Thesis Abstract Human Resource Management
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Thesis abstract human resource management

Thesis abstract human resource management google writing letters reportage tueur en serie francaises ´╗┐morning I'm Jim hallway candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission we're here today for the first all six candidate forum will be speaking to the water utility Association of Arizona we all know water is essential for our state critical to our future critical to economy critical to our quality of life so we've talking today about what we can do to ensure you continue to have reliable affordable water supplies and how we have partnerships with the utilities the customers the Corporation Commission everyone involved and make sure we're going the right direction we're moving Arizona forward we're investing in secure supplies for our future thank you this this organization represents approximately a serene customer base of a million people in arizona since we have candidates for the Corporation Commission here I felt that it's my job to scare you legit and to tell you what a huge job this is a huge problem America's infrastructure watering the structure in 2013 got a D on the report card by the Society of Civil Engineers the wastewater system as well got a deep and the Arizona chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers has determined that over the next 20 years Arizona is 7.4 billion dollars in order to keep the infrastructure needs Matt for Arizona that's in water for wastewater it's 5.2 billion dollars over the next 20 years so some pretty big numbers and some pretty big challenges there you're a hero by the way I have to say when I was in law school gym made a presentation to my out of my water law class and it was rock solid it was really good and I actually my I say some of the law school stuff I still have that PDF so I mean it was a long thing is really well done so I mean it really knows water well thank you Greg and I hope you could pass neckline I did pastor just arrow well good afternoon everyone it's a pleasure to be with all of you and I really want to thank Greg you and everyone else for holding the first for Maria we've been playing at all six candidates be here so it's a pleasure to get all or I guess almost all of us around the stage so it's good to see that and you know if you've been watching the campaign you've seen at the focus so far as must have been on energy issues about rich special interest is backing which candidate I'm glad we bring us back to water I mean you all know it's where you spend your careers right water is essential to Arizona what could possibly be important to us than water making sure that our water continues to be reliable it seems to be affordable that's the key you all know that that's where you spend your careers it's ki dori continent as well so most of my career has been in water I've worked with many of you over the years I've spent 13 years at the State Department water resources for most of that I was the assistant director / water management I was a co-founder of the Arizona water Institute I when I left the department and was the first professor of practice in the new sustainability programs they were started at ASU left there about four years ago my PhD dissertation was looking at the economic impacts of floodplain regulations or using economic analysis to look at water management programs of skilled it's certainly certainly went on the Commission and I was elected with the support of many of you to the central Arizona Project board in 2010 so is it some time to joke i'm looking now to go from the least known elected office in Arizona to the next to least known elected office in a moment and and certainly I think we all appreciate the help of all of you in making this office better no I mean we know it's important in many cases we have a stronger role in people's pocketbooks in their long-term economy and the water and power of the faith and most any other office and weeks need to help our larger electorate understand that personally me briefly I've been in Arizona for about 23 years now I'm married we did joe anthony my wife owns a small seed company called wat SI that works out of south phoenix my son 21 year old son is probably at the moment flying down oak creek canyon with his bike I mean left in New York City 18 days ago on his way to Los Angeles delivering a a package for a new bicycle apparel manufacturer to a shop in LA he got chosen to do this ride when she met have been four corners about two days ago and for what was one of the most miserable days of his ride as he tried to bite out of four corners against the 30 min our head and didn't get very far so he got up at midnight last night and managed to get through to the city at five in the morning with only getting run off the road once a long way but anyway he will be passing through Prescott shortly where he will be a student in the fall across New College anyway um back back to the topic of one thing I really wanted to share with you is what I believe is an important lesson for politics that comes out of the water community I mean you are a core part of the water community in Arizona and we have a long track record you know we have a long track worker for many accomplishes and our community of facing and meeting the challenges we have of coming to agreement on what needs to be done and certainly you know we would never say water is not political as we all like to joke right waters for fighting over and we say my whiskey and tequila for drinking you know and that's certainly true in Arizona but but one things we've done is we have managed to keep the water bottles from becoming partisan in Arizona the battles are there not been wrapped up in ideology and I think that's really important that we have accomplished that and so you know you all work hard you represent your interests but your respect each other you respect the other career involved in water and you know how to find common ground and get things done and that's really critical you we know how to find that common ground we know how to find solutions we know how to come out in the end in AZ Arizona speak as one voice but is critical on issues like water where we have interstate and international issues and together we've been able to invest in our future and build a brighter future for Arizona that's key and so I'm running from the Corporation Commission at least in part because this is the approach we need to bring the politics in general the way we work together to water community is the way we need to work together to state we need to face challenges like drought an uncertain changing climate population growth changing water demands we need to manage that demand need to find new supplies and dealing with environmental regulations and evolving technologies so this is an approach that we need not just for water but we need to bring this to energy telecommunications railroad pipeline safety everything else the Commission's dealing with so I'm very proud to have been part of the Arizona water communing for last 20 years I understand your issues and I look forward to working with you that I'm representing the ratepayers of Arizona your customers we need to make sure that your customers all the water customers Arizona are getting the best quality service at the best price and long-term reliability that's the duty of a commissioner as you know we've made a basic deal you have a monopoly and the job of the Commission is to make sure that you work back well and you respect that having said that we need you to be successful we need you to do well as water companies we need you to bring investment capital into the state Troy talked about that 12 billion dollars if you are not successful companies that is a structure investment not going to be coming here that's the balance that is the struggle for every Commissioner to find I commit to you I will very hard to find that balance and I work very closely with you we need to make sure a sec rate cases are as efficient in a streamlined as possible of course consistent with our Constitution that always has to be key I'll make sure I understand your concern I'm willing to talk with you visit with you at any time in fact as I go through the campaign I'm doing my best to get around and talk to people please invite me out to see your operations make sure I understand your issue to make sure I understand the issues for your customers I also I commute for the point that Santa just made viability particularly our smaller water companies is a key concern of mine I notice the key concerns many of yours will work very hard to make sure that we address that issue in a way that respects everybody's needs I'll work hard to ensure vation efficiency work for your customers and work for you I think there's a big debate to be had as to what that mechanism is you know we talked about decoupling on the energy side that may or may not dealing mechanism but let's work together let's find we are not investing in conservation to agree we need to for the future that there is no mistakes finally I'll make sure you have the resources you need to do the drought planning the conservation planning and the long-range water adequacy plane is critical to our state as well so throughout this campaign i'm going to be increasingly talking about water about conservation efficiency viability of private water companies i'm happy to work with you i would like to work with you so i look forward to working with all of you and i would love to have your support in november so we can work together on the commission thank you you dissertation defense definition law Lehman College, The Bronx.

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