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Type de plan dissertation histoire

Type de plan dissertation histoire house of cards cast season 3 reporters essays on atmospheric pollution I in screwed news we're one day away from the Michigan primaries and all polls show a dead heat between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney Santorum when the Wolverine state could mean the unthinkable an impossible path for Romney to eventually win the nomination was Romney's troubles in Michigan can all be traced back to two thousand eight when he penned an op-ed for the New York Times titled let Detroit go bankrupt voters tend not to support a candidate who wants you out of a job then again in rick santorum they'll be choosing a guy who wants his church to run the country something we'll get into a little bit more later tonight in tonight's daily take either way voters can't be happy with their choices in fact could it be the voters are growing more and more uncomfortable with conservatism in general that seems to be an outrageous notion considering the most political operatives especially on the right and talking heads on the news hold the belief that America is essentially a center-right nation but my next guest disagrees with that sarah jaffe joins me now she's an associate editor at alternet sarah welcome back hi Tom thanks for having me great to have you here with us media pundits and conservatives argue that America is becoming more and more conservative you're suggesting the opposite is true um yeah I'm definitely suggesting the opposite is true I mean right now we're hearing only from Republicans right so we're seeing the things like Rick Santorum's as you said wanting the church his church specific later on the country dominating the public debate in a way that really doesn't reflect this country at all and that said you know we basically have been listening to right-wingers who have been pushing this message that America is a center-right country for years I'm pushing the media with very you know to very great effect to parrot this statement why two members of the media and conservatives like to argue that we're becoming a conservative nation even though the facts suggest the opposite you know the thing that started me to write the story was a piece by Richard Florida in the Atlantic the Atlantic City section actually and the thing that got to me was that this is a guy who is not a conservative rather he's the rise of the creative class guy he took a gallup poll that essentially said that America is staying exactly the same and has stayed basically the same for 30 or so years and he turned it into an article that said America is getting more conservative there was literally no proof of that the actual gallup release was titled something like america basically stays the same and from that he's extrapolating all this information about what's conservative what's not conservative on top of that the gallup poll simply asks you whether you identify as a conservative a liberal or a moderate now most people in this country don't even know what conservative and liberal mean politically they don't identify the same way that Marco Rubio did when Marco Rubio was in front of CPAC the Conservative Political Action Conference telling American terror telling conservative activists that America identifies just like that so and in fact when when you look at the studies where their people are asked about policy progressive policies you know you say do you support strengthening Social Security by lifting the cap the 160 thousand dollar cap and letting millionaires and billionaires pay into Social Security too so it'll be solvent forever pretty much everybody says yes and in seventy eighty percent you support a national single-payer health care system you know you get over sixty seventy percent even you get over fifty percent do you support socialized medicine like they have in England do you support the the right to unionize do you support a higher minimum wage do you I'll be right on down the list yeah I me and and and yet these same people will tell you that they're conservatives why the disconnect well it's worth I mean it's worth pointing out to that the only issue in on which Americans have significantly changed is actually gay marriage we've actually gotten far more progressive last year the first polls came out the national national aggregate of four different polls that found 51 percent of the country thinks that gays and lesbians should be able to get married and using the word married not you know civil unions I mean we are if we are shifting at all we're shifting slightly more progressive and not only that but demographically we're definitely getting more progressive this country is getting less white this country is getting less store it's getting more educated and younger so you know we're looking at a shift here that really doesn't trend more conservative at all although I'm sad part yes okay well over the weekend I was I was in Columbus Ohio was talking to some radio folks there I was there for the opening of a new radio station that I'm on and there's there is a group nobody's sure exactly who's funding it that has put up Spanish language like Spanish language radio programming in all the major markets in the United States where they've got local Conservative spanish-language talk show hosts and they're doing spanish-language rush limbaugh it's totally flying under the radar of the corporate media and totally flying to the radar frankly if I think most Democrats and progressives and and there and they're basically using the Catholicism that is you know so widespread in the Hispanic community in the United States as the lever to say the Republicans are your your side and this is this pretty potent stuff I mean it so the Browning of America also could be if it's the Catholic you know Central and South American immunization of America it could be moving us in the route toward the right could it not yeah I mean I don't know if you look at polls like right now we're in the middle of a big messy fight over contraception and the Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops are the ones who are having a very public hissy fit about whether employers should pay or they shouldn't pay employees pay for their health insurance plans this is something we should stress right you pay for your health insurance your employer doesn't pay for any of it so but the Catholic Bishops are the ones having a very public is he fit meanwhile Catholics use birth control Catholics are not entirely anti-choice um you know this is not the cut the Catholics at the top the Santorum's and the bishops don't actually represent the positions of most Catholics so what back to the the political dynamic and the political polarities here in the United States what role do you think that the Tea Party on the one hand and the Occupy movement on the other hand play in telling us about the real political sentiments of Americans well you know I think the Tea Party happened because there wasn't anything happening on the other side and once we got occupy people went oh and one of the things that I site in the article is that the recent New York Times poll that found that now two-thirds of America thinks that the distance and the tension between rich and poor is the most pressing conflict in this country two years ago was immigration Wow so we're shifting and we're shifting to an awareness of class in a way that once again if we figure out how to talk about it and let me say that Democrats have not been very good about talking about class for the last most of my lifetime so the ones that can learn how to talk about it are the ones who are doing well right now what is the true meaning of being a conservative an America writer oh god I don't know I mean when you think about a conservative when you yeah well when you talk about again to talk about class to talk about these things in Wisconsin Scott Walker trying to take away collective bargaining rights that wasn't a conservative move a conservative small C conservative move would have been to keep the system the way it was right trying to take away their rights was actually a radical move and so you know when we talk about the difference with me Big C conservative Rick Santorum once you know thanks Obama is a snob for one of your kids to go to college and wants you to you know and the people in Virginia who are trying you know well we want to talk about that um the difference between AD and people who identify as little see conservative when gallup calls them up and asks is pretty extraordinary yeah it truly is do you see us going you know forward in the future obviously apparently you think that the country is gonna continue to get more progressive what external you have to be optimistic yeah in the minute we have left what external forces do you think are driving that or internal forces for their or internal forces i mean like i said the demographics are shifting in a way that whatever the biggest force on the other side is money you were talking about you know conservative radio i don't have to tell you that the money media has been pushing money friendly ideas for a very long time and that they're the right is still extremely dominant in media that six companies control most of our media there's a you know they have a big megaphone we have to make sure that our ideas get out there so people can actually have a chance to hear them and agree with them because when they do actually hear them they tend to agree with us so well said Sarah Jaffe thank you so much for being with us nicer help on writing a dissertation Fulton-Montgomery Community College.

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