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Write for me finish your dissertation once and for all order

Write for me finish your dissertation once and for all order the ross report podcast one socrate castellana grote prezi presentation yo what's going on guys i know i haven't uploaded in a couple days but as many of you guys know yesterday madden was down for most of the day and UJ record and then upload in the morning sometimes noon one o'clock around there but i think i might change it to uploading around four or five o'clock just to see how that goes but not much of an update here to the squad mainly because i've been playing online because you guys know at least some of you guys know the run pass glitch if not you can look it up i'm not really going to go in detail about that because i really don't like the whole thing but they did release a new flashback player DeAngelo Williams here i think his items are going to be too expensive at the moment yep 50k 10 mil bunch of nonsense but maybe for my next player of view i try out a different or a defensive player because i don't really want to try out any running backs because it the ron paschal it's like they just know you're running the ball so there's no chance of me like doing too well i mean some people don't know about it but i'm sure most people do but i think i'll end up turning this episode because I'm not really too sure what to talk about right now will check on my solo challenges currently at 29 2 512 I've been playing too many of them but i think what i'm going to end up doing simply form up masters just get to this team master item and I think you need eight of them and I already got one of them as you can see two games away from having to so I'll probably just end up doing a couple of those to get the master items and eventually get mop master but we'll probably just end up playing a draft champs game here getting so here's my team right here definitely not the best team I've ever played with I didn't get any running backs these running backs right here ain't too bad let's see quarterback is pathetic the defense is really good here for this team though I really want to try to do a player of you on this janoris jenkins right here and the special teams nothing much do you Smith that kick return he's probably too slow to be there but let's get right into the game as when you guys know if you get four wins you get a really high chance of getting an elite the first time I won I got Aaron Rodgers and the second time I got a gold player let's see how this game goes one thing I've been testing is just going into the block by play type and then just looking through shotgun passes and just seeing what routes look like and trying out just different plays and stuff improving my often sab it because a lot of people they don't really get to see their whole playbook they'll have a few plays that they all run and then eventually if the person figures out what they're doing then they're stuck and they don't know what else to go with so it's always good to just look through different plays and stuff so I eight seconds left we ain't got much time to do any changes or anything here just going to throw it out to read nice little always fighting let's go we'll look like it's gonna be like a three yard gain turn into a 12-yard gain so one way to running this game might say i'ma flip those verticals play right here to get to open side of the field and then if he sees that I'm passing right now quickly go to the halfback tackle like right now and then I'll just hike it as soon as possible there we go that's a nice little run gain of 9 I'm try this flank or drive so what I'm going to do with this plays I'm just going to take reads row and just put them on a slant and then I'm going to look for Floyd hopefully nope I got the real quick Sammy Watkins definitely take that speed so it looks like you might be in man defense here let's run it he appears in man defense alright i'm just going to punt it away here forth in 24 no point of going for this going to go man defense your cover one play action oh if I would have stayed back there with the safety I might have been able to pick that go with this cover three sky here a really basic play good sack who was that Newsome I don't know who that is I think that got placed with the cold sir he did play for the Colts i want to say so he is starting 12 we're just going to back up here and play some man defense hopefully don't give up a big gain here don't put this guy in a QB spot i'm just going to use your old glitch key over here it was i was a good pass dang that was a good pass there's that plate cover three drop and i'm going to QB contain and then press triangle and then I'll one right there two sticks I don't think Philip Rivers has much of a chance to run so I'm not too scared of that and there we go good defense stop them on fourth down we'll go these drags here I'm gonna flip it good we're all running by read their come out and pass we're auto bling into inside zone that's good and here we go nice little 5-yard gain I'll take it I think I might hit this running back out of the backfield here you might be in cover too let's go walk ins so I think this guys staying having this cover to defense just got to hit him underneath a lot and then get them out of it so here's in cover three what i'm going to do i'm just going to audible we've got two streets going to run right up the middle safety is gonna have to pick one imma throw to the other one there we go let's go read and it looks like he's in cover tube defense again he's in either cover to defense or man i was going to audible quickly here into a run play a nice little gain of a roughly seven it was six yards I'll take it I'm actually gonna audible this one into a run to audible into a run quick I could as quick as possible not the best run we're just going to do a hurry up here and usually I would change walkins route but I'm going to keep that one the same just going to drag Floyd here oh that was an awful pass Gino dang that is awful I'm going to watch the running back out of the backfield myself just in case he does do a screen and I read it but oh my gosh I failed epically right there he's probably going to just end up trying to go deep here I'm just going to go man up three deep quarterback contain and then I'm just going to play the outside just in case he tries to go for any routes on the outside of the field after you can get picked another screenplay here and he ends up catching that oh my goodness this game is not going too well for me see if we can end up blocking a field goal here nope look for half back screen again just in case go play Mac I'm gonna come on this 335 I really tried it yet I've been I don't know many playbook side have it I think if it's the same as last year I don't say bangles have it that's one of the team's I know for sure has it I'm just going to use their Khalil Mack here so we got them here 13 8 see what we can do here let's go pick that oh my gosh picked out I read it come on this key turn around boy get this QB contain going let's go good defense nitschke come on Gino don't make any more mistakes like last time good throw a good catch Floyd on a linebacker let's go go back to these shotgun passes here I'm gonna send Floyd on the streak here see if i can get read open if not i'm going to hit Williams out of the backfield quick nice little gainer for right down the door hurry up do the same exact thing perfect play good throw genome nice catch Floyd let's go so it's going to be 77 if I can make this field goal or this extra point perfect i'm just going to blitz here hopefully we can make a defensive stop totally we can actually get them to fumble might be a toss here with that hole open side over there nope it's a touchdown so he did give us a minute 23 if I do score i probably will go for two so as you can see we return it out to the 25 yard line it looks like he's in man defense i want to say either that or possible cover for oh my gosh genome come on you know what just for that you're getting benched come on Case Keenum we're going to run this screen real quick definitely not mad defense think is in the same thing let's go let's go come on break that tackle so I'm going to quickly go into a different set here hit the running back out of the backfield quickly get out of bounds there is a fleck i haven't seen very many flags here roughing the passer I'll take it let's go with one of the concepts he's been running this little dagger concept right here I might try that I'll route this to you submit we'll see take these yards quickly take my time out looks like he's same defense that's running back ain't open if he's guarding I'm just going to hit read out of the backfield alright let's go come on block big guys so I'm just going to do a hurry up here hopefully don't take too much time off the clock i'm just going to audible into this for verts quickly Keenum you don't got the arm strength oh my gosh so we've got a fourth down here I'm not really too sure what to run guess it show my recent plays I'm gonna go this PA crosser hopefully someone can get open see how this works boys dot oh my gosh that's the game good game to this guy so that's the end of the game I hope you guys enjoyed sucks that I lost kind of unlucky having the quarterback that I did Geno Smith threw an interception when I was at the 4-yard line probably could have called the different play but he definitely overthrew the running back and that ended up costing me so hopefully you guys enjoyed the gameplay I'll catch you guys next time see ya master thesis proposal data mining Pleasantville campus.

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