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Uk dissertation service for money

Uk dissertation service for money edit my dissertation introduction on divorce for me fonteyn uddel review of literature [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys this is Hawkeye and I am back with another episode of fishing planet and I did happen to have a little bit of time here to be able to get into the gharlane fishing event for Halloween I know it is past Halloween but is still running for three more days and thing is I was really into the hunter event that was going on plus I just happened to become a grandfather in a midst of all that so had a lot of things going on so anyway guys I am going into this to see if we can't see something that I haven't seen before and I've been through two of these events and I've seen all the guards the ogre gar the vampire gar albino goop scar but apparently they've added a new one and that is the ghost Pike and from what I understand they are here in Lone Star Lake so you can get a lot of XP here in this little lake if you have the gear that that can handle it but let me go ahead and show you here real quick I've got some pretty decent gear here I've got nothing majorly huge though I've got my Nero 14 foot by 10 inch with my prima 3500 and this should have no issue with catching our float fishing for these smaller fish that are found here during this event that includes the skeleton bluegill and anything else caught on this particular type of lure the candy that's been added this is new this wasn't in the past two events basically you can get some quests with this or you can get some achievements but another thing here I have for this particularly Laura now no I don't think there's anything that I can catch here at this particular Lake I'm gonna have to go to mud water to get the vampire gar but they again have the pigs either rotten fish and the the other one all the dead mice but you can find those in pumpkins around the lake and I'll show you that here real quick in just a second now they also added a few new lures for bait casting rods we've got this one called a boney shad and I believe they've got a spoon that they've added but it's seven gold and I don't have seven gold at the moment I'm down to like two but we're gonna go try this out here and see if we can't get us a ghost Pike and maybe a skeleton bluegill while we're at it all right it is not a clock so everything's gonna start right now here guys this is when the things are going on but first of all let's check out these pumpkins there's a couple of them on this map you will check both of them and I think oh it's still a little too early for me to get anything but if you check them once a day you can get some some free bait I might have to go past midnight because that was the last time I was here but what we're gonna do is we're gonna come over here and see if we can't get us some bluegill that are skeletons I've got 14 of these that should be enough to get them you might catch some other things as well so a lot of things like to buy it off this I mean who doesn't like candy oh let's pop that off I got a snag City here Eric well it's pretty shallow here what if I what if I got it set to shouldn't be that bad let's try it right here oh there we go let's go ahead and zoom in a little bit that way we can see a little bit better see if these guys are gonna bite I was gonna say if they do they usually don't take too long if nothing happens there's nothing wrong with slowly reeling it towards you sometimes that gets them a little more intrigued by your bait there we go now we got something interested alright let's see we got here guys what have we got we got us a personal record of the bluegill skeleton check it out guys there is your very own bluegill skeleton worth about three there are 13 cash for him I think that's all the little type fish that's been added but will will see if anything else is here you might just get more of the same don't even know if they come in Trophy sizes there we go he's back see if he gets a little more serious this time there it goes now he's serious what do we got here guys looks like we got us a little green sunfish I like those fish they're cute all right I think what we're gonna do here is we're going to switch over to this other bait see if we can't get us a ghost Pike now I've got for the bait caste I've got my jig 1 or 8 foot by 10 inch I have my espera MLR 3000 with Oh point 0 1 1 floral line it's very balanced got 3-day 13 pound 11 pound and of course this is about 10 pound let's got a far caster here this is a little bit heavier duty we might switch to that because last time I was having a little bit of issues getting them in then I've got my elemental here which I know he's not gonna be able to pull one of those guys in or if it does it's gonna be a big challenge but let me see if I can't get one of these guys on this far caster here see I need to get probably a half ounce that'd be my guess well Oh No let's try yeah let's try that one and then we'll put a bony shad on there but there's several good places for this these things are a lot of different locations but I had a lot of luck wish but I don't know if you see those two trees there's like these two trees here one year one air right in between they're right over here it'd be really good if you get on this side of the bridge or dock or what do you want to call it but they will go for the lift and drop they will go for the stop and go I'm going to try the lift and drop first see if wait am I like give a little more lead on here we'll try that first and see if we don't get any it see I don't know if you saw that in the water over to the right but there was a ghost pike swimming you'll see them a lot of times swimming near the surface all right yeah we've been fishing for a little while here I think we're more the peak at this point but there we go guys I think we have yeah you can see him now you see him at the top of up third and a surface oh boy oh boy he is this is what I'm talking about guys they can give you a run for your money they can give you a run for your money this may take a while this may take a while but it's gonna be should be quite the fight see he's running with it he is seriously running with it but I tell you guys it's gonna be well worth the cash you get off these guys are absolutely fantastic usually it's if it's usually at least a thousand if not more and that's a Lone Star Lake guys I mean you can't beat that that's the lowest level Lake here if you can get him in that is now I've got this as balanced out as I can get as you can see by the bars on the right and he is still giving me a fight he is going to make this not easy for me but persistence is what's going to make this work as it is gonna have to be persistence now if this goes on too long I will stop it so that you don't have to sit there and watch me fight this thing for ten or fifteen minutes but I can continue it on to its I can tell you this judging from this fish I think I'm gonna be here for a minute I am going to be here for a minute 230 and he just keeps pulling it back out this is one strong fish yeah I think as I'm gonna pause it here just for a minute and I'll bring it back if it gets any better all right guys we have finally started making some headway now I've been fighting this guy for quite some time but I'm finally getting him in I've literally it was about five minutes I guess he stayed about 200 and I just you know and see he can still make a run for it they don't give up easy but I think I'm not having this time finally he's finally getting tired there he is guys there he is ghost Pike your personal record 15 point 155 pounds awesome thirty-six point eight eight three inches and 1237 cash guys in Lone Star Lake 1237 cash that's the most you'll ever get at any time in this lake but we're gonna try over here on this location too because I've had some luck on this side too and I'm gonna see if I'm gonna have any more luck over here this time I know that was quite a fight my arms still tired from fit to be honest but we'll see if we can't get lucky over here as well you never know especially right now they seem to be really biting it somewhere around 11 o'clock wants a switched overloan o'clock everything changed all right well I'll bring you back guys if anything happens all right we've been at this for a little bit but so far nothing thoughts which to live there we go lifts and drops things to work every now and then here yep there we go boy I was hoping since I got him so closely maybe I wouldn't have to fight him for too long but it's not looking like that's gonna be the case not looking like it's gonna be the case guys boy don't don't run this out on me I really don't have the energy to another 200 foot plus come on come on if I keep doing this it usually keeps him off-balance come on come on you little bugger oh shoot he's getting up a little bit higher come on get back under 22 get back in her 30 at me there you go that's better come on come on give it up that's better that's better come on come on oh god we might have it here guys we might have it someone's I won't let it go slack too much get there you go that's better come on almost there that's it guys we got him well he isn't huge but he is a ghost bike well that's them guys I hope you enjoyed that episode always remember please be sure to share comment I could subscribe and guys I hope you come in here and try that but always remember aim straight casts far and have fun I will see you in the next episode bye bye [Music] [Music] you writing introduction for dissertation cheap Bramson ORT College.

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