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Write for me editor for dissertation for money

Write for me editor for dissertation for money sample essay about bullying in school verizon fios 500mbps review of literature ´╗┐fifteen things you didn't know about Venice welcome to a less calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired hello a Luxor's welcome to our new video in which we will tell you all about an exclusive destination which has always been a hot favorite among the rich and the famous there are thousands of wonderful vacation destinations around the world but only a few that are really elite one of those extra special locations is the beautiful city of Venice it is located in northern Italy and is famous because it is the only city that is built on water with canals criss crossing through every part of it Venice is an ancient city with an interesting history but here are 15 things about Venice which truly make it a one-of-a-kind city if you love art and architecture then there is no place better than Venice for your next break Venice is fondly referred by many names including queen of Adriatic city of water and city of masks just to name a few number one city of Venice is made of 117 small man-made islands all the hundred and seventeen small islands are connected one to the other by over 400 incredible bridges with canals roughly dividing the city into six districts out of them San Marco is probably the most popular one mostly because it talks the main tourist attractions its streets are filled with luxury designer and souvenir shops and luxury hotels talking about hotels have you seen our video about the most expensive hotels yet you can check it out by clicking at the top right corner those prices are insane number 2 Venice and Point Orient Express when thinking about traveling to Venice what better way to travel in style and luxury then to book a journey on the Venice szimpla Orient Express train you can start your journey from London to Paris and travel to Venice through the Swiss Alps for approximately six thousand dollars for a couple offering delightful vintage cabins five-star cuisine delicious afternoon teas scrumptious four-course dinners add to that lively onboard entertainment will definitely make your journey one of the world's finest travel experiences so now you know how to get to Venice in style but wait do you know there are no cars or automobiles in the whole city yes that is right because the whole city is surrounded with water so you will need to ride a gondola to get anywhere in Venice which brings us to our next point number three taking a ride in the gondola taking a trip to Venice and failing to ride a gondola is like going to France and ignoring the Eiffel Tower it is interesting to know that there are only four gondola AE licenses given per year and there are only around four hundred licensed gondolas in operation and if you spend 80 euros you can also go on a gondola ride just like Selena Gomez in the weekend did just a few days ago and if you are taking someone special with you than it is worth noting that according to Venetian tradition the couple riding in the gondola should kiss under each bridge and they will stay in love forever number four sidious festival carnival of Venice one of the biggest local celebrations in Venice is the carnival of Venice which lasts two to three weeks it began in 1094 as a public celebration to honor the days preceding Lent these days the carnival last ten days still in the pre Easter period the special thing about this carnival is that people wear all sorts of masks and costumes and there are a lot of mass parties in different parts of the city people see masks as a symbol of the quality and mystery they can hide their identities and pretend to be whoever they want by the way if you'd like to know the price of the most expensive Venetian mask then keep on watching number five the most expensive Venetian mask in the world costs a whopping two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a one-of-a-kind custom made mask made of a large sunburst headpiece embellished with crystals bead and regal crown is up for auction and all the proceeds will go to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation this mask is hand painted by three renowned Venetian artists and is made of 24 karat gold and has 100 grams of platinum some pieces and 5-1 karat Canadian diamonds number six secret luxury spots along the Grand Canal in Venice the Grand Canal not only connects most of Venice's top tourist attractions it is one of its top attractions curving in a reverse s through the heart of the city it is also Venice's main high street bustling with traffic a lot of luxury hotels are located along the Grand Canal some high-end Wednesday motels seat Brioni the gritty Calais Danielli and the - which are loved by celebrities of the gritty Palace and hotel amend Canal grande and since a Lux is although providing the best luxury we're going to tell you more about what makes Hotel non Canal grande so special number seven Hotel among canal grande situated on the Grand Canal is this luxury hotel the Clooney's opted to spend their wedding night in the 16th century grande canal side Palazzo which says it all the hotel has a roof terrace a spa and gym a bar a library and a dining room serving Thai and Italian cuisine rates start from $1,300 a night number 8 Venice Film Festival ever since the Venice Film Festival the oldest Film Festival in the world debuted in 1932 this enchanting City has become a magnet in the entertainment industry a listers flocked to the famous canals to shoot films get married and vacation here number 9 Venice has the most palaces plays at in one place Venice has more than 450 palaces or locally known as policy and important buildings which were built during the 12th to 18th century in a number of architectural styles including gothic by Vatican and barrack the best way to see and appreciate all these grand palaces is by taking a vapor a toe a water taxi from San Marco to Porto Roma number 10 most romantic suite in Venice for Valentine's Day everyone from Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have stayed here in the past the hotels top accommodation literally is the top floor Rendon tortora the suite can be booked from about 16,000 to under per night on entering this exclusive suite you will walk into a living room adorned with polished terrazzo floors and frescoed walls leading to a cozy bedroom or hand-woven rugs stretch over parquet floors and venetian mirrors covers silk damask wall you can climb the spiral staircase to which the suites 2,700 square foot rooftop terrace and private swimming pool with 360-degree views of the city and Grand Canal and how the Valentine's you won't forget in a long time number 11 do you know it's impossible to find an address in Venice if you have friends who have already been to Venice then they would have certainly told you a story about how they got lost there and had a great time finding their way back to their hotel this is very common in Venice because the houses are numbered according to the districts not the streets that is confusing even for a postman they're the easiest way for orientation is to look for the proximity of some monument shop or famous building number 12 the narrow street in the world is in Venice then it has many narrow streets the narrowest street in Venice is called Caleta aroma very schoo and is located on a side street near campus and Cassiano it measures only 53 centimeters wide at chest level number 13 Venice is sinking the water levels in Venice are constantly rising due to global warming it's actually sinking five times faster than we initially thought in 2008 during a flood the water was everywhere some people are even saying Venice will totally disappear by 2030 but most experts are already working on flood plans to reverse this number 14 Casino de venise is known to be the oldest Casino in the world it has been operating since 1638 if you want to try your hand and make more money than this casino offers separate rooms for French and American games and contains over 600 slot machines number 15 controversy over Venice theme park plan did you know there's controversy surrounding a 68 million euro plan to build an amusement park in one of the islands of Venice an Italian firm wants to build the amusement park complete with 160 foot tall ferris wheel and a roller coaster on sakhaa Santiago an artificial island made from landfill the theme park if ever made would be powered with renewable energy would include giant screens playgrounds for children and a walking path Venice is the most romantic city in the world from delicious Italian food to ancient buildings surrounded by well manicured gardens and canal front restaurants you will never want to leave Venice do you think Bennett should have its own theme park do you think it would be a good idea or do you think a modern theme park would not fit in this ancient architecture of Venice let us know in the comments as a special bonus for watching till now we can tell you the first female gondola a got her license in 2010 ending 900 years of tradition of appointing only male gondolas although she will still be required to Don the traditional white and blue striped shirt black trousers and as the gondolas code requires matching shoes thank you for spending some time with us a lectures make sure to LIKE and subscribe so you never miss another video we also hand-picked these videos which we recommend you watch next you can talk to us on social media or ask us questions on our website at a Lux calm thank you for being an a lexer methode de la dissertation en economie State University of New York at Cortland.

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