a result of our discussions, I would make sure that the staff know that the Council expects to be, safety, the ultimate, and a crossing guard is going to help that, so I move that. - Is that a motion? - Yeah. - So we got a motion by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Morocco, that we put a crossing guard there as an interim measure until we get things straightened out. Mr. Dren, where would we put that crossing guard, exactly? - [Joyce] Because snow will be here soon. - It would be at Orchard Grove and Booth. So that, from what I observed, it's about a 20-minute window. So their crossing guard would be there to cross kids at the intersection. We did observe, actually, while we were there, some cars, I don't know if they were parents or residents or whatever, that actually just rolled right through the stop sign. So that was the concern, so the kids are crossing, so we'd add a crossing guard there. The other thing was mentioned about the snow removal, because there is a long stretch there, as to whether Council wants to entertain that as well. And that's trough Municipal Works. - I would include that in the motion, because if the Booth Street is plowed, they haven't been plowing sidewalk aspect of it. That would certainly make a big difference. - Okay, so the motion, and you're good with that too, as a seconder? - Yes. - So the motion for Council, moved by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Morocco is that at Cardinal Newman School, we add in a cross guard during the interim, until they redesign the kiss and ride. And secondly, that we add snowplowing to the sidewalks in the areas around the school, to make sure that we've got a safe passage for the kids and the parents. - And I would include the correspondence to the school board, on behalf of the Council, to realize the position we're in, and what we're trying to do and accomplish and want their full support, as we move forward. - Okay, and corresponding with the NCDSBN. Okay, any other questions? Okay, we'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, we've got two conflicts, but that's a unanimous vote. So thank you very much, parents, Luisa and Robert, we appreciate you coming out and we're going to do all that we can on our end, to help make things better as well. - That will help, yes, which is appreciated. Because like I say, basically, the moving things from Booth Street to Orchard Grove just moves things, basically, one to two blocks away. Especially when you're talking with kids as young as four, that there are parents that drop their kids off and let them walk in, I don't, I take my kids in. But like I say, when you've got little kids, the people are still doing the same thing they're doing on Booth Street. They stop, let the kids out, you're talking little kids walking, sometimes a big distance for them, to get into school safely, it's important that there's somebody there. And that, like I say, for mothers and for grandparents, that there is a safe way to walk, instead of trying to walk down the street. Which I've seen people do, so when they do, sidewalk's not done, the street's safer, which is not really safe. - Well, we're on board. And yes, Mr. Dren. - Just one comment, just Council's not aware of this, I send them the information, but there's a publication called Safe Walk to School, and actually Cardinal Newman was on the front cover of this publication, because there's a program that's introduced many times a year, where it's a safe walk to school program and they were one of the leaders. - Okay, great. - Thank you. - Great, well, thank you very much. - Thank you. - Thank you for your time. Okay, we've got one more report. MW-2017-48, we call up Mr. Nick Golia, project manager with our Municipal Works department. He's going to make a brief presentation to Council on the St. John's Marsh Drain project. Welcome, Mr. Golia. - Thank you. Good evening, Your Worship, Member of Council, and ladies and gentlemen of the audience. I am Nick Golia, project manager and appointed drainage superintendent for the city of Niagara Falls. Before you tonight is the engineer's report, prepared by Spriet Associates for a portion of the St. John's Marsh Drain, from Netherby Road to approximately 400 meters north of Willow Road. St. John's Drain was last constructed pursuant to an engineer's report prepared by C.A. Grassie Engineering, dated July 29th, 1848. Even though a small portion of the drain exists in the City of Niagara Falls, it is still the obligation of the municipality to maintain portions of the drain within its boundaries and assess properties within the watershed accordingly. Due to the period of time since the last filed report, a new engineer's report was required. In 2016, Town of Fort Erie, through a Section 78 of the Drainage Act, passed a by-law, for the most southerly portion of the St. John's Marsh drain from Netherby Road south to the Black Creek. Construction is anticipated in 2018. Staff asked that Council adopt the filed engineer's report and give two readings to the provisional by-law. This will initiate appeals process outlined through the Drainage Act, and allows property owners within the watershed, should they wish to appeal on technical assessments and/or legal merits of the proposed engineer's report. The drainage engineer is in attendance tonight, should anyone have any questions for them or myself, thank you. - Okay, thank you, do we have any questions of Council for Mr. Golia? Okay, so what are we looking at, receiving the report, Mr. Clerk? - Yep. Looking for a motion to receive his report. Moved by Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Craitor. If there's no further discussion, we'll call the vote. Yep, oh I'm sorry, Councillor Thomson. - Isn't there somebody who wanted to speak? - Well, if we had any questions, is that what you said, Mr. Golia? - [Nick] Yes, if there's anyone attending. - [Wayne T.] Is Mr. White here? - Is there somebody here to speak, that wants to speak this, you're saying, Councillor? - Yeah. - Yeah. - Is there someone here that wants to address Council? - I believe there is someone here, but it's not Mr. White. It's another property owner, it sounds, Mr. Daniels? Did you wish to speak? - Yeah. - You can come forward, if you'd like to come to the microphone. What are we doing, just receiving these? Are we just receiving these? - Good evening. - Hello, can you state your name and your address please? - My name is Oliverio, Daniel, I live at 5762 Baker Road, in Niagara Falls. And I'm part of this here. And I'd like to know why, that we are doing this drain, and why all the property owners in Niagara Falls are not paying for this drain? - [Man] Who's going to answer these questions? - [Jim] Is that your question? Or is there more? - And why we have to pay twice for this drain? We have to pay to Niagara Falls, and we have to pay to Fort Erie. But we will billed through our taxes in Niagara Falls. Why isn't this money coming out of the budget for Niagara Falls? If there's a drain that is, needs replacing, or is too small in the City of Niagara Falls, do the owners of that property in front of that drain have to pay for it, or the whole town has to pay for it? - Why don't we try to get you some answers. I don't know the answer to that. Mr. Golia, would you be able to help us answer that? - So what the Drainage Act allows for is properties within the watershed of the identified drain, those are what the assessments goal are allocated to. So anyone outside of the watershed wouldn't be paying a portion to the drain itself. To Mr. Daniel's comment about paying to Fort Erie and to Niagara Falls, as I was mentioning, as you work downstream, if there's additional drains that this St. John's, because we're at the top end of the St. John's Marsh Drain, it flows into a St. John's Marsh Drain that's part of Fort Erie, there will be additional costs that get invoiced to the municipality of City of Niagara Falls, and we then distribute it to properties within the watershed, for the City of Niagara Falls. So that's where he's commenting on getting paid, you're not doubling up on a one drain. What it is, is as flow downstream, there could be costs associated with all the drains, all the way down until you get to a sufficient outlet. I hope that answers the question. - Okay, and our CAO is going to add-- - If I could just add to Mr. Golia's comment. So the purpose of the report tonight is that you'll give two readings to a by-law, under the Drainage Act. And what will happen, there's an appeal process that kicks in, so the gentleman speaking tonight can appeal the assessment on his property. It goes to the Court of Revision, which this council approves. Court of Revision looks at those charges that are allocated to the property, and they may make revisions to those charges. Once that's settled at the Court of Revision, we would then bring the third reading of the by-law for final approval to Council. So this gentleman does have the right to go to the Court of Revision, and to object or appeal those charges that he believes are unfair on his property. - Okay, does that help answer your question, Mr. Daniels? - it doesn't answer me why I have to pay twice. - Again, I think what Mr. Daniels is getting at, because, as I mentioned, Fort Erie passed their by-law for their portion of the St. John's Marsh Drain. Once that's constructed, all the costs associated with that portion of the drain get billed to the City of Niagara Falls, we then bill it out to all the residents that are within the watershed. So that's, I think, where he's saying, getting at that's saying, why am I getting billed twice? They're both called St. John's Marsh Drain, one's the north portion, one's the southern portion that's in Fort Erie. - Okay, Councillor Thomson, or I'm sorry, Councillor Pietrangelo wanted to comment. - Just kidding. I was trying to stand up this high. Your Worship, I wanted to address something that Mr. Daniel said, because I thought years ago, when we were dealing with Tea Creek, if my memory serves me correctly, we made a decision at that time not to go according to the Drainage Act, and charge every single property owner that was along that particular portion of drainage. And the reason why we made that decision is because, just as Mr. Daniels had said, in our eyes, it should be viewed as infrastructure. It's like if the sewer goes in front of your house, the city doesn't come to you and say, you need to pay the costs to replace that sewer. That's taken up amongst everyone. In the rural area, if there's ditching that's done, in front of someone's house, we don't go to that homeowner, because generally that water isn't, I guess, originated from that home anyway. It's usually up the road. And I thought that we've already made that decision, when Tea Creek came down here. And if anyone else's memory serves them correct, I remember that the decision was downstairs in Committee Room Two, a long time ago. And we chose to take the funds to do the drainage out of General Purposes. And I think that that's the right course of action, to be honest with you. I mean, I can't help but support what the resident is saying. And I think that on a go-forward basis, that should be the way that we look at doing it. - [Jim] Okay, our CAO's going to weigh in as well. - [Ken] If I may, maybe this source can help, too, but this is a drain I identified already under the Drainage Act, and anybody in the urban boundary, that has municipal services pays an urban service charge in the sense that through their sewer and water rates, they are paying for capital replacement of that. In the rural area, where there aren't those services, there aren't those charges that are in place. So this act, and the Drainage Act gives the ability to apportion those costs across the ratepayers that are in the watershed that are, and that's the theory behind why this kind of urban versus rural is in place. Because others are paying for that through their, in part, by their sewer and water rates that they get charged for services in front of their house. This case is, they don't. - Our solicitor's going to weigh in on it, too. - These types of applications are put into motion by requests from property owners who are on, within the drainage system. The city doesn't, can't contract out of the Drainage Act. If somebody brings one of the things forward, then Mr. Golia has to respond, it's a statutory scheme. It was not Tea Creek, Tea Creek itself actually was assessed out in the fashion described here, after various appeals, but the Councillor Pietrangelo is correct, Mr. Mayor, I speak to Councillor Pietrangelo through yourself, there was two situations of Drainage Act matters that came before the Council, where Council elected to pay them out of the general tax base. Mr. Golia might be able to help, I can't remember the names of the actual drains involved, but there were two, they appeared on the same day. I think it was in around 2007, if I remember right, Councillor Pietrangelo. But there were two where that was done. It just wasn't Tea Creek, Tea Creek was in 2002 or something, but it certainly did happen. That there were two that once Council did. But as far as the situation for Mr. Golia, he's the drainage superintendent, that's a statutory position under the Drainage Act. If an application is made to him to clean out a drain, he has to process it in the way he has that's required by law. But that doesn't mean Council has to necessarily do it as recommended, but he has to bring the recommendation to you. - Thank you, Mr. Beaman. We now have the CAO. - Maybe I'll try to take one more shot at the cost. Because there's two municipal jurisdictions, there's costs of fixing the drain, costs that are being incurred in both municipalities. But how the assessments get allocated is that all the total costs are put together from that project on both sides of the border. And then it's allocated to everybody in the watershed, whether you're on the Fort Erie side, or whether you're on the Niagara Falls side. So there's a portion that's, are allocated based on those total costs that Mr. Golia has identified. so when you go to the Court of Revision, that's where you can argue your portion then, on those costs. If you think that your proportionate share of that drain is too much, that's what the Court of Revision can deal with. - Yep, Mr. Golia. - Just to add to that, property owners within the watershed, where it flows to the outlet wouldn't be paying for upstream property owners within the watershed, because obviously they are following the whole drain itself. So as it works its way down to the sufficient outlet, you are allocated as per you portion of the drains. So people at the upstream pay all the way, unfortunately, all the way down to the sufficient outlet. Okay, Mr. Daniels, does that help clear it up? - What Mr. Todd is saying is you've got a law that was put in place in 1948, okay, and it's about time changes gets made. And it's about time, I don't have anybody backing me up because those people are paying $100, they're not concerned to back me up. But when you're paying a huge amount of money, it makes a difference whether I want to live there or I want to demolish my home. Because this is not right. I am not contributing, I don't have sewers in my home, but I have to put a septic system in. I designed that septic system in. I'm not contributing to water that ditch, that water's coming from upstairs. I have nothing to do with that water. - Well, I guess in this case here, the opportunity's the Court of Revision-- - Yeah, the only thing I can appeal is how much I'm paying. That's all I can appeal. - Councillor Pietrangelo-- - He's right. - Yeah, Your Worship, thanks very much. I never had a chance to respond to stuff. I understand that there is an extra charge for people that are inside the urban service area, as opposed to people that are in the rural area. Mr. Daniels is entirely correct that those people that are in the rural area, they have to put in their own septic system. They also have to put in their own cistern for water. And that's a cost that they bear. So they already pay for their cost of sewage. Perhaps you should just look at it from the standpoint that drainage is a service that the city provides. And we shouldn't hinder the people who actually live in the watershed, it's just a service that we provide. I know where I'm voting on this. I think it should be something that's borne across the entire municipality, Your Worship. - Did you want to bring some kind of a motion forward, Councillor? - I'm happy, but I think I brought the other one forward anyway, so I'd be happy to make the motion. And see what the floor is right now. - So the current recommendation is that City Council adopt the engineer's report, okay. And the second part is that the city gives two-- - I don't mind adopting the engineer's report. - Pardon me? - But I'm sure that in the by-law, it talks about the collection of funds, if I'm not mistaken. But I think that the collection of funds should be spread over the general purposes budget, as opposed to apportioned to each homeowner. So that would be the gist of my motion. - Okay. - We've done it before. And I don't think that we should be turning around right now. - And to that point, the engineer's report should be adopted, but I guess to Councillor Pietrangelo's, if the will of Council to have this cost absorbed, there's no need for the Court of Revision process and the first and second reading of the by-law. Because it really just be a cost that would be absorbed through our capital budget. - [Victor] So it's only recommendation one that needs to go forward? - Recommendation, is that all it would be, then, recommendation one? Mr. Holman, you wanted to comment. - Yes, I just want to point out in the case of Usher's Creek, I think was the other example that Councillor Pietrangelo identified. The drainage engineers identified all the properties that are impacted. That includes municipal road allowances, trunk transmission mains for gas companies, so if you're going to make a recommendation about what we pay for, what the City is going to be responsible, please restrict it to just those private property assessments. Because I think in the other case, the region did have to contribute, the MTO had to contribute. In this particular case, I think one of the large land owners in the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority. So you may just want to stick to those private property contributions that are attached or included in the engineer's assessment schedule. - [Man] That would make sense, we would see that. - [Man] Yeah, that would makes sense. - Do you want to make that motion? - Mr. Mayor, but in that case, we need the by-laws to go forward, because what we would do, is we would basically exempt the private property owners and keep the rest of the charges there. - Yeah, so in other words, Your Worship, then, we'll go forward with recommendations one and two, but two will be (drowned out by coughing) to say that the private property owners will not pay the portion, but the City will pay the portion for them. - Is that all right, I gotcha, hang on. Jack, is that right? - Yep, that's correct. Just one other thing, though, that assessment needs to referred to the capital budget. - [Jim] Okay, Councillor Thomson. - Yeah, this is provincial legislation and I think why wouldn't we go through the process, our Court of Revision, and see what the results are? We're talking about accepting something we don't even know what it is. We don't know how much money is in involved. Why don't we have at least the, Mr. Daniels can come back here and say, I've been to the Court of Revision and this is what they've charged me. Because he's not the only one. I thought Mr. White would be here. I've spent hours on the phone with him, over the past several years, about this same situation. And we don't really know what we're getting into. Go through the process, and then, at the end, come back and say, well, look, this is what they've, and this is what the City is going to be charged. I think the unknown is scary. - [Jim] Okay, thank you for that. I've got Councillor Craitor. - [Kim] Thank you, Your Worship. There was a motion already put on the floor to adopt the report, because I second it. - Is that we had the first one? - Remember that? - Yeah, okay. I'm going to have Mr. Clerk help me. - Am I correct, Mr. Clerk? - Yes. - Okay, so there's already a motion on the floor. When I seconded the motion, I was looking strictly at the report and everything that was, I did not understand, until Councillor Pietrangelo explained how the cost system worked. So I just had a couple questions, and I think Councillor Thomson's quite right, I'm trying to get clear in my mind, if we were to go in the direction that Councillor Pietrangelo is suggesting, that I am leaning towards, what does that mean in dollars and cents? So I can understand this. Like if we just did that and we waived all the costs, what maybe to you, Mr. Golia, what would that mean? - [Jim] Mr. Golia, do you have an idea on that? - [Nick] Through the mayor, one thing just to touch on. If you do make a motion on paying for the assessments, you may just want to make sure that it's for Niagara Falls property owners only, because this does include Fort Erie property owners within the watershed as well. I'm not sure if we're thinking about taking over that portion. But as it sits-- - I apologize, can I just? So you're saying that if we do this, then the people on the Fort Erie side, they're still going to be charged, but they're going to see on our side, that we waived it then, is that what you're saying? - [Nick] And that's what's happened previously with Usher's Creek. - [Man] That's under the town of Fort Erie? - Yeah, it is. - I understand. - [Nick] What would happen is when we go to construction, we would still bill out Town of Fort Erie, and then it's up to them to distribute that between the properties within their watershed. - I interrupted you, sorry. - Oh no, not a problem, I can, just trying to look here in the engineer's report. The engineer actually might, I'll pull up Brandon from Spriet and Associates, he may have that number. To get it a little quicker. So again, we're looking at, it's an estimated construction cost. But I'll turn it over to Brandon from Spriet and Associates. - There's an estimated construction cost of this project, about $76,600. Now it is divided between the two municipalities. There's Fort Erie and Niagara Falls. And in the first part of the report, it will mention how much is divided among each. So the Town of Fort Erie is responsible for approximately 34,200. And Niagara Falls, based on the estimate, is responsible for 40,400. But there are roads assessed, one being Netherby Road, which is the Region. There is a Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority's in there as well, so they're not all your private landowners. But if you go through the report, it's identified who pays what. - And just as a followup, an estimate, if we passed the suggestion that Councillor Pietrangelo is putting forward, what's the cost? If it's just the homeowners, what's the cost? - [Brandon] To just the homeowners? it would take me a little bit to figure that out. - Just a round figure. - Well, it'd be less than 40,000. - That's, okay, so that's just the 40,000 was all homeowners? - No, that's everybody in Niagara Falls, it's the cost of work. - Including the Conservation Authority, regional roads, anything. - So he's asking how much would it be just for the people that are living there? - They don't break it down just-- - Half of that? - Yeah, you can't. - Just ballpark. - [Kim] Since it's going to get referred to our capital budget. - Approximately $45,000. That is the portion of assessment to the lands in Niagara Falls, excluding the roads. - [Kim] So the homeowners are going to paid $45,000? - But, people need to remember that while there's agricultural properties assessed in this, and OMAFRA does provide a 1/3 grant to do the agricultural properties. So if you do look through the report, you can see how the assessing's done. And at the end of it, there is a net assessment page. And it kind of explains which everyone's out of pocket expense is, based on the estimate. And if you look at that, yes, the drain is 76,600, but the out-of-pocket expense to everybody, including the roads, is $58,000. There's approximately $12,300 of grant from OMAFRA on this project, to agricultural lands. - [Kim] Through Your Worship, to Mr. Golia, do we have others coming forward under this? - Yes, we're working on Border's Creek as well, which is a large, that's quite a large drain. So any one in the future, plus there's multiple drains in City of Niagara Falls. - And there's one coming up next week, which is also on this map that you see to the left, which the Younger. - Yes. - Which is the same process. - So I have them all, okay. That's really helpful, thank you, Your Worship. - Thank you, Mr. Beaman. - Councillor, I'm wondering if Councillor Thomson might have the wisest suggestion here, that perhaps that the process can be allowed to go its normal course and then the amount, then the assessments of the private property owners be revisited after that, but it's starts to have to bring those back to you after the revision process has gone through. Councillor Thomson has mentioned Mr. White, who is a property owner in this area. He's already got one of our drainage matters under appeal. He is the primary driver of this, he is the one that has asked the city to do it. It only took him 15 years to get the city to respond properly to what he's asking for. For which, we perhaps, have not distinguished ourselves, but in any event, we're here now, bringing this thing forward. He will, I think, appeal us with enthusiasm, he's already promised to, before we even saw the report, and so I'm suggesting to Council that the less complicated the matter we have going forward to deal with, in the litigation with Mr. White, would be helpful to me, anyway, as your lawyer, and so I would ask if you just let the regular process happen, then we can find out what the individual assessments are, and know exactly what the amounts Council has to address are, and we can bring those back to Councillor Pietrangelo's concerns, which are a matter of he's unsure regarding these about how to be consistent in our treatment of different members of this great city. - Thank you, thank you, Councillor Kerrio. - Thank you, Your Worship, the discussion is going in a direction that I didn't know it was going to go. I live a different drain. If we're going to have a discussion that possibly could benefit me in the future, I'm going to declare a conflict and not debate this, or not vote on it. - Okay, so Councillor, you pointed out earlier, you started off with the motion to receive the report. That was yourself and Councillor Morocco, is that right? - Yes, Your Worship, I'm going to stay with that, because I have to just say that I think we're opening up Pandora's Box here. Because if we actually say that we're going to now take on the cost of this drain on the city, now we have to figure out who owns what and the portion. There's other Drainage Acts that are going to come forward and then we're going to take them all on? I think that's set here because of a reason. And I'm not going to say, but if you wish to live in the country, there's a cost to living in the country. And I don't think as city, that the city wants to pick up any other additional taxes, we all pay enough taxes as it is. So I'm just saying that I think we have to stick with this motion and not open that up, because this is one Drainage Act, as well as many others that will be coming looking for us to do the same thing. So I'm actually going to stick with the report. - Okay, so here's the way I see it right now. We've got a motion that's originally made. I know we've got a second motion here. I didn't realize we had one on the floor already. This debate went on long. So we're going to entertain the first motion, which is the recommendation, which receives the report and allows the city two readings to the by-law provisional, which will allow the appeals process. So here's the way I see it. We're going to vote on this. If it's successful, then Mr. Daniels, through the Court of Revision, you can deal with them. Once you come up with a number, you'll be able to bring that back to this Council, do you understand? - What I understand is what you're saying is that she doesn't want to pay for my drain, but I should pay for hers. - No, no, that's not what she's saying at all, sir. Listen, let me explain, that's not what she said. What they're saying is if you go through the process, and then you go to the Court of Revision, and they come back with a number now, that you're responsible for, now you come back to that Council. Right now, they don't want to vote on a number they don't know. Nobody knows what that number is. So what they're saying is you go through the process, go to the Court of Revision-- - They know the numbers. - No, they don't know the number, until you go to the Court of Revision. So that's what this vote is going to be on. And if that is successful, that's what's going to happen. If it's not, then we're going to have Councillor Pietrangelo's motion. Councillor Pietrangelo. - Your Worship, the recommendation that's on the floor right now is to proceed with what's in the report, which simply says to adopt the engineer's report and then to adopt the two by-laws. The two by-laws say that every landowner that lives in the watershed be charged their portion. I won't support that motion, because I would rather see a motion put forward where we're more fair to the property owners. If this motion does get defeated, then we can pass what Mr. Beaman has suggested, which is simply to pass the engineer's report, pass the two by-laws, but hold off on charging the property owners until we know the exact amount. And then we can make a decision at that time. So I'll vote against this motion now, because I don't think it's fair to be charging every homeowner that's on the watershed. - Okay, thank you, Mr. Beaman. - I just want to, that in the circumstances, we won't know the amounts until the appeals are dealt with. That's the whole gist of why-- - [Man] We know the amount right now-- (speakers voices interposing) - There will inevitably be at least one appeal. I guarantee Mr. White will appeal these by-laws. - Okay, so does everybody understand what we're voting on, with the exception of Councillor Kerrio? - Okay, we're voting on the recommendations, the two that are in the Council report. And if that passes, then Mr. Daniels can go to the Court of Revision and once he has his dollar amount, you can come back here to this council. - [Oliverio] We know the dollar amount, Your Honor. - Okay, we're going to call a vote, then. Okay, all those in favor. Okay, that's one, two, three, four. Opposed, and two opposed, so that passes. So the next steps now, Mr. Daniels, is when you go to the Court of Revisions, they give you a dollar amount, you can come back here to us and then we can deal with that amount. Okay, so thank you very much to the engineers, Mr. Golia, thank you for being out here, and Mr. Daniels as well, thank you. And you got the sheet ready? - Yep. - Okay. (people chatting) There's more seats here folks, up at the front, if anyone's looking for chairs, you can come on in, you don't need to stand. All right, we're now onto the planning portion of our agenda tonight, so I would now ask our City Clerk to first, if you would introduce the next item on the agenda. - A public meeting is now being convened to consider a proposed amendment to the city's Zoning By-law to permit the existing single detached dwelling at 6410 Orchard Avenue to be converted into a duplex dwelling. Notice was given by First Class mail, in accordance with the Planning Act, and by posting a sign on the property in question, on Friday, October 27th, 2017. Anyone who wants notice of the passage of the Zoning By-law amendment, to participate in any site plan process, if applicable, or preserve their opportunity to appeal to interior municipal board, shall leave their name on the sign-in sheets outside the Council chamber. - Thank you, Mr. Clerk. I now ask our director of planning, Mr. Herlovitch, to explain the purpose and the reason for the proposed by-law amendment. - Thank you, Your Worship, the property is on the east side of Orchard Avenue, excuse me, adjacent to Hyrdo Corridor, and it's just south of Murray Street, in the city. It's currently occupied by a single detached dwelling. There are single detached dwellings in the area, as well as a low-rise apartment building. The applicant is requesting that the property be rezoned from an R1 zone to an R2 zone, to allow the property to be used as two dwelling units. He's proposing that there be two parking spaces, so basically, widening the driveway to a double width, to allow for two parking spaces for that unit. There will be no changes in the exterior of the building. In order to meet the zoning requirements, they're looking for a reduction of frontage from 18 meters to 15 meters and a reduction in lot area to 887 square meters. This is picture of the house in question, in fact. The owner has already poured the driveway, which is within the by-law limits. So that white van is sitting on the second pad of this house, in the event that this zoning goes through. So right now, the property is zoned R1E, they wish to have the property zoned R2 for a duplex. They have one unit on the ground floor and one unit on the second floor. There was a neighborhood open house in October, no neighbors attended at that time. The planning, provincial policy statements, rather, encourage that the city accommodate 40% of its residential growth in the built-up areas. Proposed development would actually meet some of those targets set by the province for intensification in the city. The official plan designates the lands as residential. It does permit semi-detached and duplex dwellings. And up to 40 units per hectare. This proposal would have a density of 23 units per hectare. Therefore, it would meed the density requirements of the official plan. The neighborhood already contains a mix of housing types, although predominantly single detached. But also duplex and apartment buildings. The conversion would occur within the existing dwelling, and therefore the existing character of the neighborhood, the surrounding dwellings, would be retained. The proposed zoning, as I said, they're going from an R1E zone to a R2 zone. They require a modification of the lot frontage to go from 18 meters down to 15 meters. So from 60 feet to 50 feet. And then so in addition to the lesser lot frontage, they're looking for a reduction in lot area, as well. We're recommending the approval of this application, because it does comply with provincial growth plan, and the provincial policy statements. It conforms with the official plan. The conversion of a single family to a duplex is unlikely to have any measurable effect. And the R2 zone will provide appropriate setback and regulations for that duplex dwelling. Therefore, we're recommending that Council approve the Zoning By-Law amendment before you tonight, to rezone this property to an R2, and to permit the exist dwelling to be converted to a duplex dwelling. Those are the highlights. - Thank you, Mr. Herlovitch. Do we have any questions for Mr. Herlovitch? Councillor Campbell. - Thank you, Your Worship. I don't know if there's people here tonight for this by-law. But the first thing that came to my mind, this is a great location for an Airbnb. Is that a possibility, that this building could be used for that purpose? - In our city, we call those cottage rental dwellings. They need to be specifically zoned for that. We have many Airbnbs operating illegally in town. We're working with the staff on a report, we've had a public meeting last fall, in October. August, rather, was it August? August, I think, and we'll be bringing a report back, but if it operates as an Airbnb, it'll be operating illegally. We have been taking action against any of the ones that we get complaints on at City Hall. - Could it be possible for us to be a designation on it that it cannot be used as an Airbnb? Until we get to the point where we've dealt with all the illegal ones that are presently taking place? - It's a belt and suspenders approach, but I suppose we could. - Mr. Beaman? - No, that wouldn't be necessary. It already is only going to be able to be used for what's a permitted use. The way Zoning By-laws work, they prohibit all uses but the ones that are permitted. To try and, it just would kind of undermine every other Zoning By-law we have, if we try to put special you can't do this in one particular place. Because the way the by-law works is you can't do anything but what's allowed. - Thank you. - Any other questions for Mr. Herlovitch? Okay, members of the public are advised that failure to make an oral or written submission at this public meeting will result in the interior municipal board dismissing any referral that it receives. Failure to sign the sign-in sheet will result in staff rejecting an appeal as per Section 34(19) of the Planning Act. Council will now hear from anyone other than the applicant, who wishes to speak to this proposed by-law amendment. Is there anyone here other than applicant? Yes, sir, you can come forward. - I'm the applicant. - Oh, no, no, looking for anyone other than the applicant that wanted to speak to this. Okay, seeing none, Council will now hear from the applicant, or his or her representative, so now's the time to speak, step up. So anything other than what's already been covered that you wanted to share or not share. - Well, I'm a little nervous, I've never done this before. But it won't be an Airbnb. - It won't be. - It is guaranteed for that. One is actually scheduled in case my father leaves a retirement home, because he did sell his house last year. And we don't know if he really likes it. He is up on the Lundy's Lane, and after time, you know, you have a garden and then you don't have a garden. We're just kind of concerned on that. Then I have my other son, he, one day he wants to move out, one day he doesn't want to move out, you know how teenagers are on that. (crowd chuckling) - We want them to move out. - Yeah, we do want them, we do want them to move out. (crowd laughing) - You got my vote. - This was scheduled for one of them, and it is a long-term investment. We did spent a lot of money, I have pictures that this was all white, there was nothing done to it. The previous owner really did nothing to it, and we've changed it, we've changed the siding, the roof. - Lighting. - Wiring and everything. And we're following with the building department to increase it and make it respectable, so that people, whoever does live there, which there people, ones living there now and then either my father, they feel comfortable. And that's what we feel, because if they feel comfortable, they'll take care of things. - And just a side note, we live on Orchard Avenue, so it's our neighborhood, too. We don't, we want what's good for the neighborhood, also. - Okay, great, well, if there's no, yep, Councillor-- (Councillor speaking off microphone) okay, so now, if there's no other questions, then I'm going to have the public meeting, with respect to the proposed Zoning By-law amendment now concluded. - I second. - Okay, and I've got motion by Councillor Strange and second by Councillor Thomson. If there's no further discussion, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay, and you're approved. Thank you very much. - Thank you very much. - [Councillor] And thank you for taking care of your father and your son. - And your children. - Yeah, if your son's watching TV now, he'll find out how much he's loved, yeah. - Thank you. - Thank you. Because I'm sure his son is watching the city council on Cogeco right now. Okay, Mr. Clerk, would you introduce the next item on the agenda, please. - A public meeting is now being convened to consider a region and city initiated to the official plan to introduce the GO transit secondary plan. Notice was given with accordance with the regulations, buy publishing a notice in the Niagara Falls Review on Saturday, November 4th, 2017. And by prepaid First Class mail on Friday, November 3rd, 2017, to certain agencies, all as documented by planning staff. Anyone who wants notice of the adoption of the official planned amendment 125 shall leave their name and address on the sign-in sheets outside the Council Chamber. - Thank you, Mr. Acting Clerk. Now I'll ask our director of planning, Mr. Herlovitch to explain the purpose and the reason for the public meeting for the official plan amendment. - Thank you, Your Worship. In fact, this Council heard from Metrolinx a little earlier this evening, about the extension of full GO service, full GO train service, to the Falls. And certainly this is a followup of that. So with the GO train service, the region has undertaken a study to Dillon, and is studying the four GO train station locations, Grimsby, Lincoln, St. Catherines and Niagara Falls. And they have prepared a land use study. You might recall Diana Diana Morreale's been at this council before. And we're now at the final phase of this particular study, where we're gathering the public input. And we'll be bringing back the final amendment document for adoption in the future. This is really a 20-year visioning plan. The intention of the vision is to concentrate mixed-use intensification in proximity of that transit station, as one of the goals of the province. So that the GO train doesn't travel back and forth without people, but that we actually create housing near the stations so that they're actually using this GO service. It's to strengthen the residential neighborhoods. And to reduce any land use conflicts over time. It's to support the tourism along River Road. It's to help celebrate the downtown, and then comprehensively improve the public realm, in and around the VIA station or the GO station. This is a Transit Oriented Development, a TOD, and that TOD is basically, as I outlined, the provincial growth plan provides policy direction that we intensify, the residential and employment uses around those transit stations. And to really create a walking destination next to these stations. So the land use plan that has been prepared by the consultants, studied an 800 meter radius from that VIA station, so it extends up into the Glenview area and all the way down toward Armoury Street, so they've settled a land use plan, the purple color is employment. There's kind of a faded pink or a red color, which is our downtown and commercial designation. The yellow colors are largely residential. And then there's a lighter pink tone along Victoria Avenue, representing a mixed commercial 2 designation along there. And again, that focuses towards higher density in the vicinity of the GO transit. A transition of densities as we move from the downtown, trying to maintain and strengthen the tourist area along River Road. And that would be the area where Souvenir City is. I think there's a Ramada Inn along there. The Buddhist Temple, all those tourist areas would be recognized and strengthened. The intent is to provide a long-term approach to the redevelopment of the former industries that would be along Buttrey and Ferguson Streets. As well as the former rail lands between the VIA station and Buttrey street as well. The official plan has a current height strategy, so Dillon Consultants did look at that. They made some modifications, we'll show you the map in a minute. They're allowing for additional heights in proximity to that GO station. They'll be limiting heights along Queen Street and Erie Avenue to try to protect the heritage character of the downtown. There's a transition of height from higher to lower in order to protect the areas as we move down towards Ryerson Circle and over towards Second Avenue. So it would be a stepping down of heights. And then the policies provide for a step-back form of buildings into downtown, to ensure that there is a good pedestrian environment. So again, the height strategy, I apologize that on the mop, it appears a little bit small. But basically, we're looking at the dark purple, about 20 stories, the blue area along River Road, that tourist area I spoke about a minute ago, up to eight stories (clears throat), excuse me, the kind of the rose colored up to 12 stories. So that it basically provides a strategy for increased heights in the downtown, with the intention of intensifying and strengthening our commercial district. In addition, there are public realm and transportation improvements identified. So some of the key ingredients of that would include a major gateway at the intersection of Victoria Avenue and Bridge Street. This would coincide with the extension of Thorold Stone Road, from the Gale Center, along the rail tracks, coming down to Bridge and Victoria. And providing for a traffic circle in that location. There would be a minor gateway at Erie Avenue and Bridge Street. So as you step out of the train station, once you've arrived in Niagara Falls, and certainly the tourists will continue to use this transit system, they'll be greeted by a new public sense of space that's being created out there. As well as streetscape improvements along Bridge Street, Erie Avenue in the downtown with wider sidewalks, lighting and street furniture. The GO station will become a major transportation hub. So this will be basically an area where intercity buses, the Wego system, the City bus, the Amtrak, all of these will meet in this location, allowing a seamless transition between modes of transportation. It is intended to be an active transportation corridor that is providing for cycling and pedestrians, networking through the city. It provides for widening of roads, within that official plan. So again, here's the public realm map. So there's a round circle towards the middle of this map, that's basically Victoria and Bridge, so a new gateway entrance there. You can see a green swath cutting through, that's part of the rail corridor owned by the city. That would become part of the pedestrian realm that would connect with the Millennium Trail that extends from City Hall to Bender Street. There's a new connection, a blue dotted line extending from about the rail station, heading north towards Great Wolf Lodge. Again, this is an active transportation corridor, bicycles and pedestrians, to basically allow for a full integration of the station, with the surrounding neighborhood. Then you see some other green areas as well, which would be enhancement of parks. There's some lesser circles for minor gateways at Erie and Bridge, I mentioned, and as well, Bridge and River Road. Those are among the public realm improvements that the consultant has identified. And you will be hearing from the consultant immediately after my presentation. The implementation is going to be carried out. It will require the adoption of a secondary plan that will come at a later meeting of Council. And then through a private application, we will actually carry out the zoning amendments so that while this plan sets the stage, or the direction, for high-rise buildings, the 20 story buildings, the 10 stories, the eight stories I mentioned, those would be carried out through site-specific zoning amendments. The plan contains a phasing plan for incorporating these into the capital improvement program of the city. Therefore, we are recommending that the Council receive comments from public tonight, so that we can prepare modifications to the policies that have been drafted by the consultant. Those draft policies have been available for the last month on our city's website. They'll continue to be available on our website, so the public can look at those. And that at a future Council meeting, we will bring that amended planning document, for adoption by the Council. Those are the highlights that I have this evening. And I know there are a couple of other speakers that will be following. - Thank you very much, Mr. Herlovitch. And this, just a reminder to Council and to the gallery here, how many people are here tonight for this issue? Show of hands? Okay, good, that's what I figured. So this is just a reminder to everyone that tonight we're receiving comments only. So tonight we're just receiving comments. There's no actual official, there's no official plan amendment happening tonight. Council's not voting on that. So once we get all the comments, all the feedback, the public meetings, this will all come back to City Council. But tonight, no decisions will be made. So now I'd like to call up Paddy Kennedy from Dillon Consulting, who's going to present. And as well, Diana Morreale from Niagara Region, will be in attendance to answer questions as well. So Paddy, welcome. - Thank you, Mr. Mayor, Members of Council, can you hear me okay? - [Jim] Yeah, and if it's easier, that microphone's a little taller. - All right, let's try that one, see if that works. I'm going to open my slide deck here. This is it. Okay, so it's be a long point to get to this evening, but we have a draft plan, and Mr. Herlovitch has shared with you some of the highlights to this plan. I have a few additional highlights, and I know that you have a full agenda, so I'm not going to speak ad nauseum and cover all the elements, but simply just give you the highlights and try to leave as much time for anybody from the gallery to deliver their comments on the plan as well. One of the things I did want to speak to a little bit at the beginning is why do we need a secondary plan for this area? And why is it important to have it? Across the Greater Golden Horseshoe, municipalities have been leveraging transit investment as a way to help drive growth and intensification and revitalization. The provincial investment in the GO station in Niagara Falls presents us with a unique opportunity to proactively plan for change in the downtown. And use that as a catalyst for positive change. It means we can start thinking more practically about land use opportunities, transportation improvements, public realm improvements, and infrastructure improvements, that Mr. Herlovitch alluded to earlier. On top of that, we have a responsibility, the province does direct municipalities to plan for intensification, so it's not something we can ignore. We do have to embrace that opportunity and do the best we can with it. The transit stations themselves are catalysts for growth. You don't see change happening the very next day. But it's something that gradually happens over time. This investment does change property values, it does create some interest. And so it's a really excellent opportunity to plan ahead before the change comes in front of you. Before you get those complicated, complex applications, you want to have a plan and policies in place to evaluate those applications, and that's what this plan is intended to do. These are the main secondary plan objectives, that were covered earlier around improving the public realm, concentrating mixed-use development in a few key locations. Trying to strengthen some of those residential neighborhoods that are on the periphery of the downtown. Supporting the tourist uses along River Road and celebrating the historical and cultural assets of the downtown. And you may have seen this image before. The last time regional staff was here, this is intended to take all those things and put in a picture to make it easier for everybody to understand what we're talking about. This is a visualization looking across the existing VIA rail station, which you see on your right-hand side. Looking back across what is today a vacant parking lot, and in the future could be a portion of the GO facility and in the fullness of time, it could have some public realm improvements along the street edge. You see this more safer, complete street vision that allows people to walk, take the bus, use their bicycles, et cetera, all in the vicinity. I think this image also includes some adaptive reuse of existing heritage and heritage buildings and that character, so this about blending the new with the old. And I think is intended to capture the spirit of what the plan is trying to achieve. I have a couple of snapshots of the plans, and I'm not going to go through them, since Mr. Herlovitch did highlight most of those main elements, but what you have is, in the plan, you have a land use plan. You do have the building heights plan, that works together with an active transportation network, which shows the recommended improvements for the active transportation network. The public realm improvement plan, and there is a few minor road improvements as well, that aren't shown here. Collectively, these four plans are the framework for managing change. As was mentioned earlier, this is a land use plan for the downtown, so that's getting modified. There's a building heights plan for the downtown, that's getting modified. There's not a public realm improvement plan for the downtown, so that's new, that's an add-on. And then active transportation plan is a sort of partial add on, you do have some recommended improvements for the downtown, so that's new. On the capital improvements side, the point I wanted to make, there is a detailed list of projects that can go with, municipal projects that can go with implementing the secondary plan. Some of those are going to be eligible through development charges, some of them are going to be from the tax base. That's like a next step to figure out. And in adopting this plan, it doesn't commit the city to any one given project at a given time. That's something you will do on an annual basis when you prepare your capital budgets, or when you update your development charges by-law. So we are here tonight, we're going to hear some comments, I imagine, from the gallery. And continue, we've had a lot of engagement so far to date. This is the fourth public opportunity to receive comments. And we're going to hear some more. And take the time to make some tweaks and changes and whatever needs to be done to get the plan in front of you, so you're in a position to adopt it. So that's all I have to say, thank you. - Okay, thank you very much, Paddy. Any questions of Council for Paddy? Okay, none at this point. Next up, members of the public are advised that failure to make an oral or written submission at this public meeting will result in the interior municipal board dismissing any referrals it receives. Failure to sign the sign-in sheet will result in staff rejecting any appeals, as per Section 34(19) of the Planning Act. Council will now hear from anyone who wishes to speak to the proposed official plan amendment. So if anyone is interested, one at a time, you can take a couple of minutes. Yeah, you can step forward, ma'am, yep, and come to the microphone. And just state your name and your address. And whatever questions or comments that you have. We're asking everyone to keep it just to a couple of minutes, so we can get through everybody. - Good evening, everyone. My first name, which is Spanish, and the second one is French, so I'm sorry if I make mistakes in English. - [Jim] And your name is, I'm sorry? - My name is Salome Torres. And I'm 4549 Cataract Avenue. And my question is, in this plan, do you have considered the bridge? The old bridge, to do something with that? Because it's-- - Which bridge are you talking about, which one? - The Michigan Bridge, the one that is not in use. And it's just right, going to the downtown. Because it's a great opportunity to have a green pathway, like is in New York. It's very small, but we can also take advantage of that. I know it's from Pacific Railroad, that I don't know if there's something going on with that bridge. - Yeah, so you're talking about the CP bridge, Canadian Pacific, that goes, it's no longer used. It goes from Canda to the U.S. And that bridge, yes, and we've seen the designs that they've done in New York City, where they've turned some rail bridges, and they've used them into pedestrian walkways, and they've got greenery and they've done a lot of creative things, - Beautiful. - By repurposing them, yes. So I know that's been part of our staff discussions, I don't know if Paddy or Diane or Alex had any comment on the bridge. Or any discussions on the options on the bridge. - Yeah, so that is, there is a recommendation, there's a policy in the plan that directs the city to consider turning that, finding, investigating opportunities to make that a pedestrian international connection across the border. So in a plan like this, we can't really do much more than make a, like start the ball rolling on that big, big opportunity. - Okay. - So that's what we've done. - But it's in play, and it's in front of the discussion. - [Paddy] It's part of the plan, yeah. - Okay, thank you for that. Anyone else, yep, yep, right up front here. Yes, just state your name and your address, please, and you can all work your way to the front here. - My name is Zoran Cocov, I own the property where the expropriation will take place. - So you're behind the train station. - Yes, so I own the property from the train station all the way to Victoria Street, it's 51 acres. I'm supporting the plan. - [Jim] And you live, I'm sorry, you live? - I live in Brampton. - Brampton. - So I'd like to incorporate my development plan, which will be adding more tourist and recreational activities. I would suggest another bridge, from where Bridge Street and Victoria is, where the turnabout will be, to connect across the railway. And I would also connect, suggest a connection from River Road onto the property. I've had several meetings with the bridge commission. There is interest there and obviously, we'll have to work with the parks commission to jump through all the hurdles to achieve that. But I think this is an opportunity to make it more of destination, in terms of recreational sports and entertainment. This is what's needed more to attract more tourists, so the tourists will stay here longer than they are. - Okay, thank you. - I'll be happy to work with the staff and the consultants, with my architects to incorporate a more complete plan. Because right now, my land is shown as a blank, and I don't know what and the amount of acreage will be expropriated, whether it's 10, 15 or 20 acres, but still leaves a bigger chunk available for a creation of a more comprehensive destination. - Okay, thank you for that. Any questions of Mr. Cocov? Or any comment from Paddy or Alex? Is there anything to comment? You don't have to comment every time, I just mean if there is. - I'm going to stay here. - Yeah, that's probably a really good idea. Unless you you got a FitBit and you're trying to get some extra steps going. - (laughs) I could use that, too. The property in question is designated, it's not blank. It is designated employment mixed use, in the plan. And it also has that number two on it. That applies to a current set of site-specific permissions that the property owner has. It's related to an amendment that was done several years ago. It allows for a full suite of industrial and tourist commercial uses as well as other uses. I do think there's an opportunity to continue to speak with Mr. Zoran and see if we can fine-tune some of these site-specific permissions. We are, however, handcuffed with the purple. Which is an employment use, and we can't change that employment function through the secondary plan process. That has to go through the city's OP process, as well as the region's. So there are some limitations as to how far we can implement some of the requests there. - Another question from Mr. Cocov. - Actually, just to clarify that, I went through an official plan amendment and a re-zoning to add to the employment land an outlet mall use and tourist uses. So that is part of that zoning, it's not just employment. - Okay, all right, great thank you for that. Yep, sir, you can step up. - Thank you. - Can you tate your name and your address? - My name is Garth Wheldon, our address is 4248 Broughton Avenue. I'm president of Canadian Specialty Castings, which is an employer in this area that's affected by the plan. I think the first comment saying we are very pleased to see this development plan, however we have a few concerns. Considering the policies affecting existing industries in that area. Particularly those on page 34 on the secondary plan, it has a direct impact on the industry itself. I might bring your attention Ontario regulation D.6, which, as it stands right now, it's not in compliance with. And that's something that needs to be looked at. What we would like to suggest at this point though, is that we are very open to a meeting with the city and the economic development staff. Who have been extremely helpful to us, and we'd like to have a meeting so we can be constructive in terms of how this is handled and how it affects the industry in the affected area. One example, if you go back to the maps there, you will find there's a bike path, running down right in the middle of the industry, which is not in compliance with Ontario regulations. So there's things like that, that will have to be addressed. So we'd be more than happy to work with the city, and their development staff and planning staff to help work these out, for everybody's advantage. That's it. - That's great. Thank you for your comments. Do we have anyone else here that would like to present to Council? Yeah, step forward, Mr. Raimondo. - Good evening, Councillors, city staff. Gillian Raimondo, 4667 Queen Street. Just a general question. Certainly the secondary plan envisions a 20-year vision. And has the city considered when GO does in fact become a resident of our downtown core, and to maintain a certain sense of momentum and conviction to the secondary plan, are there any specific areas that the city would sort of invest in, as immediate impact, that would kind of put some skin in the game? To move things along and to provide confidence to developers such as Zoran, that the secondary plan is in fact something that has some teeth. - Okay, I'm going to ask our CAO to address this one. - Thank you, Mr. Mayor, and I think what I could allude to is that you may have seen earlier the GO presentation. So one of our immediate concerns will be around the GO station itself. The heritage character of that building. Improvements on, you've noticed that we've demolished our whole transit building, to try to get that eyesore out of the area. We look at probably that for us, in terms of some of the capital budget projects that Mr. Holman's going to be putting forward. And sort of the Park Street, Erie Street area, to get moving on that whole node around the station. And we figured that's probably where we would be recommending to Council that we spent some of our initial dollars, improving that immediate area and those intersections. - That all, okay, thank you. Anyone else yet, you just come forward if, yep, by all means, come to the mic, sir. Just if you can state your name and your address. - My name is Doug Funke. I'm actually from Buffalo. Just wanted to, it's a real peripheral interest here, but as I think this is a wonderful plan that we're hearing about here. But I'd like to keep the focus a little bit broader, when it's appropriate, and also connecting to Buffalo, there's a brand new train station on the other side of the river in Niagara Falls. The idea of having a pedestrian walkway to the States and between here and the U.S. is an excellent idea. And if you consider the new train station in Niagara Falls, new one being designed and built in Buffalo, along with the new waterfront in Buffalo. We have an opportunity for connecting our entire region, from Toronto, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, New York, to Buffalo and possibly to Rochester. There's like nine million people or so, living in that corridor. It's a linear area, could be connected very easily with trains, so I just like to ask everyone to keep that opportunity in mind as we move forward. And this was a very good first step. - We appreciate that, we work regularly with Mayor Brown and Mayor Dyster on commonalities. And of course, your new train station and the Amtrak crossing with our VIA and our GO. So definitely, we're looking at the bigger picture and we appreciate that. Especially your new high-speed train, as well, going from Niagara Falls to New York. Which is things that have got us motivated as well. - Yep, there's a lot of opportunity, we just need to work together, so thank you very much. - Appreciate you being here, thank you. Do we have anyone else here that would like to comment or ask questions? Yep, step forward. - Hi, my name's Avril Kaley, and I live at 4597 Cataract Avenue. That Cataract is a very small cul-de-sac off of Park. Now I have looked at some of these plans online and from what I can make out, eventually they will be closing Park Street. But where would that leave me? Because that's my only access into my street. I can't get in there without Park. - We're closing it? Maybe we can get some staff to give some feedback. - I think in terms of conceptuals, that, there would be no way that we could completely block off access to current residential properties. - [Avril] Yeah, well, there's only the two houses down there. - Yeah, on the little butt end. - But we need to get in. - If it meant that at some time in the future that there is a developer that consolidated lands, in that area, then there may be an opportunity for redevelopment, road reconfiguration. But while those two residents there on that part of the street exist, there's really, we have to still continue to provide access to your property. - Yeah, because on the maps, it did show Park Street closing, and a new service road going at the back of us. - Well, those are conceptuals, but in reality, unless there was a development plan that came forward that purchased up all the properties in that area, we could not take your street and block access to your street. Because you would still be living there. So that would only happen in a bigger redevelopment scheme. - All right, okay. - Mr. Herlovitch, did you want to weigh in on this, too? - Yes, for the benefit of Council and the speaker, as Paddy had in the outline, what his firm has put together is, these are four plans that are going to guide us. So this mauve line here, that's Park Avenue. Here's Cataract, the speaker was saying she has a house on Cataract. So what the mauve is indicating is, basically it says public realm refinement, I think is in there, let's see. Potential street grid refinement. So it's talking about refining it. But what that's going to look like, we don't know. So it might include some closures. But certainly, as our CAO outlined, we can't cut off people's access to their property. But it's basically identifying opportunities there. So it may be that in conjunction with some redevelopment of our transit station, which is our former transit station lands here, that runs through to Park. So there could be some opportunities there, bridging over that, providing for opportunities to get into some of our parking. So there are opportunities. It's not anything cast in stone. - Thank you, Mr. Herlovitch. Do we have anyone else? Yes, yep, step forward. - I just wanted to add one minor clarification there. So in the plan, Park Street stays open. We never contemplate closing Park Street whatsoever, or anything of that nature. It's hard to tell on the map. Like that pink line is as, Mr. Todd said, if properties get redeveloped, we might get a laneway opportunity to develop here to improve it. But Park Street is always contemplated as a full complete street, always open. So just wanted to clarify that. - Thank you for that. Anyone else that wanted to comment? - Yes, step forward, ma'am. - Yes, my name is Nia Sharma, I have my house on 4774 Park Steet. So what would be the future plan around that area? - Where is that on Park Street, 4774? Do you know where that is? - That's about the third or fourth house, right as you turn from Victoria, right-hand side. It's backing onto Queen Street, that parking lot. That's accountants' office all those offices in that parking lot. It's backing onto that. - [Jim] Right there where he's pointing? - Yes. - So I don't know if Paddy or Alex, you wanted to give a general idea of what. - Well, I'll just, oops, sorry, going the wrong way. - I cannot see that far. - The screen right in front of you should be on as well. - Oh, okay. - Yeah, so it does show, again, the speaker's property, this is Park Street, running through here, that white line. So the speaker's property is somewhere in here, backing onto that greenbelt. So that basically is identifying an area, I think of, about four stories in height. So it does recognize what the existing character is, because it is zoned for-- - It's a detached house. - Sorry? - It's a detached house and it has a driveway like, there's a driveway with it. - So is anything specific proposed, or is it all conceptual at this point, especially for her end of town, Mr. Herlovitch? - Yeah, it's all conceptual and proposed. So currently, it's designated residential, or I mean commercial, and it's still designated commercial. So this red tone for the downtown, this is a mixed, what they call a mixed-use one, so mixed-use typically is residential and commercial together. So if it's a small property, it may require amalgamation with other properties, if it was to develop into something larger. Otherwise, it does recognize that there would be residential uses as well as commercial uses co-existing. - So right now, that's what it is, and it will continue to be that way? - [Alex] So far, unless you come up with a better idea. (crowd laughing) - No, no. (laughs) I just wanted to know and just if there was anything going around that, that's all, thank you. - Okay, thank you very much. Yep, you can step forward, I had a gentleman here right in the front and then you can step up, ma'am. You can come closer. - Good evening, Elloitt Herdman, 4450 Second Avenue. Just have a question in reference to the secondary plan that I have here. On page seven, figure 2.1, existing land use, I'm just looking for clarification of the properties on Second Avenue East, on the east side of Second Avenue north of Bridge Street. It seems here that they've been designated commercial. I'm wondering if that's accurate, of there's an inaccuracy in this plan? - Maybe the gentleman right behind you, Paddy. Can you see that map he's looking at, Paddy? - This one here? - Yes. - Okay, so this particular map is intended as an existing land use map, so it's just trying to document at a point in time, what we think the existing land use is for it. It doesn't form part of the actual plan. It's just background information. It's possible that some properties, we keep changing this particular map, trying to get it right, because we didn't do like a lot by lot assessment of each property. So right now it is shown as commercial, if it's not right, we can change that, if it's something else. - Okay, so it's not an official? - No. - I know that this is existing, and I'm just curious as to, is it currently zoned commercial, when it, 'cause in your proposal for further use, it's not commercial, so I'm just wondering if it would be rezoned on parcel by parcel. But if this isn't necessarily an accurate representation, then I'm not so worried. - Yeah, yeah, the existing almost never quite matches what the aspirational is intended to be. So it's different, it could be different. We can talk offline if you want to go through the map. - Okay, sure, thank you. - All right, great, thank you. Yes, ma'am. - Hello, my name's Jolene Dennis, I live at 3423 Ellis. So a couple of things I just want to, just, I have queries about. One is, so the GO station, the GO trains come in, as somebody who actually commutes into Toronto most days, I'm really kind of interested to know, like how much, what's going to be the parking facilities available? And also, how are we going to encourage folks to actually use the GO trains. Because one of the things I'm very much aware of, as somebody who currently uses the GO bus and realized that an hour and a half to Burlington just doesn't cut it for me. We've really got to encourage people to use the GO train. That's going to be a whole culture shift, where most people tend to drive in the Niagara Region. If they're going to go into, out of the city. So I'm really interested to know, one is about transit. How are we going to encourage, what are going to be the incentives to get people to the GO station? And what are going to be the parking arrangements around that area as well? So that's just something that's like in my mind at the moment, and I get on the QEW every morning. It's like how are we going to change the culture? So that we can really maximize the use of having a commuter GO service in Niagara? The other piece for me, as well, I'm really interested in, as somebody who lives in this community, is that there are very few facilities. Just, I know we talk about tourism, but actually for how do we encourage this to become a much more of a vibrant community? There are no stores here, just regular stores. The buildings along Queen, they're not, the stores are, the businesses are not working here. So how are we going to encourage the kinds of businesses which are going to really serve a community, other than tourism? So those are the two things I really want to, like I'd love to see a supermarket in this area. I know for sure a lot of people would love to be able to walk to a supermarket, instead of having to drive. So just some thoughts there. - Well, let me tackle a couple of them, and then we'll call up some experts to help me. Supermarket, everyone remember there used to be the Dominion, it used to be downtown at one time? There used to be a grocery store. When people used to live downtown, and more than they do today. And so what are we doing? Part of our plan is the GO train, which in itself is going to be a catalyst. Because as you travel to go anywhere along the Golden Horseshoe, those areas all explode. And people start to live near the station, where they can walk there and take the train to where they're going. That will happen, there will be intensification in the downtown. At the same time, this city council wisely has an application through the FedDev, the federal government, in partnership with Ryerson University, to bring a digital media zone into our downtown. Which will bring students and teachers and then add more people, then you've got people here that need to buy things. And then you need merchants that need to set up. It's got to start with people, so the catalyst will be, number one, the GO train. Number two will be Ryerson. And not necessarily in that order, but definitely together. The other part of it is, and we've got Matt Robinson here from the Region, who's be working with our CAO, Ken Todd, to put together, and along with a big team, a transportation master plan for the region. Where instead of having three different transits in the region, we're bring them together to work as one. And it's all going to coordinate and integrate with the GO stations throughout. So we're master planning the region to address exactly what you're saying. In terms of the parking, I don't know if Paddy or one of the staff here can help me address the parking issue, Diane? - So we are currently working with City of Niagara Falls, the Region, and Metrolinx. We've come up with a concept plan, where we're trying to integrate existing transit in Niagara Falls as well as other services that get people to the train station. So the taxi industry as well as having good walkable connections and cycling connections to the transit station. So we do have a parking strategy that we're trying to incorporate with existing municipal lots. Currently, this will probably be the one transit station within the Niagara expansion that is actually a true hub. Where you have a transit all connecting in one location. So Niagara Falls Transit as well as GO Transit interfacing into one another and trying to amalgamate all those uses into one ticketing agency. So we're having those discussions right now with Metrolinx and we're hoping to come back with some sort of concept plan that shows how truly integrated it is. And so that people can drive here as well as take transit here and it will be very convenient. - That, and as well, I would like to mention Council's created a CIP, a community improvement program, and we give financial incentives for the businesses to be fixed up, the facade improvements, and different things in the downtown. We give them financial grants to encourage them to fix up their properties. So the city is throwing everything at this, and we know that with the GO coming, and with once we nail Ryerson, we're going to have a lot more exciting things happening in this area. And that's why we're master-planning it now. So hopefully that addressed some of your questions. Yes, sir, if you'd like to come around to the microphone. Anyone else here that want to comment? Yeah, okay, okay, good. So you can come to the mic, just state your name and your address, if you would. - Thank you, my name is Vito Corello, I'm on 4553 Ferguson Street. I just had a quick simple question. There's a few, I believe, the only building right on Buttrey Street and I know the city owns, I think a piece of land at the end, closer to River Road. Anything involved with this plan to make some improvements in the area over there? - So you're saying Buttrey and River Road? - Right, right. - in that area specifically? - Is there a land action that city and Buttrey is running? Or something? - Okay. We'll ask that gentleman behind you there, Paddy, or Alex, if either of you have a comment on Buttrey in Silvertown. So that'd be north of the train station, at River Road there. - [Alex] Yeah, I'm not sure whether the speaker is referring to the land that there's a regional pumping facility, here on Buttrey. - Right, right. - Is that the land you're thinking of? So there is some additional property there, but it really is part of that servicing hub, so it's basically, I think, a large centrifuge for separating waste, as part of the treatment program. But this dotted line, this red dotted line, and this beige color in the middle here, really signals what they call a transportation station area. And it would be basically refined. But this is unidentified, you can see the bike path, which one of the other speakers, from Canadian Specialty Castings had some concern about. But that's part of our active integration. There's a symbol here for a park, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's right there. It could be here, it could be in the area, identified as the green area here. So some sort of public improvements with a park is identified, certainly the gateway improvements represented by these symbols. And the Metrolinx has all identified a need for parking, a kiss and ride situation, so that drivers are coming in, they're dropping off their significant other to get on the GO train to ride in Toronto, or they're picking them up as they return from the city. And so there's a fair amount of infrastructure envisioned for this area. It's again, it's a 20-year plan, so it'll come together piece by piece. But certainly, the Region's transportation plan that we heard about, our own transportation master plan, plus this document will work hand in hand to basically make improvements in the area. - Did you say we're going to have a kiss and ride at the train station, Mr. Herlovitch? Like we have at the schools? Is that what you said? - [Alex] Something like that, yes. - Well, good, that's good. (people laughing) It's going to be very warm and welcoming train station. We've got other, I saw other hands going up. We have, oh yeah, sir, if you could state your name and your address, please, for Council. - My name is George Radochich, 3308 Avery Boulevard. And thank you Mr. Mayor, or Your Worship, I should say. Members of Council and staff and the public in general. I'm actually here on behalf of my mother, and it's in relation to Silvertown, or the Belleview Tavern, more specifically, that I think most everybody's familiar with. The reason I'm here that within the designations that are there, currently, I believe it's a grandfathered neighborhood commercial designation, that actually fits in more closely to a medium density. Because there is an eightplex complex of apartments on that property. There's also a commercial tavern with rooms above it. But that whole parcel is actually one contiguous land use. In other words, it has to rely on each lot that's composes that parcel to be effective. And in the current plan, I see that it's being designated or designed to become a single family or low-density. And on the map, right across the street, there is another apartment building, that's actually on the south side of Ferguson Street. The bike trial that's indicated would come out very closely to where that property is. And what we would like to do is maintain that grandfathered density, perhaps as a site-specific zoning exemption to the plan. To permit either the continued use as-is, or perhaps upgraded redevelopment to increase the availability of low-cost, medium-density housing. Which I think fits in to the overall plan. You want to have a mixed-use neighborhood. I think that that would be appropriate. And that's what we're asking Council and the planning committee and department to at least examine the possibility of being able to incorporate the existing use. Because it's not going to go away, it's just a question of whether we could work to maybe improve it, and enhance it, and be consistent with what we want to do. As you said, Mr. Mayor, more people, more services, it works out better for everybody. - That's great, maybe we'll get a little bit of feedback, Mr. Radochich, from Mr. Herlovitch. Did you want to weigh in on that comment about the Belleview, if you've ever heard of that place, the Belleview Tavern. - I might have heard of it once or twice. Yes, so again, Mr. Radochich, as he points out, they did obtain a site-specific zoning on their property for those eight apartment units, so that would not be taken away. But certainly we could look at this. This is through an official plan, a broader-based document, so it's not the zoning of the properties. And so when you look at those lands, so the property in question, I'm not sure just where I, this is Ferguson Street here. - [George] It's kitty-corner from the yellow on the south part of Ferguson, so it's to your right. - Is it right down here? - [George] No, it's actually to the right. - Somewhere in here. - Right there, yes. - All right, so the intention is not to take that away, but that yellow designation actually provides for low-density residential. So we, in our official plan, that's singles, duplexes, a semi-detached and townhouse development. I'm not sure whether, Paddy, did we include some, we may have included some walkup apartments in there as well. But, by and large, it's low-density, but it does span more than just single family. - So is there any other questions or comments you want on the record? - Well, there's a lot at stake for me, because if this doesn't work out, my mother's not going to give me cabbage rolls anymore (crowd laughing) Everybody knows how important that is. - Serious. - We're on it. Note bene. (laughs) Do we have anyone else that wanted to address Council with any questions or comments? Okay, so again, this is not the end of the line. This is just part of the trail. (chuckles) No pun intended, that's right. So Council, and is there any other questions of Council? Okay, seeing none, the public meeting with respect to the official plan amendment 125 is now concluded. So if there's nothing further, thank you very much, moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Kerrio that we, what do we, make a motion regarding the what, make the recommendation, is that right? (man speaking off microphone) So number one, that we receive the presentation and adopt the proposed amendment for the GO transit secondary at a future meeting. Okay, that's what the motion is, and the recommendation. We'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, and that's approved, thank you for that. And thank you to all of you, and we'll be in touch with the next stage of the process. And it is moving forward, and it's going to be very exciting. So thank you very much for being here. - Don't forget to tell them to stay longer. - Yeah, (laughs) feel free to hang around, it's really exciting. (crowd laughing) I guess not. (people chatting) What's that? - Should read your remarks earlier. - Oh, believe me, I thought about it. Yeah, because the next one is the. - It's a legal report, which is a public meeting. - Oh it is? (clerk drowned out by chatting) Okay, now who's going to lead this one? (clerk drowned out by chatting) He will, okay. - If there's anything to present or if there's any motions on the floor. - Where'd he go, did he take off? I got to find the right break to go to the washrooms. (laughs) I heard that, Mr. Holman. You know, he's not going to be the only one knocking your computer over, okay? (man speaking off microphone) I can't believe how he just bullied you like that. That was unbelievable. (people chatting) Okay, we all set here? We're going to move on to the next part. Mr. Beaman, I'm going to get, are you engaged? Okay, now we're moving on to permanently closing and declaring surplus, some land, and where are we here? Weaver Road, on Weaver Road. Is anybody here for the Weaver Road issue? Okay, we do have Mr. And Ms. Okay, Mr. Lupia, okay, so Mr. Beaman, did you want to lead us in this report? - There's not much to say, Councillor. We were approached by one of the neighboring property owners, which is usually the case when we're dealing with a road allowance. He asked would we consider making the thing surplus, he paid his money, we did the circulation. One of the concerns always with a road allowance is the general account. The Council policy is to divide it down the middle, convey to the neighboring properties, or at least give the neighboring property on the other side an opportunity to participate. The neighboring property owner on the other side informed us that they would like to purchase down the middle. The original applicant is agreeable to that, so here we are. We've asked, we've circulated all the people on the road that have access or frontage on it. None of them want it, so none of them to use it anymore. So we're here proposing that it be declared surplus. Next step would be to consider whether to sell it or not. - Got it, okay, Mr. Lupia, did you want to address Council in anyway? - [Mr. Lupia] I was just wondering what's going on, like are we able to purchase that? How does this work? - What's that, okay, Mr. Beaman, can you just explain that? Do you live adjacent to this land? - Abutting. - Abutting. - [Mr. Lupia] I'm right, that's right beside mine. - Yes, and what I understood had been agreed to by the property owners, from the one we've been communicating with, is that it's been agreed that it's going to be down the middle, sir. And each side, each one gets a chance to purchase it at the appraised value. - Perfect. - That's the arrangement. - So are you one of the abutting owners then? - Yeah. - And well, I'm happy he's here, because that's who we want to debate. - Okay, so that's what the plan is, so you're good with that? - Yeah. - Okay, good. - If you'll leave me your, I'll just get his contact inform, or I'll leave my card with him, Mr. Mayor. - Excellent, okay. - Perhaps we could have the vote then, before I? - [Jim] Yeah, why don't we do that? Councillor Thomson? - Yeah, I would move the motion. - [Victor] I'll second the motion. - Okay, moved by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo that we receive and approve the recommendations in the report, there's one, two and three. - Conflict. - With a conflict noted for Councillor Kerrio. Is there any other comments or questions of Council before we call the vote? Okay, seeing none, all those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous. So we're good on that one. Thank you for coming out, have a good night. All right, so now we're moving on to our reports. And the first report is, this is really neat, for those of you that haven't been able to participate, the Cultural Hub and Farmer's Market. So we're going to get a status update. And tonight, Megan is going to give us a presentation on what she's been doing, working with our, I know we've got Clark here, from our Niagara History Museum. And what she's been doing, we've had a couple of public meetings. I know the CAO's been there, we've had a couple Members of Council, but the public is really, really excited. If you read, there was a couple of very strongly worded letters of support for what we're doing. I know Councillor Campbell sits on our committee that's helping guide us through this. But Megan, I would welcome you to present to Council and give us the lowdown. - Great, thank you very much. Do you mind if I put this on full screen? - No, please do. - Okay. So my name is Megan Torza, I'm an architect and partner at DTAH, which is a design firm. We do architecture, landscape architecture and urban design and we were engaged to assist the City of Niagara Falls with visioning the new Culture Hub and Farmer's Market on the Main and Ferry site. Our study area is outlined in purple. So it's including the History Museum. The existing Farmer's Market, just to the south of the History Museum, as well as a portion of land that the city owned that extends to Main Street. And the scope of our work was to establish a needs assessment and concept plan, which includes the understanding of what needs need to be accommodated in this hub. What mix of uses are appropriate, how the space could be designed in a conceptual manner to address those needs and what was required, within the various stake-holding groups, including culture, market, arts communities, et cetera. What they felt would make a comprehensive culture hub for the neighborhood and the region. As part of our work, we began with a fairly comprehensive community consultation program that included stakeholder meetings with arts and culture and museum committee members, artists and artisans, curators, advocates, Farmer's Market vendors and patrons, local business owners, the BIA, et cetera. We also met with the Mayor, City Councillors and the chief administrative officer of the city, Ken. As well as two meetings with high-level city staff to discuss their ambitions for the project and what they had heard to date, with respect to the community's needs. And we also submitted and posted an online survey at the beginning of our work, to understand better what this project meant to the community as a whole and to the various stakeholders. And with that initial feedback, we began to develop our understanding of the project and the potential for the site and shared our work in progress in series of two public meetings. The first at the beginning of October of this year. Where we had plus or minus 80 attendees and after the meeting, we posted all of the material that we shared with the group online, for further comment. And we also engaged after that first public meeting in a bit of an exercise with the attendees, around what were their favorite concepts that we presented? What were their least favorite concepts and why? So that first meeting, we presented four, I'll call them land use concepts, for the site. That distinguished themselves with different orientations and configurations and buildings and open spaces and program on the property, to determine what people felt was the best mix and the best organization on the site. And then, hearing from the public, after that meeting, a very strong preference for one particular scheme, we developed that scheme further and presented a more refined version of that preferred option, which is what we'll show you tonight as well, at a second public meeting on November 14th. And again, that material was also posted online, we also collected the feedback from online commentary, as well as Facebook commentary, throughout the entire process. In our work, one of the challenges was to determine what the building wanted to be and what wanted to be in it. And therefore, we established a building program for the interior spaces that included the notion of a large hall that accommodate the market on market days, but would also accommodate a range of events over the course of a typical week, month, or in the course of the year. We heard loud and clear that there needed to be an anchor, that was open and available to the public, seven days a week and a cafe seemed to be the thing that resonated with people in the community. So we've accommodated that. We've accommodated a number of multi-purpose rooms, a very large artist studio, which was intended to be configured in many ways, to accommodate space for local artists who work. A workshop, which would have tools that would be available to community to utilize, as well as a tool library, which is a resource that many communities are now establishing, in order to allow for some of these more expensive tools to be lent out or utilized by the public, at a relatively inexpensive manner. And then, supporting all of that is a number of supporting facilities, washrooms, administrative office, storage space, et cetera. And a complement to that indoor area, are outdoor spaces that the community thought were appropriate, and that we think are appropriate as well. Including a civic plaza, some sort of linear element that might help people to negotiate the site. The site is an interesting configuration of land. It's kind of an L-shape. And it connects Main Street with Sylvia Place. So there's a need to really draw people through the site, which we thought could be done in an effective way. There's talk a lot about green space needed in the community, about adequate parking to support the events onsite. About signage and way-finding, public art, as I mentioned, as well as the adequate power and audio/visual infrastructure to allow for festivals and other special events to occur on the property. The preferred approach that we came to, that we'll show you today, takes advantage of the site's access to Main Street frontage, as its primary address. It illustrates parking consolidated along the, I guess the eastern edge of the site, along Sylvia Place, in order to improve access to that parking, but also improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, so that there isn't a lot of crossing one to the other. We've identified accessible parking spaces within that parking, how wind impacts might be mitigated by the positioning of the buildings. How loading would work, so these buildings are only as successful as they can be serviced. And loading, for market vendors especially, for artists also, is a very important thing. Sidewalk connectivity through the site, to the adjacent rights of way, very important to everyone from a safety and access point of view. CPTED, so crime prevention through environmental design, is something that we consider in our work. And particularly on this site, there was a lot of concern around evening activity and making sure that it's safe. And sight lines, as well, in order to improve and ensure that safety element. And the building wanted to be, we've heard loud and clear from the public, it wanted to be a connected hub, not two separate buildings, not disparate elements. But a really connected, integrated hub, where artists and market vendors and musicians and all of the cultural community can interact. And there was also a challenge to us to consider how this new facility, as it's adjacent to the History Museum, might relate to the History Museum, architecturally, spacially, et cetera. We've added on to that feedback our own feelings around architectural approach and landscape. Wherein, given that this is a civic community building that will be heavily used throughout the year, we were interested in durability, in flexibility, and in simplicity. So that it will last a long time, it will be useful to as many people as possible, and it will be inexpensive, relatively, to build and to maintain. So it's a very simple building on purpose. In order to allow for that, those elements to maintain themselves. Daylight is a very important element that we've considered through the project. Artists want north light, we have given them north light. We've also, at the same time, designed the building in a conceptual way to allow for solar access, for potential future solar photovoltaics, solar hot water, other elements of sustainable design that I think our industry certainly is moving fast and furious towards, especially for these kinds of buildings. And we've also chosen a material palette that is durable and relates to the History Museum. Within the landscape, we've marked a very clear pedestrian path that connects Main Street through the buildings and along Sylvia Place to the History Museum, so it connects the facilities together into one civic whole. We've accommodated seating areas outside. Adequate lighting as well the opportunities for public art and projection and we thought, and with the city staff and public's input, were critical of the animation of this place throughout the year. So the proposed preferred option, we've taken on a working title for the place, that we're calling the Niagara Falls Exchange. And again, this is a working title, it's not cast in stone, but we thought that the notion of exchange was very appropriate for the site. The exchange of goods, the exchange of ideas, the exchange between one community member and another. And so we've branded it for now, as the Niagara Falls Exchange, and what you see in the slide in front of you is an aerial view of the site. The History Museum is just on the right-hand side, Sylvia Place is at the bottom of the page. And then Main Street is up at the top of the page, with a series of buildings, that I've outlined in purple. Buildings connected together by interior, as well as exterior walkways. Public open spaces, that are again connected through a pedestrian path from Main Street all the way through to Sylvia Place and the courtyard at the Museum. Parking facilities that are accommodated against Sylvia Place, including the lot that is currently leased to the ministry, or the Region, that is available for use evenings and weekends already, just by the nature of the use by the Region. So it's available to support this facility. Loading facilities at the back of each of the wings of the building to allow for artists as well as for market vendors, without disturbing the adjacent hardware store's loading operations. And then the floor plans. So it may be a little hard to see on the slide in front of you here, but I'll use my cursor to walk you through. The ground floor plan is on the right-hand side, and the second floor, which only pertains to one portion of the building, is adjacent. So we have, facing Main Street, a cafe that has direct access to a plaza on Main Street. Through that cafe, you can walk into the main lobby of the facility that connects you to the second floor, where there are artist studios and flexible meeting and classroom, flex rooms. On the ground floor, we have a workshop and a tool library, public washrooms available to all. A small administrative office for city staff. And then an interior vestibule, glazed connection, into the hall, which is where the market could happen, is where performances could happen, teaching cooking classes could happen, et cetera. The hall itself can be configured in a variety of ways. The capacity of that space is roughly 300 people, standing, 150 in a performance setting. 130 in a dinner party, the market can accommodate, we think, somewhere in the order of 14 vendors in the winter time set up. And then in the summer time, it expands, it opens and vendors can set up outside. In the second level of the Main Street portion of the building, we have these flexible rooms that can be classroom mode, so 60 people and 40 people is the approximate size of those spaces. Could be a workshop for a smaller number of people, it could also be set up as artists, featured artists spaces where an artist might use the space for a period, say, of a week, set up a studio in that space, but there's still enough room in those spaces for the public to enter and maybe see some of the work in progress while an artist is working behind a table. So visualizing this space, this is a view from above Main Street, looking towards the east. We have a courtyard that faces onto Main Street that welcomes you into the site. We have the cafe at the ground floor, we have large doors that open and a canopy overhead. And we can either enter through the cafe or walk along a covered walkway into the heart of the building. We've illustrated the opportunity along, between this hub or the Niagara Falls Exchange and the adjacent properties for landscape improvement, seating, even some public art installations. And then, behind you in the distance, you see the hall and then the outdoor open spaces that we've developed to support that hall, as well as to connect to the History Museum. So at ground level, this is what you would see from Main Street, looking towards the east. And then, if we were to fly around and hover above the History Museum, this is the other side of the view. So you can see that the building is configured with a saw-tooth roof, which is a typical industrial type roof, but what it allows us to do is to expose the structure in the inside of the building, which is something of visual and architectural interest. It also allows us to capture north light through the windows that are facing north, while presenting an angled solid roof on which the photovoltiacs or some other technologies could be mounted in the future. So we have a market or cultural hall here, with its own loading area that is contiguous with the loading for the History Museum. A plaza out front that could be parking during the week. It could be open space and a special events space on the weekend. A gathering space in between the two halves of the building, and entrances and then the additional parking along Sylvia Place. That parking lot, as I mentioned, on Sylvia Place, could be converted into an events space, during good weather or even during bad weather. This is an idea of a food truck kind of event, where even in the wintertime, you could invite vendors to vend hot chocolate or BeaverTails or whatnot, and draw people in to the site. In the summer time, the market building could be used in open air, the big doors opening up to allow for vendors to exist both inside the building as well as outside the building, so that you really can increase the volume of the market vendors themselves. So this is 25 vendors we've illustrated here. And as well, allow for a really good circulation for the public between the stalls. In the evenings, at the heart of the site, where the two halves of the building meet, you have a space for small performances. You have a space where you can buy, where you bought your food at the market, you can eat it. And there's good visibility into the buildings, from the outside, and good light illumination from the inside out, so that there is a transparency, there's animation, there's safety and the perception that this place is alive. Even in a downpour, this place is alive. Inside the hall, this is a view showing how the market might be set up in the winter time with the doors closed. So again, 14 vendors, plus or minus. There's also a kitchen within that space that could be used for food demonstrations, which is something that we heard was desirable from the community. And then, in the main lobby of the Main Street facing building, this is showing you the openness between the ground floor and the second floor, where the flex rooms and artist studios are located. The administrative office for City of Niagara Falls would be just behind us here, so that there's good oversight through who's coming and going in the building. And a lot of opportunity for art to be displayed as well. And then upstairs, a view from that same, within that same kind of lobby space, showing circulation into the artist studios at the end of the corridor, as well as the flex rooms to the left. And then in the artist studio itself, again, it's a 200 square meter space, so 2,000 square feet. Open span space that could be reconfigured in a variety of ways, depending upon the number of artists active in the space. All the light is north light, therefore, it's a very even and effective space for artists to work. And then this is a final view of one of the flex rooms overlooking the Sylvia Place open spaces. Showing a small or more intimate group of 40 to 60 people gathering to listen to a lecture, to watch a movie, all sorts of other kinds of events that can be accommodated in the space. So we've concluded the main bulk of our work at this point. There are a number of issues that have been raised in the course of our work that we acknowledge are still in the process of being resolved. And we have a little bit of information about some of these to share with you today. But we've heard many times by the community the need for adequate parking to support the uses on the site that are proposed. Assuming that this place is successful, we need to allow for folks to drive and park conveniently. We did a count of, the city traffic and transportation group did a count of available parking spaces within a three-minute walk of the site, and there's 185, according to that count that are available. So there's onsite parking, but there is also a good supply of parking within the immediate vicinity that, in their minds at least, is adequate to support a lot of the activities that are happening or are proposed to happen on the site. Second comment that was raised by the public, especially in our last public meeting was around the use of Sylvia Place as a, at the moment, a temporary bus loop, for the municipal bus service. Their main stop is on Main Street, but they do loop through Sylvia Place in order to correct timings of bus service and other things, and there was some concern around that traffic and the potential for conflicts between that traffic and the traffic that are utilizing this site. And there's an acknowledgement of the acoustic impact of those buses on the potential outdoor open spaces that are presented here, so that's something to be worked out and worked through, I think, in future. And then the last point to raise is there is still some discussions around the impact of this change proposed on the site to the property owners on Main Street, who at the moment, are accessing their properties from the city parking lot to the rear. So in the loading configuration that we've illustrated for the hall, there is, in our minds at least, there was an allowance for continuing that loading drive into the rear yards of the adjacent properties, but there are some details there that I think are worth working out in the future in the detail design phase of this project. So as I said, our work is nearly done at this point, but I think the motion that you have before you is in large part to allow the process to continue. To allow for the detail design to proceed, but only after a business plan and an operating plan are prepared by city staff and then presented to you as well, to confirm that this place is feasible. Not only from a design point of view, but also from a financial and operating point of view. And that's it for me, thanks. - Well done, thank you, Megan. - Thank you. - Does Council, yes, I've got Councillor Campbell, Councillor Pietrangelo, any questions or comments for Megan? - More so a comment, Your Worship. I'm pleased that this came before Council at this point. I take my hat off to staff and their team. I'm looking forward to this, creating a cultural space, a recreation space in our community. Something we've needed for a long time, thank you. - Thank you for that, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks, Your Worship. I guess I'll just start out by saying that I think we've received some criticism in the past for maybe not providing enough support to the arts and culture community, but in the past little while, I think we've shown a concerted effort to show a greater amount of support to the arts and culture sector. It was back, I think in 2014, when we decided to initiate a master plan and that master plan became the blueprint of everything that we should be doing, in terms of arts and culture in our city. We adopted that in 2015 and since then, we've adopted a few of the recommendations, none more bigger than this, though, Your Worship. This one, once it's actually built, I really believe is going to be the cornerstone of arts and culture in our community. I had a chance to go to the second PIC with you, and I have to say that I absolutely love the concept of melding together and art center with a cafe, with a new Farmer's Market, I think they're all feel-good senses and it's going to bring a hub of activity to our community. I'll be happy to second the motion after Councillor Campbell makes it. - Okay, that's great, Councillor Strange. - Yeah, Your Worship, I just want to thank Megan for a great presentation. I met with you a couple times, a public meeting and one with Councillor Thomson. And you had a tough job, you did. And you worked hard in the last few months, you and your team, Clark and everyone else, to get everyone's suggestions from music to cooking, a cafe and painting and the Farmer's Market. And to combine them all and do something like this is just amazing, so great job. It's something I know I couldn't do it, so thanks, thank you very much, appreciate it. - You want to create boxed art down there, too, maybe? Where you, yeah, everything else, boxed rum, boxed. Well, we've had a lot of positive feedback. That was a great presentation and I think you really nailed it, it was not an easy task, bringing all different groups and interests together for something that's going to benefit everybody. And like we said, to benefit most the people most of the time, for most of the things that we want. I mean, no one's going to get everything that they want, but we can get a lot of what we want by something like this. So I guess we're, did you want to say something, Mr. CAO? - If I could, and first of all, thank you, Megan. Another great presentation, and Clark and your group. I just want to make sure that Council knows where we're headed if we've got the comments out of the way. So the motion tonight is to take these concepts that Megan has developed for us, and advance to the detail design stage. Once we get that detail design finished, we will be back to Council with the cost estimates and what this facility is going to cost. And we've indicated to all the stakeholders that there would not be any shovels in the ground prior to 2019 because Council has to consider it in the appropriate budget cycle. So that would be the earliest that Council could consider getting any shovels in the ground. Part of that, though, that Megan's already mentioned is we want Council, at the time that the detailed architectural designs are being presented, to have a complete business plan and operational model so that you know approving the building, from a capital standpoint, you also know what the ongoing operational costs are going to be. And that's very important for Council to understand that, because the operational part will have a long-term impact on your future budget. So we just want to make sure you have a clear picture, before we just jump full steam ahead on this. So those can be accomplished over the many months ahead and we would hope, I'm not going to provide any guarantees here, but sometime during the 2018 calendar year, we'd have all of that back to you. With some future decision points for Council. - [Victor] I'll second the motion, Your Worship. - [Wayne C.] I'll make the motion to receive. - Okay, motion by Councillor Campbell to move the report, all three recommendations, seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo. And if there's no further discussion, we'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous, thank you very much, Megan, appreciate it, well done. And to your team, thank you and Clark as well. All righty, so are we on the consent agenda, Bill? Okay, Council we are now on the consent agenda, what is your desire? Councillor Craitor. - [Kim] Two items I want to do. - Okay, yep, which two were those? - Actually, I just want to say, on this report, L-2017-31, the RFP for the integrity commissioner? I just want to compliment staff on putting together, I think, a very excellent report for the RFP, so congratulations. - Okay. - The only other one, I only just wanted to get some thoughts from yourself and maybe the CAO and maybe some other Members of Council, and I'm supporting this, is that 2017-07, the transient tax, I'd just be interested in hearing what some of the thoughts are. And maybe some of the Councillors who are more in tune with this than I am. - Absolutely, I'll start off if you like. So in the budget, the provincial budget that was passed in April, there was a provision in there that allowed municipalities at the lower tier, or single tier, to pass a transient accommodation tax, but we've called it a hotel room tax. We've been aware of that, we've been having conversations with both the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Municipal Affairs to determine what the regulations might look like. And the regulations were just released late last week. We wanted to get this report in front of Council because we believe that getting a Council commitment to proceed, that we could then work to figure out all of the details, in terms of how we would engage our stakeholders to implement that tax. So that was the purpose why we brought it, with some expediency and a little bit of urgency tonight to get it in front of you. But all along in our conversations with the Ministry, and with the Minister of Tourism, and you can see there's a very pointed letter from her in your package as well. And she is truly encouraging us to pass this tax so that, in the belief that there'll be more transparency and more accountability around what we're using that money for. So what the game plan would be, is that if Council approves that tax, in our situation, 50% of it has to be shared with, in our case, Niagara Falls Tourism. So right off the bat, they're collecting. And that's not a choice, that's by regulation. So 50% automatically goes to the Niagara Falls Tourism, and they would be charged with, as the report indicates, for certain things that they would fund. It would be all of our marketing and promotion. They've indicated that they would take over a lot of the BIA costs related to the Convention Centre operation, some of the commitments that the BIAs have to their organizations. The other 50% would be used by us. And what we would do is we would have to set an annual budget determining what those funds would be used for. And it's staff's view that that money should be focused solely on the tourist area. In other words, we're collecting from room tax, that money should be plowed into tourism and economic development opportunities within the tourist area. So that would give us an opportunity to eliminate our payments to Niagara Falls Tourism and Festival of Lights on the tax bill. It would then allow us, through the hotel tax, to fund New Year's Eve shows, Kelly and Ryan shows, it would allow us to fund the Illumination Board, it would allow us to put money back into the Wego system, that services the tourism area. It would allow us to do streetscaping capital improvements within the tourist area that currently comes out of our current capital budget. So that's where our vision is for it. And again, if Council is agreeable or receptible to that, we're suggesting a 4% tax on the rooms. That seems to be, from our first investigation across the province, Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, that's the rate that they're setting, so there's some common rate setting that we're involved with. We're suggesting that we look at implementing it in April of 2018, giving the treasurer and his staff the ability to implement a plan as to how he would collect this. The plan would call for basically a, you collect it this year, and you set your budget and spend it in, sorry, you collect it in 2018. That would become your budget money for '19. What you collect in '19 becomes your budget for, so it's always on a go-forward basis. So that in 2018, there would not be any actual impact that you would see, because the money would be collected, we would know by the end of the year what that amount of money is. We'd do our split with Niagara Falls Tourism, and then we would be able to set a budget and what our priorities for spending that money would be, in the tourist area, based on what the amount is at the end of the year. That's the concept. We know that there's many other municipalities that are engaging this. What it will do, under the legislation, if we put a hotel tax in place, it will eliminate the hotel's ability to charge a DMF. That would disappear, but the hotels still would have the ability to charge a resort fee, a convenience fee, a facilities fee, whatever, and there's many hotels across the world that charge those charges, but they could not call it a DMF. And it would not be a tax. It would be a charge that the hoteliers would choose to either put on their properties or not, that would be specific to them. The tax would be tax and that would be what we collect. And then that would be transparent and open in terms of what we spend on that for tourism industry. So, Mr. Mayor, I think in a nutshell, that pretty well covers it, and I'd be happy to answer any questions. - Yep, no, you did a great job. You still have the floor, Councillor. - Thank you, I just want to say that I'm particularly pleased for a couple reasons. One, I think it's great for Niagara Falls Tourism. Because now they'll have, they didn't come around the table, we don't get into politics of it, they'll have a permanent structure for funding, and I think that's great. And I'm particularly pleased with the way you explained it in terms of our half of the funding, that we get to keep, that we will spend in the area that generates it, that makes sense to me as well. So I was just going to support it, but I think it was just important for the public, because this is pretty significant to understand. And I wanted to hear from yourself and the clerk, or not the, the CAO what your thoughts were. So I take that you're very positive about this. Obviously the staff is making the recommendation that we support it, so that's great. Thank you very much. - [Jim] Okay, thank you, I've got Councillor Morocco and then Pietrangelo. - Thank you, Your Worship. Just in regards, there's two items that you're asking for, but I'll speak to the same one that Councillor Craitor just spoke to, the transient tax. So I just wanted to understand, this is a great opportunity that actually we're saying that we're going to alleviate some of the burden, it's not really a huge burden, but the percentage that actually would go, would now be paid to fund the tourism, and also Winter Festival of Lights, which is great, because we want to make sure that we have a great marketing and strong marketing for our area. But I think my concern is I don't see anything where, okay, first, I'll just maybe get this clear. So we are going to impose a 4% and then there's no more destination marketing fee that any of the hotels will charge, that's gone. Have we consulted with them? And they're okay with this? So I just want to know, because to me, it's their industry, it's something that we're now going to say that we're going to put on this industry. And not have any input, I'm just kind of a little leery to say, okay, let's do this without the input of the industry. - Well, Mr. Mayor, the second part of the recommendation talks about us going out and in terms of the implementation, as to how we do this, of going out and talking to the stakeholders. We've had some preliminary discussion with Niagara Falls Tourism, we have not reached out and talked individually to the properties. We have, I think the report says, about 136 hotel and motel properties across the city. Some 13, over 13,000 hotel rooms. So we would need to get out and engage them in a discussion. But the purpose of the report here tonight was, if Council is buying into the concept and saying, yes, we want to go forward with this, we will report back to you on exactly how we're going to implement it. - Yeah, because to me, this is the largest industry that we have and we're actually now pretty much going to dictate what they've been doing. And let's face it, they've been charging a destination marketing fee, some of them have been more than 4%. And I'm sure that the dollars that they've been collecting has a huge impact in their marketing, we see that. And the marketing dollars that are being spent, I have to say that some of these properties have been spending millions of dollars marketing their properties. Of course, because a lot of them are a large chain, I think they probably don't have an obligation to commit to so much, so I'm just concerned that we actually are going to make a decision based on their industry without having their input. So I think it's great, like I'm looking forward to this, I'm thinking like great, we want a percentage, and then we also want to be able to say that we have money ourselves to help feature some events and promote tourism, too. But I think that's also a huge part of the tourism sector itself. So I would really, before I do this, I would like to say that I would like to know what the response is from our tourism industry. - Thank you for that, we've got Councillor Pietrangelo, then Campbell. - Yeah, thanks, Your Worship. I guess I'll start off by saying that in Niagara Falls, I've always felt that there's been a general animosity towards tourist commercial, the tourist commercial sector, mostly from the residents who believe that tax dollars are taken to support the industry. Then there's the other side of the coin that believes that we take the tax dollars that they pay for their properties, and we also take the tax dollars that we collect for garbage collection, although we don't give them the service. And that's what we use to subsidize other things. And regardless of who's right, Your Worship, if we go down this road, then I really believe that there isn't any more debate. Because if the city institutes a 4%, a room tax, then there could never again be a tax subsidy for the tourist sector. So I do have a couple questions. I wanted to ask first about public meetings, although Councillor Morocco already addressed it. Was there not going to be any public meetings before the Council makes a decision? This kind of came to us, I saw that the Minister's letter was from November 24th, which would have been on Friday. So you probably didn't receive it until Friday. I know it didn't get in our package until recently. Was there not going to be any public consultation before the Council, I guess, decides on this? - I don't know, maybe I'll ask the CAO if you want to address that. - Certainly, if that's the wish of Council, we'd be happy to do that. We just wanted to get here, this is all really breaking news. As you say, the Minister's letter, we just got late Friday afternoon. - Friday night, six o'clock. - Friday night and the regulations just came out, I believe it was late Thursday afternoon. We worked over the weekend to put things together and get the report here for you. But if that's the will of Council, we'd be happy to do that. I know there's been some informal discussion with the director of economic development and a few of the stakeholders with Niagara Falls Tourism, but I can't say that's been in any formal way of formal engagement where we've got the industry together. But if that's the wish of Council, we'd be happy to do that. - Okay, Your Worship, I had a couple other questions. First of all, has legislation been passed which will allow municipalities to do this? - Yes. - Have they already the implemented legislation? - Yes, so it was in the provincial budget and then the regulations that just came down on Thursday set out the, it was in the, I can't remember the name of the act right now, it's in the report. But the regulations then set in motion how you can go about collecting it and what the split is. So when I talked about the split between your tourism organization, that is by regulation, we don't have a choice with that. So whatever you collect automatically 50% has to go back to that tourism organization, for promotion and things that they're doing as your lead tourism group in the municipality. So those were the details we were waiting for. And we really didn't want to get anything in front of you until we sort of knew what that regulation said. So it's all set in motion now. It comes into effect December 1st, so municipalities can start collecting and doing whatever they want as of December 1st. We're suggesting, through some stakeholder engagement, and we're probably looking at latter part of the first quarter, just because there's a lot of work for our finance staff to try to get what the fund, what the collection mechanism would be and how we would do that, before we can actually roll this out. - That's the other question I had, Your Worship, was the parameters around collecting it. Would audited statements have to be given to the city in order to verify what the actual revenues were? - Well, see, those are a lot of the details I really don't have, we have more actual questions than we have answers to some of that. Because we thought the regulations may go a little bit more detailed, but they haven't. So our staff is going to have to sit down with Ministry staff and just try to figure out some of those questions. Because quite honestly, we don't have the answers to those questions tonight. - Okay, just on that one note, Councillor, Mr. Beaman, you wanted to comment. - I have about 15 by-laws from other municipalities sitting on my desk, that I was reading this afternoon. And that is a common theme to all of them. That they can, if there's any, there's investigative powers to check up and look at the books to see if the amount being tendered is correct in the same way as income tax or provincial sales tax. - Okay, my other question, Your Worship, is the 4%, the 4% is just the standard percentage that other municipalities have decided to, I guess, adopt. I read in the report, I think was it Toronto and Mississauga, have they already adopted that? - I believe the three that we have been in touch with, Toronto, Mississauga and Ottawa are all looking at, they've all approved 4%. And our staff have had some conversation with them and that was just the percentage that seemed to be a reasonable amount, based on conversations with other municipalities. And I think they were trying to perhaps equate it somehow to what money was generated from their DMF to try to equate it that way. But because we never really had a formal DMF, and we never collected money before, where these other groups did. We really didn't know what the magnitude is, so we were kind of following their lead a little bit. - Yeah, so that leads into my next question, because I love numbers. So I did couple calculations and I figured out that you're guesstimating that the accommodations sector would be worth about 375 million in Niagara Falls, and that's how you got to the figure of 15 million? - Yes, well, the number was calculated based on a rough guesstimate on occupancy rates, what roughly your room rate would be and what the number of hotel rooms are. So that's kind of how we came up with that. - Okay, so I just want to get to some of the costs that we have currently. So I know Niagara Falls Tourism is, are they 400? Winter Festival of Lights is 360, yeah. So that's what, 760, so far? - Well, plus Winter Festival of Lights comes back, we've been supplementing, and so we have been for Niagara Falls Tourism, as well. - Well, that's not out of the operating budget, though, right? I mean, that's out of the funds from LOG. - One taxpayer, one taxpayer. - We had suggested, the money you're talking about in the operating budget would be the Festival of Lights, Illumination Board, and Niagara Falls Tourism. - And what's the Illumination Board at? - 40, just around 40. - 42. - 40, so that brings us up to 800, okay. - Those are the big three anyway. - Of the 15 million that you're proposing to collect, we have to give half of it to Niagara Falls Tourism, right? So that would leave us with approximately 7 1/2. We have 800,000 in our operating budget, so we're looking at collecting 10 times the amount that we currently spend in our operating budget. Do we have other plans for it? And what happens if we collect too much money? Do we just find ways to spend it? - Well, I would say this. That number's going to be variable. Depending on external factors, whether it be occupancy rates and room rates. So what you do is at the end of the year, you're going to know how much money you have going forward. And what we would be doing then is taking that money and basing your budget on it. So whether it be capital expenditures, in the tourist core area, and I can tell you, there's millions and millions of dollars of work that can be done. Whether it be looking at your Wego system, and future bus replacements, you're talking a million dollars a bus, you could be spending a million dollars a year over the next 20 years just replacing your buses, and events and festivals. Things of that nature. So that's how we would set that budget each year. And we believe there's enough opportunity, just based on the rough estimates, and looking at some of our capital projects and commitments that that 4% seemed to be, to our mind, in a reasonable range. Based on what our guesstimate of 15 million was. - Okay, I think that's all the questions that I have, Your Worship. It certainly would be the dawning of a new age, and I think the residents would really support not having to put any of their tax dollars into the tourism sector anymore, so I think it's a step in the right direction. - Thank you, Councillor Campbell. - Thank you, Your Worship. Just so that I'm clear on this 4%, one of the biggest complaints that we've heard, I've heard in the general public is, residents of the City of Niagara Falls should have been exempt from the destination marketing tax. This marketing tax will only be for rooms. I know that in the past, if you went into the tourist area and you had dinner or drinks, you got charged the destination marketing tax. So there will be no longer any taxes, tourist taxes, on corner stores, restaurants, meals, which would clear up one of the biggest complaints that I've heard from citizens of Niagara Falls, is that correct? - Yeah, so what would happen is that, because of the hotel tax in this legislation, a DMF as mechanism, as a tax, would no longer be able to collected. That does not prohibit a hotel or a restaurant from putting some kind of service fee on their menu or on their hotel room. But it's not a tax and it doesn't have anything to do with the city, it would not come to the city. We would not be accountable for it. And it could not be called a tax. But the hotel tax is on a room only. So it would apply to any short-term accommodation in city. The only thing that's exempted from the legislation is if it's a university or college residence, it's exempted. But any other hotel room that's a transient type of room, this would be applicable to them. - So that would apply to bed and breakfasts? - Well, our understanding is it could be Airbnb, it could be-- - Well, that was my next question. Is this something that we can somehow bring into play with respect to how we're looking at the Airbnb situation in our community? - Well, our recommendation to you, and we're going to deal with the whole short-term rental issue, but if Council were to agree to some kind of licensing or governing mechanism over those kind, we would certainly be recommending that it has to have an even playing field and be charging those residences the same kind of tax. I think it's only fair-- - Absolutely. - And when we were in AMO, in Ottawa, the mayor and I actually had meetings with the Airbnb people, and they have indicated that they've done that quite successfully in other jurisdictions for anybody that signs up under their website and their program. - Thank you. - Thank you. Any other, Councillor Strange. - Yeah, Mr. Mayor, I just, so if we do apply this, so hotels will not be able to apply DMF. But they can have any kind of fee. They can have a fireworks fee or something. They could have about any kind of fee they wanted to, it could be a restaurant of anything like that. - It could be a resort fee, it could be a facility fee. - That we see in Vegas and stuff like that all the time. - It just, but again, it could not be called a tax. - A fee. - It would be a fee that they would apply at their source, and it would have nothing to do with us. We would not control it and it's totally up to that individual business. The tax would have to show separately, as a accommodation room city tax at 4%. And then that's what we would be accountable for, in terms of setting budgets and making that known to the public. - I would just, I'm actually like Councillor Morocco. I'd actually like to give the stakeholders a little heads up about this, we just got it on Friday, and we just got it today. So I like the idea of everything, but like Councillor Morocco, we're just kind of, the tourism sector is everything for us. And the millions of dollars in taxes that they pay and everything, I just would like, if we haven't talked to them, give an opportunity to meet with them. And I know a lot of them won't be happy, but at least we can talk to them and figure out whether it's 4%, 3%, whatever we want to do. But I don't think it's fair that we approve anything tonight, until we talk to the stakeholders. - Okay, thank you, any other questions or comments of Council? - I just want to say thanks. When I brought it forward, I was hoping to get a few comments. It got a lot of comments. The one thing I will say is after listening to everything, I think we do, I'm going to say this, I think we do owe it to the stakeholders. Before we just go ahead, you've expressed it, Councillor Strange and we do owe it to, just like if it was something we were doing to the residents, then I'd be saying the same thing if it was for the residents, before we implement something. So I think we do at least owe it to have some meetings, to have some discussions. I'm excited that this, this may finally put the end to all this controversy. Not just here, other communities that are having this DMF. But I think we should, if there's sufficient time, to have at least some meetings with some of the key stakeholders, just to get some input from them as well. We've always been a very open and transparent with the way we run, I think we should do the same for those stakeholders. Because we're going to impose something on them, that the provincial government is giving us the authority to do, so I'm going to make that suggestion. And I don't know, are we looking? I wanted to put it on the table just to have some comments, but maybe it should be just voted on independently. And I'm going to suggest that I make a motion that we have some stakeholder meetings and get some input and then it comes back to us and we make a final decision. - I'll second. - Okay, so it seems to me, as it sounds to me, the general consensus is we're very supportive of this idea, but we're also supportive of the idea of having engagement with the stakeholders to get their input before we implement it. And it's not like they're being taxed, they're not being taxed, they're being asked to collect it. And it's not that it won't benefit them, it will benefit them, because right now, this is going to take a lot of the things they pay for off of their list of things they pay for, like the Convention Centre, they put a million dollars a year into that. Fireworks, New Year's Eve, the list goes on and on. So it's not like they aren't going to benefit. And our idea is that the money, 100% of it will go, come from tourism and stay in tourism. And help with marketing and festivals and events and things like that. So I also very strongly support it. And I'm glad that it's finally coming forward. And I agree that we can have a meeting with them, let's have a Council-stakeholder meeting, we can invite them in. Representatives of the different properties, or however we're going to do that. So then, if I got your motion straight, Councillor, you're supportive of the recommendation, subsequent to the stakeholder meeting. So staff should schedule a public, or a stakeholder meeting, where they could come in. And the public, if they want, could come in as well. And they can give their opinions at the same time. - Say support in principle, subject to. - Yeah, so then, would you suggest then, Councillor, your motion be subject in principle, subject to public meetings. Is that the motion you're suggesting? - [Kim] That's the motion, thank you. - Okay, so we've got moved by Councillor Craitor, seconded by Councillor Morocco, Councillor Morocco? - That's fine, I thought Vic seconded, but that's fine, I'll second. - Oh, I'm sorry, was it Vic? - It's all right. I didn't second it in principle, I said that I would if it were opened. - He mentioned he would second. - Okay, so seconded by Councillor Morocco, is there any other discussion to the motion? Okay. - Conflict. - Yep, conflicts with Councillor Thomson and Kerrio. We'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous. And Councillor Craitor, you mentioned the other one, but you said you just wanted to compliment staff on the integrity commissioner RFP? - Yeah. - That's all you wanted to say on that one? - and I guess I'll just close by saying, how quickly do you expect that to move forward, Mr. CAO? - Well, we have to go out and do the RFP. It'll be sometime first quarter of next year. - Thank you. - Okay, Councillor Morocco. - Yes, just the Council's agenda, the calendar. We have a meeting scheduled for June 12th of 2018, if we could maybe just move it to another week. It's actually a week that I'm working at a conference. - You said the following? - That would, yeah, I'm sorry, I don't have that. - 19th, from the 12th to the 19th? - Yes. - Does that work, Mr. Clerk? Does that, or can that work? - The reason why the calendar was proposed this way was to try and keep it on the second or fourth Tuesday of each month. That just tends to fit best with Cogeco's schedule. As they are adding production to Council meetings throughout the municipality. So I'm not sure they would be, it's obviously the will of the Council, it's not something that we can't do. Hopefully that gives Cogeco enough time to try and figure out an alternative plan. - Yeah, 'cause I see that the week before is actually the provincial election week, so that's probably a little difficult. - So why don't you make that motion, Councillor, that we move the, is that June? - June to the 19th? - [Jim] June 12th to the 19th. Do you want to make that motion? - Yes, if I could make that motion, I'd really appreciate it. - Okay, motion by Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Craitor. Is there any discussion to moving that one meeting in June? Okay, we'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, that's approved, thank you. Councillor Thomson? - I may be out here for half an hour, but there's so many things here. Integrity commissioner, the date for implementing that is March 2019, is there a rush to go into that? Would we have to chose somebody? And then have them on a per diem, if there are no, is it really by the hour? So what's the rush, unless we're anticipating a lot of complaints to send the integrity commissioner? - You're quite right, Councillor, the deadline date for having one is that date in March of '19. - [Wayne T.] It will be the Council will be selecting them at the end of-- - It would be, it would be, yes. But it depends on how we end up engaging the person. It could be, some municipalities have done it on a retainer, some have just picked the individual and done it on a case by case basis, so you're not incurring costs. So there's different ways we can structure it. And we can detail that when we come back to you. In the report, it talks about, Mr. Beaman's indicated that the feeling is you might need to have actually two individuals on board, because of the way conflict of interest and stuff like that works. But sooner or later, you've got to do it. And we're figuring we might as well get on with it, and as long as we can structure it so that we're not having ongoing costs, and you could perhaps deal with it on a case by case basis, I think we should be okay. - Mr. Beaman wanted to weigh in too, Councillor. - Because we have a code of conduct, as well, for conflicts, it's wise to have one appointed, so that if there is a complaint, there's no, that way I don't have to deal with these allegations that I ran off and found somebody that's biased against the person or any and all that stuff we've had recently. So if the person's appointed in advance, then there's no, then it can't be contested, they picked them, there they are. - Okay, I don't have a problem with that, I just thought if it might be something that the new Council would prefer deal with. The changes to election of Councillors, can somebody give us a brief rundown of, I know it starts in May, rather than January 1st, is that the same as the provincial guidelines, too? - Sorry, can you repeat the question? - [Wayne T.] The provincial guidelines are the same, as far as funding is concerned? Corporate can no longer, unions cannot donate? - And you're speaking about the provincial election? - And the municipal. - Well, they would fall under different parameters. So it wouldn't follow the same guidelines. So the Municipal Elections Act. - I was told that provincial has the same. - They may be, but since that's not a responsibility of ours, it's not something that I have followed. But that is possible. - Yeah, sure, yeah, that's (mumbling). So what are the restrictions regarding the fundraising? Is that, cannot start 'til May? Or what's the parameters there? - For fundraising for the municipal election, you wouldn't be able to start fundraising until you filed your nomination. The earliest you can file your nomination is May 1st. - Okay. - So don't show up here on January 2nd, okay? - Pardon me? - Don't show up here January 2. (people laughing) - I was going to be in January 1st. - What day is that? (speakers voices interposing) - So many things on here, I think I have. Anyway, I guess I'm over it. I just had questions. - Okay, we can come back to you if you think of something else, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Thanks, Your Worship, we're still on the consent agenda? - Yeah. - Okay. - Unless you want me to do the mayor's report. - I'm going to leave in a minute early. MW-2017-50, the tennis and basketball service delivery review. I know I've asked a bunch of times, since this first came up. I've read the report, the report said that staff did a public consultation, I believe in the fall of 2016 and then they did a followup one. My question was more in regards to the actual public consultation. Was it one general meeting? Let's say like at the MacBain Centre? Because I guess my question is like, when you look at the report, you notice that there's 15 parks, 15, that are losing tennis courts. And do the people in those neighborhoods know that? Because when you actually look at the report, the people that came out, the people that came out, their number one concern was maintain tennis and basketball, within existing parks. That's the number one bullet under analysis and rationale. So I guess my question is, the meetings that took place, where they more generalized? Was there just one of them? And all the public from across the city was invited to attend? Because you know how it goes, Your Worship. We have these public meetings, we invite the public to come out, we don't really get a great showing a lot of times. Decisions are then made and people say, hey, I didn't know that you were taking my tennis courts away? Well, yeah, we had public meetings. Well, no one told me. And then, as I go through the report, I just question whether or not it's the right path. I don't like the fact that we're going to be taking away so many tennis courts in all of these parks. Again, there's 15 parks that we're going to be losing tennis courts in. That's quite a bit. - Well, let's get you some answers. And as I understand it, we'll get Miss Moldenhauer, I guess it, or is it Mr. Holman, sir. As I understood it, too, in some of the parks, I was at a park opening on the weekend, that some of them are double tennis courts and looking to remove one and make it a basketball court. But fix the tennis court, because a lot of them are cracked and grass growing through them. - Okay. - So maybe, Mr. Holman, if you could just answer Councillor Pietrangelo. He's asking the public meeting process, how we're doing it, is it one general one or one per park? And I guess notication's the other part. How are we letting them know? Are we putting fliers in their mailboxes? For the people that live in the neighborhood. And maybe a sign at the park for those that use the park? So we'll just kind of, I'll just keep talking until you get thing on your iPad. (laughs) I'm running out of things to talk about. - Thanks, Mr. Mayor, I know that Dave Antonsen, the project manager has worked closely with Dale Morton and Teresa Simmonds to try and engage the community. And it was done through a series of public meetings and people could participate online. It's very difficult to get the right people engaged at the right time, and I know we hear that criticism all the time. But I think the public meetings that we held were fairly well attended, as you might expect. But the recommendations that are being presented here are basically saying, we know that when we compare what the standard should be across the city, what we have doesn't quite fit. But we also know that when we go to take facilities away from parks, there an outcry from those residents who may or may not have used them, but would like to have access to them. So what we're proposing is that, if we have, if we can justify removing a basketball facility or a tennis court because there's enough in that area, that we would replace it with some other type of amenity, that might be more appropriate for the people in that community. I don't know what that would be, per se, maybe it's additional playground equipment or some other amenity. And that's kind of the concept here. The plan isn't to take something away, but help to distribute some of these courts to have better coverage across the community. There are, as you know, limited funds. And so we want to put the right facilities in the right place. We don't want to water things down, either. If we're going to be providing tennis courts, let's build them to a proper standard, that they're going to last 20 or 30 years. That we're going to be able to make sure that we can maintain them, put the nets up in a timely way. And make sure weeds aren't growing up through them, the fences aren't broken. So there has to be some consideration about operating costs as well. And the recommendation here is to include, make those improvements over a two-year timeline, which is very expensive. But it will help us to get to some of those tennis courts that have been ignored, I guess, over the past five or 10 years. With respect to the public engagement process, I don't know what else to do, other than to, on a lot by lot, park by park basis, when the time comes, at budget time, to reach out again. But under the circumstances, I think that the staff has done a pretty good job of trying to get those people who wanted to come and say something, we've heard what they had to say. - Thank you, Councillor? - Yeah, Your Worship, I appreciate the comment from Mr. Holman, I know it's not easy to engage the public a lot of times. That's why I simply asked whether it was one big general meeting or whether there was small neighborhood meetings. And I support the concept of new infrastructure. I think redoing our tennis courts and all of playground equipment is always needed. I'm just not in favor of getting rid of so many courts, that's all. So I'll leave it at that, Your Worship. - Okay, thank you for that. Any other comments on that report? The tennis and basketball service review? Okay, who else has concerns or comments on the consent agenda, anybody else? - Oh, actually, Your Worship. - Yes? - I forgot I have another one. Yeah, Your Worship, TS-2017-38, Royal Manor Drive, the parking review. I know that some no parking signs are going to be put up at the bend, which is understandable. I don't think that we want people parking on the bend. But the issue would be, is there still remain parking on Royal Manner Drive? And I guess it would be west of the trail head? Because right now, the Millennium Trail comes all the way through out to Royal Manner Drive, but there really isn't a parking lot, unless you go all the way to McLeod Road, which is about three kilometers away. When you look at what we've done, with the Paisley Janvary Trail, and then the extension, would be the Lions Trail, there's a parking lot on Portage. There's a parking lot on Stanley and Thorold Stone. And then there's another parking lot, that you can use over on Whirlpool Road. And then there's another parking lot over on the Parks Commission property. There's a lot of parking lots. And this one here, there's only one parking lot and it's on McLeod road. So do we have any plans to either put a parking lot in somewhere, or at least allow parking west of the trail. - On Royal Manor, you're saying? - On Royal Manor. - So, Mr. Dren, do we have any feedback on that? And I know what you're say, because we were at the park opening on Sunday, and there was cars on the street, there's nowhere to park. - Exactly, yeah. - So from my perspective, with respect to Royal Manor Drive. West of the trail, there is parking permitted on the roadway. - All right. - As far as a parking lot, I think I have to refer that to Miss Moldenhauer. - Sir, to the Mayor, when we developed this section of the Millennium Trail, there were some questions asked about parking. And unfortunately, there's no space where we can add a parking lot on the section of the trail. And with the next section of the Millennium Trail, we are currently working with a consultant, and we are looking to ensure that we add some parking on the next section. But on this current section, there's really no area where we can add a parking lot. - [Victor] Okay, as long as there's parking on the street. - So there will be parking on the street. So that'd be on the south end of that part of the trail, right? On Royal Manor Drive, yeah, okay. Okay, so we're good there. Okay, if there's no further comments or questions on the consent agenda, does someone want to move the rest of the consent agenda? - So moved. - Moved by Councillor Kerrio, seconded by Councillor Morocco. We'll call those, all those in favor? Okay, and that's approved. - I'm opposed to the tennis and basketball service. - With Councillor Pietrangelo being opposed to the tennis and basketball service delivery review. Okay, so what are we at now? Okay, so on communications, and comments to the city clerk, there's a petition for electoral wards. Councillor Thomson? - Thank you. First of all, a long time ago, we identified that the, through the Council, that it was appropriate to reduce the Council from 12 to eight, and we made a motion at that particular time to accomplish that. And the majority of the Council approved that. And I think that we were the leaders of the pack. Maybe not only in Niagara Region, but across the province. Still, today, small municipalities have 12 council members sitting around the table and I think that's probably inappropriate. If you look at Mississauga, five council members for that municipality, what are they at, 500,000 people? So I think that was the right move to make at that time. And I think that the other decision with respect to the at large and getting rid of the wards, came from a lot of frustration at that particular time, on trying to accomplish some of our objectives, with the Willoughby, Crowland, Chippawa, some of the outer wards didn't have the same enthusiasm for development and it was very difficult. So we had a majority pass the motion to go at large, and this was opposed vigorously by several people. Most of them, people who are upset that the Council was reduced, and secondly, that they would have to run at large for Council. And that would make it very difficult. I have all the minutes here and all the information from the debates and the discussion that went on at that particular time. But what has happened, you gave the opportunity for everybody in the City of Niagara Falls to vote for every council member that's elected. Democratically, how can you argue about that? There's also bringing the entire Council together, as a one-team system, rather than having segmented people throughout the community. People would sabotage something that was very good for the overall community, so that they could have something that they wanted to happen within their particular ward. So in my opinion, it was not a good system. And what we've provided since 202, is something that gives the opportunity for everybody on this council to be responsible for every decision that is made in this community. I used to get people calling me, what ward person do I call? And I would say, well, that's so-and-so. Oh, I don't even like him, I'm not going to talk to him. I would get this all the time. - Was it your ward? - Pardon me? - [Man] Was it your ward? - I think that was probably (drowned out by laughter) anyway, I think we made the right decision. I don't think the people who have sent in this petition really have researched this properly. There are 12 signatures, the clerk can tell you that first of all, they need a minimum of 500 to submit one to be considered by Council. The other thing is that the Council has 90 days in which to consider that, and it isn't going to have any effect on this next election. Because obviously, you're going to have an OMB hearing, which could take up to a year. If my motion doesn't pass, I'll be appealing it to the OMB. So it isn't going to have any impact on the 2018 election. And I don't think the merit is there to go back to a ward system. So I would make a motion that we receive and file the petition. - Okay, moved by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Morocco, that we receive and file the petition. Any other discussion or comments on that? Okay, we'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous. Thank you for that, Councillor. Next item is the double hat firefighters. A recommendation came from, it's a resolution that came from the Town of Niagara on the Lake. Do we have any comments of Council? No, no, really, just one at a time, please, just one at a time. I need a motion from Council on, are we supporting the double hatter recommendation? Councillor Campbell? - I'll support the motion. - Okay, moved by Councillor Campbell that we support double hatters, seconded by Councillor Morocco. Do have some discussion around the motion. - What is the motion? - The motion is to support the double hatter, that the City of Niagara Falls would support the double hatter position. Where the idea would be then that volunteers, we support the fact that they should be allowed to volunteer if you're a career firefighter. You should be able to volunteer. - Okay. - Yep, Councillor, yep? - Yeah, I fully support that, but I'm just wondering, why we have to deal with this. Is this not something that the provincial government cannot step in and provide legislation that says this completely acceptable? And the way these people, volunteers for volunteer fire departments are being treated is unacceptable. Is that? - I don't know, Mr. Beaman? Is that something that the province can legislate that it doesn't have to come to the municipalities? - Well, I suppose they could, except. They could. - They could. So it's a yes, the answer is just a yes, okay. - Yes, but obviously, they haven't. They've been able to do it for years. They don't want to, it's a hot potato, they don't want to touch it. - Well, anyway, I think that should be part of our motion, that we're supporting this is to include that. - That we ask the province to? - Ask the province to look into this matter and resolve it, so municipalities don't have to put up with this, and people who are providing, can you imagine what would happen to the City of Niagara Falls, if tomorrow, we lost all our volunteer firemen? I think I asked the question to the former chief, at one point, and he said it would be $6 million a year. A year, so I think it's obvious we're very fortunate and why I have supported and made motions to build our volunteers up in the past. (speakers voices interposing) - We'll have to go to 5% to bring that up. Okay, so are you agreeable to that, to the mover, as a seconder? - Yes. - Okay, is there any other discussion around the double-hatter. Any other discussion? Okay, so we'll call the vote. All those in favor. Okay, and that's unanimous, thank you for that. Okay, next item is the VISTA Pyrotechnics, requesting approval for their annual New Year's Eve fireworks display at the Skylon. - So moved. - Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Strange, all those in favor? And lastly, Global Legacy Boxing, requesting a flag raising on December 2nd, in association with the Canadian-Albanian heritage and support in the event being held December 1st as the Scotiabank Convention Centre, by purchasing a table. - Councillor Thomson? - Thank you very much. For about six years, I'm a boxing fan, probably got into when Councillor Strange was a Olympian and I had great opportunity to him and Billy Irwin at the same time, we had lots of fun and lots of praise for what they accomplished and what they did. But I liked boxing before that. So anyway, we tried to get something happening at the Convention Centre. It was very, very difficult, and we kept working on it. And in the last year, we have had tremendous success in dealing with Lennox Lewis, the world champion for many, many years, who actually said to me, we are excited to be in Niagara Falls and we are going to make Niagara Falls the boxing capital of Canada. And we've already one fight, and we have one coming up on Friday, a championship for Canadian heavyweight boxing. And this is incredible, and one of the boxers is from Albanian descent, and as a result, there is a thousand supporters of his, Albanian, coming to the fight in Niagara Falls at the Convention Centre. And also, this November is Albanian month in Ontario. And the Canadian ambassador for Albania is coming down with them and they have requested a flag raising and an opportunity for all of the Albanians who are coming down to be at the flag raising. And also the have the ambassador raise the flag, appropriately, in front of City Hall. So I think this is extremely exciting. It's going to be a sold out event, there's no question about it. And this is going to happen four or five times a year. The tourist industry people are extremely excited about this, with the exception of Kerrio, he didn't know anything about it, I talked to him earlier. I would be delighted to make a motion that we set this up, and they are asking that we support them with a table, I look at that as economic development. And we want them to keep coming. And they're going to have four or five major fights a year, at the Convention Centre. So you can imagine what's that's going to do, as far as activities around that. So I'd be happy to move that motion. - Okay, do we have a seconder for that motion? - [Mike] I'll second that. - Seconded by Councillor Strange. - I'd just like to speak to that, too. And just, if you were at the last match, I think you were there. Mer-guh-dah-tee. - Yeah, absolutely. - And that Albanian boxer, and was like a former world kick-boxing champion from Europe, from Albania, obviously. And he brought in, God, there had to be about 1,500 in the theatre, it only holds about 1,700 or something like that. So they're fighting in the big hall this time, so they're expecting about 2,500 Albanians to come down. So they're going to come down and they're spending the night and they're going to our restaurants, and staying, sticking around for the next day, for the flag raising. It going to be awesome for our city. So hopefully everyone can come out and support. And it'll be nice to see Lennox Lewis and Les Woods, from Global Legacy Boxing, is really pumping up Niagara Falls and treating it like a little mini Las Vegas here for boxing. And we have a Canadian heavyweight championship. Big Country Dillon Carman, he was just on Big Brother, actually, on that reality show. So he's going to competing and trying to get back his Canadian title. And remain champion, and it's going to be, I think there's only a couple tables left, it's almost sold out, and I'm sure most the Albanians have bought everything. But it's going to be a great night, so hopefully we can all support it. And I'm looking forward to Lennox Lewis coming down, Lennox Lewis, the only heavyweight champion that has retired world champion, too. So it's quite a good feat. - You got a good story about him, too. - I do, I can't share it. (speakers voices interposing) Anyways, I'm happy to second that. - That was a second, okay, Councillor Kerrio. - Well, Your Worship, I am a boxing fan, as well as Councillor Thomson, I just have a bit of a problem buying a $3,000 table and putting that on the backs of the taxpayers. And I'm sure that some of them aren't going to be real happy that they couldn't afford to buy a $3,000 ticket to a fight, but we're going to buy it for ourselves and go the fight. So I'd be happy to support the motion, and make a contribution, but to buy a $3,000 table so councillors can go and sit at the fight. If I'm going to go to the fight, I'll buy my own ticket. - [Jim] Okay, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks, Your Worship. I, too, have an aversion to using tax dollars, I guess, for a for-profit business. I don't believe that Global Legacy Boxing is not for profit, and I don't think that that's what the whole notion around asking Council to support a table was. Generally, we get asked by the non-profits in our community to support their cause and to buy a table. Now, my understanding is Global Legacy Boxing has already been here, I thought we bought a table earlier this year. It's quite a stretch, actually, to think that we're going to purchase a $3,000 table. And use tax dollars to pay for it. If Councillor Thomson wants to coin it as economic development, I think that's fine, I think it is economic development. But perhaps then Council should be looking at aside a budget for that means, instead of taking it out of our general purposes. - We already have one. - In the future, we have that, but we don't have that at the present stage, Your Worship, so thank you. - Okay, thank you for that. Any other comments or feedback of Council? - I don't need a ticket, because I'm doing the commentating, so I don't actually need a ticket, so if that's what the big issue was, about Councillors needing tickets. - Okay, any other feedback, yeah, Councillor Campbell? - I can't go so, I don't know, I'm just saying that we're going to end up with five people sitting around a table. - Yeah. - $3,000 table. - Looking to the mover or the seconder to give me some direction on what your thoughts are. Well, let's look at it this way, we all agree we're going to support putting the flag up, right? The Albanian flag, that's no issue on that one. Well, why don't we vote on that, why don't we start with that? And I will say all those in favor of raising the Albanian flag in honor of the fight? All those in favor? Okay, thank you, so I'll take that from the mover and the seconder, from Councillor Thomson and Councillor Strange, and then on the other part, I don't know if you want to give it some thought, or how you guys want to deal with that. - Yeah, it's not a big deal to me. But all I'm trying to do is show them that the city is supporting their efforts and what they're trying to do. The last fight sold out, did they make any money? No, so this is a process we're going through. I don't care. - Yeah, I believe, actually, part of this money is going to a fight for cancer, for Princess Margaret, the hospital, so maybe we can make some kind of donation, if that's up to you guys? - Well, tell you what, why don't we come back to it, so it gives you a chance to think about it. I can't think of a better time to think than during the mayor's announcements. (people laughing) This is the time everyone kind of relaxes and kicks back and leaves the room. So let me run through this, and then see. - And thoughts wander. - And thoughts wander. - Maybe if you're busy Pietrangelo to the Albanian flag raising. - Yeah, maybe Vic would go to the Albanian flag raising for me. All right, there goes Councillor Kerrio, he's rushing for the door, there he goes. Okay, obituaries, first thing we want to offer condolences to the Lustig family, on the loss of their son Christian Lustig, to Ed and Delma. Ed was a former City of Niagara Falls CAO and solicitor and condolences to the Lustig family. Carmina Iampietro, mother in law of John Grubich, of our transportation department passed away. Leigh Shelton, father of Dave Shelton, district deputy at station 4 fire department. Norm Leonard, commissioner who worked as an parking officer with the City of Niagara Falls for the past 17 years. Betty Coburn, mother of Darrin Coburn of Niagara Falls Transit. So our condolences go the families of those who have been affected by obituary. Representatives by members of Council, I'd like to think thank Councillor Craitor for representing the city at the Christchurch annual Remembrance Day service, as well as the veterans event at Heartland Forest. To Councillor Campbell, representing the city at the Niagara Regional Medical Center grand opening and the Salute to Canada. Councillor Pietrangelo, representing the city at the Niagara District Firefighters Association meeting. Councillor Strange representing the city at the Travelers Provincial Championship bonspiel opening ceremonies, and the community mental health awareness event hosted by the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee with Valerie Pringle. To Councillor Morocco for representing the city at the Canada-China travel forum. And the Toys for Tots for Opry Niagara. And council members also attended the Matthew Danielli fundraiser, I was joined by Councillors Morocco, Craitor and Ioannoni. The Remembrance Day ceremony in Chippawa, I was joined by Councillor Thomson. Remembrance Day ceremony at the Gale Centre, I was joined by Councillor Thomson and Ioannoni. Volunteer recognition evening, also attended by Councillor Campbell, Morocco, Craitor, Thomson and Pietrangelo. The grand opening of level two at Casino Niagara was attended by Councillor Thomson. The Winter Festival of Lights opening ceremony, I was joined by Councillor Morocco and Pietrangelo. The groundbreaking for Claret on St. Paul, I was also joined by Councillor Thomson. and the Niagara Falls Santa Claus Parade, I was joined by Councillors Campbell and Morocco. - [Wayne T.] Maybe you can mention the donation. - Yeah, and as well, that is the development, the 10-story condo that's going to be at Eagle Valley and they made a $10,000 donation for Project SHARE. Which was very nice as we broke ground down there. Real neat condos that will have a view of the Toronto skyline, just on the edge of the city, at Mountain Road and St. Paul, really nice. - The golf course. - Right there, yeah, over looking the golf course. We'd also like to thank our staff for decorating chambers and our offices in festive Christmas decorations. We'd like to congratulate Councillor Joyce Morocco, on being honored at the Brilliant-Minded Women Gala, in Toronto. She received an award for her political leadership. Among other great company and a host of noteworthy women, both young and old, and as well, we were joined by Mayor Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga, and former mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga as well. So congratulations to Councillor Morocco, for receiving your Brilliant-Minded Woman event. - Congratulations. (people clapping) The City of Niagara Falls was awarded a 2017 MarCom awards. MarCom is a prestigious international competition that recognizes outstanding achievement of marketing and communication programs. Congratulations to Dale Morton and Teresa Simmonds, and staff involved from various departments in the following award-winning categories. Platinum level for our Let's Talk digital videos. Gold for our strategic communications program and Operation Awesome Playgrounds, and an honorable mention for the fire department Wake Up campaign and the South End Dog Park video. The second Cultural Hub and Farmer's Market public meeting, I was joined by Councillor Pietrangelo. As you heard earlier tonight, it's a continual exchange of information and we're continually refining the plan. And lastly, I'd like to think staff for doing a great job on Sunday, at the Royal Manor Park reopening, where we put in brand new playground equipment. It's the fifth of 10 for this year's new parks. So we're halfway there as we refurbish the parks. That was a Canadiana theme park, as part of our Canada 150 Legacy here in Niagara Falls. It was a nice addition, along with the trail at Royal Manor, which was named after the Canada 150 Legacy Trail, and I was joined by Councillor Craitor as well. So our next Council meeting, the last one of the year, will be Tuesday, December the 12th. So make sure you mark that on your calendars. And that ends the mayor's report. We're now onto res-- - So we make room for ratification measures in chamber. - Okay, that's right, I overlooked that in the beginning, didn't I? - No, this is a good time. - So now, we are looking for, in place of resolutions, we're going to have a ratification of in camera actions. Can I get a motion to ratify? Moved by Councillor Strange, seconded by Councillor Morocco that we ratify our in camera resolute actions. All those in favor? Raise your hands. Yes, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks, Your Worship. I was opposed to the one, I'm not sure whether or not it's going to be ratified. So I'll wait to hear the ratification first. - Okay. - Okay, I'll just take a moment and read off the ratifications from in camera. Firstly, it was ordered on the motion of Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Strange, that the recommendations from November 28th, 2017 in camera meeting pertaining to proposed conveyance of city-owned lands, within the Montrose Business Park be supported. So that Council accept two offers to purchase separate lands within the Montrose Business Park for the price of $33,000 an acre, as per reports L-2017-22 and L-2017-25. Secondly, ordered on the motion Councillor, seconded by Mayor Diodati that the recommendations from the November 28th, 2017 in camera meeting pertaining to Barker Street School and Drummond Hills Cemetery be supported. So that the city will take appropriate steps to address any remediation of 6015 Barker Street, that is required to be undertaken by substances migrating from the Drummond Hills Cemetery. And lastly, it was ordered on the motion of Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Strange that the recommendations from the November 28th, 2017 in camera meeting pertaining to the Niagara Catholic District School Board, education and development charges by-law be supported so that the city of Niagara Falls consent to settle its appeal of the Niagara Catholic District School Board's development charges by-law, on the terms described within report L-2017-26. - Thank you for that, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks, Your Worship. I just wanted to reiterate that I did have a conflict with the issue that dealt with the Niagara Catholic District School Board. And I also wanted to say that I was opposed to the issue that dealt with the former Barker Street Battlefield School, Your Worship, thank you. - Okay, so we've got you on record as being opposed. Yes, Councillor Craitor? - I guess it's appropriate I should make sure that the conflict of interest that I had regarding the school board is said in open council. - Yeah, including conflicts by both yourself and Councillor Pietrangelo, is that right? And we have no resolutions? - And there was also a conflict from Wayne Campbell on that as well, on Barker Street. - Oh, okay, oh, did he have? Are you sure, I don't think so. Did you have a conflict in camera? - I don't think so. - Oh, sorry, I thought you did. - You could get one. - So do we have any other, any resolutions? - No. - Okay, motion issues the by-laws? - Is this the Drainage Act by-law? - I'm introducing those, too. - Are you introducing the by-laws? - Not if it's the Drainage Act. - Oh, yeah, just for point of clarification there, as discussed earlier in the agenda tonight, we should deal with the Drainage Act by-law separately, as it would only receive two readings and not actually be passed tonight. So that's listed as by-law 2017-130. It should only be read a first and second time. - Okay, motion by Councillor Thomson to introduce the Drainage Act by-law? Moved by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Campbell. All those in favor? Okay, that's approved, with one opposed. Councillor Pietrangelo opposed. - The motion to introduce the? - Do we have to do a second reading on? - Second reading. - Yeah, second reading as well. - Motion by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Campbell to give the Drainage Act by-law a second reading? All those in favor? Okay, thank you for that. - Opposed. - With opposed, Councillor Pietrangelo opposed. And Councillor Pietrangelo introduces the rest of the by-laws. Seconded by Councillor Thomson. All those in favor? Okay, that's approved. - So by-laws 2017-130, sorry, 130. That would be 131 through 2017-144, read a first and second, sorry, read a first and second time. - [Victor] Second reading. - Yeah, first time. - First time, sorry. - Yep, moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Thomson, the by-laws be given a second and third reading. All those in favor? - By-laws 2017-131 through the 2017-144 read a second and third time passed. - Thank you, new business? Councillor Thomson, Craitor, Strange, Pietrangelo. - First of all, I'd like to mention an event that took place late last week at the Skylon Tower for the 40th anniversary for Heart Niagara and honoring Dr. Stafford Dobbin. Wonderful event, and the reason I mention, and I know that we're going to maybe deal with that in the future, a future meeting. But the Yerich family was approached about having the event up in the Summit Suite. And soon as they heard it was for Heart Niagara, they immediately said, we're providing the facility. And we're providing all the food. And gave the opportunity for Heart Niagara, I think, to raise $9,000. It was, they expected 100 people, I think they probably came close to 250. So thank you very much to the Skylon and the people at the Skylon were just wonderful about that. I'd like to make a motion that this came in late, for the Icewine Festival this year. Which will be held January 26th and 27th. The largest Icewine in Ontario. And this is being held at the Scotiabank, and they want to have this as a significant event for the liquor board, so I'll give that back to the clerk. And I would so move. - Okay, moved by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Campbell. That this Icewine event at the Scotiabank Convention Centre be considered a significant event. That's for a special occasions permit? - Yes. - Okay, all those in favor? Okay, that's approved. - Okay, this one I'm extremely surprised about and thank you for handing that to me. But I'm sure you had something to do with that. We have a letter from the Minister of Finance, who is that, that's Sousa, Charles Sousa, yes. And I'll just read it. I am writing to follow up letter to send to Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance, to your head of Council, on October 27th, 2017. This letter is to advise you that the City of Niagara Falls has been identified for the location of at least one initial cannabis retail store, by July 2018. - Congratulations. - There's already one down the street from me. (people laughing) - No, that's your place, anyway. - I think they're heard about your res-- (Councillors speaking off microphone) They heard about Councillor Thomson's resolution coming, and they cut him off at the pass, and they made sure they passed it before you had a chance to pass your resolution. So good job on that, Councillor, thank you for that. - That's awesome. - Councillor Craitor. - Good business. - Thank you, I just wanted to compliment staff, Todd Harrison. We had, as a council, indicated we wanted to have public meetings with our budget and I was able, fortunately, I was able to get out a number of them, just to kind of stand around. And I was at the senior center, MacBane Centre. There was two other locations. So I just want to say congratulations. Not a big turnout, but the most important thing is the first step and you know I've always said I'd like to see more engagement with the public. A fair number of people I watched came over and talked with Todd and the staff. He had a number of graphs up there and the one that I noticed people really caught their attention was the graph that showed where our expenditures go. I know most of the Councillors have seen that one. Like the LOG money that shows the things where it goes. And the capital expenditures, it was quite impressive, the people that took the time to speak to him. So I just want to say congratulations. He looked good all dressed up there in his blue jeans and sweats, it was pretty good. Actually, he had a shirt and tie on, but it was well-received, so I think it's the first step for us to get the public a little more active and involved with our budgets. So congratulations to the staff. - That's great, super. Councillor Strange, then Pietrangelo. - Yeah, Mr. Mayor, I'd just like to acknowledge a young teenager from the city. Last, I don't know, about a year and a half, he's been showing so much courage. Young Alex Luey, a young teenager who got diagnosed with osteosarcoma, went through chemo and everything and, it's actually the same cancer as Terry fox. They were forced to, active hockey player, and actually his knee started hurting during practice and his coach, Adam Dunn, was telling me the story about it. And he was a little discouraged about it, went down and found out he had osteosarcoma. Did chemo and the result they had to actually amputate his leg. He likes hockey, he likes sports so much that he got it amputated in a way that he could play so many different sports, and he's still out on the ice right now. I think actually you might have skated with him or you were on the ice with him. And just a great kid and one of his heroes that he wanted to meet was Alex Ovechkin. So it actually happened at the Hometown Hockey they had here, he actually did a hockey night, in Canada via satellite with Ovechkin. But it was a special surprise last weekend, where they were playing the Toronto Maple Leafs, and so he got into the dressing room to see Alex. And he actually got to do the lineup, where you shout out the players names and they got to go out and find out that they're the starting line for the day, or for the night, to play. And Alex Ovechkin promised Alex Luey that we would score a goal that night for him. And it reminds of, I don't know, that older movie with that baseball player, when he promised little Billy here or whatever it was, gave him a home run, and he scored like three home runs for him. - Babe Ruth. - Babe Ruth. But anyways-- - Thomson was there. - Thomson, anyways, it was awesome to see. And he not only scored one goal, but he scored a hat trick for little Alex and it went kind of viral. And just a special boy and I was just wondering if we might be able to acknowledge Alex and if we have the room on our next meeting to bring him down here beforehand, maybe give him a little presentation. I'd love to hear the story of young Alex and how he met Ovechkin, his hero, and what a little hero and the courage that he's shown and perseverance. And I know he's going to be telling that story about meeting Ovechkin and him scoring that hat trick for the rest of his life and hopefully he'll be sharing that story to other children who are fighting cancer, and have knocked out cancer like Alex is doing. So I'd like to make that motion if we have room for him, for December 12th, I believe, bring him in and we can acknowledge him, it'd be great. - Okay, motion by Councillor Strange, seconded by Councillor Morocco, that we try to bring in? - Alex Luey. - Alex Luey, to our December 12th meeting, okay, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay, that's great, no, that's a great idea. Councillor Pietrangelo. - Thank you, Your Worship. The first item I had, I think all of Council would have received an email that was in regards to closed captioning. And we had a resident who let us know that there is no closed captioning on Cogeco. I think what we were told is that it takes two or three days and then the closed captioning is there. I kind of went a little back and forth with the resident on email, and I was led to believe that the city had partial responsibility for not requesting it. I don't know whether or not that's true. Maybe I can ask a staff member whether or not that's true. But if it is, I'd like to go on the record saying that we would request that Cogeco provide closed captioning for our meetings. - I can tell you that's 100% not true. Because we've had those discussions before. And there are problems with the technology. There is Google Translate, but apparently it wasn't good enough for some. But we have absolutely wanted it and there was some technology involved in getting it. But we need our IT staff here to get engaged to tell you. But I can tell you, absolutely Councillor, we can make a motion to reaffirm our support to have, did you have any other feedback on that one? Mr. Acting Clerk, did you have any feedback on that? - Being put on the spot here, I just was copied on the email regarding that closed captioning. I know that the response from our director of information services was that the city is actually going above and beyond for what we do here with re-stream and paying for the closed captioning. We don't have control over what Cogeco does with their closed captioning. They felt that under the legislation, that they don't have to because they're a community-based television network, that they don't have to provide it live. Not yet, anyway, there are requirements coming with further legislation in the year or years to come. But as of right now, all the closed captioning requirements, through the CRTC, are being met by the city and as I stated earlier, our director of information services said that we are going above and beyond what our responsibilities are. - Okay, and I'm fine with that, Your Worship. I didn't think that was part of the city's responsibility, I just wanted to know whether or not we needed to pass a resolution to have Cogeco do it. But from the sounds of our clerk, it doesn't sound like we can force them to do it anyway, it's a decision that Cogeco's made. So moving on then, Your Worship, I know Airbnb was brought up a couple times tonight. It was brought up when Orchard Avenue came forward and it was brought up with the hotel tax as well. And I guess my question, I wanted to ask, but I didn't want to muddy the waters is, does anyone know when this is coming back to Council? Because I've had a couple people ask me already. People are interested, obviously, in this item. Do we know when it's coming back to Council? - The next Airbnb? - Airbnb. - Oh, Mr. Herlovitch, maybe you could get-- - Vacation rentals, whatever you want to call it. - Yeah, it's not Airbnb, right. It's vacation rentals, yeah. - Yeah, I expect we'll be bringing a summary of our information back to Council, probably the February meeting, we're just collecting data now. - February? Okay. Sounds good, thank you, and my last item, Your Worship, I know I spoke to you about it a couple days ago, it was in regards to a train crossing. Either on Drummond or on Portage Road. I understand that right now the city is undertaking, I'm not sure the exact words, but it would be called a rail review? I believe that's what it is, that's what we had termed it before. - Rail review, yeah. - I think, yeah, a rail review and in that rail review, we're going to be making recommendations. I also feel that because right now, we're looking at redesigning Portage Road and Drummond Road, I think I would feel like I kind of missed the boat, if I didn't ask for the option of putting a bridge in one of those two locations. I think once we. - The costs, the costs? - The cost of it, yeah, exactly. And how long it could be, how long it would take before it could be implemented. I think if we're going to go down the road of, or another pun, but if we're going to go down the path of reconstructing both of those roads. And Portage used to have a bridge, and I think personally that Drummond would be the ideal location. I don't know that I have all the confidence in the world. I think I've been hearing for a lot of years, and so have the residents, of, oh yeah, just wait, we're very close, we're going to get rid of the rail. But we haven't got rid of the rail. And it's been a lot of years that we've been saying that. So I think we just have to keep our options open. At this point, I would just like a simple report from staff in terms of perhaps a rough estimate of a cost of putting an overpass in at either Portage or Drummond Road and what a timeframe for something like that would be. I know there's some land that would have to be expropriated. Obviously, it would be a significant cost, but I think if we're never going to get rid of the rail, then we should at least look at having one crossing in the city. So that would be my motion, Your Worship, is for a report. - Okay, and we've got that, and we're happy to obviously, I said to you before, we can obviously do that. Just to give you an update, and to give all the Council an update, Councillor Thomson and I sit on a committee with some other people, including Mr. Dren, CAO, Rhett Esapon, and the city has just recently engaged the services of Gary McNeil, who used to run Metrolinx. And Gary is helping us bring in a consulting company that is going to track all the traffic and the status of all of our crossings. And I can tell you that this will include dialogue, CAO and I have met with the top executives, COOs, Senior VPs of CN. I've done the same with Senior VP of CP. CP, the idea is, CP owns track that diagonals the region, that completely misses the city and goes right to their destination, which is Black Rock. So at one time, we heard discussion earlier about the CP bridge, it used come into Niagara Falls, cross over the bridge into Niagara Falls, New York. That doesn't happen anymore, they come in the city, the block about 15 crossings and then they leave the city. We've got like two rail spurs rarely ever used. So there's no reason for them to ever be in the city. And they told us point blank, we don't want to be in any cities we don't need to be. We have liability, we have to slow our trains down, they break down, we have a lot of problems. We don't want to be there. So I said, I think we'd rather put our money toward helping you use the reciprocal agreement on the CP track to get out of the city. They're very open to the dialogue, but it's a complicated process for sure. Because they're big organizations, they don't move fast. So we do have a strategy coming forward. But I agree, why not get the price in, while we're doing work there, and at least we've got the two to compare. But I can tell you that, we're finally moving forward. And we're going to have something to report back early in the new year to Council, yes. - And just on that point, Your Worship, I think that's great, really, that you're having that dialogue. And these two processes can run parallel. Even if Council made the decision tonight, that we were going to out in an overpass in on one of those streets, I think we're still two years out. There would have to be design work that would have to be done. There'd have to be environmental assessment that would have to be done. We'd have to talk to landowners and acquire some land. So we're quite a ways out from getting there. And I think that gives you some time as well, to go through your process that you're going to. I think we can do both of them, Your Worship, and then make a decision later. - Yep, fair enough, so, yeah, Councillor Thomson? - Yeah, I think we should mark time. I think that if we went ahead and did that now, sends the wrong message to them with the discussions that you're having and this is the closest we've been. I think we just work on that, and we try to, if you do anything else, I think it sends the wrong message. So I would not be in favor of that. And what would it accomplish? And we'd be spending a lot of money, just to get that information, too. So not for me, thank you. - [Victor] We'd be spending money? - On the? - On the study for bridge. - The report? - Yeah, once you put one bridge in, you're dead. - Well, I agree with that, too. If you do put one bridge in, that's what we were told. You put in a bridge, that's guaranteeing they'll be here. Like just don't waste your time then. Your just guaranteeing they'll be here. But regardless, to get it, to me, to get a price on a bridge. So we've got a motion by Councillor Pietrangelo to get a price on doing a rail crossing, either Portage or Drummond road. Did I get a seconder? Yeah, Councillor Morocco, so we'll call that vote. All those in favor? Okay, opposed? Any other new business? Motion for adjournment? Councillor Strange, seconded by Councillor Campbell. All those in favor? Thank you. (people chatting)

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