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Write for me buy a dissertation order the nebular hypothesis clayton ca weather report ´╗┐tonight's top story lieutenant governor drew Wrigley admits to an extra marital affair big question is should it preclude him from running for governor in the great state of North Dakota good evening and welcome to 630 point of view I'm Chris Berg thanks so much for joining us well news broke last night about drew Wrigley's affair and Rob port from sanding blog.com and a chance to speak with mr. Wrigley yesterday afternoon and Rob joins us tonight live via Skype Rob of course thanks so much for joining us what's kind of certainly beginning maybe of this whole situation you apparently got somewhat anonymous email I'm curious what was in that email was it a very detailed description of what's been happening mr. Wrigley's life or just kind of a general hey you should be aware of this yeah well cuz I I know the business that we work in we hear a lot of rumors I mean that's just sort of i'm sure you get it the same way i do so you know I'm used to getting emails like this you know people with agendas people motive sending things around with you know varying degrees of veracity this particular one rung true to me and what I had it some details was the name of the names of the people involved where they worked so some some alleged details of the affair in issues like that when I got it you know I obviously want one of the things to be you know responsible something like this if you start calling around and asking about the rumor you're spreading the rumor frankly so you know essentially what I did is I I went to the people involved immediately including the lieutenant governor uh and you know basically worked on him he was not responding to me initially when I was attempting to uh to contact him and then ultimately I think it got to the point where you know so many people were repeating this rumor i think it's just something he felt he had to he had to acknowledge and and then he and i ended up speaking and of course i ended up publishing the story so the first time you actually spoke simdi come clean and say okay Rob here's the situation or well you know he had a hit an intermediary who was you know sort of you know drew is is talking about this or drew is you know I there was an intermediary at first but yeah the first time I talked to them you know bae sickly we knew what we were gonna discuss and then he was going to be uh admitting to an affair and who was the intermediary that was a pat fakin oh so past basically just what doing trying to block things out or what you know i don't i don't know the nature that relationship um you know that's that's uh you know I'd never be a question for Drew I all I know is that that Pat reached out to me on Drew's behalf when I was I was pushing grew up frankly I I had told drew Andrew wouldn't when he wasn't responding to me you know i said my next step here is I'm gonna start putting in open records request for this you know I'd rather not go searching blind for this why don't why don't we have a discussion you know that point thinking reached out to me and said that you know Drew was discussing it with his wife and and you know ultimately we ended up having a conversation so you you know your former p I you've got a good gut in the situation some people are saying hey this email came from Stan Johnson Porter some are saying from Jim whew whew hew so I guess run the North got a Democrat Party any idea who sent you this email no idea honestly and you know in a situation like that you know again I'm not gonna take what and on when an anonymous email tells me it's a face value you know I'm not gonna take that and run you know and this it since I felt there was a ring of truth I went to the source I confirm the story and I published you know I can't speak to the motivation of whoever leaked it to me the story was news whatever the motivation of the email whoever set the email so obviously Pat finkin is I don't know being a guardian or whatever you want to call this is he's is he the one that determined hey there's gonna be no recorded interviews or was that a request to be a Drew and if so why not and that was a request via drew and I don't know that's a question for Drew um I don't know okay when you spoke with Drew and I know you and I obviously spoke yesterday at quite some length did Drew come to you and say all right rod here's the deal I'm gonna give you this interview you're going to have the exclusive situation to break the story but just embargo it till 9pm or how that conversation go down ya well what what I was told is that he didn't want it recorded he did not want the names of the of the earth the woman had an affair with in her husband divulged arm which which is something I agreed to it with the stipulation that if if if there is other connections I thing came out that there was some sort of an official connection uh the to drews obviously official you know position is lieutenant governor other that I would consider those names to be in play uh if they're just private citizens then I I was fine with the remaining private and then the last stipulation he wanted to wait until 9pm um i was told that that was because he wanted to tell you know get friends and family some notice that this was coming out obviously i was i was sensitive to the fact that there's family and children involved with with this news becoming public in the meantime I unbeknownst to me he had other you know interviews lined up after my interview so those those happened I i was aware that's my question to you was it ever explicitly stated to you that you had an exclusive interview with him no okay but it was never forthright saying hey Rob here's the deal man interview we haven't in review I'd also other interviews because as you know as well as I do 9pm Mike no Watsky dropped the story as well yeah you know I honestly I wasn't privy to any of that you know I was told you know where you're gonna have a conversation and then we're gonna drop the story at nine and you know if you would agree to hold off on the story till nine I agreed to that I was not aware of him having an interview with anybody else uh you know I I guess I I assumed that I was the only one he was talking to but you know I've made a lot out of my part I certainly didn't ask you're getting exactly to the heart of what I'm getting at here's a gentleman that obviously lied to his wife has been lying now for quite some time Benny sorta goes on the sword has this maiya culpa going hey I told her a while ago we're healing I'm gonna have my change of ways and then it sounds like to you that he did not have full disclosure so I just is this a character issue or what's going on here well i mean i don't know i mean you want to talk about full disclosure I I wish that he had been a little bit more forthright with some of the details I wish we knew a little bit more about the timeline of the affair um you know I I think that could be important lining it up maybe with his professional calendar I don't know I I think there may be some stuff there that the public still deserves oh you know as far as how he handled it rolling it out to the media you know listen interviews like that one are hard to get and you know I I thought that the stipulations he asked me to comply with were fair I complied with them and really I didn't think it was my business whether or not he's talking other media you know again I thought I'm not the gatekeeper I'm a guy asking questions I ask the questions I thought was fair I wrote my story whoever else he talked to his his business so we're talking about obviously forgiveness year and hey you know what I made a mistake I want to get this thing out there did he come forward because it was the right thing to do or did he come forward he was kind of painted himself in a box he's like whoa I'm in trouble here I got to get out in front of this thing you know I I you know I I was communicated to me that there was a plan you know all along to to release this later this week and the rumors became so intense better moved up that timeline um so you know I honestly I can't speak to most of that you know I I don't want to put words in his mouth I don't know what his motivations were i can tell you my timeline was you know I I was trying to reach him about the rumors which I felt had a level of veracity to them he initially wouldn't talk to me I said my next step was to begin filing open records request then he spoke with me now i don't know if that's what motivated him to speak or not I can't speak to that all I know is from my side of the table that's what the timeline was Rob is always man tremendous tremendous work thanks to your time sure and we appreciate it yeah thanks Chris check out the story and much much more Rob's a blog obviously say anything blog duck I mean another great story about the human d nickname you gotta wonder what in the world this committee is doing stay with us when we come back we've got our bison breakdown segment Valley News live sports director Beth Hoole is going to join me also at the end of the show and my final view tonight I'm going to share with you my thoughts about this lieutenant governor drew Wrigley situation stay with us much more coming up and as always love to know your thoughts on a drew Wrigley situation you can let us know right there your point of view facebook email us Twitter libres the voicemail we'll be right back doktorarbeit schreiben blockade Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson.

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