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Un bon roman dissertation help

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yellow so there's a little look there's a little look at the front neck that keeps in place that's where the front actions for you busy and in there if you can see I've just put some washers where the look goes into the into the stuck and you might need to play around see how many you need I put two in there and and that helps to raise the front per erection this bit is not touched peepholes of it I'll leave that out for now just don't lose it yeah I've got this is just the stuck in the back there quite well stuck in there now but you should be able to see there's a couple of washes in that little little babies they cost nothing no I'll move this out of the way show you the other bit right so the trigger is at the back it's lit where you know a trigger blade is you've got the seer which is this bit where it engages so if I cut this you'll see that this isn't good I pull this you'll see it move away from the sear right the amount of the amount of trigger pull is dependent on the amount of sear engagement now smoothly serious and which is just it's just you got you trigger any see this as two surfaces that meet when you cock it that's one of the things how smooth it is and how much engagement is very little engagement on this one it breaks very easily and another pad is the spring that pushes the trigger forward and if you look you can see that that is a very tiny spring that's a spring from a biro pen that's what gives me the 8-ounce trigger pull and take this off all you need to do really simple right so there's the action out of the stock need to first remove the bolt pull all the way to the back press the trigger down and it should come out dead easy then you'll notice well then you'll notice that there's three pins on the trigger assembly one is just there that I'll just bring in place another one up there that M is the one that you need to check out to move the trigger out so that you can put the new spring in and this one is the one that deals with the sear and if you get a trigger kit from rimfire magic you can change the amount of searing a dream which we've talked about already M has an impact on you trigger pull and the creepy dude trigger you can put one of those all shims little brass shims around that pin there to make sure there's not creep any trigger and make it really sharp this one didn't need it neither did my 1:7 HMR I bet a lot of people don't need those little shim so you might not need it to room had just the trigger what I'm going to do is we're going to knock the this pin out the middle pin and I'm going to show you this is the barrel pen spring that one in there so I'm just going to take that out for you and put it back in just to show you how you do it so you need um some some kind of punch I've just got a little little buttered screwdriver and it's poking out a little bit more this side so I'll turn it over and do it that way around it around here get on there and then this one comes out fairly easily because it's been before yes might be a little bit stiff you've got your pin and you can see the spring is now loose so I can take that off and you can put any weight spring you want on this what I'd advise you to do is try a few different weights of spring and see what you like best make sure it passes the bump test where you bang it on the bangla gun on the book when the when it's cocked to see if see if it'll go off because you don't want it going off when you're going across a fence or anything like that or anywhere just because it was a random little bump then you put your new spring on your old spring in Marcus your feed their little shaft thing into a little hole there and if you can there we go then you back in bliss there they need to get your pin and feed that into there and then start getting a little bit of the hammer and then you punch like a screwdriver in my case make sure it's quite well support it underneath and if you then want to test it you don't need to put it back into the stock to test it you can just put the bolt back in and you'll see move the camera there that the the C is engaged that's the bit that comes off when you pull the trigger and Bob's your uncle and it should if the sear doesn't engage and the trigger then you need to play around with it if it doesn't pass the bump test which is a rubber mallet on the book very hard then you need to consider a heavier spring are playing around if you put a shim in you might want to play around with the different size shims I hope that will smell to you guys and good luck let me know you get on thanks bye you dissertation ethique et politique State University of New York at Morrisville.

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