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Thomas bieri dissertation help

Thomas bieri dissertation help make research paper on sexism for 10 swachh vidyalaya abhiyan essay scholarships ´╗┐sup guys t oj here this is my last video this morning far go to work I want to touch on Alton sterling the officers who actually killed Alton sterling would not be charged with his murder so this is my second video today officer Muhammad nor is being charged with the murder of Justin Damon she's Australian immigrant visiting her fiance and I think the Australian Government is pushing to get this guy taken down as they should but Alton Stirling case was studied by many experts experts on what I have no idea the officers claimed he had a gun but if you look at a breakdown in the video from what I can tell the officers had enough you know it had their arms on his left arm and the two officers had I'm sorry one officer had his knee on Alton Sterling's left arm and why his knee was down his top two arms of course were free and it was wrestling his right arm so there was no way he could he could have reached for a gun but nevertheless they won't be charged so we can sit a an auger this case I guess today in China try to dissect this case but the end game is Jeff Landry our Attorney General here in Louisiana will not press charges and I knew he wasn't going to press charges because of the because you know it's it's outside of New Orleans I'm New Orleans for you guys that don't really know Louisiana like I live here New Orleans is the only blue city in a blood red state um New Orleans I'll explain Louisiana like Louisiana it basically is basically the twilight zone with good food in it the twilight zone with good food good music good fun but it but it's the twilight zone like nothing in Louisiana makes logical sense but the fucking the sex the music the drinks to food the partying the music is amazing outside of that anything outside of those maybe six things I name it's Twilight Zone Kat its Twilight Zone territory New Orleans a cop killed a man about seven years ago when Ray Nagin was the mayor and this kid was a rookie I don't know what the fuck he was doing with a special unit SWAT team I miss playing something off for a second I know if y'all I'm on the way to work the SWAT team is basically like in the movie training day when Denzel was like I'm a detective but I managed like five detectives so even though Denzel himself was in charge of a special unit I'm like oh the warrant task force the warrant task force our regular white dudes regular police officers regular black guys regular really it's just regular officers but when they're they're summoned they transform from the regular cop to the unmarked unit cars should I'm saying they function almost like like like Marines who auditioned for the city for the Navy SEALs or some shit like that or or however the fuck you become you know like you know Green Berets or whatever so you end up being um it's like the elite unit but you had to have like drug experience street experience for like maybe six years or so and then they think you're good enough and then they put you on like a warrant a task of a warrant um task force but you got to serve serve a high-risk warrant to somebody this particular cop was probably like right at 22 years old he got he got eight years in jail for manslaughter involuntary manslaughter but the way he killed this dude was he was a part of the warrant serving Task Force he went up the stairs and it's like a really sad story but the motherfucker thank God he did he did get convicted and I only think it really happened well Leon Cannizzaro it's a white Italian dude that's who convicted him now his office from what I can tell they tried everything in their power to not get this dude convicted they reacted the scene over and over and over and over and like maybe a half a year later the officer you know was like fuck it I did it and the way it happened was this to get back to the story I was trying to tell y'all um the kid who got killed from what I can understand I'm paraphrasing the story his friend was selling weed well he was like the neighborhood Weed Man and I think I want to do a video about this in depth detail because it could be a really a cautionary tale for young black men and that's why I keep saying white black white black not to raise bait but just to illustrate the victims in the situation for you guys to understand so the friend who was selling we invited his college buddy to come from college the boy playing football head up and he said he had a two-bedroom apartment and so those kind of apartments where downstairs is the front room in the kitchen thank me in New Orleans because we call him a townhouse where downstairs is the front room in the kitchen and upstairs there's two bedrooms and a full bathroom downstairs like just you know taller than a sink and then you know the full bathtub and shit up upstairs so they kicked in the door but the weed man wasn't there his friend who we invited to stay at his house was there fucking a girl he came outside butt-naked and he shot him so there was no way you could have a gun in his hand and the cop who shot him was like the 21 year old rookie dude had no business being on the fucking warrant serving taskforce because he had no experience on the street even be a fucking warrant a sports person now the guys would kill Alton Stirling the story that we heard down here was this is the store that Alton Stirling was selling CDs in front of was or it is like when I'm a hood Arabic corner store that you know the dudes let you smoke weed outside they let you sell you know pills outside look is one of those places where about everybody in the neighborhood congregate so it's almost like like a half a swap meet kind of gas station kind of situation one of the neighborhood crackheads or drug addicts and some shit got into like a little personal argument like man fuck you nigger just add any other and um to get revenge because he could also still it was a big dude so he really couldn't alton sterling ass he just lied and said hey man is this nigger you know pull a gun on me he got a gun and now I was you know the crackhead way of saying you know I'm gonna get you motherfucker I'm in lied to the cops he pointing a gun at me so when the cops got there they was already ready to shoot all the fingers worth was he had a gun via the phone call that went out that they were responding to now you see the point my cousin did that a long time ago I got a cousin right now that's um here well let's just say that somebody was selling drugs on the same street he live on they wouldn't give him extra dope because he was like a loyal customer he's like damn man hooking up and of course he wouldn't hook him up and he said that the reason he called the cops was because he said yeah man in selling drugs and making uh making a neighborhood not safe but I'm like you you buy dope from these same dudes so what the fuck is you talking about they make the nun then I make a neighborhood safe but you felt compelled to call the cops and repent him and drop a dime on him you know how to morality the fuck out of here so this crackhead over the fuck he is did his ass whooped but you know telling I'm telling a story like that and falsifying a phone call like that but um in backrooms louisiana bro there's almost no way a cop could get convicted he can get charged but there's nowhere a cop will ever get convicted for killing any color of unarmed person in Louisiana I'm telling what the fuck I know I had a cop buy some stuff from me in a French border let's say seven years ago cool no guy from New York he said the words and I'll never forget these words you said man we got a police union so strong that I can be seen on TV smoking crack and knock and not lose my job and I've always said that when he said when he said that to me he said it like that he was like I was like I was on his side like to impress me and I say well that's the main reason why I've always known police had a police union not to protect them from like you know underpayment or lack of um you know like a pension and ever they call that shit man like benefits or whatever is to protect them from doing a crooked shit now that's the mission statements always say yeah we know make the neighborhood save get cat out of a tree stuff like that but it's managed to protect all the crooked cops from getting fired I would never ever not believe that I got friends on Facebook right now that really hate when I talk when I talk like this but that's just what I believe and I'll never ever not believe it I know too many crooked cops thank God there are friends of mine and not like you know I'm not like I'm not one of the people that they prey on anyway guys on so that's it Alton sterling you know the got the guys who did it they're getting away with it and that's just my thoughts and my opinions i'ma tell you before if you got if you get to the end of this video and you want the people that's waiting to leave a comment that I don't like I'm getting in yes I'm starting at the end of every video I don't really mind you disagreeing with me but you saying something in the video that I don't like my comment section I don't like I'm gonna do a whole video on just you animate blow i'ma blowing yes so be respectful to everybody else and I'm respectful to you till next time take care yourself follow me on Facebook at the opinion junkie also go to our fiery cocom a our tby RICC motherfucking Oh until next time guys take care something bringing out garbage as to work brexit plan dissertation Erie Community College.

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