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Xu cheng dissertation illinois

Xu cheng dissertation illinois my dog does my homework poem book baker and taylor cats presentation templates ´╗┐alright guys well welcome to part 2 of our Istanbul recall and this time we're gonna be playing for you for 2005 as of course that was the other game that was out at the time and yeah today you know in the last episode we talked about you know the match in the build-up to it today 26 of Mir we would have been reflecting on the match and seeing giving our analysis some what is probably the best greatest moment in football has ever been and I don't know what to say really like for me I just went to bed that night so happy it's just so so happy some people would have left at halftime you know I mean guys like some people probably just sat there and just fought right this is Milan's night I'm off to bed or something I got wet tomorrow huh or whatever you know some people might have you know just I don't know guys you know I mean some people might had just left the stadium or or if they had been there you know I mean and it has happened to some people guys out it has actually happened where some people that night who went to bed thinking Milan had woodenness go up the next morning you know you get a newspaper you turn on the TV whatever you do and it's like holy crap Liverpool actually won and it's just you know I mean I knew I couldn't just stop watching them I mean a half time I was thinking there's just no point but I'm gonna continue and yeah just why not and we're playing at Anfield here I believe so yeah you know I mean I would get like although you know I don't think well the atat├╝rk I don't think is in this game is it don't think it is it might be I don't know guys you know I mean I would play it in the real stadium or whatever but you know what it's just it's more about the the memories than anything else but I remember like you know some of my like friends and family I remember one kid at my school wore his Liverpool share on this very day ten years ago you know like boy we didn't wear it directly because you're not allowed in the school I went to at least but he wore it under his under his school uniform and you know I mean I'm gonna have a crack that was pathetic people but you know you know I mean by just the memories I can remember is remember as if it was yesterday guys and you know friends and family saying well you know we just won the league champions league sorry so we should do better in the league next season we should get a few good signings in and all this kind of stuff and you know I mean there's been so much guys you know I mean there's been by documentaries you know movies about it you know I mean he's crazy the amount of stuff that has been said about I remember the very next year I think I got home from or should have been in a Fink I got home from school and I was like desperately I was playing I was playing the exact same match guys 26 in mid-2005 I was playing this exact same match in the game Liverpool just default team against Milan actually no I think I push meets wrong because I remember his goal and I was trying to recreate that goal of shmita that he scored and I it was crazy and I can't believe ten years ago I was playing this game was the exact same fixture and I round about the same time as I'm recording this as well and Here I am ten years later doing the exact same it's just it's insane you know I mean and just like trying to recreate the final I think I was like trying to put myself in a situation I think I've got like free own goals in the back of my net guys there's just just to try and like recreate the final and like try and play as Liverpool and like win or whatever and see say yes Cisse brilliant player on this game yeah I mean I hope I hope I can play with Liverpool in in my career mode for the channel but enough about that like you know ah amazing you're not I mean people from all over the world just like you know talking about it I mean imagine if that final took place now you know I mean in 2015 instead of but 2005 you know I mean back in 2005 yeah the internet was there you know Internet was getting a lot more popular you know Twitter I don't think Twitter existed did it back then I think Facebook and I think Facebook existed did it yet I think it might affect actually I think Facebook did exist but like it not not as many people knew about it or used it wow there's a soft goal bibarel stir and you know I mean guys just just like just so strange you're not I mean there would have been a hell of a lot more yeah I mean the only thing you had back in those days guys was maybe internet if you used it personally I didn't think actually I think I did use the internet back then yeah but I didn't use it too much because I was just a kid you know you burn up newspapers you would have friends a family that would talk about it and you know TV and that's pretty much it you know I mean nowadays you've got all these social media stuff and it's crazy and I mean people from America all over Europe Australia places like that man just affected a lot people you know I mean Milan fans crying at the end of the game you know I mean you look at it and it's like it was a disaster for Liverpool at halftime you know I mean but with Milan you know I mean end up being there ended up being an even bigger disaster for them in the end you know I mean and it's just it's so strange it's like every time a match ends free free it's just it reminds me that night it just does just disguise and you know two years later kind of ruined it two years later because Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties to get to the Champions League final I'm gonna have a crack what Garcia or beat Chelsea on penalties like one nil at Stamford Bridge and then it was like one Nilla Anfield and then got through and penalties I think it was that count scored a penalty that ultimately won it in the end what else who did who did it man played man unite in there was a lot of speculation that it might be Liverpool United final I'm glad that the 2007 final wasn't you know I mean because if it was then I mean who knows how that would have gone you know I mean but like you know Milan just like freshed United and got through and I remember that and it's just like all my god we are playing Milan in the Champions League final again he's just it was like written in the stars or something this you know I mean it really is and incredible just yeah I don't know what else more to say about it you know I mean just like the postgame you know that's what it was you know just just summing up everything about it you know I mean people out on the streets the parade's that they had in Liverpool are could go sure oh that was kakko goggle and you know people on the streets saying things like oh you know our children will help won't know anything about this but you know in 10 years time 20 fairy you know they're gonna know about this this is gonna be one of the best things ever and it just it is I think about that final lot guys you know I mean I always think about it and I remember cuz 2005 guys like it's like I've said it I've said it in a previous video guys like me the month of Mir means a lot to me not just because of this final but because a lot of things really but this final also kind of contributes to that abit you're not I mean and like I've said that it's just like one of my favourite mumps and and it's like I say you know me is probably the most emotional month in the football calendar because that's where most dreams come true and heartbreak happens you're not I mean promotion/relegation all this kind of stuff and oh get it yeah you know I mean and that's the kind of when I live for the month of May comes from you know I mean I don't know how to explain it guys yeah I mean most people be like wait a minute you know Christmas or you know August time would probably your favorite month because you know summer holidays and all that kind of stuff but no I'm just going for long shots here guys I'm just going for it I'm not hitting the ball hard enough but and you know there's all a lot speculation that Jared might leave Liverpool and go to Chelsea and all this kind of stuff and it's like I look back on that and I think well you know I don't think that was really gonna happen Liverpool had a much better season the season after Milan got their revenge pretty much that kind of ruined it for me but you know what I yeah I was devastated that Liverpool didn't win the 2007 final but grits is now that I look back at it it's like yeah we won two years earlier so it doesn't really matter too much I mean yeah it would have been fantastic books fair play you know I mean Milan probably deserved it more and that's it and we won this one to one so that's good guys I was really good and yeah so anyway guys that is my summary of the postgame kind of stuff I want it to make a two-parter I kind of wanted to put both videos in one but I kind of made a two-parter instead and yeah you know PES for fever 2005 10 years later let me know what you guys think you know of the day after all this happened you know I mean that's what I want to know because those are my my thoughts and stuff so anyway guys thank for you for watching this small video hope you enjoyed it and if there's anything I left out I might post it in the comments if there was anything else I wanted to mention but haven't already but so thanks for watching this tiny teeny weeny mini series and I hope you all have a good night thanks for watching see you next time contents page masters dissertation sample Grey Nuns.

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