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Susanna burghartz dissertation titles

Susanna burghartz dissertation titles lord of the flies symbolism worksheet answers as ob reporting software you just listen you just got me into Alexa okay I just actually I said her name so I'm like don't say anything Alexa shut the fuck up one of my big news will be me this Megan conscious you're watching people keep talking the show I talked about using trends throughout the week if you're wondering why I smell the night it's because it is the Sun side effect is not drinking anymore and going out to like events and parties and things if you come home and you wonder what you should be doing because you're not tired and you think oh I should be working because I make videos every day especially doing that I should alleviate some of the stress on Tanja tomorrow by doing the things now so here I am using my work ethic and my and my discipline because I just care about the craft awesome incredibly sober and I'm not tired so high and I had makeup on and my hair was cute and I was wearing a cute dress and my tallies were out and I said you know who would love this my subscribers so high you guys Starbucks is using artificial intelligence apparently to make you buy more coffee so they have a cloud-based program called digital flywheel which essentially uses targeted technology to figure out what you're ordering what you're going to order next it gives you different suggestions based on like if it's sunny outside if it's gloomy outside so just be aware that when you're buying your pumpkin spice latte know that they know that you know that they know about your pumpkin spice latte PSL is for everyone and also oh hi here's Big Brother I find this stuff fascinating because I'm so interested in like how people use marketing to influence how you think about things and how you even realize that you're thinking about things a certain way like when I walk into a Starbucks I definitely am looking at all those boards and things and depending on design of it it completely might change my choice so of course it's going to translate over technology into the app I have to Starbucks that too so I'm sure this is throwing all kinds of subliminal suggestions in my way I feel like Starbucks probably knows more about me than my own family knows about me and that's why I really need to ask Starbucks daddy Starbucks or Udacity I need a new dad Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are not agreeing on the future of AI and Elias tumbles when I says that artificial intelligence AI thought a movie was like Haley Joel Osment AI and Ellie Christina album not alive Oh ooh that was probably my phone breaking oh oh god oh no did you crack did you crack oh I think she's okay I think she's okay I think she's okay maybe she's not okay Mark Zuckerberg goodness Mark Zuckerberg seems much more hopeful and maybe a little less worried about the consequences whereas Elon Musk is like oh there's a probably some regulation because this shit could destroy the world it was a brief summary version of what they said I mean I also feel like we always have to keep an eye out and be critical about any kind of technology when I went to college YouTube was like just starting and I remember taking classes about how weird it was that we were giving our privacy away and since before I was like officially a youtuber giving our privacy away and what that means for us what that says about us and you know just like looking at how they'll have security cameras in a mall and not all its cameras have security cameras in them it just makes you feel like you're being watching to you after certain way fucking panopticon fucking Foucault I went to college once upon time hey I have something need to keep an eye on virtual reality something you need to keep an eye on like that stuff is going to affect how we interact with each other how we communicate with each other how we process the world and so to look at that stuff and be like it's just fun times it doesn't mean anything I think is incredibly naive because those things technology's moving faster than it ever has and it's absolutely just in the span like the last 10 years has affected everything for us even based on like how we teach our kids and how we process things so to ignore that I think is like incredibly naive no more than you on my side on this thing so let me know your thoughts below in the comments like what do you think was speaking of more technology it's kind of scary I Robot wants to sell Roomba generated maps of your home so the room those are those little like baby discs robots that like go throughout your house and clean things up I guess imagine like like a like a Rosie from the Jetsons types situation but it looks like a hockey puck we have to believe these are the things that people put their dogs on top of and then make youtube videos of them so I guess the idea of this is that they're going to use this technology to map out your home and they're saying it is to help them figure out what kind of technologies what other technologies they can put in leather products we can put in you know what's so funny it for is involved with technology as I am I'm like I don't want I don't want the fucking man having I'm half of my house being or you can probably just look up the blueprints of the house and probably have a pretty good but I just immediately think of enemy of the state I don't know why I just I get I really get I can't little nervous like I start building a bunker inside of my head I don't know what's happening I don't know why is this me going into my thirties and becoming critical of everything that I do and use and feel and think I think it might be Roomba I'm not interested in you creating generated maps of anything except for the inside of this get in a world where I have a robot cleaning up anything else you just listen you just got me into Alexa okay I just actually I said her name some like don't say anything Alexa shut the fuck up you just got me to the world of her turning on lights in my house it's very very new and now you want robots cleaning my floors and it's just like the Midwest amuse like oh girl I got a broom so let's hold off on that one I'm sure that if I ever get a Roomba like the greatest thing ever and I'll never clean again which is actually that sounds delightful but I've you know no thank you also just you guys know Nielsen added YouTube and Hulu skinny bundles to traditional TV rating I don't appreciate how skinny although you know what riveted I just realized the side of my phone so skinny and now I'm sucked up over it now listen I think Nielsen adding this the TV ratings was inevitable people watched YouTube and Hulu and Netflix and all these things they they watch it in place of normal television sometimes in addition to those things that a lot of us like I don't I don't watch TV and watch it's like on Netflix or Hulu and the most part I watch YouTube so this has become its own version of television i Loki I don't know am I allowed to say this that I remember back then and younger we're like a Nielsen rating family I don't have like a weird box we hooked up to our table and I'm like I think we do use like a special remote we were watching certain things I know but back in the day whoever was the reason those readings know that I love Buffy so Tuesday nights to eight o'clock was fucking up the Nielsen ratings I mean that thing that I single-handedly kept Buffy around for as many seasons as I did but I will today to take a little bit of the blame for season four I'll take a little bit of the blame for no season two fireflies because I wasn't on that I wasn't I wasn't hip to the game as it were so I fucked up and I failed you and I'm so sorry listen if you like me you can find me at Meghan tonjes on most things over the Twitter and the instagrams in the Facebook if you also want before these videos and you want to see my face pop up everyday you can subscribe to the channel ring that notification acts bell you know when I put up videos and you can leave your first comments all over the place let me know below in the comments what is a piece of technology that you are terrified of I mean this could be a street light I don't care whatever it is let me know what you're scared of and I keep forgetting to do a BB of the day beauty of the day is a little segment on this channel where I give some internet love back to my internet love so so much shout Lindsey or Lindsey on Twitter he said can I just say I love you you've been inspiring for years finding project life-size with the turning point and finding confidence in my body so I just want to say thank you Lindsey I appreciate that a project website and going way back and I'm glad I could help and use BP today yay okay maybe if you could do me a favor fever oh if you could do me a favor and say hi to your grandma's for me I super appreciate it I gotta go to bed I got places to go I got the place oh I got places to go I got people to touch a like space is very much an I will see you tomorrow bye [Music] the thing that I'm always thinking of is how incredible its music sentence how incredible to me used up stuff I cannot speak tonight how incredible is going to use how incredible it's going to be to use that technology for things like rehabilitation are you even Fitness like I don't like I'll go run a fucking treadmill but I'm playing a zombie game fuck yeah fuck me up if I'm chasing cupcakes that I you know fat girl tropes I mean cupcakes are great if I have to be a fat girl trope can its do person trip because like cupcakes are delicious enkephalin analogs and dissertation Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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