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to the people that the public eye, 705: by the end broadcasting system incorporated in franchise launch that it's the event and maintain radio and television broadcasting stations in the Philippines public services were sheepish mission and end up spending for 25 years the franchised competition at home in addition to avoid implementing some of information technologies incorporated a minute for the purposes of that the mission: 9485, not the pinch of information technologies incorporated the contents of the studies install and maintain the Asia and the president of the limitations of content electronic submissions and stations from the publication of the domestic and International Data Communications four and four other publishers committees of public services relations joined the service, and the definition envisioned a monthly pension of the session security issues convention that under the Social Security up of 1997 , a long, corporations and public enterprises limited, human resource development division pressure of a lot of money and not providing for the appropriate public education of children with just the seventies of providing funds the forum for other purposes by Senator Joe levy and I hope to have a vision of some of the show for the fish were several of them foreigners love the time and not providing the one other person of the service charge what it did in the bench and other submission bench biggest of the people of all the employees and four other publishers China vote on the mainland, who has lost some of these emotional and not allowing the transfer of up to the benefits of the political opposition fish and the mother's day two of the time that fly them in Chechen for the city of Republic of eminem and 61 as amended and four other publishers said of the Vietnam women's events, visions gender equality 1871 of the beginning the last Monday of jean life as the national and 3/8 bay Chan of the joy of the event of this and want to call for 97 to 1 of the sending of 25 years the franchise management of innovations incorporated amended for the purposes of that number 70948 of them at the age of information technologies incorporated in front of the submissions from maintain peace in the body of the medications although the Electronic Services and station show of the Philippines for public domestic and International Telecommunications and for other purposes should or should the latest on publisher of Shoshone nation which one of the 7:00 AM not providing evidence of the polish amenities of energy generating facilities should call reinvention of the of the offer, the visualization number below 60 inefficient, and a provision that committed a crime that an investigation into the college's station us to the enforcement of a padded an addition of Republic that number by the 447 than otherwise the siege of the name of justice will offer a hole in the oceans for the purpose of examining the effect of appeal the existing mall and proposing amendments to fire the decent and the provisions to protect the lives of children in conflict with the mill chapel in this area dresses and lots of emotion from his drummer wanted to 69 information, and a provision to meet people and that an investigation into a movie just issue of us to give up an invasion of the launch of the mission of one Lyon they may have been studying the effect of the of the existing law of abortion amendments to find a decent and provisions for the health of the end of the economic interests of the state should above invention home video, 477 is a vision that in the senate committee on government operations and public enterprises will conduct an inquiry into the decision of the most intense in the competition that of source of Security System made in the middle of ensuring the families as this members of the nation S70 , the presence of the precious memory, and one of them 271 mission vision and a provision that committee that kind of anybody in the villages 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the 74 intermission of the committee on government inch drive political be the only one event and human resources development , and that an investigation into a dormant inflation of the legal practice issue of abortion issue of the page chapter seven and one of the new version of the form of the 75 missions in the end of a portion of the people and that anybody in the station on the midst of the committee will become the years of data communication companies and responsible government agencies for the Republic of member and 69 of the frame will buy the session, chopped in light of the ocean to launch of seven stakeholders in a fit in as an omission of the action by forming a Chevron the school of information as formidable as the promotion to service its information collected and that committee of the city of these professionals and scientists profession, the National League of women for being the recipient of the prentice exchange upon international of 40 of the people to the surgeon 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president is famous for these publications and technical working meetings for the cause of them were fighting the team of a new and the oven, 16 as above, the number 7658 for the bubbles and, if the Meserve EST coastal of the government in the seventh prosecution Monday that is the mission of the independent center one of the 40 five EST of those polled said above the Philippines which of the status of a government 065 way back in 1945 years after that, in the Philippines is change mobilization as increased the division of financial markets and this collaboration services commission's approval of the bus and the cusp of the members of this moment in the public that number 765 to be in order to give us the sentiment of this, and one of the policy of supervision of the peace within the Financial System the following reviews the aegis of the proposed and servers and the proposes to strengthen the polls for the rest of the SP exercises in performing its member seven of the mechanism of the incidence of those of us ensure the smooth of transactions in the Financial System as the statements that were provided the event ESP these are as follows number one stating that this is one of the rest of the function of the six to restore the best of the building data for purposes of set the speed of all listed above the rest of the sentiment of us have lessened the innovations and the motivation than those of us evidence of indebtedness eventually normal times motivation, some of the old center of the beans and the local level officials in the middle of the evidence credit and prizes as the defensible some of the new station in view of the international president of the surveillance of the ping inflation of the goal of the second stage of the SBA's Financial stability, some people unless those of the mission of the SP smother the promoting the financial stability in close coordination with other government agencies as well as the vendor status of the oversight of the members of the systems may not be given to the center of the message of similar letters been given us given the finances of the process events of China and Malaysia and Singapore are enhancing this piece for themselves if remission, some announcement of the SP Service and so began under the proposed bill for the following expanding them the basics of revises the mood of the recent financial institutions that the love of the process and some transfers and acquisitions of substantial shares events and the segments with a couple of this be a loving of its ability to combat this based supervision of financial institutions strengthening of administer them into the socialist into the mothers of each share of profits from unauthorized financial transactions and improving the citizen mechanisms to deal with problematic financial institutions as suddenly by Mitch that those 16 and CBS piece of SMS of remission thousands would be divvied up affection for the SP officials is that when performing locations of these similar to that provided the pieces and employees of the deposit insurance corporation to the DNC under the list of the people we get the 19576 as amended the above that, then enforce its the strengthening of USB's government and financial viability receipt of this for the following edition of the disease of the SP of 150 billion day of a pound of the effect of the holdup that the flexibility to studies of the colossal alice's evidence of the president's the service 17 to seize underestimation of that success and some of the other central banks in the world and that has meant of the Persian State mandates and some of the press is estimated that one of those obtained from that's similar to the enjoyed by the end of the things that nobody did that because the DSP us that the next edition of close of markets properties in the same manner that the ghost of a man but in the VP of this event because under this package servers , the city of the 77 as a present status of policing to the following the increasing the number of the governors from city to five a new section of the political protestors should falls into that this is a proactive mission of the wooden bench of undesirable processes of a list of these it is meant to serve the interest that controlling interest rather than a week on a Friday for the gay couple control of the supervise these additions these amendments Mr. President is finished for the center of this be the effect of the rest of the seventies and editions of the blessed economy and more significantly, the performance was additional mandates in the above is facing the specimen shouldn't above the robust and implicit economy objective investments and dismissed the genetic component of the inclusiveness as the Spanish &System that can support the high quality of life for every Filipino Mr. President, 77 center and an help me in passing this measure containing them into one moment, six with respect the senate bill number: 97 I submit to suppress the vote and again as president of them of the other senators time to study the proposed measure of the suspension the mission of some of the event seven of the form of a division of action in the decision of us is one of the best president of information about a movie poster from that of the foreman of the system, the special orders seven joint resolution number six on the political events and windows and as a lot of stress that of the approval to the senate joint resolution memberships of the middle of a provision of that some of us, as some of the government tried the nation and the 17 live in a state issue of the common: they use pressure the moving of the nation, will then be sure that the people of shown in the formation of the actions of vision generational change in the body of the stress of these forms of the mission of the message of the video move over medicine of a sudden, said the lowest level as the Folsom because the presence of the view the status of its July 17 of the CMR but sentimental and local center James, the father, the city and its first elected mayor nevertheless initiative on the momentum, the father and the senate and the mother of the city's 5 minutes of them American citizens and move to the United States June 7 trust in the Philippines of the beginning of the most innovative many of the state of one of the parts of this issue is about business participants in the building itself after the packers and four of them but the judges and for the Philippines: foes were given his mother and father was above the bottom of the battle of the most of those major battle of the innovation about his reasons for staying tuned to a vote of the meeting for the molesting him up with the lives of the citizens of them was one of his fellow someone in its content, and successful businessman James Evans, who said that minded sticking to the defendants in section of all the leadership and collective action he helped organize the event of a civic action will be on the political of the event of the knights of Columbus and a member of businessmen's association is the decisions which enabled communities to work together pressure these many of which didn't exist today with his wife of many of the colon said the U.N. and the list of those polled definitely one of five children of the governors of us most of the panel that works for them over the long haul from U.S. control to the Philippine government insisted that he also worked to promote and spend some of the school of government, beating the custody of the loving and smoking cigarettes from some other contraband he was a crime and corruption Buster fighting to the anonymous transactions by officials investigating whether the purpose of the United States from a peak of four and working to remove an unscrupulous police chief Joseph order, were among those competing in 1963 as the limited the scope of the first chief executive which ended up in one of the gender studies by part of the position he successfully lobbied the measure the event of a member of the playful sense of the evidence of all of the people of this to the disservice, of those cuts for the 1967 when he was shot by mistaken in the Midlands of smoke inhalation of life Spans of instruction in private that always win friends and all of its other than the widespread respect and admiration of its people in the event: the kind of his life was made to the fullest in the Philippines if you have much of the biggest of one of the bottom of this for any of the figure's system and the city has made a 0.7 on the spur of the city's lifetime achievements so does present the many simultaneous wreath laying ceremonies were conducted in, the elementary school and upon by which the site of the 11th one of the most part into a level of us in the end of the one which located in the heart of the numbers speak for president committee of the event is sponsored the resolution six as a sign of solidarity with the people of the CDs that the respect and honor the Mayor James Taylor receive the January 17 via the declare a special nonworking of the university of James and the other of these levels for two president of of of of the new division of the women of the promises of the level of vision of four of us who spent most of the mission of the hole in the view of us were shown suppression of the first sign of the suspension vision of the center of the summation of president of the provisional of stress of this is the measure of ocean industry plus from the center of the men to the altar them:-the state of the visa, in all of lead sponsor U.N. Force of the suggestions the name of the will be at the size issue a week at one that Carries the investment of time sure that the findings and that's the envy of the last event of a visa senate president the long jump, visited the the midst of the low end of the publication of this founders percent in the division of many of the event of funds so that the generations of the government farmers would benefit presence of the building of the president of the glove of the symptoms of investments in the the mouse and invented some of the open all of the such a how the fund synthesis of the bottom of the cold and the source of a piece they must lessen which is common the facts and a minimum from the treasury bonds less commerce and the development of in the scene, the principle of inflation of the 90% of the stole bytes and the cities bidding after the 650,000,000 visitors in many of the votes to kill the symbol of the treasury bonds, one of the so we can live within the event a vision of the presidents of of operation the find manageable and then define because the bill by ending the fighting that clinics variance with these kind of been so I doubt that he not be a warning that the link of us we should indicate where we want to invest the funds because neither of the people at the different from many days where that the media that men Sean you'll have been at the CNN had a real acting upon any function denied they shun the lack of government should go for the government farmers each of not being a URL: one each in the low side probation and Amy Intiman satisfy the shot that they have a lot of other men to provide every year a lot of sense for PCs at the 85 because compensate for the that means that a provision that the governments and the buying best, oxymoron because of the control of that that's the minimum and animating under a president of the budget passed the budget and operations and year and then been as not one of fines because worrying when I hearings on all the time he announced that: if I am race what the name one of the one NT on Sunday night the socialites program for that have been easier education of and that meant the clubs and of song he is higher said that they make sure that the spend the money senate president, but the commandments and then suppose the Russian issues for these amendments improving living is this is the president of the invincible of the budget and appropriations for the PC it must be seven of the confidence of people are the function that of Japan cup of of the events of the income in Tustin, seven top of the budget, the appropriate that the top of the lesson of the CIA and the rest of the appropriations measure by the president of the men, you have to live event of the of subject as the end of selecting the provider, as of the proposed the idea of those amendments of of the spec told that some of the of the events abortion provision that of the intentional than this one subject of much of expressing above the beach to go fishing revision until a problem with the event of the opossum in the second of the spec community of investments of some of the evidence of the middle of the decedent anticipate that within a 1 to 70 of a veteran of investments that don't belong of the government of the of the government farmers of a proposed mission has identified the investment some of the butt of them only goal, defeating and then to stem the flow of this IDC of the provisions of a sudden the women of the rules of the province in the team would like to see of the of those amendments of the accident that the vendor of some of them of the same time, the legend of the amendments of one of the person of two servers is surprising that Mr. Sponsored by: that he is as an example of the success of the season since he is satisfied on the ms access from the investment slough real as the hallways that back up and 85 in the boys' access for the NT as high as cases as having that many of the day the landing gear one possible and then by been shunned by those who have let slip and he is enabled Boston for higher than for those sentiments of NT as is not an indication of that they have any length of their of Memphis and the one to be very nice to live well, it's because the eye of a lesson that can't be denied that very much a nation that have made this year as best as possible and said that the mixture of that in this be a repeat of the holes at 8:00 PM, it was an ominous as a sign that was set up as the president of the center of the video system is an honest: the event of the moment of vision center of the identify of the events in the fall of two of the other of the proposed amendments of an event, vintage an event some of the message of the minimum of the movement for the beginning of the village center of the most homers in the hands of the edition of either the new service that view of the finish of gender among the people of some restaurants women of this a president who the customer and even much of the service of the finish for the owners of this independently of the questions of initiatives finished in the form of this thing that's been the kind of semi the view of statements I made by the sponsor : that only a a, with the provisions Monday the of that Investment Trust a statement in the out of the people of the Sandinista president whom the best focus on the specific the top tennis and component of the so that the cover of the issuer in the status of this been 6476 farmers for Davis invited the benefits of the events of the mission in the proactive rest of the current state of government funds that invest and serve as the guy at the bottom of the people it serves the unable to see if the other parts of the institute for 89 : citizen of spending programs and that therefore on the Internet than the four of the fund the programs in the middle of seven nations for so long: bobby, number 84¢ on the day of the gloves and fish and some of the season up of 1997 suppress the recently the API as the demands of the meeting of the other government agencies that have the education system movement by the end of the chamber of commerce and industry, and that's the unbeaten season, farmers and specialty health benefit to the long day events in the middle of this and see the register with the may day as investors the question of instance, the sponsor of the mission if the bill, being a deprivation for institutionalizing training programs for government pharmacy movement:, just less than engage in government funding for the state has the capacity of motion this is a president of the business of that provision is that made available only in the votes of that event this information in the proposed another that the laws for the submission of of the best in the people of all the coconut development will of the senate industry buildup of this are a bit, the president and the vents and that this government in the city of them have the funds in the Mideast and but of the plan for sizes to build the capacity of our government farmers of an Estonian mention by some of the of the essence of the average income of the government farmers 80% of all, the commerce of time selection in the cup , the net, other than that of the people on the pistol at the PAC money, and no government funds and into a position in its event, the deficient in the mission of the device, but the moment and up in the past, but only the combat, Friday's edition of the son of them among the affect only as the vendor of the dungeon of the lot better than apple people of Panama, see that the pinnacle of commerce top of the abandoned them above the din of the people the senate budget is a president, sales of the government of the forefront of the presidential adviser in this event E of the processing of a processing the event uprising in the basement of and the aim of the events of the government farmers worried about the planned development and the people of the Pinochet and they were given a lot of the the capacity of the other skills were legal opening of an event also that the middle of the enough capacity and training of the people on the basis of the minimum because of the men of processing and I believe up and stay with us in the committee panel of the 7002 and a lot of levels of 3000 amounts but suddenly and then the senate and in a copy of the end of this money than a dozen of the body of the government, as in the navy, but that until the moment of the annual appeal of a let me just enough of the season of the invention of the planet, it's because the of the department of public works and I use of purchase of a plan of the AM band mates of the budgets of the projects in the oven in the long end of the emotion and sent some of the cement, not a lot of that, but the undermanned, although the public than 50% less than the soul of this environmentally sound but in the sustainable and still come up and the other, one of the passivity by Monday along by the loving the government said about the man I am in the number to the government and another that among the plane into the home of the of the abduction and and and the intent of the political issue the command and Coleman did in the past these are not the middle of the having of the motherland and by an unsolicited but the mass of people up in a moment of the one of the sole content of the open, men's teams of those skills development and the bus up in the movement and the election of Mr. Presidents king usually think of the price of the of the implant the stuff of building the bus to the end of the biggest in the event service against initial view of many a time when you were all of you know of any of the collection of the service and patience for this the club than some of the of a dilemma of the overlapping but that somebody in the vicinity of the society over the beloved of this event of the reports of any government agency in capacity in spending the night before, the government farmers to the study of the business in the opportunity for me all the rage these opportunities away someone's a president you'll find another one, 80 of the people to the stage out of the wounding of the people not have the snap and seeding there are a public vote for the processing of the nation's of specifically for a lot of the farmers are the best of question: seven events, of the beginning of training of the city building the masters and that the event of a slump in the division of the political map of this money in the program and others may question that idea if, indeed this is part of the message that the updated by the mobile : what would that sense of the mechanism of all of the base this up and taken the initiative about the Ira will see that women of some of the intensity of perhaps even in the schools of the butt of the best in the development of open the industry that some in the fall to prevent the overlapping of this that mentioned in the home of the inter agency of the Boston Press book together and press the local and the PDC development of heavy users of residents initially by the end they can be invited to that enables us a while and the send-off if you look up and the of the presentation of the fund that could be yours for capacity in the development of the figure of all seven presentation of living of the cell funding is the top of the day, since a president of the believe that the of the development plan of the people together of the planted an event except the department of the presidential of any of the soul of the DO the stamp of the of this matter and ensure that of the ocean of the V appropriations of the budget of support legal training in the past in winning the current number of government farmers of woody give us the EE , many of the one with the Internet and perhaps if the distinguished gentleman with all of the gospel comedy with up to the bee but the saw the possibility of levels of the pecans and president of the above is a president of the use of the city of not mean that many of the best bit because the average incomes than 15,000 business in one of the Sloan of the button on the ocean all of the mental capacity of other than that of the people of Panama deep and abiding by the events and U.S. servicemen of the of 70 United Nations for the end of the clubs and organizations spent in the defense department in the bidding, but the but in the list of the level of the form of farmers learned of the stuff in the body of one stake in that event ID from the state of the introducing government farmers in the sense of states and they have a lot of juice in government funding of this and even then all the other processes midst of us on inside the main crops of the government that Mr. President of the date of the U.N. of the most lavish sets the prime rate plus lots of offense close rates at that that farmers will make the list of trendy thing the government, smacked of the farming: one, too, but as the pieces of the inside in the study said that some service members said some best of the engagements of government funds undertaken by nongovernment organizations involving the other than that for most of them and suppress the distinguished: the new from the disinformation in the below that of provides of IE of the event of a framework for a mechanism that facilitate the flexibility of nongovernmental organizations and the respective sources of funding, it's a system of the defenders and encourage and then: the new growing up: it's the bay and we will see any of the console of treatment in the public sector private sector of the government of incisions sector of the lives of those betting that the city and the providing support for the training for any of these farmers enterprises and farmers organizations of that some of the Van Der post amendments to the more than one table set of the state economy is still of the animal in one of the building of the of providing a society sustain the four of the moving of farmers government, from subsistence farming there for them out to be calm, and the bodies of actors were at the enterprise edition of lives of a committee of the bill of this opens one of funding communities from subsistence farming to someone about enterprise management and development which is the way for the limit of no precise in the NBA and a V and none of the station's private sector government of the men mobilizing resources and support for a refund of this organization some funding in the MSN Service that his teams for the rest of the four the opener the proper claimed that the law into the sum of amendments suppress the others the below the one with the expense of the amenable as a whole in developing a provision as I mentioned earlier that the supplements farmers to be provided with the addition of apps that can be planted in the government after the fact that the weather or other environment and the indications this service of president lee of the bits of the provides for interrupting for example of this part of the plan of a national plan of development plan for the government industry: the productivity of the copying livestock grazing community this government enterprises encoding into the processing of government products and downstream products of Internet Commerce organization and development mothers suppressed by the end of the events in use the sponsor of mention some of the year of people have the benefit of options, setting the government farmers some content of some residents and is fully assess that the defect in defending the title for the pstn to the 70.5 million government farmers in the Philippines , 26% of all attendees of the cultural and stable to abandon the four corners in the labor market intelligence reports us of the twenties that the government funding remains unknown implementation defender of the business of suppress them have the above the best in the defense industry and among work with the lesson of the war updated information from the Philippine government: guest of the biggest number from: the farmers present engage in the respective life you love the deal provided as a president to send data that are of those provided a committee of people and 5:00 AM local time offenders and 6% of the country's population of the benefiting from industry of this evolving into center of constituency that the government the farmers of the stands after all, farmers to invest in those farmers were all children of sugar cane the farmers worried and vegetable farmers to show the nine and 11 of them support the polls in 5 minutes of residents of this offense government by means they can see that, in demand that the patient while and as a sniper market investors is a president that's the only of government one, number one of its purpose of this ticket government went into one and of the last five years of the press, the product of the above this government: as the pin 115 billion dollars worth of coal exports to the country in the last five years the largest actually, the of the other coach and his people about the industry to the study of mass of this ad is exponential growth surge in terms of the number of other independent of just one of the region government one of the set so that is us because it up, there yet of farmers honor of simply a process of them up in the middle of the dropping of Internet: enterprise management and development the map about the impact of the event of another man of the nntp provide buses and the people of the other than some of the votes of any of the five persons of the day of the event of the service, and with the human mind that this new symbol son Napa Valley of the pin them of the government, and the center of the invention of the value of the of the valley of the committee that the level of understanding of this year a means of residents finished loading and unloading them under the splitting of the month and fortunately a mistake in the knot of analyst of them are: a former Indian evidence above a bunch of access to the markets in the middle of some of the intends to be of immense body of its funds a slew of second in size only one event that voters that it sent one of the economies of scale and of the government of five that goes along one of the mental note: that of seven that human head and the event that takes to be an American of an event for the Mets are plenty of the year so that the event and by the busload of all, the middle of humor and in the human element of the events of the beating of an abundance of the permanently them along the list and the bones of the Medellin that none of this and I will kill devil semblance of a VP and it is a minimum of the sentiment among in a makeup of the people listen up the still of this summer's you assemble all the other thing because the 7:00 AM in the single best of them, let alone the Lewis and I the only son some of the nose and the annual of the system and then the system and the city and the CIA sold 1.5 it was the time, but, they not only got better than; 11:00 AM commerce, and the people that of the of the other day of these of the many of the panel about a couple of the legal issue of expense of the seven investigation into the maintenance of the steel and the state, Mrs. Did most of the people and former UC in the middle of the assignment will not have the potential bits of a pattern of training into organizing and the pass the building to be able to run in bondage and enterprises will survive only of gender of the plan of some of the organizers of the year in the July from subsistence farming somebody sent to the defendant a prize management and human touch the lives of residents englishwoman of tresses of even one unfortunate than the individual up a non ms and demand and ending up with the domain of the people and lay not enough of a farmer's but unfortunately wrong and even if the Manhattan and hoping and praying that this after the intermission with the help of government farmers and again and still be of service and simmer slowly than 28, all of this mission insurance and that the up and demand for government farmers in the map of a vehicle of justice of matching announcement of a day in the bottom of the government farmers in the event as the abundance of service that finished one of the inmate in the division that will involve in the suppress the thing you of servicing the judge and the Monday of jefferson's own view of equal to the public debt servicing mission with the evidence from the amendments and am supposed to give us a president didn't offend the senate voted in the information for permission of edition of the most bin laden to present the best 11 of them are slowly school of government the eventual I'm just a generation of serving of the ventilation, information service, the Physician was one of the duma's resident information to the commission to the nation should bill of 77 of the war, the ms, but for a vicious the measure: the free Internet options below the four members of the measure is the most innovative the commission been updated and the misfortune to move the contents of a vision of evil them for the delay the minority leader Sid love football E john, of Edmonds event in the service of the the the latest editions of seven chairman of the size of the interview questions as to suppress the end of the state of the event of the luxury students the provision number of years ago in the second receivership of the most updated for the the kind of months of Mr. Chairman of the president of the the distinguished loss of four, of the committee that one wonders of the program at the same time of the commend the gentleman is set for of the details of the sentiment of the day of the service of the purposes of the commission of a sieve into the identities of the day and then the of the budget that people in the budget of one message center of the committee for the 15 of people to give them the budget include the cost of the freeway Friday of them the lead lawyer for the purpose of labor commissioner's considering the history of the system and the people believe that isn't the Internet a program of the sentiment of this existing governments to five of them for the benefit of the progress of the vision of Chivas of the program up in place for them and system of the provisions to pass the end of the progress of innovation and insurance fund the service that will set the middle of the server the president of the pieces from the 51 for the challenges faced by the delisted and the view is seeking to be in the progress implementation system for the 15 lead the force of the (budget for the free public-school at this stage of the depression service that that was the main subject matter of a heating Sunday's surprisingly and suppress the based upon the cost plus many other people by government by money bus stop and then the permits needed by the couples in putting up a needed infrastructure of the supply the mill stuff rely final of the seriousness of press that so long been a vocal and I have chosen the city of Vienna for the feel I find them and find the infrastructure was sorely lacking in many as one that one of the reasons for this must be permitted an event of the process of the new infrastructure to support this program suppressed and well unless the inside as they didn't find any bitterness from the close at it seemed that handles an activist in the amount of the MSDN of tools and services to suppress the above anybody has the will of the implementation security that the that the defendants in the activist of injecting them of this program as the partnership within the government and private funds the president of the innings of the people of the supply of money was a partnership in the deal must be completed by Monday, and existing infrastructure of a private sector partners in the community of open up the national broadband an assessment of the investment in the neighborhood above them and that some of the students to present the last idea that the lovable fourth loss in some as they would be tied up in the one part of the private sector in other areas of the senate's won't let stand the network for the long as there are private sector partners in the present still be under that expenses to suppress the mental national broadband than the whole of identifying what the MSI, all of the devils in a presentation and the publishing television news of the further development of each of the citizens of some of the install a bit if you will find that I saw the national government money, state and the 1740 of the president of the matter within the last evening events of the day of the not- broadband network of USC the review of the 96 esteem a private sector infrastructure of a possible in other than Las bonds of a guy of establishment of new infrastructure of the private sector of the event is the suddenness with the private sector and stop mucking up its funding to leave and the government to invest in infrastructure in the serious than that, but the fiber optic cables in King Cole says access to president and hopefully that then-banned can cover the long-suppressed of the setup of the news of the season for this to suppress the innocence of law and that the thinking of putting up a national event that there isn't anything in the day of the possible use of new suppress the bottom hits of the committee but Mr. President of Office of National movement and that the main product is up to suppress the messaging of that meeting being section eight of the bill of business and public by the press participation of the provisions of president that highlights the party won the first national event and suppress the official may be available for a night when the CIA-time mothers the meat of the seventh inning of a sendup of the people in the event investing in of the upstream and downstream as in the second city plans to suppress the one loss to be the government: event of this would mean other facilities of the interconnections are owned by government and then the pros and cons here are a lot of them was the network other countries, some of the purpose of of of concerns and defense of independence from the private sector that the main body of a service that is that expensive into the button blew up a couple the other extreme install a PPP of the private sector of infrastructure to suppress the midst of intent of this was one of the study were the nation and suppress the above things up a bit cheaper about the set with abundant on the expansion of the private sector to defend the idea of suppress the study involves about the finalize its a-Thon wedding and a slew of the private sectors of us believe that ice that structure by the ms learn the private sector is unable to provide that service as the government invested of the city's event that spawned the network poll, south side of the issue of whether centers to suppress the 77, Mr. President and the momentum in the form of government that Mr. President of bits of financing from Russia be passed to be one, one of them before all over the vision and some of the conduct of the property of suppress the Benlate DF need for a national broadband than the company will but I think the abandon its clients the mailbox of the planned assault with China and we want to see the life of me in the designated publications how to achieve that Mr. President enough that the DHCP, and from that means a national broadband that it means for the occasion of the genie back in the bottom of the money the bill and devotion submitted, and many other colleagues many of the missile which set the want to see the life of the inning with a public betas in the Philippines, but this time of the subject of discussion suppress them and probably funding of insulin San Diego Pentium the data that says Mr. President than it can not intended for the above again that this many a statement of principle that the love to see this feline fan of the lifelong based on the other cases in the service is impossible missions of serving time in the best of them available the provisions for the cost of the programs in division this is a present in fact, the sections of section six actually books about the bus stop permitting invented the local government and international government agencies we can amend this a section suppress the event of other aspects which many of the root of this program for the other stuff in the middle of the invention of live in the publications or maybe you serve for private sector to invest of the Internet and the provides Internet Services provider of all over the role of the service and a service list of amenities for funerals of revenue for the Indians for the service and DC comics of 1% less than that because government program so the idea here is the passion as regulation of this or that because it is out of the government program that provides a president of the happy to be told that the infant budget, the peak of these provisions, and it isn't , besides the we want all of oven, the session that government cannot of the public what 1481 oven of the lack of medicine, of the case for this year of the one hand, London files and the ms to suppress the basic evidence of common cause and over 10 years over seven years to the incident and the rest of the reasons for the party begin service of them 1000% drop into the fate of the and then consider them of each of these them I've been the comments of the movie shows in the publications or this service is the purpose of this be used to provide free public life one of the big business and we've identified more than 7000 sites just for the annual of the private sector participation of the suppressed from different from the life of the example of the Internet Service and less than 11, one mission of the system to present and the interim basis for NBC News service that all of the Internet is classified as a value added service and the flaw in this up because of your excellent centuries of the system and the Internet of Internet providers to those of us that people in the front Saint Bonaventure for the last name servers of one of the four anyone can prevent this from the Internet in the loss of this is a person as a provider of one of the provide the minimum standards must suppress the matching the city bus of minimum standards for the moves the ball moves the service that of BSE the movie and 17 and the Netherlands be an agent of the object of a song for the suggestions to improve the benefits of cocaine, but they belong to put together some guidelines: the standard switching into the city, and ( , we encourage private sector participation remove an efficient and cost for the new Internet Service specially for these nonviable there is anything from the form of Mr. President of the crumb of the best of common for them the CD plus tracking the permits into some of them suppress them during the meetings this seems to be a bunch of slain from the couple's invention of improving the infrastructure of one of the couples to suppress the blessing of the budget for 3000 cell sites for 2015 of the name of the house and the goals of issues involves a permit the MN of the seven distance so 14 months of president kennedy's up to the open up the PDC for the middle of the league and the vomiting and it's a public case a slope of the pilots and others about this with the sitcoms and public schools of the suppress the buses huge problem for them to the match the left of the government which its own for funding by propping up the infrastructure of servicing base skill of the surprise that the biggest problem for them is a java program Bellotti said of the infrastructure and the Philippines of the pin of the law of the permission of the deficit president of the city of the foreign key provision of a lot in my vision of the waves and congestion in the beacon Monday the private sector and private service providers to exchange the profitable domestic into the hall of fame in message of abuse in the fall within the end of this the best suppress the events of the idea of them up in practice to suppress the key to the polls and the S&P of the exchange information that is not enough for the above the center of the investing public works and guests of the senate's top of the longer the only issue as well as from the civil and of the 75 minutes to move up the claim they might be awarded only have two leaders of-privacy and a sense of mission of the AC the appeal of opinion development one supposed to be of shouldn't people of the provision that within the specified -this was the president was the subject of center the most devoted to this world within that timeframe of this bill end of the people receive your comments and suggestions of all six of the moment up the Heights of the intent of the department and the author of the servers and many militia movement in your members of the vision of the city of middle of the symbol of this is Mr. President of the many any schedule might be needed not going to section fits of the committee to work permit as an invitation uses of the officials, president of the peace for the presentation of permits of education and the vigilant omen for control properties for the destruction of infrastructure and installation of equipment necessary for the major event in the program were not specified in the midst of the the permit the use of edition profession Mr. President of the a piece of cake and the loss of amendment, you have one of them up and let them deliver the ball better than all the others use of the committee's decision but suppose that if they happen to them and to ensure that all of the system permits and they are able to them over more than 2 minutes, would this is reversed the government and the solution to the cities of the measurement is one of the nation's this is first day of of the German the senate and the benefits of the free and fair usage policy was that of the above them in the subject of victory for true that the smaller the provision of pm for usage policy options for president of USC USS and ending the week of the provision on this or something similar on a new intending to a movie that the amendment salinity up in service than a few of them-Feely, but section five of your building will be up to reinstate the two of the server for long long be of the most important features of the day of the appropriations forfeiture of the one that created the forefront will flow from the Federal reserve gives for this for funding for the program this is a present that the city also mentioned to me that they are very favorable to the the indicating that they can, to school and community pride and the seagull content and suppress some rather comical to the most local streams a person of the evidence from the television set for later this fall prevention work gets the full list of the someone should not use this one for the people that one of the remains of Reston government of all of the forefront of the president of the event in the form for the measure in the folder people in the top of the over-the official members of activities for the form of UC people for the formidable for humans for the victims were in the midst of a million, the policy permitting and another one to suppress the indicating the aftermath of the invisible and the services of the center of the supposedly the city of mecca for the toughest questions sound suppression to answer questions of the minority study the special on this topic were descendants of which work in the box that even the cheapest removed from their with the suppression of the middle of the other members who wish to the village of the before the suspension vision ad of the cost of the Russian former of the nation's only one vote, and although the vision was less than an option of the distinguished gentleman from the division the oven or you mentioned under the new commission a showman the winner of the leader of all the people of the fuel for the devout : the private sector will be shown in the process for this as a percentage of the partition in the bustle of the golden state coach this is a person wants an admission of women be accessing the only the event of a lumber to be a fish in the sessions this is a political issue with the president of Internet League baseball as the sun sets will be published as a service as a presentation by Philippine for the peace efforts and suppress the mobile, for this only error of the name of the paying them for the usage of their network in for the Internet servers of them and know that for my question of the questions of first of many sunsets and if that's 20,000 and loves of president of the 1000 more than the pulse of the size of the spokesman also blasted the location of the Philippines is one of view this as a person with a gain of the show's second of the 67,067 thousand service going on in just a 7067, was the motivation of the votes this until the end of the gulf of Aden suppose that this isn't a woman of the defendants president of administer the valley of the page 67,000¢ center and submit the Gemini of the civil division of sullivan's rest of the Canadian Service the ending date for a deal in the domain of 67,000 censors one of the conviction under the new MSN event as a symbol of the event of the nation's inevitably enter the presence of such as a service that show of the movie is obsessed with its Internet losses in the life of the state in the local school of the post seven was the president that the chicken and the nation suppose that is the lot faster than anybody infrastructure vocals and stayed there so many inconsistent with the infrastructure Investment Service than that, in the status of significant provision here's the fasttrack and the permits in the center of the year was talking about even the highflying the people of the franchise to be able to convince some of the service that the leading the way for them that city of the pieces cents faster than the close of the cinema prevention center that some suppress the with the passage of this man into a panel of reasons that was the nominees in the inning to suppress that is the end of the deal about event in July that the extent of its luck for the purposes of the best serve as the map as the bottom of the inability of the nominations one of the senate and the middle of the pickup, and suppress the understanding is that the budget for this event in one of the close of the previous Unix to suppress the mentioned that the budget for the thousands of sites with the name of the 1000 doses of the show some of those of us that this money that has a sense of funds this one from 6 to 7 portion of them will be the best service and so all of the demands of us that the name of the penthouse and the decedent's soul into the lineup of the song insisting this is a president so that they can about the suspects were the purchase is only the closeup this is the home of the single most of them in the event of the city of the potential sites if only the purchase will be the mother of the women's meet the legislation will mean that this is a list of the system under the impression that the second event of the top of the budget of only the inventors is a visceral opposition party over to the licensing of you have a comment by the end of the women in the book for the people of the businesses that involves the president of the god bless them the schedule of the rest of the course of sites over the next 10 years since this much as the national broadband bombing of the life of budget to suppress the seven and the city that the defendant thousands of sites in, and the fact about in the fall of the landing of elections which amounts to suppress the foot of these rest of the session of the initial issue of insulin on the move from Jewish and will send intentions of a member of the the report, but that is only 77% of all sizes from the president of the division of individual to the mission of serving the dividend of the government and an objection to the end of this commission strengthening the bay of the criminal investigation into the bottom of the stocks of the measure is the only worse than the competition for local addresses for Joe Digenova Committee of the beholder of instruction of election for the masses, but as the president of the evidence seven of the season of the senate this fall, the other side of the of the men to do this a informant in the movie the most losses to one of the head of the event: the committee of the event of the Malaysians resting on some of the probe of the late in the middle of the senate but it does in the middle of the message the president has been one of the Physician wealth of seven of them of, and in the Middle East bid for the commission chairman of the above the committee members voted for the moment, and then the minimum is best for them: an update of the government river of the most common of one of the individual members voted for the women's team over system one of these funds available to suspend them to the mission of serving of the men in the individual members of the proposals for an injunction in the Jerusalem after the suspension of the fountain of one of one of two president of the mobile resembles a version of seven of 10 of the middle of the four and after the event of a vis the measure and its founder of a copy of living, the least of which measures the living in the gender of misfortune to move the level of instruction, some of the government sentiment of the center of the solid, several of the Jewish, the final wishes for women in all the scope of the amendment one of the mall this session of the polish revelation in all regions of the image of the event of the middle of the distinguish the German team and plus a few questions and the proposed measure for them into the edison's movie their eventual decision is a gem of the DS statement in the wind blows of this abundance of the state to promote women in public or those of the midst of events in the event of these insecurity in its funding because of the state with the piece is proposing that is necessary to balance of government's duty to protect its citizens within the people that severely reduce Federal timber less than the government to the prosecution lessen the invasion of communication and correspondents is a form of such as the public must approve the abundance in the one from an unreasonable invasion of communication by the government in the state of the goals of the provisions that should serve as a good indeed, some corrupted as the arrest of this section: to go to the benefits of the prosecution section poll of the people to be secure in their persons process the press and the facts of us on the civil searches and seizures of a major before any publisher of the inviolable and the search for the event of a racial issue that's a problem, the less committed them into the judge offered some initial owner of the formation of the complaint and the witnesses in the commons and the people of this of this research and the person's profits to be sees section of the other one and one of the benefits of education section that the privacy of communication and close formation of the inviolable that set up a muscle of the event of its if people of the center of the list of specific level of the still any evidence of day in violation of the use of the city centre shopping in the visible for any purpose in any proceeding with is among the server that all of the preceding the questions to the distinguished storm for a bus to distinguish of some of the foremost reason why the public that number for people of the some of that in 1964 a poll of one of the law enforcement agencies opened up of seven as an announcer of information by the name given that is not enough evidence to prove that the service and for the public a political event 5 minutes of that is a sentence of life in the body center for people under the symbol of the rest of the service among the event that the editors to practice the private individuals into within corporations and the mystical about the people and the flames of the unveiling the popping up on the level of copying the fictional issue, as Steven winn of the first one for latest, all in all of a sudden the number nine in which most of the nation's only old victim of the four people on the edge of the remote serve the purpose of the most open than one copy from the list as an instrument of pressure and four of the wall were to listen to what some of these benefits that the image of an all of the senate and workshops of the Republic of four for the best of the president of the couple's of them at the end of the passage of the of the popping up in the alumni for people on the bed is the basis for law enforcement agencies of government of the information and evidence to be one of the best of all of the main parts of the 7¢ from of of of the event in the upper left and all of the pinup to be one of the tip of the event than the smaller, less than those of evidence of the government would be banned the of unlawful and 40, of the nation present the purpose of the profits of the best in for people of that the purpose of this statement, one of the Nam exception to the movies, one of the buzz of is the president of others and that's one of these of the people of the subsidy all of us that the uphill battle of copying a visiting Columbus a sense of purpose of the votes of the publicity that even in the United States Mr. President noble decided on the World Cup in the position of your some of the seventies private individuals from one of these other corporations for one of the number of files that have been misled about these residents and the lighting of the gentleman the unveiling of the system and the some of these servers the nomination forms of abuse system and the length of the public of four people on them, they are members of the civil of only the home of security of the benefits of the passage of the domesticated at Aviv in the event of a member of the 541 of the mission of the bend in the case of the human security uplifting 1007 isn't it is only the court of appeals will fall that is the suppress the middle of the of the server that not one of the study and then mile of the MMM of this committee of the four people and putting the matter was in any of the president is all but segments and that's the case of the cervix fund of the governments of the events of attention and commit the list of more mover in the end of the combinations of the middle of the mission of the glove of distinguished professor of any particular consortiums of women in law enforcement agent formally applied before the court for the issuance of a victim of four people were the service impressions of the eyes of the pool of money for the event when of updating the city and 989-8949 17 batting 1 mile west of the city of justice center of the low level of the event of a lot of of scent of a visual evidence to support for the U.S. before publication of the summit of the deposits of the one that conversation the above any of these funds from some of the home-up of the human and the other updates us were one of the most of my four in many of them support from the summit of any of these new map of settlements might have a lot of investment, this is only find the from the of law enforcement agencies in any other event, is being denied and suppress the vote of the men because of the big Ben Nye and were among the server to deny men, isn't this a president so much of the customer this will give them a four-office server, and I lost my glove side of the event of any of them available to the victim of the day of the publicity in the seventies, arming the server that the 1 cup involve for bust the city of 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with some of the mountain men in this budget, they have a citizen students one, one for you but the rest of it in others the president the middle of the London Investment in the process of a number of cities up in the human security of the time of the state of the form for the police the middle of the pins for one in the core of the PST seven of the human figure for this long expendable mother for this the most and the court of appeals of evidence a president of the king of the members of the event, the above working with the majority of them are proposing amendments and others for the loss of digital one of four the study said four of the other hand, some of the members, five of the study a company statement review of the Soviet division of the events in the form of a form of dividends of the send button of prevent the city for the use of the state was issued for his specially given the server the people in the middle of the women of about the service of the city and the rest of the 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golden league loss this year and India and the formation of a celebrity service of the service and the peace and justice and peace of a fitting that of the in many instances of that the information given to us that the stadium when we pull the information which is favorable, under this plan is that one of the government to the president of the rare event even a sense of the loss of them all the services of 11 members of a decidedly a instead of the use of the button up, the midst of invective, some of the non or the status of serving with the service of edition of the investigation and resolution of the bus in losses for the law enforcers in place of reviving the other than suppress the security mother, the last 341 for this edition of number: four that is president of the hands of president as none of the venom of that evidence the end of the man of the sexes one of them because of publicity and all the O1 of the suppress them and us another one flow, said the service of them, one of the server the movie with that of the proposed section of the pinch of indications of sisters for law enforcement of the page for being late for the may remove from list of some of the communications company for this open to the committee that's where the 70 the city of the icy the server and serve the nation, the format of the most of the mess in the other communications commission from the event of those 4% of the not- member of either of the revival of the members of via the OS seven copies of the number of interviews the the whole these are not invited of these up for that the defendant in this section is Monday before the closest that is the symbol for the November that by the forces of the rest of the source of them of the time of the house and the end of the governors of the middle of the potential of the Monday of human life as meant that sets a precedent above the rest of the provisions of the being with us about the end of the U.S. government that came across in this life than a few months the event in the division in America and the state of the purple open the form that of the fumes of privacy in the seventh, from all over the port of one of the world vision of mission of the goals of the provisions companies mandated as the U.S. alone suppress the home of the Mason companies and less must still, the presidency president the city was minimally one of the consent southern dean of the end of the study of the the bus depot spokesman Tom it's the enough of the final of the citizen of the privacy of justice, as you love the people send me in the home until the team into the suppress the mission of the of time, simplicity and more is fun for the movie, the am oversight committee of the president for the events of the mission for the former is the source code for seven of the time of the members of the year in message was not a mother either Mr. President of the hominy crimes by the event for people of the party were up to , the primacy of its new audience a president of other possible on the move from clients the reason the spinoffs from open were Mr. the case of a panacea moving in the season for the conspiracy and proposal only for the insight into the investigation of this implements edition in setting the city's the kidnapping was the prime of the device in the form of a sense of momentum of its 616 of the land in 13 g of the contents of the senate and 1:0 the other of five other ones suppressed only five others of us will be the host USC and also believe that the government and the convinced of the ad from those of the proceeds of the privacy of the oven until , some of the evidence that's up then the events of the of the bottom of the top of the someone has been a minute and service them, the company money laundering , commented that the smell of lungs , I have a single up for them in the city lawn of the center for the five for the bubbles of the dividends of missing the the the money laundering up of us the president of Boston won 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Main purpose of the C a senate committee and up until you and the of the government practices of the builders of the number of people close the government cannot election as the in-law enforcement services for-one solution to the collision node is the president of the children of legislation of a say about government as a as a despondent the loving the intervention events in the stands the president is a stand alone of the sun, but one of the event of an extension of its an basin of the independent of evidence that the person is about to commit a crime , soldiers of the people who listen to all the time and sent the cases of of inflation is not the possible French -long as the president of others of the middle of the up the score of 71 of the woman, were caught under the proposed amendment your fill the form of recession of the top and bottom of the of sitcoms assess other comments under the proposed been suppressed , for this for later this year, as amended as the bus in the publication of 60 THS minutes that isn't supported the use of ATM and didn't enter the event of this event of the case said president of the moment it can be moving of the other went in motion by the symbol IDC's qualified the stingy defense of the event of a long list of those funds that the sides of the service in some of the immensity of the movies of the loser president collecting the rest of the kingdom and development of money laundering and people of being the mother of the men on the eventful of the minimum but the number 71 copy of the net, and sent home in the bombing of the vote followed the parental consent of the number of you cannot prosecute anyone from form of removing with a bit of that, of course the president, 35 times you spent in the of the money will be a good that you have any legal business and in the upper one copy of a life in one copy of the-interview that the events in the state law, the wind up the busing minimizes the president were a decent lives so that the citizen mentioned earlier this report from the way the volume up to the inning year lows of public order to their oven to spend most of the ad : long civil search of the sun RTC , the people from the on the five in the law of the end of the members of the senate begins the president of the funding of India, and one of Sunday's A up objective judge of the RTC of an injustice of soul of the events of them is a president to the president personal presence of debating the bill, the mention of the Nicholson of the German particularly for people of the most vivid than the event that the public from one of the investments in them of people us into the middle of the states of four people on the quality of one billion dollar use of force to move a muscle and division of the support of the bustle of increasing the number of claims the people often them into the fire involving the visit India: men into the survey showed the server that a sovereign of the only government and locus of some of them than a 75 of the three of them a service of the San Diego Peres the government center of the number of other than the oven the crime even commit money moving development of the opera since a president that some of the message of vision of the city of these of the family that a little bit of that time that the meeting Monday, the event bus that the level of suppressing the movement of the most of the problem of the movie of the charges are filed saving the lives of president of the server that if idea and the money will be some other than Melissa president of development of a piece of the above to the coliseum in in the suspicious of factions of event as above the president of east of them in middle of the predicate of them in the opening of the ministers from among the event of the government, the city of nevertheless to put the pieces over the land, sea of times and receive a lot of those in the pool or copy of the massing the crimes as a president, announcing the evidence that many people be the event was the one and some of those anybody were invisible number of living is in the number of enough of it so that the globe interventionism of this section one of the moment before : the sections of the midst of the problem in the section: suppress the section: is less of an amendment process and one of the equivalent of more than some of the above all of us a lot of other events of the problem of the women of all of the section city section of the midst of the top of the Gaza president of the of the people, people the sale of the probation by momma from surface two votes for any person over the service the implication of the function and distribution in the event unless you get the permit from the DHCP , this is a president who, by the DHCP investigation of the voters in the back of the agency memo being the repressive evidence and I'm a member of these moment of the Internet, the government must above the senate that the governor did ability of the men, whom the president did the back of the month of june for people of them all in all, the most of the stain of the private entities Pentium four manufacturers a distribution list if you do if they have a permit from the- metal studs president of the sole content of the department,, Foster home of the system, and in the middle to the event of the worthiness and the other servers and second of all of the people of the loving private bus of the private 44 provided the day of the permit from UC the provision for all of the consent of the civic for the city of the rest of the disease PM in the area of five economy, the longer they can only service people give us the top of the rest of the process for a couple of them suppression of enemy in the name of the year of some of the content of the seventies via the worthy of the moment the U.S. says the people of this as the the the play of the long, but that these are the men provider of a secure permission of UC muffin USS that they can only send them over one of the entity and one amendment beloved event of a former television in the element of the day of the rest of the june with any company of the city of them to send a video of the rest of the ceasefire that was the love of the end of the people of the middle of oven, is the survival of the event, Istanbul guests were created a market for them , and that is the server setup above the proliferation of Office Equipment were copied- Muppets of Sylvester that the secure a permit from the icy you work for the event of the government that, in part of the firearms, the government and U.S. government, the process of all but seven of the cinemas in the middle of the permit NATO member of the of the parties here are the same of the bottom of the state of the visit the motivated and the image of service in the middle of the top of this equipment of the 17 of the coalition of being innovative level departments in the seven people in either the president of the above the private sector of the individual but unless money justices of the entire industry of the seven by the commission of the end of the of the government's involvement by themselves , but the Vincennes, new bottom of the minimum amount of optimism president, and the buffer size of a one might be ready for the eighties when the apostle of another, the other than that of the suppressive and without a permit for a plan that many, but can backup allows another permits of the icy the proviso the name of the events of the estate information in this permits of the civil service possible in the middle of this message of innocence up in the views of the women did the Moon and the use of a seven of the city to city government but, as the premise than the disease, and the Pasadena City, Mexico and the people of the form of us the event of the mobile that the government of them in with some that the men in the U.S. over popping for most of the so that the government has set up a gentleman 6411 with the one visit with the police of the market that isn't just for the quarter from one of the most people, for the above them up in the edges of the state department of fish and lights, some of the legal process with a movie with a permit for the city, full of up to the net of this petition in U.S. is president of the gentleman from it, some of the 77, the PNB that the PM unless you have a profit center of the home of a play of the oldest of some of the day before the government said president of the confidence of the oven for the dependable one of them via the Somalis up in the minority is the hope of sensitive-available from the list of all this is a precedent for this movie, favor of the hands of the of the above me for windows and other cities president of the centers of the intervals were in that there is any of the other for the eyes of most of the event viewer with this statement of the end of the use of four people in four months of two or : the stigma of a decision these people, and the city president of the president then, in the end of the state funding for the import of the people of the people of this state, and for that one, for the DHCP one of the permit the permit such as the one that does a president, among other than the dividend and the of the state of the money the signing of an invaluable in any of them in the living dead at the vigil by some inventor that the state by the family of four busloads of president of the other private person provided from the inventor of the press and the practice of development inventor of the presence of the late in the position and a set of the rest of us as well as the permission of the city is among the first and the other than 10 of the section one best as a president is saying the labor day Sunday, the jurors visit those of any person of any move the kind of private, becoming the work of the people of the bodies of technology and I'm the only be made the offer the mobile science movie of the invisible no evidence of evidence of sentiment on it that the middle of the event of the bodies of the moment is primarily intended and U.S. form for the purposes is better than sex and love is up for the above only upon the ban supposition is the people that since a president given us the process sent more than one occasion of the movie one of the server for all of the people other than the government decision that under this in the than mere possession of SAC State beat them by the government level of stop them is the president did, the former government service to the nonessential government, not enough of them is a president of the money back to the levels of the event as the Indiana, that it is there any level of the oversees the mission of the bible in the mission of open the floodgates for Office Equipment will prevent the use of all the piece of the law enforcement agencies of the U.S. and other than any of the above any of the new private events of the other than the latest news server the end of the above them another development as a president of the living in debug the summit of the office of the many of these, one of his government for the many loves the penalty one of the server citizen review of the city of those of the year of a condemned the presenters five loss to discuss overview of your kid sister in the glove of the proposition that five section of the nucleus of a new section of Davis from the crime scene of the clover the end of this and this confusion within the only 160 the opera money moving out of the four diesel events of the cuts will freeze the shovel on the money laundering, president of the crimes, 45 of the section of the 50 grandsons of middle of the services workers are the members of the middle of it, and the rest of the people of one of its flavor of the miss the president as best of all eight of the police agency for me to the president of the biggest of all that money laundering is the commitment of this and that is a unit of the money, go to cinnamon office of the novice in the city of edition of the other, moving up and then somebody because events of the medal of the crime , the police and the that the city, some of the other mother moving up there with the service staff review its port city of the money will be less the salted of windows in the past abuses over the lady of the one that few of the estate of the president of the people of evidence in the out of that, of listeners of one of slow moving one of the server and a promise a president that although the specs of it, but lesson of the assistance of a lesson in some of the message of a novel set up in the Vatican is a policy of money-loving the government, all of the many of the conversation of the strangest of all the events were potential for the enemy for opening up the game for the show must they be one of the service you for life, from the rest of the notion of a dollar in the beloved of this in the end of the whole people of suppress the lesson of the sea bed is another in the latest in a loving and the cinema process that in the London meeting of inundated by Mr. President of the men that, that's a process in the land of us a sense of possible that one of their possessions of the publisher of the development of space and money that the month of December of a publication of the people believe that the permission of UC people, and that's the seventies of them in different from a provision in the post of the city's U.S. planes of the midst of us plenty of it and the movie one of the server the family see a number than the work of a mother's discipline : the more people on the other, and of enforcement officers then when the civil enforcement officer for one of the support of the new be under the demand that these officers of the mood for them with 11 other members of the peace officers saw the middle of the memo enforcement in the only survivor sitting of specific only one of the state for the core of the work of the above and beyond is the data in the eye of a review of the U.S. the day of the office of the president use the inventor of the BNP us suppose anyone know that, very slow everyone and effective in the land is in the very soul of these agencies one of its event as the demo, one of one U.S. server army and navy there were one this is a president of the format of the MBIA of the region and the U.S. as a president to the individual 7 to 1 and one of the applicable to give them a sense of the many have given the level of avoiding the use of the event of the of the than from any operation of the Vietnam war of attrition , vice president of the operation of the limits of the PNB put them in the sense that the member of the people and the result is a president of the money will go over the limit of them in the process was invited another Vietnam and the nevertheless understandable and the ball with the partition of living lessons of the repeal the laws being have the president of sales data from wheel of its funding for some of the winners of the list of crimes were liberalizing the formal for the core missions and one of the service and for the dent in the past only one case has been successfully perform work with those equipment from none of these inventors of the movies of the service dividend the ID via the V and the other middle of the many of them are never figured the middle of the content of the vendor the U.S. that the man Melissa NASA president the procession of the services provided by the server, the prizes for the video over all of these government agencies this notification of these of the form of work, many of them in the event of the government were above the age of one of the work of any U.S. use equipment and facilities for your intelligence of the work the day of bits of all if either the president said president of the idea of the invisible about that other security for all of the government level of evidence that in most of the U.S. embassies that if the government for for prosecution and conviction of this is a president with innovative rationalize the four prosecution were innovating the media, many of the myth of the day for the other than the middle of implementing another event of the middle of the medicine at the root of the levy says the date of the money the government of whether the none of these of the seven and that the people of the none of them of the survey the pain of loss for the purposes that prevented the people of the Whitman would have seen in recent memory of them uses equipment of it as more of an array of a lion of the minimum descent and that's why the number of in the purpose of four people on the wind of the year plus commission and the number one popping the ball on the move of all of the future of their numbers the benefits of the leverage of one of the little I've seen them all the buzz of the end of the science of flammable via the end of the Nevada side of the other of these events over the utilizing the biggest lives of even more people 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that is the president in the survival of the PCs for the businesses in the presence of the PC they call us at all of us are one of the city's press and the survival is a president si, so will begin a loss of the than the rest of the massive human postman say many people as a% ism band operational level because it is the problem is better than the level of the vandalism and, of the cinema service event that the cinemas of the day of event, the pieces of evidence and it was not among the owners of the evidence that the woman event: who says the event of the five even beyond those of the most costly, but some of the length of the sentiment as Bennett, clinton's departure than the president of us, but the format of little in the drop into the Judds was under the longer solely on the 20 km event in the vicinity of the one you love the destination and gnaws message, but this one gets a copy of the gist of the money you own the above and below the U.N. other events inside the division sent 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of speech this MIB in message signs the services of the service of the demands of the commission president since release this month to sponsor senator solution other than 60 other solution, your survey conducted in implementing the outstanding young men 1016/11 for 57 years now the Jewish International fittings in the lion foundation in the lessons of peace and outstanding individuals to the root of the recognize and congratulate the 2060 of these and other notable and give us some of them among members of the destination life long not only for the average rents and exited the edition of the Surfrider-change them affect them in the respective fields of the people's lives unfortunate to the scene section patient above the center for public service and the rest of us them if someone missed any of us in the formation of a truly bustling with this public servant venture the mighty level of publishers and one of several anticipation for city which after year was convicted Friday of the city 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seven other than that some of the MSN commented, this time that the level of these live in the house of the senate, Mr. President of the much of the abilities of fact that you were able to bring significant Asia respective fields are able to move them into visions of the people of them serve as an event that, the percentage of the level of the staff and budget, to serve as the days of the state of the two presidents of the division of the VRML of that is the solution to 5 to 80, this information is listen to live is subject to stop 11 to 16 of them didn't even call five of the court should impose a vision for 60 to 68 visit the solution is the intention in a man of senators edition of its people begin to the nations of the solution number in six cities in the top of the vezina to president of the study sessions of the band of sending them and then the age of 18 division president of the objection of civil division of the session suspended me, and in love and young men and the women who have deployed and use the proposition that the that TV movie of all of the money into a video over, one of the the the the the session initiation , but it was a member of the president of the 77 of the solution provider which region's fastest principally will provide some form of city and 61 to 70 years of those of the state of the public interest we let the people who were commissionable of the Moses said objection giving the center of the monster that measures the amount of republican voters to date is a president that often on your colleagues and lies in a matter of personal privilege and public interest as a freshman senator and is a favorite whipping the content of ministration I must say that I made a lot about myself in the last seven months , and a lot of time talking, com and by the end of an ad government and a member of society that within a month into the Internet that a social medium body but unlike Clinton stuck in a mime, and that they cannot find some political phenomenon that unemployment is high enough to be incidental matching that I never even know that I attended my resignation until someone showed me an article published: nine think you'll see an end, I got from knoll not CNN as a cable news network that CNN and I'm guessing climates Newton, and I will ever , ever have made the many massive nation of something to do with the other political nails about my election as a newly U.N. Secretary general to replace outgoing secretary general band came on the Serbian ostomy but maybe they shouldn't have come as a surprise because as I also discovered on lying up and he has such a high profile in a global scale that were the leaders like Queen Elizabeth the second and then U.S. president buckled, all felt compelled to comment on the status of my for the year and even my mental health standards that so much soul that that was September 19 262016 committees of the second president expressed for July and congratulations deal my dear colleagues in the senate's the success of the house to me because after all is reported as sold a news article by political advantage of the confusion in detectors government and the five a busy day: call should be dealt with former president of the matter is part is quoted an article published in the site developed in the end up calling us saying that must be abnormal for not appreciating the extrajudicial killings being committed in the name of the soul of one drives as the good thing because I'm going to this world: hoped to that I could only responds in the parlance of our times a day while as-nails: the news story is about my career I also have some shocking knows about my personal life , and the attempted to commit suicide fax 01 page that came complete with advertisements and online shopping site and invitations to like it would join President Clinton to the worldwide detective novels funding and president of routed attempted a real change will ages of baseball in another article published by the 10th day media that: I found out some interesting information about my suicide attempt to start until the president to supporters care more about the welfare of the net: given how much information they know about me that I myself have no clue about how so very touching another that shouldn't not surprise me was that kind of leaves the largest academic units in a box of a team of the Mac nut, not after have it is unknown acidity of DNA has been suspected another leader senator these once before in his legal career and give them the reaction that the asthma never a young made fun of his you know what these are the same news articles of course as City Hall because of the hard to figure out because this was the sound of my concern that a few months ago without somebody knocks them of the way the side that even the loss of respect in person before for the maximum be associated with Ian balancing act of spreading them around after all and far from being the only person that even senator to be targeted by fake nose, stands back in the days about six years ago I can only in all states that the rest of us is so will be lots on track for bob and all that senator being would not mind this would not be offended because no offense is meant that the split up on the web site of mosquito rest of the page as the ability to provide the answer to the symbol that night in question that must be occupying the end of the nation's mine including yours truly is that is where the senator in Lassen been hiding those were the a list of posting the site invited the centrist applicable to us was the depressed the instances of the interactive global map seal the Philippines in various locations marked up along with instructions to play of the movies to see details of the essence ID: product 11 locations at the end of the company details and explain what Senator Jackson was supposedly doing in its first as a shadow IMC was surfing in the body was called and told playing monopoly on speed some of the goals of the sun was making friends with them about being violent act to stop it was supposedly prevent a writing page as long as it lining in on an NT and not supposedly: all working for that about this one might cause of the middle of this perhaps his sopranos kill the multicast enlightenment a monopoly was political party in one of the same time: talked Friday and an identity was knows that is the pages of using meant to be a joke at issue are no one tried as Senator Jackson to confirm or deny any of these comments that seventies because it found no bomb might absurd the sale of that cannot be said about the subject of these that has plagued Senator Jon Voight to have civil back in November of 2013 jingoist of the latest count was forced to acknowledge and deny the state knows that he was arrested in the U.S. after a stop trying to smuggle none has the best source that the surgically implanted in his press after the article was picked up by mainstream media this testing by Estrada not JV in civil defense identity and much much worse , than on any event, not numbers of the subcommittee of the Santa clause of the public sub, Kinkel to society examples in the eye confirms my demise the queen of the drug dealers in the Philippines and work battle line of the name of the spell of dancing in front of a disservice to having been in the night of the mother of another conference: Brian Germany and a sister, and the name of the rest of the China for drug trafficking in a sign of this didn't get one with 50 kg of drives but none of the monkey is Saturday team of Alix up valley bell said, the time and all that isn't just a few examples using gentlemen by a fortunate to have the strength to stand up and defend myself but my relatives and family members of done nothing to deserve to be active in the city and that is Allies should not have to be obliged to even acknowledge these lines might want to have an outstanding and wait for them to invent textile and damaging rumors about my special child is real and 19 other eye on hand to say enough is enough and it isn't just me or my family the Russian State knows is complemented a sustained last few years ago as a result of trials of vigorously disseminated from a fake nose in social media as they've been sent us the truth scene of the above and below the casino money management at the one that was not enough of us said, but he added, but even that most women up the slack in the bottom of the best post about the young enough to social media scene of the disclose some of the U.S. bob and Connie Mack , I can assign up people give women more money to sign up to open up more the better than a minute, and some prestige of a bind up worked to investors sense of decency and respect and the nose is also damaging political partisans areas of the busiest mistake to protect the national interest to undermining the integrity of advocates like myself and Senator Jennie Imus: one website that he wasn't having received a 500,000,000 as so check from the budget and enter the U.S. to pay for political ads against the president during the election. The left side claims Mr. the vial of notes that is actually just a personal battle of the U.S. people to collect evidence that the studies: I can make money from the Lions and publishers in the mail was molested a victim of fake nose pliers and Sunday and I'm somewhat Indianapolis went into the cup in Indian not made a lot! But at the time that I may happen to me and paste of enough of an open else knows that the deal about the animal behavior than a couple of this site even as the guts to hold itself up to the cyberspace public as a social no site publishing breaking those that can easily does that even state can take our time stamp face article and even name of the offer a contributor and must contain some are on the disclaimer that it wants cannot guarantee the legitimacy of some of the information: call it publishes and it's all psyched -based up in order to demonstrate a clear pattern of installation here that knows a lot from being sent center that cannot be taken seriously as something that is getting 11 indistinguishable from the real thing to us all that matters is public officials and even some journalism filing for them in the coaches' active, biting the dust particles is becoming checked it because it's the nose-up main subject of a live event of the Nichols than dedicated to the nose, it's like ABC and CNN , as well as the starting of the reason why I'm standing here today Bennett front and center the attention of the senate nomination is the other than fact that the escalation is not happening by chance that no such as these days I in fact deliver the baby manufacturing development and spread them out in ways that this guy is a fake is that they intend to follow people we only need to ask we promised when does it affect seen a limited amount of some of the cinnamon DNA, for as little as a mandate from the state knows the one most likely to be actively working to license plate of the nation in the rest of the moment and think about it does not take a genius to know all the days of connected to sell the land routes which is really nothing but a continuation less desirable politics and easy act of serial killing and that any other flammable the plot to open up the associative challenge brothers and sisters by the very people are responsible for the well being met, downplaying is not attended like washing the appliance involvement of certain personality is in questionable if not downright criminal activities such as CNN's unsuccessful bribery attempts made by jack, by the fading into obscurity of a coalition of the 10 men in the president's job list the contents of the station scallions and suspicious, and then contacted, telling the Chinese authorities even conveniently forgetting that backing into 10 to 16 win the senate, the court in the people's that's the claim that if China refuses to honor the arbitration ruling regarding the west and the PDC Investment in a bid to bring into the boundary of us that these so we can ride the jets that this thing gets a key weapon in the Philippines that so many compliant the Philippine flag of the reclaimed land in the spec. Steven denying inconvenience trials such as the real source of illegal drugs flowing into a country and as a real identity of those private and economic benefits of the illegal drug trade event of the idea that the blind faith and license to kill the end of the test given as police officers is not really is something of an attitude problems are even when the strengthening of life force the agency is the best in fact creating a moral vacuum that enables that it even elements in the police force to prey on people such as the rise of the conference and incidence and thus further weaken the people's trust and confidence in the public than a dozen less fuss about National Medical only have another everyday and becoming more and more of an object fact, its freedoms of security and democratic way of life these are all connected to the proliferation of fake names of those beltway just a hop trustee outright lies the misleading headlines and even the last two outs and the profanity that accompany the president's every appearance in a television screens because I'm not playing by the states that make up the brawl that this administration and his supporters the list just went under the law of the crimes dating competency is using a snack and dedication to the public's interest the broken campaign promises about 90 nothing more than two goals and a trail of the independence in favor of the nominated for and the effects of standing it's a two day that fold up in the upper up by end of the league, former apple does not make certain that the median age is that an attention from the senate because the nose has become one has been somewhat of a plan that has been updated as the Filipino people and exercising their rights freedoms of the enjoyment of the democratic way of life in the popcorn and eating expected until cannot be exaggerated here this is serious business democracies the power of choice and the powerless to the Filipino people that I have the power of choices ability to address inside the real conditions problems and challenges of FEC of people , while the kind of the cinema decisions of one of the pop and that's as possible with Avalon not an old Lotus and IBM have been up and winds up in in other words, chiles has been based on accurate information and it is Il says it is based on false information to me that in mind that colleagues in the senate's minimalism lawmakers and indeed is one of the safeguards against grave of us is that made the comments of the other branches of government until the end of it to me once, but the precious declaration of martial law, even eyes of the accuracy of information we mounted a trial affect only established now we are facing a situation of the elements in a society like to have any poisoning the well of information that is readily available to the Filipino people enter as the public servants certainly think noses of meals in a way that I lives of baked by different names summit, the joke; speculations, must be needed as you'll stick to some sort them out of the demand into the constitution that allows them to people and is the list are actually defies the idea of the status quo that it is something more sinister and one that has been in existence since the dawn of society it is nothing more and nothing less than a band of , but at the end of the study of Albany Media set up as a DOS is a fun and games on December the noses and I witnessed a nose at the damage night stay in sync with the very real danger of not just listing by name but even life but I've got to have a long fundamental rights and freedoms to think that some of us another general and the only other benefits of democracy than the one secured five cells for a constitution that now seem to take for granted the, a couple hundred of them will crash at it, but the big hit on knowledge of weight thing you haven't even those in our rights and freedoms I like to devote to go off and wife and best friend them into a family member you always look to for granted in all of the offering of a number of it, the panel budget up to them because it never stopped because the deal that the deal they will have enough evidence to take notice any form of vandalism manufacturers and let the ball is like a disease of the recent budget that everything that is, and just about a unified nation that does not matter that not everyone is filled in and others are the people in fold a house in the nine@a political event, and the cleanup of any one of the Clinton bill and that's about a lot of MoneyLine and not in the middle of the 7000 of human development up and say, but he denied them on the CBS program of Indiana, my mind, a program of the events in central cities that the bigger money and CDs and more distracting problem we're facing is truly an unholy Trinity made up of one of the other hand, most of those about lying to people's faces in order to destroy life as finance the projects to the money hungry people of all ages, services in order to help them achieve that goal of the manufacturing development and that the two leading those lies in exchange for profits are influential posts in government and state and unchecked medium that not only makes it easy to spend their days lives of the most number of people in the shortest possible time but is also driven by the mentality that being financed via the famous and having the most nights to as follows a trend and so forth are more important than being liked credible part to a full messy and holy Trinity make no mistake the worst form of cancer affects in our society are the people will stop under the first category that enables them to tell me why does the fact it is profitable tests that as the parts of the Washington Post and the straits times that indicated Federal Aid Services delivered as much money people get into trouble and to spend discord because integrity now has a growing markets products that money is not that it's some people like nights might not think there is anything wrong about making money by making up stories that they can not be more wrong because that's the degraded by fake nails some of its trident lane said Alicia Cisco, still some of the last one nothing is off limits to present a lot of good name and reputation women and even many of the endgame is open season for any one of the spread of sizes, and SMS telling them of contents of the people not to mention of us people died from frost information , he knows the reason behind of people telling people because of justice, many of those killed because of the one drives with victims unidentified accusations and yet there is an even bigger public safety and security aspect of the nineties because the crimes are committed because of propaganda the flying in selling divisiveness in an otherwise, society but also because how can we protect ourselves of the big Israel finance wedding follow the normal lives when we have lost the ability to tell what Israel from what is spent nations are weakened by false information external forces been floating in domestic affairs for a false information from like to think that although we're not the rich nation we are is a proud nation, independence by other freedoms problem ability to determine their own faith to the exercise of the basic and constitutionally guaranteed rights by a La petite open up the line at the bus to map out in the bottom up, eight Jan one of six more of the must break up this unholy alliance by the very least make them feel that high and does not pay me as less people forget the mounting Pacific time of the most articulate a presidential Decree number 90 some of the city lovers of analysis and differences between fake nose supply of fiction react a very fine information but not everyone is and why is that the man's ability hide behind it, by and supplier and deceptively wider than on updated disclaimers were actually addressing themselves up in the closing of real nose of political to be that hard enough people that they can fool such exploitation must be stopped after a meal and if we have lost that protect against intellectual property rights infringement and to show that action laws that protect against France and that's not fraudulent products and publicly in the lane that the judge and the people against that it's not fit for human consumption that is of the reason for Congress to protect the people from misleadingly a packed writing files information that contaminate the very lives or as a violation of trust from age everything else including justice floats before you buy, the people not to believe everything they hear or read that instead to be practical and to be inquisitive with an unknown but Chapman said its stake month estate fee, actual before you swallow and is one children's safety public service announcement goes down budget in your mouth and didn't check to invest in all its file in because of snow White's of the men and the reason it's may not know how to believe that nobody can say with any mocking, you can play overseeing a continued the bible anyone up with the statistic, when of money and, by some money, remember fake noses like a drug it makes you feel good by making you see or hear things that are badly want to believe the real but in reality it is a former police and the destroy from within the values that are bring about a zombie of the fillets inform the least expected to my dear colleagues in the senate I'd like to all of you whether you feel personally invested in combating fake nose and knocked to support as a wholehearted until senate resolution 7259 to 71 of senators on the two youngest and the company and respectively, for the conductivity would be a mistake to fake noses social media in order to find a dissident measures to stem the proliferation of such as imposing stronger requirements for web sites to take effect in responsibility for what they publish such as the limiting the defective disclaimers station is so especially those that have been adequately faced opposition to give me there's sufficient notice of the nature of the publishing and the imposition of severe penalties that and make it financially burdensome to spend for SMS research for profits views of some legislative measures taken that into in order to address the problem of proliferation of destructive fake nose of the purveyors and the must-implement a hobby can strengthen the fight against fake nose and propaganda on the other end the disappearance of the status and I believe that a strong foundation and the defending the status as part of the basic education member of the nation achieve its goal of establishing a strong and productive citizenry, not suffer the tracts of land men and copiers so easily that comes a point where it can only do so much to protect our people from Foster's beyond many false beyond that it follows above them to protect themselves and their duty is to adequately equipped and to make the distinction and to think for themselves that is the least the middle of the cells are children into the future of nation as Ralph Waldo Emerson once in every violation of tools poked and violation of tools zone is sort of suicide in the liar that is a stab at the health of human society are present leaders are already given all those elements that, as the licensing candidate and the opportunity to put to rest that does not make it easy for them to tell us they were legally and some estimates swallowing the poison the fetus think if your attention and care much decided in the majority of the president a distinguished minimum of seven to resolve those issues for the valley of the speed of server purposes of innovation center of the season is the interest of president would my sister of senator a year to a fuel-up in questions and have been thinking about what the German thank you very much Mr. President a circle understand the urgency of the need to address the phenomenon of fake nuisance ocean media and asap is the president, have been a victim of seeking used a fake use the example of the mighty, including that of the sponsoring a bill on the other coding and at the end of the passengers based on this surname to this the value of private and taken us on that those that have sponsored a bill that if you have foreseen that those who have committed capital of sleeves and if you have a face that the republicans seen a makeup applied until I see many a new stage debut of any happened in that specialty and churches and schools update us on a hunger strike at that time and supposedly disclosed that a standalone hunger strike to convince the Supreme Court then to reverse its decision on the Brea of the cake and eating other than this according to locate the tool that and other thing to us that they want according to the seam side that I wanted to pay salaries for me is alive and long modest means of history sent me a sense of the parties to president of the death of civility in social media but Ito, Davis at a fire that as many as bills one in particular is relevant to this object of all of the gentleman's minute speech and this is the centerpiece of a tiny clients via which also seeks penalties for gender the senate on the clients against women and damaging the team's defensive and the defeat this out for the avenue and appropriate for the most the most appropriate and democratic response to the problem of fake names in addition to imposing penalties as the active promotion of the tools that these without being given to caution slide in the practical rights my my need to censorship and censorship of those deemed as the meals, even if they had in fact trial with the dangerous so the first effective question Mr. President : one determining what meals of the lineup: act as it shows that 30 one end of the matter is we provide the best in the platform since pieces for the people cannot open dialogue with each other and buying, indisputable facts those are certainly very interesting points and of race by my sister and I certainly those on matters are those are issues that could very well be activated on the course all the ingredients that hopefully would be conducted by in response to the resolutions call our comics senators two youngest and uneven and you mentioned about possibility of censorship or you know of questions based on censorship of opposition to the decision measures address thinking about because it is a form of censorship censorship can never be the intent of all those of you a proposed legislative measures the case against the nose is not an issue of censorship against the stage with an exercise of police power to protect legitimate journalism that is one of the annoyance of democracy because as we know the difference between fake nose and counties and suppliers is that fake nose presents itself as a real mills the use of fake nose is not an exercise of free speech than the nation's act designed to a model of the discourse on matters of public interest the objective of journalism is to make well informed and engage citizens for a generous and seeks to create the opposite by selling this information and unfounded agent and estimated to the public institutions I would rather than also to the wisdom to the contributions of idea colleagues, exactly how to map a handle on how to all correct this out scorch minutes of fake nails increasing penalties or imposing stiffer penalties are exacting responsibility only a provider of Internet, that many of the cost for example via the planning and bill seeks to one of the close as a stiffer penalties on the involves penalties on the fate of those sites and those that when I create those fake nails sites and other one was thinking of possible amendments laptop with the men amendments, the anti , numbering , mandarin lull in the main explanatory note of senator of the money also pointed to some proposals and non -and condiments the German women of the Bundestag floor leader of the country's ruling social democrats is announced the parties intention to present legislation that empower the government defying face full pay substantial amounts for every problem at the post that does not vanish within 24 hours notice a typical to that deception and unimposing of stiff penalties bomb that this is a core subjects to discussion thinking is the president can even come here may concern and this is my second question the second effective question may concern is : the meal being done any city instruments that remove the vaccine that is specific to the final frame that penalties Boston meeting to censorship: the most by an undemocratic regime to persecute that shipped in a news organizations what would stop, stop me from seeing that the second story for example by defeating the Enquirer one Lapierre AC and must be taken down the coast and amber Mr. President that during the Marcoses seen when many mainstream mainstream news organizations for the circle opted for muscle by Vicki Peterson the alternative press, Muskegon U.S. skater press was that the connections and just at the hands of Mr. Speaker that bullpen shall not intended that all ballot measures that will ensure censorship somewhere down the road as a response to the U.S. might inadvertently suppress the right beside C and the rights and freedoms mentioned by any of my sisters and their rights to free expression and leader of Ivan even that is not the intention of the proposed measures that that is not meant to target any alternative form of journalism precisely five in reading some details and literature and their vehicle Lanes about to the text of the present administration having posted revenues certain sites of years and then being taken down or suspended simply because there are times I didn't say when systems in their of sites of that as of course Stephen free expression that can not be there with the intent of the legislative measures we are after all be a relief for the rest of files illegitimate misleading abstract false information because that's what we're saying that in the event that phenomenon of the state nose at the right nights and falls on information they can Mr. President I suppose the country and in Iceland concern is that I may not be accused of passing some kind of gasoline station and not let wetlands against France wants against fakery at in the hands of commerce: inspector and these weapons for actions against those like trying to bring the unknowns that feature Regionals at to the people have done for the sweat wants to be turned against this representation perfectly and trees think it's a precedent Sunday and lasting and what was the main nine from questions what is behind my questions lassies that I was afraid that asking face will another sending the social media platforms to use of the cold and other events section being contemplated now in the world using other agents to determine which teams of the one not what it set the undemocratic the time many of a of the makes sense only spoken mean that the bee lady of the Internet is that the screen is one of the pressures are reaching eight was one of the pressures democratic space anyone could easily accessed via an on-Chile and so we will have been victims of these fake mules of renal and the snap of civility in social media assembly code for the frame or deferring the peace corps I think one of the reasons behind the proliferation of fake news is that apple for me and more affordable solution either platforms and channels for the public to access news and you are discussing business us to get the Mr. president majority of the people active in social media get them used to face of which is provided for the plaintiff and service providers will ever witnessed by single property to the U.S. sees as a precedent for me than the full senate cities are an option that's most of the buying even eye on them yet by bills will be no stories without any option on how to be any fights accuracy and this is one of our vulnerabilities being exploited by the strolls an anticlimactic the command of the things Mr. President, adding: defeats own I think it's time that people from more affordable is not free access to fast and reliable Internet Service at the bugs are to be given the widest array of sources to access via news and media information so let let them use a precedent best places to think about free access to 80 a CD and knows that the Enquirer that said that : something that the image of a woman afraid to a year of the GM believe any of Food Products some kind of an disclaimer one by unfairly 511988 mules sites so that the Internet users for one that cannot establish vehicle nice new sources of these may or may not be providing tools for the unknowns by enclosing Mr. President and calm before I see once again by the guidance for flat in the gentlewoman company that does the public in a free and affordable access to information and mules from different sources that rules would eventually come out and sign of an upheaval and not be at the mercy of online tools and the new standards banking services I appreciate I appreciated and misstatements English, a former very enlightening fumes and proposals on the matter including all three and affordable giving free and affordable access because some 88 is expensive and that is a reason why so many are callable in Indian medley and easily be leaving of those stuffy nose although they have in production for us to the U.S. today that it's easy for us to detect for most would be a pretty easily detect fake nose because that elements of support elements in in nine of those deals where there is a visit to the fate or not the best days they are improving the craft and that's why many have become have become gullible imagine that news about my sister being arrested in China style of offense and Holliman confirm that she was there in India in Indian of the hospital watching over my sake but that if you if you look closely, so for this clear as you can also see that the peace pact of the dissection of all the purveyor of that the notes so they've got to introduce a 10 features India measures hopefully the business of measures would be to propose measures would be a seriously of chicken and considered by all of my colleagues in and its lowest party for the purpose of crafting the am very much balanced piece of legislation addressing this up scorch: the notes that ms from the gentleman taken them to suppress them to suppress them after the of the forum: for this position of the media public information posted the ages one mission director of the of the good of the center for the emotions from politicians to be the favorite whipping boy of seven owners of formations first of the then again I am going to move the show for all of the fray she was telling of the show money, too, the woman, miss percent of women later the list of the soul for just the middle of the suppression of it, the story of the show one: the list is long: we're still having trouble in the sugars in the church was one of the most of the devil church and she will stay in the middle of the other in the first and then she were so crying been told the home and study the lesson of the than the Moon, only available on a continual began 51 of the best small vigil, motionless the notes: all the players fives and the mobile home in on the long the center are truly in the second deal was a policeman and information one of the prayer of the police were checked his father whether the policeman's the general election suppressed in Texas, Denton divisions from the policeman place to put the pressures beside the one which the crime when she opened her eyes to show that addresses the server should go to the median strip of them are to school so lovable them association of women, the nation's evidence of the president of the mission of the sum of money, will deliver the message of the 17 of them in the middle of information and lesbians is a motion animation under the name of the latest issue of the server the modesty for the committee on public information on MSDN the information to them and server non-defense for from the government for the divisions to become a special orders 171304, committed four, for the division of the motion in the most visible of that information of the DNA and open to the 71091304 of them in an objection to the memo system that as of the revival of the mission enact providing for the full appreciation to the four students enrolled in the state universities and colleges and appropriating funds that will to present a special commission many of the chairman of the committee of education arts and cultural center, below the level as a leader of the measure only) Service Centers that belong to you and as if on the end of the center in only seven months to sponsor the mission of the senate to suppress the vote for the event with a finalist in the league's top of the end of the body of an operable second at the end of its focus to the sponsor a measure that can help make the team and promise of a college degree of Erp from member of the evils in their findings this measure has received tremendous support from local leagues from the public and especially of us still that's I stand before you dispose of senate bill number 130 for entitled to not providing for full tuition fee subsidy for students enrolled in state universities and colleges are SEC's and appropriating funds that of otherwise known as the three higher education for a fact which seeks to subsidize tuition fees in one of the CCS Mr. President simply pop up at mesa the best of all of the state, muddying the benevolent agency stopping the SEC's of this tonight, but some of the PP that the nexus and the couple, and that was noncommittal Il up by the goals of the moment when of the above all, the head and accessible that suppress the senate next month in the lives of four students ready and eager to another city in the state university and college that some of the lives of the fact that the momentum to shut off of them of the deleted from the gulf and all of the park should keep a study in an SEC perhaps these are games and other leading the name of the sensitive work as a manager in the fives, then in Singapore that he's hopeful that becoming a junior will provide them with high of 82 she can contribute for families market spencer's moments ago that above the city can find a challenging and profitable drop in media up with his sister, mentally stolen and to shop is studying lives as she can become a public school teacher and help shape the next generation of Filipinos service that the key goal of five of the streams to back away from a college or university of southern suppress the economical league's most of the only one of the four with an ad in the number one reason for solvents dropping up to the higher education institutions that number one reason Mr. President is financial issues of poverty in the ability of the 1990s of the theme of the dish up to the people of the badly as apple pie, seven Jan at second and the media and mechanisms, the political arm of the men at the bottom up a lot of other than about to cut the abandonment of a piece of the map of the Boston sulfites and the president and stop by the press in the one next opponent of a city that, one of the second and public comment by Bonneville medical education minister: bork's opponents in the sacking by what happens if the others see what happens the rest of the woeful to finish the cost of an apple finances suppress the esteemed colleagues mean of an approaching 81 cup event will brighter future for morphine the most that snake lead the nation more accessible for shoving sold its plate and the 100000060045000500660 votes in the CCS and the unlimited average tuition us to see its 9407 processed by here but that is a list of about 16 billion buses every year to make the symphony tomatoes and fees for a August, as you see this measure up, Sony Commission fees which is close to force the president's traction and training of our students this is about 30% of the list of expenses of our students suppress that I believe it's high time we investment in education disposing of the other means in the sources to make this happen if the fare price to pay them below the bottom of the evils that the setup at the moment a shop that she vaccines for themselves for the families and for the country to press the delete the bay, but the proposed measure as one of the implied that the form of the national past the best opinion issue of taxes above the education of proposed measure can be coupled with other policies of the defunct other loss like this, but not streamlining the stuff up the student financial assistance program funding the fast and if a slow and slash its constant send the list be the envy of other agencies together they can improve access to higher education and above the city lost with the promise of a college diploma together with policies already passed the senate passed progressivity been implemented by measure can call the picture and support other students and a CCS further example it also may not end up in the bottom of Simon and the question multiple buying canonical about the legal but the land, since all of lying about to jump in a light bulb up any of the people of the mobile command of the committee level of the bottom of the committee of the season of the value of nine that the state of IE psinet not, and that one of seven at the podium to suppress the distinguished colleagues that's the problem and not just hope that Angeles to work in the cheating the teams together if the boss of the enter key to the floor of the free higher education for a fact we're investing in the future of a promising young feed the most money setup suppress the distinguished links the defense supply because of the people that even much interaction with the 40 bit as resident of Indianapolis minority of the sports and leisure center of the movie solution for your use weapons that if the server that the server that their lives within the people in the house passed the proposed you back to send a lot better than it's fine that is the probation of 450 billion for a vision of the people tuition which is just a discount and that the college of the division that the station is only a part of the missile official guide for ventilation on the committee from june one of the USB sauce before confronting the told that it's worth of mission subsidy to millions and millions of this UC students but the official added to that seems is deference to the BS the above and idea of free public college tuition and other works bonds are to be the sale of public colleges can be defined with the bulls won all over the top of the expenditure us the money for us this bias about seven people and 29 billion in contingent that's a patch to be the piece of content advisor five of the high or medium this as being called them from sending us live in case they complement of the cases in which the end of the missions the SEC's is an entitlement Genevieve which is in the end to the government by the national budget is a couple of open by the Mets we will spend seven people and to begin this year for four beats 17.9 billion four senior citizen analysis and speaking of tension 110.4 billion four uniformed personnel that the defendant events on the switch dwarf the been on the main benefit 1.4 million SEC's events and SEC's conventional high above the level that if it does show enabled the proving that the pass the subjects for floppies it's been served as president and then sheets 80% of the prime is in the further from the plane crashed the 16,000 unwanted let me cite them other combat mission, but as the one star general gets 35,534 for presence in monthly pension courtesy or fewer the progress of the appropriations in contrast to the middle of the distributor equally columbus's folders for pollution masters the subsidy would come up to the 571 presence among Mr. President of the side of the maps teaspoon of view them as unrecoverable expenses did them the best investments made by the times sun was in the Biden says deficit numbers that this event for WebTV of this means that the alliance creates conditions progress the press and the quality of its human couple education dictates whether the prosperous part of the means for a building that the Istanbul is not the responsibility of family circle government festival and if it's sure to see this kind of division of labor, in the body of the baby Sunday PM, Sunday, but many of these funded in the liberal than the soap operas at the beginning of a gun, but that doesn't buy, the love of money but , and it would be the movie and leave envision the puppet government and academia people properly, the Mr. President: it's a sense of college educations and a bit of people are better than let banks can offer in fact the best form of investment is to educate oneself in one study college education goals and 15% in the witches of the best investment survey that it is a college diploma of college that the press of London 40% more than double the high school graduate will accept the problem of violence that Steve jobs Richard Branson from the family and the vessel in the mobilizing the sector the wage mission within the skilled college government and the unskilled personal business Friday assets of its sole content of the school and college coverage of IDC a company by a widening the gap between the money, it's the problem in the middle of the straits of states that the piece of content of this property but sadly, many students will be the make this trip over on many poor and middle class to benefit of the financial self prevention in fact in a survey of 16 to 17 year olds pull up to be in college lack of financial means foresight to buy for office and a sensibility were cited by one 10th of 1% marriage was invoked by 8% mostly by men will perhaps before the discipline of being homeless: the life to the neighbors above the level 40% of high school graduates do not receive the college and for the Sammamish River college campuses freshman of the six top of them with much of the stage to blame for the homeless division loss of the time of politics and often does not give us this to the investment updated for the dns the fact that the question does not have the money this is to prove the mainly by financial excesses and then the intellect of one of the number below nonetheless, Sunday and Monday the money and the length of the body and mind about that as people and privacy bill and austin's the menu of the seminal and the ability of unlimited estate to some of the July happened to the meat and somebody on this, but haven't given them on the uniform of the oven, middle and the denial of any and all, one mobile home semesters to the system, and it's the many that the commission is only part of the cost of college education within the past in government for full of warfare money of violence is for books and more commissionable purposes of the studies above the one you that school is the last expenditure on which the Philippine should be winning performance in the pool houses of Congress can have an annual budget of 15 billion and set to see us and express five of the democracy than life public college be discouraged us in the distance of luxury for the simply that they could manage this, but that should not depend and use the phone companies and in the house of its customers for billions of course, per minute basis and water companies and the courage to drop of water will use the hardship for the handed up in the list of the service of money to 114 state universities and colleges to close the play by the repeal of public pressure the education system will fit for the event five million subsidy to build the proposed the PMA government of the oppressed with its subsidy this government by the end of the bee which is spending 15 times bigger than the premises system event is for the course of them with that of the people of this just enough is not lacking the dismissed the idea of free public commission requested the benefit the money held last in fact be a solution of your capacity before any of the listings taken in leave of absence in this bill is to be content to let studies beside the NT some not alter the facts is a sided and then put the mustangs subsidy for this new system than in the politically and investment women than one 10th win the middle of the senators, basis of race the increases failed to keep up with the muscles to the movies this will be in per capita subsidy degrees and the biggest mobile than one that fade SEC Commission would only benefit the awful and for the life of me-up in legend upon the state university as a bastion of the LAN or even 10% less like a long as she sees an intimate of the monied class it is not this misinformation start of the claim by the chair that 20% of all, as you see improvements other from the top 20% over the Jews from these shopping offers the times but if it's under the Bopp comet from the commission and the division the digest 20% of families list of the expenditure is 74,020 persons and so by the neck and the dividend expenditure budget that spends about 6500 buses some of you and about 20% of the statement from its with the city and insinuation that you reach data provided by checklist of show them the first part of the screen, families with them member involved in college and study of the expenditure of the 10006002218000300 vessels second in the family spent between 18,005 to 28,001 of the one with the front and the 28,001 of the people for the 3476 on Monday fourth in the 48,480 to 74,020 am only eight of those are unwanted spend the jurors and not by any stretch of imagination organized the city of interpretation and 80% of each given the demented movies such as the family income and expenditures serving the subsidy the city was the formula used Blitzer that it's a screen via a 20% of the rest of the U.S. and some of its yearly income of 600,000 50,000 among them: end of the salmon master teacher 1% not send a kid may on Monday, the long delay a minimum and the party Monday family income of 50,000 woodland in the upper 20% of the movie of the many families in that class are having a hard time making ends meet the fourth win the 11 others from the monthly income of 24,070 one, the women acknowledge the challenge to the limo students from all of the four families to college with a bit of a percent of india's UC campuses shouldn't be less as an argument against the public college tuition must invent races were shoots a member of the benefit me an idea for a middle class especially the middle class and as a password and service legislation is for them the benefit of the mission resident will be one memo by the 177 United Nations not an entitlement with a combination of the forces of the qualifying among those that it's a vision is for the pieces of evidence that the governors of the causes of the famous as the days of the events in the vision of the recession of the DC, the other side of life of another sort of, as the cinematic vision, and one that can be more than 1/2-minute, let them stay in the mission of the U.S. The rest of us, this is over legislation legislation server has a number of surveys of the hassle of the more than half of the middle of the am under the republican in 1980 one survivor of the end of NDS bill by the way I am a pivotal is a suspension by the better on the NT public high school bus passed implemented during the 19881989 school year service division the pin natural progression of all of the judicial system of shallots and develops education division is the progress of discovery over shortcomings and go up window them from the people of any public universities are hot spots of innovation and also played a crucial provides them must not fear change of residence upon this measure which makes education system better in the future part of the end of two of them by and in the coming days of the source of the measures that would improve the form modernize and energize our educational system is this a bit depressed about one of many medicine, Mr. President, effective prevention for the spread of the 7:10 AM of wishes to deliver the schools for fishing expedition for the purpose for the whole revelation of O.J. of years ago with the mauritian post position than before the lesson to be possible for the gentle soul of the committee for the game open with the permission of the chair for cervical sportfishing speech for members of the seventies of residential measurement of the the senate committee of the love letter the will of with the convention center of the polish to be called the measure -service for services to the stage for leaks that it is one of those forces and the number 1 to 0 for all the committee parliament for the quarter free of education for all of the Levee of people are fighting for the right of access to public education in the Philippines and in many countries we should I demand for better education services and for it to become the prevalent however noble demands of the net was the end of the prosecution station protected from override the faucet sense of vindication of events and should take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to one mistake is also mandated goals time, as many died, and the dedication to the dimension of city proposal and in the sum of severe percent in 2018 of the purpose for almost 18 years of the ocean for measures that seek to promote the live in the middle of the deal with the devil that some of these other overseas establishment of the universe to the Philippines someone couples into custody other cities very old as you see that provides for efficiency and quality education for seven years for eight years now is to provide being free of education for all of these and other fulfillment of these of the last piece bill seeks to provide the depression education to one, five and financially disadvantaged students receiving the only pressure off the CD-able to enter college demolish a purse of one of the guys budget for education as proposes from this one involving any state college or university will no longer be part of the four push of a symptom of the father of the national budget provisions in the policies for the president of the budget reach for the suppressors, budget, vision for the vision of the subject of its station and the government's commitment to leave covers to the medications for these are the press pass and then to support the free tuition for one of the free-efficient for all of the Soviet president and the gym for the home video of the center of them in the poll shows some in the fences of us that was the middle of the survival seven call the TR event of the mother the end of the vote in the Bahamas, suppressed because of the only senator, the 20 THS, have won 11,000¢ of service in the city was a moment that they consider the king center the text and the gentleman from them up for the price is the important bill and the submit the senate committee on finance entered by the as well as the gentleman from commit to seven upset because making the big breakthrough in the push for free college education danger of versions of a 10 to 17 lead to the appropriations act as a president wanted a didn't locate individuals ever succeeded on the best in life of the people of the time police learned to 7% of the date, none of the most one for a suspense one table to pay for syndication he worked as a possible in exchange for more than launching another school in between is trustee would study the process on the intelligence that convention economy and scholarship and lives and one that I'm still the lack of funds for further studies so he worked as an instructor in the opening of school of the swamp into number of this initially he finished his most of these are underway for the division of the ending of the brains of the Philippine revolution and the sublime of the history is full of people out of the need for this fight the circumstances succeed because education was made available to them all the people of a neighbor just about themselves for school my father of former senate president and the always back to me that he never paid in singles and doubles for discussion at Indian school that invest in the Philippines and this one for these masters top of the studies of the members of Michigan and for scholarships he was able to venture of the snow, but their form is this an unknown of the study of the enter the bench when customers such as the three high school education customer, many others to miss a present it is no wonder that people fight so ardently for the right to be educated people even the point that the amount of government in Columbia, none of us that a single sheet of metal events of the people in the TTS protest of them enough people know, when a second system of oppression of descent into that and not meant to CC the simple, the budget because of a vessel a connection to be an apartment in a concussion with anybody, that the provision in 1986 middle of the time it was at the bottom of the show free high school at the spindle universal into the indication of years up into the low income people pay up into the glove of knowing that any of the sunset, that the bill, and that a concussion vegetable up, many of the land, sea level, at the contest that open at 11 call them up and running on the ability to map out a little bit of that the minority leader, Minnelli that the best game, the glove of education teacher of the Nevada: certificate of the last minute, say a moment when of the best known in the masters of the map as the pool at the moment, recently the safest approach which went via posted via UBS by this project live if you buy at the post once a better father a taxi driver whole other story goes was not in the format of this affair of from Mississippi to the soft but not that the tension the most was the picture of her father's vaccine dashboard which prominently featured for improve education teacher when the content of the peace of mind in the post by the young the semis and a 1,000,000,011 AM and paprika Jan button and ms men's 5% of the bottle, and the men as above, kidnapped, the percentage of me a couple shots after a few relevant to sing the other end of the ole miss more than a member of the end of the polls most of us as much as 90% of the product that's in addition, in the couple's the party for the newbie school statistics study found that nearly 60% of the heads of households in the lower-income plus for college graduates what if we're looking at the upper-income last minute 83% of poles were college graduates pay up a couple of vegetable Penney, Mr. President Milan, the leader of the collapse of the state universities and colleges the woman said to them but the Beatles and that the people know about them as an economic malaise in the prosecution's events of the stage of the bat and promote the right of citizens for quality education for memos and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all the measure vehicle sponsor events like this Monday after the meal and concrete ways we shouldn't even by enacting this measure of them are work is finished on the progeny of the package of reforms is needed we submitted under the midst of a certain discounts center for public transportation books and medicines the custodian; publication that those of another sort of miscellaneous fees we also need reforms that the quality of our state universities and colleges and higher education institutions as well as the post or capacity to innovate and generate new knowledge making higher education commission for the it's the biggest step is a big first step, many more people to be the vastly improve education across the country without only wanted to do what it says will we also wanted to beat up much responsive and then about the late senator of the of the the fourth president of university Philippines 1¢ education must produce individuals for both useful to themselves as well as the society in office event that some of the city government will benefit the top of that SNA the people in the last of the mafia and a political statement above that emitted into the people of the economy of strengthening education as mentioned by the distinction of the nation's top of the most solid economic development strategy the author victor the one sent people opens the school door closes the prison consider the following Mr. Preston into spectator that we spend an average of 17,910 passes a year for every in the under the jurisdiction of the people of your affections and the bureau's to management and the knowledge of the GNP in contrast to the meeting yesterday to the commission of higher education provision of 1¢ to become fully cover the U.S. education of expenses bit of a status that invest in touch with roughly 60,000 vessels 72,000 basis of all the people of 60,000 basis for all of us at state university policy, publish the president met in the woods and updating of the Nevada is the Pacific Ocean and spent for the sentiments identify the midst of the fiscal space may not enjoy visiting the local charity for us to bet heavily on the most strident festival investments in our peoples education to the Pacific Ocean to listen up into the bottom of the message sent to the money that a form that the condemned man beaten up in an upset of the people of all the attention was missing in action be taken up in the many that are most in the removal of sentiments of some other state that the provoking over much of a pittance at the end of the Midwest in his column the national artist for the teacher as Geneva said once wrote the solution to the national monies estate division based education is not just learning how to manufacture better or cheaper goods as for your by one to be passed a bill that incites our minds and events for a better education and the achieve real change in our country some of the service did you that as president of investors shows server movement of them want to serve in the home of the two servers to four suspensions first before the close of a minimal conditions of those sessions, and the server no of the meditations of the session from the two presidents of the U.S. forces if I move the revelation, the server only for the below the use of the year in the event, his chief for small minds of the night of the state of the records of president of the league of me not seen the fights of AIDS cases, the presiding officer that by buying im would like to a program to make a good sponsor for making this a priority office committee said that, keen on a light to subject of a mind that there are many of us would sponsor this as well ideological sponsor these nonwhite that is that the measure which aims to institutionalize and a national scale that provision of the focus of the subsidy for students and will be one of the country's 114 state universities and colleges other than senate appropriations act for the study of 2017 days of this chamber approved the amount of 5,753,537,000 for the chance to vent financial assistance programs to fox which covers both the raiders to stop such as its scholarship program that grants in eight and student loan program and others to fox lake: the long and scored by an were over an additional eight billion has been appropriated for that cents higher education's 4251 another and have that many on the soles has been approved as service announcements to medical students enrolled in the country's SEC's offering the Dr. of medicine program with the passage of this proposed measure we've all been anticipating in effect the system by mechanism by which the funding for the commission already appropriated for this year will be utilized however mindful of the government's units of resources in the schools and ensure that public funds will be used activity and surfaced the poorest of the four in fact in the discussions yesterday was a precedent that was presented in the consultations and by the education chairman senator of keno and seven hits me as well presented less than need for a restless is outside of the commission's subsidy listening to the 60% of additional tests will be desperate Haitian unbalanced Islami party and best one run up to a despondent 1,000,000,000 pesos for the 1.6 million students we hope that in the coming year us know some of the mainstream of wood and better define been set up 1.6 million students and growing wireless even access fee commission subsidy that will be an Allen says and educational costs needed and so upbeat and then to them as a precedent aside from supporting does some very important that is a good measure is also to settle for the funding than the last 20% quintile the poorest of the four of which would cost of nine billion pesos for them to receive at least 60,000 pesos a year in the second to the last compliant of 20% of the Internet site of the 40% we would need at least I think that the bed and if my memory serves me right we hope to find that in the budget for 2018 as a precedent that the first most important step is the destination of the 3% subsidy of which is then shined in the proposed measure identified as Michael Easton and a valuable support so we can enact the best possible person always been a CC topple the constitutional mandate of education shall be the state's highest priority in terms of adaptation of resources that the city sends a precedent that with the subsidy for free tuition for a 117 as you seen as it does not mean that the event that thing the opportunity for four and incentives to make love and deciding us to events from entering the private educational system in fact, the staff of more than five billion this case, maybe an hour and service answers the questions that are posed by devil to be out in the classic yesterday in the consultation of senator Chino with that kind of a supported this mission-service be much for the bill of two of those forces in fiction movie revelation to review the seven woman center stage and senator the further you will serve president and a map and stopping up; and the village to cosponsor do so only the port number of 88 and again: Grachev the power committee chair several, he'll for upping its 50 with the song particular measure the forestall world of chien, comedian financed podium that being a minority from either the med the snow map of the main of important that the Shultz noll Mendes at the Picassos to question the pope, 90% of the people up, the initiative able to suppress that they believe that the flotation subsidy for all our students in state universities and colleges this should give our young people reasons to be in for a better life jacket with a deep in mud up building up and in the Latin of event that medicine, Europe and the yuppie beam up in a muddy the lineup this in my hand and I'm open, but have not love or money, not a lot of the Middle East lighted signs of president was some are success stories were some other than the man at the beginning of the people to sign a mix of makeup of the government about inconsistent that is the case that level map of the U.N., but not enough of that in a deep enough into the pot of many successful is not a leading to the limit for example a state in the nation on the the weather CIA because as the sum of the nation as a most of them as one of the sustainable development will begin in the U.S. and the story show of Filipino workers benefit from abundant opportunities for no other free technical training programs up a mapping that service did you indicate, the depression, is the depression that momentum off recreation fee not upping the beginning, middle people indicating that, government about being done, the bill and Melinda, lighthearted novel by a committee of the filming of the none of the light meal a simple human, system and bishop of that number that the U.S. and will you will have the oven of the DC that and some of the steadiness say on the media and other public as of late that the public as of late none of the timing of the lineup in one: stop a BB gun 893 people education also an SMS that, and service this ordeal idea not enough, and none of the package was not mentally low density vindication fee must love the game one of the Montana, the bush and other than a pencil makeup, being Southern Nevada and additionally I fully support support this measure any one appaloosa president nominated a wash and came up with an open the government knows more than 99% of the novel by an apple financial capacity should not be a constraint for the Filipino to personal best versions of themselves they say that education is a great equalizer and strongly believe that the FBI education commission fee when a bus loads for more money for the higher education java financial constraints of a college and pursue higher education is a president giving free education Milosevic of the most more of your options begin service that many clients again when the clients a copy of that stopping by end the initiative and the man began moving this value of some of the pollution, one of the Nottingham, by an ad Hominem of the women of the above a minimum of 9711 majority leader of the newest resident of the senate chamber center via the Moon some of you know which of the overall vision and a valid if I'm probably will probably go with the collage of the middle of the individual and the other members to the coldest spots for sports sort of those resident of the butt of the other members of the list of the most pressure and four V sponsorship speech also were only 41 to suspend consideration of shouldn't be any 1304 of the middle of the benediction giving the suspects in the nation of some of the number 10434, four to one of the stress that the am open issue was a vision of seven of 77 of the people, the city of action for being the initial observations and the number of segments of the war, but this is the measure of the free Internet access program the parliamentary status of the measure is the limit in the worst in the middle of the commission for women level as a sponsor of the chairman of the committee on science and technology center of the people in the late Senator Joe Biden said the U.S. forces recognize the venerable district lines for the finish button suppressed in his resignation and some of the different even with the stage and the man from a plane that you hold of a few questions of service and close to suppress the president's finished loading the media of the long bond set up a batch of the DL sponsored peace mission to sell very kindly upon a mapping, Don Manley development and in the minds of the economy of the 1970, none of my timing of all, some residents finished only a piece of the of the creative content goal of manifest on the floor that the event community is one of the of the domain of flexible and are working arrangements baptist movie and that's why the service edition also filing of a senate bill number of infected the encourage the Rockies in the country that they have a strong role in other countries that commuting and the improved to the workers' productivity and improve working life comments of the slayings the president's image for the adopting these kind of the arrangement in parser ad in addressing the fact that the inventor of the dns bridges in the number of producers of me understand that the sap the deficit to the stands of arrangements that the lack of access to Internet Service in the name of the commuter school work effectively sorts of police is there Mr. President that made the first pulled the issue of funding from the president may be a proposed a free public access to life I'd eventually can expect of sharp increase in the overall Internet usage in the bill of the proposed measure of adjusted the appropriations may be a source from the budget so far DHCP NBC 10% of the list and NT a single game department of education and the below its many of them via the from the sponsor a much government funded via utilize perhaps to be in the first year of the implementation of the show project as a present life I D sled implementation of some of the start and so in that way 16 budget there was an occasion for 1.6 billion for the 2017 budget that she already passed a song with that, plus a 1.7 billion peso on occasion for 20 18th issue of up considering that, but some measures into place which confessed rapid innovation people up to seven billion of indiscretion of additional sites the end of the movie from the event as the sites of course movement come up after the spots to suppress the business is a resident of the plight of the national governments and I am I correct the seasoning in the building for soul of states that a percentage yields of videos will be no basis to present some of the national government program that we don't see any anything stopping the genes from looking at their own more funding the realm of them up in fact that the money that already has made up of the few other than the switch and use of the independent sense to implement this event in service of service to the private sector only have eight of every political the president of the sector resources to government of government funds for the infrastructure investment a city under the partnership with the government was that of a service to the vendors sold in shortening of the purchasing from the the end of the coverage is the president of what the fifties any of the idea of buying that as for the implementation of the program suppress the NBA bill there's a description of the areas that you wish to cover of the use of national and local government offices public basic education institutions state universities and colleges public class president centers of the parts process and libraries public Airport seaports and public transport terminals to suppress that the pass through a web designer in 1 minute to the DNC determined that the peace on the availability of the infrastructure that need to go into the property as the questions to rest and the site of the movie of the people serve as the stakeholders visited the different industries that can be affected of the cell program that even when they see the effect of this could be called for by the bandage this is the industry for someone is arrested and IDB PM sector of highly dependent once the song infrastructure NATO and the bombing that owning the morning of all industries indict the sector in some believe the center until the end of the 180,000 no question that begins every year and then you have the ending of the help information that office at the industry and and and other industries sub was arrested Friday eight just hope that mounds of people say that the abandon the people of this map of the U.S. and most of the patina, and this is a present a sense of USC guessing that of the doing of an innovative the service readiness for president in the one last point the project along who will poll race on the floor of the permission of the distinguish the sponsor is entitled infrastructure itself, with the proponent of the expected population increase in the Internet usage with the implementation of the idea of actually a spot with the defense team's fans are before deciding to the nation and the game identical sense given but not in the icy the infrastructure development of this president's initial and the time of the possible impact will be a piece of, and TCP possible backing up into the face of measure on the Internet efficiency given the limitations as the president of fox's the infrastructures which are already are in place of service that the kind of funding which is for 13,000 sites need of a 50 GB of the Internet and television 50 GB to the device and does a president and NT the above the bed the consent of the service and the service and a lot of ego, the repainting all possible problem of congestion via a planned school to all of this piece in the silence of the available by the events from a DHCP baseman a profit in any of the ghost someone leaving the pundits PLC and infrastructure that the that the gatekeeper offer this particular praise Mr. President B first TV Internet and location of their purchasing we will abide by the plea from the international vendors for street 70 B a sentimentalist the infrastructure of the private sector that it should not affect congestion be close to suppress that the capacity of fiber optic cable and is actually in the KB solution to suppress the the current infrastructure that some of the encased up against a unit of all seven of them a sense of organization if there can handle up to them because Saddam up, five optic cables that should be done in one of the content of the private sector pass this is done well as than the bulk of the past the Bundy, fiber optic network of 17 least a budget of the suppress the effectiveness of the lineup in the Internet source of that the firm from outside so that that other medication the private sector must not be affected many visitors arrested by not putting all of the Internet and will be the main source of the fact of the message and I love the senate as a president of the president to pass these so much bigger than what is actually showing all of office and a figure of being a native Sacramentan once the purchaser to suppress that subcommittee Internet resource for this national government program uses arrested and 84 by find that because of the media, of peace of mind: some of that, the novel that began meeting ID identity was yesterday when you are discussing based on the floor of the form and even some of life: it's not only long enough that the idea of a bad idea, some of the bebop and so we love it will be available behind that of a sensuous from DHCP that this would ever of the second surprise that the show's net that suppress them for the project to the mentioned that of the second year program the citizen which is a 51 didn't pay under the 54 anyone actually not since the best list and activated it also 50 MB for anybody from one of the bytes of next year which is four of a distant users inventory of the of four public key infrastructure are users that the students for example of that debate about its best per user sends a president with a slump with the better the course of President Jose interview with a different able to use a small but the freelancer operates a viewing the Airport of the lowest for the defense of the five top need to submit your resume of the four rating for a run of four forum communication from your that lands against a president of the Kings and allow small businesses or even the baby bells I think they would be the higher education benefits provided by this free the program service and even much love as well as data from the vendor that sponsor that commitment and broaden of that goal oriented importance of the submission of the Chevy dealers of residents initially that the getting our time in the snow in the launch the best online training program D of scholarship grow from about 57000 poles 600,000 you are registered users Mr. President and so I believe that the city also government programs of the government of the finance that only the skills and buys a forerunner of people but also in generating jobs at the end of the suppress the things you have been the longest initially offer patients in the movie for the whole working, the Monday the DNC events of the intermission and even they can suppress evidence suppressed and the demo one of the summations for any permissions for individuals to be the nation's first of the more conservative in addition to being the unit for the delay should the senate been number 1772 levels of stress and told that they are: Olav V sponsors in the other members who have been cautioned that the proposal in the show for only each of the pressure on all the pieces from consideration of frozen invention seven of the people of the senate action movie in the office vision of emissions from the amended suspension of the renovations of socialization of the mission of the demo commission decision of 71 to 5133 of the war, the senate session giving the mission was a vision of senate bill number one victory over needed for only the homes of resident this is the measure of creating the government farmers and industry plus 44 members of the measure is the most of the division and minimizes force of chairman of the committee level for percent of the study of the government center you live video center and the other sponsors for the Lions and they are in a server the monster spent the day concert president would be a very distinguished colleague yield to some questions within the loan servicing for video for the senator from all over the whole region in all the data into the city from is a summary this was his crimes as someone on a new going over the proposed measure which is a very significant piece the most remarkable into which is actually the court last of this measure is a consolidation 01, many funds are assets which have been established under several statutes its indirect evidence of such assets the creation of the trust fund reaches beyond one single form trust fund and its two also described as perpetual fund to be managed by a committee would just committee the measure gives the impression that seems to give the impression that none of the existing statutes provide for a trust fund is that correct assumption that appointed differently the other funds established under various statutes and the VR mission those other funds be to establish under various factors when of infecting the nature of trust fund industry was sense is that correct assumption of the disconnect from homes president of the major performance over the event is no existing of just one of the mood of the compacts only a local levy fines and assets of the Irvine generated no console of the issue of principle and current interest in the master of 44 years of since the movie poster of selected because those other funds traded under various factors would actually the front government investment fund government consumers standardization on private industry development on the government research on and is all in the marine to propose measure his own nothing about the snap the adjustment that is correct, Jefferson and the end of the NBA, the funds were involved in the pole for legal disputes and VE home the fondness for them all into the picture of the past and pending the resolution of the error of cases before the court, before the Supreme Court of that this was an act of a V a judicially a little slap in the trust fund created by the end of the mechanism not been envisioned under this proposal measure is to precisely given to a particular group : V a ball just committee to manage that is the defense and then the issue of the mention of a piece of the major factor post only protect them from the mandates by vehicles for another page eight section of a native DS from the reading of the same section that the compromise to the policies and guidelines of the utilization of government, evidently development and rehabilitation government industry and that after a prolonged the land by the president because the plan is supposed to be crafted by this at all committee the planet implemented they just committee attacks in the office of the president might question Mr. President is the the trust committee operate under the control for many under the supervision of the president might point as can the president override the decisions of just 20 and the president replace them an expedition members only a committee anytime that is if any of the person and let cool place on the victim of the president is not exercise shows control of the senate that's your entity of the office of the president of the of the president of some of the pensions of the president will not have the power to overrule for some of the press from the middle of the president in this case are limited to two in the designation of Avia event that all of the members of the custom committee a stipulated until the approval of the event of the plan VO industry development of that I have to be asked pointedly that question because the agencies that administrators with external wingman is an encounter problems to the changes in the administration and since its composition is primarily presidential appointees and am referring to the exhibition members one cabinet , members into a file of the digest committee should follow the presidential direction however the industry representatives in the task of many have fixed terms also three years and any level is this more as others turn all the years what happens if they disagree with the new president before the term expires in may be forced to resign of the considering that the expense of the than the event even if it is a change in the administration's the V bit of the respect of considering that it's fixed and then I think it's would not all that: a situation where for example a member of members all that just committee can be removed for poles as those of us is there a season is a case for any of publication of the maybe move cost service will be a presidential appointees and subject of course or civil service rules that is the envy of the mechanisms of accountability for this for them to just committee amend the coal industry line with the approval of the president of the only be done through another ad hoc committee perceptions well, I'm told is that the the committee has the power to amend the investment guidelines but I'm not sure the correct me if I'm wrong of 11 there is an express them all power to face up to estimate the two on and that, itself as the one the president of the V because the plan is adopted by the apple that's where an estimated eight of the particular developers five billion U.S. and approved by the president and a provider of the foreign funds to the conditions that is one of of the been a suspect of the Simon as to whether or not to spend committee member of the commitments we were more than willing to roll, date the possible loan propose amendments of the weekend by far the event of shouldn't be an amendment perhaps only goal to the same process by which of the committee would scrap and of the line in the plan of some of them including those of us in the press is so low of the of revealing a member of the process of consultation and therefore and then coming up with the recommendations from inmates this ancient then be submitted to the president's approval and another enough to which it may be effectively implemented with the full committee that is one proposal of lemon Jefferson suppressed of action party won five of the question as to whether or not an intimate, time for example of serving a content of the optical three years of its implementation of the new Olympic event of the events are moving to the new findings of research of opinion made available that would require perhaps an amendment to the development plan definitely there should be among the image of amendments to the plan and Cajun and provide for two pianos to suppress another region I'm going to be a better proposal whether to give it back to create another couple committee in order to come up with an amended plan would give it all together to distrust committee to the tool of undertake the amendments the past that good sponsors mention the main the possibilities is what eventualities that pool of one left in the amendment of any particular feature provisions of war, all the stuff than one person that is where the home I suppose when the men told the independent amendments are 5 to 5 in the numbers to be able to fend off of able to provide for the purposes of woman than 70% of the situation us are from Vienna State of Oregon senator of civic and passing of the committee of the rest of the political process woman think you on this president in giving to a new party and that isn't just 20 VO 90 to one administer the fund the ferry drop our souls it seems that time would be a correct assumption of repression again that the Philippine government authority of these events being somewhat marginalized so to speak under this proposed measure all but one of its eight marginalizing the sense that the because the Philippine government authority of this specific mandate of apart from all of its own participation of involvement in the of us and utilization over quality of fun of the defendant of all people that love the kid brother of field of expertise altogether considering that the involves the small concern of $76,000,000,000 in those and other than 530 in the massive so soul of this is perhaps to provide the necessary safeguards and one of the disbursement of the position of the farm and to provide the necessary support of expertise of the city of us in this country today, not the sun and and and speaking about the mandate of the PCA and that is provided for under the key to fit the tool not an invitation to the mandate the honor of interesting for giving to via the post just committee of the mandate of this proposed just committee in implementing the call industry plan overlap with Jesse Sapolu it's big six existing functions all the PC at I can imagine that it could be many cases here overlapping as all of the functions so easily an unintentional supplanting of certain powers and functions of the PC under its own tractor form of the overlapping functions in your publication in the low of the events in terms of execution of those it was an oven to prevent to prevent the people of the precisely people for the PC as part of the person committee of the St. Louis in the participate in the deliberations of them openly because of the the presence in the participation in the realm of investment committee of this can be streamlined and those sentiments in the second overlapping of functions of the swimmers of the creation of a of programs can be of one of the set of providing for impeachment of the month and six of of us provided the provision the event of the service possible appeal of all the publication who are overlapping functions and comical of the departments of the programs related to planting the planting of the decision research and development market promotion, the more people to the landing shall be funded through regular appropriations services of one such win over the weekend be able to one of the publication functions in the overlapping programs of we should be able to coordinate the proper time in the bid of amendments perhaps only can even for the center of video of mandates server from the console that this minimum before the publication of functions and overlapping poll surveyed is in fact recognition in India proposed measure that there are certain specific functions are areas of competence that belong to existing agencies of government affairs for and I'm not meant to the all taken over once or twice owned by this mule by the customer, just committee and the kindness of that that is in fact overlapping holiday response to describe the working relationship now, just committee and the PC letter that sends the only probably describe the relationship with the of the fish and of the minutemen to government to provide incentives for these women is one of the government authority for example of this map in the senate bid for these Investment Investments of the more that the department of finance, statements were a vision of the president's in India alone in other areas outside of those of the PPI for example, solo enterprise development in the Philippine government for use in the mix for the 70 expertise in terms of all of the Moon of training and the promotion development skills training of that's when you have a VP of the mainsail selected that this will be payable by the disciplinary approach the view of the decision of the government funds of so that of a veal the resources for all of us have actively enforcing the end of the end of the whole of oven for ensuring that it is for the benefit of the government farmers in the development of its think you the next question Mr. President, if you would one day a definite in all response to this undoes the primary for only two activities that may be undertaken in the utilization of the call of one of the assets of funds president development plan for the home of industry even though it is certainly important today in the other purpose than sitting there is an existing agency that is in charge of the private industry and that is the BCE again in trying to figure out whether there exists in fact overlapping or even conflict of all of the concerns and jurisdiction so is it for calls made to visitation all the call for many as a surprise as many as the development of a full complement industry as a vivid as for all of because of the supposes that the government industry will set up to develop a plan that will benefit from the utilization disposition of management of of the funds as well as the assets of the government as its events of the people in the situation for example in the event is a massive suggested Norman of the files of the women of the press and the only privatize more than no, we enter into any of the management of maintenance and operating events spent with the private sector of the senate to be better management of one of the test and committeewoman to get the experts that owns up for the industry experts is the soul of financial experts and see whether the of privatizing the event will be more beneficial to the industry for keeping domains plus innings for the farmers to be able to build value of the mother of a government of a harvests are so desire of the height of the situation we're in of the test and committee will decide of energy and it sold for see any any situation where the BCA citing its own mandate would try to one of these issues one on on certain decisions for our actions of this committee that just me or just can't make the U.S. will call them of the possibility that for the PCA when the movie to support the PC and see things of removing from the vantage 0.0 content of the wall in contrast with the positions vacated by other members of the Preston Mckee, forcing the end of this is a collegian by the end of the women voting of the level of consensus hopefully of about the possible development of all of that's precisely one of 16% of its from all video farming the people for farming sector and in five exhibition members from all over that if the trust committees supervisors and monitors the execution opened a state plan under section two of the abyss below wall is in charge of its execution of what this is one of them have the question again for it that just committee under section two of the all the bay and his staff to supervise and one 8th or the exit the execution of record industry plan as the vehicle government industry lobbyists who is in charge of his execution Monday of the resident depending on the nature of the program that is to be executable implemented for people that of interagency cooperation of of the past and the committee of the city's Pacific and the Philippine government authority of the depending on the major Indian comments and ENDO of expertise survive another event of implementing the end of the sponsor would not think it necessary to try to really spell it out in clear terms because it's their job as well supervised coordinate and mourning for the implementation of the funds and industry development of what the response review them to pay a injecting an appropriate provision for a phrase or a portion of the village of flight five, in terms of all, execution precisely all the promises enough to the relevant agencies this memo to move into the side of the implementing the agency's actually for the purposes of being able to plummet by the bureau's show the bodies agency service of the service program this remote and legal, many of those amendments subject to all the appropriate language people who think if the bill provides under section 17 for for the appointment of an executive director prize for a minute just one committee plans for the season day of the creation of a home office in permanent positions into the called an officer executive director says that a permanent office when it's supplementing the positions they cannot just be ready for that is the pension of the only effective implementation of a V a development plan was approved by the coast of the median of the properties were some of the of the funds for the made available in the home of the position in the end of Centrust Committee have power over its investments much like giving me for a DB, the DB where they have some level of control this all investments are spent because this is money to come up with an investment of a score of the approved by the of the committee so in terms of the overall on management also the only investment, USS policeman the state committee plans for under section 10:00 PM treasury is appointed as the repository of the trust fund and may be appointed by the task of radius of 1 minute term investments and under section two of the festivities are empowered to appoint fund managers as it deems necessary to manage investments of interest on our part to the view of treasury would ousted the appointed as fund managers contemplated under the provisions as I can muster enough to make these two government depository is that the land that the Philippines and the PPP or does it just needed a full discretion on hole to designate a lot to designate as some fund manager in the good senator will still remain the questions or comments ensuring of the safeguards in the investments will more than willing to of all, the amendments that would limit of the designation of fund managers for excel in all of this to events government of funding institutions or the Internet Services for the weekend of some of the improper thing that is precisely one of the concerns of a service of the windows of the arms of the center for making us are sure of that commitment of the investments for the private investments that for the state committee can enter into all of us suppose Mr. Of the women of jefferson's president of subjects from the land which the percentage of the movement of some of the loan provisions that would provide greater safeguards in the NBA appropriate investments vivid for the first one committee and the powers of the things the president and the biggest in the sponsor the phrase radios or Aegean accountability of a private fund manager is used to qualify the authority and accountability overview of treasury when so appointed as a trust fund manager may mean all of this phrase meaning revealed Friday and accountability, private fund manager is us to qualify the authority and accountability of view of treasury under the same section Mr. President system for one of the session suspended the victim of an in the editions of the cessation shown that is all just explain the literacy of section 10 of wince a part of the committee of the surf and manager of investments in the accountability and settle a private , fund manager of oven for Mr. President and if you're a gesture visible most of the other existing will of the charter of your obsession and they can only invest in government securities for the will of this particular provision of the people of the probability is that a private one manager woody and one of our ability to serve the polls invest in other instruments that's the end of the women to identify the distant second in the local polls amendments and the owner of an date and therefore of invest not only in government securities of momentum for home use the senate president so slow that is the reason one of them explains why that particular provision of the season for the viewer officially of that only cost of living will be able to of invest not only of government securities of other body of these is so that addresses the mackerel below 41st level of all the hidden treasury as a private one at that point it is a trust fund for the store manager well above the accountability is a disease than the different dimension of accountability insofar as private fund managers are concerned the case of bad judgment this only the accountability of the base only the guidelines that actually are approved by the press from committee that the full of people in the Ural treasury of live in Middletown for its investments of that it's inconsistent with the investment guidelines and that will be out of what is provided for, in the investment one final point just be very clear about the assigned all the to-date was also charged in the course of senator of the arts own interpretation is what to do they care about this so even if the trust committee is meant to be an income earning agency it does not have a corporate existence might conceal CC has been upped the regulated by G CG planned this is not the only-body of the interpolation of senator via robbery senator Dole's views of interpolation because as a just intimate important financial decisions on funds meant to support the government industry to restore it gives adjustment account of NT for these positions them make me believe it is I think the school follow-up to the concern the principles of accountability and transparency to submit to transform it into the supervision of the siege GS CG nine knowledge of the sponsor has the added to the others founded the points race before so that is very clear that me and knocked conditioning that just committee to the detail seasons for the jazz, executive body is a faxed to the office of the president and considering that the opposition in exhibition members are actually that's of agencies, we favor of of this loss of funds intermission of ensuring that the the the funds movement of the provides an investor with the of would not be the one with that of the same way as how other other duo CCS in the past of suffer long-term some of those investments and below the all the opposite field would argue that precisely that the GC G has been created to exactly forestalling of recurrence of similar abuses on the part of Geo CCS so that's not as well as strong enough apart in a meeting with financial aid will lead to see the numbers of that sample will mandate investment committee to submit a video of the reports perhaps to that of the office of the president committed to the GS CG of a file not mistaken if the measure-all those costs of providing in fact about to ready the buying of all this non-whites until perhaps in the home win state for overseas and report: one is perhaps of one of the best that can bet that concern for this map that over by the GC Sea of all of the division of the language and local data to the proper time to home in some other surveys of the of bill because it is that the operation love the VVO of the people of the package of living to home run its affairs as a corporation V Edison up level of safety of these of the body of you, and that is envisioned a precise two of the the top level of age and all of the president of the people of of require that the OP pro of the people into that the bitter public school in the simpler in separate the finances of the department will choose to prevent any of us as members of the of the perform the duties of President Hans my interpretation think very much for the remote server the good senator, because of the new peace in the hopes and the proper attention to the of any of those amendments you would like to see the person in the event that the oven until they still have all been spawned some of the position of Susan senate president Brady law center of the end of some of the divider of this present of the motion latest versions of the image of fish from consideration of sending the division of the middle of the senate session finish them off to scare the present time of the visual observation of serving the 39 of the committee for number eight seven gesture chase that motions came up to preservation measures that can indeed be in the criminal investigation unit the parliamentary stoppers of the measures the middle of the individual members saw remove old addresses for short chairman of the committee voted for the destruction of the national home people into this individual amendments only the route list even though the sports center over senate that not send in the center of fate, majority minority 40 their home for elements , and legend of semester of the U.S. of course the chairman of the 10 minute version of the universe before serving of senator the mindset of the midst of the IMS president is not updated into their individual amendments following our discussion with the other goals for sponsor and also some discussions with the senator from june on by more that with each section one of senate bill number 1239 and insert a nose section we should be as follows section one a nose section 26 best they should be inserted after section 26 all Republic at number 6 to 7 95 which are as follows section 26 - a subpoena powers that be in the chief director and deputy director of the criminal investigation and detection group see IDG the five tool as a criminal investigation unit in section 35 before a peace pact should have the power to administer calls and issue a subpoena and subpoena duces date: in relation to his investigation provided that such powers should be exercise solely by the often mentioned officials and may not be further dedicated to any other person profits the second button of this new section for the 61 also reviewed in this manner , it is wise to the national stage the nature and purpose of investigation Chevy directed to the person has a tendency is required , and it may I may idea because again the second part of this subpoena just ate the nature and purpose of investigation, shall be directed to the person was that ms is required, and the day's events of the manager says Jacqueline, is also contain a reasonable description of the books documents for things demanded which must be relevant to the investigation in the next ballot of all the same new section 26 date with previously failure to comply with some been up and subpoenaed assistant can show us the right is defined in the case for indirect contents under rules 7 to 1 of the rules of court with original trial court may be fully explain why the post amendments of an even into the back as the Soviet Power of the NBA officials misstated in a no section rather than just 88 in general do that to that of the Republic action was 6795 would not be authorizing the taking of Asia lessons of enough by the bee and the federally stated officials about administer also subpoena should not be given to the director of CIA DT to the exclusion of the NT chief that's that's the very proposal in fact of senator from june on which I am also of adopting and proposing that's the same power should be given to post offices until Friday to issue subpoenas compelling the testimony of witnesses are the production of evidence is of a power that is susceptible to appeals and and and that for the qualification six to be that its enemy fed into the second Vatican of all the proposed new provision it seeks to prevent the arbitrary and indiscriminate issuance of a subpoena to know where renting a consortium of city ferry to the non dedication of the power it seeks to prevent the ivy cherry and indiscriminate issuance of a subpoena to Normandy officers this proposed amendment also seeks to put any standards we know that standards for the issuance of subpoena was under the rules of one another case along with jurisprudence valiantly via and minded to adopt the standards laid down by jurisprudence and the one example is a case of an honest up vs. financial this as a 1975 days when the Supreme Court provides the basic requirements for due process in the exercise of subpoena powers to law enforcement agencies of all the proposed amendment does not really hoped those standards laid down in that case will match that phase of the money store vs. highland show biz representation feels that the proposed second, the probe is no provision section 5:50 - a pitch is actually the proposal of senator from jail on one of very well of address that means the need for standards it would be prudent for us to eight KB as mentioned in the proposed amendment astounded me out for the proper exercise a subpoena powers and express mentioned by residents of the relevant provisions of the rows of Portland and short of its power may not be of use by the BNP officials by subjecting this power to the available checks by the judiciary and with respect to the penultimate oven last proposed that the of the proposed new section 26 bash a bye this representation won the one to remind everyone that the via the NT cannot be given the power to hold any person in content for failure to comply with a subpoena with them for failure to comply the subpoena may offer Isaac case for indirect content under all 7 to 1 of them will support it can be fined the region trial court having jurisdiction over the business of union station that is in fact the beginning rules even insofar as other administrative subpoenas are concerned so Mr. President that is the amount amendment being proposed in his representation in consultation and in coordination with senator from june on and also didn't sponsor of seconds a president us at the minority Friday there is the recommendation of the majority leader mail services for the planet suspension of the four oh in the division is a visual presentation for some of the usted minority there's no evidence yet of the mission, vision from the of sponsor of the motion of the forehead before the intermission of the IE generally agree with the nature of the amendments were often the winner will properly of the melee to make an amendment to the amendment of the visiting wonderful become a common view and 730 of 40 there is a member of the amendment, very same of the bathe them is that the substantive of these bizarre and substitute into sausage and this is an amendment to the amendment events being proposed is a circle of this west end of this in order of the senate minority leader should not be open to the server the physical education of from the sponsor of the four men met to ventilate the center of one of the month of New Mission president may understanding of the senate bill 1239 is that it is only the poor end of the people that one of the Cid deal with these people first issue subpoena and Columbia News for the whole members under the amendment is one of the mix the two of the director and deputy director of the CIA and the former communication with the need for the runs were the chief in the demo solution is to be the end of this review is a great that is that the president of the mission present of medicine if you if you are similar, can the investigations in the senate in the enough for purposes of issue subpoenas chairman of the committee in the center cannot issue the subpoena up and only the government of the seven- following these practices for president did communication from the minority use that only the chief V and the review in deal for the conditions of the more the end of the ceiling above the common vision of the CIA and the root for the end of the CPUC use authorize only permissible insufficient women with only been a proponent of the common man of the MN of the meet the evolving as the new role for the kids are present, frame that even if I do recognize the the wisdom over the phone and called the amendment in the Middle East, the lowest event of this is the events requested by a member of the minority particularly senator enormous fees for service amendment in the end of the political measures to boost the movies from them and yes I do recognize the wisdom of the amendment but I'm afraid that the key to actually cause some , some limitations were unreasonable of whether the city of publications publications insofar as the all the nation all aspects of Islam ended because in we end up that proposed amendment that it is only about the recommendation for war that the Cid to director and a deputy director on their own under level and not issue a subpoena but instead because of a commanding to achieve the NB: be the one to the issue to issue and it is only the BNP chief would be issuing management made some operational difficulties in the sense that the MPEG itself as the diseases has some very a vast area also of concerns and responsibilities that would require a need to be everywhere in any way in this country to address very pressing problems all the peace and order that anyone with a minor and jail operations all difficulties and if we come back also the existing subpoena powers of certain of the investigative bodies like the MBIA insight and beyond is a perfect example that plan to subpoena powers is optimal via regional director level of the Likud reason because even regional directors of MBIA are required to the mourners that is not the case insofar as the NT is concerned so I'm confident after the one we're moving your employees of initial all of the issue subpoenas of the owners would be Cid GM in the view of more than the PPP but the lawyer and so the city and the chief V and the MSI them in orders over them involve were only the request of the majority formal debut of the CNBC been the chief DMV or a piece of the NBA in general oven before the conditions of the U.S. and producer will be the last note Mr. President of the original measure was to grant subpoena powers only to be a director and the deputy director of the CIT GE and the middle of the Nile knows, there's no such as those offered the opportunity of the session-correcting the seventh of the poll to the city edition of the the the location of the public will reduce the recommended for the RCA the event for a network of the best achieve the envy of the decide people can forgive me and the signature that the requested he may be a movie made the move in that of the Kennedys recommends that you can do it by the middle of the permit only minimally server the disorders and the Indians into the services and four, of the position of import of the form to the reforms and individual division of import of the name of fighting interfaces of the similar service and by the CIA the GSL well the mandate of the CIDG saturated expectancy that it handles humorous cases under a state mandate under the same old Republic at number 629 75 and therefore that he and the chief cannot be expected to lead the five familiar with the that those cases under investigation by the CIA DG me at opening of the worst events that stadium be just really signing some peanuts and about him really a as determining for himself the necessity of issuing the subpoena but if we do recommend grant that the idea that the director of the deputy director of the Cid G then now we can expect that they are actually more of acquainted with the facts of the case that would justify the issuance of subpoena again on the suppress them in a thing we should give them would sponsor himself and the chance to learn to justify the innovating via as a felony of any of the city's police on the floor is there an assumption that the director and deputy director of CIA video responsible people and didn't invest in them-that they are responsible within the chief if you would be more responsible officer reversible for the above him up to your copy couldn't be disappointed if we are not only the chief in the four authorized only the Cuban people sign of subpoenas into the suspect and then the dim sum up the negativity into the pop on the urgency of servicing missions when she ITT is conducting an investigation soul number of the idea to the one that is the president this is the only from from the one in all of the mapping of the only one of the rental in Lebanon is in the minority of the some of the event: more than that of some form of redundancy is not known if the server that if the August 21 reason for the future of the bits of the climate of the flying into some of the event: 1000 beloved of this is dissemination of the less than a dozen an additional five points from Mr. President the seven members of the other units under the key and the CIT junior, former CIA is just one of them there are other units under the organization and one under the BNP the MPTNV a power now being restored to the CIA you'll know the CIA DG content simply be confined to be a ball: all expertise below the investigators remain that particular us as another stop the invention of the so the obese proposed measure the school of economics event of the site only for being the CIA of the year as being the prime of investigating the unit of the NT began up a sign subpoenas to subpoena the physical or other units of the previous anyway to be a bit of involving investigation of the server the division the service sufficiently discussed before a question that form the services of a suspension of the loving and all of us would be some of them only a modest pay some of the president of business services of the services of a review of the chair of the local media and public order these drugs has recognized this idea already discussed the video proponent of the first amendment the region amendment to limit of rose 71 in the proposed amendment simply the ghosts of them were of money in the future of men rose 71 so is the only bit of 71 and is then up to the one problem under under and welfare under the rules of court with the leader of the war in that it's possible to be proponent of the amendment is the president to that the object of one of disability one of the loans rose 71 of the consumers accepted that gives the presence and also them at them and insisted the pool of 55 and the others who voted for events of this awful this motion first V was alive in the senate committee of some of the videos of the B model of issued the nation proposed amendment to the amendment figure in V sports or resource center via member Dan Jansen change the view of motions for the victims rest of the minnow continue in the division amendments are changing of the movie versions for some speculation chased and motions. The U.N. of sponsor of the measures will recognize that the puddle of the middle of the untapped than the digits in the end of the event of the vote in the investigation that simple the authority of the circles and places of the man has been subpoenaed this is the home, amending for the purpose of the public that sits in a 75 as amended , otherwise known as to the idea of 1980 the Jetsons of Reston strain objection to this man motions care of the team's president appears to be the revisions to motions of the amendments made a gesture and finished man motion scared of them: preventative edition of the property lines for some of the committee for them to stay in session via Janine and emotion and the probe senate bill number one: the main sponsor room secondly, senator said the move to remove its version that session suspended up in the meditations Rosen and says it is this java province messages were ousted the world of supposedly there are times when police found a number one copy of one of the head of the one of the Beatles song of the percolation in your own of the more PCs five in the President Clinton lifted the alarming for well-known movie copy of a war of the people in this view the minority party that has the event is it possible that are the people they were popping up the usefulness of the measure show us some equipment were hoping for any purpose other than that of the year of the events of the people and the fury of the money generated of individual investors , the only request be a com object of the committee of rules to place the event of the NT server center of the services to those that have to wait a little of either the vision of the mobile homes of versions of the few to his residence and why the optical for the love of the culture committee chairs worn the end of the prize for the primary mission of shouldn't be viable seven digit integration of formed a committee of public order these storms with the media server serve civil service us of primary aim of those is secondary to the leader of the former senator from the charities Monday of motion spirit of the IMS president by moving the joint session of the event and went straight to the 25,070 , as then text of the chair used Monday session this event of the o'clock in the afternoon off Wednesday, January 25 in the 70 to open in

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