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Write for me dissertation editing uk reportage aquariophilie recifal houle csr india report for kids I think we're six stop sinning we're still good two more to go so it's so crazy this is what we love about through tours like learning these like all facts and interesting in two or three different countries now we've done food tours and we found it to be an awesome way to like learn a little bit of history see some of the culture like through the food and of course like good it's just incredible food as well so today we're going with eating London Tours known as eating Europe to us because it got a few different tours to realize your other places in Europe possibility and today we're doing the East End tour it's gonna be three or four yeah as eight different stops so I think it's unlike typical like local British food to beer there's like deserts yeah we're excited but we're also like talking fast because we're cold it's eight degrees today which is very cold for us anyway we'll just come to any area called Spitalfields it's ten o'clock in the morning and we're about to go and check out a market I think but we needed to find find our yeah find our tool guy so we've been up with our host Nicole and we've just found a little bit about the East End which was interesting that this place was like rejected years ago rejected it was apparently like it was the slums it was a burial ground yeah whereas now if you look around the streets here it is such an awesome area it's like it's very new age like a lot of cool cafes like Daniel Wellington stores and there's like feels like there's a real culture here yeah we're sitting on the street now because we're outside our first place st. John Brennan wine and we're going inside for bacon apparently rated number one by the Guardian so that's [Music] so we've got our bacon sandwiches they've got bacon in them that it's been cured for like three weeks I think and then the bread is so nice it's just I can't we're not going in [Music] that's really good so I forgot to meet you then there's also a and we've just been told that it's like when you step inside you're gonna notice a really nice beautiful wooden interior articles for a variety of sources it's like quintessentially English as well so it's coming from like an old pub comes from a hospital and that church right there that you see Christ Church Spitalfields as Kay and Peter actually went in when it was flooded and damaged bought the wood secondhand to design the interior of the English restaurant the reason that we're here is to eat a bread and butter pudding which might sound really basic and the funny thing is that actually was in the 15th century apparently that's wind this meal or which is now which is a sort of develop just basically out of poverty and since then it's like being developed now they use like three or grid and it's like caramelizes custard and all these like nice little sweet two things so they were just sitting down now I'm gonna have a little bit of a walk around in this pub and then we're gonna have dessert as well sick Burnett so I can make sure of like crispy on the outside but on the inside is like I don't say soggy because that makes it seem like it's not like beautiful but it's really sweet really puffy and there's like sultanas and stuff in there as well just like a tiny little tray perfect the mountain in the tip on top as well and it's like a sweet creamy sort of mixture to save for one more night it was also reported you were probably safe for sleeping on the outside than the inside because of the poor hygiene conditions we were just told that behind us is we're famous like murder scene happens where Jack the Ripper murdered somebody so it's so crazy this is what we love about food tours like learning these like full effects and yeah history it's so interesting because we would walk around this area and have no idea yeah it's like Jack the Ripper at one end and then going to have food they do have national bishop rewards in this country he was named the winner 2014 and then how years fish and chip shop in 2015 so we are officially stepping into the best champion town [Applause] [Music] join one of the most famous fish and chip shops in the UK will in London anyway and fish and chips is like a massive thing yeah it's like that I don't know people say this dear look like their national dish but so the food might not look great on face but just explain one of God's awesome then you like french fried chips cod fish and mushy peas which is basically peas like peas like mashed together I'm gonna start with a piece because this is a very British thing solar peas [Music] that's really nice a little bit sweet which I didn't expect does ice exactly you do expect it's like it's mashed beat the story behind this place is sort of been in the family for generations and I called copy which is why it's called puppies and he's Kimpton looking very similar to what first was when he opened so pour out the wars is like pictures of people that he used to watching TV this whole music playing is all of this little nostalgic pieces all over the walls as well the way they doing here they're gonna do the fresh like the frisk Rufus but the crumb is not does it just taste like Brady and tastes almost like flaky in a way you didn't expect and if the fish is as you'd expect absolutely delicious super fresh I'm not gonna try the fries we know they taste like I've got to mention one other fascinating thing about Poppy's actually is that it's now illegal apparently to use newspaper for fish and chips which is normally the chips and the fish come wrapped in newspaper he spent twenty five thousand pounds to keep it traditional 25 thousand pound to get two tons worth of paper made with edible ink on it so that he could still keep it traditional we've just stopped off at a little cheese shop for a little quick taste over and really get the chance it feel much in there but now we're on the way to I shall not sure I think maybe Linux offers beer [Music] so just finished up at a very local pub so nice and feels like somebody's living room or lounge yeah and we just tried was it pale pale yeah sort of similar what a parallel would be now but it's just like an ale it's an ale I don't really know the difference and then also a cider which is really nice yes super like traditional and not sugary a not sugary at all very very nice [Music] that's know Anna tried three traditional dishes are you ready yeah there's some really really awesome stuff around here this it looks like very old and there's a lot of like a lot of graffiti as well as some really cool street art as well some of the places we've been in there have been quite difficult to film in like talk inside is very loud and very small like very echoey so hopefully we'll be able to show some of the awesome food that we've been having I think we're six stops in and we're still good two more to go there he goes bagels and they're like some sort of a dessert as well we think so I'm gonna go check out some street art now hopefully the walking clears our stomach a little bit [Music] so this car here is actually from Banksy not the white one but this one here which is enclosed another awesome piece here is actually this bow and arrow what's quite cool about there is it's just sort of freestanding and you might not realize until you turn around the other side of the square and here's all the arrows that is a shame we don't have longer to explore this brick lane area if you're coming to London highly recommend take a walk around it's like an incredible area it's sort of hard to explain but it's like a cultural feel here there's a lot of like their graffiti influenced a lot of cool little new shops and everything and apparently people absolutely love bagels so we've been a largest like crew walking around the streets here but none of these people are with us okay this is our next spot right now yeah it's just about to stop talking and I tasted some of the mustard it's very spicy this is not gonna be pretty it's so big like salted beef hot mustard and gherkin these flavors just worked so well together I can understand this place is open 24/7 apparently and where is acute all hours of the day and night and morning and now I know why [Music] this is the last stop got some English tape and salted caramel chocolate pistachio nuts with like biscuit crumbs on the bottom islands my bed note was that there and it's really sticky and really thick the caramel layer morning it's great so rich the caramel is like really really salted I know it's a food tour not a dessert tour but this is the favorite this is the highlight of the day for me so it's all eight stops done it was I think it was four hours yes it's just over four hours yeah there was a lot of different stops so it was kind of hard to capture at all yeah but it was such a cool day and Nicole our tour guide was awesome if you are coming to London we'd like we definitely can highly recommend these guys they actually run a couple of other tours as well with eating London tours I'll put the link in the description below also if you are coming to to Europe as a whole definitely check out some of the other locations Prague there's a couple of others as well yeah so there's some like amazing experience we're so full yeah it's a shame we couldn't capture all of the history and all of the comments and everything but this video would be like documentary Lee as always guys thank you so much for watching and we'll catch you in the comments [Music] dissertation reference harvard style outline Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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