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Systematic review dissertation examples en

Systematic review dissertation examples en self introduction essay job cover letter attached or in email body ´╗┐the Cougars and Utes began playing in 1896 when Brigham Young University was actually Brigham Young Academy the two schools split six games before football was discontinued at the academy while Utah counts these six contests in its official record BYU does not the most difficult thing to try to come to terms with this we were an academy we were largely a high school with a few college students and when you look at those teams that played they were playing the YMCA they were playing a lot of high schools they're playing club teams and our team was largely made up of high school kids and so when you're talking about your history and intercollegiate athletics it's really hard to count those games after football was reinstated at BYU the two programs resumed their rivalry in 1922 when BYU considers its record official Ike Armstrong's Utes dominated for the next two decades going undefeated against the Cougars amid 17 losses to Utah the best BYU could muster was a tie three times year after years since the 20s of BYU playing Utah there'd be nothing but futility have been being your your butt kick it in your head you know bashed in and year after year season after season and every game was the same you lost up until 1942 it hadn't been much of a rivalry because I think in order for it to be a rivalry you have to have at least both teams winning it from time to time and BYU had had never won a game in the first 20 tries they tied a couple but they never actually come away with with a win everything changed with the 1942 season with the world at war fellow assistant coach Wayne Soph and head coach Eddie Kimble both enlisted in the Navy leaving Floyd Millett all alone to coach the team and basically turned everything over to Floyd Floyd had been the head basketball coach at that time and he took responsibilities for basically coaching everything it was just a unique time the season was shortened because of the war efforts and eventually the next three years of BYU football were canceled Millett knew all too well the BYU had never beaten Utah as a player he had been on the losing end before but prior to the twenty first meeting between the two schools he told the Salt Lake Tribune we Obito two of the sons of Brigham also expressed confidence ahead of the big game in a devotional assembly the previous spring halfback Jim Hecker publicly predicted that Brigham Young would trip the youths and tackle Ken Byrd who was also the senior class president said as far as I am concerned the senior class project for this year is to beat Utah away from home the rivalry game was also on the minds of former coaches and players who now wore a uniform of a different kind Eddie Kimball sent a telegram to Floyd Millett saying it's not the size of the dog in the fight it's the size of the fight in the dog that counts Wayne Soph also sent a telegram riding a team that won't be beaten can't be beaten Vaughn Kimball who would have been the Cougars quarterback that year had he not joined the Navy said there is one thing more important than the war and that to beat Utah this accomplishment would aid the morale of 25,000 alumni and aid the war effort every year leading up to it we were getting closer and it wasn't that the games weren't hard-fought or close and so it was maybe a way just to reconnect with the program and also maybe not think about the war and some of the things that were going on on October 10th 1942 the two teams converged a ute Stadium in Salt Lake City the game lived them to all the hype BYU took the lead in the second quarter when Frank Whitney went over center for the touchdown to complete a 60 yard drive a missed extra point would leave the Cougars ahead six to nothing in the second half Utah blocked a BYU punt and the Utes took the lead when fullback woody Peterson scored a touchdown then in the fourth quarter BYU returned the favor by blocking a Utah punt that rolled out of bounds at the 10 yard line then on 4th and goal at the 40-yard line Herman Longhurst ran to the right side and into the endzone to give the Cougars a 12 to 7 week Utah got deep into BYU territory facing a 4th down inside the 10 yard line hampered with an ankle injury 10 bird limped onto the field to help his defense and stop Duane page in his tracks at the 5 yard line with just three minutes left I can only imagine and they held Utah on fourth down turn the ball over which in essence sealed the victory I'm sure there's an amazing feeling euphoria Wow the millennium arrived it was a great game it's the first game in the history of the world that we beat Utah and and we beat him by a rousing score of 12 to 7 but we beat him Heber Woolsey graduated from BYU in 1942 and was in attendance at the game with more than just his pride on the line one of my friends was his L&C Ainsley he's a University of Utah wild fan and he bet me a dollar that Utah would beat us I says not going to be this issue so we're always beats of course I'll beat you I was not this year so I bet him a dollar and when I got it he had it he had it tighten this up this way so I thought it was good for the agent so I said one from Allen see Ainsley in the era of modern football number one October the 10th 1940 to BYU 12 universities are seven BYU was not yet known as the quarterback Factory the Cougars completed just one of nine passes for five yards and two interceptions but rushed for 152 yards in the victory it was just like all the other games really hard fought back and forth so it was the typical BYU Utah battle but the real battle began after the game what I remember most of all was trying to get the goalposts afterwards some big boos that came up pieces where you from BYU why he's why don't you go into those little postman boy glue they said that the skirmish went on for at least an hour and a half and it there was police there and there was some fighting going on and pushing and shoving and people defending the goalposts BYU fans stormed the field and went out for the South goalpost Utah fans frantically defended it while three BYU students slipped down and tore down the north posts a Daily Herald reporter explained what happened next military police sent out to quell the fisticuffs that went with the attacks on the goalpost fell a victim to the brainy strategy of the Utah band leader the band struck up the star-spangled banner just as the burly MPs hit the field and they had no alternative but to stand at attention until the band Quinn however the fighters did not have any such restrictions for the battle continued unabated in the end both goal posts were missing what happened is somewhat of a mystery we need research from the University of Utah side of things they claim that they got the goalposts out and when him went and hid them in a filled house I talked to band members and others who from BYU who claimed that they had taken at least one of the goal posts and took it back to Utah it's really hard not to believe that one of the goalposts came down because pieces I've seen pieces of it and so you got to believe they got something I don't think they busted up the benches on the sidelines and from what I've seen they'd certainly look like pieces of the goalposts in reality both stories have some truth to them cougar fans captured one of the standards while the rest of the two goal posts were salvaged by Utah until an act of truest sportsmanship brought them to Provo the following Monday Provo Mayor Maurice Harding declared Monday October 12th victory day saying henceforth time will be reckoned from last Saturday the day BYU started beating Utah it was such a great moment for the University and the football program and having arrived we finally beat our rival that yeah they they declared it a holiday in canton school and had a celebration for the team during the celebration Utah student body president Bob Barker presented the remainder of the goalpost to BYU student body president and quarterback mark weed he said we think that the Y deserves the rest of the goal posts in recognition of their first victory over the youths in 20 years today a piece of one of those goal posts rests in Legacy Hall on the campus of Brigham Young University BYU would wait 16 more years for another victory over Utah but the foundation had been laid as far as I'm concerned is the biggest in Utah you ever played and we beat him never before happening Bieber got this copy of the paper and gave it to me and and showed me you know he had kept this all those years in the drawer and that's not what I meant to him it was kind of fun to talk to him about that it was big enough for the Salt Lake Telegraph back then to put a great big banner headline and when you do that in a sports that's that's a pretty big deal in newspapers it was a turning point at least in the competitive atmosphere that was not contending I think it was a real turning point in the program to finally get over that hump because in those first twenty years there were some good wins but you got to be to your rival you know the 45 miles separate with two campuses if they're gonna cancel school it had to have been a great moment for the University and something that they wanted to celebrate in the decades that have followed BYU has defeated Utah in some unforgettable rivalry matchups but in the midst of conflict abroad and heavy hearts at home 19:42 team forever holds the distinction as the first can you write a phd thesis in one month St. Joseph's College.

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