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Thesis proposal template pdf

Thesis proposal template pdf ciottoli bianchi carrara prezi presentations skilled nursing facility 60631 ´╗┐hello and welcome back as I just mentioned the previous video we're going to now see a few examples of image and video processing that's going to help us to understand basically what is image and video processing and it's also going to provide a few examples of the material that we are going to learn during these nine weeks so let's dive right in and we're going to start with an example and scientific images scientific images are images that are taken with a scientific goal we want to do some science with those images and there is probably no better example that images from Mars so we are all very excited when we get images from the NASA JPL expedition to Mars these are really cool images and we are seeing something that we have never seen before now these images take a lot of space in the computer in the Mars rovers they actually take a long time to transmit to earth because they are very very large so NASA and JPL had to implement something inside the Mars rovers something which is called image compression to preserve the information but try to make that occupy less space so it's faster to transmit we're going to learn we're actually going to learn the algorithm that is implemented inside the Mars rovers I was lucky enough that one of my algorithms was selected to be implemented in the Mars rover so we'll gonna learn it pretty much in detail but of course this is not the only example you know about image compression if you use a digital camera most digital cameras today use image compression if you are looking images over the web you're basically using image compression actually when you're watching this video this video is being compressed before is uploaded to the web so you can enjoy it so we're basically doing image and video compression all the time so that's one example that in your daily life you're already seeing image and video compression there is another very important example and comes in the movies if you go to the movies you'll probably have seen you might not be a word when you have seen image and video compression let me give you an example so here we have an image this is basic one frame of a video it's a very famous video and what we very famous movie and when we see here these are two consecutive frames so one coming right after the other and we see here that the actor is basically holding a glass and right after is holding a plate that's very surprising how can switch our glass to a plane that's actually a plate that's actually a mistake in the movie here is an hour example that we basically see the camera the cameraman is in the picture of course the director didn't want the cameraman in the picture but it is and actually if you saw the movies when they just came out and you pay attention to them you actually might have been able to see the cameraman or to see this mistake there's actually mistakes in almost all the movies and there's a website that shows them and basically if after that you go and see basically the DVD or different versions of the movie this repairs this this mistakes were repaired and how are they repair with something which is called image and video in painting and we are going to learn about that but let's see a few an additional examples because sometimes we need to repair images and videos not just for the movies so for example here is a picture that looks perfectly fine to us it's actually a picture of styling and so here we have studied we see nothing wrong with this picture the only problem with this picture this is not an original picture this is a picture that was in painted by hand because actually what really happened was this this is the real picture there was another person here that the picture was retouch in this time it was done long time ago was done by hand he was retouch so that the person is no longer in the picture but actually today we're going to learn how to do that with basically computer techniques let's see other examples because this is very exciting and also there is a website which we provide those details in in the class webpage that vice a lot of examples like this this is really a fun area so here is a friend of the monty python movie and as you see this crutches are we may disappear so sometimes you have a very nice image that somebody scratch on it and you want to make those crutches disappear what you are seeing now is a simulation of a real image processing algorithm that is making that scratch slowly disappear and that's going to be part of what we are going to learn we talked about image compression that's going to be about the second week of this class imaging painting a million paintings coming towards the second half of the class let's see more examples here we see a perfectly nice video this is one of my former students Keller walking in front of the library at the University of Minnesota doesn't look to us anything strange in this video only that this was the actual video actually killer's wife was walking in front of him that we apply image and video processing algorithms to make her disappear from the video sometimes we want to get special effects in videos so this is an example of special effects we actually start from a black and white movie and we see here a few frames of that black and white movie we provide a few hints of some color that we want to add to the video and here is the automatic result just from hints actually in this case in just one frame we get a colorized movie just like we're in painting but we're in painting colors into the movie just another special effect special effects I'll all over and you need a lot of image and video processing to do them so here is another example let me run it first so it's easier for me to explain the special effect at first you see kind of blurry this looks like a blurry video but look what's going to happen we actually have the players actually are sharp the movie was blurry the background was blurry but not the players so let me just try to run it again so we can see even better so it's blurry but the players are not and we have to do video processing to be able to get that special effect here is yet another example of special effect I'm going to run it and you're going to see basically immediately what type of special effects we mean here we see that the movies running but basically the girl the lady in the movie is actually being repeated okay um so it's very easy to observe that here we see repetitions of what's happening and that's a very special effect that is used a lot in the movie industry especially sometimes for marketing and advertising let me show you yet on our example of some really interesting special effects and this is here so this is a movie once again we're undone movie looks really nice but actually after we finish that movie we may actually want to change the background so here is the same movie with a different background wow this is a lot of work as we are going to see the basic idea is that we're going to have to be able to segment out this person that's a foreground that's what we want to keep in the movie we're going to have to find it we're going to have to extract it from the movie and put it in a new background that's a really fun thing to do I'm going to run this again here is one movie same movie with a different background we're going to learn about week five what how to do that how to extract objects from still images or from movies and actually this type of things show up in commercial products in this case and show you a screenshot of what's called after effects is one of Adobe's products and we actually in collaboration with Adobe and one of my former students we develop what I just show you which are techniques to extract objects so we can basically put them in your backgrounds and I'm going to explain you exactly as many details as I and provide in a relatively short video I'm going to show you how this is done inside After Effects in Adobe some of the underlying technology that appears there so these are just some examples of image and video processing we started from image compression that NASA Rovers have to have image compression your digital cameras have to have image compression the video that you're watching now has to be compressed before is uploaded to the web and we're going to see in the first week of class why why images occupies so much information in the second week we're going to learn how to compress them we also saw special effects like imaging painting which we are going to see it towards the second half of the class and we saw special effects like segmentation and changing background and that we are going to see around week five so a lot of really exciting applications some of them you are very familiar from the movies from your digital cameras some of them you actually see every day but you're not really a word that they're happening and I'm going to help you to basically understand that they're actually happening behind the scenes and what we're going to do in the next movie we're going to give a few additional examples to further motivate you the importance of image and video processing and also how much fun it is to understand what's happening behind the scenes with images and videos we're also going to talk in the next video a few examples of medical imaging an extremely important area in image and video processing so I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next video thank you you sierke verlag dissertation format Rose Hill campus, The Bronx.

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