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Thomas wiltschko dissertation proposal example

Thomas wiltschko dissertation proposal example william barton rogers society annual donor reports four functions of management term paper ´╗┐hey everybody what is going on it is done by a snack bar here with NC double-a 13 and we have got some more Teddy Crocker coming your way you're probably going to see this twice as much as you normally do because I do want to make sure that I finish up Teddy crackers career before we reach the release of NCAA 14 so ya allah I think it's a good thing to not just because I get something finished but also because I'm gonna make sure that I get all ready for the game you know I'm not rusty or anything like that and really don't embarrass myself when the game first comes out so yeah if you guys like this series you'll be excited to know this is going to be on the channel twice as much as it is right now alright so we're gonna start the game off here with a running play of course over to the right side only picking up two yards right there we're starting at a disadvantage to we're down seven to nothing here so I'm feeling some pressure already in this game to you know go ahead and just run the best that I can and really carry the team on my shoulders here so a great pickup for Teddy Crocker right here I need some more explosive runs like this one just to be able to build my legacy score and also to be able to come out with victories in games like this is Georgia where a plus on offense and in overall rating for our team old mrs. B plus we're ranked 10th in the country old Miss isn't even rated so I better come away with the wind Teddy Crocker gets hurt right here but I'm only out for a few plays back in here third and one the computer initially wanted to call it passing play but I was like nope just give it to Teddy Crocker I'm gonna pick up that yard and I do that plus a couple extra more here so a minute 45 seconds left in quarter number one Teddy Crocker just finding that opening that was a huge opening it's like you could drive a bus through that one but all right so I got to make sure I take advantage of every single opening like that here in the offensive line especially with somebody who is quick like me because if I can get into the open field man it is all over it's just a matter of getting there that's that's really the hard part all right so I'm gonna go ahead I'm going to switch sides right here we're going to counter over to the right side and this may have been a smart call yep i'm going to make 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scrimmage still tied at seven right here four minutes and 20 seconds left in half number one a flag on the play after i pick up nine yards right here somebody has to hold somebody else and of course it's my fullback so no big surprise alright so we're going to go with a toss play over to the right side who this could be pretty promising why did my wide receiver not block if he would have gone ahead and you know put together a block right there I probably would have been able to get a touchdown I'm confident I would have been able to get a touchdown but anyway we're facing third and for that blitz is really effective by Ole Miss so I'm not gonna be able go anywhere fourth and nine so the computer goes for it and then a couple plays later I'm back into it here so second and five and another flag here what's this one gonna be it was offsides actually alright so Teddy crackers got to run the ball yet again right here just some bad blocking or great blitzing maybe a combination of both yeah it's a combination of the both right there so I'm going to get hurt after that one and that's going to be a more significant injury obviously with the amount of time that I got left in this video I'm not out or anything like that but here we are third quarter four minutes 49 seconds left here Teddy Crocker receiving the handoff gosh stop freezing xbox I just run into my own offensive lineman right here only able to pick up one yard so I guess something is better than nothing but still not where I want it to be we are down 20 12 10 now while i was injured the quarterback for georgia actually threw two interceptions one came back for a touchdown so i was a pick-six and the other one they had a really good field position so I'm thinking if Teddy Crocker had it been in the game we wouldn't be down right now probably would still have just seven points here but I don't know I really can't say that you know for sure that's where the game would be but you gotta have to wonder something like that so Teddy Crocker running forward here on first and ten able to pick up five yards so a little bit more consistent here with what I'm normally doing all right so another handoff right here we were able to get around to everybody I've got the first down in about seven yards more I we're still in this I know we can come back right now we're down 11 points I just got to get a touchdown right here and then get another touchdown after that while my defense stops Ole Miss and I'm in the lead again so we could do this just make sure you keep handing it off here to Teddy Crocker ooh dang it alright picked up 2 yards right there that was a lot of work rack for 2 yards but all right Teddy Crocker now over the right side another toss play works very very well earlier that one almost did too got a wondering if I just ran at him instead of trying to evade the tackle if I'd have been in good shape but again really can't focus on what's happened in the past here so that's another one that could have been a lot better third in 64 Georgia Teddy Crocker's really getting slowed down here by Ole Miss this is not pretty so I'm just gonna go on a streaks play dang it I probably should just always follow my route you know I mean this is not like when I'm playing dynasty mode or something like that or if I go ahead and I mix things up you know the computer gets thrown off but anyway 30 seconds left year in quarter number three there's the first down for Teddy Crocker picking up ten yards and again injured again wondering this is going to be like the bowl game that I had right ended up getting getting injured like four times that time he's grabbing his his knee so again Teddy Crocker is going to have to come out is not going to be able to help the team the greatest player for Georgia is out so 1721 what a bad position to come back into the game here with but I make the most of it just getting it to the 20 10 little spin move actually got me to the 23 and that will put me over the hundred-yard mark here for this game as well so we're kind of out of that Jam here now we're going to go ahead with a long pass play we're only down by four points that one is going to get intercepted so that's three interceptions in the game for my quarterback three now I feel kind of responsible for this one here because I did go ahead and I change the play they were just wanting me to do a run right up the middle I didn't think that's too appropriate with the amount of time that was left we wanted to see if we get a big pass quarterback just doesn't pull through for me right here all right minute and 12 seconds left again I'm just going right down field this one going up gosh intercepted Teddy Crocker with the tackle and that is going to be it for this game I mean this game is done and over with Georgia is going to end up being upset in the worst possible way here against Ole Miss okay maybe not the worst possible way I mean I could have had a you know a division two school or something like that beat me but anyway less than 20 seconds left that one is going to get caught Teddy Crocker is going to have his number called right here with 10 seconds left the clock is running oh the passing play so I'm like you know what I'm gonna just try to see if I go out of bounds with it here see if maybe we could go for just one long pass right here second and three Hail Mary has been called I'm asked to go the right side and in the end zone it's gonna get swatted away so that is going to be the end of the game in Georgia ends up losing this one seventeen to twenty eight against Ole Miss so we're going to drop down actually from the tenth right team to the 21st ranked team that's a big drop for Georgia but hey if this is the way we're playing maybe we deserve it so hopefully you guys are excited about seeing this twice as much as you normally do make sure you subscribe if you haven't already you can follow me on Facebook and on Twitter and all that great jazz all I got to do is just check that description below but thanks again you guys for watching I definitely do appreciate and as always you guys I hope you have a good one sujet dissertation bac s Central Islip campus.

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