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Oh it's not very good good afternoon good afternoon what members of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee please report to committee room one for quorum 39 on my computer 139 so I have until 45 so we have six minutes so we need one more person well we've done that already once today it's getting embarrassing we have four and a half minutes okay here we go all right thank you we're gonna start the meeting we're just worried about quorum everyone but we've got it so we're all set for the afternoon and and the evening I'm just okay so thank you everybody for especially those of you who are here throughout the morning waiting for your turn your turn is now here as you know we have 60 speakers I would encourage anybody who would like to group together and come up two or three at a time to do that so it's just more efficient and effective if you can consider that we would appreciate it again grouping together to come up and do your deputations I know there's a couple individuals who have asked to do that so we will certainly entertain that and support that I also just want to warn you up front that it is a three minute deputation and we can no matter how cute you are I'm looking at you - you will have to we've already talked about this in the hallway you have to stick to the three minutes those are the rules so I don't like to be the big bad Nene but everybody if you could just keep an eye on this clock right here it will indicate when you're getting close to three minutes and if you can wrap up in advance of the three minute mark that way it's fair for every single speaker that's before us so thank you very much okay so we're going to start with our first speaker and our first speaker is Lila Gary from air pollution coalition if you could would come forward Lila oh I'm sorry to hear that that is not that's not good news thank you for sharing that with us we'll go to our second speaker which is cam gilt Kilgore is cam here welcome cam you have three minutes and just make sure the mics on in front of you thank you madam Speaker and committee members I'm a lifelong resident of Toronto I'm a TDSB teacher for decades I commuted to work from Christie Pitt's neighborhood to Riverdale collegiate which is located at Girard and Jones at the Danforth until the Bloor bike path was implemented I studiously avoided writing on Bloor and Danforth due to the unsafe congested conditions along this artery the one exception to this avoidance of the east-west route has has been the bike path across the bridge from Castle Frank to broad view since the bluer bike path was created I have used it daily it is safe efficient and well used it's an example of the adage if you build it they will come the evidence of increased active transport speaks for itself the issues arising from parking and the interaction between motorists and and cyclists will involve a change in behavior and awareness of all those who use Bloor making this path permanent will enable all citizens of and visitors to Toronto to adapt to the new culture of efficient green transport I went home at lunch I was to speak before lunch and I have a little clip to show you because I I live at 80 Garnett Avenue which is north of Christie pits between Shaw and Christie I just like to show you this clip this is from an hour ago so this is this is heading westbound on the north side of Bloor i am between Spadina and Bathurst and momentarily I will you'll see a vehicle turning right and there was an uber etes cyclists in front of me delivering food that's blue and Bathurst that's all I have to say thank you very much sorry that that footage is it your footage or the city's footage no it's my footage for a job because the city's refusing to give me their footage I just I I cycled home I cycled 10 kilometers in the last hour I cycled home to postpone a meeting that I have in five minutes which I will miss I took this footage so what's the purpose of the footage to show you how efficiently it's used and there are concerns with motorists turning right motorists parking in the the bicycle lane it's just it's a beautiful day today it's an exemplar of how well used it is would would you be at all willing to help pay for the infrastructure for the permanent bicycle lanes that this report is suggesting I'd say as a taxpayer of course but not as if we were the licensed bicycles to help pay for the infrastructure I would I would I would do whatever was necessary for future generations to live in a green sustainable city thank you so if the city if we agreed that we bring forward a licensing mechanism to help pay for the infrastructure you you would be okay with that I would be okay with paying what every citizen should pay to maintain a bicycle path which would include a license fee absolutely thank you you're welcome so there there's been a request for number 39 Jardel to be moved up to join this group it's a committee okay with that it's actually Kevin so milena Christine and Kevin if you could come forward together welcome to City Hall we've been waiting for this no no you're gonna go right back to school maybe maybe wow I like your attitude okay so guys you are three of you so you each have three minutes and you can mix it up and in total you have nine minutes so I'm gonna start the clock right now are you ready and your mics are on yeah there you go hello my name is Melina and I'm here from Dusen Street public school with one of my best friends Talia I'm in fifth grade I use the bike lanes all the time on Harbert College Shaw and of course Blore I've been riding my bike since I was three years old I know how to use my brace my hand signals and I know how to check over my shoulder before I turn still I've never been allowed to ride on Bloor because my parents say it was not safe I had to write on the sidewalk while my parents were on the road which is really annoying as you might see that might be especially hard because blower gets me everywhere like the library my speed math class restaurants parks and downtown Toronto now with the new bike lanes we can ride together on the bike lanes and feel safe and comfortable when there were no bike lanes on Bloor people that my mom took the TTC to work now that there are bike lanes on Bloor my mom could stop at the bulk barn and other stores on her way home this is good for businesses also the bike lanes made it feel safer for people who haven't been biking for very long especially people who don't own their own bike and use bike shares some more people will feel safe biking in the city please extend and keep the Bloor Street bike lanes thank you Wow good work hi my name is Kevin and I'm a student from the University of Toronto and I enjoyed cycling I'm enrolled in a co-op placement program with a bike to school project I culture link and today I'm representing the bike to school project as well as a fellow students the bike to school project encourages students to use bikes as part of their active lifestyles in the last two years we reach 22,000 students with cycling education programs we support afterschool bike clubs in high schools and provide bicycles for students to use in group activities we also help schools make changes to Paul an infrastructure to make it easier for more students to travel to school actively I grew up in the suburbs I didn't grow up in downtown Toronto and I biked all the time with my family I begged everywhere to school to my friends place to grocery stores but I biked on sidewalks and I was never allowed to bike on the road as my parents thought it was too dangerous the only time I ever rode on the road was when the roads were never busy or there were no cars on it but when I moved to Toronto for school I wanted to continue biking I wanted I wasn't allowed to bike on the sidewalk so I was so I have now restricted to the road I am nervous every time bike in Toronto it's only when bike lanes are present that I feel safe so I am here today to say to say that I would like to see the blue bike lanes made permanent and expanded the bluer bike lanes have helped make people safer and actually be safer as a result more people are biking throughout the pilot cycling ridership mumbler has increased by 49 percent and this is great because it means more people are active and are helping to protect the environment this issue managed to students and our families last week students parents and teachers from nine different schools came together to ask for the blue bike lanes to be made permanent they came from Central's Ron Academy floor collegiate University of Toronto schools and harbored collegiate and and also these elementary schools Doosan Clinton Palmerston McMurray and the Claremont School and you for your time today and for considering the safety of students thank you very much excellent job any questions from the committee if not thank you guys you can officially go back to school now okay next speaker is Peter cycles a co-founder of doctors for safe cycling welcome Peter so you've got three minutes oh absolutely that's fine the Apfel just hold your time and you've sewed there's three of you so just if you could state their names your Gillian Baker I'm dr. Marco Lowe dr. Eileen Chung cannot yet say go to Mount Sinai Hospital it's a teacher difficult area course okay great you can start I'm just gonna put up some slicers a good afternoon I'm dr. Marco Lowe I'm a family doctor with me today are dr. Peter cycles also a family doctor dr. Eileen Sean who I spoke about who is an emergency room physician and dr. Gillian Baker who's a pediatrician we're representing doctors for safe cycling and we urged the pubic to make the floor bike lanes permanent and to them further expand them we're a group of doctors who recognize the health benefits of cycling for our patients and for our community and the best way to make cycling safer and easier for our patients is through improved and expanded cycling infrastructure this is a picture of the Bloor bike lanes in action on the morning huge there are people on bicycles farther than the eye can see and so the members of our group include trauma surgeons family doctors emergency room physicians from every hospital in Freneau and many prominent Chiefs of emergency medicine so our supporters include the emergency room Chiefs of st. Michael's Hospital of Toronto East General Hospital Michael Guerin hospital the emergency room chief of Mount Sinai Hospital the emergency room chief of Toronto Western Hospital the emergency room chief of Toronto General Hospital and emergency room chief of Scarborough centenary Hospital we sent an open letter signed by almost 200 Toronto doctors to Meritor II and to the members of the committee stressing the importance of the blurb I claim has a key piece of cycling infrastructure that will improve the health and safety of Tonie ins and i have a copy of the letter with the Sinese here now you hear a lot of statistics today supporting the bike lanes but as doctors we want to stress to the members of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee that the lack of bicycle infrastructure has a real human cost and I this is wasn't written here but I don't know if people here know but there's a cyclist killed this morning on King Street at Cowen just a couple of hours ago Marco will talk about this was gonna be a doctor chums peaceful so I'll read out what she see riding a bike on Toronto's streets is dangerous the onus has always been on those who ride bikes to protect themselves they're told wear a helmet use lights on your bike but as an emergency room doctor I know that's not enough I commonly see patients who use all the safety measures and still end up at the hospital with terrible injuries I was working one evening when a young woman whom I'll call Jim was brought into the ER Jane was biking home on a Cheryl helmeted with lights flashing on her bike when a car door opened in front of her she crashed into the door flipped over her handlebars and landed on her chin in the ER we found out that her jaw was shattered she was in extreme pain and she needed extensive surgery with metal plates and screws fixed into her face her mouth was wired shut for weeks and months of rehab followed without proper infrastructure to help protect them Torontonians who ride bikes and do everything to protect themselves and still gets severely injured or died fully segregated cycle tracks like those on Bloor couldn't help prevent this they decreased the risk of injuries and death to cyclists by 90% cycle tracks or a public health measure and it's why they're supported by so many other individual colleagues and the Ontario Medical Association and the Canadian Association of emergency physicians Toronto needs not only to keep the Bloor bike lanes but expands likely infrastructure to prevent deaths and serious injuries like chains alright hi um so again I'm dr. Gillian Baker and I'm an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Toronto I'm here as a pediatrician a truly proud to run Toni on a bike commuter and a mother of four young children so I'm here to briefly offer my perspective on how the Bloor bike lanes and related future cycling infrastructure can benefit the safety and health of Toronto's children and form a part of maintaining the livability of our growing city so a bit more about me and why I'm here I was born and raised in Toronto where four children raised arranged from seven to thirteen so I now have the dreaded teenage cyclist on the road I'm married to a physician who's also a hobby competitive cyclist and sometimes commuter I've commuted to and from work by bike for 15 years in this city as well as in Calgary Vancouver and Montreal for several years in all the cities in which I completed my studies and worked I'm a cyclist but I am also a pedestrian I'm a TTC patron and I'm a driver most often mums taxi driving kids and Friends to activities downtown in the suburbs around the GTA and beyond but occasionally went on call I'm in a hurry to see a sick patient I'll be driving right along Bloor myself I feel I understand the various perspectives on this Lane and other safe cycling infrastructure and a balance that I feel it is the direction our city must take on balance I do live in the Christie Pitt's neighborhood and I live it so I lived there and I work at st. Mike's and it sickens so the Bloor bike lanes have really enabled me to ride safely and efficiently to both of my workplaces I've used them daily since their installation and I personally increased my patron my patronage of the stores along blue-ray near my home now that I can bike home that way and with four kids who eat a lot I can tell you my patronage has been impressive I have not until recently so I mean I think that there are three issues really at play safety health and livability so briefly safety I've not until recently dared to ride my bike with my children outside our local schoolyard this has been very surprising to my neighbors because I'm such a bike advocate however due to safety concerns I did not have a child seat on my bike I did not have a trailer and now that I have a thirteen and eleven year old I still silently cringe every time they want to ride their bike to school or outside of the school yard that is until the Bloor bike lanes came along as dr. sockos has pointed out at our release a few weeks ago we know that separated bike lanes do help to reduce morbidity and mortality on our streets and is only now that I let my teenager ride on busy streets that have separated bike lanes such as bluer I agree with councillors Cressy and Layton in their article in the Toronto Star the other day that there are small changes that should be considered to the lanes in order to optimize safety for cyclists drivers and pedestrians alike I was heartened by the recent report and the before-and-after data on Bloor record looking at overall decrease in near misses and importantly the fact that motorists themselves feel more comfortable driving next to cyclists in protected bike lanes and I can speak to that so thanks to the blue road bike lanes my son and I can ride to his swim practices at central tech to the museum two stores along bluer to buy his friend's birthday gifts gifts to name a few recent trips we've made in the past few weeks alone he can also learn how to safely navigate the streets of Toronto by bike which is an important skill and part of it healthy active lifestyle that I'd like to see my own patients and my children embrace in terms of health we all know the health benefits of exercise we also all know from a pediatric perspective that there is an obesity epidemic right here in Toronto and across North America and beyond there is a well-recognized connection between a sedentary lifestyle and obesity and truly every day in my practice no matter what I'm seeing a child for I find myself counseling children and families on how to increase their activity level for a healthy lifestyle and management of their obesity if it's an issue so active transportation to schools and efficient an effective way to do this yet I hesitate to recommend that my patients take use biking to commute to school for the reasons I've outlined unless there are protected bike infrastructure that they may use so I won't sort of speak to the issue of the bike to school program I think that's been covered and we've heard for some students and I encourage you all to listen to the children because this is their City too so finally in terms of livability you know I am a proud Torontonian yet for the past few years I've really become dismayed by the increasing traffic and pollution I too AM a car driver so I stopped this you have to wrap up yeah so I do just want to say Tirana is becoming very busy and the pollution is a problem and it's an health concern and I think that when I Drive I want fewer cars on the road when I bike I want fewer cars on the road let's all work together to enable the citizens of Toronto to be able to use the form of transportation that will keep them healthy and safe thank you Thank You councillor Holliday has a question thank you madam chair thank you for speaking to us today councillor Matt Malini brought it before about licensing and I don't want to open that discussion but one of the fine points out of that discussion we had at the P work table earlier was talking about how you engage and educate people about cycling and cycling safely and and behavior on the road and I want to focus on the lanes that's a part of one particular place in the city but you as physicians see people that have been in accidents have done risky things all over the city do you have any recommendations to the committee besides building infrastructure because that was clear about how or who could be helping us educate youngsters people about cycling safely wearing the right kind of clothes maintaining their equipment learning the rules of the road recognising situations in advance because I had always thought you know a bit of ounce of prevention is is what's really going to help people that that get hurt you deal with people all the time do you have any thoughts for the Committee on that yeah I mean I think that's very true people need be educated there's can bike has a program certainly expanding programs especially for kids I think is a wonderful idea you know I do think that putting the onus on the individual is really not what's going to keep people safe it's it's necessary but what really will will prevent will save lives and will prevent you know our trauma units from from having people admitted is to have infrastructure that keeps people safe I yeah I agree but I think you do raise a very very good point and I think especially as a pediatrician I think that probably we do have a role to play I would personally be happy to work with Safe Kids Canada speak to the Canadian pediatric society because I think educating our youth you know get him while they're young and that's an effective strategy I think that there could be a bit of a balance so basically if the Bloor bike lanes are kept city council can make a point that you know have your bike lanes but let's all use them safely and while we're at it here are some very important points to help keep riders safe so thank you and just to fall in maybe it's rhetorical but would you ever consider getting involved with schools because I know at this point it seems education on cycling is kind of disappeared these programs have gone away that the police seem to be less involved at least from what I grew up they're off doing other things and other other focuses but I really put that question out there I'm hoping someone will step up to the plate to really engage on this to get young riders learning how to do it because they're not they're too young to learn to drive a car so they don't get the rules that I know I got young kids myself and we're going through that process of learning how to operate a vehicle safely I shouldn't then mammal Edie councillor mana lady thank thank you very much if I could you're three doctors you live in the City of Toronto yes you paid property taxes correct you drive as well presumably you have a license were you aware we are you aware that the cost of your your driver's license doesn't go to repaving roads it goes to the province and by to administer the program it doesn't actually go directly like you don't don't pay for roads through your driver's license that's like what's been insinuated correct mm-hm and you pay for roads through your property taxes you're aware that you live in the Christie Pitt's neighborhood how high are you property taxes would you would you say on a scale of pain from one to ten to be honest I find them quite reasonable okay well that question backfired my kids are in public school yeah thank you very okay counselor Mammal ad three minutes so I first of all after the doctors at st. Michael's thank you you guys saved my life number of years ago so I can't be perhaps as harsh as I'd like to be right now but I come from my stances I don't believe that by bicycle should be shared with vehicles at all I agree I think it's too dangerous I agree and and the infrastructure that comes along with with putting that mechanism in place is very expensive so so we here have to look at and and I and I and I represent the suburbs and the suburbs don't want to pay for that kind of infrastructure I've seen the polls right nobody wants to pay for it so those of us down here as much as some people down here don't like us we have to figure out a way to do that right and so licensing does become a mechanism for us to pay for the infrastructure so there is a possibility where City Hall could create a licensing mechanism to help pay for that infrastructure would you as doctors agree that maybe that could be a way to fund and channel the money to make it safer for for people to be using the bikes you know what it says we're not economists we're doctors so we can speak about things we know about and the things that we do know about it from the research are very clearly that that cycling is really good for your health if you want to cut down your risk of heart disease your risk of cancer your risk of mortality risk of stroke by 50% cycle to work that's been shown in the British Medical Journal just this year very clear evidence the other thing that's really clear that we can say because as doctors is that putting a bike lane separated bike lane not complete agree the danger de cycling is mixing with cars and trucks right so pretty bike lanes will decrease the risk of fatality in serious injury by 90 percent and that study was done in Toronto so as doctors that's that's I think we can speak to that week I can't speak to economic issues I just can't speak to someone who wants to ride the bike and once it safely and once the mechanism put in place an infrastructure to make it safe would you be prepared to pay a minimal fee towards a license for your bike in order to help pay for that infrastructure you know I think the other issue is that what we want to do is who want to get more people cycling because the more people cycling the better people's health and it's actually been shown the more people cycle the more drivers are aware of cyclists and and it increases safety when you have more cyclists so I'd be worried about discouraging people from cycling I'm asking you me myself I'm not sure what I haven't thought about it you know if I were to move a motion today that said 15 bikes 15 bucks a year for anyone that wants to use our infrastructure to help pay for the infrastructure would you would you pay that a year I'm not I'm not sure the relevance to to what I'm talking about I okay times up Rachel listener thank you very much that's four of you the third fourth who's not here we appreciate your time Rachel you're next if you could get ready and after that is Gus Sinclair so Gus if you could be standing by is Rachel not here I guess we're on to Ronda Gus Sinclair then it's Gus here then we're moving on to Christine who I do see is here Christine Hubbard from Beck taxi welcome Christine I think you know the drill and you've been here before yes thank you so much so yes my name is Christine Hubbard in here representing Beck taxi just probably too surprised a lot of people I think the expectation is that I wouldn't be in support of bike lanes which is a little bit shocking in fact you know safes and liveable cities and all these terms that we hear it's not just safe for something we have to make sure that it's safe for everyone and I have to say just quickly to those two little girls who spoke it was amazing my daughters are the same age actually and they would like to see transit and cycling and walking only you can see my dilemma obviously but we need to make sure that people are able to actually share the roads in a safe way and I'll say I don't let my kids ride their bikes you know I don't to school just like the doctor said it's it's frankly terrifying so as I'm saying that we need to get these these people the infrastructure they need to be able to share the roads in that safe way drivers I think at the same time are more confident I'm a driver I walk a lot I also take taxis I take transit but as a driver this morning coming along Richmond and the Richmond bike lane is there I know where everyone is supposed to be I know where everyone is and I think that there is that confidence that you have when you're driving alongside the bike lanes and I would say taxi drivers feel the same way I'd like to thank to officer Ashley who's here who's done such an amazing job in the bike lanes and and bringing everyone's attention to this important subject but we're not dealing with this in a bubble we're not dealing with this without having to look at all of the other things that are being done in this city that could have a negative effect on cyclist safety on road safety and I would suggest that I'm confused as a resident and as someone who might start encouraging my kids to ride their bikes in the bike lanes that we've somehow invited 50 thousand untrained drivers into our city at the same time to cruise our streets untrained looking to pick people up and drop them off very often unmarked certainly untrained and frankly I find the whole thing frightening how is it that we are dealing with this in such a compartmentalized way that we don't see the risk the increased risk that we add to our streets the congestion we want people to use transit we want less cars on the road we want more people to to use this cycling infrastructure but we're seeing the studies showing that again 50,000 vehicles on our streets are discouraging transit use they are not marked and not making themselves obvious it's you know a sea of untrained drivers and I think that if we're going to really look to making our roads safer we have to make sure that the people who are using their private vehicles in a commercial fashion are trained properly and understand how to provide that service in our city if we really are worried about keeping people safe thank you thank you Kevin D'Souza from the central Toronto Academy bike club are you here he is not so we're gonna go on to Kim I hope I'm gonna say this right perrito and from Cape I just came here okay it's okay Cape is the Canadian Association of Physicians for the environment so welcome Kim you're the executive director and you've got three minutes thank you very much sokeep is a nonprofit organization that has been promoting policies that improve human health in the environment for more than two decades directed by a board that includes ten medical doctors cape is these bike lanes is a public health priority here are a few of our reasons first of all bike lanes reduce injuries and deaths on the roads experience in other jurisdictions has demonstrated that safe well-designed cycling infrastructure reduces collisions between vehicles and bicycles and consequently reduces injuries and deaths among cyclists secondly and most importantly bike lanes reduce injuries um pardon me bike lanes reduces deaths from chronic diseases by increasing the levels of physical activity a recent long-term study conducted in the United Kingdom found that cyclists who commute to work are 41 percent less likely to die at an early age 52 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 40 percent less likely to die from cancer there is no drug in the world that can deliver this kind of benefit as taxpayers we should be thrilled to support cyclists because chronic diseases are responsible for about two-thirds of the healthcare budget in Canada and cost Canadians approximately 200 billion dollars every year thirdly bike lanes hold the promise of reducing air pollution the transportation sector in this city it's the most significant source of air pollution and is responsible for approximately 440 deaths 1,700 hospital admissions each year that's according to your own Toronto Public Health Department by shifting people from cars and bicycles to bicycles we can reduce emissions of air pollution and potentially improve air quality across the city last of all bike lanes have the potential to cut greenhouse gases that contributed climate change Toronto's transportation sector is responsible for 40% of the city's greenhouse gases several modeling studies have found that significant reductions in greenhouse gases can be realized by shifting short trips from vehicles to bicycles for example in San Francisco a study found that that if that they could reduce greenhouse gases from vehicles by 14% by increasing walking and cycling time from 4.5 to 22 minutes per day transition transitions are tough right now some people feel that we are taking valuable space on crowded roads away from cars but this is the wrong way to look at this issue by creating safe well connected cycling the cycling infrastructure across the city we're providing people with more options increasing the number of people cycling taking pressure off of crowded roads out of crowded street cars and out of crowded Subway's we have to think about bikes differently we have to think of them like sidewalks essential infrastructure that protects people from vehicles while fostering healthy lifestyles we have to think of them like soccer fields and hockey arena repop community asset assets that promote physical activity and social cohesion we have to think of them like parks and green space and land use that improves air quality mitigates climate change and promotes mental health thanks Kim questions councillor m'lady so the studies that pointed to with respect to the health benefits of riding a bike I I do agree with and I'm not going to dispute that but why is that nobody's doing any studies along Bloor Street when we're stopping all the traffic and and you got all that all of that the pollution out of the cars in the mix and how great that might be someone's health I don't see any studies saying it's actually not healthy for for that equation to be to be actually the studies have been done so just so you know they've been studies done air pollution inside cars and there's actually very heavy exposure to people inside cars in congested traffic they've also done studies of epidemiological studies where they compared the risk of air pollution for a cyclist on the road and compared that to the benefit at all physical activity and it actually the physical activity health benefits way outweigh the risk of the air pollution is it healthy for a cyclist to be going down blue street with all those cars literally blocked and not moving it's healthier for them to be riding a bicycle even if there's air pollution than not to be riding a bicycle at all that's the way to look at it and it's it's unhealthy for all of us to be doing it I think what right now is what's going on is the transition is going to be difficult but if what we're trying to do is we want more bicycles on the road than ultimately people like myself I am NOT a cyclist I take public transit and I take cards I'm one of the people who might actually cycle if it felt safe to have seen cyclists that want us to stop smoking on sidewalks because they feel that that their health is at risk and but yet they're willing to to ride behind the cars that data meant we want to improve our air quality along traffic quarters the best thing we can do is get more bicycles and people on that those roads and get fewer cars on the street so really it is a war on the car it's about getting rid of anybody owns a car it's about options it's about giving people safe options so that they feel like there's other things they can do well I don't believe that but nevertheless well I say that is somebody who's not a cyclist and I've also say that is somebody is a public health professional who's been looking at the literature on this for about 10 years yeah this is this like if you look at the cities where they have lots of cycling it's it's a benefit for everybody it's not it's not a disadvantage for sight just sorry I just don't I don't get how people who claim to be the champions for health are advocating for people riding on bikes beside cars and making it dangerous for themselves I don't get it well I think I think what we're all saying here is that we like people not to have to ride right beside getting rid of the car like them to have no we'd like to have separated bike lanes that make it safe for them I just explained to you that actually the health benefits of riding a bicycle even in traffic is better and they're not riding your bike then then the than the risk of the air pollution it's it's better in terms of the physical activity health benefits outweigh the air pollution risk there's actually studies that look at that thank you very much thank you are there any other questions thank you for speaking to us our next speaker is Andrew vice vice president you're on Sussex residents Association is Andrew here thank you next on the list is Paul raff Paul raff studio it's Paul here next on the list is Heather Ralston Heather here the next in the list is Kasia reach min Sampson from friends and families for safe streets kasia thank you and welcome you have three minutes thank you I'm here in support of the protected bike lanes on Bloor Street on behalf of friends and families for safe streets for those unfamiliar with the group we are survivors of crashes and families and friends who have lost loved ones in collisions so today I'm here for Edith who in September was cycling to work and was pinned under a truck she's still in the hospital and had had to have her leg amputated I'm also here for Joyce who while cycling was also struck and is paralyzed from the neck down and I'm also here of course for my late partner Tom Sampson who isn't because the consequences of road violence are a reality I live with every day as quote/unquote a cyclists Widow being here is utterly infuriating in a way why because it makes me cringe whenever discussions of road safety digress to debates about parking spaces and travel times separatist spaces for people who are walking cycling and driving make it safer for everyone what else do you need to know to make this decision we all know the number of vulnerable road users being killed or injured on in Toronto on the roads is increasing by removing this protective space for cyclists you will be saying you're okay with that well we are not okay with that traffic fatalities and injuries are not an abstract - Edith - Joyce or - me and my kids they are tangible and urgent in every aspect of our lives and as we already have heard today there was a person cycling who was killed that was not just a headline that was someone's son maybe someone's dad maybe even someone that one of you know you just haven't found out maybe you'll get a phone call at the end of the day with all due respect counselors keep your condolences and build safe streets thank you sir maybe I'm lady first of all I am sorry to hear about the losses I really am I don't need condolence I if you don't mind me asking where where were they where they hit where they hit where there was a bicycle lane or where there wasn't there were no there was there were no bicycle lanes where they were hit and in some of the cases I know there were painted lines on the road but no separated cycling tracks nothing to separate physically the cyclists from motor vehicle traffic all three of the examples you gave okay thank you next on the list is Carl Ashley it's Carl here welcome you have three minutes thank you I would first of all thank the community but it is my civic right and duty to be here and it doesn't seem like there's a very warm and receptive one today first and foremost most in this room know me as parking pal but my parents have named me Kyle I'm a resident of Toronto and a proud public servant I work for the Toronto Police Service as a parking enforcement officer and become a prominent advocate for safer more complete streets since May it has become my personal mission to be the voice and some agency of the bike tio community by helping to keep the Blake claims clear blockers and trying to normalize bicycle commuter culture trying to show that we aren't all like roll outs like somewhat on this panel like us to believe this is vastly propagated but what is most important here is that we are people people first and foremost people who bike people who drive since undertaking my mission is to obstinately adamant about the need for better infrastructure the reason I have come to speak to you is there is a deep need in our space 'ti to speak truth to power and that truth is simply harsh vision zero requires a little more than zero vision and Toronto has a public health emergency the time for political politeness has passed Public Safety is not and should never be politicized and people often retort that this is simply war on the car no it is not and has nap not or nor will it ever be this is not a war on the car this is a war on behaviors unsafe considering my deputation today here in an auger all state of the lane address if you will I know that this committee both appreciates brevity and numbers so I shall provide you broke 77 people killed 2016 20 between 2005 and 2016 over 3,000 people were injured or killed due to road violence violence at this magnitude gun violence random assaults there would be public and political outrage why do we accept such preventable death this violence is preventable you can do something counselor mammal even people often complain about the economic impact of cycle lanes saying that business needs to be done my message is abundantly clear people before product people for book post and people people before parking most importantly people need to be alive to use product and to contribute to the economy what about the economic impact of someone being taken off work or on disability for their entire life do we have a measure of that cars have airbags people on bikes do not we can look at this whole issue as one analogy our cities our heart our roads its arteries cars bikes are the Bloods the people are the blood cells performing the function functions by placing infrastructure on walls of arteries it stops blockages it also prevents the most vulnerable road users the people from being killed it also allows cars containing more blood cells to travel faster and to get to where they need to be to do their work as well in 2016 the Toronto Police issued 7200 bike lane tickets and in 2017 we are on trend to right over 500 more this should not be acceptable we need to design streets so that compliance with the law and safety are natural my experience teaches me that uniform presence to turns deters behavior but as soon as an officer leaves the behaviors escalate I pass through many forms of infrastructure that guided me on here all my behaviors today I went through the airport wrap up please I went through infrastructure at the subway at the NGO terminal and even through this building why do we not place it where we expect behaviors the most the ones that we can prevent deaths on our roadways thank you thank you very much councillor m'lady so you mentioned the political end of this and and I firmly believe that the reason this is here is for political reasons and I believe that because the mayor is pushing this without proper dialogue without business being being at all consulted the tests and the and the studies that have been done have been done only in the spring and summer months not in the winter and there hasn't been a proper economic dialogue in the community so I personally believe there's a political agenda but I believe it's those days you're the politician so it is analytical by nature would you agree with me the one making a political this public safety is not never should be never will be a political issue Public Safety is not political so we have the opportunity to end all road fatalities but why are we dragging our heels why are you dragging your heels because the there's another component to this and that's a component that's real whether you like it or anyone else and that component is that the majority of Torontonians do not want these bike lanes and and and I'd like I'd like to ask you whether or not you've seen it I think the economic impact have said it have been out there that it's wrong to actually do want to spend the infrastructure money and create this political question driven agenda bill take care of it lure bike lanes the answer there is no answer because everybody wants to pay for their particular pet projects and I pay property taxes in this city I therefore pay to use bike lanes this argument about bicycle war on car that is not what the jour de Toronto do transit if the questions want to pay for your bike lanes well property taxes I pay them pay that's what they're for cows sir ma'am lady you should listen to most people in trauma sir please address the chair Thank You keV sir any more questions thank you next up on the list is Deb Doncaster president Earth Day Canada it's Deb here next in the list is Maggie Robertson is Maggie here hello Maggie welcome you have three minutes thank you hello my name is Maggie Robertson I'm here to ask you to please make the protected bleuer bike lanes permanent I live on Palmerston Avenue a little north of Bloor and I use the protected bike lanes every day for shopping and for traveling to many different places and events safely easily calmly and happily for shopping I don't have a car anymore but I find that I can carry heavy milk bottles and bulky bags of oat bran and beams home easily and my bicycle carrier from the health food stores at Lauren Spadina and Lauren Markham using the protective blower bike lanes in between the health food stores I can stop at the Spadina library beaners home hardware at Bloor and Howland the post office at bluer and Walmer and sweet Pete's bike shop at bluer and Lippincott where I've just had my bicycle tuned up I love to shop at the Dufferin grow farmers market too and Thursdays and it would be super to be able to cycle all the way to Dufferin on protected bike lanes for traveling to wonderful places in the city protected bike lanes have enabled me to travel by bicycle much more safely and easily during the day and also during the afternoon rush hour and in the evening when it's dark I'm a member of the wrong and I like to be able to visit the museum often for an hour or two at a time to see an exciting new exhibit or to hear a special speaker protected bike lanes let me go to the museum now safely easily and quite quickly at 6:15 in the evening I take a beginners adult ballet class at the National Ballet School on Jarvis Street with protected bike lanes blower bike lanes I can leave my house at 5:15 during rush hour and bicycle at least halfway there on the protected bike lanes before I turned down philosopher's walk and cycle or walk through some of the smaller and not safe for bicycling streets to the national ballet school at night coming home in its dark it's a delight to cycle safely and easily along Bloor Street it was great to come here this morning to in the rush hour the morning rush hour on the bluer bike lanes blower for me is an elegant colorful and vibrant Street and it feels fabulous to be part of that joyful energy when I cycle along the blower bike lanes please make the protected bluer bike lanes permanent thank you Thank You councillor m'lady go ahead it's it's easy for anyone to come here and say make them permanent with with a cost factor it's also not easy for someone like myself to make that decision knowing that most of Toronto nians don't want these to be built out and are you aware that I as a member of council am not being given information by city staff to help me make my my particular decision here today I'm not aware that at all no I think a lot came out of the newspaper I presume that the report for me no I'm gonna challenge the report later because I don't think it's accurate there's an there's people saying that there's this whole group of cyclists that are using it but yet when I when I asked for the footage that the city has and I've been asking for months they are refusing to give that to me so that I can actually make the count myself are you aware that some of us are just not getting that information so I'm not that aware I was really spoken for myself and my joy at using them and how much easier it is for me to get around the city and how much farther I can go with the bike lanes but but if this report that's in front of us is not accurate does that not raise a red flag with anyone no I think I don't know what to do about that but we still want to spend the money we still want to spend all that money in infrastructure if the report is not accurate I thank you are there any other questions thank you for joining us next in the list is Albert keel welcome Albert you have three minutes Albert Kohl when our group bells on Bloor was formed over a decade ago now to advocate for bike lanes on Bloor we thought all we'd have to do is show you how many people would love to cycle on Bloor and you'd respond by making it safe for cycling so we organized what we call pedal-powered parades with children and seniors infants and bike carriers people with decorated bikes or painted faces we just wanted to show you the simple joyful healthy activity of cycling so our parades with up to 2,000 people became the one day in the year when our city got a glimpse of what blue might be like if it was safe for cycling but we like other groups before us or since then fighting for this cause learn that getting a bike lane in Toronto isn't quite that easy whatever might be the benefits so in addition to developing some expertise as parade and rally organizers we studied parking management data data collection cycling history road policies we also learned about communications deputations collaborations with the FBI A's merchants and residents groups we had to learn to respond with evidence to the myths distortions and distractions that are generally thrown in our way like roads were built for cars cyclists don't pay taxes bicycles should be licensed or businesses can't live without street parking and after all these years were back here again calling for the same simple thing to be able to ride our bicycles safely on Bloor in the intervening years city policies have slowly caught up with modern expectations for public roads we've watched as Toronto developed its complete Street guidelines and a vision zero plan that rejects the notion that road deaths and serious injuries are normal and acceptable so this new direction if taken seriously will replace our lamentable road safety record since the cycling revival of the 1970s our city has built less than one kilometre of bike lanes for each cyclists killed on our roads too often the simple joyful healthy activity of bicycling has become a sad and news headline today we asked you to put safety where it belongs at the top of your review of this bike lane why because an ailing business can always be rejuvenated new parking spots can be freed up or added and motor traffic delays can be reduced but a person who dies on our roads can never be revived and a person who suffers a debilitating injury can't be restored to health that's why we believe that safety has to be a priority not as an afterthought or something to be balanced with parking spots sales or motorist relays and that's why we believe it's finally time to put a permanent bike lane on Bloor Street thank you thank you very much it's like councillor Kelso Cressy go ahead Thank You mr. coal for being here you mentioned that you're from the group bells on Bloor now I'm aware that the city has done it two counts and under questions of staff we can go into theirs as your organization also done counting video counts of cycling on Bloor that's right we've done a number of counts including last September in January May and most recently in September and that count was a video count from the top of us store we counted during the course of a week September 22 every day 24 hours 120 hours of video we counted I spent 15 hours myself doing it and we counted there were approximately 6,000 to a high of 6700 cyclists per day thank you very much Kosar m'lady I'm on this account thing because this councillor after numerous requests of our transportation department is being ignored and isn't being given the count through the video that the city had had taken are you willing to share your video with me so that I could see it sure we've even put a segment up on YouTube already but absolutely I would love to see it because again city officials are refusing to give me the information that belongs to the city and the one that they have yeah you can go there anytime and take your own video account I mean the numbers the numbers are clear yes yeah we have 120 hours you're welcome to no no the thing is this I could do that yes but we have city officials that did it for us and some of us aren't privy to that information and are being told we're not going to get it right so I guess I need yours if you're willing to give it to me you said you would so thank you other questions I've got one thank you for featuring me and some of your articles you've written I'm never really clear on what you're getting at so when this came to committee I asked for a supplementary report because I felt there was gaps in the report and I felt that we could do better and I think eventually we did because we got a great supplementary apart for council to debate and it gave us the opportunity to do further analysis and gather more data and use technology and a bigger and better way so I'm just I'm just I guess this is my opportunity to ask you publicly what your concerns are with you know accessing more data and having more information before council to make a a really good positive productive decision I I didn't think the things that were added I was very confident at the city report is adequate some some of the things that we asked for like vacancy data now my understanding vacancy data I mean that's not going to tell you very much over the period of a year I was very disappointed for example that safety data wasn't looked at we didn't look at the number of collisions or injuries on Bloor Street during that period so that was certainly my concern I believe this staff report was more than adequate and and what was that it wasn't wasn't that particular sad sad nor nor had particularly to the quality of the report and you don't think it may be encouraged to other councillors to endorse the pilot and take a chance on the pilot when they were maybe sitting on the fence to have that additional information and have that additional comfort that these things were going to be analyzed and that data was going to be sourced I can't speak for other councillors okay well I think I can and I think they appreciated it so any other questions if not we're gonna move on to Elizabeth Alan Rankin hey Thank You Elizabeth welcome the mics I think already on for you and you've got three minutes once you get situated there I'm sure I believe I'm 33 and mains okay so we'll wait for that so Robert cycle Toronto advocacy group Robert said costs key did I get it okay thank you oh I've seen you on Twitter now I remember your name absolutely okay welcome and you've got three minutes good afternoon members of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee one of my cycling friends who had see one of your constituents Jay had told me floor stood for bike lanes offer overwhelming relief for this recent staff report that came out dye has been confirmed we have seen cycling volumes gone up to over 6,000 cyclists per day per Belle's on Bloor we have seen the number of collisions that gone down I believe by 61% for cyclists versus motorist or 44% over we've seen business activity gone up and whatever earlier delays their bed four drivers have said spec cadet half to between two and four minutes but the blurb I claims about to me personally is a much safer writing experience as well as the chance to visit new businesses a logged Lord that I wouldn't have otherwise while biking law and Harbert however it is essential that we extend the bike lanes on Bloor westward as soon as possible per this map I've put out in front of you there are no continuous cycling facilities between Davenport and the waterfront from Ossington to Lance out oh yeah there are a couple of neighborhood connections but they're not continuous the need to extend the bike lanes West has gotten personal back in late July when I was right hooked on Bloor dared Dovercourt wrote well I did not suffer serious injuries at that time there have been other cyclists who've not been so lucky including cyclists who got killed a couple of blocks away from me this morning there have also been a lack of cycling facilities built since the started the bike plot last year in which only 13 kilometers have been built per report Albert Cole had put out in order to accelerate the bike plan we need to ensure we are coordinating with capital works including the two segments of Bloor between Lansing and Dundas as well as Sherbourne and church other reasons for keeping the Bloor bike leads includes the fact that cycling of structure ties it to our transform teo pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% there are six major corridors which are dependent on the success of the Bloor bike lanes including on Danforth Avenue but last but not least keeping the Bloor bike place extending cycling facilities across this city is key to achieving vision zero and let me warn you you cannot claim to support visions if you vote to remove the Bloor by clangs so thank you and let's gets wrong moving right on time thank you so we have a couple questions for you we're going to start with councilor holiday okay thank you you mentioned extending them west mm-hmm my years paying attention yeah how far should they go west I know the current study calls for up to a keel but I feel they could be extended all the way the Kip like given the width of Bloor especially west of the rail path the floor is so wide that you can easily put in bike lanes without removing parking why bluer why not any of the other east-west routes because lore is one of the few continuous day east-west corridors across the city and cyclists like drivers pedestrians and transit users they want the most direct roads possible and so there are can I paraphrase there aren't many other options there are not as many opportunities compared to blur sir okay thank you what counts for me milady you're aware that there hasn't been any real economic impact study on the small businesses on Bloor Street mom-and-pop shop kind of studies we don't know the effect that these bike lanes have had on these shops do we I know the transfer active transportation has conducted a study about those businesses and they've determined that business activity has gone up and well there they may not purchase as much like each time does cyclists pedestrians that is those a users tend to make the trips more often so that in the long term cyclists and pedestrians spend more than drivers see that's not what mom-and-pop shops are telling me on Bloor Street what they're telling me is they're gonna close down really quick those shops have had to pay absorb an amount of rents over the years have put themselves in a predicament with with leases and now because of the bike lanes they're not getting the business that they were once used to I feel it would be unreasonable to blame a decline in business activity on bike lanes because even before the bike lanes were installed you're going to see businesses go up and down and the fact that certain businesses may blame the bike lanes is pretty short-sighted I'm not Church I'm not sure that by communicating or at least by me communicating because nobody else has with the small businesses on Bloor Street that it's short-sighted I think the small business people know what their shops have experienced in the way of negative return and they're telling me as well that the high-end shops on Bloor Street that we're used to seeing are going to be quickly converted into something that is completely different than what we're used to I don't know how you're feeling about that but they don't make as much money for the economy are you happy that we're gonna change blur Street and the way it looks to a much more run-down kind of atmosphere I feel that businesses they will adjust to the bike lanes over time like yes some may experience an initial dip but they will adjust and given that as I said before cyclists and pedestrians have buy more at these businesses and like sending the bike lights you'll have even more cyclists of visiting the shop so I feel it'll be a positive effect over the longer run you're also aware that the City of Toronto is taking a hit because we got rid of the parking spots from the parking authority along Bloor Street I think we lost them to Naboth three million dollars a year just along the blur no I think that's the number it was originally about 800,000 Toronto parking authority thought they were loose but the reports said that it was really about half and they're always looking for ways to add do pay parking opportunities thank you very much your time's up Josh unless I don't think there's any other questions Josh you're next Josh fullen followed by Jerry Brown and then Eli Aaron so if you could be ready to come up for your three minutes go ahead welcome hello so I'm not Josh Fulgham Josh fullen is my teacher well I'm not my mind teacher but he's a teacher at my school and he asked me to come in to speak oh great what's your name Cameron welcome Cameron hello thank you thank you very much uh so I have a lot of I have a lot of friends who who bike to school and I can see when I get off the subway in the morning because I can't bike the number of people who who are going who are using the bike lanes and how they're doing it safely and you know the friends who I know who have biked to school before bike lanes because the bike lanes got recently done felt like they were taking their own life into their hands when they were biking and you know to me that's completely unacceptable because you know we want to encourage kids to bike and we don't really have that many other options especially we you know we can't drive we can't afford you know other methods public transit is another option but we want people to be healthy and we want people to to bike and so I think that you know I don't know how truthful reports are but even if Toronto City opinion is against bike lanes you know 70 people have died more than 70 people have died one person died this morning that could be you know the the girls who spoke today that could be you know me if I bike that could be some of my friends and you know even if City opinions against it and even if businesses are against it I don't think that it's really fair to put you know a cost on the lives of people who have died and especially it you know even if someone isn't biking it also can have harmful effects on drivers like drivers can hit someone even accidentally in a bike lane you know bike bikers can get injured students can get injured and you know the bike lanes make it safer for everyone so you know so I have to say but yeah Thank You Cameron well done we have one question for you from councillor Krusty hey Cameron where do you go to school I go to yes UTS that's a high school yes and have you heard that more students at UTS are now cycling I have yeah and and why why are more students at UTS cycling because it's safer thanks man okay I think that's another another question here we go councillor holiday thank you for speaking to us so you raised fair points you know the building these lanes is a safer environment but how as decision-makers should we figure out where the lanes should go well I I don't know I'm not a decision maker but I'm looking for advice you know based on demand people have been you know cycle true Toronto was lobbying for bike lanes on board yeah and people definitely use the bike lanes people wanted those bike lanes so you know would you would you agree though that it's not practical to put them on every major street no I definitely agree that that's you know not practical because but whatever demand justifies I think the bike lanes on Bloor have definitely you know could be saving life so I think thank you okay counselor Piazza just want to just want to ask you when I went to high school nobody bites and nobody took their bikes to my high school I don't ever remember us having a bicycle rack I don't ever remember any bicycles parked outside and it wasn't all that longer a gray hair how many people buy take their bikes to your school I don't have an exact number but there's quite a large amount of people we have four pretty fold bike racks outside of the doors in the morning and you can see people consistently coming into the school so I would say quite a large number feed us so there's there's a there's there's bicycles outside the school there's a it's a good number of bicycles outside the school so so so some students are cycling to school yes all right thank you okay thank you very much again well done Jerry Brown is our next speaker and then Eli Aaron following Jerry welcome Jerry you've got three minutes mmm good afternoon madam chair and I didn't know about the three minute thing but hopefully I get in there committee member city staff my name is Jerry Brown and I'm co-chair of Ward 30 bikes I'm here today to speak in favor of making the blur Street West bike lane pilot permanent as the staff report has recommended that staff report despite some claim to the contrary is perhaps the most comprehensive examination of data for any infrastructure program in the city examining effects on cycling on the motoring environment on businesses and although I'm thrilled that the economic impact was found to be positive and the effect on the vehicular travel times was considered acceptable I hope that this committee will recognize that the most important factor by far is the safety enhancements both in terms of performance of the lanes themselves and the perception of safety that has directly led to substantially increase cycling news on Bloor that is 49% increase in cycling to over 5,000 cyclists per day the perception of safety is also quite interesting when you compare it with Danforth where I happen to live the perception of men who would feel safe cycling on Bloor went from 22% to 64 for women 12 to 58% on danforth during the study period down from 24 to 12 for men and 22 to 8% for women that's over 90% of women who wouldn't feel safe cycling on Danforth and over half who would feel safe cycling on Bloor as for real safety the numbers also portrayed blur street as a far safer environment for all road users total number of conflicts between all road users decreased by 44% between vehicles decreased by 71 between vehicles and bikes by 61 pedestrians and vehicles by 55 and the outlier being the pedestrian bike conflicts were increased but I think that can be attributed to the fact that there was a new design and as time goes on and as the staff you know deal with this I'm confident that that number can be reduced there's also of course our vision zero plan and the number of pedestrians are cyclists killed over the last five years stubbornly high numbers pedestrians 199 194 129 146 and over a hundred in 2006 a total of 763 in five years cyclists a total of 239 in those five years I certainly appreciate that the committee members have to carefully balance competing interests daily but all interests are not the same and as many have noted here I would have to value a life over travel times or business interest it's not even a close call thank you thank you councilor family I don't believe the numbers in this report not for a second but ok fine people like yourself are way into it as if as if they're accurate don't you ask yourself one question why only in May in June where the number counts done and not the winter months why don't we know how many people actually use the bluer bike lanes in the winter months I don't know Chancellor Emily how many people use outdoor pools in the winter that's right there are cyclists if you want to go out in January you'll see people like Rob out there no matter what the weather is and the more infrastructure and the more routes that people can take the more people will cycle yeah you want to go to Amsterdam you want to go to Copenhagen similar climates no problem cycling in the winter so if those of us wanted to build pools for people in the winter and encourage them to use it and spend that the taxpayers dollars on that we wouldn't be here we wouldn't be here very long how many pools do you have the city how many outdoor pools does the city have counselor mammal eating yes how much did they cost sir can you address through the chair please the same thing thank you go towards this an argument an economic argument has to be placed and it seems like I'm the only one on this committee that's doing it it doesn't make sense if the report is not accurate for us to be looking at spending this kind of money to to build something that's only going to be used for a few months a year mr. chair I would argue that the amount of money to build safe cycling infrastructure pales in comparison to what we spend on roads so if you would like to make a trade I'm happy to have the Gardiner rebuild go away and you know what if there's not enough money after you do that I'll pay the licensing fee how's that how about how about if I ask this question are you prepared to tell the head of the city the mayor who seems to be pushing this particular report through that you'd be prepared to swap that kind of money and see what he says yeah if we need more after the billion I'm happy yes you know I'll pay whatever it takes after that after that money runs out I'll I'll willingly pay you name the figure so as a resident in the city Toronto having having seen this report assuming I'm right it's not accurate understanding that it's a it took 8 months to just get a reply to me as a councillor with respect to one question we're supposed to spend this kind of money without the real numbers and facts in front of us I'm I'm Willie mr. chair I'm willing to to look at the report but I'm not willing to assume that the report is wrong I am until until I said well then bring your evidence oh I did thank you thank you any other questions thank you for coming Thank You mr. chair we have Ellie Aaron come please thank you John Leeson please is John Leeson here Thank You jr. welcome Don you have three minutes all right okay my name is John Leeson I support making a blue bike lanes permanent and extended east and west and I want to say I have a three minute presentation here a deputation which basically says this is a make-or-break decision for Toronto Cycling you know I think we passed this motion or we may as well just give up on Toronto's stated principles on cycling but instead of giving my deputation what I'd like to do is use the next minute of silence for the cyclist who was killed this morning you thank you that's all I'll say our next speakers Hamish Wilson over the decade I guess maybe it's been 12 years no no from 1992 I guess when we first had bluer danforth's a sign in the for the you know let's see what am I trying to say we've had a number of cyclists killed over the decade that you've agreed to study this and it's rather frustrating because it goes back a long time this we've had unanimous a commitment to doing things about climate change when it comes to actually doing things on street in the salient transport sector well maybe we need a divorce from the outer suburbs let the Corps do its own decisions please we've got the subway it's the most logical place in southern Ontario to actually put in a bike lane also in this 1992 report they talked about the lack of streetcar tracks which are a clear impediment to lane changes simple lane changes elsewhere so bluer Danforth has been an obvious spot I predate the bells on Bloor the notice this is the pilot is about a third of what was going to be a a studied a decade ago old stats from 1983 show the pilot in in in context of bluer Danforth as we move along into the couple of years worth of study you can see that there's a lot more hazard and and collision and harm and then as we get into this well into this greenhouse century there is clearly a set of hazards and what are you doing about them notice of hazard for everything else beyond this pilot we have to have safe recycling on Bloor Street West we have to have an on Bloor Street East we have to have it on Danforth we have to have improvements on College on King on Queen and to fail to do things is really inappropriate at this point these data don't cover the streetcar track harms either so notice of hazard you've got a lot more to do also please consider adding in a motion to accessory for that tiny little bit of Bloor Street East that was in the 1992 study in the 2001 bike plan it's still not done that's one of those missing links right there it takes $25,000 to actually repaint the lane lines do something now please one of the things that's often missed and it's really unfortunate it's it's going beyond the mere bike safety which is very important there's the annex some hope he's okay the providing bikeways is transit relief if we have an overcrowded transit system when we do to expand and ease the transit pressures is about the simplest and easiest and cheapest and fastest thing to do so we have to do that and it should be done and it should be done right away with those extensions and in terms of the on street parking the highest and retail maybe in Toronto perhaps the could the country on on Bloor Street in Yorkville they took out the on street parking because they didn't need it between the subway and all the copious off street parking spaces it wasn't such a big deal time's up do it time is up Thank You Hamish any other questions seeing none I'm gonna move to Margaret Harvey and the following Margaret will be France Arts man and then Gideon Foreman so welcome Margaret you're the blurb like my claim should not be controversial in a rapidly growing city where space is at its highest premium ever bicycles are the most efficient use of space for moving people quickly we know this and yet people are attached to the idea that cars give them freedom even though the more people that drive means the less freedom each driver has and they don't want to give that up people do not want to share the public space that we all own to make room for more people but people are riding bikes lots and lots of people for lots and lots of reasons so I'm here to tell you a little story about what can happen when we don't give space people riding bikes and the magic that can happen when we do on November 13 2012 the city removed the bike lanes from Jarvis Street that same morning I had a meeting with my boss at his house we both worked from home sometimes I drove to his house and sometimes I rode my bike that day I dropped my kids off at the school bus and instead of waiting for the bus with them as I usually did I left before it came my older son asked me how I would get to my meeting and I told him I would ride my bike I kiss them goodbye went home and got my bike it was a pretty uneventful ride I took side streets from my house to Gerrard a broad view and rode the Gerrard bike lanes from there my memory isn't totally clear but here's what I think happened when I got to Yonge Street I stopped to take a drink of water the light was green so I started through the intersection a green for life garbage truck came up from behind and began turning in front of me I saw it too late I tried to get out of the way but there was nowhere to go the truck knocked me down and it's back two sets of tires rolled over me and my bike I remember thinking oh my god please don't let me be paralyzed the pain was unimaginable I mean you really cannot imagine what it felt like there was a lot of commotion and all I could hear was screaming the sound of screaming was coming from me the amazing people of Toronto rallied around me a nurse stayed with me until the ambulance came and she wouldn't let me close my eyes I felt really cold and I just wanted people to stop talking to me and asking me questions they were trying to keep me alive I was wearing a new pair of jeans so when Shaun the ambulance driver pulled out the scissors I spared a thought for the jeans he said trust me you don't want these jeans anymore they were torn and covered in blood because the bike seat had ripped through them and lacerated my groin the handlebars had pierced through them and stab my thigh I was taken to st. Michaels where I had emergency surgery to repair my shattered pelvis and had 38 blood transfusions in the first 24 hours sorry I realize I'm running out of time it would take more than a year to realize that as hard as I worked at physio no matter what I did was never getting my old life back I went from being a full-time working mom and wife caring for others to someone who needed constant care blah blah blah I made it through and then in January I started taking spin class I didn't want to because my ischial tuberosities had been cracked apart that's my sit bones and they didn't heal sitting is painful for me sitting on a bike seat was unthinkable I took the class it was dreadful and I cried in this instructors arms afterwards as much as I hated it and it was painful it reminded me of how much I missed my bike I kept taking her class and eventually I even started to enjoy it then I saw Kyle Ashley on Twitter aka TPS parking pal TPS parking pal for the first time got me thinking I could maybe ride my bike in the streets again what I love most about my bike was the efficiency of it it was time I would spend anyway getting to a place and I would also be getting exercise what could be better than that Kyle and I connected privately and he even offered to take me for a ride I accepted but I was shy this summer I bought bikes for my kids and while they were while they were away at camp we didn't feel safe riding in the street so he drove her bikes to the trails it was frustrating I hated being another car on the road kids were enjoying riding and even my husband got into it with all my injuries I decided I needed a bike that was just for me I bought a bike pretty pink comfort bike by opus a Canadian company terrified but determined I wrote it home from the shop it was exhilarating I stopped at a crosswalk as people were crossing and they thanked me they thanked me has it become so rare for people to be decent on our roads that you get thanks for doing the bare minimum people are angry in their cars and I get it I'm angry in mine trips that used to take ten minutes now seem to take 30 but the more people there are the lesser are in cars and no matter what you think about bikes its cars that make traffic thank you okay thank you very much our next speaker is Franz Hartmann I think he's here I thought I saw him sneak in earlier welcome thank you my name is Franz Hartmann I'm the executive director of the Toronto environmental liance T has over 50,000 supporters in all wards across Toronto first I want to express my condolences to the friends and the family of a cyclist killed this morning at Cowan Ave in King Street our thoughts are with you during this very difficult time next I want to say that the Toronto Environment Alliance fully supports the staff recommendations to make the blurr bike lanes permanent I am a cyclist who uses the bike lanes at least eight times a week and occasionally I'm a driver who drives alongside the bike lanes as a road user of Bloor Street for over 30 years I can say without a doubt that I feel safer using blur street because of the bike lanes I'm also more comfortable letting my teenage daughter cycle on Bloor Street because of the bike lanes the staff report confirms my impressions it presents evidence that shows these bike lanes have made it safer to cycle safer to be a pedestrian and safer for car drivers yes commute times have gone up slightly for people driving during rush hour but this is well worth it for everyone since it means we can all get to where we were are going safely so from a safety perspective everyone wins from a public health perspective everyone wins there are more people cycling because of the bike lanes and more people cycling means people are in better shape and that means lower health care costs from an environmental perspective everyone wins climate change is here we know burning fossil fuels for transportation accounts for 31% of our carbon emissions and in July city council all of you voted unanimously for transform tío a climate action plan that sets out how to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 to reduce carbon emissions we need to make it easier for people to keep their cars at home and that means making it easier and safer for people to cycle the bluer bike lanes do exactly that I want to speak for a moment as a Toronto resident who regularly shops in the stores on the section of Bloor Street with the bike lanes I haven't personally tracked my in those in these shops and how that's changed since the bike lanes have been installed but the staff report suggests businesses in general are doing better since the bike lanes were installed so to recap the bluer bike lanes make it safer for all road users they improve public health they help us deal with the biggest environmental threat facing the planet and they help city hall achieve a climate action plan unanimously adopted by City Council that's why I urge you to lock in all of these incredible benefits please adopt the staff recommendations and make the blurr bike lanes permanent thank you thank you question from councillor mammal ad congestion under these circumstances is okay sorry congestion you hit on congestion you recognize that that it's taking longer for anyone with a car to get through bluer I know that in the in the 30 years that I've been cycling ii4 I think more people are moving between in that space in the bike lanes than problem the space that that blur has been bike lanes more people are moving through there now than before but I do acknowledge the staff report that says that there has been a slight decrease in time and that's absolutely worth it if everyone's safer I would much rather as a car driver know that having to spend an extra two minutes to go eastbound in the in the in during rush hour save you like it's worth it if you think it's worth having all those people on blue street bumper-to-bumper and waiting if the alternative was there being an unsafe roads and my daughter for example being a victim of that you bet it you bet suggestion on other parts of the equation in Toronto brought forward by the mayor King Street being one of them let's talk about giving out tickets one hundred and fifty dollar tickets to two companies that are blocking the roads congestion from the mayor's point of view seems to be the the thing he's challenging and targeting this term of office but yet knowing that on Bloor Street you're creating congestion are we not defeating the purpose here I think you and I so have slightly different definitions of congestion congestion is something that in some you know I think congestion can be dealt with and I don't see that introducing safer creating friendly streets is a contributor to congestion I see that as a way of ensuring we get to where we need to go safely when you talk about congestion I think about the 401 chock-full of people eight lanes in either direction where cars moving slowly when I see Bloor Street with the bike lanes I see people moving at a decent rate to get to where they want to go in a safe manner yeah they're not moving in a decent rate there they're held up and I for one have went and knocked on doors myself as well and the residents even in that area on those side streets are suggesting to me that it's even congesting the side streets at this particular time because people are trying to get off a blower and using their roads to do it right well I guess if we're concerned about congestion we shouldn't have any traffic calming measures or reduce speed limit in residential areas because they by your definition that increases if you're going to target congestion in the city and that's what the mayor has done with all of his strategy now he's creating congestion I think that we're speaking out of both sides of our mouth I'm sure you have your interpretation of what the mayor is doing I don't want to speak on behalf of the mayor all I can say is that having safer friendlier roads is better for everyone councilor holiday has a question thank you madam chair so would you agree that the installation of these lanes represents a reduced capacity along the Bloor Street for automobiles because they can't go in two lanes now they have to go in one sure the capacity is less so if we're sorry just one proviso to that it depends a capacity over a certain period of time all right less cars flow through Bloor Street in rush hour that probably means cars are more being slower through blur Street during outside of rush-hour which is the majority of the time cars move very very nicely through those sections it's the congestion so I guess my question overall is is you you've really sort of pushed the trade-off on the on the on the side of the bicycle saying yeah it's congestion it's gonna be slower and so on where should the cars go sorry just to be clear councillor the trade-off isn't between bicycles and cars the trade-off is between people using the road safely that's how you've been and absolutely I see people on roads I see people in cars I see people on bikes I see people walking and what I've seen since the bike lanes have been installed is that people are safer you frame that to me as the bottom line frame it how I want to and the numbers in here talk about the difference between cars and bicycles so where do the cars go where do they go if we take away the routes so part of what the Toronto environmental Lions has been advocating for for a long time is to make it easier so our goal is to make it easy for people to get from point A to point B right we are agnostic about what the best options are what we do say is that we want to make it as easy for people to keep their car at home and that means the supporting public transit that means supporting pedestrian infrastructure that means supporting cycling infrastructure and not because we're anti car but because we're Pro people moving quickly to get to where they want to go I got it thank you okay thank you very much Gideon Foreman's next welcome Gideon I know you've been waiting all day patiently for this three minutes thank you madam chair members of the committee I will keep my remarks brief I'm a policy analyst with the David Suzuki Foundation and we're here today to voice our strong support for making the Bloor bike lane permanent we take this position for three reasons first a strong majority of Toronto residents want the blue lane kept in place recent polling from the Angus Reid forum found that across the city and that is important across the city almost seven and ten Torontonians want to keep the Lane interestingly support for the lane is not confined to downtown the Angus Reid form shows the lane also enjoys majority support in Scarborough in North York and in Etobicoke second the bike lanes installation is consistent with a thriving local economy we were delighted to see the report released last week by the Toronto Centre for active transportation as you know that report conducted in partnership with the University of Toronto researchers found that business actually went up after the lane was opened Stephen Farber one of the report analysts said and I quote the results are quite clear visitors to blur are cycling more visitors visiting more frequently and spending more money in local businesses all the while a larger number of merchants are reporting higher customer counts when comparing 2015 to after the bike lane installation unquote third the bike lane has not been harmful to drivers and may offer them real benefits in reading miss Gray's report I noted that since the lanes installation the pilot area appears to have become safer for motorists she writes that based on preliminary data and I quote collisions between motorized vehicles seem to have been reduced significantly unquote that the collision rate for cyclists would improve is not surprising but the fact that the number of car with car collisions appears reduced was less foreseeable it suggests bike lanes enhance the safety of bike riders and drivers alike which brings me to my final point the bike lane on Bloor Street is a unifying force for our city it's backed by folks uptown and downtown bourbon and inner-city its embraced by pedestrians and supported by numerous businesses it makes life safer for cyclists and it protects our drivers thank you and I'd be happy to answer any questions thank you coming down here pleasure the time as as everyone has today taking the time out of their busy schedules so can you just elaborate a bit more on the support for the bike lanes right across you're in June of this year Angus Reed formed in a pole they they did a sampling of 800 so it's statistically valid and they found very strong support they asked a number of questions but the key ones here first they asked a question about do you support or oppose a bike lane network across the city and eight and ten eighty percent said they do support the bike lane network and then they drill down and ask people further do you support keeping the Bloor particularly the bluer bike lane in place and seven and ten said yes they do and that's in the core of the city but also what was really interesting to us was that in the suburbs or the inner suburbs you might call them there was also majority support for keeping blur in place thank you very much thank you I think for coming down today are there any session are there any circumstances under which you would not support bike lanes are there any conceivable in any possible world it's a very it's a very broad question counselor but I think what what we're asking today is do we support making this particular Bloor bike lane pilot permanent and the answer to that is a resounding yes okay thank you you know I this thing about making it safer for drivers it just we're looking at May and June when the study was done and it's it's shown that everybody slowed down because they're not moving the vehicles the vehicles are slow it's it's congestion how much safer for drivers can you make it if they're not moving is that a question that it's safer I'll be happy there is not moving for a driver I'm not sure what what's your question is counselor I'd be happy to answer it I'm not quoting somebody just it says that that they believe it's safer on Bloor Street for the for the car and for the driver they're not moving so how can it be dangerous we're an evidence based organization counts that we look at the science we've looked at the city reports and the city reports suggests that based on a year's preliminary data there's a significant drop in collisions between cyclists and cars moving and between cars and cars because the cars are not moving so of course it's going to be safer so it's okay it's okay for us to do we did on King Street it's okay for us to start ticketing people all over the place because we believe the congestion is bad but in this particular case you believe it's good and we can have those cars madam chair can you please she's interrupting woodpecker headache I'm not allowed to appoint a privilege but that is offensive so an apology would be an order no I believe she that would be an apology I believe I believe I'm asking for an apology I not a member of the committee that isn't highly insulting and you could you please just apologize to your colleague that's not my job but I like it waiting I'm gonna try a team question again no I am waiting I'm waiting I'm waiting for an apology I'm going to ask the question again I'm not apologize I'm if the cars are not moving chair and and we all agree there congestion is a factor a point of personal privilege just a minute we're just I just give us a minute just to we're just conferring here counselor ma'am a lady we are asking you to to apologize to your colleague your counselor colleague please so I you know there's and you've got you got you can't refer to got a visiting counselor who has who has come and and interrupted my my questioning without an apology she just does what she wants and I and on the other end I'm reacting because she's interfering with my line of questioning she doesn't get she doesn't apologize at all but because I referred it to the way I did I need to do that yes you do okay so she she wouldn't give a woodpecker a headache sorry that's that's not an apology we'd like an authentic apology I said sorry thank you now can I ask my question if the cars are not moving and if it's the city's agenda to try and stop congestion why is it okay to do it on Bloor Street given that everybody agrees that everybody's going slower and there are no accidents because nobody's really moving except two cyclists your question if I understand is why is it okay to do it on Bloor Street what does the it counselor well you you you've read the report and you you're seeing that it's slower along along Bloor Street especially on at rush hour Peaks and you said that there's less there's less accidents and it's safer that's what the data shows council isn't it isn't it logical to believe that if it is safer it's because the cars aren't being allowed to move I don't think that follows at all they may be going more slowly but clearly if it's a thoroughfare through the city they're clearly moving no they're not moving and in fact they're using the side streets to get off of Bloor Street I think your time has to be up we're gonna move on to councilor holiday thank you madam chair in the previous line of questioning councillor mammal Edie asked of sorry council Campbell asked about you know when would you not approve or support an installation you said no in this case you know I support this which means to me that you've evaluated it in some way could you suggest what the thresholds are that would determine a successful pilot for something like safety for something like congestion for something like delay for numbers of cyclists what in your mind would be the measures of success what's the bar I think the measures that the city transportation services used they looked at a number of metrics we don't need to rehearse them for you but among them collisions economic indicators variety of other indicators and they came to the conclusion that the pilot was working that it was meeting the objectives and so therefore they recommend making it permanent those seemed to me eminently sensible reasonable metrics so they yeah we're talking about metrics and units of measure but thresholds so in my in mice in my understanding that you agree with whatever their thresholds were I yes I think the thresholds of the city staff established were completely appropriate yeah let's let's say collisions whatever the threshold was of success he you won one less collision a year is that is that enough to tip the balance and say this is good I'm not sure that that I'm not sure that that line of questioning is helpful to us one more one less I'm not sure that's the right way to look at it the objective was to see if we could make bluer streets safer and a reasonable and balanced way city staff are telling us that the pilot project achieves that objective and so they support making it permanent we looked at the evidence and agree with it it'd be brought up numbers though like I got to understand what you know what is the magic number for the number of accidents that are reduced by this that make it a success but you must have evaluated this I'm not sure that there's a magic number okay so it's just sounds good then you know they looked at they looked at accident rates prior to the installation of the pottery looked at accident rates after they found that they were significantly lower after and they concluded that the project was worth making permanent I think that's the way you operate when you're using evidence based decision-making pass/fail they passed they passed on accidents what about car delay how do we know that the the amount of delay on motor vehicle here is an acceptable level how do we know that the amount of delay is acceptable well I suppose one thing is to ask motorists do they think that the trade-offs around the bike lanes are acceptable and the city data suggests that motorists themselves a majority of motorists believe that the trade-offs are acceptable okay so there's no magic name it's subjective its opinion so like okay so this talked about measuring time and then there was measuring whether or not you felt in general it was an acceptable trade-off so I got the answer the ladders in the opinion survey but if we're measuring time and thresholds is there a particular threshold that's the right one in terms of delay how do I know I won't take the license of this pilot and apply it somewhere else how will I know that if the measurements of delay of vehicles is an acceptable trade-off to take out of lane and dedicate it to bicycles only that's what I'm getting at I guess you have to decide acceptable to whom I mean yeah I'm not sure how to I'm not sure how to answer that except to say what I just said which is that motorists had an opportunity to weigh in through city held consultations and a majority of motorists who were involved in those consultations said they felt that the trade-offs are acceptable thank you okay that's all your questions giddy thank you thank you Jennifer Kline is next welcome Jennifer you've got three minutes on behalf of the Mirage Village Business Improvement area we would like to extend our support to make the bike lanes on Bloor Street permanent my name is Jennifer Kline and I am vice chair of the VI I have also owned and operated a retail store in the annex for the past 18 years today I am here in an official capacity by presenting all of our members our BIA is undergoing a huge transformation with the pending redevelopment of honest ed site and Markham Street roughly half our building inventory will change to residential use well demolition of EDS or occurs and a long construction process and sees we still have a duty to roughly three hundred neighboring businesses still operating along Bathurst and along Bloor we wish to emerge as a local community that includes the increased safety that bike lane spring for all Street users for the additional 3,000 people who will be living at Bathurst and Bloor and for the patrons of all the new retail that will be positioned there we need to have a street design that accommodates the maximum number of users be they pedestrians car drivers or cyclists the bike pilot Lane design showed us that this was a better model for the future than one that just treated blower like a car thoroughfare our board was briefed on the results of the recent Tcat study commissioned by neighboring VI A's and also was informed about the maneras point-of-sale data obtained by the city which validates the teeka findings for the remaining businesses still operating at present within the BIA it is our view that the bike lanes have an economic benefit a motion was passed unanimously at our board of management meeting on October 12th to concur with city staff recommendation to this committee we urge you to do the same thank you thank you questions councillor Krusty thank you for being here so I understand that the BIA the murders village BIA has endorsed this how many members are there abouts are in the Murphy's village BIA we have about 300 businesses and those include independently owned franchises chains and others or yeah we have street level businesses this is doctors offices scientists office many small businesses in the CSI building as well as in other buildings in our neighborhood and you yourself are you an owner of an independent business as well yes I am in and do you as an independent business owner separate from your capacity as the vice chair of the BIA support the bike lanes on Bloor yes I do and can I ask why well I support it I support it from many many reasons most of which many people have explained today what I have noticed recently which has been quite fascinating is there's been a lot of walk in drop-in customers that are cyclists and I've been really pleased to have people just dropping by quickly parking their bike outside asking some questions about my business they might not have ever seen my business before but because they're driving by on their on their bike and they can just lock it up and pop in they're coming to shop or to book an appointment and return bring their kids I support it for the environment I support it for health I support it for myself my family and my employees who all use the roads as a passenger in a vehicle who often is frustrated when being in a car on the road I feel it's safer I feel more comfortable being a passenger knowing that the bikes know where they need to be the pedestrians know where they need to be and the cars also know where they are and where they need to be I feel safer that we're directed in that way and if the staff recommendation which is to make this permanent goes through our there as part of making a permanent design do you think from the point of view of yourself and the BIA that there are adjustments or changes that we can make to to improve the bike lanes whether it's from a loading or deliveries or even more bike parking from a number of different angles some opportunities to expand and even even better I think if the bike lanes were accepted is permanent some things that can be addressed our deliveries which has already shown great success for my delivery people I rely on my delivery people to keep me in business they bring me my product and as soon as the city installed the bike delivery permanent parking spots on the side roads my drivers immediately were telling me and I asked them daily did you find parking and they were they were finding parking in that parking spot that designated area and they were able to safely and easily make deliveries without putting their vehicle or others at risk parking on the mainstream thank you very much thank you we're gonna go to a counselor a Campbell cuz he's a visiting guest and then to councillor mammal a mover behind the projector so what is your port is the nature of your business and as most of that business walk in business or do they arrive by TTC or by car is it a debt is that a destination where people would drive in that's a good question my customers actually come from everywhere I am a destination shop you know you don't need a bra every day right um I certainly don't welcome anytime like and so and so service many many women in the neighborhood surrounding neighborhoods we service many women in Toronto okay and do you live in the neighborhood you do okay and your staff do they cycle or walk to work or how do they say more of my three staff members who have purchased bikes within the past year and a half and they ride their bikes to work they also take those TTC some live TTC distance away okay so you said you think the bike lanes provide an economic benefit can you just you elaborate on that because you've talked about some of the other businesses in the neighborhood sure I can speak primarily on behalf of my business but when there's more people driving by your storefront right um that brings more business if you're underground driving by your store with driving by or cycling by or walking by so having more cyclists on the road encourages more people to see our business and to come in it's easy for cyclists to stop and park their bikes and I see that as a benefit to two businesses a neighborhood so shortly after the bike lanes were implemented I did a walkthrough part of Bloor West of you and and I was struck by the lack of really good data information that businesses had as to whether or not they were up or down I would ask them if they were up ten percent how is their business oh well I'm down 20 percent but they couldn't really they couldn't really say if their daily sales were down no what what kind of data collection does do the majority of businesses in your BIA have is it solid or is it anecdotal or what what quality is the is the information that they have there is no way to quantify that information none I think daily sales weekly sales monthly sales compare your hourly sales you can compare every sale from one year to another in business right but there's nothing that and say whether the bike lanes have an effect on the business whether it be good or bad not sure what time you were visiting or who you were visiting but there's so many of the things that affect the success or or the non success of a business whether economy many different things so you would have the level of work that would have to be done to establish whether a bike lane positively or not positively affects a business I would have to say is almost it would just be it would not be an economical thanks and you know maybe I'll pop in someday however if you visit the maneras report you'll see how maneras captivated reports on business okay thank you okay we've got more questions for you councillor mammal ladies next thanks for coming down here you representing the BIA sorry what position did you hold in the BIA moisture and you said that the board took a vote and agreed to it the other day now I sit on my local BIA is assumed your local councillor sits on the BIA as well and when these kinds of decisions are made at least in our area we have a much larger invitation to all the businesses so that the board recognizes and feels like the decision they're gonna be made make has is really they've got the mandate to do it was there a much larger meeting that the BIA held in your community to ask the businesses whether they agree or disagree with this mm-hmm well we are lucky that we have a new coordinator and she's very passionate about her job and starting her position she went and visited every single business in our neighborhood and gathered their contact information so each time we have a meeting all of the businesses are invited to attend the agenda goes out before the meeting so we have time to review if there's something that we'd like to have placed on the agenda or discuss that is but there wasn't a much larger community meeting to talk about the bike lanes well when we have our board meetings we have them once a month and that board meeting that one of the main topics was the bike lanes and everyone was invited to attend okay but there wasn't a call for the whole community the business community yes and no no that's not what she's saying I'm sure you're suggesting that people have the ability to come to the board meeting and listen in and give their views was there a community meeting of business people to ask them whether or not they liked the bike lanes or not a board meeting is a community is a community meeting of business people that just a partner professional enough to make a choice to attend it's just a board meeting it's not a you never had a command board meeting is a community meeting it is a Business Improvement Association where all the businesses are able to attend the city the city conducted or had a consultant conduct a survey or a study of some sort where your business is actually somebody knocked on your door for instance your door as a business person and say how much business have you lost or gained because of the bike lanes has anybody done that yeah and from you and I would welcome you the next time you're in the neighborhood to come and talk to me about the impact of the bike lanes on my business I would welcome that opportunity anybody people come and I actually don't even know who they are anymore but I love people came around taking questions from me as a business owner did they ask the questions about whether or not you've lost business over the bike lanes yeah there was there was lots of questions I again I can't recall exactly what the what what the questions were but I know that all of those answers have likely gone into the Tcat study so you can refer to the report for the you know to find out what the questions were thank you we have other questions from councilor holiday thank you madam chair thank you for speaking to us today I'm am I correct in understanding that you came on behalf of the BIA yes and I noticed you had a little bit of a prepared statement at the beginning that was yet did you yet have a prepared statement at the beginning that you had prepared on behalf of the BIA like you used what you said was on behalf of them yes great so one of the things you mentioned that I wrote it down and make sure it's I just want to validate this you said that you were supportive of a roadway that accommodates the maximum number of users did I get that right it's just what I wrote down I did you made a comment you just said you were supportive of something that that accommodated the maximum number of users okay and are you agnostic on the mode of traffic whether it's car bike pedestrian we just want maximum capacity me personally no no on behalf of the BIA on behalf of the BIA I feel that everyone has to get to the city to the businesses the way that they need to and whether it be walking driving or cycling I support them okay so if there was a configuration that got more people through but maybe less bikes is that a problem like removing parking from the streets but let's say you got no I mean that's that's not the question but but if you went back to the prior configuration if it moved more people through is that something you would rather support I support the I support the bike lanes okay thank you can I ask you if you're a chain or you're an independent or an independent in a solo store you're the own it's the only one yes and what is kind of the streetscape along that stretch of Bloor would you say it's big box or big stores or more little local independent shops how would you describe the streetscape of that kind of the cultures and then independent shops mom-and-pop shops our new development going and across the street is going to support micro retail so it would be a lot of independent business is there a lot of big retail outlets along the stretch of um I think if you if I can speak on behalf of my BIA there is not big business if you want to go into the annex you know maybe there's Dollarama right but it's limited yes it's more my impression is it's more smaller enterprises it's mostly it's mostly all small enterprises that's my impression as well do you use that maneras do you use that terminal yes that's the year that's your business is that you know if you're you know the retail outlets along your stretch also use it and some of them don't it's a mix would you see did you have a percentage no I don't you can you probably can find that information from anneristo they are the best customer service and so I like to pay a little bit more to use them ok thank you very much thank you for having me we're gonna move on to our next speaker and that's Ambu sure Bookshare nice president is she here ok welcome vice president external University of Toronto Students Union welcome and I think the mics on in front of you and you have three minutes so good afternoon I want to start off by saying that I'm thankful for the opportunity to speak on this item and I hope I won't be too redundant so I'm here on behalf of the University of Toronto Students Union representing all over full-time undergraduate students at the st. George and Mississauga campuses we have over 60,000 students at the st. George campus and of that over 43 that was an undergrad students we're very lucky to be studying at a campus in the middle of the lively city even though most of us have no choice but to practically live in the library we at least are comforted by the fact that there are exciting things happening around us our location also means that we're getting to campus a lot differently we conducted a survey a month ago tracking our students transit patterns and 9% of our respondents at st. George are biking to campus with Laura Street directly bordering our northernmost area of campus it's fair to assume that a number of these students are using the bike lane it follows that a permanent bike lane would ensure the safety of our students students getting to class should not have to worry about getting hit by a car or doored in flung into traffic they are getting to class it's not just the safety of our students it's the safety of everyone cyclists feel safer drivers feel safer the benefits are shared by everyone sharing the street and it's not just about safety there's a much broader conversation to be had about getting around the city efficiently and sustainably bike wings are objectively a step towards a healthier City and a healthier people people look up to here in Toronto I'm from a small town in Northern Ontario and I'm a serious when I say that people idolize this place and see it as a natural leader if we're going to lead we cannot be having debates about whether or not we should be having a specific bike lane or not this is not a war on cars it is not a war on small business or a dangerous creep or whatever else counter arguments that I've heard so far so on that note I will just summarize my main reason for speaking today which is that the blower bike lane promotes the safety of our students at the st. George campus at the University of Toronto along with the safety of everyone else using the road we should welcome it with open arms thanks thank you any questions I just have a question do you know if the University of Toronto did did they speak on this initially to support the blower bike lanes do you recall it the first pubic when this came to people originally to develop ropes the the trial the pilot they did write a letter of support so you've not just the Union Student Union but also the you the University itself I think it was written by Andrew Thompson if that helps ok that's great thank you I suppose it couldn't remember thank you any other questions oh I'm sorry I didn't see your hand councillor Cressy just to pick up on that because I know the administration wrote a letter but isn't here so you're aware that it was on behalf of the president the University America provided a letter of support via Andrew Thompson for the pilot and now to make a permanent curse right yeah thank you thanks ok any other questions thank you very much next speaker is Robert Fenton welcome Robert thank you chair members of the committee I've well I'm a senior citizen I don't know whether how many other deputations are headed by senior citizens but I'm a senior citizen long-term resident the City of Toronto I'm 66 and I want to speak in favor of making the blurr bike lanes permanent I've watched our mayor go cap in hand to the Premier of Ontario asking for money for transit for housing for poverty reduction and I applaud his efforts but here's what he's up against in 2016 43% of the Ontario budget was spent on health care and of that 43% 46 was percent was spent on people like me over 65s it's going to get worse one in four Canadians is obese at this point and childhood obesity is growing so if you want money for public housing or transport transportation mass transit if you want money for poverty reduction you're gonna get less of it as the healthcare crisis unfolds now there's some potential good news here and that is that cycling among other things but cycling does a whole lot of things especially for seniors weight loss better heart health improved balance and coordination and improved cognitive ability the last one is really important given what's happening in terms of the institutionalization of our aging population who are over cognitive issues but there's a real problem here and that is people like me for costing you a lot of money in the healthcare system are also those who are the most vulnerable cyclists on the road we're the people who if we get here are gonna cost you a lot so here's the deal you built segregated bike lanes you build the safe infrastructure and we will do our bit insofar as possible by trying to stay healthy by being active you want to save money I've heard a lot today from this this committee about saving money you want to save money nothing you can save locally comes close to the amount of money you can save by cutting health care expenditure in the province through having a healthier population so build the bike plan make the bike lanes permanent yeah and save some cash okay next speaker oh oh there's a question for you no questions no there is one question counselor no here there's a question right here sir there's a question you got one for you it's all right here counselor really I'm Walt I'm luckier dup for you counselor holiday so thank God make on the old guy huh it's wisdom with that time you you you did bring up a constituency of this city that I hear from and I've heard about these bike lanes from and that is the seniors population one place that either everyone in this room is there already or going to be soon one of the things that I've heard though is mobility through this city is really difficult and in particular if you layer on some some of the challenges that may come later in life with mobility it may be harder to take public transit it may be no longer viable to take a bicycle and one of the things that I worry about is how people from the West End can access the city and you know for instance topical getting to specialist appointments at the hospitals that are downtown one concern I have with the changes to east-west routes in the city and in particularly the reduction of motor vehicle capacity on Bloor is that that mobility is taken away or it becomes even more challenging or barrier do you have any advice or or what can I say to somebody that brings up that complaint that is harder for me to get into my city from where I live because the capacity on roads and that can is being reduced and the congestion is becoming higher is there a question what would you have to say to somebody that brings up that point oh it's not your questions not hypothetical I am someone who has been responsible for moving an individual with Parkinson's disease around the city and yes it can be difficult but there's also the question of how do we balance the mobility of individuals who have mobility impairments against trying to make sure that an aging population doesn't drain our healthcare resources entirely well let me just give you one practical example and I don't mean this in any this way bike bicycles have this thing on the front of them called the handlebar if you use it you can get around obstacles if I see a wheel trans vehicle that happens to be parked in my way whether it's in a accident approximate to a bike lane or not I don't get upset about that I simply turn the handlebars and go around it if I'm a driver and I'm taking the individual who I do sometimes care for who does have Parkinson's and have to find a spot to drop them off usually the obstacle I face is not a dedicated bike lane usually the obstacle that I face is a vehicle that's parked in a either a disabled spot or a spot which has a curb cut which is not supposed to be there and so there's a lack of enforcement okay I take your point I take it very seriously there has to be an ebb and flow and my understanding is that city staff are working on just those kinds of issues with regard not only to the blurr bike lanes but how the bike lanes as well thank you thank you thank you very much Anne Mane's and Elizabeth Rankin our next thank you for happiness we're from bikes onblur and we interviewed business people in long blur Street and this is our video hello councillors good morning good afternoon where whenever you're meeting my name is Veronica Perez I'm the owner of cats agogo which is a business on Bloor Street in the annex right at the corner of Spadina I've been here for seven years I love the bike lanes I love the idea of bike lanes but definitely it's a good addition to the city sometime I feel like I'm in Amsterdam so I'm Matthew lanky I own Blackrock coffee and Basecamp climbing we're located here in Korea town at Manning and Bloor we've been in business for around a year and a half and seen a phenomenal response from the bike lanes going in a lot of our employees we have about 50 employees between the two businesses also travel by bicycle my name is handle and here is even a Korean restaurant I know I'll tell you didn't meet all huh you go yogi dang it I mean you want a house to me that Tommy took me that way young man come on time to bail bond that's all so I love bike lane thank you hey I manses Kalman's I work at stinks and lattes we're here at 600 blur Street West we're a boardgame cafe I've been an operation on Bloor for about seven or eight years now we're very much in support of the bike lane so here in front of us on Lord Street we're very much in support of a safer way for our customers to understand from our space so this is a neighborhood that we're in in Koreatown it's doing so it's doing very well when we started as a small little single storefront with about 65 seats we managed to expand and move next door and then move next door again so when we started from 60 seats now at 150 my name is Jennifer Kline and my business is secrets from your sister our store has been in the neighborhood for 18 years and I employ 15 to 18 women on average my name is canard this is glass Monica like here we're an optical store and a doctor's office we moved in about ten months ago so after the bike lanes were installed that a lot of our clients have ride bikes so it's been super helpful in making this place to be accessible I don't think anybody expects to park on the street anymore it's not it's not as convenient and it's more dangerous with all the traffic going by I find for me in particular our customers are in the store for an average of 40 minutes to an hour and the green pea parking is easy also the green pea has a mobile app which has brought a lot of compliments from our customers because they can just renew their parking from inside the store ICS FedEx UPS they all deliver to us and we've never had any companies or any issues with them my client's help define routes based advice and service through the morning a morgue there are no bakery so when I ride I ride with the fear that I'll get hit every time it's not a good feeling not feel safe every time you get on a bike that's why these bike lanes will make all the difference that's why I'm asking for an exception thank you my name is Sarah Kim I'm a sports an exercise medicine physician practicing here in Toronto I'm on the steering committee for a group called doctors for safe cycling and we're advocating basically for safer roads so that Torontonians can be safe when they decide to cycle and the thing is like there's so many cyclists on harbor that we really need floor to help thin it out like it would be great to have another one on you know DuPont or Davenport but there's so many on Harvard it's too many so you need to like spread them out a little bit January 2014 six residents associations all requested a pilot project for bike lanes on Bloor and the reason for that is that we knew there was going to be intense location in this area a lot more people moving and living in in Bloor Street also a lot more people coming in to shop so we knew that we had to increase the capacity for for biking I mean just think of the Mirvish village development they're putting in over a thousand bicycle parking places I think that bike lanes are a wonderful addition to the city and I think there should be more it definitely makes it more friendly more vibrant dynamic I am really happy to have the bike lanes in the area I support them I use them I feel much safer with the bike lanes also yeah we couldn't be happier about the bike lanes [Laughter] I'm madam chair additionally I represent the annex residents association and the Harvard Village residents Association and materials from both residence Association have been submitted and both I'd like to just say also the point is that both residents associations support the Bloor Street bike lanes okay thank you any questions for our deputies seeing none we're gonna move thank you very much next Bryan Burchell the chair of the blur and xbi a improvement area it's Bryan here yeah there you are thank you okay you've got three minutes you can go ahead thank you our BIA lies in the middle of this pilot project the pilot for us represented something of a risk so we approached the proposal cautiously I stood before you in April of 2016 and urge you to allow the plan to proceed to see what impact it would have on the welfare of our Main Street when confronted with the question of whether or not the city will not to support the city's pilot Lane the Bloor annex and Koreatown BIA s commissioned a study on their economic impact our BIA recently voted overwhelmingly to endorse a staff recommendation before you the Toronto Centre for active transportation Tcat worked with the University of Toronto to do a baseline analysis pre pilot in 2015 a post installation assessment in 16 and another in 2017 they also established a control group on the Danforth which has no bike lanes some say that Tcat has a bias and can't be trusted we knew of their position in favour of sustainable transportation modes going into this so we shaped the questions and the methodology ourselves and are confident in their integrity Tcat conducted over 3,000 in-person visitor surveys and nearly 600 merchant ones over the three study periods the major issue for merchants were the availability of parking and how that would impact sales the pilot bike lanes cost 106 on street parking spots representing about ten percent of the available transient parking many merchants reported in the baseline surveys this loss would harm them it turns out their fears were misguided at many levels most customers don't drive a car to shop on Bloor Street before the bike lanes were installed only 8% of visitors reported they arrived by car curiously that percentage went up slightly to 9% for the 2016 and 17 surveys of this small group of shoppers 92% reported that finding parking was easy or very easy before the bike lanes were installed once the bike lanes were in place in 2016 this number plummeted to 51% then bounced back to 86% in 2017 sales went up over the study period as did the number of shoppers according to blur annex merchants themselves during the baseline 50% of weekdays had a hundred or more customers per day a year later it went up to 55% and by the spring it rose to 65 that's a 30% increase from the merchants self-reports visitors report a commensurate pattern 48 percent said they spend 100 hundred dollars or more monthly before the lanes in 2016 that increase to 59 percent and by 2017 it grew further to 65 percent of respondents it can be said with some confidence that business is better and not suffering as a result of this test some business owners themselves have not been quick to embrace change it appears likely that some of them as individuals who have had more negative travel experiences than their customers at the beginning of the study 49 percent of owners reported they drove to work by the third study period that number is the same the transportation challenges endured by some owners are not felt by over 90 percent of their customers there's gonna be questions for you cycle you could just wrap up take transit but the maneuvers point of sale numbers appear to validate the Tcat findings I can go into that with question yeah I think there's lots of questions for you I know I have some councillor Layton is up first yes thank you very much thanks for being here Brian the prior to the installation of the the bike lanes there was a significant amount of consultation did you participate in the early charettes that would that were done with the business improvement areas as well as that the city conducted absolutely we encourage our members to join and many did so members were invited to join these charettes that were just for the businesses along the three BIA s in in early stages of the sort of pre design correct there were four options for bike lanes presented at the public consultations as they went through aware that there there were more than one option presented we aware that yes I and given the the four options do you think that they that this one particular option was an appropriate one at the time to proceed with I believe it's the best of the four the way I do think that there are design improvements that could still be made one of those options of one of the four options involved removal of all the parking on the street this was what one of the four that was out there and then there were a couple different arrangements of how the bike lane was work correct or correct we couldn't swallow the option that involved no on street parking that's that's understandable so a trade-off was made with it with safety and and and parking convenience okay thank you Thank You councillor Krusty thank you so I understand that the BIA has endorsed this what was the reason that the BIA endorsed making these permanent on what basis largely as a consequence of the Tcat report which we commissioned and the maneras data which appeared to validate their findings and in what has been the experience I understand any infrastructure change impacts different businesses differently but what has been the overall experience that you and the B I have seen as it relates to the economic impact increased sense of safety from all users this is confirmed by the Tcat report certainly we feel there are there are more visitors to the annex and there's an increased sense of vibrancy I would say that our identity is has evolved significantly as a result of this pilot it is a go-to place in Toronto now that the BIA currently has a master plan to establish news a new streetscape and plan with par ket's does with that and that stun take place in a year and a half's time or so does that provide an opportunity if this is to be made permanent to incorporate any bike design changes perhaps to improve or coordinator longside the BIA streetscaping work yes our street revitalization plan yes councillor is scheduled for 2019 one of the three pillars of that plan was to increase bike parking because it's critical for us if we were to encourage cyclists to stop and shop that they'd be able to lock their bikes securely so that's one pillar check-marked now the over the course of the this pilot period it's not like them the implementation is being without controversy and so can you talk about some of the feedback we had in changes that have been made and perhaps other issues we need to address going forward if it's to be made permanent one of the biggest revolved around creating loading zones for for businesses who who previously might have been able to take a delivery of a 5 ton truck on Bloor Street so with the cooperation of your office and councillor Layton's office we yellow painted some side streets and discouraged illegal parking they're essentially creating no stopping zones unless you were actively loading or unloading the one challenge that we've yet to overcome I think and hopefully if council supports making the pilot permanent we're able to overcome this the safety issues created by cars turning right onto side streets so that that's one downside of keeping some parking on Bloor is that it creates difficult sight lines for some cars turning right and I guess just in my last question on time my understanding is the VI is position is to support making the the bike lane permanent but a request to work with the city to incorporate additional changes in through coordination with the BIA is that correct that is correct thank you I've got questions I'd like to ask and I know counselor ma'am lady does as well my questions I have had so many emails and phone calls from businesses in your area that you know really their conflicting reports so they're saying they have they've had significant financial impacts they're also saying their voices weren't heard through this through the process that they tried to form subcommittees etc and that was not really entertained or supported and I think there's a poll of at least 80 retail outlets that have said that it's had a negative impact on their business can you speak to those issues I will try to and if I don't catch them all please remind me if I've missed any with respect to the extent of the consultation I can now read what I didn't get a chance to read earlier that we really wanted to take the the emotion out of the question like we could sense that early on as one of the reasons we we embraced the Tcat as a vehicle to make an arm's-length assessment because it's easy to be swayed by those anecdotal reports and to heed the loudest voice and we really wanted to face it as as scientifically as we could those voices became louder more recently that some said that their views have not been canvas so we have a pretty good list of our members are representing approximately two-thirds good email addresses so we wrote to them and said look are we have we missed you and despite our best efforts you know there's these three community consultations multiple a GM's every board meeting we talked about it it's all over our website have we missed you if here's what we've done and we had over the course of a thirty day period invited comments to our website and we had seven responses I think four that were opposed three in favor or the other way around a very small number and none of them said they weren't consulted they just wanted them chance to another kick at the can so I think I don't know that we could have done more on this vial okay I'll also ask you a question that I've been asked many times and the studies were conducted and gathered and collected by parties that actually spoke at P WIC at the onset of this process and said that they would like to see the blower bike lanes come to fruition would it have been better to have independent organizations conduct that portion of the study in the analysis we were aware of their previous experiences and in doing that very kind of a study to try to find researchers in any field that lack of you would be fairly difficult I'll give you an example of the kinds of things we did to ensure that this process was fair and even-handed among the among the things we did is is insisted on certain changes to the methodology so you stopped every third person regardless of what they look like if they look like a cyclist or an odd or I saw them stop people in wheelchairs I saw them stop a blind lady and ask if she came by bike you know what she did and she participates in some blind bicycling group that primarily uses Harvard because it's quieter and so we did shadow sent out anonymous people to stand behind Hydra pools and watch them do the interviews which felt a little creepy but one challenge in Koreatown for example it was around language so I watched one of the Tcat interviewers which is a UT researcher master student or whatever stopped a person who didn't speak English well the person spoke Spanish well sort of the TCAP researchers so they conducted the entire interview on the way to the subway because she was way late for a doctor's appointment in Spanish now I don't know what they said because I don't speak Spanish but the fact is that we did run some checks and balances on this process to ensure that it was fair and if you read the report and I hope you've had a chance to Madame chair it's it's yes I have pretty thorough I have read the report trust me okay counselor m'lady thanks for coming down you said that there was a trade-off at least in counseling now sir the question of there's a trade-off with parking what is that about we didn't know what effect removing on street parking would have counselor Emilie Dion on sales so we were very cautious about about cleaning the slate it would have been easier to drop to design a street without any car parking at all but that was too extreme for us so in other words you did not want to lose the the parking in front of the you of the front of the stores not not all of it no so what was the trade-off did you lose some correct and how many did you lose I believe the number is 160 from sha-2 to Madison how many parking spots were there in total the 160 is 10% of the whole so I'm looking at staff I'd have to refer to my notes to give you them a 10% of what's there correct what is this idea of turning right what you alluded to that what's what are we looking at it because it what this tells me is we're about to venture into passing this thing and then try to resolve some of the BIA issues later is that accurate the process has been I would I would I think it fair to describe is iterative where we observe a concern and the city seeks to accommodate us well while the pilot was unfolding but now that this this exists it sounds like you haven't resolved some of those issues that you're waiting for this to be approved and then going back and trying to resolve some of those issues is that accurate I think that's a fair assessment so so what are those issues because I 28 years almost i i've come to realize that you don't pass a particular policy before you try and resolve some issues that they may not be resolved at all so what are those issues because somebody may be just saying yeah this is going to happen and you'll find that it's not going to what are the issues that you're looking for the issue as I described it counselor was the right turns of cars on two side streets doesn't mean once the car gets into a certain attitude perpendicular to the street they're sideview mirrors don't allow them to see the bike lane any longer without physically turning their neck and looking down that Lane so it's it's one design problem what's what's the solution to that I believe that paint would go a long way to alerting everybody to the fact that there's a potential collision we haven't seen the collision so in a way what we're experiencing it's awkward awkwardness at a turn rather than than then safety incidents with staff and the city saying let's pass this and then we're gonna go there and we're gonna we're gonna paint or I don't know what what bylaws need to be passed but there's something that they're saying they'll do later have you done an analysis on what needs to happen or is it just we're uncomfortable with this we need to do something about it we have not done an analysis we've stuck to the our knitting on this question which is the members experience of the bike lanes councilor holiday thank you madam chair thank you um what do you say the BIA is to the east and west of you jump on board advocate for this as well there is no BIA to the immediate east of us further down though to the west of us you heard from Mirvish today there immediately to our west and they support it no but I mean as blue as a whole larger do you would you would you advocate to those be IAS across the city to do this I guess it would depend on their street width and well not they have streetcar tracks what other options are available to car drivers and cyclists alengka what if the queue 'mobile of a cumulative effect on Bloor Street began to compound so you this is a very short section of Bloor Street that has a delay but if that delay starts to compound further and further and further bleuer begins to become less and less attractive for anybody to go anytime we just just avoid it if you're in a car anyways is there is there a concern of BIA s that you know that maybe you got a you got something here that works for you but if everybody gets on board suddenly things begin to change so any thought to that at all well forgive me if I keep coming back to what are we feel our job is and that's to look after the business the business is within our catchment in your area okay and so the are experiences that car drivers as a subset of our customers is a relatively small percentage even though it's slightly went up curiously during this this process to 9% so we don't it's not been our experience that fewer people are driving to the NX or fewer people are driving through it that's a macro transportation question that it's not from you okay fair enough I understand the report that there's some tinkering done to the side streets because I guess there's spillover traffic right there were once quieter streets does the BIA support or not support these changes knowing that that kind of freezes mobility parallel to bluer and I suspect it's it's probably to help the residents that live there that just didn't want to see more traffic you have a position on are you just well we witnessed the changes and and we were very closely aligned with our colleagues and the residents associations who appear to be still supportive of this pilot which really they were ahead of us on okay fair enough I'm just trying to understand the maneras data so in my correct not every business has that would you say that transaction profiles have changed in the year I need to make sense of what I understand is maneras that it serves only some of the stores along there what's cash translations like what are the trends is this is the use of these credit card or debit cards growing or is it flatlined or is that an apples to apples comparison of overall sales we've not done in a separate survey of our members with respect to who uses monarus and who does not we understand they're the largest provider of point-of-sale technology we do know that within the pilot area that the maneras data indicates the sales went up by four point four five percent and immediately either side of the pilot they went up as well but only three point seven three and most importantly for the control group which has been I think a pretty important scientific vehicle for this study is sales went up but only two point two one percent and we have no reason to believe that maneras if it's the majority is higher of those services is disproportionately representing businesses either way in our in our catchment okay that's all the time we have for that I think that's it for you thank you very much q we're answering all those questions our next speaker is Alex Lowe he'd welcome Alex okay we'll give you a minute to do that oh great okay there we go well done the city I've been here for five years I live along Bloor Street close to Lansdowne and I work in the University of Toronto area I cycled to work pretty much every day ten months out of the year and I've been using the velour bike lane basically every day you've heard from professionals on the clear evidence base for cycling infrastructure the evidence is clear on health the evidence is clear on environmental factors the evidence is clear from the very businesses along the bike lane at this point who all seem to be supporting it and we've also heard from law enforcement today as well do you support this I'm not here to reiterate their arguments they're the professionals I am NOT I'm here to today to instead offer an analogy that I hope can increase the empathy of this committee while also tabling some data behind you imagine you're in a car driving to work it's just a regular day the sun is shining and your commute is 30 minutes to get to the office now imagine there's a train blocking your usual commute home it's weird that the city built train tracks in the car lane but you figure they must have had a good reason in order to get around the train your only option is to turn left onto the train tracks where oncoming trains aren't necessarily expecting you odds are there's no income coming trans to hit you odds are there isn't even in a train around it makes you nervous because just yesterday or maybe even today a train hit someone driving a car and that person died so you do what you always do you shoulder check you hope that your shoulder checked well and you take the left turn onto the tracks you're safe and you get around the train with that in mind this slide show behind you is 14 months worth of photographs of vehicles that have forced me to take that left turn onto the train tracks I've taken the left turn at least a hundred and four times in the past 14 months on the photo right there you will see someone taking that left turn you'll also see a cab immediately to their left I'm fine I'm lucky not everybody is lucky and every time I take that turn I know that I'm putting my safety at risk this turn injures people the spike Lane is a pilot it's not enough we need strong physical barriers to separate vehicular motorists traffic from cycling traffic Bullards will only get us part of the way there when they're readily knocked down and with that I'm open to questions thank you any questions for the speaker I don't see any thank you very much we're gonna move to our next speaker Jordan Jordan Bachus oh okay you're right you're absolutely right okay Paul MacLean thank you Paul MacLean chair of Palmerston area residents Association [Music] which is the one just to the north of us and we could make our two presentations and then take questions absolutely okay that's thank you very much okay you can go ahead thank you just to let you folks know the boundaries of our residents Association go from Bloor long Bloor going from Bathurst to grace or Kristy and therefore the that part of these lanes falls within our area now peres the residents Association supports biking infrastructure in general as an effective way to manage or mitigate traffic and congestion and to protect neighborhoods from the detrimental effects of an excessive number of vehicles residents in our area typically use all four methods of transportation we walk recycle we take public transit and we drive cars many of us own and use both a car and bicycle we're not anti car we all use our cars for various purposes but we see the need to encourage cycling wherever possible and this includes the current bike lanes on Bloor there's one important and decisive fact in this debate about the bike lanes which has been mentioned by a few folks before that is the dramatic increase in population both real and anticipated along the Bloor corridor and nearby Mervis village development at the southwest corner of our area slightly more than 800 units anticipated population 14 to 1500 B Street condos on the east side of Bathurst 195 units that's in place now further developments on at least one of the remaining corners probably the northwest corner now these units they're just the intensification on four corners within or approximate to our boundaries the population increase is much much greater if we consider the area of the entire bluer corridor and other areas of nearby and Santa fication such as DuPont to the north this represents a really incredible massive change for the area where very few people have lived in five years there will be at least several thousand if not three thousand amongst other impacts this change will radically alter the use of Bloor Street the only way to adapt existing infrastructure to this influx of new residents is to encourage walking public transit and cycling we simply have to accept that with the intensification mandated by the official plan of the city Bloor Street and its usage is going to change with exponentially more pedestrians and cyclists needing to be accommodated the north side across from Paris so it's our boundaries are Bathurst to the east Christie to the West bleuer to the south and DuPont to the north and and I'd like to also add you do need to go to Jennifer's store because it's life changing and it will be life changing for your partner if you go so I thank her for being in our neighborhood um right so um thank you for having us I agree with Paul well-designed networks of bike lanes for trying to ensure safe routes for cycling commuters of all ages and abilities and of course it promotes healthy and environmentally friendly modes of transportation it's long overdue it's win-win in our neighborhood we have a lot of development that's coming in along DuPont from deferent Street so concomitant with what's happening at Dufferin and floor we're looking north Dufferin and dupont all the way over to the Dupont Circle there are there are what's the number Joe it's like 28 29 new condominiums along that route so so the development is real it's intense and it's coming we know our community's really really well and we know our what our residents are saying and we have studied and revision and envisioned and revision dand gone to design charettes and the neighborhood's have participated in and the neighborhood's have been invited to to participate in in this bath or street bike lanes project and and this is something that we need to have in our neighborhood because we walk we bike to our mom-and-pop shops and all of the candy store has long gone we do go to other stores and we do shop at weiners hardware and other places where where our neighborhood likes to shop so you know in November of 2009 Gary Wright the former chief planner in the Bloor Street visioning study phase one recommended active transportation the design of rights-of-way in the Bloor corridor will recognize and enhance the primacy of pedestrian safety and movement and will reinforce and support transit use in cycling so this is one of those opportunity to provide bike areas and to provide an enhancements to towards streetscape you know we live and play and work in these communities we know what these communities are all about and and I and I and I we do support and equivocally nursery bike lanes ok thank you any questions council question counselor m'lady this is a huge issue for me because I do get phone calls along the bush the blur streets trip many of them businesses and residents I have relatives that live on your streets there's a lot of mammal ladies that live on your streets there's a lot of rasuls and nassos and second cousins and third cousins our seeds go everywhere but in this particular pocket in this particular pocket we have a lot and they're all telling me the same thing that they don't want the bike lanes that that that they're upset that we're creating an infrastructure that that can only be used a few months of of the year even the study itself only did it in a couple of months they even take into account the fact that nobody really uses them in the winter how is it that the residents in your area can't see that I don't understand it because I'm hearing the councillors I'm hearing you but I'm also hearing all the phone calls that are coming my office and yes even my relatives we use the bike lanes in the winter what can I say you know I've got my was a guy I had four I have six grandchildren and four of them live you know within you know about a half an hour walk from me they use these kids they're six years old to twelve years old this is their only method of getting around they actually now use the bike lanes twelve months of the year and there and there are people older than me who used by cranes as well and they're used all year round obviously there's more cyclists in the summertime than there is in the depths of winter and that is certainly true but to say they're not used is simply an accurate why didn't we do the study in the winter time why didn't we want to know the difference between the summer months the fall months in the winter months why why did we just choose to do a couple of months in the end of the year do you do it with somebody describe that to you or no wouldn't we want to know how many people actually use it you know this is a very expensive project right so it comes from the taxpayers wouldn't we want to know the amount of people that are actually using it twelve months out of the year if that's the case well being one of those tax payers I do use them like twelve months of the year and I've seen lots of people using them twelve months of the year and from what I understand that this was a year-long study so you know and I'm very sorry I haven't been able to meet any of the man ladies in my neighborhood that's too bad I agree sir because I think that they would enliven our meetings greatly maybe it's what you need well I think you're actually hearing from maybe one of the people that lives in my neighborhood who has some issues with the blurry bike lanes and we can chat about that later if that's one of the individuals you're hearing from but but what I will say is mecan't remember what I was gonna say it's really funny right all the millions of dollars that we're spending on this infrastructure nobody knows how many people are actually riding this thing and it's really funny to everybody I'd like to know the number of the the majority of Toronto who doesn't want that I can you give me that number perhaps yeah in fact I've seen a number of polls already in the majority of Torontonians including the the area I represent do not want to pay for this at all okay all right they don't want to pay for it at all and in fact I don't understand where the numbers are coming from because it was only two months that they did the study in May and June we that's not my understanding well we're good we're gonna we're gonna bring that information later okay yeah let's move on thank you very much is there any other questions thank you very much to the both of you who are waiting all day to speak Eric Mills us next thank you I am a resident of Seton Village actually and I live and work near Bloor when I grew up in what was then North Toronto in the old city bicycling was an intermediate step between tricycles and driving a car so and bicycles were put away in November and they weren't brought out until the following April generally so shortly after my 16th birthday my forward-looking parents sent me off to an Ontario motor league driving course and I got my license I've kept renewing that license ever since for what is now five decades hard to believe that's true but times have changed in the last 50 years I don't need to own a car I rent from auto share for trips within the city and if I'm going on jeonse outside I ran from a car rental company my main daily transportation all I need now and occasionally TTC but mostly is a bicycle it's how I got here today and I biked all year round including in the winter most winters which are increasingly warm in Toronto of course I may be five to ten days I don't bicycle if it's snowing or if it's icy as I have grown up so is the city so so I'm here today to congratulate the City of Toronto for maturing as well and recognizing the enormous benefits of cycling and fostering it with infrastructure including in this is instanced the commitment to the Laura Street bike lanes I use that bike lane virtually every day and I'm with the majority of respondents and the city surveys I feel safer and more comfortable on Bloor more than that my partner who used to be weary of cycling onblur Street and other arterial streets without bike lanes is now much more comfortable using them on Bloor harboured st. George Beverly Simcoe etcetera by Richmond Adelaide I count that as a success and I count the blue bike lanes as a success bike lanes used to be for kids but now they're for anyone over about eight years old until they can no longer do it there it's a year-round transportation medium as well as recreation which is what it used to be so I congratulate the City of Toronto for moving into a modern mode of thinking and planning and promoting cycling by installing permanent infrastructure like bike lanes thank you for trying out this pilot project on Bloor and for evaluating it so thoroughly now that it's proven success I look forward to it being made permanent and standard thank you thank you Eric I don't have any questions for you so you're you're finished thank you I love Boston's is next then after ila we have Allen Wainscott and Chris Glover if he is still here welcome thank you very much a long time ago I chaired this committee did you oh yeah the equivalent on the Metropolitan level I'm here mostly for almost romantic reasons to blur Street strip that's been discussed or morning afternoon used to be my word the southern boundary of my word my old neighborhood I also have psycho to work for 40 years when the only bike lane was actually Bay Street where the electric trolley bus would go down and you shared the bus lane that was all I've learned from another pilot project which was finalized in my old ward for the years ago at least knits up near Yonge and st. Clair the first installed Eaton speed bumps and they were actually very sharp original - now they're just bumps yeah because that City Council of that day recognized that if you want to force motorists to do something you really have to for some me put bump sir doesn't say much about Torontonians about respecting speed limits so you put something physical there well the same is true for bike lanes if you just paint a white lane has quite a few of the deputies have shown the white lane is not respected so what you need is what is being proposed here so I'm here obviously to support that now council member leety has repeatedly worried about the delayed the slower speed it's two minutes takes two minutes lumber now it takes two minutes longer means the traffic is moving and since I no longer can bike and 80 years old so I'm supposed not to be on bike I Drive and I can tell you that birth Street actually moves surprisingly well I do some shopping and blue I go to the back barn I go to the Korean store and I sharpened on Chrystie Street I know it very well and I'm forced to use the car anyone who is commuting by car long distance to downtown Toronto along Bloor is an utter total fool this is not a commuting area downtown you take transit you take an expressway at your own risk the expressways are actually more congested I retired in 2000 from console in those 17 years three hundred and fifty thousand more human beings have moved into Toronto and they are not poor immigrants who wash dishes there are people who own cars who have jobs that's very come here 300 250 thousand more people we've got to accommodate them we haven't built a single Road in the last 50 years there's no space Toronto was built like a small Scottish town with very narrow presbyterian streets three lanes and there way below standard those lanes and I always know when someone's from the suburbs because they get nervous driving on some of our arterioles because they look so tiny go to Mississauga and see what the standards are lanes are usually wider so I would simply like to point out that what you're doing here is something which in my home country which is Germany has been done for half a century there are bike lanes even out in the country between dodges so kids can bike to school and the climate the climate isn't really that much that much warmer the costs of your hitting someone going up young street with a bike in the right legally are problematic they cost our system enormous numbers of dollars and if you just think they're five thousand cyclists on board Street well they're five thousand passengers on the Leslie subway station on Sheppard that station costs five hundred million dollars but you're putting down with this pilot project which our little booth line spending because a whole lot less than half a billion and the more people we can get out of cars more commuters more local shoppers because of the reduced risks so I think on this committee I think I'm probably the only one that's had the privilege of working with you in the past and I want to welcome you to City Hall and you look fantastic and I don't want to get into a debate with you all right thank you for that on to Allen Wainscott so Alan and I had a previous conversation he's had some medical issues in his throat and so he's asked for the full five minutes and I think the committee would be happy to indulge at request all right so off you go with your five minutes thank you very much sure I'm sory about the as I'm hard to understand I had a surgical procedure on my throat at Toronto General in July and I haven't fully rehabilitated myself I've been dealing with the fencer for seven years now but I thought it was important to come down and and just share some of my observations because sounds hermamma that he says he Barrois but on this subject I've been around longer than most and I've been out on the street I was born at the same hospital I had my surgery recently in 1950 and I'm happy to continue the parade of singers that are here today talking about this but I'm slightly different in when I was 16 growing up in councillor peruses Ward and gallons you I vowed that I would never drive a automobile in this city because I didn't like the idea of taking that responsibility for all of my neighbor's safety and their health for the ranch's which I see many motorists doing so I decided I'd never drive a car and at this point in my life I've kept that vow but in my early 30s I decided it wasn't enough to just within the arts community to help our city I wanted to get my hands dirty and make a difference on the streets so I became a bicycle courier in 1981 and I worked for 25 years in the city and I've done hundreds of thousands of documenting kilometer delivery phenomenas in the city without ever found in the atmosphere or contributing to congestion on the streets of actually not only that I in 1998 I won a federal court decision against Revenue Canada to say that our food messengers was in fact fuel and we shouldn't be charged income tax on the cost of that rule we've run that decision but it took 16 years of fighting with the federal government and it was for my my victory with the federal government as a matter of fact councilor lady's father came down to the old messenger far on Sheppard Street and presented that to me 19 years ago when on international bicycle messenger appreciation day which this city used to recognize now the authority here we released this so thing of suggest the air pollution traces its effects on basis of messages which is adopted by this city couple years after that the group I'm with - safer one the Toronto Marine Awards the first two years that because of our contribution to helping the atmosphere in the air quality in the sea by the river hood all around the downtown core without fouling in the air the fact that we're discussing whether or not to retain the blue or by flinch it's like the word whore my generals fighting in the previous war but you should be discussing is how soon you can extend those blue bicycle lanes and whether or not going to retain any party at all on the streets has that's the biggest impediment to movement skills why would we store dormant Motor Vehicles on our throughways are the passes where we move through the city it makes no sense it never has and I've been down here all these years trying to tell people this and it hasn't worked so unfortunately as much as this means to me it's not worth the paper it's written on I start doing your work thank you madam chair and committee members for affording me this opportunity to speak to you my name is Lois Delia fig and I strongly believe that the retention of the protected bike lanes on Bloor is in the best interest of Torontonians I'm a longtime cyclist in the city I'm a professional I'm a lawyer I work for the federal government and until very recently what I was a longtime home owner in the city as well I do own a vehicle but I have primarily commuted by bike to my workplace from Davisville to the financial district virtually daily since 1995 commuting via cycling has well-established health benefits as we've been told today to an individual it also has health and also benefits rather the wider community by ultimately mitigating a strain on the public health system and by mitigating damage to the environment as well as helping to relieve traffic and TTC congestion we know that cycling is good for individuals and we know it's good for the health of our city but for a cyclist to bike in the city typically requires one to take an unconscionable risk as doing so as doing so requires when I beg your pardon as doing so without proper protected bike lanes is quite dangerous it's not fair for current cyclists to have to put their lives at risk to participate in cycling further it's not wise and indeed it's short-sighted to in effect deny Torontonians in the future the opportunity to partake in cycling in their city as all the evidence shows the blur bike lanes have been well used during the pilot project and as the staff report has under gord there's been virtually no negative impact having protected bike lanes and particularly having one on a major artery into the city core ensures that many cyclists do bike in the city can now do so more safe more safely and moreover it encourages those who wish to cycle but are too fearful to do so in the absence of proper cycling infrastructure to do so I feel that Toronto is really at a tipping point right now on the issue of cycling in the city it's my hope that the retention of the of that protected bike lanes on Bloor is but the first big domino to fall and that we see real commitment to safe cycling infrastructure that and that eventually Toronto can be a leader in North America when it comes to building safe cycling infrastructure my sincere belief is that this culture shift will result in a much stronger and wealthier City it always including fiscally we looked we look to this committee to acknowledge your duty to ensure the health and safety of residents to acknowledge the evidence regarding all of the benefits of cycling and to be the strong visionary civic leaders that Torontonians expect you to be thank you for thank you very much we're gonna move on to our next speaker mijita SOTA is that gone no okay so our next speaker is grammed as well it's Graham here and I thought were you gonna speak to with others okay so that's Barry Alper and Michele or Macau so whoever wants to speak together come up all right thank you and we'll give you the full the full time all right thank you very much or maybe you just you just identify how many speakers there are I mean I'm seeing three there are six on the list but only three of us will speak here today okay so are the six registered because if they are then you'll get that amount of time not here they were registered but being small business they weren't Gabe you can't wait all day in that wait all day so most of them have one or two employees so they weren't able to come here today okay so we will give you the time we did that for another group the full time all right yes go ahead trying to figure out the people that are here which ones are on the list people who are here are Barry Alper which is myself Michelle sabe and Miranda black and Nancy Carvalho four of us the two that aren't here are Mike Murray from BM BM v books both REE Greg's ice cream and gram dad's well from alternative arts so there's seven on the list and we couldn't get all of them here okay they were here but I know they couldn't wait all day I understand when it's a small business all right okay go ahead hello everyone my name is Barry Alber and I'm here with a group of us to speak to you on behalf of the annex bike Alliance we keep them together in March of this year after repeated efforts to work with our local BIA I want to open today by enforcing one thing we are cyclist and we are supporters of bike lanes we are also business owners and operators in the annex a neighborhood that has always been known for liberal ideas acceptance and diversity since the beginning of this conversation our position has never wavered bike lanes on Bloor are a good thing and the safety of cyclists is of paramount importance we are happy that bike lanes on Bloor will be a permanent fixture however we are concerned because we don't feel that this pilot project is being responsibly and productively reviewed and we don't want to end up with permanent bike lanes that aren't as effective or as safe as they could be due to insufficient time and resources dedicated to the review of this pilot project for some reason this issue has become polarized and Oprah and oversimplified leaving people in one of two camps these bike lanes or no bike lanes we are suggesting a different alternative we suggest a solution that is reflective on the community feel of the annex where people work together and different voices are heard considered and accommodated figuratively and literally we are looking for a middle path in which we say yes to bike lanes but we also say yes to potentially redesigning these bike lanes to improve cyclist safety motorist flow and the success of neighborhood businesses bike lanes on Bloor should be a certainty so if we all agree that that's the case now is the time to assess what can be done to improve them let's do the work now to make bike lanes a vital and welcome part of the blur Street infrastructure going into the future please let's learn from other neighborhoods and cities that have successfully implemented bike lanes in order to create a permanent holistic solution that benefits the entire neighborhood cyclists businesses pedestrians and motorists included we need to look at the whole picture thinking about what everyone's needs are or we call the middle path that is how we continue to build a flourishing 21st century city and looking at how to improve the pilot project there are four main concerns here though that we would like to talk to you about data safety traffic flow and design this in for the first data the information that is being gathered to assess this pilot project is sorely lacking one thing we know to be a fact from speaking to all the members of our group is that business is down onblur Street the city has asked a bunch of questions of the business owners along bleuer however they have failed to ask the one question that matters to businesses which is how are your sales now compared to before the bike lanes came in instead businesses were simply asked do you think the bike lanes are worth the trade-off out of a hundred and fifty businesses 53% said that the bike lanes are worth the trade-off there was no other information provided that pertained to business and no definition as to what what worth the trade-off means this question is far too subjective and the answers don't offer any concrete data then our b8 BIA commissioned tika a cycling avid advocacy group to do the economic impact report which would be okay if businesses were asked direct questions about the economic impact of bike lanes instead here are the questions which were not relevant or India dick hood indicative of the impact of bike lanes on businesses and their economic development please feel free to take a look at the questions asked in the document I provided in my communication before this meeting during that meeting the city met with us at the BIA meeting along with Tcat and the city and after listening to us ask questions about the Tcat they suggested that I create a study group the study group became the annex business bike Alliance group we did our own survey oh excuse me their report came back saying that businesses up more than 90 percent is up more than 90 percent of business customers come from the neighborhood and cyclists spend more and stay close to home that is data which is significantly flawed as it pertains to our own sales we did our own survey which also we which we also provided for you our survey shows that 70% of business reports sales are down 70% say traffic is down both day both day and evening loss of jobs outweigh new hires by 6 to 1 after sharing these findings with Tcat in the city the department of rep transportation recognized that the economic impact conducted by Tcat was biased and insufficient so they continue to pursue facts to support their claims it was at this point they began to reference maneras to suggest that businesses in fact up on Bloor Street knocked down as the businesses are reporting however this claim is misguided in two major ways first maneras is only one of four credit card processors therefore if you want to use this kind of data they need to get it from every processor in the neighborhood second finally and most crucially more credit card transactions doesn't indicate more sales all it means is that more people are using credit cards instead of cash and as only as as we all know with tap being available on most credit card machines for small purchases now it is easier than ever to use your credit card more credit card transactions just means that more of the purchases that happened are be done with a credit card not that more transactions are occurring that the city asked banks in the control and pilot area if commercial cast deposits increased or decreased during this period no so I'm going to explain to you the equation that they're using and we're gonna go a equals B plus C plus D a our sales equals B which is maneras credit card and interact transactions plus C which is check plus D which is cash a city and or through maneras the the what we hear is that an increase in B of four and a half percent is automatically an increase in a so that B goes up four and a half percent and then your sales automatically go up four and a half percent but that's not the truth cash and check as we know was part of the business income and that's not reported here so a business like my own when I heard that report from maderas I did my own study in September and I discovered that B which was credit card transactions I don't use maneras I use another processor name first data went up four and a half percent because I'm a restaurant I don't accept checks and my cash was down 25 percent and so my overall sales were down 2 percent talk to any business owner in our group and they will tell you unequivocally that business is down or has been made more difficult since the introduction of bike lanes again we are it feels to us that no one's asking us direct questions no one is no one is doing a survey that comes to our business and ask questions about how the business is instead the city spends what we hear to be twenty five thousand dollars to contact maneras and gather that data I don't know how much a survey would be to approach local businesses but I don't think it's gonna be twenty five thousand dollars the point is is business down enough to remove the bike lanes absolutely no however it is down enough to include us as part of the conversation to try and mitigate our losses or see if there are ways to increase business as was promised to us when the pilot started Thank You Miranda we'll talk about safety I am I am one of the 70% of businesses not captured in the Monaro stata we were told yesterday at City Hall that it only captured the 30% of the businesses along along the lore but this is my partner that's safety and cyclist safety should be one of the major concerns in the design of any bike lane according to the city's report the number one cause of accidents is during and I have been adored on Bloor the current bike lanes on Bloor are designed in a way where passenger doors now open into the bike lane and this we believe is not the safest design for cyclists we know you asked the question of whether people feel safer do you feel safer or not safer with the bike lanes on Bloor however no one asked about comparative safety of other bike lanes in this city cyclists should be consulted if they felt safer on harboured versus blur our Wellesley versus blur not just cycling on Bloor of course cyclists would feel safer on a major street with bike lanes than without bike lanes however it makes sense to also ask which bike lanes in the city you feel safest in and consider implementing that design on Bloor I don't personally like biking on Bloor right now because it's dangerous with the doors the current design has also created issues because of the lack of curbside access people have no clear place to get in and out of taxis nowhere to let guests out during bad weather know where to help people with mobility issues to be dropped off at the door and no way for parents to get children safely to the sidewalk people have to enter and disembark in the middle of the road all of these concerns have to be taken into account and implementing the most efficient and safe bike lanes for the neighborhood if this is a pilot project let's really make it a pilot project and listen to have what's happening on the street okay - traffic flow according to the city's report the growth overall since the bike lanes started as 4% or 371 riders per day the numbers being disputed by cycling groups who are reporting much higher numbers regardless of the exact numbers we can all agree that growth is in the commute and it goes east in the morning and west in the afternoon furthermore the report states that the ratio of bikes going east versus west is four to one in the morning or two to wanted me out in two to one in the afternoon I rush over the scale between East and West traffic seems way off if you stand on Bloor Street and observe the actual traffic bikes are lined up twenty to thirty deep on board Street in Harvard almost at almost every traffic light in the summer while the opposite side would have one or two bikes in the morning traffic on Bloor Street goes from East goes going east from shoddy university is always backed up while westbound moves with no traffic the opposite occurs in the afternoon the ratios would seem low because from observation the commute is when the majority of the cyclists are using the lanes again before implementing permanent infrastructure the following questions need to be addressed what are the hours of peak and off-peak times that you mentioned in the report why did you not choose to include winter numbers in your study can we no can we not I'll just admit that bike traffic is down in winter because other alternatives exist and so I think cycling is not the safest winter mode of transportation motorcycles are put away in the winter most people also put their bicycles away those who don't are a minority they need to be heard but they should not be the ones to lead the debate do you have do you have the data on the traffic flow by the hour and its where is it our fourth beam is she was designed there are many examples of diverse by claim design and operating hours in Toronto and around the world st. George harbored Spadina bay Wellesley Sherbourne Richmond and Adelaide all have bike lanes Montreal in New York have summer in winter paths Vancouver and Ottawa have bike lanes on side streets and back alleys currently the city chose to take the Richmond and adelaide lanes which are both on one-way streets and superimpose them onto Bloor Street on both these streets during off-peak hours there is curb access Richmond and Adelaide have vastly different demographics infrastructure and Street scapes in blur street bike lanes should not be a one-size-fits-all proposition in the annex for example cyclists have so many more options they have harbored street bike lanes or the side streets through the annex these options don't exist on Richmond and Adelaide so we need to factor in the specific of the neighbourhood and what kind of lanes would be more effective and achieve the objectives for everyone we propose that we look at the whole picture thinking about what everyone's needs are what we like to call the middle path the middle path is hard to get to in today's climate people want easy solutions where one side is clearly right or wrong by finding the middle path is how we continue to build a flourishing 21st century city we were told that this was a pilot that it was not a choice between these big lanes or no bike lanes rather we would gather data study the results to figure out what worked about the project and what can be improved we believe that improvements in safety traffic flow and design still exist and these changes will help residents businesses cyclists and motorists we think the main focus should be on finding a solution that works for the most people the most times one where no one feels overlooked the only way we can do this is actually listen to one another except compromise let's aim for a solution that reduces tension increases understanding and moves us forward the annex is unique and we deserve a unique solution it will take a little openness and we can increase safety and satisfaction for everyone right now if you have a mobility and disability issue you are no longer welcome in the annex if you want to drop off your child and park and go and come back we don't we don't accept that anymore in the annex if you're old or you're scared of falling on ice and snow and want to be dropped off or picked up at a business we don't offer that anymore in the annex and the annex is all about accessibility it's all about welcoming it's all about being a neighbourhood of ideas and progress and these bike lanes as they exist now take a lot of the spirit away from art from our neighborhood so in designing bike lanes in the annex there are two environmental concerns that we think should impact design first of all there is winter and summer hours for blur street bike lanes and then have a different design for rush hour and non rush hour periods in the summer and we would like to extend those right now we understand that the peak hours are 7 - 9 - 4 - 6 we would like to extend those hours in the summer during on peak hours we would like to see the following we want removal of all street parking as it as it exists today on Bloor Street we would like a painted and named HOV Lane for cyclists only in the summer during off-peak hours adopt the same system as the bike lanes that exists on College Street and along blur east of Avenue Road reinstate curb access for cars in the winter the streets revert to the same same rules as any street without bike lanes under this scenario we see the following benefits businesses we will get curbside parking back and our customers will feel safer motorists they will get the incentive to cycle to work during the summer and have winter experience residents will have more parking and less vehicle traffic on the side streets cyclists will have a true separated rush-hour lanes when the lanes are being used the most they will enjoy increased safety with the elimination of the potential for passenger during plus an HOV designation that motorists are used to following the lane will be wider to allow cyclists to pass without going into the traffic flow we want signage lower speed limits and other indicators that this is a shared community where everyone is welcome and everyone should be safe the design we are proposing for our portion of blur street can work and almost need every neighborhood along blur street we hope that this path of acceptance and compromise can be extended along brillar Street from Scarborough to Etobicoke is now up to the committee to put forward some amendments to staffs recommendation or ask staff to do more work on the matter the middle path is the solution thank you for considering our proposal and we are very happy to answer any questions now okay thank you we do have questions for you councillor m'lady so have you been able to give staff these recommendations at all yes we had we had a meeting with staff yesterday and we provided them with recommend we've provided them with our recommendations and before yesterday no was there an opportunity for you to do that we we have been tried to communicate with staff and counselors to arrange a meeting to give our opinions but no there's been no no no meeting no no no one no one from our from our local councillors office has contacted us since we began with the group and work the BIA we're not allowed to speak at the BIA because we're not but but earlier I asked a question of the BIA and whether or not there was a community meeting held and the response was that the BIA board meeting is the community meeting it was a different video it was the Mirvish village BIA I can tell you that for the BIA meeting for the decision that this was made it was not it was not made aware to the members so is that BIA supporting this initiative has come out in support of the is there been a community meeting to determine what the community might want and a few public consultations but they're but they're really just an open and they don't really have a direction there's not they're not hosted or anything like that really there been a community meeting specific to the business owners know so nobody's really giving you an opportunity to give these recommendations I think yesterday I'd like to give you some background information on that question counselor we approached the BIA in mark we had to attend to two board meetings in this year and at the second board meeting we provided a petition of which I have in front of me fifty or sixty businesses that wanted the BIA to create a subcommittee to support an independent evaluation of the economic impacts of Bloor bike lane that's what the BIA with our we went to the BIA and we asked them we wanted a subcommittee because this was February and March and we understood that business was was not going so well okay we wanted to understand why and your be I didn't didn't come forward with any resolution no no they didn't allow us to even do a subcommittee we weren't even allowed to create a subcommittee to study it did you you didn't have an opportunity to tell this to City Toronto staff at all ever no so the City of Toronto or its consultants never gave you an opportunity to talk about all of this well we've been emailing the mayor so the mayor you've contacted the mayor he came to my store and I and and did you tell him all of this all of this that sales are down that we weren't feeling heard by the BIA that the Tcat study was the maneras study reached out to 30% of the businesses in your quadrant that's it 70% they did not hit no no the the Wayman Arras is the explanation is that Maris is the largest processor of credit card transactions in the country and they have a market share of 30% and therefore they're just extrapolating in your community there's a lot of cash that goes on in these mom-and-pop shops first nobody's bothered to ask you those questions with respect to whether or not your business has declined or not correct correct and that's why you're here today yes there seemed that's part of why we're here today we have other issues but but the number one issue for us is if this was a pilot about business and our business is suffering it may not be the bike lanes but businesses down so we're looking to the city to either do other you get Santos do you get that this organ yeah so so do you get that what we've heard here in a very consolidated organized effort by others they're telling us that that all of the answers are in this report and that that's 76 pages and safety is mentioned over 100 times they don't focus on business questions at all one question do not have liked to see the audio tape that the city has as made of the cyclists along Bloor for yourself to see whether or not the numbers were accurate they are refusing to give it to me as a local counts as a councillor and and for us to have here would you not want to make sure that the numbers that they're advocating are actually factual by by a count what I would I've spoken to the city about and I I accept I accept some of their numbers and some of their numbers I have a hard time believing our concerns everyone has their own numbers I don't know they they hired a really professional traffic flow company to provide these this information where where we have an issue with is that when you're when you're on Bloor Street or Harvard in the morning and you're looking at traffic going either way eastbound is lined up from as far as I can see from from front last question promise all right no problem before the bike lanes were the pilot project hit was the vehicular traffic faster than the bikes at that time the ones the bikes that were using blur street was the vehicle air traffic faster so my experience is I haven't the bike lanes have been put in place right is what's faster the bikes or the or the cars and before the bike lanes were put in what was faster you know I I live at blur and Spadina and my business is a queen and Crawford and I cycle I've been cycling for eight years so on a long blur streon Harbert Street there's always been red lock Harbert as since the bike lanes go from Queens Park all the way to Shaw the blur street traffic has definitely increased and definitely there's a lot more cyclists on the road and they are certainly moving quicker and I don't I don't see a problem with that honestly I don't before the bike lanes were put in what was faster the car or the bike I can't I don't know I can't I can't assume it's the cars councilor prude so so you said that your business is down two percent your particular business is down two percent based on what you the work you did yeah look at your own business mm-hmm and I would believe that statistics since you have access to your own cash register oh yeah that I believe your study I'm saying I'm believe with that you when you say your business is not represent but you're saying as well that it's not necessarily down because of the bike lanes right I can't you can never prove I can never prove the number of disparate businesses though we've got everything from high-end men's clothing to ice cream to sit down restaurants I mean there's a it's a wide enough two bakeries there's a wide enough range that it doesn't it stands to at least be part of the question I guess we could we could always like to some degree debate that ad nauseam right now you've proposed a number of changes to and I heard that some bitchin hov take it out in the wintertime you also understand that and I suspect that our traffic experts the people that designed Bloor Street and and I guess you could you could alternate between you know hundreds of different options right in terms of what alignment how could work where you could put parking when they're loud when not Obama take it off to you but I said I suspect from a safety perspective they would look at one need to create a system with some predictability so that users get to know what that road looks like all seasons so that it it becomes safer for for the people that actually use it as opposed to perpetually making changes and I know and I understand that you're you're making some thoughtful suggestions that you want to put on the table for people to consider but you also have to understand that at the end of the day they have to come up with a design that kind of works for everybody and that is predictable and it's made safe and people don't agree with you we're not we're certainly not experts in traffic management and we're certainly not experts in bike lane design what we are our local businesses on the streets and seeing seeing the impact of this new design in the neighborhood and trying to figure out a way where we all kind of live and exist and benefit from from in the neighborhood there's there's many different solutions and I hear you I've heard from the same staff they people aren't smart enough to understand that there's rules in winter and summer so exactly yeah and I'm glad that some degree you came here with her open mind as opposed to sort of having a position and then trying to get information to fit that position so you can you can sort of make that argument did that antica that's answered asked only questions - and I understand that sometimes that's variably that that that kind of happens because people come to these kinds of issues with them predisposed notions of what's right and wrong and and what you know ones right over here someone else's right is it is it do you as a business on blur Street have more right to to have a successful business over someone who cycles who has a right to ride on a safe Street safe public road I mean that that's that's something that we could debate at length as well so what the question was that once you have put those proposals of yours on the table and they've been considered thoughtfully considered by the transportation experts and let's just hypothetically say that they were it's the first question I've asked all day yes George nobody bothered you like I don't get it okay Hauser holiday we have to keep moving thank you chair of a lot of time thank you for speaking to us you talked about the issues around the gathering of the information about the sentiment of businesses council before I think I proposed a clerk survey and people looked at me like I was crazy do you have any suggestions on how we could go and gather that data independently because that was the assert Asian is that it's not independent and even if it's true or not people's feelings about that are important to their confidence are you saying like what who do you hire kind of thing or how could we do it we just really need four we would just like for questions asked your business up or down by what percent have you hired or fired by what percent so if I told you that we we could get the clerk's to do that for I don't know on dollar fifty a survey or a ballot and I don't know whether five hundred businesses down the street on a million dollar project I don't think it would be that hard I don't know if it's worth it no I don't know you know it's sort of like the time has passed I think I think in terms of getting a survey done of businesses it would have been nice to have done it you could either do it going into businesses with one of us to ask the business the problem along Bloor Street you have to understand is there's some small businesses like I like us I'm a little bigger than than these two because they don't work out of the out of my business but a lot of them are franchises a lot of other bigger corporate stores so it's hard to get that data from them but what in our experience in doing our survey it's really about the owners going into the business because anytime someone comes into the business you're just like forget it right and and I think the questions you got to understand for us is that the questions the Tcat asked I don't know if any of you have been able to look at their quiet house here just to kind of illustrate we got am i I got 50 seconds right can you tell me a little bit about the changes because you're the only businesses I think that have being here today other than the BIA is like the only independence that have come and forgive me if there was others but I I you're saying about the the behavior of the cyclists on the road and is it would you see it's a thoroughfare like it was reported in the news are they stopping not stopping okay the report says a thousand of them came over from the Harper lanes on to Bloor do you think the sales are down on Harvard maybe because of that or I don't know the economists the Senate around it it's not it's not about cyclists coming into you know to shop in our places and whether they're stopping and robbed there most of them most of it is used as a commute that's what it's mostly used that as to it's a commute and during the commute we believe that there's a competitive advantage to cycling rather than driving it makes sense to us it may not it we just believe that one person in a car driving to work parking getting in their car driving home should should not have any more rights than the same person who cycles and in fact if you cycle it's it's a better way of getting there so we're we're not about criticizing the cycling and we're not about being anti bike or whether they you know increase our business or not I mean most of the business is down but that's fine we want cycling in the city but what we want is to be heard and if our business is down we want some help from from from counsel and not not have every report come to us and say that your business is up your business is up your business is it reminds me of the adage of advertising where 50% of advertising works you just don't know which 50% but you know it works cuz sales are up in this circumstance all we get is everything tells us our business is up except not who looks at our business it's just it's unfair and it's not the right way that it should have been conducted and we should have been heard and we should have been and we should be we should be discussing our issues and our ideas not 10 hours before you're about to vote on a on a proposal this should have been a done months ago and our local BIA knew our local councillor knew the mayor knew and and still we're here today making a deputation so it's very frustrating for us we like cycling we like bikes we want the safety for cyclists that's not what this is about this is about being heard and saying is there a middle path is there a way we can change this for everyone and and no one wants to talk I want to take back saying it's not worth it because I think if we had if maybe if we did have the numbers you could go back in five years and say what's your business now and then people other business communities looking at what will happen to your bike when bike lanes are introduced you could say for the first year it might not be so good for the first two years but we've done the study and it was a numbers study and in five years business got better because because the changes they got used to the changes but right now we don't have we don't have the monetary data to go back not to we have how many people came into your store how did you get to work today okay I guess I've got some questions I'd like to ask you so I'm struggling with a little bit of this manera is a is very well known as a big retail outlet operator that's not my impression of the streetscape it's more on ma pawnshops it's a mix it's eclectic but was this the right choice I think that if I think the right choice was what they were trying to do is substantiate that sales had gone up by looking at credit cards they were desperate as they realized that the Tcat study was so false and had no direct questions to sales that they had to look at other information so they quickly looked around and paid money to maneras who was also the city of Toronto's credit card processor and so what they came back with you could have maybe you could have gone to chase you could have come to first daddy you could have gone to any one probably the numbers would have been the same it's the formula it's the formula it has nothing to do with who got the information it's the formula just to be clear it somebody said it was 30% of blur street that is actually not accurate that is not true no one knows nobody no one knows oh I don't want to mislead the committee yeah to think that it was 30% because it absolutely was not 30% also they were supposed to be walking door-to-door a merchant survey and yet in the report it doesn't indicate how many of those there were are you aware of that happening and how many people have that door-to-door merchant survey can I just speak to that actually um I'm actually in a unique position in that I have got location both in the pilot area and in the control area at my Danforth location so that's the control area survey takers actually attributed answers to my store manager that she didn't give I want to just have everybody hear that she that my my store manager was told she had given answers that no one in my company gave any answers at my Danforth location and yet Tcat attributed answers to her and and the chair the the lead person on the study knows about this and nothing was no steps were ever taken to get to the bottom of what happened I was told I could retake the survey but I mean that's not that just really throws some holes in the data collection process so I forget your actual question I another do something was there walk-ins there's no in the reward so I can tell you I the number of the I'd like to know how many door-to-door merchant surveys were conducted yes we wanted every door to have a survey every every single business to be have some type of interaction I believe there's some information of that in the report but I don't have it no there isn't there's no number there okay the ice mentioned this earlier to the chair of the annex BIA but when when a corporation does a survey or a study they're often mocked when they pay for it what what my question is here is what a lot of people I think are struggling with is that there was two bodies that did a lot of this legwork on the study that were vested parties they came and they spoke at the piaac meeting where we debated going forward with the pilot had spoke in favor of the bike lanes and then they were enlisted to actually do the study that just doesn't sit right with a lot of people so could you speak to that definitely I'm during the time to at least in 2016 I know that at least two of there were at least two rallies if you want to call them pro pro bike lane rallies business me bike lanes mean business on Bloor Street I've got the I got this all at home and and why business why bike lanes are good for business they had made up their minds essentially in 2016 before any kind of study resulted comment come to about come to come to be published that that these were gonna be good for business and they were going to do whatever they needed to do it seems to to establish that furthermore the the the BIA essentially just gave a platform and a budget to a special interest group to an activist group to propel their their mission statement which is very clear on any there any of their websites any other literature for the more I think the reason they ask such questions about how merchants got to work that day which has obviously nothing to do with their sales or the economic impact I believe that they were doing that so that they could promote this idea that merchants are predominantly drive their cars are gas guzzling anti progressives which of course is completely untrue ok my times up is there any other questions seeing none we're gonna move on to the next speaker so just to be clear we're gonna cross off 47 Barry Alper we're crossing off Miranda block yep 48 49 51 okay these 656 number 60 so all those individuals weren't able to stay yes well that's unfortunate okay well thank you for telling us you very much alright so I believe if I'm not wrong we're on number 53 Heather Kelly Heather welcome just want to make sure that the people that weren't able to stay that this group actually represented their voice is that accurate it's accurate okay thank you I just wanted to make sure that the people that didn't show that this voice that we heard represents all the people that had to leave and he said yes thank you my name is heather kelly and i am the founder and director of the blur street culture corridor as well as the director of marketing for the Royal Conservatory of Music sconce arts division which is Turner hall and two other music venues on Bloor Street West I'm here to express continued support for the Bloor Street bike lanes we've seen the project implemented over the last year and we'd like to see the Bloor Street bike lanes made permanent and continue to evolve and be improved I do believe that bike lanes in our city are an essential element in developing Toronto's safety accessibility affordability and prosperity the city has now increased the number of people cycling along Bloor Street by more than 50 percent this is incredible the pilot project the official City of Toronto evaluation of the pilot project also does document a reduction in collisions and conflicts that motorists cyclists and pedestrians all feel significantly safer that businesses reported growth in the number of customers and that the visitors are coming to more often to blur street these are all indications of success of the pilot project and they're good news for the 10-year cycling Network plan for the city of Toronto's vision zero road safety plan and for the cycling infrastructure network that's detailed throughout the teo core proposed downtown plan and it's good for our local culture destinations the blur street culture corridor is Toronto's most diverse arts and culture district located along blur Street West between Bathurst and Yonge streets its multi-organizational multidisciplinary and multicultural it's a consortium of 19 arts and cultural organisations that attracts more than 3 million attendees at our destinations per year and our organizations employ more than 5,500 culture workers our organizations started to notice an increase in the number of people coming to arts and culture events by bicycle and a significant percentage of our employees are cyclists both as their primary mode of transportation both seasonal and year-round I do have some quotes from a few of our employees and management that I'm actually going to skip over in the interests of time but I would like to note that their key points in their quotes are first and foremost about feeling safer in their daily commute to and from work on the blurr street culture corridor as well as health benefits seeing attendees at our culture events coming by bike transportation issues environmental issues also touching on tourism livability and other and navigation of our city we know that there's issues to address and improvements to be made continued incremental improvements to a permanent bike lane on Bloor Street should address these and should address these issues the solution is not to set the city back by moving bike lanes we'd like to see the city please move forward with permanent bike lanes on Bloor Street and continue with the forward evolution and improvements thank you thank you I just wondered again because I haven't heard of this organization your what is the name of the organization and well the Bloor Street culture corridor okay we're a partnership consortium between nineteen arts and cultural organizations on Bloor Street West oh we can name them if you'd like but you could name a few that we might know sure everything from the hot dogs head Roger cinema to the Royal Conservatory of Music to the Royal Ontario Museum the Gardner Museum the baddest shoe museum the instituto italiano de cultura the native canadian center of toronto ally ostracize to Toronto the miles nadal jewish community center Tafel music 9:18 bath our Center for media arts and creativity the Randolph Center for the Arts a different Booklist cultural center which is African and Caribbean the Museum of Estonians abroad a virtual reference library and the Japan foundation of Toronto and sound streams and I really hope I haven't forgotten anybody Wow but that's our consortium yes so those are major cultural institutions and your organization has officially discussed and endorsed and are coming forward today to say continue the lanes yes and the reasons you gave mostly were about safety increased bicycle use and your employees yes both employees and attendees we have both interests in the safety and transportation options for more than 5,000 employees that are cultural organizations and we also have an interest in people coming to the neighborhood more often spending more time and more money at culture institutions at businesses in the neighborhood and that cultivation of attendance at all of the different kinds of elements of the ecosystem of the neighborhood so just to confirm this is the official position of your organization thank you hi there I'm Sarah and my son Tom I was just hearing what the businesses were saying these businesses were saying and I just wanted to say I I shop at Gregg's I go to fresh and I was just talking to them and saying we absolutely want to work together people who bike people who walk people who take transit so any if business has a concern that's my concern too because I love Bloor Street and I love the businesses on Bloor so we all want that but I came today primarily because of my eight-year-old son and he is the reason that I support the bike lane being made permanent we travel from our home in st. Clair West to the businesses on Bloor and we traveled by bike we also go through blower to get to other destinations when if we're on Bloor and there's no separated lane there's nowhere safe for my son I can ride anywhere I'm a comfortable cyclist but he cannot so when you're considering it and I know it everyone has different opinions and it were a diverse City with a lot of different opinions so I appreciate your listening to everybody including myself but when you're saying to me and to other parents with children is either if you're not going to give us a lane on Bloor Street that's safe for him to cycle on so you're either then you would be saying he should ride his bike on the sidewalk which people don't want or I should get a car and drive and take away other people's parking spots or be in front of you on the lane on Bloor Street or we should stay home so to me those three aren't viable options for us as citizens and I think we need to have our streets be safe so our children can bike ride and get around and not have their lives at risk so I'm here to ask you to please keep the bike lane thank you I and design improvements sure all the way but let's keep the lane let's keep him safe actually I was going to ask if Tom wanted to say anything about cycling and whether or not he likes to cycle and he has any ideas about cycling on Bloor Street tell the Machine and do you prefer it where there's a lane do you like the sidewalk better or do you like a bike lane better and why do you like the bike lane better yeah you crash into signs on the sidewalk and other people sometimes doing yeah ok thank you very much thanks for your time there any other questions from members of the committee no thank you is Vanessa Hertz here I've been I so welcome you have three minutes ok so as stated my name is Vanessa and I work for a company called bike Oh as some of you may have heard bike it was a mobile app that partners up with local businesses to reward cyclists for every kilometer that they pedal doing this in the belief that positively rewarding those who choose to leave their cars at home will have measurable impacts for not only the environment but the mobility of congested cities and the health of those who live there as more and more urbanites are choosing to stay in the city center active transportation of course needs to continue to be a primary folk of city planners and engineers which includes the implementation of bike lanes this city is undergoing tremendous change in terms of active transportation and the mindsets around it and while change isn't always easy it is necessary encouraging people to ride bikes not only gets everyone moving around more easily but again it reduces pollution while encouraging a healthy lifestyle cyclists in Toronto have been historically underrepresented and the popularity of the blur Lane has concrete evidence that we are here and we continue to contribute to the multimodal nature of the city we know that without a doubt protected bike lanes are the only thing that get more people comfortable riding bikes this is reflected in the most recent study put forth by the city showing a 25% increase of new riders on Bloor Street and an overall usage increase the 49% through our own data analysis bike Jose both able to fully support this finding and in fact we found that more bike o trips have been recorded on blur Street than any other Street in Toronto there are so few bike lanes that are built on destination streets that putting a bike lane on a street light floor where people are ending trips and not just biking by is monumental making a move like this shows that Toronto is the world-class City it is often thought to be and making these bike lanes permanent shows that the city is taking a stand making active transportation a priority and not just funneling cyclists onto side roads outside of optics alone these lanes onblur critical to completing the cycling network plan joining the other projects that are currently under revision if we want to make vision zero or reality we need to be keeping and implementing more protected bike lanes not removing them as reported by the city however debatable it is today the businesses on Bloor have not been affected in the negative way that had been anticipated and in fact many businesses have seen an increase in sales bico plans to work to support these businesses by bringing cyclists to their stores and breaking down the age-old assumption that people don't bike to shop our partnerships already around the city prove that the shift in mentality is becoming a reality bikes to bring business in fact cyclists are even more likely to make discretionary trips than those in a car so while these bike lanes may not have proven their worth to everyone here today they demonstrate a huge step into the future for the City of Toronto in summary we fully support making the Bloor Street bike lanes permanent thank you from visiting councillors members of the committee councillor m'lady you're an advocate and I and I can I get that what you're an advocate advocate before the bike lanes and I get that we've had some businesses as much as you may or may not believe them say that their business has dropped and that nobody has really consulted with them you think that there would be any harm at all for us to give them an opportunity to be consulted to talk about their ideas and to bring it back here so so do you think we should implement this right away or do you think everybody should be consulted and maybe do this next month I know I absolutely think that they should be consulted and we've actually partnered with some of those businesses that that were here today speaking so you know while change does take time to be adopted obviously there's going to be a traffic flow change on Bloor Street and people are gonna have to maybe find new ways to get to where they were going whether they're on car or or by bike those changes just take time to get used to and while a year is is this efficient Pyatt is you know a sufficient pilot it's not representative of of that behavior but it's worth it to take a step back of breath of fresh air consult with everybody and then come back after yeah that's that's definitely not what I'm saying I'm not suggesting that anyone else be consulted no they can continue to be consulted as the project evolves for sure but even as these businesses that were here questioning if I may the use of the lanes they still fully support it so yes we can we can evolve and the project can change as as no they didn't say that they didn't know they didn't they said they support bike lanes and they gave some some options for themselves that were not listened to by staff or consultants or anyone they said that if it's between these bike lanes and no bike lanes they choose these no they said that they want an opportunity to talk to someone what did we just say that you keep it to questions if you could and threw the chair no it's just that he's interrupting it continually does it you interrupted me I asked one questioning of supports imagine me I'll go through he asked he's just going back and forth department think she understood another let's move on he can ask the question 100 different ways he's gonna get the same answer councillor m'lady please ask the question but in the form of a question I think you just kind underst we didn't understand I guess the same way I had understood that the group wanted to be consulted wanted an opportunity to give their their particular view to the city and they wanted an opportunity to do that before council dealt with it that's not what you heard you heard that they wanted it if I claimed the way it was go ahead and I'm unsure of fully how to answer that because I think it touches on a few different points it's okay they asked question yes okay thank you um if I may as long as it's an answer to the question okay would you would you like to ask a question councillor permits um so so what you understood I think what I understood was that they would like to have some other options considered but at the end of the day if it's bike lanes like this or no bike lanes back to - no bike lanes they prefer the bike lanes that's what they said correct that is what I took for free thank you and and one last point I may I heard you earlier questioning the validity of the studies on Bloor yeah I like through usage so just answer the question though yeah thank you I have a I have a question I'd like to ask you actually madam chair I wondered if you wanted to take the chair just go ahead all right so biko is an app that you represent right yes I'm their market man and I thought I heard that works on the principle of you log kilometres or travel time yeah have you ever considered sharing the data with the city yes so that's to the point I was just hoping to make one of the great things that we're doing is collecting the GPS trip data right we have been chatting with members of your urban planning department through sharing that that information to help make informed infrastructure decisions one of the things you mentioned is there's a reward system when you log kilometres and although the debate is not alive it may come back another day when I proposed licensing cyclists one of the things I asked people to look at is can you get an app and can that app work in a way that maybe once you install and and log some kilometers the the cost goes away or there's some kind of reward do you think the system that you've got could interface with that kind of an idea or be support of that kind of an idea yeah so that's a great benefit to working in technology is there there are lots of opportunities and options to co-create programs a discussion that I had with a representative of Aviva insurance at the beginning in the summer was something along these lines again I don't want to say that I'm for or against licensing bicycles but it's fine definitely yeah we're lucky to I'm lucky to work in technology where things are but the technology you have can support that kind of an idea by the sounds of it I mean you're rewarding with businesses but you could okay all right you know thinks that helpful yeah any other questions from the committee thank you for coming Jared Kolb you're next welcome how do you think you know you've got three minutes thanks very much my name is Jared Kolb and I'm executive director of cycle Toronto and I'm pleased to be here in front of the committee thanks to the committee for your time today this has been a long session and thanks to staff I also want to thank staff for a very impressive report that has outlined a variety of the metrics that I think we need to use to judge the success of this bike lane we know this bike lane is working but I want to inch I want to underscore with this committee that really you need to from our perspective see this as three top ways to analyze the effectiveness of these lanes the first regards safety what we know is that from the report is that thanks to the blue Street bike lanes near-miss collisions are down by nearly 44 percent and that's over the course of a ten month period we have heard from the the recent deputies advocating for on a HOV Lane for cyclists and what an HOV Lane for cyclists looks like is this in particular on Spadina these are sharrows this is not a form of bicycle infrastructure that cities that are trying to design safe cycling networks build in the 21st century when we want to build bike lanes we build protected bike lanes and that is essential from our perspective we're going to move forward with Bloor there are improvements that need to be made and I think the cycling community recognizes that as much as the business community does but to move forward we need to move forward in a way that looks more like this the lanes on Laurier Avenue in Ottawa there's significant analysis that these lanes have have come back to the city that have demonstrated that collisions on Laurier Avenue are down significantly thanks to truly protected bike lanes so please remember sharrows are not cycling infrastructure protected bike lanes are the gold standard and that's where we need to go in this city I'll also note ridership that's the second area where we need to focus we know that thanks to the bike lanes ridership is up over that ten month period by 49% percentages mean what that means that we're over five thousand cyclists per day by June that's ten months in by September thanks to bells on Bloor we know that those counts are now between 62 and 67 hundred we're near that is a doubling which is an impressive feat we are getting Torontonians moving the third thing I want to note and that is to analyze this report Rick is the third piece is the economics we know that the Ontario Association of bi 1/2 B IAS have specifically recommended against the style of consultation that that the anacs bike Business Alliance is proposing there is far too much bias that is allows the and the methodology that was used in the study was used by the city of calgary and analyzing their cycle track network to move forward on this analyzed safety ridership and economics and let's build bike lanes on Bloor let's make them permanent and let's expand them thank you very much Jared were you surprised at the results you've seen in the report based on a one-year pilot you know considering that the bike lanes were installed in in August and that the data points the final data points when we're talking about ridership or from June and that we've seen such a significant increase in that small amount of time I think that is really telling when we look at Richmond and Adelaide which in 2014 there were bike lanes of course installed on Richmond and Adelaide before the lanes were in there were about a thousand cyclists using them per day the two streets 500 in each direction lanes were installed that summer by 2015 that number had increased to three thousand cyclists per day in 2015 thanks to the guidance of this committee we expanded those lanes to Parliament and by 2016 that number was up to 6500 cyclists per day this is a 3.3 kilometre stretch we're talking about on Richmond and Adelaide and to see the growth and explosion of that is incredible so I think that the numbers we're seeing here are really impressive to 21st century cities tear-out bike lanes um no no they don't they build more of them and they build complete networks of protected bike lanes yeah there's some talk that the data collected isn't enough that this should be deferred what would be the impact as you see it a bit deferral if that were to happen I mean I guess the 50 or so deputies that have been here today mothers seniors children you know students doctors would all have to come back to tell you again why once again why they support these lanes so be a huge suck on everyone's time what's more though is that we will lose precious time that city staff are have to move forward with designing a I think a really impressive and quality cycle track protected bike lane that can help to address some of the concerns that the cycling community has had and some of the concerns that the business community's had yes just as a last question a lot of the debate today and the questioning has troubled me because in reading the report I would have thought we should be debating about how far to extend them not whether to keep them what's the position a cycle Toronto on that yeah I think that it in terms of the corridor in the city you know the the 10-year cycling Network plan noted bluer and Danforth as key cycling corridors and you know I think that we've heard from people right a clot across the political spectrum that say we need to move forward with this campaign research did a poll in September indicating that citywide 57% of Torontonians want to see the blue lanes approved in June Angus Reid did a poll is that 69% of the city wanted to see these lanes approved I mean enough is enough let's get this done let's move on and let's keep working on building Toronto's minimum grid [Music] Thank You Jared he started to answer what my question was going to be and that is public opinion and I wondered if you could share any other information about public opinion particularly what was what the results were related to the Lord Lane in particular sure yeah the city staff report notes that in terms of motorists before the bike lanes fourteen percent of respondents reported feeling comfortable driving next to cyclists on Bloor compared with 66 percent afterwards so motorists feel more comfortable since the bike lanes have been installed cyclists this is no surprise eighty-five percent of cyclists say they feel more comfortable riding a bicycle on Bloor they say it's very safe versus three percent before the installation and pedestrians 86 percent say that those surveyed say that they feel a better or they feel better or the same as before in terms of citywide I'm listening thank you thank you in terms of citywide support we've got a break down from the Angus Reed poll that was done and we we know I'm gonna just pull it up for you what we found was that I'll just put it up on the screen so we found that the youngest Reed poll that surveyed 802 Torontonians equally distributed across the city found that 57% of residents of Etobicoke wanted to keep the Bloor bike lanes 69% of North York residents wanted to keep the bike lanes 70% of East York how many percent of East York and 75% downtown so I think the consensus is clear we need so on that note speaking of East York and the East End of the city you've been doing some outreach on the Danforth indeed and what's your sense from talking to businesses and people on the East End as you know the corridor study was supposed to be reported on with recommendations in this report it's not and I'm wondering what you might like to say about the East End yeah you know I think that when when we're talking about Danforth we're really looking at and a when we're talking to businesses to which is something that cycle Dharana does often business is there's there's many businesses that are in favor of the lands and bringing lanes to Danforth there are others that have concerns and there are others that are opposed we're not going to be able to make everyone happy in the business community but I think that what the what the stats demonstrate what studies have demonstrated is that over time bicycle lanes are good for business and they create a more economically I'd say you know prosperous part of the city in Vancouver in 2011 the downtown Vancouver BIA came out in opposition to their downtown cycle track network flat out opposition the city moved ahead by 20 but five years later by 2016 they had reversed that position and they have fully embraced a network of cycle tracks in the downtown of Vancouver and the primary reason for that is because it is good for business it took a little time but it demonstrated it to itself Thank You chair to continue from councilor holiday all in favor that carries sorry I think I'll be quick I understand who you represent in your position on cycling in the city but I wanted to know if you had any concerns if the pilot was extended across Bloor Street about the cumulative cumulative effect of delay on motor vehicles and what that might do because looking at something in a segment is much different than looking at something as a whole so that's a that's a good question so what we saw from the Bloor pilot was that the number of motor vehicles using the corridor declined from 24,000 down to 20,000 yeah the parallel routes of Dupont and Harvard absorbed about half of that so about 2000 there's another 2,000 vehicles that are unaccounted for those could be on side streets those could be people who have switched to biking those are people that could be of switch to transit well we've seen though is that there is a small delay that city staff worked hard actually to cut down to two minutes in the in the morning and four minutes in the evening and I think that this is something that we certainly need to study as we move forward but as we continue to embrace and and really to invest in our cycling network I think what we'll see is an evening out over time people will choose other options and they will whether it's biking or transit or other routes and I think we do need to send a strong signal on that but you didn't answer the cumulative effect are you not concerned though that motor vehicles will still continue to use these routes and if that delayed across a larger segment of Bloor becomes 10 20 30 minutes is that not a problem I mean I would I don't think that we'd see a delay like that councilor I in terms of the work that other jurisdictions have done we haven't seen 30 minute delays thanks to bike lanes what we have seen are small delays and so from the literature I think it's actually quite clear of course our city city staff will be empowered would be empowered to investigate that into it analyze it which is really important there's motor vehicle delay figure anywhere in the calculus of your group deciding whether or not to support a project such as this is it evaluated and if it is how do you measure the threshold at which you could accept a more turrican vehicle delay versus no doing yeah so in 2012 we adopted a position to support building separated bicycle lanes on Harvard Street and we at the time were we were petitioning you know we were generating signatures around city staff did some great work on that they came back and they said that from within the corridor between Ossington and st. George the the delay to travel time for cyclists as well as for motorists would be opted by in the order of magnitude of 8 to 10 minutes and we didn't think that that was appropriate and so we changed our position and we said that you know Harvard is not the ideal place for separated bicycle lanes so I think that is we are evidence-based and I think that's an important part of the discussion so what is your what is your game plan what would you really like to see happen in the city would you like to see separated cycle tracks on every street what what is your big picture vision for Toronto would you love to see it everywhere for cycle Toronto our position is is we really supportive of the ten year cycling Network plan and in building that out that was adopted by City Council last June within that there are separated bicycle lanes identified for study on a variety of corridors from our perspective we do need to invest in big gestures to help encourage people to feel safe riding on our streets and you know the middle path that was advocated by the Bloor bike annex alliance that is not an approach that is safe for for parents for children for seniors for common people who want to ride sure the kamikazes are going to of those lanes they're gonna ride every anywhere that 1% always does but if we want to be serious about investing in getting Toronto moving by bike and encouraging people giving them options where we are building all ages and abilities infrastructure we've got to commit to safe protected lanes which I know the chair okay so did you know it's really not very highlighted in the report but there was a their husband near-miss collisions conflicts I'll call them to use the proper terminology between pedestrians and cyclists so those are up those are up by 61 percent since the lanes have been put in what can cycle Toronto do to address that conflict between because that really concerns me and I'm sure you too so what can you do to help us with that yes I think that's that's a real you know an important point something that I highlighted when I was reading through the report I think that in terms of the sight lines there is a design aspect to this the sight lines are a concern and that that is something that I think that empowering city staff to study it and to come back with a permanent design that helps to ameliorate that is a really important step I also think that cyclotron tow can help to play a role in that as well and encouraging people who are using the corridor to ensure that they're I'm slowing down using you know good cycling etiquette passing you know other cyclists by using their bell and by you know honoring I think on our streets that are most vulnerable are our pedestrians so I think there's messaging that we can help with that I just want to also note that those Laurier bike lanes that I mentioned they were studied there was a four year pre and 4-year Post collision analysis that went along with those separated cycle tracks and what they found was is that while the cyclists these are pedestrian collisions the bars on the left the the first in the third bar are motor vehicle pedestrian collisions the second are cyclist pedestrian collisions and what we've seen on those lanes is a significant reduction in the number of collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians there's a slight increase from cyclists and pedestrians typically cyclists you know there they're slower moving vehicle the kinds of collisions they're not generating KS is but I think it's important to note that when we do have a long term view what we're seeing is across the literature from other cities a reduction this is the photo he showed this is a this best practice she showed this graph is really nicely and then it's just quickly lost I didn't catch everything you were saying - councilor holiday about DuPont versus blower cuz I think a lot of people said that to me I'm sorry not DuPont harboured but also DuPont right is North off so a lot of people have said to me I guess the original EA was between blurring and DuPont north and Harvard if you really buff those up and made them bigger people have said why not those options versus Bloor what's your answer to that I'd say two things in particular one is that Harvard doesn't offer the connectivity options that Bloor does and in terms of you know the Harvard bike lanes end Ossington and your options are nil you're effectively stranded and that's a really important point on Bloor there are far more options and in terms of studying expansion that's a into the West is an important piece to that equation and the other piece around it is that in terms of traffic diversion what I would the point I was making councilor was that motor vehicles have been diverted to a small degree the 4,000 that have been diverted 2,000 of them have gone to Harvard or DuPont okay so that's okay yeah I was aware of that okay thank you very much I think you're our last speaker okay you're the the final act rock and roll thank you - before we proceed to the in committee portion I just want to thank all the the deputies for their excellent presentations today and their patience it's 20 after 6:00 we've been at this since 9:30 so and they do want to ask I think the committee members who have been sitting in their chairs all day as well so now we're moving to questions of staff and then we'll move to speakers and then the final vote this is our last item of the day we don't have any items after this so the next portion is very important because this is where how we determine how we how we vote on this issue so we'll start with questions it is five minutes yeah so yes because a lot of people people have a lot of questions right and so we've been waiting for this these moments so we're gonna set the clock for five and start with councillor Krusty Thank You chair so I guess to the general manager of transportation services is has this been one of the most comprehensively evaluated transportation studies for cycling infrastructure or any project in that matter in recent history through you yes it is in my experience so this is in the City of Toronto one of the most comprehensively study projects we have ever undertaken absolutely and I would say in North America in North America in the results I've read the report in detail and we've spoken cycling is up is this one of the largest used cycling corridors or lanes in the entire city through you it's number two in the city now it's been a significant increase and it's now the second highest used cycling facility in the city so when a one-year pilot it already has become the second most popular bike lane in the entire city does that surprise you that that level of increase took place in one year through you doesn't surprise me I think it's a really strong increase I have seen in other places that the increase in cycling with this type of infrastructure is typically pretty significant so I think it's a it's a great and strong testament to people feeling safe using those lanes now you just mentioned the word safe there one of the objectives we've always talked about in this project and and in all projects is to make our streets safer in your professional estimation as the bike lane on Bloor made the street safer through you as you know we don't have a fulsome collision analysis yet but in terms of people feeling safe from what we heard from the surveys from the separation that is afforded from the predictability of where cyclists would be located I think by all of those measures and probably some that I'm not thinking about it is certainly a safer facility then not having a separated lane so in your professional estimation it's safer can I go to some of the data the qualitative data we've got back based on the surveys what percentage of cyclists now feel safe safer riding on Bloor compared to 2015 before the installation true chair before the installation 3% of cyclists felt safe riding Bloor Street and that number is now grown to 85% the other perception factors in terms of safety are that 86% of pedestrians feel that their experience walking on Bloor Street is about the same or better than it was before the installation and about 14% of motorists felt comfortable driving next a cyclist on Bloor Street prior to the bike lanes compared to 66% after so cyclists 85% of cyclists feel safer 86% of pedestrians feel safer and 66% of motorists feel safer with the bike lane is that correct that's correct councilor all right on the impact on vehicle travel times through signal changing and other measures it's my understanding you've been able to reduce in half the increase in travel time in the morning and rush-hour peak and is that accurate and what is the increase in travel time currently that's correct councilor the increase in travel time in the morning peak in the eastbound direction is 2 minutes and the PM peak in the westbound direction is 4 minutes and that's being reduced in half over a nine month period due to operational changes that's correct councilor we use the first count in October of 2016 to inform changes to optimize the operation of the street ok no there's been some conversation here around the level of consultation that's taken place I wonder in the time and I only have a minute in 15 seconds if you could go into the number of surveys responded to the number of meetings that took place and the number of points of contact with businesses councilor sure we had two public meetings prior to the bike lane being installed one in December with about 230 attendees and one in March with 270 we had a public survey online before the bike lanes of the 2,000 responses after the bike lanes with 14,000 responses which is the highest of online responses that the city has ever had for a transportation survey in terms of engagement with businesses we had two stakeholder meetings prior to the the prior to the bike lanes engaging face-to-face with stakeholders did walk throughs and hundreds of hand delivery of staff and speaking with businesses by staff and after the bike lanes were installed we had a series of site visits with businesses as well as the BIS you mentioned site visits in addition to stakeholder meetings the survey the public meetings the site visits the four representatives who spoke to us who said that they did not speak to city staff did you or any members of your staff speak to them and did you or any of your staff go to meet with them on-site the businesses for the blue bike alliance they contacted us at the meeting of the blue and X BIA and asked to speak further there was back-and-forth email correspondence with my staff after that meeting and on last week Thursday they asked meeting with me and we met yesterday thank you very much yes I have a question about the maneras data can you just summarize what you learned counselor over all the maneras data which is point-of-sale transaction data showed that in the study area the there was growth in the value of customer spend a four point four five percent compared to a growth citywide a four point nine six percent and more than the growth in the seat control area of two point two one percent so that's growth in the spend of customers using debit and credit transactions the Monaro stated also provided us information on average per transaction size which has decreased across all industries in the pilot area and citywide and that is this we anticipate it's really because people are topping for smaller transactions okay could you just tell us more about the Tcat study how is conducted how was reviewed was it independent there's been some question about that was it a professional study so in October of 2015 the blur annex BIA and Koreatown BIA commissioned a study by Tcat and the University of Toronto also funded by the Metcalf foundation and they they put together the study terms at that point when we brought the proposal for the pilot to council and we were directed by Council in May of 2016 to partner with the BIA s on an academic impact study so both the city transportation services staff and economic development and Culture staff sat down and went through the questions being asked in methodology and agreed to proceed with partnering based on that council direction I understand that's that sooner a undertook merchant surveys door-to-door and achieved a high rate of response rate from their merchant surveys as well as random pedestrian intercept surveys in both the pilot area and the control area and so in terms of the methodology and the results you have confidence in the results councilor we do have confidence in the in the results the methodology is consistent with methodology that was used to measure economic impact of cycle tracks in Calgary as well great thank you very much now I have questions about the Danforth when the ten-year cycling plan was approved there was a recommendation approved that you were going to bring forward recommendations for the initiation of a quarter study on the Danforth what we have in this report instead is a comment in the last paragraph of the report which says you are going to bring forward a framework for councils consideration of the benefits and impacts of extending the facility further east and that you would know its proposed that as part of the council directed review in 2018 staff would include a recommendation so are you simply deferring this recommendation or is there still a question of whether or not we are going to initiate a danforth corridor study in June of 6 2016 when council was debating the the 10-year cycling network plan council directed 20 services to report back as part of this report on the appropriate timing to initiate a major corridor study for Danforth when as City Council considers of these findings since that time our we've received a extensive amount of funding from the public transit infrastructure fund from the federal government there was announced in August 2016 and the project list approved by council in December of 2016 and that program has a very aggressive schedule and has been a significant demand on our resources as a result of our commitments in with that program and already programmed work we recommend that as part of the council directed 2018 review of the ten-year cycling Network plan at that point we would recommend about the appropriate time to start a major corridor study on the Danforth so you're not saying it's a question of whether it's a question of when you're going to start it we've got five minutes councilor so this isn't a question of whether we will have a corridor study it's a question of when we're going to initiate it through your chair that kept the tenure cycling network plan recommended a major quarter study for the Danforth we wouldn't need to have council direction to initiate that study and so we would be making recommendations about when to initiate that study after the council director review of the ten year second that were planned in 2018 so that's very ambiguous the chair it's just that we need to follow Council direction on when to initiate the study council direction was to bring forward recommendations for the initiation of the major corridor study on Danforth at the same time it's when council considers the findings of the blur street pilot project through chair our recommendation at this time is that we don't have the resources to initiate a study at this time and that we would have an appropriate level of understanding of when we could initiate that study after we complete the review of the ten-year plan in 2018 are there any funds available in the federal allocation to be able to use towards doing this the PTF program is allocated as per council direction to date the complete obvious question of you about eight months ago I asked you for some information do you recall the information I asked you for through the terror yes council you asked for a raw data from the video footage and when did you get back to me on on reply of that request I believe the initial request I responded to on the same day and we've had a series of emails between that day and late September when we had a final review of that request from the privacy and information office my emails suggest that you waited eight months to get back to me on the first request counselor the final decision from the privacy and open information office came at the end of September but we've had a series of correspondence between your request and at that time I would like to share with this this group the actual emails and the responses if that's okay are you sure that you replied the same day through the chair yes counselor I have an email that you requested the video On February 27th On February 27th I responded indicating that we would be unable to provide the video for privacy reasons from what I understand but that I could provide the raw count data in spreadsheet format and there were a series of email correspondent dates that we can go through following that if you like and and didn't my staff suggest that that you give us the count with with all of the privacy issues dealt with so in other words if its faces that need it to be blurred out and if it's license plates that needed to be blurred out that that you provide us with that copy didn't we suggest that that be done counselor that's not the format that the video is in through the chair the we don't have the resources to scrub the the personally identifiable information from those videos the ruling of the privacy office was to say that it would be against the terms of mafia to release that video to yours that were blurred you could release it could you not through you chair that would be the spirit of the legislation but when we're talking about the number of the amount of video we're talking in the range of four a blue or Street alone it's um it's over a thousand hours of video footage but wouldn't we want to see that if there's numbers of people that are that we're relying on based on the footage why can't counselors get that footage so that we can do our own count to three amount of chair with respect to the specific question it was referred to the deputy city manager's office who provided a response that in its raw form it would the this staff responded appropriately by following the policy with respect to the traffic monitoring cameras that they had they referred the matter to the city clerk's division who then provided the response that providing that data in the raw form could not be released so with respect to a a question of the way it was respect to your question of then making modifications to the video that was not within the budget or the scope that staff had that would be a significant cost all right - then prepare that that data for for release that concealed lights within fit but I can still be done if Council gives you that directive right through the chair that if council directed that staff could provide a council with a time estimate a cost estimate in order to scrub those tapes and they can make that decision accordingly right so they would have to alter the visual of the face and any license plates or any businesses or whatever it is that that's correct the policy that council has is concerned about then releasing that the visual image or being able to personally identify people are property so I just want to go on to how we actually surveyed or talked to the businesses because it's clear to me that there's a total misunderstanding then of the businesses along Bloor Street some say that they were consulted and others are saying they weren't consulted at all cash has a lot to do with it and maneras didn't do the due diligence that at least a good majority to the business wanted why why wouldn't we have asked them directly about that true you chair the the nature of the consultant consultation with businesses involved the online survey prior to and after the first survey involved one hundred and twelve responses the second survey had one hundred and forty responses from people who identified as being from a business of providing a business name and address and their and their name so reputable responses through the engagement with the economic impact study with Tcat there was door-to-door efforts made to reach 67% of businesses including sixty five percent in the blur annex area seventy three percent in Koreatown area and fifty-six percent in the control area that involved one hundred and ninety one in person surveyed extension for the councillor to continue his questioning this by the way is not my this is not mine I did not spend five minutes you're having so much fun it went by that quickly but it was yours how courteous of you counselor Perutz up how is it that he gets away and and anybody that sitting beside me gets one more question like a question before the howling in the howling be put to end can the howling be pretend I've moved one minute extension for the counselor to continue to speak to ask questions I would like to can I just ask a question can I get through a question that's just this is your last question I moved the motion we're over the time donating a motion you-you-you broke me up when I was asking my very first question extension for the councillor to be able to ask his question legitimately you break me up all the time the motion has been put forward to the committee I just want I just want to ask one more question without all those in favor opposed that carries the group does in front of us was a very serious alliance that's been put together it's a group of businesses that feel unheard this is the first time you heard from them today were you aware of their concerns and the concerns that they brought forward today or did you know about them through chair yes I was aware of their concerns my staff have corresponded and the public consultation unit have correspondent with their businesses in their group in the past and I they asked me personally to meet at the end of last week and we arranged a meeting yesterday on that basis and we spent an hour and a half for several months prior to that once their group formed they formed after a meeting that I attended where I spoke with them in person at the blue onyx BIA meeting where we had a conversation in person and my staff have had correspondence with their organization and what happened to their information what happened everything that they suggested today they clearly have told you that so what what happened between that meeting and and and now why wasn't it included in any of this okay I hope that's answered so it's not in the report for the chair we've indicated in the report that there are diverse opinions from business oh not that's your response that we get into the fact that there are concerns about customer opinions was the response noting issues Thank You chair can someone describe the methodology used to put up the cameras so they put up on poles Judit air yes they're put up on poles okay and how many days did they count through the chair a minimum of three days midweek for each of the that count periods on the poles cameras are up on the poles for video 24 hours a day for at least 72 hours were the cameras up from Monday to Friday like for the entire week and then the days that were required were taken so it was there sort of a lead time where they were up and then they were there's a after time when they were taken down over they just up for those three days through the chair I don't have the details on the lead time put up and down but it does take few hours to get all of the cameras up and down but the cameras are up for a three day continuous period for each count cycle okay thank you wonder if somebody could talk to me a little bit about winter habits and cycling we know that the counts were taken in October in June and those are kind of mid shoulder season with with it if you plotted bicycle activity on a sort of a sine curve over the year it would go up and down but what do we know empirically about cycling in the winter what's the percentage of use through the chair we have two locations in the city where we have winter cycling counts have more count locations where they're counted all year round and we find that it's about 30 percent of the of the the peak season cycling takes continues to take place in the winter based on those two locations and where are they there's one location at blur three days at Castle Frank and there is a location also on Sherbourne okay can someone talk to me about the maneras data so how many businesses are along the Bloor Street stretch through the chair approximately six hundred businesses including ground-floor and an upper tier business the group that was in here is mentioned the number of 30 percent as the percentage of application of maneras to these businesses would you say pura CLE that sounds about right through the chair yes the monarus is the largest payment processor in the country and and the range of 30 percent is about accurate so the sample size then would be around 200 if it was 130 600 approximately yes okay would you say that the maneras data is a comprehensive representation of the economic activity or is it more just a data point it's another data point we considered as part of this process so it wouldn't be fair to say that that is the be-all and end-all of knowing whether these businesses flourished or they did not that's correct councilor fair enough you talked a little bit about near misses and I wondered if we'd ever used this methodology and evaluating a roadway before through the chair no we have not used this methodology before it is quite a new methodology and transportation engineering generally can you tell me how it works how do you how do you figure out a near-miss through the chair so just to be clear this research was completed by the University of transportations sorry at the University of Toronto's Transportation Research Institute and the engineering school what the methodology of completing the conflict analysis is to review video data to confirm if there are the opportunities for collisions to take place so a conflict is a situation where two road users are or if they continued along their same trajectory without changing direction or speed that they would have result in a collision so it it identifies potential collisions ie conflicts so one of the things I hear the community is councilor we need to stop saying here right away I mean that all you should have seen the near miss the other day or I was backing out of my driveway I just got just above got mowed down by a truck this word near miss is used all the time to try to articulate a situation which is scary or dangerous or to emphasize a point would you advocate that because there's this new technology emerging we can start using near misses as an idea to evaluate traffic situations all over the city future it is a very complex and charging field of understanding what the benefit is for a situation like this is that it's a shorter observation period compared to looking at what we would usually like to see is five years of collision trend data to be able to make a meaningful comparison so what was the observation period through your chair it's looking at number of hours versus a number of days for collisions so it looked at the video the daytime video conflict opportunities through the before and after count periods so was it one of the U of T researchers looking at the screen or were they actually sitting on a on a lawn chair on the side of the road kind of taking notes on a clipboard viewing a screen counselor so they took the data they looked at the screen they said look those two cars are pointed at each other they might collide so I'm going to tick that off as a near-miss or is it am I getting that right or there's a bike in a car going at each other but they swerve the other way is that kind of what what that means are you turrets along those lines yes counselor okay all right thank you that's very helpful I just the maneras study there's a lot of back and forth and up and down I guess the bottom line is my understanding is if you compare it to what happened across the city if you do that comparator it actually went down in a small way it marginally went down on this corridor during this past year compared to the rest of the city through you chair there was about the same amount of growth in this area as there was across the city same amount was it up down or the same slightly less growth but about the same amount of growth Oh sir I don't understand that they're always right for the miss for not being clear about the across the city we had almost 5% growth and in the pilot area it was 4.5% growth okay so a little bit a little bit down from what happened across the city a tiny bit yes that's correct but more than a control area but more than the controlled area and then this this terminal we can't say too much about it I understand their sensitivities but how do we know if the retailers in this corridor use up that's really hard to understand fully for I guess stuff but how do we know who has it and who uses it and who doesn't along that corridor forget the rest of the city just if we zero in on that corridor true chair we know that they are the largest payment processor in the country and they've indicated that they have a high enough market share in this part of the city around the range of thirty percent that would mean that they can give us sufficient data about transactions in this area okay thank you that's that's it cuz the rest of my questions I've actually been answered so I'm sure I do have a couple of questions I know you you want to ask something so you want to start now with your clock started or is there are there options that can that where the cycling can even be made safer in your view Ryu chair separated bike facilities are documented through independent research to be safer we do have recommendations and outlined in this report for improvements that we could make to improve safety on this particular corridor if it were to be made permanent so just very briefly what what what changes would you consider to make them safer stuff for you Tara in terms of safety we would recommend additional payment markings green markings tend to indicate conflict zones in certain locations more fulsome separation rather than just a painted buffer and bollards in in locations where that's possible at the time when there would be future capital work on the street thank you I guess it would be a point of order if you don't mind I ran into this difficulty of one of the other votes earlier I want to vote against the package so if there are amendments to this does there need to be a motion to vote for the package or against it or will we have an opportunity to vote against them in other words should I be moving a motion of receipt yeah I'm just I just the fact that I do want to vote against the package motions are introduced to see what what the rulings might be around that now the reason I'm asking is I'd like to know whether or not I need to move a motion of receipt so of receipt so it's in my back so if I want to vote against this it's in my best interest to move a motion to receipt yes I'll advise the clerk to cancel a commotion this is a public meeting councilor and everybody out there deserves to know what that what councillors are asking in the way of questions the councillor cannot move a motion to receive as the report before them contains a recommendation and it's it will be reported to Council so is will there be a moment here where I have the right to vote against the package and the reason I say this is because earlier I wasn't able to do it there were there there were motions put forward and then there wasn't a final vote of an issue we dealt with earlier that's why I'm the counselor can request that motions be split and be voted on separately and if the chair agrees that the motion contains different propositions and can be split then that can happen what can happen if the counselor proposes that all motions be voted on separately and individually and the chair agree is that all the motions contain separate prepositions and can be voted on separately then they can then the committee can bow on them separately but at the end will there be a vote a separate vote for the package together no not unless the items the motion to adopt the item has been placed and then there would be a motion to adopt as amended I would run the risk of not being able to vote against so is there a way is there a way for this counselor to move a motion that allows me to vote against this package no that would be a contrary motion and it would be a vote against no I'm being told I can't do that okay the counselor can vote against the counselor can vote against the item as amended okay that was the question okay that was the question okay go ahead thank you very much chair and let me begin first of all by thanking our city of Toronto staff who have been working tirelessly to design implement and successfully implement a bike lane on Bloor I want to begin by thanking them and then the deputies many of whom have been here just as long as us today at times over the course of today it has felt like we were in the 1950s for goodness sakes this morning a cyclist was killed on our streets that happened today so let's talk about what we should be focusing on for 40 years people have been working for bike lanes on Bloor I grew up just north of Bloor cycling on Bloor I lived just north of Bloor today I ride it still and our city of Toronto staff have stated unequivocally that the pilot bike lane on Bloor not only worked it was a tremendous success and should be made permanent I agree with them bike lanes on Bloor are here to stay so let's make it so for far too long in this city and frankly today's discussion reinforced a debate of the past for far too long bike lanes were seen as divisive that somehow it was bikes or cars that it was bikes or business this report has shown that that debate is gone it's passed in fact when you design a bike lane and you implement it well it is a win-win for everybody that's what we heard all day long from nearly 60 deputies that's what we have seen in the most comprehensively evaluated transportation project in the history of this city in the history of the city now this pilot project let's look at the data let's look at the evidence it is moving more bikes in just one year the number of cyclists have been increased from nearly three from just over three thousand to more than 5,000 cyclists the bike lane on Bloor is now the second most popular bike lane in the entire City of Toronto in just one year wait until next year so biking riding is a it is safer on the day where a cyclist was killed on our roads this bike lane has made this street safer pedestrians 86% say they feel safer drivers 66% say they say they feel safer cyclists 85% say they feel safer near-miss collision shows that it is down 44% vehicles we have been able to minimize the impact on travel times in half over the course of the study it's now just two and four minutes by making it permanent it will go down further but it's two minutes and adequate pystep it price to pay to make our street safe do you bet you bet anybody else can go to the ballot box and say sorry two minutes isn't worth the extra safety for our kids or our cousins or our family members and as it relates for business and as it relates to business staff have said very clearly here that in a project where we studied economic impact for the first time on a transportation project that it has been a success we had a professional study carried out by Tcat that staff our professional staff stand behind that found that 9 percent of customers are drivers and while I understand that change may be hard the maneras data the largest provider of retail transaction data has shown that business transactions went up four and a half percent to those who would say more people are using cards it went up more than the adjacent areas of Bloor and danforth which would say the business is doing well and so is this bike lane perfect of course not it's a pilot we put down some paint and bollards but by making it permanent we can address the outstanding issues and I understand that our chair councillor Robinson has a motion to that effect that I encourage you to support now for 10 years if you would ask people 10 years ago in the neighborhood do you support bike lanes on Bloor in my neighborhood you wouldn't have got a resounding yes but today this bike lane is supported by the five local residents associations all of them to local BIA s 17 local institutions from the University of Toronto to blur hot docks to the Royal Ontario Museum to cycle Toronto and bells on Bloor who are there long before the rest of us listen we are a growing city we have no choice but to redesign our streets to move people and move people safely 21st century cities do not tear out bike lanes they build more of them you have a big decision here in front of you and at Council an even bigger one I want to thank and commend Mara Tory for his thoughtful data-driven support for this along with my comrade-in-arms councillor Layton who could not be here he's tending to his younger daughter but it is time to make the bike lane on Bloor permanent let's get on with it the data is crystal clear thank you very much thank you our next speaker is councillor Davis thank you how do I follow that thank you you haven't taken any potshots at me so go ahead George you I've been watching on TV all day I too think I in the time that I've been here that I have never seen a report as comprehensive as thorough and as clear a result as a report that came with as clear a result as what we have before us today what you have before you today a report that says this pilot project demonstrated through a very professional study plus additional work done by our staff that Bloor is safer for everyone the majority of people who use it feel incredibly much much safer only four percent felt safe on Bloor before and now it's 87 that 25% more of 25% of the new riders 50% more riders but 25% were new riders new well hadn't ventured out on this street before but they did now because they feel safe riders like me it is a great bike lane and I've now traveled from east to west across all the across all these lanes and they are fabulous we also have a report that not only showed increase ridership and usage and confidence it showed there was less fewer incidents less conflict between users on the road now the one one piece of concerning information was the conflict between bikes and jaywalkers and I don't know that there are easy solutions there jaywalkers I'm sure transportation services will tell you trying to stop jaywalking is one of the largest challenges we have so obviously we will look to see are there other things we can do there the public opinion was absolutely clear users non users residents and virtually everyone who came out today said bike lanes on Bloor should stay and I was completely struck by the cultural corridor that the official position of all of those huge cultural institutions right along Bloor they want to keep the bike lanes on Bloor because they believe it's better for their business and it's better for their workers those largest cultural institutions in the country have said to you today keep the bike lanes on vellore so I don't know what evidence more evidence you're gonna say you need and I don't know what you're gonna say to critique either our staff and by the way I think some of the questions were completely inappropriate and on the verge of harassing about the distrust of our staff and that was completely unacceptable because I do believe our stuff it's evidence-based that have been brought evidence-based analysis and a very solid recommendation they reviewed the Tcat study and they believe it is valid and to question that I think is completely unacceptable so I don't know as I said what evidence anyone thinks they need to demonstrate that this should be removed remember the four hundred and twenty five thousand dollar price tag by the way but I don't see any evidence that says this should be removed I am concerned and I'm very disappointed that we do not have a recommendation to proceed with the major corridor study on Danforth because the pressure on us to expand the lanes on Danforth is huge and it's being used heavily and we now have to move from this and I hope that between now and well I haven't figured out quite what we're going to do about this because we do have an Avenue study and we're supposed to be coordinating the Avenue study with major corridor study transportation corridor study but we will be working to make sure that the blue bike lane is extended both east and west and to make sure that residents of the City of Toronto have the ability to ride right across the center of the city and bring Toronto to the standard that other large modern cities have achieved thank you moving motions and speaking on this item and everybody has five minutes each so who would like to speak next counselor counselor Jin Lee thank you very much ma'am chair and I'm gonna start by saying that I'll move the staff recommendation and I'm very sure that there'll be amendment in port forward so but first of all like to move staffs recommendation I know the strong support for the bike lanes to be made permanent on a blow street and when the report first came out I was interviewed by the Chinese media on a talk show and I basically she challenged me why it should be done and what happens with the businesses that they think you're hurting from it and also I got emails from people saying there's someone there more cyclists on blue street than they are cars and the report came out no there are less cyclists and cars but the increase in cyclists has gone up by 50% so is increase is safer less conflicts between other users on blah Street so we have to do the right thing in erecting is to make it permanent so and people in my area that opposed to it become Estonia says how can you do this you know you're gonna create problems for us when we go downtown so my my we totaled them is that when was the last time you drove downtown you know what the bike lanes are like downtown and I encourage you to take a subway downtown if you really want to go downtown okay don't create any more problems for people and I don't want people driving through my area as well when they're going to Markham that's why I'm proposing to make transit available a better transit network for everybody to use so it's something that we all have to cano to gear towards a change in terms of demographics a changing world this is why I fully support this and in fact my own children have asked me you know when can we get safer bike lane that comes from our air route to downtown so they can back down so I says it is a long way off so take the transit downtown and go get on one of those Bike Share bikes and bike around all right so that is the best way for us to try to adjust our own life song to a changing environment a changing City so I'm moving the software condition thank you all right you can do this though that's okay let's move on to our next speaker and I don't know who that is is it councillor holiday or councillor are you speaking no you're not speaking that's really spoken I don't have any motions okay no we don't need any more motion so you've got a whole rock of them so okay councillor holidays next thank you madam chair I have a few motions I'd like to start with motion C can you put it on the screen motion C you can just keep going should be no surprise that I'm a skeptical of this and I'll explain why in a moment but this is is the motion to end the pilot project and I would like also to place a second motion which is motion a and that is requesting someone to have a look at what the Abba group had to say and report back on some of their ideas and and let council know what what can and cannot be done I think they had a lot of good things to say so I I've thought about this report and this this pilot project has struggled me right from the start because I rewind back to a year ago and we first talked about it a number of members of council debated this and tried to understand what success looked like but that was dodged and and curved and nobody wanted to admit what a successful pilot going to be so here we are a year later trying to figure out what success looks like and you know what the theme has been today something about safety yeah a lot of cyclists feel safer and separated bike lanes there are 22 collisions that were reported those are down I'm not surprised I'm not sure I needed a 1 million dollar pilot project to tell me that when you convert a live lane it has mixed-use vehicles in there with bikes into a dedicated cycling lane I guess people are going to feel safer in that infrastructure the one number that is not being talked about in all of this discussion of numbers is 371 why is 371 important no one's reported it no one's debated it no one's discussed it if you look at the volume of people that go through this corridor at the start of the project there were three thousand three hundred and nine cyclists and there was about 24,000 cars made some changes we introduced the bike lanes those numbers changed no surprise more people ride along blur in a bicycle didn't need a 1 million dollar pilot to tell me that but there we are and the volume of cars went down it went from 24,000 to 20,000 cars but the other thing that was important that nobody wants to talk about is that the volume of cyclists on the parallel route the routes that I identified in the last debate that need to be looked at and for me to understand why we need additional cycling infrastructure when we've got two parallel routes went down there's a thousand West cyclists on Harbert so the net increase of cyclists is three hundred and seventy-one that is what the project brought us 371 new riders along this corridor what's the cost what's that's 11% what's the cost Anthony the cost is as was brought up by one of the deputies 2,000 cars vanished into the ether we don't know where 2000 them diverted to parallel routes because they just couldn't make it along Bloor Street we found out that midway through the project there was an 80% and a 40% delay time in those vehicles to go through thank goodness there was some changes made and those were cut in half there's still 40% and 20% everyone watched it's just a couple of minutes you know what a couple of minutes here there and everywhere along your route delays somebody trying to move across the city why is that important because as we frustrate drivers as we frustrate cyclists as we frustrate anyone trying to use a congested corridor people get aggressive and people take chances and that's where the conflicts happened and that's where people get hurt on the street is when people are competing and vying for space because they've had this incredible pressure under them so why is the councillor from the West End care about something in the middle of the downtown core well another deputy and said today you know what there aren't very many east-west roads it's true what choice to the citizens that live in the area that I represent and central Etobicoke have to get in the city you might be able to get into thank you the subway thank you but but isn't that a high rich way to say the heck with you to hell with you take the subway or stay home you know what there's some people here that still need to be driving because they have to maybe they don't have another choice maybe they got to move a work van maybe they got to move some tools maybe they got to move a couple of kids and it just doesn't work any other way you know what the message from City Hall is the heck with you stay home that's not the message I'm bringing back to my constituents I'm not supporting a project that destroys their commute into the city for 371 people okay thank you councilor holiday next speakers councilor ma'am a lady who also has I believe motions two motions so put them up the first one speaks to a poll that it'll be conducted I think it's simple to do before Council give us an idea of what what the businesses are actually up against and the second is about the the video account I'd like it's very clear without the without were either freedom for me and issues give it to your every counselor so that we can take a look at exactly what that says Madame Madame chair when the mayor was in here earlier I didn't know he was here just for quorum count I was I walked in and I actually thought well this is a good opportunity for me to ask him some questions on this because he seems to be moving in a direction to to put this through as quickly as possible and I seem to think there's motive to that I wanted to ask him whether or not it's just simply simply a political stunt wanting the votes that sort of thing and I'll ask him a council if I have to but I really believe that that's the case and now that I'm diving into the information and how it came about and who's been talked to and who hasn't and how orchestrated and I must I must commend councillor Krusty for the for the wonderful orchestrated movement that was here today everybody had their lines in they knew exactly what they were talking about except one of the largest pockets of business people who were not consulted and when they hit noticed that nobody asked them any questions because they were right they weren't consulted the argument that comes out of the mayor's office and some councillors on congestion is incredible we need to stop congestion we got to make changes to King Street we got to make sure that a 150 dollar tickets are handed to anybody that stops when they shouldn't we have to make sure that the tickets are issued by the police department when we see vehicles on any of the streets downtown because congestion is not needed or wanted in this city but yet a report that very clearly says that removing two lanes on blur Street and the way it is and recommending the congestion the way it is now increased in the City of Toronto is now being supported by the mayor who's art who's arguing against congestion and councillors that are doing it it's a complete flip-flop we're talking out of both sides of our mouth here that's what's happening it is slow on Bloor businesses are going to suffer and they are already suffering we've already heard that I've seen the polls taxpayers do not want to pay for this whether you like it or not it's it's out there people do not want to pay for this and in particular I must add that I've looked at the polls directly in every single Ward council fruit says councilor karma grabbed councilors holiday in Council Robinson I haven't looked at yours yet council days I'm sorry but in every single one of the wards that we're talking about your taxpayers do not want you to vote in favor of this because they don't want to pay for it and that's real and it's huge the difference in percentage huge I wish you could see it I know it's there I think most people know it's there and I think this thing is being rammed down everyone's throat for the wrong reasons I know the next administration I may have a good role to play in that and I know I know that I'm one of the first things that I'll do is untangle everything that we're doing down here with respect to this including this particular bad decision that we're about to make right now I'd like that opportunity next term of office I I can't force you to do what you you you want to do today I know the next time I might have an opportunity to untangle it and I will or I'll try to counselor cressie you you spoke eloquently about the amounts of people that that wanted to support this and are supporting it and and I hear that and it's very it's very it's very orchestrated okay but what you have not I think been able to read in your own ward and I apologize for this are the amounts of people that just do not want it and they've been shut out of this whole equation and so one councillor Davis looks at me and says you dare you say these things how you know you shouldn't be saying this about staff and all that I don't have to believe staff and I could say that if I want on behalf of my taxpayers I could say that I don't believe the report sits in front of me for a lot of reasons I don't believe that the drivers along blue Street were consulted I don't I don't believe the business were consulted properly I don't believe the consultants both of them that we hired did the job properly and you're starting to hear it finally from the businesses and others and now that they know that this is going to be a permanent structure okay who would like to speak next oh you know I actually have a question I this is what I was distracted a bit I don't understand the difference between counselor m'lady and counselor holidays motions related to the polling so if either counselor mammal lady could answer that question or if the clerk's could answer the question and I they flashed up on the screen quickly so I don't they both had questions about going out and talking to the BIA so just they seem very similar to me so I guess I'm just doing this because I'm actually asking you counselor mana m'lady I'm asking the mover well how does it differ from counsellor holidays we put up counselor holidays madam chair on a point of order as well if it's suitable I would accept a friendly amendment to remove a redundant piece counselor milady and I didn't prepare our motions together so we may have had the same thought well I think we did I think we should it resolve that and then move on with the speaking well you know what counts madam chair you're you're right I'm gonna withdraw my motion okay so we've consular mattli he's withdrawing his motion all in favor opposed carried and on to the on to the next speaker okay so the next are you gonna I have a few would you like to speak next okay okay you go ahead so I can speak you five minutes I realize that that you're gonna give me five minutes start interjecting in five seconds before five minutes but I'm okay with that too so I'm gonna I'm going to support the the the extending the pilot onblur straight in making them making noise oddly those bike lanes permanent so I hadn't been on Bloor Street for a while but Monday I I basically started off and on the Danforth in my car because I've done Bloor Street on my bike on my motorcycle and in my car and I hadn't I hadn't been on Bloor Street for a while because I I'm gonna reference ela boston's in in a second because she gave us really sage advice but I got in my car just to see what blur Street would feel like it was Monday probably would have been around 11:30 in the morning something like that quarter to 12:00 and a little congested at Yonge Street as I would as you expect it to be but then when I got to that track just on the other side of Avenue Road with the bike lanes lots of cars lots of bicycles lots of people out on the sidewalks and as I as I sort of moved through that and I got to to do knees knee Rossington because I stopped off for a latte there are duties to see my good friend grats I blue street hadn't fallen apart it hadn't just gone kaput and I knew I had this rapport with all these statistics and and you know what for me the only statistic that I needed to see was Bloor Street functioning people moving on Bloor Street driving cycling walking scootering motorcycling it was like a really really active vibrant street I did notice one thing in sort of thinking back on how blue Street felt before I needed to be more aware before because I bicycle down Bloor Street and I bicycle din the middle lane not in the outside lane not in the park car lane in the passing lane that's where I rode with my bicycle and you had to ride behind me and I didn't care either run me over or I have the right to the cycling lane to the lane and I cycled there because that's where I felt safest but when I drove Bloor Street before in my car I needed to be more aware people parked cars opening doors bicycles coming in out of those cars some pedestrians people walking off the curb like they always do without looking left or right you know because you know and and and I need it to be more aware as a driver I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing going forward but making it safer from my perspective is a good thing and I have a great like for councillor holiday I know he means well I mean I know he means well and he put it all in perspective for me right at the very end of his speech this debate is not about statistics it's not about facts it's not about who's up who's down who's winning who's losing it's all emotional because he said it right at the very end of his speech if you were listening I'm not going up for 350 cars get a guy from a topical to have to hold two more minutes in his car because he's not gonna be able to make the doctor's appointment in time that's what it is it's an emotional debate well if you get an additional 350 people on bikes I would assume that you're getting 350 people mostly out of their cars so you're getting 350 fewer cars on Bloor Street there's a bigger this is a much much bigger debate you know ELA bosen's God lover she's 80 years old here and said something dropped a pearl of wisdom on the desk and everybody just kind of like missed it the pearl of wisdom was this if you're gonna use blue street to travel from Etobicoke to the East End of Toronto you're an idiot right that's what she said she said it I couldn't believe it I guess when you get to be 80 you can say what you like she did and she made perfect sense and she also another pearl of wisdom you know what she said she said you know what the problem is with our traffic here why we have congestion because we have an additional three hundred fifty thousand people vital from she's listed a date and we haven't built one new single Road and we put in a lot of unwarranted stop signs and all kinds of other traffic stuff and we're like sort of its grinding down that's what's causing the problem it's not bicycles on Bloor Street or on harboured or any other street cyclists have just as much right to use our public road space as everyone else and and and and I would even venture to say that if you're a collection of businesses on Bloor Street do you have the right to use a public roadway for your own business over the rights of somebody else to public to use that public roadway as a public roadway your time's up that's that's another question that we need to grapple with I think as we okay speaker you've inspired councilor Carmichael grab to speak so she's going to take the floor now Anthony always tells Mary councillor plorts always tells me at council I need to speak more so that he can get on camera more I I have received many emails my ward is is far enough away from from this area that not a lot of my residents use blur for biking but I've received numerous emails upwards of a hundred which for an issue for my ward is a lot in support of the bike lanes I have Eglinton running in my at the bottom end of my ward which eventually will have protected bike lanes which I wish this type of data-driven research had been done on Eglinton because I may have shown a different result rather than just planning for bike lanes on Eglinton and 10% of traffic flowing into into the neighborhoods my neighborhoods that I will have to deal with once the LRT is finished but I I wholeheartedly support the bike lanes on Bloor I believe that they have worked I I think with some tweaks we can we can make them work even better so I just everybody else was speaking so I just wanted to make sure that that my voice was there saying that I will be supporting them okay Thank You councillor carmichael Greb I've got a number of motions I guess I'm the last speaker so I've got a number of motions that will take me basically my entire speech to go through all five minutes I saw I just don't think we have this right at this stage I think we have to take into consideration all the various users which is pedestrians and motorists and cyclists and transit users as well as businesses and I've certainly heard loud and clear from tourists local residents south of Bloor which I've shared with councillor Krusty certainly with a lot of feedback from from businesses and pedestrians and so my emotions really try to address all those user groups and all those stakeholders and try to just make things a bit better so I'm gonna run through them very quickly number one is to really address local businesses we've heard from them loud and clear today they don't feel they had a voice in the process whether you believe that or not it doesn't matter because we need to support them you know this the small business in the city is critical to us being a livable city and we want to support them so this first motion will do that and what I'm try to do is get this implemented as soon as possible that's not wait till 2019 let's let's go so let's try to make this cycle track improve improvements in 2018 so to try to mitigate the concerns raised by local businesses whether it's related to commercial loading customer access let's let's rock and roll number two is again trying to move this to 2018 and I'm gonna go through ABC I'm not going to go through ABCD but I'll just tell you quickly its traffic signal modifications setbacks green area markings in the conflict zones altering the streetscape to provide curb protection further separating bike lanes and parking areas again which I think is important so this should really improve again for all stakeholders all users this should improve things significantly from a traffic flow perspective which is also important number three if we can just pull up to that again focusing on traffic flow and traffic signals and again a greater degree of separation number four is everybody's favorite topic winter data I wish councillor Denzil minute-long was here he would love this one so this is to introduce permanent bike count station technology to collect year round data on cycling volumes along Bloor Street let's have the big picture because we want to see what's happening all seasons and we heard from some of our our consent constituents their trustees constituents but we heard from some pardon did I speak during your speech you're right thank you for that apology so this is I think important I think a lot of people would like to see this happen and I think we should we should support this and then number five is to speak to again I mentioned it earlier near-miss collisions conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists has gone up 61% since the pilot and we have to think about pedestrians and we have to think about specifically seniors and people with mobility issues so this is what this motion is about and I would hope that you would support this so that we can make those modifications again as soon as possible to improve accessibility and safety of pedestrians in eliminating those conflicts the last motion and I didn't know what to do with this I struggled with this one I just wanted to do a bit of a motherhood motion to say you know I felt badly for those businesses that were here today and the ones that have contacted me and called me and emailed me and I think we have to identify any method we can to support those businesses and promote them so I that's a but a bit of an open-ended one it's not directed to the general manager of Transportation because that's not her that's not her under her jurisdiction but I did direct the city manager to look at that so I feel comfortable supporting this with these amendments if these are supported I wanted to do a quick shout-out because I just have a few seconds left - milena Kristen and Cameron our student speakers today they inspired me they blew me away with their enthusiasm that was infectious and I thought they were very brave to come here to this this big committee room and a very intimidating setting and hear them speak was as I said very uplifting and inspiring also Gideon who emails me every other day it never ends with Gideon you've also inspired me so and as you know safety is a big very important very important safety is to me whether it's pedestrians cyclists seniors schoolchildren vulnerable users I have to say that that's what drives me as safety is number one so you heard my questions throughout the day I have some concerns about how things unfolded and I identified those three today so I won't reiterate those but I will say it is time to vote yes go ahead counselor mammal lady madam chair if you can put them back up again there is a few of your emotions that have asked staff to consider something what does that mean if they don't like it that they don't have to do it or are you asking them to do something well I would be open to an amendment to the motion to strengthen it if you would like to consider so that's in the second one is to consider the first one doesn't have consider the third second and third have construe consider the rest do not if you want to change that language to implement I'm open to that I would if I mean I would support it if if that were the direction having staff consider something could very well mean it's not going to happen so I will take that as a friendly amendment what word would you like to use to implement it sounds good to implement so we're changing the wording and number two from to consider to implement and then you were also requesting number three you're okay with it yes I am definitely okay with that and to implement in number three so we're taking out the wording to consider deleting that and changing it and putting in place to implement and with those I would be supporting your motions okay councillor Lee you had a question my specific question is on six number six number six number six go ahead and you did see this open-ended and so on so I'd like to tighten it up a little bit go up to number six please the last one all right so if the city manager identifies methods should we not get a report back to economic development because this is specific to economic development and to fought back to economic development hopefully by the first quarter of 2018 okay that's a friendly amendment yeah fenya okay so if the clerk could just I'm absolutely comfortable with that's a great suggestion counselor Lee and to report back to Economic Development Committee in q1 2018 thank you okay counselor Lee thank you for that that that amendment will be put in place I'm just we're just identifying something that's important in two and three in coordinating we have to make sure we're coordinating with capital the capital either capital that's occurring including water mains and we have our water main guru here we're picking the data window so counselor mannalie what we're being what we're being advised and I think it's good it's a good advice just so we're not recommended yeah so that we recommend it we forward this to the capital of coordination then I would be a instead of changing two and three at the end of your motions you would you would refer it off to the capital yeah because we don't want to take the point the point is the directions they're the directions they're the design elements want to give it over some accounts for Emily you're you're comfortable with that I'm not comfortable without any of this but I'm glad we accommodated your concerns all right so does everybody understand what we just did and two and three chair I just want you to pull out that one well there's no there's no there's no financial impacts we just leave them up it's a video it's a video it's not people okay could you could you think it's important we changed that so two and three need to be changed too group huddle or group hug I am voting for it like this you know I am the way it is from stuff is that advice center would allow us to proceed if it's if it fits within the capital program then we would consider and put it in the program if we run into timing implications as if we can't hit that 2019 year because we have to coordinate with BIA work and water main work it may occur in a subsequent year it's just that's all that's why we need to consider when that work would it's not the consider isn't an instruction consider is up to you at this point no but I think what we're what we would like to do is just get it right because we're not I think of all people in this room you don't want to see waste and that we build something and then have to rip it out when we have to do water main work ripped out next administration anyway okay so I think the best approach is to stay with to consider at this point for two and three just so everybody's clear and then we can look at modifying or amending that at Council if we if we get if we can strengthen the language I would be absolutely open to doing that manager just so we're clear what the way I interpret this is I read it as you're asking us to consider the timing and those specific dates so if you leave the 2018 and 2019 we will consider whether we can make those two those dates and that's that's the key consideration is about timing the number number one is actually you'll see is to do as soon as possible in 2018 and that is I think one of the key issues were brought forward by the local businesses today so that is 2018 all right so as if so everybody's in the loop the two entries is going to remain as it reads on the screen which is to consider I'll be supporting your amendments you're gonna make Ashley Curtis very unhappy he was very excited about that and I'm sure I'll be supporting your amendments but not well I really don't care about who I'm upsetting I just okay we're ready to roll and we have to do this in a very specific order which the clerk will advise us on so the first motion is before us it's counselor Steven holidays that City Council direct let's be clear on what we're doing right the two agree okay so the the motion before us is to direct that the cycle tracks on Bloor Street West be removed and the estimated cost to reinstate the previous road configuration of approximately 425 thousand be included in the capital budget for transportation all those and oh I guess I'll let you do it all those in favor of the motion before you that's her holiday counselor ma'am lady all those opposed mr. Carmichael grab councillor Robinson counselor Channel a councillor Perutz how that motion fails next motion and so is this do you want all of them recorded or just that last one this one recorded as well yes okay so a recorded vote on Steven holidays motion related to the Abba and feasibility of modifications on the Bloor Street bike lane project feasibility of direct polling by the city clerk to businesses so all those in favor of the motion before you councillor holiday councillor mammal ad all those a councillor J Robinson all those opposed councillor Carmichael grab councillor Chinle councillor Piazza that motion fails on a tie vote okay the next motion is I'm not sure what the next one is it's mine I think the video counter okay the next motion is going to come up on the screen this is councillor Matt Milady's about city city's video footage of Bloor Street bike lanes modified in a way that it it's permitted do you want a recorded vote okay all those in favor of motion before you councillor m'lady all those opposed L sir Carmichael grib councillor holiday no no I I was I was with my Malini on now and I didn't want him to be alone on the video I think he should get a thousand hours of video footage right okay that's a wrap next motion yes we we made sure we had you recorded in the positive next motion oh this is a good one all right so councillor Parata has requested that number four be pulled out otherwise we're gonna vote on it as a package and so these are amendments and I think I hopefully clarified them if you had any questions I hopefully I've answered them so so really just let's vote on four I'll vote against four and then I can support the rest no worries okay so you want to pull out four and do that now I don't know I mean okay so number four first so all those in favor of can I ask for a clarification on this if it does pass if you if it does pass and you do the counts you're counting cars as well right you're not just counting bicycles you're counting cars and you want to see changes in in-car traffic over times that part of that as well it's the whole picture but it does say cycling in volumes so so good let's look over can you can you can you do the entire gamut please no cars and bicycles Stephen councillor holiday wants to know how many additional written by staff okay all those in favor I said all those in favor on the clarification it doesn't include car so it doesn't you're only going to count bikes okay that is so minor that was a record on that one too I were recording votes I know you didn't ask for this one to be reported yes I I'm sorry I please record this one as well okay all those in favor all those in favor of the section in yellow before you councillor Carmichael grab councillor holiday councillor of Robinson council early accounts from a milady all those opposed councillor Parisa that motion carries and would you like a recorded vote on this last one the package we just have him counting cards in the middle of the street you have to write a motion okay and then our final motion for the evening and no to all there's two more right yeah amend the report yeah we have councillor lease okay so all those in favor of you have to say it because they all those in favor of the balance of the motion that's before you from councillor Robinson all those in favor accounts for Carmichael grab councillor holiday councillor Robinson council early councillor mammal Edie councillor Piazza carries unanimously okay now we have the item before us I guess we could adopt the item as amended recorded vote the item as amended councillor Carmichael Greg can councillor Lee no councillor Robinson council early councillor purusa all those opposed councillor holiday councillor m'lady that motion carries wow it's quarter to seven good work everyone thank you for all your efforts we're what oh yeah you're right I'm so tired just the windows Austin but what fun what fun ones bill right I was I guess I was wishful thinking

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