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Thesis on chetan bhagat novels

Thesis on chetan bhagat novels how to clean up credit report after foreclosure hipaa breach notification reporting [Music] what I'd like to do is welcome you all to Carlina villas and what I'm trying to do here is bring a couple of tips and points to hopefully make you stay a little better now both the houses are fitted with air conditioning now the house is set up obviously for your comfort the way it works is that it 9 p.m. at night the temperature of the house would drop down to 75 degrees and that will go all the way through till six thirty in the morning and it's six thirty in the morning the temperature will then rise to 77 obviously it won't rise because it's not an heat up it's just going to allow it to achieve that temperature and then from around 9 30 til four thirty in the afternoon it'll run to 80 degrees and 4 30 till nine thirty at night your it's 77 degrees now this seems to be very comfortable level to live under and and it will work perfectly or as long as the doors and windows are kept closed if the doors and windows are open none of this will function correctly and running over to the thermostat need adjusting it to try and call it off it won't do a thing so remember just keep the doors and windows closed and it will all function perfectly both the properties there we provide some barbecues with them their gas barbecues and obviously it's difficult to monitor when one of the gas is getting low on the barbecues so if during your stay you're unlucky enough for the BBQ to run out the gas if you could just please go to the petrol station or a tard way around the car corner family hardware all of them sell gases around eighteen twenty dollars just grab a gas cylinder and swap it out and then we will reimburse you for the cost of the gas and when we return your deposit obviously both the properties have Paul's during certain parts of the season where it's not raining safer the winter months the pools evaporate a lot of water and obviously there's no rain at that time the year to replenish them so what we asked you to do is if you could just keep your eye on the pool levels and make sure the pool levels don't fall too low if the pool levels feel too low in there well below the square skimmer on the side of the pool then the pump will start floor in air and then that's going to result in damage to the pump just keep your eye on it and keep them up about halfway through the skimmer there's a pool service and the pool guy be here once a week and he'll monitor it and on the odd occasion if it's low you might just want to leave the hose running and ask you if you could just switch it off when it gets to that level so obviously the boat lifts are very easy to control you've got two levers on the boat lifts and your center positions are off and belong girl it make the levers if they're facing down the lifts gonna go down make sure that the lift is fully stopped before you re select the other direction because if you select it down and you think my god I want to be going up so you just turn the switch to up because the motor hasn't stopped it will not turn it up it will carry on and continue going down so make sure the lift motors are fully stopped before you select the opposite direction lower the boat down so much so it's easy enough to get on and off the boat but the boats not too far in the water where it's going to drift off while you're putting all your stuff together so when your boats down nice and low and just before you get to go start your engine up make sure the engines warm because you don't want to reverse off the lift and then the engine cut out so look behind you make sure your engines in the straight line down through the bow and then just gently select reverse you don't need any throttle all you need to do is the tick over in Reverse going backwards so let the boat track backwards in reverse and then when you get clear where you're going to make your turn turn the steering wheel hard over and then once you fill the front start to come round then you'll take the boat into neutral I have three tips for you whilst you're operating the boat in a respective area and there's three things you gotta remember the first one is slow slow and slower the second is steer before your gears so in other words turn the engine then select the gear the third one is neutral is your friend so as long as you're in neutral you're not powering forward backwards and you get yourself in a lot less trouble so there's the three main things to remember they're both boats have approximately a hundred gallon fuel tanks on them and the boats generally cruising speed is somewhere between 3,500 and 3800 RPM that's gonna give you a burn of your burn of roughly a gallons an hour with the hundred growling capacity that means at least you won't have to fill the boat fuel level two or three days with that information I've just given you you can roughly assess how much fuel you're using the sights of fact there's fuel gauges on the boats but sometimes it's not quite as accurate did you hope for a good captain is aware of another boat approaching the first thing you need to do is to slow the boat down do not try to drive through the wash the best way of doing it is to run along the wash at the same angle the washes go in and then roll the boat into each one of the tross until the wash is cleared then you can speed the boat back up and continue on the line that you were running on both boats are fitted with trim tabs now because the nature of these boats and their babe oats and the comparatively flat bottom they're very successful to trim if you trim the bow down your suppress the waves now I've run on the video here I'm hoping that you can watch this video you can see the effect that it's actually having on the bow check out the view over the hotels that we're running towards and you will see that when the trim tabs are up the bow looks like they're going to go over the top of the hotels and then when the boats tab down it suppresses the waves and you'll see how level it's running and you'll also see that there's no spray coming in the boat so it's not going to make the ride uncomfortable for everybody on board if you use in the boat it's just a quick top tip for you rather than use the cooler blocks that you can buy from up the road they are at the houses but they're pretty inefficient so the best thing you can do really is when you go over and get your waters you buy above 24 waters select six of them and put them in the freezer and freeze your six bottles of water a solid ice blocks no six bottles actually fit in the coolers that we provide for you exactly and the other thing is if you run out waters you can always drink them and take the separate coolers that are in the garage and place them on the boat now a good tip for that cooler is to take a small piece of towel maybe make it dance and set it down on the front in front of the front seat and then you can put your cooler on the top of that and then you'll find it will stay there all day won't slide up and down the boat it won't move on the boat there's the coolest eat now this is the driest place to store anything on the boat so if you've got cameras books or whatever you want to keep drive stick them in that cooler seat don't stick them in the seat on the front the console or in the middle of the rib because on both boats there's two live wells and we have actually had a customer who put the camera in the live wells and then when you're running with these the live wells will intake water and and all the cameras were rolling so just be aware of that now for the docking of the boat so when we're approaching the doc we need to remember the three tips we started with it the first which is slow slow and slower neutral is your friend and steer before the gear what I like to do is when I'm coming towards the dock some maybe 20 30 yards before you approach it is to get the boat into neutral so that you've got control of the boat and the boats not God controls you so by the time that you reach the doc you're doing zero miles an hour out of gear out of the helm and then just manually pull yourself onto the boat lift don't attempt to drive the boat onto the lift once you've taken all your things off the boat you need to thoroughly rinse the boat or the stainless steel work the t-top and the engine before you rinse the console off put the covers back on the electronic so you're not squirting water directly into them now when you get to the engine rinse the engine off rinse all around the trim tabs and then I want you to flush the engines this is very simple we have a push cap on the engine and all you'll do is your disc and that push cat and plug the hose in London knows circumstances leave the boat in the dock still in the water and lift it up high enough that the agent clear as well even if you're going you're going to be here for an hour or two hours and you're going back out later on make sure the boat is out the water while it's in the dock now I know it take you take reels and rods out that you don't even use this doesn't mean that they don't need rinsing off thoroughly because even the fact that you may be following another boat down the river the salt spray in the atmosphere will still contaminate everything so thoroughly rinse the rills they've all got braided line and the braided line will hold more salt water content than what monofilament line would so don't be shy with them and then after you've rinsed the rills at the end the day back the drag soft [Music] you chapters in a doctoral dissertation University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo).

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