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Write for me dissertation writing services fred bahou state reports plus 2 english question paper ´╗┐we're on fieldturf here today at civic stadium which has been refurbished we'll talk about that more as the broadcast goes long and the wolves in their Road white uniforms red helmets Western Washington in all blue blue pants blue helmets blue jerseys and we're ready to go Bruce focus will kick it off from the 35 yard line his kick is in the air it's going to carry all the way yar deep into the endzone and be returned there by Craig Gardner Gardner out to the 1015 tripped up dives across the 20 of the 21 yard line but good coverage by western Oregon Matt Buki Andrew Jackson and I believe Tyler Wilson all in on the tackle that time Craig garner 56 160 that's not a misprint I'm not miss speaking he's a starting tailback and he had a great debut last weekend against Central Washington 180 yards on the ground he'll lined up behind the quarterback the senior James mondrian 6 22 32 year starting here for the Vikings long count by monitoring he'll throw looking left side short drop in and out of the hands of the intended receiver Travis McKie and complete will be second and 10 McKee one of the the top targets for Monterey and he goes six foot five a six foot five white out sophomore from Bothell Washington when you don't excuse me Russ you don't want your quarterback to lob that pull out there in a flat like that he's got to put some zip on it trips right for the Vikings but they'll keep it on the ground that's garner he'll cut it back inside and not much there at all maybe two yards at best out to the 23 yard line as the wolf's around Garner and casey o'donnell one of the guys in on the tackle that time wolves have been very very good against the run all year they al allowed just 66 yards per game that ranked seventh in the country third down and eight for the vikings and they are going to have a man offside jumped a little bit they were going to throw they'll send McKee left and also with him will be killing Ali and then tied in double tight inset kind of curious in a passing situation we'll see what the Vikings do mondrian will roll to his left and he'll look to throw deep down the field he goes it's up for grabs and it will be incomplete western Washington McKee made a nice adjustment on that got actually underneath buck Myron almost caught the football buck mar was right there a good cover nice move by makita almost catch it so on to punt for the Vikings will be Corbin Anderson he's standing at his own two-yard line back to receive for Western is not Tyler Newton I believe that's going to be and the punt just gets away it won't be returned anyway a big bounce Sean Kelly nemogu will let it go out of bounds at the Wolves 42 it is a first down that's what these two teams are going to need today is hang on to the football move the chains burn some clock and of course when you get down the red zone you want to score touchdowns not field goals shotgun this time for mondrian again left side as a short side and he'll throw their complete on a little hook route gain of maybe ball now at the Viking 47 well and danny hart was all over the receivers right there but mondrian just drilled that ball right into that little spot we got some mix-up here by Western Oregon we got Darden on the wrong side of the field now the wolves get adjusted motion man is McKee from left to right but they'll run it left side to garner Gardner gets a little bit of a hole and he will get himself a first down and get into Western Oregon Territory running back back to this side picked up big yardage Vikings come out of the huddle very quickly they don't spend a lot of time back there that's an hour and then a couple times looks like the world's not quite ready they're not quite set by the time the Vikings are ready to snap the ball first and ten here's garner again left side gets a little bit of a whole ball is loose it is fumbled it is picked up though by the Vikings garner had already picked up approximately five yards fumbled the football but alertly falling on it was bred up church 930 to go first quarter no score Vikings with their second possession of the football game they've got two first downs already I backfill this time for quarterback Monterey and here comes the wolves on the Blitz mondrian will roll riding old man wide open because of the blitz catch is made down the sidelines off to the 30 and knocked out at the 28 yard line was Tyler Roberts pressive drive by the Vikings third first down of this Drive and Tyler York was supposed to run by their running back as he was supposed to sack the quarterback if you can get to him in time but on the twenty-eighth Vikings mondrian rolling to his right got all kinds of time he'll throw towards the enzyme ball is in the air it is tipped away by Jay Darden excellent defensive play second down and ten white side of the field is the left side this time on the right hashmark minor ian will hand it to garner garner will cut to the left side cuts through he's got writing to him he's off to the races touchdown Western Washington on a 28-yard scamper by craig garner found themselves a running back it's dangerous i q SE yeah so the vikings will try and add to it they're six point lead becoming a seven-point lead with that extra point right there and it is good if he's going to do that he's got to throw it harder than that he threw that ball you know right in the middle of the field where there's going to be a defender not a good decision like you say Russell I think he knows that obviously seven minutes to go first quarter Vikings lead 70 they scored last time to go back to work his gardener on a end around and he gets back to the line of scrimmage no more than that as the Bulls are waiting for him shake things up a little bit though but I think they need to stick with what's worth what's worked and not change things all around now the coaches for Western or I can know their team better me but that's my thought second down and ten mondrian five-step drop he'll throw over the middle it is complete upchurch and he'll have a first down at the Viking 48-yard good job on the part of the receiver to find the open area in the secondary for Western Oregon twins right one left garner the running back motion man now it comes back from right to left they'll go on the ground though to garner he'll try and pick his way through not much room couple of yards just shy the 50-yard line that time for garner before he swallowed up Vikings scored on a 28-yard run by Gardner on after a very impressive drive that went about 70 yards second possession of the game for the Vikings this is their third possession right now trips right mondrian looking left though and looking to throw the ball up for grabs down the field to make-- he'll make the catch but he's out of bounds and it will be incomplete average man at 6-foot you got an advantage buckling a good coverage that time bye bye Nick Smith third down and eight shock information for Mondrian and the Vikings he'll look to throw looking left now you'll step on the pocket try and run for it in he will not get it you're not easy to bring down though is he Tyler you or callate a pretty good lick on him but then still needed help from Matt so second punt of the day for the Vikings and Corbin Anderson transferred from Eastern Washington University he'll be standing at his own 38 kicking towards Sean Kelly nemogu wolves will send eight and won't quite get there pretty good punt high and fair catch called by Sean at the 16 yard line Vikings lead 70 left probably ends here for one more play before we switch ins shock information a little flip pass out here to the man coming around from the illness John Williams he'll get a couple of yards to the 30 before he's brought down by nick smith casey o'donnell and zach kristofferson there as well that signals the end the first 15 minutes will switch ends Vikings lead it's take ourselves a 60 second timeout its western Washington seven western Oregon zero back after this second down in about eight for the Vikings from their own 31-yard line mondrian will go back to the ground that's garner trying to get around the right corner he does across the 35 he is fast on the right hashmark mondrian will send twin receivers left side one to the right I back field goals in a 4-3 defense mondrian pitch the garner ball loose on the ground it will be recovered by Mondrian though it just ran that play right before the end of the first quarter of the other direction for pretty good yard of course you got to open your hands in order to catch the football and that didn't look like he ever did get it in the palm of his hands second and 15 from the 37 yard line of Western Washington mondrian up under center short drop looking right dumps it over the middle it is incomplete who they're going to throw a flag and I believe that'll be pass interference and it should be first intent down marker still says second but it is first and ten Vikings monitoring on printer center again will roll to his left and throw back to his right as a tight end screen complete with a little bit of running the room up the right sideline for Tyler Berkeley second down and four ball on the 49 we're just under way here in the second quarter Vikings lead 7-0 twin receivers left for quarterback james mondrian they'll stay on the ground that's Garner he'll go right up the middle cut back to the left and finally thrown down behind the line of scrimmage buy dissertation writing in word online SUNY Farmingdale.

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