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Writing dissertation method section

Writing dissertation method section missing person report florida rilievi laser scanner prezi presentations a really really good job by our pitcher Caleb Bolden you know we we were hoping to get four maybe five out of him and then kind of go from there but he kind of got it rolling gave him the sixth and seventh and got a couple big double play balls I think one with runner first and third one out I think the other one maybe first and second one out and got himself out of a couple of jams by locating a couple of sinkers type fast balls and you know gave him an opportunity stay in the game kept his pitch count down a little bit and it was good to see Cody come in and pitch after you know not pitching for a while you know recovering from Tommy John had good start to the season had some soreness and looks like he's on his way back and we could definitely use him so that was really good to see played really good defense which is really something that we needed offense on offensive end you know we did just enough I feel a lot of guys at us that everything was slow or not maybe not used to seeing it too much but timing wasn't great but did a good job driving in some runs we had the opportunity such a nice clean game after last night who knows you know baseball it's just kind of the way our work sometimes you you know sometimes you score too many runs a day before next day you don't score and as a coach you kind of you see it you see it a lot you know I think about a couple of games already this year we punched in a bunch of runs the next day we we can't we can't buy a big hit so it's just such a mental game but you know I just think there's a lot of concentration I think it starts that the pitchers throwing a lot of strikes and guys are into it you know you the weather was good you know they weren't cold and wind wasn't blowing real hard and I mean it was tough feeling the ball last night how big was it to get a nice start like that when you had to throw a lot of guys you have to have a quick turnaround well when you're playing a Wednesday game and you know you're within 48 hours almost playing in a series on the weekend you know it's nice to have a guy go out and give you some quality innings so you don't have to go through five or six guys and you know they'd have to make a decision you want to recycle somebody or somebody that you need you know on the weekend it takes a lot of pressure off the coaching staff number one and and and our pitching staff know we won't put him on the roster this weekend probably just let him get ready for next Tuesday and we've been one day a guy to do that you know it's kind of what you want doesn't mean he's gonna pitch the next Tuesday in the next Tuesday it just it'll work out well this weekend and he wasn't thrown on the weekend much anyway so he can gain some experience that way for us how would you describe this tear I guess Kirsten has been eyeing a 40 game hitting streak and was Andrews hidden I really wouldn't call it a terror because of what I've seen him do you know he's just he's just a good hitter and if you make a mistake you leave it in the zone a little bit he usually doesn't miss it and he hits it hard somewhere and he's just a good hitter because he uses he can drive the ball to left field and just like today turn on a ball last night he hit one down the right-field line you know he also got a big hit the other way between the five and six hole last night he just he stays over the ball and he's just a quality hitter so you know sometimes he you know maybe to go on a little bit of a streak like this you have to have a little bit of luck but there's there's just a lot of skill involved there his two stars 13 innings he's a guy that you didn't get it was real big you know he's a guy that we had him in two or three times on unofficial visits and you know visited with him and showed him around and you know his velocity was 86 87 we needed to see a little bit more and then then in May of the senior year here came and you know we we kind of had more of an idea where we were at with guys coming back and who was going to sign and you know kind of open up a spot that were you know we made him an offer there late May early June and you know he's thinking about going to junior college thinking about signing and you know I think he made a good decision coming to school curse that last one how far was that rank was yeah that's one of the better ones that that's for sure there's a no-doubter you know as a light wind kind of blown across and I don't think the wind hurt it at all might have even helped it but right when I left the bat I mean my comment I forget who said that that was not coming back you know that was just so obvious being on the field when it left the sound he got extension it's just really exploded off his bat you know probably hit it 420 feet would be my guess and exit velocity was pretty high I would say as well it was good yeah I went good the other day he'll be back on the roster as of right now I don't think he'll be starting I don't know if there's enough pitches ready there but you know we'll we'll try to figure it all all that out tomorrow and and go from there you know one of the things talking about the weekend we got to try to figure out how to handle the weather on Friday I don't I haven't looked at it today but if it hasn't changed it's it's going to be interesting when did Isaiah throw your second a starter and then just go from there yeah that's the way I see it right now you know if we end up having to play a doubleheader we'll figure all that out that's a pretty nice pitching matchup in Game one I think it'll be you know be you know one of many really good SCC pitch up pitching matchups you know there's somebody good pitchers in the league this year you know I thought last Thursday the first game of the series that Ole Miss was a great matchup and hitters did a pretty good job and now you know Casey Mize is about as good as it gets you know he's pretty special he's having a great year nobody's really doing much with them so you know that'll be the first challenge and then the other challenge is getting out those hitters because they they've been swinging the bat pretty well this year I think Blaine's been really solid and he's been really good a few days it's been great but even on days when it's just ok the more mature older blind knight experience guy knows how to get through some innings and you know he seems to get out of jams he doesn't get rattled he knows how to pitch and pitching is not all about velocity it's about location and you know having some guts out there and you know finding away and he's done a pretty good job he makes it tough for you because you know you'd like to get his pitch count up and get him out of you know get him out of the game in the seventh inning but at the same time you go up there and swing you know you're maybe your best chance to hit him is one in the first couple of pitches so you know we'll just go in there and attack it best we can and see what's going on if he's just filling it up like they say he's been doing and well we've seen through video mostly you know we'll just have to be aggressive we don't want to get behind in the count given given even more advantage hey you guys are 5 and 4 I think they're 4 & 5 bunch of all year just kind of how do you feel about Auburn and standings and everything well Auburn is one of the top teams obviously in the country and you know they've won I don't know 20 to 25 games somewhere in there and they you know they've got a guy that's gotten off to a great start every weekend and in my so they're hidden a lot more home runs they have in the past team batting average is higher than it's been in the past seem to be fielding the ball pretty good you know they didn't have a great defensive weekend against Missouri it cost him a game but they're like everybody else in this league if you make mistakes are gonna beat you if you play solid baseball probably going to go down to the wire so you know our focus is just really for us just to play good baseball give ourselves a chance well I think everything's driving him this year to be honest with you you know yeah he remembers that they they got him early man they swung and they they made contact and they didn't mess around and but he's developed another pitcher to where he's got a little more in there we're not going to just feature a couple he's got four so you know we'll adjust to that I'm sure they'll probably attack him again you know I think what drives him is every every time he gets the ball he's facing somebody's number one pitcher and it's a big game so you know a little bit of that you know what they did to him last year but more the fact that he knows that we need him to give us some solid innings to start the series just off of heavenly his last couple of games I mean do you look to try and find a spot for him somewhere yeah I mean the the key for Evan I mean I've always thought he was a really good hitter is just finding him a position you know obviously he's a pitcher but you know he's he hadn't played much first and you know we've got three solid outfielders and you know defensively he's not as good as they are right now and you know Bonnie's been RDH it's kind of you know it's it's just one of those things you got to mix and match and you know either him or Bonfield come off the bench and pinch-hit or you know one of them will start we'll go from there how to write analysis chapter dissertation proposal example Bank Street College of Education (graduate school), Morningside Heights, Manhattan, next to Columbia University.

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