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[MUSIC PLAYING] J.F. MUSIAL: Hello and welcome to the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans right here on Drive, youtube.com/drive, on the front page of YouTube still for a few more hours. LEO PARENTE: Well you got that down. J.F. MUSIAL: I just know it so well. It is 2:00 AM here in New York, and that means it's 8:00 AM at Le Mans at the La Sarthe circuit for the 80th running of the famous endurance race. Right now it's one, two, three, four Audi, with the two E-Tron hybrids up front. Toyotas are out of it. No more Toyotas. And in GT we have Ferrari, Ferrari, Aston Martin, with the Corvettes five and six, I believe. It's been a rough night. The Box 56 entry, the prototype delta wing, has fallen victim to a Toyota accident, putting it into the wall. So we're past happy hour. We're into the sunlight. Sunday morning at Le Mans. No rain. No rain yet. We had rain in the first hour. Well, I guess it did rain at La Sarthe. The number one Audi E-Tron had some rear end damage after trying to avoid a Corvette into the Mulsanne Corner. LEO PARENTE: And it stayed on track. It didn't go in. J.F. MUSIAL: It didn't come back in. One lap ahead of its sister car E-Tron with Kristensen. Tom Kristensen. Tom Kristensen, Mr. Le Mans, trying to go for his ninth victory here. And he could do it. He's only one minute down and we've got six hours to go. I stand corrected. No, seven hours to go. Yeah. That's all I got. Flying Lizard 80 is out. The Morgan 24 is out. Spoke to Charles Morgan last night. I'm surprised we're all still kind of awake and good. You good? LEO PARENTE: Totally good. J.F. MUSIAL: You guys good? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Word. Yep. J.F. MUSIAL: Ian, you good? IAN (OFFSCREEN): I'm all right. LEO PARENTE: So P2 Audi is coming. A minute back from Fassler. Surprised Fassler hasn't pitted. Actually surprised how that rear wing is staying so stable-- J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah, without the support end. LEO PARENTE: With the end plate gone. J.F. MUSIAL: Well, maybe it's not gone. ALEX ROY: Leo, commenters are asking for just a recap of the overnight, like last five hours, quick recap. And Forza, we're coming back in Forza in about 15 minutes. Leo just give a-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Like what happened to the number two Toyota? What happened to the second Toyota that dropped out? J.F. MUSIAL: The second Toyota that dropped out-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Was that intermittent alternator problems and stuff just was not working? J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah. The alternator, after the accident with the delta wing. It had an alternator problem, and then it went in the pits and just couldn't get back out. They claimed it was an alternator problem. I think it had something to do with the hybrid system. They called it quits. The first Toyota had a spectacular crash into the Mulsanne Corner with contact with the AF. And AF, of course, a Ferrari. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Now, did Davidson break his back? J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah, two vertebrae. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He really broke those vertebrae? J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's gnarly. J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah. Nick Heidfeld is behind the wheel of the Lola Toyota coupe running fifth. Yeah. Well, no, actually he's in front of the Ultra again. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah, way. Want to say it again? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I do want you to say it again. And who's behind the wheel? LEO PARENTE: Nick Heidfeld. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Yes, someone made the comment, What happened to the number three Audi. And we do not know. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's even down a lap. It's last lap is not good. 4:18. Man. LEO PARENTE: You know, this thing keeps skipping. There was a comment right there that was just going to explain what happened to Duval. J.F. MUSIAL: Kristensen in pit. LEO PARENTE: Kristensen in? IAN (OFFSCREEN): It said Rebellion back in front of Duval. LEO PARENTE: Because of pit stops. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Duval's up in pit. LEO PARENTE: So this is a moment in time on that Rebellion thing. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. They're up and they're going to stay up forever. J.F. MUSIAL: Is it Forza [INAUDIBLE]. ALEX ROY: New best comment nominee of the day. J.F. Looks like he just got voted off Survivor. LEO PARENTE: What? J.F. MUSIAL: I can accept that. LEO PARENTE: He grew that beard all in one day. J.F. MUSIAL: What's wrong with me? What do I look like? LEO PARENTE: Should the new Ferrari F70 race in Le Mans? Of course it should. J.F. MUSIAL: it won't. LEO PARENTE: It won't. IAN (OFFSCREEN): Say it louder. J.F. MUSIAL: It won't. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Just a quick question. I don't know if this is totally something that you paid attention to, Leo, but the MC12 that ran in GT1, so that's when the Enzo went to race. Sort of. J.F. MUSIAL: You're welcome to sit, Ian. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But it was sort of not running for points. Can you please explain what happened that an Enzo was racing, and absolutely no one knew about it? Or no one really cared. J.F. MUSIAL: It was an MC12. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, it was an MC12, and even when it was an MC12 it wasn't really racing. LEO PARENTE: I can't deal with those comments, but I will try to answer your question, OK? Because it wasn't that no one really cared. A ton of people cared. But I think that it was homologated for the GT1 series, and independent series, and not homologated for FIA/ACO rules. And if I recall, there was a whole issue with the size of the rear wing and some other specs. So it kicked butt and won championships in the GT1 category, but never really was Le Mans eligible. Risi Competizione took one of them to America to race in ALMS, narrowed the wing and did a few things for one season, and-- now I'd have to go check-- it may have been eligible to race Le Mans that one year, but I don't think it went. So I take exception to your no one cared scenario. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: As well you should. LEO PARENTE: So don't lead me like that, because I'll start taking swings. It's late enough in the morning. But I don't think it ever became an eligible Le Mans car to compete against Le Mans racers. Did I answer your question? I'm not sure. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Uh, yeah. I was sort of under the impression that it tried running in GT1 and ran as a spectator car for a season or two. LEO PARENTE: I don't know about that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It took it a while to actually homologate. LEO PARENTE: What's a spectator car? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It was running but not counted in the points. So it routinely won races-- LEO PARENTE: It won GT1 championship. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I believe it won the GT1 championship, but not the first year it ran. LEO PARENTE: Well, I don't know that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It didn't start off as a Vitaphone car, and I think it went to a Vitaphone car. I'm pretty sure it ran, won a lot of races, but didn't count towards the GT1 championship. And the second place car would count as winning. It was confusing. LEO PARENTE: Again, more info than I need, but thank you. ALEX ROY: Tom P. [INAUDIBLE], commenter, said Konigsegg wanted to an LMP1 one car but didn't build enough cars for homologation. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, remember the did that special edition? They showed it, PR'ed it, then never raced. J.F. MUSIAL: I should have asked about that. ALEX ROY: Yeah, you should have. Host of Driven. Great show. J.F. MUSIAL: Thank you. ALEX ROY: But always one question short. J.F. MUSIAL: What have I missed in my interviews? ALEX ROY: Pagani. What happened in 2003? Konigsegg. Why no LMP1? What other things have you concealed from us? IAN (OFFSCREEN): They're on the cutting room floor. LEO PARENTE: So in fairness to everyone-- we've got a comment here about Ken-- one of you guys touch on some of the new hybrid tech making its debut this year. Which you find most interesting? J.F. MUSIAL: Well the tech's not really new except for Toyota, right? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Yeah. J.F. MUSIAL: The system that you see inside the Audi E-Tron is actually the Porsche flywheel system that came out of the GT3R hybrid, which came from the Williams F1 team. The flywheel, though, in the Audi E-Tron is smaller and lighter than the flywheel that was in the hybrid. It's more F1 derived, I guess you could say. But it's the same system. And, of course, with Audi and Porsche being under the same roof, I'm sure they've learned quite a lot from each other. LEO PARENTE: And both of them applied the electric drive to the front wheels. J.F. MUSIAL: Yes, correct. But the only difference in the system is that the GT3R hybrid was driver controlled, with a paddle behind the left side of the steering wheel, while the Audi system is actually all automated, based off WEC rules. I'm actually getting this stuff right. LEO PARENTE: That was pretty good. Then contrast the Toyota's super capacitors, which are like high energy batteries, rear drive electric power, and that's it. J.F. MUSIAL: Yeah. I feel bad for Toyota. Toyota could be in the top three. ALEX ROY: I feel bad for them, too. But I just want to address some commenter questions. What's going on here? 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Drive team-- Leo Parente, J.F. Musial, Alex Roy, Raphael Orlove. LEO PARENTE: And our pledges. ALEX ROY: And Ian, who's one of our secret geniuses of tech. Josh Vizza over there relaxing. And a lovely lady whose name I don't want to share, with beautiful blue eyes, formerly of Porsche. (WHISPERING) Robin. But more importantly, the-- what was the question? I forgot the question was. Why aren't we broadcasting the race? Because we don't have permission to do so. Something we'd do. Watch this on another screen. Put us on for a little companion commentary. Good fun. Now, a very interesting article I was reading recently was about what would have happened had Thomas Edison not annihilated Nikola Tesla for the future of electricity, direct current versus [INAUDIBLE] current. And would Tesla, like Steve Jobs, have had a future in the automotive industry? And that I put to you, Leo. LEO PARENTE: You cannot ask me. That's way beyond my grade level. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I can tell you that Thomas Edison and Henry Ford actually did attempt to build an electric car together. ALEX ROY: Really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes, and their workshop burned down. Unclear how that happened. A mysterious fire. ALEX ROY: Tesla was behind the fire. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Mysterious fire. That's all I can say. Henry Ford and Tesla were good friends. Knew each other quite well. ALEX ROY: Interesting, because I love articles like the 10 best-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Or Edison, I mean to say. ALEX ROY: I lvoe articles like the 10 best movies ever made. I would like to see someone tell me-- maybe next time we do you can tell me-- the 10 greatest car designs never built and why. That would be an interesting topic. Because certainly, the Steve Jobs iCar, sounds funny to us and we'll never see it, but it would have been something. Something interesting. And certainly, restrictions of a racing series slow down the pace of progress, but improve it, and move it in different streams of technological innovation. Nikola Tesla. He believed in broadcast power. Would we have seen, theoretically, a broadcast power electric vehicle? Interesting. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, there are currently plans by Siemens for, you know those street cars that hook up to the electric lines above the street? ALEX ROY: You mean Eastern European buses? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes. Buses that drive along highways. ALEX ROY: Are you suggesting a Le Mans endurance racing series with overhead electrical power by cable? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Of course I'm suggesting that, Alex Roy. ALEX ROY: Interesting RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Because it's a system that is beginning to be implemented in prototype long distance buses, Mercedes buses. I got a presentation by Siemens a while ago. I'm dying to find their video that they've been using. But yeah. Overhead lines over buses. The buses drive along. They connect. They hook up to the wires. They drive as electric when they're on the highway. It's a great system. ALEX ROY: You said a racing tram? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The idea would be that you would have cars that would pull out of the pits and they would sort of hook up an overhead line and they'd be able to run electric. And it's a contained area. It would easy to set up all the overhead lines, especially on a shorter track. And you could just run electric. ALEX ROY: You're nuts, Orlove. Let me just announce who you are. We'll go back to Leo and J.F. Raphael Orlove is a writer for Jalopnik, now run by Matt Hardigree, formerly Ray Wert, and Orlove's presence here is both a revelation and, according to Simon Cowell, unbelievable. Back to J.F. and Leo. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Leo, do you want an update on what actually happened to MC12? Or do you not care? LEO PARENTE: No, knock yourself out. Let us know. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So, it wasn't homologated to GT1 rules until the last race of the first year that it ran. It did come over. And that was '03. In '04 it did come over to the US and ran as a guest. I guess it was allowed in '05. So it was not allowed because it was too long and too wide. And then they allowed it back in in '07. LEO PARENTE: Allowed in ALMS? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. It was never allowed in Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: Who's the guy on the couch next to Alex, is one of the questions. ALEX ROY: Raphael Orlove. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hi. J.F. MUSIAL (OFFSCREEN): And Ian. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Brundle's racing in Le Mans, isn't he? J.F. MUSIAL (OFFSCREEN): Yeah. Martin Brundle and his son. ALEX ROY: Seth Brundle from The Fly? LEO PARENTE (OFFSCREEN): Very good. ALEX ROY: Sorry. LEO PARENTE (OFFSCREEN): I'm not sure that's true. When someone writes, the Toyota [INAUDIBLE] system, hybrid system, is more like a sudden boost, whereas the Audi is more like a steady delivery. I'm not sure that's true. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I doubt that that's true, as well. I feel like they both come on in the same way. LEO PARENTE (OFFSCREEN): I think you were going to say something? J.F. MUSIAL (OFFSCREEN): Sorry. What was the question? LEO PARENTE: The Toyota system is more like a sudden boost, where Audi is more like a steady delivery of power. J.F. MUSIAL: I think they're the same. LEO PARENTE: We feel like they're the same, especially with the seven zones, and automatic-- J.F. MUSIAL: There you go. 74 spinning. LEO PARENTE: Another spin? J.F. MUSIAL: That's Jan just telling everyone he's pissed. LEO PARENTE: That's not the way do it. But I hear you. J.F. MUSIAL: In reverse. He's actually reversing down the grass. ALEX ROY: Out of respect for the others. He doesn't want to turn around in a corner. LEO PARENTE: I honestly think you're right. ALEX ROY: A Ferrari guy would just turn in the corner. LEO PARENTE: The car is really badly damaged now. There's no rear window. He really backed it in hard. ALEX ROY: It looks like an early 911 Targa. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Actually looks a bit like a 914. J.F. MUSIAL: Hey. I think that guy's shooting video in the pit. I don't think that's allowed. LEO PARENTE: He's the Pratt & Miller guy. J.F. MUSIAL: Really? You recognize him? LEO PARENTE: My new friend. J.F. MUSIAL: Oh, yeah. ACO. I think you should go down to the Corvette and-- LEO PARENTE: I bet you they paid for it. J.F. MUSIAL: There's a reason why I'm distraught about this situation. LEO PARENTE: We're not having fun with the FIA, are we? J.F. MUSIAL: No. FIA and the ACO at this point. LEO PARENTE: Well, we got blown off for the grand prix test earlier in the year. And we had a little trouble getting credentials for-- J.F. MUSIAL: The ACO does not think we're legitimate. LEO PARENTE: Really? See, that's why you shouldn't have Alex Roy make the phone calls. ALEX ROY: My response to ACO is, all your future racing fans belong to us. LEO PARENTE: And the legitimate part, honestly, is new media versus traditional. Really? So internet is not a big thing yet? Cool. Yeah, look at him shooting. J.F. MUSIAL: He's shooting hand held with a 7D. LEO PARENTE: Because to your point, he's cheating. J.F. MUSIAL: Got some great steady shots there holding the camera like this. LEO PARENTE: Who is in the car for this Corvette? Stop, stop, stop, stop, J.F. Stop. ALEX ROY: J.F., stop being like a [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Who is in the Corvette? It wasn't Magnusson? J.F. MUSIAL: I don't know. To be honest. I'm trying to [INAUDIBLE]. Milner. LEO PARENTE: Milner? Kid. J.F. MUSIAL: Well, there's your problem. LEO PARENTE: That looks like Magnusson's helmet, but I could be wrong, ALEX ROY: What do you call it when you have a fire in the woods and you want to stop it? Oh, it's a fire break. Nothing a little fire break couldn't stop. I bet you if you tied a large fishing net to the back of a car with a cable and ran the car fast alongside a river you could really catch a lot of fish. J.F. MUSIAL: Number two. Tom Kristensen in there. Mr. Le Mans. The Dane. LEO PARENTE: Are they in the lead? Not yet? ALEX ROY: You could also catch a lot of birds if you had like a kite type net. J.F. MUSIAL: One minute, fourteen seconds behind the lead. ALEX ROY: What if you had like a kite and a net and like two cars, and you drove down parallel roads and you could-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Like a birding net? Like a migratory bird net? ALEX ROY: Have you ever caught a bird in a migratory bird net? LEO PARENTE: I'm not surprised we didn't get a phone call this race. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE] J.F. MUSIAL: Doug Fehan's on Speed right now. Corvette racing. Great guy. ALEX ROY: Comment of the day. If Leo is a Jedi, then J.F. is his Padawan Isn't there actual beef between Musical and Roy? Seems like it. Musical always gets angry when Roy speaks. People are saying I shouldn't crack inside jokes. Mine are not inside. I'm making them up on the spot. They're just terrible. One guy here at [INAUDIBLE] said that his wife hates him because he's staying up all night to watch the end of the race with us. J.F. MUSIAL: Ooh. Not worth it. ALEX ROY: Great comment. You don't need to see my press credentials. Wave your hand at ACO. [LAUGHTER] J.F. MUSIAL: Who said that? ALEX ROY: Oh, I've got to find it. J.F. MUSIAL: That was awesome. Yes, I know I have bad posture. Lunchbawx 1337. Great comment. Alex Roy equals no internal [INAUDIBLE]. J.F. MUSIAL: Alex, can you give us some history on Le Mans? ALEX ROY: Are you serious? J.F. MUSIAL: I would love to hear some history. ALEX ROY: Like now? J.F. MUSIAL: Go. ALEX ROY: I have to look at the wiki. J.F. MUSIAL: No, no. No. Just start giving history. IAN (OFFSCREEN): Like the first Viking driver. ALEX ROY: Well, a lot of people forget that racing obviously existed before cars. And when we talk about horsepower, they actually once meant something when they said horsepower. And they had to put restrictions. You know, the ACO is over 300 years old. The first restrictions on racing limited the number of horses you could tether to your chariot. It went from, first, can I have two wheels and 50 horsepower? You can imagine the kind of power they were putting down. And traction was a huge problem. The horses, the speed they were approaching, the chariot was basically a kite connected to the last two horses in series. And then, of course, it was a huge problem, because a lot of competitors would arrive with four horses abreast. The horses would be like, four-horse two-horse, four-horse configuration, so they could handle gradients and camber. But if two four-horse abreast competitors arrived into a turn, braking back then really meant something. Because if you lost your braking, you literally lost your horsepower at the same time, literally. You could imagine when a horse, I mean, unfortunately, expired during the race. You can't really pit to remove it from your power. J.F. MUSIAL: You just drag it along? ALEX ROY: Well, I mean, drag it along. The other horses, they just keep running. Also the horses, they would all have to wear hoods, because if any of the horses knew what was happening they would turn on their rider, who at that point was lucky to be alive. [LAUGHTER] ALEX ROY: So, anyway, and of course the barriers were just walls of bushes set on fire to keep the horses moving in the right direction. And so-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's where the term trial by fire came from. ALEX ROY: Yeah. And that's where firewall came from. Pitting. When they said pit back then it actually was an open smouldering pit where the surviving animals were cooked to feed the fans who [INAUDIBLE] the terrible heat coming off the race course. And so Le Mans moved into the 18th Century. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] ALEX ROY: The restrictions which brought the horsepower coupling units, which basically looked like a 20 foot long chassis made of timber to which the horses were chained, evolved into a 14 or 15 horses in a single line, tethered with an overhead, kind of metal pipe, from which the horses have to keep running in the same direction. Because often if they didn't the whole chassis would come apart. Anyway. J.F. MUSIAL: Anyway. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Fascinating development. ALEX ROY: Survival rates among the propulsion systems increased to almost 20 percent by the 19th century. And then we had the internal combustion engine, which when combined with actual living horses, the same chassis, was extraordinarily dangerous. IAN: And what about cameras? Where do cameras come into play? ALEX ROY: Cameras? Well, of course, mobile, still shot devices attached to each vehicle for broadcast. it was a terrible time. You'd be lucky to get a blob in focus. And of course the speed was determined by weather vanes with actual physical inertia from, you know, springs-- I'm getting into an area that even I don't know much about. Not many witnesses, riders, or team owners survived that period. So. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This is number 23, the Nissan Oreca, Sigmatech-Nissan, which was running 10th in LMP2. Ninth or 10th was out. Spun out. ALEX ROY: The comments are great. The pit was literally a pit. I want Alex to do F1 history. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Bernie will see you. ALEX ROY: Interesting. Interesting. And one guy wants to know how much horsepower does one horse make? Well, there was a viral video back then of a guy talking to his wife, and she asked him, I don't understand how much horsepower we've got when we have four horses. So we have three, and just like the video last year. You know what I'm saying? J.F. MUSIAL: We don't know what you're talking about. LEO PARENTE: Do not lose your train of thought and keep with the flow. But the question about the Corvette running leaf springs in the race car. No, it does not run leaf springs. ALEX ROY: By the way. A commenter's asking whether the combination internal combustion/horse system was the first hybrid. And yes, that was. That was. And back then chicanes were literally moats, because it was the only way to slow down the horses. But they would climb out, and you'd have a gallop-through penalty. LEO PARENTE: A gallop-through penalty. I like that. I like that. ALEX ROY: Back men. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This is brilliant. F1 was single horse racing. J.F. MUSIAL: Truth in 24 two. Watch one. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Man, the number one car is [INAUDIBLE] it. ALEX ROY: Well, if you want to know why the farmland is so fertile around Le Mans, you can imagine what it was like after a horse race was over. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm actually going to look up what-- I'd heard there were some big World War I battles around there. ALEX ROY: Why don't you look up the history of horse racing and see what it's all about? Why is it called horsepower, Leo? it's called horsepower for a reason. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. I actually think you nailed it. ALEX ROY: "How did horse go through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca?" [LAUGHTER] LEO PARENTE: "And do hooves have toes?" JF MUSIAL: They slid down. IAN WHELAN: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: They went down backwards dragging themselves. MALE SPEAKER: [INAUDIBLE] Duval, fastest lap. JF MUSIAL: Fastest lap, 3:25.1. LEO PARENTE: Here we go. Is he back in one, two, three, four, right? JF MUSIAL: Interesting. LEO PARENTE: Well, I guess he's trying to put some distance to the Lola Toyota. JF MUSIAL: Maybe, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What are you laughing at? ALEX ROY: The commentators are just unbelievable. LEO PARENTE: He's six laps behind P3, right? Yeah. Is Duval one of the Porsche drivers on loan? JF MUSIAL: No. ALEX ROY: Can you imagine? Race updates back then were given by smoke signal. "Horse drifting." Yeah, that would be tough. JF MUSIAL: I don't know much about Duval. ALEX ROY: "Did they install rain hooves when it rained?" Our commenters are the best. TopGearSeason13 asked, if the Le Mans start was even more dangerous back then. You can imagine it was. Ken Block videos in the 1800s must have really been something. And of course, GinoFerrari suggests that the Ferrari black stallion logo clearly is that for a reason. OK. I'm going to take a break. JF MUSIAL: This guy's a Peugeot driver. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So there were two battles at Le Mans. IAN WHELAN: I wonder where Lamborghini fits in with the bull in that scenario. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, they raced bulls-- ALEX ROY: You want a bull to run fast, put some cows up ahead. You have your safety cow starts running, and then the bulls just go after it and you hope for the best. HSHCorey87 asked what car I used to break my own record, diesel station wagon. I'm done. Back to the race, guys. JF MUSIAL: The number one Audi is in the pits. Fuel in. This is Lotterer. LEO PARENTE: Alex, are you gonna race again/ ALEX ROY: I am going to race again. JF MUSIAL: I want to get a few laps in. ALEX ROY: JF will go first. And I'm going to go take some ginseng and green tea. JF MUSIAL: Oh, wait, it's going in the garage. Number one is going into the garage. Whoa, this is interesting. ALEX ROY: And according to live timing they are out. LEO PARENTE: Again, out means pit-- ALEX ROY: Oh, yeah. JF MUSIAL: But why are they going into the garage? Are they changing something in the back end? This is gonna-- oh, [INAUDIBLE] just got punched. That's not good. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Back section's coming off. Or, back body work. JF MUSIAL: They are fast right now. Very fast. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They're in the lead. They should be. JF MUSIAL: Don't laugh at me. LEO PARENTE: It's just a quick way to change the back of the car. JF MUSIAL: Oh, new back end. LEO PARENTE: Look at that, though. It's the whole under train. That component. Wow. JF MUSIAL: Whoa. That is-- all right, I'm not gonna say the word "fast" again. OK. This is going to give the opportunity to Kristensen to take the lead. LEO PARENTE: And fire up and go. JF MUSIAL: And he's away. That was good. The number one Audi is out of the pit lane. So what happened here? Something happened. Oh, this is the number three. The Delta time in there was only probably about 50, 60 seconds. ALEX ROY: I'm sorry I'm laughing. But someone just suggested that Porsche must have had a really hard time when they moved their horse propulsion to rear-end-- [LAUGHS] RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Rear-engine horses. LEO PARENTE: Kristensen's down in the 25.5s. So the P2 car is sensing an opportunity. JF MUSIAL: The Aston Martin GT is in. And out. Tom Kristensen takes the lead. Nice [INAUDIBLE]. Didn't lock it up, [INAUDIBLE] the wheels play out. What are you guys laughing at? ALEX ROY: We have the best commenters in the world. JF MUSIAL: What did they say? ALEX ROY: "The mid-engine chariot from Porsche must have been really complex." JF MUSIAL: Duval, 3:24.7. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. This is faster than fastest lap last year, isn't it? JF MUSIAL: That's the fastest lap of-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, look, the Vantage is running. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I did not realize that. LEO PARENTE: It's in third place. Third place, GT. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I had forgotten about that [INAUDIBLE]. Totally forgot. LEO PARENTE: What is that Ferrari car number? JF MUSIAL: That's the Luxury, I think. That's 51. LEO PARENTE: That's an AF Corse car, from the stripes. I'm trying to figure out which one it is. It could be P4. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It could just be P4. JF MUSIAL: 51 is P1. LEO PARENTE: What number was that that goes by? JF MUSIAL: It was 51. LEO PARENTE: Right here? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I feel like I'm watching Sebring. JF MUSIAL: Just lapped him. LEO PARENTE: So that's a lap trap. OK. Sorry. JF MUSIAL: 46 second gap between Kristensen and the number one Audi. LEO PARENTE: I gotta tell you, it feels like there's a lot more off-track action and a lot more cars being pushed in the garage for work than last year. 42 is not-- that's the Brundle car. And they've been struggling to get at the front of the P2 grid for a while. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's the Brundle car? LEO PARENTE: The white one they just pushed into the garage, 42. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: 42. LEO PARENTE: This was your P3 car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Right. LEO PARENTE: In P2. There's the Brundle car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Brundle wasn't in it? LEO PARENTE: They were far back. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They were back. LEO PARENTE: And when I said far back-- one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eighth place. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Nine laps. Nine laps back from the leader in P2. LEO PARENTE: Thanks you. I think they just said that the Audi ran quick again, into the 24s. JF MUSIAL: Oh, someone's slow. LEO PARENTE: P2 Lola. Probably car number 30. JF MUSIAL: I'll be right back. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Those Lolas are pretty. They done. So we've got, what is this? Just six and 1/4 hours left? LEO PARENTE: Probably. Yeah, yeah, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, it's got [INAUDIBLE] with the time. LEO PARENTE: There you go. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I mean, what do we have to expect? Lot of pit stops left, or? LEO PARENTE: Oh, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This definitely looks like a parade of some kind. LEO PARENTE: No, I'd be guessing on pit stop count. But if they're doing 13 laps per fuel stint, gonna be a lot more time here. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Three minutes, even if it's four minutes, times 13. I think we're still going to see a battle between the Audis for P1. Fassler now in P2 is not gonna go away. He's gonna want to reclaim. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Can I just say that I love how the engineers completely rest on top of the cars. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, I know, huh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They're just standing on the front of the car, lying down on it to squeegee the windshield. LEO PARENTE: No tire change, right? They just put fuel in it? MALE SPEAKER: Leo, do they use the same refueling technology as F1? LEO PARENTE: Pretty much, in concept, yeah. MALE SPEAKER: Like, super high pressure? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. I was just gonna say, I'm not sure what the pressure regs are, but pretty much the same deal. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Aside from F1 not doing refueling anymore. MALE SPEAKER: No, I know that. [INAUDIBLE] it was too dangerous. In fact, I kind of miss it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, refueling? MALE SPEAKER: Yeah RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. It was weird. It was like another thing to think about it. You've got tons of crazy in laps and-- MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. All we have now is tires. JF MUSIAL: Kristensen, 25.5. LEO PARENTE: Check Duval's time. I think he went down again. JF MUSIAL: Duval? 24.1. LEO PARENTE: Here we go. JF MUSIAL: All right. Ultra versus e-tron? Who's running a different fuel map? LEO PARENTE: Who's waiting for closer to the end? JF MUSIAL: Well, it's interesting, if you look at the data, the Duval car is the one in the worst position, even in fourth position. He's seven laps down. So they're running him hard, really pushing to see how far he can go. LEO PARENTE: Is that Martin Brundle? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's Brundle. LEO PARENTE: On TV? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Getting interviewed. I saw him a bunch in Montreal. But I didn't have a chance to talk to him. JF MUSIAL: What would you have said to him? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I don't know the first thing. What do you interview an interviewer about? LEO PARENTE: Well, he's a racer. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He had one of the gnarlier crashes in F1. He piled down the-- what was it, in Australia? Like lost his brakes at the end of the straight or something? Went flying into the wall. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. We always love it when you bring up the crashes. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It was a gnarly crash. It's something to be remembered. JF MUSIAL: Kristensen now has a 52-second gap on the number one Audi e-tron. LEO PARENTE: Wow. JF MUSIAL: Interesting to see how Justin Bell is interviewing Martin. [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He's getting really quite frisky. LEO PARENTE: Cornering him like a cheap date just before the last call. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I would not disagree with that assessment. LEO PARENTE: Are George and the boys photographing? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. They're out. They'll text me when they're back in. LEO PARENTE: Here I am checking emails and text messages at 3:00 in the morning in New York. I don't think anyone's writing me. JF MUSIAL: So what do you guys want to know about? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Enough about us talking. Got questions? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Not you. The viewers. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE], the Flying Lizards are out, the number 80 Flying Lizards are gone. LEO PARENTE: Yes. I think both are gone, right? Both Lizards, DNF? JF MUSIAL: No, 79 is still in. With Spencer Pumpelly and Seth. "Any places I want to go on Driven that don't allow for it?" Honestly? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They let you into Ferrari yet? JF MUSIAL: I haven't tried to go to Ferrari. LEO PARENTE: Why is that? JF MUSIAL: I don't know. Maybe I should. LEO PARENTE: We should talk. JF MUSIAL: I drove past it. It'd be cool to go look at their warehouse-- LEO PARENTE: You know where I'd like you go go? JF MUSIAL: Where? LEO PARENTE: And then of course, I'd go with you. Michelotto, where they build the Ferrari race cars. JF MUSIAL: That'd be cool. LEO PARENTE: Not the F1 cars. JF MUSIAL: No, the race cars, yeah. LEO PARENTE: We met with Cristiano. We know the Corse Clienti people. If you want, we should try. JF MUSIAL: Maybe, yeah. All right. LEO PARENTE: "Leo, MotoGP from Silverstone will be on at 8:00 AM. Watch." Yeah. Yeah, that's going to happen. No, we probably will watch. JF MUSIAL: One lap down. Kristensen is putting a gap, dictating the pace of this race. LEO PARENTE: "When you guys write, what's your favorite car?" Not sure how narrow or wide you want that question to be. My favorite car in this race? I gotta like the Audi R18 e-tron. Not because it's winning. I just like the way it looks mean and purposeful. JF MUSIAL: Now, this is interesting. Tom Kristensen is going for number nine. Number nine victories at Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: Yeah? JF MUSIAL: Do you think it's-- I don't know-- a big deal? He already has eight. LEO PARENTE: For Tom? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Yeah. How can I say it's not a big deal? And he's just pushing the bar that much farther for people not to catch him. JF MUSIAL: Well, it's like Sebastien Loeb, though, after a certain point. Oh, well, of course, it's Loeb. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: I would guarantee the next time you see Tom Kristensen, you'll be in awe of it. And you know he wants nine. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. I'm just trying to-- LEO PARENTE: You never get tired of it. JF MUSIAL: Spark conversation. LEO PARENTE: Oh, OK. OK. Sorry. I missed the point. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I gotta say, I completely root against Sebastien Loeb. But I'm not rooting against Kristensen. LEO PARENTE: No, seriously, I'm not picking a fight, why is that? Why one and not the other? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Kristensen? Cool to do Le Mans. It's like a thing to have at Le Mans is [INAUDIBLE]-- JF MUSIAL: No, no. Well, I also think that Kristensen has a much better personality than Loeb. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? Loeb seems like a kind of nice guy. JF MUSIAL: Things I've heard about Loeb. LEO PARENTE: Really? JF MUSIAL: Not so great, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I thought he comes from sort of low-- JF MUSIAL: That has nothing to do with it, just his personality. LEO PARENTE: So I guess this is a loaded question, does personality matter, or just the performance? JF MUSIAL: Oh, personality has a whole-- absolutely. You can win every F1 race in a season, but if you don't have a personality? No one's gonna care about you. I think that's why Vettel has got it figured out. Because everyone loves Vettel. He has no enemies. LEO PARENTE: How about Schumacher? Where were you guys with Schumacher? JF MUSIAL: Schumacher never has an issue with anyone anymore. I think that's the thing. He just exists. I had a lot of respect for him when he was willing to block his car during qualifying in Monaco and really piss people off. And "respect" is a word I use kind of vaguely, but it's something that drivers do. LEO PARENTE: Whatever it takes. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. And he suffered for it. But that's kind of part of the personalities of drivers. And Vettel would screw up sometimes, especially with Mark Webber. But that's the personality. He would push. I don't care if he's my teammate, I'm pushing. LEO PARENTE: Where's your head on this all? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: On personality versus performance? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Personality's a big part of it. I don't watch racing religiously. I watch it because I enjoy doing it. JF MUSIAL: The number two is in. That's Kristensen, Capello. Look at those. I want to figure out those bottles and see which one's-- LEO PARENTE: Which is which? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Someone's drinking their pee. JF MUSIAL: That car looks in great condition, by the way. No damage anywhere on it. One thing to note, the comments about Schumacher getting beat by Carl Edwards, that was in the Race of Champions. LEO PARENTE: Oh, OK. JF MUSIAL: I don't consider that to be true race [INAUDIBLE] series. LEO PARENTE: It's show time. JF MUSIAL: Ian is out. Thank you so much, sir, for coming in. IAN WHELAN: You're welcome. JF MUSIAL: Producing for three hours. IAN WHELAN: You're welcome. JF MUSIAL: Josh is taking over the reins. Be safe going home, all right? All right guys. 3:00 AM, Ian is out. Be good. IAN WHELAN: Have fun guys. JF MUSIAL: We need someone to go over to the cable box over there and press OK. We just lost our feed. ALEX ROY: In the horse racing days, losing your feed meant something different. JF MUSIAL: You want to come on camera [INAUDIBLE]? [SIDE CONVERSATION] ALEX ROY: This is gonna be a brief visit, I'm going back to Forza. JF MUSIAL: I want to do a few laps. ALEX ROY: No. [SIDE CONVERSATION] ALEX ROY: So I have a new nickname for Leo. It's a good one. LEO PARENTE: Go ahead, give me your best shot. ALEX ROY: The Werner Herzog of motor sport commentary-- JF MUSIAL: The number two car has passed the number one car again, for a lap. JOSH: Well, in any case, we're approaching the 18th hour. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE] the atomic war clock two minutes to midnight. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, I'm listening. One of these days, guys, I will play in Forza and we will find an old race car to drive. ALEX ROY: They have old race cars in Forza. LEO PARENTE: Do they really? ALEX ROY: They have a Ferrari P34, all kinds of old crazy cars, old Peugeots, old [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Guys, I wasn't that old. ALEX ROY: I didn't say you're-- LEO PARENTE: '90s cars. ALEX ROY: Just vintage. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, I know, no. Someone was saying I should race in one of my old cars. They don't have Atlantic. Do they have things like Formula 3 in there? Not really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. JF MUSIAL: No. LEO PARENTE: No what? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But Leo, like I was saying, rallying is just so much more fun to watch than Formula One so much of the time. Just because of the interviews. LEO PARENTE: OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No because of the racing. It's just because in Formula One if people are winning, they go, oh, yeah, well you know, I'm not very confident in the car in the last chicane. ALEX ROY: Could you repeat-- There's a good fight going on there now, check it out. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. Who's racing? Who's racing? ALEX ROY: I don't even know what's going on anymore. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's the 46 car. LEO PARENTE: Could be a P2 battle. But I'm not sure for what position. ALEX ROY: The red car was flashing to pass, the other guy wouldn't let him through. Who is it? JF MUSIAL: Kristensen leads Fassler by 48 seconds. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This is LMP2. JF MUSIAL: Tom is pushing it. LEO PARENTE: Wait, here they are. There's two and one. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So that was for P2 in LMP2. JF MUSIAL: Interesting. They are right there. LEO PARENTE: Time to refresh. JF MUSIAL: OK, guys. We gotta take a quick break. 60 seconds, we'll be right back. And the battle for P1 is heating up as Kristensen leads the number one Audi R18 e-tron. It's an e-tron hybrid battle up front. We'll be back in 60 seconds. [MUSIC PLAYING] JF MUSIAL: OK. We are six hours to go. Is that right? Yeah. Six hours to go in the 80th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Drive. youtube.com/drive, as well as the front page of YouTube right now. LEO PARENTE: Still? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's [INAUDIBLE] six or seven down, but still there. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. We're there. We are following all the action. So far it looks like it's an Audi one, two, three, four up front in P1. In GT, looks like it's Ferrari, Ferrari, Aston Martin. LMP2, as well as some interesting action happening in GT Am, the Corvettes had some trouble in the night with a down wheel and it just kind of spiraled out of control for them throughout the night. They were kind of leading the GT Pro group. No longer is that true. The Toyotas. We went into this race looking at Toyota really being a thorn in the side of Audi with the new hybrid technology. Now the two cars, Toyota uses a different hybrid system when you compare it to the Audi, which is a flywheel system much like the GT3R hybrid Porsche. The two Toyotas, one suffered a very massive shunt into the Mulsanne corner with a Corse Ferrari. [INAUDIBLE]. Heavy impact, driver sustained some vertebrae fractures. The second Toyota [INAUDIBLE] is now out of the race due to a quote "alternator problem." Which we suspect is a hybrid issue. And now, at the top of P1 in the morning hours at Le Mans at la Sarthe, it is 9:00 AM there right now, the sun is up. And we have Tom Kristensen, Mr. Le Mans, leading the way. Eight victories so far, going for his ninth, with Dindo Capello and Allan McNish right in front of the number one Audi. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: By half a second. JF MUSIAL: By half of a second right now. So they're going for it, interestingly enough. The guys in the number one Audi, of course, won Le Mans last year, the young guns. Kristensen wants his number nine. We have a battle on our hands between the two e-trons. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And there's the number one car in their pits. ALEX ROY: And I'm going to be rooting, among e-tron versus e-tron, I vote for McNish, just because I like him, he's a nice guy. JF MUSIAL: Well, Kristensen's in the car. But-- ALEX ROY: Whatever. JF MUSIAL: So let's try to get to the battle between the two Audis. 1.6 seconds between the two. They're on the back straight. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's not a battle. Because there's no way that the drivers or the team want to even-- JF MUSIAL: It's very close. It's very close right now. Because Kristensen has run into traffic. He's going into Indianapolis at this point. [INAUDIBLE]. Kristensen is hauling right now. [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So while it's wonderful to watch from Kristensen's car. Really, you want to be watching from the the number one Audi chasing him. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. From behind Kristensen as he is just working traffic, trying to build a gap. He's running. He's running fast. Kristensen is on it. These guys know each other very well. ALEX ROY: What's the green light array? LEO PARENTE: Just an identity light so the team can recognize their car. JF MUSIAL: Awesome 200 frames per second shot from Le Mans, a new feature for the coverage. We've seen it in F1, well now it's here at Le Mans. ALEX ROY: Leo, what happened to the Art Car team from last year? LEO PARENTE: That was a BMW team. And BMW did not return to World Endurance Championship and they did not return to Le Mans. And they've focused on their new DTM program, German touring car. JF MUSIAL: Oh, OK. We've got the on-board shot right now from the number two chasing down Tom Kristensen. This is available at Audi.tv. LEO PARENTE: Ask and you shall receive. JF MUSIAL: Onboard telemetry, this is a very cool feature. We can actually see how much is being discharged from the KERS system for extra boost. This is the hybrid, again, we're on board chasing down the other Audi hybrid. It is an Audi one, two. three, four, with the two hybrids in one and two. LEO PARENTE: This is Arnage. Are we headed toward the Porsche curves? JF MUSIAL: Toward the Porsche curves right here. 1.5 seconds separate the two cars. LEO PARENTE: That is quick. JF MUSIAL: They are very quick. And they've got no traffic to contend with. 2.6 Gs through Corvette corner going to the Ford chicanes. Thank you, Alex. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So I think actually the live Le Mans feed is slightly ahead of the Audi.tv feed. So if someone passes, I will be screaming just a little bit before they will be. LEO PARENTE: Corvette blocked the second place Audi. Heidfeld is the fastest Rebellion, 3:32.1, former Formula One driver. LEO PARENTE: You just cannot get a gas-powered car to be as quick as the diesels or the e-trons, yeah. Try as they may with the rules. JF MUSIAL: 3.3 Gs getting onto the Mulsanne straight. This is awesome. All right. This is entertaining. I wish the Toyotas were still in it. But I can deal with this. Two Audi drivers that know each other chasing each other down. Sure, why not? Audi.tv, if you want to watch the on-board feeds and telemetry. Thank you Audi for providing. Giancarlo Fisichella, AF Corse, leading the GT Pro class. Really rooting for the Vantage. But they've had some issues. I don't know if there's much to say at this point. [INTERPOSING VOICES] JF MUSIAL: Just a fun thing to watch right now. LEO PARENTE: But to your point, they've probably started to back up the pit stop calculations. And it'll be interesting to see whether they're going to match each other in tire change, or if someone's going to try to do an additional stint on the tire. Whether they're managing that right now, or just trying to stay close. JF MUSIAL: This is all coming down to finesse and the drivers' ability to work the car, get the lap time, manage tires. We should probably look at our own calculations as to how these guys are doing. Kristensen's on only 24 pit stops. While the number one car, is on 25. LEO PARENTE: Because of the repair. JF MUSIAL: Got it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So the thing that's always great about these races, is somehow it always comes down to someone says, it's been 24 hours, and so many miles and the cars are only separated by such a tiny distance and isn't that amazing? But these cars are right on it. Same cars, very equal drivers, same course, no surprise [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Some of your comments, I apologize we're not answering all your questions. Somehow or another we'll try to get to them. If not this show, some other future show. JF MUSIAL: A lot of people are heading to bad. Thank you for sticking around until 3:10 in the morning. Josh looks like he's having a fun time. LEO PARENTE: "Leo, you asked us this week what we thought the pinnacle of motor sport was. Many of us had different opinions, WRC, F1, Le Mans make the list for most of us. But what do you find to be the pinnacle?" As I'm spitting all over my screen. I thought that I had mentioned that I really truly believe F1 is the pinnacle. Despite what we're watching here. I think the way they package it, the way they program it. JF MUSIAL: From a marketing standpoint, yes. I like this better, though, from an awesomeness standpoint. Nothing like doing 24 hours. LEO PARENTE: And I was going to kind of smart-assedly say, and ask me my opinion when the 2014 rules kick in. Because if they really do push the technology forward in Le Mans racing, I may change my vote. JF MUSIAL: Gap between P1 and P2 at this point is 2.1 seconds. Kristensen is making Fassler really work for it. LEO PARENTE: And you've got it in front of you. Traffic may factor in. But how are they looking on lap times, is just Kristensen being quicker right now? JF MUSIAL: Last lap was 21 flat by Kristensen. LEO PARENTE: 21? Can't be 21. JF MUSIAL: Sorry, 27 flat. And Fassler was 28 flat. LEO PARENTE: There you go. JF MUSIAL: 2.1 seconds differentiate the two. LEO PARENTE: So he frankly drove himself to the extra second gap. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Now, I didn't watch. Was that traffic? JF MUSIAL: Fassler is, you can just-- Kristensen is just kind of in the distance at this point. This must be fun as a driver, watching this. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh man. Coming into the slower turns watching the car come closer. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. I just would hate to be in this position. Because I've got the man that has won Le Mans more so than anyone else in front of me and it's my job to beat him. That's a mental letdown. LEO PARENTE: Well, I tell you what. To me, what makes this challenge even tougher for Fassler, you know he wants to go, you know he's got stiff competition with Kristensen. And you know the last thing he can do is make a mistake and screw up and lose the car. So the knife edge of where he has to perform defines professional. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Some car's about to go off for you guys. LEO PARENTE: Pardon me? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Some car is about to go off in front of your Audi. Not an important car, but a car is gonna go off. JF MUSIAL: How do you know this? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Because I'm watching a feed that's slightly ahead of yours. JF MUSIAL: Oh, OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: If I'm not mistaken. I'm watching on live Le Mans. JF MUSIAL: Yup. There you go. Good job. That was Indianapolis. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Good job. Just had a car go off in Indianapolis right in front of-- that looks like an LMP2 car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. If I hadn't seen the little Audi in front of it, I would have [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Also, there'll be an awesome pass coming up on the Aston. LEO PARENTE: Do you ruin the plots to movies, too? No. Thank you for the heads up. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I do. Did you know that Soylent Green is people? Look at this. Look at this. JF MUSIAL: Yellow1Fox22, I wasn't disgusted by the Letterman Vettel interview. I just was displeased. LEO PARENTE: Why? Why? Why? What didn't you like? JF MUSIAL: Ah, just Letterman with his Indy comments. LEO PARENTE: He's from Indy. JF MUSIAL: I know. LEO PARENTE: He has an Indy team. JF MUSIAL: I know. LEO PARENTE: You think he was just just pushing his agenda too much? JF MUSIAL: Look at these guys. Whoa. Fassler was hitting those curves hard. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yep. LEO PARENTE: "Could you guys explain the difference in classes?" Simply stated, P1, same chassis as a P2 car, 900 kilos. But open technology in terms of a pure racing motor and hybrid. P2, homologated production-based motor, slightly smaller rear tires, still 900 kilos, no hybrid technology allowed, cost-cap technology for the P2 to kind of control it, gentleman driver. Full pros in P1. GT, same spec cars between GT Pro and GT Am. The amateur is gentleman driver is an Am class. Think I kind of nailed it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You know, even I hadn't realized how close those two sets of classes are. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, it is. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's surprising. LEO PARENTE: The cost cap makes a big difference. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Now Leo, could you explain something to me. What's gonna happen for the DeltaWing next year? LEO PARENTE: To be determined. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is it possible it could run in LMP2? JF MUSIAL: Look at Petit. It may run in Petit later this year. As Leo said earlier. LEO PARENTE: There's something called waivers that even the ACO and FIA can grant. So part of the objective is now looking for a place for it to race. So it's possible. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be fantastic. LEO PARENTE: Well, and from what I understand or what's inferred by the DeltaWing people, that running to that P2 target time was a controlled performance. That if that car is unleashed a little more, it could run P1 times. And if P1 is going to be very open, then maybe that's where the car ends up, racing against all this other open technology. JF MUSIAL: Oreca 26 is in the pits. Tom Kristensen leading by 3.1 seconds at this point. LEO PARENTE: So these are statement laps. Come get me. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] in traffic, always have the potential for a full-course yellow again. LEO PARENTE: Oh yeah. JF MUSIAL: Plenty of time for stuff to change. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, this is interesting. The LMP2 Honda ahead of the LMP1 Honda. Or at least ahead of one of them. LEO PARENTE: Overall, really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. The second LMP1 Honda is behind the first LMP2 Honda. That's interesting. JF MUSIAL: TheLifeisPerfect, good comment. Fassler has to push Kristensen. That's a tough job. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. I actually just met Tom. I think you've met him before. He doesn't look like the type of guy that cracks. JF MUSIAL: No. LEO PARENTE: No. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I've never met-- tell me about-- do we have any Kristensen interviews on file? Or what can you tell me about him? JF MUSIAL: Last year when Allan crashed out, Kristensen had nothing better to do but hang out in the Audi hospitality tent. And he asked me to take a photo of him as he tried to juggle oranges in the middle of the night. Three o'clock in the morning, it was him and me in the hospitality tent alone. And he was bored. So he was playing with oranges, trying to learn how to juggle. And he asked me to take a photo of him juggling in front of a big poster of himself on the side of the wall. Anyway, that's my Tom Kristensen story. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I assume that was slightly surreal. JF MUSIAL: It was just very strange. I've had many conversations with him. We had conversations down at Sebring. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Number one's in the pits again. LEO PARENTE: Well, there's a few more pit stops that are scheduled. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Or this is a replay? LEO PARENTE: No, no, no, no, no. We've got five hours plus to go. There's gonna be a ton of pits tops. They've had maybe 13 laps out of a fuel tank. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You're right, not a replay. LEO PARENTE: Again, what's going to be interesting to watch is how many tire changes they don't make on these pit stops. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Why? LEO PARENTE: They save time by not changing tires. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh. LEO PARENTE: And if the Michelins can hold up. I mean, last year didn't they get something like five stints out of a set of tires near the end? It used a be a miracle to do a double stint or triple stint. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So these are not Pirellis? LEO PARENTE: That's not fair to say. But no, these are Michelins. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I mean, people give those F1 tires a hard time. But they're engineered to be that way. LEO PARENTE: Right. That's why. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hold nothing against that company. They did exactly what was asked of them. LEO PARENTE: Right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Good on them for doing it. LEO PARENTE: You'd like to believe they could build whatever is needed. JF MUSIAL: Josh, how you doing? LEO PARENTE: Josh is sleeping. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He dead. LEO PARENTE: With his eyes open. He really is. Alex is getting ready to get back in the car. Virtually. JF MUSIAL: Josh, if you want [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: It's OK. There's just three of you up there now. One camera angle. LEO PARENTE: Pretty easy? JF MUSIAL: You wanna get up here? LEO PARENTE: You want to join? JOSH: Yeah, sure. JF MUSIAL: No, no, no, no. I was just saying, if you want-- JOSH: Oh, you don't want me to? JF MUSIAL: No, no. I would love to have you up here. Hey, no. No, Josh, come on. All right. He needs to take a nap. All right. Just trying to keep you awake, buddy. [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHING] When the producer starts falling asleep. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's bad. JF MUSIAL: Look at that. There you go, Josh. Hi, Josh. LEO PARENTE: Did Fassler make the pit stop? Hey, you looked good there a minute. Did Fassler make the pit stop just now? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. It was. So CarlosRogers, "I wish JF still worked at Gawker." I had never worked at Gawker. I've done blog posts, I've done photo galleries. I've never actually worked at Gawker, though. LEO PARENTE: But you've contributed? JF MUSIAL: Yes, of course. But I'm not a Gawker employee. You liked what? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I liked your post on computer controlling in-- JF MUSIAL: Boeing triple-sevens? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That was very interesting. JF MUSIAL: Thank you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I was informed. JF MUSIAL: Thank you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That was informative. JF MUSIAL: Thank you. Take the Boeing triple-seven. You have one pilot and one dog. The dog's in the cockpit just to bite the pilot if he tries to screw with anything. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: That's the only reason. That's the only reason. Simplicity. LEO PARENTE: Somebody's asking you, "Russian dude, it seem you have a pretty good knowledge of '80s rally. Do you think that they will make Group B again, or something similar?" JF MUSIAL: I would love Group B. LEO PARENTE: I don't think you're the Russian dude. JF MUSIAL: What? JOSH: You're not the Russian dude, college dude. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, Ivan over here. JF MUSIAL: Sorry I forget. Musiowski. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Orlovsky. JF MUSIAL: There we go. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Group B. A totally unregulated Group B? No, not gonna happen. But are there cars probably about as-- I don't doubt that the cars are as fast as they used to be. Except they don't blow up and kill you when you crash into a tree, which is something that happens in rallying. Everyone goes off. LEO PARENTE: By the way, is that in the rules? The killing people in the trees. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's not specifically in the rules. LEO PARENTE: Just checking. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: There should probably be something in there that says if your car blows up, that's going to be a problem. LEO PARENTE: Which cars blew up? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The Lancia, in whatever that was, '86. Guy flew off a cliff into a tree. He was pretty much sitting on a gas tank and huge fireball, burned to death and died. But no, Group B was kind of cool. It's a shame that people couldn't make it safer. But you know, I would be happy to see more open regulations. I'd be dying to see more top level real-wheel drive rally cars. I think everyone would. It's a shame that Porsches only run in whatever they are, amateur rallies all over the place. You can always Google Porsche GT3 rally. And there's a German team that runs an orange 996 in GT3, you should definitely check out those videos. Because they're amazing. JF MUSIAL: Romain Dumas. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is that the guy who does it? JF MUSIAL: No. But Romain Dumas and Timo Bernhard, the two guys are in this, well Timo's not in this race, but two Porsche and Audi factory drivers, both run a GT3 rally car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I had no idea. JF MUSIAL: And they're Le Mans winners. LEO PARENTE: It's a Penske Porsche rally car. JF MUSIAL: Really? I had no idea. [INTERPOSING VOICES] JF MUSIAL: They both raced for Penske back in the RF Spyder days, so that makes sense. LEO PARENTE: No, I think you gave us an answer. That's cool. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. I mean, there was a chance that Ferrari and Porsche would be racing rally cars. I can't stress how amazing that would be. JF MUSIAL: FF? The Ferrari FF? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes. JF MUSIAL: I'm just talking about modern day-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be amazing. No, an FF. LEO PARENTE: As a rally car? JF MUSIAL: It's too big. LEO PARENTE: Thank you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I will say that 911s sort of almost ran in the WRC in the 1990s. JF MUSIAL: Well, the East African Safari. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. This is something. Toyota, when they were running Celicas, Celica GT4s, were describe by the drivers as it was like being in a Porsche 911. And those were four-wheel drive, awesome cars. Front engine, four-wheel drive, a lot of cheating going on, the sort of what was and was not going on with those cars. But they were driving sports cars. That was cool. That happened. LEO PARENTE: So consensus is that everyone agreed with your Letterman comment about him being annoying. Yeah, no. He's no Jimmy Fallon. JOSH: Oh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Ouch. JF MUSIAL: That's-- LEO PARENTE: No, I like Jimmy Fallon. You don't like Fallon? JF MUSIAL: No. LEO PARENTE: Really? I've shown my age now in two ways. JOSH: That's OK. I've met him a few times. And he's not. LEO PARENTE: His material's better than he is? JF MUSIAL: Well, when did you meet Fallon? JOSH: Through Sophie. He used to hang out at Sophie's. JF MUSIAL: No way. JOSH: Yeah. He used to hang around there. LEO PARENTE: Whoa. "The e-tron stays on the limiter on the straight for quite some time, any particular reason?" OK, so the smart-ass remark is, how can you tell it's on the limiter. It's so quiet? JF MUSIAL: Well, it holds at a certain speed. At the end of Mulsanne it will hold for a few seconds at 317, 318. LEO PARENTE: Well, that may just be V-max. JF MUSIAL: That's 198 miles an hour. LEO PARENTE: So yeah, he may be right. [INAUDIBLE] gearing. I mean, clearly gearing. Interesting [INAUDIBLE] the limiter. JF MUSIAL: My background? You don't want to know my background. LEO PARENTE: How many warrants? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm curious as to what your background is. JF MUSIAL: I went to an engineering school. That's all I'm gonna say. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm talking about your computer background. JF MUSIAL: Oh, no, no, no, no. They were asking my [INAUDIBLE] background. My background is Jeff Zwart's GT2 RS with a GT3 RS. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Ah, right. I know [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: That's your background? JF MUSIAL: On my screen. Mark's [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: Well, my mother is from-- ALEX ROY: My mother? You don't want to know about my mother. Tell us about [INAUDIBLE]. There's a turtle in the desert on its back. What do you do? [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Deep thoughts. Hey, Alex, I have a joke that I know you'll like. ALEX ROY: They're just questions, Leo, they're meant to elicit a response. Don't worry about it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Alex. I have a joke I know you'll like. ALEX ROY: Waiting. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Why did the plane crash? ALEX ROY: No joke books on board. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Because the pilot was a loaf of bread. [LAUGHTER] JF MUSIAL: Horrible. ALEX ROY: Leo, please sit down. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I love that joke. JOSH: I don't like that joke. JF MUSIAL: Because there were no joke books on board. [LAUGHTER] ALEX ROY: Check it out Leo. LEO PARENTE: I'm looking. ALEX ROY: GT40 in the game. JF MUSIAL: Alex, by this time we may be able to stop in Vegas. JOSH: To pick up a joke book? JF MUSIAL: He was supposed to finish that. ALEX ROY: I like what I'm hearing. JF MUSIAL: Maybe we can even pick up a joke book while we're there. It's a famous 3104 line that no one knows because they haven't seen the movie. LEO PARENTE: Which car are you gonna drive over there, Alex Roy? ALEX ROY: I don't know yet. I'm just [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Are you painting? What are you gonna paint? What are you painting? ALEX ROY: I'm painting my cars. JF MUSIAL: I still own my Audi, yes. I still own my Audi. LEO PARENTE: Did you put the black wheels on that? JF MUSIAL: I'm not selling that Audi ever. Tom Kristensen is one lap up. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah, buddy. JF MUSIAL: Running best lap right now is a 25.5, last lap was a 27.3. Two seconds faster than the number one Audi e-tron, the sister car. Oh, oil leak. On the Ferrari. JF MUSIAL: What? JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] curious if you still own your Audi and what mods you've done to it. JF MUSIAL: I've got the chipped first gear mod, which prevents me from shifting smoothly. I've got the no air conditioning mod for [INAUDIBLE] sweat dispersal. What else do I have? The left-rear window has the mod of not going up when put down. And as of two weeks ago, I had the no catalytic converter mod, which I had to get rid of and actually put a catalytic converter in. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: And what else can I say about my lovely car? I've jumped it. It has the air mod. LEO PARENTE: On purpose? JF MUSIAL: No. I didn't jump it on purpose. Riped off the oil pan. That story will live with me forever. I remember mid-air with all my stuff eye level with me. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, yeah. JF MUSIAL: And then boom. LEO PARENTE: How did that happen? Yes How did that happen? JF MUSIAL: I hit a bridge, I was on a dirt road and I hit a bridge culvert a little bit too fast. LEO PARENTE: Number three is in pit lane for the P1 class Audi, yes? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. number three. Well, sorry. The number three ultra is in. They're doing a full tire change, fuel stop, and driver change. LEO PARENTE: Gene, Dumas, and Duval. So that's the fourth-place car. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Romain Dumas is getting in. LEO PARENTE: A lap ahead of the Rebellion, that's not a shot at you, and multiple laps behind P3. So nothing to prevent them from going as quick as they can. So new tires. JOSH: Do you guys notice, in pit stops-- I know this is silly, but-- no tear-off screens this year. JF MUSIAL: No, no, they've had them. They've run out of them I think. JOSH: Oh, OK. JOSH: I didn't see one. JF MUSIAL: I noticed that on the last Audi one, they didn't tear one off either. Or maybe they're just keeping it, saving them for the last. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: When you're talking about tear-off screens? Like a plastic layer over the top they pull off? JOSH: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Interesting question about why they have the cutouts above the tires now. LEO PARENTE: We answered earlier, that's not a shot, they opened that up to vent air because air was getting trapped under the wheel wells and creating lift. And this is another attempt to keep the cars on the ground when they slide, spin, do whatever they do. And I just read for 2014, because that's so ugly, they're giving you two options. You can continue with the holes on top. Or, like the old Toyota TS010, you can create the vent hole on the side of the fender. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That was really cool. Just FYI. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. You know, between the fin and the holes it's just ugly to me. And the fact that the Toyota flew makes me wonder. You're never gonna really keep them on the ground in every situation. And I'm actually shocked that no one's used the billboard for a real ad. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I actually like the panel on the back. But I don't think it works on a not single seater. I like it in F1. And it just looks weird coming out between the two-- LEO PARENTE: Roll bars here [INAUDIBLE]-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Roll bars. That just looks weird. JF MUSIAL: Very strange joke that I just read. LEO PARENTE: This should be good. JOSH: Momer? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: What is it? JOSH: It's similar to the bread. JF MUSIAL: Never mind. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Which joke? JF MUSIAL: I'm not gonna even repeat it out loud. LEO PARENTE: Good. I think. JF MUSIAL: I wonder how our guys are doing over there. They're not back yet. JOSH: We haven't got a call from them in like five of six hours, huh. JF MUSIAL: They're still out. JOSH: Oh, they were out shooting? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, they're out shooting. LEO PARENTE: Alex, I'd rather see you drive something as I look over there. ALEX ROY: I'm getting psyched up. JOSH: Alex is browsing through his Renault collection, including Twingos, Clios, and-- LEO PARENTE: RUF? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: A turbo 5. LEO PARENTE: How is it pronounced? "Roof" or "rough"? "Roof"? JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] were asking about that before while I was playing. It was pretty split. [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I think it German it would be-- JF MUSIAL: Would I ever recommend an A4 to anyone? A B5? Absolutely. Best-looking Audi ever. But you're gonna spend more on maintenance than you will actually buying the car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You excited for the new A3 sedan? JF MUSIAL: I bought my car three times over already. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: JF? Excited for the A3 sedan? JF MUSIAL: Yes. That's a very cool car I'm excited for. The A3 sedan. That's gonna be cool. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: New A4, basically? Fundamentally? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. It's the old B5 A4 all over again. Number 71, that guy seems to try to figure out what a suspension is. [INAUDIBLE] go in. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is it a sandwich? No. It's a suspension. LEO PARENTE: They have two of them there. It looks like they're changing both in the front. And that was the fourth-place car that was trying to catch the Aston Martin? That game may be over. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So back to GT Pro. It is-- JF MUSIAL: The Aston. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The Aston as of a few seconds ago, it's now in the pits obviously. I give these guys a lot of credit. We saw them progress so far from Sebring. They did that 36-hour test at Sebring, the 12 hours and then the 24-hour test the day after. LEO PARENTE: You know, if I recall. They explained that that was almost a brand-new car arriving at Sebring. They did one shakedown before it showed up. So then with the Dunlop tire test, they pounded in a lot of miles. Stayed in the States, ran Long Beach and Laguna? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. They were great at Long Beach. LEO PARENTE: Went to Spa. JF MUSIAL: Awesome. LEO PARENTE: Showed up here. JF MUSIAL: It's a factory effort. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Really cool. Uh, oh. Something happened. LEO PARENTE: Oh, the Krohn. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, Ferrari. LEO PARENTE: Nice. JF MUSIAL: Could have been a lot worse. The number two, that was Kristensen just hit the Krohn 458. JOSH: Special magnetism between those Ferraris and the Audis. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm looking forward to the replay. LEO PARENTE: There's no way. I'm gonna blame Krohn, but whatever. JF MUSIAL: They're a good team. I'm not gonna give them-- LEO PARENTE: Krohn's a good team? JF MUSIAL: Well, they're-- LEO PARENTE: What team are you watching? JF MUSIAL: They're not-- I'm stopping. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I want to hear it. JF MUSIAL: They don't crash. LEO PARENTE: Again, what team have you been watching? JF MUSIAL: I haven't seem them crash this year. LEO PARENTE: Oh, OK. JF MUSIAL: Tom Kristensen, faster lap, 25.5, last lap 28.6. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's amazing. Do you think he really lost three seconds in that-- LEO PARENTE: No. I think he's backed off now that he has a lap advantage. Is he still a lap up? JF MUSIAL: Yes. He is a lap up. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Man. I'm watching the number one Audi passing an LMP2 car. [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Those cars look so badass on the road. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But, no. I mean the thing just Hoovers [INAUDIBLE]. The two lead Audis are on the same lap now. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. I see that. They're on opposite sides of the Mulsanne. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It is a one-minute differential. LEO PARENTE: Kristensen hasn't made his pit stop. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. You're right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Fassler's gonna have some awesome traffic. Oh, you're watching it. JF MUSIAL: He'll work this bump. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It really does look like it's in fast-forward. Especially with the bumps. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. It's also the light, the shifting of the light. It does that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, yeah. I know what you mean. JOSH: Someone's asking if, I know this is kind of random, a DTM-derived M3 would ever be possible via DTM regulations? JF MUSIAL: There is a DTM M3. Wait, I'll read the-- what? "You guys the regulations of-- JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Oh, into this class? No. No. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's a spec series, isn't it? JF MUSIAL: Well, yeah, all the tubs in DTM are all the same, whether it be Mercedes, Audi, or BMW, correct? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: I think they're just different bodies over-- LEO PARENTE: Yeah. So DTM really is not production-based. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. It's all spec. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And the same is true of Aussie V8s, right? LEO PARENTE: No. Aussie V8s are more production-based than [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm pretty sure, starting the 2013 or the 2014 regs-- JF MUSIAL: Well, right now, they're-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But the next regs over it's spec chassis. JF MUSIAL: Well, with regards to DTM, it's a monocoque two-frame, right? LEO PARENTE: Monocoque carbon tub over a tube road bar. And I'm not sure. You know, they've tried to unify the V8 supercars in Australia and the Super GT with the German touring car spec. And that fell apart in Japan, and I don't think it's done yet. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You mean to say they tried to link the DTM with Super GT? JF MUSIAL: The e-tron number two with Tom Kristensen, Dindo Capello, and Allan McNish is in. Looks like Kristensen is out of the car and it looks like Capello is getting it. Kristensen is catching his breath. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Take the [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Mr. Le Mans. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. There's McNish standing on the side. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So is it mandated how many people are allowed to be at the car at the same time, right? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So that's why we don't have F1, like 30 people around the car. JF MUSIAL: There you go. It's safer. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So where's it come out? JF MUSIAL: Number one dead ahead of him. Dindo Capello is now in second place in the number two car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I have a question, or rather the commenters have a question wondering about the Z4M from the 24 Hours of Le Mans, that's a GT3 car, right? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. The Z4M, the Z4 coupe? Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Not really a question, but that would be an awesome car to see here. I'd be happy to see that car. JF MUSIAL: It doesn't meet any of the specifi-- yeah, OK. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE] GT3, if BMW wants to race that, there are rumors that that's the car that's going to come to ALMS to replace the M3. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I find it interesting that they're going for the Z4M and not continuing to promote the M3. LEO PARENTE: Well, I think right now the situation is the M3 production car is far enough off that they wouldn't have a race-ready version for next year. Unless they go the McLaren route and do the race car almost ahead of the production car. JF MUSIAL: So we're going to check in on Alex Roy at this moment, who is racing an Alfa. LEO PARENTE: I think he's gone Alfa on us. JF MUSIAL: That's an Alfa 8C, I think. LEO PARENTE: Giulietta R8C? JF MUSIAL: Oh, maybe it is a Giulietta. Alex Roy not really-- LEO PARENTE: What track is he running? JF MUSIAL: Paying attention to anything going on right now. It's a fake track. LEO PARENTE: Fake track? JF MUSIAL: I can say whatever I want about Alex Roy and he would not hear it at this point. Alex Roy is Man-boobs, Jr. LEO PARENTE: We don't need to start that again. Bugs? JF MUSIAL: Nope, just clapping. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE] bugs. JF MUSIAL: What are our plans for Texas F1? Well, we don't have plans. What I can tell you is that I have two hotel rooms for that weekend that I don't know how I bought. But I have them. If I don't end up going, I'll be selling those. JOSH: You can't sell hotel rooms. JF MUSIAL: Why can't I sell hotel rooms? LEO PARENTE: Sure you can. JF MUSIAL: Sure I can. JOSH: How do you do that? JF MUSIAL: Someone pays me and I'll give them the key. LEO PARENTE: That's why God made crazes. JOSH: You're gonna go down there? JF MUSIAL: No, no. I'll just transfer the name. JOSH: People do that? JF MUSIAL: Why two rooms? Because we usually travel with a lot of people to these events. A lot being four, not 16. LEO PARENTE: I'm a primadonna. I need my own room. JF MUSIAL: Stop it. We are in the Drive studio. [INAUDIBLE] the address, midtown Manhattan. Not an apartment. LEO PARENTE: Don't give them the address. Kidding. [SIDE CONVERSATION] RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really cool traffic coming up for you guys. JF MUSIAL: What? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Cool traffic coming up. JF MUSIAL: Oh, yeah. We're watching on board with Fassler. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They're gonna hit the Aston. They're not gonna hit it. JF MUSIAL: They're on him right now. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's clear he would be going a lot faster. JF MUSIAL: Whoa. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But he just can't. JF MUSIAL: Whoa. That held him up. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: See? There's only so much room on this track. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] they are public roads. "When will JF change his A4?" Let's talk about the race, guys. Not about my A4. I'm never getting rid of it. LEO PARENTE: Why do they love your A4? JF MUSIAL: I don't know. We're not going to tell you the address or our office. There's plenty of reasons for that. Trust us. We've had stalkers. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, which car is that? Which Alfa is that? Giulietta? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's the Brera LEO PARENTE: Brera? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hey, Alex. You're racing the four-wheel drive or the 2.0? ALEX ROY: Four. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You would. ALEX ROY: That's what they gave me. JF MUSIAL: Because racehorse. That's also an awesome Internet meme. JOSH: Because racehorse? JF MUSIAL: Why? Because racehorse. How much fun was my ride in the Agera R? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Why did that car have no steering? JF MUSIAL: Which one? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The Agera R you drove in. It looked amazing because they took out the what was it? JF MUSIAL: Airbag? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. They took out the airbag on that car, right? JF MUSIAL: No, no. There was [INAUDIBLE]. The interior wasn't [INAUDIBLE] enough to hold all the components in it. The Koenigsegg ride I was in was the scariest ride of my entire life. LEO PARENTE: Why? JF MUSIAL: Because we were doing 200 miles an hour on a runway in the fog. JOSH: Because Depends. LEO PARENTE: Was it an [INAUDIBLE]-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Because Depends. Did they really just hammer on the brake with not touching the wheel? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. He full-on braked from 200 miles an hour and took his hands off the wheel. JOSH: What? Why? JF MUSIAL: To show how stable it was, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I assume, because you know, half of the width of that car is the front tire. JF MUSIAL: Well, when he was doing the 130 mile an hour turns from the left side of the runway to the right side of the fog not knowing if there was [INAUDIBLE] in the runway. That was kind of scary. The acceleration on that car was surreal. I've never been in anything that fast [INAUDIBLE] ever. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You should [INAUDIBLE]. [SIDE CONVERSATION] RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So whereas before, the-- JF MUSIAL: Carlos, by the way, I did see Ben's car in the factory being built. We just couldn't shoot it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What are you talking about? JF MUSIAL: I was [INAUDIBLE]. I'm sorry. LEO PARENTE: So the TS010, tell us more. [INAUDIBLE], skipping past here, what did it say? Tell us more about what? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Tell us about the wheels of the TS010. What does it mean to have those cut outs on the side of the wheel? LEO PARENTE: So it looked like, to me, that it was twofold. One, by having the cut out they could make the wheel well itself narrower and clean up the air between the wells, going around the cockpit, flowing around the car, and some of the air going into those inlets at the nose. And number two, by having that open area, it was literally exhausting air. The TS010, if I recall, was one of the first cars that had a front diffuser as part of the nose, literally an undertray wing. So it would exhaust that air, rather than run it under the body and make lift. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Now, didn't the old Eagle Gurney cars run front diffusers? LEO PARENTE: After the TS010 did it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? After? LEO PARENTE: I'm pretty sure. [SIDE CONVERSATION] JF MUSIAL: Because racehorse. We use Panasonic HPXs and HVXs, sometimes 7Ds. LEO PARENTE: I don't think they're gonna add GT3, I think GT3 is going to replace the GT-Spec class. But we shall see. And I have a feeling it's all gonna come together in 2014. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: By the way, the gap-- I mean, it's silly to talk about with so much time left in the race-- between the number two and the number one car is dwindling. LEO PARENTE: Who's in second now? Kristensen or no? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's Dindo Capello in the number two car is just 28.5 seconds behind the number one car with Fassler in it. So the pit stop-- Fassler. The pit stop put Capello chasing, OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: 20 seconds behind him. LEO PARENTE: It was a minute, right? "JF, do an Underground Racing garage tour." What's that? JF MUSIAL: They put turbos on big Lamborghinis, massive horsepower Lamborghinis. No thank you. LEO PARENTE: Tuned. Tuned. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Tuned. JF MUSIAL: It's a pretty simple thing to do on Lamborghinis. LEO PARENTE: And, I guess by extension, Audi R8s. JF MUSIAL: No interest in Underground Racing. Sorry. LEO PARENTE: Good morning back to you guys, I guess I'm catching up on some of these. Speed is doing their typical NASCAR showdown, while we watch on-board at Audi.tv. Coming up on 10 minutes to the top of the hour. 4:00 AM soon here in New York City, 10:00 AM at Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: Were you shocked when David Coulthard said he wanted to do the Daytona 24 race? LEO PARENTE: I was shocked. Yeah. We had a conversation with David Coulthard earlier this week, and we asked him about Le Mans versus F1 and he said he had no interest in doing a 24-hour race because he had a life. But then he said he had an interest in doing Daytona, which out of all of the 24-hour races I've been to is my least favorite. Because Daytona is a miserable place. LEO PARENTE: You should've asked him, I wonder if he's intrigued with the banking? JF MUSIAL: That's probably what it is. And you want to know something? I'm sure it's fun to drive. I'm sure it's very fun to drive. But to be a spectator? And to be in the infield? LEO PARENTE: And I'm even avoiding the Grand Am joke about the technology. JF MUSIAL: Oh, yeah. But I guess as a driver you just want to go fast. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. And I don't think I'm telling any secrets. McNish basically said it was a completely different experience, driving that Daytona prototype than this stuff. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] on different experience. LEO PARENTE: Yes. JF MUSIAL: Enough said. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: All right. JF MUSIAL: Maybe we should talk about Daytona more. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Good. LEO PARENTE: How so? JF MUSIAL: I don't know. What's there to say? Why would David Coulthard say he wanted to do Daytona? And like, I've heard this from a few European drivers. Tiff Needell has said that he's done it. LEO PARENTE: If I recall what he also said, and I'm asking as much as preaching, I think he referenced that a lot of international drivers come over to that race. So maybe he feels like it is that type of collecting point for his peers. I'm gonna suggest that it is the banking. And maybe the third thing, maybe, it's just one of those iconic American events. Now why he picked that versus Sebring? I guess we could argue that they're both hellholes to go visit. JF MUSIAL: I think Daytona's better than Sebring. LEO PARENTE: I would argue that you're right. JOSH: We heard something similar at Sebring from Hans Hermann-- LEO PARENTE: Really? JF MUSIAL: Oh, yeah. It was Hans Hermann, former Porsche driver. JOSH: Right. And he was just talking about that, and surprising to us to hear a legendary German driver speak of the mystique of certain American tracks. Especially Sebring and Daytona. LEO PARENTE: Well, and in the '60s and '70s-- JF MUSIAL: I'm gonna repeat his question, so they hear it. Hans Hermann, former Porsche factory driver speaking about how much Sebring has a mystique. And these tracks are interesting for Europeans to come travel to. I do believe Hans Hermann said it was also the girls. JOSH: He added that as a footnote. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Banging girls in the orange groves of Sebring? Unbelievable. JF MUSIAL: I didn't take it that far. LEO PARENTE: Oh, the autograph sessions. [INAUDIBLE] right, that's what he meant. JF MUSIAL: Because racehorse. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: There used to big purses here in America. And drivers came over and-- LEO PARENTE: Where? What planet are you on? There were never big purses. Are still aren't big purses in these races. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, yeah. No, certainly. LEO PARENTE: I mean, [INAUDIBLE] for sure. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: A lot of big drivers came to America-- LEO PARENTE: Those races used to be part of that version of the World Endurance Championship in the '50s, '60s, and '70s. And I think that's where a lot of Europeans got introduced to it. And to the point, they are iconic American tracks. I'm sure when global racers think of American tracks, Indy, Sebring, first banked track Daytona, which I think was the first banked track. And then I'm not sure where. There you go, there's a picture of a crew guy passed out on the floor of the Nissan pit. Road America was one of those tracks that housed a lot of the racing. And in the Can Am days, tracks like that came to the front. But at the end of the day, again I'm going to sound like I'm slamming Laguna, the iconic tracks were Daytona, Sebring, Indy. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: There's no question. Yeah. Laguna has done a lot for itself. I think it's branded itself extremely well. And it's had video games in its favor. LEO PARENTE: And it has the history of Can Am and Trans Am from the '60s. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Very true. Also true. Monterrey Grand Prix, a lot of cool racing up there. LEO PARENTE: You know what, I forgot the other one. Watkins Glen. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, man. I've been dying to get up there. Yeah, they have the US Grand Prix there. Great track. Have you ever been around the old road course they used to race on? LEO PARENTE: The street course? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The street course. You know, like over the railroad bridge and all that. LEO PARENTE: No, I actually haven't. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You can still drive it. But it's insane to think of people hammering down XK120 and just blitzing it. LEO PARENTE: It was a different time. Oh, right into the back of the car. I'm watching Alex do his Le Mans start. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Which Rebellion is this? I, the only person who still cares about them. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Rebellion isn't-- Oh. See the shock setup? See the triple shocks? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Why do they have triple shocks? LEO PARENTE: So it allows you to run the primary chassis softer. And then when you need the higher spring rates at high speed, the third shock kicks in so you run a stiffer suspension. So in effect, you can have two spring settings. So low speed is the softer primary. And when you go high speed and high downforce-- JF MUSIAL: How does it differentiate between the two? LEO PARENTE: Just compression. JF MUSIAL: OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So you've got a bit of-- oh, and the number one is pitting now. JF MUSIAL: By the way, the Koenigsegg Agera has that. LEO PARENTE: Three? Triple shock? And now here's the part where it's beyond me and the engineer dealt with it. You can preload the third spring and kind of control when it kicks in, how much tension it already has. So the data set tells you things, the driver tells you things, and then they figure out how to wrench it all up. Did I answer the question? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, sure. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. No, you did. You've got the two outer ones, for when it's low speed. And then you've got-- it is kind of like having two suspensions. LEO PARENTE: It is. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Except it's like having one and 1/2 suspensions. Well, it's like having two suspensions for the weight. But one 1/2 suspensions. LEO PARENTE: And some or other, it's a more controllable approach versus some type of progressive coil. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh. LEO PARENTE: But I don't know. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Which presumably they would have used different. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. I just drove the damn things. I don't know. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Easy enough. LEO PARENTE: Never pretended to know engineering. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Do you know if the McLaren GT3 cars run their unlinked bizarro suspension? LEO PARENTE: In the race car? In the GT3? I have no idea. Welcome to the Corvette pit. They're showing all the collection of crash parts. I have no idea what the difference is between the road suspension and the race. I don't think you can run all that electronic control. So I think it's frankly more conventional suspension in the race car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Probably. You know, we had Mazda come to us on Jalopnik, bugging us about whatever they wanted us to do with the Miata. And I can't imagine how much they actually would be open to Jalopnik input. But some guy asked a totally off-base question of would you ever put McLaren unlinked electronically managed suspension in a Miata. And they said they actually drive it. LEO PARENTE: OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I was amazed by that. They were like, oh, yeah, you know, we were at a track session, we put sort of hyper bleeding-edge, cutting-edge suspension in there. And yeah, we thought it was interesting. Too expensive. JF MUSIAL: We're coming to the top of the hour, at this point. We're going to start-stop on recording. We're gonna go to a 60-second break. Josh give me the heads up when we're ready to go. As the Lotus Rebellion-- LEO PARENTE: Again, someone just sent me a text message, you can get the YouTube live page by just going to youtube.com JF MUSIAL: /drive. LEO PARENTE: Thank you. JF MUSIAL: All right. We're going to take a 60-second break. Be back shortly guys. [MUSIC PLAYING] LEO PARENTE: I'm amped. I'm amped. Someone wants us to be more amped. JF MUSIAL: Welcome to the Drive 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: I'm amped. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: We killed a man in the 60-second break. JF MUSIAL: It is 4:00 AM local time here in New York. And 10:00 AM at the track. We've got five hours to go till the end of the race of the 80th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: The idiots' running? Oh, the 80th running? JF MUSIAL: 80th. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, look at that car. JF MUSIAL: The 80th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Right now, Audi P1, P2, P3, P4. LEO PARENTE: They ran out of cars. Otherwise they'd be P5 and six. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE] true. JF MUSIAL: Everyone's having a good time in the Audi tent. The two Toyotas are out. Allan McNish is being embarrassed because he's on camera and he's short. LEO PARENTE: What? You said short? Screw you. JF MUSIAL: Anyway. The two Toyotas are out, one due to an accident, one due to an alternator-hybrid related problem. LEO PARENTE: By the way, comment, "Those blue and red bottles with Audi are getting on my nerves. Which is which?" JF MUSIAL: I'm about to find out. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Do we know? LEO PARENTE: We do not know. LEO PARENTE: The red and blue bottles that they're changing. One drink, one windshield washer. Getting on my nerves, which is which. I'm guessing blue is water, red is poison. So that's the windshield. JOSH: Right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That'd be my theory. JOSH: Makes sense. LEO PARENTE: "Wow. How much money in that one pile of Corvette parts?" JF MUSIAL: Five grand. LEO PARENTE: GM's asking that question right about now. They're gonna get an invoice. "Corvettes are meant to be crashed." That's cruel. "Something no one has talked about, did Audi go with the FRP springs this year?" Oh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What is that? LEO PARENTE: They were doing that synthetic plastic spring that they were going to run on the e-tron. And someone hinted that they were running it in the race car. And I do not know. I don't think so. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What is this? Can you explain what this is? I haven't heard about it. LEO PARENTE: Instead of metal spring, they did a synthetic carbon plasticky spring. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. LEO PARENTE: For light weight, and they're gonna run in the e-tron quattro production car. But I'm not sure it's in the race car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What e-tron quattro? LEO PARENTE: The all-electric e-tron-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, that thing. The electric R8. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. So I'm sorry CrazyWhiteMan, I don't have an answer. JF MUSIAL: Out of curiosity, how are people seeing that we have 15,000 comments already. I have no idea how to see that stat. LEO PARENTE: Well, who said? JOSH: It's gotta be more than that. JF MUSIAL: What are they saying? JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: 15,000 comments. I can't even see analytics for that. LEO PARENTE: "Road America and Watkins Glen look great, like old-school Euro tracks." Yes. "Don't you dare bash Laguna Seca." OK. I love the corkscrew. I like, actually, what is it? Turn five or six? JF MUSIAL: What? For what racetrack? LEO PARENTE: Laguna Seca. The turn up the back straight toward the corkscrew. Is that six or seven? JF MUSIAL: Seven. Yeah. LEO PARENTE: I love that corner. JF MUSIAL: Oh, six. No, six. It is six. LEO PARENTE: Six? Thanks. "Have prototypes and such gotten too fast for Laguna?" Yeah. Even with all the run-off area, probably yes. "I assume Leena is still the race engineer of the number one Audi." JF MUSIAL: She is. LEO PARENTE: She is. "Does anybody know who looks after the number two?" JF MUSIAL: No. No idea. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, sorry. JF MUSIAL: 15,150 comments. LEO PARENTE: "Long Beach, a famous American race?" Not an iconic traditional yet. JF MUSIAL: Thank you for teaching me that. LEO PARENTE: Ton of years. And they keep changing the layout. So maybe I'm just being cruel to Long Beach now. JF MUSIAL: Coffee cup number two down. 15,000 comments. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's a lot. Not that we, you know, have been here for five minutes. But-- JF MUSIAL: What do we do on the 60-second breaks? Literally nothing. We're talking this entire time. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You would think we would like zen out. JF MUSIAL: We have to start-stop every hour for the recording. LEO PARENTE: "Leo, have you been to Road America?" I had my best results at Road America. I love Road America. Probably for that reason, though. That's pretty easy. Yeah. Great track. Absolutely great track. JF MUSIAL: OK. Let's check out the live timing. Dindo Capello leads by 37 seconds in the Audi number two e-tron quattro. In front of Fassler in the number one. LEO PARENTE: So here comes pit cycling and tire management. JF MUSIAL: Yep. LEO PARENTE: To determine who's going to win this race. JF MUSIAL: Carlos, we have done an episode on the Hennessey Venom GT. You will see it on Tuned later this-- I think July. LEO PARENTE: Did you visit the Hennessey-- JF MUSIAL: Matt did with the group, yes. LEO PARENTE: Oh, OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So in LMP2 the HPD Honda is still up on the Oreca. But it's on the same lap. LEO PARENTE: And yes, the Dipper at Bathurst could be cooler than the corkscrew at Laguna Seca. That whole Mount Panorama thing is an awesome track. Love to drive that place. "Who do you think is the true leader? Audi one or Audi two?" JF MUSIAL: Hey, it's [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE]. The shirt? Email me. I will make sure that Josh or someone sends it to you, [INAUDIBLE]. Sorry. I brought it to Laguna Seca but you were at New Jersey Motorsports Park, [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: What? JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] was looking for his t-shirt. We brought it to Laguna Seca but he was at NJMP. Forgot ALMS. JOSH: We brought of Drive shirts, actually, to give out to our buddies at Laguna. And we were so busy we forgot. LEO PARENTE: Actually, CrazyWhiteMan is now asking, can we ask our guys on the ground, George or [INAUDIBLE], about the FRP springs. JF MUSIAL: Let's see how they're doing. LEO PARENTE: I think they're basically the plastic springs. LEO PARENTE: "Is the R18 the best race car of all time?" JF MUSIAL: Nope. Alex. You want to switch out for a little bit? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What? LEO PARENTE: What was that? JF MUSIAL: What's wrong buddy? ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Take a nap over here. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Sleep on the couch. You're not on camera. LEO PARENTE: "What's the feeling in the room regarding the Toyota-Ferrari incident?" RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It was terrible. LEO PARENTE: Ferrari driver caused it, in my opinion. JOSH: Is there some kind of weird visibility problem in those 458s? JF MUSIAL: No. I don't think so. JOSH: That's not what it is? JF MUSIAL: I've driven 458s, never the race car. But no. Culpability, that's all. LEO PARENTE: "The feeling is Davidson was an innocent party." Was that you writing that? JF MUSIAL: I didn't write anything. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] comments. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, it's great. Poor GM. Yeah. "What does Leo drive?" Anything they let me drive. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Has there been a bigger manufacturer than Toyota gunning for P1 at Le Mans ever? JF MUSIAL: Volkswagen Group. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, you could say Volkswagen Group. That would be the [INAUDIBLE]. [SIDE CONVERSATION] LEO PARENTE: Oh, yeah. There has been a bigger group gunning for Le Mans. General Motors with Cadillac and the failed P1 program. JF MUSIAL: That's true. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I completely forgot about that, which they're probably not happy to hear. LEO PARENTE: No, they probably are happy to hear. It was a big failure, so don't remember it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What years did that run? Mid-'90s? LEO PARENTE: '89, '90. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: '89? LEO PARENTE: '99, sorry. '99, 2000, 2001. The ended up with Tony Southgate designing the last one. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is Tony Southgate a name I should know? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. At the time, he was a famous sports car designer. I think he did the Jaguar XJ-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, OK. Like all those, XJR9, or whatever. LEO PARENTE: The 11s, actually, I think. And the problem was they tried to use a modified IRL motor. Remember the Olds Aurora motor? That was the basis for the power plant for that P1 car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And it just kept blowing up? LEO PARENTE: DIdn't make enough power. And the chassis was probably about a year or two behind. And then they didn't spend enough money to go after the Audis [INAUDIBLE]. And it just never worked. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. The Audis were already there. Chrysler tried, didn't they? Didn't they try for P1? LEO PARENTE: Chrysler tried. But bigger than Toyota? No. They're not bigger than Toyota. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, definitely not bigger. I'm just curious now about American manufacturers that have gone for P1. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. I mean, you're running out of "bigger than"s when you go up against Toyota. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Toyotas sizably massive. Gonna be probably P1 [INAUDIBLE] year. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] 458, Waltrip-AF Corse. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I really want them to finish. JF MUSIAL: It's finally pulling out. Took long enough. That was the team involved in the massive Mike Rockenfeller accident from last year. LEO PARENTE: That's correct. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And they burst into flames this year. JF MUSIAL: All right. Let's look at the action. Dindo Capello leads by one lap. LEO PARENTE: That's how you have to say it, too. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Above the number one Audi e-tron quattro with Fassler. In GT Pro we have the 458 Ferrari Italia of AF Corse leading, the number 51, one lap ahead of Luxury Racing's Ferrari 458 Italia, the number 59. Followed by the Aston Martin Vantage V8 driven by Turner, which is two laps back. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So it seems like the commenters are rightly pointing out Ford, which I don't think of now as a manufacturer bigger than Toyota. But back in the day would have been. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Ford's [INAUDIBLE]. Well, Ford won. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Ford won. And they would have been the second-biggest car maker in the world. LEO PARENTE: At the time, you're probably right. GM, Ford. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Which is insane. LEO PARENTE: What do you mean, insane? How is that insane? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: A humongous car company just went after Le Mans. It's those kind of nuts. JF MUSIAL: The number three is in. Dropping my lav. This place is a mess. LEO PARENTE: I know. We're gonna have to clean up after. So it'll be the 26 Hours of Le Mans. JF MUSIAL: Oh. It's already been 30 for me. LEO PARENTE: Well, you know, I wasn't home just holding my-- JF MUSIAL: I know. I know. LEO PARENTE: OK. Thank you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I gotta say, before I showed up here I was just watching this. LEO PARENTE: Someone asked if I have questions for the viewers. I have not sure I have anything left in me for questions. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Who else would you like to see gunning for P1? What other manufacturer? LEO PARENTE: What's that? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm asking the commenters what other manufacturer would you like to see gunning for P1? Lancia back in? That would be awesome. They ran Group C back in the early '80s. They ran LC2s and before that LC1 open-top cars. Gorgeous. Ran Martini livery, Ferrari engines, if I'm not mistaken. Fast but fragile in a very typical way. And they couldn't compete with the Porsches. Any thoughts on the rest you guys? JF MUSIAL: What were you just asking? I was not listening. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I was wondering what manufacturer-- LEO PARENTE: He asked the question then answered it for everyone. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I gave my own answer. And I'm wondering what other people are liking to see. What other big manufacturers people would like to see in-- JF MUSIAL: The Porsche curves look so fast. LEO PARENTE: I think Honda Group has to go big time racing. But they've kind of fallen into the Ford mode of doing a little boutique extreme stuff. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. I've heard rumors that they're going to go back into WRC. But I doubt they would. LEO PARENTE: I think Alfa Romeo-- I know there are a lot of press people in the US that slam the Alfa Romeo brand and the Fiat leadership-- is a brand that needs to race. I think it has the type of ethic that justifies why a Porsche and a Ferrari race. It's part of their make up. Like to see them back in something. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. But they could easily end up being like a Maserati race program, which didn't get enough press. LEO PARENTE: Those customer-spec programs are just that, they're for the customers. That's not really racing. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Exactly. Ooh. Tata to Le Mans. I like that. LEO PARENTE: That's Jaguar. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, I want to see Tata. LEO PARENTE: OK. I have a hyper-obscure question. So in reading the FIA rules for GT, there's a requirement of the GT spec that makes a current GT car have something in common with cars like the Ford GT and Ferraris of the 1960s and '70s. 1960s. 1960s. So again, there's a spec requirement of what is needed to be installed in a current FIA GT car at Le Mans that is common with what had to be installed in a 1960s prototype sports car like the Ford GT and the Ferrari [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And the question is, what is that? LEO PARENTE: The question is, what is that? JF MUSIAL: Seatbelts. LEO PARENTE: No. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Fire extinguisher. LEO PARENTE: You know that's true. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. And I'm trying to figure out how to word it. Because it's something that you wouldn't expect to be in a race car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh. Spare tire? LEO PARENTE: Close. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Luggage space? LEO PARENTE: Yes. Back in the '60s, because these were supposed to be sports cars derived from-- JF MUSIAL: Really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: These things are absurd, man. LEO PARENTE: If you look at the back of a Ford GT-- JF MUSIAL: No, yeah, yeah. I know. LEO PARENTE: Those aluminum boxes? They were supposed to carry two pieces of luggage. And that same requirement is in the current GT cars. Now, I've never seen that luggage space. And I don't know-- JF MUSIAL: Well, yeah. You see them on the front of all the-- the Ferrari has a space. LEO PARENTE: Is that it JF MUSIAL: Yeah, yeah. Ferrari has a space. The Corvette has a space. The Porsche has a space up front. LEO PARENTE: So that's it? The luggage space? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This is absurdly informative. LEO PARENTE: And again, I meant to ask that for the viewers. But we nailed it. Good job. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I wouldn't let a question like that go by without-- LEO PARENTE: Oh. Oh, that's not the Audi. JF MUSIAL: Awesome shot. LEO PARENTE: Oh, no. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE]. Awesome. That's a cool shot. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Catching air, bro. LEO PARENTE: We're watching a P2 go through the air. Kitty litter. JF MUSIAL: Oh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Broke the lights. Those lights got broken. JF MUSIAL: That's a shot that you just wish you had in focus. Because it would have made it the [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: And players replace your divots. JF MUSIAL: Oh, the number two Audi R18-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Cut to 2015. LEO PARENTE: You see them measuring the temperatures right through the hole? Watch the front [INAUDIBLE] fender. There we go. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So in the Red Bull pits in Montreal, it was insane whenever tires came off the car. Swarms of people rushed in. They've got two people specifically from Pirelli. So they've got people from the tire company. They've got people from the racing company. Everyone rushes in. They're taking measurements as people are hauling the tires out. They're putting the tires away, people are still taking measurements. They're walking away with the tires and people are still taking measurements. [INAUDIBLE] totally worked out the tires there. JF MUSIAL: That's an LMP2 in the kitty litter. LEO PARENTE: That is the Morgan. Another Morgan. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. That's the remaining Morgan. The Nissan-powered Morgan into the Mulsanne corner. LEO PARENTE: And that, by the way, was Capello, the leading car, who pitted, did not make a tire change, right? And this is the American amateur driver. JF MUSIAL: Oh, there's that shot again. Oh, but it's out of focus still. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This is why rear-wheel drive cars have to go rallying. Look at that. JF MUSIAL: Awesome shot. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I don't mind it out of focus. I think it's very artsy. JF MUSIAL: If he had that in focus, it would've been one of the best shots of the race. LEO PARENTE: I'll see what else I have here. JF MUSIAL: I don't know where Alex went. We're coming up on 4:30 in the morning here in New York. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I can't believe [INAUDIBLE] JF MUSIAL: 10:30 in France. How is everyone doing? LEO PARENTE: We're gonna make it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm quite happy. Leo doesn't like me. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] quite happy. LEO PARENTE: I didn't say that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm just here to give you a hard time, Leo. LEO PARENTE: I saw your comment you posted by the way. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I thought you would. LEO PARENTE: OK. Just checking. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I was gonna say meaner things. But I decided against it. JF MUSIAL: OK. What was the first turbo winner at Le Mans? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Renault? LEO PARENTE: OK. Let the viewers comment. You're wrong. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I thought I would be. LEO PARENTE: Close, though. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, no. Of course not. What am I saying? I know what it is? I posted about it earlier. I'm such an idiot. That car had an awesome boost control valve. LEO PARENTE: Really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. You could dial it up and down right in the cockpit. LEO PARENTE: That's true. JF MUSIAL: No, we're staying awake. Don't worry people. I keep scratching my leg because about two months ago I almost went to the hospital for poison oak across my body. That happened to me two years on a Garage 419 shoot on the PCH and I went to the hospital as well. And I still have poison oak on my legs. LEO PARENTE: Do you really? Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, someone's already guessed it. LEO PARENTE: Did they? So tell us, if they guessed it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, they haven't guessed the specific car. So we'll wait until. LEO PARENTE: Are you sure? I may be reading the wrong thing. Oh, I see what you're saying. JF MUSIAL: How's the in-car footage going? Romain Dumas. Coming up on the number 73 Corvette. LEO PARENTE: Hey, look a Corvette is still on track. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, my God. All these comments coming in. Stop commenting. Just don't do it. JF MUSIAL: Oh, Mid-Ohio was this weekend, right? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That was last weekend. JF MUSIAL: Last weekend. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE] about Road America. LEO PARENTE: Bentley Blower? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Wrong kind of blower, buddy. LEO PARENTE: Well, supercharger's not a turbocharger. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: In German, sometimes they use the same word, "kompressor," for the two. LEO PARENTE: Jesus Christ. You and your German. JOSH: Where'd you learn German? And why? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It was either that, Spanish, or French. And everyone else in my family already spoke Spanish. And I didn't want to learn French. It was the Ford Pinto. Oh, my God. That guy is so smart. JF MUSIAL: Mike has left. JOSH: Man-boobs has left. LEO PARENTE: So you want to give them the answer? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: To win? It was the 936. LEO PARENTE: That's right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Porsche 936. If you don't know, go on to Google Video and look up Victory by Design, Porsche. And you'll get the very charming Alain de Cadenet, who used to run teams in Le Mans in 1970. And he will explain to you just why, in fact, the Porsche 936 was awesome. LEO PARENTE: Here's a hidden secret. When you're on Drive, you don't promote other videos. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What are you talking about? It's like-- you know, it's a show, it's been off the air for ages. LEO PARENTE: Show of hands. How many people here are with Drive? My rules. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: All right. No, that's fair. That's fair. I'll tell you about the 936. They took their-- LEO PARENTE: Oh, wait a minute. The option is to have you talk or them go watch the video? Can I change my rule? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Do you want to talk about the 936? [INAUDIBLE] a fascinating car. LEO PARENTE: No, no, no. I want them just to go Google it. It's a cool car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Just Google it. It's awesome. Jacky Ickx. LEO PARENTE: I didn't mean to be dictatorial. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Dick-tatorial? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. That's right. You got it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hiyo. LEO PARENTE: Alex Roy is back from some type of whatever. [SIDE CONVERSATION] JOSH: I'll come join you up there, Leo, for a little while. LEO PARENTE: Sure. JOSH: Unless you want to sit in the copilot seat? You like that couch. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I really like this couch. I'll take the seat. Do you want to take the couch? JOSH: Yeah. You take the seat. I'll stay [INAUDIBLE]. [SIDE CONVERSATION] LEO PARENTE: We had pictures. But that was kind of winding down. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Pictures from [INAUDIBLE] George? LEO PARENTE: No. Some other possible relevant things to talk about. Including a very obscure Toyota sports car prototype that I think was intended for Le Mans. But never ran. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm very curious about this. LEO PARENTE: I know you are. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Now, I'm trying to think of the earliest Toyota prototype that I can think of. There's obviously the Toyota 7 that they ran in-- LEO PARENTE: And I think it was around that time. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They must have done some-- Oh. I think I know what you're talking about. Are you talking about that-- it was designed by some American guy? LEO PARENTE: That I don't know. Go ahead. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, my God. It looked like a 908. LEO PARENTE: No, that was the Nissan. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You're right. I am thinking of the Nissan. But didn't they do Toyota around then? Or am I just getting things way too confused with the 2000s. What are you talking about? This is kind of fun. No, I want to hear it. LEO PARENTE: Well, we're just having our own internal thing. So that's not good either. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. That's fine. LEO PARENTE: So at the end of the day here, the Larbre, if I'm pronouncing that right, Pro Am customer Corvettes seem to be the two that are having the most consistent run. But where are they sitting on the Pro Am grid? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Pro Am? LEO PARENTE: Amateur. GT Am. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Reading down, it's still the Corvette. LEO PARENTE: Leading? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Is he back in front? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. LEO PARENTE: Wow. Are you sure on that? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This is the most recent I'm seeing. It is Larbre Competition up at 264 laps. Not far behind, it looks like what is this? 11, 18 seconds behind is the IMSA Performance Porsche. And down five laps from them is the next car and that's a 458. Those guys are about 40-some odd laps down from the leaders. GT Pro. It's still the 51 458, followed three laps down by the 59 458. But on that very same lap, the Vantage is right there. Crawled back up. It's on the same number of pit stops as the 51 car. It's two and 1/2 minutes behind. It's conceivable that it could tear itself back up into second place. LEO PARENTE: Right now, it has a podium? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Right now it's on podium. Beautiful helicopter shot. LEO PARENTE: Hey, your right. Same lap as P2. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Same lap as P2. Those cars are 30-some odd laps down. LEO PARENTE: And I'm watching JF drive his GTR on-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Into the wall. LEO PARENTE: Some RallyCross thing. JOSH: Just restart. LEO PARENTE: I heard that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is he behind a Prius? Not anymore. Is he behind a Mazda 2? Not anymore. [INAUDIBLE]. Where are Corvettes? So we're looking at the-- oh, look at that. There's the 73 Corvette taking some curves more than hard. LEO PARENTE: Wow. JOSH: I love seeing super slow motion lock. LEO PARENTE: Oh, look at this thing wipe itself out. Here we go. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, it's gonna get out of curves and it's not going to be a happy camper. The 73 was just in the pits. I don't know if it's still is in the pits. And I guess we're looking at why. LEO PARENTE: Stayed on the road. It just was the angle. JOSH: That is truly magnificent seeing all the debris and stuff. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Look at that. Sweeping the gravel away. JOSH: They brought back a lot of track with them to the pit. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. And they're in the pits very much still. Away they go. LEO PARENTE: So after all that, Corvette is in P4 with the 73 car? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, they were. I think in a minute or two we're gonna see that updated and they'll probably be down. Just behind them, I believe before they went into the pits, was the 458 AF Corse car, the second AF Corse car. That was the 71. And below them is the 74 Corvette. LEO PARENTE: And here's our lead battle. The two Audi e-trons within what? 5, 6 seconds of each other again? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So this is the number two Audi, again coming up against the Krohn Ferrari, who is presumably going to give him slightly more room than last time. JOSH: I didn't see that before. The little American flag on the dashboard in the Corvette. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, look at that. LEO PARENTE: Ugh. Not that I'm anti-American, but like, ugh, I get it. JOSH: I thought the Corvette was enough. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Is it enough to run a front-engined American car in Le Mans with flags on the front of it? No. JOSH: Oh, this is last year. LEO PARENTE: Last year. Ferrari, Corvette passed for the lead. And there you go. JOSH: That was really fantastic end of race action. I remember that was amazing. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah? Some hours to go? JOSH: Yeah. We got quite a few hours to go yet. Four and 1/2 left. LEO PARENTE: Four and 1/2. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Leo Parente. LEO PARENTE: Hm. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The man, the machine. LEO PARENTE: Just barely. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Not even finishing your coffee, though. JOSH: To be clear, pretty much everyone here-- no, Raphael, you left for a little while? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I did. JOSH: I'm not entirely sure what you did. But, to be clear, the only person who hasn't left and hasn't closed their eyes, is Leo. So Leo has done a full-- LEO PARENTE: I trained with Allan McNish. JOSH: Yeah. That's right, you did. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Don't fall asleep on the train. LEO PARENTE: Not that train. I'm watching JF understeer a GTR off the track. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Wow. Is he off the track. JOSH: Against D-class cars in Forza 4. LEO PARENTE: Tired or not, I'm going to take one more run at the computer before we go. JOSH: You should. JOSH: We're going to get an inter-Drive racing series. LEO PARENTE: We have to do something. JOSH: Yeah. We're gonna do it. I'm gonna set that up. LEO PARENTE: So just for everyone's edification, all these carbon helmets you see with all these drivers. Before you purchase the HANS device, the ACO, WEC regulations, those are five-grand helmets. $5,000 to be safe. And while there's no price on safety, and all those cliches. JOSH: No price on protecting your-- LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE] five freaking grand. JOSH: Protecting your melon. I mean, it's the most important part, isn't it? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: A lot of guys showed up at Sebring surprised that the spec had been upgraded. And that's why, at Sebring, when we saw a lot of pure carbon unpainted helmets? They were all new. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's interesting. LEO PARENTE: OK. This is one of these over-the-top statements and questions. Can you think of a more dominant performance by a manufacturer at a Le Mans race than what Audi is doing here? And who's this dude? JOSH: At a Le Mans race? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. At a Le Mans 24. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, I've seen this guy before. JOSH: Well, historically, you guys earlier were talking about Le Mans historically being owned by Porsche. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JOSH: I don't know the history of how many Porsche cars in class were run at the time to dominate. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Don't think I'm not gonna look. JOSH: But-- LEO PARENTE: I can only think of one Porsche one, two, three finish with all those wins. JOSH: How recent was that, though? LEO PARENTE: When did they run the silhouette 911s? The white ones? With the kind of-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I know what you're talking about. LEO PARENTE: Tribal-type, Mobil graphic. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What was that? Mid, late '90s? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. And even that might have been just one, two. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm looking OK. So I picked a random race in the '80s. So I picked '84, just because. LEO PARENTE: Is this how Jalopnik does their research? Just random? JOSH: That is Porsche, Porsche, Porsche, Porsche, Porsche, Porsche, Porsche, Porsche-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes it is. LEO PARENTE: So which race is it? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, look who's in the lead. It's Joest Racing. And it's a Porsche 956, followed by a 956, followed by a 956, followed b-- LEO PARENTE: Yeah, yeah. You're right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: A 956, followed by a 956, followed by a 956. How many of these did they-- LEO PARENTE: Good educated guess. You're right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: These are-- Well, now I was gonna say nine in the lead. But it's only seven. LEO PARENTE: It's a spec series. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's Joest clearing out the top seven, followed by a Lancia LC2. LEO PARENTE: Oh, you and your Lancia. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: With a Ferrari 308 engine in there. Oh, yeah. A turbo 308 engine. JOSH: That's really cool. That's really cool. To have seven 956s in a row and then a Lancia and then a few more 956s. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. JOSH: That's great. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Tiff Needell in the Kremer Racing. LEO PARENTE: Really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: In P9? LEO PARENTE: Oh. Who won it? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh. That's Pescarolo and Klaus Ludwig. LEO PARENTE: Oh. Was the Man one? The yellow and black? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. New-Man. LEO PARENTE: New-Man. Fashion brand, right? At the time. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Those was the days. LEO PARENTE: They won back-to-back with the same car? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes. They did. I just peeked over to '85. Lancias poked their way up in to six and seven. But otherwise-- look at this, the 962s are down. Now I'm reading this off like it's new news. LEO PARENTE: Oh, that's right. Ben Rothman finished one, two, three with the Porsche 956. Then the Shell cars dominated with the 962. JOSH: In the same era? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. This car was-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So again in '86 this was the top seven. This is just unbelievable. JOSH: And does it bleed off year by year? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. Once we're in '87-- JOSH: So it starts to get more competitive year by year? And that's what we're hoping for in the next two to three years here. What's the feeling in '84 when the top 20, 15 of those are Porsches. And of those 15 Porsches, 12 are the same chassis. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, I mean, there's shades of Audi and Peugeot with Jaguar coming in. Because Jaguar starts cutting in. But still, underneath them there are-- LEO PARENTE: Well, they were all private teams. Most of them were all private teams. JOSH: And that's another point of difference. To have a factory-sponsored team. LEO PARENTE: Like the Rothman cars were factory. The Shells were factory at the time. But everything else was pretty much private car sales. You done? Oh, no, no, no. Wait a minute. Third-place Audi. Guys. Guys. Third-place Audi is not running. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? Oh, guess who just went up and took P3. JOSH: Number four, Bonanomi. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Coming back. JOSH: Let's see what happened. LEO PARENTE: Oh, jeez. There's an accident. JOSH: What's up, FJ? JF MUSIAL: Hi. What's happened here? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: With the 30-something car. That must be an Oreca or something. JOSH: That looks like an Oreca. LEO PARENTE: That's a P2 car, blue, third-place Audi is stopped on track. JF MUSIAL: I wonder why. LEO PARENTE: Well, and I'm wondering if this is connected with the Simon Dolan car 38 crash. JOSH: See what the commenters are saying. JF MUSIAL: Go to the live stream and see what they're saying. That's a lot of debris. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, they're saying-- JOSH: Oh, out of fuel? Come on. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I can't believe Audi out of fuel. JOSH: That's doesn't sound-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, no. Gnarly spin by one car. And that looks unrelated. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Because they're saying that the Audi stopped down by the Tertre Rouge. JF MUSIAL: That's the entrance to Mulsanne. LEO PARENTE: Right. And it's the young kid Bonanomi. JOSH: Yeah. Bonanomi. LEO PARENTE: Tell me he didn't miss a pit in. JF MUSIAL: Number one is in the pits. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Number one is in the pits. JF MUSIAL: Lotterer. They all seem to have difficulty getting into that thing. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Look at that Audi guy just kneeling on the front of the car. JOSH: Yeah. You were talking about that earlier, Leo. You say to sit or kneel on a race car is blasphemy. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. And these guys are standing, walking all of it. JOSH: Totally. You see sometimes two, three guys on the front of the car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: These cars are strong, [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: They're pretty sturdy, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Pretty sturdy. JOSH: Pass me that laptop there, buddy. If you don't mind, for the YouTube. JF MUSIAL: I'm gonna unplug it, OK? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, go for it. Yeah, it's fine. Oh. I forgot. I put the battery over there. JOSH: You took the battery out? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I took it out just to [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: Who does that? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Plug it back in, turn it back on. JOSH: I don't even understand why. JF MUSIAL: I don't know how to use PCs. JOSH: What is that thing? JF MUSIAL: I haven't used a PC in six years. JOSH: What is PC? JF MUSIAL: That. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Personal computer. JOSH: Just kidding. I used to be a PC guy. And then I grew up. Just kidding, just kidding. I still have a PC, but I only use it for playing online games. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: As well you should. JF MUSIAL: It's bright in here. JOSH: It is really bright in here. You guys can't see this, but we have four studio lights up and shining in these poor guys' eyes. JF MUSIAL: All night. JOSH: Yeah. For the last 20 hours. LEO PARENTE: Pit? Pit. JF MUSIAL: The number two? LEO PARENTE: No. It's the four. The car that was stopped on track. Somehow it-- JF MUSIAL: So he's not out of fuel. LEO PARENTE: No. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He got confused. JF MUSIAL: What happened? Is there no footage of what happened? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: They're suggesting he had to reboot the car, some type of computer stuff. And now they're talking about there may be rain before the end of the race. JOSH: I heard that about an hour ago from a fan, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be awesome. JOSH: That would be fantastic. LEO PARENTE: You guys are mean. JOSH: That happened last year as well, I think. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The worst thing that could happen is a constant threat of rain, in which no one does anything for the whole race. They're like, ah, maybe it'll rain. There's a 38-- JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] slide. JOSH: Wow. That car is moving in an awesome sideways crab walk. JF MUSIAL: It's crabbing. How are the fans taking this right now? And the feed just went out. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: 38's a Lola Judd. JOSH: That is really cool. JF MUSIAL: He's having fun. JOSH: How? What? That's [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Man, look at him go. JF MUSIAL: He'll make it back. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Whoa. JOSH: That is really awesome. JF MUSIAL: Well, he's in pit lane. So he'll make it. JOSH: Crab style. LEO PARENTE: The crew is saying, don't bring it back, we don't want to work on that. JOSH: Yeah. Seriously. JF MUSIAL: Look at that. That's awesome. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah, his rear tire is not happy. JOSH: I've never seen a car limp back crab-walk style. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I think I've seen an [INAUDIBLE]. Heidfeld. Mr. Man-bag. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] kind of like him, too. LEO PARENTE: He had a tough gig trying to make that BMW Sauber work. Was it Sauber or Williams? JOSH: He's one of how many F1 guys we have here tonight? How many? Three or four? LEO PARENTE: Oh, a count? JF MUSIAL: Fisichella. JOSH: Yeah, GTR, I didn't even know that. JF MUSIAL: Brundle. [INAUDIBLE] Brundle. JOSH: Buemi? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Buemi. JF MUSIAL: Buemi, yeah. LEO PARENTE: McNish. JF MUSIAL: McNish. LEO PARENTE: Gene. [INTERPOSING VOICES] LEO PARENTE: Wurz, going up to three. JOSH: I care. I want to see. LEO PARENTE: Davidson, four. Sarrazin, five. Here we go again, here's another one. JOSH: Who's that? LEO PARENTE: I don't know. It's another-- JOSH: There you go. LEO PARENTE: Oh. JF MUSIAL: That was awesome. [INAUDIBLE]. What was I gonna say? You ever see the video of Heidfeld crashing his BMW at the BMW factory doing a demonstration? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: You remember that? [INAUDIBLE]. Inside the factory in Munich, he was doing donuts in the parking lot. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Crashed it? JF MUSIAL: Crashed it into a wall. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I wonder how much that cost him. JF MUSIAL: In front of all the employees. In front of all the employees. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Look at that. JF MUSIAL: That's kind of cool. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? Broken suspension. I'm surprised LEO PARENTE: Oh, is he still not in? JF MUSIAL: He's having fun doing that I think. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Look at him steering. You can see one hand. JF MUSIAL: It's a 10-mile-an-hour drift. LEO PARENTE: I was gonna say, a few more drifters see this, they're gonna set up their car that way. JOSH: Hey, is today Father's Day? JF MUSIAL: Yes. is it. JOSH: Hey, nice one. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Happy Father's Day, father. JF MUSIAL: How are the fans? How many viewers we got right now? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: How do you check? JOSH: A few hundred. LEO PARENTE: Scott Atherton is doing an interview somewhere. JF MUSIAL: How do you know? LEO PARENTE: I can see him on the live feed above the timing and scoring. JOSH: No. LEO PARENTE: Probably explaining this the greatest race in [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: It is the greatest race ever. LEO PARENTE: No. American [INAUDIBLE]. He's probably explaining that at Le Mans. JOSH: Yes. We are watching Speed. It's all we got here. JF MUSIAL: "Hi, Josh." JOSH: "Hi, it's Lindz." Who's that? JF MUSIAL: That's Lindsey Chen. JOSH: Hi, Lindsey Chen. JF MUSIAL: Lindsey, you're still here? Hi, Lindsey. JF MUSIAL: Oh. I see a problem about to occur. JOSH: What's that? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, the thing's out of battery. JOSH: Oh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Producer man producin'. JF MUSIAL: Pardon. Pardon me. LEO PARENTE: And ah, we're 15 minutes from a turnover. JOSH: Yeah. We were talking about rain a little while-- do I seem drunk? LEO PARENTE: No. Just tired. JOSH: F1Villain, you're giving me all kinds of grief. [SIDE CONVERSATION] LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Current timing and scoring is available on-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Live.lemans-tv.com. LEO PARENTE: What the hell was that accent? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That was my-- JOSH: That was my Chris Harris accent. LEO PARENTE: Someone did the work and listed all the F1 drivers in the race. McNish, Gene, Wurtz, Nakajima-- the young kid? Was it F1? OK-- Davidson, Buemi, Sarrazin, Heidfeld, Montagny, Bourdais, Chandhok, Brundle, Fisichella, Bruni, Magnussen, Lamy. Wow. Good job. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I didn't know Magnussen ran. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Who did that? LEO PARENTE: One of the commenters. JF MUSIAL: Who? Who? Who? Who? LEO PARENTE: Oh, God. I should call him out, right? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: DGMCL32. JF MUSIAL: Someone calling? LEO PARENTE: Yep. JF MUSIAL: Oh, it's Zerin. Hi, Zerin. LEO PARENTE: How many was that? JF MUSIAL: Call the studio line, if you could. JOSH: He gonna call the studio line. JF MUSIAL: All right. Thanks man, bye. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: 16. LEO PARENTE: 16? Ex-F1 drivers in the race? [INTERPOSING VOICES] LEO PARENTE: Ha. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But that's getting there. JOSH: We about to get an update, boys. LEO PARENTE: Yay. JF MUSIAL: You have a beat-up laptop, my friend. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's gnarly. LEO PARENTE: You all look like you're drunk. Nah, not drunk. I'm not. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I need to take a shower. JF MUSIAL: Lindsey's asking who's the hottest F1 driver. Lindsey that's for you to decide. LEO PARENTE: We're not gonna weigh in on that. Yes, I probably just yawned. Sorry. What am I up to? Five hours to go? It JF MUSIAL: We're not drunk, we're just tired. JOSH: I'm ready for a Red Bull though. JF MUSIAL: Ready? Our new [INAUDIBLE] sponsor Red Bull has been announced. JOSH: I mean, what's the big deal, though, about saying-- LEO PARENTE: The red bottle is water, according to someone. OK. I'm sorry, what'd you say? JOSH: Wait a minute. Someone's saying the red is water? There's two bottles though? LEO PARENTE: Yeah, blue and red. [PHONE RINGS] JF MUSIAL: Hey. Oh, hold on. Zerin. ZERIN DUBE: JF. Hey. You're in the car with George and myself here driving back to the track. JF MUSIAL: Oh, fun. How was your evening? Or your morning, rather. ZERIN DUBE: We made it through, went up and shot photography by the Dunlop bridge, which if you're ever shooting Le Mans is-- it's not a very well-kept secret-- one of the best places to shoot in the morning. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Especially those-- ZERIN DUBE: [INAUDIBLE] I don't know that everybody realizes watching on TV, and it was something that I kind of had to deal with when I got here is, it stays light here until about 11:30 at night. And only after about 11:30 on to about 4:30 is it dark. 4:30 you start getting first light. So it gets light here really early. And the nighttime is just a real short period [INAUDIBLE] JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Well, how was the night stint for you guys? Did you get some sleep? ZERIN DUBE: We didn't sleep. Actually, I don't think any of us got any sleep. This is like our time at Le Mans, and you always see the stuff on TV and you kind of get a sense of atmosphere on TV. But nothing really prepares you for what it's like in person. It's incredible. Just an absolute party atmosphere. I was talking to a journalist yesterday who's doing a social story on the people that come to these events. And she said that some of these people come not because they like the race, but just because of the event itself, and the atmosphere. I mean, it's a carnival, it's a concert, it's a race. It's like Mardi Gras with a race going on in the background, is basically what I could relate it to. It's like Sebring amped up and less redneck. JF MUSIAL: I like that comparison. ZERIN DUBE: Well, European redneck. JF MUSIAL: Zarin, you lied. We have a photo of you sleeping in the press room. GEORGE: In fairness, he had his eyes closed for maybe 20 minutes. And the moment I took the photo-- you know an iPhone doesn't make that much noise when you take a photo-- he opened his eyes. ZERIN DUBE: And actually if you look at that photo very carefully my eyes are open. So I was laying down. I never said I didn't lay down. But I didn't sleep. So we made it through. JF MUSIAL: What do you guys think about the situation with the Audi one, two, three, four right now? Do people still care about the race? GEORGE: I mean, it's definitely [INAUDIBLE] from last year. There's no question about that. The Peugeot and Audi rivalry was second-to-none. They were so hard-fought. And in some ways, you knew they respected each other. And in other ways, you thought, oh they don't really like each other very much at all. The way, especially, Peugeot would drive on the track was kind of aggressive. ZERIN DUBE: Yeah. Here it seems like Kristensen and-- GEORGE: The young guys who won last year, Lotterer, Treluyer, and Fassler versus Kristensen, McNish, and Dindo. I mean, you've got these guys who all the girls swoon over, over Lotterer. And then you've got these guys who are established superstars for Audi. And the idea Kristensen might log another win is a pretty big deal. But the excitement level, the tension, is not nearly what it was. You know, where last year people in the media center, where everybody was pretty much up and on the edge. And this year there were a lot of people sleeping under desks and in back hallways and that kind of thing. JF MUSIAL: That kind of sucks. I guess it's still a cool experience nonetheless. And I'm sure people are still paying attention to GT. GEORGE: Yeah. But they can't write this race off as a bad one. The crashes, the tension [INAUDIBLE] came up with. With the number three car, and its damage, and Romain just beating the heck out of that body work to get it off. I mean, that and then, you know, Anthony Davidson with his back injury is pretty compelling. [INAUDIBLE], yeah, maybe a little anticlimactic here at the end. ZERIN DUBE: Well, Toyota fought hard, you know. And just before the accident happened they were showing footage of the Audi and the Toyota going at it. Lotterer the number seven Peugeot, they were battling. And it was just like watching the Peugeots last year. And unfortunately, shortly after that, the safety car came out for Davidson. And Audi [INAUDIBLE] their lead a little bit over what they were before. But I think if those two cars had been left alone, I think it would've been a great finish. I think it would have been a great battle. And I think that next year, or even in the rest of the WEC race to come, I think it's gonna be a great rivalry. GEORGE: Toyota certainly showed themselves as being, up to that point, reliable. They went out from accidents. They didn't go out from-- You know, they had the blown motor in practice. And everybody thought, well, maybe they're just gonna putter out. Because they haven't tested the car enough. That wasn't the case at all. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Well, it's unfortunate that they're out because we were actually kind of rooting for them at some points to give a good battle and good showing. ZERIN DUBE: I think in a lot of ways, anybody that you ask-- whether they were an Audi fan or anything else-- I think everybody really wanted Toyota, whether they came out and said it or not, I think they would have been happy to see Toyota win. JF MUSIAL: It's interesting, very interesting. Well, guys. Have fun for the rest of the race. Thank you for calling in. ZERIN DUBE: Yeah. We'll talk to you later. JF MUSIAL: All right. be good. GEORGE: Thanks, JF. JF MUSIAL: Bye. I like those guys. LEO PARENTE: They did a great job. JF MUSIAL: Great job. Thank you. Thank you, George and Zerin. They can't hear me. But-- LEO PARENTE: You should have said that on the-- did you say that on the phone? JF MUSIAL: I've told them by text messages all day. 11,607 hours of content have been served over the past 20 hours and 49 minutes we've been on the air. 11,000 hours have been streamed. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's a lot. JF MUSIAL: 66,000 people. 66,202 people have tuned in. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? JF MUSIAL: Yes. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Wow. That's a bunch. JF MUSIAL: The most at one time? 750,. A little dip-off in these early morning hours, looking at Google Analytics. Three hours to go, boys and girl. LEO PARENTE: Three or four? JF MUSIAL: Oh, four. Sorry, four. LEO PARENTE: Number two is in. JF MUSIAL: Two is in. Cool stuff. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Man, and here we are. And those guys are just hammering it, still. LEO PARENTE: Tires. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Tires, number dos. JF MUSIAL: Aston Martin just posted the fasted lap in GT, 3:55.2. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They're still a lap down though, from the next guy. JF MUSIAL: Nurburgring 24 would be the one race I would go to between Monaco, Nurburgring, and Le Mans. Totally Nurburgring 24. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm with you. Been to none of them. But I would do Nurburgring. JF MUSIAL: I haven't done Monaco but I've done the other two. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I've seen pictures from Monaco. And the wealth is extreme and extraordinary. LEO PARENTE: Sorry for the sneaky yawn there, guys. JF MUSIAL: All right. It's five o'clock, we're at the top of the hour. We're going to need to take a 60-second break. LEO PARENTE: Good. Ready? Stand up to stretch. JF MUSIAL: All right, guys. We'll be back in 60 seconds. We need to start-stop, get out stuff together, be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING] JF MUSIAL: OK. Welcome back to the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This is Drive's annual show. One of the best races in the world. It is 5:00 AM local time here in New York, that makes it 11:00 AM in Le Mans, France. What is this about? It's a live streaming party. We don't have a broadcast license to show you the race action but you can watch online for free. So this is more of a viewing party than anything else. Right now we've got the four Audis up front leading the 80th running of the race. The e-tron quattro, the number one, up front. With number two with McNish in second place. Then the two ultras in third and fourth. The closets non-Audi would be the Lola Toyota running P5 one lap back behind Romain Dumas in the ultra. At this point, in GT Pro we have the 458 Italia of AF Corse, the number 51, running up top. Two laps, three laps behind the AF Corse is Luxury Racing's 458 Italia, the 59. And then the V8 Vantage Aston Martin of Aston Martin racing, the factory effort, one lap behind them, the 97. It's a tight battle up front in the GT battle. Magnussen in the Corvette number 73 is chilling a lap behind the Aston Martin. Corvette's been having a lot of trouble today. They were up front at the start of this race, the Vantage was up there too. But things went wrong. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I don't totally know what went wrong. JF MUSIAL: Ah, things just all kind of came together. Le Mans right now is beautiful, but we've gotten hints of rain on the way. If you want to join us on the live stream, youtube.com/drive, use Twitter, use the chat feature, we are reading it as we go. Leo is racing right now, an R18. So he's a little busy over there on the Forza set. Alex is sleeping on the floor. Josh is behind the camera. And I am up here with my new friend Orlove. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hi JF. JF MUSIAL: Hello Raphael. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh. JF MUSIAL: Hey. If you want to watch the feed, go to audi.tv. B Or live.lemans-tv.com. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I really like this seat, JF, because I can't read any of the telemetry. And I can ask you questions that you then tell me and the viewers. So what's the differential between the number one and the number two car. And how many hours do we have left? JF MUSIAL: Four hours left? Right? Yeah. Three hours left? Four hours left. Difference between P1 and P2 is approximately three seconds. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, not three seconds? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, three seconds. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Cut to-- JF MUSIAL: I don't have that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I know you don't have it. But go to the on-board and let's see if we can see one car from the other car. JF MUSIAL: That's a good point. Audi.tv. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So there's an Audi feed, audi.tv. Very easy to remember. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I like this [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: "Even Leo's enemies list him as an emergency contact number." That's funny. People are asking about the Flying Lizard number 80 with Patrick Long, Jorg Bergmeister. They are out. They've been plagued with problems this entire season. It's been a horrible season for them. Really sad for them. Hopefully within the next year they'll have a new car doing them justice as drivers. So it seems like Leo has turned into Chuck Norris in the comments. We're on board with Romain Dumas in the number three Audi ultra. You can watch along on audi.tv. Again, awesome interface, awesome graphics, some very cool things happening here. Crossing start-finish in about three seconds. [INAUDIBLE] this RSR. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Bam. Passed him. JF MUSIAL: Speeds of these R18s are phenomenal. JOSH: Awesome, awesome comment. JF MUSIAL: What? JOSH: Can't go without mentioning. JF MUSIAL: What? JOSH: "Sharks have a week dedicated to Leo." [APPLAUSE] JF MUSIAL: Sharks have a week dedicated to Leo. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Did you see "presidents take Leo's birthday off?" JOSH: That's Alex clapping from his napping spot. JF MUSIAL: Alex is napping on the floor. Probably the best spot in the house. So what do you guys want to know? The gap is 2.7 seconds now between the two Audis. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I can't believe this. JF MUSIAL: But yet-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Are we in the leading Audi? No we're in the number four. JF MUSIAL: No we're not. They haven't actually [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Come back to the live.tv, you can cut to the feed for the number one car. JF MUSIAL: All right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Or maybe the number two car. JF MUSIAL: Nope. They're in a commercial. Now we're on board with the number one car. No number two car though. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, my goodness, look at that car. JF MUSIAL: I'm happy to see a lot of you are still with us. I know we've died down in numbers over the past few hours. It is late. Bear with us. We're trying to kind of dig through this. So this is live. We've been up for quite some time, Josh. Almost 24 hours you and I already. JOSH: Me? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. JOSH: Oh, I've been up for well over 100 hours [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] I JF MUSIAL: You've taken a few naps in there. So in that time, Lindsay Orridge has flown from London Heathrow to Hong Kong. She called in earlier in the show when she was in London and now she's in Hong Kong. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? JF MUSIAL: Yes. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: She called in? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] just sent me a message. "Leo has Intel inside." Leo is the new Chuck Norris. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: JF, what's the best thing you've watched on that TV that has not been anything related to Le Mans. JF MUSIAL: Right here, this train-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is that Charlie Sheen? No way. JF MUSIAL: Getting beat by Charlie Sheen. All right. So let's check in with the chat. See what you guys are talking about other than Leo. 2,684 miles driven by Audi right now. That is nearly the distance from New York to LA. You know the distance off the top of your head from New York to LA? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What? JF MUSIAL: 2,811 miles. Be faster. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I was gonna guess 3,000. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Well, they're 200 miles away from driving nonstop New York to LA. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's pretty gnarly. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. But instead they've just gone around a small little French village. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah, they've driven a lot harder than you drive on I-80. JF MUSIAL: It's not I-80. I-80 goes to San Francisco. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Eh, it goes to the coast. JF MUSIAL: So Forza cam. They want to watch Leo. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Leo has not been off track. He's been driving like a professional. JOSH: Leo doesn't mess around when he's playing sims, man. He really does treat it like the real thing. JF MUSIAL: Let's see what Leo can do. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What track is he on? JF MUSIAL: Looks like Sebring. JOSH: I've actually only seen him do Sebring. JF MUSIAL: Yeah, that's the only one. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This looks like Sebring. JOSH: But he claims he really likes Sebring because he really likes it in real life. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He would like. Because you have so much to think about. JOSH: And he's driven on it. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. JOSH: Oh, see the correction? JF MUSIAL: Leo is driving an R18 around Sebring right now. Look at that correction. JOSH: He's a very tidy driver. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. He's good. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He's a thinker. Oh, he's off. He's off. JOSH: I'm not gonna name any names, but there have been more than one instance JF where we've sat down with real pro drivers in sims-- in high-end sim-sims and video game sims-- and watched them suffer. So Leo is actually-- JF MUSIAL: To be honest with you, we have actually watched a lot of pro drivers, including Allan McNish, get in the simulator and-- JOSH: Well, Allan McNish was nasty. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Allan was very good. JOSH: Yeah, he was very good. Nasty in a good way. JF MUSIAL: But we've seen some pro drivers get in sims and not have a great time. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He crashed. He crashed. He hit a light. JF MUSIAL: Let's not showcase Leo crashing. Leo, great job. LEO PARENTE: I don't know. JF MUSIAL: So where's Spinelli? Spinelli went home to Man-boob castle. No, you guys are not annoying. And I did not get any gumball footage, true. I don't do that stuff. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I like this better. JF MUSIAL: What? This kind of stuff? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This to gumball. This is my preferred means of watching people race around cross-country for-- JF MUSIAL: That's a terrible-- Gumball is terrible. So anyways. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Leo. Sit there. LEO PARENTE: Are you sure? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: Oh, it's almost early enough for us to get traditional New York breakfast. JF MUSIAL: Oh, almost breakfast time here in New York. 5:15 in the morning. LEO PARENTE: I'm on an Audi? Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Leo is back, joining us at the table. This table was getting nice and worn down. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is this old footage of the number four slowing? JF MUSIAL: Interestingly enough, I do not know. But the number four is slow on track, according to Speed TV, in the Dunlop. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Can I do some driving on the Forza? LEO PARENTE: I think so. Go ahead. JF MUSIAL: Where's Roy? Roy is sleeping on the ground. LEO PARENTE: Is he? Is he really? JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] he's behind the curtain, yeah. JF MUSIAL: Update from the track. How far back do these guys want us to update you on? Overnight? Not much really happened. We had a few safety car periods. Both Toyotas are out. The BMW-powered Morgan, the number 24, is out. A few other cars are out. DeltaWing is out. And Audi is one, two, three, four. With two Ferraris in GT Pro and the Vantage in third. LEO PARENTE: Right. JF MUSIAL: That's your update as to where we are. LEO PARENTE: There's been action behind all that. But pretty much the front of the grid has been staying the course. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Again audi.tv to watch the live feed. [SIDE CONVERSATION] LEO PARENTE: There they are. One, two, again. JF MUSIAL: One, two, right up behind each other. Both R18s, both e-trons, literally feet away from each other at this point. The two, I think, is being driven by Allan McNish. LEO PARENTE: Here we go. JF MUSIAL: In traffic. Oh, boy. LEO PARENTE: I didn't want to see what that was gonna be. JF MUSIAL: He dove in there at the very last minute. LEO PARENTE: Did he? Oh, here they come. JF MUSIAL: He made it through. LEO PARENTE: Unbelievable. So he's chasing? Alvin chasing? JF MUSIAL: Allan is chasing for the lead. One, two, one, two. LEO PARENTE: And who's in the one car? Yeah, I'm scrolling, too. Treluyer? Treluyer. JF MUSIAL: "Has anyone ever fallen asleep at the wheel?" someone asks. LEO PARENTE: I saw that. And I didn't have an answer. JF MUSIAL: I did hear a story of a certain driver at Daytona doing a very long rain sting falling asleep and being woken up by the car shifting violently towards the outside wall. LEO PARENTE: While he or she was driving? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. It was under safety car going 50 miles an hour in the rain. LEO PARENTE: Oh, OK. You know, all jokes aside, very quietly the Rebellion Toyota just keeps hanging in there in P5 right behind these guys. An equally quietly, JRM, the other HPD-Honda team, other than Strakka that had the English flag on the fin, they've had their problems. But they have now emerged in P6. JF MUSIAL: Whoa. There's no more sun back there. Notice that? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Oh, there's the sun. All right. I'll shut up. We've heard rumors that there may be rain for the last hour of the race. LEO PARENTE: I'm still looking at the shadows. But-- JF MUSIAL: A little damp, right there. Notice that? I don't know what I'm saying. LEO PARENTE: Grayish. JF MUSIAL: Could just be alcohol poured on the track by the fans. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Try to get over an overhead shot, see what's-- oh, no, there's direct sunlight there. LEO PARENTE: Oh, that's right. JF MUSIAL: Getting pushed to the outside apron, the number one. Forcing Allan to sit behind traffic. And all he had to do was flash his high beams. That's a sketch move right there. LEO PARENTE: By the way, did you see the corner worker on the side of the-- JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Nice. JF MUSIAL: Allan's gonna have to fight through this traffic to keep up. And he will do so. Problems with-- LEO PARENTE: Alternator. JF MUSIAL: Corvette. Is that an alternator? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Man. JF MUSIAL: The number 73, Jan Magnussen is in that car, I do believe. LEO PARENTE: These are new cars for this year. But they're used cars by the end of this race. LEO PARENTE: Number two with Allan McNish through the Dunlop curves. LEO PARENTE: Oh, well he takes the lead. Car one is in pit? JF MUSIAL: Oh all right. Allan McNish. We have a lead change. Allan McNish up front. Anything interesting here? LEO PARENTE: I thought he dove for the pits. Watch this. And let's go to the pits, right in front. JF MUSIAL: All right. I don't know what else to say. I've run out of words. LEO PARENTE: Let the pictures speak for themselves. JF MUSIAL: We don't have pictures. LEO PARENTE: We don't? JF MUSIAL: No. LEO PARENTE: Oh, yeah. You're right. But let your imagination speak for itself. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: The stuff the guys are shooting, or shot, are they gonna? JF MUSIAL: They're gonna get some more for us they said. LEO PARENTE: For us to use before the end of the broadcast? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. So far, some stats. 15,900 comments. Over 10,000 hours served. Awesome footage of the fire in the Waltrip Ferrari. Come on. Stay with me, Leo. LEO PARENTE: No, I gotta go wash up in a minute. "Talk about rear versus mid-engine, why aren't Porsches dominant?" Because rear-engine is still a challenge even with all the engineering they put into it. A mid-engine is more balanced. And we're waiting for the new car and the race car that'll come from that. "What was the best Le Mans livery?" Gulf? You can do better than that. JF MUSIAL: I loved the '98 GT1 Porsche. LEO PARENTE: The light one with the tribal-like look? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. 28, which won with Allan, actually. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: That was Allan McNish's first victory at Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: And I like the red, yellow, and black shell graphics of the big 956s. I like, I know it's boring, the Ford Mark IVs. JF MUSIAL: Cool. [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Different colors. JF MUSIAL: I don't know. LEO PARENTE: It's gotta be more creative than that. I know there's the Psycho Porsches. JF MUSIAL: Psycho Porsche 917. Yeah. The hippie. LEO PARENTE: But Martini didn't want they're decal on it. JF MUSIAL: There are so many great paint schemes out there. LEO PARENTE: I actually like the Peugeots from the '90s. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. That was cool. LEO PARENTE: The purple Silk Cuts were memorable. JF MUSIAL: 321 laps already served. That's pretty impressive. I must admit. LEO PARENTE: Served. You computer geek. Served laps? JF MUSIAL: Served. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE] laps. JF MUSIAL: They're serving time in a car, around a track. They're not going anywhere. At the end of the day, this is a completely pointless exercise. LEO PARENTE: Of what? JF MUSIAL: Of travel. LEO PARENTE: Well, yeah. Tell that to the-- JF MUSIAL: Someone should just make a track that goes somewhere. LEO PARENTE: Did you see all these things you people are writing about me as if I was the most interesting man in the world. You guys are crazy. JF MUSIAL: We were talking about that. LEO PARENTE: Oh. Thank you. JOSH: Alex started that trend. LEO PARENTE: Did he? JOSH: Oh, yeah. LEO PARENTE: Alex, thank you. "Understeer-- when you hit the wall with the front of the car. Oversteer-- when you hit the wall with the back of the car." Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Horsepower-- how fast you hit the wall. Torque-- how far you take the wall with you." Very good. JF MUSIAL: The maximum number of views we've had on this show at once, I think was about 750. The total people we've had is about 65,000 unique visitors. So thank you, everyone, for coming and going. LEO PARENTE: Aussie V8 supercars in more Shakedowns? Sure. That's coming. You know, we really have [INAUDIBLE] when we're not able to show footage. But [INAUDIBLE] cover it. JF MUSIAL: No, it's good. It's good. JOSH: Leo, you didn't hear this before while you were driving, but that was one of the best comments of the 24 hours-- sharks have a week dedicated to Leo. JF MUSIAL: Sharks have a week dedicated to Leo. LEO PARENTE: Oh, man. JOSH: That is a very good one. LEO PARENTE: The myth is getting far ahead of the reality of being me. So calm down guys. JF MUSIAL: Oh, the BMW Art Cars were great liveries. LEO PARENTE: Uh, yeah. Eh. Eh. JF MUSIAL: Even the M3 from two years ago was awesome. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. I didn't like that guy as an artist. But it was a great car. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Dirk Werner, or as everyone else likes to call him, Dick Weiner, was actually the driver of that car. JOSH: Dick Weiner? JF MUSIAL: Dirk Werner. McKean's former codriver with Farnbacher Loles in Grand Am. Dirk Werner. JOSH: Oh, I know. JF MUSIAL: Alex Roy joins the set, everyone. LEO PARENTE: Alex is that a sleeping bag? What are you doing? ALEX ROY: I want to be in a hybrid position of both activity and rest available at any moment. JOSH: What? Sunglasses? ALEX ROY: It'll be light out soon. And I'm not getting up again. JOSH: I like that you brought both of your devices, your iPad and your laptop. ALEX ROY: I also brought my homemade neck brace HANS device which I used on Baja briefly. JOSH: You did not use that on Baja. ALEX ROY: Seriously. JF MUSIAL: Again, Allan McNish is leading with the number two R18 e-tron quattro with the number one 50 seconds behind. While the R18 ultra, that's Jarvis and Audi Sport North America, three laps behind him. The sun is rising. I see sun. I see daylight here in New York. Oh, God. LEO PARENTE: Wow. Hey, look. I found popcorn. JF MUSIAL: Oh, here. Yeah, great. Thank you. ALEX ROY: What did JF say to me 14 hours ago about not making a mess or trash or garbage? JF MUSIAL: This is horrible popcorn. LEO PARENTE: The popcorn? Yeah. It's been out a while, I guess. It's nothing a leaf blower can't handle around here. ALEX ROY: That's what Toyota calls their [INAUDIBLE]-- JF MUSIAL: Koons, Jeff Koons, the art car. LEO PARENTE: Jeff Koons. JOSH: The Toyota leaf blower? ALEX ROY: Yeah. It's the project name for their Nissan crusher. JF MUSIAL: Nissan crusher. Appreciate everyone who's stuck around with us this far. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Curious who's been here the longest. Let's see. How long has everyone been tuned in? Please leave your comments. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. GrannySmith, "Although, I'm not sure if I like you," has been around since the first hour. JF MUSIAL: Really? JOSH: Yeah. F1Villian's been with us for about four hours, five hours, maybe longer. Correct me if I'm wrong. Oh, Bonnie DeWitt. I remember you from last year. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. We know that name. JOSH: Bonnie was with us for a long time last year. I think I might have even stalked her on Facebook. LEO PARENTE: Stalked? Really? JOSH: Yeah. I think so. LEO PARENTE: So the restraining order has not come in the mail? JF MUSIAL: 19 hours. Since 10:00 AM. Since 8:00 PM. From the first hour. LEO PARENTE: Thank you guys. JF MUSIAL: Whoa. Dedication there, guys. NP4F1 12 hours. Ms. Bonnie. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE] is that? Bonnie who? JOSH: Bonnie DeWitt. JF MUSIAL: Wasn't Lawrence supposed to stop by? LEO PARENTE: Alex. Should I have gotten quicker in the R18 versus the Porsche Spyder? ALEX ROY: No. The Porsche Spyder is infinitely better balanced in handling in the game, I can't speak to real cars. And that Porsche Spyder is well known to Forza players as being one of the best cars to use, almost any track. There's certain tuning setups for that car in-game which are so adaptable they can be used across tracks without modification. LEO PARENTE: I didn't screw up with the setup that you had in there. But I was a second quicker in the Porsche Spyder. ALEX ROY: Well, that Spyder that I have in-game is not tuned. It's like stock setup. And the Audis-- I've played a lot, but I can't say for sure-- it seems that they are highly susceptible to performance variation track to track, if you don't tune them specifically for each track. LEO PARENTE: Do you have that thing set up? You have TC on it, to some extent? ALEX ROY: TC on, ABS off. LEO PARENTE: OK. Stability control, did you turn it off? ALEX ROY: Off. LEO PARENTE: Off? It was off? ALEX ROY: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: And by the way, hats off to anyone driving an R18, you can't see around the corners on the slow corner. ALEX ROY: Same thing in the Peugeot and the Aston LMP cars. You might as well just have a periscope. LEO PARENTE: You start imagining where it is. JF MUSIAL: Someone almost called in sick for us. Hey, it's Rocky with Jamie. LEO PARENTE: Whereas half the guys looking at that are probably saying, hey, it's Jamie with Rocky. Alex Roy is back. ALEX ROY: No. I'm not. I sent a hologram. JF MUSIAL: Rocky's good on camera. JOSH: How are we not friends? JF MUSIAL: Who? JOSH: Me and Bonnie. Me and Bonnie go way back. LEO PARENTE: To last year. All right. ALEX ROY: Bonnie DeWitt. Wasn't Lisa DeWitt an '80s sitcom star? Joyce DeWitt. LEO PARENTE: Joyce DeWitt, from-- ALEX ROY: Loved her. JF MUSIAL: "Leo Parente has never found a penny that's not heads up." JOSH: Wow. ALEX ROY: Wow. LEO PARENTE: You guys are good. You guys are creative. Matter of fact, send me the next week's script. JF MUSIAL: All right, Marcus, the Toyotas are out. One crashed and one has left because of an alternator-hybrid failure. JOSH: Oh, we ought to shout, sorry, also Jason Bordeaux has been watching. JF MUSIAL: Jason Bordeaux, of course. JOSH: Who is a good friend of ours. ALEX ROY: I'm not sleeping. I'm just watching the live stream sideways. LEO PARENTE: I'm not sleeping. JF MUSIAL: Really? LEO PARENTE: Alex is so fast he needs a HANS device while watching the stream. Get it? ALEX ROY: I've got my iPad set up sideways for visibility. JOSH: Are you reading or doing-- JF MUSIAL: He really has the iPad at sideways setup. JOSH: Yes, he really does. ALEX ROY: My friend Spencer Pumpelly, he's still in it. LEO PARENTE: What's he driving? ALEX ROY: Car 79. Flying Lizard. JF MUSIAL: 79 Lizard amateur car. ALEX ROY: But he's no amateur. LEO PARENTE: Oh, they're still running? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, they're still running. LEO PARENTE: Wow. ALEX ROY: He's a good guy, Mr. Pumpelly. Shout out, Pumpelly. JF MUSIAL: How's the GT Am doing? LEO PARENTE: You know, Corvette was back in the lead the last time I checked. So let's check together. Larbre Competition up front. LEO PARENTE: Are they still up front? JF MUSIAL: Then it's the RSR, the 767 RSR. Flying Lizard is in fifth. JOSH: Alex, somebody called you a coward for-- ALEX ROY: I saw it. Calling me a coward is cowardice. JF MUSIAL: Shoes on couch, trust me, that's not bad. LEO PARENTE: And we're focused on these three LMP2 cars? What are we supposed to be watching here? Is this the front of the grid? 46. Yeah. I guess that's one, two, and three. JF MUSIAL: "How is Drive doing?" I don't want to answer that. LEO PARENTE: 93,000 subscribers [INAUDIBLE]-- ALEX ROY: Like sharks' favorite TV series, that's how [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: If sharks could choose TV shows to watch, they'd pick Drive. I don't know. [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. The serious answer? Aren't we doing rather well versus some of the other channels, and outside of auto, too? ALEX ROY: Yeah. Versus the shows that cows like, definitely. JOSH: You don't get this kind of programming on Motor Trend, that's for sure. JF MUSIAL: No, no, Motor Trend doesn't have this. Alex, they've done about 2,700 miles in under 24 hours. ALEX ROY: That's not bad. No police, no traffic lights. JOSH: When's the last time we did a recap? JF MUSIAL: Top of the hour. 35 minutes ago. JOSH: This is the best way to do it. [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Look at Alex right now. He put his laptop on its side. Alex has put his iPad and his laptop on its side. ALEX ROY: This is more easy to follow the action. JF MUSIAL: Josh, can you follow fast? Ready? Cut to me. Now cut to Alex. Now cut to me. Now cut to Alex. Alex, raise your hand. Now cut to me. This is Alex Roy. JOSH: Alex Roy is not you. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] I can't finish that thought, I'm too tired. How fast can you cut between shots? That's pretty fast. JOSH: Yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: That's gonna piss a lot of people off. ALEX ROY: Look at your racing host. Now back to me. [INAUDIBLE] racing host. Back to me. He is not me. Leo. You're a very handsome man, did you know that? LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE], stop. ALEX ROY: You have a little bit of Louis Trintignant. You know, the guy from the Lelouch movie? A Man and a Woman? LEO PARENTE: Ah, my nose is too big. But [INAUDIBLE] saying. "50% asleep." Yeah, me too, actually. JOSH: Motor Trend isn't for men. Man-boobs are for men. LEO PARENTE: There you go. "Hope Alex falls asleep. Then it's Sharpie time." We're not gonna go there. JOSH: GrannySmith, "I guess I like you after all." LEO PARENTE: Ha. Is the GT battle over? JF MUSIAL: The Toyota driver, Davidson, does have a broken back, yes. From that accident earlier. LEO PARENTE: Broken? JF MUSIAL: Well, vertebrae. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, no, no, no. ALEX ROY: Leo, is it true that you do martial arts? LEO PARENTE: No. I was a child of the Marshall Plan. Figure that out. ALEX ROY: You were? LEO PARENTE: No, figure that joke out [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: I don't know what else is going on at this point. 49 seconds between one and two in the LMP1 category. The DeltaWing is out. I'm out of breath. ALEX ROY: Breath is for cowards. JF MUSIAL: Alex Roy, everyone. With his glasses on. ALEX ROY: I got it all set up, man. Check it out. [SIDE CONVERSATION] ALEX ROY: Look at my content screens. Look how I got it set up. LEO PARENTE: What are you watching there, Alex Roy? ALEX ROY: I got audi.tv on the laptop with us. And my my live tracking and timing here, the chat thing over there. LEO PARENTE: Very quite good. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So there's the HPD? Still in P1, I guess, for LMP2? LEO PARENTE: You know, I'm going to have to check for you, right now. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Alex. Is that your fort? ALEX ROY: Is that my fork? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Fort. Fort. Fort. Are you in a fort? ALEX ROY: Yes. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes. What else, what'd I miss? ALEX ROY: I like this comment, if Leo were to tell you "have a good day," you would. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's funny. LEO PARENTE: You didn't miss much, other than the top two Audis have been switching positions based on pit stops. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, look at that, 45 seconds. LEO PARENTE: What? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: 46 seconds gap. LEO PARENTE: Again, based on pit stops. So it'll cycle back closer when the next stop. This is the number four car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So if this is a question of pit stops, what does that actually mean for the teams? Is this a question of managing tires and fuel? Or-- LEO PARENTE: Yes. Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. Have these decisions been made? LEO PARENTE: The calculation have been made. And as you get closer, depending on where you are on track, if they hold station like this they may have worked out the math and decided who's gonna win it or not. If a mistake gets made somewhere, or if traffic affect the difference, then you'll see someone make a judgment call on what they need to do to try to win the race. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. That's an interesting answer. LEO PARENTE: And I would imagine that when the math works out, at the end of the race, you won't have the 45-second gap, you'll have the two-, three- five-second gap. And they'll be closer. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And it'll be down to their racing. LEO PARENTE: And it'll be them going for it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]? LEO PARENTE: Could be. Should be. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And we have what? Three and 1/2 hours left? LEO PARENTE: We have-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Three hours, 20 minutes left. LEO PARENTE: 3:20. So for example, here's the pit stop for the two car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So how often do they pit? LEO PARENTE: Around every 13 laps. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. And if they're churning out-- LEO PARENTE: I'm too tired to do the math, so I'm just kind of watching. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Viewers who are smarter than us will know that it's something around what? 34-minute stints? Something around 40-minute stints. LEO PARENTE: Sounds good. ALEX ROY: "Leo doesn't need a receipt to return electrical items to AutoZone." LEO PARENTE: No, Leo doesn't shop at Autozone. Sorry. I just went snob on you. That's because I don't have a car right now. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Oh, it's getting light out here in New York. LEO PARENTE: I don't want to see. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Well this is wonderful. [INAUDIBLE]. What's going on in the other classes? LEO PARENTE: Holding station in GT, Corvette leading GT Am. P2, as you said, Starworks, back in front. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Starworks. LEO PARENTE: That was Kraftwerks. from the what? '80s? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I love that band. LEO PARENTE: You remember that band? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I do remember that. Is this the Krohn again and the number one Audi? LEO PARENTE: This is move the hell over. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The Ferrari did not move over. That was an under pass by the Audi. I think that sounds like a fair thing to do. ALEX ROY: Follow McNish. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But the Aston seems to have dropped back a bit. LEO PARENTE: Before I flip over it, yeah, but he's six laps ahead of the fourth-place Corvette. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. It looks like he's safe in his position. LEO PARENTE: He is one lap back from second place. So we'll see if there's a shot. ALEX ROY: F1Villain, if you can find parking in Manhattan for $250 a month? Take it. That's cheap. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. ALEX ROY: Leo, DefConLuke is asking, "How many laps difference will an aggressive fuel stint versus a conservative one take?" LEO PARENTE: I sound snarky when I say I'm really not sure. But you could probably eke out maybe one or two. In a place like this, maybe one extra lap. I mean, obviously depends on how conservative and I don't exactly know-- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] LEO PARENTE: I'm wondering if it will go more than one extra lap, two extra laps. I really should start listening to someone to find out. Maybe a viewer knows how many laps they are truly getting on a stint. I read that they were forecasting the e-tron was gonna get about 13 laps. ALEX ROY: By the way, "As a young boy, Leo walked to school every day, the weather was perfect, and it was downhill both ways." LEO PARENTE: That's not a geographical comment, that's my career comment. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: These Charlie Sheen ads are amazing. I wish I'd made them. Because they're that good. LEO PARENTE: A lot of big swipes of the wheel over there. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Did you see how I was doing? LEO PARENTE: No. I kind of missed it for this Le Mans. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's OK. You missed nothing. LEO PARENTE: Did you like the car? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I loved it. LEO PARENTE: Simming the R18 around Sebring. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Leo is looking something up. LEO PARENTE: And I may not tell anyone anyway. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Leo is a mysterious man. There's a lot going on in his noggin that we don't always know about. LEO PARENTE: Oh, did I spill? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh. That's the right and left click. I didn't figure out how to work the clicker thingy. LEO PARENTE: What are you talking about? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: On your computer. LEO PARENTE: On my computer? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. I was pressing the middle of that thing on Le Mans. And nothing was happening. ALEX ROY: "A hybrid race car is when Leo rides a horse." RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Anything else interesting in the comments? Rolls Royce. I don't think Rolls Royce raced at Le Mans. Even back in the day. I think that was [INAUDIBLE] territory of the Benton boys. ALEX ROY: But they were the first to replace a horse's front legs with wheels so as to improve steering, and let the hind legs do the work. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Who is saying this? ALEX ROY: That's what I'm saying about Rolls Royce's racing history. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? ALEX ROY: Not a coincidence that you hear about the Mustang's live rear axle. Literally, the Mustang was a horse. And also the live front axle. [LAUGHTER] RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It was literally a living [INAUDIBLE] Mustang. [LAUGHTER] RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's late. ALEX ROY: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] ALEX ROY: Sorry. OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Alex, do you have any other good ideas about what would make a perfect racing series? ALEX ROY: Well, when I talk about vintage racing, you know what I'm talking about. A farm. You want to know what NASCAR was like back in the day? Go watch Ben Hur. I'm sorry. Sorry. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: These are all true things. I'm still that these tires are going that long. That they can do so many stints on these tires. It doesn't even seem to be a question in what they're thinking about. [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: And they said earlier, they're getting three stints out of the tires last year. And this year they're only getting two on the e-tron quattro. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is that just because of wear on the front? LEO PARENTE: That's what's being suggested, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I mean, that's the unknown element. Oh, I do hope it rains. ALEX ROY: OK, Annie Lennox. LEO PARENTE: OK. That's depressing. I checked the lap time for the R18 pole position of Sebring. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah? LEO PARENTE: I got eight seconds to go to get there. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's a ways. What was it? LEO PARENTE: 1:45. JF MUSIAL: It was the setup. LEO PARENTE: I don't think it was only the setup. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I was so far off of [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: 1:45.8, sorry. 1:46. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's pretty fast. LEO PARENTE: I still-- yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I know you know a lot about Sebring track and how the different surfaces are. Do you know much about how Le Mans is surfaced or sort of what they do to prepare the track? LEO PARENTE: No, I do not. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. LEO PARENTE: We had an earlier clip from McNish and I think Patrick Long talking about some of the resurfacing they did. But to be honest, I looked at it once when we edited. I don't recall exactly where they were talking about the resurfacing. I don't think there's a lot of preparation. The track is swept up and cleaned and then they go to work racing and lay down rubber. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. It never seems to have any problems. People racing 200-plus, no big deal. LEO PARENTE: The grip comes in over time. And remember they're here for a week. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's right. ALEX ROY: Commenters are asking who the guy is next to Leo. It's a good time to say that this is the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans coverage by Drive. I'm Alex Roy, the Ed McMahon of the coverage for the next hour or so. Then we have Leo Parente, who is the Werner Herzog of motor sport coverage, look him up. And then Raphael Orlove, from Jalopnik, who is my new favorite friend, having just met him today but read his stuff for a long time. JF is resting. Josh is invisible. Robin, who is our muse for the night is relaxing and smiling. She's [INAUDIBLE] blue eyes. And I will return in a few minutes with a mindless non-sequiter. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Am I the Les Blanc of this racing [INAUDIBLE]? ALEX ROY: You're the Mel Blanc of this coverage. JOSH: Leo, what kind of laps were you doing on Sebring? LEO PARENTE: Four, four-- JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] there were two two-minute laps, right? LEO PARENTE: No. ALEX ROY: Leo, there's a question for Leo-- JOSH: Four? What? What, like-- ALEX ROY: Question for Leo. But first, "Leo drives his American car from the right seat." "When in Rome, they do as Leo does." And "Leo, how many DNFs has Audi had in recent years due to mechanical failures?" This commenter does not recall one. JF MUSIAL: Fell asleep at the controls, sorry. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, I saw that. ALEX ROY: Another comment, "25 Hours of Leo Mans." 55, Josh. 55. JOSH: No, that's impossible. LEO PARENTE: One. JOSH: Oh, really? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JOSH: OK. Good to know. LEO PARENTE: OK. You happy? Let me see. Can I see that? JOSH: Yeah. I did a 1:56 with a penalty, like slightly off track. I did a fast lap with no penalty of 1:58, which is not good. But with no penalty, it's [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Good job. You were eight, nine seconds behind the real time from the pole. JOSH: Eight? Wow. ALEX ROY: Gentlemen, I just want to respond to like two more commenters. TestingToComply, we're using a stock Microsoft wheel setup, with a play seat which is no longer manufactured. It was a great value, under $200. And commenter BigWormPig has just advised me, I never knew this, that about 300 years ago, Audi brought a mule to a horse race, and it was the equivalent of bring diesel to petrol. They call Audi insane. But DrOrlovesGreatGrandmother noted, "No, they're mule-sane." Who knew? Wow. Amazing. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: This is classic racing history. LEO PARENTE: It's too early in the morning to be writing stuff like that. But that's great. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Never too early. ALEX ROY: My couch is vibrating. LEO PARENTE: "Do you think Ford will ever do Le Mans?" you know, I can only hope. ALEX ROY: Yes. LEO PARENTE: OK. Good. There's an answer. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? LEO PARENTE: OK, how about this. Do you think Lincoln should race now that they're trying to make the brand something? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What? No. ALEX ROY: Only if they bring the Abraham model to the track. The Lincoln Abraham. [LAUGHTER] ALEX ROY: Awesome chassis. [LAUGHING] Sorry. Sorry. The Lincoln Abraham 01. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be amazing. I don't see why Lincoln would have to go back. There's no point. LEO PARENTE: Wow. Why? Well, go back where, first of all? What are you talking about? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I see no reason for Lincoln to go to Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: Should Lincoln race? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I don't think they have to race, either. LEO PARENTE: But who's their competition? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Lexus? I guess. JOSH: How about Buick? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Buick. LEO PARENTE: Wow. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Shooting high. LEO PARENTE: Wow. What if they wanted to be a European brand, which is what I thought? What if they want to be considered, ultimately, with Audi and BMW and stuff like that. ALEX ROY: Well, they've got 20 years of growth in China ahead of them if they just do what they do now. So why would they bother? LEO PARENTE: You talking about Lincoln? ALEX ROY: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: OK. If you say no to the racing, the heck with it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah, sorry. I don't know if Ford would even come back to Le Mans. I haven't the slightest. LEO PARENTE: Build a motor, not [INAUDIBLE] car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I guess so. That's all it would take. LEO PARENTE: They race Mustang in GT. But we already talked about that. You know what, and Mustang's supposed to be an international car, the next generation [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Ah, that's right. LEO PARENTE: I think they should go for overall win and be Ford, be a big brand. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be awesome. LEO PARENTE: No, I don't need another Ford GT. Build me a prototype with Without really high-tech engine, power train system. They're gonna have an all-electric car, right? Focus or Fiesta or whatever? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. They've got an all-electric Focus. I can't think of any other really interesting high-techy stuff they've done. LEO PARENTE: EcoBoost, you don't believe that? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, they turbocharge their cars, that's awesome. ALEX ROY: It's like putting Red Bull in the horse feed. It's like what's the point. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, they could do an EcoBoost something with like eight turbochargers, that would be cool. Like an 800-cc motor with eight turbochargers. That would be cool. I'd be behind that car. LEO PARENTE: Audi did not use e-tron at the Sebring race. They tested after and started the whole process. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's a tall man. LEO PARENTE: And he's the English guy, who actually has Honda graphics on his racing shirt. Designer LMP car. Oh, Nick Worth. Nick Worth a supplier to HPD. What are you laughing about now? ALEX ROY: "The Lincoln Abraham would have a hard time against John Wilkes Racing." LEO PARENTE: Oh, my God. Right? The Lincoln Abraham would get nervous when Booth was drafting. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, man. LEO PARENTE: Too literal? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So wrong. LEO PARENTE: "Someone slap Alex." "Let's start a chant." ALEX ROY: Sorry, sorry. LEO PARENTE: "What's, for you, the biggest surprise in Le Mans so far. ALEX ROY: Leo's energy. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: I think the downfall of Corvette Racing. Oh, RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Where are the Corvettes? LEO PARENTE: I mean, I'm disappointed in the Toyota. But it's not a surprise that for a first place at this place, it didn't go better. But I was more surprised that Corvette didn't find a way to pull it off. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. They're Le Mans vets. They should have figured it out. What's with this being a what are these? ZR1 cars? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. They're branded ZR1. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But they're not supercharged? LEO PARENTE: No. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They're not running LS9s? LEO PARENTE: I'd have to check which block it is. But they're running 5.5 liter. They're not supercharged. I don't think they're the 6.3-liter LS block. But I'm not sure. I should look it up. You're computer's faster. You look it up. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: All right. I'm looking up the block on the-- unless, you know. ALEX ROY: Hey Leo. Is diesel fuel in these cars the same as you get from a pump. LEO PARENTE: No. I think it's a special brew from Castrol [INAUDIBLE]? Shell? I think Shell, still. No, it's the special racing brew of diesel something or other. It's like molasses. ALEX ROY: There's an Audi spin, apparently. LEO PARENTE: Is there what? ALEX ROY: One of the Audis has spun out. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? ALEX ROY: It's not number one. Wait. It's not number two. LEO PARENTE: I'm not sure of that. number one is pitting. ALEX ROY: Number one's pitting. So it must be-- LEO PARENTE: Did I lose my feed? How did that happen? ALEX ROY: It's fine. It was just going into the pits. You know, it's funny. Years ago when we're trying to cover Grand Am when we were working with TRG, and we wanted to install cams and a laptop with the 3G antennas and broadcast live coverage. And we asked Speed if we could do telemetry overlays at our own expense, they all said no. And even TRG was a little reluctant because they said they didn't want their race telemetry to allow other teams to figure out what suspension and tuning they were running. And here you have Audi. LEO PARENTE: Oh, there's the spin. It happened in pit lane. ALEX ROY: Here you have Audi with huge money behind their team-- LEO PARENTE: Alex? ALEX ROY: Yeah? LEO PARENTE: Here's your spin. Watch, coming into pit lane to try to slow down to 60 miles an hour, oh. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE] that's the Renault 5 move, turbo. But here is Audi in the lead with a fortune dedicated to dominating this race, fearlessly sharing all kinds of data, no problem. LEO PARENTE: Whoa, wait, What do you mean "all kinds of data"? This is basic stuff. ALEX ROY: Well, basic stuff. But we couldn't even run a speed and gear overlay in Grand Am without upsetting Speed, TRG, and God knows who else. And that's a fairly primitive-- JOSH: OK, guys. It's about to be six o'clock. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. LEO PARENTE: You want to do your reboot or whatever it is? JOSH: Yeah. We're going to a short 60-second break. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I think it's an LS7 car. LEO PARENTE: And I'm bad at this stuff. Which one is that? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I think it's one of those Z06. LEO PARENTE: Hey guys. We're back. Alex, you had a question. ALEX ROY: We had a question about what it costs, the tire costs for LMP-class cars, what does a tire cost? LEO PARENTE: If you have to pay for it, I think [INAUDIBLE] $1,200, $1,000 a tire. ALEX ROY: Interesting. Interesting. That [INAUDIBLE] steep to me. But I'm sure that doesn't affect their develop costs. LEO PARENTE: No. That's just what the team probably has to pay. ALEX ROY: By the way, Leo, [INAUDIBLE] has pointed out that "Leo's a lover, not a fighter. But he's also a fighter, so don't get any ideas." LEO PARENTE: I'm 5' 4", gotta tell you, I don't know how much of a fighter I am [INAUDIBLE]. But you know, actually, 5' 4" you just don't wait for the first swing, you take the first shot. So who spun? Do you recall which Audi spun? Tre-- [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Treluyer? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: I gotta tell you, that could be a little bit of a difference maker, the time wasted there in that pit stop. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: We'll see how it shakes out. What was the block for the Corvette? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. Definitely appears to be the LS7 block. LEO PARENTE: And that's, as we said earlier, the Z06 block? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. The Z06 block. LEO PARENTE: So the ZR1 basically branded? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes. I would say it's entirely branded. LEO PARENTE: The side fender. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is that camera about to go out of batteries? ALEX ROY: We just hit 16,000 comments. LEO PARENTE: Hey, Josh. JOSH: Yeah? LEO PARENTE: The [INAUDIBLE] blinking on the camera again. JOSH: Oh, great. LEO PARENTE: Sorry. JOSH: It's OK. We'll go [INAUDIBLE]. ALEX ROY: Bonnie DeWitt, your comment about Leo is really sweet. But he's married. LEO PARENTE: I'm not sure we went with that. But thank you, Bonnie. Look at this. Here's another Audi. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: When is this? That's the number one. LEO PARENTE: 21st hour. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I must have been unconscious. LEO PARENTE: And I must have been driving. So basically, the number one car is getting sloppy. And that's giving number two car-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Number two car right now has a 49 second lead? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Almost 50 seconds, coming up on a lap. LEO PARENTE: Coming up on a lap? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, it's going to be-- LEO PARENTE: 49 seconds? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. It's not gonna be a lap. LEO PARENTE: Right. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Don't to listen to Raphael Orlove. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE]. I actually do listen. I just don't know whether I believe everything. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: As well you should. I think it's a healthy relationship. What's going on with this Corvette, the 73? LEO PARENTE: Are they thinking they're tagging into P3? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. Not even. LEO PARENTE: Thank you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I don't know what they're doing. Why are they on this car? LEO PARENTE: Because they paid for the in-car camera. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Oh, man. That-- I'm sure that Corvette is extremely fast-- but that Audi just is on another level. That said, it's nice to see that V8 tucked in there. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE]. So the question's going to become now, did the number one car give the race away with those two errors? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Ooh, I hope so. LEO PARENTE: In the 20th and 21st hour. LEO PARENTE: Oh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, look at that. LEO PARENTE: Audi ultra nosed in, the car number three, which was in position number four. JF MUSIAL: Romain Dumas car, right? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. But Marc Gene was driving. LEO PARENTE: And we've got the same crunched front fenders. But he's staying in the car rather than kicking them off. JF MUSIAL: Karate kick is on the way. LEO PARENTE: The corner workers are actually trying to pull the fender off. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They're going for the open-wheel, sexy look. LEO PARENTE: Another chicane. The same chicane, hitting the marbles and going nose in, same place. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Same place. Very true. Oh, look at that. Hang it's head in shame in the tires. LEO PARENTE: Honestly, it almost looks identical. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Look at that tire, those picked up some gnarliness points. LEO PARENTE: Except they didn't remove one of the fenders. And now he's-- ALEX ROY: He's [INAUDIBLE] bam. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. It literally is the same corner is banged up. They're gonna have to replace the same suspension. And if he's not careful this one's going to dislocate from the car. ALEX ROY: That looks really bad. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: These can't go very quickly. If you've ever ridden a bike without tires. JF MUSIAL: Who would ever do that? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I've done it. It's fun. LEO PARENTE: Where do you come up with these things? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE] it looks like this. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] tires? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What are you talking about? It's a great way to spend an afternoon. Robin Williams does it in Good Morning, Vietnam. Or no, not Robin Williams, the other guy. ALEX ROY: I predict that car is not gonna make it back to the pit. It looks like the vibration and oscillation's getting worse. LEO PARENTE: It's got over half a lap to go. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I think he can do it. Look at him go. Oh, my God. It's like a really sad turtle. Look at him. No, humorous as it looks, there's an extremely serious racing car driver who's probably having a very serious conversation on his radio right now, I'm sure. LEO PARENTE: I actually believe there's no talking going on right now. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. He's got nothing to say. And the crew's nothing to say to him right now. Get the car back. Get the car back. Where are you? And get the car back. First chicane. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's a long way. ALEX ROY: It's a long way. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: When was the last three-wheeler to race in Le Mans? ALEX ROY: The three-wheeler was was the first car manufactured by Morgan. HFS Morgan. Took his wife on [INAUDIBLE] climbs and set many records. LEO PARENTE: Was not Gene a Peugeot driver? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. ALEX ROY: Got better. What happened? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Whoa, what happened? ALEX ROY: Yeah. Like, some piece of debris that was stuck in the suspension must have fallen out. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, how did that happen? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Clag? Was it the clag? LEO PARENTE: Wow. He was on the line. How did that happen? Too fast. ALEX ROY: Well, whatever was causing that just fell off. LEO PARENTE: Look at this. Somehow he balanced the chassis back where the-- eh-- he's got the front tire to roll straight. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But there may be something fundamentally broken. LEO PARENTE: Oh, you know what? It's the same number three car. This is twice they've down this here. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Look at the dashboard. It was the three car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And-- LEO PARENTE: Three car. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: F1Villian, I agree, go Lola for podium Do it. LEO PARENTE: No. It's still one, two, three Audi, guys. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Look at those brakes. That is nuts. Those do look a lot like what's on an F1 car. LEO PARENTE: Alex, here's your friend Spencer on camera. JF MUSIAL: It is 7:00 AM in New York City. 1:00 PM in Le Mans France. We just had our 60-second break. Welcome to the 25 Hours of the 25 Hours of Le Mans. The 80th running of the famous endurance race in Le Mans, France. LEO PARENTE: Two hours left? JF MUSIAL: Two hours left. What a night. LEO PARENTE: Kind of like only an American Le Mans race to go. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. As dawn rose for four Audis, the two e-tron quattros and the two ultras were leading in P1. And then Allan McNish in the number two and then the number three, both went off pretty much at the same, crashed. And both into the pits, and then the garage to get fixed. We were under safety car period for approximately 10 minutes. At which time they were trying to determine whether or not to fix the Armco. They decided not to. Race control opted not to. And now we are back under green-flag conditions, with Allan McNish putting down pretty quick times. A second a lap faster than the sister ultra car running in P1. We have two hours left, which as Leo said is an ALMS race. And we are-- LEO PARENTE: Gonna make it. JF MUSIAL: I feel like a bag of smashed tomatoes. LEO PARENTE: I've found it, I guess, interesting that Audi's dominance of this race before the errors-- an unforced error by Marc Gene hitting the Mulsanne chicane, getting into the marbles. And putting the number three car into the same tire wall, a feat that had been done earlier in the race. And Allan McNish, in the Porsche curves, trying to pass a slower GT car, the way Anthony Davidson in a Peugeot tried to go by a Corvette a few years ago, creating his own error. That with all of that, Audi remains one, two, three. McNish stays in second place. But is now two laps back. So that battle for the lead may be over. And the fourth-place Audi dropped to fifth and is two laps back of the Rebellion Toyota gas-powered that is now in fourth. But through all that, Audi retains the podium. And I almost beat myself to the punch line. And you gotta wonder what Toyota is thinking if they hung around. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. We just saw Andre Lotterer get into the number one Audi e-tron quattro. Driver change, fuel stop, tire change, back out on track. Oh, my God. I can't speak right now. Back out on track, underneath the Dunlop bridge, heading towards Mulsanne. That was a green flag stop, cost them a little time. McNish, probably to his advantage. The one thing that McNish had was that they filled up when they had to change the front suspension component. Now only one lap down. LEO PARENTE: The P2 class has been pretty procedural, as well. [SIDE CONVERSATION] LEO PARENTE: There've been some offs. but the front has remained the Starworks, the American entry, a WEC entry, but leading the class. And the second and third positions have been unchanged. Same in GT, where the two Ferraris, led by AF Corse followed by Luxury Ferrari. And then the Aston Martin, who fought its way back from I think as low as sixth to hold station at P3. The Corvette Racing factory car, for all of its trials and tribulations, remains in fourth position. But enough laps back that really it's not fighting for the podium. And we're in a position where it's going to be a process to work through the two laps. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Two hours? LEO PARENTE: Two hours. It's for those cars to lose their podium station. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Sorry to kill the excitement. But that's really where we are. JF MUSIAL: If you want to follow along, go to live.lemans-tv.com or audi.tv. I'm getting tired of saying that. What? You all right? JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Nah, you gotta stay awake. JOSH: No, no. JF MUSIAL: Josh, you can't. There has to be a producer. JOSH: Oh, God. LEO PARENTE: Oh, God? You can make it. JF MUSIAL: Stay with us, Josh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Don't die on us. JF MUSIAL: Come on, Josh. Josh is pacing through the room. Very upset with himself. He is pacing, this is the fourth pace. OK. JOSH: Oh, God. LEO PARENTE: It's Father's Day do it for your dad. JF MUSIAL: Stay with us, Josh. Come on, man. Pull through. We already have Alex passed out. LEO PARENTE: Really? Oh, yeah. Really. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I could do that. JF MUSIAL: 375 people depend on us right now. Depend on us. LEO PARENTE: Oh, well the hell with that. That's nothing. JF MUSIAL: They are depending on us. LEO PARENTE: Really? Having said that, you just dropped to 372. So what happened to those three people? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. JOSH: Oh, wow. We're gaining now. LEO PARENTE: Oh, OK. JOSH: 373. JF MUSIAL: We got people from Japan on board with us. We've got to keep the fort down. JOSH: Japan? LEO PARENTE: What's that? JOSH: People from Japan? JF MUSIAL: Japan. Yes. LEO PARENTE: Yes. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Nandesuka. JF MUSIAL: Are we rivals with Speed [INAUDIBLE]? Absolutely not. Love those guys, love the photo galleries. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] off that damn couch. JF MUSIAL: What? JOSH: Get Alex off the couch. JF MUSIAL: Alex. Alex. ALEX ROY: Nyet. Yeah, I'm right here. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Let's let him go back to sleep. And then we'll wake him up [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: You're awake. ALEX ROY: What would you like to know? JF MUSIAL: You see that crash? ALEX ROY: Which one? JF MUSIAL: The one that's on the TV? ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. It's all replays. JOSH: All of the cars crashed together. JF MUSIAL: Every car has crashed, Alex. Every car. LEO PARENTE: It was like a bad sim data dump. JF MUSIAL: And then the Vikings came in. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE] Vikings? JF MUSIAL: The Vikings have destroyed it all. ALEX ROY: You wouldn't believe how many joke books I carry. JF MUSIAL: We've got Portugal Greece, Australia, India, Philippines in the house. Holy crap. Hello, everyone. Good to see everyone. LEO PARENTE: OK. It's time for a ranking. Scale of one to 10, guys. Give your count on how this Le Mans was for you. And remember, go all the way back to the start. We had the energy of the Toyota competition. JF MUSIAL: Oklahoma, no way. LEO PARENTE: We had them prove themselves that they were competitive. We had the drama of the Davidson crash which now Speed is showing over and over. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. That was a gnarly crash. JF MUSIAL: Horrible accident out of Mulsanne, into the Mulsanne corner. The seventh hour we had the DeltaWing accident. A shame, totally a shame. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, that was. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Right into the Corvette, as well. JF MUSIAL: The Toyota spin. LEO PARENTE: Audi, sorry. JF MUSIAL: Oh, Audi spin. Russia here. Vegas. Taiwan. Truly an international crowd tonight. JOSH: Philippines. JF MUSIAL: I saw that, Philippines, yeah. JOSH: Belgium. Greece. JF MUSIAL: Then racehorse. JOSH: India. The Isle of Leo. LEO PARENTE: Oh, really? Tell you what. The Audi team has gone through a ton of parts. Yeah, I wonder who's parts bill is bigger, Corvette or Audi? JF MUSIAL: Inglestadt is having a rough day. LEO PARENTE: He chopped it off. I don't think he hit anything. I don't think he hit the curb or the grass, I think he just chopped off the corner. JF MUSIAL: I remember when they did the slow-mo, I saw grass pop up. But then he drove up on his-- LEO PARENTE: Eek. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. That's rough. JF MUSIAL: Or at least the paint. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. JF MUSIAL: The paint would easily have thrown him off. Texas. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Lotterer is in P1. The Corse Ferrari's in P1-- LEO PARENTE: Why are they showing the 67 Porsche, is that the leader in P2 now? In GT Am? JF MUSIAL: I don't know. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm checking. LEO PARENTE: Thank you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That it is. It's the IMSA Performance, which has been leading up there for quite some time. JF MUSIAL: Whoa. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's the Porsche rounding out the obligatory Porsche victory at Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: They're on the same lap. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They're on the same lap with not a huge difference. It's 30.5 seconds up on the GT Am Corvette. JF MUSIAL: Singapore. Alex, you catch that one? Yeah. It was pretty bad, right? ALEX ROY: Sweet jiminy. JF MUSIAL: I thought the same thing. LEO PARENTE: Bonne la fete papa. JF MUSIAL: That's happy Father's Day. LEO PARENTE: You know, you're too happy for not winning the race, sir. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: They showed a Corvette guy wishing his dad happy Father's Day in French. JOSH: In French? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Bonne fete papa. JOSH: What's that about? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I love the rate on these R18s. JF MUSIAL: One hour and 45 minutes left to go. We can do this. We can push through. LEO PARENTE: Why is there another waving yellow here on the Mulsanne? JF MUSIAL: I don't know. Debris on track? Because it was a local? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. May be, huh? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm not seeing anything on the ACO feed. JF MUSIAL: We have been up for quite some time so far. LEO PARENTE: Yes, we have. There's the chicane. Not chicane, kink. And there's Mulsanne corner. JF MUSIAL: That's a lot of frickin' miles. JOSH: Estonia. No, Estonia, we were just in Latvia about a month ago. We didn't make it to Estonia though. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So I was trying to look up what was the most eventful Le Mans finish. And they only ones that come to mind are the ones of the GT40 years. JF MUSIAL: Last year was good. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. What about last year? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Tell me about last year. I didn't even watch. LEO PARENTE: Oh, well then it doesn't count. One Audi left, battling three Peugeots. Held them at bay, tire strategy, hot laps, won the race. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's pretty cool. LEO PARENTE: That was pretty cool. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But then I was trying to think of least eventful Le Mans wins. And that stuff is not really very well recorded. I don't know if this would go down as one of them? Least eventful Le Mans finishes? Audi cleaning it up with very little competition? LEO PARENTE: You're asking or you're telling? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Was there a year that they a raced just-- [PLAYBACK SKIPS] LEO PARENTE: --race this was pretty much no competition. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: "We need an inspirational speech from Alex." JF MUSIAL: Alex? Alex? ALEX ROY: Yeah? JF MUSIAL: People want an inspirational speech from you to keep everyone awake. Do you have anything inspirational to say? Perhaps a speech? I don't know. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, I don't think so. JF MUSIAL: Cut to them. Go away from me. LEO PARENTE: I think that's a no. JOSH: Is MotoGP today? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. JOSH: We should just stay on cover-- JF MUSIAL: No. LEO PARENTE: Eight o'clock. JF MUSIAL: Don't suggest it. LEO PARENTE: Goes right to eight o'clock. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. I'm awake now. So we might as well just do it. LEO PARENTE: Wait a minute. How would MotoGP be on? It starts at 9:00? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: How could it even be a thing? JOSH: Yeah. Yeah, let's do it, guys. LEO PARENTE: Moto. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah, dude. Yeah, dude. LEO PARENTE: Real action. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Who are rooting for? LEO PARENTE: It's an hour race, right? JF MUSIAL: No.. It's another 24. A 24-hour bike race, that would be-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, those race are like 45 minutes. LEO PARENTE: How come camera? Oh, that was you. The camera pointing to you. OK. Now I've got a picture of JF knee juggling his laptop. That's good video. JF MUSIAL: I'm awake. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: -ish. LEO PARENTE: "Demand GP coverage." I assume that means MotoGP? By the way, we can tease you guys, JF and I are going to the next GP race. JF MUSIAL: Oh, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What? Really? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. We're not taking you. Trust me. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I didn't think you would. JF MUSIAL: In Valencia on Friday. LEO PARENTE: Valencia. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way? LEO PARENTE: I'm gonna mispronounce it all weekend. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's the one where it's down by the water and nothing ever happens on track, right? JF MUSIAL: Down by the bridge-- no. Down by the river, underneath the bridge. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. That's the way we approached it. Let's go to the race where nothing happens. It's a good race, please. And it's F1. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It is F1. JOSH: When is that? JF MUSIAL: Friday. JOSH: Oh. You guys are going to Valencia on Friday? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Is it this weekend, the 22? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. That's five days from now. LEO PARENTE: Did you get your international license? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, I got it. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Me too. JF MUSIAL: Didn't need it. I don't need it. LEO PARENTE: I know. I know. I know. I know. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] stupid. LEO PARENTE: So did you see, the day after the race is track day on the track? JF MUSIAL: With who? LEO PARENTE: Pirelli. LEO PARENTE: I know. But what cars? LEO PARENTE: I have no idea. JF MUSIAL: Cool. Cool. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Do you have any interviews lined up? LEO PARENTE: We're working with our new partner, Pirelli. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I was not aware you were partnered with Pirelli. Awesome. LEO PARENTE: I just mentioned that. "How long has Leo been awake?" All freaking night long. 24 hours, baby. And there go the bottles again. The red is the water, the blue is the windshield wiper. LEO PARENTE: Really? JF MUSIAL: I watched the in-car shot. The red bottle tube flows to the mouth. LEO PARENTE: Wow JF MUSIAL: I would have gotten that one wrong. LEO PARENTE: I would have done that completely different. JF MUSIAL: Yup. "Who the hell is in the lead?" LEO PARENTE: Is that what the question was? JF MUSIAL: Lotterer, Andre Lotterer. By one lap. LEO PARENTE: Last year's winner. This year's pole winner. I think the kid's making a statement. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. But McNish is till two and 1/2 seconds faster per lap. LEO PARENTE: Two and 1/2? Really? Two and 1/2? JF MUSIAL: It was one the last time I checked. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. I'm seeing last lab, 3:30 by Lotterer. McNish, 3:27.5. JF MUSIAL: OK. Yes. The DeltaWing crashed out. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Actually, no to be contrarian, it was crashed out. JF MUSIAL: It was crashed out by a Toyota. LEO PARENTE: It had one gearbox issue, went to the garage, got it fixed, was back on track. It, pretty much through the time it ran-- and it ran through what? Eight hours? Something like that? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, it was a while. LEO PARENTE: Was maintaining the lap speeds that it was targeted to do. 3:40-ish. And as Alex Roy was kind of indicating, it really did look like the Toyota, in its effort to be aggressive and make a move on the Audis, who were all there on that restart, literally may not have seen the Delta hanging out on the outside of the corner. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Bless someone. I'm blessing burps now, that's wonderful. Toyota apologized to the DeltaWing team for the accident. Thank you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? LEO PARENTE: That's professional. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That is quite professional. I bet there's a lot of camaraderie on the teams. Especially after 24 hours together. LEO PARENTE: There is. Well, just being in the paddock racing together there is more than people know. Yeah. Valencia may be crap. And there may be no worse GP, SpaceTypeR. But I'm going. Are you? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. That's the right answer. There's tons to see at an F1 race. LEO PARENTE: And by the way, we're taking the Shakedown cameras. So how bad can it be? Which do we prefer, open wheel or full cars? Well, if you root for Audi, at this race you get both. They've been taking fenders off. I don't know. "Does anyone foresee another LMP1 team utilizing hybrid tech? Well, by 2014 every LMP1 car has use hybrid tech. And I would, as such, guess that the Porsche is going to be hybrid. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Every car has to be. So whatever brand chooses to enter LMP1 from 2014 on, it's open spec on the type of engine. And it's open spec on the type of hybrid, within the rules of up to eight-- I always get this wrong-- mega joules? Whatever. JF MUSIAL: Megabytes. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, megabytes. And you have to have some type of energy-recapture hybrid technology in your race car. JF MUSIAL: Spinelli left. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Spinelli left yesterday. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I do look forward to you trying to get an interview with Kimi, though. That would be challengeful. LEO PARENTE: That's been our personal quest for this year. So we'll see. JF MUSIAL: Number three Audi is in the pits. LEO PARENTE: Which graphics do we like, ladies and gentlemen, the black ultras or the white e-trons? JOSH: When's the last time we did a recap? 7:00? JF MUSIAL: Uh-huh. JOSH: 8:00? JF MUSIAL: 7:00. JOSH: Well, guys, tell them we'll do another recap [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Another recap coming at the top of the hour. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Recap related. Leo, what was your favorite moment of the race, in a positive way? Have we seen-- JF MUSIAL: E-trons look the best. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Great racing? Great wheel-to-wheel stuff? LEO PARENTE: The best part was when the Aston Martin and Corvette were going at it for a couple laps. Back and forth, drafting, passing each other. JF MUSIAL: Very cool helicopter shots right here. LEO PARENTE: The early laps when there was a Ferrari involved with them-- JF MUSIAL: Beautiful shot. Look at that. That shows really how cool the Mulsanne straight is. LEO PARENTE: The Toyota and the Audis carrying similar speed. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: You could feel there was going to be a little intensity there that didn't come to fruition at the end. But other than that, to be honest, it's been processional, mistakes. JF MUSIAL: These Ferraris have the red bottles, too. Look at that. Look at that. LEO PARENTE: Waltrip Racing. This is the new thing, huh? JF MUSIAL: Oh, that bottle's about to-- LEO PARENTE: Yeah. That's gone. JF MUSIAL: It's still up there. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's gonna be like Raising Arizona. LEO PARENTE: They're not going to forget the baby. JF MUSIAL: We forgot the bottle. LEO PARENTE: Thank you for your answers. It looks like it's six one, half the other, with the e-tron graphics, the black ultras. Yeah. It really is pretty close to 50-50. But I'm opting for the black ultras. That looks more Audi to me. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm gonna see if I can find anything about how Anthony Davidson is doing. JF MUSIAL: Any battles going on right now? LEO PARENTE: I'm afraid not. I'll look again. But I'm afraid not. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Checking back in with-- JF MUSIAL: McNish? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: GT Pro. LEO PARENTE: Still one lap back. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Still one lap back. JF MUSIAL: McNish just ran a five second of a lap faster. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He sure did. JF MUSIAL: Than Andre Lotterer. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: But he's still a lap down. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Five seconds is a big chunk though. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Lotterer's car has been running-- JF MUSIAL: A little slower. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: A little bit slower, consistently slower. JF MUSIAL: I wonder what Leena Gade knows that no one else knows about that car. LEO PARENTE: Hour and 1/2 to go. They're conserving tires and McNish doesn't have a choice. JF MUSIAL: Oh, boy. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Dios mio. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's the the lead car. JF MUSIAL: The lead Ferrari in GT Pro in the pits. For AF Corse. LEO PARENTE: Another driver from Finland, Vilander. Third guy in the leading car. Wasn't Bruni the driver that roughed up the BMWs at the end of the Sebring race? JF MUSIAL: I don't remember. LEO PARENTE: OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, you talking about that race? LEO PARENTE: Sebring RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, my gosh. That was insane. No one if it was the 71 or the 59 or the 51 car. Wasn't it the 51 car, in the end? Let me go back to the article I wrote about it. JF MUSIAL: Tom Kristensen is next into the number two car, Mr. Le Mans. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It was the 51 car. JF MUSIAL: That's AF Corse. Top of the GT Pro class. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Looks like the 51 car was down, and then bumped the LEO PARENTE: Joey Hand, right? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Joey Hand's racing? LEO PARENTE: No, no, no. We're talking about Bruni, the guy at Sebring. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They got fined $15,000 for that move. LEO PARENTE: Good. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, they should have been. LEO PARENTE: They got off light. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That was gnarly. LEO PARENTE: A lapped car trying to take out the leader so the team car can win. JF MUSIAL: $15,000? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. $15,000. That's a lot of clams. So do you think the French people who are at this race are perilously hung over or are they just still sleeping, or? LEO PARENTE: Well, let's make a broad sweeping generalization about a nationality. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm just wondering about the people at this race. LEO PARENTE: I think they had a good time, just like they do every year. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Indeed. All right. That's fair. LEO PARENTE: Someone's running the taxi meter on the Corvette in-car camera. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And it's not doing anything. JF MUSIAL: More in-car footage from the 73 Corvette. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I think it looks cool. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] deal to have X amount of minutes of footage from the race broadcast. This is the 74. This is the 74. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's a pretty looking car. JF MUSIAL: Parts. He had a high-speed oscillation problem, correct? LEO PARENTE: Yeah JF MUSIAL: 73 is still out on track. Jan Magnussen is driving, right? LEO PARENTE: I believe so. Yes, he is. Jan's another ex-F1 guy, another ex-Penske Racing IndyCar, CART driver. And still a real horse for Corvette Racing. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: When did he start racing with them? Because he's been a prominent name with them. LEO PARENTE: I'd have to look it up. It's been a while. He's been with them for a long time. JF MUSIAL: Stories from trackside last week. I'm trying to get to the Mulsanne straight, I had to walk down this narrow road in the middle of the night. And at least three times, I fell into a ditch about two-feet deep. I thought I had a good foot of room, and then a car would drive by. And then I'd fall into the ditch, get back up. Happened a few times. Kind of scary with all the race-control cars going back and forth. I didn't enjoy that. There's my story. Update on Alex Roy, right now. Alex Roy is passed out, number one in class. Came in for a pit stop. But-- ALEX ROY: Left with a trophy. JF MUSIAL: Left with a trophy. JF MUSIAL: Currently, our producer behind the camera, Josh [INAUDIBLE] is passed out. So we haven't changed cameras for a while, because he is asleep. LEO PARENTE: Oh, so I should probably sit up straight. JF MUSIAL: So you may be asking why the camera has never switched to me speaking. It's not because I don't want to be on camera. LEO PARENTE: We should just move, then. JF MUSIAL: No, no, no. Oh. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He's up. JF MUSIAL: All right. He's awake. LEO PARENTE: Why don't you join me at the desk here? JF MUSIAL: No. It's-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah, no, seriously. JF MUSIAL: I'm very comfortable with-- JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Oh, wait. Josh is awake. LEO PARENTE: We just got producer direction. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] talking about me? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Oh, totally. JF MUSIAL: All right, he's awake. We can do a camera change. Oh, there is he is. He's waking up. LEO PARENTE: He's waking up to himself. JOSH: JF, go sit in the copilot seat. Sorry Orlove, your time [INAUDIBLE]. It's come to an end. JF MUSIAL: All right. LEO PARENTE: The internship is over. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Indeed. JF MUSIAL: Thank you, Josh, for producing. LEO PARENTE: Is this your trash? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Not mine. It's mine now, I'll take it. LEO PARENTE: Oh, we got it. We'll clean up later. Hi, JF. JF MUSIAL: I feel sick. LEO PARENTE: How to inspire the audience? I don't even think I'm in the shot anymore, by the way. JOSH: Yeah, you are. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, screw you. Why do I look so small compared to-- JOSH: JF's a giant. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Really, I'm-- So what was the breakfast discussion? JOSH: Yeah, right. LEO PARENTE: Someone just walked in, or someone just left. LEO PARENTE: He just walked out. JF MUSIAL: Oh, all right. JOSH: We missed our opportunity for Robin to get breakfast for us. JF MUSIAL: Oh, all right. LEO PARENTE: That was it? That was you fix? I'm still in the same spot. Oh, look at that. How'd you do that? How did you do that when you were not at the camera? Oh, it's delayed. It's delayed. I'm sorry. Forget it. Forget it. All right. JOSH: Alex, why do you take up so much damn room on the couch? JF MUSIAL: I should tie his shoes together. LEO PARENTE: So what profundity can we impart for the last hour and something. JF MUSIAL: Audi has done an amazing job marketing themselves, once again. Especially with this on-board telemetry and in-car footage available at audi.tv. They are not paying for me to say that. And I'm not that much of a fanboy. I think this is awesome, awesome, awesome. Every car should have this. Every car. LEO PARENTE: But don't I sometimes see that on IndyCar and even F1 with the gas and brakes? JF MUSIAL: Who else has this at Le Mans right now? LEO PARENTE: At Le Mans. Touche. JF MUSIAL: Bingo. LEO PARENTE: Touche. LEO PARENTE: And this is cool. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: This part. I like this part. JF MUSIAL: Why can't we have that in every car, available on the web. The ACO, the FIA, please be listening right now, the WEC, mandatory for 2013, 2014. If you don't, you're a fool. LEO PARENTE: So let it be said. JF MUSIAL: And that's be putting us out of a job. But I don't care. That's awesome. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, what the hell are you doing? Yeah, really. Great. You know, here's what we've come to. Speed is showing-- JF MUSIAL: Tweets. LEO PARENTE: Tweets. That's how we talk now. That's how we communicate. That's their version of The Big Story. I've seen that movie. JF MUSIAL: I know. The Rebellion Lotus in the pits. LEO PARENTE: I think the question is, "An LMP car should just have a whole bunch of Bill Caswell stickers." OK. JF MUSIAL: A lot of people are signing back on for the last hour and 1/2 of the race. Congratulations for coming back. And thank you for joining us. Not much has happened overnight. Except, I don't remember. LEO PARENTE: That actually is the statement of the race. Because there wasn't a lot to remember. JF MUSIAL: Not much has happened. In face, we could have just looped ourselves. We could have done the Speed thing. Remember the Speed movie, in the bus, where there was the camera in the bus? And they looped it? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, my gosh. Brilliant idea. JF MUSIAL: We could have just looped ourselves saying the same-- We could have just made sure we sat here in the same position, you filmed us, we said five minutes of things, and you could have just looped it. And the same stuff would have happened. LEO PARENTE: Herbert Halstead is really excited about the R18 just hit 3,000 miles of 355 laps. Are we on track for a record? JF MUSIAL: I don't think so yet. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm checking. LEO PARENTE: Or is he just amped by the numbers? [SIDE CONVERSATION] JF MUSIAL: OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Race record, set in 2010, 3,362 miles. And the number of laps? Was 397. So currently we are at 355, which is paltry. JF MUSIAL: They could have done it last year if it weren't for the three-hour safety car period. And this has been a lot of dry run. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, yeah. JF MUSIAL: So they could be making and setting a new world record at Le Mans for most laps driven. Most miles driven, rather, most kilometers driven. whatever the-- JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] about that record, though. In order to set it, it really does rely heavily on a race with very few yellows. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: And weather. JOSH: And weather. I mean, a two-hour yellow, you're ruined. JF MUSIAL: The number two car sustained an accident about two hours ago. McNish was traveling through the Porsche chicanes and lost it trying to get around a Ferrari. Knocked himself out. The front of the car had to be changed. That's why he's no longer in front. Tom Morningstar is not there right now. Tom Morningstar is sleeping in California. I think this Le Mans and Spa are the two races Tom Morningstar has not shot at, in terms of 24 hour. He's done Dubai. He's done Daytona. He's done Nurburgring, Sebring. I've done them all except for Spa and Dubai. I keep dropping my lav, I apologize. Mike Spinelli is no longer with us. He died overnight. [LAUGHTER] RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He tried staying up so late. And we were like, Mike Spinelli, don't do it. And he died. He was like, I can do it. JF MUSIAL: Whoa people are remembering my Mulsanne footage from last year in the middle of the night when walked out to the track. I walked out to the middle of the circuit to get some footage right after Rockenfeller's crash. Mike was not killed. Mike died. LEO PARENTE: Big difference. Same result. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Le Mans killed Mike. JF MUSIAL: Derek D did not want to join us. JOSH: Derek D is sleeping soundly. And Chris is probably drifting somewhere. LEO PARENTE: As we're drifting off. JOSH: Yeah, right. JF MUSIAL: The number one Audi e-tron hybrid is approaching the start-finish line at this very moment. And Andre Lotterer is behind the wheel. LEO PARENTE: Sell it. Sell it. Sell it. JF MUSIAL: What? LEO PARENTE: No, it sounded exciting for a minute. JF MUSIAL: And he has crossed the line. I more lap to go before he crosses it again. "Lost respect for Derek D [INAUDIBLE]." I'm sorry to hear that. LEO PARENTE: Didn't he have some thing he had to go to? JF MUSIAL: I'm not sure. You notice that shot they just cut away to? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What? JF MUSIAL: A female flagger. The Danes, the Danes. Well, that's not good. Oh. He got one. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, I'm trying to recall what bird that is. That looks like a-- JF MUSIAL: We had a Drive meet up at the New York Auto Show that I guess you guys missed out on. Number 97 Aston Martin losing fluid from the rear. That is the Aston Martin in the GT Pro. They've been having an amazing race, an amazing race. LEO PARENTE: Someone just noticed they were losing me. I'm back. I'm not going anywhere. So they're in P3. But-- [SNORE] RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Two laps down, now. LEO PARENTE: Was that snoring? Awkward. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And losing. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, really. I almost fell asleep there. JF MUSIAL: Did you? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. My eyes were closed. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I saw that. LEO PARENTE: Well, wake me up. Don't let that happen. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hey. Hey. LEO PARENTE: Too late. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hey. JF MUSIAL: Alex Roy has also died. As you will see over there. Leading the GT Pro class, the number 51 Ferrari 458 Italia, AF Corse. LEO PARENTE: See the lap time for the-- oh, I'm sorry, it just updated-- second place car? [INAUDIBLE] was a five-and-change, now it's back to 3:58. JF MUSIAL: Interesting. Luxury Racing is in P2 in GT Pro with their 458 Italia, followed by the Aston Martin Vantage V8. But we just got a report that the Vantage may be leaking some type of fluid out the rear end. But what would be in the read end of the Vantage? LEO PARENTE: The diff. Oh, the trans-axle. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So bad news for McNish fans, but Lotterer is turning up the heat, is running a-- JF MUSIAL: 25.7. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. That's his best lap. Most recent is the 3:28.6, which sounds like fast enough to stay ahead of-- JF MUSIAL: Well, only one second slower than McNish. What? Than, yeah, McNish. McNish is an interesting character. He's pushing. He's pushing hard. Don't fall asleep on me, Leo. LEO PARENTE: Oh, I'm fine. JF MUSIAL: Happy Father's Day. Sit up straight, Leo. LEO PARENTE: This is straight. JF MUSIAL: It'll help you stay awake. LEO PARENTE: Oh, that's better. You're right. JF MUSIAL: Leo has not gone to sleep. LEO PARENTE: I got to tell you, after this race, after the clean up-- JOSH: Leo. LEO PARENTE: We're not going to leave it like this, are we? JOSH: I'm not cleaning up. I'm going home. Derek D can deal with this on Monday. JF MUSIAL: Stop it. We can spend 20 minutes cleaning up. LEO PARENTE: All right. We can discuss this after, too. JOSH: I spent 20 hours setting up. You guys can clean up. That sounded really mean. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, it did. It was good. It was freaking primadonna-ish. Are we getting around to? No. It's still not the last pit stop, so there probably is one more. JF MUSIAL: No. We're an hour and 15 minutes away from the conclusion of the 80th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The problem is, the Audi guys know they're gonna win. So what do they have to look forward to? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Anthony Davidson just tweeted a picture of himself. "Feeling a bit sore today, but generally just happy to be alive." LEO PARENTE: Is that what he wrote? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. Quite seriously. JF MUSIAL: Caught you. LEO PARENTE: I know. I know. I saw you peripheral, I had it. I had it. [SNORE] LEO PARENTE: Shh. This not good. We are not even an hour to go. I got more. JF MUSIAL: Everyone, wake up in the comments. I'm up. Audi number one was just in for a pit stop. That's why it was listed as out on the live timing. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So what's keeping me awake for this is there is a chance that the number one and the number two will end up very close to each other coming up to the end. Which is really annoying. I really kind of just want there to only be one Audi now. And everyone will know it will win, and then we can all go home. JF MUSIAL: What if the two e-trons took each other out on the last lap. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be amazing. JF MUSIAL: No, that would not be amazing. But that would be interesting. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah, It'd be interesting. JF MUSIAL: They all have the canisters. Yeah. Red is water. Because they put red in that one. No windscreen. We have solved the mystery of what the canisters represent. The red is for water, the blue is for window washing fluid. LEO PARENTE: Only took us 23 hours. Oh, it is Ricardo Gonzalez. Christian Zugel, oh, my God. OK. JF MUSIAL: "Can Audi finish one, two, three, four?" Yeah. Most certainly. LEO PARENTE: They got to make up two laps on the Lola. JF MUSIAL: They can do that. There's still an hour an 1/2, hour and 15, hour and ten. I don't know. LEO PARENTE: They're only running two second lap difference. JF MUSIAL: I don't know what's going on. Wow, Mike Rockenfeller is in the car behind me. 450 people are joining us now online. Where's everyone from? "Do a show on [INAUDIBLE]." Maybe that's a good idea. That's [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE]. Plenty of footage of that car at Nurburgring last year. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Why isn't that car running here? Is just, again, wrong spec? JF MUSIAL: Well, yeah. It's a GT3 car basically. It's a 430 Scuderia with a new body on it. And it has a flywheel on it at some point. Leo's faded. He's gonna make it. LEO PARENTE: Nope. Just got nothing to add. LEO PARENTE: Yay, Boston. Yay, Canada. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Portugal. LEO PARENTE: Long Island. LEO PARENTE: Quite international, guys. That's interesting. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [GERMAN]. Deutschland. JF MUSIAL: GT Am. LEO PARENTE: Still Porsche. JF MUSIAL: Greece, Alaska. The University of Florida. San Francisco, you're up late. It's 5:00 AM in San Francisco. Scotland. Australia. Serbia. Spain. Charleston, South Carolina. Portugal. Michigan. Boston, Mass. Canada. Lot of people. Mexico. Portugal. Norway. Sweden. Qatar. Hawaii. Could have a new record set at Le Man this year with the most laps and distance traveled. We'll see how that goes. We're not down, we're just tired. LEO PARENTE: I've seen with the movie Network, Fox411. We're not gonna do that. JF MUSIAL: Malta. Someone's from Malta. LEO PARENTE: Cool. LEO PARENTE: You live in one of the best places in the world, dude. You're watching us? LEO PARENTE: It's raining in Malta. JF MUSIAL: Malta. LEO PARENTE: Japan. JF MUSIAL: What are you doing from Malta on? LEO PARENTE: "What racing series would Leo have been driven if his career took off?" I'm not gonna answer that. JF MUSIAL: A little backhanded there. Barbados? What's the race track in Barbados? LEO PARENTE: Oh, remember we had the video of that? JF MUSIAL: Bobby Fox, there's a fun race track down in Barbados. LEO PARENTE: Remember, that was the one where the car went off and went through the wall? JF MUSIAL: Went through the wall. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: What? LEO PARENTE: Went through the wall. JF MUSIAL: Ottowa, Ontario. JF MUSIAL: Bushy Park. LEO PARENTE: Bushy Park. JF MUSIAL: How the hell did I remember that at this time of-- LEO PARENTE: We used to run a lot of Bushy Park video. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Bushy Park. LEO PARENTE: When we were on FLD. Remember that Lotus Europa with the big fender flares and the wing? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Some awesome 200-frames-per-second action from the track. First time Le Mas is doing this. Good move on the TV production crew side. Japan. Slovakia. California. LEO PARENTE: "Red is the e-sig juice. Blue is for Red Bull." Ha ha ha. "It's almost 9:00 at night here in Japan. This will end just in time for bed." That's mean. JF MUSIAL: I'm an Audi fan, yes. But I'm a racing fan more so than anything else. I want to see challenges. I want to see competition. Right now there is no competition amongst the Audi team. They're running the pits, they're running their strategy. They're not gonna get in each other's way. [INAUDIBLE]. Coming to the top of the hour. The last of the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Josh is gonna prepare us for a break. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. And now we're just gonna call it the One Hour of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. JF MUSIAL: Getting excited to go to bed. [MUSIC PLAYING] JF MUSIAL: Hello. JOSH: We did it guys. We're in the final hour. JF MUSIAL: Welcome to the final hour of the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans here on Drive, youtube.com/drive. On Twitter, twitter.com/drive. Interestingly enough the four Audis are in the lead. The Toyotas, one crashed out, one had a mechanical problem in P1. We'll get to GT. But very interesting, two of the four Audis crashed four hours ago, putting McNish, who was leading at the time down to second. One lap down now. And the number three car, actually also-- the number three ultra-- had an issue. So we have two hybrid e-trons up front and two ultras following behind. LEO PARENTE: Well-- JF MUSIAL: What? LEO PARENTE: The Rebellion is in P4. JF MUSIAL: Oh, apologize, apologize. But one of the most interesting things to happen right now is that all of the Audis are starting to get a little bit faster. And maybe they turned off the telemetry, maybe something broke on the cars. But on audi.tv you no longer can see telemetry on the cars. LEO PARENTE: So to that point, it still will be an all-Audi podium. Allan McNish in second place has un-lapped himself, according to this. And he just ran a 3:24-- oh, I'm sorry that was his best lap. No, it's not happening. They've quickened their pace a little bit. But nothing dramatic. They're holding around 3:37s. JF MUSIAL: Could be all pit stop strategy at this point. A splash and go. The number four Audi ultra with Rockenfeller is in the pits, getting a splash and go, looks like. Yeah. Rockenfeller of Audi Sport North America. LEO PARENTE: And McNish, too. JF MUSIAL: And McNish is coming into the pits. McNish is probably going to do the same thing, slash and go, and continue until the end. I could be wrong. I don't know. He is 2:51 down from P1. LEO PARENTE: There may be another pit stop in this last hour. JF MUSIAL: Rocky, as you may well know, was involved in the horrific accident last year on the Mulsanne straight. Good to have him back. The on Audi factory driver you do not see here this week is Timo Bernhard who was injured during the Sebring test in a horrific accident as well, that we witnessed. Back to the Corvette shot. Number 73. LEO PARENTE: Kristensen got in the car for McNish. JF MUSIAL: Oh, for McNish? OK. That is the last driver change. LEO PARENTE: Probably, yeah. JF MUSIAL: Mr. Le Mans is now in for the remainder of the race. It's his job to bring it up. He knows this place better than anyone else. See if he can get his ninth victory at Le Mans. And Alex Roy has fallen asleep on the couch. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It would be inappropriate for me to draw on his head. JF MUSIAL: No, it's OK. JOSH: You should wake him up, though, for the last hour. JF MUSIAL: Yeah, Alex, we're on hour away from the finish. Please get up. Allan McNish wishes for you to get up. He has called. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Can I touch your head, Alex? JF MUSIAL: You're going to get up. JOSH: Alex, one of your fans just' reassured us that you were not snoring, rather you were talking about Vikings. JF MUSIAL: Audi telemetry is back. That's good news. "You think we'll see a 3:20 lap?" I don't even know. Live.lemans-tv.com for live timing and telemetry, scoring, something. Audi.tv for this live feed. This live feed is provided for free at audi.tv. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Why do you think they offer that free feed? JF MUSIAL: For people like us. I don't know. LEO PARENTE: It's marketing. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Final hour. That's an old shot, thank you, Speed. LEO PARENTE: Out thoughts about Toyota's performance in the race, and what did they learn? JF MUSIAL: I was very impressed by Toyota up front. They were good out of the box. They had a good package. They had a good team. Unfortunate for them, they also had some good-- [SNORING] JOSH: He's snoring again. JF MUSIAL: Yep. ALEX ROY: No. JF MUSIAL: You're snoring. ALEX ROY: No, I'm yakking. JF MUSIAL: You're yakking? ALEX ROY: Well, more yukking. JF MUSIAL: Yukking? All right. JOSH: Come on, put yourself in a vertical position. Come on. For the kids. Come on. JF MUSIAL: Come on, Alex. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: For the children. [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Come on. ALEX ROY: Dude. Don't ever touch me. JF MUSIAL: Come on, you gotta get up. ALEX ROY: I'm getting up. You know, one of us took painkillers. The other-- How many-- cars are left? JF MUSIAL: How many cars are left? I'm not really too sure. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Too many. JF MUSIAL: That's the first question he asked. Spinelli went home. LEO PARENTE: Leo, focus. Yeah, I know. I know. I know. I should answer my side of the Toyota question. I think I agree with everything you said. But what they didn't learn is about the longevity and endurance of that car. So there's still more testing to figure out if it has what it takes to go 24 hours and maintain. JF MUSIAL: The trophies are set up. Ready to go. 57 minutes away from the conclusion of the 80th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. ALEX ROY: So what happened to the two-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Lola Toyotas? ALEX ROY: No, [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: "Is it legal for the team to adjust car settings for the [INAUDIBLE] telemetry? No. That is not allowed. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: LMP2 is still a Honda above a bunch of Oreca Nissans. GTE Pro, still the two Ferraris. JF MUSIAL: Look at the times. "What happened to the number seven Toyota?" LEO PARENTE: That was the mechanical, right? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. It was involved in a spin. And then after that they had alternator failure and some other mechanical problems. They retired the car in the night. Last lap for Kristensen was a 4:48. ALEX ROY: 4:48? What? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Why was that a 4:48? That's slow. Do we know why he ran a-- JF MUSIAL: No. I know nothing. 55 minutes left. Josh, how you doing? JOSH: I'm doing all right. JF MUSIAL: Good to see you. JF MUSIAL: Number three. LEO PARENTE: The fifth-place car. JF MUSIAL: It's in the pits. LEO PARENTE: Pit stop. JF MUSIAL: The Rockenfeller car. Oh, sorry, Romain Dumas car. The car crashed twice in the Michelin chicane. This is the [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] JF MUSIAL: What? JOSH: Somebody claims that Spinelli means a joint of marijuana in Italian. JF MUSIAL: OK. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: How different would this show be if we were actually at Le Mans? JF MUSIAL: It'd be worse. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: How? JF MUSIAL: We'd have no information. None of us would focus on-- JOSH: As it is, we get most of our information from our viewers. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Wait till they figure out that we're watching them. JOSH: Well, we're spending so much time reading and looking up. LEO PARENTE: Well, we're trying to bond. JOSH: We're bonding, cracking jokes, building man-boob forts. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. But actually they've been at least 10 times where you've told us what happened before we found out what happened. Fastest lap is the number 44 HPD leader in P2. Just did the fastest lap of the class, a 3:41.024, according to-- oh, God-- THPNFF. JF MUSIAL: So we can actually follow to see how far the number one e-tron is from the number two e-tron from this graphic up here provided by audi.tv As the number two e-tron enters the first chicane, the number one is approaching the Mulsanne corner. That's about 1/3 of the track apart in distance. It's close. But I don't think it's close enough. LEO PARENTE: No. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE] asking about last 10 years, where there was an hour grind between two teams? Last year. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. JOSH: It was Corvette and Ferrari, or it was Corvette-BMW? Corvette and Ferrari. LEO PARENTE: Wasn't there a grind between Audi and Peugeot. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: What? JOSH: Not between Audi and Peugeot. Just between any two teams in the last hour. LEO PARENTE: Like, competition? JOSH: Oh, yeah. Last year was pretty intense. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. You love your in-car there, don't you? JF MUSIAL: Yeah I do. Alex. ALEX ROY: Hm. JF MUSIAL: Coming up on three minutes left in the race. ALEX ROY: Sweet. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: How do you feel about this 24 Hours of Le Mans, Alex? ALEX ROY: I'm waiting to be stopped being lied to about what happened. LEO PARENTE: WAO4R, "I have been awake all the 24 hours of this race." JF MUSIAL: So has Leo. LEO PARENTE: Congratulations. We're with you. "I have five beers left." One, two, three, four five. Get over here. JF MUSIAL: It's only eight o'clock in the morning. LEO PARENTE: "I could see Leo nearly asleep." So could I, sorry. JOSH: For us it's negative 22:00 at night. JF MUSIAL: Negative 22:00. JOSH: Not 8:00 in the morning. LEO PARENTE: "Leo looks like he's going to conk." Yeah. It really does. I'm fading this last hour. This is not hours. "Yeah, Honda definitely. They're increasing their motor sport support." Nah, you know what? They're really not. But they need to. And they need to figure out that there's racing other than McMillin. No offense, [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So Leo, what do you see as the future for Audi motor sports? At a certain point the Le Mans thing is going to grind to a halt. LEO PARENTE: No, that's assumptive. But what are you asking? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, I'm wondering, when do you think they're gonna stop running cars in Le Mans? And what do you think they're gonna do after that? Or how they might transition out of Le Mans. Or, maybe they wouldn't. And why you think that would happen. Because they're not going to keep running like Ferrari runs in Formula One. Or do you think they are? LEO PARENTE: So Audi has made a stake in motor sport, by attaching their cars and technology to their road cars. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yes. LEO PARENTE: So for that to change would be a profound statement. And I'm not sure I've read anything convincing me that Audi has embraced Formula One as that connection to that ethic. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Right. But they are in DTM. LEO PARENTE: So I don't see, again, a production body. So I don't see them changing what they're doing. Unless I start hearing something from Audi that speaks to, pinnacle of the sport, leadership, and whatever. And I can't make the assumptive close that they're leaving Le Mans. And I can't make the assumptive close that they're moving up anywhere. And they've pretty much done everything up to this point, from WRC all those sedan, production-based stuff. I don't know whether [INAUDIBLE] answer your question. But I'm not convinced they're the next ones to go to F1. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. That's not what my question was. LEO PARENTE: By the way, this is two years in a row that guests show up an interview me. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: All right. No. LEO PARENTE: No, go. Keep going. One more shot. You've got one more shot before a quarter past. Then we're gonna focus on the end of the race. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: All right. That's fine. I mean, the thing is, Audi has been steamrolling this race for quite some time. LEO PARENTE: Has it been bad for the brand? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. LEO PARENTE: Then why change? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: For decades, you think they could hammer out Le Mans? LEO PARENTE: They have been. They've taken on everyone that's come to try to beat them. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: See, I think that would be a bold statement to stay that you could expect Audi in Le Mans campaigning for the lead in like 2030. LEO PARENTE: You know what? You could have said in 2000-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It would have been bold to say that they'd still be running in 2012? LEO PARENTE: In 2012 and '13. And here we are. So add 13 years, I'm up to '26. I'm only four years away from your 2030. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Come on. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. I mean, it would be bold. Well, Porsche ran that hard for quite some time, gunning for P1. LEO PARENTE: I think it depends on if everyone embraces F1 as something that has engine-power technology that's relevant to road cars. And you could argue that with these rules for WEC, and if there is a connect-the-dot to running F1-designed engines in an endurance mode the way they tried to do before, then a company like an Audi who is committed to sports car racing, could mod their motor and jump into F1. Or could jump up to F1 and be a power source to other teams. But there's not enough-- And I know the conjecture thing is fun. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Basically, you're saying they're committed to motor sports and it's either going to be Formula One or Le Mans. And it's not gonna be Formula One. So they're going to stick with Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: Well, what I'm trying to say is, there's no logic to say they're gonna jump up. There's no logic to say they're gonna leave yet. And there's no reason to say they're gonna leave. Because they've been successful here. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I think there's a logic to them leaving. Because I think everyone has to leave at some point. LEO PARENTE: And I'm happy to have that debate. But just because you have an opinion and I don't have the same one doesn't mean I'm right or you're wrong. Or vice-versa. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Very true. JF MUSIAL: I don't know what's going on. LEO PARENTE: Exactly. Let's go to the race. JF MUSIAL: Lotterer is still up front in the number one Audi. Number two Audi, with Kristensen behind the wheel, is in second place. LEO PARENTE: I didn't mean to be difficult. I honestly, at the end of this slog, to have a spirited opinion debate like that, I don't think it's a good move. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: OK. LEO PARENTE: Let's finish up the race. JOSH: Can't they drive faster? JF MUSIAL: Third is the R18 ultra of Rockenfeller. LEO PARENTE: If they drive faster, the clock doesn't go faster. JOSH: Damn it. LEO PARENTE: This is my question for the group. What was the fastest Le Mans 24 ever? [LAUGHTER] LEO PARENTE: Really? Am I still asleep when I ask that question? JF MUSIAL: This guy looks haggard. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. He's the front suspension guy on the number three car. JF MUSIAL: No, he's the crew chief. LEO PARENTE: I know. To your point, the lap times? They're rally holding station here. 3:30s, 3:32s, 3:31s. JF MUSIAL: What's he saying? LEO PARENTE: Looking for a routine in a long-distance race like this. On Speed, Audi crew chief. Now they're talking about prepping for the 24. JOSH: Not to go back to your previous topic. But someone made what I think is a heinous claim. "Porsche coming in 2014 into Le Mans with Audi. Why would they compete against each other?" Of course they'll compete against each other. [INAUDIBLE] owned by a parent company has, I think no-- They're not the same team in any way. LEO PARENTE: And both companies have said they embrace the spirit of competition internally in the organization. JOSH: And I think they both have everything to prove by competing against each other and nothing to lose. LEO PARENTE: And as we've said before, they already compete against each other in GT races. JF MUSIAL: They do, that's right. LEO PARENTE: GT3. "[INAUDIBLE faster out of the braking zones where they have more power and traction from the e-tron system?" I think that's true. JOSH: Alex is snoring really loud. JF MUSIAL: Hey, Alex. Stop snoring. ALEX ROY: OK. LEO PARENTE: I'm unconvinced on that. But OK. JF MUSIAL: There's not much to say right now. LEO PARENTE: You could start making stuff up again. JF MUSIAL: In GT Pro we've got the 458 Italia AF Corse with Fisichella running in P1 with the Luxury Racing 458 Italia behind him. And the Aston Martin Vantage running P3. In GT Am, the 997 Porsche of IMSA Performance in P1, with the Larbre Competition Corvette C6 ZR1 in P2, with the Krohn Racing 458 Italia in P3. In LMP2, the HPD-Honda, Starworks Motorsports, number 44, P1. Oreca Nissan, P2 from TDS Racing. And then number 49 Oreca Nissan in P3. DeltaWing is out, due to an accident with the Toyota number seven. As is Alex, out. LEO PARENTE: Thank you for doing that update. JF MUSIAL: Sorry. LEO PARENTE: No. JF MUSIAL: Did I bore everyone? LEO PARENTE: No, no. Yeah, this is a point in time in the car where you either consciously focus or start to get impatient. What are we laughing about? JOSH: Alex jumping out the window. LEO PARENTE: Oh. JF MUSIAL: The changes to Drive coming this year? I don't know what you're referring to. And I'm the producer of Drive. So I don't know where your news is coming from. LEO PARENTE: JF, you didn't get the letter? JF MUSIAL: Maybe after this weekend. LEO PARENTE: How about a new Shakedown host? JF MUSIAL: Oh, stop. LEO PARENTE: "Jalopnik dude, go to sleep." I'm sorry. I didn't mean to read that out loud. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, there's been a lot of those. They want me to go away. LEO PARENTE: See, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time. JOSH: No, man. Orlove had like four hours of praise. He walked off the couch at one point, everyone was like, where's the Jalopnik guy? Bring him back. And you were also "the beard" for several hours. People were like, get the beard back on. LEO PARENTE: I know. No, they doubled the camera-- JF MUSIAL: They doubled up the cameras. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, my God. Does this count double for them? LEO PARENTE: Who's stuck around and heard JF explain how in-car cameras get put on air? It's basically a time buy. And we were arguing that with all the bad things happening to Corvette Racing, they weren't getting the in-car camera time. So at the end of the race, they were showing camera time to fill the space. Now the 74 car came out of the paddock and is running around. And they're showing the in-car cameras side-by-side on Speed to double the car count, to fill the allotted time, to get the check. You've got to be kidding me. That's great. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The ACO is running out of hours of-- LEO PARENTE: Oh, well, it's not the ACO. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. Whoever the broadcasters are. LEO PARENTE: Speed TV. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Speed TV, sure. LEO PARENTE: We can start naming names, but I don't want to do that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: John. Howard. LEO PARENTE: That's the leading amateur Porsche in front of the Corvettes. Yes. JF MUSIAL: You all right, Josh? [AUDIO CUTS OUT] JF MUSIAL: Thank you, [INAUDIBLE]. How are you, Alex? LEO PARENTE: "You should play some music in the background. This is dumb." JOSH: I kicked that guy out. JF MUSIAL: The new Viper is going to get involved, someway, somehow. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: What? LEO PARENTE: "When Alex was a kid." Did you read this one? JOSH: Yeah, Cartman? LEO PARENTE: "When Alex was a kid, he used to be called Eric Cartman. What are you reading? What are you laughing at? That one? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, good times. LEO PARENTE: We will explain later. JF MUSIAL: I can't even look at him. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: We've signed a deal, Polizei Racing [INAUDIBLE] Le Mans. We'll be running a turbo diesel Wankel car in 2014. ALEX ROY: Now we know that 3104 is not true. JF MUSIAL: Hey, Alex. How are you buddy? LEO PARENTE: "How competitive do you think Ferrari or McLaren would be in LMP1 class if they were involved?" I'd never sell McLaren short. Ferrari said that they are committed to F1 as their factory program. So it becomes another moot point. But if they got committed I wouldn't sell them short. JF MUSIAL: So happy I don't have to get behind the wheel of a car right now. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Very true. ALEX ROY: Here's something true. For such a successful brand in racing, you'd expect to see Audi you have more radical street cars. JF MUSIAL: Good point. The R8, though is radical. Hopefully the R4 will come out and that will be a change of pace. JOSH: I feel like, generally though, there's nothing radical about Audi street cars, the brand. JF MUSIAL: They are conservative. You Well, their interiors have been best-in-class. But they haven't really changed much or done anything [INAUDIBLE]. Their concepts have been radical. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. Well, some of it's cost optimization. I mean, they're part of the whole Volkswagen group. They're part of EAG. So they have to keep costs down to be-- it's not just about how many cars they sell, but how much profit they make on them. Run away from the cords. JOSH: It doesn't even matter, I'm just using the shotgun mic at this point. JF MUSIAL: 500 people are back watching us with a half an hour to go in the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans live-stream-a-thon here on Drive. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in. We've got some interesting stats. [SIDE CONVERSATION] JF MUSIAL: You didn't even try to step over [INAUDIBLE]. He didn't even try and step over it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He did. He really did. He got maybe half of a centimeter off the ground. JF MUSIAL: So let's get some stats on this live stream, the 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Do you want me to read off how things are going? JF MUSIAL: We have been broadcasting for exactly 24 hours and 17 minutes. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Let me talk you through how the standings are going on. JF MUSIAL: Hold on RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Or not. JOSH: He just said he was gonna talk about the stats. JF MUSIAL: Yes. I hadn't even finished my thought. LEO PARENTE: Oh, wait a minute. All those on the Drive team raise their hands now. There we go. JF MUSIAL: OK. All right. I'm trying to load this up. 24 hours, 17 minutes of broadcast time. Give me one second, [INAUDIBLE]. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I didn't what stats you were talking about. I thought you were talking about race stats. JOSH: Oh, come on. JF MUSIAL: Go ahead. This is not loading. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? LEO PARENTE: "Don't abuse Jalopnik dude. He is awesome." Your mom texted. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. My mom is awake. LEO PARENTE: So what do you got? Who's doing what? Or am I gonna do something? JF MUSIAL: I just went through the stats. Now why are you doing it again? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, did you just go through them? JF MUSIAL: Here, here, here, OK. Ready? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Go for it. JF MUSIAL: Ready, all right. OK. Stats on what's going on. We have had 71,060 people tune in to this live stream over the past 24 hours. LEO PARENTE: Is that better than last year? JF MUSIAL: Yes. That is better than last year. LEO PARENTE: Good. JF MUSIAL: Total hours viewed, 12,000. LEO PARENTE: Now is that like people passing it along? How did that number multiply? JF MUSIAL: No that's total hours of video consumed amongst the 71,000 people who have watched. LEO PARENTE: Got it. JF MUSIAL: Average time people have watched, 20 minutes. LEO PARENTE: Wow. JF MUSIAL: Out of the 71,000. LEO PARENTE: That leaves 23 hours and 40 minutes. JF MUSIAL: It's OK. LEO PARENTE: Go ahead. JF MUSIAL: And that's all I got. LEO PARENTE: So I got one for us. Why don't we go through the fastest race lap. JF MUSIAL: Number one is in, by the way. LEO PARENTE: And compare it to their pole time and see where we end up. JF MUSIAL: Yeah, sure. LEO PARENTE: OK. So let's work from the back. Let's do GT Amateur. If I can get the thing to move here. And everyone can play this game. So GT Amateur. What do we have as the fastest race lap from these guys? JF MUSIAL: 3:58. LEO PARENTE: And I have GT Amateur, the pole was 3:57.6. JF MUSIAL: Oh, that was a good guess. LEO PARENTE: Oh, you just guessed? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, I just guessed. LEO PARENTE: Oh, I'm talking about what they actually did. JF MUSIAL: Oh, I'm just guessing. LEO PARENTE: So right now, I'm seeing a best race lap of 3:56.6. JF MUSIAL: Damn it. Two seconds off. Next. LEO PARENTE: OK. GT Pro. JF MUSIAL: 3:54. LEO PARENTE: Ooh, too aggressive. Let's see. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: They went 3:56.something? LEO PARENTE: That could be. GT Pro, the pole for GT Pro-- come on, Leo read-- was 3:55.4. JF MUSIAL: Shoot. LEO PARENTE: And the fastest race lap seems to be-- JF MUSIAL: 3:56. LEO PARENTE: Ah, my God. Aston Martin, 3:54.9. JF MUSIAL: I was right. I should have-- yes. OK. I am one for two. LEO PARENTE: That seems to be the case. JF MUSIAL: OK. Next. LEO PARENTE: I am working my way up, it's taking more time than it should. ALEX ROY: I have a question about Aston Martin. LEO PARENTE: Yes. ALEX ROY: So if they're doing so well here, why do they have to such crappy gearboxes in their top-line street cars? JF MUSIAL: That's a good question. ALEX ROY: And to quote Matt Farah, the Vanquish literally had a robotic hand that shifted it inside a sealed box, which was $30,000 to replace. This is not really reasonable for a company that's delivering such great performance at Le Mans. I've been thinking about that question for over four hours. That's it? Leo? JF MUSIAL: LMP2. LEO PARENTE: Race parts versus production parts, is all I can say. I'm looking. So the LMP2 pole was a 3:38.2. Fastest race lap? JF MUSIAL: 3:35. LEO PARENTE: Wow. JF MUSIAL: Yeah? LEO PARENTE: No. I'm showing a 3:38.8. JF MUSIAL: Oh. [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: And I should be identifying who did it. But you know what? I'm sorry [INAUDIBLE]. And P1 the pole was a 3:23.8. I'm rounding. JF MUSIAL: 3:25.1. LEO PARENTE: You know this was better than that. JF MUSIAL: Oh, 3:24.5. LEO PARENTE: 3:24.189 by the number three car, this doesn't say which driver set it. ALEX ROY: What's the longest endurance car race that's ever been held? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: There's a 25 hour. JF MUSIAL: 36 hours of the Nurburgring. No, the 72 hours of Nurburgring. LEO PARENTE: 96 hours. JF MUSIAL: 96 hours of Nurburgring. ALEX ROY: And is it still held? JF MUSIAL: No. ALEX ROY: Why not? LEO PARENTE: People have things to do. ALEX ROY: Because of me? LEO PARENTE: Because of you? Yeah, because of you. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: People went back to work on the farm because summer was over. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE] did those long ones? JF MUSIAL: It's insane. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. It was a German thing. And then they stopped. JF MUSIAL: The number one-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Wasn't there a really long one in Argentina? ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, look, look. LEO PARENTE: That I don't know. JF MUSIAL: Oh. ALEX ROY: That's the first time the Japanese have apologized for anything. JF MUSIAL: Oh, man. [INAUDIBLE] Andre Lotterer. ALEX ROY: Sorry. Come on. Come on. LEO PARENTE: Oh, my god. ALEX ROY: That's where they start? LEO PARENTE: That will get us more views right there. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Hey, that's my job. ALEX ROY: I got Leo to laugh. JF MUSIAL: The number one car is about the lap the number two car. Tom Kristensen is not gonna allow it. Not gonna allow it. ALEX ROY: Yeah, he's the Hamlet of car racing. JF MUSIAL: 29 minutes left. LEO PARENTE: He can't make it that tough. Kristensen has to be a team player. The car's not leaving the pits. This is the leading Pro Am car. JF MUSIAL: [WHISTLES] That was close. LEO PARENTE: Was it? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: I missed it. JF MUSIAL: Could have mechanical go wrong. LEO PARENTE: That was one and two. JF MUSIAL: This guy. LEO PARENTE: That's Emil Rensing. ALEX ROY: You say the shirtless man with the pink shorts is Emil Rensing? What? LEO PARENTE: The haircut. The haircut fooled me. The two is pulling away from the one. ALEX ROY: You know, I'm gonna say, it's like a TV show about a bunch of people watching Le Mans that never ends. Because they're in like-- LEO PARENTE: The show or Le Mans? ALEX ROY: They're in like race-viewing purgatory. JF MUSIAL: 27 minutes. LEO PARENTE: Thank you. You're gonna count it down? JF MUSIAL: Oh, yeah. LEO PARENTE: Oh, my God. Well, that's exciting TV right there. JF MUSIAL: I'm gonna go out on a limb here, I think Audi's gonna win it. I'll say it right now, Audi wins. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Really? JF MUSIAL: I think so. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. I'm gonna go for it. Rebellion wins. ALEX ROY: You know something, it would be amazing if Audi did not win. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It would be. People would remember that race. JF MUSIAL: What are the scenarios of how that could happen? ALEX ROY: How many cars do they have [INAUDIBLE] running? JF MUSIAL: Four. ALEX ROY: And who's next? JF MUSIAL: Well, they're three, and then one Rebellion. So three cars would have to have a problem. So I could say mechanical for the two e-trons. ALEX ROY: Or we could have an accident that wiped out two of them. JF MUSIAL: They are close together, and if the other one had a mechanical. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I like mechanical better. ALEX ROY: There's still hope. LEO PARENTE: So they all line up for the photo, and one guy weaves, takes them both out. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, man. It's gonna be awesome. LEO PARENTE: And by the way, that has to happen so that the Rebellion makes up 11 laps. JOSH: So it would have to be a catastrophic accident. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. And I take that back. I guess if I do my count, they'd have to make up 10 laps. So it better happen now. There's just enough Ferraris in the field. LEO PARENTE: Someone order another 458. JOSH: Actually, at a certain point all four Audis could crash and still win. LEO PARENTE: And still win the race. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, that's very true. LEO PARENTE: Serious question. Is the rule that you have to cross the line? You have to be running at the end to be-- JOSH: Oh, right. I guess. LEO PARENTE: No, I don't know. To be classified for the win, I bet. ALEX ROY: The could line up and form a wall of cars at the finish line and [INAUDIBLE] people to push them across. LEO PARENTE: Right? That's probably the rule. You have to be running at the end, to win. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. By definition, who can drive the furthest in 24 hours. So yeah, I guess they have to be running. Pushing doesn't-- LEO PARENTE: Yeah, right. Actually, Dan Gurney, here come history-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: To be classified in the race results, a car is required to cross the finish line after 24 hours. JOSH: Under their own power? JF MUSIAL: It just says cross the finish line. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'm read off of Wiki. I'm not reading of the ACO rules. Call some French bureaucrat. LEO PARENTE: Did you say to be classified? Or to win? I missed it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: To be classified in the race results, a car is required to cross the finish line after 24 hours. JOSH: Now, the Dan Gurney story, actually, I believe, he started to push the car. LEO PARENTE: There's two of them actually. Go ahead. JOSH: He started to push the car. But it was up on the banking at Daytona. And it rolled down. And that made it [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: No. Sorry. No. On the Daytona one, he turned the starter, cranked the motor, and then fell down the hill. At Sebring, the motor blew up on the last corner and he pushed the car across the line. And that did not count. The starter motor did count. And, actually, here's a little known fact. And I bet you the Corvette people may get pissed off. Their starter motor is so robust, in the Corvette, that if they need to run the car back to the pits, the can run the starter motor. JF MUSIAL: Really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, way. ALEX ROY: Go America. LEO PARENTE: Go America, right? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: There's a stealth fighter screaming overhead somewhere just because that happened. JF MUSIAL: How woul work? They just hold it? Or well, it's a button. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. And just-- Because as it keeps turning over the motor, it's turning over the drive train. JF MUSIAL: All right. LEO PARENTE: At least that's what I was told once. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] battery [INAUDIBLE]. ALEX ROY: They should make that happen on purpose just as an example. LEO PARENTE: Well, and here's how that came up. Remember the year that one of the cars had a broken carbon fiber drive shaft? And they were trying to get back to pit lane. And the starter was back on the trans-axle. And for some reason, to your rule, the guy got out of the car and they wouldn't let him back in the car and back on the track. And he was ready to turn it over with the starter and run the car back. JF MUSIAL: You have to stay within a certain distance of the car, yeah. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Can I just say quickly, last lap by the number one leading car is 3:58. JOSH: He's getting passed, though, isn't he? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. The last closest car to be running that kind of time is-- that's decently into the LMP2 field to get a time that low. Like AF Corse 51 car leading GT Pro? Their last lap was about as fast as-- LEO PARENTE: Yeah, that is a GT time, you're right. That's a GT time. That's weird. And maybe interesting? So he could having technical difficulties. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] track, by the way, by the Porsche. LEO PARENTE: It's cool? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, it's a good track. I was on it last year. Number two is in the pits about to come back out. Quick fuel stop. ALEX ROY: All right, guys, I'm gonna come out against the grain and remove my glasses and say this. And Leo kind of got at this point earlier. I wanted more racing. Like, I wanted Toyota to do something. But awesome for Audi, for just running the cars, getting them back out there, shunts, damage, fix the cars like robots, get those cars back out there, and sweep it again. Awesome for them. Awesome. And way more awesome than 100 victories from Schumacher in Formula One in a row. Because 75 minutes, I mean, please. Please. LEO PARENTE: It is a test. ALEX ROY: It's awesome. And they deserve every bit of respect they get. And for everyone who did not watch the race, you can't just show up and win. It's impossible. And a huge check doesn't do it. Good for them. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: True that. ALEX ROY: But next year I'm not watching unless there's a real-- JF MUSIAL: And all the guys that want to finish the race. LEO PARENTE: Again, and in the car. JF MUSIAL: And in the cars. LEO PARENTE: We heard you, Alex. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It is true, Alex. LEO PARENTE: Is that the Japanese guy? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Wise words from Alex Roy. JF MUSIAL: Anything we should aware of? No. No. ALEX ROY: And Peugeot should be really ashamed, really ashamed. Because Audi did not have to win this. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, you mean it could have been Peugeot here? ALEX ROY: Yeah. Audi did enough mistakes that Peugeot could have come in here and given them a real fight. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: It is interesting why Peugeot didn't chose to just run one race. JF MUSIAL: Something, yeah. ALEX ROY: Because Audi didn't just show up and have it become a party. LEO PARENTE: To full circle, the point you were making about what should Audi do next. There is the backlash part of, if a team is so dominant like this, it intimidates other brands to make the commitment. And while it may be good for Audi, it may be chasing away other competition. ALEX ROY: It means that when Porsche shows up, it's gonna be the best season of endurance racing since 1967. LEO PARENTE: I gotta tell you, the pressure is on Toyota. I mean, they cannot have another major program that does not pay off and succeed. JF MUSIAL: Awesome 200 frames per second. LEO PARENTE: Look at that. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. Who's running a pinup girl on their car? LEO PARENTE: Starworks. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's the Starworks? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. They do it all the time. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. I hadn't the slightest. JF MUSIAL: That's awesome. ALEX ROY: If Audi loses, Raphael will change his name to And Orlove. JF MUSIAL: We are not paid by Audi to say anything. LEO PARENTE: Who said that? JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] comments. ALEX ROY: Oh. My God. "Leo was told to leave the room when Picasso was painting the Mona Lisa, because she kept smiling at him." That's really sweet. Except Picasso didn't paint her. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. Pretty good opportunity to get the facts wrong. But thank you. "I believe Toyota had a great showing. Really took the fight to Audi before they imploded." Well-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It was a race defined by promise. It showed a lot of promise. LEO PARENTE: OK. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And cool as it could be, you'll always know it by what it could have been. ALEX ROY: This guy's lucky. Because his helmet designer, or measurer, made sure that when he got out of the car he didn't look like he had a plunger on his face for 12 hours. JOSH: Oh, Caswell said something pretty interesting. JF MUSIAL: What? JOSH: In reference to Audi succeeding in Le Mans. "Think about how they changed the rule on Audi and how much money Audi spent staying on top. Easier to commit when you know your project and that the rules aren't gonna change every year." JF MUSIAL: Yeah. JOSH: Which they do. JF MUSIAL: Good point, Caswell. Good point. 17 minutes left. JOSH: Holy beep. JF MUSIAL: What? What? JOSH: I'm really excited. Excited to see who wins. ALEX ROY: Well, shoutout to Caswell, who invented a new car livery deployed at Lemons, where the left side of the car was black, right side was white. So when he illegally passed, the car description radioed in was a black car, the car viewed by the control tower was white. So good job, Caswell. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Brilliant. ALEX ROY: If Toyota really wanted to win points here, they'd follow Caswell's suggestion from his Jalopnik piece last week. Toyota would just buy all the 908s, or rent them, and make them stretch passenger limos and send them around the track in like P7. And they could recoup the cost of last year's program, $7 million a seat, next thing you know. JF MUSIAL: Corvette just took the lead? In GT Am. LEO PARENTE: Really? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way. JOSH: That's like a repeat of last year. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, yeah. There they are. Good. Corvette up. LEO PARENTE: Wow. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Three seconds up. Let's get some-- Are we going to show that instead of women in sunglasses? Probably not. LEO PARENTE: Wow. How did that happen? JF MUSIAL: Not too sure. GT Pro, we've still got the-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Was that the Matmut Porsche right there? JF MUSIAL: I'm not gonna go through this. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It is. So it's the car that was leading. LEO PARENTE: About 20 minutes left? JF MUSIAL: Cool. [INAUDIBLE]. The Audis are lining up for the finish. They're all stacked together coming through the Porsche curves. LEO PARENTE: 15 minutes to go. JF MUSIAL: They got to get that photo opportunity four times through. Yeah, they're just cruising. Just cruising. I'm glad this is a race. I don't know. LEO PARENTE: What? What? What? What's the problem? JF MUSIAL: Nothing, nothing. What if a tree fell on them all, all together? No, I'm happy for Audi. ALEX ROY: You know, Christopher Walken on racing, yesterday these cars were racing, speeding up, slowing down, around and around this little track, crash them. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Crash them. LEO PARENTE: Reality is, it wasn't Toyotas plan to go head-to-head with Audi this year. Well, they wanted to use this is a first-year experience, hide behind the Peugeot-Audi fight, pick up whatever they could, learn a ton. But they got thrust into this. They were now the major competitor to big Audi. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Very true. JF MUSIAL: What's everyone's favorite moment of this year's 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans? LEO PARENTE: Of the 25? JF MUSIAL: Let's see what the commenters have to say. ALEX ROY: It hasn't happened yet. But it will, 13 minutes. JF MUSIAL: It's been a long day. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Sometime. I liked arguing with you, Leo. LEO PARENTE: Ha. Me, too. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Don't say that, Leo. ALEX ROY: My favorite part has been actually-- I'm gonna say something really nice now-- there are so many, but it would have to be seeing Leo alert and together helming this boat over there. Number two would be meeting Orlove. Number three would be JF-- JF MUSIAL: You got nothing. LEO PARENTE: Well said. ALEX ROY: JF patted me on the head when I was sleeping. JF MUSIAL: Everyone's calling Fort Man-boobs the best, Castle Man-boobs. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I totally missed Fort Man-boobs. What in the boob? ALEX ROY: Someone mentioned my history lesson on horsepower. LEO PARENTE: That was good. ALEX ROY: Yes, that was a good one, wasn't it? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: One horse does not equal one horsepower, [INAUDIBLE]. Just FYI. ALEX ROY: It doesn't? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No. Not totally. ALEX ROY: Because there's so many different kinds of horses. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's very true. ALEX ROY: That's true. Well, you know, the Oldsmobile Shetland was a very weak model. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Well, you know they say Porsche horses are always stronger than others. Maybe they're running Clydesdales. ALEX ROY: Well, you know, Porsche's only one or two letters away from the word "horse." RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's true. ALEX ROY: The Mustang is a horse. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: And I've been known to pronounce horse "hors-uh" ALEX ROY: Yeah, that's why it was called Porse Motorsports back in the day. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I can't hang around you. It's not OK. Oh, wait, no. We've got Leo making YouTube history on live air. ALEX ROY: What'd he do? LEO PARENTE: Oh, yeah. My own live stream, let's just call it. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Yeah. He got on a live stream. Well said, Leo. JF MUSIAL: Awesome shots. Beautiful car. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Look at everything bouncing around. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: People were saying they were surprised at how much chassis flex there is. And I am as well. Looking at these really slow-mo shots, these cars are moving around. JF MUSIAL: Cool. Those are hard shots to get, I must say. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, look at that. ALEX ROY: Wow. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: When the suspension was broken. JF MUSIAL: Awesome. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, and the flames on the-- ALEX ROY: That's not as impressive as the candlelight lanterns that the horses had to wear on their heads back in the day. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Like in Escape from New York. LEO PARENTE: Are they already lined up? ALEX ROY: As the chandeliers they'd string over the course, the entire length of the track. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, no, no they had people running around with chandeliers following the cars. I'm amazed that the Honda has stayed out in P2 for so long. All the other cars-- JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE] Ross is over there at Le Mans. LEO PARENTE: Who's that? ALEX ROY: The James Bond of motor sports. Mel Copilot, the guy. You know the best way to light the course in the old days, was to set a chariot on fire and have a horse pull it around. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That's where Chariots of Fire comes from, actually. Yeah. ALEX ROY: Please keep that. You know, now that I've finished it, keep it for yourself. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I will. Damn it. JF MUSIAL: Nine minutes left. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Seriously? JF MUSIAL: Josh, nine minutes left. Congratulations everyone. Almost there. ALEX ROY: Didn't you suggest to me yesterday that I take a nap from like 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Then I'd be awake for the night shift and the morning? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. ALEX ROY: That didn't happen. JF MUSIAL: I don't know why. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: He's a great listener and rules follower. JF MUSIAL: I want to thank Zerin and George, who were our eyes and ears on the ground at Le Mans, providing us all the footage. Thank you guys. There they are, The four Audis. ALEX ROY: Look at the face of that blonde on the left. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: She didn't want you to. LEO PARENTE: She wanted you to do what? Just because you won? RAPHAEL ORLOVE: So that Rebellion car happily sitting in fourth. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. That's pretty cool. ALEX ROY: Car number 70, driven by the bad guy from Indiana Jones. JF MUSIAL: There they are One, two, four, three. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Wow, look at them. Oh, my God. JF MUSIAL: E-tron, e-tron, ultra, ultra. ALEX ROY: That is really nice [INAUDIBLE] lining up to prove a point. And you know something? It is intimidating. And it should be intimidating. Because Mercedes will not show up when they see this. And BMW is not going to show up. And [INAUDIBLE] expect it to take years to get this level of technical perfection and logistics and the protocols of the pit crews and the repairs and the whole process. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. These guys are well trained. They're a fine oiled machine. Josh is asleep. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Wow. Hey, Josh. ALEX ROY: While this is coming to an end, one thing about the tail, what's it called? The fin? What I don't understand is why one of the teams didn't decide to paint that like an actual shark fin, you know. And do a shark motif. LEO PARENTE: Mm hm. I don't know. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: It's outstanding that Audi is paying for its own marketing on that car. They're putting Audi Ultra on the huge fin. ALEX ROY: As they should. JF MUSIAL: Audi.tv is providing this feed behind us. Really good job. ACO did a good job-- ALEX ROY: Now is the chance for a Ferrari to knock somebody out. By the way, G-Power is sponsoring one of these cars, the LMP2 cars. LEO PARENTE: Really? ALEX ROY: Yes. Is it G-Power or G-Drive? LEO PARENTE: I think [INAUDIBLE] G-Drive, it's not [INAUDIBLE]-- ALEX ROY: Is that G-Tech, the hard-drive company? LEO PARENTE: I don't know. JF MUSIAL: That is the number 51, which is expected to win the GT class. The Ferrari 458 of AF Corse. Sebastien Buemi in there, chilling out for Dome Racing. ALEX ROY: I think that was Sebastien Bourdais, actually. JF MUSIAL: Bourdais, sorry, you're right. ALEX ROY: I can't believe I knew that. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE]. ALEX ROY: Well, JF only knows drivers whose glasses resemble [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Ah. Audi, with the last five minutes left, what next series should Audi dominate? I think they should go to, as someone was suggesting, Pike's Peak. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No, dude, NASCAR. JF MUSIAL: Go back to Rally. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE] NASCAR. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Can you imagine? What a statement that would be. ALEX ROY: They should enter Lemons with old A1s or A2s. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be awesome. Oh, man. Can you imagine if they showed up and beat every-- JF MUSIAL: 4:50 left. Josh, you want to stay awake with us? ALEX ROY: Leo, the old Audi sedan, was it NSU? Was that the manufacturer Audi acquired? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Four minutes. Four minutes, guys. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: You talking about the the Ro 80? ALEX ROY: Yeah. They should come back with NSU's in the Lemons series. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: That would be awesome. JF MUSIAL: So here we go guys. The final recap. Looks like the Ferrari 458 Italia with AF Corse, the number 51, will take the GT Pro win. Unofficial results right here. With the 59 of Luxury Racing 458 Italia second in the GT Pro. And the Aston Martin Vantage will hit the podium, the number 97. They did a great job testing at Sebring. They did a great job at Long Beach. Looks like the 67 has a flat. LEO PARENTE: Ugh. JF MUSIAL: He should be OK. LEO PARENTE: Not again. So the winning car, driven by Fisichella, Bruni, and Vilander, the Ferrari. In the next class? JF MUSIAL: In GT Am, we've got the C6 ZR1 Larbre Competition, the number 50, unofficially is expected to take the win in the GT Amateur class with the 911 Porsche RSR, IMSA Performance. And Krohn Racing, the Ferrari 458 Italia. LEO PARENTE: From the US. JF MUSIAL: From the US. Taking third. And the Flying Lizards, amateur, 79, will take fourth. In LMP2, we've got the HPD-Honda Starworks Motorsport entry, number 44, taking P1. Oreca Nissan, TDS Racing-- ALEX ROY: Oh, look at that. JF MUSIAL: P2. And expected in P3 would be the number 49, Oreca Racing Nissan. And in P1, Audi, Audi, Audi. The number one e-tron, the number two e-tron, and then the number four ultra of Audi Sport North America. LEO PARENTE: And not to sink the dagger. Toyota made a big deal in their infomercial about claiming they were the first ever hybrid announced P1. But e-tron ultra is the first winning hybrid LMP1. And they line up all the cars for the photo. ALEX ROY: Oh, that's really cool. JF MUSIAL: That's fantastic, actually. Seeing those four cars lined up at the Mulsanne straight. LEO PARENTE: Lotterer Fassler, Treluyer. JF MUSIAL: This is the final lap. They will take the checkered flag after this on the Mulsanne straight. LEO PARENTE: And someone wrote that there won't be a victory lap. They're just gonna pack right after. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. They're using this as their cool-down lap. ALEX ROY: Strangely I'm kind of getting chills seeing Audi come in like this. I'm happy for them after all. I mean, I wanted to see a race. But it's awesome that someone's out there dominating something. JF MUSIAL: Awesome shot from above the Mulsanne. LEO PARENTE: Well, they still call them R18s from last year. But they are two all-new car designs. A ton of people put a lot of work to bring this to fruition. So Toyota did their best. But Toyota has another time, and right now it's all Audi and they got the job done. JF MUSIAL: Hey, Josh, wake up. JOSH: What? JF MUSIAL: Final lap. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Well, said. ALEX ROY: But now I'd like to have a shoutout to Josh and to myself, for not smoking in the office. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, thank you. JF MUSIAL: Josh, great job. ALEX ROY: We Did. It for you. JOSH: I smoked a lot outside, though. JF MUSIAL: Fantastic job to the producer Josh [INAUDIBLE] behind the camera. LEO PARENTE: Someone made the comment that last year, I think you JF, you did a summary about what we learned from the race. And we talked about safety, where Rockenfeller and McNish basically survived major-league impacts and how important safety was. Take away lesson here? ALEX ROY: Spare parts. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Have them. JF MUSIAL: Run your race. ALEX ROY: Yesterday, these spare parts were sitting, cooling, relaxing in a bin. Fix them. JF MUSIAL: Romain Dumas trying to get into the camera shot. LEO PARENTE: Are we going to give them credit proving new hybrid technology? JF MUSIAL: I think they helped prove hybrid technology. LEO PARENTE: Developing what Porsche started? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Well, what Williams started. LEO PARENTE: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Interesting to see what the Lotus will do back there. He's gonna sneak in for the photo finish. 14 seconds left. ALEX ROY: Leo, were you referring to Porsche like 190- something like that? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. I mean they keep trotting out that first hybrid. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: The Lohner Porsche? JF MUSIAL: Here we go guys. This is the finish. LEO PARENTE: And there's the winning GT car behind them. JF MUSIAL: The winning GT car, the winning-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Oh, this is very convenient. We can just sum up the entire race in one photo. JF MUSIAL: GT Am car back there, as well. Audi one, two, three sweep of the podium. And Lotterer will take his second Le Mans victory. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Man. LEO PARENTE: Is he two for two? JF MUSIAL: Two for two. ALEX ROY: How old is he? LEO PARENTE: I don't know, sorry. JF MUSIAL: Coming through the final corners. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Born in '81, by the way. He's 31. JF MUSIAL: '81, OK. LEO PARENTE: Thank you. Wow. JF MUSIAL: And here they come to take the checkered flag. LEO PARENTE: It just turned 24 hours. JF MUSIAL: Perfectly timed. JOSH: I like how civil they are this year for the last-- JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: See this. They're gonna split them? There they go. JOSH: That's dangerous. JF MUSIAL: Congratulations, Audi. Good job, guys. 25 hours. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Word up. ALEX ROY: Well, I don't claim to have the stamina of the patriots over here. Are they gonna storm the field? Are they gonna storm the field and go crazy? JOSH: Come on. That was weak, guys. JF MUSIAL: What do we do now? I don't know. [INAUDIBLE] the 25 Hours, we could go another five if we needed to. Thank you to everyone who was joining us for the second annual 25 Hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This time on Drive not Fast Lane Daily. It was a good experience. I hope you enjoyed it. Shakedown tomorrow morning, 9:00 AM. LEO PARENTE: You're kidding. JF MUSIAL: No. No, don't worry about it. [LAUGHTER] LEO PARENTE: What planet are you-- Thank you for tuning in to us. JF MUSIAL: Thank you so much, I guess we'll just let the camera roll at this point. Really appreciate you guys tuning in. And for the few of you who stuck around the entire time, thank you. Really means a lot to us. Well, we could do this for an F1 race one day. LEO PARENTE: Well, we've talked about the live chat. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: And like the teams, we're going to go back and debrief, work out the tweaks. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: We made some changes, obviously, from the last time we tried it. Last year was our Toyota test of concept. Come back next year. Or maybe do something new and better, who knows? JF MUSIAL: We'll see. ALEX ROY: Can we do a multi-Skype, like multicam-- JOSH: No. ALEX ROY: Everyone from home. JOSH: No. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE], right now the answer is not more technology. ALEX ROY: But I didn't get a chance to Skype in from downstairs. LEO PARENTE: That's right. We were talking about that. JF MUSIAL: Oh yeah. I wanted to do that. And there goes the winning hybrid. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: JF, can you just thank everyone again? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. I want to thank everyone. JOSH: Seriously. LEO PARENTE: You're including the guys that-- JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Zerin and George-- JOSH: No, I mean [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: Well, the commenters, of course. You guys, thank you so much for sticking around with us. JOSH: You guys were awesome. JF MUSIAL: Thank you. ALEX ROY: Hey, we should have a competition to replace JF each year with the best commenter from the prior year. JF MUSIAL: No. Either way, I want to also especially thank Josh. Thank you for helping set all this up, the technology. So much more complicated than last year, really came together. Thank you Josh. JOSH: Sorry about all the glitches, guys. JF MUSIAL: No, no, no. Luckily [INAUDIBLE]. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: Getting better and better. JF MUSIAL: Nothing insane really with the lights or internet connection. Rushed to get a fiber optic connection in the studio late last night to make this happen. ALEX ROY: I will say that last year, between 2:00 and 7:00 in the morning, I was doing something way better than I was this year. You know what I'm talking about. JF MUSIAL: I'm happy that-- to be honest with you, I actually had a better experience doing this than being at Le Mans last year. ALEX ROY: Oh, well. You didn't meet my girlfriend, at the time. JF MUSIAL: Let's stick around for a little bit more. JOSH: I'm gonna start cleaning up. ALEX ROY: No. There's no cleaning up. JF MUSIAL: Two minures, Josh. Come join on the couch, if you wish. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Get over here. JF MUSIAL: Josh. LEO PARENTE: Just wave the crowd. JF MUSIAL: Josh. Come say goodbye. And Audi just [INAUDIBLE]-- ALEX ROY: Why isn't McNish smiling more? LEO PARENTE: Because he knows what he did. JF MUSIAL: He could have had that victory. JOSH: What he did. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Is he crying? JOSH: Is he crying? JF MUSIAL: No. He's just upset. [INAUDIBLE]. JOSH: Wow, he's really, yeah. JF MUSIAL: Congratulations to all the teams and all the participants of the 80th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Good job, guys. ALEX ROY: Except for Piero Angelo-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Pierluigi. ALEX ROY: The guy who smacked the number two Toyota. Who took from me a night of what could have been a better race. JF MUSIAL: McNish should not be so hard himself. But he is. But he's been a pro. Good job. JOSH: He really is a pro. ALEX ROY: It would be a lot cooler if he [INAUDIBLE]-- JF MUSIAL: Thank you again, everyone. Thank you, everyone, for joining us for this ultimate event of YouTube live. ALEX ROY: You're like the Richard Nixon of motor sport commentary. JOSH: Oh, someone can follow up and double check this for us. And I'm sure this will be surpassed soon enough. But I'm pretty sure that this is the longest YouTube live broadcast to date. I'm pretty sure. JF MUSIAL: We think. I saw someone say-- oh, Mike Spinelli is calling in. JOSH: We've heard of a 12-hour. But-- JF MUSIAL: Hi, Mike. Good. You want to call in? LEO PARENTE: How's it going? JF MUSIAL: How's it going? We're tired. ALEX ROY: You Judas. LEO PARENTE: Now, now. JF MUSIAL: Are you serious? You're calling right now to tell me you left your power cord here? ALEX ROY: Well, we'll be on it. We'll bring it right over. JF MUSIAL: Spin. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I'll be in the office on Monday. ALEX ROY: Are we still broadcasting? LEO PARENTE: Yeah. We actually are. JF MUSIAL: We'll be here for another probably 35 minutes. JOSH: Yeah, right. We're gonna be here for like two hours. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: [INAUDIBLE]. LEO PARENTE: Are we still broadcasting? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, we're still broadcasting. All right, we'll be here, Spin. LEO PARENTE: [INAUDIBLE] the delay is phenomenal. JOSH: Man-boobs calls us to tell us he left his-- RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Power cord. JOSH: His power cord here. JF MUSIAL: Not to say congratulations. Not to say anything else. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: Congratulations to you, Mike Spinelli. JF MUSIAL: And thank you George and Zerin, from the field. They're probably asleep at this point. Or taking photos. Guys, thank you so much. Really appreciate it. JOSH: Thank you, Jordan Vega. Thank you, Robin Baker. Thank you, Leo Parente. Thank you, Russian Orlove. Raphael. JF MUSIAL: Who else? ALEX ROY: Are you Russian? JOSH: Thank you, Alex Roy. Thank you, Christina. JF MUSIAL: Thank you, Christian. JOSH: Thank you, Christian and Alexis for preparing the set. Thank you to Alex for destroying it. JF MUSIAL: You destroyed the set and then you sat there expecting-- ALEX ROY: How was I supposed to fix it? Do I have a ladder? JF MUSIAL: Maybe walking away from it would have been better. ALEX ROY: Really? What about the ankle that's fractured on your show. LEO PARENTE: Did you mention Spinelli? JF MUSIAL: And Mike Spinelli, of course, for coming in. ALEX ROY: Thanks Emil Rensing for helping today. LEO PARENTE: Man-boob.s JOSH: Thank you, Musto. Are JF MUSIAL: And Musto for calling in. And Sean-- ALEX ROY: Thank you, Charles Morgan. JF MUSIAL: Sean Heckman. Charles Morgan. ALEX ROY: Charles Morgan. But again, thanks Emil Rensing for being here and helping us out. JOSH: Thank you, John Brook-- JF MUSIAL: John Brooks, yep. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: No way John Brooks was here. He called? JF MUSIAL: He helped out remotely. JF MUSIAL: And Ian. JOSH: Thank you, Ian Whelan. LEO PARENTE: Ian. Yeah, he was good. RAPHAEL ORLOVE: I want to say thanks to John Brooks. Because I was reading half of his articles most of this whole thing. John Brooks has some great stuff on Speed Hunters. And doubledeclutch.com is a great web site. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: All right. I think it's time for us to sign off and clean up so we can go to sleep. JOSH: [INAUDIBLE]. JF MUSIAL: At this point, congratulations to Audi and all the other teams. JOSH: All right. LEO PARENTE: See you Drive this week. Take care. JOSH: That is Drive live. JF MUSIAL: And make sure to subscribe to us. JOSH: Oh, for real, subscribe. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. Please subscribe. LEO PARENTE: All right. Big wave, everyone, we're out of here. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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