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♪♪ ANNOUNCER: The views and opinions in this program are not those of CESA 7 or Spectrum. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ BRENDA: All right, I'd like to call the board meeting to order. Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance. ALL: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. BRENDA: Next, I ask Laura McCoy to read out mission statement. LAURA: "We educate all students to be college, career and community ready inspired to succeed in our diverse world." BRENDA: All right, before we get to our open forum I would just want to remind people if you want to view the board agenda and handouts, as well as agendas from past meetings, you can visit--go to our district website at www.GBAPS.org. Click on Our District, and the Board of Education. On the left menu you will find a link to Agendas and Minutes. This link will take you to a website called Neptune where all board agendas, minutes, and handouts for board meetings are housed. The board will provide our community with two different opportunities during tonight's meeting to speak before then board. All speakers must fill out a form indicating their desire to speak. If you wish to speak during tonight's open forum, you may do so with respect to items that are posted on tonight's agenda, or any other matter you wish to share with the board. Please know that Wisconsin's open meeting laws prohibit the board from conducting business on matters brought during this open forum. The board will also permit pubic participation during agenda items that the Board of Education will be voting on, as noted on the board's agenda. During this public participation time, consistent with state and federal laws, board members may engage in dialogue with speakers. In order that all voices are heard, the board will suspend engagement until all speakers have had a chance to speak. Please keep your comments to five minutes, the time keeper will let you know when your five minutes has ended. Prior to stating your comments, please state your name and address. Lastly, demonstrations during public comments, such as clapping or cheering in response to either public comments or statements made by board members are prohibited. At this point I will call people up in the order in which I received their form. And if you would like to speak tonight, we ask that you fill out a blue form. Many of you already have. So, the first speakers are Joey Walenskey, Terry Rushkey, and Catherine Myer. JOEY: How would you like us to? BRENDA: Oh, have a seat at the table. Could someone pull up an extra chair? Okay, thanks. JOEY: We're good. BRENDA: And then speak into the microphone so everyone can hear you. Good evening. We are representatives of the Service League of Green Bay and the Back to School Store. This is Catherine Myer, in charge of school supplies. This is Terry Rushkey, this year's cochair for the store. And I'm Joey Walensky, the oldest surviving committee member. (laughter) JOEY: So, thank you for this opportunity to publicly thank East High School for all they have done for our Back to School Store program. This is the 26th year of the Back to School Store, supplying underprivileged children of Brown County supplies of which to start out the school year, to keep them on an even playing field with their peers. Briefly 1,500 middle school kids get a backpack stuffed with school supplies, dental supplies, and coupons for haircuts and other services. In addition, 1,500 kindergarten through fifth graders get invited to come and go shopping with a volunteer shopper, pick out a brand new outfit, get all their school supplies, and also a dental check up and a vision screening. This is where East High comes into the picture. For the past seven years Service League has commandeered the gym and cafeteria for ten days in the summer and turned them into a shopping wonderland. For seven years East and their staff of janitor heroes have welcomed the back to school chaos of 1,500 grade schoolers, along with their parents and siblings, 800 volunteers, 7,500 plus spiral notebook, and 2,000 packages of underwear and socks drop shipped to East with little advanced notice. They have taken it all in stride. East has become a staunch supporter of the program and has a garnered lots of student and staff volunteers. They have made unloading heavy boxes of filler paper part of the football team's preseason workout regimen. And the East principals have brought school board members and executive staff directly from district meetings to come volunteer and see for themselves all the hustle and bustle and smiling toothless grins the day of the store. For the 26th annual Back to School Store this year we're moving from East High over to the UWGB campus. We are excited to give the kids and their parents an opportunity to spend time on a college campus, and to take some of the mystery and stigma away. However, we're sad and scared to be leaving our East friends. Lori, Kurt, Karen, Deb, Tim, Mike, yep, we're on first-name basis. We have them all on speed dial. But that's why we're taking this opportunity to publicly thank East for all they've done for the Service League Back to School Store. We're hoping that the momentum that East has garnered from the school district continues in support of the Back to School Store while we are at UWGB, because while as we say, at some point in time during the day, it's for the kids. I would like to ask Ed Dorff, who was principal when we first moved the store to East in 2010 and Lori Furk, who kept the legend alive through our 25th store to come up and receive our thank you and certificate of appreciation for East High School. (applause) JOEY: Thank you. JOEY: Oh, awesome. So, we've got a certificate of appreciation for East High. They can find them on the walls with all the rest of their accommodations. And we made a little collage also of some of the people who have participated in the store. There's even one of Lori peeking her nose over the top of our banner. Thank you, guys, we really appreciate it. (applause) KATIE: If we can just thank the ladies from the Service League as well. I was actually, in a previous life, I was part of the '93-'94 Back to School Store as a member of the Service League. And at that time you did haircuts. JOEY: Yes. KATIE: And I was in charge of combing out--kids were told to wash their hair the night before. No one told them to comb their hair the night before, or the morning of. So, I did the pre haircut comb outs. JOEY: Awesome. KATIE: It's a tremendous service to our kids. Really appreciate it. JOEY: Again this year our Back to School Store, anyone is welcome. WOMAN 1: Yes, they are, hope to see you all there. ED: I'd like to make a couple of comments, too. Just when I was--when I first came into Green Bay and I was principal at Elmore, and got to know a little bit about the school store a little bit after that. And saw it in operation at the Boys and Girls Club on both sides of the river. When we were approached at East to host over there, we really were tickled. And you know, I talked to Lori right away about it. She was AP at the time. And the entire staff just took it on. One of the things, and I know you'll remember this. Our first couple of years one of the headaches we have wasn't inside the building, it was outside then building with the parking utility. And we made a few phone calls. And you may know this, you may not know this. But the parking utility doesn't really give a lot. They're pretty much set in their ways. But for this thing they changed their mind and they allowed for us to violate the parking rules that were necessary so the parents could come in and experience the school store. And so, thank you for everything you did there, and for all you're doing for the kids. I know the East staff really appreciated having you there. JOEY: Thank you very much, we appreciate it. BRENDA: Thank you. Next is Joel Denny. JOEL: Good evening, I'm Joel Denny, 221 Host Street, Green Bay, 54302. Just real quick question. So, it's been a while since I've been here. I can also speak on the different public comment sessions and say, Number 14 was at Part 2, Section A, regarding employment of Ammon staff, because I also want to talk about then social media policy and the potential hiring of a principal as well as the cost of living increase. Am I allowed time to talk on each of those items as well, or do you just want me to fill them in right now? Because I can. BRENDA: We can't have dialogue with you now, so if you want to talk to us and then know that we can't go back and forth. I was just making sure, because I also put down to speak on some other lines. BRENDA: Sure. So, I'll be able to do that as well tonight. Okay, awesome. BRENDA: Yeah, we'll call you up for each item, and then at that point we can, you know, if we have questions of you and things like that, we can provide you with information and things like that. That's perfect. My apologies to everybody in the crowd for taking time here. BRENDA: That's okay. My main question, because it's not really something that can be discussed on the agenda would be item 17, adjourning into closed session. I know that there is another individual here tonight that will also be speaking on this issue. Regarding state law, it is quite clear that there needs to be some sort of title on that to indicate to the public what will actually be discussed. Will this be a reassignment of someone, would it be something of that magnitude. You can't just say we're going into closed session without any sort of rationale along that line. As an example, if you've looked at the Green Bay City Council agendas, they would indicate that there would be discussion on Oneida 7 Generations, when that whole thing was going on. And it would put in the boiler plate that, you know, pursuant to Wisconsin state statute 19.85(1)(c) we can do this. But it would always be an item that the public would know, okay this is what they're going into closed session for. Now, when I come to this board meeting and looked at the agenda today, I'm like, what are they going into closed session even for? How do we even know what it is they could be discussing? What could be discussed back there, because we don't know. What if something is being discussed that really honestly could have been in open session. So, I think from a public tax payers session I think we have not only the obligation--the board has an obligation, just morally speaking, but legally speaking the board has an obligation to let the public know what is going to be discussed in closed session. Not necessarily the details of what was all discussed of we're going to hire XYZ employee to get XYZ thing. But at least let us be aware of tax payers what it is y'all are voting for. Thank you. BRENDA: Okay, next is Edward Jensen. EDWARD: Yes, I'm Edward Jensen. I love at 541 Alpine Drive in Green Bay. I'm concerned about this idea of raising the pay of the administration of the Green Bay district, as a tax payer. Aren't we spending, like, $300,000 for a consultant to look at what's going on at Washington Middle School? And at the same time rewarding the administration with a pay raise? I think you need to have some skin in the game and forego the raise because you're already asking the tax payers to do a job that you should have done by hiring a consultant to do it. Plus, the fact is that I don't think the public really knows, but the governor of the state of Wisconsin gets paid $146,000 a year to run the entire state. We pay a superintendent, what I read, $190,000. That's like $5 per student to operate the district. I think, you know, we're paying enough as tax payers. And I think you should nix that raise for this year, and put some skin in the game. And then as a side note, I had emailed all of these board members about a book that I requested that you read, recommended that you read. The book entitled "When Harry Became Sally". I hope you've had the opportunity to do so. If not, it's available at your public library. Thank you. BRENDA: Thank you, Ed. Thanks is Amanda Vanromordo. AMANDA: Good evening, board members. My name is Amanda Vanromordo, 318 Summer Place and tonight I'm speaking on behalf of Green Bay advocates for public education. We have heard a great deal from the board and Dr. Langenfeld in recent months about the importance of improving community engagement and public relations. If this were true, we are concerned that the community only heard prior to the last board meeting about the district contracting with a consulting agent three days before the meeting. Community engagement would include notifying the public in a sufficient amount of time to process the information, yet there is no information shared about the company. A press conference or information to the press regarding this company would seem conducive to welcoming community discussion and involvement. We are looking for reviews and references about this company from other districts or school boards. Also, what are districts saying about the turnaround capabilities and the general performance of this company? Having more information allows the company to actively engage in discussion with the district and the board about the advantages and disadvantages of this chosen agency. We should encourage community dialogue and discussion when the stakes are so crucial for all of our students, particularly when we're spending this amount of money. In order to have time to make a sound and informed discussion, we would recommend an adequate window of time before these decisions are made in the future for the community to weigh in. American Institutes for Research much have been under consideration since March 5, at which time you approved the $13, 00 for AIR to hire a principal for Washington Middle School. The public was not notified about the capabilities, techniques, or the makeup of that company. An Education Connection that was received in the mail a few days ago, the message from the superintendent stated that she had been working with the Big 5, the DPI, and American Institutes for Research this past year. But we still do not have any pertinent information about this company. In doing some research into the company it appears that the state of Florida, and other states, have not delivered promised--I'm sorry, in the research into this company it appears that the state of Florida and other states have not had promises in sections of their contracts being given to them, especially revolving around the validity of testing and technical difficulties that occurred that were promised not to occur during the contract. Any company that our district hires should be thoroughly vetted. Let us be clear, we want open and transparent community dialogue before decisions like this are made. Our students deserve it. BRENDA: Thank you, Amanda. Oh, and then also, sorry. She handed out--she gave us copies of her statement. (papers shuffling) BRENDA: All right, next is Joseph Braser. And then, before you start, did you want all board members to have copies of this? JOSEPH: Sure, I'll explain. BRENDA: You'll explain, good, thanks. My name's Joseph Braser, I live at 2577 Wildflower Road, Green Bay 54311. As Miss Warren noted, I attached some documents with my note saying that I wanted to speak tonight. All board members should have a copy of those documents in their email. And I just wanted to quickly just explain a little bit of what's in there. I'm not going to go through the whole thing because you guys have more important things to work on at this time. I want to say before I start though that I'm disappointed that I feel like I have to be here to state this. I'd rather be here talking about the great teachers that have turned around my child's education this year at Chapel and all the really good things that are going on in the district. But I feel this is necessary. So, following the previous theme of a couple of other people, I essentially attached a complaint regarding the board's noncompliance the way I feel, the noncompliance with Wisconsin's open meeting laws. I'm not going to read through everything because there's a number of things here that I attached and added some emphasis to. But, okay, so I just want to say this letter is being sent to inform you that in my opinion you are regularly and egregiously violating the letter and spirit of Wisconsin's open meeting laws. Attached you will find a copy of the Wisconsin meeting law and compliance guide from 2018. And I'm not going to go into all the details here, but I just want to state what I said at the end. To result then problems that I see I request that the school board refrain from any and all votes for meeting into closed session that do not accompany a complete description of the subject matter to be discussed. Further, all meeting minutes recorded during authorized closed sessions, or previously held, but non compliant closed sessions, whether by hand, via electronic documentation, or through video or audio recording shall be preserved for future disclosure. Per the attached guidelines, all information recorded shall be made available for appropriate discussion shall be made available in the appropriate time frame, and any information withheld per the applicable exemptions shall be disclosed when the necessity to withhold such information no longer exists. And then I just wanted to finish with a quote that is on the first page of the guide that I gave to you guys. "Wisconsin's open government," this is from Attorney General Brett Schimmel. "Wisconsin's open government laws promote democracy by ensuring that all state, regional, and local governments with transparency. Wisconsin's citizens have a right to know how their government is spending their tax dollars and exercising the powers granted by the people. This guide is a resource for all Wisconsonites to understand and exercise their right to access their government. And I encourage everybody to read it and understand what you guys are obligated to show what you're doing in your meetings. BRENDA: Thank you, Joseph. Next is Christina Shelton. STEPHANIE: I'm Stephanie Ortiz, by the way, so you don't have to call my name. BRENDA: Okay, you're speaking together? Okay, thank you. ROBIN: And Robin Tenant. BRENDA: And you didn't fill out one, Robin, right? ROBIN: I don't think so. BRENDA: Okay, I just wanted to make sure. Okay, thanks. CHRISTINA: My name is Christina Shelton. I live at 1019 Emily Street. I'm here tonight as a community member in Green Bay and as a parent of two children attending Green Bay Public Schools. I'm also here tonight speaking not only as that community member and parent, but also as an individual deeply invested in community and member engagement as a necessary catalyst for school reform. I'd like to share with the board tonight and the attendees here some of the communities here some of the concerns I'm hearing from parents and some suggestions regarding the hiring of American Institute of Research for a potential total amount of $394,000 to be the lead turnaround partner for Washington Middle School. At this time, to my knowledge the Green Bay community has received little information regarding the process for Washington Middle School, and we have yet to receive the accepted proposal including the plans and outline for the budget, needs assessment, and next steps. I had the privilege of speaking with Superintendent Langenfeld a few months ago when I shared some of these initial concerns. We both agreed that transparency and community engagement were necessary and critical steps for a project of this magnitude. However, I believe simply hosting a community listening session, as she and I discussed, will not adequately address or fill the needs of the Green Bay community and Washington Middle school families to truly implement equity oriented education reform. For too long traditional education reform has been driven by top down expert oriented goals and processes, often leading to very disappointing results with only changes at the surface level. The kind of reform that we need at Washington, and as well as at all of our Green Bay schools is a systems level institutional change in which we are actively, intentionally, and collectively building the power and the kind of communities and schools and climates that we all know that our kids and students deserve. We must move away from the approach of getting the job done and only engaging families and communities as an afterthought, or for the reformer's own agendas. And I'll be honest with you, without knowing the specifics of the process in this proposal, this is exactly what seems to be happening here. The Green Bay community should be afforded the time to learn more about the American Institutes for Research, their educational philosophy, and how they plan to take into account the many histories and cultures here in our community as a part of their project. We'd also like to know more about if and how this proposal takes a more multidimensional and process oriented approach to school reform. I understand that a multidimensional type of approach is not easy and that it will require deep commitment from the district, the school board, and community members. It will require listening, relationship building and collaborative leadership. But this approach would lead to a more deeper appreciation of our local knowledge, passions, and interests. And let me ask all of you tonight, why must we look to an outside group in the upward amount of almost $400,000 when we already have here in our community a diverse group of public leaders to drive change? We have an opportunity here in Green Bay to build a constituency of people that support public education, and at the same time, are committed to addressing and dismantling the inequitable processes and resources that are failing many of our kids. So, tonight as the school board and the district look to move forward in hiring and working with American Institutes for Research at Washington Middle, I urge you to take a step back and consider if the current approach here will truly create systems level change to increase academic achievement, to improvement education and health equity, and to identify and dismantle the institutions of racism and poverty that negatively impact all of our Green Bay students every single day. If you want to build a better education for our kids and a better community for our families, it starts and ends with the engagements of parents and families. Along with our teachers we are the primary educators of our kids, and we are the leaders in our schools. And before this proposal with AIR moves forward, we deserve to know more about our plan, how our kids and our schools will be impacted, how the money will be spent, and how this group plans to engage our community in meaningful and purposeful way. Thank you. BRENDA: Thank you. Mark Vincent. MARK: Hello. I'm Mark Vincent. I live at 1961 Charles Street in DePierre, Wisconsin. We have school choices into the Green Bay School District since 2013. I am very disappointed with the process of admittance to special education within the Green Bay Area School District. My family has been trying for over two years to simply receive identification for whether my child qualifies for special education. Two years to identify whether my child qualifies. That's nearly half of my child's education. Standardized testing and subsequent testing has shown results below the 10% percentile. Little has been done except denial, excuses, and hope that the situation will correct itself. We had to discuss our situation with teacher, principals, psychologists, deputy administrators, administrators, and even some of the members of this school board. I perceive not only a lack of interest in providing special education, but active resistance from this district. For example, when voting on whether my child qualified for other health impairment, my child's team had five members of from the school district who out-voted my wife and I. While the principal abstained due to a conflict of interest. I have no idea how a principal can abstain from helping one of their students due to a conflict of interest. What is the conflict? I'm disappointed by the school district's funding and support of special education and feel that this does not meet the mission statement that was just recited half an hour ago. I feel that the current administration has failed my child and I do not support raises for the superintendent or other administrators. I think that special education improvement at the elementary education level would help to not solve, but aid in dealing with some of the issues that we're seeing at the middle school level. Some of these students have not been identified or helped with their education and feel inadequate and act out, sometimes just to avoid having to do school work for fear of embarrassment or isolation. Thank you. BRENDA: Thank you, Mark. And lastly, I have--sorry, don't have my glasses, Sharon Lochlin? SHARON: Hello. My name is Sharon Lochlin, I live at 3520 Fayette Lane in Green Bay. A friend asked me to attend this meeting tonight because she became aware of some of the services that we're doing in my professional role, and that is I work at UW Green Bay in the behavioral health partnership, am the training coordinator. And so, some of the services that we have to offer may actually be helpful for Washington Middle School in particular. We provide trdiingin to county human services providers in 54 of the 72 counties in Wisconsin. That's what our partnership is made up of. And through this relationship we provide training and technical assistance. Much of this work is made possible by county contributions. But we also have youth crisis grant from the state Department of Health Services. And so, through that grant we have been doing a collaborative crises services for youth program with involves and it's in your hand--it's described in your handouts. It involves pulling together county human services, schools, law enforcement, other community agencies that serve youth. And developing collaboratives that support youth, particularly youth with trauma histories. So, Brown County is one of our county partners. We have been working with their staff already. And we would love to work with the schools. What we do is we go in, we meet with whatever leadership team is identified, we develop work plans with them, we do--we use consultants that have a lot of experience working with trauma and kids that have learning difficulties, because they can't focus because of trauma. They also have a lot of experience working with de-escalation technique and developing prevention plans that help support positive behaviors in the classroom. And so, I put my contact information on here. Our campus community, not only the behavioral training partnership, but the dean of the College of Health Education and Social Welfare came to me today and said, make it clear that the university really wants to reach out and work with you and help you through this process. So, contact information for our program is on the sheet I handed out to you. ED: One question for you. Is this primarily training for adults, or is this direct services to students as well? It's not direct services--well, it is in a way. We train the adults to work more appropriately with the students. So, the training is actually for staff more than it is for students. But hopefully the students do benefit from that. ED: Got it, thank you. BRENDA: This is what you're saying is the contact information and is that your... SHARON: That's our program, the behavioral health training partnership. We're colocated with social work in the School of Health Education and Social Welfare. BRENDA: Okay, so it's not your direct email, we're emailing the program. SHARON: Yes. BRENDA: Yes, thank you. Thank you. BRENDA: All right, that's all the forms I have. Is there anyone else who would like to speak before the board at this point? All right, then we'll move on to our roll call. Sandy, please. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Here. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Here. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Here. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Here. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Here. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Here. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Here. SANDY: Sinclair. GRACE: Here. SANDY: Caldis. WES: Here. BRENDA: All seven board members are present, we're joined at the table to my left by Dr. Michelle Langenfeld, our superintendent. To my far right our two intercity student council members, Grace Sinclair, who's president of Intercity Student Council from Preble High School. And Louis Caldis, is that how you say it? Okay, from West High School. I'd entertain the first motion under the minutes. ANDREW: I move approval of the minutes as listed. ED: Second. BRENDA: All in favor? All: Aye. BRENDA: Opposed? The minutes have been approved. We have no communications to place on file and next is monitoring reports.that'll be facilliated by Laura McCoy. LAURA: We're going to hear from English language learners monitoring report. JOHN: Thanks for having us. I have Julie Sefeld with me, who is our director of English language learning programming. And we would like to share a monitoring report. It's basically an update of our current demographics of our English language learners, our current programming, as well as next steps. JULIE: So, I always like to start with a little bit of terminology to talk about the acronyms that you are going to be hearing tonight. So, as John mentioned, he was talking about the English language learners, well there's been a change to update everybody on. So as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, the federal government is now referring to English language learners as English learners. So, you will be seeing EL students much more frequently than ELL students. So, the state of Wisconsin is also moving to English learners to describe the students and the Green Bay district is getting on the bandwagon as well. So, we will be talking about ELP levels tonight, and that is an English language proficiency level. And that is a level given to each and every student in the state of Wisconsin. And it goes between levels one through seven. Anybody who has a proficiency level of one through level five is currently identified as English learner, a level six is an exited English learner or a former English learner. And then a level seven is somebody who has never been identified as an English learner. And then you're going to be hearing about the students in the ESL program, and that's where it gets a little wishy-washy, is ESL comm, is it EL, is it ELL? So we put a little umbrella down there to show you that we have English learner programs. We have EL programs, and underneath that umbrella you have students who are in an English as a second language program, an ESL program. Or, we also have students who are in our Spanish dual language program. And those are students are learning in both Spanish and English. Our students who are in the ESL program, we are only having those students learn in English. When you see a little later on the type of languages and the number of languages we have in Green Bay and the amount of resources and people who speak those other languages, it's virtually impossible to provide a dual language program in other languages. So, we'll talk a little bit more about that later on. Just want to share, oops, real quick. Wow. The mission and vision of the EL department. You know, we embrace all students and our mission is to enrich the linguistic and academic development of English learners by fostering collective responsibility for the development of multilingual and culturally competent students. It's not just the EL departments, it is the entire school district who is educating these students. And our vision is we envision a learning community were all students are prepared to successfully compete, connect, and collaborate in a linguistic a culturally diverse world. So, our objectives tonight, we're going to go over the overview of our demographic changes, the last time I came before the board was back in October 2016, I believe. And so there have been some more changes. We're going to provide an overview of the Department of Public Instruction, DPI is going to be releasing an EL policy handbook. We are going to update the work that's been done since October 2016 and then we're going to share examples of part of when we worked with the director of assessment and accountability. We looked at ways that we're going to continue to monitor our data to make sure that our students are on track. So, we're going to share some examples of that data with you. JOHN: So, as you can see, this is a graphic that we venturing quite frequently. It's a model that the Department of Public Instruction looks at as far as its continuous improvement efforts where we basically are placing equity at the center of everything we do. Collaboration, high-quality instruction, and everything else are incredibly important in making sure that we have a strong, universal programming for our students. Prior to being school administrator, I taught ESL, started my teaching career in Mexico and continued it on the Yakima reservation in the state of Washington. And I truly believe that the work we do in serving English-language learners doesn't just serve the needs of the English-language learners, but really rises the tide for all students, the methodologies that we use are critical to continuous improvement throughout our district. And serving the needs of our English learners as part of that, but it's also systemic enhancer of the universal. So, thinking of our district priorities, we've oftentimes focused on these four areas, academic excellence, personalized pathways, engagement, as well as thriving workforce. Those are critical areas as we have as part of our strategic planning and the areas for which we focus our actions and our resources. So, when we discussed district academic excellence, our goal is that we will provide comprehensive, relevant, and rigorous high-quality, and innovative experiences and environments that inspire and engage learners. Every student will demonstrate growth and be on an academic trajectory that, it's and graduation and postsecondary readiness. For our English-language learners this is something that quite often we achieve great success with with our graduation rates for students who have been in our programs. We also sometimes encounter challenge when we have students coming in as sat sophomores or juniors from war-torn countries and limited education experience. So, there's a broad gamut of student needs. It's not that we can place them in one particular standardized category, but it's our mission and vision to make sure that every child has an academic trajectory that leads them to success. JULIE: So, if we look at who are our English learners today in Green Bay. You will see a chart of the last six years. This is data from the third Friday count in September. This is what is fed up to the Department of Public Instruction. So you can see over the last six years our Hmong population has remained relatively stable. Spanish has increased slightly. The students who are in the category of other languages other than Hmong, Somali, and Spanish, have stayed relatively stable. But it's our Somali population over the last six years that has kind of increased very quickly. This year it did level off. We did not see the increases that we have seen the years before. But if we look at '17 and '18 of those 178 students who speak a language other than Hmong, Spanish, and Somali, we had 37 additional languages reported up to DPI. 25 of those students actually speak Lao, and 13 of those students speak Russian. So, then that means are are 33 languages left in our district with less than five students in each of those languages. So, it's a lot of languages, but very small populations in each of those languages. So, if we break--I'm sorry, Brenda, you have a question. BRENDA: I know this is, that 4, 17 students as active students on our EL program. JULIE: Correct, those are levels one through five. BRENDA: Right, so all of our levels sixes are no longer counted in that. JULIE: Correct, we no longer get funding for our level sixes. MICHELLE: And, Julie, if I could add, is it accurate to say that 4,717 is more students just in our EL population than 91% of the school districts across the state of Wisconsin? JULIE: Correct, 91% of the school districts in Wisconsin do not even have 4,717 students. MICHELLE: Thank you. JULIE: So, if we look at our Somali specific data for the last six years, these are the charts on the far right. Those are the numbers that were reported each year. But I broke it down by proficiency levels. So, you can see the number of level one students, two, three, four and five. And what's interesting to note on this is to grow specifically of the lower proficiency students, the level one and two students. When our Somali students first came to the district in 2012-'13, we had, you know, a few level ones, few level twos, threes, fours. They were equally distributed across the different proficiency levels. And now we are seeing the majority of our students in the lower proficiency students. We are getting a lot of students who have been in the country less than a year, or they're coming specifically straight from a refugee camp in Africa. So, that has been a big growth for us here in the district. It's not just the number of Somali students, it's what proficiency level they are at. And looking at our schools, it's interesting to note the high school that has the most Somali students is actually Southwest. And that is they have what 47 Somali students, followed very closely by Preble with 44, and East by 40. And then we have, for middle schools, Lombardi actually follows the same Lombardi has the most Somali students with 48, Edison has 28, and then Washington has 20. Our elementary schools with the largest Somali population, which also includes 4K if they are on-site, Keller has 42, Baird has 39, and Chapel has 24 Somali students. If we look at the changes of, by level, you can see in the last three years, I put the data up for elementary, which is 4K through fifth-grade, middle school, and then high school. So, you can see we've added 115 students at the elementary level, a few more the middle school level, and a lot more at the high school level. Any then I put a percentage increase because I thought it was interesting to note. You know, when you look about, while we added 115 students in elementary, well, there were 2, 14 students to start. So when you added another 115, it was a 3.8% increase. But at the middle school and high school, going from 613 students to the 858, we went up almost 29% at the high school. So, the majority of our students that are changing are the middle school and high school students. And we have been getting a number of students at that grade level straight from refugee camps. And that's what John talked about with very limited education or very interrupted education. And that's a big gap to close when they're coming at that middle school and high school level. So, talking about some of the things that are coming down. This first one is from the Department of Public Instruction. And they are in the process of releasing, with the next few weeks, an EL policy handbook. And part of a statewide stakeholders meeting, or a group, and through a meeting a few weeks ago did get 13 out of the 14 chapters to preview. The 14th chapter they're still working on it. And this handbook basically summarizes the federal requirements to serve English learners. And because states are able to customize some of their policies for English learners, it does incorporate Wisconsin's policies as well. So this handbook, like I said, is going to be out in the next couple of weeks. So DPI is giving us a little bit of grace as to when to implement everything in this handbook. There are three things that do need to be implemented for the start of the today's 2018-'19 school year. The first is parted ESSA. So, as part of Every Student Succeeds Act, all students must have the same interests and exit criteria for English learners across the entire state. So, what Wisconsin has set is starting this school year, for a level five student is an automatic exit, no matter what grade level. It used to be that a student had to reach fourth grade in order to be reclassified or exited. But as part of Wisconsin's uniform exit criteria, anybody at level five will now be exited starting with the '18-'19 school year. As part of the entrance criteria, DPI has created a state approved homeland survey that all states, all districts must start implementing for the '18-'19 school year. We will be able to use a paper copy for the '18-'19 school year, but for '19-'20, if we do electronic registration, that will need to be part of that process. So, we have already just touch base with stuff Stacy Williams in the technology department. To put that on her radar as saying we're going to need to adjust our online enrollment to meet this requirement. And then, the last thing that will be implemented this school year is, as part of Every Student Succeeds Act, they're going to be a federal accountability measure now in addition to the state accountability measure, otherwise known as the state report cards. And progress in English language proficiency is going to be one of the five indicators on that schools. And DPI's calling in quotes "The Annual ESSA Profile" because DPI hasn't given it a name yet. The official name yet. So, progress towards English language proficiency is going to part of that accountability. And that is that to roll out those accountability reports in December. CHRIS: Can I ask a question? JULIE: Yes, Dr. Wagner. CHRIS: Is there a certain cell size before things record to the state? Is there certain cell size with these youngsters that we're helping? JULIE: I term of like the 20... CHRIS: Guess what I'm going to--there may be many districts that have someone that's helping with EL, but they don't have enough that they have to report to state, is that true? It was in Special Ed, I don't know about here. JOHN: It would not be reported out publicly. So, if I were a small district, if I were working in a small district and they had two EL students, the information would still go to the state to be examined, but we wouldn't be reporting out that 50% of our EL students achieve proficiency because that would be identifiable to that one did and one didn't and we might know who those two students were. CHRIS: I understand. You may not have the answer to this at this point in time, but with the system here, when we report this to the state and the state report card, is the state report card come back separately for discrete areas, or is it all lumped together? JOHN: It's together. CHRIS: So, theoretically, you know, we have kids coming to us that haven't had any in the short limited English and we put them in a state report card. Our total grade is going to be down compared to many other districts. JULIE: Correct, students, English learners get a one-year exemption from taking the English language arts portion of a state assessment. So, for example, if I am come to the country as a seventh grader, my seventh grade year I am exempted from the English language arts part of that state assessment, but I will take the math part. Seventh graders take the math. When I became an eighth grader, I have to take the English language art section of the state assessment because I have already had my one year exemption. CHRIS: Let me give you an analogy new tell me if this is at all close. If I have a classroom and half my youngsters in my class ace a particular test, get 100, the other half choose to do nothing and get zero, I average everybody together, that's basically a 50, which is failing. Is that an analogy what theoretically could happen, not that I expect this to be failing, but could happen with our district as we're required to put all of her students together on this one state report card? JOHN: I would say there are aspects that relate to growth of students, but as far as proficiency, that would be the case. You might even end up in a more challenging situation where half of your students met proficiency and the other half that didn't might've made more than year's growth, but because your scenario, the seventh-grade student might've gone from a first grade level to a third grade level, but they're still not ranking is being proficient. But you might be penalized even though a student might've made two or three years growth in one year time period. In general I think you'll see some more progress report, we have done quite well with our EL students that are with us for a long period of time. Graduation rate is very solid. In fact in some cases we do better with our EL students and we do in general with our students. I think that leads to the expertise that Julie and her team bring to the field and supporting our students. But it takes change by everybody, it doesn't just take change by the EL teacher, it's really is the whole system that needs to support the needs of the EL student. CHRIS: I understand that, I guess part of my point is if you're in the district that has very few ESL students, very few special education students, in essence your state report card is inflated or other side of the coin ours is deflated. And I just hope that people when they choose school districts and where they send their youngsters to school, they take this into account. JULIE: And when I think of, I'm picturing the state accountability report card in my mind. And on that front page there's the public page. Over on the left side it does show in your district or in your school the percentage of students who are special education, the percentage of students who are English learners, the percentage of students who are low socioeconomic. So that's over on the side, but you are correct Dr. Wagner, that when they look to see who reached academic proficiency, it doesn't matter if you're an English learner or non-English learner, part of that district average. CHRIS: Thank you. MICHELLE: And how many years does it take a student to acquire academic English so that you would expect them to be proficient? JULIE: So, what research says is it takes five to seven years, upward some students to come with no proficiency, no schooling, it could take up to ten. But as part of what DPI had to do, that progress towards English language proficiency, DPI had to create a pathway towards proficiency. And it depends on--so if you'd come in as a kindergartner and you're level one, your pathway to proficiency is six years. DPI will give you six years to become proficient. However, if you're a seventh grader and you come in at a level one, your pathway to proficiency is actually eight years because that gap is so much larger. So, it depends what level you come in and what grade you come in. But that is part of ESSA. And that it in the DPI handbook. There's a whole chapter on how districts will be held accountable for progress towards English language proficiency. MICHELLE: Thank you. JULIE: So, year-two of the non-funded DPI policy handbook is that in the 2019-'20 school year all English learners, so that's all 4,700 students here in Green Bay, will have an individual language plan. DPI has provided examples of what that could look like. There are examples in the handbook. But it's up to each individual district to figure out who will be doing those in the district, what they're going to look like. But there are going to be requirements that they must include X, Y, and Z. But what that looks like, it's up to each district. And then another new thing is part of the ESSA is that once a student achieves an English language proficiency level of four, there's a two-year transitional plan that is created. And that's the plan that what is the district going to do in two years to ensure that that student reaches that exit status, that level five on the assessment. But that we will be figuring out how we're going to roll that out next school year, so we'll be ready to go by the '19-'20 school year. ED: Julie, have you seen--I assume you have seen some of the model plans that we're talking about here. JULIE: DPI has provided examples. ED: What's going to be the impact on the teachers in terms of having to monitor those plans then? JULIE: That's a great question. Because when we look at, especially our dual link which teachers were already, there assessing in two languages, they're instructing in two languages. I don't want to put another straw on the back with a language plan. So, we're going to look at what is the best way to do those plans, who can support the teachers because it is the teacher who does know that child the best. So, we are looking at possible technology to help us be able to pull as much data as we can possible, with drop-down boxes that the teacher will just be able to say here are my goals. So, everything is just click, click, click. We're looking at the program support teachers to see if they can support the teachers with developing these plans. So, that's all stuff we're going to be looking at next year. CHRIS: Are there parallels to the IEP process in terms of it having to be updated every year and have meetings similar to the IEP meetings? JULIE: At this point I am not aware of any mandated meetings that must occur with the individual language plan. I have not dug into them to have an answer, but I can absolutely get that for you when I learn a little bit more about them. CHRIS: But we are looking at essentially a case management system here. JULIE: Correct, correct. JOHN: We'll also be using the data to look at individual student needs in each individual classroom by each teacher, so instructors can better differentiate for each learner, as well as by the school level, as by the systemic school improvement plans are put into place. And from the district, our school success planning models. We need to make sure we're looking deeply at the success of each of our students to make sure that they're on the successful trajectory that we talked about earlier in our presentation. JULIE: So, when we came in October 2016 we had some next steps that we were going to do. So, one of the steps was that we developed, my team developed an English learner resource guide. When DPI was supposed to release their policy handbook, actually in February, we delayed this release because it has to be updated to now match DPI's policy handbook. So, the resource guide is done and ready, it just, we have to put the new entrance and exit criteria. We have to add all the information about the individual language plans. So, most of it is done and I hope you get a chance to click on that. It does talk a little bit about the legal obligations we must meet to educate our English learners. It talks about the programs we have here in Green Bay. And then some instructional strategies for classroom teachers to use. That will be updated and rolled out next school year then. Dual language pathway. We came last time talking about wanting to expand the dual language pathway beyond fifth grade. I'm very happy to say that in the 18'-'19 school year we will have student continuing to learn in both English and Spanish, both at Edison and Franklin Middle Schools. And then we're continuing that collaboration with the teaching and learning department to look at that pathway, 7th grade through 12th grade. And it is our hope that we're going to and with offering our students, they can obtain a seal of biliteracy. And that's something we will have to apply with the Department of Public Instruction. So, I'll talk a little bit more about the seal of biliteracy at the end. And then we talked about how we were going to continue to monitor the achievement and the English language proficiency growth of our English learners. And we have been continuing to do that with the help of Dr. Gwen Stromp. She has created a dashboard for us to look at. She's doing a lot of work right now with elementary schools, helping them dig into our data. And she has added fields that really helps us look at who the students are. So we can pull in the date they entered the U.S. schools, went did they the Green Bay schools? How long have they been in dual language? Did they come from another district? It's all information that as we dig down into our students, it helps us really look at how we're doing academically. So, I'd just like to share a couple points we're looking at in terms of the English learners. And the first one is graduation data. So, we continue to look at this every year. And what you see upon the board is the way that DPI actually puts it out there publicly and the way DPI puts it publicly is you're either an English learner or you're not an English learner. So the level one through fives are the English learners and our exited students are actually in with our level sevens who were never English learners. So, this chart shows that in 2013 there was quite a large gap. Back then English learners were graduating at 38.5%. You can see that that continues to grow every year. And in the 2016-'17 school year our graduation was 68.1%. So, we are closing that gap. But what I like to see is how will our students who existed, how are they doing? So, I went into the WiseDash and I broke apart that not EL group and I pulled apart the level sixes and the level sevens. And what's interesting to note is every year from 2013 up through 2016-'17, our level sixes are exited English learners, are graduating at a higher rate than our level sevens. So, for example, in 2013-'14. Our existed English learners graduated 83.2% and our level seven students that year were at 80.6. And we continue to see that we are closing a little bit. So, in 2015-'16 the English language learners rose to 85.7%. And the non English learners, the level sevens, were at 85.4%. So, it got a little closer in 2015-'16, but the exited students continue to do well in terms of graduation. So, that was good news. Yes, Dr. Langenfeld. MICHELLE: Quick question. Do many students in the levels one through five continue then after graduation? JULIE: Correct, so for the '15-'16 school year I did drill down on every single student who did not graduate. And I can provide those numbers. I don't know them off the top of my head. But many of those do continue and are included in that level, that six-year graduation cohort. And then what's difficult is when a student--I can go into our management system and see that a student left our district and went to say Honduras, or went to Mexico. If we don't get records request, that student stays on the Green Bay's graduation data. So, they're considered a non-attender, even though they left our district to go out of country, they stay with us. So, we had a number of those students as well. MICHELLE: Thank you. JULIE: So, the two pie charts are, this is about our third grade English learners. And this is their midyear academic proficiency as measured by the STAR reading data. So, I'm going to talk a little bit about the graph on the left. This one is towards academic proficiency. So, we're kind of monitoring the English learners two different ways. Ultimately of course we want our students to get to academic proficiency, that 50th NCE. But as an English learner, you're on a different trajectory towards that pathway, towards English proficiency. So, that's what the graph on the right is going to be talking about. So, I'm first going to start with the graph on the left. So, you can see we had 411 students, third-graders, who are English learners. Midyear we had 36% of those 411 students who were at the 50th percentile. So, 36% of our third-graders were on the academic proficiency pathway. But it's really the graph on the right, students who are English learners have a different trajectory. So, when I'm in first grade, my expectation because of my English proficiency as I should be at that tenth NCE. And, when I'm in in second grade I should be at the 20th NCE. Third grade, the 30th NCE, fourth grade the 40th NCE. And by fifth grade we want them at that 50th NCE. So, third grade we want our students on that trajectory to be at the 30th NCE. And you can see 44% of our students at midyear were on that midyear trajectory for the EL status. So, it shows, yeah, we have some work to do, but to use Michelle's saying, what she said in her State of the District, we're moving in the right direction. So, we have seen some really good schools looking at their data. And when I talk about the data that schools are provided in that we start to dig into, we're looking at those 200 students who were not at the 30th NCE. And we drill down into those. And some of them truly have only been in the country one year. Some of them have only been in the country two years. Some of them didn't even go to school until their third grade year. And it's the students are quite honestly have been here in the Green Bay district with us since kindergarten. And if they are still not at that 30th NCE, we've got work to do. ED: But trajectory, that academic trajectory, and here in third grade, that 30%, it's only dependent upon the grade level, it's not dependent on their level, one, two, three, four, five or the amount of time they're in the country? JULIE: No. It's generally the time and program. ED: Okay. JUlIE: So that's where we can break it down and look at well, let's see the students of been in the country, been in our program for one year. But this is all third grade. ED: Why do you say we can break it down--what I'm asking is in terms of reporting with the state or the feds are requiring. They don't provide a variable difference there for the--okay. JULIE: You're talking like in the state assessment, no. It's just a one-year exemption and then every thing else you're either proficient or not proficient. BRENDA: This is our own internal monitoring. JULIE: This is our own internal monitoring. BRENDA: This is. But in terms of that, in that 30 NCE chart, that is to piggyback on his question. That is all of our EL students. JULIE: That's all third grade EL's. BRENDA: This is the ones that came as kindergartners. JULIE: Or they could have come last week, exactly. But that's where I believe those individual language plans will really pull this all together because we will be able to look and say, you know what, this student is not making the progress we're expecting them to make. So, how can we leverage all of the talents we have in this district to ensure that that student does reach where they are expected to be? So, it all is going to come together. JOHN: And we purposely wanted to share both about some positive data in some area of challenge. Because we are seeking to improve and a true monitoring report shouldn't just be a dog company showed positives. We really know that there are areas that we want to improve on we have set plans to do so. JULIE: And that's what our department's success plan will be about is closing these gaps. So, moving in right direction, as we look to the future, we are going to implement those DPI EL policy handbook requirements with no additional funding. We're going to be rolling those out. We're going to continue to explore the dual language pathway that hopefully in a few years our students will be able to graduate with a seal of biliteracy because that just shows that we are producing students who can listen, read, write, and speak in two languages. And actually student does not even need to be in a bilingual program to apply for that seal of biliteracy. There are students in other districts who learn, for example, Hebrew in a synagogue and are bilingual and are able to take the assessment that the district chooses to show that they have achieved biliteracy. So, some of our Hmong students are taking Hmong and an outside organization, some of our Somali students to do come to us fluent in Arabic will be able to possibly obtain the seal of biliteracy. So, that's something positive we're going to continue to pursue in the future. And then, we're going to continue to monitor the English language proficiency that academic per progress of getting students to the 50th NCE. And that academic trajectory of our English learners. So, lots of work to come. LAURA: Any questions? MICHELLE: Julie, I know that you testified before the blue-ribbon commission legislature on EL funding. Could you just give everyone just a brief update in terms of how the funding streams come to the state and then come to the school districts to support our English language learners. Thank you. JULIE: So the Green Bay district has an approved bilingual/bicultural program with DPI. And of that we can send up counts of students who qualify for the bilingual/bicultural. So if you qualify for bilingual/bicultural, if it's a Spanish student, they have to be taught by a bilingual teacher in order to count. And then for any other language groups where you hit trigger numbers. So, trigger numbers are 10 students in grades K-3, 10 students in 4-8, and 20 students in 9-12. Need to have an ESL certified teacher and also a bilingual paraprofessional in that language group in order to count those students. So, any salary, benefits, materials, text books, mileage, anything we spend for--as a district to educate those students who we feed up through bilingual/bicultural, we get reimbursed back from the state. And I believe we are at, like, an 8.5 reimbursement rate right now. Back in the 80s, I will say, the reimbursement rate was at about 70%. So, each year and continues to go down and down and down. So I have testified come I believe three times now, before all sorts of committees, asking every year the governor, or I'm sorry, Tony Evers puts in the DPI budget increased funding for the bilingual/bicultural program. And every year it does not make it into the district's budget. So, every year I ask and tell our story. MICHELLE: Thank you. LAURA: Anybody else? Thank you. JULIE: Thank you. JOHN: Thank you. BRENDA: Is that? LAURA: Yes. BRENDA: Next we have our superintendent's update. I'll turn it over to her to Dr. Langenfeld. MICHELLE: Thank you. I'm going to be can with calendar coming up here very soon, this week, we celebrate the retirees at the retirement recognition ceremony. And that the that's at 5:00 at Riverside ballroom. On May 24 we have our Student Council meeting here with the board. And May 28 is Memorial Day, so the district office buildings and all the buildings will be closed. May 30 is a districtwide boundary task force meeting here at 6:00. And the reminder that the public is always welcome to attend those. And I know that group has been working very diligently to make sure that the board has an opportunity to really get their feedback. May 31 we began our important graduation ceremonies, beginning with Minoka Hill graduation that is high school at 6:00. And then on Sunday, June 3 we have three of our graduations beginning with Southwest High School at noon, West High School at 3:30. And East High School at 7 o'clock all right UW GB Crest Event Center. On June 4 we have a special board meeting at 5:15, and that's immediately followed by the teaching and learning work session at 5:30. And then the organizational support work session meeting immediately following that. Right here in Room 331. June 6 is the Preble High School graduation at the Resch center at 7:00. June 7 is the John Dewey Academy of learning graduation at 5:00 at this year it's a little bit different venue. At the Art Garage on Cedar. And then June 11 is a special board meeting at 5:00. In June 18 at 5:30 is the regular board meeting. So that concludes the calendar. And so, at this time I am going to invite Vicki Byer, associate superintendent, and Chris Collier, coordinator of safety and security to join us to give us an update in part two on school safety and security. Claudia Hendrickson is joining us as well, thank you. VICKI: Thank you, good afternoon, good evening. This report is the second part to a two-part report on school safety and security updates. The first report was on April 20 where we shared with the board our current status and protocols that are in place as well as district policies supporting our work and safety and security within our buildings. Tonight we are going to focus on mostly the governor's grant and share with you what our ideas are and ask for the board's okay to move forward. I also want to share survey feedback with you, which is mostly embedded within the report itself. Wisconsin Act 143 update, which I provided a link, we'll be continue to work on that and by fall we expect to have everything in place to meet the requirements of the Wisconsin Act 143. And then finally, the last item, two topics that were brought up at both the public forum, within the service that would be covered by the grant for Board consideration or discussion. Let's begin with the survey results. And I think Mrs. Dorff is still here. Is she still here? I said this to her privately, but I would like to publicly acknowledge that there's no way we could of done this work without her support over the last couple of weeks. She literally went through stacks of survey results and developed themes for us and helped us do the work of prioritizing. So, Mrs. Dorff, thank you. Thank you so much for your help. What she did was collect and review the results of the survey questions. We used the same seven survey questions that were used at the community forums. Survey went outto intercity student Council, superintendents parent advisory group, district office staff, as well as the individual school administrators and staff within the buildings were surveyed by their administrator and responded with just one Google doc per school. The observations are listed. What Mrs. Dorff discovered and suggested was that the they fall into three major categories. Human interaction, technology, and infrastructure. So what we did, once she accumulated all of this for us, was pulling it apart and taking a look at at what items within the survey results would actually qualify for the grant. And then which items wouldn't. Tonight we're presenting to you what would qualify for the grant. The other items we will be taking back to the district school security team, the committee, to review and make decisions about how we move forward with all of those items as well. So, future topic for the board. For the grant, the governor's grant will support new school safety projects for the school year '18-'19. They may only be used for buildings with a school code. So, just to clarify for the Board of Education and the public district office security and safety measures would not be included, nor would the food production center building. There are four prerequisites within the grant. I wanted to talk through those with you. And I gladly report that we've actually met the four prerequisites. One is that staff must be provided with a minimum of three hours of training towards trauma care, trauma sensitive schools. We had formed a partnership with St. A's in Milwaukee back in 2014-'15 back prior to my coming on. I believe Mrs. Dorff probably initiated that contact. It's been a really very good partnership. We are one of the leaders in the state recognizing that if we can train our staff within the buildings to identify students that were experiencing trauma, we'll be a step ahead in caring for them. So that partnership has resulted over the last five years with close to 1,000 educators having been trained in aces and trauma informed care. We're still not at that point where 100% of the staff have been covered in the desert requirements of the grant by the end of the next clear. But this partnership afforded us a really great opportunity. St. A's recognized that this was a prerequisite for all school districts in this state. So, in coordination with our student services department, they're exploring an online option. So, we at Green Bay get to by pilot that option. And if it seems to be an effective way to make sure our staff are getting that training. They would then push it out to other districts. So, our student services team had a large part in that and hopefully we'll be able to roll that out in August-September. It will be an online option, more to come on that. Another prerequisite is all entrances to the school are locked during the school day. And a designated staff members present to visually screen anyone entering. We do have that in place tahnks to board policy. Three, there must be written visitor protocol. Again, due to board policy we do have that in place. We're looking at ways to improve it. Chris, for example, came up with the design. I put a link in the report for you to take a look. Those will go at each entrance, Chris? CHRIS: Yes. VICKI: and therefore, collaboration with local law enforcement. As assured the April 20 meeting, we've had a great collaboration with Green Bay Police Department since 1976. We meet monthly with them to review concerns and strategize on how to continue to improve school safety. So, with that I'm going to turn it over to Chris to talk with the great itself. CHRIS: so I sure where this hundred million dollars this author from the governor and that grant has been broken up into two sections. There is a primary security expenditure which covers classroom door locks, specifically doors that do not have any current type of locking mechanism on them. So in our case, we don't qualify for any of those because our classroom doors all have locks on them. Second part of that would be school-entrance glass, which is a shatter resistant film product that can be placed on all main door insurances and sideline class that lead into the main area of the school. The second part of it is the advanced security expenditures, which covers the ability to get funding for training, such as the trauma training that Vicki spoke of. And including physical security enhancements. Adding electronic type door locks, adding shatter resistant film for doors that are not the main entrance of or windows that are now the main entrances that wouldn't be covered under the primary expenditure. We'd also be able to do visitor security, and visitor management software. We'd be able to do video from systems, cameras, radios. Many different types of things that are available. So, and all these things will be implemented across the district in the buildings that have the proper DPI codes. So, based on the feedback that we got from the surveys, we--I went through as far as the primary security expenditures, I went thorugh and measured all the windows of all the main entrance areas to get the dimensions of what we would be up to have square footage wise. I've submitted this to some vendors in the area. We're still waiting to get back specific answers on those. As you can imagine there's lots of districts reaching out to these people and it's going to take a little bit of time. As far as the advanced security expenditures, there's a link to the document that shows the different things that we're highlighting. VICKI: Pull that up, please? The physical items Page 7. CHRIS: It's on page 7. VICKI: Thank you. It's embedded as a limk. Page 7. Thank you. CLAUDIA: Right there. CHRIS: On the top there, physical links. or physical items, I'm sorry. Up at the top of the page. VICKI: Thank you. CHRIS: So as uyou can see on the top, it would be what the items are. The first section is interior and exterior cameras. On the column as you go down, the different colors of the buildings and approximately the cameras that they would be interested in. I did put out to all the principles of the buildings, asking them to tell me how my cameras they'd like inside and outside the building. Those costs include mounting of the cameras, installation costs, licensing of the cameras. Then there's also a category that has to do with looking to purchase intercom type cameras, where when someone pushes the button at the front door there's a camera that points directly at them so that we can see exactly who would be at the board front door. That was an area that was pointed out at the surveys. We have information therefore radios, we have two different kind of radios. We use a Vertex radio, which is a smaller radio in elementary schools. We use a Motorola radio in our secondary schools just because of the size of buildings. The radios on always work the best, the smaller ones don't. We have information there about other things that we could put in place, visitor management software. Upgrading PA systems, putting speakers in hallways in school that don't have speakers in the hallways. Putting speakers in the exterior of the buildings of schools don't have them. Upgrading the main PA system in buildings that need it. We have done a lot of these upgrades. We have installed quite a few new parts in these PA systems. But it would be adding new PA systems where we need them. And if you scroll all the way over, there's some other information on there. So, the window film is on there. The primary funding is the blue tab, the yellow tab is the advanced funding. This would be adding security film to the windows that would be immediately next to the main entrance. Or if you have a situation where you've got four or five doors that lead to the main entrance and 30 feet over you have another set of four or five doors, leading into the same area but are not covered in the primary. And I think there might be, that might be about it on there. So, quite a lot of information on there. When it comes down to it we have a couple of different options on their visitor software. Without any visitor software in there, there's one price. With the use of the Raptor visitor software program, which is a system that as a visitor comes in if they produce ID, they would scan that ID and it does a sex offender background check before producing an identification sticker that would have their face, the picture from their drivers license and information about them. And there's information about the C-Care visitor software. The C-Care software so we currently use for door access for badges. So that would be adding an additional piece of software. That does not give you the sex offender background check. And there are some other products out there. These are examples. If you could click on the tab, that's for trainings. VICKI: Go back to the report please. And right underneath the physical items. Thank you. CHRIS: So the training that we have listed on here is getting more funding for our nonviolent crisis intervention training, getting more funding for our ALICE training, including bringing back the ALICE Institute trainer and looking to purchase more online licenses to get our staff trained in the ALICE principles. Funding for train the trainer for trauma sensitive schools, hunting for more tier 2, tier 3 intervention staff. And then funding for security assessment training. So that myself and others in the district or with the police department as part of the Act 143, each of our buildings is required to have a site security assessment done between now and January 2019. And every three years that we are going to have to do that. So getting some of our staff trained, and we have to do that in collaboration with law enforcement. And as you can imagine there's more than just schools, there's playgrounds, athletic areas, our model three sites. So that alone, we probably got in the 50 range of sites that we have to go to. And we're not the only schools that are Green Bay Police Department has to do this with. But we also have to do with Brown County Sheriff's Department. One other piece that I failed to mention in the advanced expenditures is looking to purchase some emergency notification software. Currently Brown County, I'm sorry, Green Bay PD and Green Bay Fire are using a program called the Ready Op, which is a new management software. Something that looking at her going to potentially ask money for that help us in our day-to-day notifications of our staff when things are happening in our buildings, but it will also be a tool that uses there are situations where the administrators have to get together for an emergency, it gives them all the tools that they need quickly, people to contact, phone numbers, and things of that nature. VICKI: Good, thank you. While the allocation for the district the opportunity to apply for 20,000 per school, our recommendation based upon data and feedback is to use the funds to address priority needs districtwide. This will take into account schools that have already had district funded security upgrades. Part four, other items not covered by the grant, yet mentioned in public forum or on the surveys were the addition of adding SROs. And like I've said, we're paying approximately 115,000 per SRO at this time. As well as I've included a link to the chief school defense officers recommendation. The grant is due on June 8. I requested the board support the recommendation for the governor's school safety grant as outlined above. Thank you. LAURA: Questions? CHRIS: Two actually. Explain to us what shatter resistant glass actually does for you and second question is if you have speakers outside, is there a concern that if there's a perpetrator outside they're hearing a message the people inside are getting? Is it not a concern? CHRIS: So, I'll speak first to the film. What this is is a product is made by 3M. It's a plastic covering that you would put essentially on the inside of the windows. And then you would use a bonding agent to secure it to the window frame. If someone were to come and shoot the window, right now the glass that it's made of wood shattered into pieces and people could walk in. With the design of this film is if someone were to shoot the window or throw something at the window or poke something through the class, it would keep the integrity of the glass together for a few minutes, was to give people time. And what that does is it holds the glass together so it doesn't just shattering into pieces. The demonstrations that I've heard is people have taken a sledgehammer, an adult with a sledgehammer and it took an adult a few minutes get it to break out. We would like to have that in place because in that amount of time, that three or four minutes, we would assume a law enforcement be contacted, people would be evacuating the building it would make it harder for people to get in. As far as the speakers on the exterior of the building we go, yes, you can have people hearing outside, but in an emergency situation, which is when we would want people to know what was going on. And yes, it may alert the person who is going to cause the problem, but we're anticipating it would be a situation where something would be happening inside the building. We want to alert the people outside so that they wouldn't come back into the building. We want to make them aware. I mean, obviously the biggest thing is making people aware of what's going on so that they can do they need to do to get out of the area. CLAUDIA: And the incidences that have occurred in recent history, the perpetrators were already inside of the building, so any PA system that you would have had, they would have heard what was going on. We need to be as open and honest with what people--about what's going on so that they can do what's right and protect themselves in a situation like that. CHRIS: Information is the biggest tool htat we can give our people. CLAUDIA: Yes. CHRIS: I would appreciate the demonstration of the sledgehammer, but sledgehammer is not the weapon of choice. I'd appreciate someplace alomg the line if you just give us feedback or explore what happens when one of these automatic weapons is used on this glass. VICKI: The bullets will go through. CLAUDIA: The bullets will go through, but it doesn't shatter the glass. So then we watch the bullet go through. CHRIS: I heard several minutes with a sledgehammer. How much time does that buy you? It's buying you 15 seconds. CLAUDIA: It was about four minutes in the demonstration. CHRIS: Even with a gun? An automatic. CLAUDIA: He shot through and then he used. CHRIS: Because the design of it is to hold it all together. And, if you shoot enough rounds through it where there's not any glass left come at some point yeah, you'd be able to reach through it and tear it part and make your way through. But the design of it is so that it gives you that time. It's not going to stop them from coming in, it's going to slow them down make it harder for them to get in, giving the people inside the building opportunity to evacuate or lockdown or whatever they need to do to protect themselves. It's not bulletproof glass, it's not intended to keep bullets out, it's intended to make it harder for people to break a window and get into the building. ED: It's a little bit different technology, but the effect is very much the same as a car windshield. And you've car windshields for this been an accident and the glass is all broken and spiderwebbed what have you, but with the car windshields there's two layers and there's a laminate in between. So kind of the same type of effect there. It's not bulletproof and, you know. CHRIS: Right, and the reason we would put this in as the state has it into my this is something that we can get funding for. Both on the primary level where there's $35 million available, and on the advanced for the $65 million available. Law-enforcement supports the use of this, both Green Bay PD and Brown County. BRENDA: Now we're eligible for approximately $800,000 through this grant? VICKI: For the advanced security expenditure. BRENDA: So there's three lines of all the physical, the trainings, and then the total, there's three different totals. Are you recommending one over another at this point? Have you decided which is the best option in terms of that, I guess the differences whatever kind of visitor software you determine to use. CHRIS: Yes, because ultimately the visitor software that we chose, we can put March money towards the training budget and try to get more people trained, or look to increase budget of some other equipment that's there. BRENDA: Okay, so we do have to itemize for the grant? CHRIS: We do. For the grant we have to be specific to what we're asking for. We have to be specific to where it's going to go. we have to give it in an the overall budget and then we have to break it down by site. BRENDA: Okay, so the grant itself will have more detail than what were looking at terms of cost. CHRIS: If you look at the other document that's got more detail. That's kind of the template. If you click on the link to physical items, that's kind of the template for the budget, listing what the items are, the dollar amounts, and obviously there's things that can be added there for the equipment. And we, when it came to the training, we had more funding in this area and we had to cut it back to try to get us near that number. So, we could easily put more money back into the training. We definitely plan to ask for the maximum amount that we can get. And we'll just wait to see what the state will give us. ED: How many eligible sites do we have a separate building code? CHRIS: 40. ED: It is 40, right? CHRIS: Yeah. ED: Okay. CHRIS: But we have situations where some of them, you'll see there's not a lot of items listed because might it be the new building, like Bear that's getting rebuilt. Or there are sites that we don't own and we might not be able to put some things in there because we don't own the sites, they're rental sites. They have the code, but there's going to be restrictions as what we can do it when we don't run the security systems that are in those buildings. BRENDA: Andrew. ANDREW: What about when you consider some of the options that are out there on the market for like the different kinds of supplementary door locks that are in the classroom that can be deployed to block a door? Is any of that in here, and if not, why was that not chosen not? CHHRIS: Are you talking about the door barricading devices? ANDREW: Yes. CHRIS: So, it is specifically said in the grant the only door barricading devices that meet building codes and ADA compliant are allowed. And at this point I know none that meet building code by the state of Wisconsin or are ADA compliant. Because they need to be able, when you're in the building coming need to be able to get out of the building in case of a fire, path of egress. By putting that device in there you are now stopping the path of egress. CLAUDIA: We also gave the surveys that ask people what they wanted, and all of the groups, and subgroups that check the survey, we break them in order of what the people asked for. And that was lower on the priority list than the other things up here. BRENDA: Rhonda? RHONDA: Where are we at with the chief's proposal? Because there's a lot of conversation happening at now it's being, you know, discussed at the city level, possibly the county level. Can we put this to bed? VICKI: That's really board decision, so I welcome the board have a conversation about it. CHRIS: That is not something that we can use grant money for, personnel is not... ED: That is absolutely ineligible for these dollars. RHONDA: Right. But are we going to do that at some point so that people can hook onto that? ANDREW: We can write a resolution that, I mean we could, right, right resolution that said the position of the board is that armed non-officers in schools is not something we support. If we want to get some public clarity. RHONDA: At this point that section of welfare committee, was discussing that he was going to talk to the school district about what our interest was. And the conversation is still alive, it's still out there. I think it's time we take a position on this. VICKI: I think that community conversation that we had, I was in the groups that I particpated in. They want more support, they want more school resource officers are people that can communicate and become trusted people for the students to have so that they had another resource. Most of them didn't recognize that he wanted guards, armed guards, they weren't in support of that. They were more in support of building relationships with police and fire departments. RHONDA: Yeah, when you look at the information that was provided to us from CESA 7, it's really not on there. ED: It is two to one across the board consistently. RHONDA: I just think it would be nice for us to officially take a position so that we can be out there and it's not, no one's guessing. And there's no one more municipal conversation happening. ANDREW: Okay, so what would be the mechanism for that? Would we write a resolution? BRENDA: Melissa's not here. ANDREW: Can we just make a motion that the board does not--that the board does not support proposals for non-police officer armed guards? Can we just make that is motion? BRENDA: I don't think we can tonight because is not on our agenda. CLAUDIA: And I don't think the general public recognizes that that is not something that we can uses grant monies for. And as long as people are listening, like that message out, people can understand that that's absolutely not something we can use the funding from the DPI. ANDREW: But even if they, I mean I don't know how supportive the public would be even if we could. But we can't. RHONDA: I think we should clear it up as we could. ED: Maybe we can put an agenda item on the next meeting to formally accept that report from CESA 7. And provide a reaction to it. You know, particularly around that specific item. CHRIS: I would ask at the work session that we could discuss, so we can discuss it a little bit more openly what we may want to see with that, not just to say, you know. BRENDA: Yeah, I think we can put it on the work session and then decide, you know, we can work session we can decide what we would vote on her with a resolution makes more sense of things like that. We can ask Melissa, too, for her advice. And I--in terms of that work session conversation, I would--have you looked at the option of, or have you done a study in our school resource officers in terms of do we have the right number, you know, are there. CLAUDIA: We're actually in the process of right that right now. BRENDA: do that, if possible, we like that to be part of this bigger discussion. And our meetings in what, two or three, probably two weeks. CLAUDIA: The police department is driving network I'll check what their timeliness. BRENDA: Okay. And I don't want--if it's not ready, it's not ready, we'll still have that other discussion. But because I think that that's--we haven't looked at our school resource officer program for, you know, the last few years and things change and needs change, and things like that. I like to have that at some point. Go ahead. MICHELLE: And if I could add, and I know we've looked at the research behind armed guards and the fact that it is very troubling for children and parents as well. So, we could provide a the board with research findings as well and connect that, so we'll have that for the public to also look at. BRENDA: Chris and Ed. CHRIS: This is something you're probably gonna do anyway, but I don't want the police chief to find out after the fact that we passed resolution, you know, I like him to kept the apprised of the way in which we are heading with that. BRENDA: Ed? ED: Maybe just a point of information. Maybe you know this already, Chris. But CESA 2 is the designated purchasing agent for items for this, actually they do purchasing for all districts. And they are holding a summit, a school security seven on June 20 and Whitewater, you are this? Another one of them in Tomahawk? CHRIS: I spoke with Jean today a couple of different things. ED: Okay. VICKI: We can move forward with the draft? ANDREW: That would mean we're deciding tonight to lock into these items? ED: Well, the grant is due June 8, there's a quick turnaround time on this year. ANDREW: We have no meetings before then? BRENDA: What's your concern? ANDREW: Well, I guess if we get any feedback, any public feedback, about, I mean, I guess we already solicited feedback. BRENDA: I'm gonna say we have a lot of public feedback. CHRIS: The things on the list items that were identified as needs based on all the service and all the public information that we've gotten. And we've then taking those and try to create the common themes when we asked the buildings for things across-the-board, cameras, radios were number one, number two. And there things are on this list were shortly after that. I think that the work that we put in with this, I would feel comfortable that were identifying and addressing the needs that have been brought to us with the funding that we can get. I don't think that this is going to stop with just this grant. We are constantly in facilities looking to add cameras, add radios, and we've done so, we're constantly looking to upgrade the systems we have in place, PA systems, you know, different software. This district is pretty progressive when it comes to moving forward. So, whatever we do here with the money that we get will just be the beginning of things that will be continuing to move forward. And as funding allows, maybe we get fortunate with the new law and the new school safety office, there will be more winning opportunities available for us. Maybe they'll make some changes to the way they give us funding and allow us to count on a yearly amount of money so that we can plan longer-term to add things that we don't have now are things that we don't get funding for currently. BRENDA: Is the film transparent? CHRIS: Yes, it's clear. BRENDA: I saw the video, I don't know where it came, but maybe you can send that to the board members who sent it to me, might have been the vendor actually. CHRIS: Probably. MICHELLE: I thought we put in the update once a long time ago. BRENDA: Yeah, that's what I thought. CHRIS: Yeah, this is one thing that the chief of police talked about openly as something he'd like to see. CLAUDIA: He shared the video with is, yeah. KATIE: And your windshield analysis, I've bullet go through a windshield. CHRIS: Yeah, and your side windows are, like, tempered glass and they shatter into pieces. VICKI: Thank you. BRENDA: Thank you. Yeah, so, the next item, we wrote up a few just ideas. But one of the things I think is that we'd like to talk about how the board functions and then also Ed and I have had some conversations about maybe writing up information about how the board functions in terms of various things that we do. And I know the first thing is just Ed wanted to talk about just how agenda items are placed on--how agenda items get onto agenda and the work that goes on prior to that. ED: Yeah, I think there's number things that we do and we can get in this routines. And it would be helpful to occasionally revisit how and why we do certain things the way we do them. And you had shared earlier a publication, or actually it's a weekly or a monthly type of a newsletter that a neighboring district has where they explain the board functioning and it's kind of thing that I'm talking about here. First thing I wanted to talk about was agenda items because I don't think there's a great understanding about how that happens. The way I've seen it is there are three basic types of agenda items that we look at here, that we bring forward, things are routine. You know, the things that we have to get done, paying the bills done on the monthly basis, things like that. There are things that are statutory, contracts, things that only the board can do. And then there are discretionary matters, things like, well, approving this grant is a discretionary matter. Looking at policies are discretionary manners. Occassionally people come forward with an idea of that something and wonder how they can get bored action or board consideration. Those are discretionary matters. We do not have, like the city has, a committee structure. I'm hoping that we can move towards that direction, but what we have our workgroups that are around teaching and learning and then the business and operation. And we also now have an engagement and climate. And we have discussions based on things that are brought to our attention. Ideas that we have. And then we bring those forward to the work session, first meeting of the month. And that's where we kind of decide whether or not they're going to go forward as an agenda item. Sometimes things are brought forward, even at a work session, there's discussion and you know, it's happened a couple of times since I been on the board that based on the discussion, they don't appear on the agenda for a vote. Other thoughts on that, I mean, Ijust wanted to come to give a quick overview and you know, fill in the blanks points on that, anything I missed as far as how we arrive at agenda items. BRENDA: Go ahead, Rhonda. RHONDA: So, if person from the public, you know, community member was put something on the discussion with the Board of Education, what is the path they would have to take in order to do that? Because I get this quite often. You know, I want the board to discuss this, I'd like the board to consider this. What to the public do they want to see something? ED: Well I've got though that. RHONDA: Isn't there some sort of a protocol? ED: Brenda? BRENDA: I'm trying to think I was looking at our board policies. RHONDA: Like today is there a protocol? ED: This is what I've advised people. BRENDA: The board member--let's see, without reading it. ED: I can give an example of something that's in the hopper right now. We've received some information from folks in the community about some ideas they have around some curriculum and some behavioral things. And what has happened with that is we have invited those folks to come and talk to a group that would consist of administrators and a couple of board members. Following that, the next step would become to the teaching and learning meeting that we have prior to the work session. And decide how we can bring this forward, forward as an item for the work session. And take it from there. Kind of bring it in that way. Started kind of a lower-level looking at, you know, what are the ideas you have, let's talk them out, let's bring it to the people, in this case it would be Katie and me for the work session. For, you know, operations it will Chris and Andrew. Well monitoring reports, same kind of thing. And we probably have another a good job in terms of one of the folks know that there is a way to make that happen. But that's kind of the way that I see it falling into place. It could be somebody coming to an open forum and talking about an issue and then us contacting that person afterwards and saying, like the lady from GB with the training, we may talk to her, bring her in to talk to, whether it's teaching and learning or whoever. And it gradually progresses from there. RHONDA: But people have been doing that? Have you been reaching out to them? Is there a plan in place to, let's say, contact the woman that was here? Have you been doing that? If they say they want to see something on the agenda they want to discuss? ED: I know of one particularly instance, as I said that's in the hopper right now. Previous to that I don't know, get somebody else do it. KATIE: Historically that is how things do appear on the agenda at times. Typically the superintendent or one of the administrators would be assigned to follow up with the person and then bring that information back. ED: I can give you another real good example of something that's really close to my heart in the experience. And that's the fine arts institute at East High School. That started with the grassroots effort that was basically around buying a new piano. And then the movers and shakers with I came to a board meeting, adn they started talking about what the needs are and what they would like to see. And from there developed into committee, kind of research committee to look at it at the district level. And you see where it is today. So things these things have happened. That's a good example. KATIE: We did it back in 1984 we did it as the Howe PTO. We did it to get the Howe referendum passed. Even brought to fruition as a board item. ED: Well, the two resource centers back in the 90s, Fort Howard and Howard research center, same thing. RHONDA: But today do we have a process in place? We had quite a few speakers that came, they shared some pretty, you know, interesting thoughts, ideas. Is this someone right now taking contact information? Asking for it? Do we have that in place to be sure that they can be contacted? And is that ever shared with us? Because as a board member I've never received that since I been here. MICHELLE: To anyone who's been speaking? BRENDA: There haven't been that many. RHONDA: But there have been people to come forward that have post ideas and considerations. I'm just wondering if now that we're discussing if we'll have something a little bit more concrete when it comes to that. Especially with people wanting to be engaged and invested in the programs. RHONDA: So, what's your head when you said this? RHONDA: I know we're discussing this, but it's going to be some the process? BRENDA: I'm just asking for specifics, and what kind of process would you envision? BRENDA: I would, I'm not sure what the sheets look like for the open engagement session. Can I just take a look? KATIE: I think it depends, too, you know the gentleman who had concerns about his child with special-education, that's something that would be followed up privately with that gentleman, with some the things that were raised, contact information is there. People have the option of putting phone number, email address. RHONDA: I just want to make sure it happens because there's been times and that's what people weren't, it wasn't followed up with. I didn't know if there's a checks and balance somehow. ANDREW: I wonder that. CHRIS: Excuse me, to your point. Maybe I haven't been reading things well, but it seems to be hit or miss and to your point. When some things done and referred on, maybe in the update, weekly update we need to consistently have, okay, what was a follow-up? RHONDA: Just so we know that it's happening. CHRIS: I'm not concerned that there isn't a follow-up, I'm concerned we're not hearing what the follow-up is. RHONDA: And we're hearing that it's not, we could actually look at a piece paper and say, actually, that's not true, there it is. ANDREW: I'm wondering, too, if there might be an advantage if there is a public request. I guess just to keep taking on something that's relatively noncontroversial, nonemotional, and I'm sure we're going to follow-up. The group from UWGB might it be advantageous. Whenever someone comes up in open forum, unless there coming, not asking for response, which happens sometimes, it's just a statement or congratulations. Might it be beneficial to identify whether it be on a rotating basis or by volunteer, if there's an area particular interest, but might it be a good idea to assign the administrator closest to the issue and a board member so that, okay, you brought up this issue and John Mangus is your administrative follow-up in Katie is your board follow-up. I don't know how you would exactly set that up, but just to--that way people know that they have an elected official directly looking at it, along with the relevant administrative contact. MICHELLE: So if I could, as the behavior person from UWGB was talking, I have the documents and I plan to hand them to Vicki to follow up with. But what we wouldn't do and that we need to do based on what I'm understanding is that we publicly share out that we've done this and there's a board member who would like to join in that follow-up, or be, I mean, otherwise we can, you know, follow-up with whole board. I also have written down and intend to follow up with and the Green Bay advocates and Ms. Shelton to talk about next steps because I think it's very concerning that we make sure that we have a very clear understanding of what the community is saying around the turnaround piece, and making sure that we collectively have plenty of opportunity for our community to engage in greater discussion as the needs assessment rolls and all of those pieces pieces to make sure. And I know Robin wasn't here as well. So I have that already written my notes. CHRIS: Perhaps what we can do, and I know sometimes we do get an update in the information that we did get on Fridays, written communication, but something like this. Perhaps agree part of the superintendents update as far as what the follow-up was on that. MICHELLE: sure. ED: That way everybody gets a chance to know that this is happening with it. ANDREW: That's good, I think that we announce, I think an advantage to saying this will be followed up on by Vicki Byer and Andrew Becker. For example, by rationale as if something were to call and perhaps just be directed to a district official, then okay they're calling the district looking for administrative probably. But if you're in this far, if you're coming in to your elected officials to know that you you may quite possibly not getting your more detailed answer from the full-time person who works in that area, that you may have an elected official contact and also it means that you don't have to have seven of elected official contacts, since we don't, since we're at large. You don't have a district obviously. So, I just thought that might be a good way to just take items as they come, if it's an open forum setting. BRENDA: So, and I was planning to call Joseph and Joel back about the open meeting law conversation. So, just to clarify in my head, when you say a board member along with administrator. So for instance, the Special Ed concern that was brought forward, would that be a board member and administrator calling them separately, would it be meeting with them, would've be on a conference call, or would it be administrator calls and then they report back to the board member that's in charge of making sure that we get the follow-up? Because that might be helpful. Because I know there's so much stuff that comes in and if each of us have, I'm thinking out loud here, sorry, if each of us have a--if each of us take the items that coming for us to make sure that we find out what feedback is and communicate that back in and update. ANDREW: I don't think that board member might just volunteer. I mean, you know, we might have a little bit of--we might have a particular area of expertise, or it might be related to the work session that were on. BRENDA: Right, not that, but I guess I see were would work in some cases, but in the Special Ed case. To me it would be more of a follow-up rather than a board member having a conversation and the administrator. ANDREW: I was say most of the time in a situation like that, yes. Unless there was. BRENDA: But if they knew they could contact, they would have a board member. ANDREW: A primary board member. BRENDA: To contact if they have ongoing concerns. That's what you're thinking? ANDREW: Yes, of course they would--any member of the pubic is welcome to contact all board members, or different ones. Every issue that comes in open forum would have a primary administrative and primary board contact. BRENDA: Okay, right. CHRIS: A couple of comments, if I may. I think as we walked into this we have to be careful. Some concerns are more valid than other concerns, and how do you sort through that. What truly is a concern, it's certainly a concern about people bringing things up, make no mistake about that. But is that a valid concern when other people look at? You said have to sort that out. Also, the lady that came here from the trauma and all that sort of begs the question for me, we've been working with the community for quite a while now to try to say, okay, who's going to do what? Not having overlap, not to have too many people trying to do the same thing. Then we have a gap over here. I think that's correct, Superintendent Langenfeld. We have for several years. So, I don't know where the group has been or is better got missed in the whole process that they haven't come forward or been on anybody's radar screen anywhere. And if they have been, you know, you know not asking for an answer. KATIE: With that being said I would be very interested in following up with Vicki if Vickiis going to be a person is going to contact person. BRENDA: So you will take that? KATIE: I will take that and I noticed that she would describing is it St A's, saying is that she was nodding and yeah. That would be interesting. RHONDA: They'd initially had reached out to me. And they initially had said something last year and was never responded to. So I suggested they come here. ED: Oh sorry, who did? BRENDA: The Green Bay UWGB. RHONDA: So that's how that happened. CHRIS: I mean, sort of it begs another question for me. Is when we do go back and work with people, there should be some sort of paper trail. And what was said, what was done, I often do a thank you. I send an email back, thank you for meeting with me, these are things we discussed and the resolution. So, a year later nobody can come back and say, they didn't do anything. They never met with me. Wait a minute. And I can pull it out and show them. And I used to catch that a lot with some parents coming from middle school to the high school. They'd say certain things weren't done in middle school and actually have been. They weren't always good paper trails, but there were some good paper trails for that. So, I'm not trying to be, trying to get in fights with people by any means. But there comes a point in time you can't keep going around and around with things, you know. ED: There's good segue point here because that particular thing, is I was talking about agenda items, touches on the responsibility that was board members have to be responsive to all our constituencies regardless of what their issue might be, regardless of whether they've got kids in school are not common that's important. At the same time, when you look at our mission statement and our belief statements, the first thing that were all about, supposed to be all about is student learning. I did copy the belief statements. I'm not going to read through them. But I think occasionally we need to reaffirm that, that, you know, first among our belief statement is that student learning is our highest priority. And the accountability that we should be putting out there for our staff, which I think we do, is around that. This past winter, as we looked at, and not to put too fine a point on things, but we talked about a superintendent evaluation or evaluations for district administrators. And putting in measurable outcome goals to them. And right now Brenda and I are working on a new document that looks at that, that talks about student growth as measured on the school report card. That talks about district goals that are measured by the surveys that we do with open enrollment. And then talks about also some more professional type goals. What I'm saying here right now is that we are holding our administrators accountable to those things that are measurable, those things that are aligned to student learning. And that's really where we need people to put their energies first and foremost. These other things are as important, but I think we have to trust their judgment as far as whether or not they can get the job done effectively. You want to jump in on that, Brenda? BRENDA: Yeah, and I think there's-- our administrators need to be able to do the job that we hired them to do. And again, the mission is to be college, career, and community ready. So I think as a board, we need to come to an agreement as to how much effort should our district office people be spending on issues that maybe could be handled in the school or keep cycling through and drawing them away from the work that we--is most important to us in terms of student achievement. Andrew? ANDREW: I'm going to avoid any specific situations, so I'm not picking on an individual and, or identifying anyone. But this is not, this is certainly far more than once in my time on the board. Quite frankly there are times that a higher level administrator is spending a lot of time on something that could have or should have been a building handled issue, and that's exactly why the higher level administrator in the district office is spending a lot of time on it. That's unfortunate, but I think if, you know, sometimes the alternatives become a not very good situation of it didn't get taken care of, so now either central office is going to have to spend a bunch of time on something that could've been handled at the building level, or going to ignore it or we're not going to address it, or we're just going to hope to gets better, which of course those are worse than the central administrators been a lot of time. That being said, I don't like it when central administrators have to spend a lot of time on something that could have or should've been handled at the building level. And also, that being said, many, many times someone's come to me about something, I've talked to an administrator about an is been worked out fairly easily at the building level. And that's what happens most of the time. But when it doesn't, I can really ramp up and get time-consuming. And that's, I guess, that's unfortunate but I don't know the alternative in that situation. RHONDA: But isn't the point to resolve the problem and make sure that the parents are satisfied? And that is the point. BRENDA: Right, but I also think that it is important for us to--because if somebody comes to us and they haven't talked to the teacher, the principal, whoever it is that they have an issue within in their school, and we have a written chain of command, if they go straight to the board member and they haven't gone to the people in the school first, then that's creating work for--because then the board member must not that were governing body, we're not management, so it's not that our job to go back to school and fix it. So, as board members, we, you know, report to our district office administrators. So, I think it's important for us to encourage people when they come to us to say, have you talked to your principal? You need to go back to the school start there. Because sometimes what happens, it goes directly up to the superintendent and all of a sudden she's, or John or Vicki are spending all of this time. They have to go back to school, figure out what happened, there's this back-and-forth thing. When, you know, the idea is it started in school, go to the principal. I mean, you start with your teacher. If it's not satisfied, if it has been resolved satisfactorily then you go to your principal, and then you come up to the district office, or you know, a board member. But, unless we as board members adhere to that chain of command and help people get back to the source of the issue, we then create more work for our district office administrators. RHONDA: I will say this though, there have been plenty of times where parents actually have gone to the building leadership and haven't had answers, possibly not response. That's where they come and contact a board member. Can you state the chain of command that you're referencing? What that's from and what that is what it looks like? BRENDA: Where is that? It's in policy. RHONDA: Right, can you state that on the record though, for what that is? And what that's all about? ED: While she's looking that up, I just want to say there's a balance. And what you said as far as solving their problem, you know, solving those problems and making sure that those issues are addressed is absolutely essential. I just want to make sure that there's an understanding that we have to hold administration accountable for student learning first and foremost. And you know, in the end I want to be able to look at anybody and say, all right, I fairly allowed you to do your job to make sure that student achievement was improved, that student growth was improved, that gap closing, and engagement. Those things that we've said now we are definitely going to be holding people accountable to with numerical measures that we've allowed them to concentrate as much as possible on that. And again, there's a balance. But I just want to, you know, reaffirm that those are the most important things we want to see done here. MICHELLE: You know, if I could add, the reason I think it's like this is because the problems can best be resolved where the are. But again, to your point is they're not being resolved at the school level, then we do need to hear, we do need that. ANDREW: I don't get many calls, I mean, directed parents. I've asked if you talk to, sometimes they don't know who to talk to at the school. I've talked to--once in a while I talked to--I've gone with the parent to talk to a principal. And usually those are. But most of the time if people are calling the board member, I think it's rare that it's over something that could've been resolved easily and quickly. And I think we usually, we probably all have some of those and got them to the principal and checked back with the principal later and everything is fine. And I want to say, too. I think a six step, and maybe this isn't a decision we can make tonight, but I don't think a six step process is very consumer friendly. I mean, teacher, principal, then executive director, then executive director's boss before you're even talking to the superintendent. I understand that the superintendent herself would not be handling everything. But I'm wondering if teacher, principal, office of the superintendent, where you would delegate to the appropriate area, and then board might be better than having people calling executive directors, associate superintendents, especially because another reason, right, is that we have, you know, many times since I've been on the board we've had structural things where we've changed the reporting, but there's always been the board superintendent, principals, and teachers. That's clear and that'll forever be there. So, I would like to consider making that a streamlined process. Again, with the understanding that I don't mean the superintendent themself handles everything that is there, but they would delegate and then ultimately be a decision-maker and a respondent. MICHELLE: Yeah, I think sometimes, in fact, Sandy takes a lot of calls and parents asking where they go with that. And she does delegate out and get people out to the right spots to get their questions answered. You know, I think our opportunity is really look at how things move in terms of where people go and clarify. I know that's in the handbook, but just making sure, you know, I think part of it really goes back to what does it feel like in the school and what is the customer service? And do parents feel that they have that voice? And that's really then starting point is that relationship right at the school. And then, it can move up. I'm not averse to taking calls, I'm not adverse to talking with parents. In fact, I enjoy that part. It's just that with 21,000 students and multiple parents, sometimes that's not able to get good customer service, just because of time constraints. ANDREW: I guess I'm thinking more that the step between the principal and the board would be the superintendent's office, which may very well result in the executive director being the one to take care of that and let you know that it was handled. And that included, that kind of rolls the process together of they're talking to the superintendent's office, hopefully the executive director is calling them, it gets resolved, that they let the superintendent know it's resolved the number fine. If the parent feels unresolved, still within the superintendent's office and then maybe the superintendent's taken more directly. And that it's just too much. It's a lot of advocacy steps and it's getting, you know, everyone knows what the teacher is, what the principal is, what the superintendent is, what the board is. What you're getting into some much bigger areas that are not well known by the general public. RHONDA: Not everybody knows that, actually. They don't know that. ED: I think that, I agree with you, we can flatten that. RHONDA: I just say something? Most people when there's something happening at the city level, they don't call the directive of planning, they don't call economic development, they don't call the pedestrian safety and bike, escaping me the name of it. But they don't call the chief person of that committee, or the staff person, they call their elected official, because that's who they went to the ballot box and checked off. And that's what I think happens.a a lot of people, don't have the knowledge to go to a handbook. They don't have the comfort level. They went to forums, they made phone calls to your elected officials. They've had plenty of time to talk to these people. There's a comfort level when they have issues, and that's where they come to us initially, I'm assuming. Because when you have an issue in the city, you call your elder person. BRENDA: We function differently than the city council. RHONDA: We function differently, but I think the people have made it pretty clear that they want it to be functioning more for them. BRENDA: Right, but I think we do get calls a lot, and people express concerns. And--but it's our function as a governing body means that we're not the managers of the system. Were not the ones to go fix the problem. We're the ones to help people find the people that can help fix the problem. So, when I get a call--I get probably the most common type of call I get is a parent who has worked with a teacher, worked with a principal and still is feeling like things aren't happening the way they would like them to happen. So, depending on that, then, you know, I direct them--most often it's the executive director I direct them to. But in that case, I mean, I know the inside layers. I get your point and I don't disagree with having them call the office of the superintendent to figure out if they need to talk to the executive director, secondary, special ed director, or student services or something like that. ANDREW: Can we get that and streamline that for the next expectation book, or is it too late? VICKI: It's pretty tight right now. MICHELLE: I was going to say, yeah, I don't know the timeline. VICKI: Mid-May, Mr. Becker, is when we finalize everything. BRENDA: Next year's handbook. VICKI: Right. I can check though. ANDREW: Okay, it's not a huge change it only affects a single page. But if we missed then mark this time, you know. RHONDA: How many people read the handbook though? I mean, how may people literally read the handbook? When they actually have an issue, they call, the email, typically right to the--I imagine to the teacher and the principal. And then if that doesn't get to where it needs to go, then they will contact their elected official. BRENDA: Right, and then our job is to take them back into the chain of command. RHONDA: Which I'm pretty sure that's what we've been doing. See, what happens sometimes is the chain of command gets to be part of it and then it's still not resolved or they're blown off. And then it comes back to us. And that's where we receive things that we need to figure out what to do with it because there isn't always that accountability piece happening. ED: And sometimes the answer is no. And sometimes we have to accept that. I mean, I might not get my way. And when that point has been made and sometimes it's time to move on. And I think I've seen where some of our central office administrators have had to go over the same thing over and over again. And once again, their main job is to effect student learning. I also want to say that, you know, we do need that committee and we do need to respond to it. And we are going to ask questions. And I have confidence in administrator so they going to do their job and I don't want them thinking that I'm looking over the shoulder or taking offense when I do ask questions. We are going to ask questions. And you know, they have to accept that's part of our role as well. So, that kind of swings both ways. So, just because you are asking questions of folks, whether it's a building principal or director, executive director, that doesn't mean it's second-guessing. It's a need for information. CHRIS: If I may suggest, instead of asking people to call, you need to call so-and-so, okay. I think a little better technique is I will have so-and-so contact you. RHONDA: Yeah. CHRIS: And then when I talked about so-and-so, I say, since they called me, after you work with them, you need to get back to me to let me know the resolution was. BRENDA: Yeah, that's exactly right. CHRIS: It's not throwing at them that they got to keep trying to make calls. BRENDA: No, I always name the person I think they need to talk to, call them back. So they're not, you know, wondering. And then that person has always got back to me. Sorry, you've had your hand up for quite a while. KATIE: Yes, he has. WES: So, Most of the time when you hear the resolutions for the individual people or for the groups of people, I hope that it's resolved, but is there maybe a rare instance when he does it hear back about the resolution or when the resolution is not actually a resolution, but is just a step to maybe delayed the process towards a resolution? Because clearly there's people here who have come up who maybe could have address this issue and maybe did address the issues to the individual administrator within the school or just teachers or maybe anyone in their schools. And maybe they aren't heard, or maybe they just tried it over and over and over again and are here. And it seems like maybe when they come here, we send them back to that. BRENDA: We have to find out where in the process it, you know, fell apart or where in the process it got jammed. So we usually go back and, well, not me, but the administrative staff will go back and talk with the family and find out the course of, you know, steps that have been taken and things like that. And figure out where that process is unsatisfactory to the family. Because sometimes they, and again, it's, you know, education of how to get problems resolved. And sometimes is that we've, like Ed said, it, you know, we've worked and worked and worked in the distance isn't resolution that's satisfactory and we have to just, you know, we stop the process because we, you know, with 21,000 students, we can't always provide absolutely everything that every single family and student needs all the time, if you follow that. So does answer question? CHRIS: Yes. BRENDA: All right, thanks. RHONDA: Is there any way we can actually talk about it as the chain of communication versus the chain of command? BRENDA: And also, yeah, I like that idea. MICHELLE: I do, too. BRENDA: And also when we look at squishing the middle layers together, I wonder if we can put some explanation in there so that it doesn't look like it's that the superintendent is going to handle, am I looking at the right person? Are you the one writing? Yeah, okay. And so, I would like to see some sort of explanation that middle box that says call the office of the superintendent and there you will be, you know, someone from the office of superintendent will contact you, or something to make it clear that there are multiple people in the office of the superintendent that, and the appropriate person that can best deal, you know, work with the problem, will call them back. RHONDA: Can I just say one more thing? I'm just reading this. If I would have ran my campaign and let people know this is how you going to get response from me, I would never have been sitting here. There's no way, I'm sorry. BRENDA: This does not say that people can't talk to the board member. RHONDA: It's the sixth steps though, it's the final step. BRENDA: Right, but it's an appeal process. So it's not a casual conversation I'm struggling. He says the final step in the district appeal process. KATIE: This is more formal. BRENDA: That's a more formal process, that part of it. Because we do have times and that's why we're not supposed to get into the details of exactly what happened because we are the final step, and we have had families come to us where they've gone through all of those processes, they're still not satisfied, they come to the board. If we've been immersed in the problem-solving all along, then you know, a board member that has done that should recuse themselves from that appeal. They can't remain objective. RHONDA: I hear what you're saying, but I'm just saying and I know this to be true, if anyone that runs in the future, that's explained to them in that way, there's no way. BRENDA: So, what would you like it to say? RHONDA: I think it's just a lot to make people go through to get answers for their concerns. ANDREW: So, we're going to streamline it. We're going to knock it down by two. RHONDA: We are. I was hoping that we are? ANDREW: I think we are. I mean, I would say we--I mean, might be a question of whether it can be printed in time for this particular book, but I think, I thought we had a general understanding. But that's why I don't really like doing things by, sounds like a consensus. I like to do in writing, but were not noticed to make a formal motion on changing of complaint process either. So, we can't do it tonight. MICHELLE: if I could, I think one of the things are going to figure out is how all that works. Because sometimes when it goes to the executive director, there's a person who handles that from a clerical or administrative support person. And Sandy would be the guy where everything would come. And I'm concerned about that. Not that again we couldn't figure it out, we just need to figure out what--because what you're really talking about is a central spot. Some people, some school districts, and large school districts, I don't know any around us, but have an ombudsman where kind of everything starts and then goes, you know. ANDREW: And that, I want to talk about that probably in August or so, too. MICHELLE: Really starting to make sure that, here's--I want to be sure that we don't lose anybody either in the process. And sometimes when things don't go right to that person, or they might not be available. And I think we just have to streamline it inside if that's the desire of the board. We can figure it out, does not know exactly today what it might look like, that might make sense. I'm looking at John and Vicki who also have support in making sure. JOHN: We do have the structural materials complaint process from the board through cabinet in a few weeks, which is a modeled partially after this. In a good opportunity as a policy procedure coming forward to take a look at that and see where. MICHELLE: Same framework. JOHN: The modification there in that framework. I'm suggesting this is a different procedure, but it would allow that time for careful consideration. I know that the consideration over time by the public and by the board is something you have voiced. BRENDA: So, when is it coming, John? MICHELLE: Couple weeks? JOHN: A couple weeks it should coming to cabinet and then the report after that. So it's unlikely in June or July, Mr. Freeze? BRENDA: Probably in July, two weeks is. JOHN: Two weeks we're in June. So, July and we're instructional complaints forward. This is a similar procedure that I've seen in most every district that I've worked in. MICHELLE: But this one. JOHN: As far as this type of complaint procedure. BRENDA: John, can you just come to the table? JOHN: Sure. I'm sorry. BRENDA: That's all right. I was going to let you go for little while, but this is, we're getting into. (laughter) BRENDA: That's all right. JOHN: I just want to make sure that we have the complaint procedure that will best allow access by parents to the solution to the problems closest. MICHELLE: To a problem. JOHN: So if there's a problem with the principal, for instance, if it's risen to the school level and hasn't been resolved at the principal level, that's something that our executive directors can and should handle. I do agree that, you know, it's important to make sure that we have that process for appeal. So, it also gives parents and community members a right to appeal if a decision is not to their satisfaction. I also, sorry, I'm going to say this. I think it is important that by following the procedures it also allows people to give--we need to give voice to the people who don't have voice. And I think that if we are focused on the main objectives of the district and being held deeply accountable for achievement, but that is when to be something that is going to the best use of time. There are times that there are individual complaints that need to be addressed and those need to be handled deeply. But if we allow everything to go to the board level in the superintendent in that and then directly to us, there won't be time for strategic planning. And that's my concern is that the voice of the individuals that need us to focus on student achievement, that we've heard so much about, that we won't have time to focus on school improvement. ANDREW: Right, but again I'm just talking about consolidating three, four, and five into the superintendent's office, which by extension includes wherever that used to go. BRENDA: I'm wondering, I'm little nervous about doing this at the last minute, trying to get it into a handbook. VICKI: It's based off of board policy, so would require policy change. KATIE: This actually defines our legal appeals process. BRENDA: Right. ED: What I'd like to consider is we should be looking at this, we really don't have to change it if the purpose about to say it's held to. That's an internal process. I would hope that nobody has ever called anybody out along that list and been turned away and said, did you get a step on first? Don't talk to me until you do. If that's happened, that's just egregious. Look at that is how we handle things internally. Any parent, any community member, any student should be able call anyone on that list that they want. And hopefully that never been turned away said, you know, follow the steps. We follow the steps, you know, internally, make calls and what have you. BRENDA: And I always, I mean, when I talked the parents, I send them to the person they need to talk to. But then I always tell them if you have more questions or concerns call me back. And I think that's a way to prevent them from getting lost in the system is to say, please call me if you are getting resolution to the problem. KATIE: But Sandy will get a call once in a while from someone and they don't know where to go with the call. And she'll say, well, you can call or she'll connect them. RHONDA: With the board members I think because again, we're elected officials because they reach out to us because they don't know. And that's why. BRENDA: Right, but then it's, again, our job to then direct them to the person that is most likely to be able to solve the problem. RHONDA: But if they don't get a response or something from the person. BRENDA: Then you tell them to call you back. MICHELLE: I do that, too. BRENDA: I always tell people to call me back when they have reached out. ANDREW: I guess I would like the policy reviewed because I'm not suggesting that we would change our internal chain of communication, but just to show that list to families is to show them a non customer friendly thing when there's really four steps that are, I think, generally widely known and four steps that are kind of more or less change proof. Teachers will always be supervised by principal, principal always be supervised by super--there will always be a superintendent and then different types of designates, and then obviously the board. So, does that maybe go, is that maybe a future agenda item? BRENDA: Yeah, why don't we put an agenda item. Vicki, what umber policy? VICKI: 870. BRENDA: Okay, so it's not in the board operations, it's in the, okay. ANDREW: In the chain of indication. BRENDA: So we'll look at putting 870. Look at it, there maybe other policies, too. Look at that policy, look at this communication. Because we can always communicate out something different than, you know, I guess I'm a little hesitant to try to rush the handbook find out we created unintended consequences because he didn't take our time. Can we do that for our next work session? I'm looking at Vicki. VICKI: Addressing the policy? BRENDA: Yes. VICKI: I can talk to Melissa about it. MICHELLE: Yeah, I already just got it. KATIE: Does it already include board contact information? RHONDA: Isn't it already on that page? BRENDA: Our names are on there, but not the phone numbers. KATIE: It can include that. BRENDA: Yeah, can include the phone numbers. KATIE: I mean, I routinely get a call once a year from a woman who walks here dog around East High School and tells me about a burnt out light. A call Lori or I call Viking facilities. CHRIS: They still haven't replaced that light? KATIE: it's different light. (laughter) ED: It was from when I was there. ANDREW: That's true, we do get concerns. And we get concerned that aren't, you know, that's really for curricular stuff. And then also we have, we get our fair share and I think and people are taking more active interest in what's going on. And you know, several of the things that were brought to us in open session really are big picture districtwide priority things, so that would be something that doesn't really apply here either. So, and I think it's clear from the policy that a board member may place items of business on agendas. BRENDA: Which policy is that? ANDREW: 171.2. BRENDA: but Rhonda was asking that community. ANDREW: I just wanted to make sure that we didn't get out of 171.2 here. BRENDA: right coming out. InterCon is not a board member placed items of business agendas if it's--if others think it's a good idea or not, it's may place items of business on agendas. I think there would be a place for the Board President and, you know, working with the superintendent or legal counsel to say, you know, to follow up and say, this needs to be, this would need to be closed, we'll put it on closed session or, hey, yes for this for close, but legally this isn't closed, even if it sounds like it. How do you want to proceed? And I think it could even be, and I think the board leadership, nothing wrong with saying, do you think this could be, you know, if I'm suggesting an agenda item about a principal, I think it's reasonable for Brenda and Ed to say, you know, before we go that step, would you consider this? And I might say yes, I might say it's gone too far, I might say, it's so egregious, I think it's a personnel matter. But I think that's pretty clear. And I remember, I think the--I remember both times that this came up. I know it was important to me then that a board member may place items of business on agendas, period. And just reaffirming that. RHONDA: I think that's, I mean, like you've said, there's times whence someone asked her board agenda, but there's, you know, work that needs to be done before it's ready for the board. There's also clarification with the person asking for it. Sometimes the questions have already been answered and it's not necessary to put on the agenda. So, there's variations on that, but I don't know that we've... ANDREW: I don't know that ultimately is up to the board member to determine if it adequately answered. BRENDA: Yes, right, exactly. Yes. ANDREW: And it might be something that is not something of interest to others, which might mean it's, you know, it might mean. ED: I might be something to somebody. ANDREW: It's right of a board member to place items on the agenda. So... RHONDA: Can I just say something? So, what I can say is board members cannot be denied agenda items? Is that fair? ANDREW: I think it's clear on 171.2. Although I think that's reasonable. I mean, if I ask for an agenda item about something that actually was completely resolved three weeks ago and I think there's a, you know, I might still say, I'm guess I might still say you call that a resolution. No, so when an agenda item come I think it's still an agenda item. Better to be information I don't know. RHONDA: Right. ANDREW: And that will be at the request of board leadership to make sure that you need it? Individual board member--I think the policy is very clear. RHONDA: Were you going to say anything? ED: No, I can just say that has happened to me where I suggested something on the agenda and basically it was resolved without that because the things I was looking for had already been done. So there was talk about it, it's just like that, if you can solve it at a lower level, you can solve it at a lower level. So I had. BRENDA: Any last comments, Chris? CHRIS: if I may, and this is sort of a tangent. I appreciate that we communicate and listen to people, and they call, and have their concerns. Just personal shout out to our secretaries, who are usually the first line on many of these calls. But frankly, there whole lot of people who are pretty nasty with them. They tend to slow down by the time to get to the next person. But I've never understood where so many people out there think they can act and say what they want to to our secretaries. So I just appreciate our secretaries and how the handle it and have strong shoulders, shall we say. BRENDA: All right. I think I lost my agenda. We have Intercity Student Council? Yes. Okay, I'll turn that over to Grace then. GRACE: All right, so there's a lot happening in the district, spring is always really busy for a high schools. And so, we get started right away with Southwest. So they had both prom and senior ball. And they went very successfully. And they were great nights for both of them. They also had a cabaret night not, which raised money for the music program. And from what I heard it was really successful and they were able to raise a lot of money, which is super amazing. Their baseball season is going on and it's going pretty well. They had a blood drive that occurred and that was very successful. They had an NHS induction ceremony where they inducted many, many new members. They want to WASC, which is the Wisconsin Association of Student Councils, and they learned about working with other student councils, how to work more effectively in their student councils. And they made a project about their Dude, Be Nice day and they won a gold medal. And there was a lot of student councils there, like over 50 different student councils. The won out of everyone, which is super amazing. And then, in conjunction with that they also already did have their Dude, Be Nice day, which is what they on our staff member at our school who they think has gone above and beyond. And this year they honored their main office secretary. For Preble, we just had a senior ball on May 18, and it was very fun. We had it at the Ravine. We have an NHS induction ceremony on May 7, and we inducted 52 new members, which is amazing. But we do have 83 seniors leaving our NHS. Which is, impressive but kind of sad. We had cabaret two nights, and sold out to was not's. We raised a ton of money for the music department, which is super amazing. We had our DECA go to nationals and one of our teams of John Grossart and Nick Lawler got top ten in the whole world, which is astounding and very hard to do. Our baseball team is doing very good as well is our top softball team. Our culinary arts, some of our culinary arts students were sent down to Florida for a competitive event, which they participated in. Our girls soccer team is doing okay, and something really amazing that recently just happen is a student at her school, Max Bobholtz, who started and founded the TWE Angels At Bat charity for people in Kenya, he got interviewed by CNN and he will now, he will be on CNN, which is super amazing and I will be mean so much publicity to his charity. He's going to Kenya again for the fourth time this summer and donating tons and tons of baseball equipment to these students who have never gotten to play before. So that's really amazing. For West, they went to state solo and ensemble, had many people do very well. They also had their prom and seniors balls, which went fantastically. They had state forensics and French forensics, which they competed in. Their musical wrapped up, track is doing well. And the students are at regional's today. IB testing just concluded this past Friday. They had NHS induction and therefore had their last blood drive, which went very well. Now onto East, they had their last blood drive as well, everything is kind of wrapping up. They also had prom, but they didn't have senior ball yet. They actually have that after they graduate. It's on the sixth. This had the senior sendoff May 25. They also have their senior lock in, which is really unique to East. They have their GSA rainbow wet, so that's the Gay Straight Alliance Club was a different color every day to represent unity and strength with the Gay Straight Alliance Club. They had their play, which was "A Midsummer Mights Dream", which just wrapped up. And then, Chris Euell, an East alumni, he raced the South Com Marathon and he raised over $2,000 for a charity called My Team Triumph, was say mentoring program created for people both with disabilities. Which is amazing. And lastly, Paige Newmeyer won a centerstage award for best actress. And she will be going to New York and representing East High School at the Jimmy awards. And lastly, we have John Dewey. So they are coming up on their last event night. And that is a very big thing for them, especially the seniors with their capstones. And so, they're working really hard on that. They have their talent show coming up on May 30. And they have all of their seminars for the year wrapping up. And that's all. BRENDA: All right, thank you, Grace. And we'll be meeting with you Thursday, right? GRACE: Yes. ANDREW: Wan we do a little break either right before right after legislative liaison? BRENDA: I was going to, yeah, good idea. ANDREW: Okay. BRENDA: Anyway, thank you, Grace. And yes, we can take a break. Five minutes. Back again. KATIE: We're here. BRENDA: I see that. After I said that, I see that. All right, so, next we have our legislative liaison report. And I'll turn that over to Laura. LAURA: Okay, we have three items. The first is you will have seen the attached article dated May 10 from the Baraboo News Republic entitled "Enrollment Counts, Exposed Loophole in Wisconsin Parental Choice Program". The gist of this article is that some Wisconsin families who do not qualify according to the usual required criteria are exploiting a possible loophole in a statewide voucher program by enrolling in the public school system for a very short period of time, sometimes as little as one day, in order to get taxpayer-funded vouchers to then enroll in a private school. I think the take away from this article is that the voucher system is growing and the impact to taxpayers is growing. The cost for Wisconsin taxpayers in the 2016-'17 school year was $22.4 million according to DPI. These are taxpayer dollars that are going to private and religious schools that have no oversight from their local school boards. And this loophole allows some families to get around the required enrollment qualifications. The second item is regarding HR 5199, also sometimes called the federal voucher program. We've attached a letter from State Superintendent Tony Evers dated May 10 to Wisconsin's congressional delegation. The letter has to do with the proposed bill that would fund the form of vouchers known as education savings accounts for students and military families. The program would be funded by repurposing federal impact aid. In the 2016-'17 school year this a provided over $16 million to crucial aid--in crucial aid to 22 different Wisconsin school districts. HR 5199 would take that aid away to fund this program. Rule and tribal public schools in particular would see a very large negative impact. And Superintendent Evers, in this letter calls a proposal simply a bad idea. In March the bill was referred to the committee on education and the workforce. And it was introduced by Republican Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana. Number three is an update, brief update on the blue-ribbon commission on school funding. And I think Michelle has just a few things to say about that. MICHELLE: Just they're wrapping up the public hearings and I think one of the things that is anticipated, and I would invite anyone who has additional ideas about school funding to get them forward, either to me or to Representative Kitchens and Senator Olson. The focus of the June 4 date in Madison is to really bring it all together. They're having outside states come in and talk about various school funding formulas across the country. There was a reset at the school funding formula in Massachusetts and a number of other states. Really looking at issues around equity. And I think one of the things that was referred to tonight with the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind is really the importance of equity, and ensuring that every student has equitable access and opportunity across our school. So, the funding formula. there are a number issues that have arisen as we have gone to the hearings. Wisconsin Eye carries every hearing if you are interested in listening to the testimony. But I think the real important part. now is what's going to happen from a legislative perspective. And again, fi the pool of money stays the same, which it can, then the challenge and opportunity is it a redistribute? And if that's the case, some will get less and some could get more. Or is it a situation where more money comes into the pool?: So, it's still, I think, a very political piece. I think there's a great acknowledgment across the state that there are places that are significantly under resourced. Some of our friends with declaiming enrollment are really, really struggling right now to keep their doors open and keep vibrant programming for their students. And you know, the conversation of consolidation periodically bubbles up. Obviously Julie Sefeld tonight talked about the fact that the EL funding is very limited, 8%. And yet she also shared with you that the classroom needs to have a teacher and a para. So you start to look at that balance. And of course special education funding is something that all districts across the state are really struggling with, because that has declined, and that's a reimbursement of 26%m, and the needs of children are being address, well, but it does cut into general revenue. So, June 4 is the place in Madison where that you will hear from other states and then you understand that Senator Olson and Representative Kitchens will be pulling all of the commission members. And then moving forward from there. LAURA: That's it. BRENDA: Okay. All right, next is board member school visits update. I don't know if anyone wants to talk about any visits. Ed? ED: I just popped over to Washington the other day and popped in a few different classrooms. And I know this is a little bit off-topic, not just the visit, but where were we with our agenda item on six grade math? I know that we're supposed to be talking about math again next month. BRENDA: John? MICHELLE: I think, yeah, and I know that John put together a report for us recently. So, I just... ANDREW: I thought that was gonna be on this. BRENDA: Yeah, no board members got back to him with questions. He thought that it was... MICHELLE: We were just talking about where to move that, knowing what that people are very interested in that information. JOHN: Very much ready to share. MICHELLE: Yeah. JOHN: In a relatively informal format we can see additional information if further questions arise. BRENDA: I'm not sure we should--I don't think we can talk in detail about this now. ED: Not great to be tough, but just kind of a quick overview of where we are, what's in the hopper, that sort of thing. ANDREW: I did have, I guess I didn't have additional questions per se, but I wanted the discussion to get out there before it was too late to do anything for next year. But now we're kind of in a spot here because it's not noticed. But I was really planning on this being a--I didn't have. JOHN: If it was it was misunderstood, we have sent out some communication, asked for some feedback. And I apologize that it wasn't clear that it was on this agenda. We;ll be glad to bring it for the next agenda in great detail, or if I'm old-fashioned. It occurred to me that was something we talked about this. JOHN: So it's a violation we can share. BRENDA: No, we can't. So I have to bring it forward in two weeks at our next board meaning, right? So next board meeting, whenever the work session meeting is. JOHN: Sure, so I would just invite members and comments are particular questions in addition about we answered in our communication previously. Let me know, and I'll be glad to address them in detail or just provide a summary of what we had shared previously in direct medication. ED: Send that up to me. JOHN: Thanks. ANDREW: I would say immediately then, I don't have the questions about it, I think there's--I think there needs to be perhaps some board discussion on the direction taking into account what we've heard. JOHN: Sure, that would be great. RHONDA: And share with the public the summary would be great. BRENDA: The summary will come to the agenda. JOHN: We also within the communication asked if you had guidance around advanced learner programming. There was question there that I will iterate to the board, too, so we wanted to make sure we have policy procedure related to advanced learners to make sure that they're is well served as possible. So, I will refrain that in send it up. And I appreciate your patience. I apologize for this medication. MIKE: Nice to see you. BRENDA: Thanks, Mike. I spent some time at Edison in the special ed. And they've done some restructuring of how they're providing their special education. And really honing in on really more closely monitoring each student's growth and improvement and things like that, and making sure that they're exactly what they need to be in terms of their supports and interventions and things like that. I'm going back this next month. They're having two data retreats, specifically looking at the data restructuring of the special ed department. Some really good work going on there. KATIE: We went to the equity awards and Southwest. Went to the Aldo art show. I attended the King elementary animal concert. The student performance one, it was very good. I took two field trips with Howe, one to a manufacturing plant and one to a railroad museum. BRENDA: I had a nice visit with Amy at Howe, talking about her vision for the school and the progress that they're making. And then helped tutor a fifth-grader, helped her with her writing after that meeting. And then I also made it to all five musicals this year, so the last one was at West. So that was fun. I've been to a lot of them, never all in one year. So that was my goal for this year. Also attended the Centerstage event on Saturday where Paige won for best lead actress. So, that was exciting for her. MICHELLE: Abby Landrum was also a finalist from Preble High School. BRENDA: Right. Brandon Lee won an award for overcoming hardship. He was one of the performers from Southwest. Yes. RHONDA: Okay, I went to Elmore, as well as Wequiock. Those are two new schools I've been assigned. And it was great. I'd never been to either school. So it was really nice to see. What was going on to the schools. I also attended the Leonardo da Vinci pie day check presentation to Habitat for Humanity which was a really great thing to say. Also wanted to point out that on the website with our new school designations, they're not the listed. So, it's not updated. KATIE: They go into effect in September, for next school year. RHONDA: Okay. BRENDA: So they'll change over the summer. KATIE: Okay, so I'm getting calls from my new schools that were on an agenda because they were assuming that's--they were noticed that we had new schools. KATIE: They were in our April agenda. BRENDA: That's fine, it doesn't say you can't visit them. But that's another notch. KATIE: Technically Elmore is still mine until then. Just back off, Rhonda, would you please? Thank you. Glad we had this talk. ED: Elmore was one of mine. KATIE: That's it, they're all everyone's. LAURA: I went to a couple of musicals, that was a new thing for me and that was very fun. This isn't a school visit, but I did go to the Golden Apple Awards and I never been to that before. And that was a wonderful, wonderful event. Very inspiring. I want to scholarship breakfast at Jefferson, a school I had never been to before. It was very nice. Katie was there, Michelle was there. Let's see, I want to a fine arts concert at East, which was kind of mind blowing. And really, really, really nice. And then something that I never number four. I have been participating in mentoring at Chapel, their IB program there. I've done that a couple of times, Brenda does that. I think you done it a number of years. BRENDA: My second year. LAURA: My group is working on a presentation about video game addiction, a subject that somehow I never played a video game my life. So I'm sorry to admit that to everybody, but my kids didn't either, so my kids didn't either, and learning a ton. It's awesome and I'm enjoying it very, very much. ED: I do need to mention, too, did attend the student talent show at Aldo-Leopold and it was a lot of fun. The star of the show was a kindergarten boy should office running abilities. BRENDA: I saw the video. ED: The Flash costume. LAURA: It was wonderful. BRENDA: all right, we move on to district events. There's a lot going on, but is there anything that might not have come across our radar as to what's coming up?. I know we just got an email today for our senior capstones at John Dewey. There's five of those. May 31, yeah. GRACE: We'll probably have a scholarship night on May 30, that's when everyone gets awarded scholarships. BRENDA: good. All right, then we'll move on to teach him learning. And that would be facilitated by Katie Maloney. KATIE: Thank you, Brenda. We have several action items. I move that the Advanced Placement World History Resources $68,200, as presented, be approved. ED: Seconded. KATIE: And these were all discussed at length at the work sessions. BRENDA: Sandy? SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the K-5 English Language Arts Resources $500,000, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy? SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Grade 6 English Language Arts Resources $222,428.51, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy? SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the High School Art Content Essential Documents, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Technical College Course Program "Start College Now" Policy 343.45 and Technical College Course Program "Start College Now" Procedures 343.45R, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Early College Credit Program Policy 343.46 and Early College Credit Program Procedures 343.46R, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Procedures for Staff Responsible and Acceptable Technology Use 363.2R2, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Part-Time Public School Open Enrollment Policy 425 and Part-Time Public School Open Enrollment Procedures 425R, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Social Media Policy 821.5; Guidelines for District Use of Social Media 821.5R1; Guidelines for Employee and Board Member Use of Social Media 821.5R2; and Guidelines for Student Use of Social Media 821.5R3, as presented, be approved. ED: Second. BRENDA: Questions? Otherwise, Joel, if you want to come up. JOEL: Thank you. You want me to do my name and everything again? KATIE: Yes, please, we've forgotten. JOEL: Joel Denny, 221 Host Street, Green Bay, 54302. When I was looking at the proposed social media policy regarding board members being able to have constituents and even students voice concerns, I've had concerns over the revised policy. specifically related to sectoin B, yeah, B--I'm sorry, section C. Board members should encourage. BRENDA: Wait a second, Joel. There's a bunch of them, which number are you in. JOEL: When I was reading this I kind of cut off some of this. BRENDA: Okay, go ahead then. JOEL: It was a proposed part that stated board members should encouarge that community input be provided in the channels. We just had a really long conversation, it lasted about an hour, on this, and I didn't even know what that is. Individual board members social media sites should not be used to direct their decisions on board business. I have a probelmm with that. Mainly because it's groups like the Greater Green Bay Society of the Llama, Blind Partisan, Political Radar, and others, are being used specifically I've been able to reach out to board member Becker to discuss a situation where some colleagues of mine in the Masters of Social Work program needed help to get movement in classrooms going. Board Member Becker reached out ot me and helped get me a meeting with Dr. Mangus to go over this. And it was all because of social media that we were able to do this. I feel social media is extremely helpful to give us as tax payers, constituents, parents, even students can help bring issues to board members, because after all, you are elected officials. I don't elect anybody sitting at those tables, or people behind me, I don't elect those individuals, but I elect you. And you guys work for us. And quite frankly, when we have questions, and we try to bring this up, I like having written communication down. It also helps me be able to talk out thoughts and different things and being able to discuss that with people. What I'm seeing, with this policy, is a board that for lack of a better phrase, is afraid of being asked questions, is afraid of being able to give honest feedback. I have one board member on the Llama indicate this is a waste of my time to answer questions. That board members and families of board members get upset because Wendy Corielle decided to make a parody of the superintendent's contract. It was hilarious. And it also brought a lot of discussion. In fact, a lot of people became very aware, very engaged. There's a lot of people here tonight, or at least were, became aware because of what's been going on with social media. And I especially want to thank board members Becker and Sitnikau for being responsive. Because they realize that you all work for us. You know, we pay you guys, we elect you guys. That's your job is to represent us. And what I've been seeing tonight is nothing but disfunction. And frankly this policy pretty much states only approved areas. Well, then I want to make sure that board members aren't going to news outlets saying that, we're going to vote on this principal without even going to a board meeting and saying that a principal is going to do a good job at Washington Middle School when she gets there. That already states that there's going to be a vote. But board members can't go on social media and say, this is how I feel on something. But it's okay to go to the press, it's okay to go to any of these news agencies here. I find that appalling. Because on social media I can ask you guys questions. When you go to the news, I can't ask you anything. So, I find it infuriating, absolutely infuriating that we're going to make a policy that more or less handcuffs board members from getting access, and handcuffs the taxpayers from getting access to you guys, who we elect. BRENDA: Andrew? ANDREW: All right, so, I think I have maybe a solution here now I re-read item C, because I would, I would like to suggest that when Mr. Denny reached out to me about his issue, which was a social project, but a very valid topic about having more movement breaks in classrooms, I think that, interestingly I was, A, reached out through social media, through I think it was probably a page that was in campaign mode at that time. But what that resulted in was community input through regular channels, which was a meeting between me and Joel and the administrator that would be in charge of that area. So, I think it worked. So, to say that an individual board member's social media site should not be used to direct decisions. When I read that again, it seems to suggest that what do you mean then? If someone reaches out to me that way I don't use it? Or do I say, call me and then tell me the same thing. I can see where that's confusing and I don't think you lose the spirit of encouraging people to use the chain of communication appropriately. If we strike the second sentence of that and keep the first sentence. So, it would just say, "Board members should encourage the input to be provided through the appropriate channels." I think that solves a problem here, and that's a legitimate point. So, do we--if there were to be motions for amendment and so forth, would we wait and make sure that any speakers on the issue have gone, and then the board would go? How does that work? BRENDA: Well, you were on the committee, right? I'm reading this as someone who wasn't involved in this policy. And you, Ed, Laura, you went, too? KATIE: The three of you were on the committee, right? LAURA: I substituted for someone at one meeting early on in the process. KATIE: Okay. BRENDA: And you probably can answer some question. I know Melissa is not here. KATIE: I think she's coming. BRENDA: Oh, okay. ANDREW: I guess I'm just asking from a technical perspective if I have a motion for an amendment, would we wait until we've checked to see that all speakers speaking to the agenda have gone? BRENDA: Yes. ANDREW: Because I will have one or more amendments. JOEL: Do you want me to stay here? BRENDA: We have one more speaker, Noah Becker would like to speak, so I'll call him up and let him speak. And just state your name, address. Okay. NOAH: All right, I'm Noah Becker, I live at 1254 Reed Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54303. And so, along with Mr. Denny, he called attention to Point C under the section. I assume everyone's found that. I agree, I find that to be extremely problematic that there's an attempt to try and limit board members to interact--it seems that they should not be directing decisions. The quote is, "Directing decisions on board business." And then that being done through social media. That language would appear to suggest that board members should not make decisions based on what they see on social media. That's what that language reads like to me. And that does not seem to make much sense whatsoever. I can't say I'm super into social media, I don't use a lot of it. But having that direct contact with the public where, like, Mr. Denny called to attention earlier, you can't ask an official something when you watch a news clip. You can get mad and yell at the TV, but they don't respond to that. But when you can have discussion through social media, it seems to be a good thing to have, and it is beneficial to a relationship between an elected official and the public whom they represent. And then I also have--I also would like to talk about Point F, if I may, or is that going to interfere. ANDREW: Public comment and then board interaction. NOAH: Okay, so that board members are encouraged to report communications which could be considered harassing, discriminatory, defaming, or derogatory to the superintendent. If such comments involve district officials, staff, students, or district business. The language there, I think, leaves a lot of room for I don't particularly like what was said here, so now I'm going to go to the superintendent about it. I think that's kind of what this leaves open. And that seems a little problematic to me, especially the language that could be considered. Well, I think many things could be considered to be defamatory under a lot of circumstances. But that doesn't necessarily mean that one person getting too upset and taking things very slightly too far on social media should necessarily warrant going immediately to the superintendent of schools about that issue. Especially I think as an elected official one kind of has to realize that they open themselves up to criticism a little bit. And that--I mean, I wish people used more respectful language to their elected officials. I do, I think that civil conduct is important. But not everyone does that. And if they bring their points using some more explosive or profane language that does necessarily mean that what they're doing is wrong and should be brought to the superintendent. Now, this language is more pertaining to board member usage. But I don't necessarily think that--this seems to me that if a board members should report to the superintendent if something involves them, and they don't necessarily like it, and that doesn't seem acceptable to me. BRENDA: I don't think that's what that says. Because I read that to say that if board members see that there's harassing, discriminatory, bullying, or defamation to district officials, staffs, students, or business, then if we see that, that we should let our superintendent know. That's how I read that. Is that--Melissa, can you come up? We're in the middle of the social media policy, thanks for coming. Sure, yeah. So, we have two items in the social media policy that have been brought. Both Joel and Noah are concerned with C, and this is in the board guidelines 5 by board. So they're concerned with C, the second sentence. Could you define for us what that sentence means? I think that's one of the primary problems here. MELISSA: Sure. I apologize for my dress, I was at my daughter's middle school concert, I apologize. So, the purpose of C is due to the open meetings laws and the open records laws. First, open meetings laws. Obviously meetings have to be posted in accordance with open meetings requirements. And if you are using social media to conduct board business that could constitute a meeting, that would not be properly posted. So, that is the primary purpose of paragraph C. In addition, when social media is used to conduct board business, then it could constitute a record under the public records law, and all of those records need to be retained. The district does not retain and maintain board members' individual Facebook pages. So, board member will be responsible when they are conducting board business, to retain and maintain those records in accordance with the public retention laws. That's the purpose of C. ED: So, that would refer to interchange between Andrew and me, not necessarily if Mr. Denny and I are having discourse. MELISSA: If that is your official school board page, and you're using that to conduct board business. BRENDA: Meaning talking to other board members. MELISSA: No, talking to the public as well. Because your records--and that's why we encourage you to use your school district provided email because when you are communicating with a constituent, this goes back to the Urpinbach decision from the state Supreme Court during Act 10 when the media made a request for Senator Urpinbach's emails about Act 10, and Senator Urpinbach didn't want to produce them because he indicated that it would squelch discourse between he and his constituents. And the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled they were records and he had to produce those. For that matter, the mode of communication, it's the record that's produced. So, those interchanges that you have with your constituents on your Facebook account in your role as a board member constitute a record and need to be retained and maintained. BRENDA: Just like our emails. MELISSA: Just like your emails. And so, that's really the purpose of that, because you are your own public official and you need to retain your own records. We can retain your district-provided email because that's on your email system. But we don't have any authority or scope over your individual Facebook or Twitter accounts. We don't have access to that. BRENDA: So, what I'm hearing from Joel and Noah is more the concern that this squelches conversation with the community on Facebook. But it sounds like that's the advice. MELISSA: It's a function of the laws not keeping up with the changes in technology. It's a 1970 law trying to be adapted to 2018 mode of communications. And I see an individual from the media nodding when I say that it's a public record and that you're interchanges on social media constitute a record. And that is what the--forgetting the name of the organization right now. But that is what the public records board has said, it does not matter the mode of communication. BRENDA: So, if we were--if we could be subject to open records for our Facebook pages, we would have to produce. MELISSA: Your official board Facebook pages constitute records. BRENDA: And an official board Facebook page, it ties. KATIE: What would be an official board Facebook page? BRENDA: What would be an official board Facebook page as opposed to a personal? MELISSA: If you're putting a Facebook page out there as a school board member. That would be your official page. LAURA: How about if you're doing just on your regular Facebook page? MELISSA: So, we had a discussion at our last meeting about this. And right now there's a case pending in the sixth circuit where board members were engaging in discourse on their individual Facebook pages. There is no decision in that case, but the question that is pending before then sixth circuit is whether when you are on your personal Facebook page, whether that constitutes a record and is subject to your state's public records law. NOAH: So, there's a pending court case about that. MELISSA: Your personal Facebook. NOAH: Your personal, right. Your board is always going to have to be maintained, but personal is being argued about right now. MELISSA: I don't think your question right now is about your personal, it's your official. NOAH: That language, to me, individual board members social media sites. That seems--the way it's an individual member's social media. That doesn't mean, like, their board page. That to me, like if I were just reading this without proper discussion. If I were just reading this as someone who wasn't here tonight, I would think board members could not really--are not supposed to be talking about any board anything. Whether it's on their official page or on their private page. That's what that final sentence in paragraph C says to me. MELISSA: Well, it's talking about decisions on board business. So, simply engaging the community and having conversations with the community is a lot different than putting out a question to the constituents saying, how should I vote on this? That's much different. Or stating that X, Y, and Z is what I'm considering for my vote. NOAH: What counts as a decision is something I guess needs clarification here. MELISSA: There's agendas put out about what the motions are going to be. If those are the decisions that board members need to make. JOEL: So, it's not okay for them to put that on social media, but it's okay for them to go to press agencies to do that. As what happened with a Press Gazette article. MELISSA: I'm not going to comment on a Press Gazette article because I don't know the accuracy of the... JOEL: I happen to have... MELISSA: I understand what the article--I don't know about the accuracy of what the question was an what the answer was. Not every question and answer is accurately reflected in what people say back to the media. JOEL: So, maybe we should just have a full blanket media policy. Board members will not go to the media at all. I mean, honestly, if there's this much confusion, then we might as well just say, well, we're just not going to go to the media at all. We're not going to go on social media, we're not going to go to the media, we're not going to go to press conferences with police chiefs, we're not going to go to anything that would indicate any sort of event that the board is construed as supporting a policy, because as it stand right now, when I look at the Press Gazette article, "Washington Principal Candidate Has Support of School Board Majority, Questions Linger for Others". It says to me, forget social media for a moment, let's just look at media. The board's already made a decision. Whether or not the article is accurate or not, there's a reason I came here tonight. It's because of this. And then I see the social media policy tonight. And it sounds to me like this is an attack on at least one member. I feel like it's a witch hunt against one member who--board member Sitnikau is one of the most vocal members of social media. She is a hard working person for fights for the rights of taxpayers and for transparency. And what I see when I was looking at this policy is an attack on one member. And it may or may not be right, but I think that's true. BRENDA: Go ahead, Andrew. ANDREW: I think I have a pretty simple, nice, easy amendment solution to this. JOEL: I like your amendment. ANDREW: Which is I think I maybe have a better one. If we were to just strike direct their decisions, and replace it with conduct. RHONDA: Can I just say from the very top. BRENDA: He'll fix it. RHONDA: Sorry. At the top of this policy, one of the first things it says is guidelines. ANDREW: There isn't an enforcement mechanism or anything, so there's that. I think conduct. If we're talking about conducting board business, I think there's something to be said for not doing that. But if it can't direct your decision, it implies that you would have to ignore it or resolicit it. And I think it's a lot cleaner. So that's an amendment I'm going to make after public comment is over. And then I have--I have a question about D, after public comment is over. But again, I think it's a fairly technical nature that isn't a serious problem. BRENDA: Isn't that amendment change the meaning of that sentence in any problematic way, Melissa? MELISSA: I think that's fine. BRENDA: Okay, so it would be, "Should not be used to conduct board business." ANDREW: Right, which I'll move as an amendment after the public comment. BRENDA: We don't have anymore public comment. ANDREW: Do we? BRENDA: There's nobody else who wants to go before the board. ANDREW: Are the speakers finished? JOEL: I'm good. MELISSA: Is Lori timing? BRENDA: No. KATIE: No. BRENDA: No. MELISSA: I didn't want to--sorry, I walked into the middle. BRENDA: We forgot to have Lori come up. NOAH: So could you perhaps--because it was just before you came here. Because Dr. Warren thought I was reading this wrong, and I could very well be. Could you help me understand what the purpose of that paragraph is? MELISSA: Yep, so school board members are mandatory reporters, and school board members are required to follow board policy. And our policy regarding harassment, discrimination, bullying, and defamation requires staff to report that conduct to district officials, if such conduct is directed at district officials, staff, students, or district business, so that is just a reminder to board members and as Andrew pointed out, that these are guidelines. And if board members see harassment, discrimination, bullying, defamation on social media targeted towards a district official, staff, student, or business, they're required to report that conduct. Is that how you were interpreting it? KATIE: Or, can I just ask, or what? MELISSA: Or you're potentially in violation of the mandatory reporting law, or in violation of the policy that requires that to be reported to a school official. ANDREW: That's G though. G is the reminder about mandatory reporting. So, that's clear. We get that one. MELISSA: F is the board policy. NOAH: Okay, so, do you understand what I am saying though, with the language. Report communications that could be considered. And then a broad category of things that could incorporate a lot of comments. MELISSA: Actually, those are all defined in board policy. NOAH: Right, so if you were--that would change a lot of stuff. So, I understand where that was coming. ANDREW: We could say, that are harassing, discriminatory, bullying, or defamatory, because those are defined terms, right? MELISSA: Yep. ANDREW: Whether than just someone--a lot of people consider a lot of things. MELISSA: Well, it could still be defined by board policy. I would be--I want to make sure that we don't want to discourage reporting, so I want to make sure the language is friendly enough to board members who, well, they may not be sure, but are still going to report just to be sure that conduct is looked into, and don't want to discourage that reporting. ANDREW: And it's a guideline. I'm not as worried about that one. ED: You're discouraged to do so if it could be considered one. NOAH: That does make sense to me. I mean, it is a guideline. These are kind of more vague rules. But district officials. So that would include anything said that could be considered unacceptable to an elected official, or to the superintendent. ANDREW: I think we're not one of those four things, Noah. NOAH: So, you don't fall under district officials, it's what I'm really trying to get at here. MELISSA: They do fall under district officials. NOAH: Okay, so you are one of those four things. ANDREW: Okay, I am not a district employee, but I'm a district official. NOAH: So, a board member here is encouraged to report if someone says--if someone makes comments about them that they consider one of the four things. They're encouraged to go report that to the superintendent? MELISSA: Correct. ANDREW: Elected officials, and we've had this discussion, what's bullying or harassing or discriminatory that someone says to me, an office holder, is not the same thing as what they say to a teacher. MELISSA: Defamation, yes. Harassment, discrimination, and bullying, I would say is the same standard. ANDREW: Defamation. MELISSA: Defamation is different, right, for an elected official. NOAH: Which was the point I was trying to make earlier and was not wording properly. But that's not noted here. So this looks, because students are in one of the four categories, too. So obviously things that would be completely inappropriate to be saying on a public social media page about an individual Green Bay student could be appropriate to say to an elected official. BRENDA: This doesn't define what happens, this is to make sure that we aren't ignoring potential incidences of this. So, it doesn't say what the outcome will be, it just says we need to be aware of this so that we have a work environment for people in our district that lets them work. And you know, they're not being harassed and bullied. I think it's, to me it's clear it's more than just bringing an awareness and someone else decides if it rises to a level of actual, you know, harassment, bullying. And someone decides then if something should be done about it. NOAH: Okay. BRENDA: And we may get to the point that that doesn't rise to that. And we'll just drop it. But at least we know we're mandatory reporters of that. NOAH: Before it escalates, someone else will escalate that. BRENDA: Yes. NOAH: Okay, that makes sense then. Seems to be fairly good. BRENDA: So, it seems like we're leaving F the same. Andrew, would you like to make a motion to amend C, 5C? ANDREW: I move to amend 5C by striking the words "direct their decisions on", and replace that word with the word "conduct". KATIE: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. You're on, Katie. KATIE: No, now we can call the question. BRENDA: Okay, all right. ED: There was another. ANDREW: I think I'll move the amendment. I still think it's a little bit better to do it this way. I move to amend part F by striking "could be considered" and replace it with the word "are". ED: Second that. ANDREW: They're all defined, so... BRENDA: Yeah, and as board members we know what they are. KATIE: We know what they are. BRENDA: I'm good with that. Do you have any problems with that? MELISSA: I'm sorry, I was changing C. BRENDA: Oh, we're just saying instead of "could be considered" on the bullying and harassment thing, "are". MELISSA: That's fine. BRENDA: All right, anything else, Sandy? SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. All right, are we done amending? Okay, so, we'll bring the original motion to the floor, which is to approve this policy. KATIE: As amended. BRENDA: As amended. Are you good, Sandy? SANDY: Okay, so the last one was in F? Okay. Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Course Options Program Policy 343.4 and Procedures for Handling Course Applications through Course Options Program 343.4R be repealed. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: I move that the Youth Options Policy 343.42 and Youth Options Program Procedures 343.42R be repealed. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. KATIE: I move that the Staff Use of Information Technology and Communication Resources Policy 522.7 and Rules for Staff Use of Information Technology and Communication Resources 522.7R be repealed. ED: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. KATIE: And that concludes our report. BRENDA: All right, next is organizational support. That'll be facilitated by Chris Wagner. CHRIS: Thank you, under business and finance the first recommendation is that the 2018-19 Food Service Meal Price Schedule, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That Immel Construction be awarded the bid for General Construction work at Edison Middle School, in the amount of $2,927,000, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: Next recommendation is that Reeke-Marold Company be awarded the bid for Plumbing work at Edison Middle School, in the amount of $142,800, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That Hurckman Mechanical Industries be awarded the bid for Mechanical-HVAC work at Edison Middle School, in the amount of $349,400, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That Northern Electric be awarded the bid for Electrical work at Edison Middle School, in the amount of $421,427, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That Miron Construction be awarded the bid for General Construction work at East High School, in the amount of $1,054,639, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: Now we move to human resources. That the employment of Cindy Olson as Turn Around Principal, 12 months at Washington Middle School, at a salary of $109,461 to be prorated based on a mutually agreeable start date, Group 6 100th percentile, 2017-18 step, contingent upon pre-employment requirements, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: And then I think Joel wanted to come up. JOEL: All right. Joel Denny, 221 Host Street. Do you need my apartment number, I don't know if I did that before? Do you guys need that? KATIE: That's all right, I feel like we've got to know you, Joel. JOEL: Okay. So, Green Bay 54302. I'm not going to sit here and discuss--I don't know if that's me or someone else here, qualifications of a potential principal. What I'm discussing is we just spent, or we just authorized the expenditure of $349, 00 to conduct a needs assessment and turnaround study. Why are we putting the proverbial cart before the horse here when it comes to hiring a principal for a middle school when we've already been working with a turnaround partner when we're identifying what we really need to do? I have concerns about hiring someone before we even--we didn't even let the ink dry. I don't know if we even--do we even have a contract with AIR? I know we voted to approve funds. But I don't think that a contract has even been written yet. Ink's not even dry on the proposal from, what was it, last week or two weeks ago? I have very grave concerns with why we're going to hire someone, we don't even know what our needs are and whether this person would be able to adequately address the needs because, well, we don't have a needs assessment doc. I feel like maybe what we should do is let the current individual maintain their position, maybe with a little extra help of someone from the administrative staff to help this person along. But trying to do things without even having the assessment complete makes zero sense to me. I was a soldier. I was even put into situations where I didn't know what I was doing. I was in charge of millions of dollars worth of stuff. I was put in situations I had absolutely no training in, but was able to help save the military a lot of money. And what I'm seeing right now from this board is we're making moves here that just--from both an intelligence officer's perspective, from an infantry soldier's perspective as well as a logistics officer's perspective, doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, this seems silly. And maybe it doesn't seem silly to all of you all. I don't understand why we just spent $394,000 to bring in a partner to turn around our schools. And now, just a week or two later we're going to hire someone now. Yay. Okay, why do we need the $349,000 then. It makes no sense to me. Maybe someone can explain--can someone explain to me the disconnect here, because this seems really, really awkward to me. BRENDA: Go ahead, Andrew. ANDREW: So, there's two parts to this, and one part was with the hiring services, and we've developed the hiring process. So, long prior to today Mr. Christianson transferred and the board approved the transfer July 1 to an associate principal position at Lombardi. So, we used the initial smaller contract with then turnaround partner to secure hiring services. I think there was an understanding that we were going to start July 1 with a principal. They were involved in that process, even if we weren't going further with the plan. But I think the needs assessment, yes, we are getting help from the expertise of AIR. However, I think that's a team approach. I mean, I'm not--I don't my intent was ever to have an outside firm come in, dictate everything, and then hand it to a new principal. I think the principal is on the ground is the most important support. Yes, the needs assessment is important, but that's going to move pretty quickly from a needs assessment, which they will present in a public forum into interactivity, directly into coaching and providing those extra supports to the principal. I think those things are meshed, I think those things are interlinked. JOEL: Can't we just elevate one of the vice principals at Washington into the principal position? I mean, that would make a lot of sense to me. They're already on the ground now. They already have an idea of what those issues are at the school. Why do we need to bring someone in from somewhere that doesn't really know the community. And we can say, hey, you're already on the ground, you're the next man up. Every other organization it's the next man up. You put them up. ANDREW: Okay, so I don't want to speak about--I'm not going to speak about other candidates who may or may not have even applied. I'll say in my individual opinion as an elected official we had a good process. We had more opportunities for interview with different types of panels and more activities in the interview besides just sit down with a list of questions. There were performance tasks and things I was--I have gone to Washington. I have been to people who participated. And in my individual opinion, I think we did a very thorough and good process that applied to all candidates. And I'm not going to talk to other candidates. It's unfortunate that I was misquoted a bit for the paper because no decision is--although I may feel that there is strong evidence in support that is something that's on an upcoming board agenda, of course a final decision isn't made until the vote is taken. There could be new information I would hear tonight. But as far as I can say, I'm comfortable with the process. And I think there was a lot more to the process. And as we reached out for candidates our candidate pool was much larger than we've had applicant pools at Washington other times we've hired for it. For me I'm happy with how it went. JOEL: Let me ask one more question. Why was a board member here kind of more or less kept in the dark, or out of the loop regarding this whole hiring process. I'm not going to mention names because I think that this individual... BRENDA: Board members are alway welcome to come forward with questions. And that's what I, you know, I mean, we all ask questions of the process, and the specific about the candidates and things like that. It was not--I mean, I know what you're referring to, but it was not something that we've usually done, provided that kind of information. JOEL: It just felt, again, from an outsider's perspective I don't know what y'all do all the time, because I have my own life to live. But I just get this feeling that once again with this move, we saw it with AIR, we're now seeing it with this. The public, certain members of the board are being kept more or less to the sidelines. And we're not really getting information. I mean look at the demographics of Washington Middle School. Well, their demographics don't mesh well. You can't compare Merrell to Washington. BRENDA: A lot goes into this interview process, as Andrew described. JOEL: I'm sure it was. BRENDA: It was the most in-depth interview process we've ever had for principal candidates. And the process that we've had is that board members hire and fire the superintendent, and evaluate the superintendent. And other than that, as we give the job to our managers, which is our superintendent and staff to do the management work of the district. And the management work of the district is hiring principals. This is the most the board has ever been involved in a principal hiring process. We had one board on the interview committee, we've never done that before. One board member, I'm sorry, on the interview committee. We've not done that before. So, the board has been more involved than usual. Normally we are not more involved in an in-depth way with principal hiring. JOEL: So, the board never before has ever voted on whether or not we're going to hire a principal? BRENDA: We approve the principal. JOEL: That's what I mean. BRENDA: We don't interview, we put our faith in our superintendent and her staff to vet the candidates, interview the candidates. And they put forth an interview candidate for us to approve. JOEL: I think what we need to do is... RHONDA: But there were people that did speak with the candidate. BRENDA: Right. RHONDA: You spoke with her. BRENDA: We asked questions. RHONDA: I reached out and asked for a phone call, which I had, which I was grateful for. ANDREW: I didn't feel the need for a phone call, but I had questions of a variety of people who were in the process. GRACE: I've done this twice before. I've been on the interview panel for Preble High School for two vice principals. I was there, I was interviewing them. And there were also members of the community, there were parents there. There were people from the school. So, the interview process was really inclusive. There was two students. We were both asked to ask questions, not just sit there silently. And of course it's a middle school, so they're probably not going to incorporate students just because of, you know, that thought process and everything going on. But from what I've experienced the interviews are always really inclusive, and it is meant to find the best fit for that school. BRENDA: And we did have students involved, actually. ED: The news article that you're referring to, and know my name was mentioned as saying I was going to vote yes, which I never mentioned. I said, I was in favor of moving it forward. But I was also one of those who said, I still have questions. And I had the opportunity to very next day to ask questions when Dr. Warren and I were able to meet with the candidate face-to-face and follow up on that. The process has been said a number of times, it's very, very extensive. And I do have to make a correction. There were times in the past a long, long time ago when I was hired as a principal in 1990 that board members were included on those panels, but it's been, you know, a long time. So, not in recent memory. But there were three different panels that were set up. There was a panel of administrators, there was a panel of community members, quite a wide variety, too, representing a lot of demographics. And there was a panel of staff members from Washington. Following my interview, or personal interview that Brenda and I held, I did go to Washington and talked to a number of people who were on that panel. And they were very happy with the process. They were happy with the direction things were going as far as things being moved forward. And frankly I don't know that we could have done much more vetting than what was done. I know many, many calls were made to all the resource and references and then some. They actually dug a little bit deeper than the references that had been listed. I'm just going to mirror what Mr. Becker said to him. I'm very, very satisfied that the process that was very, very solid. RHONDA: I have a question, who chose the teachers from Washington to be part of the panel? MICHELLE: If I recall, right, both myself and John and Vicki were process owners. And so, I know John you were on point for the Washington team because you knew them best. And so, many were department leaders if I'm not mistaken. JOHN: Do you want me to approach? MICHELLE: Please. Otherwise we just do the shout out. Because I did the internal piece for the committee. I was the process manager for the internal group right here. BRENDA: For central office. MICHELLE: For central office. And John was on point for the staff. JOHN: Sure, thank you. We have, I believe, 12 members of the site committee and we tried to have a representative sample. Not every department or every grade level could be represented because there are so many potential variables. We made sure we had multiple department chairs and department heads, including English language arts, math, special education, ELL. We had an administrative representative. We had a student learning advocate as part of the group. We had members who were in charge of the positive interventions and supports efforts that were there, as well as somebody from clerical. So it was a widely representative group. And I would reiterate what Mr. Dorff said about them, the group being highly positive about Miss Olson. RHONDA: Somebody called me today and they had questions. Any of those teachers leaving, that won't even be there next year? JOHN: I would have to take a look at the list and compare and contrast. RHONDA: That was a concern. JOHN: That we would have people leaving and didn't want to be there be part of the selection process? I think for the most part we chose people who were wanting to continue rather than people who were wanting to go onto other things. But we did do a survey of the full staff as well. So, the entire staff did have opportunity to give input on what we're looking for as far as turnaround competencies. That was something that AIR worked with us really closely to restructure our full hiring process around looking for what were the core competencies that we need for turnaround. That was really an important part of our process. MICHELLE: I think that the student voice was there. JOHN: Yes. MICHELLE: I think that was an important point. A little bit different having students on the panel. The students actually gave guided tours and were able to ask questions of the candidates and get a sense of where they stood on things. I think one of the important things is they wanted someone to champion for them. And that was pretty evident in their voices. They were looking for someone who really would help them. And support their school, and make Washington the place that they see it. And so, they were really excited about--and Miss Olson was the candidate that they indicated was the person for them. JOHN: Any other questions about the process? PAT: Merrill School, you mind if I say this? Because with so much discussion going on. BRENDA: The floor's not open right now for... PAT: Yeah, he just got done talking. BRENDA: But he filled out a paper. PAT: Yeah, but you don't have to fill out a paper to say something. VICKI: That's our process. BRENDA: You do. PAT: You do? BRENDA: But you can and we'll call you up. But right now we're in the middle of answering somebody's question. PAT: But this is still all about that. BRENDA: Yeah, that's fine, you'll get called. PAT: Okay. BRENDA: I just found out you wanted to speak. So, let's finish this last thought. Do you have a paper for her, Sandy? They're out on the table. MICHELLE: Can I address something Mr. Denny said? BRENDA: Sure, where were we? Were you going to say something? I can't remember where we were. MICHELLE: Just asked if there was anything about the comment. JOHN: Let me reiterate it for any other questions. There were three committees. So, there was a community and parent committee. There was a staff committee and a district committee. There were tours of the school led by students who then gave feedback based on the candidates. There was an opportunity for more casual conversation during a brief lunch. And then there were three performance tasks, one performance task focused on use of data an analysis of data. The second portion focused on feedback based on observation. And the third performance task was basically reaching out to a community group after a community group had raised some questions via email. So, how were they going to respond in email, and then what did the preplanning for the meeting to look like? So, those are really good opportunities to see not just what people say they can do, but actually see how they were actually going to do it. BRENDA: And Chris, did you have--were you going to say something? CHRIS: I was going to just add to the previous comments. I set in on the community interview, part of that one. And the community, included parents, and the folks there all felt very good about this candidate. After she left and we had our discussion. We knew they still had to go through the process with other panels and references and what not. And you know, I've been on a lot of interviews and I'd say she came across as one of the better candidates I've ever sat in on in an interview. MICHELLE: If--I would just like to follow up with that. One of the things that we really tried to do as we developed new protocols and questions and really opened the floor, so if there were follow up questions. We had a process and protocol you had to ask the same questions. And to really drill deep and know your meeting, based on what I heard and understood, got really into the whole discussion around implicit bias, and really important issues and concerns around a richly diverse school population. And I thought that was really important to have those conversations and be afforded those as well. JOHN: I'd also like to say in addition to the work that Miss Olson has done at Merrill Middle School, which has been very favorable in moving scores forward and bringing staff forward, she also has extensive career experience prior to Merrill at Sherman Middle School in Madison, for instance. Where there is a much more diverse student body. She was associate principal there for four years. And prior to that a number of other experiences in special education, working at camps for at-risk intercity youth. Just basically somebody who you could tell from the interaction that she was devoting herself, mind, body, and soul to the work of advocating for all kids. BRENDA: All right, would you like to speak? And give Sandy your paper. PAT: It's interesting what he was just saying. BRENDA: Can you state your name, please? PAT: My name is Pat Colvin, 2080 Wintergreen Court, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 54304. BRENDA: You want to come up with the timer? Thanks. PAT: Pardon? BRENDA: I'm just going to have Lori do the five minute timer. PAT: I did some searching on Merrill Middle School today and I went to two different sites. Both of which evaluated performance of the school in the year 2016 to 2017. And the school, Merrill Middle School, where Cindy Olson is the current principal and has been for the last six years, seven years. Their averages, their state test scores are below average. Their ratings on how well its disadvantaged students perform are below average. Most students are not performing at grade level, and that includes all students, whether they're disadvantaged or not. Their proficiency in math was 37%, the state average was 40%. English, 22%, and it's 70% white kids. And the state average is 43%. Science 48, state average 51. That's almost there. The equity overview, and I assumed that that had to do with the various types of students that were there. And it was rated as very concerning in that the disadvantaged students are falling behind the other students, causing achievement gaps. Low income students, they were also rated as very concerning--let me read that again. Lower income students overview is also rated as very concerning as those students are falling behind the income--the average income students. The performance of students is trending downward at Merrill Middle School since 2014. In 2017 they were ranked worst--let's see, they were ranked last of the five Oshkosh Middle Schools. And in 2017 ranked worse than 80.8% of middle schools in the state. It is down 29 points, its ranking is--due to testing is down 29 points from where it was just the year before, the 2016 year end, down 29 points in the ranking in just one year. And then, Washington's performance, however, at that same time, was up 2%. So they were doing a better job. RHONDA: What was your source for that? PAT: I went to two different sources. One was SchoolDigger.com, and the other one was GreatSchools.org, and both of them used testing results from the state. And I guess I'm just thinking, she may have--you know, I think they quoted Brenda Warren as saying, she was impressed by her heart for the work that she was doing--would be doing for the kids at Washington. I suggest that it's going to take a lot more than heart, that has accomplished what we need accomplished at that school. And her trend is downward, not upward. She has not improved the school system, the school she was principal of from when she started to when she finished. In fact, it has gone down slightly. I don't understand what criteria you're looking at that makes this woman so qualified, I just don't see it. KATIE: The data that--if you look at the Department of Public Instruction you can see that in '15-'16 on the state report card, I believe there was an increase. I need to go to the school. Speaking to her superintendent as well, I think what's difficult is that the state report card has changed over time. And in '15-'16 Merrill was also 61.8. and let's see if I can get this back and toggle it back. And we could probably ask Cindy because she's here too. ED: I have the last three years of state report cards. And if you've heard me before, you know the thing I look at most is school growth. So, I'm looking at the raw score of 2013-2014 for student growth combined for reading and mathematics was a 59.4 out of 100. The state average was 55.7. for '15-'16 it was up to 61.3, albeit the state average was 66. For '16-'17 school growth was at 80.3 out of 100 and the state was 66.0. The overall scores for all of those priority areas, 2013-'14 was 66.4, meets expectations. '15-'16, 55.7, down a bit, meets expectation. And then last year it was 72.2, again, meets expectations. Just exceeds expectations by eight-tenths of a point. So, those DPI data do indicate steady growth and fairly significant growth between '15-'16 and '16-'17. PAT: Just the opposite of what these statistics say. ED: I'm sorry? PAT: Just the opposite of what the statistics say. These statistics say it actually went down from '16 to '17. ANDREW: You're talking about unregulated websites. This is DPI, right from the state. PAT: Okay. All right, I hope you know what you're doing. BRENDA: Sandy, did you get another? SANDY: Yes. Joseph Braser. BRENDA: Joseph Braser. JOSEPH: All right. Try to be quick. Joseph Braser, Green Bay 54311. I just had a couple of questions on the process, and a comment. I think from the public standpoint, I think some of the confusion about the whole process was described. We're hiring a company to come in and help us make some big changes. At the same time we're hiring a new principal. Correct me on the numbers, is it nine principals in eight years now this will be, or something like that? At Washington. Nine principals in eight years that we're going to have there. So, from a public's view and perspective on this it doesn't look real good. But I do have a couple of questions. Who hired the current principal at Washington Middle school? Who is responsible for that? MICHELLE: That would not be me. I think one of the things, Joe, if we talk about it in previous situations the rigor of the process was very different. JOSEPH: Sure. MICHELLE: And I think the piece around it was that process was such that it came through teams and schools, very similar to the piece. And then it came up through eventually, I would say the final person to meet with was me. So I own that part. But in terms of I would go back to the rigor around it. Now, the person that we hired had background in an urban setting. I would offer that. I think the other piece that I would suggest is the populations matched very closely to Washington Middle School. The piece that we didn't have in place is really getting at this competency based approach, which is very different than what we've asked for in the past. And I've tried to talk about then data driven decision making. And the ability to improve literacy and mathematics in terms of classroom. That's the real difference that we are looking for with this particular candidate. So the process itself was not something that I was engaged in. But again, the candidate moving forward came through me. So I want that out there in terms of understanding that. JOSEPH: I don't want to make this about the current principal. My points that I was trying to make about the questions is about the process and who's involved. But... BRENDA: Joe, if I could clarify a little bit. The principal needs, and I think Andrew already said that. The principal needs to be part of the needs assessment and part of the plan moving forward. JOSEPH: Okay. BRENDA: It doesn't work to have a plan that's created by the people that are there that doesn't have the principal that's going to be leading the school as a part of that process. It's like them dictating to the principal, you know, what need to happen as opposed to that principal be part of the team moving forward. JOSEPH: So, I guess the point then is, what I'm hearing is the previous search for a principal resulted in a principal that was not qualified to do the job. We hired a company to come in and help us search for a principal qualified to do the job. The teachers and others said they needed a champion of the school and the teachers. And they want someone who trained and qualified to identify implicit bias. I think it's a failure on this board that all those things have not been happening with the nine previous principals that were hired at Washington Middle School. And it's really sad that those kids have had to deal with that amount of change year after year after year after year for us to then bring in a company for $390,000 some to tell us how to change our school. MICHELLE: So, I appreciate and respect your opinion. And our agree that our process did not garner the individual that we needed there. And I own that as part of the team. But I also know that we can sit and say that we made mistakes in the past and we can't change them, we are going to live with them. And the reality is we have to change them to ensure that we have the very best in front of our students. The principal that was there had many, many good qualities, and I don't want to diminish that. But I also know that driving for results and driving for change and having those key core competencies is something that we have not understood well. And I think that that same struggle is happening in every urban setting across the United States. And that's the conversation that we've been engaging in. The piece that I would offer is that the turnaround process itself is a separate process from what we're talking about here. This was to hire a competency based principal who will drive for change, who believes in all means all, who has a very strong background in literacy and mathematics. And then the next step and what the board did approve is to do a needs assessment. And that's what they've approved is a rigorous needs assessment and analysis of the data. And then what happened as part of the analysis of the data, and I would invite--we talked about today there will be a team of 30 people who are part of that. One to two board members at minimum, also community members, stakeholder groups, parents, everyone coming together and collectively, collectively we'll look at the needs. And then be able to co-opt a plan and bring that forward. But that principal needs to be part of that. And that's a whole new process for us as well. And then the next piece of that will be to come forward to the board. And so, within that process that's why to be able to bring Miss Shelton into this process. And she and I talked about getting parents out and getting people to the table, and also to make sure that we have the input from different community groups is going to be very important, because then the board has to work with us to make a critical decision as to how much resource and support around coaching and what not needs to go into that document. So, right now the board has agreed to support a needs assessment. A comprehensive needs assessment and analysis of the data. And then that next step will follow. BRENDA: All right, any other comments or questions before we vote. RHONDA: I just want it to be cleared up. There's a lot of conversation with media from superintendent about, you know, urban versus suburban. The word urban was thrown around a lot and I have received a lot of inquiries about the layout of the demographics, the economic issues that the schools are definitely very different, the amount of English learners are different, vastly different. And I think, why was there so much emphasis on urban versus suburban. If we're not really doing that. MICHELLE: I'm not sure. RHONDA: We're not hiring an urban principal. And I had a great conversation with her. I really did. But at the end of the day we're not hiring an urban principal. And this was something that you discussed multiple times with the media. It was mentioned quite often in press conferences. The word urban was out there a lot. And the questions I've been getting, and I frankly have myself, and the serious concerns that I have have to do with the lineup. When you put the two schools together it's not even close to the same situation. MICHELLE: It's my understanding and based on the demographics that the Madison school that she served in for four years and some of the volunteer. RHONDA: Okay, I'm going to answer to that. That was over ten years ago, and as we know, you can't get a research paper graded in college if your research is beyond ten years. I mean, this is not something that's applicable. It's just not. BRENDA: It is your skill set. MICHELLE: It is your skill set. You develop your skill set over the course of your career. You don't go to a school and then drop everything. RHONDA: Then why were we talking about skill sets? Every time we had a press conference or any sort of media interaction, skill sets were not words that were used, urban versus suburban, it was used over and over again. And that's why I think it's confusing. MICHELLE: Well, it certainly wasn't intended to confuse. It's based on competency based and having... RHONDA: But not intending to confuse, when you say these words at press conferences, when you say them to the media at the State of the District speech. When you say these things to people that are looking at you do something to take care of these kids. And the people in that building, you have to watch what you say. And people at this point are really not okay with this. I talked to people in both districts, I talked to people that are in that building. They are so confused by this. Because the message was always urban, not suburban. And again, this is awkward to even talk about, because I'm sure she's a lovely person, but it's not my job to sit here and be nice to someone. My job is to make sure that I'm making the right decision. And when I look at the lineup, it doesn't talk to me about--I don't have faith in this at all. And I'm not alone. And I don't understand why we put so much emphasis into the word suburban, or urban versus suburban. Urban, urban, it was all over the place. And it makes sense because I can tell you, I've been in that school more than a few board members that have been here longer than I've been serving. And I can tell you, that is a serious urban school. I choiced my daughter out of that school. And have to take a drive every morning because I don't have transportation because of what's going on in that school. And to think that why do we even collect this information if we're not going to use it, we're not going to actually apply it. It's common sense to me. And it's now--it's going out the window. And again, I feel bad saying all this but I can't sit here and act like we didn't discuss urban so many times in the last few months to the media. BRENDA: Andrew. ANDREW: So, I'm wondering here, and this is part of a larger thing, too, where we're communicating with the pubic about educational issues, and we have really--I think we have really knowledgeable folks. And having been doing this for a long while, when we talk, there's a group of districts in Wisconsin that meet together and plan together that are the urban districts, which are urban districts for Wisconsin. I mean, it wasn't--but that can be confusing, too. A lot of people wouldn't even really think Washington is an urban--I mean, I do, but... RHONDA: I'm sorry, I don't think anyone that is living and breathing would not think Washington is an urban school. I mean, come on. ANDREW: In comparison, right. There would be people that would say Green Bay isn't urban, period. There are people that would say... RHONDA: I would love to meet those people, Andrew. ANDREW: Okay. There are levels here. There are Wisconsin urban school districts. We are an urban district generally regarded in Wisconsin. I'm trying to mostly agree with you here, Rhonda, because I think we maybe didn't communicate right in some ways. I think what we talk about is urban, suburban, and rural school districts, that division in Wisconsin, which is how districts get together and plan together and have conferences together maybe does look different than what some people think. I don't want to get too--I looked at districts in Wisconsin. And just to pick some numbers out of the air, I'm like, okay, if we're talking big and majority-minority what does that look like? How many are there? So I just picked a 650, something smaller than Washington, but not extremely smaller than Washington. And 50 majority-minority, less than 50% caucasian. So, I put that--there's ten of them. And we have not one of them, we have three of them. So, there aren't--you know, I didn't go all the way down those, but most schools in Wisconsin are not majority-minority as Merrill. And most middle schools in Wisconsin are smaller than Merrill. Yes, Merrill is a lot smaller than Washington, but Washington Middle School is really big in the state, it's one of the biggest. So, I certainly looked at everything, but I am--my decision as an elected official is that I'm supportive. I think there was a good process. But I do get how urban--when we talk about when there's urban school district conferences and things, that's about more than just the schools in the center of Wisconsin's biggest cities, right. MICHELLE: Yes, I would offer this. One of the pieces, if you look at the candidate's resume and listen carefully to the discussion, you can see that the training and the propensity is to all students. Her special education background you can clearly see. You can see all the different work that she's done on her own, and her own learning around meeting the needs of all students from different backgrounds, particularly students of color is very apparent. Training in white privilege and training in a number of other opportunities. And I think the piece that I would be remiss if I didn't say was that when we did the interview process, that was a very important factor. You know, I think that expectations have to be high. I think that the piece around deriving for change is very important, and I believe that she has the qualities and the passion, but also the skill set to move all kids. And the other piece that's not in here that we haven't talked a lot about is where she was with the community and the families, and bringing all cultures in, and listening to her superintendent and having that conversation as well about that important relationship with the community was very important to learn more about, too. RHONDA: I'm happy she has all that training, I really am. But what concerns me, what really concerns me is having training, being at a summer camp with these kids is not the same as when these kids come to school, they haven't slept in their own bed for months, they haven't eaten food on a regular basis. They are coming to the school in shock, trauma. They are struggling to just walk to school, get into the building some days. It is not a summer camp experience. It is an experience where they come in and they're supposed to not want to, frankly, kill themselves on occasion. Their struggle is so high that they can't focus. These are kids that are homeless. These are kids that have really and truly really intense lives. And they're coming in school. And they're coming in school sitting in, let's be real, larger class sizes than they should be, that's a problem. And we have these supports that are supposed to be in place for them that they can't be guaranteed that they'll still be there or not because we're spending money on other things right now. I get that she's done training. But what I struggle with and a lot of people who've called me struggle with is we have a school environment. It's not the same as a summer camp. It's not the same as taking training. It's being in a school environment, having a lot of different things happening with kids that are experiencing quite a bit of negative emotions and experiences. And they--I just--I feel like we'll take it, we're going to try to make it the best we can. But at the end of the day, go sit in that school for a while. Truly get into some classes. I would ask you because I know some of you haven't been in there. And see what this is like. See what this is like for these kids. Really and truly it's devastating. JOHN: I'm 100% supportive of Cindy, she went through most extensive hiring process we've had. She has extensive experience in--granted it was years ago, several years ago, but at the most challenged middle school in Madison. But she was very well received there and successful there. I am deeply concerned about the fate of Washington. And my concern is that we won't be successful. My concern is not that we won't be successful because of Miss Olson, but because we don't have the resolve as a community to support the best candidate we've brought in. We're bringing her into the most difficult position we have in the district, most likely, or one of them. And she's gone through an extensive process. We've talked with probably 12 references, and she is a solid candidate. So I'm hoping that the board has resolve to approve her for the contract because I know she's the right person for the job. MICHELLE: I would concur with that. RHONDA: I'm sorry, but didn't you say that nine times in the last how many years? JOHN: I wasn't a part of the process, and if I'm held accountable for changing Washington, we have to move forward with what we need to do. And if we're going to start the process with a new principal, by publicly undermining her deeply, that concerns me and I think we need to be supportive of that principal. RHONDA: The public, people who are in that buildings, people who have their concern, this isn't a Rhonda show. This is literally something that I have been responding to constantly since this has come out. Teachers in the buildings are confused by this. JOHN: The staff was overwhelmingly very favorable for her. RHONDA: Then you didn't hear from all of them. JOHN: Thank you. I hope the board makes the right decision. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: No. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 6-1. And Cindy, yes. MICHELLE: Welcome still here. (applause) CINDY: You want me to come and speak? BRENDA: If you'd like to. CINDY: First off, thank you. I am humbled and honored. I didn't take the application to this position lightly. I am eager to serve all of the students and staff at Washington. I think one thing we need to stop saying is that school and those students. It's our school and those are our students if we are a part of the Green Bay Area school district. And I am a part of the Green Bay Area school district now. Thank you very much. I am going to work tirelessly to make our community proud of what their neighborhood school is able to do. My family and I are looking forward to becoming part of the Green Bay community. We're already Packer fans, so that doesn't even have to be questioned. I do appreciate the process that you used. It was, by far, the most extensive and thorough process to become a principal that I have ever been through. And each step of the way made sense. And each piece of the process made sense. So I think you as a board, and Dr. Langenfeld, your leadership for the process and setting that process for what it needed to be. I'm eager and excited and ready to start the work before July 1st, I'm sure. Thank you. BRENDA: Thank you. CHRIS: Ready to move on? BRENDA: Yes. CHRIS: Thank you. The employment of Cale Pulczinski as Facilities Project Manager, 12 months at the District Office, at a salary of $71,054 prorated to $4,099.27, Group 12 94th percentile, 2017-18 step, contingent upon preemployment requirements, effective June 11, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. CHRIS: That the transfer of... BRENDA: Carried 7-0. Go ahead. CHRIS: Sorry. That the transfer of Jenny Agamaite, if I'm pronouncing it correctly. RHONDA: Agamite. CHRIS: Alternative Education/English Language Arts Teacher at John Dewey Academy for Learning, at a salary of $61,093 2017-18 salary 191 days, to Coordinator of Charter Schools at John Dewey Academy for Learning, 12 months, at a salary of $82,368, Group 10 86th percentile, 2018-19 step, effective July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. Jen's not here, is she? Oh, are you? LAURA: SHe's back there. (applause) LAURA: Congratulations. CHRIS: That the transfer of Kathryn Devillers, Administrative Intern at Jackson Elementary and the Early Learning Center, at a salary of $65,599 2017-18 salary 191 days, to Associate Director of Pupil Services at the District Office Building, 12 months, at a salary of $90,710 Group 9 86th percentile, 2018-19 step, effective July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. KATIE: Katie's here. BRENDA: Were you going to say something? ANDREW: Question. BRENDA: Okay. ANDREW: This is an open position? MICHELLE: Yeah. ANDREW: Okay. MICHELLE: Yeah, Vicki's out of the room, but I believe it's for Angela Buckenour that is leaving the district at the end of the school year. BRENDA: All right, Sandy. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. And Katie's here. (applause) BRENDA: Congratulations, Katie. CHRIS: That a 2.13% salary increase for all steps for educators, both on and off the schedule, for those who are employed as of July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That a 2.13% salary increase for all steps for administrators, for those who are employed as of July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. RHONDA: Wait, I'm sorry, I didn't hear which one you were on. KATIE: Administrators. CHRIS: 14. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: No. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 6-1. CHRIS: That a 2.13% salary increase for the Superintendent of Schools and Learning, effectively July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. RHONDA: Can we have a little discussion on this? BRENDA: Depends. I mean, we can't have. RHONDA: Okay, I'll make it easy. Can the board president please state for the record the reason why were are giving the superintendent a raise? BRENDA: Because then body of her work over the last seven years has been exceptional and she deserves a raise. ANDREW: This also isn't like a stand alone raise, it's a cost of living adjustment according to the consumer price index. And unlike other, did everyone else the past couple of years get the consumer price index? Albeit it was not a big one. It was a .6 or something. And last year there was no raise voted on. RHONDA: Correct. ANDREW: And so--although I will in general about--I think things like this even, we need to look at--with all these motions, except the one that went through a bargaining process, which will be the educators group. I think we need to look at getting things that spend money into the regular cycle of committee meeting and work session and action. RHONDA: Oh. ANDREW: Just like other things where we're... RHONDA: We actually discuss it. Is that what you were trying to say? ANDREW: I mean, this was posted properly for discussion for tonight. But I think the two-week, you know, to not put things into whatever they might be into work session and then into regular meeting should be probably pretty rare and for emergencies and things that are no spending consequence or some of the last minute hiring and things like that. I think that's... BRENDA: Jean, can you come to the table? Have we ever done that for hiring a human resource, have we had it on a work session and then voted on it? JEAN: For employment of the individuals, we have not. For the wage increases we have not, because through the bargaining process for those three--oops, I did go through that. We have met with the board to get budget or bargaining parameters. So the board is aware of that through that process. ANDREW: And in some cases there have been closed sessions because the state allows for closed sessions for bargaining, for those units that bargain, because that's the process there. But even still, I mean unless there's some compelling reason into not having those things be in the cycle, there might be comments or questions. Or the public might want to say something about a bargain contract and have taken into consideration, I'm not--I'm certainly open--I mean, it'll be a while before we have this again. I'm open to hearing something. I mean, if there's a problem with that that I'm not aware of. But ideally I'd like to see things as much as possible be on a work session and the regular I just think it's best practice. JEAN: It could be. These items could be put on the agenda before we vote on the raises at the regular board meeting. That would be up to the board if you want to do that. That would not be something we've done, but it's certainly possible. ED: I think in the interest that we have tried to show in terms of opening things up more than we have in the past. I think it's a good idea. I really enjoy that. JEAN: Okay. RHONDA: Anyone else? I just want to say something else. I have been in classrooms, kindergarten classrooms that have 26 students in them. There are middle school classes that have over 30 students in them. I have visited classrooms where they are doing GoFundMe accounts to get supplies. So I cannot imagine how this is okay. Because we are still people in the district who are struggling. They're drowning in their classrooms because there's too many kids and not enough support. And you don't even have to believe me. You can look at the people who leave. And how you can even give a raise at this point when these things are still going on is not responsible, it's not ethical. I don't know how necessary it is, if you have to really think about it. And I'm hoping that everyone can think about that, because these things are happening. I return emails, I return phone calls. I have conversations with the people. I go see classrooms that some board members say they need permission to see. We don't need permission to see that. If a teacher invites you to a classroom because it's a situation where she feels is intense, you don't say if I'll go, you say, when can I come? That's what you do. And these things are still happening. This isn't a fantasy that it's not. Just because you don't want to hear it doesn't mean it's not there. So, I don't know how you could vote for a raise right now. (applause) ANDREW: To be clear, I support lower class size, which is an investment of a lot more than a cost of living increase. It's going to be more Than the cost of all these cost of living increases together. And I am hoping that I can be assured that will be able to be in the June meetings as requested, along with my agenda item for May, when it gets places into June, which now probably makes for a very long June meeting, but I take very seriously lower class sizes, and I'm supporting all of the cost of living increase, and investing to lower class sizes. RHONDA: But I will say this, I'm mentioned class size two weeks ago. I said there was a kindergarten class with 26 students in it, and not one person I'm this entire room reached out to me to find out which school was actually I was mentioning. Not one person asked me that. They didn't care, they didn't want to know. And this is a problem for these kids. ANDREW: It's not that I didn't want to know. RHONDA: I'll take that back. It didn't happen, nobody contacted me to find out what school it was at. BRENDA: They probably already know. MICHELLE: They already know. Andrea and Ann already know. RHONDA: It's not even about the school. I'm sure you know this, I know you know this. That's the problem, you don't understand how these teachers are feeling, so there's no communication there. I'm fully aware that you know this. BRENDA: That's not what you said. You said, no one reached out to find out. RHONDA: Because they're not concerned about the fact that someone reached out and said that they're struggling. That's the point. That's the problem. That it's just allowed to continue. And you know what we're going to do, we're going to reward people. Well done. CHRIS: I appreciate your comments from the standpoint that you're free to say what you will. I don't see things quite the way you do. From the standpoint of key quality staff, you have to give them at least something financially. Ever since we've had a problem with the state with finances, our class sizes have creeped up. I can stand here and sit here and wave a flag, how much I love country and apple pie and everything and low class size. But what does that do? How do you work in the system with politicians and others to truly get a change? RHONDA: I don't know, but I think you should probably explain that to the teachers in your buildings who are struggling. There are some teachers in here who are facilitating special education students. They have 19-kid case loads. And we're giving people raises. I'm sorry, I just don't understand that. That thought process is, it's fine, it's totally normal to have 19 kids in a case load that you're going to produce something that's going to be beneficial to their life. And we continue to--I just--I don't know, the bar that I set for what these kids and what these teachers deserve, maybe it's just different. CHRIS: Question? BRENDA: All right, Sandy. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: No. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: No. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 5-2. CHRIS: That a 2.13% salary increase for all steps for managers, for those who are employed as of July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That a 2.13% salary increase for all steps for technical and professional staff, for those who are employed as of July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That a 2.13% salary increase for executive assistants, for those who are employed as of July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That a 2.13% base wage increase for clerical, food service, maintenance, monitors, and noon hour supervisors staff, paraprofessionals and trades for those who are employed as of July 1, 2018, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That a 2.13% base wage increase for support staff for those who are employed as of July 1, 2018, as listed, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. CHRIS: That the Consent Items, as presented, be approved. ANDREW: Second. BRENDA: Sandy. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Sitnikau? RHONDA: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. ANDREW: Am I the permanent reader of this? Okay. I move that the Board convene in Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 19.85(1)(c), considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility and pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 19.85(1)(f), Considering financial, medical, social or personal histories or disciplinary data of specific persons, preliminary consideration of specific personnel problems or the investigation of charges against specific persons except where paragraph B applies which, if discussed in public, would be likely to have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person referred to in such histories or data, or involved in such problems or investigations, to wit: personnel matters; and pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 19.85(1)(e), deliberating or negotiating the purchasing of public properties, the investing of public funds, or conducting other specified public business, whenever competitive or bargaining reasons require a closed session, more specifically, to wit: contract regarding organizational analysis study. The meeting will begin in Open Session to consider the appropriate motion for a Closed Session so provided by law. KATIE: Second. BRENDA: Sandy? SANDY: Sitnikau? BRENDA: She's not here. There you are. RHONDA: Yes. SANDY: Maloney? KATIE: Yes. SANDY: Warren? BRENDA: Aye. SANDY: McCoy? KATIE: Aye. SANDY: Dorff? ED: Aye. SANDY: Wagner? CHRIS: Aye. SANDY: Becker? ANDREW: Aye. BRENDA: Carried 7-0. ♪♪ ANNOUNCER: You have been watching the Green Bay Area Public School District's Board of Education meeting. Please visit the school district's website, www.GBAPS.org to view the program again. ♪♪ ANNOUNCER: If you can not fully access the information on this video, please let us know the accessibility issue you are having by calling 920-448-2015, or by email at Communications@GBAPS.org. We will try to provide the information to you in an alternative format, and or make the necessary improvements to make the information accessible. ♪♪

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