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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Script Brought to you by DJ Firewolf, formerly of KH Impulse and KH Excursion. Produced in partnership with KH-Recharged.com Do NOT claim as your own! However, enjoy! Minor note: Keep in mind that "Chi" is a letter from the Greek alphabet symbolized as a stylized X, and therefore must be read "Kee". For further information on the inner workings of the mythos, read Xehanort's Reports 1-12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Three teenagers sit at the edge of a cliff and see a shooting star in the night sky. On a barren landscape, three blades shaped as keys stand in the ground. A metal boot walks toward them, cloak billowing behind. On the cliff, the teenagers share in conversation. Three armored warriors pull the Keyblades out of the dry soil. The scenes mix until they close into a shot of the older boy with dark hair and the tallest warrior. The warrior rushes forward, Keyblade in hand, to attack. An elderly man standing beside a helmeted soldier raises his left arm and a pillar of earth shoots up from below the warrior, striking him in the side of his face as it lifts him into the air. He tumbles over and falls to the ground. He pushes himself up just in time to see another pillar of earth bursting up in front of him. In a darkened room, a girl with blue hair stands before a stained glass window. She faces the dark-haired boy, who kneels and is breathing heavily. He hoists himself up onto his Keyblade. The room turns white and the two fly toward each other in combat. The blades meet, sparks flying, as neither is relenting in force. Gritting their teeth, they recoil. A blond-haired boy whirls around to see a set of large double doors open and reveal the elderly man and helmeted soldier, who walk in slowly. The elder fades, leaving the soldier, who stops and extends his hand, beckoning. The boy's eyes widen as he stares into the dark and enigmatic helmet of the soldier. The room becomes black, where the boy stands, holding an orb of light. He drops it slowly from his palm, and it decends into the darkness. A star-shaped charm, colored blue, drops onto a girl's hand. The hand then becomes three hands, each holding a different colored charm. The charms begin to glow in the three teenagers' hands and they watch them shoot into the sky. Above a desolate crossed road, the charms become large and flat platforms, ornately decorated with a picture of a sleeping woman. The three platforms fly past a curved blue and white Keyblade and attach themselves onto the hilt of the blade becoming a moon-shaped keychain. The elderly man shoots a flurry of ice at the armored warrior. He watches as the ice creeps up his left arm. The elder grasps a shorter warrior by the helmet and lifts him into the air, the warrior flailing helplessly. The tight grip creates cracks in the helmet as the first warrior watches. The blue-haired girl stands up suddenly and the dark-haired boy walks past her. She puts a hand to her heart. A blue eye stares in fear as the shorter warrior is encased in a burst of ice. The dark-haired boy runs through a white hall quickly being consumed by darkness. On the other side of the floor, the blond boy runs through a black hall being consumed by light. Moving pictures of a mouse riding a spellbook, a young boy in green, and a blue alien zoom past him as he focuses on his escape. The light catches up to the boy, and the girl lowers her head, frowning. On a battlefield, the girl holds a frozen boy in her arms, who looks back up at her, barely able to move. The elderly man carries a dark orb aflame in his hand, smiling greatly. He lifts the orb into the air and it shoots from his hand into the cloudy sky. The clouds part and the girl looks up to see a great blue heart-shaped moon shining down. The armored warrior removes his helmet to reveal the face of the dark-haired boy. He looks up, anger on his face. He blinks, and his eyes turn yellow. He falls down through the darkness, Keyblades drifting around him. He changes into the girl, who spins through the water on her descent. She opens her eyes and sees a blue platform. The Keyblades fall before her, and the platform shatters. The blond boy falls through the shards of the platform and light envelops his body until he becomes a shooting star. Two young boys sit on the beach and watch the star fall. Later, at sunset, the island is bathed in a warm glow. A tall silver-haired boy stands at the water's edge, staring at the sun's golden reflection on the water) ????????: This world is just too small. (The sun sets and the scene switches to a cloaked figure carrying something in a white sheet under his left arm. The waves sound against the shore as a breeze sways his cloak. He stands on a sandbar connected by bridge to the main island) ????????: There, you see? An empty world, like a prison. (He sets the sheet-covered form down onto a paopu tree that's bent sideways like a bench) ????????: I imagine you'll be right at home. (Under the sheet, a blond-haired boy closes his dull blue eyes) ????: Hey, where am I? ??????: Who's there? (A light shines in the darkness and pushes it away. Cloaked in the white sheet, the boy falls down through the water with a splash. The sheet glows brightly and leaves his body. He turns feet down and lands on a white platform. He stands up and surveys the platform with his blank eyes) ????: I'm a brand new heart. ??????: But this is-- Why are you in my heart? ????: The light brought me. I saw it shining in the distance...and followed it here. (The boy holds a hand to his chest) ??????: Yeah. That was my light. (The platform is shown with a large piece missing) ??????: But my heart is fractured. And now...the little I have left is slipping away. ????: Then you should join your heart with mine. (Expression is absent from his heavy-lidded face) ??????: Huh? (The platform fills in with light and becomes whole) ????: Now our hearts have touched. Nothing else will slip away. And one day...you'll be strong enough to win back the part that already did. ??????: Right. Thanks. ????: It's time to wake up now. All we need to do is... (Their two voices join as one) ??????: Open the door. (The white peels away like feathers and reveals a blue platform of the boy. He looks upward and watches the pieces float away. Back on the island, the cloaked man walks away from the boy in the sheet. The boy lifts an arm up out of the sheet, and the man stops and turns around, giving a sound of contentment. A Keyblade flashes into the hand of the boy, glowing) ????????: A Keyblade? (The Keyblade shoots a pillar of light into the sky. The man smiles and the boy slowly opens his eyes, the small points of light reflecting in them. Upon another world, a room sits in silence. Symbols and pictures line the walls of the room not covered in bookshelves, and upon a bed seated beneath a large window, lies a young golden-haired boy, gazing at the ceiling. He sits up, sighing, and looks out the window. He gasps upon seeing several shooting stars in the sky. He places his hands upon the glass in excitement) Ventus: A meteor shower! (He jumps off the bed and runs out of the room. It is evening at the Land of Departure. The stars twinkle in the night sky as Ventus runs out of the castle across the Forecourt) Ventus: I can't see much from here. (He runs to the Mountain Path and sees training equipment and smirks) Ventus: I've got time to spare! (He trains on the wheel-and-chain pole a bit before running over to the mobile) Ventus: What? You want a piece of me too! (He strikes the mobile with his Keyblade for a few minutes) Ventus: Wait, what am I messing around here for? I'm gonna miss the meteor shower! (He runs to the Summit and looks up at the stars) Ventus: Wow! (He lays down on the ground with his arms behind his head and watches the shooting stars) Ventus: Why does this seem so familiar? (He closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. Once he wakes up, Ventus sits up and looks to the town. He yawns and moves to lay down again, but is greeted by the face of a blue-haired girl) Ventus: Whoa! (He sits up suddenly and gets to his knees. She giggles) Ventus: Gimme a break, Aqua. Aqua: Ven, you hopeless sleepyhead. You know, you should've at least brought a blanket. Ventus: But--Did I dream that place up? It really felt like I'd been there before...looking up at the stars... (She pets his head) Aqua: 'Cept you've always lived here with us. Ventus: Yeah... I know. (They walk to the edge of the hill and sit) Ventus: Aqua... Aqua: Hm? (The lamppost above them shines brightly) Ventus: Y'ever wonder what stars are? Where light comes from? Aqua: Hmm... Well they say-- ?????: That every star up there is another world. (They turn around and see...) Aqua: Terra. Terra: Yep, hard to believe there are so many worlds out there besides our own. (He walks over to them) Terra: The light is their hearts, and it's shining down on us like a million lanterns. Ventus: What? I don't get it. Terra: In other words, they're just like you, Ven. Ventus: What does THAT mean? Terra: You'll find out someday, I'm sure. Ventus: I wanna know now. Terra: You're too young to know now. (Aqua smiles) Ventus: Quit treating me like a kid! (Aqua laughs) Terra: Hey, what are you laughing at? Aqua: I can't help it. You two would make the weirdest brothers. Ventus: Huh? Terra: Huh? (Aqua laughs. Ven puts his hands behind his head and starts laughing along with Terra and Aqua. They sit there a while) Aqua (standing): Oh, yeah! Terra, you and I have our Mark of Mastery exams tomorrow. (She reaches into her pocket) Aqua: I made us good luck charms. (She pulls them out. The star-shaped charms hang from thread. Terra and Ven stand up as well and she tosses the red one to Terra, who catches it in one hand) Aqua: Here! (Ven catches a green one) Ventus: I get one too? (She holds out a blue one) Aqua: Of course. One for each of us. (They hold them out together and compare) Ventus: Yeah! Aqua: Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star-shaped fruit... and the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry good luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart. You'll always find your way back to each other. Technically, I think you're supposed to make them with seashells, but I did the best with what I had. Terra: Oy, sometimes you are such a girl. Aqua: Hey, what do you mean "sometimes"? Ventus: So this isn't a real good luck charm? Aqua: Well, that's yet to be seen. But I did work a little magic on it. Ventus: Really? What? (She holds her charm high in the air) Aqua: An unbreakable connection. Terra: Well, tomorrow's the exam. Anybody wanna spar? Ventus (summoning his Keyblade): I can take ya! (Terra and Ven spar, with Terra fighting defensively) Ventus: Quit goin' easy on me. You're not gonna win unless you stay on the offensive! (Terra fights more defensively and wins. Aqua walks over to them) Aqua: Well, that works fine if you're fighting one on one. But you need to know how to handle a crowd, too. (Terra leaves Aqua to fight Ven. Aqua trains Ven on attacking multiple enemies) Terra: Okay, let's wrap this up! (Terra fights Aqua and wins) Terra: It comes with experience. (Ven fights Terra and wins) Ventus: Told ya I'm good. (Aqua fights Ven and wins) Aqua: Looks like I win. Ventus: Trust me, you guys are ready. You're gonna clean up at the exam tomorrow. Terra: I hope it's that easy. Aqua: It's like the Master said. Power is born within the heart. When the time is right, you just need to look inside yourself and you'll find it there. (Ven stares at the night sky again) Terra: Hey, we're gonna head back. Ventus: Yeah. Me too! (Aqua stands, holding her charm) Aqua: Together...always. (She joins Terra and Aqua and they walk back to the castle) Terra, Aqua, & Ven: That would be the last night we ever spent beneath the same stars. (The scene changes to a mouse) Mickey Mouse: Whoa! (Mickey Mouse stands atop a large open book sailing on top of rough water) Mickey Mouse: Ah! (He sails over a large wave and falls back onto the book. Another wave comes at him from the front and he's swept away in the circular current. He shoots out of the water, having lost the book, and lands...in Yen Sid's Study. He stands up and massages his head, looking sheepish as he walks over to a desk. A stern looking wizard with a pointy hat and robes of blue looked down on him from behind it. He makes a pensive noise) Yen Sid: Mickey... I cannot shake the feeling something terrible is about to transpire. Mickey Mouse (turning his head): Hm? (Outside the window, three stars twinkle in the sky. The next day, sunlight streams through the stained glass window in the Throne Room of the Land of Departure as Terra and Aqua face three large chairs, two occupied. Ven looks over and sees an elderly man with yellow eyes who returns his gaze. Ven looks away. A second man stands up from his chair, making Ven stand at attention. The man walks forward and surveys those gathered with his brown eyes) Master Eraqus: Today you will be examined for the Mark of Mastery. Not one but two of the Keyblade's chosen stand here as candidates, but this is neither a competition nor a battle for supremacy--not a test of wills, but a test of heart. Both of you may prevail, or neither. But I am sure our guest, Master Xehanort, did not travel all this way to see our youngest prospects in years fall short of the Mark. (He looks toward the elderly man in the chair, who makes a nodding motion) Master Eraqus: I trust you are ready. Terra & Aqua: Yes. Master Eraqus (revealing his Keyblade): Then let the examination begin. (He holds the blade vertically and holds his hand to the hilt, creating a small aura. Five white balls of light appear in midair and Terra and Aqua ready their Keyblades. Master Xehanort adjusts his hand and the balls mix darkness with the light. Surprising Terra, Aqua, and Master Eraqus, he smiles. Terra and Aqua begin eliminating the orbs. One flies over to Ven) Terra & Aqua: Ven! (Ven takes out his Keyblade and strikes it down) Ventus: Don't worry about me. You two focus on the exam! Aqua: But Ven, you're in danger here! Go wait in your room. Ventus: No way! I've been looking forward to this--seeing you two become Masters. I'm not gonna miss it now! Terra: He can take care of himself. He's been out there training just as hard as us. Ventus: Yeah! Aqua: Stay sharp, Ven. (Together they eliminate the orbs) Master Eraqus: That was unexpected...but one must keep a still heart even in the most trying of circumstances. It was an excellent test, one I chose to let unfold. Which brings us to your next trial. (Terra and Aqua face each other) Master Eraqus: Now, Terra and Aqua, the two of you will face each other in combat. Remember, there are no winners--only truths, for when equal powers clash, their nature is revealed. (They ready their Keyblades) Master Eraqus: Begin! (Terra and Aqua rush each other and clash swords. They pull back and Aqua goes in for a strike, but is deflected by Terra's blade. They collide twice before Terra makes a large underhand swing at Aqua, who flips backward. Terra swipes at her left and right, Aqua dodging both swings. Aqua slices at him, but he dodges back. She goes in again and he dodges, barely missing the blade. He jumps back and Aqua starts running toward him. He readies himself and darkness eminates from his arm. He sees it and quickly shakes it off and blocks a blow from Aqua. Masters Eraqus and Xehanort watch from their chairs. Xehanort smiles as the two combatants continue to exchange blows. After the match, they stand before the Masters once again) Master Eraqus: We have deliberated and reached a decision. Terra, Aqua, you both performed commendably. However, only Aqua has shown the Mark of Mastery. (Terra looks dejected) Master Eraqus: Terra, you failed to keep the darkness within you sufficiently in check. But, there is always next time. That is all. Aqua, as our newest Keyblade Master, you are entitled to certain knowledge. (Master Xehanort walks out into the hallway) Master Eraqus: Please wait here for further instruction. (Master Eraqus follows Master Xehanort) Aqua (to Terra): Hey... (Ven runs over) Ventus: Terra, I'm sorry. Terra: The darkness... Where did it come from? (Master Xehanort walks downstairs) Master Xehanort: What do you make of Ventus? ???????: He ain't gonna cut it. (A soldier in red and black clothing leans against the wall holding a black curved helmet against his right hip) ???????: Somebody's gotta break that loser in. Master Xehanort: Not here, you won't. I have to keep up appearances. (Xehanort walks past him with his arms folded behind his back. The soldier straightens up and puts on the helmet) ???????: I know that. He just needs a little incentive to leave home. (They walk down the stairs) Terra (walking away): Sorry...but I need some time alone. (Ven and Aqua watch him leave. He sits on the steps outside the castle) Terra (thinking): There's darkness within me... So what does that matter? I know I'm strong enough to hold it back. Master Xehanort: Yes... You are indeed strong. (Master Xehanort stands at the top of the stairs) Master Xehanort: The darkness is nothing to fear. Terra: Master Xehanort... Master Xehanort: And yet...how frustrating that Eraqus refutes its power. (Xehanort walks down the stairs) Master Xehanort: Why, you could train with him forever and still...you'd never be a Master in his eyes. Terra: But why? Help me understand, Master Xehanort. What is it that I have failed to learn? Master Xehanort: You are fine as you are. (He passes Terra and continues walking) Master Xehanort: Darkness cannot be destroyed. It can only be channeled. (He waves an arm to Terra) Terra (standing at attention): Yes. Thank you, Master. (Bells ring and Terra looks around before running up the stairs to the castle. Master Xehanort smiles and enters a corridor of darkness. Aqua stands with Master Eraqus in the Throne Room) Master Eraqus: ...and insomuch as you are now Keyblade Master, you must always be conscious of-- (A loud bell sounds, startling Aqua, who looks around for the cause. A light appears behind the three wooden chairs and Eraqus turns) Master Eraqus: What is that? (He walks over to it as Terra runs in) Terra: What happened? Aqua: I don't know. Why isn't Ven here? (Ventus lies on the bed in his room, swinging on old wooden Keyblade. He stops and looks at the blade, the name "Terra" etched into the hilt. A bell rings and he sits up, alert. He runs to the door) ???????: Better hurry, Ventus... Ventus: Huh? Who are you? (He looks over to see the masked soldier leaning against a bookshelf) ???????: Or you'll never see Terra again. Ventus: What? Get real. I can see Terra anytime I want. ???????: Like right now? He's leaving you behind. And by the time you catch up...he'll be a different person. Ventus: Look--whoever you are--you don't know the first thing about Terra. Me and him will always be a team. You trying to pick a fight or what? ???????: Oh, grow up. Is that what you call friendship? You'll never know the truth unless you go out and look for it yourself. Come on, what could you possibly know when you're stuck here, looking at nothing but what's in your tiny world? (A corridor of darkness appears and he enters it. Ven thinks back on times spent training with Terra. They finish a training exercise and Terra strikes a battle pose. Ven looks over at him and Terra smiles. Later, Terra explains something to Ven and crosses his arms. Ven sniffles as he starts to cry, and Terra ruffles his hair and apologizes. Later, the two sit and laugh together. Ven shakes his head and returns to the present) Ventus: Terra! (He runs out of his room and through the castle. Eraqus stands behind the thrones, speaking toward a shining crystal) Master Eraqus: Very well then, I will send my pupils to investigate. (His acquaintence responds) Master Eraqus: Yes, I understand. Farewell. (Master Eraqus rejoins Terra and Aqua) Master Eraqus: That was my dear old friend Yen Sid. As you know, he is Master no more, but he still keeps a close eye on the tides of light and darkness. His counsel serves as signposts on the road we wielders of the Keyblade must walk. All the more reason, then, for concern--for he tells me the princesses of heart are in danger. Not only from the forces of darkness, as you may assume, but also from a new threat--one that feeds on negativity. Fledgling emotions that have taken monster form--Yen Sid calls them the "Unversed." As wielders of the Keyblade, you are tasked with striking down any who would upset the balance of light and darkness. The Unversed are no exception. I tried to pass this news on to Master Xehanort, but my repeated attempts to reach him have failed. I doubt there is any connection, and yet... This all troubles me. Terra: Master Xehanort is gone? (Eraqus nods) Master Eraqus: So here we are. I need you two to get this situation under control. Eliminate the Unversed, and find Master Xehanort. I have unlocked the Lanes Between. You may use these forbidden pathways to travel between this world and countless others. The darkness looms closer than usual within these spaces, but your armor will protect you. Lastly, remember that order must be kept. You cannot tell anyone there are other worlds. Now go, and fulfill your duty. Terra & Aqua: Yes, Master. (Terra turns to leave) Master Eraqus: Terra. (Terra turns back around) Master Eraqus: Consider this an opportunity. A second chance for you to change my mind. Terra: What? Master Eraqus: You must know, I care for you like my own son. If I could have my way, I would name you Master in a second. But, how can I, when you are so obsessed with power? Terra, you mustn't be afraid of losing. Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the darkness. (He places a hand on Terra's shoulder) Master Eraqus: You must never forget. Terra (bowing): Thank you, Maater. I swear...I will not fail you again. (Aqua watches him leave) Aqua: Master, I'd best be on my way. (She starts to leave, seeing Ven run before her) Master Eraqus: Wait, Aqua. Before you depart, I have one other... Well, call it a request, of the utmost priority. Aqua (turning around): Yes? Master Eraqus: I told Terra this could be a second chance to show the Mark of Mastery...and I meant it. However, that flicker of darkness he displayed during the examination--I can sense it runs very deep. If he were to--If those powers were to prove too much for him to handle, I want you to bring him back to me at once. It's for his own good. I could not bear to lose any of you to the darkness. Aqua: Of course. I would never let that happen. I promise you I will bring Terra back. Only this time, you'll see he has what it takes to be a Master. (She gazes toward the stained-glass window, light pouring in from outside) Aqua: He's not as weak as you think. (Terra exits the castle, Ven running after him as Aqua watches) Ventus: Terra! Terra (stopping): Huh? (Ven stops, nearly falling over, and catches his breath) Ventus: I...I-- Terra: It's okay. (Terra ruffles Ven's hair and smirks. He walks away and pounds his arm against the spaulder on his shoulder. Light covers him and armor appears over his body, electricity crackling around him. He summons his Keyblade and shoots a blast of light into the sky, opening a portal, before throwing his Keyblade into the air. With a flash, it transforms into a glider and descends toward him) Ventus: Whoa! (Ven stares at it in awe. Terra jumps on and rides it into the portal in the sky. Ven thinks for a moment and hits his spaulder also, causing his armor to appear. He looks over himself and stands firmly, summoning his Keyblade. He spins it in his hands and tosses it into the air, with a flash of light, his glider decends. He jumps onto it, riding it like a skateboard. Aqua runs down the steps as he takes off into the sky) Aqua: Wait, Ven! (Master Eraqus runs to her side, gazing upward) Master Eraqus: No! He mustn't! (He turns to Aqua) Master Eraqus: You have to bring him back! Aqua: Don't worry, Master! (She engages her armor, surrounded in light and throws her Keyblade in the air. It transforms into her glider and she rides it into the portal. Terra travels to an Enchanted Dominion. Birds sing in the trees before a great rumble shakes the ground, knocking leaves from their trees. Electricity crackles and a great light appears. Terra emerges from the portal and his armor vanishes with a bright light. He stops and gazes over the waterside. A sound and movement of air catches is attention and he whirls around to see...) Terra: Monsters? (A small blue creature with a pointed face and piercing red eyes shifted where he stood, looking quite agitated) Terra: The ones the Master mentioned-- (More appear around him) Terra: These are the Unversed! (He defeats the group of them. One sneaks away behind him and runs toward a Forest Clearing) Terra (running after it): No you don't! (He follows it out of the forest over a bridge leading to a tall castle, where he destroys it with a leap forward. He stands and looks up at the castle, it's many turrets piercing the sky. He turns his gaze downward and sees a black horned figure standing on the bridge before him, a staff held in hand. He walks over to it) ?????????? (turning around): What's this... Why aren't you asleep, boy? That fool Flora cast a spell to put everyone in this castle into a deep, deep slumber. Terra: Who are you? ??????????: Why, I am Maleficent...as all who dwell in this kingdom would know. Now you must reciprocate the introduction. Who are you? (She walks closer to him) Terra: I'm Terra. What do you know about those monsters--the ones who attacked me? (Maleficent walks to the edge of the bridge and gazes out at the valley) Maleficent: Hmph. Now why would I give a thought to creatures so base... so inconsequential. (Terra gives a small laugh) Terra: They are base, that's for sure. Anyway, I'm looking for someone. Ever heard of a man named Xehanort? (Maleficent places a hand on the green orb at the head of her staff) Maleficent: That name is not familiar to me. Is he an outsider, like yourself? (She smiles and pauses for a moment) Maleficent: Oh, but wait... I do remember someone leaving the castle. (She turns to face him) Terra: Tell me--what was he doing there? Maleficent: I couldn't say... I can only be certain he was not from this kingdom. If you're curious, go see the castle for yourself. There--the entrance is past the bridge. (She motions in the castle's direction) Terra: Thanks. (He runs toward the castle) Maleficent: Perhaps he did speak, about imprisoning "the light"... (Terra stops) Maleficent: "The light" could be so many things. Could he have meant Princess Aurora? Terra: Aurora... (He starts running again and Maleficent vanishes in magic fire of green. Terra enters the castle and finds Aurora's Chamber, sealed, at the end of a hallway. He stands back and points his Keyblade at the door. A light shoots out of it and the seal vanishes, leaving a solid wooden door. He enters the room and sees a maiden in a blue dress lying on a white bed, an ornate cerulean blanket covering her legs, her arms folded neatly on her stomach. He walks over to her) Terra: This feels so familiar... Maleficent: Her heart is filled with light--not the slightest touch of darkness. (He turns and sees the witch) Maleficent (smiling): Just the kind of heart I need. Terra: For what? Maleficent: Imagine with me, the most glorious of futures... Seven of the purest hearts, each overflowing with light. When brought together, they grant the power to rule all worlds. Terra: What do you mean? Maleficent: Why, that key you hold... The Keyblade, is it called? (At the word "Keyblade", Terra gasps and summons his) Terra (defensively): Where did you learn that name? Maleficent: That trinket is the only way to obtain the hearts. Terra: No more games. Where is Master Xehanort? Maleficent: Impudence will get you nowhere, child. If you wish to learn more, you must retrieve the heart of Aurora. Terra: And why would I ever want to do that? Maleficent (smiling): It's not a matter of "why", but of will. (Her green orb glows) Maleficent: In your heart, there is darkness just waiting to be awakened. (She motions her fingers over the orb and a green aura surrounds both her and Terra) Terra: I dunno what you're talking about. Maleficent: Perhaps not yet... But I have power over sleep. And I can awaken what's inside you... Then you will be free to be who you truly are. (Terra remembers Master Eraqus's words) Master Eraqus (memory): Remember that darkness lurks in every heart. Darkness is our foe. Would that we could be rid of it. You must destroy it. Push the darkness down--give it no quarter in your heart. (Terra's body hunches over, and then stands. His eyes open to reveal blue glazed over as if possessed. He holds out his Keyblade and light eminates from it. Maleficent watches as Aurora's heart floats out of her chest and into Maleficent's hands. She chuckles darkly as green fire covers the heart) Maleficent: Here it is... Just what I've waited for. (Terra's pupils return to his eyes and his consciousness returns) Maleficent (turning away): To think that all he spoke of was and will be true. Terra: What? How did I-- (He sees Aurora and gives a start, turning to face Maleficent) Terra: What did I do? What did YOU do? Maleficent (innocently): You speak as if I pulled some invisible strings. No, you couldn't be further from the truth, child. I simply whispered to the darkness you already held inside. (Terra looks back at the princess) Terra (ashamed): How could I do this? (Aurora lies still and silent. A memory of Ven lying still enters his mind) Terra (memory): Ven? (He sees the princess again) Maleficent (walking nearer): Yes... Now, you want to know where Xehanort went. (He faces her) Maleficent: Well, that I cannot answer. He disappeared into the darkness. But now I know the Keyblade is necessary to gather hearts. Join me. Collect six more hearts of pure light. Then we will rule all the worlds together. Terra: You seem to be mixed up. I'm a peacekeeper, not a tyrant! (He summon his Keyblade, but is startled when a large rumble shakes the room, spilling dust from the rafters) Maleficent: Hmm... For a peacekeeper, you're off to an exceptionally poor start. Remember this--the darkness in your heart cannot be held back by force or strength. Now...my work here is done, as is yours. Wasn't there someone you needed to chase? (She erupts in green fire. Terra quickly swings his blade at her) Terra: Wait! (Maleficent laughs as she escapes. Another large rumble shakes the room) Terra: The Unversed... They're going to bring down the castle. I have to do something! (He makes his way to the Audience Chamber and defeats the Wheel Master. He returns to Aurora's Chamber and watches the princess) Terra (thinking): It's my fault her light was stolen. It was because I was weak... I'm sorry. I'll get your light back--once I learn to stand up against the darkness. (He leaves the castle and walks down the bridge) Terra (thinking): Why would Master Xehanort imprison the light? The purest hearts of light--do they hold the answer? (He runs down the bridge as Maleficent watches from the tallest tower) Maleficent: Seven pure hearts, each completely void of darkness... Such a search may take some time. (She vanishes in green flame. Terra leaves Enchanted Dominion and travels to Dwarf Woodlands. In a dark tower, a woman in a tall robe walks slowly toward a mirror. As she meets it, she raises her arms) Queen Grimhilde: Spirit of the Mirror--come from the farthest space! Through wind and darkness I summon thee... (A wind starts blowing and lightning appears in the mirror) Queen Grimhilde: Speak! (The mirror erupts in flame) Queen Grimhilde: Show me thy face. (The flames die down and a white and eyeless face appears in the mirror surrounded by waves of smoke) Magic Mirror: What wouldst thou know, my Queen? Queen Grimhilde: Magic Mirror on the wall...who is the fairest one of all? Magic Mirror: Famed is thy beauty, Majesty, but hold--a lovely maid, I see. Alas, she is more fair than thee. Queen Grimhilde: Alas for her! Reveal her name. Magic Mirror: Lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow-- Queen Grimhilde: Snow White! (Terra is overhearing this from the doorway) Terra: A mirror that knows and sees everything... How about that. Magic Mirror: The heart of Snow White doth shine bright. Beware, my Queen, a heart of light. Terra: Another one? Wait. What if Master Xehanort is here? (The Queen gasps and turns around) Queen Grimhilde: Who goes there? Terra: My name is Terra. I'm looking for a man named Xehanort... Master Xehanort. I thought maybe you might have seen him. Queen Grimhilde: That name is of no consequence to me. (Terra turns to leave) Queen Grimhilde: Wait. (He stops) Queen Grimhilde: Ah yes... I have a task for you. If you succeed, I will ask the mirror where you might find this Master Xehanort. Terra: And the mirror will know? Queen Grimhilde: Do you dare to question me? Terra: What is the task? (The Queen laughs to herself) Queen Grimhilde: There is a young maid who resides in this castle. Her name is Snow White. Kill her. And to make sure you do not fail, bring back her heart...in this. (She pulls out an ornate box. Terra takes it) Terra: Her heart? I don't understand. You're after the hearts of light, too? (She walks up close to him) Queen Grimhilde: What I demand is her life. I have had more than enough of her light. Terra: What did this maiden do to you? Queen Grimhilde: That is no concern of yours. Now, heed my words. My radiance is all the light this kingdom needs. Terra: Where can I find her? Queen Grimhilde: Outside the castle, there is a glade of wildflowers. You are dismissed. Go now and seek her there. (He turns to leave) Terra (thinking): A heart of light... This Snow White is my best chance right now. Maybe she will lead me closer to Master Xehanort. (He looks at the box with a lock on it) Terra (thinking): But what if I-- (He has a flash of Princess Aurora) Terra: No, I won't let that happen. (The Queen watches him leave. Ventus arrives at the Dwarf Woodlands and finds himself in a Mountain Trail. He looks down and sees several short men wearing hats and carrying pick-axes) Ventus: Wow! (They walk under a bridge he's standing on, and he runs to the other side to watch them further. They walk into a mine and Ven follows them. He walks into the Mine Entrance, dazzling jewels stuck in the walls. Each of the little men is digging the jewels out with their pick-axes. The smallest one picks up his axe and swings it into the ground. He grabs it again, and it weighs him down backwards, nearly stumbling him. One of the men turns around to see Ven) Doc: Huh? Who are you? Ventus: I'm Ventus. Call me Ven. Grumpy: A diamond thief! Take cover, ya fools! (The dwarfs run helter-skelter around the cave, racing into a sideshaft. Doc and Grumpy run to the entrance of the shaft and hide, peering out at Ven. Dopey runs around and into a wall, falling over on his back. Ven gasps) Ventus: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you. Happy: You didn't? Sleepy (yawning): You mean, you're not here for our diamonds? Ventus: That's not nice, treating me like some kind of bad guy. I'm just trying to find a friend. His name is Terra. He's dressed kind of like me, about yay tall-- Grumpy (startling Ven): Sounds like a tall tale to me! Go on, git! Bashful: We don't know any Terra. Ventus (scratching his head): Please... Could you come over here? I just want to talk. Grumpy: Don't fall for it! Stay where ya are! (Ven crosses his arms) Ventus: All right. Then we'll do this the hard way! (He runs after them and they run through the shaft into the Mine. Dopey remains in the entrance, saying nothing. He catches Bashful after stopping a mine cart the dwarf was riding in) Bashful: Oh, gosh... (He finds Happy hiding in a crate) Happy: You sure seem nice. I wish we could help ya. (He hears snoring coming from a pile of crates and looks closer. He finds Sleepy laying down beneath them) Sleepy: Is it mornin' already? (He finds Doc running around inside another crate) Doc: We haven't met any Merra--uh, Terra. And we'd know if a stranger was around. (Ven walks to another crate) Crate: Rotten thief! (The crate knocks into him and runs away. He chases it down and finds Grumpy) Grumpy: I'm warnin' ya--keep your paws off our diamonds! I'll be watchin'! (Ven catches sight of a jumping crate making a sneezing sound and finds Sneezy) Sneezy: My hay fever! I gotta... I gotta... Hold on... Hold on... Careful... (Ven stands before all seven of the dwarfs) Ventus: Come on. I'm telling you, I'm no thief. Grumpy: Ha, that's what they all say. Well, we're onto ya! (Doc and Grumpy cross their arms and Dopey looks sympathetic) Ventus: Fine, I get it. You want me to leave, I'll leave. (He starts to walk out of the Mine) Ventus: Oh, but--can you tell me where I can find some other people around here? Doc: There's a castle beyond the chorus--I mean, the forest. Ventus: Got it. Well, thanks. (Terra finds a glade near the forest and sees a girl with a yellow dress picking flowers, bluebirds fluttering around her) Terra: I wonder if that's her. (She hums to herself cheerfully, kneeling down, as the bird chirps alongside. Terra walks up to her and the bird flies away. She turns her head to see him) Snow White: Oh, hello. Who are you? Terra: Aren't you startled? (She puts down the bouquet of flowers she was holding and stands to face him) Snow White (happily): Should I be? Terra (thinking): It's true, then. Her heart is pure light. She's the one. Snow White: Is something the matter? Terra: Does the name Xehanort mean anything to you? Snow White: Why...why, no. I don't think I've ever heard that name. Terra: Now what... (An Unversed appears) Terra (summoning his Keyblade): Unversed! (They surround Snow White, frightening her, and she runs off into the forest) Terra: Hey, wait! Don't go in there alone! (He tries to run after her, but more appear to block his way) Terra: Out of my way! (He defeats them and reaches the edge of the forest) Terra (thinking): Lost her... She said she doesn't know anything about Master Xehanort. That leaves me with just one other option. The mirror...back at the castle. (Ven enters the forest, coming across a small house in a clearing. A yellow butterfly flutter nearby, as Ven walks over to the window and peers inside) Ventus: This must be where those little men live. (He hears a scream coming from the woods and looks around, seeing a path across a small bridge) Ventus: There! (Ven runs through the woods and finds a girl, alone and crying) Ventus: What's wrong? Snow White (crying): These horrible trees--they tried to grab me. (Ven extends a hand) Ventus: Ah, it's okay. You were probably just seeing things. It happens to all of us when we're afraid. (He helps her to stand) Snow White: Oh, thank you. I feel quite better now. I'm sure I'll get along, somehow. But...I do need a place to sleep at night. Would you know anywhere I might? Ventus: Well, I saw a house just up ahead. Come on, I'll take you there. Oh, I'm Ventus. Ven for short. Snow White (smiling sweetly): Thank you, Ven. My name's Snow White. Ventus: Great. Let's get going! (They escorts Snow White to the seven dwarfs' house. They enter the house and look around) Ventus: I'm pretty sure you'll be safe here...but sit tight while I look around. (He leaves the house. Terra returns to the Magic Mirror Chamber where the Queen stands before the mirror) Queen Grimhilde: How dare you return here, you blundering fool? Terra: What are you talking about? Queen Grimhilde: I ordered you to bring me Snow White's heart! Terra: A request I chose to ignore. You know, you claim to be radiant, but all I see are shadows of jealousy, hanging thick on your heart. Queen Grimhilde: You will pay for such insolence! Magic Mirror on the wall, consume this fool, once and for all! (Terra readies his Keyblade and waits. The Queen faces the mirror with fury on her face) Magic Mirror: Alas my liege, that I cannot do. I have no power save answers true. Queen Grimhilde (insulted): You dare defy your Queen? (She smashes a vial of green potion against the mirror and smiles as the face shakes fervently. A light shoots out and Terra shields his eyes) Terra: What? (He turns into an orb of light and is pulled into the mirror. After a mystical battle with the Spirit of the Magic Mirror, he reappears in the Chamber with a flash of light, much to the Queen's surprise) Queen Grimhilde: How did you escape? Terra: Now, you will ask the mirror. Where can I find Master Xehanort? (The Queen, frustrated, whirls around) Queen Grimhilde: Magic Mirror, instruct this knave! Give him the answers he doth crave. Magic Mirror: Beyond both light and dark he dwells, where war was waged upon the fells. Terra: Is that all? (The Spirit floats in silence) Terra: Thanks. You've been a big help. (The Queen watches Terra leave. Later, the dwarfs return home from work. Doc walks up the stairs to the bedroom) Doc: Someone's asleep in here! (Ven returns) Ventus: The coast is clear! Not a monster in sight-- Huh! (He sees Snow White surrounded by the dwarfs) Grumpy: Couldn't stay away, couldja? An' who invited you in, ya rotten thief? Snow White: Oh no, he's not a thief. He rescued me. Doc: You fussn't be mooled--uh, mustn't be fooled by him, princess. Grumpy: Just go on an' git! Snow White: Please don't send him away. You see, he helped me when I was lost, and oh, so very frightened. Ventus: What happened? Snow White: Well, I was picking flowers by the wood, and there was a stranger there. He had a sword, but it was like a key--and then these monster came and-- Ventus: A sword like a key... Terra! Doc: Ya mean this stranger saw ya and set his horde of evil demons after ya? Ventus: Terra would never do that! Snow White: Oh, of course. I'm sure he wouldn't. Not if he's someone who's your friend. Doc: Princess, you trustn't be so musting--er, trusting. Grumpy: He's a-lyin'! Mark my words. Ventus: I'll prove it! (Ventus leaves the house and enters the Deep Woods. He runs into a giant tree-like Unversed, blocking his way) Ventus (summoning his Keyblade): Back off! (He defeats it and reaches the Flower Glade) Ventus (calling): Terra! (He looks around, but sees no one) Ventus (looking down): Aww. Huh? (An apple rolls to his foot. He bends down to pick it up, noticing a hunched figure in a black cloak walking toward the forest. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a woman carrying a basket filled with apples. Ven walks up to her) Ventus: Excuse me, ma'am? You dropped this. (She turns around, revealing the wart on her large nose. He hands her the apple and her eyes light up) Hag: Oh, why thank you, my pet. To tell the truth, I really don't know what I would have done without that. (She turns around, placing the apple into her basket, cackling) Hag: Haven't I seen that sword before? Ventus: Terra has one. You know Terra? Hag: Oh, yes, yes... That ruffian pointed one of those at me, asking about some "Xehanort"-- My poor heart nearly stopped. (Ven stares at his Keyblade) Ventus: That doesn't sound like him at all... Ma'am, where did Terra go? Hag: I'm sure I have no idea... Must you all menace a poor granny so? Ventus: What? No, I was just... (He looks from the Keyblade to her, and she turns around to leave) Ventus: Terra, what did you do? (Ven leaves the Dwarf Woodlands and travels to the Castle of Dreams. In a small wood-lined room, a young woman gazes out a window at a tall glistening castle. She sits in a brown apron and sighs. A mouse in a red outfit and cap runs out of a mousehole in the wall) Jaq: Cinderelly! Cinderelly! Come on! Gotta hurry! Gotta hurry! (He climbs up a post on the bed near the wall. She turns and sees him) Cinderella: Now, Jaq, what's all the fuss about? Jaq: Somebody new in the house! Somebody never sawr-a 'fore. Cinderella: Oh, a new friend. Where is he? Jaq: In a trap! Down the stairs! Cinderella: Oh dear! (She rushes to the door. Meanwhile, Ven paces in his metal cage) Ventus: What is going on? (He folds his arms and looks around, gasping. He grabs the bars of the cage) Ventus: Somebody tell me how I got so SMALL! (He hears a door open and looks up, seeing Cinderella walking toward him, towering overhead. She picks up the cage and he struggles to keep his balance. She tips the door of the cage up toward her, and he rolls to the back of it) Cinderella (opening the door): Don't be afraid. (She looks inside, getting a closer look) Cinderella: Oh! How interesting... I've never seen a mouse like you before. (He rubs his head) Ventus: Mouse? Cinderella: Jaq, you better explain things to him. (She puts the cage down, Ven wobbling inside again. The cage shakes as it touches the floor. He looks up and sees the mouse walking toward him) Jaq: Now, now now. Looka, little guy. Raker easy. Nutta worry 'bout. We like-a you. Cinderelly like-a you, too. She's-a nice, very nice-nice. (Ven smiles) Jaq: Come on now. Zugk-zugk. (They walk out of the cage) Jaq: Name-a Jaq. Ventus: I'm Ventus. Call me Ven. Jaq: Zugk-zugk, Ven-Ven. Need-a sudda? Ask-a Jaq! Lady Tremaine: Cinderella! Cinderella (sighing): Oh well, time to get to my chores. I'll see you in a little while, Ven. (She leaves the room softly) Ventus: Wow, I guess she's got her hands full. Jaq: Yep, work, work, work! Stepmuddy keep-a Cinderelly busy all day! Ventus: She didn't seem to mind much, though. Jaq: No, not Cinderelly. She work-a hard. Got a dream--big dream. Dream gonna come true! Ventus: That sounds like somebody I know. (He thinks about Terra) Terra (memory): Being a Keyblade Master is all I've dreamed about. Ventus (to Jaq): Hey, maybe you can help me find him! His name's Terra. You seen him? Jaq: Ehh, no no. Never saw Terra 'fore. Ventus: Oh, well. It was worth a shot. Jaq: Come on. Follow me. Gotta see the house. (He scampers off) Ventus: H-hey! (He enters a mousehole and Ven runs after him. He follows Jaq inside the walls to Cinderella's room. Later, they gaze out the window) Ventus: What's that? Jaq: That's-a palace--King's palace! Gonna be a big ball tonight. Ventus: Is Cinderella going? Jaq (sighing): I don't know... (They hear the door open and turn around to see Cinderella enter) Cinderella (smiling): Hello, you two. Have you become friends already? (Ventus and Jaq nod. Cinderella gets out a dressmaker's dummy, which is wearing an old pink dress) Cinderella: Oh, that's wonderful. (She looks over the dress, humming softly to herself) Ventus: You sure look happy, Cinderella. Cinderella: Mm, I'm going to the royal ball tonight. (She sighs) Cinderella: I guess dreams really do come true. Lady Tremaine: Cinderella! Cinderella (sadly): My dress will have to wait. Anastasia: Cinderella! Drizella: Cinderella! Cinderella: All right, all right, I'm coming! (She walks out the door) Jaq: Poor Cinderelly... She not go to the ball. Ventus: Why not? Jaq: You see. They fix her. Work, work, work. She'll never get her dress done. Say, got an idea! Ven-Ven help-a Jaq? Ventus: With what? Jaq: Fix-a Cinderelly dress for the ball. Ventus: But what do we need to get? Jaq: Look around the house. Lots o' pretty-pretty things. Ventus: Okay, let's do it. I'll go find whatever we need. Jaq, you get things set up here. Jaq: Zugk-zugk! (Ven jumps down from the windowsill) Jaq: Ven-Ven! Careful Rucifee! Ventus: "Roos-a-fee"? Jaq: Rucifee a cat-cat! Mean...sneaky... Jump at you, bite at you! Ventus: Gotcha. (Ven leaves Cinderella's room by way of mousehole and returns to the Wardrobe Room. He finds pink fabric on the floor of the room and white lace lying on the couch. He climbs a pile of books and retrieves a white sash. He climbs though another mousehole and reaches the top of a dresser, where he finds a white button. He finds pink thread after reaching the top of a large wardrobe. Once he finds all the materials, he returns to Cinderella's Room and gives them to Jaq) Jaq: Still needs a pretty-pretty pearl. Ventus (nodding): Leave it to me! Jaq: Pretty-pretty pearl gotta be down-a-stairs! (Ven returns to the Wardrobe Room and sees the pearl resting next to a cat--or at least, next to a resting cat. Ven slowly skulks over, careful to not wake Lucifer. For good measure, he waves a hand in front of the cat's closed eyes but it remains still. Once picks up the pearl and turns around, the cat's ears perk up and it opens a single green eye. He walks away slowly, realizing the purring has stopped. Lucifer lifts a paw upward silently) Jaq: Look out! Rucifee! (Ven and Lucifer look above the dresser and Jaq throws a ball of yarn at the cat, hitting it on the head) Lucifer: Mrowr! Jaq: Hurry! Hurry, Ven! (He readies another ball of yarn. Ven runs forward as he throws another, Lucifer dodging out of the way. The cat begins running in circles as Jaq throws multiple yarn balls of blue and violet. Lucifer knocks into the dresser just as Ven reaches the mousehole, making Jaq lose his balance, toppling over onto the floor) Jaq (sitting up): Ooh, that hurt... (He looks up to see the cat, who raises a paw and meows at him. Jaq screams in fright and covers his eyes. Ven, still carrying the pearl, runs at the cat and knocks its paw away) Ventus: Time to play, cat! Jaq: Ven-Ven! (He hands over he pearl, keeping his eyes on Lucifer) Ventus: Take the pearl, Jaq! I'll hold him off. Run! Jaq: Zugk-zugk! (Jaq takes the pearl and runs. Ven fights the cat until Lucifer runs away. Jaq walks back to Ven, who disels his Keyblade) Jaq: Oh, that's a big "thank you". Ventus: No thanks needed. You saved me before, so I saved you. That's what friends do, right? Jaq: Zugk-zugk! Ven-Ven, Jaq are good friends! Ventus: Now, let's get that dress finished. (They run back into the mousehole. Later, Cinderella returns to her room and stares at the castle out the window) Cinderella (sadly): Oh, well... What's a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull and boring...and completely... completely wonderful. (She sits at the window) Ventus: Cinderella! (She looks up and sees the wooden room divider open, revealing a beautiful pink dress with white lace and pink ribbons) Cinderella: Is that my dress? Ventus: Yes. It's a present from us. (Jaq smiles) Ventus: Now you have a dress for the ball. (Cinderella lays her hand next to Ven and he walks onto it, chuckling. She does the same for Jaq) Cinderella: Why, it's...it's such a surprise... Jaq: Hurry, hurry! Time-a go, Cinderelly! Cinderella: Oh, thank you. (Ven puts his hands behind his head. Later, Jaq and Ven sit at the window looking out at the castle) Jaq: Jaq-Jaq hope-a Cinderelly dream comes true. What's-a Ven-Ven dream? Ventus: Huh? I wonder... (He thinks about Terra and Aqus) Terra (memory): Being a Keyblade Master is all I've dreamed about. Aqua (memory): Well, you're not the only one. Terra (memory): I know. You, me, and Ven all share the same dream. Ventus: Funny... I'd never really thought about it--at least until you asked me. (He holds out his hand) Ventus: My dream is to become a Keyblade Master. (His Keyblade appears in his hand) Jaq: Hope-a Ven-Ven dream come true, too. Ventus: I just need to keep on believing, right? Jaq: Zugk-zugk! (Terra travels to the Castle of Dreams. He enters through the forest and sees a woman crying, leaning against a bench on the ground, her head buried in her arms. The dress she is wearing is made of pink and white fabric that is torn in several places. He walks over to her and kneels down) Terra: Is something wrong? Cinderella (between sobs): It's just that my friends made me the most beautiful dress, but my stepmother and stepsisters ruined it. And I was so looking forward to the ball. Terra: Darkness always finds a way into a wounded heart. You have to be strong. Strength of heart will carry you through the hardest of trials. Cinderella: But I... (Several Unversed appear behind them) Terra: Unversed! (Terra defeats them as the girl continues to cry) Cinderella: I can't believe...not anymore... (Terra looks on, trying to think of something to say or do) ?????????: Strength of heart is important, but that's not all you need. (The air turns wispy and Terra sees several points of light moving fast toward the woman and gathering in the air above her) Cinderella: There's nothing left to believe in...nothing. ?????????: Nothing, my dear? Oh, now, you don't really mean that. (A stout old woman in a large blue robe magically appears on the bench) Cinderella: Oh, but I do. It's just no use. Fairy Godmother: Nonsense! If you'd lost all your faith, I couldn't be here, and here I am. (Cinderella looks up and sees her Fairy Godmother) Fairy Godmother: Oh, come now, dry those tears. You can't go to the ball looking like that. (She helps her to stand) Cinderella: The ball? Oh, but I'm not-- (She touches her ragged dress) Fairy Godmother: Of course you are. But we'll have to hurry. (She gets out her wand) Fairy Godmother: Now, what were those magic words? (She places a hand on her chin) Fairy Godmother: Oh, yes! (She walks between Cinderella and Terra) Fairy Godmother (waving her wand): Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! (Magic sparks fly from her wand and soar through the air to a pumpkin on the ground. The pumpkin bounces over to her and she waves her wand over it. It glows brightly and with every upward swing of her wand, the pumpkin grows bigger and bigger until it turns into a large white horse-drawn carriage. Cinderella walks around it in complete astonishment. The Fairy Godmother waves her wand again toward Cinderella and her rags turn into a wonderful silver ballgown) Cinderella (admiringly): Oh... It's a beautiful dress. (Terra walks over and Cinderella rushes to the fountain to look at herself) Cinderella: Why...it's a dream come true! Fairy Godmother: Yes, but like all dreams... I'm afraid this can't last forever. (Cinderella lifts up her dress to see it in the water and inspects her hair) Fairy Godmother: You'll have only till midnight, and then, on the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken, and everything will be as it was before. (Cinderella walks to her, smiling brightly) Cinderella (hugging her): Yes, I understand. (Cinderella enters the carriage and waves to them as it takes her toward the castle) Terra: Her heart was full of light. Why didn't I see it? What did you do? I can hardly tell she's the same person. Fairy Godmother: Who are you? Terra: Terra. Fairy Godmother: Terra, in your heart, do you believe that dreams can come true? Terra: I do. But I also believe you have to make an effort to make them come true. Fairy Godmother: Yes, of course. But sometimes just believing in dreams is easier said than done. Cinderella believes her dreams can come true. I wanted her to see that she is right. Terra: So that's what made her shine--faith in her heart that anything is possible. Where did she go? Fairy Godmother: To the royal ball at the palace. Go. And when you see her dancing, you'll know that she believes, and that will help you to believe, too. (Terra runs to the castle and finds Cinderella at the front doors surrounded by Unversed) Terra: Not here, too! (He summons his Keyblade and defeats them easily) Cinderella (recognizing him): I've met you before... Terra: I'll take care of them. You wait right here. (Cinderella lifts up her dress to walk closer to him) Cinderella: Please, may I go with you? I so want to get to the ball. (Terra looks at her, slightly surprised) Terra: All right. But stay behind me, or you'll get hurt. (Cinderella acknowledges this) Terra: You're not worried? Cinderella: Didn't you tell me it was important to stay strong? Terra: Oh, um...I guess I did. (Cinderella giggles) Terra: So...you ready? Cinderella: Yes. (They cross the Corridor full of Unversed until they reach the Ballroom) Cinderella: Oh, thank you...umm... Terra: Terra. Cinderella: Thank you, Terra. (Cinderella enters the Ballroom and curtsies toward the Grand Duke. Prince Charming walks over to her, much to her surprise, and they bow to each other. He takes her hand in his and they walk onto the dance floor. The Grand Duke smiles proudly. The prince takes her other hand and they begin to dance) Terra: Maybe just believing is enough. (Lady Tremaine and her daughters watch them in jealousy) Anastasia: But who is she, Mother? Drizella: Do we know her? Anastasia: Well, the Prince certainly seems to. I've never seen her before. Lady Tremaine: Nor I. But she certainly is-- Wait! There is something familiar about her... (Terra smiles and turns to leave, before seeing Unversed on a balcony nearby) Terra: Unversed! (He rushes to the Grand Duke) Terra: Tell me. How do I get up there? (He points to the balcony) Grand Duke (clearing his throat): Well, there is a passage beneath the foyer staircase. Terra: Thanks. (He leaves the Ballroom, crosses the Passage and the Antechamber, and reaches the balcony. Once there, a giant Unversed appears and covers him in lines and musical notes. Terra vanishes and the Unversed looks around) Terra: Down here! (Terra points his Keyblade at it from the Ballroom floor. The prince holds Cinderella protectively) Grand Duke: Guards! Guards! Ooh, where could they possibly be? Terra: I'll take care of this. (They leave the Ballroom and Terra defeats the musical Unversed. The Grand Duke speaks to Terra) Grand Duke: Thank you! You've saved us all. (The duke looks around) Grand Duke: The guests were just starting to enjoy themselves... Terra: Well, don't give up just yet. (The Grand Duke sees Cinderella and the prince talking) Terra: Tell me something. Have you always had a problem around here with those monsters? Grand Duke: No. I believe...they began to appear shortly after a boy in a mask arrived in our kingdom. Those that saw him said the monsters obeyed his every command. Terra: A boy in a mask? Do you know where he is now? Grand Duke: Well... No, I don't believe anyone has seen him since then. Terra: I see. (The clock starts to ring in the time) Cinderella (distressed): Oh... My goodness! It's midnight! Prince Charming: Yes, so it is, but why-- Cinderella: Good-bye! (She starts to run) Prince Charming: Wait! Come back! Please come back! (Terra and the Grand Duke watch her leave. She looks back at the prince and waves) Cinderella: I'm sorry. (The Grand Duke runs after her. She runs down the Foyer steps and loses one of her glass slippers. She starts to turn around to retrieve it, but sees the Grand Duke running after her) Grand Duke: Mademoiselle! Señorita! (He picks up the slipper as she turns to run again) Grand Duke: Wait! (Terra watches the chase from above and sees Aqua by the stairs) Terra: Aqua! (She turns and sees him) Aqua: Terra! (He walks down the stairs toward her) Aqua: Terra... Ven ran away from home. Terra: What? Aqua: I think he left to go find you. Do you have any idea why? No... Terra: Actually... Just before I left, he tried to tell me something. I should've listened to what he had to say. Aqua: Oh... (They're silent for a moment) Aqua: So...did you manage to locate Master Xehanort? Terra: No, but it seems he's looking for pure hearts filled with light. Aqua: Pure hearts...filled with light... (Terra starts to leave) Terra: All I can tell you is that his search hasn't taken him here. Aqua: All right. I'll stay and see if I can find more clues. Terra: Okay. The Prince is in the ballroom ahead. He might have some answers. Aqua: Thanks. (He stops and turns around) Terra: Aqua. You still have the same dream? Aqua: Well... Yes. Terra: There's this girl here--her name is Cinderella. She made me realize how powerful it is just to believe. No matter how impossible things seem, a powerful enough dream will always be enough to light the darkness. (Aqua nods) Terra: If you see her, give her my thanks. Aqua: Will do. (He walks away and Aqua turns toward the Ballroom) Aqua: He'll be all right. He won't give into it. (She smiles) Terra (thinking): The boy in the mask who was leading the Unversed... Who is he? Does he have anything to do with Master Xehanort's disappearance? Master Eraqus said he first recieved word of these events from Master Yen Sid. Maybe it's time I went and spoke with him myself. (On a large platform, surrounded by fountains, Master Xehanort speaks with a figure in a red scarf. The man smiles and walks away. Aqua enters the Ballroom of the castle, passing a woman and her two daughters. Aqua senses a strong presence and she turns toward them as the Grand Duke runs back into the room, glass slipper in hand) Aqua: Who are those ladies? Grand Duke (running back to her): Oh, er, if I recall completely, that is Lady Tremaine and those are her daughters. Aqua (thinking): There was something very wrong about them. (The Prince turns and sees them, walking over) Prince Charming: You came back! Aqua (seeing the Prince): Huh? Prince Charming: My apologies. I was mistaken. Grand Duke: Your Highness, I found this on the palace stairs. (He holds out the shoe and Aqua listens intently) Prince Charming: A glass slipper? Grand Duke: One dropped by a lovely young lady, and I'll search far and wide to find the maiden to whom this belongs. Prince Charming: You will? Grand Duke: Of course, Your Highness. After all, you have finally found someone whom you wish to marry. Upon hearing that happy news, your father, the king, has decreed that a quest shall begin immediately throughout the kingdom. And I will start with the closest residence-- that of Lady Tremaine. (The two leave) Aqua (thinking): Lady Tremaine... I had better pay her a visit. (Aqua walks through the Forest to the Tremaine Residence and climbs the front steps, hearing voices inside the house) Lady Tremaine: You honor our humble home, m'lord. Grand Duke (clearing his throat): Quite so Lady Tremaine: May I present my daughters, Drizella and Anastasia. Aqua: As I feared. There is darkness here. (She summons her Keyblade and moves to open the front door) ?????????: Wait! (She stops and turns around, seeing nothing...except twinkling lights) ?????????: It's dangerous to fight the darkness with light, my dear. (An elderly woman in robes appeared before her) Aqua: Who are you? ?????????: Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. I appear to those who believe that dreams come true. Aqua: Then I am honored. But why would you advise me not to fight darkness with light? Fairy Godmother: Strong rays of sun create dark shadows. Sadly, Lady Tremaine and both her daughters are jealous of Cinderella's charm and beauty, qualities that appear to you as "light." Jealousy is darkness. Light and dark go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. Aqua: Then what should I do? Fairy Godmother: It's quite simple, dear. One of Cinderella's friends is trying very hard to keep her light from fading. I want you to join little Jaq and help him. Aqua (nodding): I can do that. Fairy Godmother: You'll need a bit of my magic to help Jaq. Come back and see me when you're ready. (Later, Aqua speaks to the Fairy Godmother again) Fairy Godmother: Are you ready, my dear? Aqua: Yes, send me in. (The woman taps her wand against her hand, letting loose magic sparks. She raises it high and flicks it) Fairy Godmother: Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! (The magic swirls around Aqua and she becomes a small and bright orb that floats up to a lit window on the second floor of the chateau. Aqua finds herself in the Wardrobe Room, though noticeably smaller, barely a mouse's height. Speaking of mice, one is walking across the floor just now, carrying a large gold key and mumbling to himself. Being a mouse, however, the key seems very heavy) Aqua: Are you okay? Jaq: Cinderelly's stepmuddy lock her in her room. Gotta let her out! Gotta save Cinderelly! (She smirks and summons her Keyblade) Aqua: Let me help you. Jaq: Ah, zugk-zugk. (He smiles back at her, then notices her key) Jaq: Ooh! Thas-a like Ven-Ven's! Djever meet-a Ven? Aqua (gasping): I'm Aqua, but tell me how you know about Ven. Jaq: Us-a friend--good friend. Ven-Ven help-a Jaq fix-a Cinderelly dress. Aqua: And where is he now? Jaq: Rook-a for friend--other friend. Aqua (sighing): I see... Ven...you must've just missed Terra. Anastasia: I can't understand why... (They hear a grunt from the adjacent room) Anastasia: It always fit perfectly before. Grand Duke: Quite enough of this. The next young lady. Please... Jaq: Oh no. Hear that!? Gotta hurry! Cinderelly gotta try that slipper. (He hoists the key up again) Jaq: Come on, come on, hurry! (He runs toward the mousehole, but Unversed pop out of the floor) Jaq: Ah! No, no, no, no, no! Us-a gotta hurry! (He backs up slightly before Aqua runs in front of him. More Unversed appear) Aqua: It's all right. Leave this to me. Jaq, don't lose that key! (They make their way across the floor. Aqua defeats the Unversed so Jaq can get to the mousehole at the end of the room) Jaq: Zugk-zugk, Aqua! (In the other room, the Grand Duke stands before Lady Tremaine and her daughters, as the large chandelier twinkles overhead) Grand Duke: You're the only ladies here? Lady Tremaine: There's no one else, Your Grace. (Aqua watches from a pole at the top of the banister) Aqua: Come on... Hurry, Jaq! (She gasps as the Grand Duke turns to leave. She looks around, helpless, and decides to jump off the banister. She suddenly feels a tugging as she grows large in size, making her lose her balance. Once back at her normal height, she topples from the banister with a shriek and lands on the floor, making the Grand Duke turn around. She gasps upon seeing the four faces looking back at her in surprise) Aqua: Oh... Would it... Uh, would it be alright if...I tried on the glass slipper? Grand Duke: Hmm... I met you at the palace. Unfortunately, you are not the young lady the Prince is looking for. (Aqua stands) Aqua: But I am a girl. I should at least be given a chance to try it on. (Lady Tremaine steps forward) Lady Tremaine: Who are you, and what are you doing in my house? Drizella: She's probably here to rob us? Anastasia: Mother, do something! Lady Tremaine: That girl does not live here. I have only two daughters. I believe we're finished her, Your Grace. (Aqua looks to the top of the stairs) Grand Duke: Regarless... She means no harm. (He walks to her and hands her the slipper) Grand Duke: Here you are, my dear. Aqua (thinking): Jaq! Hurry... ??????????: Your Grace... Please wait. May I try it on? (They look up and see Cinderella at the top of the stairs. She runs down and Aqua smiles. Lady Tremaine walks between the stairs and the Duke) Lady Tremaine: Pay no attention to her. She's just an imaginative child. Grand Duke: Madam, my orders were every maiden. Aqua: You should let her go first. (Aqua walks over to the stairs and escorts Cinderella) Cinderella: Thank you. (Cinderella sits in a pink cushioned chair) Aqua: I actually want to thank you, for teaching Terra he needs to keep believing. Cinderella: Oh? (The Grand Duke walks toward them and Lady Tremaine scowls, moving her foot in the path of the Duke, causing him to trip and the glass slipper to shatter on the tiled floor. Aqua gasps. The Grand Duke shivers, crying, and Lady Tremaine smiles) Grand Duke: What will I do? Cinderella: Oh please don't worry. (She reaches for her pocket) Cinderella: You see, I have the other slipper. (She pulls it out, much to the surprise of everyone. The Grand Duke takes it from Cinderella and kisses it gleefully, before fitting it perfectly on her foot. At the top of the stairs, Jaq jumps laughing in happiness) Grand Duke: A perfect fit. I must inform the Prince immediately! You will come with me, of course. Cinderella: I'd be happy to. (They begin to leave. Lady Tremaine glares, her daughters standing behind her wth equally jealous looks on their ugly faces) Drizella: It's not fair. She's a scullery maid! Anastasia: Mother! Are you just going to let them leave? Lady Tremaine: No... Cinderella will be put in her place. (Later, Aqua stands outside the house after watching Cinderella and the Grand Duke leave through the Forest. She turns back toward the house and hears a scream) Aqua: What's that? (He hears a yell and the Grand Duke runs back to the house, Aqua running toward him) Aqua: What happened? Where is Cinderella? (He stops to catch his breath) Grand Duke: She-she was attacked by a creature...a monster in the forest... Aqua: A monster? Grand Duke: Please, you must save that girl! Don't let anything happen to her! (Aqua enters the Forest and sees Cinderella lying on the ground in front of a large carriage-shaped Unversed, which is spouting large fireballs into the air that crash to the ground. Lady Tremaine stands with her daughters, who laugh evilly at the sight. Aqua protects Cinderella from the fireballs and the girl looks up at her) Lady Tremaine (laughing): This is what happens when you go against my wishes! (A fireball lands in front of them and explodes, their screaming cries becoming their final words. Cinderella and Aqua look on in terror) Aqua: The darkness in their hearts overtook them. Go. (Aqua gets Cinderella up and she runs back toward the house as Aqua stands to fight the Cursed Coach. Later, the Prince paces at the entrance to his castle. He looks down and sees the Grand Duke with Cinderella. She gazes up at him lovingly, and they rush to meet each other. Admidst the stairs, they embrace one another, Cinderella placing her head on the Prince's shoulder. The Grand Duke wipes a tear from his eye as Aqua sits by the fountain in the square. The Fairy Godmother appears) Aqua: A pure heart filled with light... It's strange, the Master taught me that darkness needs to be destroyed. But how, if not with light? Fairy Godmother: Oh, my dead, you're too young to know. Experience more things, and you'll find the answer. Just trust in your dreams. (Aqua nods smiling, and looks back at the Prince and Cinderella before leaving the Castle of Dreams. In the Seven Dwarfs' cottage, Snow White backs slowly away from an old woman brandishing a shiny red apple. The hag cackles slightly to herself as Snow White's back meets the wall. She places the apple into the girl's hand with her long fingers. The girl raises the delicious fruit to her lips and takes a bite, the hag's excitement growing continuously with every second. Snow White falls to the floor, the half-bitten apple slides from her hand to the old woman's shoes, and the hag cackles. Aqua then travels to the Dwarf Woodlands. Later, Aqua walks through the woods to the dwarfs' cottage, seeing them gathered around a glass coffin. They all have their heads down, sobbing into their already tear-soaked beards) Aqua: What has happened here? Doc: Poor Snow White... (She walks over and gasps, seeing the young girl lying in the coffin, as if asleep) Doc: She was just as sweet as could be. Sneezy: She sang us purty songs... Happy: And made us smile. Sleepy: At bedtime, she told wonderful stories... Bashful: About falling in love, an' the Prince she'd met. Grumpy: An' when we went to work, she gave us all a kiss... Happy: She was so full of kindness--why, she made better folk of all of us. Aqua: From what you've said, she must have been very loved. But, how did this happen to her? Doc: A wicked Queen was horribly jealous of our dear Snow White's beauty. So she used her evil magic to change into an old hag, and then she gave Snow White a poisoned apple. Happy: An' by the time we got here... Well, it was just too late. We found the princess as still as can be... Nothing we could do would wake her. Aqua: Isn't there some way we can help her? Doc: Well, not unless somebody craves the bastle--uh, braves the castle. Grumpy: All you fools can stay here doin' nothin'. But I'm not afeared a goin', not even to that witch's lair! (The other dwarfs look fearful) Doc: You'll never make it. The castle's supposed to be guarded by magic, an' crawling with monsters. Aqua: All right. Then I'll go. Bashful: You will? Aqua: I will. Leave it to me. Doc: Well, all right, my dear. We'd be much obliged. (Aqua nods. Before she leaves, the talks to each of the dwarfs in turn) Grumpy: If'n yer goin' to that castle, watch out for them monsters! Doc: I sure miss her dapple lumpkins--uh, lumple dapplins--er...apple dumplings. Sleepy: I miss her bedtime stories... Happy: I miss seein' her sweet smile. It sure was pretty. Sneezy: A-a-achoo! I miss her hot soup. It helped my hay fever... Bashful: Gosh, I'd wash my hands every day if she'd come back to us. (Aqua leaves for the Queen's castle. Ventus travels to Enchanted Dominion. He walks through King Stefan's Castle) Ventus (sighing): Still no sign of Terra! (He reaches the end of the hallway and enters Princess Aurora's Chamber) Ventus: Ah? (He looks over and sees Aurora lying on a bed as if asleep. He walks silently toward her for a closer look) ????????????: Stop, you get away from her! (He turns around and sees three small fairies in dresses and pointy hats. They stand with their wands drawn) Ventus: Wha-- Oh, I'm sorry. It's just, I've never seen anyone so beautiful. (The fairy in red flutters closer to him) Flora: Who are you? Ventus: I'm Ventus. But you can call me Ven. Fauna: Oh... You don't seem bad, dear. I'm certain you have a pure heart, just like our precious Aurora. Ventus: Can you tell me why she's sleeping? Flora: Long ago, Maleficent cursed her. Now she's stolen her heart. Ventus (crossing his arms): Hm... Well then, why don't I go get it back for her? Fauna: That's impossible, dear. Maleficent's home is at the Forbidden Mountain. It's not safe. Ventus: I'm not afraid. We can't just leave Aurora like this. I can help. You gotta believe me. C'mon, let's go get her heart! Flora: You know, you're absolutely right. The Forbidden Mountain is through the forest. Come along--follow us. After all, we wouldn't want you to get lost. (Ven nods and leaves the room. Once Aqua arrives at the Queen's castle, she finds a man in a feathered cap by a wishing well) Aqua: Is something wrong? Prince: This castle--it's different somehow. And I can't find the princess or hear her beautiful voice. Was it all a dream? Aqua: Wait. You mean you know Snow White? Prince: Oh yes, we met once. It was a song that drew us together... Has something happened to the princess? Aqua (sadly): Yes, I'm afraid so... The wicked Queen tricked her into eating a poisoned apple. Prince: I must go to her! Where is she? Aqua: In the woods, guarded by seven kind dwarfs. Prince: I will find her. Perhaps there is a way I can help. (He runs out of the castle as Aqua enters through the Underground Waterway. As she arrives in a high chamber of the castle, she looks around) Aqua: Something's not right. (She walks up to a large mirror on the wall and looks at it. With a clash of thunder, lightning appears in the mirror with a burst of fire. The Spirit appears, its face solid. Aqua gasps and jumps back as there's a burst of light) Aqua: What? (She shields her eyes and turns into an orb of light, being sucked into the mirror. In a violet abyss, she stands facing the Spirit of the Magic Mirror, it's empty gaze upon her. She defeats the Spirit and leaves the abyss of the mirror) Magic Mirror: The Queen is gone, my service done. Adieu, O victorious one. (The face vanishes and the mirror reflects once again. She walks up to it and touches the smooth surface, sighing. She returns to the cottage, seeing the dwarfs still in mourning. The Prince stands solemnly and walks over to the coffin, the glass having been removed. He bends over her, overcome with her beauty, and kisses her rose red lips. He then kneels beside her in silence. Aqua casts her eyes to the floor, but looks up when she sees the girl's eyes open) Aqua: Princess! (Snow White stretches, pressing the back of her hand to her face, and sits up. The dwarfs gasp and grin widely. She smiles sweetly at them and their eyes light up. The Prince stands and takes Snow White into his arms. The dwarfs dance around, Dopey doing front flips and somersaults, and Aqua smiles) Aqua: That's so sweet. It's just like a miracle... (She remembers a time years ago in the Land of Departure. Ventus is asleep in his bedroom while Aqua watches over him) Aqua (memory): Ventus, why won't you wake up? (She begins to leave, and Ventus stirs. The sound makes her return to see his dull blue eyes open. She runs back to his bedside as he sits up) Aqua: You're awake! Ventus, oh, it's a miracle! (She runs into the hall) Aqua (calling): Terra! Master Eraqus! Ventus is awake! (Terra runs in and the memory ends. Snow White happily kisses each of the dwarfs' foreheads in turn, Grumpy making a bashful noise, and waves goodbye to them while being carried away in her Prince's arms) Aqua (thinking): Every waking is a new journey. Maybe Ven left...because it was his time. (Ven enters the forest and reaches a wall blocked by green fire) Ventus: Looks like we're stuck. Flora: This must be Maleficent's doing. Fauna: I know. (Fauna flutters over to the wall and waves her wand at the fire. Magic sparkles appear from the end of her wand and create a hole in the wall. The fire dies down) Fauna: Shall we? Ventus: Yup. (They enter the Forbidden Mountain and walk up the long rocky road. Once they enter the Gates of Maleficent's domain, they encounter her hog and bird-like minions in her Throne Room) Flora: Careful, they're Maleficent's. Ventus: Well, they ain't guardin' nothing. (One of the bird-like minions yawns) Ventus (commanding): 'Ten-shun! (He runs in) Ventus: No sleeping on the job! (Ven takes out Maleficent's goons. The enter the hall and make their way through the maze of magical walls. Ven approaches a blazing green flame at the end of the room. Amidst the fire, a heart floats. Ven points his Keyblade at it, and the fire vanishes, leaving dark smoke. The heart escapes and floats away) Ventus: That should do it. (He begins to leave, but stops) Ventus: Huh? (There is a flash and he gasps. He starts seeing a memory. Aurora stands in the forest with Prince Phillip) Phillip: Don't you remember? We've met before. Aurora: We...we have? Phillip: Why of course. You said so yourself--once upon a dream. (He takes her hand in his and they walk through the forest. They stand beside a tree, Aurora leaning on his shoulder) Aurora: I never thought I would meet you--outside of my dreams, that is. Phillip: Who are you? What's your name? Aurora: Hmm? Oh, my name... Why, it's... (Her face quickly changes) Aurora: Oh, oh no, I can't... (She starts to run away) Aurora: Good-bye. Phillip: I must see you! Aurora: I don't know, maybe someday. Phillip: When? Tomorrow? Aurora: Oh, no. This evening! At the cottage, in the glen. (The memory ends) Ventus: What was that? Flora: Aurora's memory. She must have gotten her heart back. Ventus: So her dream came true! Flora: Yes, not long ago. Dreams are very strong beliefs. Aurora's led her to her true love. Fauna: I see you hold strong beliefs too. Don't you, dear? Ventus: Yup. Flora: You also have a strong light. Merryweather: All right. Hurry, we can't stay here! (Aqua arrives at the Forbidden Mountain, seeing a strange orb of light floating away from the castle) Aqua: What's that? (It passes her and she looks toward the dark castle) Aqua: I think I had better go take a look inside. (Ventus and the three good fairies return to the Throne Room and run into Maleficent) Maleficent: Someone has released Aurora's heart. Tell me, child, was it you? (She glares at Ven) Flora: Maleficent! Ventus: Only 'cause you stole it in the first place! (He runs toward her and jumps. She raises her arms and vanishes in green flame. He lands and looks around quickly) Maleficent: A Keyblade... You must be Ventus. (He sees her above near the throne) Ventus: Huh? How do you know about me...and the Keyblade? Maleficent: My powers ensure I'd know of the key to bringing me hearts. Terra gave me a demonstration. Ventus: Terra? He was here? Maleficent: Why, yes. In fact, it was he who stole Princess Aurora's heart. (He shakes his head in disbelief) Ventus: That's a lie! (He readies his Keyblade) Maleficent: I was asked to leave you unharmed...but it seems I have no choice! (Merryweather gasps and the fairies use their wands to become balls of light. They enter the battlefield and help Ven fight the evil witch. Afterward, Maleficent walks up a set of stairs, breathing heavily) Ventus: There's no way Terra would hurt somebody like that! Maleficent: You don't believe me? That's unfortunate, for he agreed so easily. Ventus: He did? ????: Ven! Don't be fooled! (He looks around and sees...) Ventus: Aqua! Aqua (running in): Terra would never do that. You know that as well as I do. Ventus: Yeah! Maleficent: Ahh... The truth can be most cruel, even amongst the closest of friends. After all, one never knows the secrets of another's heart. I'm sure you'll agree... Ventus... Aqua. (They glare at her) Aqua (to Ven): The Master sent me. Ven...let's go home. Ventus: But Terra... Aqua: Terra's not ready to leave yet. (Ven remembers his encounter with the boy in the mask) ??????? (memory): Like right now? He's leaving you behind. And by the time you catch up, he'll be a different person. Ventus (sadly): Sorry, Aqua. But I can't go with you. Aqua: What? Ventus: It's just...I have to find him before it's too late! (Ven leaves) Aqua: Ven! (Fauna starts to go after him, but Flora stops her. Ven runs out of the castle) Ventus: Terra, where are you? Maleficent (to Aqua): I see you, too, wield a Keyblade. Aqua: How do you know about the Keyblade? Maleficent: A source of power... A key that opens the hearts of men, of entire worlds...and allows one to obtain anything and everything. Such a power I find most fascinating. Aqua: So, Terra...he really... Maleficent (smiling cruelly): Yes. Now, my dear, would you like to assist me, as well? Aqua: Never. Maleficent: I see, Xehanort was right. You are a most stubborn girl. Aqua: Master Xehanort? How do you-- Maleficent: It seems you need time to consider my offer. Fortunately, I have the perfect place. (The orb on her staff glows green and she slams it on the floor, causing the tiled stones under Aqua's feet to crack and vanish in a burst of green light. She falls through the floor with a scream. She lands in a Dungeon Cell and stands, seeing a man sitting across the room on a large stone, his arms chained to the wall) ???????: Who are you? Aqua (walking over): My name is Aqua. It looks like I was caught in a trap. Why are you here? ???????: To prevent me from breaking her evil curse. I was to meet the most beautiful girl at a cottage in the glen, but now my true love lies in an eternal slumber...and only I can break the spell. Aqua: You must really love her. (The three fairies appear) Flora: Is what you said true? ???????: Yes. Maleficent told me. Flora: Oh, Prince Phillip! It's you! (The fairies release his chains and he stands up) Flora: Now, Phillip. The road to true love may be barred by many more dangers, which you alone will have to face. Aqua: I'm going with you. There's something I need to know, and Maleficent has the answer. Flora: Yes, of course, dear. Now, come along. We must hurry to Aurora. (They run to the Hall, where Maleficent's pet raven, Diablo, stands watch. Once it spots them, it flutters away calling, and the magical walls of the room decend, revealing a horde of Maleficent's goons. They defeat the henchman and make their way out of the castle. As Aqua and Prince Phillip rush across the bridge to King Stefan's castle, Maleficent stands watching from her tallest tower, staff out) Maleficent: A forest of thorns shall be your tomb... (She raises the staff toward the clouds and creates a vortex of dark lightning) Maleficent: Wound 'round the castle in a bower of doom! (She spins her staff in the lightning and points toward Stefan's castle, lightning shooting from it. At once, great thorned branches push out from the ground where the lightning strikes, cracking mortar and stone. The dark needled plants cover the landscape around the bridge and the castle, two large vines wrap around the bridge, crushing the stone fence around it. Maleficent appears at the entrance and Aqua and Phillip stop) Aqua: Maleficent! What did Master Xehanort tell you? Maleficent: Such a pity, child, that you don't have Terra's gift for obedience. Nor can you see how easy it was for him. Aqua: Terra would never do anything to help you! Maleficent: Quite the contrary. He fully embraced the darkness within himself. Aqua: Stop lying! Maleficent: See for yourself--all the powers of hell! (She throws her arms outward, loosing a great pillar of green flame, her dark shadow etched in its smoky tendrils as the world flashes and her form changes. She grows larger, her black cloak expanding outward and filling with green. From her back, large wings push outward splitting to her sides, knocking the green from her body into sparks. The black wings connect with gray translucent skin to a large black body, heavily muscled and scaled. The dragon rears back on its hind legs and slams the ground, eyes a blazing yellow. Aqua and Phillip ready their weapons as Maleficent spews a large blast of green fire, enveloping the ground around them) Phillip: Here! (Phillip takes Aqua's hand and tosses her into the air. She jumps on an inivisible surface in the air and slams her Keyblade into the head of the dragon, which stops spewing fire. The dragon shakes it off and flies into the air, circling them. Once it comes close enough to slam into them, Phillip tosses Aqua into the air again and she lands on the flying dragon. She attacks it in the neck and it lands, fire lining the inside of its mouth. It shoots a blast of fire at Aqua, who dodges backward. Phillip rushes toward it and swats at its mouth with his sword as it attempts to bite him. The three fairies arrive) Flora: All together... (The three shoot magic from their wands at the Prince's sword, which glows with pink, green, and blue sparks) Flora: Now sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die, and good endure. (Phillip throws the sword toward the dragon, striking it near the heart. The dragon erupts in green fire and falls, causing the thorns to vanish and the castle to be bright once again. Phillip rushes into the castle while Aqua stands with a weak and angered Maleficent, back to her witchy form. She walks slowly back toward her castle across the bridge) Aqua: It's the power of true love that defeated you. Maleficent: I will not be defeated by something as insignificant as love. Aqua: You don't even know the first thing about it. You're too clouded by darkness to see that there's something greater. (She looks up to Stefan's castle, where Prince Phillip climbs the tower to Aurora's Chamber and kneels over the sleeping beauty. He bends to kiss her and her eyes open) Aqua: Try all you want, but you'll never defeat a heart filled with light. Maleficent (angry): Perhaps... But remember one thing--as long as there is light, there will be darkness. And in time, many more will be drawn to it. Then they will all belong to me! (She holds out her arms, vanishing in green flames, laughing as Aqua runs toward her. Aqua loses her and sighs) Aqua: Terra... You better stay strong for me. (Terra travels to the Mysterious Tower. Outside the tower, he sees a mouse run down the steps. The Keyblade in the mouse's hand catches his eye. The mouse takes out a star-shaped object and holds it up) Mickey: Alakazam! (With a sudden burst of light, Mickey shoots up into the sky in a bolt of light, magical dust and stars traveling behind him. After this sight, Terra walks into the tower and up the stairs. He enters Yen Sid's Study and stands at attention) Terra: Master Yen Sid! (Yen Sid atands by the window, turns to face him) Terra: My name is Terra. Yen Sid: Yes. Eraqus's pupil. I've been expecting you. It is the Unversed. (He walks over to his chair and sits down) Terra: Yes, Master Yen Sid. I thought it best to seek the counsel of one wiser than myself. Yen Sid: I am no longer a Master. I doffed that mantle. Terra: But sir, wasn't that your pupil I passed on the way in? He had a Keyblade... Yen Sid: You refer to Mickey. He, too, sought guidance here. As a king, he is good and kind. But the weight of a crown has not cured him of impetuousness. He has left with an object whose power he does not understand nor know how to control. Mickey imagines my Star Shard will be of help in his current quest. And, like you, he is eager to use his Keyblade to set things right. Terra: I'm not sure I even understand what's wrong. Master Xehanort is missing... And now I've learned there's a masked boy who is controlling those "Unversed" on the loose. Yen Sid (with eyes closed): To arrive at the truth, perhaps you should approach things differently--first consider them one and the same problem. Terra: Master Xehanort and the Unversed are connected somehow? Yen Sid: I must not make assumptions... Find Xehanort, Terra. That is where you should begin. Terra (nodding): Yes, sir. (Terra leaves the room) Yen Sid: I had hoped, Xehanort, your heart would no longer lead you astray. (Terra leaves the Mysterious Tower. Aqua travels through the Lanes Between on her glider. She sees Terra ahead of her) Aqua: Terra? Where's he going? Master Xehanort: Terra. Terra: Master Xehanort? Master Xehanort: Terra, come see me at once. (Terra diappears in a flash of light and Aqua does the same. He reaches a barren world named The Badlands and flies over the desolate, rocky terrain, seeing Master Xehanort standing near the edge of a canyon) Terra: Master Xehanort... (He lands nearby and releases the glider and armor) Terra: I have been to other worlds. I know all about the things you've done. I just don't understand why. Xehanort (looking downward): Someone had to safeguard the light...from the demon I unleashed. You must know about the boy by now, the one in the mask. His name is Vanitas. A creature of pure darkness. One of my making. (He clenches his fist) Terra: Vanitas... Are you telling me he came from you? Master Xehanort: He came from Ventus. Terra: Ventus? Master Xehanort: Yes. Vanitas is the darkness that was inside your friend. (Terra gasps and Master Xehanort continues quickly) Master Xehanort: It was an accident. While training with me, Ventus succumbed to darkness, and there was but one way to save him--strip that part of him away. And thus Vanitas was made. In the process, I damaged Ventus's heart in the most horrific way. (He faces away from Terra looking over the cliff) Master Xehanort: So I did what I felt was right, and left him with Eraqus. I knew the boy could not stay with me, the man who did him such grevious harm. Terra: Master Xehanort... Ventus has gotten a lot better since then. You shouldn't blame yourself for trying to save him. Xehanort (softly): Well... Thank you, lad. You know how to put an old man's heart at ease. Terra (thinking): So that's what it was. (Terra has a memory of four years ago in the Land of Departure. Terra and Aqua are practicing in the Throne Room, when they hear the front door of the castle open. Terra and Aqua walk to the balcony and look toward the door, where Master Xehanort stands with a dull-eyed Ventus at his side. They walk inside and are greeted by Master Eraqus. Xehanort says something to Eraqus and they walk up the inner steps together, Ventus remaining still, casting his eyes to the floor) Aqua: That boy--is he okay? Terra: I'll go see. (Terra walks down the stairs and over to Ventus) Terra: I'm Terra. What's your name? Ventus (slowly): Ventus. Terra: Whew, you can talk! (He turns around) Terra: Aqua, c'mere. (Aqua smiles and runs downstairs) Aqua: Hi, I'm Aqua. (He looks to each of them in turn) Ventus: Terra... Aqua... Terra: So, are you here to train with us? Where are you from? Who was that man with you? (This is too much for Ventus) Terra: You good with a Keyblade? (He starts to wail loudly in pain, startling Terra and Aqua. He falls over and clutches his head, screaming) Terra: Whoa, what's the matter? (They rush to his side) Aqua: Are you okay? (Masters Eraqus and Xehanort return) Master Eraqus: What did you do? Terra: Nothing, I-- (Xehanort gather Ventus into his arms) Terra: I just asked him some stuff. Master Eraqus: Ventus cannnot tell you anything...because he cannot remember anything. (Terra and Aqua gasp sadly. The memory ends) Terra: Master... Why is Vanitas still free? Xehanort (facing him): Ah yes. Well, I did my best to contain him the moment he emerged, but... Terra: He managed to escape. Xehanort (nodding): Vanitas uses the Keyblade to sow seeds of darkness. And now, you see--the worlds teem with his ghastly underlings. Terra: The Unversed! Master Xehanort: He has no control over the darkness in his heart. The Keyblade is not his to bear. He's an abomination beyond hope of salvation. Lend me your strength, Terra. Right this wrong that I have wrought. Terra: But I have no idea where to find him. Master Xehanort: What I can tell you about Vanitas amounts to this-- his darkness is drawn to the light, which he seeks to disrupt... and then destroy. (Terra has a dark flash of Aqua and Ven collapsing, and holding their star charms) Master Xehanort: It stands to reason that he will strike next in the city of light, Radiant Garden. (Terra gasps, but shakes off the feeling) Terra: Don't worry, Master. I'll take care of Vanitas. (Ven travels through the Lanes Between. A shadowy shape passes him and he recognizes it as Vanitas) Ventus: Him again! (The boy rushes ahead and he flies after him. He follows him to the Badlands. He disengages his armor and lands on the barren ground) Ventus (looking around): Where's he hiding? (He gasps and turns around) Ventus: All right! What did you mean about Terra being a different person? Vanitas: Exactly what I said, idiot. The Terra you know will be gone forever. Ventus (angrily): That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Vanitas: Stupid, or true. (He holds his arm out and summons...) Ventus: A Keyblade? (Ventus stares and gets his out) Vanitas: Good. Let's see what you're made of. (They fight and Ven is knocked away. He lies on the ground as Vanitas walks over to him) Vanitas: That really all you got? Man, you are worthless. I'd be going against the Master's orders, but so what? As far as I'm concerned, your job here is done. (Vanitas gathers energy with his Keyblade and shoots a large blue orb at Ven. Still lying on the ground, it collides with him in a blaze of blue fire, reflecting on Vanitas's mask, a dark smile hidden beneath its black veneer. The fire dissipates and the ground is scorched, but no body remains) ??????: Don't worry! You're safe. (Vanitas turns and sees Ven lying there, Mickey Mouse looming over him. The mouse summons a Keyblade and spins its point in the air, a holy light appearing at the end of it) Mickey: Heal! (Ven is covered in a bright aura and wakes up. Mickey makes sure he's okay and whirls around to face Vanitas, an angry look on his face) Mickey (pointing at the Keyblade): Tell me where you got that! (He thrusts out his Keyblade) Mickey: Keyblades are not something you use just to bully somebody around! Here, I'll show ya! Ventus (getting up): We both will! (Mickey and Ven nod and they fight Vanitas, knocking him to the ground. The boy leaps to his feet and they ready for another attack) Vanitas: Hmph, you win. (He opens a dark portal) Vanitas: Consider yourself on probation. (He walks backward into the portal and it vanishes) Ventus: Probation for what? (He turns to Mickey) Ventus: Thanks for before, I owe ya. The name's Ventus. What's yours? Mickey: I'm Mickey. Ventus: I see you've got a Keyblade. Mickey: Yep. I've been trainin' under the great Yen Sid. He found out the worlds are in trouble, an' I sorta took off without tellin' him. (He rubs his head sheepishly) Ventus: Well, that makes both of us. I ran off, too. (He takes out a star-shaped stone) Mickey: All I hafta do is think it, and the Star Shard will take me anywhere I wanna go. At least I thought it would, I haven't quite got the fine points down, like...when, or where... It just kinda kicks in whenever it wants to. But I wouldn't have met you if it hadn't brought me here. (Ven laughs) Mickey: Ya know, it might not be an accident. Maybe it starts workin' 'cause it's reactin' to somethin'. (It starts glowing and they look at it in surprise. A bright light flashes and they cover their eyes. Ven finds himself in the Lanes Between on his glider. He turns around and sees Radiant Garden behind him. He flies to the town and sees a duck with a cane walking around the Central Square. He turns and sees Mickey walking in an alley above) Ventus: Mickey? (Ven runs through the alleyway. Terra walks into the Central Square and sees a duck with a cane walking around. Suddenly, a flash of blue) Terra: Unversed! (He surveys the group, the creatures twitching) Terra: This can only mean Master Xehanort was right. (He defeats the Unversed and sees Master Xehanort out of the corner of his eye. He dispels his Keyblade and looks over) Terra: What's Master Xehanort doing here? Maybe he found something out. (He enters the Castle Town and a puff of smoke appears. An old man in blue robes and a pointy hat walks out of the smoke, which quickly vanishes) ?????: Oh, why can't I ever seem to remember this address exactly? (The old man walks over to a house and enters it. Terra spots a book lying on the ground where the man had stood. Terra picks it up and follows him into the house) Terra: Excuse me, Your Elderness. ??????: Hmm? Terra (showing him): I believe you dropped this book. (The cover of the book depicts several animals under the words "Winnie the Pooh") ??????: Did I? (He walks over to the book and places it on a desk) ??????: Ohh, I'm very sad to say this isn't one of mine...but what a remarkable book it is. This unassuming volume seems to have the unusual effect of awakening one's innermost abilities. Terra: A book that makes people stronger? If it's alright, Your Elderness, might I have a closer look? ??????: The name is Merlin! I'm a powerful wizard, and I'll have you know a lot of wisdom comes with age. Anyway, as I said, the book is not mine, but I'd be happy to keep it here for you. Terra: Thank you, Merlin. (Terra takes a look at the book and a flash of light comes from its pages. Once he leaves the house, a large Unversed flies through Castle Town. Ven walks through the Gardens and onto the doorstep of the grand castle. He runs up the stairs and sees two large men in uniform guarding a large door. One with short brownish-red hair and the other with long black hair tied in a ponytail, their eyes are closed. He approaches them but is met with crossed swords) Dilin: Hold on. Aeleus: The castle is presently closed. Ventus: But somebody just came this way! He's a friend of mine. (Dilin and Aeleus stare at each other) Dilin: We aren't aware of any visitors. Now run along home, boy, before the monsters get you. Ventus: I coulda sworn it was him. (He turns around and sees an Unversed) Aeleus: They're here! (They step toward the Unversed) Dilin: Radiant Garden shall not fall under the likes of you. (Ventus rushes in front of them) Ventus: Leave this to me! Aeleus: Stop! Dilin: But you're just a child! (They nod to each other and start to follow Ven) ????: Now who do you think will defend the castle if you two go skipping off? Aeleus: But, that boy... (A blond man walks up to them, wearing a white lab coat) Even (smirking): Never you worry about him. He's a special case. Aeleus: A what? Dilin: Even is right. Lord and castle come first. The boy will have to fend for himself. Even: Which reminds me, his Lordship was asking for you. (They walk back into the castle) Even: A heart devoid of darkness? Stripped clean of it, at that... Very questionable. (Even follows them inside. Ven chases the Unversed back to Central Square, where it is antagonizing an elderly duck with a cane) ???????: Ach! How dare ye!? Back off, ye fiend! (He laughs and points his cane at the floating creature) ???????: Ye'll not be gettin' my money! (Ven runs in) Ventus: Look out! (He throws his Keyblade) Scrooge (grabbing his hat): Aye! I will! (The blade hits the Unversed and it falters for a bit, before floating off toward the Castle Town. Ven runs after it as the duck stares) Scrooge: Hold on... Wait a moment, laddie. (Ven gasps and turns around) Scrooge: Don't I even get a chance to repay ye Ventus: Oh, you don't have to. (He turns around to run) Scrooge: Now, just hold yer horses. I dinna mean me fortune. (Ven turns around again as the Unversed turns a corner down an alleyway) Scrooge: Maybe a wee bit o' gold, or a small token of... Ventus (impatiently): Well, could ya make it fast? Scrooge: I know--I've just the thing in me hat! (He takes his hat off and looks inside) Ventus: Hmm? Scrooge (laughing): C'mere. (Ven walks up to him and he smiles slyly, covering part of his face with his hat) Scrooge: Ye can tell me, lad. You came here from another world, didn't ye? (Ven gasps) Scrooge (laughing): Dinna worry. Me bill is sealed. Yer secret's safe with me. I'll not be askin' ye any awkward questions. Ye see, 'tis the same with me. Ventus (interested): Huh? Scrooge: I asked a wizard named Merlin to bring me here from another world. After all, adventure is the mother of industry! (He chuckles) Ventus: Great! That all? Scrooge: Ach, but I'm holding ye up, lad. (He reaches into his hat) Scrooge: Here. These are lifetime passes to Disney Town. Ye'll have buckets o' fun there, or my name is not Scrooge McDuck. (He pulls out three tickets) Scrooge: There y'are--enough for you and two grown-ups. (Ven inspects his ticket) Ventus (interested): Huh... (He inspects the other two tickets) Ventus (let down): Huh... (He chases the floating Unversed into the Castle Town) ??????: Hang it all! Can't I get a moment's peace!? (Ven turns to see an old man in a blue robe walk out of his house) Ventus: Mister, get inside. It's not safe out here. ??????: Oh, ordering me about--now that's unsafe. After all, I'm Merlin the Wizard. (He looks at Ven, who stares) Merlin: Oh ho... Another scamp looking to wake the powers inside him, is that it? Ventus: What? How'd you know? Merlin (laughing): We wizards have a knack for knowing such things. The book is inside on the table. You may have a gander, if you like. (He walks back inside and Ven lifts an eyebrow) Ventus: What book? (Ventus enter the house and takes a look at the book. A flash of light comes from its pages. Aqua enters the Central Square and sees Scrooge McDuck, running up to him) Aqua: Excuse me? I'm terribly sorry to bother you, sir. Scrooge: Ach, what a well-mannered lass ye are. I'd be pleased as punch to help ye, if I can. (She kneels to his height) Aqua: I'm looking for a boy who's not from around here. Have you seen him? Scrooge: Hmm, I think I know just who you're talking about. He scampered off toward yon castle in a right hurry. (He points to the castle behind him) Aqua: Thank you so much. (Scrooge chuckles happily and walks away. Aqua stands and looks toward the tall castle) Aqua: Terra... I hope you're still there. (She heads through an alleyway and across the Gardens, entering a fenced door. She walks up the stairs to the castle before hearing a scream. She sees a young girl carrying flowers being chased by an Unversed) Aqua: No! Run! (The red-haired girl finds herself cornered by a wall, and the Unversed jumps into the air. The girl covers her head and the Unversed misses her. The girl runs over to Aqua as more Unversed appear from the ground. Aqua readies her Keyblade and the girl touches it for safety, whimpering in fear) Aqua: I can feel the light. (She looks to the large group of Unversed) Aqua: There's no way I can fight like this. (An Unversed leaps at her, but Mickey appears and strikes it down with his Keyblade) Mickey (to Aqua): Hurry! Ya gotta get that girl to someplace that's safe. Aqua: Who are you? Why do you have a Keyblade? Mickey: I'll tell ya later. Right now, we gotta stop these things! (Aqua carries the girl down the steps as the Unversed surround Mickey. The mouse stands ready, but looks up, seeing Aqua's return) Mickey: Everything all right? (She nods) Mickey: Let's get 'em! Aqua: Right! (Together they defeat the Unversed. Afterward, Aqua stands with Mickey and the girl. Aqua kneels down to their height) Aqua: Thank you. My name is Aqua. I train under Master Eraqus. Mickey: And I'm Mickey. I used to be Yen Sid's apprentice. I came back to him for some more training. Aqua: I sense light within this girl. You think that's why they attacked her? Mickey: Yep, I think ya might be absolutely right. If ya ask me, she must be somebody pretty extraordinary. Aqua: Yes. I'm quite certain she's someone we're supposed to protect. Mickey: Let's join forces! (A bright light appears from Mickey's pocket) Mickey: Oh no, not now! (Mickey is surrounded with light, surprising Aqua and the girl) Mickey: I'll be okay! (Mickey becomes a trail of light giving off magical sparks, flying haphazardly into the sky) Mickey: See ya real soon! (The two girls stare in disbelief and amazement. The girl hands Aqua her flowers) ?????: Here! Aqua: Are these for me? ?????: I picked you some flowers. Thank you for saving me. Aqua (taking them): Oh, they're lovely. You're so sweet. ?????: My name's Kairi. Nice to meet you! Aqua: Nice to meet you too. I'm Aqua. Kairi, about that light-- ???????: Kairi! (Kairi turns seeing an elderly woman near the steps of the castle) Kairi: Oh! Grandma! Aqua: Wait, Kairi, just a minute... (Aqua touches Kairi's necklace and it glows) Aqua: I just cast a magic spell on you. One day when you're in trouble, the light within you will lead you to the light of another, someone to keep you safe. Kairi: Thanks! (She runs over to her grandmother) Grandma: There you are. It's time to go. Kairi: 'Kay! Oh! (She turns back toward Aqua and waves) Kairi: Bye! (Aqua waves back. Kairi and her grandma hold hands as they walk back down the steps) Kairi: Hey, Grandma? Grandma: Hm? What is it? Kairi: Could you tell me that story? Grandma (laughing): Again, dear? Kairi: Please? Grandma: Very well, then. (Kairi laughs happily) Grandma: Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it. They wanted to keep it for themselves. And darkness was born in their hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people's hearts. It covered everything, and the world disappeared. But small fragments of light survived, in the hearts of children. With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost world. It's the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps deep within the darkness. That's why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other. But someday, a door will open to the innermost darkness will open, and the true light will return. So, listen, child. Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you. Believe in the light, and the darkness will never defeat you. Your heart will shine with its power and push the darkness away. (Kairi nods as Aqua watches them leave) Aqua: Kairi... Something tells me I didn't run into her by accident. (She looks at the tiny bouquet of flowers and walks to the edge of the stairs. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a large flying Unversed headed into town) Aqua: Unversed! It never ends. (She runs into the Gardens and sees a large door that's been broken open) Aqua: Over there! (She walks up the steps and enters the door, arriving at the Reactor. Upon running in, she sees Terra and Ven) Terra & Aqua: Ven! Ventus: Terra! Aqua! (They summon their Keyblades and see three large Unversed flying toward them. One of them rearranges itself into a pair of arms, and another into a pair of legs, which then join a head and torso to create the Trinity Armor. Together they take on the gigantic Unversed) Aqua: Terra! (They begin to run toward it from different sides) Terra: Ven! Now! Ventus: C'mon! (Aqua jumps in the air and slashes downward at it. Terra and Ven then do the same and the Unversed falls down defeated) Terra: Got 'im. Aqua: We make a good team. Ventus: Sure do. Oh yeah! I got you these tickets. (Ven pulls out three tickets that read "Disney Town Passport") Terra: For what? Ventus: Lifetime passes to Disney Town. (Ven hands one to Terra) Ventus: He said to-- (He pauses and looks at one) Ventus (grumpily): He said to take two grown-ups. (He hands the other to Aqua and puts the third back into his pocket. Terra and Aqua look from the tickets back to Ven) Aqua: You mean us? (They laugh and put them away) Aqua (softly): Listen to me, Ven... We need to get you home-- Ventus: It's okay, Aqua. Trust me, that guy in the mask is history. He'll never bad-mouth Terra again. (Terra puts a hand on Ven's shoulder) Terra (strongly): You saw the boy in the mask? Ventus (surprised): Y-yes? Terra: Vanitas... Ven. You let Aqua take you home. Ventus: No way. I wanna go with you guys. Terra: You can't. We have a dangerous task ahead of us. I don't want you to get hurt. Aqua: And what is this dangerous task, Terra? It doesn't sound like what the Master told you to do. Terra: It might be a different route, but I'm fighting the darkness. Aqua: I'm not so sure. I've been to the same worlds as you and I've seen what you've done. You shouldn't put yourself so close to the darkness. Ventus: Listen to yourself, Aqua. Terra would never-- Terra (narrowing his eyes): You mean you've been spying on me? Is that what he said to do? The Master's orders? Aqua: He was only-- (She looks away) Ventus: Aqua... Terra (turning away): I get it. Ventus (starting to follow): Terra! Terra: Just stay put! (Ven stops) Terra: I'm on my own now, all right? (He starts to leave) Aqua: Terra, please! Listen! The Master has no reason to distrust you, really! He was just worried. Ventus: You're awful, Aqua. Aqua: So now you know the truth. But the Master loves Terra, and you know that too. Ventus: Were you also "ordered" to take me home? (Aqua says nothing) Ventus: Aqua... Now that you're a Keyblade Master, you've let it go to your head. I'm gonna go find Terra. (Ven leaves Aqua standing alone) Aqua: Terra... Ven... (Terra continues to walk back to the Aqueduct) Terra (thinking): Master Xehanort is the only one I can still count on. ?????: You must be Terra. (He stops walking and sees a tall man in guard's clothes wearing a red scarf that's tattered at the edges, his brown eyes glinting) ?????: It's that old coot--he won't stop asking for you. I came all the way out here to get you just so he'd clam up. Terra: What do you mean? ?????: Ha! Do I have to spell it out? Xehanort, whatever he's called. You know, my prisoner. Terra: You're apparently not a very good liar. Master Xehanort would never let himself be caught by a thug like you. Braig: As if! I've got the old coot at my mercy, see for yourself. I'm holding him underneath the Outer Gardens. You better show up before I lose my patience. Ciao. (He turns and leaves) Terra (thinking): There's no way it's true--but no harm in looking. (Aqua walks into the Castle Town) ??????: Just as I said it would happen, here's the third one! That book is almost more trouble than it's worth... (Aqua stands, unsure of what the old man is talking about) Merlin: Say no more. The book you need to awaken the powers within you is just inside. Read to your heart's content, my dear. (The wizard walks back into his house) Aqua: I'm the third? Terra and Ventus were here? (She follows him into the house) Merlin: If it's the book you're here for, I placed it over on the desk. (She walks to the desk and takes a look at the book. A flash of light comes from its pages) Merlin: I must be more popular than I thought. So many guests, and all on the same day. (From the Outer Gardens, Terra decends to the Purification Facility and looks out over the fountains. He turns and sees Master Xehanort tied up in chains to a large pipe) Terra: Master Xehanort! (Xehanort looks up at him slowly) ?????: The old coot certainly knows how to take punishment. (The scarfed man walks in from the entranceway) Braig: Just like I know how to deal it out. Terra: You monster! What are you after? (He summons his Keyblade as the man walks onto the large balcony) Braig (pointing): That thing right there. It's called a Keyblade, isn't it? (The man holds an arrowgun in his left hand) Braig: Yep, it seems like these days everybody's got one of those... even grandpa there. When I nabbed him, he told me all about it--what a weapon like that can do. How could I not want one? Terra: Well, you'll find they're picky about their owners. Braig: Ha, if I heard the old guy right, you're what they call Keyblade Master material. (He brandishes his arrowgun) Braig: So if I defeat you, that makes me the real keyslinger, if you catch my drift. Not the most polite way to go about it... (He tosses his gun and catches it, aiming it at Terra) Braig: But what can you do? (Terra runs toward him) Braig: Ah-ah, one more step and the coot goes boom. You think I'm gonna fight fair? As if! That key's too powerful for us to go mano a mano. (Braig shoots two laser at Terra, who blocks with his Keyblade. More stream out and he falls over) Braig: Hmph. For a Keyblade Master, you're not very--what's the word--good? (Terra gets up slowly) Master Xehanort: What are you doing, Terra? Fight! Terra: But Master, you'll-- Master Xehanort: Never mind me! You must fight! You can't let this ruffian win. Think of your Master, Eraqus--the shame he and your fellow pupils would be forced to bear! Use the Keyblade! (Terra stands up and feels a rush of anger) Braig: Pfft, so much for the bluff. (He brings out a second arrowgun for this other hand and the two battle. Terra jumps into the air and darkness covers him. He aims his Keyblade at Braig, and shoots a beam of dark energy, which hits him square in the eye, knocking him over. He lies on the ground with his hand over his eye, which burns with dark energy and looks up to see Terra over him, darkness pulsing at the end of the Keyblade. A beam shoots out at the chains around Master Xehanort after grazing Braig on the cheek. Braig stands up and then kneels in pain. He takes one last one-eyed look at Terra and jumps up the bridge and out of the facility. Terra's Keyblade teems with electricity) Terra (in realization): This power... Master Xehanort (walking toward him): Well done, Terra. You have taken yet another step forward. (Terra stands still, hardly able to believe what happened) Terra: But I was consumed by anger...hatred. That was the power of darkness. Xehanort (proudly): Darkness that you channeled. (Terra lowers his Keyblade and dispels it) Terra: No. I succumbed to it. Just like when I stole Princess Aurora's heart of light. I can never return home now. I'm a failure. Master Xehanort: Then don't. You could be my pupil. (Terra looks up at him) Master Xehanort: Master Eraqus, you see, is so afraid of darkness, that he too, has succumbed--not to darkness, but to light. It shines so bright, he forgets that light begets darkness. And Aqua and Ventus, their lights shine too bright. It is only natural that they cast shadows on your heart. Eraqus... He is such a fool! Light and darkness, they are a balance--one that must always be maintained. Terra...you are the one who shows the true Mark of Mastery, but he refuses to see it. (Terra remains silent) Master Xehanort: And I know why. It is because he fears you. Join me. (He takes Terra's hand) Master Xehanort: You and I can do the worlds much greater good, by wielding light and darkness in equal shares. Terra: Master Xehanort... (Xehanort nods) Master Xehanort: See more worlds. Seek out the darkness that upsets the balance. Find Vanitas. And bring an end to him... Master Terra. (Terra is surprised at this, but Master Xehanort only smiles with an intense look in his yellow eyes. Terra shakes it off and holds a hand to his chest, while bowing. Xehanort nods satisfyingly and walks away. Ven returns to the Central Square. He sees several Unversed surrounding a small boy) Ventus: Run! (The boy turns and runs, his silver hair flying behind him. Ventus takes out the Unversed) ????: Ienzo, where are you? (Ven gasps and dispels his Keyblade, turning around. Even is walking around the square) Even: Answer me. (The silver-haired boy reappears behind Ven) Even (walking over): Ah, there you are. Didn't I warn you not to wander off, child? (He turns to Ven) Even: I see we owe you our thanks. We have done our best to raise the boy...since his poor parents are not here to do it. (The boy stares at him with his blue eyes, remaining in silent thought) Ventus: Oh. You're on your own, huh? ...Sir, I'm looking for a friend of mine. He's a tall guy dressed kinda like me--have you seen him? Even: Hmm... Perhaps I did see him in the Outer Gardens. Just follow this road. Ventus: Thank you. Even: No, thank you, for keeping Ienzo out of harm's way. And... Well, let's say I have a feeling we are destined to cross paths again. (He smirks, much to the confusion of Ven, and walks away. Ienzo stares at him and follows. Ven rushes to the Outer Gardens and sees Terra) Ventus: Terra! (Ven runs up to him, smiling) Ventus: Take me with you! Terra: I can't do that, Ven. (Ven's smile falls and he screws up his eyes) Ventus: Why not? Terra: I just-- When I really need you, Ven. I know you'll be there. (Ven smirks) Ventus: Well, why wouldn't I? You're my friend. Terra: Yeah. You're right. Thanks, Ven. (He touches his spaulder and his armor appears. He mounts his glider and leaves Radiant Garden. Ven thinks about Terra's words) Terra (memory): I just-- When I really need you, Ven. I know you'll be there. (He drops his smile) Ventus: I'd better tell Aqua. (Aqua returns to the Central Square, seeing Vanitas turning toward her) Aqua: A mask! You're the boy that Ventus mentioned. Vanitas: Ah yes, Ventus. Tell me something, has he learned to put up a decent fight yet? Aqua: What do you mean? Vanitas: I'll be asking the questions. And why shouldn't I? After all, between the two of us...I'm the only one who will walk away from here alive. (He summons his Keyblade and she glares at him) Aqua: Guess again! (She fights the masked boy, who falls over on the ground. Aqua stands, breathing heavily. She walks over to him and touches his mask) Aqua: Who are you? (Vanitas bursts with laughter. Aqua gasps and jumps back as Vanitas stands up again, opening a dark corridor behind him) Vanitas: Not bad at all. Congratulations. I'll keep you around. Never hurts to have a backup. (He walks into the portal and disappears. She dispels her weapon) Aqua: I have to stop him...before anything else happens to Terra and Ven. Ventus: Aqua! (Ven runs toward her from the entrance to the Outer Gardens, the great castle looming over him) Aqua: Ven. Were you able to find him? Ventus: Yeah, but... He's gone. Aqua: Right. Then I can't stay here. Ventus: Let me go with you, Aqua. Aqua (serious): No, Ven. Do as I say and go home. (Ventus sighs and stares downward) Ventus: Why won't you let me? Aqua: I don't want to put you in harm's way. (She puts on a hand on his shoulder) Aqua: You understand? (She engages her armor and walks past him as he continues to stare at the ground. She takes her glider and leaves Radiant Garden. Ven has a vision of the Land of Departure, a memory of training with Terra. There is a clacking of swords and Ven falls to the ground, losing the wooden sword he carries) Terra: Giving up already? C'mon, Ven. I thought you were stronger than that. Aqua: Ven, you almost had him. Just try it again! Terra: Hey wait, you're teaming up now? (Ven picks up his sword and gets up from the ground. He rushes toward Terra. Later, the three stare out from the castle walls. Ven stares off into seemingly nowhere. Terra looks at him, thinking) Terra: Ven. You see all those dents and nicks you got? (He points to Ven's wooden sword) Aqua: Each one of those is proof you're learning. (Ven says nothing) Terra: You're trying too hard to move your body. You need to learn to let your body move you. Right? (He lifts up his wooden Keyblade and does a motion with it. The hilt is inscribed with the name Terra. Terra stands and clears his throat) Terra (reciting): In your hand, take this blade. And so long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be made. Aqua (laughing): What's THAT about? Who went and made you Master? Terra: Being a Keyblade Master is all I've dreamed about. (Aqua and Ven look at each other) Aqua: Well, you're not the only one. Terra: I know. (He holds his Keyblade in two hands and kneels) Terra: You, me, and Ven all share the same dream. (He hands Ven the blade and he takes it. The memory ends and Ven stares at his Keyblade while sitting on the ground in the square. He spins the blade a few times in his hand, until dropping it. It falls a few feet away at the bottom of a stairway. Two boys walk past) ???: Huh? (One of them bends down and picks it up, swinging it around a bit. He smirks and looks over at Ven) ???: This yours? (The other boy stops and turns around) ???: Lea, we don't have time for this. Lea: Lighten up, Isa. It'll only take a sec. (Lea walks over to Ven) Lea: You still play with toy swords? That's cute. (He spins the blade and holds it out toward him, hilt first. Ven grunts and Lea tosses it away) Lea: Now this right here-- (He pulls out two frisbees) Lea: Tada! Whaddaya think? (He holds them tightly in his hands, and swings them back and forth as he stands. They are emblazoned with a darkly smiling flame) Ventus (apathetically): Not a whole lot. Lea: You're just jealous. I'm Lea. Got it memorized? What's your name? Ventus: Ventus. Lea: Okay, Ventus. Let's fight! Ventus: Fight? Why would I wanna do that? Lea: You scared of losing? C'mon. (He jumps back a few steps) Lea: Hope you're ready. (Ven thinks and gives a small laugh, smiling and standing up) Lea: Yeah! Now we're talkin'. (Ven readies his Keyblade) Ventus: You're gonna be sorry! (Isa chuckles to himself, watching the two. They face each other down and charge in for a fight. Afterward, Lea falls to the ground, panting) Lea: You...had enough? 'Cause I'm willing to...call it a draw if you are. Ventus: Huh? Right... Isa: From where I stood, the only thing you drew was a big L on your forehead for "Loser," "Lame," "Laughable"... Lea: Wha--Isn't this the part where ya...cheer me up for somethin'? "You're just havin' a bad day," or... "That's what you get for pullin' your punches!" (He sighs) Lea: Some friend. Isa: Oh, you mean I was supposed to lie. Lea: Ya see what I gotta put up with? (He lies on the ground, his arms behind his head) Lea: Sure hope you don't have friends like him. (He smiles and Ven starts laughing, making Lea and Isa laugh also) Isa: Lea, we have to go. Lea: 'Kay. (Isa walks away and Lea stands up) Ventus: Already? Lea: I'll see ya when I see ya. After all, we're friends now. Get it memorized. Ventus (smiling): Okay, Lea. (Lea walks back to Isa) Isa: What is it with you and picking up stray puppies? Lea: I want everybody I meet to remember me. Inside people's memories, I can live forever. Isa: I know I won't forget you. Believe me, I try all the time. Lea (smiling): See, I'm immortal! Isa: You're obnoxious. (He looks up to the castle, Lea following suit) Lea: You ready? (Isa looks at Lea, who stares at the castle) Isa: Well, I can tell you are. Lea: Yeah. Ventus: Must be nice... (He looks up and gives a half-hearted laugh) Ventus: ...knowin' who your friends are. (Back in the Purification Facility, Master Xehanort looks over the railing at the fountains) Braig: Hey, you old coot! (Braig shoots a laser at the back of Xehanort's head, but it does nothing. He walks closer and shoots more, but they simply bounce off. His face is heavily bandaged) Braig: You said I wouldn't get hurt! I didn't sign up to be collateral damage! (He points an arrowgun directly at Xehanort's head) Braig: No way, as if! (Xehanort summons his Keyblade and points it under Braig's neck, choking him. He back away) Braig: Okay! Okay, fine. Fine! Just...just put that down! You still need me! You still need me to do something, right? And all I'm asking is that you hold up your end of the bargain. (Xehanort dispels his Keyblade and Braig bends over in relief) Braig (standing up): Heh, I mean, what's a little scratch on my face, huh? All things considered. I'm just lucky he didn't steal my heart like Princess Whatever-It-Was. That would've ruined my week for sure. Master Xehanort: Unlikely. A powerful light still lives inside of Terra. You see, people like him...they don't have the power to steal hearts. Braig: So wait--you mean...he's not the one who stole her heart? (Master Xehanort gives a small laugh. Terra travels to Disney Town. Terra enters at the outskirts of town near a racetrack. He sees several strange figures speed past him on the track) Terra (summoning his Keyblade): Unversed! (He runs after them, but they are moving too fast around the track. He dispels his Keyblade and moves to engage his armor) ?????: Look out! (He spins around and sees a large cat in a racecar speeding his way. Terra dodges out of the way and it zooms past. He stands up and ses a mouse wearing a dress standing next to a tan dog and two small chipmunks) Queen Minnie: Phew! (Terra walks over to them and they walk to the entrance of the racetrack) Terra: Thanks for piping up back there. I mean it. The name's Terra. Queen Minnie: It's nice to meet you, Terra. Chip: What are you, nuts, runnin' out onto the course like that? Dale: Yeah, that's against the rules. Queen Minnie: I'm sure you had your reasons, but I can't say that I approve either. Terra: Well, rules don't apply when you're up against the Unversed. Chip: Rules don't apply!? You sound just like Pete! Dale (jumping): Look it's Captain Dark! (Suspenseful music plays and a large figure with a purple cape faces away) ????: Disguised in shadows, the rogue racer reigns! (He whirls around and jumps off a rooftop and strikes a victory pose) ????: I am...Captain Dark! (The music stops and he walks over to the group) Captain Dark: And you must be the chump who made me miss a new track record. Hold on... How's come I don't know you? Somebody bringin' in a ringer? Terra: No...I'm not even a racer. (Captain Dark puts an arm around him) Captain Dark: Must be downright temptatious to try 'n' stop a primo racer like me from gettin' the record. But we all gotta play by the rules, rookie. (Captain Dark back into town) Chip: Now just a second! You're the no-good cheater who's always breakin' the rules! Terra: I can't say racing interests me, but I need to defeat the Unversed. Tell me what I've gotta do. Chip: Are you talkin' about all those karts that look like scary, ugly monsters? (Terra nods) Chip 'n Dale: Hmm... Queen Minnie: Well, we've only ever seen the monsters on the track... Chip: That's it! Terra, you just need to enter the races! And while you're at it, take that Captain Dark down a notch or two. He's always breakin' the rules and causin' trouble. Terra: I have to become a racer? (Chip 'n Dale nod) Queen Minnie: Now, I'm sure I don't have to tell you-- Terra: I know. I'll play by the rules. (Minnie gives him a look of gracious content) Dale: Yay, Terra's gonna be a new racer! Chip: Just come talk to me when you're ready. I'll get you signed up and everything. (After fighting some Unversed in town, Terra returns to the Raceway Registration and tries out Rumble Racing. Surprisingly, he makes first. After the match, Captain Dark stands over his kart, which is smoking) Captain Dark (annoyed): My kart musta sprung a spring! You yahoos just wait--next time, I'll clobber all of you! (He drives away) Chip (jumping): Yippee! I hope he's gone for good. Nobody's gonna vote for a weasel like you, Pete! Terra: Pete? Vote? What are you talking about? Queen Minnie: Chip means the Million Dreams Award--it's a very popular part of our Dream Festival. Everyone in the town votes for who we think is the most exemplary citizen. Chip: And since everybody knows how much of a troublemaker Pete is, he probably figured wearin' a disguise was the only way he'd get any votes. Dale: No votes, no prize! Chip: Yeah, the prize is all he really wants anyway. He doesn't care about bein' a good citizen. Queen Minnie: Oh, I think that's very sad. The award is supposed to help us appreciate how much we all look out for each other every day. Chip: Well, one thing I know for sure. I'm votin' for Terra! Your racing really saved the day against those monster karts! Dale (jumping): Hip-hip hurray for Terra! (Terra laughs, flattered) Terra: Well, I got something out of it, too. I learned that you don't always have to bend the rules to reach your goals. (Minnie smiles) Terra: All this time, I've been staring into the darkness... But...that doesn't mean I have to jump in. (Ven travels to Disney Town. He enters the town, gazing at the colorful buildings, noting an ice cream shop to his left) ????: Tada! (Ven jumps back as a large figure jumps down in front of him. It faces away in a bright outfit, with a red cape) ????: Wearin' the mask of peace and hope... (He swirls around) ????: ...comes the fearless defender and hero of this town! It is me-- Captain Justice! (He strikes a pose) Ventus: Huh? Umm... Captain Justice: Young fellow! Do my hero-senses detect that you got troubles? Just say the word, and Captain Justice will make all your problems disappear! Ventus: Uhh...Wh-who, me? (He nods) Ventus: I'm just trying to make some friends--Never mind, forget it. Captain Justice: Don't be intimidated by my magnificence. Go on and spit it out. Then...remember to vote Captain J. Ventus: Vote? Captain Justice (shaking his head): Oh! Well, uh, forget that. (He crosses his arms) Captain Justice: How can I help? That's the only reason I'm here. Ventus: Hmm... I know! Tell me about your town. Everything's so festive. Is it always like this? Captain Justice: Huh? That's it--nothin' else? Well, the festivities are on account of the Dream Festival--which is why I've made sure there's carnival stuff all over town. Ventus: Really? Like what? Captain Justice: Ho ho, you gotta see it for yourself. Wouldn't be much of a dream if I just told ya. Ventus: Right. Thanks. Captain Justice: And kid, don't you go forgettin'... Captain Justice is the one who solved all your problems. That would be Justice with a J! Ventus: Uh, sure. I got it, Captain Justice. ????: Aww, phooey! This stinks! Now we can't open the ice cream shop! (They look over and see three small ducks in various color outfits, and a mouse dressed in a regal pink dress) Captain Justice (running toward them): Trouble? Rescue is on the way! Ventus: A festival, huh? Well, maybe I can make some new friends. (He walks over to the group) Captain Justice: Well, if it ain't the last kid Captain Justice saved. 'Fraid you'll have to get in line. I'm working on another catastrophe here for these fellas--Huey... (The red duck turns to face Ven) Captain Justice: Dewey... (The blue duck turns) Captain Justice: ...and Louie, my good friends. (The green duck turns) Queen Minnie: Now, I'd hardly call it a catastrophe. Huey: Yeah, all we were tryin' to do was make our own special recipe ice cream. Dewey: And we had a little trouble. Louie: Come on, it's not really that big a deal. Captain Justice: I'm 100% positive you're the victims of sabotage! Dewey: Not even close! Quit makin' stuff up. Louie: It's just the ice cream machine. Huey: Unca Scrooge left it for us...but we can't figure out how it works 'cause it's so complicated. Dewey: Aw, we're sorry, Queen Minnie. We wanted you to be the first to try our special recipe ice cream. Queen Minnie: Oh boys, it was very sweet of you to think of me. Louie: We tried. Captain Justice: Say no more. Leave it to me--one bowl of ice cream comin' right up! Dewey: You're just gonna make a mess. Leave it alone, Pete! Captain Justice: That's Captain Justice! (He stomps the ground, making the ducks jump. He tries out the ice cream machine, but only manages to get scoops of various flavors and colors all over the dancing stage) Captain Justice (frustrated): This machine is busted. It just needs a good poundin'... (He starts hitting it with his fist) Queen Minnie: It does not! Ventus: Hey, do you think I could give it a shot? Captain Justice: No, if Captain Justice can't fix it, there ain't nothin' you can do, kid. Ventus: Maybe not, but there's no harm in trying. Huey: Yeah! And better you than him. Here ya go. These are the directions for the machine. (He walks up to Ventus and hands him the directions. Ventus gets the machine to work with Huey, Dewey, and Louie's help) Queen Minnie: Mmm, how yummy. What a wonderful treat! I don't think I've ever had such delicious ice cream. Thank you--uh, oh, oh dear... Ventus: Oh, Ventus. Just Ven is fine. Queen Minnie: Well, thank you, Ventus. Huey: Way to go, Ven! Louie: I see... We had to push this thingamajig the other way. Dewey: Hey, I just got an idea! We could let our customers make up their own favorite flavors of ice cream! (They hop off the machine) Captain Justice: Not with that machine! Well... The kid mighta got it to work this one time. But junk like that needs to get junked! Queen Minnie: Don't you dare, Pete! (She glares at him and Ven readies himself) Captain Justice: Fine. But Captain Justice will return! (He runs out) Ventus: About "Captain Justice"--you said his name is Pete? Huey: Yeah, he's the biggest troublemaker in town! Dewey: I bet he's just callin' himself Captain Justice 'cause he wants to win the Million Dreams Award. Ventus: What's the Million Dreams Award? Queen Minnie: That's one of the Dream Festival events. Everyone votes for who they think is the town's most exemplary citizen. Ventus: I get it. So that's what he meant by "vote." Louie: And if ya win the award, ya get a really cool prize! Queen Minnie: Oh, it's just a small token, nothing elaborate. The event is supposed to help us appreciate how much we all look out for each other every day. That's the spirit of the award. Ventus: Well, that sounds nice enough... Huey: Pete just wants to get his grubby hands on the prize. Dewey: And he knows that nobody's gonna vote for him if he puts his own name on the ballot! Louie: But nobody's fooled! Huey & Dewey: Yeah! (The three ducks laugh) Ventus: Wish somebody was lookin' out for me. (Aqua travels to Disney Town and walks through the Main Plaza, hearing someone jump down behind her) ????: Tada! (She turns and sees a large figure in white, wearing a red cape) ????: Wearin' the mask of peace and hope... (He flips around) ????: ...comes the fearless defender and hero of this town! It is me-- Captain Justice! (He strikes a victory pose) Aqua: Huh? (She sighs and starts to leave) Captain Justice: Wha-- Now listen, you pipsqueak. I'm Captain Justice! Who are you to walk away whenst a bona fide hero is offerin' his help? (She turns around) Aqua: I'm sorry, but I really don't need any kind of hero, bona fide or-- ??????: Somebody, come quick! (She looks over and sees a horse with a collar around his neck stumbling toward the plaza. They run over to him as he collapses) Captain Justice: What's that? Trouble? Captain Justice to the rescue! (Horace looks up at him) Horace: You? Well, now that's a shame... Or is it? Maybe this job's perfect for you, Mr. Hero. Captain Justice: What!? Name your catastrophe! Horace (standing up): Those annoyin' monsters have turned up again over in Fruitball Plaza. They're all yours now, Captain J. Aqua (thinking): Monsters? Don't tell me the Unversed are here... Captain Justice: Monsters!? Well...too bad. Not on the list. Aqua: I didn't know "bona fide heroes" got to pick. Captain Justice: But I wouldn't stand a chance of survivin'--er, of fittin' em into my schedule. Horace: Gosh, I thought you said you were Captain Justice. You can't leave those menacing things runnin' loose. They're ruining Fruitball! Captain Justice: Huh? Hark, do you hear that? Somebody's callin' for Captain Justice's help! (Horace and Aqua look around, seeing and hearing no one) Captain Justice: Do not fear! I am on my way! Sounds like this catastrophe can't wait. But, uh, I'll be back here in a jiff! (He runs away) Horace: Oh, I'm sure you will, Captain Useless. But I don't think I'll stay here and hold my breath. Aqua: I'm anything but a hero, but maybe I could help, if you want. Horace: Would you? Oh, that'd be just jim-dandy! Someone needs to trounce those fiends at Fruitball, and keep 'em away from the plaza. Aqua: I'll try. Horace: Just give a holler once you're ready, and I'll explain to ya how Fruitball works. (Aqua talks to Horace Horsecollar again when she's ready) Horace: Think you're ready to take on those monsters in the Fruitball Court? Aqua: Yes. (Horace teaches her Fruitball and she defeats her opponents) Horace: My, you sure taught those monsters a lesson. You're the real hero in town, if you ask me. (Queen Minnie and Pluto walk over to them) Queen Minnie: He's right, my dear. I couldn't agree more. Thank you so much. Aqua: Who are you? Queen Minnie: I'm Minnie. And she's our queen. Aqua: Oh, please excuse me, Your Majesty. Where are my manners? (She kneels) Aqua (bowing her head): My name is Aqua. Queen Minnie: There's no need to be so formal. Just call me Minnie. (Aqua stands and Minnie sighs) Queen Minnie: You see, I'm not sure I'm doing a very good job protecting my kingdom. Horace: Oh, don't say that, Queen Minnie. We all know how hard it's been since the King set off the way he did. Don't you trouble yourself. Why we wouldn't even think of putting on our yearly Dream Festival if we thought there was the slighest chance anything might go wrong. Queen Minnie: Oh, you're very kind, Horace. Horace: How 'bout that Pete, though? Captain Justice, my hide! You can't count on him for anything. Aqua: Wait... You're saying his real name is Pete? Horace: Well, it sure as sugar isn't "Justice." Pete never does anythin' for anybody except Pete. That getup is just an act, to get folks to vote for him. He wants to win the Million Dreams Award and hog the prize. Aqua: Million Dreams Award? What is that? Queen Minnie: It's part of our Dream Festival. We all vote for who we think the most admirable citizen is. But Pete seems to have the wrong idea. He thinks that dressing up as a hero and proclaiming that he is one will win him votes. What really makes someone a hero isn't what they wear or what they say--it's the things they do and how they treat everyone. Horace: Well, in my book, Aqua here is number one. You've got my heartfelt vote. (He takes her hands and Aqua gives a small laugh) Aqua: Thanks, Horace. I promise I'll try not to let you down. Horace: See that you don't! My vote's very important. Queen Minnie: Oh dear, he sounds serious. Aqua (laughing): Being popular is tough! (Later, the citizens of the town gather at the stadium in the Main Plaza, waiting for the festival to begin) Horace: Who do you think's gonna win this year's Million Dreams Award? Chip: Boy oh boy! I hope it's the guy I voted for! Dale: I voted for him, too! Huey: Now that we got so much business at the shop, maybe we'll be number one! Dewey: Wow, Unca Scrooge sure would be proud of us if we actually won! Louie: Yeah, an I bet Unca Donald would be pretty surprised, too. (Queen Minnie arrives on stage with Daisy Duck) Queen Minnie: Hello, everyone, and thank you for waiting. Now, it's time to begin the main event of our Dream Festival--the Million Dreams Award presentation. (Pete stands in the gazebo wearing his Captain Justice uniform and crossing his arms) Pete: Heh! Just skip to the part where you say my name. This is a shoo-in! Queen Minnie: Oh, how very exciting! This year we have multiple winners. The Million Dreams Award goes to...Ventus, Aqua, and Terra. All three of you! (The citizens cheer for them) Aqua: You mean Ven and Terra were here? Pete (running up): Whaddaya mean!? (He gets on stage) Pete: There's gotta be a mistake. Everybody voted for Captain Justice. I made sure! Now, go on, tell her! (He turns to the crowd, who say nothing, frustrating Pete) Pete: Better try the other one... (He walks off stage and changes costumes in a flash) Pete: The rogue racer, Captain Dark! (He strikes a pose, but the crowd is disinterested) Queen Minnie: Pete, we counted the votes very carefully. Ventus, Aqua, and Terra won. Oh, Pete, I think you tried to do something good, but you were doing it for the wrong reasons, and you went about it the wrong way. Still, a couple of citizens must have thought you had goodness in you, because you actually got a few votes. They knew you were looking out for them. Pete: Big whoop! I don't need their lousy votes. Just cough up my prize! (He reaches toward her) Queen Minnie (yelling): Pete! (He stops) Queen Minnie: They voted for you because they believe in you and care about you. How could you look down on that? I've tried to forgive a lot of things you've done, but this is too much. Now you've finally crossed the line. Pete: Like that matters to me. Besides, what are you gonna do about it? Queen Minnie: Ha! I'm gonna let you cool off for a while. Guards! (He looks over and sees a large group of walking brooms coming toward them. They walk onto the stage and circle Pete) Pete: W-wait, what? (They close in around him and lift him off the ground) Pete: Hey! Let me go! Put me down! What!? No, you can't--no, no, no-- hey, easy! Ow! (They carry him offstage and out of the plaza, kicking and screaming for all to see) Queen Minnie: Now, shall we continue the ceremony? Would the three winners, Ventus, Aqua, and Terra, please come up and join me on the stage? (Aqua looks around for Terra and Ven and walks onto the stage expectantly) Queen Minnie: Oh dear, it looks like our other two winners couldn't make it here to be with us today. Aqua (sadly): I must have just missed them. Queen Minnie: Perhaps you would accept the award on their behalf. After all, you've been so kind to so many here at the Dream Festival. So now, I hereby present the Million Dreams Award as a token of how much you matter to us. Congratulations! (The crowd cheers) Aqua: Thank you, everyone. Queen Minnie: And as an extra treat, we've created something special-- an ice cream flavor just for you. Royalberry ice cream! (She holds out a cone topped with pink ice cream, strawberries in the shape of a bow, chocolate placed as mouse ears, and even an edible crown) Horace: Oh my, I wish I had my own ice cream flavor! Chip: What's it taste like? Dale: Go on, try it! (Aqua takes it and has a bite while the crowd watches) Queen Minnie: What do you think? Aqua: Delicious! You couldn't have picked a better flavor. Queen Minnie (laughing): We're all very glad you're enjoying it. (The crowd cheers again. Meanwhile, in a mysterious abyss, Pete fumes) Pete: Who does she think she is, dumpin' me in a place like this? Well, I'll just bust outta here and-- ??????????: Quiet, fool! You do not possess that kind of power. Pete: Who...who's there? Show yourself! ??????????: That is enough! Stop your sniveling and heed my words. Pete: Um...okay. ??????????: If you do exactly as I say, I may decide to release you from this prison. Pete: Really!? Oh, then you can count on me. Just get me outta here, and you can tell me what to do! ??????????: A very wise choice indeed. (A dark corridor appears behind him) ??????????: Now...proceed. (He turns and enters the portal) ??????????: With your help, soon every world in existence will all be mine! (Ven travels to Olympus Coliseum. He finds himself in a Town near Thebes, surrounded by pillared buildings and statues. A satyr runs behinds him, huffing and puffing, as if running away from something) Ventus: Huh? Phil: Oy, the kid's relentless! (Ven walks over) Ventus: Hey, whatcha doin' there? (He jumps into the air, screaming) Phil: I told ya, I'm booked solid. N-O spells forget it! Huh? And who in Halicarnassus are you? Can't you see I'm busy? ????????: Hey, Phil! I'm all signed up! Phil! (A young man in a toga with a broad and eager smile on his face runs over) Phil: All right, Herc. I hear ya! Now would ya keep it down already. ????: Aha! Phil: Beautiful.. You happy now? You blew my cover! (A young soldier runs over) ????: Okay, 'fess up. I asked around and everybody says you're the guy. The trainer of heroes! Hercules: True heroes! Ventus: Really? You can teach that? ????: 'Course he can. C'mon, Phil, please. I really wanna be a hero. Phil: Look, we've been through this... I got two words for you-- student-teacher ratio! Ventus (counting on his fingers): One, two... Um? Phil: I already got my hands full with this one. C'mon, Herc. (They start to leave) ????: I'm low-maintenance, I swear! (A group of Unversed appears from the ground in front of Hercules and Phil) Ventus: Unversed! ????: Monsters, huh... (They run toward the group) ????: Hey Phil! Watch this! I'll show ya what I'm made of. Hercules: And I'll help, too! (Phil runs out of the fray and the trio battle the Unversed. They stand before Phil, Hercules catching his breath, Ven putting his arms behind his head in satisfaction. Phil sighs) Phil: Okay... Change of plans. (The soldier laughs happily) Phil: The Games are comin' up. So, I'm gonna watch both of your matches...then I'll decide which of you rookies I wanna train. ????: Sweet! Thank you, thank you! I'm gonna go sign up right now. (He runs toward the Coliseum) Ventus: The Games, huh? Sounds fun! (Ventus begins to follow him) Phil: Sorry kid, Captain Eager there just took the last spot. Hercules: I don't understand! Phil, I thought you were my trainer! Phil: You wanna be a true hero, Herc? Then you're gonna hafta go out there and show me that everything I've taught you so far is gonna pay off. (Phil begins walking back to the Coliseum) Hercules: But Phil... Phil: Oh...and no more trainin' sessions for a while. Wouldn't be fair if I helped you and not him. (Hercules lowers his head in disappointment) Ventus: Hey, cheer up! So you gotta fight a couple of matches, no big deal. I'm Ventus. Want me to help you train? Hercules: You'd really do that for me? Ventus: Sure. Hercules: Thanks, Ventus. I'm Hercules. Herc for short. (He holds out his hand) Ventus: Just call me Ven. You're gonna do fine. (He shakes Hercules's hand) Hercules: Thanks. I'm gonna head over to the Coliseum and warm up. Meet me in the vestibule, okay? (He walks to the Coliseum. Ven meets him there sometime later) Hercules: Ready for some training? Ventus: Let's get started! (Ven and Hercules train for a while, breaking urns to score points. Ven stops and sees Phil watching them from the stands. He turns and walks off. After their training, they return to the Vestibule) Ventus: You wanna become a true hero, huh? Hercules: More than anything. See, my father is Zeus, the king of the gods up on Olympus. Ventus: Whoa! Herc, you're a god? Hercules: No, no. I'm mortal. When I was a baby, somebody stole me from my parents, and...figured out how to take away my godhood. Ventus: And this true hero thing? Hercules: It's the only way I can become a god again. If I become a true hero, I can rejoin my father and go back to Olympus. (He walks over to a gold trophy on the wall) Ventus: Wow... I guess you really got your work cut out for you! Hercules: But what about you? How come you're here? (Ven sighs) Ventus: I'm...I'm just trying to make some friends. Hercules: Well, hey! You've done that already. Ventus: Huh? Hercules: C'mon, we're friends, aren't we? Ventus (chuckling): You bet, Herc. (The soldier walks in) Phil: All right, you bunch of rookies. (Phil walks in from the Coliseum) Phil: It's time we go over the rules of the Games, so listen up. All the matches are divided into two brackets--one for the East and one for the West. The winners from each bracket go head-to-head in the championship match. Now, I signed you two up for the West...'cause they already got a heavy-hittin' contender cleanin' up over there in the East bracket. And if you wanna beat him, you're gonna hafta hustle in there. Now move those sandals. (Phil, Herc, and the soldier walk into the Coliseum) Ventus: Heavy-hitting contender? Hercules: Ven! C'mon! Ventus: Oh. Okay! (Ven follows them. Hercules and the soldier fight through several matches to generous applause) Ventus: Guess we made it! Hercules: Yeah. And it's all thanks to you, Ven. Phil (coldly): Good! The other kid'll be happy to hear that. Hercules: No! I need you most of all, Phil! How else am I gonna become a hero? Phil: Hmph! 'Bout time ya got it! (Walk walks away as the soldier runs in) ????: Whoever wins, no hard feelings. (He holds out a gloved hand, and Hercules shakes it) Hercules: Course not. Holdin' a grudge wouldn't be very heroic. ????: Hey, just making sure. You're not a hero yet. Hercules (laughing): True. (They ready themselves in the stadium. Hercules lunges at the soldier for a punch. The soldier dodges backward and jumps into the air, sword raised. Hercules gasps and jumps away from the blow. He tries another slash and Herc dodges to the side and moves in for another punch) Ventus: This is really close. (As the soldier attacks again, Ven remembers a time when he watched Terra and Aqua battle it out) Phil: Hey! We got trouble! There's monsters loose in town and if they gate-crash the Games, you can forget about the match. Hercules: Real monsters? ????: We have to stop 'em. Ventus: Leave the monsters to me. This match is too important! (He runs out of the Coliseum to the town, where he sees a group of Unversed) Ventus: You won't get past me! (He looks up and gasps and an enormous horde of Unversed float in from above. He searches the sky as they pour in from all sides. He stands frozen, forming a plan when Hercules runs in) Ventus: Herc! What about your match? Hercules: Forget the match. No way I could let my friend fight alone. 'Cause I'm a hero! I mean, ya know...I'm gonna be one. Come on, let's finish this together! (They defeat the Unversed together) Ventus: Sorry that I made you lose that match, Herc. Hercules: Aw, come on, you don't have to apologize. It was totally my decision. (An Unversed flies up behind Hercules. Ven gasps,and the soldier runs his sword through it) ????: What, you didn't save any for me? Hercules: Hey, you're here? ????: Hey, I've set my sights on being a hero, too. I just don't run as fast, that's all. Ventus: So you both threw the match? Who won, then? Hercules: I left first, so it's not me. ????: Yeah, but I was only seconds behind you. Hercules: Still. Phil (entering): Hey! I never said I'd coach the winner. All I said was I'd see the match, then decide. Look, bein' a hero takes more than just muscle. Ya gotta have heart and care about people. And sure, you both get high marks for that. But this time, only one of you cared fast enough--and that makes all the difference. Ventus: Then that means... ????: Oh man, I was this close! (He sighs) ????: Well, that's life. (He turns to Hercules) ????: I never really introduced myself. (He takes off his helmet, revealing his spiky black hair) ????: The name's Zack. Congratulations, Herc. Hercules: Thanks, Zack. Phil: Yeah, well, we'll see if you're still thankin' him when I'm through with ya. You got a long road ahead of ya, champ. Zack (doing squats): Hey--don't count me out. I've still got plenty of big dreams to go with my lousy luck! (Hercules and Zack laugh) Ventus (to Phil): Okay, be honest... You weren't really gonna stop training Herc, were you? Phil: Of course not. I know that kid's gonna go the distance. But he was stuck in a rut. He just needed a little...incentive. It's, uh, Ventus, right? Well, thanks to you, Herc here has really shaped up. I owe ya. Ventus: Nah, I'm glad. I made a really good friend. Somebody to share a laugh with. Like Terra and Aqua... We'll patch things up. (He smiles and starts to go) Hercules: You're leaving? Ventus: Yeah. My journey's not over yet. Hercules: But you'll visit, right? Ventus: I'll stop by once you're a true hero. Zack: Stop by once me and him are both heroes! (Zack does another squat) Ventus (smiling): Oh, so you mean never come back? (Zack runs up to him and puts his arm on Ven's shoulder) Zack: Hey, watch it! (They smile and laugh, along with Phil and Hercules. Later, Terra travels to Olympus Coliseum. In a town near Thebes, a boy with red hair stands surrounded by Unversed. A large one knocks him to the ground. As the boy tries to get up, brushing the dirt off himself, Terra rushes in to help) Terra: Stay back. (Once they are defeated, he extends a hand to the boy) Terra: You okay? ????????: Yeah, thanks. (He sighs) ????????: Guess they were too much for me. I'm just gonna have to train harder. You're pretty tough--really handled those things. Are you here to enter the Games? Terra: What games? ????????: The "Games" games. To see who's strongest! One day I'm gonna win 'em all and become a true hero. ???? (calling): Herc, where are ya? Front and center right now, or I'm tackin' on another 1,000 laps! (Hercules turns to see a satyr walking through town) Hercules: Uh-oh. Gotta go. The Coliseum's just up ahead. (He runs to find the satyr) Hercules: I hope I get to see you fight there sometime! Terra: A competition... Hmm... I should find out how strong I really am. (He leaves the town headed for a large mountain. In the Coliseum Gates area, a blue man in a toga with fire for hair walks out of the Vestibule) ?????: Geez Louise, one chump after another. It's like a who's who of decathalon disasters around here. All I need is one measly warrior tough enough to give Zeus a jolt of his own medicine. Wait... (He sees someone enter) ?????: Dark, moody, powerful. Yes! He's perfect. (Terra stands, looking at a leaderboard on the wall) Terra: This is it. ?????: How sad is this. Terra; Huh? (Terra turns to his right, but sees no one) ?????: Pains me to see it. (He looks to his left and sees the fiery man) ?????: All that power going to waste. Terra: Who are you? ?????: Name is Hades, Lord of the Dead, god of the Underworld, yadda yadda, how ya doin'. Hey, lemme guess, you're trying to put the kibosh on the darkness inside you. Am I right? Of course I'm right. Well, anyway, bad idea. Terra: Wait, what? Hades: Okay, stay with me here--darkness is inside...everybody. Nothing to be ashamed of. You play nice with it, and darkness will be your best friend. But if you go and get all self-conscious and refuse to face it, the darkness will run over you like a debutante at a toga sale. And then where are you? Nowhere. (He places his hands on Terra's shoulders from behind him) Hades: Now me, I look at you and I see potential. That's right, kid. You got the potential to conquer the darkness inside you. And I'll even give you some pointers. I mean, believe me, if anybody knows conquering, I know conquering. Terra: Well, let's hear it then. How do I conquer the darkness? Hades: Easy. You sign up for the Games. I know, I know. "Please, Lord Hades, the Games?" But hey, you would be surprised what you can learn in the heat of battle. And don't worry. I'll be right there to guide you every step of the way. I'm kinda what you'd call an expert in the art of darkness. (He smiles) Hades: Oh, decide fast. This is a limited-time offer. (Hades enters the Vestibule. Terra follows after) Hades: Time to close this deal? Terra: When are you gonna tell me how to conquer the darkness? Hades: Hold your chariot horses. (He holds up his hands and a quill and paper appear in a puff of smoke) Hades: You would not believe the bureaucracy involved with these things. Name? Terra: Terra. (He writes it down) Hades: Kinda earthy, but all right. Now...height and weight... (He looks back at Terra and writes something down) Hades: What's this? "Favorite god"? Pfft, come on, "Hades." (He writes that down as well) Hades: There, ba-boom. Easy peasy. (The quill and paper vanish in smoke) Hades: I sense that you're already starting to get all warm and fuzzy with that darkness inside you. It's sweet, really. And hey, by the time you win the final match here...you'll have figured out how to conquer it for good. (He places a hand on Terra's shoulder) Hades: And don't worry, anything goes wrong, I'll make it all go away. Service with a smile. (Terra elbows him away) Terra: I got it. (Hades keeps his pose as he watches Terra walk into the Coliseum. He laughs to himself. Terra fights through 10 rounds in the games) Hades: Next up is the big one--the final. You ready? Terra: Yeah. (Terra walks back into the Coliseum) Hades: Okay...this is not what I had in mind. But hey, I can improvise. Time for plan beta... ????: Pardon me, comin' through. I'm gonna miss my match. (Hades turns to see a helmeted soldier walk into the Vestibule) Hades: Hello, plan beta. Hey, kid! (He turns around) Hades: Over here, c'mere. (Hades walks closer to him. Terra stands in the Coliseum awaiting his opponent) Terra (thinking): Once I've conquered the darkness in my heart...I'll never have to fear it again. (He looks up and sees the soldier enter. They both ready their weapons and fight. The soldier collapses and his helmet rolls off. Terra starts to walk away when the boy stands back up) Terra: Huh!? (A dark aura surrounds the boy and his eyes appear lifeless. He rushes at Terra with a cry but Terra blocks. The boy continues to slash at him, but Terra dodges back) Terra: Stop it! The match is over! (The boy jumps in the air, but Terra blocks his blow with the Keyblade. The blades create sparks from the force of being held together. Terra struggles to hold his grip) Terra (thinking): He was a pushover before. What's gotten into him? Zack: It's not...me... Terra: What? Zack: I'm not...doing this... Terra: He's being controlled! (Terra remembers when he stole Princess Aurora's heart. Hades appears in a puff of smoke) Hades: Huh? So, what do ya think? You like my new super-warrior? See-- right here, this--it's the power of darkness. Coulda been yours. Still could, if you open up to it. Terra: Hades! You were just playing me! The darkness...will never have me! (He knocks Zack away, who stands up) Zack: Help me... You've gotta...set my heart free... (Terra fights the soldier and frees him from Hades's control. The crowd cheers) Hades: Forget it. It looks like I bet on the wrong dark horse. That kid doesn't have what it takes to handle darkness. (Zack starts to get up) Terra: You gonna make it? Zack: Yeah. I'm finally free. Where is-- Terra: He's gone. Zack: Man, how could I let a guy like him control me? I'll never live it down! (Terra extends a hand and helps him up) Zack: Thanks, um... Terra: Terra. Zack: Thanks, Terra. I'm Zack. (He looks over Terra carefully) Zack: Yup. Definitely. Terra, you're exactly what I pictured a hero would be. Not the way you look... There's something else about you. Terra (facing away): Well, I'm no hero, trust me. Zack: You kidding? Listen to those cheers, man. (The crowd is still roaring) Zack: You don't get to decide if you're a hero or not. They do. And they've already made up their mind. Whether you like it or not, you're their hero. (Zack gives him a playful punch on the shoulder) Zack: And mine, too. It's too bad. I really wanted to fight you fair and square. (Terra punches him back) Terra: Maybe someday, Zack. (Terra leaves Olympus Coliseum and travels the Lanes Between. He takes out the red charm that Aqua made and stares at it while the glider flies on. He looks up and sees a horde of Unversed floating) Terra: All the way out here? (He blasts through the horde and feels a shadow creep over him. He looks up to see a large spaceship looming overhead. He feels his glider shift and struggles to hold on as it is pulled toward the ship. The three long flights of windows on the ship beam with a blue light as it continues to sail onward. Meanwhile, Aqua travels to the Olympus Coliseum. She enters the gates of the Coliseum and encounter Unversed. Philoctetes rushes to her aid, swinging his arms and standing on one leg as if to scare away the creatures) Phil: Stand back, sweetcheeks. I'll take care of this. (Aqua seems extremely taken aback. The Unversed move closer and Phil loses his nerve, running back into town) Phil: Herc, they're all yours! (A boy with blue eyes and red hair wearing a toga runs in. Aqua is slightly surprised, but stands firm to fight with the boy. Together, they defeat the Unversed. Phil walks back in) Phil: Oy! Those wackos almost made gyros outta me! Hercules: Well, maybe if you weren't trying to show off... Phil: Who asked you, kid? You'll understand more when you're older. Hercules (wistfully): And stronger... Strong enough to be a hero. Aqua: You think being strong is the same as being a hero? Hercules: Sure--mostly. Look at how strong Terra is, and he's champion! Aqua: Terra? Phil: So, sugarcakes... You got any plans for later? You know, I've trained a few heroes in my time. Maybe I could recite ya a little epic poetry. Aqua: Do you really know Terra? Phil: Of course I do. He's the local hero everybody's going gaga for-- Oh, now I get it. You're one of his fans. Everywhere I go it's Terra-this, Terra-that... More like Terra-bull. Aqua: Oh no, you see, I just want to track him down. Phil: Yeah, tell me about it, sister. You and the rest of Greece! Kid shows up outta nowhere, goes and wins the first Games he ever enters, dazzling the whole town, and then the nudnik up and vanishes! Hercules: Everybody says Terra's the real thing, a true hero. I can't wait till I'm that tough. Phil: Pfft, right. He's so tough that he turned the last schlemiel who faced him into a raving yahoo. Hercules: Come on, Phil, be nice. Aqua: So you're telling me he isn't here. Phil: Whoa, not so fast. He may not be here right now, but ya never know. He could always decide he's gonna show up for the games. Hercules: Yeah... To defend his title. Phil: And if you enter, there's always a chance you might run into him. I got an idea. I'll sign you up myself. And if you need a trainer, I'd be more than happy to put you through the ropes. Hercules: But Phil... I had to practically beg you to agree to train me. Phil: Shh! Pipe down, kid! You and she ain't got the same attributes, if ya know what I mean. Aqua: You know, you're right. Please sign me up for the Games. My name is Aqua. Nice to meet you. Phil: Likewise. Now, let's start with a few basics-- Aqua: Thanks, I won't need a trainer. Phil: Bah! Women--never changes. So I suppose ya still want me to go and get you signed up. Meet me in the vestibule when you're ready. (He walks toward the Coliseum. Aqua enters afterward and talks to him) Phil: You ready for this? Aqua: Yes, let's begin. (Inside the transport ship, a large blue creature stomps through a holding cell following s small green-skinned woman. Her wide face and blue eyes face forward, her six fingers folded in front of her. The large alien carries a yellow laser gun in a holster on his hip. They stop before a holding cell and the lift raises them to a higher level. Four levels up, the lift stops and the woman's eyes narrow) ????????????: Is he the one? ?????: Yes, Grand Councilwoman. I've confined him until we can determine what he is. (They look in on Terra lying on the cell bed. His eyes open and he sits up. He suddenly hears shots and runs to the edge of his holding cell, looking down) ?????: Take cover! Leave it to me to handle these fiends. (The Grand Councilwoman runs to the door, while the large creature points his laser gun at a group of Unversed) ?????: Whatever you are, you're under arrest...eventually! (He runs back and they follow him) Terra: Unversed! (Terra jumps back and unlocks his cell with his Keyblade. He reaches the floor of the prison and stops the Unversed's advance) Terra: I'll give ya a fight! (He defeats the group of Unversed) ?????: Very impressive display! (He looks over to see a squat creature with blue and purple skin and four eyes, all looking in his direction. Terra turns to leave) ?????: Wait! You help? I have been imprisoned on ridiculous charges! (Terra stops) Terra: Is that so? ?????: I am innocent scientist who created galaxy's most destructive-- (He suddenly laughs nervously) ?????: Uh...constructive species of all times. (Terra turns around) ?????: Why, my experiment could annihilate creatures you fought so hard! He is bulletproof, fireproof, and can think faster than supercomputer. He can see in the dark and move objects 3,000 times his rather diminutive size. And for reasons preposterous, the Federation Council fears him. They take him away from me and throw me here in small, stuffy, rather badly lit cell. Terra: Because he's so powerful? ?????: Exactly. Everyone always gets antsy in pantses when somebody more powerful is in the neighborhood. You understand, perhaps? (Terra looks at his Keyblade) ?????: We must make to rescue him, or he'll be banished to far reaches of space! Terra: Okay then. Take me to him. (Terra walks closer and unlocks the man's cell) ?????: Experiment 626. Terra: Mm? ?????: Is name I give to adorable, fluffy creature you are helping for to rescue. And I am genius scientist who created him, Dr. Jumba Jookiba. Terra: I'm Terra. Jumba: Pleasure is all ours. 626 is this way. Hurry! (They leave the Turo Prison Block and activate the transporter. A glass tube surrounds them and blasts them away in a burst of light. Aqua fights through 10 rounds in the Games. She walks through the Coliseum with Phil and Hercules) Aqua: All that's left is the final...and still no sign of Terra. The guy I'm supposed to fight is someone else named Zack. (She turns around, and is startled by his sudden appearance) Zack: Aqua, right? Hey, I'm Zack. Your opponent in the final. Man, finally! Once I beat you I get to take on Terra! Aqua: Terra? Why? I don't understand. Are you saying there's another match after the final? Zack: Uh-oh. Guess you didn't get the memo. (He turns and sees Phil) Zack: Oh, Phil! Would you tell her the rules? Phil (clearing his throat): Fine, here's how it is. The Games are divided into two brackets--you got your East, you got your West. The winners from each bracket face off in the championship match. Now, right now you are competing in the East and we got no idea about the other side. For all we know, your boy Terra could be cruisin' through over in the West. Aqua: Then I shouldn't be fighting matches here. I should be over there looking for him. Phil (quickly): No...you, uh...can't! It's not allowed. Athletes are expressly forbidden from watchin' matches in the other bracket. Hercules (to Zack): Did he just make that up? Zack (to Hercules): How should I know? Phil: All right, fine! Look, you gotta just stay and fight this match. The two athletes I entered defaulted before they made it to the top. Give a guy a break. I got a reputation. (Zack and Hercules give each other a look) Zack: Hey, do it for us, too. (Aqua thinks) Aqua: All right, then. I'll finish what I started. Phil: You will? Oh, the gods are smilin' on me today! I'll be waiting for ya in the vestibule. Just tell me when you're ready to go. Hercules: A match between Zack and Aqua? This I can't miss. Phil: Ix-nay on the atchin'-way. You got trainin' to complete. Hercules (sighing): Oh, that's right... Well, good luck, guys. I'll see you around. (Zack and Aqua nods and Herc leaves) Zack: Aqua, give it your best out there. Aqua: You too. Zack: I am so fired up! (He starts doing squats) Aqua: Zack, Terra is a friend of mine. How exactly is it that you know him? Zack: He saved my life. During the last Games...this dude named Hades tried to make Terra his pawn of darkness...and he used me to do it. He had some kind of magic or something that made me crazy, gave me...weird powers that I turned against Terra. (He stops doing squats) Zack: But you know what? Terra freed me. And he didn't need the darkness to do it. Aqua: I had no idea... Zack: Well, that's enough with the drama. I guess I'll see you in the ring, huh? Aqua: Terra... (Aqua enters the Vestibule and talks to Phil. Later, she enters the ring and faces Zack) Zack: I promised Terra I'd face him. Fair and square. (He readies his sword) Aqua: The friendship between boys... It almost makes me jealous. Let's fight! (Aqus defeats Zack in battle) Zack (on the ground): Ugh, I lost! (He jumps up) Zack: I've got a long ways to go if I'm gonna become a hero. (Aqua sees a puff of smoke appear in the arena as Hades arrives) Hades: Really--it's you? Here I thought I'd drop in to see which muscle-head was up next, and... Holy hydras! It's just a little girl, a little lassie, a little bluebird. (He walks over to Aqua and crosses his arms, gazing girlishly) Zack: Hades! (Hades sighs and turns toward Zack) Hades: I'm sorry, is that a mosquito? Where did I put that bug spray? Zack: Mosquito!? Aqua: So you're Hades. You used Zack, and tried to cast Terra into the darkness. Hades: So I take it you're acquainted with the spineless chickenheart. Aqua: Terra is my friend. And I hear he triumphed over the darkness. He's not spineless. Hades (chuckling): Funny, ya know, 'cause I heard different. Ya see, it was Chickenheart who asked me for a little, shall we say...instruction on how to use darkness in the first place. Aqua: Never! Hades: And he was so close to doing it, too, when the sap went and got cold feet. (Hades turns red for a second with anger) Hades: Now if that ain't cowardly, I don't know what is. But you, my little bluebird... Why not flit over here and demonstrate some real courage for the winning team? (He holds out a hand) Aqua: The darkness doesn't interest me! Hades: Well, that was rude. A "No thank you, your godliness" might've sufficed. Fortunately, I still get to--ahem--destroy you. Rules say you face me next. And I have a whole lot of darkness...with your name on it! (He laughs and vanishes in a puff of smoke) Zack: Get back here, Hades! (He runs to catch him, but he's gone) Zack: Man, if only I were up against him. Aqua. (He puts his hands on her shoulders) Zack: You gotta avenge me and Terra! Aqua (nodding): I will. (Later, Aqua walks into the arena, Zack watching from the stands. He shivers as he feels a cold wind blow over the high walls surrounding the Coliseum. Aqua stops as she hears a loud rumble that shakes the ground. A giant blue hand clamps onto one of the arena walls, the four fingers pointed and sharp. Another hand joins it, and Aqua watches as a large titan of ice looms over the arena. It slams one foot over the wall, gaining a foothold of ice. It slams the other foot into the ground and Hades appears. The Ice Titan growls) Hades: I never said one-on-one. (Zack stands) Zack: No fair, Hades! Aqua: I suppose that's in the rules. Hades: "Rule No. 2: Combatants may call for backup." Maybe you better call yours, bluebird. Zack (running in): He's already here! (She holds out her Keyblade to stop him. He gives her a surprised look) Aqua: Don't, Zack! I can do this on my own! (Aqua fights Hades and the Ice Colossus. The titan falls to the ground with a crash, and fades into vapor. Hades turns red with anger) Hades: I knew that snow cone wouldn't cut it. I need a real Titan. Stay tuned! (He vanishes in smoke. Later, Aqua and Zack are outside leaving the Coliseum) Zack: Stupid Hades... Next time, I'll put him in his place. (He stops) Zack: Oh yeah! You're the champ--we gotta celebrate! Aqua: That won't really be necessary. Zack: Hmm... Hey, how about one date? Aqua: Huh!? (Aqua gasps as he smiles at her. She waves her arms in front of her) Aqua (flattered): Oh! You mean-- No... I have to leave right away... Besides, I still have so much training to do... (She looks away from him bashfully) Zack: Fair enough. And I'm still a work in progress, after all. Aqua: Huh? Zack: Well, how 'bout this-- I become a hero, then we go on a date. Aqua: I...I can't make any promises. Zack: Yes! Great, it's settled. Hero-hood, here I come! (He does a squat and then runs toward town, laughing. Aqua watches as Hercules runs in) Hercules: Oh... It's over already? And I finished today's training in record time. (He scratches his head) Hercules: Uh, Aqua? What's wrong? Your face is red. (She looks away, speechless) Aqua: Nothing! Nothing. You want to be a hero too, right? Strength alone won't make you into one. Hercules: I know, I know. Strength alone won't make me a true hero. I'm starting to figure that out. I look at you and Zack, and I can tell there's something more. Aqua: You've got strength in your heart, too. Never stop trying, and one day you might just become a true hero after all. Terra, you too. Keep fighting. (Terra and Jumba make their way through the ship until they reach the Containment Pod room. In a container on the side of the room, a small blue creature with six arms, large black eyes, and floppy ears was thrashing around and shouting unintelligible words in an alien language. As soon as they walked into the room, it started snarling at them and lolling its tongue around in its mouth like a crazed animal) Jumba: Amazing, is he not? (Jumba walks toward the creature) Jumba: Such tremendous power in such itty-bitty package. Truly, he is the one and that's the only--the mightiest creature in all of galaxy. (Jumba spins its containment pod and it stands still in curiosity) Jumba: And his only, singular instinct--to destroy everything he touches! See? Terra: What? (It stands on its back legs and looks around as the barrier dissipates. It paws the ground in excitement and snarls at Terra, lunging at him. It jumps onto his shoulder and moves to his arm. Terra's eyes dart around as the creature crawls all around his body until he snatches something out of his pocket and jumps away onto the ceiling, clutching Terra's red charm. Terra feels around in his leg pocket and gasps) Terra: When did you-- Give that back! (He extends his arm) Jumba: Too late, is already marked for destruction. Terra: No, stop! My friend gave me that! (Terra looks surprised at himself. Experiment 626 looks down at him, curiously cocking his head to the side. He looks at the charm and purrs) Jumba: "Friend"? Are you joking? (Jumba's rotund body falls over in laugher) Jumba: Such concept is totally lost on 626! (The experiment stands still, holding the charm, says something along the lines of "Brrreaugh!" and starts crawling along the ceiling, dropping the charm. Terra walks over and picks it up) Terra: Funny... This whole time I've been telling myself I want to be stronger, more independent... But the second I let my heart do the talking... I find out how little I really know myself. And how much I miss them. (He clutches the charm and pockets it again) Terra: That experiment of yours... You sure about him? Maybe, in his heart, he wants friends just like the rest of us. Jumba: Impossible! Pshah! He has no actual feelings--only destructive instincts I have carefully chosen for him. Or perhaps you need another demonstration of my evil geniusness! (He pulls out a small green pebble and a flask of water, dropping the pebble into it. It lights up and there's a flash. When Terra opens his eyes again, he sees a small yellow creature with two long antennae and eyes similar to Experiment 626. Electric bolts run back and forth between the two antennae, slowly moving upwards. It grins at Terra evilly and flies about the room. Terra puts a stop to Experiment 221 and it turns back into a pebble. Jumba falls to the ground to retrieve it) Jumba: Oh... You'll be all right, little one. (Experiment 626 walks back in and stares at them) Jumba (getting up): What is it? Why have you returned? Experiment 626: Nee baga! Ngi ngi ngi ngi badjbaga! Terra: Maybe he's wondering what a friend is. Jumba: Ridiculous! (Terra walks over to the creature) Terra: My name is Terra. Experiment 626: Ter...ra... Terra: Yes. I can't explain friendship. When you feel it, you'll know it. Jumba (sternly): Not if I have any say in matter! You are only meant to think about what it is you will destroy next. Now, I fix what is wrong with you. (The experiment snarls at Jumba. An alarm sounds and a red light flashes) Intercom: Red alert. Red alert. (They look around the room quickly in search of the voice) Intercom: Experiment 626 and two prisoners have escaped from the cell bay. Security, locate the fugitives immediately. Repeat. Experiment 626 and two prisoners-- (The experiment makes its way toward the door) Jumba: Not so fast! (Jumba runs after him) Terra: Well, I can't stay here and get caught. (He summons his Keyblade and opens the Lanes Between. He engages his armor and boards his glider, staring at the charm in his hand) Terra: Ven, Aqua... I'll find some way to make things right. (His glider charges into the portal and leaves Deep Space. Aqua arrives next on the spaceship. Once inside the ship, an alarm goes off. She sees a group of Unversed in the transporter room) Aqua: Is there any world they haven't found? (She defeats the Unversed and dispels her Keyblade. She sees a star-shaped charm on the floor and picks it up. It's multicolored and made of many different materials) Aqua: This looks like the Wayfinders... But how did it get here? (Something snatches it out of her hands with a yelp. She summons her Keyblade and it growls at her, it's black eyes narrowed at it stands, clutching the Wayfinder close) Aqua: Tell me, where did you get that? (The fuzzy blue creature growls again, but stops once it sees her Keyblade. It thinks for a second and smiles) ?????: Come out, you little trog! (It lowers its ears and looks around, jumping away) Aqua: Wait! (Gantu enters) Gantu: You there. Has Experiment 626 passed through this area? Aqua: I don't understand. Experiment what? Gantu: Don't be dense. Dr. Jumba Jookiba's genetic abomination--626! Small? Blue? Vicious? Aqua: Him? But he didn't look vicious. Gantu: Ah. So you have seen him! Aqua: Yes, he's in the ventilation system. Gantu: Blast! He got away again. (Aqua starts to leave) Gantu: Hold it right there. Why don't I know you? What section are you from? Aqua: Um, I'm... (He draws his laser gun) Gantu: Trying to stow away, are we? (Later, they walk through the ship, passing the Control Room) Gantu: I said, stay close! ????????????: What is the meaning of this? (Aqua sees an alien woman in uniform in the Control Room walking toward them) Grand Councilwoman: Captain Gantu, did I not order you to apprehend the fugitives immediately? Gantu: Yes--and I will have them in custody soon. They'd be locked up already, if those wretched monsters would just--I mean, if I hadn't uncovered this potential stowaway. Aqua (walking toward the woman): I wasn't trying to sneak on board. My name is Aqua. And those monsters--I followed them here. Please, I can handle this threat. Just give me a chance. Let me show you. The weapon I carry is the only one that can stop them. Grand Councilwoman: Our weapons are of no use against them? Is this true? (She looks toward Gantu) Gantu: Well, we haven't explored all our options-- Grand Councilwoman: Nor do we have time to. We are fortunate you are here, Aqua. Your assistance would be most welcome. Gantu: But Grand Councilwoman, you can't honestly believe what this stowaway says? Grand Councilwoman: I think you'll find I can. We have a crisis. Jumba and 626 remain at large, and these monsters are obstructing attempts to apprehend them. Or did I mishear your latest excuse as to why you've again failed to carry out your duties, Captain? (She looks toward Aqua) Grand Councilwoman: Will you help us? Aqua: Of course. Defeating them is my job. It's what I do best, ma'am. Grand Councilwoman: Then might I make one other request? Should you happen upon our fugitives... (Jumba and 626 appear on the monitor behind her) Grand Councilwoman: ...please do whatever you can to apprehend them intact. Aqua: You want me to capture Dr. Jumba and Experiment 626? Gantu: But you can't just-- That's my job! Grand Councilwoman: You had your chance, Captain Gantu. Now you will stand down and await orders. (Gantu represses his anger) Grand Councilwoman: We will monitor the location of the monsters and keep you apprised. Thank you for your help, Aqua. Aqua: Of course. (She turns and starts walking) Aqua (thinking): Experiment 626 was carrying a Wayfinder. I'd know that shape anywhere. Are Terra and Ven here, too? Grand Councilwoman: Hordes of monsters have been sighted in the prison block and outside the transport ship. They are impeding the ship's departure and must be eradicated. Would you help us? (Aqua walks through the ship and defeats Unversed. Outside the ship, she sees a flash of light and she catches 626's Wayfinder) Aqua: This must be the Wayfinder that 626 was carrying around. (She reenters the ship and takes the Durgon Transporter to the Prison Block. She finds Experiment 626 looks around worriedly. He crawls along the ground as if searching for something. Three Unversed appear behind and leap toward him) Aqua: Look out! (She blasts through them and stands before him. He looks up at her with his beady black eyes) Aqua: You must be Experiment 626. I have orders to take you in. Experiment 626: Terra! (Aqua gasps and the experiment goes back to searching along the ground, his ears pinned back against his head. Aqua decides to follow him) Aqua: I think you and I need to talk. (More Unversed appear and the experiment creature snarls as they surround the two of them) Aqua (summoning her Keyblade): But first things first. (Aqua and the experiment defeat the Unversed and he continues searching) Aqua: Thanks. I owe you. What is it you're looking for? (He stands, looking toward her) Experiment 626: Ter...ra... (He jumps onto the wall and starts climbing upward) Aqua: Wait, I just need to ask you-- (Aqua returns to the Control Room) Grand Councilwoman: Dr. Jumba and Experiment 626 have been sighted. At that time, the two of them were wandering around the launch deck. Would you see that they're secured? Aqua: Is Experiment 626...really that dangerous of a creature? Grand Councilwoman: We must assume so. Aqua: All right, then. I'll head over there now. (Aqua heads to the Launch Deck and sees Jumba and 626) Jumba (sighing): Is time to give up. Then I will fix abnormality, and ridiculous behavior stops. (He frowns sternly at the experiment) Experiment 626: Noo gee shtigidae! Naga gijiba! Aqua (jumping down): Hold it right there! Dr. Jumba, Experiment 626... (Jumba turns in her direction as she walks toward them, holding the experiment's Wayfinder) Aqua: I've been authorized to take you into custody. (The experiment sees the Wayfinder and leaps toward her) Experiment 626: Terra! (He snatches the Wayfinder and nuzzles it, purring) Aqua: So it really does belong to you. But...where have you seen that shape? Jumba: Is copy he made of good luck charm that boy Terra show to him. Terra said friend gave him charm, was very protective of it. Aqua: He really said that to you? Jumba: Yes. Aqua (placing a hand on her heart): Then you're still all right, Terra. Jumba: And now, because of Terra and his little bauble, my genius creation is hesitating in his genetically programmed destructive instincts. Just look at him. (He smiles at his Wayfinder. A laser almost hits him, but he dodges and looks up, seeing Gantu at the entrance) Aqua: What are you doing? Our orders are to capture them alive! (He points his laser gun at them) Gantu: I've decided to take a new approach. All right, you two... Any last words before I blast you into a million pieces? Experiment 626: Lala pittoogee! Gantu (angrily): I'm just big-boned! (He jumps down from the entrance as 626 runs to escape) Gantu: Freeze! (626 stops and turns around once he can go no further) Aqua: Stop it! Gantu: I warned you. Stay out of it! Aqua: I guess we have to do this the hard way. Gantu: See how you like this! (He shoots his laser several times, but Aqua dodges. He tackles her hard, but she recovers. The experiment begins jumping up and down and she runs over to him. He curls himself into a ball and she tosses him into the air, knocking him at Gantu. He hits Gantu in the face and covers his eyes, the captain struggling to remove him. With much effort, he pulls 626 off of him, yelling, and throws him on the ground. 626 gives a grunt, but stands and shoots his own lasers at Gantu, who responds by shooting some back at the two) Gantu: I'm not done with you yet. Grand Councilwoman: Enough! (Gantu turns and sees the woman enter) Grand Councilwoman: I observed everything on the monitor. Gantu: I...I can explain... (She walks over to Aqua) Grand Councilwoman: You've been of great service, Aqua. Thank you. (Aqua looks over at Experiment 626) Grand Councilwoman: Captain Gantu. Escort 626 to the asteroid to which he's been banished. When you return, you're back on patrol. Gantu (whining): Not patrol! (The Grand Councilwoman leaves with Jumba and his experiment) Aqua: Please, Your Highness. Would you consider sparing Experiment 626? Grand Councilwoman (stopping): Spare him? He's an extremely dangerous creature. I cannot release such a menace. Aqua: But it seems to me he's at least trying to make friends. And dangerous or not...I really believe he can succeed. Grand Councilwoman: Very well, Aqua. If he behaves himself, I will consider shortening his exile. Aqua: Thank you, ma'am. (She walks over to 626 and kneels, touching his Wayfinder. He looks up at her) Aqua: I like the charm you made. Do you think maybe...my circle of friends could become part of yours? My name is Aqua. My friends are Terra and Ventus. Experiment 626 (pronouncing): Ah-koo, wah, fren... Terra... Ven. (She stands, smiling, and watches them leave. Meanwhile, Ven travels through the Lanes Between. He sees a bright light ahead of him) Ventus: Huh? What's that? (A large figure flies through space and nearly collides with his glider) Ventus (dodging aside): Whoa! (He watches as the figure turns...) Ventus: Unversed! (...and moves in for another strike) Ventus: Try that again. (He kicks the flame on his glider and catches up to the squid-like creature. He makes a few hits on it until it flies into space with Ven in tow. Eventually, it comes upon a large spaceship) Ventus: Tryin' to catch a ride, huh? (Inside the ship, Gantu walks into the Containment Pod where Experiment 626 is hanging from a prison device in the ceiling, his head visible. Two large laser cannons are locked onto his position) Gantu: Now don't get any more ideas. These guns are locked onto your genetic signature. (The experiment snarls at him and Gantu turns to leave. An alarm sounds) Gantu: An intruder!? (He turns to the experiment, who's head is darting around at the flashing red lights) Gantu: All right, you. Don't get any funny ideas. (He "mrews" in response and Gantu runs out. The experiment looks at both guns in turn, who move to retain their target lock. He chuckles to himself, narrowing his eyes, and moves his ears, playing with the laser guns. He hawks his throat and spit onto a part of the wall. The cannons shoot a three-beam laser at the wall, making a hole. The experiment knocks the device out of the ceiling and runs to escape, dodging the lasers and jumping through the hole, laughing. Ven walks into the Durgon Transporter room and is found by Gantu) Gantu: So you're the intruder. Indentify yourself. (Ven turns and starts as Gantu aims his laser gun at him) Ventus: My name is Ventus. The monster I was chasing boarded your ship. Gantu: Nice try. If there was another intruder aboard, we'd have detected it. (There is a rattling and Gantu looks around, confused, aiming his weapon to his left) Intercom: Intruder in the machinery bay! We lost control of the engines! I-it's some kind of monster! Gantu: Now you tell me! (He turns around) Gantu (to Ven): Stay right there! I have lots of unpleasant questions to ask you. (He leaves) Ventus: This is my fault. I have to do something. (He begins to run and Experiment 626 falls to the floor in front of him. Ven stops and watches him, as he stands up, showing his four arms) Experiment 626: Ven...? Terra... Ah-koo, wah... Ventus: What? You know Terra and Aqua? (He takes out the star-shaped charm he made) Experiment 626: Fren... Circle! Ventus: Hey...is that a Wayfinder? (The ship shakes and they gasp, looking around) Intercom: The engines are under too much stress. We're risking an explosion! Ventus: What am I doing? There's no time! (He starts to run, but sees the creature following him on all sixes) Ventus: No! You need to stay here. It's too dangerous. (He leaves and the experiment whimpers. Ven runs into the ship corridor and it does into lockdown. He eliminates a group of Unversed and the doors release. The experiment looks over his charm, smiling. The next moment, he is sent spawling on the floor from a laser blast, his charm shattering. He gets up, seeing the smoking pieces, and whimpers sadly) Gantu: I don't know how you did it, but you won't get away again. (He walks over to him) Gantu: Hmph. You haven't fooled me. You can bat your eyes all you want at the Grand Councilwoman so she'll reconsider your sentence. (He sees the destroyed Wayfinder) Gantu: But I see you for what you really are--an abomination that's only instinct is to destroy everything it touches. (He snarls at Gantu. Meanwhile, Ven runs to the Machinery Bay, seeing the Unversed swimming around) Ventus: End of the line! (It stops and faces him. There is an explosion and Experiment 626 whirls out of the ceiling, landing next to Ven) Ventus: Hey! You shouldn't be here. (The experiment snarls at the Unversed and yells something in an alien language) Ventus: What is it? (He yells more unintelligible words and they fight the Unversed. Once it's defeated, the experiment continues yelling) Ventus: It's over! Cut it out! (Ven tries to restrain the screaming experiment, but it knocks him down) Ventus: Whoa! (The experiment catches his breath and stops) Ventus: What's gotten into you? (He turns around, holding the shards of his Wayfinder, his ears pointed down to the floor sadly) Experiment 626: Mee myuu nana. Ventus: I see... Your Wayfinder broke. Well, don't worry. Friendship's more than an object. (Ven stands up) Experiment 626: Fren-ship... Cir...cle? (Ventus nods and Gantu walks in) Gantu: Hmph, don't let the little mimic fool you. (The experiment narrows his eyes) Gantu: You saw for yourself what kind of monster that thing is. All it knows how to do is hurt and destroy. Ventus: Monster? He helped me stop the monster! Gantu: You must have triggered some sort of mutation hidden in the little freak's genetic coding. Experiment 626: Ven. Fren! Ven: That's right. We are friends! Gantu: Better say your good-byes now, because 626 is about to be destroyed! (He aims his laser gun at the experiment, who jumps onto Gantu's face, growling) Gantu (trying to shake him off): Stop that! (He falls over and Experiment 626 flips off of him) Experiment 626: Eeja gababa! Ventus: C'mon! (They run out of the room and Gantu sits up) Gantu: Sound the alert! Prisoners on the loose! Don't let them get away! (The experiment leaves the ship on a red cruiser with Ven following in his glider. Various police cruisers rush after them, trying to gun them down with their lasers. Experiment 626 laughs as he pilots the cruiser. Ven flies up to his window) Ventus: Where are we going? (The experiment pulls out a handle on the dashboard) Computer: Hyperdrive has been activated. System charging. Warning. Guidance is not functional. (The experiment looks around frantically) Computer: Navigation failure. Do not engage hyperdrive. Repeat. Do not engage-- (He pushes the handle back in as the police cruisers surround him) Police Cruiser: Break formation! Get clear! (The police cruisers scatter) Experiment 626 (yelling to Ven): Eega beega bagajeeba! Ventus: What is it? What's going on? Experiment 626: Eega jugee baba! (Suddenly, his cruiser shoots forward, knocking Ven off balance) Ventus: Whoa! Experiment 626: Ven! (His ship blasts through space in the blink of an eye. Ven flies off his glider into space. A star flies through space in a halfhazard pattern, watched over by a small pixie, who leaves to investigate. Later, Mickey stands in an Indian Camp, looking around for something. He looks up to see a dark portal open and whirls around) Vanitas: Move it. (Meanwhile, Terra enters Never Land and walks through the Crest at Rainbow Falls. He hears some shouts and rushes in their direction. A pirate with a large feathered cap and a small stoutly man in a striped shirt stand frozen, surrounded by Unversed. Between them, sits a large treasure chest) ????: What are they, Cap'n? Captain Hook: Back! You'll not get me treasure! (The captain waves his rapier at the monsters) Terra: Leave them to me! (Terra runs in and the captain and his first mate run out. He defeats the Unversed and hears a voice behind him) Captain Hook: If I'd desired your assistance, I'd have demanded it. We had the situation under control. Isn't that right, Smee? Smee: Oh yes, Cap'n. Completely. We woulda cleaved those fiends to the brisket, we would. (He strikes a fighting stance, holding an imaginary sword) Smee: Why, I'd have given 'em a little of THIS--and THIS-- (He strikes the air fervently) Captain Hook: And don't think your efforts mean you'll get a share of me treasure. Understand? Terra: I'm not after your precious box, Captain. I'm looking for a person. A boy, wearing a mask. Ring any bells? Captain Hook (turning away): No, not a one. Terra: Figures. (Captain Hook walks over to Smee who is still attacking invisible enemies) Captain Hook: Smee! Ye blithering barnacle! We're off. We shall leave this place before the light draws 'em back again. Terra: Hey, hold on. What did you just say about the light? (The captain's left hand is composed of a single metal hook, which he places on his chin, grinning with an eyebrow raised. His eyes narrow slyly, formulating a plan) Captain Hook: Ah yes, it's heartbreaking really... This chest, you see, contains light gathered from all around. And I got an acquaintance-- a boy--who's sure to try and seize it. Terra (to himself): A boy who's after the light... If it's not Vanitas... then who? Hey, why don't I help you keep the light safe? Maybe you could tell me more about this boy who's troubling you. What's his name? Captain Hook: Peter Pan! (In blackness, Ven starts hearing voices) Cubby: Uh... He ain't movin'... (Ven opens his eyes, seeing a small pixie) Slightly: Let's try kickin' him! (The pixie moves in for a kick) Ventus: Wha-- Aah! (He dodges just in time, sending the pixie spiraling) Slightly: Who are you? Ventus (standing): Name's Ventus. But everybody just calls me Ven. Hmm... Guess, when I sat down to rest, I must've fallen asleep. Cubby: But where'd ya come from? Ventus: Well, you see... (The pixie flies past him and over to Slightly, pulling on one of his fox ears) Slightly: All right, all right, we're goin'! Cubby: So long, Ven! (They start to leave) Ventus: Hey, where are you guys off to? Cubby: Tink saw a shootin' star and we're gonna go hunt it down! Ventus: A shooting star? Mind if I come along? Slightly: 'Course not. But ya gotta agree to follow us! Cubby: Yeah, it's, uh...right over... (He looks around. Tink flies behind him and he turns) Cubby: That-a away! By the Indian Camp! Slightly: Ready, men? Forward march! Ventus: 'Kay! (They leave for the Indian Camp. They walk into a Jungle Clearing and hear a crowing from above. A boy in a green outfit flies over them) Cubby & Slightly: Peter Pan! (They watch as he flies down toward Ven, pixie dust twinkling around him) Peter Pan (circling Ven): Who do we have here? Never seen you before. Ventus: I'm Ventus. Call me Ven. (Peter lands and scratches his chin) Peter Pan: Well...if you say so. (He walks over to the Lost Boys) Peter Pan: Ten-shun! (They stand upright and salute) Peter Pan: Now then, men. I don't suppose you'd wanna capture some real pirate treasure? Cubby: Real pirate treasure!? Slightly: Sure! Peter Pan: Well, guess who caught sight of Hook right when he was stashing his treasure? Whaddaya say we sneak in and grab it? Cubby: Oh boy! Slightly: Let's go! Let's go! (The two jump up and down excitedly. The green pixie flies over and hits the two in the head) Cubby & Slightly: Ow! (She flies up to Peter and stomps her foot in the air) Peter Pan: Tinker Bell, what's gotten into you? Ventus: We were all supposed to go hunt for a shooting star together. Peter Pan: Forget that. Pirate treasure is way more fun. Tink, you're comin' with us! (She crosses her arms and flies away) Peter Pan: Well, that's no way to respond to an invitation. C'mon, Ven, you're a better sport than her, right? Ventus: I'd love to join you, but...first I wanna find the shooting star. (Peter looks surprised and Ven walks away. Peter flies in to the air and the Lost Boys run after him. Terra makes his way to Skull Rock with Captain Hook and Smee. They stand in the Cavern with the treasure chest) Captain Hook: Well done. Smee: Pardon me, Cap'n...but it's about that shooting star I was mentionin' to ye-- Captain Hook: Mister Smee, I ordered ye to drop that. I'll not have ya gushin' on about some shooting star. Smee: But Cap'n! Most shooting stars twinkle for a bit 'n' then they go out. But this one, it--it kept on sparklin' and shinin' even after it crashed down. Why, what if it's really a big enormous, priceless gemstone? (Hook runs over to him) Captain Hook: Idiot! Why didn't you tell me? (He walks to where Terra stood, looking around) Captain Hook: Ahem... We've a bit of business to attend to and must, I fear, step away. I trust you can see to things till I return... Terra: Sure. When Peter Pan gets here, I'll be waiting. (Hook smiles and leaves with Smee. Terra looks around, but sees no one. High above in the cave, three boys watch him. Two of these boys are wearing animal skins and the other is wearing green clothing) ?????: Shh! That old codfish... Looks like he's found himself a new flunky. I'll fly down and distract him. Men, you move in and nab the treasure! (He flies down causing Terra to look upward) Terra (summoning his Keyblade): Are you Peter Pan? Peter Pan: That's me! Terra: The light is not yours to take! (Terra battles with Peter Pan) Terra: What do you want with the light? Peter Pan: Light? What light? Slightly: Look, Pan! We got the chest! (Slightly and Cubby carry away the treasure chest) Peter Pan: No, not yet, you blockheads! Terra: Hey! (Terra runs after them and they start to run. Cubby trips and drops the chest, spilling out countless gems and doubloons. Cubby and Slightly sit on the ground, Cubby rubbing the back of his head, and Slightly, the front of his. Slightly: That hurt! Cubby: Uhh... Sorry. Terra (walking over): Now, what is this? Peter Pan: Pirate treasure, o' course. Jewels, doubloons--ya know, the usual stuff. Terra: I've been guarding a pile of loot? Peter Pan: Sounds like you've been tricked. Terra: I'll say. I owe you an apology. I picked a fight over nothing. (Peter Pan crosses his arms proudly) Peter Pan: Aw, it was all in good fun. Not every day I get to fight such a good swordsman. Say, what's your name, anyway? Terra: Terra. Peter Pan: Right then, Terra. Which way did Hook go? Terra: They said something about a shooting star... Peter Pan: Shooting star? Tinker Bell must be in danger! Men, guard that treasure with your lives! (He takes off into the air and flies through one of the eye holes in Skull Rock) Cubby: Aye-aye, sir! Slightly: You go an' get 'em, Pan! Terra: I should be on my way. (Ven walks to the Indian Camp with Tinker Bell. Upon entering, he finds...) Ventus: Mickey's Star Shard? (Tinker Bell flies closer, but is captured by Captain Hook, who laughs, picking up the Star Shard) Captain Hook: A shooting star and a pixie! Must be me birthday. (He smiles contently) Ventus (summoning his Keyblade): Let Tinker Bell go! Captain Hook (chortling): One of Peter Pan's brats. Well, tell that cowardly sparrow, if he wants his precious Tinker Bell back, he'd best meet me at Mermaid Lagoon! (The captain and Smee run away) Ventus: Stop! (He starts running after him, but stops when the Unversed appear) Ventus: Scram! (He defeats the Unversed and runs to the Gully, met with an empty area) Ventus: I lost them! (He looks up, seeing twinkling from a palm tree, and remembers sitting under the stars with Terra and Aqua) Ventus (memory): Y'ever wonder what stars are? Where light comes from? (Aqua laughs. Ven puts his hands behind his head and starts laughing along with Terra and Aqua) Peter Pan: Look out below! (Peter soars toward him) Ventus: Peter, help! Tinker Bell's been pixie-napped! Peter Pan: Then I'm too late. Hook's gonna pay for this! Ventus: He said to meet him at Mermaid Lagoon. Peter Pan: Gotta be an ambush. Hmph, that old codfish thinks he's clever. (He takes off) Ventus: Hey, I'm going too! Peter Pan: Well, we have to hurry. Can you keep up? Ventus: You bet! (Terra leaves the cave at Skull Rock and feels a large rumble) Slightly: Ah! It's a monster! Cubby: Somebody help! (Terra runs back into the cave to see Cubby and Slightly running away from an enormous swarm of Unversed) Terra: Unversed! (One is circling the spilt treasure chest. It spins its cap and knocks the chest away, spilling coins) Terra: Stay back! (The two Lost Boys run out of the cave as Terra summons his Keyblade. After a long battle, Cubby and Slightly return) Slightly: Boy, you sure cut that monster down to size! Terra: Shh... Captain Hook (calling): Ahoy! How fare ye, lad? Cubby & Slightly: Hook! Terra: Go hide. (They leave) Terra (calling): Fine. All's well. (Captain Hook struts in, with a lantern in his hand) Terra: What's that? (The captain holds it up, showing a small pixie inside) Captain Hook: Tinker Bell. One of Peter Pan's dearest friends. (On these last words, he looks at her with disdain) Terra: Can I take a look? (He obliges and hands the lantern over, turning around) Captain Hook: So long as I have his precious pixie, Pan's demise is all but assured. (He laughs and opens his eyes again to see a glowing light from beyond the brim of his hat. He looks up and stares, wide-eyed as the pixie kicks him one right between the eyes. She places her hands on her hips sternly as the lantern rocks on the ground, empty) Captain Hook: What's the meaning of this? Terra: You know, I didn't give it that much thought. Just doing what my heart tells me. Captain Hook: That's mutiny! And you'll walk the plank for it! (Terra summons his Keyblade again while Hook makes a fist, stopping in rhythm to the sound that sprang up inside his ears. He gasps, his face wide with shock) Captain Hook: That sound! (His body shakes with each ticking of the tick-tock sound that seems to be coming from a crocodile sitting in a nearby pool of water. It gazed at the captain hungrily, nearly licking its lips with its eyes. Hook makes a run for it out of the cavern, screaming madly. Slightly and Cubby run in) Slightly: Hooray! We sure showed Hook this time! (Terra sees dust falling from the ceiling and looks up to see Tinker Bell spreading pixie dust all over the cave, making it burst with points of light. Terra remembers the time when he Aqua and Ven last sat under the stars) Terra: That every star up there is another world. (Aqua and Ven turn around and see...) Aqua: Terra. Terra: Yep, hard to believe there are so many worlds out there besides our own. (He walks over to them) Terra: The light is their hearts, and it's shining down on us like a million lanterns. Ventus: What? I don't get it. Terra: In other words, they're just like you, Ven. Ventus: What does THAT mean? Terra: You'll find out someday, I'm sure. Ventus: I wanna know now. (Aqua laughs. Ven puts his hands behind his head and starts laughing along with Terra and Aqua. Terra, standing in the cavern, looks happy) Cubby: Aww, so much for the pirate treasures... (He stands with Slightly looking into the empty chest) Terra: Did you guys really want the jewels and gold that badly? Slightly: Nah, we don't care about that stuff. Cubby: Uh...but, uh, Pan was countin' on us. (Terra kneels to their height and places a hand on Slightly's shoulder) Terra: I'll tell ya what--put the stuff that's really special to you in there. That can be your treasure. Cubby & Slightly: Yeah! Slightly: Real swell idea. Thanks! (They pick up the chest and leave, Slightly's fox tail boucing along behind them) Terra: Kind of makes me wonder--what I'd put in there. (Ven and Peter both rush to Mermaid Lagoon. Smee watches their arrival through his hand telescope from the deck of the Jolly Roger) Smee (calling): Peter Pan ahoy! Man the Long Tom, and... Fire! (He puts a finger in his ears and closes his eyes. There is a boom and a cannon shoots out towards the mainland. Peter lands next to Ven and the cannonball strikes the ground behind them, knocking them off balance) Ventus: Cannon fire? Where's it coming from? Peter Pan: On the water! Over there! (Another cannonball shoots at them. Tinker Bell flies toward them through the upturned smoke) Peter Pan: Tink, it's you! And you're all right! (She tries to tell him something, fluttering before him) Peter Pan: What? A strange fellah with a funny-lookin' sword has-- (Another cannonball rocks the ground) Peter Pan: Hold on, I gotta stop that cannon! Ventus: Okay. I'll go after Hook! Peter Pan: Right. Tink, if you would. (She flies around Ven, spreading her pixie dust on him) Ventus (amazed): Wow... What... Peter Pan: It's pixie dust. Bet you feel lighter now, don'tcha? (Peter flies into the air and leaves with Tink toward the pirate ship. Ven enters the Cove, where Captain Hook waits with crosses arms and a tapping foot. He opens his eyes and listens, cupping a hand to his ear. The cannon fire has stopped) Captain Hook: Alas, and so passeth a worthy opponent. To think that his would be such an inglorious end. (He sighs, before bursting into laughter) Captain Hook: At last, that scurvy brat will never trouble me again! Ventus: I wouldn't be so sure of that, Hook! (He turns and sees Ventus) Captain Hook: Swoggle me eyes! No, don't tell me! (He runs to the edge of the Cove and peers through a telescope, his hook curved around it. He sees a silent ship and Smee, with Peter Pan beating his chest behind him in victory. The captain growls and throws the telescope to the ground in anger) Captain Hook: Blast that Peter Pan! (He runs over to Ventus and draws his rapier. Suddenly, there is a ticking sound that catches his attention) Captain Hook (looking around frantically): That sound! (Behind him in the water swims a large green crocodile, who's eyes seem to move with the rhythm of the ticking sound) Captain Hook (fearfully): No! Not again! (He waves his hook at the crocodile and backs away) Captain Hook: S-stay away from me! (He tries to run, but faces Ventus) Ventus: I don't think so! (Ventus fights Captain Hook, knocking him into the water. He struggles float for a bit, before catching the gaze of the crocodile, who at this moment was sticking out its tongue hungrily. The captain jumps out of the water and begins to swim away in a frenzy) Captain Hook: Leave me alone! (The crocodile leaps toward him, jaws first. Captain Hook attempts to run on top of the water in his haste) Captain Hook: Help me, Smee! Smeeeeee! (The crocodile chases him out into open water toward Hook's ship as Ven watches) Cubby: Ahoy! Look what we brought! (Ven looks over and sees Cubby and Slightly in a row boat with a large wooden chest. Peter Pan floats above them as it glides toward Ven's location) Slightly: It's a pirate's treasure chest! (They land and unload the boat) Ventus: Treasure! Peter Pan: Yup! The same chest I told ya about. We snatched it right from Hook's hiding place. (Peter opens the chest) Peter Pan: Huh? How come it's empty? Cubby: Uh, sorry, but...we losted all the treasures. Ventus: Oh, well... That's too bad. Peter Pan: Aw, who needs it? It was prob'ly just full of dumb old jewels or doubloons or somethin' anyways. Slightly: We could just put what we treasure in there instead-- if ya wanna? Peter Pan: Yeah, that's perfect! Instead of fillin' it up with jewels and gold and stuff, we'll put in what's truly special to us. The real riches! (The boys nod. Later, the chest is filled with wooden tools and playful weaponry) Peter Pan: What are you puttin' in, Ven? Ventus: I dunno... (He searches his inventory) Ventus: How 'bout this? Peter Pan: Hm, what is it? (He pulls out his wooden Keyblade) Ventus: It's...just something that one of my best friends gave me. Peter Pan: So it's like a keepsake, huh? You sure you wanna part with somethin' that special? Ventus (holding it up): Yup. I don't need it if I've got Terra and Aqua. Our best memories are still ahead. Peter Pan: All right, then. Next time ya visit, we'll have an even bigger chest waitin'. Enough for all those treasures and lots more. Ventus: Okay. It's a deal. (He places the blade into the chest. Tinker Bell floats over, holding the Star Shard, about to place it in the chest as well) Ventus: Oh, wait, Tink-- (Tinker Bell stops and looks up at him) Ventus: I'm pretty sure that belongs to a friend of mine. Do you think maybe I could hang onto it? (He holds out his hand, but Tinker Bell shakes her head, backing away possessively) Peter Pan: Now Tink! (She stops floating away and flies over to Ven with an "Oh, all right" look on her face. She drops the shard into Ven's hand) Ventus: Thank you. (He smiles and she flies away. The shard glows bright and Ven shield's his eyes with his other hand. There is a flash and Cubby and Slightly blink their eyes once the light disappears) Slightly: He...he's gone! Cubby: Look! The light! (They see a shooting beam of light moving haphazardly across the skyline, letting loose bright stars) Peter Pan (smiling): Don't worry, men. No matter where that light takes him...Ven'll always have friends waitin' to meet him. (Later at the Indian Camp, Cubby and Slightly walk through) Cubby: Over there! (They see a rolled up piece of parchment on the ground and race to it) Slightly: I'm gonna be the leader! (They whine slightly as Aqua picks it up and inspects it) Slightly: We were so close. ?????: Too bad, men. Tough break. (They look upward and see Peter Pan, who lands) Slightly & Cubby: But Pan! Peter Pan: No buts. You know the rules. The first one to find and claim the treasure map gets to be the leader. And that's you. (He walks over to Aqua) Aqua: Leader? Slightly: Of the expatition! Cubby: Uhh, we're goin' on a treasure hunt. And that's our map you got! (Tinker Bell floats over and shakes angrily, stamping her foot in the air repeatedly) Peter Pan: Whaddaya mean? I never said girls can't be part of the gang. C'mon, Tink, the more the merrier! Aqua: I'm sorry, but I have something else I need to take care of. Here, you keep it. (She moves to hand him the map as Tinker Bell nods with her arms crossed) Peter Pan: Too bad...but rules are rules. (The pixie looks surprised at the boy and stamps her feet again) Peter Pan: I guess we'll just have to call off the treasure hunt. Cubby & Slightly: Nooo! (Seeing the boys sad faces, she sighs) Aqua: All right, you win. I'll join you for one "expatition." (They smile and jump up and down) Cubby & Slightly: Whoopee! (Aqua opens the map and looks it over) Aqua: As far as I can tell, we're here. (She points to a spot on the map and then moves her finger to a large red X) Aqua: And this mark here is where we'll find the treasure. Slightly: Enough pointin'. C'mon, let's go! Peter Pan: Wait a second. We still don't even know our leader's name! I'm Peter Pan. The jealous one over here is Tinker Bell. And you are? (He points to himself and the pixie in turn, grinning from pointy ear to pointy ear) Aqua: Aqua. Peter Pan: So you're Aqua! Aqua: Huh? Peter Pan: Now, first stop--Mermaid Lagoon! (He floats into the air) Aqua: Oh, okay. (He flies off. Later, they enter Mermaid Lagoon) ????: I have you now, Peter Pan! (Aqua sees a man in a red uniform and black wig with a large feathered hat, but the most striking of his features is his hook for a hand) ????: Today's the day I shall be rid of you forever! Peter Pan: I'm busy right now, Hook. We're on an expatition. Can't I show you up some other day? ????: You'll show me up now! Give back me treasure! Aqua: Who's that? Peter Pan: Aw, that's just Captain Hook. He's a two-bit pirate codfish. Captain Hook (angry): I'll cleave you into two bits, boy! (They start walking again) Captain Hook: Smee! (The Captain runs for shelter as his first mate, Smee, watches through a spyglass from aboard a pirate ship offshore) Smee: Oh, that was the Cap'n's signal! Fire! (He puts his fingers in his ears to muffle the sound. The group looks around, hearing a strange whistling and are startled when a cannonball impacts the trail behind them) Aqua: We're sitting ducks out here. Run! (They run ahead to the base of Rainbow Falls. Cubby and Slightly turn their heads skyward) Aqua: What is it? Cubby: The mark on the map points all the way up there. (She looks to the top of the mountain, a waterfall running down the side in two streams) Peter Pan: Aww, relax. A little pixie dust, and we'll be there in a jiffy. Cubby: But...we've never had to flied that high before! Slightly: What if we fall? Peter Pan: Hey, when did you two turn into cowards? Aqua: Don't you think you're asking a bit much of them? Peter Pan: This is between me and them, Aqua. Men, only the bravest of the brave can claim that treasure. (Peter crosses his arms as Tinker Bell tries to talk him out of it, turning away from him in defiance) Cubby: Yeah, we know... Peter Pan: Tink, if you would. (She remains still) Peter Pan (sternly): We haven't got all day! (She caves and flies up the mountain, leaving a trail of pixie dust) Peter Pan: Here we go! (Cubby and Slightly jump into the trail of pixie dust and float upwards, making swimming motions. The group ends up at the Gully) Aqua: Hey, aren't we back where we started? Slightly: Ya mean we went all the way around Never Land for nothin'? Peter Pan: Well, ya conquered all sorts of obstacles to get here. And to me, that's certainly not nothin'. Aqua: You know, I had you all wrong. You were just looking out for them back there. Being a good leader. Peter Pan: Yeah, of course I was. Captain Hook: You're too late, Peter Pan! (They look up and see Hook and Smee with a treasure chest) Captain Hook: I'll be taking what's mine now. Peter Pan: It's Hook! Captain Hook: Smee, secure me treasure. Smee: Aye-aye, Cap'n! (Smee opens the chest and shouts aloud) Captain Hook (annoyed): What is it now? Smee: C-Cap'n, it's the treasure. It's b-been... Captain Hook: Spit it out, you idiot! (He runs over to Smee and looks in the chest, seeing a pile of wood, weapons, and a wooden Keyblade with the name "Terra" inscribed in it) Captain Hook: Odd's fish! It's all junk! Peter Pan: Whaddaya mean, junk? Those are our treasures, Hook! Captain Hook (angrily): But what did you do with MY treasure? (He stamps the ground in fury) Cubby: Oh, we losted it all. Captain Hook: You what!? You scurvy brats have crossed me for the last time! (Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. His mustache starts moving to the rhythm that sends his blood chilling to the bone) Captain Hook: Hmm? What's that? That sound... (He looks around in fear and sees the crocodile in the water below, gazing hungrily at him) Captain Hook (gasping): Not you again! No, get away from me! Smee! Do something! Smee! (He runs away in a frenzy) Smee: Wait, Cap'n! (The group laughs at them as Smee runs after Hook. They retrieve the chest and look inside. Aqua gasps and grabs the wooden Keyblade from the chest) Aqua: Is this... Peter Pan: Oh, Ventus left that here. I guess it's a special keepsake or somethin'. But don't worry about him. He said he would be alright without it. And then he promised to visit us again with even better treasures--maybe enough to fill a hundred treasure chests. Aqua: Ven... He was here... (She senses something and looks over toward the Indian Camp) Aqua: And someone else. Cubby: What's the matter? Aqua: It's nothing. Best that you stay here. (Aqua runs to the Indian Camp) ???????: So, have a good time hanging out with the kiddies? (She turns around and sees Vanitas walking toward her, carrying Ven's wooden Keyblade) Aqua: How'd you get that? Vanitas: I think that kid's outgrown such a childish toy if you ask my opinion. (He snaps the Keyblade in two, wood splintering into pieces. Aqua gasps in shock. He tosses the blade away and she reaches for it, seeing it fall flush to the ground. She glares at the boy) Vanitas: Just like I've outgrown my need for you. (He summons his Keyblade) Aqua (angrily): You freak! (She summons her Keyblade and they duel. Vanitas falls to the ground, his Keyblade flies through the air, landing several feet away from him. Aqua kneels, exhausted) Aqua: I've done it... He's...finally...finished... (She looks over and sees the shattered Keyblade. She tries to stand, but falls, unable to reach it. Dispite this, she smiles) Aqua: Ven, Terra...you can rest easy. (She looks out at the water, the calming sun reflecting on its surface. She puts her head down and closes her eyes, dreaming of the trio's last night together) Terra: You're too young to know now. (Aqua smiles) Ventus: Quit treating me like a kid! (Aqua laughs) Terra: Hey, what are you laughing at? Aqua: I can't help it. You two would make the weirdest brothers. Ventus: Huh? Terra: Huh? (Aqua laughs. Ven puts his hands behind his head and starts laughing along with Terra and Aqua. Once the dream is over, she hears a voice) ?????: Aqua! Aqua! Aqua! (She opens her eyes slowly and sees Peter Pan kneeling over her) Peter Pan: Are you all right? What happened? Aqua (slowly standing): I'm fine. (Peter sees the shattered Keyblade) Peter Pan: Oh no! Look at Ven's treasure! Aqua: It's okay, Peter. Whatever it is that binds us together isn't going to break so easily...and that's our real treasure. (She picks up the hilt) Aqua: I think Ventus knew that. That's why he left this behind. Peter Pan: You must really be close. And that's somethin' pretty special. You and Ventus...and Terra, was it? One day you should all come back! Aqua: I'd like that. (On the steps of the Mysterious Tower, a duck and a dog sit, waiting) Goofy: Gawrsh, the King must be pretty far away by now... Donald: Aww... (A shooting beam of light strikes the ground with a loud boom, sending the two shrieking. They get their bearing and stare into the light, gasping) Donald: King Mickey! (Ven lays on the ground, holding the Star Shard as the light dies down) Goofy: Nope, doesn't look like him. (Goofy sighs but shakes it off) Goofy: Look! That feller's got the Star Shard the King borrowed! Ventus: King? Oh, you must be talking about Mickey. (He stands up) Ventus: I saw him-- (They run over and start pushing him toward the door of the tower) Ventus: Huh? Hey, take it easy! Donald: Are we glad to see you! (Meanwhile, Terra is gliding in the Lanes Between, when light shines in front of him) Terra: This light...it's so warm. (He sails onward until he reaches a beach in sunset, the waves lapping against the shore. Terra looks down and sees a paopu fruit pulled in by a wave. He bends down to pick it up and takes out his charm, remembering Aqua's words) Aqua (memory): Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star-shaped fruit... (He compares the two of them and looks around. He sees the tree on a sandbar across the island. He enters the Seaside Shack and walks up the stairs, clutching the Wayfinder in his hand) Terra (thinking): Aqua... Ven... I wonder if we'll ever be a team again. Looks like all the things that once held us together just push us further away. And now the light has led me here. What am I supposed to do? (He exits on the top of a plateau and crosses a bridge to the sandbar) ????: Hey, slow down! (He turns and sees two young boys running down the bridge in the same direction) ????: Would you just wait for me? ????: Giving up already? Come on, Sora. Sora: That's enough, I can't run anymore! (They reach the sandbar and sit on the paopu tree's horizontal trunk, staring over the water. Terra smirks and turns to leave, before looking back at the other boy, the one with silver hair) Terra: Light... Was I guided here in order to meet that boy? (He thinks for a bit before turning away) Sora (standing up): Oh! Ahoy! We're over here! (He waves to someone at the dock and pats the other boy's shoulder) Sora: Riku, race ya. First one to the boat gets to be captain! (Sora laughs and starts running) Sora: C'mon! You call that running? (Terra walks to the beach and looks out over the waves. Riku walks along the bridge, way behind Sora. Sora runs along the beach but slows to a walk as he catches a glance at Terra. Once he has enough looking, he starts running again to the dock. Riku walks behind, but stops as he notices Terra looking at him) Riku: Hey. Did you come from the outside world? Terra (very surprised): Huh? Why would you say that? Riku: Because nobody lives out here, and I know you're not from the main island. (Sora reaches the docks and bends over, catching his breath. He looks over, seeing them talking) Terra: Smart kid. So how about you? What are you doing here? Riku: Oh, my friend's dad took us out on the boat. (Sora looks around and places his hands behind his head) Riku: This is where we like to play, but they won't let us row out here by ourselves, not till we get older. (He kicks at the sand nonchalantly) Terra: Must be hard, huh, stuck in one place. (Riku walks over to the water) Riku: I heard once there was a kid who left for good. (For a moment, Terra ceases to see Riku, but instead a tall boy staring out at the water. The boy turns, and Terra sees an older Riku) Riku: So how did you get here, anyway? (Terra snaps out of his trance) Terra: Is there some reason you're interested in the outside world? Riku: Yeah. I wanna be strong one day. Like that kid who left. He went to the outside world-- I bet he's really strong now. I know it's out there somewhere--the strength that I need. Terra: Strength for what? Riku: To protect the things that matter. You know, like my friends. (Terra nods) Terra: Outside this tiny world is a much bigger one. (He walks over to Riku and summons his Keyblade. He kneels and hands the Keyblade to Riku, hilt forward) Terra: In your hand, take this key. So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking...its wielder you shall one day be. And you will find me, friend--no ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion the ones you love. (Riku grabs the handle of the blade) Sora: Riku! (They look up) Sora: C'mon, hurry it up! (Terra dispels the Keyblade as Riku waves) Terra: You've gotta keep this a secret, okay? Otherwise, all the magic will wear off. (Riku nods and Terra ruffles his hair, laughing. Riku runs toward Sora, who runs to meet him) Sora: Hey, what was that all about? Riku: Aw, you know. (Riku places his hands behind his head and looks away) Sora: Know what? Why won't you tell me? (Sora stamps the ground with his foot) Sora: Who was that guy--somebody you know? (They begin to walk to the dock) Riku (teasingly): Maybe. Sora: Aw, there you go again! Just tell me. Riku: I really can't. I've gotta keep it a secret. Sora: Not with me you don't! I'm like the best secret-keeper in the world! Riku: Nice try. Sora: Aww. Riku! Terra: Protect the things that matter... (He stands) Terra: Right. My friends matter to me, too. So, I still have things that I have to protect. (Donald, Goofy, and Ven enter the Tower and meet before Yen Sid) Goofy (standing at attention): Yen Sid, sir! We just got a clue as to where the King might be! (Ven looks at both of them) Yen Sid: Ah, Ventus. Ventus (surprised): Huh? Yen Sid: Eraqus has told me much about you. If I am not mistaken, you were ordered to return home. Ventus: Well, sir, I... Yen Sid: No matter. Mickey has difficulty following directions, too. (Ven chuckles) Yen Sid: Where is this clue to Mickey's whereabouts? Donald: I've got it! (He places the Star Shard on Yen Sid's desk) Goofy: This feller Venquist--uh, Ventilate...uh, Veggie-- Donald (angrily): Just call him Ven! Ventus: Sure. That's what I usually go by. Donald: Ven had it when he got here. Yen Sid: Please, explain. Ventus: I ran into Mickey. But we got sent flying into the light--I don't know where he went. (Donald and Goofy sigh) Ventus: He wasn't in the same world as the one where I found that. Yen Sid (running fingers through his beard): As I thought...Mickey has been hurling himself from one world to the next. That explains why I could not discern his location. Donald: You can now, can't you? Yen Sid: Yes. I can. (He waves his arms and concentrates, creating a cloud of dust on his desk. The swirl clears and the group sees Mickey lying on the ground, struggling to move. Donald and Goofy jump up, yelling) Ventus: Mickey! Donald & Goofy: The King! (The image fades and the cloud vanishes) Donald: What happened? Where'd he go? Is he okay? Yen Sid: There is a dark and powerful force that is interfering with my magic. Goofy: Just tell us where the King is, Mr. Yen Sid, sir, and me and Donald will go right there and save him! (Donald nods) Yen Sid: You two? That may not be adequate. Goofy: But I'm the captain of the King's royal knights! (He summons his shield) Donald: And I'm his magician! (He summons his staff and Yen Sid struggles with his words) Ventus: I'll find him. I recognize the place we saw. Donald: If you go, we'll go with you! Ventus: No, I owe him. Mickey saved me once. And I can't risk putting his friends in danger. (They sigh again) Ventus: Don't worry. I swear I'll bring him back safe. Yen Sid: Very well, Ventus. We will leave it to you. (Aqua travels through the Lanes Between on her glider. She sees a warming light up ahead) Aqua: What's that light? (She arrives on an island beach, and walks along a bridge toward a sandbar. She looks over and sees a paopu tree. She smiles and takes out her Wayfinder) Aqua: Terra... Ven... I hope we're ready for the storm that's coming. (She hears something and looks to her right) ????: Hey, wait up! ????: Too slow, Sora! See ya at the finish line! (She sees two young boys racing along the beach. The silver-haired one raises an arm as he reaches the imaginary finish line. The brown-haired one catches up and bends over, catching his breath) Sora: One more time! You just got lucky. (Riku looks up and sees Aqua walking across the bridge) Riku: Hm? Sora: Huh? (Sora looks up and Aqua gazes back at them. She smiles and jumps down into a kneel, startling Sora. He scratches his spiky head and chuckles in embarassment. Aqua laughs with him and looks over at Riku, who returns her stare) Aqua (thinking): This boy looks so sincere--just like Terra. (She looks at Sora) Aqua (thinking): And this one--he's the spitting image of Ven. (She laughs and the two look at each other) Aqua: One of you might be special enough. Hey, you two mind telling me your names? Sora (raising his hand): I'm Sora! Aqua: And you? Riku: Riku. Aqua (thinking): Someone has already passed this boy the power. Was it Terra? (They look at each other again) Aqua: Sora, do you like Riku? Sora (grinning widely): Of course I like him, he's my best friend! Aqua (smiling): Good. So then, if something happens, and Riku is about to get lost--or say, he starts wandering down a dark path alone--you make sure to stay with him and keep him safe. (They look at each other open-mouthed) Aqua: That's your job, Sora, and I'm counting on you to do it, okay? (She laughs and pets their heads. Riku smiles and Sora laughs. They leave Aqua and walk along the beach to the docks. Aqua returns to the sandbar and sits on the paopu tree) Aqua: One Keyblade is enough...for any friendship. I learned it the hard way. I wouldn't wish our lives on those children. (She looks at her blue Wayfinder) Aqua: Terra, please tell me--what's to become of us? (Ven pilots his glider to The Badlands. He sees Mickey lying on the ground and runs over to him) Ventus: Mickey! (He kneels down beside him and turns him over, elevating his head. Mickey makes a sound but his eyes remain shut) ????????: We meet again, boy. (Ventus looks up and sees a pair of black boots striding toward him, draped over by a gray cloak. Ven sets Mickey down as Master Xehanort approaches) Ventus: Master Xehanort. (His eye flashes as a memory suddenly returns to him. He lies on the ground in this same world. Master Xehanort turns Ventus's body over with his boot. An island, a boy draped in a white sheet. A castle, meeting Master Eraqus. Ven falls to his knees, clutching his head and Master Xehanort smiles) Master Xehanort: Ah yes, so you are starting to realize...what you lost-- oh, but not for good. You had to lose in order to find. (He thrusts out his hand, moving his fingers in a manner of power) Master Xehanort: Now it can all be yours again, if you only reach out and take it. (He clenches his fist) Master Xehanort: Reclaim the part that left you. Clash with him! Pure light against pure darkness, to forge the ultimate key. The all-powerful Chi-blade! (Ven screams in pain and collapses) Ventus: Key...blade? Master Xehanort: Not the Keyblades you and I carry. (In his hand appears a floating golden "X", spinning slowly in the air) Master Xehanort: "Chi"... A most ancient letter. Some say "kye," but the meaning is the same. (He closes his hand and the "X" disappears) Master Xehanort: Death... A letter that spells endings. (He lifts his arms, creating a dark portal in the sky) Ventus: And I have the power to make it? Master Xehanort: Correct. (The portal churns with power and lightning. The wind picks up, blowing dust into the air) Master Xehanort: Eraqus knows it, too. He knows exactly what you are. Ventus: The Master? Master Xehanort: Haven't you ever wondered? Why he never granted you permission to leave his side, to grow stronger? Eraqus was frightened of you. If you were to learn the truth, realize what you are... He never trusted you. Why else would he keep you within his sight at all times? (The dark cloud bends, a thunder bolt striking the ground before Ven's face. His eyes turning wide in both realization and shock) Ventus (getting up): Yeah. He never let me see other worlds, no matter how much I asked. (Master Xehanort smiles. He points his hand out towards Ven) Master Xehanort: Go. (A great wind blows in Ven's direction from behind the Master, Ven bracing its power) Master Xehanort: You can ask the man yourself. Learn the truth, and remember you have a greater purpose! (Ven flies back, unable to stand any longer, as the wind pulls him and Mickey in a twister up toward the portal. Ven screams as he is taken to the Lanes Between. He awakes, curled up in his armor. Mickey is nowhere to be seen. Ven clutches his head, writhing) Ventus: What am I? What has the Master been keeping from me all this time? (He looks up, seeing the Land of the Departure. He floats, fixed on his target, and flies to the world. (Terra sees a light gliding alongside him) Terra: That light... Is it Ven? Master Xehanort: Master Terra. Find me. We must speak at once. Terra: Master Xehanort! (He turns away from the light and returns to The Badlands. He sees Xehanort on the edge of a cliff and flies down to him) Terra: Master Xehanort, you wished to see me? Master Xehanort: There is no time to lose! I've terrible news. Ventus has stumbled upon the secrets of his origins. Terra: Ven? I just saw him, he passed right in front of me. What happened? Master Xehanort: Ventus is on his way home. If you could have seen the fury in his eyes... I'm certain he's capable of anything. I fear the boy may attempt to force the truth out of Eraqus. Master Terra, you must hurry back and see to your friend's safety. Terra: Of course. (Terra flies away on his glider. Master Xehanort chuckles darkly as Terra travels back to the Land of Departure. Ventus arrives first and enters the Forecourt. He hesitates slightly, but continues walking toward the castle. As he looks up, he sees Master Eraqus walking down the steps toward him. Ven stands and looks away) Master Eraqus: Ventus, you're alone? I thought Aqua would-- (Eraqus walks over to a hesitant Ventus and places his arms on the boy's shoulders) Master Eraqus: Well, what matters is that you're home. You don't belong outside this world yet. You need to stay here where you can learn-- Ventus: In your prison? Master Eraqus (shocked): What? Ventus (angrily): That's your excuse...for keeping me imprisoned here, isn't it? Master Eraqus: What did you hear? Ventus: That I'm supposed to be some weapon... Some kind of..."Chi-blade"! Master Eraqus: I knew it. Xehanort--he could never let it go. (Eraqus remembers a time past, a memorable conflict between Masters in the Throne Room of the castle) Master Eraqus: Wait, Xehanort. There is a reason the precepts bar us from such knowledge. Why do you seek the Chi-blade? Would you blanket all the worlds in darkness, reduce them to nothing!? Master Xehanort: But darkness did cover the world once, in legend. We know so little about the Keyblade War--only that it was just the beginning. Amidst that crisis a precious light was found. It is a curious tale--and one worth exploring. They say ruin brings about creation. So what, then, would another Keyblade War bring? When the darkness falls, will we be found worthy of the precious light the legend speaks of? I must have these answers. The Chi-blade needs to be forged, and with it, the door to the Keyblade War unlocked! Master Eraqus: Fool... You would risk an apocalypse out of sheer curiosity. I will never allow it, Xehanort. Not while I live! Master Xehanort: But once again you have it all wrong, Eraqus. Darkness is a beginning, you see, not an end. At birth, every one of us emerged from darkness into a world of light, do we not? Master Eraqus: Poetic excuses! (Xehanort turns and walks away) Master Eraqus: If words won't dissuade you, only one thing will. (He summons his Keyblade and runs toward Master Xehanort. Xehanort turns, smiling, summoning his Keyblade with darkness and lightning swirling around him. He points his blade with a yell, and two bolts of dark energy shoot out and strike Master Eraqus in the face. Eraqus falters and collapses to the floor. Xehanort walks closer and the darkness around his vanishes) Master Eraqus (kneeling): That power! (Darkness eminated from the scars on his face) Master Eraqus: Has the darkness taken you, Xehanort? Master Xehanort (turning): Not your concern. (Xehanort leaves as Eraqus groans in pain. Master Eraqus rubs one of his scars with a knuckle) Master Eraqus: I failed. I had the chance to stop him and couldn't do it. But I will not fail again. (He summons his Keyblade, Ven gasping) Ventus (backing away): Master! What are you... Master Eraqus: The Chi-blade has no place in this or any world. Xehanort has made his purpose clear...and I am left with no choice. Forgive me... but you must exist no more. (He thrusts out his Keyblade and chains of light stream out. Ven stands, his eyes clamping shut) Terra: Ven! (Terra appears in his armor, blocking the blow and the light dissipates) Master Eraqus: What? Terra: Master, have you gone mad? Master Eraqus: Terra! I command you--step aside! (Terra's armor vanishes) Terra: No! Master Eraqus (angrily): You will not heed your Master? Terra: I won't! Master Eraqus (conflicted): Why do all my attempts to reach you fail? If you don't have it in your heart to obey...then you will have to share Ventus's fate. (He sheds a tear and runs at them. Terra blocks blow after blow) Ventus: Enough, Terra! He's right... Terra: Quiet! Ventus: Terra... (Eraqus jumps back and the end of his blade glows brightly. He swings it in a circle and knocks Terra and Ven back. Terra picks Ven up and gasps. Eraqus shines with light as his cape and outfit flutter as if pulled by a strong wind. He moves his Keyblade forward with his left arm raised, pointing, as if charging up an attack. Terra's anger grows and he's surrounded by a dark aura) Terra: You may be my Master. But I will not...let you hurt my friend! (Terra pulses with darkness and electrical energy) Master Eraqus: Has the darkness taken you, Terra? (Terra swings his Keyblade back and opens a portal, he tosses Ven into it. Ven gets up, kneeling) Ventus: Wait, Terra! (The portal closes as Terra and Eraqus face each other, Ven helpless to stop them. Terra fights Master Eraqus in a grueling battle. Eraqus clutches his chest in pain, breathing heavily. Terra dispels his Keyblade, walking slowly toward his former Master, fear and incredulity stretched across his face) Terra: What have I done... Master... I just...wanted to keep Ven safe. Master Eraqus: No, you were right. I failed you, Terra. Perhaps I've no one to blame but myself for the darkness inside you. And now I've done worse--raised my Keyblade againsr you and Ventus. (Terra shakes his head, reeling) Master Eraqus: My own heart is darkness! (A sudden dark pulse and a groan from his Master, his eyes struck wide in pain. Terra watches as Eraqus drops his Keyblade with a loud clatter. Eraqus's body falls to its knees and Terra rushes to catch him. He scatters into points of light upon reaching his arms. Terra breathes heavily, planting his hands on the ground, sobbing) Terra: Master Eraqus! (His teardrops splash against the tile of the Forecourt. He hears footsteps, but refuses to look up) Master Xehanort: What a sight. Why do you trouble yourself with remorse, Master Terra? The man was bent on doing harm to your friend, his own pupil! Terra (looking up): Master Xehanort! Why? Master Xehanort: You know, at times I find your progress quite striking. But you still fall short. Let all that anger out, my boy. Give your heart over to darkness! (Terra stands up and summons his Keyblade) Terra: What do you mean? Master Xehanort: Still so blind... Then I will make you see. Come to the place where all Keyblade wielders leave their mark on fate-- the Keyblade Graveyard! (He summons his Keyblade) Master Xehanort: There you will watch your dear Ventus and Aqua meet their ends, and the last light within you will die! (With his left hand behind his back, he raises the Keyblade high, dark power spewing out of it. He shoots a beam into the sky, which creates a dark orb. A wind begins to blow, the chains of the castle building unable to keep still) Master Xehanort: You won't need a home anymore where you're going! (Terra looks around in utter disbelief, a chain having broken off and was making its way up into the portal) Terra: What!? (Xehanort leaves through a corridor of darkness) Terra: Xehanort! (He runs to catch him but the portal closes. The castle's outer towers shake, slowly being lifted upwards. Stone cracks as the hallways between towers crumble open and separate, floating into the sky towards the dark orb, the chains trailing behind them, useless. The ground begins to quake as the Forecourt splits open, great piles of earth rising into the dark sky. Terra kneels, helpless to stop the destruction of his home, dirt flying in the bluster around his eyes. He looks on in shock as more of the castle begins to float away into the abyss. He stands, clutching the Wayfinder in his hand) Terra: Ven, Aqua... I won't let him hurt you. (He mounts his glider and leaves the now desolate world behind. Meanwhile, Aqua travels through the Lanes Between. Something twinkles ahead and she sees a body floating in the abyss) Aqua: Is that...Mickey? (She glides near and picks him up. He lies still with his eyes closed) Aqua: How'd this happen? Mickey (mumbling): Master Yen...Sid... Aqua: Don't worry. I'll take you back to him. (She flies to the Mysterious Tower with Mickey in her arms. In Yen Sid's Study, Donald and Goofy kneel over Mickey's body, trying to wake him, as Yen Sid sits upon his chair) Donald: King Mickey. Goofy: King Mickey. Yen Sid: Aqua, the stars bring me grave news. Master Eraqus's star has blinked out. I am afraid that means he has been struck down. Aqua (gasping in shock): The Master? But-- Who is responsible? (She chokes back tears. He closes his eyes, sighing and gazing out the window at three stars twinkling in the night) Yen Sid: Master Xehanort...and Terra. (She gasps again, shaking her head, and slams her fists against his desk) Aqua: No! (Donald and Goofy turn in surprise) Aqua: That's absurd! Terra would never! (He looks back at her slowly) Yen Sid: I hope with all my heart that you are right about your friend. There are some things even the stars cannot tell me. Aqua (determined): Where is he? Where can I find Terra? Yen Sid: Terra's heart is leading him to the ancient Keyblade Graveyard, where wielders of those weapons once waged war. Aqua: All right, I have to go after him...and see if it's true. (She starts to leave) Yen Sid: Be on your guard. (She nods, feeling ready for answers. As the Mysterious Tower fades from view, Aqua speeds in her glider, thinking and wishing hard) Aqua: Terra, Ven...please just be safe. (She holds her Wayfinder tight in her hand) Aqua: I'll find a way to get you out of this. (On a bright and sunny beach, the world ripples, growing darker and lighter in rotation as a shining portal appears, knocking Ven out onto the sand. He stands up, and runs back to the portal) Ventus: Wait, Terra! (The portal closes, leaving him there. He gasps and moves to engage his armor) ???????: Going somewhere? (Ven looks above the bridge he stands under, seeing Vanitas) Ventus: I'm through with you! (He stars walking toward the Cove) Vanitas: Well, I'm just getting started with you. You're strong enough now to fulfill your purpose. (He summons his Keyblade) Vanitas: So what are you waiting for? Join with me right here and now. Become the Chi-blade. Ventus: No, I won't do it. He told me, the only way the Chi-blade can be forged is if you and me fight. Well guess what? I'm not fighting. (Vanitas stares at Ven, his reflection paralleled in Vanitas's dark helmet) Vanitas: You used to be too broken to talk back. (Ven clutches his head in pain, and a memory surges in his mind. He stands in The Badlands, surrounded by Neoshadow Heartless. With Keyblade in hand, he gasps in fear) Ventus (frightened): Please don't do this, Master. I'm not strong enough. (He looks up and sees Master Xehanort upon a cliff) Master Xehanort: No. It is because you are trying to hold it in. Let the dark impulses waken in the pit of your heart. Release them, here and now! Sharpen your fear into rage. (Dark pools appear in the circle, releasing more Heartless) Master Xehanort: You must! If you do not let the storm within you run its course, it will wipe you from the face of the world, make no mistake! (The Heartless creep closer to Ventus) Master Xehanort: Do it. Embrace the darkness. Produce for your Master the Chi-blade! (He lifts his arms into the air and the Heartless leap toward Ventus, who screams, covering his face with his arm. Later, Ventus lies face down on the ground, Xehanort's eyes cast down on his body) Master Xehanort: Really? You would rather die than use the power? Feckless neophyte. (Xehanort turns Ventus's body over with his boot) Master Xehanort: If I must...I will extract the darkness from within you myself. (He summons his Keyblade, raising it blade down, pointing at Ventus. An orange glow appears at the end of it. A beam of black and orange shoots down into Ventus's chest. His eyes and mouth open and stare blankly as his chest glows with the brightest light. His heart rises out of his body, and a dark orb is formed nearby. The orb opens and Vanitas uncurls himself from inside, glowing with a purple aura. Ventus groans as the light on his chest makes his body rise off the ground. It disippates, making him fall, as his eyes grow dull and lifeless. Vanitas floats to the ground) Master Xehanort: Empty creature from Ventus riven...to you, the name Vanitas shall be given. Vanitas: Yes, Master. (Ven stands, still clutching his head) Vanitas: Fine. Then I'll give you a reason to fight. Ventus: What? Vanitas: Come and find me...at the one and only place to spawn the Chi-blade--the Keyblade Graveyard. There you're gonna see me choke the life out of Terra and Aqua. Then we'll see how long you play the pacifist. (Vanitas turns, entering a black portal) Ventus: Wait! (He runs toward the bridge, but Vanitas disappears. Ventus takes out his Wayfinder) Ventus: Terra, Aqua... I swear I'll put an end to this. (He summons his Keyblade and points it toward the dock, engaging his armor, and leaving the Destiny Islands. Terra sails to the Keyblade Graveyard. He steps into the Seat of War and sees marks of destruction in the earth around him, an entire mountain carved by some misguided energy blast. He summons his Keyblade) Terra: What I do, I do for friendship. (He walks through Twister Trench and finds himself in a large Fissure. Aqua arrives at the Keyblade Graveyard. She summons her Keyblade and sighs) Aqua: The three of us will always be one. (Ventus travels to the Keyblade Graveyard and summons his Keyblade) Ventus: Friends forever. (Terra walks through the two gigantic rock walls, the dirt flying along the floor in the breeze. Once in open space, he sees a vast field strewn with keyblades. They stick in the ground, pointing downward, lifeless and unending. Terra finds a barren crossroads between and sees Aqua walking toward him, her eyes piercing) Aqua: I was told...the Master was struck down. Terra (looking away): Yes...that's right. I was stupid and helped Xehanort do it. (Aqua gasps, wide-eyed) Terra: The Master--he tried to hurt Ven. I only fought because I wanted to protect him. (Aqua sighs) Terra: But I was tricked. Xehanort set the whole thing up--all so he could awaken the darkness inside me. You were right, Aqua--and so was the Master. I did need to be watched. I went astray--but no more. Aqua: What else is darkness but hate and rage? Xehanort is feeding the dark fires within you--making you fight. You'll go astray again. Tell me--how does that honor our Master's memory, Terra? (They see Ven approaching) Ventus: Xehanort wants me and Vanitas to fight, and make some kind of "Chi-blade." But the Master said we can't let that happen...and he tried to destroy me for it. Aqua: Chi-blade? Ventus: I still don't know exactly what it is. But...it scares me to death. Even just the thought of it. Terra: Relax, Ven. We're here and we're gonna take care of you. (Terra and Aqua move closer to him. He looks down) Ventus: I may have to fight Vanitas after all. If I do, guys...I want you to-- Terra: The three of us can never be torn apart, all right? I'll always find a way. (He places a hand on Ven's shoulder. Aqua bends down and touches his cheek. Ven removes their hands) Ventus (sadly): I'm asking you, as a friend... Just...put an end to me. (They gasp and Aqua places her hands on her heart. The wind picks up, blowing dirt and debris into the air. They turn and see Master Xehanort walking down the road toward them. There is a flash and Vanitas appears beside him. They stop a few yards away) Master Xehanort: Behold... These lifeless keys used to be full of power-- united with the hearts of their masters. On this barren soil, Keyblades of light and darkness were locked in combat...as a great Keyblade War raged. Countless Keyblade wielders gave up their lives, all in search of one, ultimate key. And it will soon belong to me... (He points at Ventus) Master Xehanort: Chi-blade! (Terra, Aqua, and Ventus engage their armor. Ven moves, but Terra, holds him back and rushes toward Xehanort. Xehanort plants his foot on the ground and raises his arm. A giant wall of rock surges forth from the ground underneath Terra, who stumbles forward. He looks up to see another wall of rock burst through, carrying Master Xehanort and Vanitas upward. Terra dodges another rock wall sent by Xehanort, and looks up at him gasping. Xehanort laughs, holding his arm out, and a great wind bursts from the earth sending Keyblades flying. Aqua looks up to see the snake of blades rushing toward her) Aqua: Ven! (Vanitas jumps onto it as part of the snake moves toward Ven. He jumps over it, but trips. The whirling blades fly upward and knock Terra off one of the walls. Aqua looks up sharply, watching him fall. Her eyes move to the ground, which shakes as the whirlwind of blades shoots out through the earth, attacking her and lifting her into the air. She falls to the ground, her Keyblade fallen beside her. Ven runs over to her) Ventus: Aqua! (Aqua grabs her Keyblade and uses it for balance as she gets up. She points it outward behind her) Aqua: Terra! (She shoots a beam from her Keyblade that flies past the snake of blades and covers Terra in a barrier, which stops the snake. The barrier bursts and Xehanort laughs to himself. Ven gasps, Aqua breathing heavily. Ven runs forward as Terra falls to the ground in front of Master Xehanort. The old man holds out his Keyblade as Ven attacks from behind. Xehanort teleports away and grabs Ventus from behind, holding him by his helmet. Ven swings wildly, trying to loosen his grip) Terra: Ven! (Ven's helmet starts to crack from the pressure. Terra stands to run at Xehanort again, but the whirling Keyblade return and knock him away. Vanitas jumps to Xehanort's side as Terra falls down the mountain, the countless blades pummeling him. Aqua stands and looks up, seeing Xehanort's hold on Ven) Aqua (gasping): Ven! (Xehanort covers him in dark flames, and Ven ceases to move. His body erupts in ice, completely frozen, and Xehanort drops him to the ground below. Unable to move, he hits several edges of the rockface, knocking off his helmet until Aqua catches him before he hits the ground. She moves out from under him and gazes into his eyes, breathing heavily) Aqua: Ven, are you okay? (His eyes gaze back at hers, but it's all he can do. Master Xehanort's Keyblade vanishes and a large blue orb giving off electric purple fire appears in his hand. He holds it up and it shoots into the sky. A great wind picks up and pushes the clouds aside. A blue light streams out from between the parting clouds. Aqua looks up, disbelief on her face, as she watches a large blue heart-shaped moon appear in the heavens. She gasps and Master Xehanort smirks darkly. Down below, a mouse appears and Terra picks himself up. He takes off his helmet, anger coursing through him. He glows brightly and summons his glider, riding it to the top of the mountain. He jumps down and dispels his armor and stares at Master Xehanort with his blue eyes. Meanwhile, Aqua watches over Ven, who lay in her arms) ?????: How 'bout you leave the popsicle with me, so you can go have your little fight with Terra. (Aqua looks up and sees a man in a red scarf) ?????: You can't be too happy about him deep-sixing your Master. (He chuckles darkly) Aqua: Who are you? (He smiles, his yellow eyes glinting) Braig: You think you two have got some grand role to play. As if. You're only here so that when I finish you off...Terra will succumb to the darkness. (Ven listens shaking with cold and anger) Braig: So...who wants to go first? Ventus (glaring furiously): Shut up! Braig: Oh, so this kiddo thinks he's a full-fledged Keyblade wielder? He'd got the angry look down. Aqua: Go ahead if you want to waste your time. Keep trying to drive us apart with your mind games. It'll never work! (She sets Ven down. He struggles to move) Aqua: Terra will prove to you he's stronger! (She summons her Keyblade and runs toward Braig, who reveals his arrowguns) Ventus: Aqua! (Ventus lay frozen while Aqua battles Braig) Master Xehanort: Admirably done. I knew this was a journey you could make-- over the unseen wall that divides darkness and light. And I was not wrong, Terra! Terra: My friend Ven-- (Xehanort gives a wide-eyed smile as Terra summons his Keyblade) Terra: You tell me, Xehanort--what did you do to him? Master Xehanort: Why, I did him a favor and freed the darkness inside him. Alas, poor Ventus never had the fortitude for such strenuous trials. Terra (angrily): Xehanort! (Terra runs at Xehanort, who blocks with his Keyblade) Xehanort (to Vanitas): Go take what Ventus owes you. And take Aqua's life. (Terra looks over at Vanitas, who nods as Terra knocks Xehanort back, turning to run after the boy. Vanitas jumps down the mountain. Before Terra reaches the edge, Xehanort teleports before him. Terra, stunned, jumps back) Master Xehanort: You see how powerless you are to save them? Savor that rage and despair. Let it empower you! Terra (furiously): You will pay, Xehanort! Was my Master--no, my father, Eraqus not enough for you? (Darkness pours out of Terra) Terra: Leave my friends alone! Master Xehanort: Yes, boy, that's it! More! Let your whole heart blacken with anger! (He feels energy coursing through him, the darkness growing deeper. He lets out a great scream and darkness explodes out of his body. He fights Xehanort) (Braig jumps back, breathing heavily) Braig: I keep forgetting--don't mess with Keyblade wielders. But you know what? That just means I made the right choice! (Aqua runs toward him again) Braig: Well...he wanted me to buy time, and I'd say he got it. (He turns and runs away) Aqua: What? (She turns around) Aqua: Ven! (Ven struggles to get up) Ventus: Aqua! (Ventus is helpless but to watch Vanitas fly down the cliff, and strike Aqua in the head. She gasps and falls over, dropping her Keyblade. Vanitas stands and holds his blade over her body. Ven summons all his strength and the ice around him begins to evaporate. Vanitas grasps the hilt of his Keyblade with both hands. Ven's body glistens as the ice crystals disappear. Vanitas raises the blade high as Ventus stands, covered in steam) Ventus (yelling): No! (He glares at Vanitas with clenched teeth, snarling under his breath. He fights Vanitas, who kneels over on the ground covered in a dark aura) Vanitas: You've done it, Ventus. (Ventus stands ready. Vanitas dispels his Keyblade. Ventus stares at him as his helmet melts away, revealing startling yellow eyes and spiky black hair) Vanitas: Now that my body is about to perish...you and I will have to join together! (Ven gasps) Vanitas: The Chi-blade will be forged! (He opens his arms and the dark energy forms along the ground, eminating from Vanitas's body. It surrounds Ventus in a semicircle. Three shapes jump from the dark and surround Ven. The three blue Unversed hold Ventus in place as he struggles to move) Ventus: The Unversed...come from you? (Vanitas laughs to himself and more Unversed emerge from the dark energy) Vanitas: It happened when you and I were split into two. The negativity took shape as these monsters. They are what I feel--a horde of fledgling emotions under my control. I released them in all the worlds I could, hoping to lure you away from home and isolate you from your Master. (He walks closer to Ven as Aqua lies unconscious on the ground) Vanitas: We needed to make you stronger. The Unversed were the perfect opponents. And better yet, no matter how many times you defeat them... their negativity flows right back to me. (The dark energy floats from the Unversed into Vanitas and the Unversed disappear) Vanitas: You never stood a chance against us, Ventus. (Vanitas walks into Ventus and a large ball of wind appears around them, pressing outward on all sides. Aqua's body slides over a hill and the energy surges, getting brighter and stronger, making cracks in the ground. Ventus struggles to contain it, but it unleashes a beam upward, a large orange pillar reaching into the sky. Then blackness) Master Xehanort: Only now have I truly won. (Xehanort kneels to the ground, plunging his Keyblade into the grey earth for balance. He holds on to it, his breath heavy and wheezing. Terra looks up to see an explosion and the ground shakes. Xehanort looks up and smiles) Xehanort (pointing): There, you see? (Terra hesitates, believing it to be a trick, but Xehanort remains constant. He turns around to witness a great pillar of light) Xehanort (standing): The Chi-blade has been forged! Terra: Ven! Master Xehanort: And now, Terra, it is time for the final union! (He turns his Keyblade and holds it by the blade, thrusting it slowly into his chest. A beam of light shoots out and Terra whirls around) Terra: What? Master Xehanort: At last, our moment is here. (He opens his arms and a circle of light eminates from his pierced chest. His Keyblade fades and an orb, shimmering with light, floats out of his body) Master Xehanort: Out with the old and brittle vessel, and in with a younger, stronger new one! (Xehanort's body glows. Terra gasps and stands frozen, backing away slightly as the heart floats over Xehanort, who raises his arms toward it) Master Xehanort: I swore I would survive...and be there to see what awaited beyond the Keyblade War! And now it is your darkness that shall be the ark that sustains me! (He lowers his arms, pointing at Terra, and the heart flies toward Terra. Terra touches his spaulder to engage his armor and there is a flash of light. The light escapes and Terra stands with his armor encased in a veil of darkness, groaning in pain. Xehanort closes his eyes and fades into points of light that scatter. Terra's armor shatters and he drops his Keyblade. His hair turns to silver, his voice deep. Kingdom Hearts shines blue in the sky above him) Xehanort: This heart belongs again to darkness. All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it--it grows, consumes it. Such is its nature. In the end, every heart returns to the darkness whence it came. (He opens his yellow eyes and smiles. Xehanort summons his Keyblade and walks forward in Terra's body, leaving the discarded armor to rest in pieces. Chains of gold cover the world and Xehanort stops) Xehanort: What? (He turns to see the armor, fully gathered, kneeling with its hands on the Keyblade. It waits silently) Xehanort: Your body submits, your heart succumbs--so why does your mind resist? (The armor stands slowly. He grabs the Keyblade with his right arm and lifts it carefully out of the ground, engaging in combat with his former body. After a battle of destiny, Xehanort is knocked unconscious. The armor plunges his Keyblade into the ground and kneels once again. An enormous burst of energy surges toward them, splitting earth and atom alike. Glowing with the most intense burst of light, it covers Terra's body and the armored sentiment. Terra has a flash of Ven and Aqua before everything is engulfed in white light. The clouds around Kingdom Hearts swirl as the atmosphere fizzles with energy, the armor kneeling, lone on the mountainside. The clouds bend inward and hide Kingdom Hearts again from the world. And still, the armor stands...) Terra: Aqua, Ven... One day I will set this right. (Aqua floats in unconsciousness) Ventus (memory): I'm asking you, as a friend... Just...put an end to me. (She awakes with a flash and gasps) ?????: Gosh, I'm glad you're okay. (She blinks and sees Mickey kneeling over her. She sits up, rubbing her head and Mickey stands. She gasps and stands up) Aqua: Ven! (She looks around and sees Ven on a nearby hill) Aqua: Oh, thank goodness. Ven! (She runs to him) Aqua: You're safe! (Ven stands before her in his armor, holding the Chi-blade. He faces the ground, eyes closed) Aqua (bending over): Ven? (Mickey runs over and sees the Chi-blade. Ventus smiles, opening his yellow eyes darkly. He draws his sword back in a fighting stance and grins evilly. Aqua gasps and takes a step back. Ventus moves to attack, but Mickey knocks the blade away with his own and stands defiant between him and Aqua) Mickey: That's not Ven! (Ven's outfit vanishes in dark smoke and becomes Vanitas's black and red suit) Vanitas: Correct. I am not Ventus. (Aqua hears two voices speaking in unison) Vanitas: His heart has become a part of mine now. (Aqua gasps, and Mickey keeps his weapon ready) Vanitas (lifting his weapon): This Chi-blade will open a door-- one that leads to all worlds! Then, Keyblade bearing warriors will flock here from each and every one of them, to battle for the light within Kingdom Hearts! (He looks up at the blue moon overhead) Vanitas: And just like the legend says, the Keyblade War will begin! Aqua: Shut up! I'm sick of your nonsense! Give Ven his heart back! (In the recesses of Ven's heart, he floats above a platform. He opens his eyes and lands slowly on his feet. He looks over and sees Vanitas carrying a large Keyblade. He floats down toward the platform) Vanitas: Our union was not finished. (The platform is adorned with images of Ventus and Vanitas sleeping, the Keyblade Graveyard behind them) Vanitas: The Chi-blade shouldn't stay broken like this. (He moves the blade in his hand, the filigree rusted and incomplete) Vanitas: Join me now, and we can complete the Chi-blade! (Ventus shakes his head and summons his Keyblade) Ventus: I've got a better idea. How 'bout I destroy you both? (Vanitas laughs, his eyes wide and insane) Vanitas: The Chi-blade is made of your heart, too, idiot. If you destroy it, your heart will vanish forever. Ventus: Whatever it takes. Anything to save Terra and Aqua. Vanitas: Hmph, it's always about your friends, isn't it? Ventus: At least I have some! I've become a part of their heart, just as they've become a part of mine. My friends are my power, and I'm theirs! (The two duel each other in the rifts of Ventus's heart) Vanitas: Playtime's over. (He slams the Chi-blade into the platform, dispersing a great light. The platform cracks and splits into countless shards as the two fall endlessly through space, circling one another) Vanitas: Show me anguish! (He shoots a long beam of blue light out from his blade. Ventus does the same with an orange beam) Vanitas: Join now with your better half! (The beams collide with each other, spreading their energy away from the two. Ventus gains the upper hand and the orange beam shoots through the blue and reflects on broken shards of the platform, striking Vanitas. They continue to fall through the abyss, Ventus dodging attacks from his enemy and throws his Keyblade out in front of him) Ventus: Bring it! (The Keyblade spins in the air, dispelling warm orange light. Vanitas counters with the same strategy, giving off cold blue light. The two keys contend for victory, with neither backing down against the other. Then, suddenly, Ventus's blade slams into Vanitas, shooting him into shards of the platform) Ventus: Light! (Ventus gathers power from the light and flies toward Vanitas like a comet, his blade striking him one, two, three, four, five times. He spins around to face his evil half and throws his Keyblade forward, flying after it to land one final blow on the hollow, dark youth) Vanitas: Why... (Vanitas falls back, losing his grip on the incomplete Chi-blade. He struggles to reclaim it, but finds he cannot. The two fused blades float just out of his reach, as if taunting him. He gives up the struggle as his energy leaves him and he falls. The Chi-blade glows and bursts into numerous gold and silver shards, Ventus's Keyblade following suit. Vanitas becomes engulfed in a bright light and splits into dust, before falling onto blackness. A white light eminates from that point on the platform and the blackness peels away into white feathers and a warm glowing light. Ventus, floating above, lands and with a content look on his face, fades also into the light. Above, the platform shows only Ventus, as his heart drifts upward through the abyss. Aqua and Mickey fight Vanitas in Ven's body. Vanitas and the Chi-blade glow with power. Aqua and Mickey run towards him, who swings the Chi-blade back and smiles. He swings it forward, releasing a gust of wind that blows Aqua and Mickey away. Aqua slams into a rock and slides to the ground in pain. She breathes heavily as Vanitas walks toward her) Vanitas: What's wrong? Giving up already? (She takes out her Wayfinder) Aqua: Terra, Ven, lend me strength. (The charm glows and it resonates with her Keyblade, which becomes a shining beam of light. She runs up the hill toward Vanitas, yelling) Vanitas: You're just wasting your energy. (He strikes his blade forward and the two collide, creating a ripple in the air. Aqua yells, struggling to keep her footing as they fight for dominance in the standoff. She moves herself slightly forward and the Chi-blade snaps, shards of the blade breaking off) Vanitas: What? (In his distraction, she pushes forward, knocking him to the ground and sending the broken Chi-blade spinning into the air. It glows and bursts with energy, sending beams of light in haphazard directions. They strike the ground, letting loose outlines of keyholes that break apart in the air. Aqua stands, shielding her eyes as the power eminating from the almighty blade grows in strength. Mickey looks up where he lies on the ground) Mickey (standing): Oh no! It...it's gone all haywire! (He runs toward the scene as Aqua struggles to withstand the might of the Chi-blade's destruction. Keyholes appear everywhere in the air and dissipate instantly, more beams of light striking the ground, creating more scattering keyholes. Darkness leaves Ven's body in black and red shards and his armor returns) Aqua: Ven! (Light striking everywhere around Aqua and Ventus, Mickey runs toward her, as the Chi-blade shatters into a thousand pieces, vanishing into the air. It is enveloped by the brightest light, streams continuously billowing forth, as it sends a great wind blowing outward. Aqua tries to get to Ven, but they both are blown away by the monstrous gale, Mickey struggling to remain standing. Aqua jumps in the air, reaching for Ven's hand, managing to touch two fingers before losing her grip. Just as she thought she would lose him, she grasps his hand as the light engulfs the area. Then blackness. In the Lanes Between, two suits of armor lie, their hands locked together in friendship. A mouse appears holding a star-shaped charm. Mickey takes hold of Aqua and raises his Star Shard. A light bursts forth and they travel to their destination. Thought slowly returns to her as Aqua opens her eyes and looks around) Aqua: Where am I? (She sits up and examines her surroundings. Yen Sid walks toward her) Yen Sid: Aqua, you lost consciousness. (She looks up at him) Yen Sid: Fortunately, Mickey found you and Ventus drifting in the Lanes Between, and brought you back to me to recieve proper care. (She looks beside her, seeing Ven's body propped up against the wall and Mickey standing there) Yen Sid: I am sorry, but there was no sign of Terra. Aqua: I see. (She puts a hand on Ven's shoulder, shaking him gently) Aqua: Ven! (She tries again) Aqua: Ventus! (He remains still) Yen Sid: The boy's heart is sleeping. Aqua: When will he wake? Yen Sid: I could not say. It is almost as though his heart has left. Should it return, he may very well wake. Should it not, then he may sleep like this for all eternity. Aqua: No... (She looks up at him) Aqua: I'll keep him safe--until he wakes. Forever if I have to. Yen Sid: I will tell you what your friend needs right now. It is not your protection. He needs you to believe. You see, Ventus's heart hangs in the balance. It sleeps in the place between light and darkness. From all I can percieve, that means he will be looking for a friend--one who believes in him, to show him the way home. Just as long as you love him... then Ventus will be able to find you when he wakes. (Yen Sid sits in his tall chair) Yen Sid: He can follow that love back to where he belongs--the realm of light. (Yen Sid smiles) Mickey: Don't you worry, Aqua. I believe in Ven, too. Gosh, he's been as good a friend to me as anybody. And if both you and me believe in him with all our hearts, then he'll have two lights to follow instead of one. Aqua: Three lights. (Mickey gives a confused look) Aqua: Terra. Mickey (sadly): But...Terra's gone. Maybe for good. (She shakes her head) Aqua: I think I know how to find him. (She takes out her Wayfinder and covers it with her hands. Later, Aqua steps outside of the Tower carrying Ven on her back) Aqua: Ven needs a safe place. (His face expressionless with closed eyes, his hand twitches. It raises itself and his Keyblade appears in his grasp. A light shoots forth from it, creating a Keyhole in the air before them. Light bursts out of the Keyhole, opening a door made of light. Aqua watches and smiles) Aqua: All right... If that's where you want to go. (She fixes her hold on him and walks through the door. She steps out onto a bleak sight. The Land of Departure, her home, once proudly filled with light, now in complete shambles, all light extinguished. She gasps at the sight. The Forecourt, missing an entire section of the ground. The castle that once stood tall, now a single broken tower. The destruction is unimaginable, unthinkable. Aqua looks ahead and with a gasp of sadness, recognizes the Keyblade of Master Eraqus lying on the ground. As she bends to pick it up, the memory of her final conversation with the Master flash back to her) Aqua (memory): Of course. I would never let that happen. I promise you I will bring Terra back... Only this time, you'll see he has what it takes to be a Master. (She begins ascending the front steps of the stark and broken castle) Aqua (memory): He's not as weak as you think. (She enters the Throne Room, where the stained-glass window has shattered, pieces of the room lie scattered across the hard floor) Master Eraqus (memory): Aqua. Aqua (memory): Yes? Master Eraqus (memory): Now that you are a Master, there is one secret in particular you must know. Should anything happen to me, and you find the legion of darkness at our doorstep...I ask that you take my Keyblade and use it to lock this land away. Aqua (memory): What? (Aqua leans the Keyblade against one of the three large chairs, and seats Ven in the center) Master Eraqus (memory): Generations of Keyblade Masters have been charged with keeping this land safe. Light and darkness exist in balance here, and there are those who would abuse such neutral ground. This is why our predecessors devised a certain...trick. (She takes the Keyblade in hand and walks behind the chairs, facing them. She points the blade forward toward the middle chair, creating a Keyhole on the back of it. Wind flows outward from the Keyhole, blowing the ruffles of her dress. She thrusts the Keyblade toward the Keyhole and light swirls around the tip of the blade) Master Eraqus (memory): Just use the key, and this land will be transformed. From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery. (The light grows, consuming the world) Master Eraqus (memory): None, Aqua, except you. (When she opens her eyes again, she stands in a white room, a single door behind her. The walls are lined with symbols connected by chains, leading to a white chair in the center of the room. A chair where Ven is seated in slumber) Aqua: I know it's a lonely place, but you'll be safe. (She runs her fingers through his hair, hoping he can hear her voice) Aqua: Terra and I will be back to wake you up before you know it. (She leaves the room, and eventually the castle, walking out onto a long stretch of dusty road winding into a dark abyss. She turns around seeing the dark golden castle and it's many twisting structures. She hears a voice echoing to her) Terra: Aqua... Put an end to me. (She gazes into the abyss) Aqua: Terra, tell me where to find you. (She walks down the road, leaving Castle Oblivion behind. She travels to the Radiant Garden, where a dark cloud has appeared. She walks to the Central Square, seeing Terra standing, and runs to him. As she gets close, seeing his white air and yellow eyes, she stops. His gaze is on the heavens, inseparable) Aqua: Terra? (He reaches an arm out toward her, and she backs away due to this odd gesture. He clutches her throat and lifts her off the ground, a look of confusion and loss written on his face, Aqua struggles as she's being choked, and Terra's body is surrounded by a dark aura) Xehanort: Who...am I? Aqua: Such a terrible...darkness... Fight it, Terra, please! Xehanort: Terra...you say? (The aura vanishes and he drops her. She kneels on the ground catching her breath as Xehanort clutches his head in an internal struggle) Xehanort: Terra's heart has been extinguished--smothered by the darkness within him. (Aqua gasps and he summons a Keyblade. He slams it forward and Aqua jumps away) Aqua: My name is Master Aqua. (She summons her Keyblade) Aqua: Now return my friend's heart or pay the price! (He vanishes underground and reappears behind her, but she swerves back to face him. After a long and tough battle under the cloudy skies, he stands before her) Xehanort: Not yet! I will guide you to the depths of darkness. (He screams and darkness bursts from his body, forming into a large black figure with wings and long antennae. It's teeth bared, seemingly covered in thick constraints. Xehanort crosses his arms as the Guardian readies for a fight. Xehanort moves forward for a tackle, but Aqua counters with a barrier, which she blasts back at him. The abyss of violet around them turns dark as the shadowy Guardian vanishes underground. Aqua spots her chance and moves in for a few blows before a dark pool appears below her feet. Before she has a chance to escape, the Guardian shoots up from the dark pool, grabbing her, and soars into the air. It turns and with a crashing blow, sends her back down onto the ground. Xehanort floats toward Aqua, letting no more than two feet between them, as the Guardian claws continuously at her from behind the man. She cartwheels away, raising her Keyblade) Aqua: Thunder! Freeze! Fire! (She sends various spells at Xehanort, and he takes this chance to strike. He pummels her, blow after blow from his Keyblade, barely giving her a chance to stand. Once finished, she jumps twice in the air to a safe distance) Aqua: Heal! (The area flashes and the world turns golden. A million points of light float through the air as Aqua cartwheels away, dodging various dark energy blasts from Xehanort's Guardian, who stands in the middle of the area. At the center, she could see Terra standing near an orb of light connected to six spaces on the ground. She fights her way over to Terra, and the two of them hold up their Keyblades to the light) Aqua & Terra: Light! (The world flashes and Aqua returns to the Square at Radiant Garden. The Guardian rejoins Xehanort and raises his arms, sending two bolts of lightning at Aqua, who counters with three fire spells, just barely missing the attack. Xehanort strikes her with the Keyblade again, draining the energy from her with each attack. Once she has a chance, she jumps into the air and slides away from the man, her breath heavy) Aqua: Heal! (The Guardian begins sending energy spheres at her again. She dodges one, but the other slams into her face. Her vision becomes hazy, the world a blur, darkness clouding her eyes. She searches for something in her vision she could identify, as Xehanort's Guardian sends a blast of lightning at her, just missing her by a hair. Amidst the haste of battle, she dodges repeatedly, using her ears for guidance as continuous attacks barrage around her. Eventually, she spots Xehanort through blurred eyes, and moves in, trying to keep her target in view. She teleports close and delivers a strong blow to Xehanort, who buckles backward. She teleports again to his side and nearly makes another hit when the Guardian grabs her from behind, holding her in place. She can do nothing but struggle as Xehanort attacks her with his Keyblade, crying out with every blow to her body. Once released, she unleashes a powerful magic with the last of her strength. She teleports behind him, striking him twice from behind. She appears again to his left, timing two attacks into his side. Over and over she attacks, becoming a flurry of power and speed. Once she appears to his front, the Guardian stretches his arms before Xehanort as a shield, teeth bared mindlessly. Despite this, Aqua's Keyblade reaches her target and Xehanort falls back) Xehanort: Why... (He clutches his right shoulder as the Guardan vanishes, groaning in intense pain, and begins to glow with a bright aura. He looks at himself, unable to believe what is happening, as he shifts his form in an awkward struggle. Through gritted teeth, he feels a force over him) Xehanort: Stop fighting back! (He struggles to release from the grip, but is forced into a stiff position, his arms away from his sides) Aqua: Terra, I know you're in there! (Xehanort looks to his Keyblade, struggling to move his arm. Grunting as he moves, he grabs the Keyblade and points it as his chest) Xehanort: This'll teach you. Get out of my heart! (He plunges the blade into his chest) Aqua: Terra! (The blade clatters to the ground and vanishes. The Guardian appears behind Xehanort as the man's chest glows. He begins to fall backward and the Guardian melts into pieces, his darkness falling away like sludge to the ground, creating a large pool of darkness around Terra's body. He buckles back, and crashes into the pool. His hand remaining afloat, Aqua races forward. She dives into the pool to save him and a light bursts forth. She engages her armor and flies through the darkness after Terra's body, wind whipping past them) Aqua: The darkness can't have you! (She pleads her glider to go faster and she extends an arm to him. She grabs him by the hand and hoists him onto her. She flies toward a light in the darkness, getting further and further away) Aqua: I have to do something or we'll both be lost. (She dispels her glider and leaves her armor. She falls in the dark abyss next to Terra's body, held by the remains of her armor. Aqua places her Keyblade into Terra's hand) Aqua: I'm with you. (It starts to glow and she sends it toward the faraway light) Aqua: Go! (She smiles half-heartedly, falling deep into the dark) Aqua: Ven, I'm sorry... I might not make it back as soon as I thought. But I promise I'll be there, one day, to wake you up. (She shines, the only light in this dark place. Ventus's body sinks through water, his eyes closed as if asleep) Ventus (thinking): This place... (He opens his eyes) Ventus: I've been here. So warm... I remember now. This is your heart. (The brightest light envelops him. Meanwhile, on a star-lit beach, Sora and Riku lay gazing up at the night sky. The waves are quiet and peaceful. Riku sits up after a while and turns to Sora) Riku: Hey, I'm gonna head back. Sora (sitting up): Yeah. Me too. (They walk back toward the town. Riku looks over at Sora) Riku: Sora, what's wrong? Sora: Huh? Riku (pointing): You're... (A tear falls from Sora's cheek and he puts a hand to his face, catching it, surprised) Sora: That's weird. It's like something's squeezing me inside. Riku: Somebody up there must be sad. Sora: Up where? Riku: They say every world is connected by one great big sky. So maybe there's somebody up there in all those worlds who's really hurting, and their waiting for you to help them. Sora: Well gee, do you think there's something I could do? Riku: Hmm... Maybe they just need you to open your heart and listen. Sora: Mmm... I dunno Riku, you say some weird stuff sometimes, but I'll try it. Riku: Okay. (Sora looks up, determined, and closes his eyes. Riku looks up as well. In the white chamber in Castle Oblivion, the comatose Ventus rests peacefully) Sora: Hey... Can you hear me? (In the Radiant Garden an old man with blond hair wearing a long red scarf walks with two men in uniform through the Central Square. One wears an eyepatch over his right eye) Braig: Right this way. (The old man stares forward with his orange eyes at a body laying in the middle of the square. He steps over him and gathers him in his arms) Ansem the Wise: Young man, what ails you? (The man wakes up slowly) Ansem the Wise: Can you speak? Tell me your name. (He grunts slightly) ?????: Xeha...nort. Ansem the Wise: Xehanort? (Braig smirks and the man passes out again) Ansem the Wise: Quickly, get him to the castle! Braig: You can count on me. (He picks up Xehanort) Braig: Dilan, get those for me. (He looks toward a pile of armor and a Keyblade a few feet away. Dilan follows his gaze. Meanwhile in a dark world, a tired Aqua wanders down an unending road) Aqua: Seems like I've been walking for ages. How long have I been down here? (A large shape looms over her from the darkness with black wings and long antennae, its yellow eyes gazing at her like two burning suns. It seems to pulse with darkness. Aqua catches sight of it and summons Master Eraqus's Keyblade. Another creature of the same appears behind her, and then two more, until she's completely surrounded. They tower over her, their chests bearing a heart-shaped hole. She finds herself overwhelmed and hangs her head, dispelling the Keyblade) Aqua: Maybe...I should fade into the darkness here. (One of the Heartless pulls back his fist and two points of light appear in the beyond. As it moves in to deliver a crushing blow, the lights strike the Darkside, destroying it. The lights fly past Aqua, and she sees them as Terra and Ven's Keyblades. They proceed to eliminate the other three Heartless before flying upward into the abyss. Aqua stares in their direction, and gives a small laugh, hardly believing she could) Aqua: I guess it's been so long, I almost forgot how to smile. (She looks at her Wayfinder and remembers the smiling faces of all the friends she's made. She smiles and looks up) Aqua: There's always a way. (In Disney Town, Huey, Dewey, and Louie race in their jet planes. Huey breaks late in the race and wins as the Disney Town citizens cheer. Maleficent stands at the Bridge to Stefan's Castle and plots her revenge. Inside the castle, Princess Aurora dances with Prince Phillip as the three good fairies watch from on high. Flora sees that the princess's dress is blue, so she turns it pink with her wand. Merryweather sees this change and returns it to blue. The two continue to dance as the fairies quarrel over the dress with their wands. Cinderella dances with Prince Charming as the Grand Duke smiles. Jaq watches from the balcony above as the Fairy Godmother appears behind him. She waves her wand, creating fireworks in the air above the dancers. The seven dwarfs sing on their way home from work as Snow White and the Prince stand in a flowery field. They surround them and throw petals in the air for the happy couple. In Radiant Garden, Dilan throws Lea and Isa out of the castle and dusts off his hands as Aeleus watches. In the Castle Town, Scrooge McDuck sells sea-salt ice cream. Lea buys some for Isa and himself. After taking a bite, they look to the sky. In the Olympus Coliseum, Hercules does push-ups while Phil watches. Zack walks in and leans against the door of the Coliseum Gates, seeing a black feather fall next to him. He looks around in surprise, and disappears, the single feather left. In the far reaches of Deep Space, Experiment 626 gazes happily at his rebuilt Wayfinder in the stolen red cruiser. He flies off toward a bright world. In Never Land, Cubby and Slightly carry the treasure chest toward their hideout and watches as Peter Pan flies above. They cheer for him and he flies upward, seeing Captain Hook and Smee. He snatches Hook's hat and laughs, wearing it, as the pirate yells at him from below. At the Mysterious Tower, Donald and Goofy, their hats off, look solemn as Mickey walks slowly toward Yen Sid's desk. Yen Sid sighs, crossing his arms, as Mickey places the Star Shard on the desk with an ashamed look on his face. He summons his Keyblade, places it down also, and walks away, hanging his head. Yen Sid opens his eyes as Mickey walks toward the door. He stops and turns to see Yen Sid walking toward him with the Keyblade. He looks up at the wizard, who nods, and he takes the blade, smiling. In the Outer Gardens of her homeworld, Kairi picks flowers before turning around and staring into the sky, her charm twinkling. Meanwhile, Sora stands on a blue platform representing the Destiny Islands, gazing upward. A heart floats toward him) Sora: Hm? (He looks toward the heart) Sora: Hey... Can you hear me? Ventus: I heard your voice. It cut through the darkness around me. (Sora gazes at it, smiling, and reaches to catch it) Ventus: All alone, I followed the sound into a sea of light, and found myself here, with you. (Sora nods, the heart floating above his hands) Ventus: You gave me something back when I needed it most. A second chance. Sora: I did? Ventus: But...now I have to go back to sleep again. Sora: Are you sad? Ventus: Would you mind if I stayed here, with you? Sora (smiling): Sure, if it'll make you feel better. Ventus: Thank you. (The heart floats into Sora's chest and he closes his eyes. Sora takes a deep breath) Riku: Well? (He looks over at Riku, standing beside him on the way home) Sora: You know... I think it worked. (He puts his hands behind his head, gazing up at the stars, grinning widely. Three stars twinkle in the night sky) "In time, the worlds would be saved by these two heroes who stood beneath the same blaze of stars." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLANK POINTS "Hidden truths" Master Xehanort: Darkness rules your heart. It gives me control. Muscle and sinew that once obeyed you now rebels against you. How you can remain here at all confounds the mind. Terra: It's still my heart. You think you can just come in and take over? I'm not gonna sit by and let that happen. (Master Xehanort chuckles) Master Xehanort: Don't even entertain any notions of escaping me, boy. In the end, your heart will be engulfed by mine forever. Terra: Wrong. (Something changes in Master Xehanort's eyes) Terra: You're gonna get shown the door, old man. Master Xehanort: As I recall, you couldn't even handle your own darkness. How, then, will you triumph over mine? (He starts to smirk, but Terra gives a small laugh, knocking it from his face) Terra: Well, you'll find out soon enough. (Master Xehanort's eyes widen and then narrow) Master Xehanort: Oh...so that's how it is, is it? Someone else has set foot in your heart. Eraqus, his life force. Terra: I'm not afraid of what the darkness holds now. Even if you do arrest control of my heart from me...even if you cast me into the deepest, darkest abyss...you'll never sway me from the one cause that pushes me to keep on fighting. Whatever the cost, I'm ready to pay it. Master Xehanort: Brave words, to be sure. But I'm a patient man. We can take as much time as we need to settle this little property dispute. However, know this--you are just one of many roads that I might choose to take. Trust me, I've made certain of that. (He laughs, his yellow eyes glinting) "Image of their backs, preserved in memory" (Xehanort walks through the castle of Radiant Garden in a white lab coat. Braig runs up to him and puts an arm around his shoulder) Braig: Hey! Mister Master! (Xehanort says nothing) Braig: Oh c'mon, you don't even know your pal? Please, tell me the amnesia was just a sick joke. Boy, this is some cliché. (Xehanort attempts to remove Braig's hand from his shoulder, but he insists, looking him straight in his brown eyes, his face turned serious) Braig: Hey, you're not...Terra? (Xehanort says nothing) Braig: Just gotta check. (He removes his arm and laughs) Braig: As if! Well, don't sweat it. I got your back. (Xehanort brushes off his shoulder and Braig taps him on his back. They continue walking down the hall as two other walk through a corridor. Ansem the Wise walks slowly with little Ienzo, the two eating sea-salt ice cream together. He looks down at the boy and chuckles. Ienzo remains silent as he enjoys his ice cream bar. He stops suddenly, to Ansem's surprise and turns back, gazing at Xehanort and Braig. Ansem follows his gaze) "Two who were never meant to meet" (On a dimly lit beach, the Dark Margin, a man sits in a black cloak, gazing at the sun low on the horizon. He hears footsteps as a young woman walks toward him) ????: Who are you? (The man turns toward her, the drawstrings of the coat jingling quietly) ?????: Why, hello. It's not often that I get visitors. ????: Please, call me Aqua. Why are you sitting here all alone in the Realm of Darkness? How did you end up here? ?????: Well, I can tell you this is my second time on these shores... But unfortunately much like the first. I do not remember who I am or whence I came. Everything was washed away in whatever currents carried me here. Aqua (sitting down): That's too bad. I know I've been here a long time, wandering through the endless hours, unable to escape. ?????: You wish to return to your own world? (She nods slowly) Aqua: It's my friends... I promised I'd be there for them. ?????: Your friends... Somewhere in the scraps of memory I have left, you remind me of a boy I once knew. He is very much like you--true to his friends and kind. This boy travels to many worlds and fights to keep the light safe. Aqua: Keep the light safe? I've been away too long. Did something happen out there? Are the worlds in danger? ?????: Sad to say, they nearly fell to darkness more than once. But at every turn that boy arrived with Keyblade in hand to save the day. (At this, Aqua's ears perk up) Aqua: Huh? Wait a sec. Is his name Terra or Ven? (He shakes his head) ?????: Neither of those, I'm afraid. Aqua (sighing): Should've known. ?????: How long has it been since I met him? At least a year now, perhaps more. Back then, my heart was clouded with vengeance. I did terrible things, both to him and his friends. I brought unhappiness to more lives than one. I felt something must be done. Was that why? A means of clearing my conscience--or perhaps out of a sort of scholarly instinct. While the boy slept his long sleep, I hid the results of my research inside him, transplanting the data to where it might best serve a purpose. In fact, I would like to believe... Maybe he can set things right. A boy like him who touches so many hearts. He could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives I managed to ruin. So many are still waiting for their new beginning--their birth by sleep. Even me, and even you. Aqua: What's this boy's name? Ansem: His name is... "All the pieces lie where they fell" (In an Old Mansion in Twilight Town, a young girl sits in a while room, drawing a picture. She brushes away a scrap of eraser and stares at her work, smiling. The picture is of a boy with spiky hair sitting on the trunk of a paopu tree) Naminé: Sora. (On top of the Clock Tower, sit three figures in black cloaks eating sea-salt ice cream. The black-haired girl stops and looks out at the horizon, and the two boys do the same) Xion & Roxas: Sora. (In the Land of Departure, a blond-haired boy sleeps in a chair under a starry sky. As another boy walks up to him, he wakes and looks up at him, smiling. They gaze into the sky, seeing a shooting star) Terra & Ventus: Sora. (At the Dark Margin, Aqua is overcome with emotion. A tear slides down her face and she stares over the water) Aqua: Sora. "Where they wait for him..." (The sun shines brightly on the Destiny Islands as Sora sits on the paopu tree, looking out over the water. In his hand, he holds a glass bottle) Riku: Sora. (He turns and sees Riku walking along the bridge toward him, his hands at his sides) Sora: Riku. (Riku stops near the tree, also looking toward the water) Riku: Your mind's made up? Sora: Yeah. (Beside the bottle in his hand, he holds a paper message. Kairi walks toward them) Kairi: Sora. (Her hair gently sways in the breeze) Sora: Kairi. (He jumps down from the tree) Sora: I... (She nods, and he smiles, walking over to her) Sora: It's just... They really need me. I have to go. I am who I am, because of them. (Riku and Kairi give a small laugh in understanding. She moves forward and places her Wayfinder in his hand) Kairi: See you soon. "Reconnect." KINGDOM HEARTS

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