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Uni duisburg dissertation

Uni duisburg dissertation longest phd dissertation introduction chapter 2 thesis examples [Music] hi everyone and welcome to IT chronicles clean and tech I'm Krista McGowan I'm here with my co-host Carla's Casanova across the and we're coming to you from knowledge 17 where we're talking today with Charlie bits now I'm used to introducing Charlie as my co-host so so Charlie tell us what's changed well I have taken a new role with Forrester as a principal analyst a little different work now where well it's it's kind of in the ecosystem right but yes and I've been an analyst before of course with Enterprise Management Associates another fine firm and it's a great challenge to be able to look broadly at the industry and write and speak and you know have an opinion that you could pay to have and a lot of time with what what sectors are you focusing on right now I'm the formal title the formal coverage area is called digital operations or digital operational excellence and of course it's a nice broad area that gives me a fair amount of leeway but in general it's covering ITSM Enterprise Service Management as well an IT asset management we're certainly are looking at operational questions but in general when I'm describing it it's the human to human aspects of IT management it's not app dev and it's not the lower closer to the metal stuff like you know cloud and all around I so knowledge 17 yeah you've been again on the other side and what that's doing the interviews yes you're in a different capacity now right needing ply with vendors and different organizations what do you know what are you seeing you know now that you have in slightly different applications with those folks a very good very good question it's been a really interesting conference and a conference where I will I'm walking away definitely feeling stretched and that I've grown and I've learned the whole enterprise service management idea know those you know me I mean I don't like to jump on bandwagons you know I try to be skeptical I try to be possible about these things and I've been somewhat skeptical skeptic about enterprise service management as you know we've had the accommodation on the right yeah but there's a couple I mean it sooner or later you know the data just you know you have to change your opinion to match the data and I'm hearing from far too many reference accounts and customers vendor in fact vendors of other vendors of even competitive tools you're saying half of our business is now coming from non IT non ITSM forms driven workflow and these stories just keep coming up over and over and over again and so I really do think it's an aspect of digital transformation and as I thought about well why is this happening and why is ServiceNow at the epicenter of this it occurred to me that you know there's have been a kind of a convergence of a number of factors that have made it possible so for example the idea of the service catalog or the service app store puts the owner of the IT service management tool in a privileged position to understand all the digital services in the enterprise and you know I could go on on this but it ended so it's really an interesting time right yeah we had a we spoke with another guest not too long ago and they were saying how its extended into the operational side and it's not it's not the server but essentially in you and I you know we've had this conversation it doesn't really matter what you call it it's got an IP address it's got data oh yeah so why are we treating it like it is and I'm dealing with production lines it really is no different that's the I said there was a number of converging forces and you absolutely you know nailed it the IOT yeah because the Internet of Things is actually you know it's like the question is is whether IT you know that you know the IT is kind of fading away into the background well no actually with digital transformation IT is permeating the whole business and what we're finding is is that the people who have been running operational technology actually need fairly sophisticated IT skills now that they're dealing with these massive distributed networks well who knows how to run a big distributed network and deal with me on network segmentation and dirty and all that kind of stuff it's your IT people it's not the people who have been running the turnkey very isolated systems on the shop floor so you've got this whole idea IT OT you know dynamic that's going on right yeah I think I wanted to define mean the other exciting thing that's happened to you an elastic supply was your book yes yes finish things okay well really good for their store an expense yes it is on lean club muse and it is in an early release on lean pub and yeah it's a textbook it's been written from the ground up for the modern digital student you know I'm positioning at visa vie the current now somewhat outdated crop of management information systems textbooks they may say that they're copyright 2016 but the thinking in them is still you know very waterfall very dated and I felt that there was a need I'm from my own class I teach at the University of st. Thomas and st. Paul Minnesota as an adjunct faculty I needed something from my own glass that was rewritten from the ground up from an agile lean and DevOps perspective because those really are the big trends and these are not fly-by-night you know phenomena as we all know this is the culmination of you know many years of industry thought and evolution well in that and sunny descended with the with the term evolution that was going to ask me was like some of the tipping was early is viewed as revolutionary early on but really it's just an evolution of a lot of stuff that yeah a lot of us have always talked about maybe never unhook the the labels on it the parameters around it but when you really look at what it is it's not that different than what we talked that we needed to address but the labeling is clear and the branding is clearing and right right yeah I think it's it's being here but we're sort of pulling it together and saying well this is what it actually is yeah we're developing a better common language as an industry and things that people people have known all along that you know software development and is a form of research and development and it's very difficult to put it in a prescriptive plan but the trouble is is you know that the the capital the capital budgets were driving you know to my mind it's always if I can rip a little bit on agile it's always struck me as a little odd sometimes you'll see you know agile people they'll be putting down waterfall and you know implications as how could people have even thought that would ever work you know I'm sorry you know the people who were building large computer systems in the 60s and 70s or some of the most freaking brilliant geniuses around and there were particular material reasons why they felt they had to do phase gated projects and really what changed was cloud cloud made agile possible because you were no longer going to the CFO with a twenty million budget or twenty million dollar budget request you didn't want to iterate on that request that was not good for your career but if and I mean the cloud thing I mean I and as you guys know I mean my my biggest issue with cloud is that I didn't come up with the term because I'd be a multi-millionaire by now what's you know to your point what's happening in the cloud is it really agile is it more waterfall I mean they're laying out structural stuff I mean it's by combination of all of it but we've just shifted a lot of these capabilities and approaches to more applicable areas right so the one that's doing the provisioning upfront right they need to be quick and go yeah first on the backend they've got a long strategy of how they want to grow and whatnot so yeah it's it's just kind of funny you know in terms of you know that labeling how it's somewhat smoke and mirrors but it doesn't matter so you have here in some of those agile people say oh how could it work we did get to the pip-boy industry is we did a deep you know a lot of it is a lot of it to your point and I think it's a very good one relies on the fact that some of the fundamental technologies have very long life cycles and what they are not iterating on tcp/ip every month the whole thing would break if they write you know they're right we assume are just going to be extraordinarily stable and they do take a lot of thought and a lot of analysis and a lot of you know the best spot in the human race goes into those fundamental you know concepts but most of it just takes for granted you know a you know the work of the I Triple E remains as relevant as ever right company that guys like it at arounds us you know what we just we just assume and then we don't then we spent up our you know our our nodejs thing and we you know do a bunch of angular and get that website up there and allow or so felt like well I don't think you're supposed to do that a substrate exact having and I guess that's really where cloud is kind of becoming that next piece right oh just there it'll happen digital works yeah but yeah yeah exactly so Charlie I mean obviously we you know we could literally week ago and we have on Vinick is here thank you very much joining us in a different capacity you'll know I'm exceeding three forward to doing this again somewhere else in the ocean absolutely let's make it happen thank you Charlie [Music] order master dissertation order Adelphi University, Garden City.

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