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Wind turbine dissertation ideas

Wind turbine dissertation ideas sex at dawn book review new york times sprawa dla reportera 20 grudnia 2018 ´╗┐loma jessica graders leader here from the beautiful islands of Hawaii where had an amazing time for the past nearly six weeks now these are my last days I'm ending this this trip here I'm Hawaii on the island of Maui I will certainly be sad to leave but there's some exciting things ahead to coming up that I want to share with you there's been some very very wonderful teachings here in Hawaii I really encourage you to watch those videos and interviews and video blogs have done from here there is such a beautiful rainbow energy here I felt so much to love and most of all I have found the connection and the love with the earth I have heard of it but I really experienced a strong strong connection especially to the island of Kauai where I felt the mana where I felt this energy and I'm very very thankful for this because I think this is a very important time where we should connect to mother earth where we should really feel and know that this is a living being and that she is part of this adventure and I've noticed that since I've connected to the earth in this deeper way in this really real way hearted way then a lot more synchronicities and amazing things have come ever experianced really what what I think is the abundance of life here I've felt so much the generosity of the land of the people a lot of things have been provided for magically and randomly the people I was supposed to interview community stepped up we did a lot of meetings and I feel connected to also this rock that I have now around my neck that it really represents the earth to me and so many different things on you levels that have happened that I could have you not even wish for and you guys online and the comments and the connection that we have is really really a big rock there is really a big rock and it helps to create this juicy tour there's so many ways that this tour is made possible and one of them is because of this energy because of the circulation of energy and how it's going out to the world right now with some important information i feel that is needed that we that are part of our journey it's not a must but it is supportive on this journey and I know it's not everyday easy it's not everyday easy either from here I'm overcoming a lot of challenges and fears and I feel more and more free in who I am and what I'm up to and what's next and I can feel now the energy the particles kind of being up in the air and ready to materialize ready to become something very soon it's like you can feel the energy i'm just waiting for the energy to come down and to come and and so that it's really really clear because i'm starting to have the vision right it's like still up in the air and it's still right there it's real really close and I love to feel that and to see it in my mind's eye to be able to recognize it and to know that there's no now doubts to have because we are all perfectly aligned with our life purpose and it is the journey and by life purpose I mean doing what we're supposed to do which is doing things that we do with love and then I feel we're on the life purpose then things unfold are shown to us were guided and we have to do it for no other reason than wanting to connect in this way it is a non conditional I am heading to Texas only for two days in Houston so I would really really love for people i know a lot of people watch these videos and texas i would love to meet you guys i'll be having a little booth there on the 30 30 and 30 first of july then i'm heading to chicago from the first to the six i will be interviewing carolyn miss and some other wonderful people so from the first to the six of august then on the seventh i'll be flying to toronto i'm jessica shop i'm invited by the shunned areas they're there fighting me with the car accommodation i'll be doing many videos with jessica that i have already interviewed on on video blogs then i'll be heading to Montreal I've also have attracted a wonderful bed and breakfast that is offering nights there and I've been offered the car to actually use from Toronto from missionaries back to Toronto so i'll be doing I'll be going to montreal on the seven eight nine and no actually seven eight nine will be Toronto nine ten eleven of August will be Montreal and then Quebec until the fourteenth and then drive back from Quebec to Monterey out to Toronto and then on the 15 I fly to Boston where I just received an email yesterday from Candace that says I've been watching your videos for a while and I want to offer you a car at home anyway of support I can so she totally it was just amazing to see that kind of support when i open my inbox because i had that fear yeah you know how am I going to do it on the East Coast it's expensive to the nation's the financial support is a little bit low right now so if you know people that count support initiatives like that and the tour please tell them about the true seat or and the cash is also very important though the abundance of all the wonderful people everything has been donated it's so many different ways has been such a blessing and I feel so blessed that it didn't happen in another way with maybe sponsors earlier because I couldn't have received such a connection and such so many insights if money would have been here right away so I'm so so grateful for this journey and after Boston and that's where I'm making a big calling New York City New York City if some of you guys are from there no people there I would love to find accommodation there on Manhattan I will be there from the 19th to the 25th of August my birthday is a 20 of august so I'm thinking of being there there's lots of people wonderful people to interview let me know if you know some people to interview my emails lelu at leo messi calm I don't check my messages on youtube so please just I won't be able to answer them I actually received quite a lot of help now from Bonnie David so on the coke reading our reality website and on facebook messages so that she helps me retrieve some of those important ones or just you know find a way and as much as I can I try to answer the question throughout videos rather than one on ones but it is exciting it is exciting how everything is unfolding I would love to be able to in November go to Argentina in Peru there are some things happening there so I'm looking to manifest this flight they're fun quite a good good some good flights there's much be true that would be a wonderful place I feel to be there on 11 11 11 I'll need some translators only to be going there i'm thinking of rose i think Rose I've met her and I don't know she see this video rose but I met you in Santa Fe and he's you're bilingual and you would love to go there so these are very exciting adventures and so I would like to expand the GC living tour this year to the Americas instead of just North America and maybe there's some new destinations that will open up for end of august or beginning of September or December and the end of GC living tour with a cruise or maybe a week but most likely accrues from Los Angeles to Hawaii with Michael Lucy and hanging out all of us and everybody could come so we're looking actively into that too so that's what's cooking my beautiful co-creators there's a lot of conscious people there's a lot of amazing amazing stories I'm good upload right now an interview with Peter Johnson this really full-on guy that was on a venture capitalist in New York City sold many many complaints for billions of dollars and invest in conscious companies had near-death experiences himself has a wife for 35 years each of his kid to the date is seven years apart and has a wonderful story about Transcendental Meditation and his relationship to spirits and it's just really really very very inspiring it's a full-on 360 story that I could have never dreamed of and I met him on a beach randomly you would think so that's for the little updates / beautiful corporator I look forward meeting you i hope to meet you in one of those cities and find a way to meet i will be setting up meetups to and I post those on the schedule and juicy living tour as much as possible there's always the facebook that I'm quite active on I have several of them one of them is maxed out the personal Facebook one but I have the fan one I have two juicy living tour 1 i'm creating a second personal one under / lee new messy too and the fan page is / lee dumas a web TV and juicy living tour one is / GG living tour and i also want to remind you that there's some really exciting every single day I up with some love videos from my iphone and that's a slash juicy living tour instead of the main one that is slash Linoone messy so I upload in real time some videos there and there are a lot of fun I found myself on a on the set of a movie there's going to come out next year called reality of truth Deepak Chopra is part of it and Ram Dass and some other wonderful people and that's where i met peter jensen and the ended up interviewing me so i posted the behind the scene and the cameras i thought this is such a cool set up right on the beach of kaanapali where wayne dyer lives and I was able to to see him no interview at this time I think he's really recovering and he's quiet time recovering from leukemia so that's it my beautiful book readers I sending much love and I look forward to more adventures with you dissertation sur le romancier et ses personnages School of Law.

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