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- Council meetings after tonight, and then we'll have an election, and then we'll start fresh. So, the way we like to start our Council meetings off, we just had an in camera session. We like to start off with singing of O Canada. So, I'd like to start by calling up Juliana Barry. She could come up to the microphone Is Juliana Barry back there somewhere? Oh, there she is. (laughter) Now, hold on one sec, kiddo. Yes, you can bend that down, if you like to bend the mic. - This one or that one? - Whatever one you prefer. Just make sure the little red light is on. And I'm just going to read a little bio first before we get started. - Mm-hmm. - So, I understand your mom is the real estate agent from Revel Realty, is that right? - Yep. - Okay good, that's good. Well, I was told by the broker down there that we should mention that. (laughter) He said he'd give me a discount off my next listing if I did that, so hopefully he's listening. So, Juliana, you're nine years old. You're in grade four at Cardinal Newman School here in Niagara Falls. I understand that you started your dancing at the age of three. You've been studying at the Linus Hand Drama School since you were six. You've performed in The Little Mermaid, both with Linus Hand Productions, and at your school. You're involved in competitive dance at Miss Kathie's dance studio. You're always at the top of the pyramid, and your smile and expressions always steal the show. So, I understand also you'll be performing in the High School Musical playing at Ridley College this summer, so Juliana were looking forward to having you sing O Canada, so whenever you're ready kiddo. (microphone tapping) (laughter) - [Woman] That's the first one you did. ♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ Our home and native land ♪ ♪ True patriot love ♪ ♪ In all of us command ♪ (singing in a foreign language) ♪ God keep our land ♪ ♪ Glorious and free ♪ ♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ We stand on guard for thee ♪ ♪ O Canada ♪ ♪ We stand on guard for thee ♪ (applause) - So, Juliana, we know that it's not an easy thing to do, and it puts a lot of pressure with all the people watching and the cameras. I just want to say you did a fantastic job. We're really proud of you and good luck with High School Musical. - Thank you. - Alright, great job. (applause) (audience chattering) Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we're oh, are we just doing some technical things? We're all good, okay. Okay, ladies and gentleman, we're going to start this council meeting off, off. First issue of business, is the adoption of the minutes of the May 8th council meeting. Moved by Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Craitor. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approve, oh did you have a comment. councillor? No, you're just in favor. Okay, so that's approved, thank you for that. Disclosures of a pecuniary interest. Do we have any disclosures of council? Councillor Campbell, Councillor Strange? - Thank you, Your Worship. Check number 415856, made out to myself. - Thank you, councillor. - Thanks, Your Worship. Check number 41826, made out to myself. - Okay, thank you for that. And I believe there's one for myself too, but I'll bring this forward later in the meeting, Mr. Clerk. I just don't have it at my fingertips right now. Yes, Councillor Craitor? - There's also one for myself, and I'll have to bring it forth, same as the mayor. - Okay, thank you for that. (equipment buzzing) So now we'll go, and I apologize for the noise. As you know, we've got the new cladding going on the outside of the building, and they're still working away, so it's good news bad news story. So mayor's announcements. We've got some obituaries. Russ Stout, former employee in our business development department passed away, Raymondo Montana, the father of Charles Montana, of our municipal works department, and also Robert, Bob, Smith, from Crawford Smith and Swallow, who recently passed away. So our condolences to all of the above, and to their families. I'd like to thank Council representatives Councillor Strange for representing the City at the Annual Ride of Silence and the Kent School graduation, and to Councillor Morocco, representing the City at the Annual Niagara Regional Police Tug Of War with Niagara Falls New York Police, and Councillor Craitor, representing the City at the Schools in Bloom seed-bomb event at the Fairview Cemetery. Announcements, congratulations Councillor Strange for the second Annual KO for Kids Charity Event, the boxing event where 100 percent of the funds raised goes to support Pathstone Mental Health and the Box Run charitable foundation. I understand there was upwards of a thousand people in attendance. Congratulations to Councillor Strange for spearheading the event. I know why you brought me to meet the red boxers one night and the blue boxers the other night to encourage them. Very difficult thing that these people do. They're non-boxers training to go into the ring for a great cause. And I know you're joined by councillors Pietrangelo, Campbell, Craitor, and Thomson. Did you want to-- - Sure. - Say anything about it? - That was a great night-- - And Kerrio, I'm sorry. - And Kerrio, and Councillor Thomson were part of the-- - I said that. He's part of the committee. - Of course. (mumbling) - I didn't say that part. - So I want to thank everyone for coming out, The last four months, these boxers, who never put a glove on long before, trained their butts off, and you came down, and I tried actually start kind of a donation, everyone could punch you for $5. But you wouldn't go for it. (Mayor laughing) I want to thank Kim Rossi, and all the boxers, Noel Buckley from the Scotiabank Centre, boxing (mumbles), all the officials, all the sponsors, because show up, just amazing job. Carla Kerrio for singing our National Anthem, and so our donations this year we made, and just found out almost $83,000. - Wow, good job. (audience applauding) - For Pathstone Mental Health, The Ronald McDonald House, and Childhood Cancer Research McMaster, so thank you very much, and we're hoping to top that next year, so thank you. - Well done, congratulations. Our Youth Forum was hosted by our Mayor's Youth Advisory, and you can see the Mayor's Youth Advisory here in the front row. Councillors Ioannoni, Craitor, Thomson, Campbell, Morocco, and Pietrangelo attended the event. Many topics were covered, including transit, culture, public health, and the youth voting age. Water for Life exhibition opening took place at our museum, the Niagara Falls History Museum. Congratulations to City Staff Clark Burnett, Kathy Moldenhauer, and the team, for a great night at the museum. We hosted more than 30 artists from all over the world. World class art was on display here in Niagara Falls, and art with a message, all addressing issue of access to drinking water all over the world. The exhibit is on until September the 9th of this year. He was also joined that night by Councillor Campbell and Councillor Morocco. The Hope Awards for Pathstone Mental Health took place recently with special guest speaker being Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies. They were joined by Councillor Thomson, Craitor, Campbell, and Morocco at this event. The annual Ching Ming Festival took place recently at the Fairview Cemeteries in recognition of Chinese heritage. I was joined by a Councillor Craitor. The Rotary Ribfest took place this past weekend. It was a very hot weekend, and I know councillor Morocco was a part of the event that took place, and it was a successful ribfest at the Niagara Square, and looking for a new location for next year. The Bee City designation, the City of Niagara Falls Staff did a great job. Mark Richardson, Jeff Holman, and team engaged in the community. Where the green burial section is at the back of the Fairview Cemetery, it's been enhanced with 10,000 pollinator plants. We're now the 13th city in all of Canada to be designated a Bee City, and I got to hold one of the frames of bees, which was kind of neat, too. It's neat being able to hold-- (audience applauding) Yeah, thank you. I was just glad I didn't get stung. That was my biggest thing, I was excited. The Jewel and Sell Spa Grand Opening took place in the GoodLife Plaza, the Town and Country area. I was joined by Councillor Thomson for the opening of that. We had last weekend the playground opening blitz day. In conjunction with our Parks and Recreation Month in Ontario, we had a great day. We opened up five City playgrounds: Glenview, Stamford Lions Park, Guss Monroe, Westfield, and Prince Edward Park, plus our outdoor fitness equipment was a major highlight on the Lion's Legacy Trail right out front of the Gale Centre on Stanley Avenue at Thorold Stone Road. If you go by now, you can see people working on it all throughout the day. It's a pretty neat thing to see. People are actually breaking in to the area to work out, so now it's all done and finished properly, and they don't have to break in. They can go workout for free in the fresh air and the sunshine, and do the cross training, walk along the trail, workout, and then continue. It's a great opportunity a lot of bigger cities have. Well, now Niagara Falls has it too, where you can go exercise and workout for free. Already, all the parks are set up with equipment, and we seen a huge jump in usage and activity, and some of the features of specific that we talk about, number one, accessibility, number two, we've got AstroTurf with recycled tires underneath, so if you fall, you don't get hurt. There's no broken glass, there's no needles, there's no cats doing their business in the wood chips. It's a much better situation, and they're very very busy. And we were joined at the ribbon-cuttings throughout the day with Councillors Morocco, Thomson, and Strange, and a big thank you to Paisley Jamboree and our City Staff, who came along with us for most of the day to make sure all the openings were a success. Canada Day is coming up very soon. It's going to happen on Queen Street, July the 1st, Sunday July 1st. The highlights will include a one and 5K run for the St. Johns Ambulance beginning at Oakes Park at 9:00 a.m. Then, the parade will be at 11 a.m. along Victoria Avenue to Queen Street, followed by Opening Ceremonies at 12:30 at City Hall, and live performances, Greg Frewin, art show, car shows, kids zones, Toronto FC Trophy will be on tour, inflatables, Chill Zone, wingfest. There's going to be a lot of great events, and it's all going to be free. The other events kick off the weekend from Friday at 4:00 p.m., Jazz after 4, to Saturday Busk 4 a Cause from 1:00 p.m. till 7:30 p.m. Lots of ways you can enjoy the Canada Day weekend. And lastly here, Marie Henry left a bequest to the city, later in the evening under tonight's by-laws, the City is going to receive a bequest from the estate of Marie Henry. As part of her last wishes, she left a substantial gift. She specified that it would be used to enhance the Willoughby Historical Museum. She left $93,000. During her life, Marie was a longtime advocate in support of the museum and rural history of Niagara Falls, and she wanted to make sure this money was left behind for a legacy. Over several decades, she was a member of the Willoughby Historical Society, Museum Committee, and the Niagara Falls Board of Museums. Miss Henry fostered important partnerships with local historians and organizations. When resources were limited, Miss Henry used to volunteer to help keep the museum running. Whether donating a simple can of paint, or extending an invitation to someone new, Miss Henry always was looking out for the best interest and inclusion of everyone around her. She was a mentor and a friend to many. She'll remain a key figure in the legacy of the museum. So, in honor of her wishes, to respect the real and simple value of the museum, Staff will determine a fitting project in the spirit of Marie's long involvement and dedication to the museum. We'd like to acknowledge Marie tonight for what she's done. (audience applauding) And one last thing I'd mention is Chief Boutilier. We're very proud of him. We understand that his son Justin came first out of a class of 1400 engineering students at U of T, so this year he's going to go do research in India for the summer, and afterward, he's going to continue his postdoctoral work at MIT, so Chief, congratulations, we're very proud of you. (audience applauding) Next council meeting will Tuesday July the 10th. So on with the rest of the agenda. So first up is recognition of Josh Horton, so if I can call Josh up here to receive some recognition. Is Josh here? Okay. You can meet me up in the center Josh. - I think his coach, Frank, is also here. - And Frank is his coach, is here too. Frank, do you want to come up and join us as well? Give me some protection. Here you go, congratulations. I've got a little read up here. Oop, I got the wrong one. Got to grab the wrong ... (speaking faintly off mic) I'm just going to grab the other forms here. So Josh Horton is the winner of the Provincial Gold Medal at the 2018 Ontario Jiu Jitsu Open, so I'd like to read a little bit about Josh, give you some of his background, then maybe if his coach has got any comments, and then we've got a couple little gifts that were going to give to him, in recognition of great job that you've done. So Josh is 12 years old. Leading up to the Provincials, he's been training with his Coach Frank Ungaro two or three times per week. His coach has called him nothing short of a prodigy. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is often regarded as a discipline whereby smaller, weaker people can successfully defend themselves against bigger, stronger, heavier opponents by using the proper techniques. Therefore it takes precision, and elite skill to excel. Coach Ungaro recounts, Josh Horton's gold medal win was like this: He won all of his matches and won a gold medal in the most spectacular fashion of any match I've ever been involved with. Coach Frank says that Josh was getting beaten in the gold medal match, and his opponent had thrown him around, and was pinning him down the entire match. He was down 11-2, and in need of a submission to win. With only nine seconds on the clock, Josh escaped the pin down, somehow managed to get on top of his opponent, submitting him with one second remaining on the clock. (audience exclaims) Josh's discipline and success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has inspired his coach, and many other students around him. Congratulations to Josh on your Ontario Championship gold medal. Well done. (audience applauding) So the first thing I'd like to do is present Josh with a certificate on behalf of the City and City Hall. This'll be good photo op, so if you guys want to come up here, bring your gi. Is that what it's called, a gi? - Right, right, right, it's called a gi, yeah. - It is a gi, okay. Alright here we go. Do you want to hold it up a little bit? You sure? Where are we looking, right here first, right here, Mike. - Perfect. - Okay, and now ... Get that? So first we presented the certificate. That's for you. And secondly, give Josh a, this is a City of Niagara Falls backpack. This is a suede, just a little reminder, so when you're, you got some stuff to carry, a little water bottle and whatnot, just to kind of remind you that we're proud of you. We're proud of what you've done. He sets a great example for other youth in the city. Congratulations, Josh. (audience applauding) I asked his coach if he'd like to say a few words. - Yeah, Josh sets a great example. He's in our starting Bully Busters program, which is a program that's designed to give kids the tools verbally and physically to deal with bullies but not just an inspiration and a leader to kids. I don't think a lot of people would have got up with nine seconds left, after the round that Josh had, and put the effort in the last 10 seconds into winning the match. I told his parents I think 99 out of 100 people would of just kind of sat there, and let the clock tick down, but that was really something else. So it's definitely a leadership trait, and something that I think all people can learn from. Very impressive. - Well done. (audience applauding) Well ladies and gentlemen, he's a Prince Phillips student, He's going to end up, he's going to Meyer, by the way, guys. Stamford's (drowned out by laughter). So anyway, we're really proud of him, and you know, any great athlete or performer needs a great coach, and you need a great coach that believes in you, that's going to work with you, and you need committed parents that are going to drive you around to all the practices, to all the competitions, and the money, right? It's a team effort, and I know any successful individual has a team around them helping them get to where they are, so hats off to the parents, the family, to the coach, and everybody that helped him get to where he is. Well done, Josh. - Josh, I just-- (audience applauding) - Is there any way that you could put that submitting move on the mayor? (all laughing) - Absolutely. Yeah, but let's not, okay? Not right now. Thanks very much. Okay, pal, that's for you. Got that, okay? Did you want to say anything? Why don't you say something? Way to have it from Josh, we heard from everybody-- (drowned out by laughter and applause) - I just want to give some recognition to my coach. It's been a long journey, and I appreciate all of his efforts that he's put into coaching me. Uh-- (audience chuckling) Mom and dad-- (audience laughing) - [Man] They can't see past their phone. - And how was the experience? Was it, overall it was a good experience? Did you-- - Yeah. Were you nervous? - I was very nervous. - So what made you dig down deep, and not give up with last nine or 10 seconds? - Well, she had given up. She had thought she had won the match. She was on top of me, she just started to let go, and that's when I knew I had to sweep her, and I got off, and I didn't even do the proper techniques. All I knew is that I had to choke her out, and so I did. (audience laughing) (Coach drowned out by laughter) - Famous last words. (speakers drowned out by laughter and applause) (people chattering) Next on the agenda, I don't know we top that, but we're going to invite the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee. We've got Erica George and Jacob Zhang, co-chairs of MYAC, who are going to give us a year end update, so you guys can come up to the microphone. It's all yours. - Perfect. Do we have the slideshow? - Yeah it's right there. - Where? Oh. - You might want to pull that mic up to you, too. Jacob, I don't know if you, yeah. So you both got a mic, yeah. - Alright, so the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee, of 2017 to 2018 year. Now, so what is our mandate? Well, to provide a voice for the youth of Niagara Falls, while advising Council of important issues for the city's younger population, and to encourage facilities and programs that will enhance the quality of life, health, and well-being youth in our community, to really provide a voice for the 4,000 youth in Niagara Falls, and really allow politicians and decision-makers to hear what we want, and what's important to us in our city. - So MYAC is made up of three subcommittees, as well as our whole committee, so our first subcommittee would be Youth Voice, and then we have Giving Back, and Just For Fun as well. - Now the main committees. - So, when we started off the year, we started off the year with our Leadership Day. At our Leadership Day, we did team building activities to get to know one another, and we also identified all of our strengths and weaknesses to try to bring together all of our positive attributes to see how we can work together as a team, and be the most productive team that we can possibly be for the city. - So, the City of Niagara Falls Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, each year of person is selected, and this year MYAC has the opportunity to choose the recipient, and Mohini, alumni of Niagara Falls MYAC was lucky enough to receive this award, and she's currently very involved in the community, helping out many organizations, so congratulations, Mohini. And the Jim Mitchinson Scholarship, presented by the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee, we will announce the recipient later tonight, but she is very involved in her school community, as well as the greater provincial and city community. - Another initiative that we do as the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council is that we help out at Santa Claus parade, so we use all of our committee, as well as encourage other volunteers to come to help have the day run smoothly to have a good event. We're also fortunate enough this year as a MYAC. We received an Ontario 150 Grant from the government, and we were able to implement this to do a mental health summit, which was for students, and teachers, and every-wody alike throughout the community. We're going to invite Daniel up to come speak a little bit more about this. - Greetings to the council, and everybody, all of the guests. So this committee, like Erica said, we invited students. We had two portions to the wellness summit that we put on. We had the daytime portion, where we held sessions with guest speakers about mental health for the students to listen to, and then we had a nighttime portion as well, where we had Valerie Pringle come and speak to the community, so that was open to everybody. The next thing I'm going to talk to you about is also important in our committee, because it's something we do, outreach. We call it our night at the community soup kitchen, so we actually did two nights this year. We go to the community soup kitchen, and we help to serve the hot meal to people who need it, and can't provide it for themselves. We went in, I believe, November, so we went in the winter time this year, and we also went during March break. And then the final thing I'm going to talk to you about is the community clean sweep. So everybody knows about the Adopt A Street campaign, so we do, we have, we adopted the Morrison Street, and we go from approximately Oakes Park to Portage Road and we clean up that street. So we went twice this year, and we keep the street clean and pretty. (audience chuckling) (audience applauding) - So, the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship. So, each year the Niagara Falls Rotary Club do select, give MYAC the opportunity to select one of their members to take part in a 4-day trip, vacation, to Ottawa, essentially showing Parliament Hill, the Canadian History Museum, and many aspects of Canadian life, as well as the City Hall in Ottawa, and to really let us understand what it means to be Canadian, and to really get an understanding of everybody in different provinces. Oh yeah, so basically it was every, there was representatives from each province in Canada, and we all kind of just bonded over this four day. So the MYAC Promo Video has been in the works for many, many months, and years, but we finally got it going, and we worked with Reese Fisher at Stillman Entertainment to bring this idea to life, really incorporating the five high schools in Niagara Falls, and allowing youth to be in it, to really show what is MYAC, and who we are, and how we can give a voice to the youth of Niagara Falls, as well as any grade eights, or any people who want to continue to be on MYAC, or want to be, in the future, to be on MYAC. - And we're going to invite all of our chairs up of our subcommittees to talk about their specific subcommittees. So, Sonya. - Hi my name is Sonya, and I'm the chair of the Youth Voice subcommittee. So this year, for Youth Voice, we had, we planned two major events, and our first one was held in October of 2017, and it was the Niagara Student Summit. And so, the summit basically provided students the opportunity to experience classes and electives that weren't really offered in their schools. And so, the day kind of started off with our keynote speaker Eric Woelfl, and then they continued with the sessions in the end, and the day went great. I think the students loved it, and overall it was a great experience for all students. So, our second one was the Youth Forum. It was held this May, actually, in the Yuk Yuks Room at the Fun Zone, and so the main point of this Youth Forum was to talk about a variety of topics that like impact the youth, and so we will be providing a report to council about the overall results of it, and I wanted to thank all the council members that were able to attend the afternoon session, 'cause I think the students really enjoyed it. Thank you. (audience applauding) - Hi, I'm Sarah. - And I'm Bianca, and we're the co-chairs of the Giving Back subcommittee. - So this year we hosted a Christmas party at the Red Roof Retreat for the Children there, and so we decorated cupcakes, we played a few games, as well as going bowling, and we also were able to host two skate nights this year, where we raised money for Project SHARE. - We also implemented different activities during Mental Health Week. So, we had Therapy Tails come for the students. We had mental health trivia to promote mental wellness, as well as like coping with mental health, and we also had a photo booth to promote Mental Health Week. We also provided prizes, and we selected a winner for the Niagara Catholic District School Board poster and video contest. (audience applauding) - So, hi, I'm Frond Altrain, and I'm a member of the Just For Fun subcommittee. So this year after a lot of planning and persistence, we were able to pull through, and hold our annual School-A-Palooza, and School-A-Palooza this year had many changes, one main difference being the location, as it was held indoors in the Scotiabank Convention Centre, unlike previous years being held on Queen Street, and despite the concern among the high school students being that the event was very different, the outcome was a lot better than we had anticipated as School-A-Palooza went very well, and there were very few issues. Students from all five high schools were able to come together, show their school spirit, as well as enjoy a fun afternoon filled with games and activities. (audience applauding) - As the vice-chair of MYAC this year, I was asked to close our deputation. So I'd like to first thank all of our annual sponsors, so these are people, they've been long-time sponsors for us. So we'd like to specifically think the Canadian Tire, Rotary International, and the Niagara Falls Fun Zone. Next, I'd like to thank our other sponsors, so these are just yearly. Not every year they come, but usually. We'd like to thank the RBC, Brock University, the District School Board of Niagara, Niagara College Canada, Niagara Peninsula Energy, Rankin Construction, and Walker Industries, and we'd also like to thank Council for letting us be here today to talk to you. (audience applauding) - So now we have the pleasure of introducing the Jim Mitchinson scholarship. So, the scholarship was developed by the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee, to recognize students who give back to their communities and their schools. We recognize that there's a lot of scholarships out there who's based on grades, and GPA, or averages, but not so much focusing on the MYAC qualities, and characteristics that define a leader, so, Erika Wilkins, can you continue to give some background as to why it's called the Jim Mitchinson Scholarship? - So, Jim Mitchinson was a dedicated to giving back to the City of Niagara Falls throughout his life, and embodied the values of leadership, and involvement throughout the community. Jim's son, Tom was looking for a way to honor his father. It was agreed that the scholarship was an excellent fit, and he will be generously finding the scholarship in his honor. We would now like to invite Tom Mitchinson, and Nandana Parakh to join us at the front with the mayor. (muffled speaking off mic) - Oh, great. Alright, here we go. Nandana, we've got a little something for you. This is a (mumbled) on behalf of the city, and City council. So, Nandana is graduating from A.N. Myer Secondary School. There's all these great grads coming out of Myer. She's been extremely involved in school activities for her entire career. She's involved in the Key Club, instrumental in Student-led Service Group, helped grow the club is over 40 members. She worked to help children from around the world. She's the VP for the model United Nations Club. (mumbling) She founded a new club, the British Parliamentary-style Debate Club. She's currently the VP of student Council. She's also volunteered many hours in our community such as Code Niagara, volunteering at the Greater Niagara General Hospital, volunteering at the temple, fencing. She's also an accomplished fencer. That's with swords not with building fences, councillor, just to make sure so we're clear. She placed 14th in Cadet Women's Sabre in Canada, and also fenced on the Brock varsity team. She's volunteered, fencing camps, and she's helped teach youth to fence as well. So, I'd like to now ask Tom if you'd speak, and maybe say a few words, and help us recognize this incredible young lady. - Yeah, she's a wonderful representative of the community. I have to say that as a former graduate of A.N. Myer seven years ago. (laughter) I told them that I did that before her father was born. (laughter) Anyway, I just wanted to say that community service was a big big big part of my Dad's life, and I'm really pleased to have been able to find such a nice mix between what he stood for, and what people like Nandana can realize in their school life, So, it's just wonderful to be able to honor her today, and I really appreciate the city's willingness to allow me to be the sponsor of this award ongoing. So, it's an honor. (applause) - Nandana, if you'd like to maybe say a couple words, what the experience has meant to you in all your years working your way through the community. - Well, I'd just like to start off first by of course saying thank you to the MYAC (mumbling) committee, of course Mr. Mitchinson and City Council and all of Niagara Falls. But also, a big thank you to my family, my parents, my grandparents, and of course my school, my guidance counselor, and yeah these experiences has been, they've been an integral part in my high school experience. I came from a really small school, from elementary school, going into A.N. Myer, with exactly one other person. So, joining City Council, and Key Club, and Model UN, everything else I did learn was, it helped me to make connections, and meet new people, make friends, and yeah, they've really helped to make my high school experience even more great, so thank you, thank you, Your Honor. (audience applauding) - Go ahead and step over. - Thank you much. - Thanks, okay. - So, let's get in for a picture, is this a good time? Come on in, tighten up everybody, let's get this picture. Are we too far away for you here? - [Woman] It's good, It's perfect Thank you. (speaking faintly off mic) - Go ahead. - So this check is for the scholarship that we have now presented to you. So, it's two $500 dollar-- - Okay. - Scholarships, because. - Excellent. Alright, thank you very much. - So, ladies and gentlemen, I want to say that she is a classic example of the Mayor's Youth Advisory. They're all represented this front row. I want to knowledge Beth Angle. Beth, if you could please stand up, so we can acknowledge you. (audience applauding) This is our Staff liason. She works tirelessly every year with our group, and people often ask, the parents often call, how can I get my kids onto the Mayor's Youth Advisory. We don't make that decision. It's made by the principals or the guidance counselors, and it is definitely a select group. Unfortunately, everybody can't be in it, but what I can tell you is it's a good group of people that work off each other's energy You know, you hear that saying, sometimes the vibe attracts the tribe. And, the vibe is very high level vibrational. They're a great group of people, and so many of the Mayor's Youth Advisory have gone on to do incredible things, whether it's at Harvard, whether it's, they've gone on to do incredible things. They're great group of kids. It's not just about what looks good on the resume. It's about self development and leadership because these are the leaders that we're passing the torches off to in the future. And I can tell you, the future is well in hand with this kind of group of people that are engaged, that care, and they're very, very bright. Matter fact, when I look at their resumes, sometimes I wonder what I did through my high school years. So, on behalf of the City of Niagara Falls, specifically thank you to all the Mayor's Youth Advisory, but specifically tonight as well, our special honoree. We'd like to give special recognition. Will you help me do that please. (audience applauding) - Thank you very much, appreciate that. - Thank you. Oh yes, sorry, Councillor Thomson. - I had to get up for a minute, because I'm probably the only one in the room who had the opportunity to sit on so many committees with Jim Mitchinson. He was a personal friend for many, many years. Ohio brass, right? And I can certainly confirm his passion for the city, and all of the work he did, and it's so nice to see his son here to put that scholarship forward, and recognize young people in the community. He was a great guy, and a good friend. - Thank you. - Thank you. (applause) - Thank you very much, guys. (people chattering) - Shut up. - I don't want to rub it in. Yeah, I should have. - [Man] Start making space. (laughing) - I told you they were smart. They're running out of Council chambers. Okay, next up on the agenda, we've got the Niagara Arts Showcase. We've got Phil Lococo, we'd invite him up, president of the Niagara Arts Showcase. He's going to address Council on their upcoming signature event. Welcome. - Thank you, Mayor Diodati, and Council, and hello to my fellow citizens in the gallery, and at home. I'd like to first tell you a little bit about Niagara Arts Showcase. Niagara Arts Showcase is a nonprofit registered organization that supports artists, and musicians in Niagara Falls. And, we have a mandate to also bring artistic and cultural experiences to the citizens of Niagara Falls, and in the Niagara region in general. We have exciting news that I'm-- (audience chattering) Privileged to share with you today, that our signature event, the Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival, which has been going on for about four or five years now. Started at Carmel Monastery, and now has moved to Fireman's Park, successfully last year with about a 100 and, 1,500 guests. This year we looking to double that, and then some. We're looking at having 4000, maybe 5000 people this year. We are going to have that kind of success because we have been working very hard behind the scenes. Our board of about 15 different citizens who are connected throughout the community have been looking to make this an amazing addition, an amazing example of what's being produced from the city's culture plan. The culture plan is becoming a really successful element of the city's fabric, and we're very glad to be part of it. This year on Friday September 14th, 15th, and 16th, at Fireman's Park we will be having, hosting several events that start off with an evening Gala on the 14th that will include a 140, a 100 by 40 foot tent in behind the building at Fireman's Park, in which we'll have a full AV compliment with stage, and screens, and we will be featuring, ahem. Excuse me, we'll be featuring music by a Juno award winning ... I forget. - Liberty Silver. - There we go, Liberty Silver. Liberty Silver will be playing with a couple of other up and coming acts, and we are on the Saturday we'll be featuring bands in the amphitheater, and on that stage, and it will happen again on Sunday, when the theme will be a country theme on that stage. Inside that, inside the building at Fireman's Park during the whole weekend they'll be 50 artists, vendor artists selling their, their beautiful pieces of their souls, because that's what artist do, and out in the fairgrounds there will be art installations that will be interactive and educational. There will be a family focus. There will be a kids zone that is going to be bigger, and better than ever, and we're very much looking forward to all the partners that we have worked hard to get on board. And, those include the Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen, the City itself has given from the Culture Fund, the Region of Niagara, the First Ontario Credit Union, Niagara Energy, Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc, the Niagara Native Centre, OPG, Google, the Meeting Place Church, the Slate Communications, Stevenson rentals, Canada Service Corps, the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund Niagara Symphony Orchestra, Carousel Players, Heartland Forest with their handmade puppets and troupe. We have Adventure Rooms, the Confucius Institute from Brock, and about to sew up partnerships with the Trillium Foundation, Anton Gaber with the Water of Life Project will have presence at our Festival, which you just heard about, the Factory Music Foundation, Fallsview Casino, the Niagara chapter of the Musicians Union, and the Can, Ontario Arts Council. We have worked really hard to get all these people onboard. We have a much bigger budget this year, and we're looking forward to having everybody hear about what we're up to, and coming out to the park on that weekend to celebrate the amazing artistic culture that Niagara Falls has. Now, in order to pull this off, we might need a little help from Council. And so, we have an ask, and that ask would be a list of a few different things. We need to declare the Carmel Fine Art and Music Festival a municipally significant event. We would like Council to waive any fees or permits regarding the planning of the event. We would like to extend the noise by-law until 11:00 o'clock on September 14th and 15th, and we would like to provide any, the city's provide any assistance with promotion on the city's website, newsletters, and social media, and relief from the sign bullet by-law, so that we can place signs throughout the city to let the citizens know about what we're up to. And there might be, there is a, finally, one other consideration that will involve our partnership with the Winter Festival of Lights, who are kindly donating several different art pieces, you might call them. If you recall, on Dufferin Islands, there's a very large moose and a very large deer, and they will be out on the grounds lit up while the concert is happening on the Saturday night, and they may help us with presenting a fireworks show at the end of the Saturday night performance as well. It will be nice to see a professional grade fireworks show for the citizens of Niagara Falls. We're proud to be able to help make that happen. So, Jim ... Mr. Mayor, sorry. And Council, I hope you take those requests under your consideration, and thank you for your time. (councillor speaking off mic) - Okay. Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Campbell, that we grant the requests that were in the presentation by Mr. Lococo for the Fine Arts Festival. If there's no further discussion on that, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay, and we got approval on that, so you're good to go. - That's fantastic. Thank you very much, everyone. (audience applauding) - Thank you. Okay, next up, we've got the Allister Young Endowment Fund recipients, and I call up Laura Moffat and Dino Fazio, co-chairs, to introduce the recipients. - Good evening, City Council, Your Worship, appreciate the time, allowing us to be here regarding the Allister Young Arts and Culture Endowment Fund. For a bit of brief history, in 1997, Mr. Allister Young generously donated a 1932 Ford Roadster to the then Arts and Culture Commission. That car was raffled off and the proceeds raised from that sale were used to establish an arts and culture endowment fund to support artistic development in Niagara. Recipients of the fund are residents of Niagara Falls, and active artists in any creative arts field, as well as involved with the arts community on a volunteer basis. An award of $1,000 is awarded every year, and this year, we actually had a tie between Jana Jaros and Aaron Berger, so they will share in that prize. - I'll read Jana's bio. The flow of rocks, the movement of wind, the synergy of light, and the sound of lapping water. Working primarily in acrylic on hand-built canvas, Jana Jaros is a visual artist whose paintings are journeys through the wilderness. Her style is influenced by many sources, including music, books, current events, theater, nature, and contemporary, as well as historical Canadian artists. Utilizing color, shading, line, and observation of structural formation, she evokes the scene in front of her. Her love of camping trips within the wilderness and around Lake Superior in Northern Ontario led her to focus on the landscape and its experience, capturing the moment with varied brushstrokes, some jut, some flow, some subdue, calm, and some jump. Jana trained and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in interdisciplinary art. She also attended Fleming College and holds a diploma in cultural heritage conservation and management. She currently works in the Arts heritage and cultural field, and is an active participant in the Arts community, and is focused on developing her art, both creatively and from a business perspective. She's joined local Arts organizations, and strengthened her skills by attending weekly life drawing sessions. During the last two years, she's become involved as a volunteer art model coordinator, presenting a workshop for existing and would-be artist models, and has taken over running the weekly studio session, and has written a handbook, Life Modeling and Art Models Guide to Posing and More. - Mr. Aaron Berger has been active in Niagara Falls art-- (audience applauding) Yes please! (audience applauding) Let's give it to them. And we will be bringing them both up, too. Don't think we're not going to just, you know, ha ha ha ha. - We're just going to take the flowers and go. - Mr. Aaron Berger has been active in the Niagara Falls Arts Community for close to 20 years, making his theater debut at age 15, acting at the Firehall Theatre, and eventually studying dramatic arts at Brock University. He started playing music professionally at 17 by performing cover songs across Niagara Falls. His artistic path has been a winding road since then. His goal is to make art resonate with people that makes them feel deeply in whatever medium he is working, whether it be music, acting, or public speaking. His aim is to connect in an honest and heartfelt way with the audience. In order to do that, he needs to reveal something of himself. This is why he thinks it takes courage to be an artist. Aaron has had extensive community involvement, putting many hours into serving and cooking at Community of Meals, helping with Chung workshops, playing music and singing songs. Aaron has participated as a performer at fundraisers for Julian's Place, Hannah House, for people whose houses burnt down, for rescue animals. You name it, he's performed at a variety of events. He consistently brings a unique enthusiasm and grace to community events in his big heart and great sense of humor. Aaron has performed, composed, and written five prominent historical projects in Niagara, including Petticoats, Boots, and Muskets, a musical satire of the War of 1812. He has performed music, played, sorry, he's had his music played professionally, in plays, in film, and performed or written, and/or collaborated on five musical albums, three of them being his own, and he has also created a one-man show called Back From The Brink, featuring songs and personal stories with a focus on mental health and resilience, which featured prominently on CBC's Radio A Story From Here. Your Worship, I'd like to bring forward Miss Jana Jaros and Mr. Aaron Berger. (audience applauding) - Congratulations. Congratulations. We got some little presentations for you. - They look better than flowers we've had before. (laughing) (speaker drowned out by laughing) Or anything. (many talking at once) - [Woman] Stop laughing. (laughing) Thank you. (all chattering) - Can we move yet? - Not yet. (all chattering) - Coach, you have something in your hand? (laughing) (talking at once) Can you say something? Share your experience? - Well, I'd like to thank the (mumbling) Committee, for providing this award. It helps definitely (mumbles) development. and education and the journey along the way. (applause) - Very appreciative of the financial support. Being an artist is very difficult. Many of us struggle to make enough money, so we're very grateful for the support. And, I want to acknowledge Laura Moffat with her work with Firehall Theatre, and you know, all the people here who do work for youth and support youth in whatever their passions are including art-making. Thank you for doing that, and there are big ripple effects for all of those actions. Thank you for that. (applause) - Congratulations. - Thank you. (people chattering) - Now finally, the wolf guy. He's got to be dying, sitting with that costume on. (laughing) The Great Wolf Lodge Car Wash, I'd like to introduce our Fire Chief, Mr. Boutilier, who's going to let us know why we've got a wolf in the Council chambers. - Your Worship, if I may take a second. For the past 10 years, the Great Wolf Lodge has been running a car wash for charities in our community. In 2016, the Great Wolf Lodge approached the Fire Department, and the Police services to do a joint effort by holding a carwash for two years. In 2017, the Niagara Regional Police were able to use the money to support the Special Olympics which were held as we know in the Niagara region. This year the money is going to the Firefighters Charity, which happens to be Camp Bucko. Camp Bucko is open to burn survivors between the ages of seven and 17. The camp has grown into over 70 children attending the week-long camp in August. There is no fee for them to attend. They are a registered charity providing a program through generous donations from firefighter associations, service groups, and other public and private organizations, as a board of volunteers from across Ontario plans for Camp all year. With the donations they receive, allows them to fully fund each child's stay at the camp, their transportation, and provide them with souvenirs from Camp, otherwise known as swag. If you were at the Camp Car Wash this year, one of the campers that's here tonight was wearing some of that swag, and it was a beautiful hockey jersey. The residential setting encourages campers to participate in a variety of social, recreational, and therapeutic activities that promote self-esteem. The development of leadership skills fosters personal growth. And at the camp kids have a place where they can be themselves without feeling different or alone. And tonight we have Keith Simmons, the general manager and vice president of the Great Wolf Lodge to say a few words, and to make the presentation to Patrick Howlett, a board member from Camp Bucko, Addie Belardo, a Camp Bucko camper, Ken Henry, and Justin Cannistraro, our chairmans of our fundraising committee. Keith? - Yeah, you want to come right up here, Keith? We can bring everybody up here, if you guys want to come up this way. - We have a worn wolf and a young Addison who has a soccer game, so we will be brief. (light laughter) (speaking quietly off mic) We've got an amazing group here. I will be very quick. Three things, first of all community. We feel an incredible privilege to be part of this province, this region, and this great city. Number two, the Wolfpack, we're 740 strong in our little log cabin on Niagara Parkway. We've had the incredible opportunity over the years to, I think we've give over a million dollars in this region in this province. And thirdly, our incredible partners the last two years, the NRP and the NFD, the Niagara Regional Police and the Niagara Falls Fire Department who've had a two-year partnership, and it is especially an honor for us today to pass over this legal check from four hours of car washing. We got close to the 420 (mumbling). So we're really happy to hit on $131,000. - Wow. (audience applauding) - It was a real honor for us to be able to do this. The Fire Department, Jim, Justin, thank you so much for the hard work that these folks do. Ken, this is for you to take back to the Fire Hall. This is just a little bit. These guys for nine years, guys and gals, have pushed through so many vehicles, like, 1000 cars in an hour. - Gee. - That's pretty wild, Wasn't it, I came back from the airport, and this one was just digging in. (laughter) So, you're going to do soccer now? (laughter) So I'd like to thank you, it's a pleasure to be part of it, and I can break protocol with one big aroo! Is that working? It works, it works. - That's something else. - So, ladies and gentlemen, and for anyone, as I drove down Stanley Avenue or Victoria Avenue, you got to imagine there's police all along Victoria Avenue, cars, the parking lot is jammed, the fire trucks are all out there, the firefighters are out there, the water is going, and the cars are lined up right down Victoria Avenue, the entire way just beyond the 420. Unbelievable, and all this to raise $130, almost $132,000 dollars for charity. (mumbling) A total of two and a half. (applause) Aroo! - [Man] Jennifer. - Alright, thank you, guys. You rock, guys. A paddle? Thank you so much, you guys rock. - Jessica, could you hold wolf for us? (laughing) (group chattering) - Oh, okay, thanks very much. - Alright, right on. - Okay, we can do this real fast. - Good job, good job. - Thank you. - Thank you. - Thanks. - Awesome, good job. (chattering quietly off mic) Okay, we're just going to jump back to the last report real quickly, the Allister Young Endowment Fund, and Mr. Clerk, could you just walk us through the report we have to take action on? - There was just a corresponding report. We thought it'd be best to list it with the check presentation, and then of course, I didn't bring it to the attention of the mayor at the appropriate time, but the recommendation there is that, just that Council formally acknowledge Aaron and Jana the 2018 Arts and Culture Fund recipients. - Okay, thanks for that. I've got moved by Councillor Campbell, seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? And that's approved. Thank you very much Mr. Clerk. Alright, next up, we're almost through this first part, Regional Housing, Karen Fraser is here to address council regarding affordable housing mixed-income neighborhood policy. So Karen Fraser. - Good afternoon mayor, council, ladies and gentlemen. Did anybody lose their power last night? I was in the middle of doing this report and my power went out for over an hour, and when I got back to my laptop, nothing was there. So ... I'm kind of not knowing if I am on track or not. - We had an electrical problem at Palmer Park last night where the the pole caught on fire. Two phases crossed. - Oh no. - And everybody that was, by the way, at Palmer Park couldn't leave Palmer Park, 'cause the Fire Department was there. They couldn't leave, and eventually, they allowed them to drive across the field to get over on to Stanley Avenue. So that's what happened with your power. Sorry to hear about that freak accident. - It's alright. Could you pass these two pages? Two pages each. Okay, so I'm here to talk tonight about affordable housing. During the recent Provincial election, affordable housing solutions were spoken of by all four parties, some with more feasible plans than others, but it was then, as it is now, a very important issue. I also heard from the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce, and the Council of Canadians, and much of the public. I myself have been on the Speakers Bureau of the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network for over a year, and I could fill in the first half of my presentation with all sorts of statistics on how dire the situation here in Niagara Falls is, but I'll skip all the sad parts, and hopefully we'll go on to something a little bit more proactive. Where we stand right now is the Region has a number of different programs, like Housing First, Niagara Renovates, Welcome Home Niagara, and community programs, all of which are important, but are after-the-fact, after people are in trouble. So what I'm hoping today is that this deputation, we can agree to do a few simple steps that will lay the groundwork for affordable housing in Niagara Falls. We have the downtown secondary plan that has been written up for all of us to make use of, and council, Staff, citizens, and developers have all had a chance to to go through it. And we have five years ahead of us to make this plan benefit the community of Niagara Falls. That's the way I see the plan that we're all working together to make it happen. I know that there are many council reps, Staff, and citizens working in the arena of affordable housing. They seem to be working at different levels and different initiatives, and sometimes, because everybody's doing their own work in their own corner, that a little bit of confusion comes forth. One of that is just the different names. We have Mixed Income Neighborhoods, Housing for All, Neighborhoods First, and others. But the main theme of them is that the City promotes affordable housing by being firm with developers and builders that one out of every five units be affordable. That means one of every five units of every apartment building, condominium, and townhouse be affordable. That doesn't mean that we are mixing incomes of opposite extremes in one building, but that 1/5 of the units are approximately 30% less than the most expensive unit in the building. All that means is that 1/5 of the apartments don't get granite countertops or six foot showers. Why would the builders be upset with those kind of savings? Months ago, I went to a meeting and we were talking about this concept and one person said, oh the developers aren't going to be happy with that one. It's never going to fly. But, I thought back to when the accessibility rules first came in. The builders weren't happy to incorporate something new back then, and then the builders were not happy when Green Space rules were instituted, but they learned to live with it. And I'm certain the same thing will happen with affordable housing expectations as long as City Staff and Council will stand by the policy. As far as I can see, that starts with small and important changes for all of us. The downtown secondary plan says that there's a potential to bring an extra 2500 people into the downtown area, and it might surprise you that people that are in regional housing, 70% of those families actually have income, like, they're working families. So I think that we have to be proactive and ahead of the curve. Small details may help. I have a few motions that include small changes that hopefully will get us down this path. Originally, I was supposed to do this deputation months ago, but time and circumstance got away from me, and now I feel like there is even more pressure than ever, because not only do we have only a few council meetings left in this year, but next council might look a little bit different. And I know that you are all supportive of affordable housing, and I'm sure the next council will be too, but my concern is not so much with the new council, but your directives to Staff in the meantime. I'm sure a lot of new proposals will be coming through the door in the next six months, and I hope tonight will help Staff know in which way they can move ahead. So I have a few motions, and you have a copy of them. The first motion is council to receive and accept the region's Neighborhood First report. You have the front page of that report. The report is actually 50 pages long, so I didn't want to do that to you, but this report has actually been kicking around Regional Council in the Regional building for the last two years, and it just keeps getting forwarded to other committees, and nothing has really been done too much with it, but it's full of good ideas and some of those ideas might not work for Niagara Falls, and some ideas, you know, work better for Toronto or whatever, but I'm hoping that Staff can glean from that. So Council to receive and accept the Region's Neighborhood First report in principle, and send a copy to the City of Niagara Falls Planning Department with instructions to initiate possible outcomes as it pertains to the city level, and that the Niagara Falls City Council reconfirms their support for the Region's Neighborhood First report, and that Niagara Regional Council, Niagara Housing, Smarter Niagara Steering Committee, and the housing working group and the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network are all copied on this motion. So that was the first motion. - Okay well did you want to just do all three motions? - Sure. - And then we got councillors that do want to speak to this. - Okay. Motion number two is that Niagara Falls City Council invite the applicable Niagara Regional Housing Staff to present an update on the Regional Neighborhood First report at Niagara Falls City Council, and I just kind of put a starting thing in there that this is time sensitive for us and for you. And then motion number three just was a little bit off that track. I noticed that this downtown secondary plan does talk about affordable housing, mainly led through the Region. but it's only one or two sentences, whereas in the Grand Niagara Secondary plan, it's talked about much more in-depth. So I thought that the two plans for one city should correspond and be the same for both parts of the city, and the consistency is the key to lowering administration costs for the different parts of the city. So those are the three motions. - Okay, thank you. We got Councillor Campbell. - Thank you, Your Worship. I'm going to make a few comments and then direct comments to Alex if we could. We've been working on a committee with regional representation, as well as an ad hoc committee with respect to homelessness, and it's moving forward to the point where perhaps, Alex, you could give us some direction as to what's going to happen in the foreseeable future? And I do believe hearing this will include all the things that you're looking for. - Good. - Hopefully, it's going to be a good start. - Mr. Herlovitch? - Yes, Your Worship. You might be called at council, set up an ad hoc committee on homelessness in January. We've had a few meetings on that. We met last week with Adrian, I'm sorry forget her last name, at the region, and Kathy Cousins at the region, and we've agreed to move this to the next step, which is to meet with the housing providers now. There are a number of providers who are providing homes for those without permanent shelter, and so we will be meeting with them in the near future, and talking with the regional representatives. They identified there is some funding options, but it does need to be worked through a agency that is already providing some, some supportive services to the community. We also talked about the need of shelters as being just one form of housing in the continuum. So in terms of housing, not only do we need to provide emergency shelter, but we also need to provide long-term affordable housing. And so we will be looking at that, and this Council is probably aware that we have a consultant looking at our motels and hotels along Lundy's Lane and other sections of Herlovitch, which do provide shelter for those without permanent homes, and we are looking at that as a means to providing shelter for people as a permanent residence. The consultants will be bringing back an update for it, if not July then to the August meeting, and we hope to have some conclusion of that study in the Fall after the election. So are there a number of initiatives that we're working on and I hope that addresses Councillor Campbell's question. - Mr. Campbell, yep. - Thank you, Your Worship. It's just that, in this process, we've discovered that there are a lot of well-meaning organizations in our communities that are all operating in silence, and the communication between the silos is minimal, and we're hoping to break down those silos so that we can put together a plan that's going to help with all the concerns that have been presented here tonight. It's my understanding that the region had to leave provincial dollars, correct me if I'm wrong Alex, on the table because they couldn't find anybody to take those funds to move things forward in our community. So this needs to be done and I do believe we're on the right path. - Okay, thank you. So councillor, I'm guessing number one, we don't have this neighborhood's first report, so we can't make specific motions to something we don't have, but certainly part of the motion can be that we received-- - Can I make a motion-- - Sure. - To move these recommendations forward to the committee that we're working with at the region? - Sure. I just, like I say, I'm worried about the timeline, and I'm worried that, like, I know there's so much work that has to be done for those that have already, you know, in dire straits. I just saw that this was a plan to catch people before they get to that part. But I know it all has to be worked together, so it's great. - I think if we could have done it yesterday, it would be done. - Yeah. - But it's not something that's going to happen tomorrow. It's going to move forward and I'm pleased to see that it is. - Great. - What's your motion? - That'll be my motion, Your Worship. - Motioned by Councillor Campbell to move this forward, including the Niagara, the Neighborhoods First Report to the committee to be dealt with. Seconded by Councillor Morocco. I know Councillor Craitor would like to speak to it. - Thank you. Thank you, Karen. And by the way, congratulations on running in the last-- - Oh thank you. - Provincial election. Congratulations. - I didn't want them to cross pollinate. - They didn't. I just have one comment, Your Worship, We're fortunate to have a regional councillor, Selina Volpatti here, who is actively involved at the region in affordable housing, and Selina, would it be appropriate, through you, Your Worship, to make make some comments, 'cause a lot of things that are being brought to our attention are through the region? - Great idea, thank you. Councillor. - Thank you very much for that, Councillor Craitor. I almost said Aldermen because I go back a little way. And thank you so much for your interest in this, because there is such a great need for affordable housing throughout all Niagara communities, particularly Niagara Falls where the waiting list for a single person waiting for housing is 16 years, so that's a lifetime. No we have never left money on the table because we weren't ready, but the thing is, and now there are 40 units planned for Niagara Falls in this year. The thing is that sometimes we have to be shovel ready, so it goes to the community where the shovels are ready, and yes, you are right, there's so many groups working on this and sometimes in silos, and one doesn't know what the other is doing, but the real point is that everybody understands that affordable housing is critical. It's one of the determinants of health. Secure housing is as important as food, a job, and every other determinant of health. So we are moving along at the region. We have an ASD, an alternative social housing report, coming on July 19th. We may be making some changes in the way we deliver housing. I think we need to make changes, Your Worship, because we can't keep doing the same things and expecting different results. But the secondary plan downtown sounds great if we can get one in five units. There are developers in the room, I know. I don't know what their thinking is, but it sounds doable and I hope the Council passes this. - And I know there's so much happening, that the second motion about having updates, verbal updates here at Council, so that you can answer questions when people to give you a call, I think that's one more piece to the puzzle. - Okay. So we've got the motion, duly seconded. Oh yes. - Your Worship, what's the motion again? - The motion again is that we're going to, did you want to maybe repeat that Mr. Campbell, Councillor Campbell? - The intent of the motion is to take the information that Karen has presented to us tonight and move it forward to the committee that's already working towards the goals that she's looking to establish. - Affordable housing, and these centers that Alex is a member of as well. So it'll be on part and parcel to what they're planning, and they're working with the Region as well, and their Public Health Department. Okay so we'll call that vote. All of those in favor? Okay, and that's approved unanimously, so thanks very much, Karen. - Thank you. - Thank you for your time. (audience applauding) Next up, we've got Street Hoops Canada. Karen Stearne and Michael Kemp would like to inform Council of their upcoming three on three basketball tournament. So welcome. - So, good evening, and that'll be all I say. (light laughter) - Do we have the presentation up? - Yes. - There we go. - Um-- - Oh you do this? - I can't. (mumbling) - Okay. Well thanks, Council and Mr. Mayor, for having us today. Seems like it went by very quickly, we were just chatting with you about this last year. You can see that we're going with a different brand this year. We actually created this as a committee because last year, you guys know, we brought in Gus Macker, it's an American company, costs us a little bit of dough to bring them in and we are all about giving as much money to the charities as possible, so trying to cut as much cost out as we possibly can, so eliminating that cost was big for us, and now this gives us a bit of a sense of pride that we've created our own thing and we can grow it the way we want to grow it. And essentially, the ultimate goal is to create a Gus Macker type of brand here in Canada with Street Hoops. So I'll run through what we're looking to do again this year-- - I'm going to stand on this side. - Yep. And what the tournament is all about and success that we had last year. So, it was really put together in about six weeks last year, and we were able to bring it 116 teams down to Queen Street, and brought in about 2000 spectators throughout the weekend. We were fortunate with weather that it was 33 degrees every single day, so no rain, but a little bit hot for the players, but at the end of the day everyone had a great time. It was very competitive, and we really started off on the right foot. So now, we're just moving that Gus Macker brand into Street Hoops, and the goal this year is to get up to 250 teams. They say with Gus Macker, you usually double the amount of teams that you have after your first year, if you had a good first weekend which we did, so that's what we're really hopeful for. Like everything, though, everyone procrastinate as much as they possibly can. So, no one has registered really for this tournament up until the day that, the deadline day, and that happened to us last year. So, we had about 116 teams register within a two-week period. So, the push this year is again getting early registrants in as soon as possible so I can actually sleep at night and get this thing off the ground. So, Street Hoops Canada was founded on the principle of skill development fun. We'll bring play back to the streets. Our venture is designed to be fun, inclusive, and provide opportunities for people of all ages to hone and show off their skills, in support of basketball. We are going to be adding a slam dunk competition this year, a three-point competition, a free throw competition, and a $100 dollar cash prize will be given to each winner of those competitions, so it adds a little bit more fun to the event. The other thing that we're going to be adding is a Corporate Challenge. So, it would be amazing to get a City of Niagara Falls team put in on the Friday afternoon, maybe a Fire Department team put in, maybe a Police team put in. And again, the Corporate Challenge is much like they did at, for the Wiseguys charity a few weeks ago in St. Catharines downtown, just local businesses playing against each other. It's not overly competitive basketball. It's just more fun and a different thing to do for the company, rather than just you know going to another golf tournament or something like that. Get out and show off some of your basketball skills. Chatted about the slam dunk competitions already, and then the biggest thing, guys, and again the reason why we went this route, and the reason why unfortunately, we couldn't do it down on Queen Street this year, we're utilizing the brand new facility at A.N. Myer, the outdoor courts, and again, it's just a cost savings for us. We don't have to rent additional baskets. They've got eight beautiful ones there, and the courts are fantastic to use, so we're going to be housing a lot of games on those courts and then we're going to be bringing in rollaways on the parking lot as well, but the main thing here is to raise as much money as we possibly can to go back to the two great charities that are going to be receiving the dough. Okay, and again, this was the value to Herlovitch based on this year's numbers that we're hoping to get, direct economic impact of $280,000 dollars. And again, that's based on everything that goes into this tournament, you know us renting the equipment from different local businesses, to actually other businesses utilizing all of the participants that are coming in, and they get to go to their great, their businesses. So we're expecting a thousand participants, 'cause it's four players per team at 250 teams. And then with that you have parents and siblings and friends that come along for the weekend to watch. Two city teams. We are, okay, so this is what we're requesting for support to invest this year. So, two City teams would be incredible for the Friday afternoon, the cost and permits associated with-- - Logistics. - Logistics, bleachers, assistance managing streetscape, access to fire hydrant, parking permits, and help with business development, and of course team participation. So ... - That's it. - And that's it. - Do we have, we have Councillor Morocco. - That's great, that was a great event, and a lot of work that he's put into it is always earned. Thank you so much for doing the presentation. So, I'd like to move recommendation. They're looking for street closure, and logistics support. - [Karen] There will be no street closures. - No, because I see it's on the-- - [Karen] We started there, we've moved back a bit, but. - Well, you want support from the Council. - So, it said bleachers, it said teams, a couple of teams. - Yeah. - Yeah. - [Man] Get a couple councilors-- - Slam dunk competition. - We can bring the nets down a little bit. (Joyce gasps) - Why, did you need to? - I need to dunk on the lower nets too. - What do you need? - So these are all the things that we're looking for. We're looking for two city teams to be entered on the Corporate Challenge on the Friday afternoon, and then bleachers for the weekend, assistance managing the streetscape, access to the fire hydrant, parking permits, and help with business development, and of course team participation. So, from team participation standpoint, essentially it's just getting the word out to all of the local, not just basketball organizations, but any sport organization that you know, kids are interested in doing something different on the weekend. - How many bleachers, just so we know how much labor? - How many are we asking for? - So, it would be great if there was 16, but we don't know actually what's in the inventory. So, it'll be whatever they can help us with. - Okay, so what are we going to help them with. So, I can make that just ... - Okay, moved by Councillor Morocco, second by Councillor Thomson, that we help you out with, and I know it's still a little bit yet to be determined, but help with the bleachers, managing the streetscape, fire hydrant access, whatever parking permits we need to come up with, and help promoting, probably through the City's website, and through all the means of our clubs that we control through the City. Councillor Strange. - Well, I was just going to say if Councillor Morocco was going to suggest a couple of teams from Herlovitch, I had a couple suggestions, if it's okay. If maybe a Staff team, we could do a perfect team with Ken Todd, Jeff Holman, and Alex Relovich, and there's a Spud Webb team of Wayne Thomson, Kim Craitor, and Vince Kerrio. (all chattering) - Alright, so is there any other questions or suggestions? (all chattering) Okay, seeing none, we'll call the vote on the motion. - I want to do the slam dunk. - Okay, Councillor Thomson wants slam dunk competition. That's great, we'll look forward to that. Okay, we'll call the vote, all those in favor? - Yes. - Okay and that's unanimous. So, thank you very much. Good luck with it. - Thanks, guys. We look forward to the weekend. Okay, thanks very much. - This is yours. - Yes. - Okay, next item, the new Official Plan. Got Dave Hayworth here, policy consultant. He's going to address us in this regard. - Thank you. Okay, good evening, Mr. Mayor, Councillors, Regional Councillors, Staff, and residents. I'm a bit of a shoo-in tonight. I'm going to give a very brief introduction. My name is Doug Giles, my colleague is Dave Hayworth. We're with the Planning and Development Department at Niagara Region. The reason we're here tonight is to give you a brief overview of the new Regional Official Plan. Just to give you some context about the current Regional Official Plan, and why we're doing a new one, is the first Regional Plan was adopted in 1973. Since then there has not being a comprehensive review of the entire Regional Plan. what has happened is there has been updates to Chapters of the Regional Plan over a period of time. What happens when you update chapters, is a lot of chapters are connected to one another, and as you update one chapter you lose that connectivity. And over, you can imagine over the last 35 years, things have significantly changed. Development patterns have changed, planning policy has changed, and the direction of growth has changed across the region, So, what we are doing is we received permission from the Regional Council to embark on the preparation of a new Regional Official Plan. It's a five year process, we're into the first year. The deadline for the completion of it is in 2021. And it is a very long process. It includes a lot of discussion. It includes the consideration of a lot of issues, but what I'll do now is I'll hand it over to my colleague Dave Hayworth, who will go through some of the detail. - Thank you, good evening Mayor, Council Members, Regional Councillors, and the public. It's nice to be back in Niagara Falls Council chambers, and appreciate the opportunity to inform and engage our local partners on this project. As Doug mentioned, we initiated Staff resources back in 2016 to do a new Official Plan. We're holding a special meeting of Council on July 5th to hear how the public visions Niagara growing and developing, what they have to say about a new Official Plan, and that's a statutory requirement. In the meantime, the Region with the input of Area Planners has been framing required priority background studies, which is primarily what I want to speak to this evening. In terms of preliminary objectives, we want to promote and achieve great development outcomes that contribute to complete community solutions and a quality urban experience, facilitate opportunities for economic growth, protect natural and agricultural resources, and adequately respond to the challenges of climate change, provide clear policy direction were necessary and discretion where appropriate, address provincial requirements, regional mandate matters, and provide guidance to local area municipalities. And, the new Official Plan will be processed under Section 26 of the Planning Act. You've probably heard a lot about Municipal Comprehensive Review at the Region, which was previously focused on growth management only. So now, under the changes to the Provincial planning documents, it incorporates growth management as well as all the other sections of the Official Plan, and has to be looked at comprehensively and approved. The growth management is approved as part of the new Official Plan process. As I mentioned, we're going to be doing some priority background studies, and we're trying to provide a lot of input from the public, our stakeholders, our partners, et cetera. The background studies, the process is, we'll compile the background, we'll gather input as we summarize that background, we'll develop options, we'll gather input, we'll develop recommendations, we'll gather input, and all of that will inform policy formulation, and they'll be input gathered from stakeholders, the public and all the agencies as well at that stage. This slide basically shows the puzzle of all the interrelationships of the priority background studies. Everything is interrelated. We have four under Growth Management Programs we're proceeding with, and four under Natural Systems and Resources Program that we're proceeding with. Then I did notice on your agenda this evening you have the Regional Approved Frameworks for the Aggregates Update Climate Change and Growth Management on your agenda tonight. So, under Growth Management we have the Land Needs Assessment, or Land Budget, Employment Lands Strategy, Urban Structure, and Housing Strategy. Employment Lands, Urban Structure, and Housing Strategy all inform the Urban Land Needs Assessment In terms of the Land Needs Assessment, we want to determine the amount of developable urban land needed for residential and employment purposes to 2041, identify any excess lands, which are lands not developable by 2041. We're looking at alternative greenfield density targets to the required 80 people jobs per hectare, opportunity to rationalize urban area boundaries, and ensure that sufficient lands are in the proper location to accommodate growth. And, urban boundary expansions can occur if there is not enough land regionally, but they can also occur if there's excess lands, provided there is a D designation of lands within the region, and it has to be more than what you're expanding. In terms of Employment Lands Strategy, we want to ensure sufficient and marketable supply, for traditional industrial employment, identify regional employment areas, which are areas of business and economic activity for long-term employment development. We're currently working with the local municipalities and Area Planners at this stage and identifying important employment areas. And, the employment strategy will be informed by the Region's annual employment inventory. Urban structure, so under the Provincial planning documents, we have to develop an urban structure. The urban structure is a significant component to achieve the 60% intensification rate under the Growth Plan, that while protecting established neighborhoods. We want to identify a hierarchy of settlement areas. According to the Provincial guidance material that may not be as complex. It could be something simple. That is something we have to work out with the Province, but the key is, within settlement areas, we have to identify intensifications to direct growth to areas best served by a combination of transit, public transit, public works, and community infrastructure and services, and then we have to assign population and density accordingly. Some key components of a draft Urban Structure, we started to discuss with Area Planners. This is very preliminary. The downtown St. Catharines Urban Growth Centre, which is provincially recognized, downtown Niagara Falls, and downtown Welland emerging urban centers, and there's a bit of an overlap in Niagara Falls with the GO Transit Station area, recognizing that. The other part of the Urban Structure is the GO Transit Station areas, where we've been developing secondary plans. Other Regional Growth Areas, these can be areas like what we've identified in the Brock District plan for the Brock District, and we're now undertaking a district plan for the Glendale area, so those could be other Regional strategic growth areas. Regional corridors, which we'll have to identify, and local centers and local corridors, which will be in your own local Official Plans. Housing Strategy, and we talked. There was some discussion on some of these elements this evening. We want to promote an appropriate range and mix of housing forms, promote choice, aging in place opportunities and affordability. Set affordable ownership and rental housing targets. That's a Provincial requirement. Identify tools to support affordable housing, a Provincial requirement, and align with Housing and Homelessness Action Plan, another Provincial requirement. And we're dialoguing, you heard this evening some comments about having to everybody work together. Everybody's doing a bit of something, and then we've been dialoguing with the other divisions of the Region with respect to the Homelessness Action Plan, trying to coordinate that. And as well, there'll be outreach to the areas and our partners on how to coordinate that as well. So, that concludes the Growth Management part. In terms of Rural and Natural Systems Management Program, we have Agriculture, Natural environment, Aggregate Resources, and Climate Change. In terms of Agriculture, we want to recognize, agriculture's a primary driver of the regional economy, protect the unique land, update specific policies such as agriculture related, and on-farm diversified uses, consider Area Planners' comments. There's some very good comments raised regarding viability of certain agricultural lands, refinement to the Province's agricultural systems mapping, addressing wineries in terms of permitted uses, and their flexibility and what they can do, importance of Agricultural Impact Assessments, which is a Provincial requirement, and importance of compatibility between the Natural Heritage system and the Agricultural systems. And there was some concerns about greenhouses for cannabis raised at the Regional Planning committee as well. For Natural Environment and Water Systems Planning, this is a very significant component to the Regional Plan, partly because Natural Heritage and Agriculture in a sense define the limitations of where you're allowed to grow. So, some of the key aspects raised, and we've discussed the frameworks with Area Planners, et cetera, is the accuracy of mapping for Natural Heritage and trying to get it as right as possible, and as current and updated as possible, and identifying what is truly significant under the Provincial frameworks that we have to work under. We need to establish criteria and identify features for Provincial compliance, example woodlands. Specific topics for consideration that have been mentioned that we'll look at, offsetting shorelines, watercourse mapping, et cetera, and education is a priority component of the engagement process. What I will say it in with respect to this for the Natural Heritage framework, we will be looking at the mapping, and accuracy napping, and watershed planning early on in the process, and having those specific discussion items early in the process. In terms of Aggregate Resources, most of it was started under Imagine Niagara, if you remember Imagine Niagara planning to 2031, we're now planning to 2041. The background work was basically all complete. With the changes to the Provincial planning documents, all we wanted to do was update them, and were necessary so we did a technical addendum. That's been approved and now we're ready for developing policies for Aggregate Resources. Climate Change, this is also a requirement to look at from the Province, and you can see by this slide basically all the different factors that influence climate change, and they're all policy matters in the Growth Plan. So a lot of what the Growth Plan speaks to addresses climate change and we'll be addressing that as part of the new Official Plan. Terms of Engagement Process Considerations, we will be engaging the indigenous peoples early in the process and notifications went out to that effect. We want to carry forward essential information and direction. We want a clear understanding that one policy decision impacts another. Opportunities for Council members to feel involved, consideration and identification of the regional mandate through the process as we develop the background studies and the policy formulation. Broad-based and personal consultation, and provide strategic facilitation when necessary. In moving forward, obviously we're complying with Planning Act matters, but as you can see from the slides of the input we're going to be gathering at different stages, we're going well beyond those requirements. We're going to continue to come back to you here and there throughout the process to keep you informed and engaged, and we'll, we gathered a lot of good information under Imagine Niagara which isn't that old, it's still relevant and we will be using that to help with theme topics for discussion, et cetera. We're going to complete this Official Plan in sections, get them endorsed at Regional Council, and then put the package together and get it approved and sent off to the Province as one package, thank you. - (mumbling), I've got Councillor Thomson, and Morocco. - What's your objective tonight bringing this to our ... Just to inform us? - Yes - What you're doing? - Yes. - I know we had no information about it previously. We couldn't, and we tried to follow your comments, but to try to do that in a few minutes is impossible. Are we getting a copy of this so that we can really make some important questions and dialogue with respect of the matter? - Yes, we'll be giving you a copy, you're welcome to a copy, and anytime you want to provide input, we're always welcome to hear that. - Okay, well, the important thing was I think that they were going to be a lot of opportunity for public input. - That's right. - And dialogue, not only was Councils. - That's right. - But with the building and the trades. - That's right. - And everything else. - So, what do you do with a situation where the municipality has its Official Plan and it's in conflict with what you're suggesting. What is the method of working through that process? - Once we're done this process and Province approves it, then the local municipalities have to bring their Official Plan into conformity with what will be approved through this process. - Yeah, that's going to be a problem. Anyway, we heard about this before, where the Region was looking at preservation of industrial properties in Niagara Falls. We have a lot of industrial property, but our assessment for industry is I think 2.8 percent, so we're not in the industrial business regardless of how much effort our economic development people put in to try to bring jobs and create industry. It doesn't happen. And even in St. Catharines, look a GM now. Preservation of industrial lands, I think. I think that's why were elected here, isn't it? To make decisions. So, if there's going to be a conflict with the Region, I think we're going to have some pretty healthy debates with respect to that. - Thank you. If you would like a response to that, there have been some slight changes to policies regarding employment land, and what is traditional industrial land. We've been working quite closely with the Area Planners, including the Planning Department at Niagara Falls to identify employment land. In the new Growth Plan which is the Provincial Plan, there have been basically different levels of industrial land that you have to identify for a long-term preservation. So, we've been working with Staff at Niagara Falls to identify that, and we're working with them very close on doing that, and identifying what lands have to be preserved for the future. The other part of that is there's a big move to employment in non-traditional areas, such as downtown areas, such as the areas that Dave talked about previously in the Urban Structure, in the new sort of growth nodes across the region. And what we're trying to do is come to an understanding of how much employment we have to allocate to those areas versus how much employment we have to allocate to traditional areas. And the other side of that is there are some industrial areas that may not be suitable for more modern businesses that require different types and sizes of buildings, different configuration buildings in different lot sizes, so we're also looking at how we can accommodate that in the region up until 2041 and beyond. So we are doing a considerable amount of work on that. - Yeah, but I'm not really that interested in 2041. But I am-- - Sorry, we are. - I am concerned about what, what is the appeal process if there's differences of opinion with respect to what you're doing, and what we would like to do here? - Well, I think working with the planning Staff at Niagara, hopefully they won't be an appeal process, and the idea of working closely with Staff is to make sure that there's alignment. - Anyway, it's going to be a long process. You're talking about 2021? - Yes. - Yeah, okay, alright. I had to make my comments because, we have a responsibility to our people here, and we have an Official Plan, and if it doesn't fit in with what you people are trying to do with the region, then we'll have to have another resolution to pull out of the Region, I guess. - [Morocco] Second. - Okay, Councillor Morocco and then Pietrangelo. - Yes, Your Worship, through you to Doug or Dave, I see the transportation is also outlined and I'm glad to see that, since I sit on the Transportation Steering Committee, and Linking Niagara as well. I'm also a representative for the Niagara Trans, the Niagara District Airport, which I don't see any mentioned, so when you do the transportation, I see no transportation, the other transportation, but I think that we're always trying to make sure that Niagara District is included in that transportation. Will that be included? - Yes, currently we're doing an amendment to the transportation section of the Official Plan in order to make that consistent with the Transportation Master Plan that's recently completed at the Region and the airport is in that, so the current amendment that we're doing is to reflect the Transportation Master Plan and make our current Regional Official Plan comply with the Transportation Master Plan. And, as we go forward we plan on bringing that, a similar section into the new Regional Official Plan. If we need to make any changes by then, they will be made, and if there is more advances to what's been happening at the airport, then those will be included in the next version of the Regional Official Plan. - That's just what I wanted to hear, so thank you. - Thank you, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, thanks, Your Worship, I guess through you to the two gentlemen, first of all welcome back to Dave, former member of Niagara Falls Planning Department. The question I had was in regards to you talked about, in the Official Plan how you were defining what the urban structure is, and you talked about some of the intensification areas. You mentioned some corridors but it doesn't actually give me the exact location of those corridors. So, what I was wondering is, all of the areas that you've identified for intensification, do they fall within an urban boundary of their corresponding municipalities? - Yeah. - They do. Okay, thanks, Your Worship. - Okay, thank you, if there's no further questions, we'll look for a motion to receive the presentation. Moved by Councillor Kerrio, second by Councillor Morocco. All those in favor? Thanks very much, gentlemen, I appreciate your time. - Thank you - Thank you. - Okay, next up we'll call on Bob Gale our, one of our other Regional Councillors to give us an update on Police Service Board. - Thank you Mister Mayor. Can you hear me by standing here. - Yeah, if you use that microphone, it slides down a little bit. - Okay, good. Thank you, a few humorous things right off the bat. I have a few concerns. As you know there's been a bit of controversy at times, at the Niagara Region, and I come into a council here, and I see that you have a boy named Josh. He choked out a girl and he got a gold medal, and you all clapped for him. (laughter) As chair of the Police Board, I got a problem with this, but I'll move on. And then I also have a problem with the, is it on? - Yeah. - I also have a problem with the, Councillor Strange's comment, and this is from Cindy and I with regards to health care, the comment about a Spud Webb team, 'cause our cost of health care will go through the roof with that, and you'll never see a hospital if that team was ever formed. (laughter) But, I move on. One last thing is, you have two A.N. Myer grads here too. - Oh, good. - And, Bryon is as well. I think we're taking over. Remember back in the, well, you don't remember that, but back in the '60s, it was always MSCBI and Stanford. You had your glory days. (laughter) But regardless, I move on. Right off the bat, I'm going to talk about the TXO, in other words the public crosswalk up in Chippewa that you asked me to speak to you as well. That was supposed to be unveiled yesterday at 3:30, and because of the lightning and the thunderstorm, we decide not to have it, 'cause we didn't want to lose people out there, but that's at Weinbrenner Road. It's off Weinbrenner across Autumn road, and it started yesterday at 3:30. We had some police officers out there. No one showed up from the public. I get it, it was raining and it was lightning, but the police are going to be out there to show how to use this more to the people. It's fairly common sense, but the young kids might not understand it as well, 'cause it's state-of-the-art. It's nice that Chippewa finally got something of state of the art. This is the first one in Niagara Falls. Yeah, I knew Joyce would, talked high about that. But, this is the first one in Niagara Falls, probably the fifth one in the region, but it has lights on both sides. You know, I'm not working at making a special trip for it, but it's nice to see they got that there. The next question I took it that I was going to be asked with paving out there, there are certain segments that are going to be resurfaced this summer, but not the whole thing because of development out there. That would be wrong, 'cause it'd just be torn up again, but I've got assurances from Carolyn Ryall at the Region that it will be, oh yeah, and Ron Tripp, over the next couple years it will be fixed up, but the development still is going to be tearing apart that road. So, that's enough on that crosswalk. Now, the crosswalk is open to the public. We are not going to have ceremony for it now, because you don't shut it down just for a ceremony. You want to make sure people are using it, so we'll move on with that. The next one is an indigenous seminar. The Police Board had a meeting three months ago where, and I'm going to try and be politically correct like I spoke to at the Region. I guess I was pretty good on this, but I didn't get any flack. Rick McLean, a representative of the indigenous tribes around, did a seminar at the Police board for the senior Staff and the senior command team, as well as the Police board, on indigenous training and education, and what they've gone through. I'll be totally frank here, and I was, at that time when I talked to region, too, I thought this was going to be another boring seminar. I've been to three indigenous seminars while I've been there, and I thought why am I here? But as chair of the board, I had to be there. It was the best seminar I've ever been at as an elected official. It took about two hours, but it informed us so much about the indigenous situation around, and this is me saying that, and this is the way I explained it to the council. People know what I'm like. I'm a bit rough on this stuff, but the education that he gave us from things that, first question he asked was, do you know what the indigenous have invented over the years? None of us could come up with them. We were coming up with canoes and things like this, but needles ... Uh, excuse me. Needles, anaesthetics, he just went on with the whole list. And we fine-tuned some of these things, and I say we, but then, in consultation with them, but the other things that they brought to us was the whitenizing, and this was a word he used, whitenizing of their indigenous tribes all the way through the 1990s where kids were taken from their homes and thrown in schools, up 'til early 1990s in eastern Ontario. Horrific things that none of us knew about. When I left there, I was offended that through school, like the Greek history, Russian history, English history, you did, we all did, nothing on indigenous. I knew nothing about the treaty that was signed at Fort Niagara that they can come onto any of our properties, and hunt for deer or anything like this, but they have the courtesy of not doing that. They could show up on your front lawn tomorrow and be hunting for something and you can't do anything about it, but out of courtesy, they don't do that, and that they get it on that front. So I hope an invite went out this afternoon to all council members, and in the Niagara Region, all elected officials in the Niagara Region to a indigenous seminar on July 11th at the Niagara Region. I hope you'll all show up for it. I think that you'll learn from this, and I said to them, please invite their spouses. I'm personally paying for the food for this. I told the indigenous people, come out and bring on some of their food for it, so you can't have an excuse not to come out 'cause you're hungry, 'cause you're doing something with your wife or husband and things like this. Whatever it takes on this, 'cause I think you'll learn a lot from it. My end goal on this, I'm offended that the schools haven't taught a class on this over the years. Just give it half a day for a grade eight or grade nine class every year to have the indigenous speak to them on why things are. The last comment I'll make is, he started off his lecture by saying, when I'm done this, you'll know why you shouldn't be looking at that indigenous walking down the side of the street, at times like we all have, and say, why don't you pull up your pants get a job? That's what he said. At the end of it all, I realized why I shouldn't be saying that, and I hope you will too. Therefore, I'd like to go to school boards with Rick and any other elected officials in September or October and say, please spare half a day so that you can have this seminar for at least our kids in the Niagara Region, and that, and maybe they'll go through Ontario on that, because why English history and why not them? Last, I was in, out east, as you know, on FCM, and I got back on last Wednesday, and there have been about four articles in the paper about me, about comments I made at the Region. They had a talk about budget. They said that they're going to try and hold it at 2%, and then it was voted down to 1.5% increase for next year, the forecast, and I said to them right after that, 1.95% is our wages on the Police that was arbitrated for us. That's low compared to other forces, but you're killing me right now. We might as well throw the towel in. Why not go in at 0.5 or zero, or something like this. And plus with the increases that we've had on different things we're 2.9 right off the bat. We'll be lucky if we get off less than 4% next year. So I made the comment, and I said, and you people are probably going to blow that back at me, because of the Police Chief's retirement settlement, which was a great business decision, because we expect to get all that money back within three years with the plans the new chief has put out there. Then, you read another headline about me. And you also read in the story about the Police survey. You're all bored with it. You want to put a pencil in your eye over this stuff, because there's so much flack going on, negative press by one reporter about us, and you always read in the story-- - Oh geez.- That Bob Gale didn't return a comment on this. Bob Gale didn't return the comment. So the point is, and I wanted to say it to you people so you understand I'm always available for you people to ask me a question at anytime. I'm always available for the citizens to ask me. But if it's going to be biased or negative press all the time, this reporter will never get a comment from me, and that's the way it stands, and I can justify that and our board stands behind me on this. So I just wanted to report that to you. Thank you. - Thank you very much, Councillor Gale. (audience applauding) Okay moving along to item 6.10 is our Integrity Commissioner Report. I'd like to call up Janet Leiper, our Integrity Commissioner, who will introduce the report on the complaint. - Thank you, Your Worship. Members of council, good evening. This is my first report to you as your interim Integrity Commissioner. It concerns a complaint. I'm not going to go through the report in full detail, but I'll hit the highlights, and if there are any questions, would be happy to entertain those. So the complaint concerned an incident that took place back in November of 2017. The complaint was brought forward, however not in the proper format, until May 4th, and it was around that time that I was retained. So where we are tonight is there has been a finding of a breach of the Code of Conduct. It's summarized in the report before you, and it arose out of initial online communication between Councillor Campbell and a member of the community, in which Councillor Campbell agreed to be helpful in relation to a certain issue. And things went relatively well until a point of conflict, which is described in the report, and I'll just summarize it this way. There was an exchange of text and phone information. The councillor expressed himself in an angry manner. He used inappropriate language that had some troubling content. This caused sadness and stress to the complainant, and there were some further communication, which upset the complainant, and ultimately, he requested that the councillor not have communication with him anymore. Your Code of Conduct, which you adopted approximately a year ago, has provisions relating to anti-harassment, and you have a definition of what that is, and it includes a communication that is reasonably perceived by the recipient as an intention to bully, embarrass, intimidate, or ridicule the recipient. In addition, your Code of Conduct has key statements of principle, and you've set a high bar for yourselves. Your conduct is expected explicitly to be of the highest standard. You need to show fairness, respect for difference, and a duty to work with other members together for the common good. And finally, Section 3 of your Code of Conduct recognizes that you're to conduct yourselves with propriety, decency, and respect at all times. This is a high standard and it reflects the fact that members of council do their work, not just in the Chamber, but out in the community when they're speaking to members of the public. So I concluded after listening to some of the material, reading the text, that it was reasonable for the complainant to perceive the communications as ridiculing or demeaning him, and that this did amount to bullying behavior. I met with Councillor Campbell, and I want to say that he was completely cooperative, and is part of the reason why this matter is coming before you fairly quickly. He accepted the findings. He was cooperative with the investigation, and he provided a timely response to this complaint. But more importantly, he's taken steps to examine why he became so upset and why he became so angry, and is working with a counselor to address these matters. He told me he was appalled at having become so angry. He demonstrated remorse, and I put that before you as part of the reasons behind my recommendation to you tonight. The councillor plans to make a full apology to the complainant at this time at Council, and given that recognition, I'm recommending to you that there be no further sanction, other than the finding of the breach. So two additional points that are not in my report. First of all, when I classified this complaint as falling under of the jurisdiction of an Integrity Commissioner, I realized that both parties would benefit from a speedy resolution, because it had lingered for some time. I retained a colleague, Miss Nadia Leva, who is here tonight, and is seated over to my right, to assist as an investigator. She has experience with codes of conduct matters, and I delegated part of this investigation to her so that she could meet with the complainant. Further, I wish to advise council that the complainant is satisfied with the outcome that I am presenting to you this evening. And finally, although you can impose other forms of sanction, anything from a reprimand to a suspension of pay for up to 90 days, I recommend that you adopt no further sanction, having heard the apology, for these reasons. First of all, this will encourage settlements in future, if there are breaches of the code, and I would venture to guess that there's nobody in this room who hasn't lost their temper or said something that they wish they hadn't at some point in their life. So apologies are to be encouraged. Secondly, there's a proportionality to what I recommend. Other municipalities have addressed conduct of this nature with apologies and no further sanction. Third, it reflects the interest of the parties and the interest of the complainant. It would allow for certainty and consistency, if you find it to be within a reasonable range of outcomes, such that people would cooperate with further complaints. And finally, there was an explanation given here, and it's in the report, and it's related to the outcome of certain tragic events in the life of Councillor Campbell, which underlie, he believes, some of his behavior, which he is working on. So finally, actually finally again, councillors ought not to underestimate the power of a finding of a breach before one's peers and in public. That in itself can function as a reminder that one must live up to the Code of Conduct. So for these reasons, this is my recommendation. I'm happy to take questions. - Thank you very much. Do we have questions of council? Councillor Kerrio? - Thank, Your Worship, I have just a couple of questions. Which, is it La-pier? - It's Leiper. - Leiper? Miss Leiper, there seems to be some confusion. I got an email prior to the council meeting tonight that said something like that, the decision was already made on the punishment or the penalties that were to be assessed in this case, but then I just heard you say it's strictly up to Council to decide. So you can make a recommendation. Am I correct in assuming that you don't make the decision on the penalty, we do? - Through you, Your Worship, yes that's correct. - Okay. Thank you, that's one question. And then if there's no other questions, I did read in here that you were here to help us, not just do this, but for other things. I read that, I don't know, at the beginning of the report or whatever. So you're at our disposal to help us in tough decisions. I didn't sign up for this, to judge my peers. I don't think it's fair at all for Council to be put in this position. We were put this position not that long ago, and it wasn't pretty, it wasn't pleasant, and I'm sure that the other councillors aren't enjoying this as well. But we're faced with a situation that how do we achieve fairness, you know? Unless we have the experience that you do, or the expertise, to me a code of, if you breach the Code of Conduct, you breach the Code of Conduct. I don't, I'm not equipped to decide which breach was worse. Which breach is worse? The one that happened before? This one? We're in a bit of a jam and I don't know whether or not you could shed some light, because we came down pretty hard on the councillor in the last go round, and in this particular case, you're suggesting that an apology would be acceptable. Some people may say they were both breaches of the code, and it would be nice if you could help us with the situation, 'cause I think most of us are struggling with what to do. - Thank you for the question, Your Worship. This is a question the councils have really struggled with since the advent of Integrity Commissioners and codes of conduct, which haven't been around all that long, Toronto being the first to do so, and it really is requiring you to wear another hat to the one you normally wear. So your politicians, your legislators, you have stewardship, and in a way you're now administrative decision-makers, which is kind of quasi-judicial. So part of that is learning the rule, learning the Code of Conduct. I can't speak to things that have happened before I arrived here but what I would suggest is that at the next term of council that there be an introductory education session because ultimately what you would like to move towards is avoiding complaints using advice. And you mentioned the role of an Integrity Commissioner includes advice education, but also standing up here when there is a breach and giving you reasons for why you might consider the sanction. So if I was to stand up here and just say, I think you should take away his pay for 30 days, but give you no reasons, no context, no background, you'd be right in saying, you've given us no help at all, you have to give us some reasoning. So that's why I addressed the four or five reasons for the suggestion, that is why I mentioned other municipalities including Herlovitch of Toronto, have recommended no sanction when there is an apology, where there has been insulting behavior towards Staff, we've seen that, insulting behavior towards members of the public or a fellow councillor, so there is precedent for this recommendation. I hope that assists. - Council Morocco. - I really have no questions for you, but I just want to say thank you. It is very difficult as Councillor Kerrio pointed out to take on the judge and jury of another fellow councillor. The bottom line is we shouldn't even be doing it all, 'cause the councillor should just be doing what they're supposed to be doing, is their work, and actually focusing on the duty of the day that we've been elected for. And I don't think that we'd be in this situation. But every once in a while we have to, it looks like we're faced with this. And I don't want to judge my peers. I welcome your recommendation. I think every case is different, we've seen that, there's been a lot of different cases that have been brought before the Region and ourselves and Integrity Commissioners have come forward. I hope that the next Council actually does put something in place to deal with this. And I actually would like to say that I would make the motion to accept the report for coming back that Councillor Campbell give an apology and let's move on. I'm not here to continue to keep on bickering away and picking at each other. That's what my comments are. So thank you very much for bringing forward that. I'm sure that this case that, Councillor Campbell seemed to be very compassionate, passionate about, compassion about, and what he was trying to help an individual that was directed to him by another fellow councillor. I have no idea whatever happened there, but I think we've also learned another valuable lesson that we are not professionals in dealing with people that need help or whatever. I think that we need to direct those individuals to the people that are professional in wherever they can apply the service. So I think that that was another thing, too. That you try to help, but we also always want to think that we're just wearing one hat. We wear many hats, but we always have to remember that the one hat, we've learned through over the last few years is that we're always wearing that one hat and that's the councillor's hat, and we have to always act in a professional manner and think of others. That's my comment. - Thank you for that. I've got that Councillor Thomson and Councillor Craitor. So we got a motion on the floor right now. So I don't know if we've got, do we have a second? Or first I should address the motion that we accept the Integrity Commissioner's findings. - I may second it after I finish asking a question. Thank you for being here. I don't know all the details of what transpired with respect to this, but I'm very confused and I think this Council needs information on how we are at this particular place and time. From what I understand, the individual approached Councillor Campbell and there was some dialogue. In my opinion, it has absolutely nothing to do with City Council, City business, and that's what we're elected here to do. So I'm just wondering, tell us, is our Code of Conduct too wide open that any comment, if I had a problem with the my lawyer and I got mad and said something to him, does he have the right to file a complaint against me? Where do we stand with respect to where this is going? I thought when I initially heard this, well you know that's fine, but it has nothing to do with City Council. What you're elected to do is to do City business and this was totally separate in my opinion. I'm just mystified that it is gone this far. - So thank you for the question through you, Your Worship. I generally try not to answer hypotheticals. So the lawyer hypothetical, that would rise and fall on its own facts. In this case, the facts were that there was a bit of an overlap between the role at the time that the connection was made, and it was made by a fellow councillor. Councillor Campbell was bringing forward as part of his champion mental wellness here at the region, and I understand he is seen as a champion for mental health and mental wellness and that there was some discussion around issues around that. Further, your Code of Conduct does recognize that you are responsible for your words and your actions outside the chamber. And here we have, not a form of professional relationship, as you described, councillor, with a lawyer, but we have a member of the public being introduced to the councillor by another councillor. And finally, when we had this conversation, and initially Councillor Campbell did take that position, he wondered perhaps this is something in my private life? But as we discussed how he had come to know the complainant, he did accept the finding. And I stand by my recommendation to you that it would be covered by this in these particular circumstances. Your other question was, is our Code of Conduct too broad? Are we holding ourselves up to too high a standard such that it would be intrusive into our private lives? And I would suggest you that it would not, that it recognizes that there be some aspect of your work as a councillor. It's not intended to encompass you on vacation, somewhere out of the country or somewhere that's totally removed from what you do as a councillor, but that it does recognize that you're always to some extent when you're dealing with the residents here who come to you dealing with them qua councillor. And if you decided you wanted to make your Code of Conduct more narrow, it's up to you change it. It's your Code of Conduct. You passed it, you set a high bar. But I would suggest to you before you do that you would consider what that would say to the public. - Okay, do you know other councils, their Code of Conduct, that would be different than ours under these circumstances? - All of them are slightly different but many are similar. I can tell you that at Herlovitch of Toronto, the requirement to deal respectfully with members of the public has reached to radio programs where comments have been made on the radio by councillors or they've been identified to someone as a councilor where there is any factual connection. I understand that this Code of Conduct is to some extent similar to the City of Vaughan, so that it's not an anomaly. - Well, I'm still very confused because if they're on the radio, they're talking about political, municipal things and I don't think this one was related to that. I think we should have another look at our Code of Conduct and see to know because we all have to be very careful what we say to everybody and to everything. Anybody can lose their temper under different circumstances, obviously, so ... It's been very difficult for me. - Sorry, with your permission, Your Worship. One other thing, now that you have someone dedicated pending a full-time Integrity Commissioner, I will tell you that my orientation is towards settling matters, so that a quick loss of the temper and if somebody had a complaint about it, my first attempt will always be to resolve it through an informal process rather than having it come to Council is a formal complaint. So advice, informal mediation, the intention would be that you don't see a lot of these. And that is the mark of a group that has a more sophisticated understanding of how to work with Integrity matters. It's not that you have to be perfect and it's not that it's going to be gotcha. It is that when you do make a mistake, we try to deal with it quickly and satisfactorily because I know members of the public don't relish this either and people are sometimes intimidated to even bring them forward. So I will tell you that that's my orientation. This the first time we've had a chance to talk. So I do thank you for the question that allowed me to say that. - Did you decide, are you seconding the motion? - Yeah, I'm not interested in conflict with the people around this table. In fact, hopefully we get to the point to where we don't need an Integrity Commissioner. Because we all work together and cooperate in a team effort rather than this. How long, Integrity Commissioner, the last couple years? All we had since then is conflict. I think it's a very unpleasant environment and I think we could do without it. So I second the motion. - Thank you for that. - Are we going to vote? - We're going to be, we still have more dialogue. And I think Councillor Campbell's going to have something to say, too, I believe. Miss Leiper, I just want to interject and say that I really appreciate what you said because none of us want to get into a war amongst our peers and playing judge and jury, but your idea that you love to mediate and maybe diffuse the situation and the idea of remorse, remorse and apology goes a long way. I've always felt that way, too. 'Cause we want to forgive, we want to forget, and there has to be some remorse, an apology, and we can get that started. That starts, I think, the healing and the reset button. So that's great to hear. I know I've got Councillor Craitor and then I've got Councillor Campbell. - Thank you, your Worship, thank you very much. You know, I wish you'd been the person we hired in the first place. The last person who came here was our Integrity Commissioner, we couldn't even ask him a question. Remember sitting there trying to, no, you can't ask any questions. It's quite and it's been said around the table, wish that it had an educational system. But here's the dilemma that I face. Only speaking for myself, I read your report and I happen to agree with it. I do, I happen to agree. And I've said this to some of my friends. Councillor Campbell went through a difficult time. And maybe in his mind, and I don't want to offend you in any way, Wayne, but maybe in his mind going through that difficult time he thought maybe that was the right approach that he should take to try to motivate this person, maybe that's what he thought. So I do not believe that he was doing anything that he felt was wrong. But the problem we have is we had a councillor who also breached. And there was a report that came here in this room, I remember we were sitting here and we threw the book at her. We took away her pay for three months. We kicked her off a board that she sat on as a City Councillor. We kicked off the library board. Then we wanted her to resign. And I remember standing up and saying, I'll support this, but you understand we're setting a precedent. We're saying if anybody around this table, which includes me, breaches a Code of Conduct, here's the penalty you're going to pay. You're going to lose your pay for three months and get removed from any board, going to be asked to resign. And we all, all of us, except for the councillor who was affected, voted in favor. We said, yes that's what we want to do and that's the standard that we are setting up this high, there is no other standard after that. There's nothing that says we'll take a little less or anything. That was the standard. So that's the predicament that we find ourselves in and there's only a couple ways we can resolve that. I liked, I really do like what you were saying, you know, apologies, let's put things behind us, as councilor said. How do we correct what I consider an Injustice to a councillor who did breach, just like this one, by making her pay severe penalties for all of that? And that's what I'm trying to rest in my mind. How do I correct that? 'Cause I am going to support this, your recommendation, which is very well put together. You don't have to answer the question. I'm sitting here trying to figure out what's the way that we correct something that we did had we had you sitting there instead of this guy named Duxbury, who I don't even think has a clue. And I'm going to say, I guess he can come and sue me too next, saying I should-- - [Jim] Councillor, maybe we shouldn't reference names of-- - I'm going to, he was here, so it's a Public Meeting. I'm a little hot under the collar, you know. - We can refrain from mentioning the name. - Thank you, thank you. (speaking at once off mic) Thank you. So, thank you again. And I think whatever the vote comes to, we need to revisit what we did to a councillor who breached the Code of Conduct by throwing everything at that councillor, remove her pay, kick her off Hydro board, kick her off the library board and demand that she apology. I'm not certainly going to suggest that that's the route we go with Councillor Campbell 'cause I happen to agree with what you recommend. I'll just close by saying Councillor Thomson's right. We're in a whole different, you're afraid to say anything anymore, you're afraid to text anybody, you're afraid to put anything in email, you're afraid to joke around and have fun, you're afraid 'cause anybody can say anything about you in this world of politics that we live in. And the news media, Bob Gale's still here? But he's right, the news media loves it. They'll just put your name on the front page whether it's true or not, it doesn't matter, it just sells papers, it's great. And you're considered guilty no matter what. And I've lived in that world so I know how it feels. So I'm going to support the motion and I just want you to know that. But that's the difficulty I have the trying to be fair to another councillor who went through a breach and saw the penalty that she had to endure for this. So maybe this way we can rectify that. I apologize for the humiliation. But thank you very much. The only question I do have for the public, you are now their Integrity Commissioner. So if someone has a concern about us in any way shape or form, then they can contact you and express their views, is that now your role here? - Yes, that's my role until you replace me which you will do. But for now I'm your interim Integrity Commissioner and I will answer one of the questions embedded in your comments, councillor, through you, Your Worship, and that is, please don't be afraid. I know your jobs are really hard. I worked very closely with Herlovitch of Toronto councillors and I saw what they had to deal with. You have to deal with the public in all forms and the public doesn't always appreciate how hard you work. And I know that people are prone to jumping on mistakes. So all I can say to you is, you shouldn't be afraid to communicate with your public. Your Code of Conduct is there is a guide, not as a trap. And I'm here to provide confidential advice and if you consult me, that advice does not go public unless you choose to make it public. And I'm here for the public people as well, if they have an issue, and again, if it's an informal matter I will always try to resolve it. Oh and your other question, through you, Your Worship, about why don't we just do the same penalty for everybody? That would be fettering your discretion, in other words, taking the maximum for every single one and that likely would be vulnerable on judicial review and it would be contrary to what's being recommended but given that the indication's been made that that's, I'm not going to say more about that. - [Vince] Thank you. - Okay, thank you, before we get to Councillor Campbell, I know we've got a couple of councillors who wanted to speak. So I've got Councillor Ioannoni, Kerrio, and Morocco again. - Thank you, Mr. Mayor. It's no surprise to anybody watching this or speaking, that they're talking about me, so let's put that on the floor right now. I was a little taken aback on the email Council received tonight. When I had my investigation with Mr. Duxbury, I wasn't allowed to speak to any of you, I wasn't allowed to address you, I wasn't allowed to speak to the report and I was told I was not allowed to talk to any of you before the punishment was installed, implemented on me. You all got an email tonight asking you to stick with an apology, which I think is a conflict of interest because it's pecuniary, but it's an entirely different rule that was imposed on me when I was investigated. In the email you received, it says Councillor Campbell, an email is from him, and the Integrity Commissioner mutually agreed on the consequences outlined in the report. And I have to tell you, Councillor Campbell, I emailed Miss Leiper and told her I thought her report was fantastic and her recommendation was right on the mark. This is what I think should happen. But you got to speak to your Integrity Commissioner. You got to speak to her about the report, you got to speak to her about the result, you got to talk to her about the recommended punishment. I didn't get to do that. I didn't get one response from Mr. Duxbury. I have tried to explain that to this Council. Miss Leiper says you can have a judicial review. It would have cost me $30,000 for a judicial review to show you Mr. Duxbury didn't follow rules of the Integrity Commissioner. I did not get one response, and just so Council's aware, he told me eight times that there was no complaint against me. I sent him eight emails saying, please provide me with the complaint and the details and I will answer your questions and each time he told me, I don't have to have a complaint to look into you. I don't have one. That was a lie. I got that, I got the official complaint the Friday before Council got the report and emailed him back and said, so eight times you told me you didn't have a complaint, eight times I asked you. Again I'm saying to Council, I'm asking you to let me in an in camera session tell you my experience. Because Councillor Campbell got to email you his and your recommendation is going to be based on this paired with Miss Leiper's recommendation. And I think you, the rules here, in that time frame were got you, and that's all it was. You spent the evening humiliating me, ridiculing me, attacking me, telling me I was not worthy for this seat, and I harassed nobody. If you are going to implement rules and the maximum is not supposed to be your base mark, I will tell you, you started with me with the maximum. And to this date, Mr. Duxbury's report, which I read five times again before I came to this Council chamber does not tell you what I said. And just so Council's aware, I emailed Mr. Duxbury the day he released his report and said, can you please clarify for me where and what you think breached? And he said, no my report speaks for itself. And my response to him was, well, if it did, I wouldn't have asked you. So I think you're very lucky that you got an Integrity Commissioner that listened, didn't dismiss you, and wasn't out to get you. And as a councillor, I'm going to support their recommendation because I thought it was fair. And I didn't think get you was appropriate tonight. - Okay, Councillor Kerrio, Morocco and then Campbell. - [Vince] Your Worship, I'd like to wait till this vote before I speak. I want to make a comment after the vote. - Okay, so then it'll be Councillor Morocco. - First of all, I'm sorry. Councillor Ioannoni, now you're trying to play the victim. And don't ever say that we said you weren't worthy of that seat. That was never ever said. We only asked you for an apology. Come on, let's face it-- - Councillor-- - We were taking the recommendation, Your Worship, we were taking the recommendation. I'm voting consistently, I'm voting consistently on what the Integrity Commissioner reports, both reports, and that's all that we were doing. This Council decided to take it to the 90 days. We were asking for an apology. No apology was given at all. And the report basically said that there was no cooperation in getting any of the information back. That was cleared up, that was brought back to our attention that the documents were doctored that were going back and forth, so you know, we were actually trying to say, just apologize. And we were not trying to, I don't want to be looking like we are the bullies here because that's not the case. We're talking about a breach of confidentiality in Council chambers, which you're elected to do is make sure that you do not breach. Not something that a gentleman outside of this chamber was trying to help an individual thinking that it was his own personal time. Totally different crimes. - [Jim] Yes, Miss Leiper. - [Janet] Permission to address councillors. - Yes, please. - I want you all to remember. (councillors arguing off mic) - Councillors, councillors, please. We're going to direct attention to the Integrity Commissioner Miss Lieper. - Through you, Your Worship, I just wish to remind members of council that no doubt the complainant is watching and if I could ask Your Worship to just keep us on the point rather than going back to another report. I'm in no position to speak to the other report. Clearly there are still strong feelings about it and it may be worthy of in another place and time having a conversation. But out of respect for somebody who has put themselves in your hands to make a complaint and there is a motion on the floor, I would respectfully request that Council stay with the report before. - I appreciate that. And I know the complainant was here earlier and I saw he had left and I don't know, I am assuming he's left the building. But we are live streaming and we are recording through a local cable channel so this will be accessible on our City website as well. So I would offer the floor then to the Councillor Campbell and if you'd like to address Council and address the complainant. - Thank, Your Worship, if I may. On October 14th 2017, a fellow councillor requested my assistance for a citizen. Due to my personal experiences, I felt comfortable to do so. As result of the manner in which I committed with this, communicated with this individual, I regrettably cause this citizen distress for which I am truly sorry. As a result of my reaction during our communications, I sought professional assistance. The therapist has helped me and is presently helping me to understand that I was and am suffering from PTSD as a result of my daughter's death and had been triggered by the conversation with the citizen. I wish the citizen of this Integrity investigation good health and hope that he accepts my apology. And in the spirit of positive action, I'm going to offer a $2,000 donation to my daughter's fund Katey Marie Campbell fund, who in turn, that fund helps fund Pathstone Mental Health. That is something I will follow up on. - Thank you for that, councillor. Do we have? - We have a motion. - Pardon me? Okay, we've got the motion. We've had a lot of discussion. Yes, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Your Worship, I didn't get a chance to speak. I wanted to say thank you to Councillor Campbell for offering the gift that's going to go to Pathstone Mental Health. I think it's very appropriate. You can tell by the circumstances, Your Worship, that this isn't a situation that any of us want to be in. I don't know another profession that has to, I guess, judge their colleagues and then is made to work together with them directly after the judgement. It's a very uncomfortable situation. I think if you allowed people to opt out, you'd have a hard time having quorum. I'm prepared to support the motion. And again, I thank Councillor Campbell for his honesty. - Okay, then we will call the vote, all those in favor? That's unanimous, thank you for that. Thank you Miss Leiper. - Thank you. - Appreciate your help. Councillor Kerrio. - Thank you, Your Worship. In light of what I've just seen happen and I think we did treat Councillor Campbell pretty fairly, but I really believe we treated Councillor Ioannoni unfairly. And I'd like to make a motion that we give her her three months pay back that we took away from her and I think that would make it fair. She still suffered greatly from what we did, and I feel that we need to give her back her three months pay in order to be fair. So I'll make that motion at this time. - Okay, second? Seconded by Councillor Craitor. Do we have discussion around the Council? Yes, Councillor Morocco, Councillor Craitor. - So what's the repercussions then, Your Worship, I have to ask then, when you breach confidentiality? I mean, the Integrity Commissioner's report and the months and the thousands of dollars that were spent. So does that set a precedence for all of us now? Because there was a huge debate in that room and there was no doubt that they wanted to do more than that, which I think the 90-day suspension was good enough based on the fact that it was a breach of confidentiality. So my question is, what? We didn't even get a thank-you, Staff didn't get a thank-you and we didn't get an apology at all. Sorry not a thank you but an apology. Sorry, I'm just like, you do something wrong and you're not going even get a slap on the hand. I really can't believe that. So you're just now going to say that if anybody does anything wrong, it's okay, it's okay. I have a hard time accepting that because we have accountability and that's why we have Integrity Commissioners. I just can't seem to let that go. If you do something wrong, you have to be held accountable. An apology would have been great, but we didn't get it. I'm not going to support. - Councillor Ioannoni, would you like to take this opportunity to apologize? - Mr. Mayor, I'm sorry that everything escalated the way that it did. I'm sorry we are ripping the shreds out of each other here. I was even sorrier that night when I left here knowing that people I counted on as my friends wouldn't even listen to my side. I don't know what apology Councillor Morocco wants because nobody asked me for one. And by the way, the email that you received tonight was incorrect, Mr. Duxbury didn't tell you to dock my pay and kick me off committees and take me off Hydro. And by the way, Councillor Morocco, you can go watch the tape. I don't speak uninformed, and I guarantee you somebody stood up in this Council chamber and said I was not worthy of this seat and I needed to step down. I didn't say that you did. But you stood up here and you said I was playing the victim, those words weren't said, and I guarantee you, they were. So you can raise your eyebrows all you want, but I have asked repetitively to be allowed to tell you how that Integrity Commissioner played itself out. I am very sorry anybody here thinks I breached in camera. and I'm even sorrier that Mr. Duxbury brought back the report he did. - Okay, thank you for that, councillor. Okay, is there any other, yes, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Your Worship, I like consistency. We've had different Integrity Commissioners. I mean, I'd like to see Miss Leiper's look at this and give us her honest opinion. I really liked her style, I liked the way that she addressed us, I liked what she had to say to us. I can appreciate the fact that she might not have gone through it yet, but I honestly would like her opinion. Whether that happens tonight or whether it happens another night, I don't know. But I think that would be the fair way to go about it. She seems very reasonable in her approach and I mean I think it would be a good thing to have her look at it and give us some advice. 'Cause like I said before, none of us really want to be in this situation. So that would be the way that I would vote. - Okay well, either you can make a motion to defer this, because otherwise we have a motion on the table and seconded. So if, you know, it's up to you how you want to handle it. Yes, Councillor Kerrio? - I'd be fine with deferring it (speaking faintly off mic). - Well, if he's making a motion for a deferral, I have to wait to make my comment, if there's a seconder, I guess. (Mr. Beeman speaking off mic) - Yeah, okay, Mr. Beeman? - What are we asking to defer? - A decision-- - The motion? - A decision on the motion. (Mr. Beeman speaking faintly off mic) Yes. - Ooh. Could I know that if we're going to do any of this, I'll have, can I speak to this? - Yes. - You might object, can I speak then? What she said earlier might cause a bit of a, a bit of a procedural or legal issue that she's raised within this particular circumstance. - Yeah, well then why don't you do that? Go talk to her and then we'll let Councillor Kerrio speak. - Certainly. Council, if, I wonder if she can hang around, I was wondering if you would like ... Would council be open to putting this off for us to have an extended, it might take us 15, 20 minutes to discuss this. That's my only concern with-- (woman speaking faintly off mic) If (speaking faintly off mic) defer this. I'm open to what Council wants done, I'm just saying this raises a legal issue for us lawyers. - Councillor Kerrio, so you've heard him. - Your Worship. - Yeah. - We're going to be speaking about more money to have it reviewed by another Integrity Commissioner than we're talking about. We're not talking about a lot of money. We're talking about three months pay, which there's not, there's not a lot of money. My feeling is it'll cost more money to have the Integrity Commissioner review everything that was done in the past than we're going to do tonight to give Councillor Ioannoni the three months pay. I really believe that she has gone through enough, and that she will be have been punished enough having seen what I've seen tonight. So I'd like to leave the motion stand. If it passes, fine. Everybody can vote their conscience. - Okay, well then why don't we do this? So, councillor, so if you want to, is there a seconder who motioned for deferral? - [Kerrio] There was two seconders. - Okay. - Of my motion. - Deferral. - Okay. So there's a motion for deferral, which is non-debatable, that is being deferred until the Integrity Commissioner could refer to it. (speaking faintly off mic) Pardon me? - Who was it? - Councillor Pietrangelo. - And? - Councillor Morocco. Okay. So, we'll call the vote, all those in favor? Okay, opposed? - I have a conflict. - Okay, well then it passes. Refer, it's deferred until the Integrity Commissioner can meet with Mr. Beeman, and then they'll bring that back and then we're going to consider that under the fact that Councillor Ioannoni did apologize, and then we'll have that discussion. - I just want to be sure. Is the extent to which council would like Miss Leiper to review the decision, or do they simply just want her opinion on penalty? - Well, if she'll give an opinion, give an opinion. If she knows the case, she may-- - Well, she won't know the case. That's just it, she won't know the case. - I'm sure she knows the case. - Yeah, Councillor Morocco? - I don't want to have to speak to it, but Councillor Ioannoni asked if she would be able to have an opportunity to speak to us, and in camera, and tell her side, that we never got to hear. So that's why I'm willing to say that we need to do a vote. I don't think that we need to bring in more legal. I think it's just an opportunity for her. She's apologized and she's actually asked, I'm sorry if I, Councillor Ioannoni, did you not ask to have an in camera in the back to speak to us a different time? So I would like to give her that opportunity. I don't think that I'm looking to have legal spending more. I'm looking to our councillor to give us communication in the back and explain her side of what we did not hear. That's all. I don't think we're looking for more money to spend on legal. - Okay, well the vote has been taken. The vote approved. So we're going to bring this back-- That's part of the deferral. - Yes, so we can't talk about it either. So we have to just let it go for now at this point. Okay, so we're going to move on to the planning portion of our council meeting. First item is more requests for deferral. I've got Ms. Gilberti. Did you want to address council, Ms. Gilberti? - Yes, thank you Mr. Mayor, members of Council, Staff, ladies and gentlemen. Very quickly, very briefly, my comments are to ask for a deferral of the Public Meeting tonight until July the 10th in order that the applicant, and the team of consultants, can be afforded the opportunity to look at the recommendations listed in the Staff report and hopefully include all of those modifications to the plan, negotiate, or go back to Staff, have them review the revised plan, and come back to you on July 10th with a revised Staff report. - Move for deferral. - Uh, but, but, if I could just finish please? All I was going to also ask, if you could please direct Staff to prepare the necessary by-laws, if appropriate, for consideration by council on that same night, on July the 10th - Move for deferral. - Okay. - [Vince] And my approval of what she's asking. - Moved deferral, and approval preparing the by-laws for the July 10th meeting, seconded by Councillor Morocco. If there's no discussion to this, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay, and that's unanimous. - Thank you. - Okay. Thanks very much. - Have a good evening. - Alright, you too. (people chattering) Is this for the vacant land, councillor? - Yes. - Thank you. Hey Vic. Will you switch with me? You just got to do this, I got to go to the bathroom. - Yeah. - Now ask the clerk to introduce the next item on the agenda. (people quietly chatting) - A Public Meeting is now being convened to consider a proposed amendment to the City's Official Plan and Zoning By-law, and a Plan of Vacant Land Condominium to permit a 37 unit townhouse development and to recognize an existing semi-detached at 5606, 5916, and rear portion of 5928 and 5930 Dunn Street. Notice was given by first-class mail in accordance with the Planning Act on May 18th, 2018, and by posting a sign on the property in question. Anyone who wants notice of the passing of the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment and a Plan of Vacant lot Condominium, and approval, or to participate in any site planning process, if applicable, or preserve their opportunity to appeal to the local Planning Appeal Tribunal, shall leave their name on the sign-in sheets outside the council chamber. - Okay, thank you Mr. Malton. I'd now ask Mr. Herlovitch to explain the purpose and reason for the proposed amendments. - Thank you, Mr. Acting Mayor. The property is located on the south side of Dunn Street. There are number of houses facing onto Dunn Street. It will be a redevelopment of the property. So the property is on Dunn Street. It's a little bit west of Atlantis Avenue. Immediately north of the property is a former Niagara College property. Next to that is an apartment building and Cavendish Manor Retirement Home. There are retirement residences, or, I mean, other residential uses to the east of this site, hotel parking on the south, and there is a townhouse development immediately on the west side of this property. The property is identified by the clerk to involve a number of properties on Dunn Street. So it would be a consolidation of those three properties into one redevelopment site, labeled number A, which is 0.82 of a hectare, and that would be proposed for 37 townhouses, and then they would retain a parcel B, which would be for, to retain an existing semi-detached dwelling fronting onto Dunn Street. The proposed layout for the townhouse then would be a single access into the development, and with a hammerhead at the end of that, serving 37 proposed townhouses. The semi-detached dwelling is located at the northwest corner of the property. There's a driveway here with a double parking space for that townhouse. So that would be retained on the street. Again, the proposal is for a common driveway for those 37 units. They would be individually owned as vacant land condos. Oops, I want to back up. As well, I want to point out, there is, in addition to the parking garages for each of these units, there is a parking lot for guests providing about 10 parking spaces to accommodate visitors. The Dunn Street in the Official Plan is designated Residential, it's an intensification corridor, and encourages a density of 50 units per hectare. This proposal will have a density of 45 units per hectare, so slightly under the requirements, so we will need an Official Plan amendment for that. The semi-detached dwelling does meet the density target. The Official Plan amendment can be supported. There are largely two-story townhouses similar in height, massing, and setback to the existing buildings. The building setbacks will comply with the design guidelines of the Official Plan. They'll have a height of 7.6 meters, a little over 25 feet, rear yards of 7.5 meters, again around 25 feet, and interior side yards of about four meters. You can see the elevation for these buildings, so they would be two stories with a garage for each unit. Development provides a gradation of density between the six story apartment building next to the former Niagara College, and the existing townhouses to the east, so 96 units per hectare to the northeast of this site, and 35 units per hectare the west, and this development has a 45 unit per hectare, so right in the middle. They're looking for some, a zone change. Part of the property is zoned Development Holding, zone R4, so they would be looking for the whole of the site to be zoned R4. Townhouses, because it is an intensification project, they would be looking for a slight modification, so only 22.62 square meters of lot area per dwelling. That would be slightly higher in coverage than the standard, again. It's an intensification project, so looking for 43%, but they actually are providing a little bit more landscaping than the By-law would typically call for, so instead of 45 square meters, they'll provide 56 square meters of landscaping per dwelling. The Proposal can be supported because it accommodates a compact built form, which is becoming more common. It's an efficient use of land, which is required by the growth plan. There's a minor increase of about 5% on coverage, which will really not be perceivable, and there's an increase in landscaping. The property on Dunn Street, the semi-detached dwelling, would be rezoned from R4 to an R2, which is our two family zone. They would be seeking a adjustment in the regulations for lot area from 600 square meters to 474 square meters. Because it's an existing frontage, the frontage would be 16.7 meters instead of 16, and there's an existing building, so again, they're looking for a 2.2 meter setback from Dunn Street instead of six meters. Those as well are supported. That frontage has existed since the 1930s. The front yard setback is similar to others along Dunn Street, and it has sufficient lot depth to provide a sufficient amenity area. The Vacant Land Condominium would divide this into 37 blocks of land that would be owned separately. The driveway would be joined, owned in common. The Plan would facilitate the sale of those units. The Developer will be required to enter the Condominium Agreement to address grading, servicing, landscaping, fencing, and waste disposal. So therefore, we found that the proposal does meet the Provincial Policy Statements, will assist the City in meeting its 40% intensification target, it does comply with the Regional Policy Plan, it complies with the Residential designation of the City's Official Plan, and the proposed development encourages consolidation of properties into one comprehensive development, it supports the existing infrastructure, and it provides housing choices, and contributes to the City's short-term housing supply. Therefore, Staff is recommending that Council approve the Official Plan and Zoning amendment for the site, Special Policy Area, rezone them from R4 in part and to R2 in part to permit 37 unit townhouses at a density of 45 units a hectare. The majority of the land is to be recognized for that semi-detached dwelling. The Plan of Vacant Condominium would be subject to the conditions in the Appendix, and that the Mayor and Clerk, the Mayor or designate be authorized to sign the draft Plan approval for your period of within 20 days after the decision is lodged. The draft approval would be given for that period, and the Mayor and Clerk would be authorized to execute the Condominium Agreement. Those are the highlights of that application. - Thank you, Mr. Herlovitch. Do we have any questions of Council? Okay, seeing none, members of the public are advised that failure to make an oral or written submission at this Public Meeting could result in the local Planning Appeal Tribunal dismissing any referral that it receives if the party has not made an oral or written submission at this Public Meeting tonight. Council will now hear from anyone other than the applicant who wishes to speak to the proposed amendments. Is there anyone here other than the applicant who wishes to speak to this? Okay, seeing none, Council will now hear from the applicant or his or her representative. - Good evening Mr. Mayor, members of Council, and City Staff. Having read through the report, we're very supportive, however there's one item under Appendix A, which would be the conditions under the draft plan to be met, item 19, which notes that, and I'll read it out here, the developer install an automatic sprinkler system in all residential units due to lack of a secondary emergency access. So ... I'd offer to consider that being struck out subject to a conversation with Fire Prevention, and our pain is that the project under planning is also regulated under the Ontario Building Code Act, and under my experiences, I cannot find anything under the Ontario Building Code Act that would speak of having to sprinkler townhouses, or whether we've missed something under a specific by-law, 'cause usually the Fire Code Act kicks in after the Building Code Act. So I just want some clarity on why we're having to sprinkler townhouses, and I'd be willing to certainly have a conversation with Fire Prevention, but perhaps that component could be removed at this point, and if it were, if there something that we perhaps missed, we would certainly revisit it as a condition. - Okay, Mr. Raymondo, I'll start with Mr. Herlovitch, if you can help me out here, and then if we need to go to our chief, you direct me. - Yeah, I'll defer to the fire chief. I'm not familiar with the condition. - Okay. - Your Worship, the Fire Department requires, so we're the only emergency service that can look at any of the plans. So we have always required two means of egress and exit, 'cause we're talking for Police, EMS, and Fire. When that's failed and we can't get it, and it's greater than 90 meters, then we want the buildings to be sprinklered because of fire safety concerns. So we default back to just us. There is only one access to this. It is greater and we require sprinklering. Same as we have done for the Sleek development, which I believe is coming next, and a couple other developments in Herlovitch. - Okay. Council, do we have any feedback from council on this issue? This is the only one that you have issue with that you're saying, Mr. Raymondo? - Correct, correct. - Yeah. Does council have any input or feedback on your feelings on this? Okay, so is there any other comments that you wanted to make besides that? - No, that's it. In response to the Fire Chief's comment-- - Yeah, did you have a comment to that? - There are additional fire hydrants that are brought into the site, and generally, you know, the truck would stop, and the hydrant would be positioned in a manner that's going to comply with Ontario Building Code, and meet the required, it's a fire access. So I just, I'm still not clear on the authority requirements on whether it's a specific Niagara Falls requirement, or again, this is new construction relegated under the Ontario Building Code, and we would follow the Ontario Building Code requirements. - Let me get our solicitor-- - Sure. Unless I'm missing something. (both talking at once) - There are a number of municipalities that have, that make this as a requirement. There is power under the Fire Code of the Fire Prevention and Protection Act for making these kind of requirements in specific situations, so that the, there is the, referring to the Ontario Building Code does not circumvent the need to comply with the planning process. You have heard from the people who are responsible for the safety of the people who will eventually live in these buildings. This is what they feel is the standard that the council should adapt. This has been without contest, been done at the other municipalities throughout the Province. In particular, near here, St. Catharines and Niagara Lake both have projects that have this kind of thing in them. - Thank you. Councillor Thomson, did you have your hand up? And Councillor Craitor? - Well, I did. I was just going to move the approval subject to the further discussions, but I listened to the solicitor, and I don't think anybody wants to make a decision that is going to put anybody in jeopardy with respect to fire, and there's one access to this, and so the other one we're dealing with, so I don't know. I think it's going to make a difference to the project, as far as cost involved, and ... If there's any way that they can come up with alternatives rather than doing that, I would support that. You've talked about extra-- - Hydrants, et cetera. - The hydrants throughout the project. Does that make any difference? - Your Worship, to Councillor Thomson, no, it doesn't make any difference. - It's strictly the access. - It's, no, yeah. We need access and we need fire protection, and I mean, to date in 2018, we've got 52 deaths. We keep promoting smoke and seals, and they're not working. The Canadian building code is changing. There's a big move afoot across Canada to make sprinklers in every building, whether it's a house or condo or any other structure. So, we're standing, we're trying to save lives. That's our job and we know sprinklers work. It actually reduces your house insurance as well. - Okay, Councillor Craitor. - Thank you, Your Worship. This is the way I look at it is that if we were to not go ahead with what our Staff is recommending, and our fire chief, and something happened, I know what I'd be doing. I'd be suing Herlovitch of Niagara Falls. They had a report that said there should be sprinkler alarms put in, recommended by your Fire Department, even our City Solicitor is recommending it. I don't think there's any question. In my mind anyway, we don't have a choice, because we bear the liability if something goes wrong. We'll bear the liability. So unless, and I know you do great work and everything, but unless something comes back that can change that to say it's not required, there's no liability on the City's part, then I'm sticking with the recommendation that's come forward by our Planning Department. - Okay, any other questions or comments of council? - Make the motion. - I think-- - I'll second. - Yeah, just one-- - Just one thing is, you know, and we're all for life safety, paramount absolutely, but in our experiences, what we're finding, there's been a tendency to sort of blur the Ontario Fire Code with the Ontario Building Code, and how the two, or how the two are actually placed in the progress of a design or a building, right? And perhaps, I mean, like every fire jurisdiction, there's municipalities and the fire chiefs meet and they discuss, perhaps, mandates or would like to have conditions, certainly in the aspects of life safety. It had a couple of examples in St. Catharines recently, and one in Niagara Lake. But in my professional opinion, I think it's putting the cart before the horse, and as I noted, these projects are mandated under the Ontario Building Code, and the Ontario Fire Code takes precedent after occupancy. So, I'm just trying to understand, are we going to now sprinkler entire subdivisions? Is this the beginning of a precedent? And again, not, not looking at, life safety is paramount, but I'm just looking at the precedent we may be setting. - So-- - Hence, hence my question. Item 19, maybe it's worth some more conversation. - Mr. Beeman ... - If he wants more conversation, then the solution is to defer the matter, but if he wants to get it appealed today, I would recommend to Council that it be approved with the condition that your Staff is recommended to you. - So, what's your preference? 'Cause I think you know, there's a broader discussion for sure, but I understand the safety issue, and access is important, and that's the direction that we received from our chief. So, you tell us a direction if you want to-- - Over here, our client is serious about this development and moving forward, but I think the way it's been tabled to some degree, it's unfair in a sense. So, you can Mr. Beeman can certainly say, well, we can place this and either defer it, but I don't think that's intentions of our client, but on the same note, in all due respect to life safety, that he shouldn't be penalized for an added expense, when it may, at least in our opinion, it may not be sort of, maybe on a municipal jurisdictional level, something preferred for the Ontario Building Code Act, which these buildings are mandated under, it's not a requirement. So, I'm just trying to get some clarity on that. - I don't think we can be any more clear. We want it. - Yep, I understand. Mr. Helovich, you wanted to weigh in? - Well, I didn't know whether this would help us, Council in their decision or not, but the ... Once Council approves the report or the draft approval and the conditions, if it's determined that we don't need the sprinklers, then we can bring a report back to Council recommending that the condition be removed. If during that discussion, Council, or there's no way that we can deal with it without the sprinklers, then the decision has been made. We don't have to come back to Council, but conditions can be amended at any time before registration occurs. So, it does require report back, but that would give a chance for Mr. Raymondo to meet with the Fire Department and see if we can come up with an alternative solution. - Yeah, I get it, closing yeah. - In the report, in the report this evening is the finality of the agreement is complying with all the conditions. So, you still have a segue. There's still a segue out in essence. - Mm-hmm. - The owner is still obligated to comply with all the conditions, and Condition 19 happen to be one of them that we would have to certainly review. - You can review it and meet with the Fire Department. - Our client is favorable about moving forward. - Yeah. - But I think as Mr. Herlovitch pointed out, we still are required to comply with the conditions and there may be some variables. - Okay, so, then why don't we move forward with it, and we'll put, let me first start by closing the Public Meeting. It is now closed motion by Councillor Thomson, second by Councillor Pietrangelo that we approve the recommendation. Call the vote, all those in favor. Okay, and that's unanimous. - Thank you. So, congratulations and then you can have further dialogue with the Fire Department, maybe you might be able to come to some further resolution on that one item, 19. - Thank you, Mr. Mayor. - Thanks, Mr. Raymondo. (people chattering) I'd like to ask the City Clerk to introduce the next item on the agenda. - Public Meeting is now being convened to consider a proposed plan of Vacant Land Condominium on a 0.87 hectare parcel of land located on the east side of Portage Road, south of the CN Railway. Notice was given by first class mail in accordance with the Planning Act on May 22nd, 2018, and by posting a sign on the property in question. Anyone who wants notice of Council's decision or preserve their opportunity to appeal to the local Planning Appeal Tribunal shall leave their name on the sign-in sheets outside the Council chamber. - Thank you, I ask our director of planning, Mr. Herlovitch to explain the purpose of the application. - Thank you, Worship. This property is for the former Niagara build all site on Portage Road. It's the rear portion of that site. It's behind St. Antoine school, and the proposal is a large block of land for townhouses with a long access route to Portage. The application before you tonight is for a Vacant Land Condominium application. It would be for 96 townhouse units. Council had deferred the Official Plan and Zoning Amendment application when it was previously before Council in 2016, so that they could, the applicant and the industrial developer to the north could get together. That was appealed, and at the Ontario Municipal Board, they approved the City's Official Plan amendment to allow for the change from industrial to residential, and they approved the amendment to the Zoning By-law. The final passing up that by-law has been withheld until the conditions Official Plan amendment are satisfied, and that includes the application condominium before you tonight. So, the property itself is on, access is onto Portage Road. It's behind the church and the school that I mentioned earlier. There's also the industrial building, the former build all building itself. There is a proposed 10 foot high, or 10 meter high vegetated berm and wall. It's a noise wall between the sea and mainland, mainline rather, and that wall and berm curves around to the north of the townhouse development, which forms in a separation between the Oleo Industry to the north, which fronts onto Thorold Stone Road. And, the berm and wall are part of the negotiated settlement, and one of the requirements under the approval it came from, the Ontario Municipal Board. The lands are designated residential, Special Policy Number 71, subject to that OMB hearing. The provides for a variety of housing types. And, the maximum density is 40 units per hectare, a higher density, density sorry, directed to the arterial roads. Special Policy 71 requires that the mitigation measure be in place to determine air quality, acoustical, and vibration studies that need to be incorporated into the plan of condominium. The plan of Vacant Land Condominium does conform with the Official Plan amendment that was approved by the Board. Most townhouses have an overall density of 18.8 units per hectare. It's under the required maximum of the Official Plan. The Official Plan Amendment also recommended that there be mitigation measures for noise, vibration, the provision for vegetative berm and wall up to 10 meters in height on the west and North is one of the requirements. The upgraded building standards will be brick facades in certain buildings, and air conditioning. There will be noise clauses introduced into the sales agreements, and a further noise analysis will be needed once the final grading is done. The proposed development will provide a transition from low density residential and institutional uses to the south and west and the industrial uses to the north. The proposed zoning is an R4, subject to the decision of the OMB. That permits townhouse dwellings in groups of two or more. The site-specific lot area is to permit the number of dwellings as proposed, which is 96. The lot frontage side yard and rear yard depths and setbacks from the public lane, lot coverage, the privacy yards, the maximum floor area for the community center are all provisions in that Zoning by-law. The final order from the OMB for that zone change will be issued once the City confirms land-use compatibility are addressed in the conditions of the condominium approval. So, one rests on what happens here in Council tonight. The Vacant Land Condominium process will divide the property into blocks of land that can be owned separately. The plan will facilitate the sale of the units to be built upon them. The plan has a private common road, common element, to the condominium development off Portage Road has visitor parking and amenity areas. The conditions of the plan would implement a Special Policy Area 71. It requires the construction of the berm, air conditioning, and the other things that I mentioned a minute ago. To reduce traffic queuing on Portage Road, the traffic study that was done by the consultant identifies the need for a left turn lane. So, as you're coming south on Portage Road, there will be a left turn lane into this development, so that the traffic continuing south would not be held up. The developer would be required to enter the Condominium Agreement with the City to address of necessary works and warning causes. And recommended conditions of approval include, review of the drains and storm servicing by the Conservation Authority, sprinklering of the buildings as recommended by Fire Services, and the installation of necessary facilities and services for Canada Post and Enbridge Gas. Staff therefore found that the application for condominium complies with the Provincial and Regional policies. It complies or conforms with the City's Official Plan and Zoning By-law, and it will assist in providing housing choices that contributes to the City's short-term housing supply. It addresses the City, Region's, and Conservation Authority interests, as well as the Minutes of Settlement negotiated between the applicant and Oleo Energies, which was part of that OMB decision on the Official Plan and Zoning. There are a number of conditions attached as an appendix to the report. Therefore we are recommending that Sleek develop the plan for the Vacant Land Condominium, be draft approved subject to the conditions of Appendix A. The Mayor or his designate be allowed to sign after 20 days notice of Council's decision. The draft approval will be given for a period of three years, and the Mayor and Clerk be authorized to execute the Condominium Agreement. Those are the highlights of the report. - Thank you, Mr. Herlovitch. Do we have any questions of Council for Mr. Herlovitch? Yes, Councillor Craitor. - Thank you, Your Worship. I just had a couple short questions to our plan. Alex first of all, I did hear you say that is mandatory for them to put in sprinkler alarm systems in your development? I did hear that? - I don't know that it's mandatory. It is been negotiated that they would be providing them, yes. - So, that kind of reaffirms. - They agreed. - The only reason I mention that, it kind of reaffirms the rather lengthy discussion we had about the previous application. The other thing Your Worship, is I thought was a positive thing. That's why I'm saying. - Yeah. - The other thing was, and I just had a number of the residents who live around that area call in. They thought that the process tonight still gives them an opportunity, because they were concerned about the traffic. And I was led to believe that all that had been approved, and we went to the OMB everything was approved. So, there's no process now. Everything is approved for the flow of the traffic. That's the way. - That's what I understand, but Mr. Drend, or Mr. Herlovitch, could you just clarify, or Mr. Beeman. - To your question, yes. Councillor Craitor is correct. Matters concerning traffic in that land use have already been resolved. The condominiums still would be basically build form, and things like the berms and that sort of thing. - Okay, that's great thank you. Any other questions of Council? Okay, seeing none. Council now hear from anyone. I'm sorry, let me back up. Members of the public are advised that failure to make an oral or written submission at this Public Meeting could result in the local Planning Appeal Tribunal dismissing any referral it receives if the party has not made an oral or written submission at this Public Meeting. Council will now hear from anyone other than the applicant who wishes to speak to the plan of Vacant Land Condominium. Is there anyone here other than the applicant who wishes to address Council? Yes, you can step up. State your name and your address. - Thank you, good evening, Mr. Mayor and Council. My name is Anthony Annunziata, and I am the owner of 4536 Portage, which is the industrial property to the south of the proposed development. Let me just say tonight that I, or we are in support of the land use application from the applicant for residential. So, that's not our issue this evening, but simply some comments with respect to some of the considerations on site plan and the plan of condominium as it impacts the connection to the property to the south, the industrious property. So, I had several, I had written the director of planning with several points with respect to screening and buffering, which is on the north side of of my property on 4536. Most of those issues are concerned with security lighting that we have in the back of the parking area and cameras that we have, which would effectively be aimed at the proposed residential area. So, we would just ask that the screening and buffering be adequate to provide for any privacy issues that may arise in the future. We'd asked that those same screening and buffering considerations also deal with respect to impact during the construction, noise attenuation, and things like that, that they may doing during the construction period, and that may arise out of the industrial use of the existing property, so that would be adequate enough not to impact the residential. The private road that is being proposed, we'd ask that there be some detail with respect to our sidewalks and curbs as provided with respect to that private roadway. We'd ask that within the plan that it would have adequate lighting along that road. We're not concerned as property that there would be light spill onto the property at 4536. So, that wouldn't be a requirement that we would require there be no spill into that area, because we think that should be adequately lighted. And we'd also ask, which we notice in the plan there wasn't a designated area for snow, for snow, pushing snow, and clearing that roadway, inevitably we felt that would end up on 4536 property, that would be designated area to push and store for the snow removal. And then the issues with respect to traffic, we raise the issue with respect to queuing, because of the CN rail track, which I know is underway with its own review, but when there's queuing of more than eight cars, it would block both the entrance way into the plaza and into the private roadway, and we'd ask from traffic perspective it could be designated with some no standing or idling areas in front of those areas, so as the queue would be separated and still provide access and egress to the area. And, the last point that I raised was just because of the significant demands made for the site plan control with the berming, because we drain on our property to the north of our property to the south of their property, the berms effectively could pose a problem with respect to stormwater, and the gathering of that water in that particular area, that we have adequate stormwater management consideration and drainage consideration, so that there's no pooling are any adverse effects of that berm construction. - Okay we'll get, excuse me, we'll get answers to all those when we get the developer up here. That get everything? - That's it. - Okay great, thank you very much. - Thank you. - Okay, do we have anyone else other than the applicant who wishes to address Council? Okay, seeing none, Council will now hear from the applicant and his or her representative. - Good evening, Council. My name is Jennifer Vida from Upper Canada Consultants. I'm the agent here on behalf of the owner. I'm sure many of you remember this application from a few years ago. We've spent the last couple of years working with Oleo to come to an agreement to Settlement in order for development to proceed with a number of mitigation measures to be implemented. The Ontario Municipal Board has now approved the land use for residential purposes and we're now applying for an application, which is simply to create condominium tenure. We have dealt with land use compatibility issues, mitigation measures, buffering, and all those sorts of issues through the Official Plan and Zoning process, and a lot of the issues that Mr. Annunziata had brought up will be dealt with through the site plan process as well in terms of stormwater drainage, buffering, and fencing, and lighting. Those are all things that we have to provide designs for. They'll be vetted through the City's Engineering Department and Planning Department to make sure that they meet City standard. So, in terms of stormwater, we can't prevent existing drainage, interfere with existing drainage. We will have to accommodate that within our system. So, those are all issues that we'll deal with through the detailed site plan approval process, which is currently underway with the City. - Okay, excuse me. Do we have questions of Council for Miss Vida? - Close the meeting. Okay, so we're good. The main issue though Mr. Annunziata's questions and concerns in his letter, and the extra ones that he added in, those will be addressed, Mr. Herlovitch? So, are we good to leave that for the site plan process? - We'll deal with them, but I don't know what uses Mr. Annunziata operates in that building. It's awkward, it's zoned light industrial. It's not to emit noise, sound, vibration, odors, so hopefully there's no conflict with the residential use. He's responsible for his own stormwater. It can't be flowing onto other people's property. So, I'm not quite sure, you know, just where, it may be that the engineers in designing this condo provide a catch basin near the boundary line that might pick up any drainage. The Zoning and Official Plan is in place. Basically this condominium approval is to facilitate that noise wall or the construction of that and fulfill those conditions. - So, the screening is typically a given, right? 'Cause people in residential aren't going to want to look at an industrial property, typically. - There will likely be a fence there. We require that there be a fence around multi-family development. You know, I don't know how. I don't know where his light fixtures are on his parking lot at the back of his building, where they're directed. Of course, they're supposed to be directed onto his own property, so ... - So, Miss Vida, you're comfortable dealing with his concerns during the site plan process? - As Alex mentioned, I think lot of them are pretty straightforward. In terms of lighting, you have to keep your lighting on your property, just like we will have to do a lighting plan for our development and demonstrate to Staff that all the lighting is going to be directed. There's going to be no spillage onto other properties. There is fencing proposed along the south boundary line where the interface is between the industrial area. We have looked at all the industrial facilities in the area to make sure that we're providing the adequate mitigation between the two uses, so there's no conflict. I'm confident that we can resolve the issues through the site plan process. - Okay, Councillor Morocco. (coughs) Excuse me. - Through you, Your Worship, to the presenter here, we're looking at 96 units to be put in there. Is that correct? - Yes. - Yes. - (mumbling) And we still have a train that goes through there? - Yes. - We don't have an overpass? - [Jim] No. - So, 96 units times two, cars per person. I'm a little bit concerned that this is a huge project in development there. We still have people in the north end that complain, actually just on the weekend complained about the train and how it cuts everybody in half, and everybody is stuck there for hours. I think that we're just at this point, you know, we're adding to, again, traffic lining up there, and in and out, egress. And there's also the factories that I'm concerned with. They've been there forever. So, now you're going to sell to people that are going to come in, they're going to hear noise, the lights are in the back. So, what are going to do now? Go back and complain to the industry that's there that we've got a problem with their lighting and their noise or the smell of their factory? I don't want to lose any industry. We're really trying to, I know you said you went and looked at them, but did you meet with them, and did you talk to them-- - Yes. - And did you work with them and everything's going to be okay? That Mr. Annunziata's property is going to be fine, he's not going to be pushed out because of the complaints, or changes to regulations that now shut him down from his noise. He has to shut down his factory and go somewhere else. I just wanted to make sure that we're really just looking at the whole picture. I love the fact that we're growing and looking to develop, but it has to be smart. I mean we're just looking at another Salit Steel and the condo over there, and what they're having to deal with now for soundproofing. Are the residents aware of that? Are the residents that are buying, and it really has to be that the residents that are buying, the people that are coming in to buy, have to be totally aware of what's around them. They're not told that. The next thing you know, we sit at this table, and we're getting unbelievable amounts of calls complaining about odors or about sound from heavy equipment being operated. I'm just really cautious about what we're doing. We could say that we want industry, but at the same time, it looks like we're okay to push it out, because we're going to build more housing in an area that's right beside the industry. So, I just can't support the development. - Mr. Herlovitch, you wanted to comment? - Yeah the debate before this Council is not about land use. The land use decision has already been made by the Province. What they're looking at is how these units would be occupied and owned. They could in fact build the 96 units as a rental property and never come back to this Council to get that approval. They wish, instead, not to rent them. They wish to sell them, and therefore they're seeking condominium approval. The land use decision is out of the bar. - [Jennifer] Through you, can I make a comment as well? - Yeah. - Just to give a little more comfort to Council, through the draft plan that conditions, we are required to ensure that there are warning clauses placed in all subdivision agreements, condo documents, and will be in every purchase and sale agreement that is entered into a warning clause notifying them of the existing industrial uses and the potential for noise and odor and dust, all those sorts of things. It just provides Oleo another level of protection, and notification to the future residents that there could be a conflict. - Absolutely. Okay, if there's no further questions of Council, then I'm going to close the meeting. Councillor Thomson. - Yes, you know, we've been all through this over the last couple of years. This is, in my opinion, a great opportunity for development in that area. There have been the traffic studies. We had people previously come in, well there's too much traffic. I drive on that road probably two or three times a day going back and forth, and there's not that much traffic there. So, this is going to add to it. The railway tracks are a problem. Hopefully we're still working on getting rid of those. Otherwise, if we're going to start putting in overpasses, we're talking about $300 million dollars to try to do it properly once you start doing that. So, I think this is a great project for that. I want to- (speaking faintly off mic) I want to, what's that? (speaking faintly off mic) From the meeting I was at with the Staff with respect to the railroad issue. That's what it was. I would make a motion for approval, including the concern for Mr. Annunziata's comments and his letter to be worked on with the developer, And so, move. - Okay. - I'll second that. - Okay, moved by Councillor Thomson and seconded by Councillor Ioannoni. If there's no further discussion, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Okay, and opposed, with one opposed. Okay, so it's approved. - Thank you. - Okay, thank you very much, thank you. Mr. Clerk, will you introduce the next item on the agenda? - Public Meeting is now being convened to consider a City initiated amendment to the Official Plan to introduce Grand Niagara Secondary Plan. Notice was given in accordance with the regulations by publishing a notice in the Niagara Falls Review on Friday, May 25th, 2018, and by prepaid first class mail on the same date, Friday, May 25th, 2018. Anyone who wants notice of the adoption of the Official Plan Amendment Number 118 shall leave their name and address on the sign-in sheets outside the Council chamber. - Okay, thank you very much. Mr. Herlovitch, could you please explain the reason for the Public Meeting on the Official Plan Amendment? - Thank you, Your Worship. This is a privately initiated secondary plan application. The lands involve all of the properties east of the QEW, west to the former Croland Avenue, and south from the Welland River to Biggar Road, and Lyons Creek Road. The area is approximately 330 hectares, 815 acres in size. The Rand Investments began consulting with the City Staff back in 2015. They are in the process of redeveloping, they're the owners of Grand Niagara Golf Course, and they're in the process of redeveloping that property. Staff directed the owners to also undertake the study along with some residential properties, E.S. Fox, and Minacs, industrial uses, employment uses, in the area, as well as plans to include the hospital. The planning process for the hospital itself is being governed by Niagara Health System, and is following a separate program but this plan does provide for the hospital site. There is currently a Special Policy Number 69, which applies to the property. It allows for the golf course use of the lands. It also has Environmental Protection land in place to protect the woodlands and creek systems, and there are policies that would allow for residential uses, as well as resort and hotel accommodation uses. The balance of the lands in the secondary plan area include industrial designation, tourist commercial land, and Environmental Protection and Environmental Conservation lands. The proposed amendment would provide a detailed policy framework for the redevelopment of the entire area at build out, which is estimated to be 10 to 15 years. There would be approximately 35 to 4300 people living in the area, and houses of about 1300 to 1800 dwelling units, and approximately 3600 jobs. The various studies were support, submitted to support the Secondary Plan, including the Draft Plan itself, Environmental Impact Study, Traffic Impact Study, Stormwater Management Study, Servicing Report, and an environmental assessment requirement for a memorandum. There was extensive public consultation. We had three open houses. There were separate meetings held with various landowners and stakeholders. We had a statutory Public Meeting held last July in these chambers. A number of people came out and spoke to that. One of the requests was for the extension of urban services to properties on Biggar Road. That was accommodated through the Secondary Plan process. I'll show you a slide in a second as to how that would occur. A concern was raised regarding the future development of private property outside of the Secondary Plan. Those owners were given an option to step out of that, and they chose to stay outside of the Secondary Plan. So, the proposed sanitary sewer network is shown on the screen. So, we did have concern from the residents or the property owners on Biggar Road. There's a large parcel here and a smaller property. So, the sanitary system would basically flow internal to the property to the north, and then it would extend along the proposed road system to connect with the existing sewer on Montrose Road. The north half of the property north of the railway tracks, again, that would be served by an internal servicing system for the north half. So, there would basically be two sanitary systems flowing to Montrose connecting with the Grassy Brook Pumping Station just south of the railway tracks. So, if it's not clear, there'll be access then for this large property to connect to the back to that sewer, and again the residential property could connect easterly to the proposed road. This road system is the intended road system, but it's not the road system until we actually go through the subdivision process at a later date. There were concerns raised in last July about the Natural Heritage in the area. There was a letter from Rand's ecological consultant. They addressed a number of issues, so that any features that are removed that are not significant, just wanted to differentiate that from those that are significant, so any features that are not significant are removed, they would be compensated, and that'll be undertaken through an agreement with the City. Unevaluated wetlands, there are no issues that were raised by Ministry of Natural Resources, so that addressed the concern about unevaluated wetlands. Establishing of connections between features, again, the Ecological Restoration Plan that I mentioned above would provide for those wildlife crossings. And then there was a concern about the presence of old growth forest. A review of the woodlands revealed that none of the woodlands have old growth forest characteristics. So, again this is a map showing what the system is. In the middle of the property are two PSWs, so those lands would be protected. You can see a slight gray outline. There's a buffer around that. At the north of Grassy Brook Road, there's another PSW with a, a buffer area, and then the lands along the Welland River are Environmental Protection due to the wetland features along the river, and the plant, and again there's a buffer between the proposed residential area and that area. And then there are two creeks which cross the property, and those creeks and their floodplain are designated as Environment Protection. So, we are providing through the Secondary Plan protection for those Natural Heritage features, and there are policies in our Official Plan for those features. As well, there was some concerns regarding the arc that was established to set a minimum distance separation from Cytec, it's a phosphine production facility. The property had been inspected by a 1.09 kilometer radius from the intersection of Garner Road and Chippewa Creek Road. Over the last year, the developer successfully negotiated with Cytec the reduction of that, that 9.0 kilometer arc to a two kilometer arc. I know that sounds like it's an increase. It's actually a reduction, because that two kilometers is actually measured from the phosphine facility itself, rather than the corner of Garner Road and Chippewa. So, the starting point has moved farther away. It's freed up more land within the project for development. However, Cytec has asked for some conditions. Within 200 feet of that new two kilometer arc, they do not want any buildings other than detached dwellings, so basically single-family dwellings, and a height of no more than two and a half stories. I don't know if you saw a letter in your council, I circulated just before Council this evening from Jeff Wilker at Thomson Rogers Law Firm, which represents Cytec. They also want to add that the, those lots be larger sized lots that can be accommodated in the policies. Cytec has also asked that the two kilometer arc extend over lands to the west outside of the plan area, with are owned by Rand, and Rand has agreed to that requirement. Cytec is also requesting a notice of any subdivision, or condominium application, as it comes along, and they also want clauses in the sales agreements warning about the proximity of heavy industry, and they also want notice of any further Planning Act applications. The Natural Heritage, it was provided in the detailed Environmental Impact Study. We will require further EIS as we go through the zoning amendments and the Draft Plan approval. So, we're basically setting out the policy at this point, but with each subdivision, they design the townhouses, the single family houses, et cetera, there will be specific Environmental Impact Studies to show how there would be no impact, or how impact would be mitigated. There was an agreement that would be entered into between the City and Rand for the heritage restoration. I mentioned that compensation for non significant features. The agreement would also detail the types of works and the timing relative to the removal of any natural features. And there would be performance measures that would be established. I mentioned the Cytec, which is now Solway. The comments have previously requested have been resolved, although I did receive, while we're sitting here tonight, comments from, again Jeff Wilker at Thompson Rogers on behalf of Cytec. They are concerned that there is no text in the Official Plan to govern the two kilometer arc on the lands west of the plan area. That may show up in a later drawing. So, come back to that. In reviewing the policies, the Residential Land designation would provide for a density target of 53 people and jobs per hectare. That's a requirement of the Growth Plan and the Region's Policy Plan. There would be detached, semi-detached, street townhouses, block townhouses, and stacked townhouses as dwelling forms, and we estimate between 1100 and 1400 dwelling units. The housing would then provide for a number of housing types and sizes. The apartment buildings would provide for mixed use, which is encouraged, and will provide for affordable housing as well. Ancillary uses, such as Parkland and elementary schools have been identified on the plan. There is a proposed land-use of mixed use that would be residential and service commercial or commercial lands, and that would provide jobs for approximately 475 to 710 people, and up to 780 jobs overall in the area. Natural Heritage, including PSWs and significant wildlife features, I mentioned would be protected, and there are buffers. The lands for the Cytec Arc would be included. There is a small area, which would not be usable for residential. The developers identified that as parkland, but that would be over and above the 5% parkland dedication. It's not in a location that we would normally develop a park to service the area. The employment uses would include manufacturing, research facilities, laboratories, and offices, and then we have the Hospital Employment Campus, which would accommodate the South Niagara Hospital, and then it would also in that vicinity around there support employment uses that are commercial and institutional in nature that would support the hospital. The Secondary Plan then provides an overall policy framework for the population, provides location for major engineering facilities and sanitary systems. I showed that to you a minute ago, the Grassy Brook Pumping Station and the High Life Pumping Station. The location of residential densities is shown on schedule A-4, and then there's a road network that is shown on schedule A-4, as well. So there's the schedule 4, which shows you that land use designation. So, basically we have in this light blue, that's our Medical Campus. So, basically the hospital site is at the, located at Biggar Road and Montrose. That would recognize the acreage of 50 acres for the hospital. For lands across the street, which are currently tourist, commercial, and industrial, that would now become part of this medical precinct. as well as other lands that are owned by the Grascals, which would be part of that medical precinct. The red color are basically the mixed use commercial/residential development. The yellow color are the residential lands. The darker blue are employment labs, and that's part of our employment corridor identified in our Official Plan. They're protected lands by Regional Policy. So, we can't actually change them from employment to something else. The medical hospital would be employment lands. So, it shows basically the road system proposal, reinstating Grassy Brook Road, which we closed a few years ago as a private driveway into the golf course. There will be a new collector road system, a single crossing coming across the railway tracks. That would replace the crossing that existed previously for Crowland Avenue, which crossed the tracks at the very peculiar angle. The dark green represents those Natural Heritage areas that would be protected. So, those are the Official Plan designations that would be put into place for this secondary plan area. So again, as I said, it sets out the policy framework, it provides a 40% intensification in the built up areas, 52 people and jobs per hectare, it maintains the employment lands, and would remove that Special Policy Area Number 34, which refers to the golf course and resort uses. The Secondary Plan would be implemented through Zoning By-laws in the future, as well as plans of subdivision or condominium. We're proposing that in the interim between now and the plans of subdivision or condominium that the golf course lands would be zoned Development Holding. There would currently be the open space, so the Development Holding would reserve those lands for future residential uses. The improvements to the road network would follow the existing infrastructure, and would require an Environmental Assessment process. So, we concluded that this application does comply with the Provincial Policy Statement target, will meet the 40% intensification target and the Greenfields target, identified by the Provincial Growth Plan. It complies with the Regional Policy Plan, and provides for higher residential densities in the urban areas. So, the recommendation is that Council adopt the Grand Niagara Secondary Plan as it's consistent with the original Policy Statement, Provincial Growth Plan, and the Regional Official Plan. There's a two kilometer arc, which would be extended outside of the planning area, and the zoning of the golf course would be changed to Development Holding, and the, it says the amendment be forwarded to Niagara Region. We did receive a message from the Region today, that this Secondary Plan would be exempt from Regional approval. So, Council's decision would be the final decision. (mumbles) So, I didn't point out while we were on the map, the two kilometer arc. So, this is where the two kilometer arc would be. This is where the one kilometer arc used to be. So, you can see that it's a great deal of land was freed up for development. These are the lands that would be for single detached dwellings on large lots. This is the area where no development would be permitted in this white triangle divided by the neighborhood park, whereas it's not central to any of the residential. So, we're saying that would be beyond our needs. You can see the park extends across these lands and would go just a little past Morris Road. And again, the developer has agreed to that arc, which would limit any kind of development between the arc and Cytec facility itself. So, as I said, I didn't point that out when the map was up there, but we are recommending support of the Secondary Plan. There is a Secondary Plan included in your agenda under By-laws. So, if Council feels that they're ready to adopt the Official Plan Amendment for the Secondary Plan, that could be done tonight. There are a couple of minor word modifications that we would need to work out with Cytec. So, we would be looking to do that over the next 15 days, so we can incorporate that and avoid any objection from Cytec. - Thank you, Mr. Herlovitch. Do we have any questions of Council for Mr. Herlovitch? Councillor Thomson, Councillor Morocco - Yes. The Cytec circle. It just affects that one little piece at the one sectional? - [Alex] That's correct. - What legitimate cause do they have for drawing a circle and having this impact on every development that comes to the city? - They refer to Provincial Policy statements that says industry should be separated from sensitive uses, and residential uses are considered sensitive. - Well, if they're concerned about it, buy the property, and protect yourself. You know that they get from grants from the government, millions of dollars, and they have toxic chemicals that they make out there. Why don't they put some of those millions of dollars to protect the people, rather than drawing a two kilometer circle. Why? Who else has to put up with this? Where else is this done, and what authority do they have? I think we should really do a thorough investigation into the legality of this, and determine what we can do to make it smaller, make them buy the land that they're responsible for and not interfere with a lot of the developments that, there's a couple on McLeod Road that are 50 acres, and a third of them is cut out by this circle. Can we have the Staff research this and report back to us what options we have with respect to this circle, and how we can improve the situation for the land people are paying taxes on, and ownership, and they can't do anything with the property. So, I'd like to have a report back on what we can do about it. - I think I think Cytec has made it fairly clear, speaking to Councillor Thomson through the Mayor, that they would litigate this. - We can litigate too. - That's right. And, if Council does decide in one of these cases to decline to receive to accede Cytec's request, then we would have forum in which these matters could be settled. They believe, and they have pretty strong counsel, they believe that they have the right to do this through the planning process, and they've been arguing that they have the right to do this for 25 years now. The way, if we did, if the City really did want to get a definitive answer, we could, the Council could decide not to accede to their request for the condition, and Cytec take it to the-- - Before we do that, I'd like to have some research, where else it's done. - It's done elsewhere. One of the most famous was the Christie Plant that was down by the, in To-vo-ko by the water, every condo in, they had one of those circles of influence on it. Every condo that was built along there had to negotiate with Christie, until Christie finally closed the plant, but every single one, it went into To-vo-ko, all those hotels were ripped down and the condos went up, every one of those was in negotiation with Christie. - Well, I'd like to know some more information. If it's an impossibility, tell us that. Then we can stop talking about it, but every time we have a development here, we have to deal, and they keep changing their two kilometer circle that affects a lot of people who are paying taxes on their property and are upset about this, so. - I can tell you I've had discussions with the plant, and Mr. Baldicero as well, about exactly this, and there are a number of places including nuclear plants where they don't have a two kilometer radius of protection, and I gave the same message. If you feel that that's a dangerous area, then buy it. Don't sanitize or neutralize other areas of investment, because you're concerned that you might be causing a problem. If you're going to cause a problem, then you should be able to buy it, you know, fair market value. So, I'm with you. So, I think right now , I know Mr. Baldicero has been able to negotiate with this group. - It doesn't really affect. - Not now so much, because he's negotiated the two rings, but he still has a little corner there that I'm sure he'd love to build to put in play in some way, but that might be a discussion for another day I think. - I'm not suggesting legal confrontation. I guess I'm, I'm just suggesting that we have information where it's done, what legality they have, and a report back. So, if we decide to do something at some point, at least we know there's a chance of doing something, or if we can work with them to squeeze it down, or use some of the grant money they get to protect people outside their area. Anyway. - Good question - Yeah, I'd like to have a report back, so moved. - Okay, Councillor Morocco. - I'm pretty much on the same path as Councilor Thomson. So, Your worship, just through, you too, Alex, the new letter that you did receive from Cytec, is there anything that they're against or opposing or approving, I just wanted to get clarification on the letter you just received this afternoon. (mumbling) - Yes, so through Your Worship, to the aldermans, to the first one would be to add to Policy, at the end of the first sentence, we would add the four words on larger sized lots. So, that would address their first concern, and then their second concern is the blue arc that extends out of the Secondary Plan. So, this part of the arc, these are actually rural agricultural lands. They're outside of our urban boundary. And so, they would like to see some wording associated with that arc outside. So, we have the arc within the Secondary Plan. There are policies that basically say no residential development, large lots, no buildings higher than this, and they would like some policies or a policy that basically says this arc is in place, and that any development planning applications, et cetera, would be circulated to them. So, that would be a new policy that we would have to insert into the document. As I say, that came while I was sitting here at Council. - Okay, so I like the fact that they're identifying there's an area that they don't feel that they want to have residents. As Councillor Thomson pointed out, they're dealing with poisonous chemicals. And so, I guess one of two things. We don't allow people to build there, or the option as you suggest is get them to buy it. And, that's probably the better of the two is just to get them to buy the land, and then all of the onus is taken off ourselves, 'cause as I sit here thinking, my God why do I now want to give approval to build in an area that these people are telling me they have poisonous chemicals? So, I think that we want to make sure that we're very clear on this whole arc. I'm not sure that I'm looking to give approval, or we're going to, how we're going to deal with this? Are we giving approval, Councillor Thomson? I'm not sure where you were going. Are you going to add that into this tonight? - I just wanted some more information to see where we stand legally, and do we have a chance to offset any of this. - Okay, I'll support that. Another thing that I'm not really, did you say, so if you, to Your Worship to again, that green spot here that says NP, did you say that was going to be designated park? - Yes. - Okay, I do not support that all, because it's within the arc. I would never want to have children moved in within that arcing area there. I think there's beautiful green space, and maybe can incorporate some park into this green space if that's an option. I just would not ever support the playground in an arc area, and I hope my colleagues would support that as well. So, if we could just maybe address that. - Okay, any other questions or comments of Council? Okay. Members of the public are advised that failure to make an oral or written submission at this Public Meeting will result in the local Planning Appeal Tribunal dismissing any referral it receives if the party has not made an oral or written submission at the Public Meeting. Council now hear from anyone who wishes to speak their proposed Official Plan Amendment. Anyone that would like to speak to it please come forward. Just state your name and your address, please. - Yes, I'm John Barker. I live at 134 Church Street in St. Catharines. At the outset, so I'm, not accused as someone that comes from a oppositional mentality. I would like to thank the developer, and the planning consultants, and the ecological consultants for one significant improvement between the last Public Meeting and this one. There was a block that is now part of the green areas south of grassy Brook Road that earlier was suggested for development. And although it was not a significant forest, it would have forced forest to be cut to get access to that area from Grassy Brook Road. So, that was a improvement that I'm grateful for. It was not addressed in the planning director's report so I wanted to draw it to your attention. There are in my view, however, one area of concern which I hope will be improved. The background reports that you have, it identifies five areas that are called significant forest. This designation was I believed established by the Niagara Region in 2006, when they mapped all these, were called Environmental Conservation Areas. And in order to have development on them, you have to show through a Environmental Impact Study that there is no loss of ecological function. Now, there is an endangered species in this area that requires large blocks of forest habitat and it appears that these five blocks of forest are about 15 acres in size. That's quite small in the 815 acre development. The wood thrush is just the most endangered of a number of forest interior birds that require large blocks of forest habitat, and I know when we had discussions with Savanta, well, they said all these forests are fragmented, doesn't matter, but the wood thrush is there. That's a bird that, you know, depends on intact forest, and by cutting it up you're going to increase the risk that it will just leave this part of Niagara Falls. Now, apart from the fragmentation of the general area, the other argument that has been used is the presence of ash in these forests. Now, I've been in these forests and ash is there, but there are a lot of other species there. There are black cherry, there are sugar maple, there are a number of species of oak, and in the background material that you have, it talks about the understory, the shrubs being bushes, including the invasive buckthorn, but also native bushes like raspberry and great dogwood. But, what it doesn't point out that there's also bushes of young trees, maples and oaks, and these trees will persist if the ash die off happens. Now, regarding to the issue of ash die off, and why it should not be used to ignore the importance of these five forests, today, I sent a letter to Niagara Falls City Council from the Ministry of Natural Resources that deals with ash die off problem in Thundering Waters. The letter was dated December 11th, 2017. It was not part of the Council package when you had your Public Meeting on Thunder Waters. It was not referenced in the Staff report-- - [Jim] Mr. Barker, we're not dealing with Thundering Waters tonight. Please just keep-- - I'm know. but I'm going to address the issue that they point to the technical science. In the letter they point out that the potential future decline in that ash canopy may change the dominant canopy species, but not necessarily the functional value of the woodland. This is the same situation at Thundering Waters as here, same ecological consulting firm Savanta, has used the problem of ash die off as justification to deny that the area has significance as an ecological conservation area. They're essentially saying the Regional Plan is wrong. You can deforest the area, because it's no longer significant. The other issue I'd like to bring to attention I've read the by-law, the definition of environmental protection areas I think is too permissive according to the both the Niagara Region Official Plan and the City's Official Plan. It talks about development in these areas if it's guided by an Environmental Impact Study. This is my view identical to the lesser protected Environmental Conservation Area, and that part of the By-laws should be changed. The idea of EP area, EPA areas is that there should be no development period. Most of these areas tend to be Provincially significant wetlands where no site alteration is permitted. That's my presentation. - Thank you, excuse me, thank you very much. Is there anyone else that wishes to address Council on this matter? Reminder too, it's a 10 minute limit. If you could just state your name and your address, please. - Hi my name is Don Sorley. My address is 8126 Fatima Court. (coughs) Excuse me, I wasn't planning on speaking. In the spirit of full transparency, I'm also the country controller for Cytec Canada. So... We are in support of this presentation as it's gone today. To highlight the, excuse me, the park in the part of the boundary that is now within the two kilometer arc, we had hoped that that would become part of the stormwater management system, or something, not actually a park, for less, or for better clarification. We have worked with Frank, quite amiably. We feel we are quite amiable to deal with, and will continue to be. We have bought land around us as it comes to us. When we know it's for sale. We will always address that fact again in future. We have set precedent, we have bought land around us. We feel we're a good corporate citizen. We did make our major expansion, $200 million dollars that opened up in 2014, about 40 very high paying old style industrial jobs, where the average pay is in excess of $80,000 a year, so these are darn good jobs we have at this site. Moving forward we want to still work amiably with the City. I can tell you in our strategic plans there's more major capital coming to our site. One of those key selling points we have is our buffer zone. And we feel we work hard with the City to maintain the buffer zone. We keep in touch with the Fire Department as to the hazards we have at that site. We are aware of the hazards. We are also quite proud of our safety record, and our environmental record, given the hazards we deal with out there, but again we are in general favor of the direction that this has taken, and that's it for me. Thanks. - Thank you, thank you very much. Do we have anyone else who would like to address Council? Yep, come step forward, Jean, if you would like. - Jean Grandioni, Rural Route number one, Garner Road, Niagara Falls. With regard to what John was saying, you do have other maps that could be put up there to help both the Council and John, that show the areas to be removed. Do you know-- - [Man] They're not part of the PowerPoint. I don't have them in my pocket. - They're in the agenda package for the information of Council. If you haven't looked at them, you should take a look at them. I feel there should be more, small point maybe, but for the wildlife it's not. There should be more crossings at Biggar Road, to allow wildlife to move off that secondary plant site further south. I still maintain there should be watershed planning and hydrogeological, and I see I'm not off base, because the Region is now looking to put watershed planning into their new Official Plan. Long overdue. And, I have a question for the solicitor, through you, Mr. Chairman. I see at the last minute here the Region is exempting themselves from approving the Secondary Plan, and under what legislation are they allowed to do that? - Planning Act of Ontario. - That's it. It's interesting that this is, I believe Mr. Herlovitch said he just got that message, plus he just got a message from Cytec. This is pretty speedy sloppy business, if you ask me. Things should be done, giving the public and the Council the time to assess what's going on, and I don't see that happening around here. That's my comments. - Okay, thank you. Is there anyone else that wishes to address Council? Okay. Seeing none, are there any final questions from Council regarding the application? Yeah, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Yeah, Your Worship. (speaking softly off mic) - Okay. conflict noted. Mr. Clerk, Council and the public are reminded that the purpose of tonight's Public Meeting is to consider the adoption of an Official Plan Amendment. The Public Meeting with respect to the Official Plan Amendment 118 is now concluded. Does a member of Council want to make a motion regarding the Official Plan Amendment? Just one at a time please. (councillors speaking at once) This Council's got lots to say. So, we're looking for some direction there. If you look on the report there are three recommendations. First one is the two kilometer Cytec arc being extended west outside the plan area across lands owned by Rand Investments. Secondly, the zoning of the golf course being changed to a DH Development Holding zone. The third one, which is no longer necessary the amendment being forwarded to Niagara Region for approval. So, the third one's not necessary. Is that right, Mr. Herlovitch? - That's correct. - As of today's letter. So there are two recommendations, regarding the arc and regarding the Development Holding zone. (speaking faintly off mic) The arc, well, the two kilometer Cytec arc is being extended west, so it changes. So, as you can see there's two dotted lines. So, it goes further to the left, further west to the blue area. Originally, it was that gray white dotted one, and now it goes further left to the blue. So, it includes that area that Mr. Herlovitch said would be larger lots. Yes, mister, Councillor Morocco. - Thanks, Your Worship. (speaking faintly off mic) (Jim chuckling) The green outline there is forestry. Is that staying, or is that (mumbles) to come back, we're going to just rezone it, and then the developers are going to come and they're going to cut down whatever they need to, to build the housing? - [Jim] Mr. Herlovitch, Could you answer that question, please? - Yes, that would stay. That's Environmental Protection and notwithstanding the fact that Doctor Barker said the policies weren't that strong, this Environmental Protection is a no development zone. They do have to do Environmental Impact Studies for any of the yellow lands adjacent to the green, but the green would be staying. - And he did say that, the gentleman that did come from Cytec, I'm sorry ... - Mr. Sorley? - I'm sorry, Mr. Sorley. That, that wasn't necessarily outlined to be a park, as per se, for children to play. It was looked at as part of a-- - Stormwater is what they-- - Stormwater. So, that definitely has to be moved out of there. I would never support that, so. But I think there's still a question that Councillor Thomson has asked about, still about this other arc that, you know, is not addressed, I don't know. I think we're sitting here on our hands, because we're just not sure about this arc. I'm not feeling comfortable about it. - I think what Councillor Thomson is asking to do to not impede what we're doing tonight is that we come back and have a look at what's legal regarding the arcs, what's being done elsewhere you know, and also that Cytec is in fact purchasing the land. - Well, it's nice, yeah, because, first of all, let's make sure, we want to make sure we're working with them, 'cause they're working hard to work with us. They're creating jobs, good paying jobs, and we sure as hell don't want to lose that industry, because we are not going to work with them and make sure that we build and not build within the arc. So, I'm just having a problem with the whole building (mumbles). - Okay, Council. We're uh-- - Sorry, Your Worship. - Yes, Mr. Herlovitch? - So, you know, you were reading the conditions of the report. So, since the time the report was written, there were the two other amendments that Cytec was looking for. So, the amendment to the policy that would add on larger lots, and a policy that would address the arc outside of the Secondary Plan area, but on Rand land. So we, you would direct Staff to bring those, or to amend the policy for those two considerations. - Okay, so those would be recommendations three and four? - Yes. - Okay. Councillor Thomson. - I'll move the recommendation. I still would like to have more information on the arc, but I don't, I think this plan has been through all of the scrutiny and I motion for approval. - [Jim] Okay, Councillor Morocco? - I'll only support that if they make sure that park is not in that area, that it's moved to the other end. - [Jim] Well, we'll make that part of the provision right? But that extreme west park area? - It's indicated that it's a park, that it could be, I just don't want a children's park in that arc area. Move it to the ... Whatever it is. - [Jim] Understand that Councillor Thomson? So right there? - No, I know what you're talking about. That's not, I don't have a problem with that if you want to make that part of the-- - Thank you. - If you would accept that as the amendment? - Okay, so from the amendment, Councillor, so the motion, all for recommendations? - There really should be one in four. (mumbles) - No, Councillor Pietrangelo has got a conflict. I don't know what happened to Councillor Kerrio. His computer is still there. Yeah, but we've got quorum. So, the four recommendations, but with the fifth proviso, Council Morocco, that that far west area inside the two kilometer arc not be a park. - Alright, but the park, if there's a park, then it has to come way up. - Yeah, it has to come inside the arc, or outside the arc rather. - Yes. - Okay. - By N3 or somewhere in there, just to kind of give you an idea. - Okay, we'll call the vote. All those in favor? Opposed? And I'll vote in favor and it passes. Okay, thank you, with one conflict noted Councillor Pietrangelo. (speaking softly off mic) - [Morocco] I'd prefer not to do anything. (Jim sighs) - [Thomson] Move the balance of the agenda? - Oh, I'd like to. This is one I wish we had a consent list. - [Thomson] Yeah. - Point of order, Your Worship. - Yes, Councillor Craitor? - With your permission and Council, I'd like to move one item up, 8.8. 8.8, that's the one that deals with Culp Street water main and sanitary sewers. It's a positive report. There's just one one section in there that talks about sidewalks, and the reason I'm asking if we could move it up, is 'cause some of the residents have been here since probably 6:30. - Five. - 6:35, waiting. - I'm sorry Council Craitor told you to come at that time. - [Man] Okay, it's alright. - He's going to buy you dinner later. - [Thomson] I'll second the motion. - Okay, so, we're going to motion by Councillor Craitor, second by Councillor Thomson to amend the agenda to bring item 8.8 forward. - Yes. All those in favor? Okay, thank you, so we're going to deal with that. - To speak on it, that's why. - Alright, well, go right ahead. So, this one is a legal matter. Mr. Beeman, did you have any comment on this, or ... Oh, it's Miss Borks, is eight point, which one? Eight point, oh, I'm sorry. Mr. Holman, I'm sorry, I had the wrong one. - Yeah, Mr. Mayor. So, we moved ahead with the Culp Street project. We tendered it. The members have come in below budget. So, we've awarded the contract to L and M Construction, There was one item that came up through our public engagement process and that has to do with proposed sidewalk on the south side of Culp Street, and we're looking for Council's direction. We've done some field investigations, and although there are a number of residents that don't feel that the sidewalk is necessary, we have correspondence from the school that would like to see it incorporated into the works. When we designed the project, we designed it so that it could be added at some point in the future, if we decided not to resolve this point, however it has been tendered with the sidewalk included. So, we're looking for Council's direction as to whether or not we want to build it as part of this project. - Okay we're dealing with item 8.8. We moved it forward, the Culp Street water main sanitary. And they're, I'm sorry, Mr. Holman, could you just sum up now, they came back, I'm sorry. Can you just really quickly? - Oh, yes. So, we're looking for Council's direction as to whether or not the section of sidewalk on the south side of Culp Street is to be included as part of this construction project, or whether or not we add it at some point in the future, or not at all. Culp Street as you know is North Boundary of the AG Bridge Park. (Geoff and Wayne speaking at once) - [Thomson] Coming back, I'll so move that it be included. - Included, okay. Okay, do we? Okay, Councillor Craitor, I'm sorry, do we have people that want to speak to this? - Yes, that's why I, I moved it forward. - Okay. - To speak, argue their point of view, they're the residents. - Okay, so folks, did you want to come forward and? - [Thomson] Do we have a motion? - Well, we got a motion right now by Councillor Thomson to approve it. - To approve the sidewalk. - The whole thing with the sidewalk. - Well, they don't want it. - Oh, they don't want it? - They don't want it. - I thought they wanted it. (speaking faintly off mic) - Okay, so if you want to state your name and your address please. - Thank you, Mayor, thank you, Councillors. My name is Joe Bartoni. I live at 6705 Culp Street. I was reading over the information I got. The school's been there over 30 years, I'm assuming. - [Jim] Yeah, I don't know, it's a long time. - And, there's never been a sidewalk on that side. I'm trying to save the City some money. On that side it would be a sidewalk going from one corner to the school. Around the corner on Corwin there would be no sidewalk. So, the kids would have to stay on well, east side of Corwin, cross the street to get to that new sidewalk. They would have to go through two sections of the parking lot. So, you would need two crossing guards there. They would cross over a driveway, gentleman standing right here. That would take up three of his parking spaces. Before we put a sidewalk on that side, we need to get the repairs done on the sidewalk on the north side. That's all I got to say. - Okay, thank you. - Thank you. - Your Honor, Councilmen, Council People. Yes, I agree, like I'm saying what he said. It's a safety factor here. That park at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, 3:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon there's about 130 cars go in there. The kids don't walk to school anymore. The parents drive them. On that street, where the sidewalk is existing now, there's maybe eight, seven, eight, maybe nine kids walk on that a day, morning and night, maybe. You have a crossing guard up here now. What the crossing guard is doing, he's bringing them across to that sidewalk. Now they're safe to walk all the way down the sidewalk to Corwin You turn around and make them put that sidewalk in, what you're doing there is, those kids are going to be passing the entrance, two entrances to the park, okay? Now you want something to happen it's going to happen there, unless you get crossing guards. 'Cause people are not the safest drivers anymore. So, you have two of them there, and they walk up to the other end, which has no sidewalks there anyhow. It's a dead end, so they got to cross the street, to cross from this side across to this side. So that's, it's a safety feature, plus I'm losing two driveways, okay? I lost one driveway completely. It's a short one, but I'm losing it. Plus, I probably lose two parking spots on the other one, because with the way it's taking it up. They're raising the street. They're raising the street up, and nobody, I'm supposed to have a meeting on Friday with the engineer. They're raising the street up, maybe four to five inches, maybe more. Now, what they're doing is, they have to rip out all my driveways, curbs, and everything else. I'm, all I'm willing to work with them, as long as it's put back together right. The only thing I'm asking is, we'd really appreciate if you put the sidewalk, leave that sidewalk out. Put it on the other side where there's one there already. Fix that one up, it's disgusting, that one. 'Cause, all that construction there, they broke it all up, and the City gets paid, they hold back money for that. There's houses there about seven or eight years old, right across the street from there. That sidewalk has been broken ever since. It's never been fixed. And, not one spot, a few spots. So, just fix that one up, make it really presentable. And another thing too is, who's going to snow plow the snow in the winter? Nobody. 'Cause you know, the City doesn't always come in time to plow the sidewalks So, they're not going to be snowplowing the sidewalks. The kids aren't going to be able to walk on them. At least on the other side, the people are cleaning the sidewalks themselves. So, now they got, to walk on. That's all I got to say, thank you. - Thank you. Could we get a couple answers, Mr. Holman? So, two questions. One is, we do plow the sidewalks if it's a school. Is that right? - [Geoff] Yes, it would be added to the list. - It would be added to the list. Just for clarity that if there was a sidewalk, it would be plowed, because school sidewalks we do plow. It's a priority. - [Joe] Last one would be marked. - No, the sidewalk that would be leading up to the school. Is that right, Mr. Holman? Yeah. - [Joe] The one on the other side was not plowed. - Yeah, across the street, right, but-- - That's leading from school? - Right. The other question is, the people who did the development of those homes where the Boys and Girls Club used to be, is that the sidewalk you're talking about? - [Joe] Yes. - So, if they broke the sidewalk during construction do we hold back, so that we can get them to repair the sidewalks that they damaged? Or, what's our policy on that? - So they, Mr. Mayor, they were developed by Severance, right? That's the old Boys & Girls Club. - Right. - They were severed up into a number of lots. So, each builder would have had to submit a deposit. I believe there was a decision back in 2004 by City Council to install the sidewalk on the north side. So, that would have been constructed in some cases in advance of the construction. - [Joe] Which? - And so ... - Step up to the mic. - We have to ability to go back and use those deposits to fix the sidewalk, but given the condition of the road, the driveway entrances are very steep there. So, we have to move the sidewalk anyways. So, as part of this new design, we have to raise the road to improve the driveway ramps on the one side. There is an impact on the properties. (coughing drowns out speaker) And that's why the design for the sidewalk would be a curb face design, so that it would be trying to contain any surface drainage that might be collected on the road, but on the road system and not spill off into the adjacent property. - Okay, thank you for that. - Sorry, Mr. Mayor. - Yeah? - So, are you saying that the north side sidewalks are going to be all taken care of? - Yeah. - Mr. Mayor, as part of this project, my understanding is that we're going to be, we'd have to adjust the height of them anyways. So, some of them are cracked, some of them have some deficiencies that need to be addressed. - Okay, so you're saying that they will be taken care of. - Yes. - 'Cause, I have some in front of my house, and when we built, before any of the houses were built, I was surprised that I was told by the developer that the sidewalks need to be done first before a foundation was put in. So, if you look back at all the sidewalks that were built, that's what was told to us. All of them were broken because of the construction. So, I lose my deposit. - No, so what happened was there was a development agreement for the development of that site. - [Joe] And the sidewalks went in first. - That included, that included the installation of the sidewalk on the north side. - It was already installed. - Right. So, the developer installed it, but as each lot, as each builder built on those lots, they would have had to give a deposit to make sure that there was no damage to that infrastructure. - Okay, but the sidewalks were built first before any of the houses went in. They should have, honestly to save a couple of dollars-- - Yes, that's right. - No, no, no, no! For the City to save a couple of dollars, they should have waited for the construct. What do you mean? They got to redo the work now. That doesn't make sense. - Well, we're going to have to redo it, because of the grade now as it is anyway, right? - So, the north side of the sidewalks will be done. - Yes. - What about, what about all these people that just put in concrete driveways? What's going to happen to their driveways? There's a few of them in there, put in beautiful driveways now. Now, you're going to lower down, or do whatever you're going to do. What's going to happen to their driveway? - [Jim] I don't, do we know the answer to that, Mr. Holman? - Mr, Mayor, normal process, and this might have been discussed at the PIC, I apologize for not being there, but we'll be replacing that infrastructure between the property lines. So, if you had an asphalt apron into your driveway or you had a concrete one it would be replaced like-for-like. - Why, it's not affecting me, I'm just bringing it up. - Thank you. Okay, so does that address the questions on Culp Street? Okay, so we going to make a motion? Yes, Councillor. - Well, it's pretty clear, Your Worship that they don't want to have a sidewalk. - On the south side - On that side. - And the other side needs to be repaired, let's repair the other side, and let's forget about the sidewalk on the other side. As long as we've made sure that the children's safety is number one. And everybody's shaking their head, that that's the most concerning, that it is. So, I would move the-- - [Jim] Well, maybe Councillor Craitor make the motion. Want to make the motion? - You make the motion, I'll second, it's your project. - So moved, Your Worship. - Yeah, well but his was the sidewalks. His was to do the sidewalks. - So, is that part of the report? Eight point ... - [Jim] 8.8? - Yeah, 8.8. 2018-10, the sidewalk. So, I'm asking for the sidewalks to not go in on that side. - And repair the other one. - Yeah. - [Jim] Okay. - And repair the other side, that's my motion, thank you. - Okay, are you seconding that, Councillor Morocco? - Yes. - Yep, okay. So, if there's no further discussion, we'll call the vote. All those in favor, okay, thank you. Thanks, folks. - Thank you. - Thank you. - So, where are we now? 8.1 Niagara Compliance. Niagara Compliance Audit Committee for Municipal Elections. There's five recommendations. - So moved. - Moved by Councillor Thomson. Second by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? Okay, that's approved. Okay, 8.2. - 8.2 and 8.3. (coughing drowns out speaker) - Second, okay, 8.2, 8.3, moved by Councillor Thomson. Second by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor. Thank you. Yes, 8.4? - Refund accounts. Okay. - Refund accounts. - Yes. - Checks 414771, 415747, I'm sorry I didn't find them earlier. I have a conflict on both their reimbursements for a sale. - Okay, thank you. Councillor Craitor, yes? - For the clerk, those three checks that I didn't have the account numbers, and they are 414538, 415320 and 415865. Thanks. - And for myself as well, I've got my numbers here. Two checks Mr. Clerk, 414959 and 416035. Okay, so we are moving, is it 8.4 and 8.5? Is that where we're moving right now? - [Morocco] 8.4. - 8.4, okay. Alright, so that was moved by Council Thomson. Second by Councillor Pietrangelo, all those in favor? Thank you, so that's approved. 8.5, Schedule of Fees for Services for 2018. As presented, looking for a motion. Moved by by Councillor Kerrio. Second by Councillor Morocco. All those in favor? Thank you, it's approved. Item 8.6, Low Income Seniors' Water and Property Tax Rebate. Moved by Council Morocco. Seconded by Councillor Thomson. All those in favor? Thank you, it's unanimous. 8.6, we already did, or 8.8 rather, we just did. - 8.7. - I'm sorry, 8.7. OLG, City Amendment. - So moved. Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo. Second by Councillor Kerrio. All those in favor? That's approved, that's for the overhead agreement. - I was just going to say that to the new government, should we send a resolution through? (coughing drowns out speaker) - I think they're already on it. Yeah. 8.8 we've already approved. 8.9 Emergency Third Avenue Sewer Replacement for Jepsen and McRae. - Moved. - Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo. Second by Councillor Morocco. All those in favor? And that's approved unanimous, thank you. 8.10, excuse me. Request for Removal of Part Lot Controls. Moved by Councillor Thomson. Second by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved, thank you. 8.11 Deeming By-law Application on Stanley Avenue. (speaking sofly off mic) Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo. Seconded by Councillor Kerrio. All those in favor? It's approved, thank you. 8.12 Proposed Plan of Condominium. We've got, let me just call it up here. We got four recommendations. - [Victor] Moved recommendation, Your Worship. - Okay. - [Wayne] Second. - Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Thomson. All those in favor? Okay, thank you. 8.13-- - So moved. - GNBA Ladies Auxiliary Concession Agreement, moved by Councillor Craitor, seconded by Councillor Morocco. All those in favor? Okay, thank you. 8.14, Recognition of Stamford Township. - So moved-- - That's Craitor. - Yep, moved by Councillor Craitor, seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? Okay, that's approved unanimously. Item 8.15 Dyson Avenue Heavy Vehicle Restriction. - Move the restriction. - Okay. Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Kerrio. All those in favor? Thank you, that's approved. Now on to Communications and Comments of the City Clerk. - [Clerk] Items 9.1 and 9.2. - 9.1 and 9.2. - Second (mumbles). - Okay. Clifton Hill BIA and Fallsview BIA requesting approval of the 2018 budgets. Moved by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved, thank you. 9.3 Niagara Regional Council Resolution Respecting Taxpayer Affordability Guidance, requesting Local Area Municipalities develop Affordability Guidelines. (speaking softly off mic) I'm sorry, which one councillor? - [Joyce] I'm sorry, did you do, on 9.1, you did Clifton Hill BIA. Did you do- - (many speaking at once) - Yeah, we did them both in one motion. I'm sorry, yes Councillor Craitor? - Yes, 9.3. What is it that you're telling us we're supposed to do when they can't do it themselves? (Jim laughing) No, I'm not, I'm being sincere. I mean, I am, I got huge problems. They spend money like water, overspend, and then they're going to tell us-- (speaking faintly off mic) Yeah. And you're there. Why are they sending it to us? They're telling us, is it mandated to ... - No, I just think, we've got councillor ... We've got Councillor Vivaldi. (laughing) - Oh sorry. - That's really great. - Yes, sorry. No, that was unfair. - I think we should send it back, tell them to take care of their own council, and we'll take care of ours. - I think just by receiving it, I think they're going to realize there'll be no action. - That seems too kind, but okay. What I want to say, alright. - Just be kind, please. - Sorry. - Receive and file, Councillor Craitor? - Yeah. - Seconded by Councillor Ioannoni. All those in favor? That's approved, thank you. 9.4, Niagara Falls Community Health Centre requesting approval of 90-minute free parking. The recommendation is to refer to Staff for a report to Mr. Dren. - Move the recommendation. - Yeah, move it. - Like, move it or refer it? - Move the recommendation. (many talking at once) - Well, we need to maybe get a comment from Mr. Dren on who's paying for it. - Thank you, Mr. Mayor. This business has requested free parking on-street, because they moved off of Queen Street, and they moved over to this area. There is free parking available in the lot behind them. So, there's parking already free, and the Queen Street group are paying for that free parking. And so, you know I would suggest that we, we perhaps say that if they're willing to pay for it, we'll put free parking on there, similar to what we did for the Queen Street, but he does have free parking available, so that's the difference. - So what, I guess Mr. Dren-- - The motion must be referred to Staff. - Right. - We'll move the recommendation. - Right. - I'll second. - Okay, so you move the recommendation referred to Staff, you second it, okay. All those in favor? Okay, so approved. 9.5-- - 9.5 to 9.9. - So moved. - (laughs) Okay. Okay, so I'll read them really quick. (coughs) 9.5, excuse me, Wellington County, Surrounding Municipalities request Council's support to appeal to the impact regarding assessment of aggregate properties. 9.6, Niagara Health System C Care Clinic, World Hepatitis Day in Niagara Falls be July 27th. 9.7, Taps Brewing Company requesting relief of the City's Noise By-law for a fundraiser July 13th from 5:00 p.m. until midnight. 9.8, Niagara Regional Housing requesting that quarterly reports be received for information. Those are the ones, and I'm sorry, and Chippewa Volunteer Firefighter, 9.9, requesting relief of the City's Noise By-law, waiver of fees for road closure permits, licensing, and declare the event of municipal significance to assist with their liquor license through the AGCO. Okay, so we'll move all those in block. Moved by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Kerrio. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved, thank you. - [Clerk] Move 9.10 to 9.15, Your Worship. - Okay, 9.10 to 9.15 Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Kerrio. Did you want to comment? - I just want to point out that 9.13 is just a duplicate. So, we could strike that. It's just a repeat of 9.12. - Okay, so 9.10 is the Report on the State of the Aggregate Resources, 9.11, Report on Development Applications Monitoring, 9.12 is Report on Climate Change Framework, 9.14 is Niagara Region Report on the New Regional Official Plan Growth Management Program, and 9.15 is the Niagara Regional Report on the Waterfront Investment Program funding recommendations. So, we'll call that vote. All those in favor? (coughs) Excuse me, that's approved. 9.16, the Town of Pelham, number one, have a resolution to the Province requesting a Municipal Audit, and subsequent reply through Minister Mauro, Ombudsman Investigation Report and Local Transit Project as well. So, I think they're looking-- - Why is that coming to us? - Well, I'm not really sure. If you just want to receive it-- - Receive and file. - Okay, moved by Councillor Thomson to receive, seconded by Councillor Morocco that we receive. (speaking faintly off mic) All those in favor? (speaking faintly off mic) I'm not really sure. They send it to everybody and their brother. 9.17, Communication Bill C-36, Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, public request for Council's consideration. - [Man] What is it? - Mr. Madsen, did you have any comment on that one? I see this one came from you. - [Mr. Madsen] About? - I know this is going to be another receive, people coming to us telling us not to legalize prostitution in Canada. - [Joyce] Seriously? (speaking softly off mic) - Well, not to put you back on the spot, Mayor, but this request did come through from your office down to us. So, it's just listed for Council's consideration. (laughing) - Oh thanks for that. Well that was great, see how that works? I'm looking for a motion to receive and file. Motioned by Councillor Thomson to receive and file. Seconded Councillor Morocco, all those in favor? I'll vote for that one, too. Yeah, that was a good one. You got me, that was good, Bill, that was good. It's going to be a very difficult next meeting for you, mister. 9.18, Arif Merani Fundraising Group. They're requesting a few things from us folks. Their barbecue is going to be coming up on Sunday August the 26th at Queenston Heights. They're asking for us to purchase some tables, or some seats rather, to help, maybe wear aprons and help flip the burgers at this fundraiser. - Mr. Mayor, I would say support it, because we've done that at their, they go to the food kitchen and I think they do a great job, and they raise thousands of dollars that go back to the community in name of their son. So, I move to support-- - And this'll benefit the City's hungry and homeless. So, moved by Councillor Morocco, seconded by Councillor Thomson. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved, thank you. 9.19, Niagara Falls Public Library. - Appointment recommendation.- Okay. Moving that the recommendation that we appoint Kathy Tsnap, how do you say that? Tsiantoulas? - Tsiantoulas. - Tsiantoulas, thank you, to replace Eric Sheridan on the Library's Public Board. Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Kerrio. All those in favor? Thank you. 9.20, On-Street Parking Permits. Mr. Rekrut, yes Councillor Thomson? - Yes, could we have Mr. Dren just comment on how we can help out with this situation? - Yeah. - Was anybody here for it? - Was anybody here for the parking, no, I don't think, no. Mr. Dren, do you want to just give a real quick summary? - The quick summary is that the renters at 90, or 6342 Sam Iorfida Drive came in to apply for some overnight permits. And when they submitted the original application, they requested nine vehicles that they were trying to get approved originally. In accordance with our by-law, we deal with hardship. So hardship is based on the fact that you have a household that has five drivers, only four spots on the street, so a hardship would be there's one vehicle that a driver has to put on the street. They would qualify for a overnight permit. In this case, we determined that the applicant was applying to store vehicles. With the neighborhood the way it is with the smaller lots and the fact that the overnight, relief from the overnight permit would not satisfy it because there was a 12-hour by-law as well. So we indicated that he could only get one additional permit. We approved that. And so as well, there were excessive number of complaints dealing with overnight complaints and several infractions were issued. And so we're just basically saying, bring the council up to speed. You know, our by-law deals with hardship, this is not hardship, this is storage of vehicles. - So ... - [Man] Receive and file? (speaking softly off mic) (chuckling) - I thought he wanted to couple of permits for his five vehicles in the house. Everybody in the house drives a car. So maybe somebody can move we have our Staff investigate and see what we can do to help them out with respect to their problem. - Okay, yeah, Mr. Dren. - So what we have, just to let you know, there was five people in the house, three of the five have a vehicle each. Two of the five have three vehicles each. And so what happens is basically, it's meant for, the by-law's in place to deal with people and the daily-use vehicles and not for the storage of vehicles. There's many people in the city that have trailers, that have other cars, that store them off site and it costs them money to do that. And the by-law's pretty strict with that. If you're going to store, because of the number of complaints we received on that street as well, there's people concerned about the fact that there's cars parked in the road all the time. And so that's why the by-law's in place, to deal with that and not for not from someone to come in and say, I want to store my vehicle on the road so therefore I'm going to buy a permit. And I think that's the intent original. - Well, if somebody has nine vehicles, you can't pass legislation to solve the problem. If it's additional permit, I don't have a problem with that. If it was two. But maybe we can, you can report back to us? - Sure - See if there's any solutions? Nine vehicles. Maybe he should buy a car lot. - [Jim] (chuckling) Yeah, parking garage. - Anyway, I'll refer it to Staff to see if they could-- - So motion by Councillor Thomson, seconded by Councillor Craitor that we refer this to Staff to see what options there may be. Thanks very much. All those in favor, I'm sorry, that's approved. Okay 9.21. MNP Corporate Finance, Cnada Games Torch Relay will be making a stop in Niagara. They're looking for nominations. I guess the recommendation is for the information of Council. - I'll make the motion. - Okay, so moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, second by Councillor Kerrio, all those in favor? Thank you, and under the By-laws, do we have any new by-laws, Mr. Clerk? - [Clerk] Actually, just before we jump to By-laws we should ratify in camera. - Oh, right, it's not on the agenda? - No, it's not listed on the agenda, - Oh, okay. - Council did meet earlier this evening in camera after passing the appropriate resolution in open Council. There was one matter that is reporting back and that is on the report RNC-2018-11. It's concerning the MacBain Community Centre revised Cafe agreement and it was moved that Council authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to act on behalf of the city to execute a lease agreement with 1939099 Ontario Corp Vince and Catherine Moyer, the new Cafe operations at the MacBain Community Centre and let Staff report back to Council before any future RFP for Cafe agreement be issued. - Okay, so motion to accept the in camera. Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Kerrio. All those in favor, okay, that's approved. - Motion to change the By-laws. - I'll entertain a motion by Councillor Pietrangelo, second by Councillor Kerrio to give the By-laws a first reading, all those in favor? Okay, that's approved. - That By-laws 2018-59 through to 2018-69 read a first time. - A second and third reading. - Motion by Councillor Pietrangelo, second by Councillor Kerrio to give the By-laws a second and third reading, all those in favor? It's approved. - By-laws 2018-59 through to 2018-69 read a second, third time and passed. - Thank you for that, new business, Councillor Craitor. - Thank you, Your Worship. Just a couple of short things. I've spoken to Mr. Holman on this and bringing it to Council. I met with a number of residents in a south rural area. It's on King Road and Morningstar and they're asking if it's possible to put in a street light at that intersection, there's a post there already. There's been some homes built out there and there's no lighting out in that particular area. I did speak with Mr. Holman and he explained to me that we have a process and there's only so many that can be done over the course of a year, and that just bring it up at Council and ask the Council if they would approve-- (people speaking at once) Morningstar and King Street It's our area, too. - Okay. - I'll second. - It's our area, I was out looking at it. In fact, we were just patching the road. Some of our City workers were out there. So I'd like to make that motion. - Okay, moved by Councillor Craitor, seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo that we have Municipal Works look into a light at that intersection of Morningstar and Post? - Morningstar and King Road. - Oh, and King, I'm sorry. (councillor speaking off mic) - There's houses being built up there now. - On the other end. - Yeah, yeah. - Okay, so let's call that vote, all those in favor? Okay, that's approved. - The other thing, I just want to be on record and maybe some of the other councillors may want to be on record, too. We all must have been getting all the emails and phone calls from the people about this Starbucks drive-thru that's being proposed on the corner of St. James at Thorold Stone Road. And I understand the history of it. I think that at the time they got approval, maybe it did fit at that time. But now it's just a night ... It's very dangerous out there, the schools, and is there any opportunity and I've been told no, but I'm going to ask it in Open Council, do the residents have a chance to come and make their presentation to explain why they have such huge concerns about putting a drive-thru right there? And the Staff has said to me, no, it was already approved a number of years ago. So the people who bought the land now are saying we're going to build what was already approved before. And so that's why they're going ahead. And then I saw an email from our solicitor, it said that if we were to step in, there might be some legal ramifications to us for denying something that was already approved previously for which they bought the land for. - Actually I didn't send the email (mumbles). And he asked me in turn to look into it. So at the moment I am trying to sort out if there is some kind of legal avenue I'm not optimistic. But then that was, it was requested. And there's any number of good councillors.. (coughing drowns out speaker) Support around the table. Mr. Todd has directed me to look into it and that's what I'm in the process of doing at the moment. - So what they're looking for simply is an avenue where they get to express and share their concerns about how dangerous it's become in that area. Also there's been some homes that are being built down in that area too. Think they're with your Committee of Adjustment. I think I attended that meeting or Open House. There's some homes built there in that area. - [Jim] Councillor Pietrangelo. - Thank you, Your Worship. I did bring this issue up at Council. I think it was six years ago. It was an application that was made to the Committee of Adjustments for a variance on the number of cars that the developer was putting in their site plan in the queuing line waiting at a drive-thru. And I believe that the proposal was to go from 10 cars of queuing down to eight. So they were asking for a variance of two. We had no less than probably 50 residents out at the meeting. The Committee of Adjustments did not approve the application. They did not receive approval at that meeting. I ended up bringing it up at Council at the very next meeting just to say, listen Council, there was a lot of residents out. There's a piece of property there that's zoned, has a commercial zoning on it and everyone in the area does not want a drive-thru. They cited traffic concerns as being their number one concern. I believe that we had Staff do a report back to Council, basically said that we were in some way restricted in what we can do in that area. I remember at the time giving a suggestion that perhaps we should be looking at purchasing some land in the area so that we can get the buses that are servicing school off the street and get some of the actual parents that pick up their children or drop off their children off the street, have a proper kiss and ride program. We never went down that avenue. The City never acquired land. The developer I guess would have resubmitted another application not asking for any variance. Because there was no variance asked for, it's not something that came to the approval of Council. As well, I believe Council changed the way that we approve site plans. We allow the director of Planning to approve site plans, whereas back in I think it was 2011 and before, site plans were done at the approval of Council. So if we still had that process in place, I know I've spoken against that as well, if we still had that process in place I think Council would have been aware that an application was made. I think all of us were unaware, entirely blindsided by the fact that, you know, this was a proposal that was on its way to moving forward. So had we have still had approval of the site plan process, then at least we would have had a say in what that could have looked like. Council decided to give that up back in 2011. I was opposed at that time. - So I'm thinking Councilor Craitor, 'cause I've spoken with the neighbors, too, I've met with them, I've talked with them, and because my kids go to the school down there too. And it's a real, pardon me? (speaking softly off mic) Right, so it's a real difficult situation. But I think, no disrespect, but hearing from the residents isn't going to help us. We have to legally approach this. We already know it's a problem. But we need to know if our solicitor can come forward with any kind of, and that's what I've said to the residents. I said I know the problems. I'm in this area every single day. I said we need to know legally if there's anything that we can do. So maybe we can just direct, we already got -- (mayor and councillor talking at once) - That's exactly, you're saying exactly what I was just leading towards, is that we can't do anything, I want to be able to say to the residents, we can't do because of the legal whatever they are. And if we can, then I want to go to come back here. - Yep. - So, I'll make that a motion just so it's on record, that our solicitor investigate it, let us know, is there an option that we can follow to take another look at this without being legally liable. - Okay, so that's the motion by Councillor Craitor. Seconded by Councillor Pietrangelo. All those in favor? Okay, and that's approved. - Just two more and they're really short. This is to do with, Mr. Dren, with commercial parking lots. So a year or so ago, we passed a motion here in Council to standardize commercial parking lots. And there's agreement that they want, among the parking lot owners, they want to go ahead with this. What they're asking is, could we, maybe Councillor Pietrangelo can correct me, but I think it's they're asking for one-year extension from the date that they have to implement the changing of the parking lots to meet our new standards. Some of them for example had upgraded their parking lots to meet the standards that we had in place. They re-stoned it, the did everything, but now they don't meet it. So they're asking for just one more year. That'll give them time 'cause it's pretty expensive to upgrade it and there seems to be support among the owners for that. So I wanted to put that on the table. - [Jim] So we got this to Staff, Mr. Dren, you want to deal with this one? Mr. Herlovitch, you had your finger in the air, too? Okay. - Thank you. - The whole hand. - Whole hand. - Just for clarity, I'm not responsible for the, for the approval of the lots. It's done through the clerks and through licensing. However, we're commenting by, as a group, we're commenting on these. So with the licensing, and I have dealt with a couple of the operators that are deficient at this point, so the intent is, is that what we're going to be doing, is sending letters to the operators, advising that here's where your deficiencies are. If they're current concerns, if they're real concerns, like they're missing (coughing drowns out speaker) space or there's a driveway, we're asking them to correct them now. But we are giving them till next year to put in place every, which includes the asphalt, the drainage, and all of that. So those letters are going to be followed out, probably in the next couple weeks, to the operators, so people like, you know, that are on like say a Charlie Berlin who has a great-looking lot but doesn't, there's still drainage issues and some space issues, he'll have time to do it. And when I spoke to him, he was satisfied with that. So we are going to do that. (mayor and councillor talking at once) - Oh, sorry. (mayor and councillor talking at once) - What about the ones that have been not doing what they're supposed to be doing for years and years and years and they're still not doing it? 'cause I've heard it from the neighbors of those people and they're not happy at all. I can give you the addresses, if you like. - Mr. C-A-O. - Hello, Mr. Mayor. If I may, I think it's fair say that there's been a number of years that we haven't done proper enforcement on commercial lots. There was a meeting held late last year, I think it was, with all the commercial lot owners, and basically Staff, there was a report that had come to Council and it is said we're going to enforce the by-law. There was a meeting of all of the lot owners. That's when we gave them the indication that there'd be sort of a grace period for '18, but in '19, they would have to comply with all of these provisions. So, that's the letters that are going out. So, as of '19 if you don't comply, you don't get a license. - Perfect. - And, we've got a lot of pressure too from the B-I, particularly the Victoria Centre BIA, with all of the six million dollars in work we've done along Victoria Avenue. - It's not fair. - They're saying, it's not fair that we've done all this work. So, that's what Mr. Dren refers to. I know we've got the acting clerk and Mr. Herlovitch, and a lot of the Staff have been involved with this, including all the enforcement people. And meantime, Mr. Spencer and the enforcement people are out enforcing blatant violations, solicitation, and things of that, with you know, people out on the street with signs, and trying to attract people in. So, they are doing that kind of enforcement, but in terms of the physical enforcement, with the licensing period for '19, everybody is going to have to comply, or they're not going to get a license. - Thank you and that's it. Okay. Great, new business? I've got Council Thomson. - Thank you. The parking lots, with the BIA. So, I said on the Victoria Centre, wanted something done with the parking lots. And the two calls I got were Frank LaPenna and Charlie Berlin, the best lots in the area. So, anyway that's the solution, to give him a chance until next year, for the other real bad ones. I have two short things. I had a letter from Paul Crochuk, solicitor for Chippewa, and he brought to my attention is there anything you could do to recognize Al Fagan? Late Al Fagan who passed away several years ago, but was a dynamic individual in the city, involved in so many worthwhile efforts to make the city a better place in which to live. He was involved in every political campaign that I can remember, and was sincerely instrumental in making our community a special place to live. He was actively involved also on the committee when we were trying to get a casino here, and I have the letter suggesting it be referred to our Staff to see if one of the new subdivisions, a contractor who recognized Mr. Fagan's name. So, I would pass that over and ask that-- - [Jim] Make that a motion? - Yes, I'll have to make that motion. Yes. - Moved by Councillor Thomson. Second by Councillor Craitor. All those in favor? that we recognize Al Fagan in some way in Chippewa with one of the new developments. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Okay, the other one, the last meeting we had a lot of controversy about Thundering Waters. And the decision with respect to that in my opinion was made in 2008, when it was set aside for residential development, but 200 acres of the wetlands and the environmental area were set aside. And we made the same decision this time with some development and residential, and I think that that's a good decision, because finally that wetlands is not going to be destroyed with the four-wheel vehicles and everything else racing through there, but I had a lot of trouble with making that decision, and over the next week out driving through the city, I was amazed at the number of treed areas that are standing in our community that people don't think we have any interest in that. And while I was out looking around, I got an email from our Staff indicating that we had set aside four or five environmental bush areas with the names on them all. And I'm thinking, why wouldn't this be a report to Council rather than just an email, because we are conscious of the environmental and the woodland areas and I think we should have a report to council just to update us on the new ones that have been set aside. Who sent that email out, was that? - Didn't send it or receive it. - Well, did anyone send that out? (Jim chuckling) - Maybe you sent it out. - I'd, no, I just got it in the last week and a half. Somebody sent it to me and it outlined the parks. So, I think we should have a report, because the impression is out there that we don't have any interest in preserving wetlands. We legally have to, and environmental areas we certainly take that seriously. So, I'd like to have a report indicating the new ones that were mentioned in this email I'll see if I can find it. - Yeah. And, all the other ones that we have out there. It's substantial, so I'd like to have a report, at least given us the email again - Okay, motion from Councillor Thomson. Second from Councillor Craitor, that we get a report back on wetlands and wood lots in the city pertaining to the email that he received, once he finds the email. All those in favor. Okay, thank you for that. New business, Councillor Pietrangelo. - Thank you, Your Worship. - Do you just have a couple short ones? - Yeah, I'll try not to be as long as Councillor Thomson, however I did miss new business from last meeting, Your Worship, so I got a couple carryovers. First one I wanted to mention is the youth mental health center. I think it was back in May that the Ministry of Children and Youth Services announced that Niagara was going to be the recipient of a new mental health center for children. And I think it's a great initiative. The one thing I was going to mention, obviously it's going to be the Region who is going to be in communication with the Ministry. And so I wanted to see, Your Worship, if it was possible to pass a resolution over to the Region. I feel very strongly that it needs to be at one of our major hubs. We have the Inner Municipal Transit System, and that Inner Municipal Transit System has a few major hubs. I believe there's four of them in St. Catharines, one in Niagara Falls, and I think only one in Welland, but in order for someone, I mean some of the services, the reason why I mention this is some of the services are on outer lying areas of different municipalities and I'm not trying to be parochial. You know, I'm not standing up and saying it's got to be at Niagara Falls, but I think it's got to be on that, on one of those hubs for the IMT, simply because if you have someone from Fort Erie who was trying to get to that Regional Centre, there's only one of them in the region. That person from Fort Erie has to take a bus to Niagara Falls and then catch the IMT to one of the major hubs in St. Catharines. If they then have to catch a further bus from there, then it would just be adding on time again. So, it could take them possibly three hours to get to, just to the center, and then another three hours to get home. And, I just don't think that's fair. So, I really think that it should be along one of the major hubs for the IMT, and I'll be happy whatever city it lands in, so long as it's easily accessible. So, I'd be happy to make that motion, that I guess it get passed to the Region, and the Region be in communication with the Ministry responsible, and that would be the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Your Worship. - Okay, and that'd be on an arterial road with direct IMT access. - Exactly. - Okay, moved by Councillor Pietrangelo. Second by Councillor Craitor. All those in favor? Okay, that's approved. - Thanks, Your Worship. You already mentioned opening up the parks, and how the new parks have artificial turf. So, I've already been asked by a couple residents when their wood chips are going to be replaced with artificial turf in their neighborhoods. So, is there a plan, Your Worship? Like, I know we're doing another 10 parks this year. I know it is our plan to update all parks, but for those that have already been updated, do we have a plan yet to go back and take a look at the surfaces that the kids play on and maybe take out the wood chips, and put in artificial surfaces? - [Jim] Maybe we should make a motion to have the Staff come back with the plan. - As long as it's before the end of Council, or before the end of this Council term, the report I'm talking about. - Oh, yeah. Well, I don't ... - I mean, I don't want to make the motion that a report come back next Council. - Well, Mr. Mayor, through you, the ... There's no, there's no budget allocation right now. It would have to be a 2019 budget item. We got through the 20 parks over the last two years. - I understand. - The longer-term plan is to replace all of them, but it probably doesn't make a lot of sense to just replace with artificial turf when you're going to be looking at replacing the playground equipment. Perhaps in those areas where there is newer equipment that's not going to be replaced, it may be viable, but you know we could have Staff report back, but I think it would be a longer-term sort of capital, you know, a 2019 capital item that we'd have to report. - Like Jupiter Park I know is an example, right? - Exactly, yeah, just redone. - Just done. - Exactly. Yeah, I mean I'd be happy with the report, Your Worship, letting us know the status and you know, what percentage we are in terms of changing over. I'll make that a motion. - Okay, excuse me. Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo. Second by Councillor Craitor that we have Staff come back with a report on the status of our parks and the newer ones that could be upgraded with the artificial turf instead of the wood chips. - While we're on Parks, Your Worship-- - Do you want to make that, call that vote? - Yeah. - Okay, all those in favor? Okay. - I'm just trying to hurry up. - Thank you, I really appreciate that. - While we're on the issue of parks, there's a picture of Wayne Thomson, but it's not the article that corresponds to that, Your Worship, this is about the parks, and the policy that Council adopted to get rid of a lot of the tennis courts. The people that live around Glen Gate Park have signed a petition, I'll hand it to the clerk. Their park is one of two parks in the city that Council made the decision to simply get rid of their tennis courts and not replace it with anything. So, they would really like a multi-purpose facility or tennis courts. I'd like to make a motion that Staff have a neighborhood meeting with them, and ask them what they want. And then, sure, Council be invited, and that then that report came back to Council, so that at least we can do with the residents want in their area for their park, and I really think that that should be the standard throughout the city. So, I'll make that a motion and hand the petition to the clerk. - Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo. Seconded by Councillor Craitor, so it was Glen Gate, and? - Glen Gate Park. - Just Glen Gate Park. Okay, we have a public meeting with the residents, and that we come back with some recommendations for multi-use or tennis courts. All those in favor? Okay, it's approved. - Okay, moving along with parks. Trail connections, Your Worship. I got three that I identified. So first of all, the Millennium Trail to the Niagara Parks Commission. It's been years now. We really, we need a connection there. Another one that I know is in The Garden West subdivision. The trail meanders through the subdivision, and then it's cut off, and then it reconvenes another block down, and goes in behind the woodlot, or in behind homes where the woodlot is. So, there's a piece of the Garden West Trail missing there. And then, the third one that I can think of is the trail that winds through the Garden West comes to McGarry and then it's cut off. There's the City stormwater management pond, and then it picks up again on the southside of McLeod Road and there's no connection in between McLeod and McGarry. I know these have already been approved through Council. That's what I'm saying. I don't know what the holdup is, but I mean, if Staff could report back on the status of it, and when it will be done, I would appreciate it. I'll be happy to make that a motion. - Okay, so motion by Councillor Pietrangelo. Seconded by Councillor Craitor, that we get an update on the trail between McCleod and McGarry. Is that the one that's already been approved by Council? - [Pietrangelo] Yeah, there's three connections that-- - [Jim] That one on Niagara Parkway. - Yeah, on the Parkway? - Yeah. - There's one on the Garden West subdivision, that I believe it goes from, I think it might be Upper Canada Drive over to in behind where we, where we have that PSW in behind the homes. The trail actually goes in behind the homes. There's a connection missing there. And then, the third one would be from McGarry to McLeod, in the same situation. - An update on the status of the three trails. All those in favor? Okay, that's approved - Alright. Next item is a GMBA, Your Worship. Meetings were held with Staff regarding the purchase of a batting cages for the Summer Canada Games. This should have been in the report in May that came back to council regarding the monies that we had left to spend from 2017 OLG agreement. Staff were supportive of it. I'll make the motion right now that the batting cages be purchased. If anyone would like verification, I'm sure you can have Staff just simply comment on it. - Okay. - Second that. - Okay, second by Councillor Craitor. All those in favor? Okay, that's approved. - Thanks Your Worship. Next one I got is a Walk for Down Syndrome. I know an invitation came to your office. I would just wanted to make sure that that invitation gets sent to all the Council. So, I believe that the walk is sometime in September. - September? - Yeah, I believe so. So, I wanted to make it official. I believe I have to do things in motion in order for it to be official. - Yeah. - But I want the invitation sent all of Council, so that all of Council is aware of the walk. - Anytime anything comes to Mayor and Council, it always gets circulated through the Clerk's office, 100 percent of the time, but just to make sure in case they never did it like that, a salutation, we'll just make that so that we'll make sure the-- - Not 100%. - Oh, yeah. If they come, oh yeah, if they do, if it says that on it, it always goes down. That's our policy. So, the Down Syndrome Walk in September, that it could be, the invitations be extended to all of Council. Do you have the date for that, councillor? - I could look it up, but-- - In September, okay. - I'd be prepared to make that. - So, that was a motion by you. Second by Councillor Thomson. All those in favor? Okay, that's officially motioned. - Thanks, Your Worship, the next item was we all received an email tonight or this afternoon. It was in regards to ... (laughter) It's now 11:00 o'clock here. And, it's not even light. - [Jim] He's only on page one, he's got four pages. - It was in regards to LKQ, Your Worship. - What's that? - LKQ is I think the, the records that operates out at Willowdale in Marshall. This has come to Council before. I mean I'm not sure if people actually remember the history of this but, the business was purchased. The business owned land that was adjacent as well. The City Staff made the decision that the non-conforming use was available across all of the lands that were now owned by LKQ, so therefore the business expanded. The residents were not happy. They came to Council. Council was told we have no say in the matter. There was an application to expand the non-conforming use that came to Committee of Adjustments. That was approved as part of, as part of the condition they have to go through the site planning process. One of the criteria for the site planning process is a survey. I believe we got an email from one of the residents saying, I just want to see the survey. I'm not sure what Staff's response is. I don't really want to say, it's in the email, so I'd like to see the criteria for the site planning process followed. That means that if a survey is part of the criteria, then a survey should be provided, and the resident should have the ability to see that survey. I think what the resident is saying is that, we have to look at the whole of the lands, instead of looking at just part of the land in order to see the big picture. I know Mr. Herlovitch will want to speak to it. So, again, I just want to make sure that we're dotting our Is and crossing our Ts. I know the residents in the area are not happy about it, so I just want to make sure that the process that we're following is correct. - [Jim] Okay, Mr. Herlovitch? - I too want to see the policy is correct. The Committee of Adjustment, and the Councillor would know this, he's chair of the committee, said that the site plan was to apply to the portion of the lands next to where the building addition is, not to the entirety of the property. So, if the Councillor is now asking that the site plan apply to the whole of the property, that's different than what the committee stated in their decision. In the meantime, I have asked our Staff member responsible for site plans to get a survey from LKQ. That hopefully will address that portion of the complaint. The other portion of the complaint was that the site plan as submitted did not show the buildings on the adjacent lands, the adjacent lands next to where the building addition is, is the Hilton property owned by a family named Hilton. I don't mean the Hilton Hotel. The other property is not next to that. It's next to 35 acres of land that's subject to a site plan that was approved by the MOE. It has been the position of Staff in the past that since there's a printed Provincial site plan on a portion of the land, then that trumps-- - The 2018 Canadian Gymnastics Championships. I'd like to make a motion that she be recognized by yourself and by Council. - Moved by Councillor Pietrangelo, seconded by Councillor Thomson. that Ava get recognized here in council chambers. All those in favor? Okay, thank you. - I'd like to, as well, acknowledge, I know I mentioned this one before, Matt Masterson coaches the Girls Atom Hockey Team. They won a bronze medal in the Provincials this year. I know I talked about it at Council, so I thought they were going to be recognized. Apparently Staff made a decision to not have them recognized. Had I have known, I would have brought it up at Council again, but no one informed-- (Jim coughs) I think perhaps Staff should acquaint themselves with what a grading system is. Finishing third in the Province is quite an accomplishment, so I will make a motion again to have that team down here to be recognized as well. - Which team is that, I'm sorry? - That's the Girls Atom Hockey. - Second, Your Worship. - Okay. Moved by Kim. Yes, Ms. Hilton, yes? - Through to the mayor, the current policy, just so Council is aware, of sports athletic recognition is that we recognize the gold medal, the first place. It doesn't speak to silver or bronze on the Provincial level. It's the gold level. - Yep, and that's why I said, I mean, maybe grading system should be something that, that is looked at, Your Worship. - Okay. - I'll admit that. - Okay, so you got a motion? Seconded by Councillor Craitor. All those in favor? - Can I-- - Yep. - On that motion, did we actually issue an invitation from Harper, hockey is over and they said no? - We heard back. - I think you should reissue that now that hockey is over, and he's actually located in one place, because we've tried this twice now. - Yeah, my last item, Your Worship, is my last item, the Millennium Clock. What are we doing with the Millennium Clock? It's been broken for probably a year and a half, hasn't worked. It doesn't really seem to be-- - It's not there. - Much of anything. Well, it's still there. - Capped over. - The thing is-- - It's capped over. - I mean, that's what I mean. Like, it's really lost its prominence. It seems like we're just kind of, I don't want to say letting it go, but it would be nice to have a plan to do something with it. The corner that it's at right now with the signs that have been built around it, as I just finished saying, it seems like it's lost its prominence. It really should be in a park setting, which is where we originally had it, but then the Redevelopment of Optimus happened, so it's kind of now sandwiched in between commercial areas. I don't even know that people recognize it anymore when they drive by. A place like Fireman's Park, somewhere like that, would be a much better location. Somewhere where it can actually get some prominence, as I said. I know Paisley was instrumental in getting that clock, very adamant about the clock, so part of my motion would be that Staff reach out to Paisley as well, and to have a conversation, and I just want to know what our plans are for the clock, 'cause I think that we could have better plans than what we're doing with it now, that's all. - Mr. Mayor, through you, is the councillor suggesting we relocate it? Is that what you're looking for? - I think we should look at all options, but yeah. - Because we've had it on the capital list, and it just hasn't made the list. I mean, it's there. We had quotes on it, and it just didn't make the priority list. We had other priorities that were higher than that. We can dig those-- - We can relocate-- - Well that's what I'm-- (many talking at once) Well, I don't know if we can. But I mean, as I said, I think we have to look at options. (many talking at once) - All the plaques are there and everything else. - We have to have a game plan for it. It hasn't worked in a year and a half. - If I may, Mr. Mayor, the clock estimate was done, I think we reported to Council before that we took the old clock out and capped it. We've had estimates, it's been on, I think it's been on the top 10 list for probably two years now. It's just never made its way up the list to a priority. We've had other priorities that took precedence over it. So we're happy to report back, but I just want to make sure we're clarified, the mention you're suggesting that we look at the cost of relocating it is what you're wanting. - Well, sometimes they move a house, they move a whole house. Could they move it in one day? - Well, that's fine, Mr. Mayor. I mean, the Staff is going to investigate it, we just need to know if that's the intent of the motion. - I just think it's lost its prominence, that's all. - So, we got a motion by Councillor Pietrangelo that we look at the option of moving the, yeah, we're still good. We're just a bit, but just look at options for the Millennium Clock, including the idea of moving it to Fireman's Park. - But I think we need to reach out to Paisley. - And reaching out to Paisley again. - Sorry, but we have quorum? - We've got five, so one, two, three, four, five. Yep, we're good. So, second by Councillor Craitor. All those in favor? Okay that's approved. Can we adjourn now? Okay, we're adjourned. Thank you everybody. (gavel bangs)

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